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    Re: KWF IV

    Jim Ross- Well, we are back and look inside of that ring, that is all for The Nature Boy!

    Inside of the ring, the mat has been covered with red carpet. In there is a big picture of The Nature Boy being carried in the shoulders of many superstars with the title raised high in the air. The second big picture is him with the Four Horseman with their four fingers up.

    *Four Horsemen blasts*

    The crowd begins to cheer and making his way down the ramp in a beige suit and a briefcase in his hand is Arn Anderson! He has his glasses on and a huge smile across his face. The crowd cheer him on and he reaches the ring. Arn slowly climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring and walks across the ring where he is handed a microphone by a KWF worker. The cheers don’t stop and Arn Anderson smiles and nods his head as he stands in the middle of the ring. He then places the briefcase on the mat and begins to talk.

    Arn Anderson- Thank you, thank you.

    The crowd doesn’t stop cheering and Anderson’s smile gets wider and wider.

    Arn Anderson- Tonight, right here, in his home town is the night of The Nature Boy, Ric Flair!

    The crowd erupts in cheers and signs saying, “Thank you Nature Boy” are shown and “I LOVE RIC FLAIR!” are also raised high in the air.

    Arn Anderson- At Wrestlemania, he fought his heart out. At Wrestlemania, I think we saw The Nature Boy’s greatest match of his illustrious career! The Nature Boy was forced into retirement, but he left his heart out there inside of the ring! I know Ric and he would not have had it any other way! He wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world besides for right here in his home state of North Carolina!

    The crowd cheers some more.

    Arn Anderson- Before I welcome him out, I just got a few things I want to say about what an influence The Nature Boy was to any wrestler in this business. This man had it all as a wrestler and as an entertainer. He had the moves, he had the heart, he had the mouth and he had the World titles to back it up! And how could I forget? He had the looks, too!

    Arn Anderson begins to laugh.

    Arn Anderson- This man did it all. A sixteen time World champion. Sixteen times. It’s just unbelievable. There was one day, though where we almost lost The Nature Boy in a plane accident. He survived the accident, but lost a few of his buddies. I know he always thinks about it, it’s always in the back of his mind every single time he comes out here and gets into this ring. He knows that with that one accident, all this…

    Arn points at the pictures and shakes his head.

    Arn Anderson- Would have never happened. He came out here and he fought his heart out. He came out here until this day not for his self, but for you fans! God let him live that one day for a reason and that was because Ric Flair had unfinished business to do in this world! The Nature Boy had to come out here and become a 16 time World champion! He had to come out here and strut a few more thousand times and he had to come out here and let out the biggest “Woos” of his life! He had to come out here and give the fans what he could give the best! And that was The Nature Boy!

    The crowd erupts in cheers.

    Arn Anderson- So tonight, he will announce his retirement and I can promise you guys that there will no dry eye in this building! Now enough of me talking! We all came here tonight to see The Nature Boy, so we shall see The Nature Boy! So without further ado, this man is a legend. This man is THE MAN! This man is The Nature Boy! Ladies and gentlemen… the greatest of all time, RIC FLAIR!


    The North Carolina crowd erupts in cheers and all rise to their feet. And from the back comes The Nature Boy. He stands at the top of the ramp and looks around the arena at the crowd who are all snapping pictures, clapping their hands, screaming, crying, bowing and it’s all for The Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

    Flair makes his way down the ramp with his eyes covered by his dark shades. He reaches the ring and climbs up the steel steps and gets into the ring. He walks over to Arn Anderson and Arn Anderson wraps his arms around him hugging his brains out. Nature Boy nods his head in the arms of Arn Anderson. The hug is finally released and Arn Anderson smiles at him.

    Arn Anderson- Ladies and gentlemen, The Nature Boy Ric Flair!

    The crowd blows the roof off some more.

    Arn Anderson- Now before I let you speak, there are some things I wanted to say to your face, Ric. I wanted to wait for you to come out here so I can look you in those eyes and say it to your face. Ric Flair, you truly are the greatest of all time. You truly did what no other man in this business could’ve done. You made legends. You made somebodies out of nobodies. You were the greatest man that I ever saw lace a boot. If it wasn’t for you, Ric, I don’t think Arn Anderson would’ve ever been anybody, but a great wrestler. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would have wrestled as long as I could. If it wasn’t for you, the greatest stable of all time, The Four Horsemen would’ve never gotten big. Nature Boy, you made me into a somebody, but not only that, but you were the greatest fan a man could ever wish for. You truly were the greatest wrestler and the great soul I have ever met.

    Arn Anderson has gotten teary as he nods his head looking at The Nature Boy.

    Arn Anderson- After my career got ended with a back injury, I looked into that ring and kept thinking of getting back in, but I never had a reason to get back in. I felt that anything I could have added to the wrestling industry would not have made a difference. There is no way I could have gotten into that ring and done the things you do at this age. There is no way I could even have come close and this career ending injury for me made me realize something. It made me realize that you truly are… THE MAN!

    Anderson wipes the tears from his eyes and smiles at Flair.

    Arn Anderson- I know if the shoes were changed and you had a severe injury, you would’ve looked those doctors in the face when they told you to retire and you would have said… HECK NO! You knew you still had business to do and you helped generations and generations of superstars. You helped me become the man that I am today. So I will say this for every man, women, child, infant in this world… thank you for everything you ever did for us. Thank you.

    Anderson puts his head down and wipes his tears with the sleeve of his suit. He then picks up the briefcase and smiles at The Nature Boy.

    Arn Anderson- This is for you. Open it up.

    Anderson hands over the briefcase to The Nature Boy and he grabs it and opens it up and pulls out a HUGE gold belt. Anderson smiles at him.

    Arn Anderson- That title represents everything you have ever done for this business. That title is the Greatest Of All Time World Heavyweight Championship! Now, Nature Boy, you are officially a 17 TIME WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

    Flair looks at the title and begins raising it up and down as Anderson smiles.

    Arn Anderson- It’s heavy, isn’t it?

    Anderson laughs.

    Arn Anderson- It could knock out a cow if you nailed it in the face with it.

    Anderson laughs some more and Flair looks up at him and for the first time tonight, smiles.

    Arn Anderson- Now, I think I’ve talked enough! Who came here to hear The Nature Boy?!

    The crowd erupts in cheers and Arn Anderson turns around and looks at the whole crowd with a smile and then finishes the complete circle and turns around to face The Nature Boy and…


    The whole arena goes silent! The Nature Boy just drilled Arn Anderson right in the skull with the GOAT World Heavyweight championship, breaking Arn Anderson‘s glasses as they fall right beside him. Arn Anderson lays flat on his back with his eyes shut closed. The whole crowd is in shock. The Nature Boy quickly falls down to his knees beside Arn Anderson and begins to pound away on the face of his friend, Arn Anderson. Ric Flair is merciless with the rights and lefts to the face and Arn Anderson begins to bleed from his nose from all the punches. Blood begins to fly all over Ric Flair’s white suit and he finally stops pounding away on Arn Anderson. The Nature Boy rises to his feet with blood all over his suit and his right knuckle full of Arn Anderson’s blood. He picks up the microphone and looks around the arena.

    Ric Flair- The Nature Boy… NEVER LOST!

    The crowd has no reaction to that as they are still shocked.

    Ric Flair- The Nature Boy… NEVER RETIRED!

    Flair rips off his shades and throws it down to the mat. His eyes are blood shot from the rage that is building up inside him. His face is beat red and he walks around the ring. He then falls down on his knees beside Arn Anderson.


    The Nature Boy then drills Arn Anderson in the head with the microphone and the THUD is heard through the arena.

    Ric Flair- Do you hear that, Arn? You screwed me!

    Flair drills Arn Anderson in the skull with the microphone, once more.


    Flair drills Arn in the head a third time, a fourth time, a fifth time, a sixth time, a seventh time, an eight time, a ninth time and finally a tenth time. The thuds thundering through the arena off the microphone echo.

    Ric Flair- You know what, Arn Anderson?! SCREW YOU!

    Flair quickly rises to his feet, drops the bloody microphone and grabs the picture of him being raised in the air and throws it to the outside of the ring. He then runs over to the Four Horsemen picture and bashes it off the top turnbuckle breaking the glass and ripping a hole through the picture. Flair rips off his suit ripping up the buttons and he charges back over to the out cold Arn Anderson and begins pounding away on his face with lefts and rights as the blood splatters all over the place. Ric Flair rises to his feet and rubs Arn Anderson’s blood all over his own face and chest. The Nature Boy is now covered in his old friends blood. He crouches over and picks up the microphone and looks around at the stunned arena.


    Ric Flair is losing his mind. He runs over to the turnbuckle and rips off the padding and throws it to the outside of the ring. He then runs to another turnbuckle and rips the padding off and throws it to the outside of the ring. He runs back over to Arn Anderson and this time stomps away on his lifeless body.


    Flair continues to stomp away on Arn Anderson.


    Flair drops the microphone and grabs the legs of Arn Anderson and locks him in the Figure Four. Arn Anderson lays there lifeless as Ric Flair screams in animalistic rage as he has the submission locked on Arn Anderson. Flair grabs the ropes and pulls on it for more leverage to put more pain on the legs of Arn Anderson. Arn is knocked out cold so he is not feeling no pain, but The Nature Boy wants to inflict pain on Arn Anderson.


    Referees begin coming from the back and they run into the ring and begin to pull The Nature Boy off of the lifeless Arn Anderson as the EMT’s stand on the outside of the ring watching waiting for the scene to get safe so they can go and help out Arn Anderson.

    The referees finally get Ric Flair off of Arn and Flair begins delivering chop after chop after chop after chop on every single referee that tries to stop him until there is no referees left. Flair begins walking around the ring with blood all over him and lets out a, “WOOO!” The crowd is just in awe. Flair then walks over to Arn Anderson and lifts his lifeless body up and pins him against the ropes and grabs him by the face and begins to talk without a microphone, but loud enough for the people in the back to hear what he is saying to Arn.


    Flair releases the cheek of Arn Anderson and gives him a vicious chop right to the chest that echoes through the arena and Arn Anderson’s lifeless body falls through the middle ropes and to the outside of the ring where he falls hard. The EMT’s quickly scramble over to Arn and begin to check on him. Flair looks around the arena and wipes the blood from his face and rises his hair up putting blood all over his hair, as well. His eyes are open as wide as they have ever been. He then crouches over and picks up the GOAT World Heavyweight championship and looks at it and smiles a sadistic smile that we have never seen on the face of The Nature Boy in all his years as a wrestler. He then drapes it over his shoulders and exit’s the ring, making his way up the ramp looking at the shocked fans. Flair is full of his best friends blood. Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler are in too much shock to say a word. Flair makes his way up the ramp as the return of RAW comes to an end.

    -Show Ends-


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      Re: KWF IV


      In a night that was supposed to be about the end of The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, it became the end of a Horsemen Friendship. With blood of his friend all over his fists, chest, face and carpet, the tears of sadness to see The Nature Boy retire became tears of shock.

      RAW Quick Results
      KOTE Round One- Triple H def. Carlito via pin fall
      Tag Team Number One Contender Match- The Red Neck Wrecking Crew def. The Hooligans via pin fall
      KOTR Round One- Randy Orton def. Mr. Kennedy via pin fall
      KOTR Round One- Umaga def. Finlay via count out
      KOTR Round One- CM Punk def. Shawn Michaels via pin fall
      - JBL announces that he is a retired wrestler now and will begin his reign as the greatest manager of all time and will have his prodigy debut at The King of the Ring. He makes fun of Carlito for the loss to Triple H saying, “DON’T BE A CARLITO, BECAUSE CARLITO IS A LOSER!” Carlito will then spit an apple in JBL’s face which will make JBL say that Carlito will pay for that.
      - Garrison Cade turns his back on Mark Jindrak ending The Money Men and debuts a new friend and partner, Trevor Murdoch to form The Red Neck Wrecking Crew.
      - Dusty Rhodes meets with Ric Flair before the retirement speech and brings along his son, Cody Rhodes and tells Flair how much of a legend he has been.
      - Ric Flair’s retirement speech goes from emotional from the words of Arn Anderson to shock as The Nature Boy beats on Arn Anderson with the new title that Arn Anderson gave him leaving Arn Anderson a bloody mess and even chopping away at the referees who tried to break it up. Ric Flair says that he was screwed by Arn Anderson and never lost, therefore he never retired!


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        Re: KWF IV

        A review, yes a review....

        Nice review of what happened between Bret/Flair at your WM and we are straight into a match, which is strange because it very, very rarely happens on RAW, I was expecting Bret to come out but alas we start one a match. You've brought KOTR back but didn't explain what the winner will get? Will he get a title shot or just bragging rights?

        Anyway onto HHH/Carlito. Squash match, jesus Carlito got it handed to him. I would have thought you might have made something of Carlito but obviously not. HHH cuts a nice heel promo, hopefully he will be harking back to his 2000/2001 days where he was the best in the game, no pun intended. Good start to this return thus far although I think squashing Carlito was a bit unfair, I'm sure you could have found someone else worse than Carlito to squash.

        JBL as a manager should be cool, he's got the gob for it and if necessary can back his client up, should be interesting to see who you place him with, maybe an up and comer to give them a little bit of rub maybe? Who ever his man will be, he'll be facing Carlito that's for sure, although I'm not sure on Carlito being a face, he's whole persona just doesn't suit that. Well that's one way to change a tag partner, although please make Jindrak dissappear, he's another person who just can't be a face. Should be good to see what you do with Cade/Murdoch as they are a pretty handy tag teamm. Good so far, nothing outstanding.

        RNWC vs The Hooligans, I expect RNWC to win this being as they are the new tag team on the block so to speak. Again another a dominant victory but it shows the RNWC brute strength up quite well, they could well be in for a title run. Nice promo from them afterwards, you are building them up nicely and expect them to be in the finals.

        Nice little video segment from Orton about Flair, it would have built up to the retirement speech if you had a little segment like this at the beginning of every post or something like that. Orton vs. Kennedy, two of my favourites, I'm expecting Orton to prevail. Nice match you had between the two with Orton winning with the R.K.O out of nowhere, hopefully you can get Orton a bit more vicious, like he was before the end of last year, punting galore.

        So the KOTR winner will get the title shot, maybe Hart vs. Jericho? That would be a nice match. Jericho's promo just sounded and felt a little bit off, something just wasn't right. Looking forward to the highlight reel though.

        If you kept this promo between HBK and Punk, it would have been good, I think having Triple H in it became overkill, also it didn't help that Triple H didn't sound too great, you had him spot on earlier in the show, he sounded like The Game, he just didn't here. Naming finishers in promo's as well it a no no, they just don't read right. Punk/HBK should be a good match though. Same with Finlay/Umaga.

        A feud between these two would have been pretty good, a brawl fest it would be, my favourite kind of wrestling. Another squash, I'd be careful how many squashes you put in this tournament, it will devalue i plus Finlay getting squashed on his debut doesn't help, he should have got a bit more offence in. Infact I was hoping for a double countout or DQ so the two get another match later on, they might still do but Finlay is going to have to go over hard next time if they do meet.

        It's Main Event time, this should be a cracker if it's allowed to go longer than a squash. I liked the SCM spot in the middle of the match and Punk falling out of the ring, built up the near fall really well. Nice end to the match as well, that was a well written match and I'm surprised to see Punk come out on top. WM rematch in a couple of weeks time, I think Punk will even the score. The HHH Pedigree after the match make my belief more concrete, Punk will even the score.

        It's Flair time WOOOO! Again I think you could have built up to it a bit more with a few more video segments. Sending Arn out there first was a masterstroke, it just further builds up to the live apperance of Flair and it had some good words about Flair and some pretty spot on words as well, especially about that plane crash. WOW, awesome ending with Flair going absolutely nuts, best bit of writing I've read in a long time. You wrote it perfectly, I could just imagine Flair just doing that and doing it on his best friend is even better. Awesome ending to the show Kid, interesting note to see Flair picked up the title at the end as well, is that going to come into play later.

        A good show with a fantastic ending.
        The Phenom of Fan Fiction.
        Cheers to KustoM for the banner.

        You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain...


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          Re: KWF IV

          The Kid's KWF Insider

          - I wanted to bring the King of the Ring in because I have never had one of those done in the KWF, so why not? I have some great plans for the KOTR, but it might seem weak to a few, but it'll all be worth it come the PPV and what happens after it.

          - I am pretty upset with myself with all the squashes I put in the show. HHH over Carlito. Umaga over the debuting Finlay upsets me the most, but I'll try and save it later. The new team in The Red Neck Wrecking Crew dominating long time team Paul London & newly named Brian Kendrick. I am upset with all the squashes, but I just wanted to make HHH, Umaga, Cade & Murdoch look beasty.

          - The JBL man will be a big surprise and should tickle some fancies. It might be me selling out bringing this man in, but I think I know "enough" to make this guy worth it in the KWF. This is why I'm also upset about squashing Carlito, but I feel the JBL/Carlito interaction brings some excitement to what'll come.

          - The Punk/Michaels match was supposed to be a different result with a different winner, but I came up with a whole new and different scenario for the two wrestlers. Therefore, I changed the winner last minute from Michaels to CM.

          - The Ric Flair speech was supposed to be amazing, but I feel I did a great job with it. Not amazing, but great enough. I wanted to have Flair actually speak a little bit before snapping on Arn. But I decided to go with the straight to the point attack. Also, I changed another thing last minute and that was the present Anderson gave to Naitch. At first it was supposed to be a "Four Horsemen" ring and he was supposed to crack Arn in the face with it, but I decided to change it last minute and have Anderson give him a title. Now if that title will come into affect in the KWF will be decided on whether I want to or not. So the title that Arn would tell Naitch could knock out a cow was a great set up to drilling Arn in the skull with it and knock him out. I got some great plans upcoming for The Nature Boy, so stay tuned.


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            Re: KWF IV

            The Cool Review

            Well, I can’t remember exactly how I used to write reviews, so if this comes across as a rubbish review, ever so sorry, man. I read your Wrestlemania, but can’t actually remember much that happened from it because it was that long ago. Anyways, enough of my talking lets get this things started.

            I skimmed the little highlights in the box, and its funny how you retired “Naitch” before the actual proper WWE retired him. I wonder if you can do something as good if not better than what the WWE did for his retirement speech. --- I see you’ve bought back KOTR, and kudos to you, was probably my third favorite and if not third, defiantly fourth favorite pay per view when it was around. Three matches look pretty interesting in the first round, those being Finlay/Umage- CM Punk/Shawn Michaels - Rene Dupree - John Cena. --- Well, here’s the first match and I would be very surprised if Triple H didn’t get the victory here. Yes, well I was right and I did enjoy the after math with Triple H turning back to heel, what he belongs as, never really bought into him very much as a face.

            If that match that JBL lose made him bankrupt, how does making him a manager not make him bankrupt? Hmm, interesting little interaction between JBL and Carlito, but now I wonder who JBL is going to manage? --- Well, this didn’t interest me much, but I suppose it did its job and now has Trevor Murdoch the partner of Garrison Cade. I wonder if your going to team Mark Jindrak with anyone to get some revenge, or just leave it. To be honest, I would probably like you to leave it as I know it wouldn’t interest me in the slightest.

            Makes sense that Cade/Murdoch won just because of what just happened, very glad that Jindrak didn’t get involved as well. I love the team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick so hopefully you don’t use these guys as jobbers. I can’t remember if you have a Cruiserweight division or not, but if you do you could possibly split these two and have them in the Cruiserweight division, a feud between these two would of have me reading. The match between the two would be absolutely awesome.

            Not bad from what Randy Orton had to say about Ric Flair, im guessing your going to be doing this with other superstars also, and if your not your making a bit of a mistake because you should be. --- Randy Orton beats Mr. Kennedy, not particularly interested in these guys, the right man won though. Just think maybe you should have had a different match here and put this one later as you just shown Randy Orton talking bout Ric Flair. Just read what the commentators had to say after the match and Orton ended Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania? Your defiantly going to push this guy to the moon then because I know how much you used to like that undefeated streak that he had. --- Jericho vs. Foley at the pay per view, this going to be a street fight or something along those lines? If so, its going to be awesome. Next week The Highlight Reel should be awesome also, cant wait to read that segment, man.

            Very nice promo backstage involving CM Punk, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. I wonder who’s going to win between Shawn Michaels and CM Punk, I want it to be Punk, but I know how much you love Shawn Michaels, so difficult one to guess. It could even end in a draw possibly? This small promo from Finlay didn’t do much for me, can’t see him beating Umaga, especially since he seems to be an unstoppable force in the KWF or what ever Finlay said.

            Umaga beats Finlay like I said he would, and now faces Randy Orton in the next round, interesting, I could see either man winning this one.

            CM Punk wins, I’m glad he has although I do feel that he will lose in the next round against Triple H, but I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t have Shawn Michaels win as your like his biggest fan. You need to get Maria off your show, what does she really add? Triple H hits CM Punk with a pedigree after the match which sets up there match in two weeks time nicely. --- Nice touch with the backstage stuff with Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair, I liked it.

            I like where Arn Anderson says something like “God let him live that day because Ric Flair had unfinished business to attend to and that was to win the World Championship 16 times”, something along those lines, I thought that was a great line. Really enjoyed Arn Anderson on the microphone. WOW, Flair clocks Anderson in the face with the title that Anderson gave him as a present, shocked me, thought this was going to be a bit like the way he went out in the WWE. I loved all of this, great last segment, so I’m guessing Flair hasn’t retired then? But he lost so surely Bret Hart (I think that was who defeated him at Wrestlemania) will have something to say about this?

            Final Thoughts
            Well, I thought the show was quite average, and to be honest I forgot how to grade shows to well, so if this grade seems a bit low I’m sorry, man. But, the Ric Flair thing made the show, although the CM Punk/Shawn Michaels/Triple H interaction backstage was good and other things were also good.

            Overall: 65/100
            Thanks too Fresh Prince


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              Re: KWF IV

              Alright, Kid. I promised you a review, now let's get to it!

              Hmm, these KOTR brackets look pretty awesome. I'd love to see Punk and HHH battle it out again in your fed in the Quarterfinals of the Tourney, and Hart/Cena was a match I've wanted to see, so I'll be looking forward to both of those, assuming that all four advance. Punk/HBK and Orton/Kennedy look like the two best first round matchups. But these brackets have the potential for some really good matchups besides the ones I listed. I'm excited to see what you do with the tournament.

              And we start off with Carlito/HHH, the first matchup in the tournament. I'd be very surprised if you have HHH lose this one, especially against Carlito, but lets see what you do. HHH owning Carlito to start it off. Pretty expected. Yeah, HHH wins in borderline squash fashion. I don't blame you for having HHH squash Carlito, but I would've liked to have seen at least a little bit of offense from him. Now this promo is amazing. HHH not taking shit from nobody, being the badass that he is. He's a natural heel, which is why I love him in a heel role in nearly every fed. A quick, yet awesome turn.

              By the way, I love your commentary. It owns. Just thought I'd put that out there.

              Pretty good promo by JBL, and I liked Carlito at the end. The whole "being a Carlito" thing wasn't that great, though...

              Wow, so Cade just undergoes a huge gimmick change in the span of what, a week? Not smart booking, and I didn't like it. The only thing I did like was that Cade & Murdoch would be teaming up.

              ...Anyway, Hooligans vs. RNWC. Should be a good match. I hope L/K pull out the win, but I get the feeling you really wanna push RNWC, so I assume you'll have them win here. Nice ending with the ducking of the Clothesline and the Big Boot. I liked it, and RNWC wins, like I expected.

              Well, ok. That's a decent explanation, but it still doesn't qualify for an extreme gimmick change. I'm still against it. But Murdoch still owns.

              Nice tribute from Orton.

              And It's time for Kennedy/Orton! This one's too close to call, but if I had to pick someone, I think you'll have Orton win after his promo on Naitch. I don't know, though. Early RKO attempt, and countered by Kennedy. Nice ending sequence, and Orton advances. Not bad.

              Just seeing that you have Bret Hart vs. Viscera makes me remember all the commotion of me having Bret Hart vs. Viscera in my fed on Raw in my WWF and how it wasn't believeable to have Hart win. Sorry, got off topic for a second, but yeah, let's continue.

              Meh, I wasn't really feeling that promo from Jericho. It just didn't sound very in-character to me.

              It's time for me to take away your King of the Ring dreams away.
              Typo? Anyway, that was a good promo. I loved the exchange between all three men, and I really hope Punk ends up winning this tourney.

              Once again, another meh promo. I'm just not feeling your Finlay, and it makes me want to root for Umaga in their match.

              And it's time for Finlay/Umaga. I'm not too interested in the match, but I hope whoever wins this match loses in the next round, because I don't really like either man. I do like Umaga completely no-selling the uppercut from Finlay. Wow, Finlay got squashed. Pretty crazy.

              And it is time for the Main Event! I want Punk to win this one, but I am doubting it just because of your love for HBK. But let's see what happens. Punk owning to start it off, but I assume HBK's gonna get back into it. SHIT! Sweet Chin Music. And Punk kicked out?! Wow. Amazing. I think Punk might actually win now. FUCKIN AWESOME! Punk wins! That match owned, even as a summary. It was awesome. Damn, HHH owned him, though. Oh well, Punk still advanced.

              Nice promo by Dusty, and I'm hyped for this next Flair promo.

              Arn introduces Flair, and does a great job in doing so. I can't imagine if Flair did die in that plane accident. Wrestling would be completely different right now, and I don't even want to imagine it. Wow, that title is corny. It was a nice gesture, but I don't think it was needed. WHAT THE FUCK?! Wow, Ric turned into Psycho. That was crazy and amazing. That totally owned and Ric owns. But it's fucked up that he's not going to retire after he did lose the retirement match. I would think the owner would have something to say about it...

              Overall, this show was decent. It had it's ups and downs, but there were more positive things than negative things. So Kid, I'm gonna give you a 76/100. Not your best work, but it was a good show. I'm hyped for your next one.


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                Re: KWF IV

                PB's Review of KWF ~!

                RAW Week One
                Charlotte, North Carolina

                I like the KWF, and I like the fact you're bringing it back simplified. I have high expectations, let's hope it's good.
                • King- And two old men that should’ve both lost! This seems a little disrespectful and something I doubt King would say. I really liked the re-ccap though.
                • The KOTR is great and I'm really happy to see it back
                • Nice squash match, makes triple h look like a real threat.
                • I like the fact that Triple H means business.
                • JBL/Carlito a really enjoyed. I am not a Carlito! Gold.
                • Nice debut for Murdoch, I prefer Jinrak/Cade as a team, but th RWC are still great, very brutal too. Good work.
                • Another squash, which is a pity, but i see why you did it, you need to push this guys are brutal, you did that, so kudos for being brave with another squash.
                • Great promo from th rwc, you know what you're doing here.
                • nive wee randy tribute to flair
                • I really like the way you do your matches. They're summaries, but they still flow. Randy won, fair enough.
                • is jericho face or heel? Very heelish promo, but the crowd cheered? perhaps they were just cheerinf foley's name.
                • I really liked the thre-way promo. Very smooth and solid.
                • I actually really liked your Finlay promo, heis a bad ass and you got that across.
                • I didn't like this match, another squash. The first two, I lked, but you just built Finlay up to knock him down, pointless. These two really going at it tooth and nail would be great, it's a pity.
                • I love the fact that CM Punk won in a GREAT match. It could have went either way, and I'm excite for Punk's retribution.
                • Nice way to introduce Cody Rhodes, who I'm a big fan of.
                • WOW!!!
                • What a way to go with this, perfect. I love how emotional Arn was getting, right before the CRACK! I'm excited you're keeping this going, Ric Flair is a great character for fan fiction.

                Positive Points
                The Flair segment was awesome.
                Your promos and characterisation are spot-on.
                Matches are nicely put.

                Points for improvement
                You can build a character without destroying another - Finlay was made to look like a bitch!
                King seems a little too heelish and dis-respectful. Yes, he can be a heel, but if the WWE were actually planning a retirement angle, the commentator wouldn't bash the guy retiring.
                Perhaps a bit of colour or some images could brighten it up a little.

                s u r r e n d e r

                ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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                  Re: KWF IV

                  You've given me permission to skim/skip everything but the Flair promo, so I will...

                  After skimming/skipping, I can say this much:

                  You've still got it! The Kid is on fire!

                  Triple H, Orton, Umaga, and CM Punk (over Michaels... I'm surprised!) in the quarterfinals looks like a solid bracket so far.

                  Now... onto the Flair promo...

                  Arn's promo is a bit sloppy and rambling, but it gets the points across that you want to get across. It doesn't get especially poignant until he mentions the plane crash. I don't know if that's going too far or not, but it really makes his emotional and unique. Arn rambles again after Flair comes out, but then he picks things up when he begins talking about his own injury. Imagining Ric in Arn's shoes was another nice touch to heighten the emotion of the situation... and, if you're still planning on doing what he discussed a long time ago, then this is going to be an awesome fall! However... you almost ruin the surprise by having Arn gab on and on about how well the title could knock something or someone out cold. (PS: @ the GOAT World Heavyweight Championship) Ric's half of the promo is a little weak. I'd expect him to speak a little more than he is... but whatever. I just realized that Bret Hart was involved in a screwjob whether he was in on it or not... and that actually cheapens the whole scenario a bit in my mind because it harkens back to the whole "Bret Hart" is synonymous with "screw job" notion. But that's nitpicking... Ric Flair begins to sound like Kurt Angle a bit with all of the WOO! WOO! WOO!-ing... but that fits if Flair is losing his mind... and I LOVE character that lose their minds. I take back what I said about Ric. He's said enough. Now, he's just being repetitive... despite losing his mind. I think his half of the promo should've ended three lines ago. All in all though, it's a powerful scene. It would definitely go down in the history books if it happened for real like this.

                  : 04/02/11}:forever&always
                  ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


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                    Re: KWF IV

                    *LIVE IN COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA*

                    Nature Boy Opening Promo


                    The crowd boo their brains out and coming from the back is none other than The Nature Boy, Ric Flair! He is in red tights and he makes his way down the ramp with the GOAT World Heavyweight championship around his waist. He looks at the crowd with a huge smile on his face before reaching the ring and climbing up the steel steps and entering the ring. He then struts his way across the ring to a chorus of boos from the South Carolina crowd. He demands a microphone and is quickly handed one. The Nature Boy has a huge smile on his face as he looks around at the booing crowd. The crowd then begins to chant, “SCREW YOU! SCREW YOU! SCREW YOU! SCREW YOU!”

                    Ric Flair- Exactly what Arn Anderson did to me! HE SCREWED ME!

                    The crowd boos some more, but Flair shuts there chant up.

                    Ric Flair- What I did last week was get revenge! The Nature Boy got revenge on a man who stabbed him in the back! The Nature Boy got revenge from a man who was supposed to be his best friend and screwed him over because he was JEALOUS!

                    Flair’s face turns red.

                    Ric Flair- He was jealous that no matter how hard he tried, he could never ever be the man! No matter how hard he tried to stand out in the Four Horsemen, he never could because The Nature Boy was there! He tried to finally stand out for something! He tried to be the man who threw in the towel to end The Nature Boy’s career, but I NEVER LOST!

                    Flair looks like he’s a half a second away from snapping.

                    Ric Flair- And everyone can moan all they want about how it's not fair because The Nature Boy lost his retirement match and should not be wrestling, again! Well, I got news for you! I NEVER LOST! I NEVER TAPPED OUT! The way I look at it, there was someone who retired from that match. That man being Arn Anderson! The only man to give up was Arn Anderson and therefore, Arn Anderson retired!

                    Flair's eyes are opened wide and he has a huge, psychotic grin on his face.

                    Ric Flair- Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to the reason why I really came out here, tonight! To keep my wrestling career going! I am coming out here tonight to hurt somebody! I am out here to fight somebody! I am here to defend my 17th World title, The Greatest Of All Time World Heavyweight championship! This is an open challenge! To anybody in the back who has a problem with what I did last week, or what I am going to do throughout the rest of my wrestling career, then come out here and why don’t you try and stop me!

                    Flair becomes walking around the ring waiting for somebody.

                    Ric Flair- Come on! Does somebody want to be a World Heavyweight champion? Who wants this title?!

                    Flair begins to rub his GOAT World Heavyweight championship with a crazy smile on his face.

                    Ric Flair- Come on! Does anybody want to be the man?! I know that somebody in the back there has to have a problem with what I did! Either that or wants to prove to the world that they are the man! Then come out here and beat the man! WOOO!

                    Flair begins pacing around the ring in excitement and anxiousness. All of a sudden, we hear some familiar music.

                    *AMERICANNNNNNNNNNNNN… DREAM!*

                    The crowd erupts in cheers and making his way from the back in a cowboy hat, blue jeans and a blue and white button up shirt is Dusty Rhodes. He has a microphone in hand and he looks extremely pissed off. The Nature Boy has a huge smile on his face as he walks around the ring in excitement. He takes off his title and drops it on the mat right in front of him. He waits for Dusty to get into the ring before saying something.

                    Ric Flair- I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to beat your ass for a long time, Dusty! You want to fight The Nature Boy, WOOO, Ric Flair?! Put that microphone down and get ready to fight!

                    Dusty Rhodes- First of all, Natcha Boy! I’m not here to fight!

                    The crowd boos. Dusty looks at them, shaking his head.

                    Dusty Rhodes- No, no. I’m here for a different reason! What you did last week was just… terrible! That made me want to throw up my dinnah! It was by far the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life! So, no, Natcha Boy, I’m not here to wrassal with you or to fight with you. No. I’m here to slap the crap out of you!

                    Dusty Rhodes slaps the shit out of Ric Flair on the right cheek and the crowd goes insane. Flair’s eyes open wide open.

                    Dusty Rhodes- That one was four Arn Anderson!

                    Dusty Rhodes slaps the crap out of Ric Flair, again.

                    Dusty Rhodes- That one was for my son, Cody Rhodes, who had to sit back there and think he was seeing a great retire and instead saw the biggest piece of trash to ever step foot on God’s green earth!

                    Dusty Rhodes slaps the crap out of The Nature Boy a third time.

                    Dusty Rhodes- That one is for all these fans who came out to see a man they respected and got disrespected beyond… UGH!

                    The Nature Boy drills his foot right in between the legs of Dusty Rhodes with a low blow. Dusty drops the microphone and falls down to his knees where The Nature Boy quickly picks up his GOAT World Heavyweight championship and runs it right to the side of Dusty Rhodes head which sends Dusty onto his side and flopping onto his stomach, out cold. The Nature Boy begins pounding away on the side of Dusty’s face with vicious stomps until blood begins to drip down his face. The Nature Boy is going insane. Flair rolls Dusty Rhodes over onto his back and then grabs the right leg of Dusty and puts his leg in between it before completely applying The Figure Four Leg Lock! Dusty is out cold so he does not scream, but The Nature Boy is going insane. All of a sudden, the crowds boos turn into cheers and coming from the back is the son of Dusty Rhodes…

                    … CODY RHODES!

                    Cody slides into the ring and drops an elbow right to the face of The Nature Boy. Flair releases the submission on Dusty and Cody quickly picks up The Nature Boy and gives him a wicked uppercut which sends Flair stumbling into the ropes. Cody then runs at him and gives him a clothesline which sends Flair flipping to the outside of the ring! Cody then picks up Flair‘s title and throws it to the outside of the ring at The Nature Boy. Cody quickly gets on his knees besides his father and The Nature Boy is quick to his feet as he grabs his title and makes his way up the ramp in shock.

                    Inside of the ring, Cody Rhodes grabs a microphone and looks up the ramp at The Nature Boy.

                    Cody Rhodes- You want a fight, Nature Boy? You want to defend your title?! Well, let’s do it! Tonight! Right here! In Columbia, South Carolina! The Nature Boy versus The NEW American Dream, Cody Rhodes! You want a fight, Flair, I’ll bring you a fight!

                    Flair smiles the widest smile we’ve seen on The Nature Boy tonight. He back pedals up the remainder of the ramp and then leaves to the back without answering Cody Rhodes question. Cody angrily drops the microphone as EMT‘s and referees come from the back to check on the out cold and bloody Dusty Rhodes. Cody looks down at his father upset and angry, looking for revenge.

                    Flair tells Cody to earn it

                    The Nature Boy is in the back and has a huge smile on his face.

                    Ric Flair- Stay in that ring, Cody! You want a piece of me, Cody? Well, you'll get it! But not without earning it, boy! Did you really think your wrestling debut would be against The Nature Boy, Ric Flair? Well, you thought wrong! You'll earn a shot at me and my title!

                    Flair rubs his gold with a smirk on his face.

                    Ric Flair- Tonight, you will have your debut! Now here's the thing, I don't expect you to win. No. All I'm saying is if you want a shot at my title, all you have to do is last five minutes inside of the ring with this man! ONLY FIVE MINUTES! If you lose before those five minutes, then you can kiss your dreams of getting your butt kicked by The Nature Boy GOOD BYE!

                    Flair smiles.

                    Ric Flair- And don't even think about asking what would happen if you won under five minutes, because boy, you have no shot at winning! Because your opponent.... right now.... is.... UMAGA!

                    Umaga steps in front of the camera with Armando Alejandro Estrada and Umaga lets out a scream before slapping his chest. Armando taps his back and the two head to ring side.

                    Ric Flair- WOOO!

                    Umaga defeats Cody Rhodes- 2:20
                    - Cody stood no chance as he tried getting in some offense, but Umaga would just strike back. Cody snuck in an eye rake on Umaga which seemed to give Cody some room to get some offense before the five minute mark, but as Cody ran for a clothesline on the wobbling Umaga, Umaga caught him with the thumb to the throat and finished him by falling on top of him with a body splash taking the pin for the win.

                    The Kid/Cody Rhodes Promo

                    Cody Rhodes is shown walking down the halls holding onto his neck in pain and he seems to be very upset in himself. All of a sudden, Cody's arm is grabbed and he turns around with a fist ready to hit, but it's The Kid.

                    The Kid- Whoa, relax. It's me.

                    Cody puts his head down in disappointment in front of the boss.

                    The Kid- It's tough out there. I'm sure you knew that before you made your debut, but don't worry about it. I'm giving you a chance to redeem yourself. A chance to make a name for yourself in the KWF. And since I'm the boss, I make the rules around here. So at The King Of The Ring, it will be you, Cody, going one on one against.... The Nature Boy, Ric Flair. And here's my favorite part, since Flair has found a way around the retirement stipulation, if you beat The Nature Boy, he is FIRED!

                    Cody is in shock.

                    The Kid- Here's your chance to put a legend away. Here's your chance to get revenge for Arn Anderson and your father, Dusty. This is your chance to be famous. I gave you the ball, man, now what you do with the ball is no longer in my hands, it's up to you.

                    Kid smiles and Cody looks a lot happier then he did.

                    Cody Rhodes- I-I....

                    The Kid just whispers, "Shhh" to Cody.

                    The Kid- The Kid has spoken.

                    King Of The Ring First Round Match
                    Kurt Angle defeats Jeff Hardy- 8:53

                    - The match had Angle in control for the most part, but Jeff Hardy finally fought back and got some great offense in. Angle took control back and went for the Angle Slam, but Jeff pulled himself out of it and landed behind Kurt and spun him around connecting with the Twist Of Faith. Jeff would slowly climb to the top turnbuckle, but Angle would leap to his feet and belly to belly suplex the battered body of Jeff Hardy off the top turnbuckle and would hook the leg for the pin and the win to advance to the next round of the King of the Ring tournament.
                    Kurt Angle/Shelton Benjamin KOTR promo

                    Angle is shown pumped up in the back by the locker rooms and Shelton Benjamin is standing by with him jumping up and down in his wrestling gear.

                    Kurt Angle- That's what a king looks like! Wooo!

                    Shelton Benjamin- Yeah, good job out there. Man, just imagine.... in the semi finals, you versus me! The winner goes into the King of the Ring finals and has a chance to be the king! I could be King!

                    Kurt Angle- Yeah and Hillary Clinton could be president!

                    Shelton Benjamin- But....

                    Kurt Angle- Exactly! Now, I hope you took lessons of how it's done! Go out there and beat that bald.... has been! Go out there and beat Stone Cold Steve Austin!

                    Angle smiles.

                    Shelton Benjamin- I'm going to win! I'm going to prove to you and everyone in the world that I can be king! I'm going to win! There will be change!

                    Shelton walks out of the locker room, pumped up. Angle shakes his head and shrugs. He then looks up at the roof with a huge smile on his face. He then whispers to himself.

                    Kurt Angle- Ladies and gentlemen, the two time King of the Ring.... Kurt.... Angle.

                    Angle smiles.

                    King Of The Ring Round One
                    Shelton Benjamin defeats Stone Cold Steve Austin- 8:44

                    - The match had both men having offense in, but Stone Cold let out his venom towards the end of the match. Shelton stole it back for a split second after countering an Irish Whip with an Irish Whip of his own sending Austin into the turnbuckle. Shelton then charged at Austin for the Shelton Splash, but Austin moved out of the way and Shelton hit the turnbuckle! Shelton bounced off, turned around right into the kick and the stunner.... NO! Shelton pulled his head free and rolled Austin over for a clean roll up victory to advance to the next round of the King of the Ring tournament!
                    After Match- Stone Cold Celebration

                    Shelton quickly rolls to the outside of the ring and Austin sits up with a shocked face on. His mouth is wide open as he looks outside of the ring at Shelton. Shelton even looks shocked as he looks inside of the ring with his eyes wide open. Austin then smiles and begins clapping his hands. He walks to the ropes and asks for a microphone and is quickly handed one.

                    Steve Austin- Congratulations to Shelton Benjamin! Give me some beer!

                    Austin walks over to the ropes and beer is thrown inside of the ring and he catches a few. Austin puts the microphone by his mouth with two beers in hand.

                    Steve Austin- Get in here, jackass. I'm not celebrating your victory by myself. Come have a beer.

                    Shelton seems to second guess himself as he stands outside of the ring.

                    Steve Austin- It's one beer, don't worry, you wont get drunk.

                    Shelton looks at the crowd, shrugs and then gets into the ring. He makes his way over to Austin and Austin hands him one of the beers. They both open up their beers, slap beers and begin to chug it down! All of a sudden....

                    .... KICK TO THE STOMACH! STUNNER! Beer comes flying out of Shelton's mouth as he is hit with the Stone Cold Stunner! Austin picks up the microphone as the crowd is going wild.

                    Steve Austin- GIVE ME SOME MORE BEER!

                    The crowd erupts in cheers as the glass shatters and more beer is thrown into the ring for Stone Cold Steve Austin! It then heads to a commercial break with Stone Cold Steve Austin chugging down more beers.

                    New Superstar- Montel Vontavious Porter Introduction Promo

                    The footage shows a basketball gym and we see a black man with braids standing there with a microphone in hand.

                    ????- Hello and welcome to the greatest show on earth. My name is Elijah Burke and behind me is my star, a man that is just unstoppable at anything he does. A man that can learn something new in just one try. Now, look behind me and get ready to see some greatness.

                    The camera goes onto the basketball court and standing there in a green Boston Celtics jersey is Paul Pierce of the NBA champions, The Boston Celtics. Standing in front of him with a basketball in hand is another black male with braids. He has tape right under his eyes and a purple head band on. He squares off face to face with Paul Pierce and dribbles the ball a few times before doing a cross over, getting right past Paul Pierce and laying it up.

                    Paul Pierce- Man, when'd you learn that cross over?

                    ????- Just now.

                    The braided man checks the ball to Paul Pierce and Pierce posts up on the man and goes for a lay up, but gets it swatted way out of bounds. Pierce looks in shock and looks the man in the face.

                    Paul Pierce- Damn. You should really join the NBA, we'd be happy to have you.

                    The braided man laughs and walks away from Paul Pierce and goes over to Elijah Burke.

                    Elijah Burke- That was just amazing. Introduce yourself to the world.

                    ????- I am God's athletic gift to the world. Give me anything and I'll perfect it. Give me a golf ball, I'll hit a hole in one. Give me a basketball, I'll cross a champ over. Give me a football, I'll run right through you. Give me a baseball and I'll hit it right out of the park. My name is Montel Vontavious Porter. You could all just call me... M.... V.... P.


                    King Of The Ring First Round Match
                    Rene Dupree defeats John Cena 11:20

                    - The match was an all out brawl between two men who have proven a hell of a lot to earn this chance at becoming King. The end of the match saw Dupree get a hard kick to the stomach, Cena running across the ring and coming back with a throwback! Cena leaped to his feet and was pumped up as he threw up his hands calling for the end. Cena crouched over and picked Dupree up to his feet, lifted him up into the air for the F-U and.... Dupree would slip out and land right behind John Cena! Dupree would hook one of Cena's arms and then right across the throat with the French Tickler (crossface chicken wing). Cena was trapped and had nowhere to go and would be forced to tap out to the submission! Dupree released Cena and the crowd applauded both men for the amazing match they just put up. Rene Dupree advances to the second round of the King of the Ring tournament to take on his long time rival, Kurt Angle!
                    Bret Hart & The NEW Hart Foundation Promo

                    Inside The Hart Foundation locker room, we see Bret Hart standing alongside TJ Wilson and Harry Smith. Bret is still in street clothes and didn't get ready for his main event match later tonight. Smith and Wilson look pumped up for their match.

                    Bret Hart- This is it, boys. Here's your first match in the KWF. You guys look ready and I'm sure you guys are ready. Just remember this one thing, everything I've got in this business, I've earned. You guys are given the ultimate oppurtunity right now to earn those Tag Team titles. It's time for you guys to go out there and earn what's yours. Earn those Tag Team titles. And one day, you will both be in the wrestling Hall Of Fame, like me. Don't let nobody get in your way. If anybody tries to screw you over, you screw them right back! Go out there and get that Tag Team title shot.

                    TJ Wilson- We wont let you down, Bret.

                    Harry Smith- I'm going to keep the Smith name proud, I guarantee it!

                    Bret smiles as the two walk out of the locker room.

                    Bret Hart- And tonight, it's my turn to earn that one last title shot.

                    Hart looks at the floor all concentrated as we leave the scene.

                    NO1 Contender for Tag Team Title Shot
                    MNM & The NEW Hart Foundation ENDS in a NO CONTEST 7:54

                    - The match was filled with some great exciting spots. The end comes when all four men are inside of the ring brawling it out. From the back comes the other team that earned a shot at the Tag Team titles, The Redneck Wrecking Crew, with a pair of ropes each. Cade and Murdoch slip into the ring and Cade charges at Wilson and gives him a huge boot right to the face that sends Wilson right onto his back. Smith sees this and charges at Cade, but Cade ducks a clothesline and wraps a rope right around the throat of Smith from behind and begins choking him out with it. Murdoch grabs Nitro and lifts him off the ground and gives him a huge sidewalk slam. Mercury charges at Murdoch and Murdoch sticks his foot out kicking Mercury in the mid section. Murdoch then ties the bull rope around the throat of Mercury and begins choking him out until Mercury shows no more movement. Cade brings Smith to a turnbuckle and ties him up on it. Murdoch does the same thing to Mercury. Cade then walks over to Wilson and ties the rope around his throat, too, until he is out cold and ties him against a turnbuckle, as well. Murdoch lifts Nitro up, violently by the hair, onto his knees and ties his last rope around his throat, choking him out and ties him against the last free turnbuckle. All four men are now tied on seperate turnbuckles by their throats. Cade walks over to the ropes and demands a microphone.
                    After Match- Cade & Murdoch Promo

                    Garrison Cade- Now what ya'll just witnessed tonight is the beginning of the new era of the Tag Team division. I finally found myself a partna who is just as vicious and sadistic as I am! I carried Mark Jindrak to TWO Tag Team title runs in the KWF. Now I got myself a partna who I don't have to carry and can handle himself inside of this ring. Now, these two don't stand a chance against us and don't deserve to be Tag Team champions! Now, you probably like their high flying wrestling style, but that crap is not going to work against us! It didn't work for London and Spanky and it sure as hell is not going to work with these two. There is NO Tag Team in the KWF that will stop us and when we win those Tag Team titles, there will be NO Tag Team that will ever take them off of us! We are The Redneck Wrecking Crew and we mean business!

                    Murdoch yanks the microphone out of Cade's hands and begins going nuts on it.


                    Murdoch slams the microphone on the floor as EMT's and officials start storming down the ramp to help the four men tied up by their throats. Cade and Murdoch leave with evil looks on their faces.


                    Jericho would make his entrance first.

                    Jericho stands inside of the ring with a huge, cocky smile on his face and his KWF World Title around the waist. The crowd boo their brains out. That seems to please Chris Jericho and he finally begins to talk.

                    Chris Jericho- WELCOME TO RAW… IS… JERICHO!

                    That gets more louder boos for Chris Jericho and Jericho seems to have been more annoyed then delightful with that.

                    Chris Jericho- SHUT… THE HELL… UP! Tonight is a very special night and you should all be grateful to have me inside of this ring!

                    Jericho smiles and the crowd boo even louder then before.

                    Chris Jericho- Be grateful to have this sexy beast inside of this ring with the KWF World Title, which means that this sexy beast is the greatest… no, better, the KING OF THE WORLD!

                    The crowd doesn’t like it and continue to boo as Jericho rubs on his World title around his blue jeans. Jericho is also sporting an old school pink Y2J shirt.

                    Chris Jericho- Now, before I interview my guest, let me remind you guys of why this match is happening! Believe me, you’ll think it’s funny just like I do. Apparently, I get to keep this World title for being smart enough to not stick with the Invaders on their way out and over to a crap wrestling show that makes absolutely no sense!

                    The crowd actually cheer for that. Jericho gets annoyed by that.

                    Chris Jericho- I was the leader of that group, anyways, I had the brain, he had the followers, but look who got the KWF money and look who still got himself the World title! It’s Chris Jericho, BABY!

                    The crowd cheers, again. This time Jericho snaps.

                    Chris Jericho- SHUT YOUR MOUTHS BECAUSE CHRIS JERICHO DOES NOT NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Because your support means nothing just like this match with Mick Foley. You see, I got this match by doing something smart! But now look who’s coming! THE COWARDLY LION WITH HIS CO-COU- COURAGE!

                    Jericho smiles and seems very pumped up.

                    Chris Jericho- So, how about we welcome him out so he can tell you why he got this title shot. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s call out the Cowardly Lion and he could walk right down the yellow brick road. Ladies and gentlemen, the number one contender for my World title… MIC FOLEY!

                    *Car crashing sound*

                    The crowd erupts in cheers as Mick Foley makes his way down the ramp. Foley has a huge smile on his face as he heads into the ring with his black sweatpants and a white shirt. Foley grabs a microphone from the table inside of Jericho’s ring. Foley smiles at the crowd and then turns his smile right to Jericho as he approaches.

                    Mick Foley- Before you ask me your stupid questions about our match, let me be the first to say that it feels good to be back in South Carolina!

                    Foley walks away from Jericho with a huge smile on his face as the South Carolina crowd erupts in cheers.

                    Chris Jericho- How predictable? A cheap pop. Now Foley, let’s get to the talking. Speaking of cheap, tell this whole crowd the cheap reason why you are the chosen one to get the first World title shot at the renewal of the KWF?

                    Mick Foley- Well, Chris, I actually would love to say why. It’s because when you had your little crew of Invaders invading our show, I was the man who stood up to the top dog! No, not to you. To Jeff Jarrett. I stood up to him because I didn’t want a shot at your title that you were holding because you hid behind them. No, I aimed for the top dog. I aimed for the man who could get them out. And you know what happened? Right before it was supposed to be Jeff Jarrett versus Mick Foley in a Hell in a Cell match, Jeff Jarrett and his little followers left! They all ran and you know what his excuse was? We got what we wanted! We got noticed and we got a TV deal. I don’t need to fight inside of the cell, because I’d kick Foley’s ass for nothing! That was his exact quote. And you know what I said? I said bring it whenever the hell you want to you little bitch! Quoted for accuracy!

                    Foley looks around at the crowd and seems pumped up and pissed off.

                    Mick Foley- BEFORE THAT, I went into Wrestlemania and I whooped on Terry Funk’s ass in a match that the two of us made famous, a no disqualification match!

                    Foley seems more pumped up by this.

                    Mick Foley- So what was next for good ol’ Mick Foley? AH! Why not go after the man who was a part of the Invaders, but decided to hang here! YOU, CHRIS JERICHO!

                    Jericho shrugs and shines on his title saying that it was basically a no thinker.

                    Mick Foley- Why don’t you answer something? Why don’t you tell the crowd why you REALLY stayed? Or, better yet, why you were allowed to stay? Answer that for the crowd!

                    Chris Jericho- Now, listen here ass clown. I’m not going to say why for two reasons! The first reason is because this is my show, I’m the host and I ask the questions! I don’t answer them! Second, because this crowd deserves nothing from me!

                    Mick Foley- Fine. I’ll tell you!

                    Chris Jericho- And for what? For these imbeciles in the audience? Is it because of these ass clowns that I’m the World champion? Absolutely not! I’m the World champion, because of my brains and my talent! Because of myself! Does this crowd come into the ring and make the tag? Did these idiots catch you when you got thrown off the cell by The Undertaker? Or through the cell twice! Did this crowd block some of Terry Funk’s shots on you at Wrestlemania? Did this crowd help me defeat Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania for the World title? This crowd does nothing, but sit there and watch us go through pain and cheer for or against us!

                    Mick Foley- These people…

                    Chris Jericho- … DO NOTHING! Foley, I bet you this crowd would want to see us go at in a No Disqualification match at The King of the Ring!

                    The crowd cheers. Foley smiles.

                    Chris Jericho- You see! They want to see us bleed! They want to see you go through a fiery table! They want to see Chris Jericho whoop your fat ass all over that ring and do it in your kind of match and walk out the World champion! So, you know what? I’ll see what believing in the fans opinion can do… who here wants to see if Chris Jericho and Mick Foley in a No Disqualification match at The King of the Ring?

                    The crowd erupts in cheers.

                    Chris Jericho- Fine, you got it! At The King of the Ring, I will face Mick Foley off in a No Disqualification Match for my World title to prove to the world that I am the KING… OF THE WORLD!

                    Jericho is pumped up and heads for the ropes.

                    Chris Jericho- Now Foley, I’ll see you at the King of the Ring and oh yeah… here’s a quick preview!

                    Jericho snaps at Foley and drills him in the skull with the microphone forcing a loud thud to echo through the arena. Foley falls to one knee and Jericho drills him another three times in the skull with the microphone until Foley lays on his side. Jericho drops the microphone and takes his belt off of his waist and jumps on top of Foley and sits on his chest. Jericho begins screaming in Foley‘s face with the belt in front of his face.

                    Chris Jericho- THIS IS MY TITLE! I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD!

                    Jericho gets off of Foley and backs up to the ropes and throws his arms into the air in the “Y” symbol with his right hand holding the KWF World title. The crowd boo their brains out as Foley begins to drip blood from his forehead from the four microphone shots. Jericho’s music blasts as he heads out of the ring and up the ramp with a cocky smirk on his face. Foley helps himself to the back and he seems very angry and looking for revenge. We then head to a commercial break and into the main event of the night.

                    MAIN EVENT
                    KING OF THE RING ROUND ONE

                    - Viscera was quiet through the night, but was all out fierce inside of the ring. He had Bret down for a 2 ½ count twice. Bret showed his heart and speed and would move out the way of a splash into the turnbuckle. Viscera would bounce off and Bret would attack the monster with diving shoulders into the back legs. Viscera would stumble, but nothing would bring him down. Bret would go for it all and get in front of Viscera and lift him off the mat and slam him onto his back! The crowd would erupt in cheer at the leg sweep tackle to the mat. Bret would hook both legs and place his right leg in between Viscera’s legs. Bret would flip Viscera over and apply the Sharpshooter on the 300+ pound monster! Viscera would scream in pain, but from the crowd would come a fan! This fan has short black hair and would slide into the ring in black and white basketball shorts and a black tank top. He would run his forearm right to the back of Bret Hart’s head.
                    AFTER MATCH- GOOD BYE TO BRET HART

                    Bret falls off of Viscera and this fan begins stomping away on Bret Hart’s back. The man goes to the turnbuckle and rips the top padding off.. He would throw the padding to the outside of the ring and for some reasons, the security guard has not attempted to stop this man. He walks over to Bret and yanks him up to his feet and slams Bret face first onto the exposed turnbuckle. Bret seems to get knocked out for a second as he collapses right onto his back. This man grabs Bret and runs him to the ropes and throws him through the middle ropes and to the outside of the ring. He follows Bret up and drags him up the ramp by the hair and then slams him face first onto the top of the ramp. He stands over Bret and we hear a very familiar voice with a very familiar word.

                    ????- WOOO!

                    The whole arena is in shock as The Nature Boy, Ric Flair makes his way from the back and smiles as he looks down at Bret.

                    Ric Flair- At Wrestlemania, somebody was supposed to retire! And it was certainly not going to be me! One of the reasons I was called a loser of the match was because of this man. This man helped be a part of the screw job! From now on, it will be BRET HART AND ARN ANDERSON SCREWED THE NATURE BOY! Now, I screwed Arn Anderson over… now it’s time to screw Bret Hart over! It’s time for somebody to retire. And I would not have it any other way besides like this! Because, look beside me. He is the newest member of the KWF roster and well… he is a Hart!

                    The crowd seems to be even more shocked like this.

                    Ric Flair- His name is… TEDDY HART!

                    Teddy throws his arms high into the air and the crowd boo him. He doesn’t seem to mind, though and just shouts “Shut up” at them and that doesn’t do a thing to the crowds reaction.

                    Ric Flair- Now it’s time for Bret Hart to retire!

                    Flair hands the microphone over to Teddy Hart and grabs Bret by the hair and…

                    … Bret snaps up with an uppercut to the jaw of The Nature Boy’s head! Flair stumbles back and Teddy charges at Bret and drills him in the skull with the microphone sending Bret right down onto his back. The thud echoes through the arena, like the prior microphone shot, in the night happened. Flair quickly yanks the microphone out of Teddy Hart’s hands and looks pissed off.

                    Ric Flair- Where’s your people, Bret?! Where is TJ Wilson?! Where is Harry Smith?! Where is the NEW Hart Foundation? NOWHERE! THERE IN THE HOSPITAL AND I RESERVED A SEAT FOR YOU! WOOOO!

                    Flair drops the microphone and yells at Teddy Hart to pick Bret up and he does so. Flair grabs Bret by the cheek and yells, “YOU SCREWED ME!” and then grabs Bret by his straps and runs him to the edge of the ramp and throws him off the ramp and right through a table full of televisions! The crowd is in shock and goes silent! Bret lays there motionless as EMT’s rush from the back and quickly go to aid Bret Hart. Flair and Teddy Hart look off the ramp with no smile or pity, just straight up psycho looks. The show goes off the air with the cameras on Ric Flair and Teddy Hart looking off the ramp at the down and completely out cold, Bret Hart.

                    *SHOW ENDS*
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                      Re: KWF IV

                      The Jew Review.
                      • Why is Ric Flair wearing the World Heavyweight Championship?
                      • Promo rocked. I’m guessing the 17th GOAT Championship isn’t a real championship?
                      • Can’t say how much that promo was good. It was very impressive. A little quick, but nothing was harmed by it.
                      • Dusty answers the challenge... oh man. If this turns into Ric Flair beating the hell out of all of his old friends, I’m going to commend you on that.
                      • You nailed Dusty to the “T”. Another great promo.
                      • Naitch is tired of getting slapped around and here we go!
                      • Cody Rhodes comes to the aid of his daddy... which in itself is good. I wouldn’t be opposed to where the Naitch starts having problems with the sons of the fathers. Cody.. Randy... Dibiase.. etc. I’d in-fact.. love that.
                      • YES! Flair employs Umaga to lay waste of Rhodes before he’ll fight him. Great heel tactic, BTW.
                      • I’m astonished that you allowed Umaga to destroy Cody. It was a great move. Cody, the guaranteed win to pay back his father’s beat down.. gets annihilated by a beast. It made sense, but hopefully Cody has some more involvement in the future.
                      • “The Kid has spoken”.. weak man. Really weak.
                      • If Cody wins.. I riot! You can drag this story out for MONTHS. Flair beating up fathers and then their sons.. using heel tactics and employing monsters to do his dirty work first.
                      • The Kid versus Ric Flair at WrestleMania III. Fucking book it! Only the Kid would have the audacity to book himself into retiring the greatest wrestler of all time. Part of me thinks it’s unbelievable.. but part of me wants to see you have the cockiness to pull it off.
                      • I think you’ve finally understood the importance of a summarized weekly show. And it’s proven in a summarized Jeff Hardy/Kurt Angle match. I’m still shocked you didn’t have Hardy go over.
                      • I love the outrageousness of your show. It feels like the Attitude Era.. today.
                      • Love the Hilary Clinton line.. “No chance.”
                      • Haha.. I love Angle whispering himself as the King of the Ring.
                      • Shelton gets a very believable win over Steve Austin. I’m just not liking it. I have to believe that one minute Benjamin is nothing.. into beating Austin? I wouldn’t be against seeing Shelton rise up like he did against Triple H, but it needs to be believable.
                      • Same old same old with a Stunner. Way to give a guy a push and immediately slam him to the bottom in one match.
                      • Wow. Just. Wow. The MVP/Basketball promo just owned all. If this turned into an almost Mr. Perfect like promo series.. it will be the end all of how to push MVP. I LOVED IT!
                      • New Hart Foundation. Promo was a bit bland, but left it open ended with Bret’s final words.
                      • The tag match.. even though no one won.. was just phenomenal when the Rednecks invaded and demolished all four of them. I think the best part of this show is the end result with them tied up to the posts by their necks. I LOVED IT! Every bit of it.
                      • The promo was good (by Cade).. something a bit more original.. like a Catch-Phrase by Murdoch would have been the tits. Nothing phenomenal from him.
                      • I’m not sure about who your champions are, which has been confusing me all night.
                      • Jericho’s promo was very weak. Probably the worst of the night. I just didn’t feel much excitement from him.
                      • Same with Foley. He’s explaining way too much, and not exactly in character either.
                      • The promo gets a bit more heated at the end, but I feel it’s still missing a point. This is your “big story” and it feels like it’s missing something huge for it. I commend you for trying to think outside the box with “not just about the title” but.. it feels like a let-down.
                      • The last match.. eh.. not a fan of BDV.. but Hart beats him. After the match.. it was a huge let-down. Only for one reason. Teddy Hart is a complete jackass. I despise him. If it was anyone but him.. I would have appreciated it more. But.. Flair involved in two storylines at once may a bit much.
                      • ¾ of this show was just overly impressive. Much more than I expected. MVP’s story is amazing. Cody/Flair will be huge if it goes where I think. KOTR will be good. Just work on Foley/Jericho and whatever you’re doing with Hart and it will be amazing. The Rednecks was great as well.
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                        Re: KWF IV

                        Alright Kid, time for your review!

                        Starting out w/ a Flair promo to explain his actions last week. Not bad. He's defending his custom championship? Wow, he's really lost it. Dusty comes out and slaps the living hell out of him. Awesome. Fuck, Cody/Ric for the GOAT Title? Not good. Ok, good, it's not really happening, because this title, while I don't agree with it being used, shouldn't be fought for by a guy as green as Cody, so losing to Umaga was a nice way to get rid of that chance.

                        Wow, Cody/Ric and Ric's gonna get fired if he loses. I like it, but I think Ric will win this one.

                        Your summaries are good, and I'm glad you had Angle beat Hardy, because I absolutely hate him.

                        Nice Shelton/Angle promo. I liked the mention of Hilary Clinton being President. That got a chuckle out of me. But I have a feeling Shelton's gonna lose to SCSA...

                        What the fuck just happened? Wow, SCSA loses cleanly, that's not something you see everyday, especially by someone like Shelton Benjamin. The aftermath was horrible. I'm sorry, but I think Stone Cold would be a bit more pissed than that about losing.

                        Wow... that MVP promo was amazing. I absolutely loved it. Great job on that, and I can't wait to see him debut.

                        Damn, I would've rather had Cena/Angle III than Dupree/Angle XXXXXXXXXXV. I don't know why, that feud just doesn't interest me in the slightest... But I assume Angle will win next week. At least I hope he does.

                        Nice short Hart Foundation promo. Nothing to really comment about, though.

                        Cade & Murdoch own. I hated the quick gimmick transformation by Cade, but I love the outcome. That promo was amazing, and their attack was amazing. It was all amazing.

                        I really liked the Highlight Reel. The only thing I didn't like was in the beginning where Jericho referred to himself in the 3rd person. Besides that, it was awesome. You had Foley and Jericho basically spot-on.

                        Bret/Vis is your main event. I have no words for that. I was bashed for making that the opening match in my fed, so... But anyway, good match, and Teddy Hart attacks Bret. Very interesting, to say the least. And Ric's behind it all? Again, interesting...

                        Overall, I really liked the show, but there were some points that were confusing to me. I really liked the MVP Hype promo, and the Highlight Reel. Hmm... this was a really good show, so you earn a really good grade. 89/100


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                          Re: KWF IV

                          Okay, let's go!

                          Show starts with Flair coming out. I sorta' assumed it would, especially after his actions against Anderson. Flair announces he's gonna' defend his title? Interesting... Okay, here comes Rhodes, who says he's not here to fight, but slaps the shit out of Flair a couple of times. Nice, Flair takes him down, out comes Cody... Flair gets Umaga to destory Cody... Nice. Kid announces that Cody and Flair will face at KOTR, and if Flair loses, he's fired. Pretty sure way to guarantee Flair will win, but oh well. "Kid has spoken"...

                          Nice summarized match, Angle goes over... "That's what a king looks like" is classic cocky Kurt Angle. Nice. Shelton is pumped up, I doubt he's beating Austin, but anyways... Angle whispering to himself "Two time KOTR" was cool as well.

                          Shelton wins?! Ugh, I don't like that... At all. Austin is gonna' be so pissed.... But is calm?! WTF?! Oh, the predictable fake-beer celebration-to-Stunner routine... Meh, didn't like that at all Kid.

                          But you make up for it with an awesome MVP Promo! That was really Mr Perfect-ish, but still was amazing. Fantastic job Kid.

                          Dupree beats Cena... Hmmm, okay, I know he's been pushed heavily in your fed and had that series of matches with Angle, so I'm cool with this. Though knowing it'll be Dupree vs Angle again seems a bit boring, especially since they had that Iron Man match at Mania if I remember correctly... Bleh.

                          New Hart Foundation... Cool, should be a great addition to your already awesome Tag division... Match with MNM is a no contest, as Cade and Murdoch clean house! Yes! I LOVE Cade and Murdoch, and their promo afterwards was outstanding! Great job!

                          I really, really didn't like the Highlight Reel, Kid... I don't know why, but both characters seemed too off, and wasn't heated enough. It felt more like a friendly debate then a war of words... Jericho attacked Foley was okay, but overall, the segment wasn't that good.

                          Bret Hart beats Big Daddy V... I HATE Big Daddy V, so yeah... Teddy Hart attacks Bret, Flair is the mastermind... Right, there could be a problem; Flair could be possibly be involved in three storylines. His fued with Cody, fued with Bret and interfering in the Tag fued that the New Hart Foundation are caught up in. Make sure that doesn't happen, or your fic' will feel like "Flair Overkill". Nice way to end the show.

                          Overall Kid, I enjoyed this show. While I really don't agree with Shelton going over Austin, and I didn't enjoy The Highlight Reel whatsoever, the rest delivered. I hope Flair doesn't become involved in three fueds, and that this Angle/Dupree match is a one-off. Congrats Kid, this was a damn fine show.


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                          "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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                            Re: KWF IV

                            KWF INSIDER

                            - My opening promo rocked. I was so happy with this idea and loved the fact that I really could get into both Dusty and Flair's character during this promo. Dusty slapping the crap out of Ric Flair was awesome. That would definitely get the crowd going insane throughout the promo and Flair literally destroying him would get a hell of a lot of heat from the crowd. I'm also continuing the way Flair seems to be going more senile then ever as he is challenging people for a shot at his "make believe" title that Arn Anderson gave him. Plus, this was the perfect way to bring in the new Rhodes in Cody. Defending his father, does it get any more American than that? Anyways, I loved this opening promo and hope to continue to give classic Naitch promos like this and his retirement speech.

                            - I wanted to make Jeff look a lot better in this match then just getting the LOSS, but this was the best I could do with the new summarized style. He did show heart, but was way too weak and Kurt found the perfect way to finish him off that top turnbuckle, so yeah. Angle's going to continue to become more annoying as the KWF continues, believe me. I'm loving what I got going with the duo of Angle & Shelton, should be pretty entertaining.

                            - The MVP idea wasn't supposed to happen for awhile as I didn't plan on bringing him for another 2-3 months, possibly after Summerslam. I just feel that I already have a great mid card and that it's going to be stacked, but I thought about it and said that I better do this kind of hype before that.

                            - Dupree/Cena was supposed to be the match of the night as both men showed heart, but I couldn't have Dupree lose. Dupree is one of my greatest creations, so I couldn't just completely bury him and say good bye to him. That would be pointless. And believe me, as for Kurt/Dupree 8, you guys got something else coming, woot.

                            - As painful as it was to bury MNM and The NEW Hart Foundation, I just had to have that one team in the KWF that was unstoppable. I loved what I did with Cade turning on his KWF partner since KWF started, Mark Jindrak, and finding someone new so I couldn't just completely forget about them. I had to keep it going and what better way then to prove to the world how powerful and crazy they are for the Tag Team titles.

                            - As for the Highlight Reel, I honestly put myself in a hole with this one. I didn't know what to do with this promo, at all. I remember asking a few people for some ideas for it, but nothing was working, so I did the next best thing. Although it wasn't on purpose, I smoked a blunt with my friends, came home, was in the zone and wrote the Highlight Reel. Don't blame me for how bad it was, but blame the weed. But no, seriously, it did sort of give out some points such as to why the Invasion ended and how Jericho would do anything to not let the fans know why he stayed, even if it meant shouting over Foley saying that he'll face him in a NO DQ match. You guys have to start seeing some of my hints that I leave.... high or not high.

                            - Bret Hart beat Viscera via DQ, it seems a few people missed that part. He actually locked the monster in the Sharpshooter and was attacked by the fans. I didn't want to completely bury Viscera, yet, as he is a monster and when people defeat him, it has to look like it was a hell of an accomplishment. But I couldn't have Bret stay in the fed. Not with Flair running house the way he is and it makes a lot of sense. Flair feels that he did not lose the Retirement Match and wants it to basically be erased from the record books. Knowing that he couldn't do that, he did the next best thing and erased whoever was a part of it which was Arn Anderson and Bret Hart. And no, Flair will not be feuding with Bret, he's going to be gone for A LONGGGGGGGGGGGG time. So stop stressing over that.

                            - Anyways, I thought it was an awesome show. I think I stacked the whole show with entertainment from top to bottom, whereas on the first show I had a few things I had to do that I wasn't too happy about it and was basically not amazing until the end of the night, but to me, this show was a lot of fun to write and was very, VERY good. Anyways, I like the new style of writing as it's easier to get through the shows and maybe makes it a lot easier for you guys to get reviews up instead of having a 10 post show.


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                              Re: KWF IV

                              FLAIR'S.... HART

                              - After eliminating both Dusty Rhodes and Bret Hart from the KWF picture, Ric Flair showed he was not the only one in the business with no heart as he was helped. Not by some random friend, but by Bret Hart's own nephew, Teddy Hart. Teddy proved to have no heart for a fellow Hart and helped take Bret out of the wrestling ring for what could definitely be the last time. Both men looked off the stage as Bret laid there motionless. What will happen with these two guys come RAW? Will they give an explanation or continue to put damage to superstars and legends in the KWF?

                              Kid Announces 10 Man Royal Rumble for Vacant IC title at The King of the Ring, After RAW
                              - After RAW went off the air, The Kid signed a contract for a 10 Man Royal Rumble for the vacant Intercontinental title at The King of the Ring. The men who were given a shot at the title, so far are:

                              1- Former KWF IC Champ: Muhammad Hassan
                              2- Daivari
                              3- Mr. Kennedy
                              4- Finlay
                              5- Jeff Hardy
                              6- John Cena

                              .... which leaves four more open spots. Those four spots will be given to the losers of the King of the Ring Quarter Finals, which could be any of the following men: Kurt Angle, Rene Dupree, Shelton Benjamin, Triple H, CM Punk, Randy Orton & Umaga.

                              - With Bret Hart being out of action, will Kid find himself a new opponent for Shelton Benjamin who now has the bye or will Shelton get a free ride into the Semi Finals which will take place at the KOTR Pay Per View.

                              NEW INJURED LIST:

                              - Bret Hart. Doctors say that his career could very well be done after re-injuring his back.

                              - Dusty Rhodes. Severe concussion. Doctors told him to avoid showing up to any wrestling events to avoid getting hit in the head, again, which could very well cause severe brain damage.

                              - MNM & The NEW Hart Foundation. Doctors are saying that neither team will be able to show up on the next RAW, but say that they will be game for the King of the Ring Pay Per View. The Kid has already announced that both teams will advance and get a shot at revenge on The Red Neck Wrecking Crew and a shot at becoming the Tag Team champions.

                              RAW's Announced Matches
                              - KOTR Quarter Finals- Kurt Angle versus Rene Dupree
                              - KOTR Quarter Finals- Umaga versus Randy Orton
                              - KOTR Quarter Finals- Triple H versus CM Punk
                              - Cody Rhodes versus DEBUTING Teddy Hart
                              - Six Man Tag Match- Jeff Hardy, John Cena & Carlito versus Muhammad Hassan, Daivari & Mr. Kennedy

                              Announced King of the Ring Matches; So Far
                              - Finals- SF1 versus SF2
                              - Semi Final 1- ???? versus ????
                              - Semi Final 2- ???? versus ????
                              - GOAT Champion- "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair versus Cody Rhodes
                              - Tag Team Title Matches- The Red Neck Wrecking Crew versus MNM versus The NEW Hart Foundation
                              - IC Title 10 Man Royal Rumble- Muhammad Hassan versus Daivari versus Mr. Kennedy versus Finlay versus Jeff Hardy versus John Cena versus ???? versus ???? versus ???? versus ????
                              - Carlito versus JBL's Secret Weapon

                              100,000 points for whoever predicts the most right for those five matches announced for RAW.
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                                Re: KWF IV

                                RAW's Announced Matches
                                - KOTR Quarter Finals- Kurt Angle versus Rene Dupree
                                - KOTR Quarter Finals- Umaga versus Randy Orton
                                - KOTR Quarter Finals- Triple H versus CM Punk
                                - Cody Rhodes versus DEBUTING Teddy Hart
                                - Six Man Tag Match- Jeff Hardy, John Cena & Carlito versus Muhammad Hassan, Daivari & Mr. Kennedy

                                [center]100,000 points for whoever predicts the most right for those five matches announced for RAW.