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LSW Season II: Genesis

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  • LSW Season II: Genesis

    What's this? A KJ fed?


    Lonestar Wrestling is back, and better then ever. With Lonestar Wrestling Season II: Genesis on the horizon, we at have managed to borrow LSW Owner Shawn Michaels for a few minutes to go over the changes sweeping the company. With LSW Season II: Genesis upon us, Lonestar Wrestling owner Shawn Michaels has granted us some time to share his thoughts on the upcoming seasons, as well as a behind the scenes look at some of the struggles the LSW has gone through leading up to Season II. First of all, Shawn, thanks very much for joining us. LSW Season I can only be considered a massive success, and we’re not just saying that because we work for you either. (laughs) But with Season II, we’ve heard there will be sweeping changes. Could we get some insight?

    Shawn Michaels: Well, first off, thanks for the compliments. I’m incredibly proud of LSW Season I, but the “off-season”, as you mentioned, has been tumultuous to say the least. How so?

    Shawn: Well, we’ve had to say good-bye to a few of our competitors. Brent Albright has decided to step away to handle some personal issues for the time being. Both Christopher Daniels and Gregory Helms, two of our cornerstones in the tag team division, have opted not to return for Season II as well. Behind the mic, Taz decided to hang up his microphone as well. But the biggest loss is John Cena. Cena’s a man I respect a great deal. He went through his entire WWE career with the main workload and was never injured. For sixth straight months he represented the LSW as our World Champion and John’s decided to recharge his batteries. I’ve been there myself and I know how tough it can be to go 110% every day, so we met after the season ended and I told him “John, get yourself together and we’ll see you in Season III” and he was just great and respectful with the whole thing. Will we be seeing any new faces entering the LSW to make up for the loss of four pivotal superstars?

    Shawn: Definitely. With the collapse of my “old buddy” Triple H’s ESW, we’ll be bringing in a couple new superstars. Both Montel Vontavious Porter, better known as MVP, and a man I’m very excited to bring in, Randy Orton, will be debuting at the “Battle at the Alamo II”, and… Wait, “Battle at the Alamo II”?

    Shawn: Did I say that? Yes, you did.

    Shawn: Oh. (smiles) We’ll come back to that. We’re also bringing in two new tag teams; LAX, which is Homicide and Low Ki, and if you haven’t seen these guys wrestle, you probably won’t get why I’m excited but give them one watch and you’ll see why. We’re also bringing in two guys who started with LSW but had to step away, The Naturals. These two guys really fit their name. And replacing Taz will be a legend himself, Mick Foley. I spoke to Mick yesterday and he’s so excited to be a part of Lonestar Wrestling. It was great to hear that passion in someone who’s been around as long as I have. So, aside from the talent changes, did anything else occur during the off-season?

    Shawn: Actually, the biggest problem was our contract with USA. I want to make it very clear, LSW’s ratings were exceptional for a young fed. We were a tad under WWE Raw’s final ratings but higher than TNA iMPACT’s. But what made me walk away was that they wanted such control. Four 12 minute segments an hour, this much over-run, this much condensing…it was nonsense. The dispute to leave actually cause one of our main executives, Dusty Rhodes himself, to quit. It was a bad time. One only hears the rumors, but no one knows the truth until the boss says it himself. So Showdown won’t be airing on TV anymore?

    Shawn: TV just wasn’t allowing us to be creative as a federation and it wasn’t allowing wrestlers to go out there and tell the stories in the ring they wanted to tell. So I walked away. This season, we’re taking a house show philosophy seen on the Indy circuit. We’ll be having two weekends of events a month across the state of Texas, four shows total, and a PPV in The Alamo, once a month. Now, unlike the Indy scene, these shows quality won’t be diminished by not being televised. They’ll be full productions, with video crews, pyro and everything people have come to expect from LSW Showdown. But they’ll only be streaming on The PPVs will be the culmination of the house shows, but we really feel the feuds and matches will be fuller, more natural and organic even, without being stuck into the confines of primetime hell. I really think this approach is going to create a much richer federation. What are we hearing about a shortened season?

    Shawn: Now those rumors are true…LSW Season II will be only three months. The way I look at it, professional wrestling isn’t just a sport and it isn’t just a TV show. It’s more organic than that. It’s like a play. So we’re splitting it up like one. Season II will in essence be a three-act play. The first PPV will be the close of Act I, PPV II will be Act II and naturally, PPV III will be Act 3. That’s definitely different. But I can’t hold back any longer. “Battle at the Alamo II”? The first one crowned the first LSW Champion, what will the second one do?

    Shawn: One thing ol’ Vinny Mac did that I loved was the concept of Money in the Bank. What I didn’t like was the cluster of ladder matches that accompanied it. So instead, we’re going to have a tournament, a two-night tournament, to crown basically a Money in the Bank winner. The winner will be given a contract good for any time, any place, any where, to face Chris Jericho, or whoever may be LSW World Heavyweight Champion at the time. That sounds great. When will the bracket be revealed?

    Shawn: By the end of the week. Excellent. One last thing; what’s the deal with the tag-line Genesis?

    Shawn: (laughs) It seemed fitting. Lonestar Wrestling is changing. It’s not just the birth of something new for the company, it’s the birth of what will hopefully become a revolution for the industry as a whole. Makes sense. Is there anything else you’d like to add.

    Shawn: Just that I want all of you faithful fans to understand how much I appreciate you. And remember that the LSW is going to be one helluva show. I guarantee it.

    [π: WWPID?] ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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    Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

    *marks out and then wets himself in anticipation for more*
    Originally posted by African Mike
    I love it when Greg gets angry, it's like watching a Furbie going ape shit at some stupid kid


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      Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

      I just marked the fuck on out. When you and I talk about your fed KJ, it's just one of those things that you know is great. I've never seen anyone as excited about their fed's future as you have been the last couple of months. Your stories (the ones you have filled me in on) are addictive and I can't wait to see them played out in writing. Good luck man, and you definitely have a reader in me.
      Follower of Christ.


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        Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

        KJ's back. Fuckin' A.

        This looks amazing, man, and I'll definitely be reading.


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          Re: LSW Season II: Genesis


          LSW Season I PPV Results

          Open Range

          LSW Heavyweight Championship

          John Cena © def. Chris Jericho to retain the LSW Heavyweight Championship

          LSW Tag Team Championship: Gauntlet Match for Vacant Title
          Matt Striker and CM Punk def. three other teams to win the vacant LSW Tag Team Championships

          Fusion Division Championship: Finals
          Christian Cage def. AJ Styles to win the vacant Fusion Division Championship

          Iron Division Championship: Finals
          Bryan Danielson def. William Regal to win the vacant Iron Division Championship

          Sting def. Edge

          Chris Benoit def. Brent Albright

          High Noon

          LSW Heavyweight Championship: Fatal Four-Way

          John Cena © def Edge, Chris Jericho and Mr. Kennedy to retain the LSW Heavyweight Championship

          LSW Tag Team Championship
          Christopher Daniels and Gregory Helms def. The Hooliganz and Matt Striker/CM Punk © to win the LSW Tag Team Championship

          Iron Division/Fusion Division Championship: Winner Becomes Dual Champion
          Christian Cage © def. Bryan Danielson © to win the Iron Division Championship and become Dual Champion

          William Regal def. Finlay

          Samoa Joe def. Brent Albright

          Johnny Jeter def. Carlito


          LSW World Heavyweight Championship

          John Cena © def. Yugi Nagata to retain the LSW World Heavyweight Championship

          Iron Division/Fusion Division Championship: Both Titles on the Line
          Christian Cage © def. Edge to retain the LSW Fusion and Iron Division Championships

          LSW Tag Team Championship
          The Hooliganz def. Gregory Helms and Christopher Daniels © to win the LSW Tag Team Championships

          Number One Contendership: Tag Team Championship
          Murder City Machine Guns def. Matt Striker/CM Punk

          Mr. Kennedy def. Chris Jericho

          Gauntlet for the Gold
          Bryan Danielson/ Samoa Joe/Johnny Jeter/William Regal def. Carlito/Finlay/AJ Styles/Brent Albright


          LSW World Heavyweight Championship

          John Cena © def. Edge to retain the LSW World Heavyweight Championship

          LSW Tag Team Championship
          The Hooliganz def. The Murder City Machine Guns to retain the LSW Tag Team Championships

          Fusion/Iron Division Championship: Two Falls/One Per Belt
          Fall One: Johnny Jeter def. Christian Cage ©, Samoa Joe to win Fusion Division Championship
          Fall Two: Christian Cage © def. Johnny Jeter, Samoa Joe to retain Iron Division Championship

          Matt Striker def. CM Punk

          AJ Styles def. Bryan Danielson

          William Regal def. Brent Albright

          Chris Jericho and Austin Aries def. Mr. Kennedy and Carlito

          Last Stand

          Dead Alliance Finals
          Chris Jericho def. Mr. Kennedy

          LSW World Heavyweight Championship
          John Cena © def. Samoa Joe to retain the LSW World Heavyweight Championship

          Deadly Alliance
          Chris Jericho/Mr. Kennedy def. CM Punk/Edge, William Regal/Bryan Danielson, Brent Albright/Christian Cage

          Fusion Division Championship
          Johnny Jeter © def. Daniels to retain the LSW Fusion Division Championship

          LSW Tag Team Championship: Street Fight
          The Hooliganz def. The Murder City Machine Guns

          Austin Aries def. AJ Styles


          LSW World Heavyweight Championship

          Chris Jericho def. John Cena © to win the LSW World Heavyweight Championship

          LSW Tag Team Championship: Ladder Match
          Murder City Machine Guns def. Helms/Daniels, The Hooliganz © to win the LSW Tag Team Championships

          Fusion Division Championship
          Johnny Jeter © def. Matt Striker to retain the LSW Fusion Division Championship

          Austin Aries def. Mr. Kennedy

          Iron Division Championship
          William Regal def. Christian Cage ©, Bryan Danielson to win the LSW Iron Division Championship

          Edge def. CM Punk

          Samoa Joe def. AJ Styles

          [π: WWPID?] ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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            Re: LSW Season II: Genesis


            LSW Cast: Part I

            Chris Jericho
            LSW World Heavyweight Champion
            The King of the World

            “The King of the World” Chris Jericho burst onto the LSW scene at the organization’s first event, “The Battle at the Alamo.” Jericho immediately set his sights on the new LSW Champion John Cena, the very man who ended Jericho’s career in the old WWE. The two men waged war at the first PPV, Open Range, where Jericho’s fortitude won over the fan’s yet again, while Cena’s ruthless actions lost the support of his once-prized “Chain Gang.”

            Despite coming up short, Jericho kept his eyes on the LSW Championship. For a while, Jericho’s title goals were swept to the side by Cena’s partner in crime, Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy and Jericho would wage war at LSW’s third PPV, Quickdraw, with Kennedy coming out on top. Jericho would gain a small measure of revenge the following month at Unforgiven when he and partner Austin Aries defeated the team of Mr. Kennedy and Carlito.

            Jericho and Kennedy would meet again at the next PPV still, only this time both as friends and enemies. In the Deadly Alliance match, Kennedy and Jericho teamed together, knowing if they won, they’d face off as opponents for a title shot against LSW Champion John Cena at the last PPV of the season, Tombstone. Their common goals led them to victory in the Deadly Alliance match, but the true victory would be Jericho’s as he finally vanquished Mr. Kennedy in the Deadly Alliance finals, putting John Cena’s LSW World Heavyweight Championship firmly in his sights.

            At Tombstone, John Cena seemed to have his sixth consecutive title defense at an LSW PPV sealed successfully. Jericho seemed to once again fall ever so short from regaining the top prize in the business. When all seemed to be said and done, a hurt Jericho was hoisted onto Cena’s shoulders, only to slide off and nail the Breakdown for the 1-2-3. As Jerichoholics around the world . In a show of respect that will remain in the mind of all LSW fans, John Cena himself raised Jericho’s hands, handing him the LSW World Heavyweight Championship.

            In the dawn of a new season, Chris Jericho aims to show the world just why he is the Lonestar Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. Only time will tell if the “King of the World” can remain on his throne.

            Murder City Machine Guns
            LSW World Tag Team Champions
            Beautiful Disasters

            Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin; The Murder City Machine Guns. These two men fit their name; murdering opponents with a flurry of kicks and strikes quicker than the eye can see. They are so in-synch, it’s actually frightening.

            Already the Zero1-Max International Lightweight Tag Team Champions, the MCMG came into the LSW with one goal; becoming the LSW Tag Team Champions. The then-current champions, Bryan Kendrick and Paul London, better known as The Hooliganz, didn’t take too kindly to their boisterous claims. The two teams would clash on several occasions, including a Tag Team street fight, still considered to this day the most brutal LSW match in history.

            At Tombstone, the MCMG would finally achieve their goal, defeating both the Hooliganz and former tag champs Gregory Helms and Christopher Daniels, in a fantastic ladder match.

            While most champions would relish the off-season, the Murder City Machine Guns have no desire to lose their edge. Taking their LSW Tag Team Champions to Japan, Shelley and Sabin have defended it, as well as their Zero1-Max tag titles against all-comers, promising the same level of commitment in LSW’s second season.

            William Regal
            Iron Division Champion

            William Regal, the rough and tough grappler from across the Atlantic has long been known as one of the most technically gifted, and downright tough, wrestlers to ever step in the ring. The Iron Division seemed to be his calling. In a modern-day classic, Regal battled a man who would eventually become a protégé of sorts, Bryan Danielson, to become the first Iron Division Champion. While Danielson won, Regal showed why he is the real deal.

            Regal would battle fellow European foe Finlay, as well as the disgruntled and confused Brent Albright, before finding his way back into the Iron Division title race. Both he and the man he called friend, Bryan Danielson, earned the right to face the brash Christian Cage for his Iron Division Championship at Tombstone.

            While it was pure contempt for the Cage, Danielson and Regal would come to blows as well out of respect and ever-growing desire; desire to be the Iron Division Champ. In the end, Christian Cage would lose his beloved Iron Division title when Regal made him submit to the Regal Stretch.

            While this storybook ending for the tough Brit seemed too good to be true…it may just be. LSW officials have learned William Regal aggravated an old back injury in the triple threat match at Tombstone. Rumors have run rampant he’s even been told the severity could force him into retirement, though nothing can be confirmed as of now.

            No one can truly say what the future holds for the epitome of Iron, but William Regal will no doubt do everything he can to continue the same path he’s walked for over 20 years.

            Johnny Jeter
            Fusion Division Champion
            The Thrillseeker

            Johnny Jeter, the self-labeled “Thrillseeker”, is a man looking for a good adrenaline rush. While he exploded into the LSW with a bang, Johnny’s star seemed to sizzle out quickly. Wallowing in the bottom ranks of the LSW, the man so many critics called “the most exciting man on TV” seemed lost.

            It turns out all he needed was a chance.

            At High Noon, Jeter was part of the eight man tag known as the Gauntlet for the Gold. This innovative match had simple rules; the 8-man tag was elimination format. The surviving winners would be granted title shots of their choosing. Jeter and partner Samoa Joe would outlast everyone else. While Joe set his sights on the Iron Division Title, Jeter set his on the Fusion Division. While fans across the country cheered, one man sat quietly, contemplating his fate: Christian Cage.

            Cage was both the current Fusion and Iron Division Champion and LSW Owner Shawn Michaels stated he would be defending both titles in a 2 falls triple threat match against Jeter and Joe. The winner of the first fall would become Fusion Division Champion, and the second fall would become Iron Division Champion. Jeter would go on to pin Cage in the first fall, but Cage would gain slight revenge, pinning Jeter to retain his Iron Division Title. Despite this loss, Jeter was still the new Fusion Champ.

            His first challenge came when he faced a pioneer in the Fusion Division style, Christopher Daniels. Any critic that claimed Jeter’s title reign was a fluke were silenced when he successfully defended his title again Daniels, winning convincingly with his spectacular Johnny-Go-Round kick.

            This victory, however, seemed to change Jeter. Gone was the young, confident wrestler, replaced with an arrogant, self-labeled “superstar.” Jeter’s arrogance led him to conflict with Matt Striker, a man who couldn’t stand what he labeled the “sickness” of the LSW. While Jeter won, he barely escaped with his title, leaving questions as to whether his new-found attitude will prove a godsend or his downfall.

            [π: WWPID?] ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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              Re: LSW Season II: Genesis


              LSW Cast: Part II-The Challengers

              Christian Cage
              The Instant Classic

              Christian Cage. The Instant Classic. Captain Charisma. As arrogant as he may be, it’s hard to deny his impressive resume. He was the first Fusion Division Champion, only to make history the next month by becoming the first dual-champion when he defeated Bryan Danielson to become the LSW Iron Division Champion.

              All Cage wanted was the spotlight of the Main Event. Upon becoming the Iron and Fusion Champion, Cage claimed he was bigger then even the LSW World Heavyweight Champion, citing he had “two belts.” As Cage’s claims grew, so did the list of people looking to knock him off his mountain.

              Cage only retained his titles over his brother Edge after a chair-shot when the referee was down allowed for an easy pinfall. He would lose his Fusion Division Title to current champion Johnny Jeter at Unforgiven, gaining a small measure of revenge when he pinned Jeter to retain the Iron Division Championship that same night.

              As the season came to a close, Cage became the target of both William Regal and the man he dethroned to become Iron Division Champion, Bryan Danielson. While Cage seemed to think Regal was undeserving of even being in the ring with him, instead focusing on Danielson, it was Regal who would dethrone Cage, leaving him for the first time in six months, title-less.

              With a new season up ahead, Christian Cage will no doubt have more gold on his mind. Rumors persist, though, that it isn’t Fusion or Iron Division gold on his mind. Instead, the Instant Classic is ready to take his next step towards greatness; the Lonestar Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship.

              The Rated R Superstar

              Much like Chris Jericho, Edge came into the LSW venomously hated by the fans. Now, maybe only Jericho rivals him as the most beloved competitor in the fed. The Rated R Superstar entered the LSW with the same chip on his shoulder he left the WWE with. Taking his failures and frustrations out on wrestling legend Sting. Whenever a title opportunity arose for Sting or Edge, the other stood in the way. Eventually, the simmering feud exploded, and only Edge stood when it was finished.

              With his enemy gone, Edge set his sights on a familiar enemy, then-LSW Heavyweight Champion John Cena. Edge met Cena in a fatal four-way, also featuring Jericho and Mr. Kennedy. In the weeks leading to the match, Edge garnered fan support in his refusal to lie down for Cena. While it was known he wasn’t reaching for the cheering fans, walking to the ring at High Noon to the screaming fans, one couldn’t help but notice the smile on Edge’s face.

              While he came up short, Edge would move into a short-lived feud with his estranged brother Christian Cage. Again, Edge came up just short after a brutal chair shot, but the fans still rallied behind him. Edge earned himself another shot against John Cena at Unforgiven, only to lose thanks to the interference of Mr. Kennedy.

              Edge would meet Kennedy in the Deadly Alliance match, but when distracted in rage by Mr. Kennedy’s antics on the apron, Edge was rolled up for the pin by Kennedy’s reluctant partner, Chris Jericho. Edge’s partner, the straight-edge superstar CM Punk, had claimed for weeks that Edge’s head wasn’t in the game. While Punk may have been right, he was determined to make a point, cracking Edge’s skull multiple times with a steel chair to remind him to stay focused.

              At Tombstone, after four weeks of being out of action, Edge would get redemption, pinning CM Punk in the middle of the ring and delivering not one, not two, but THREE one man con-chair-tos to Punk’s skull to show that he was not to be trifled with.

              Insiders claim that Edge still has only one goal on his mind; the World Title. One can’t help but feel Edge is like a man searching for the only home he’s ever known-that being a champion is his life. His endless quest will no doubt continue in Season II, but with the fans on his side, maybe Edge will finally be able to find his peace.

              The Hooliganz

              Bryan Kendrick and Paul London personified exactly what tag team wrestling is for the LSW. While they didn’t start in the tag division, the former WWE and World Tag Team Champions soon banded together again and set their sights on the LSW Tag Team Championships. After two months, they’d finally achieved their goal, defeating Gregory Helms and Christopher Daniels in a fantastic triple threat match that also included former tag team champions Matt Striker and CM Punk.

              For the next three months, The Hooliganz became embroiled in a feud with Motor City Machine Guns, while also fending off the former champions, Gregory Helms and Christopher Daniels. The Hooliganz held strong until they finally succumbed to the MCMG at Tombstone when the MCMG won the LSW Tag Titles in a Triple Threat ladder match.

              While they may not still be the champions heading into Season II, betting that they won’t soon be wearing those titles again might not be a wise move.

              Bryan Danielson
              The American Dragon

              Bryan Danielson, widely considered the best pure wrestler in America, has had a tumultuous career in LSW. Things seemed to start off as good as can be, when he defeated William Regal to become the first Iron Division Champion. This victory would be bitter sweet, however, as just one month later, Danielson would lose the Iron Title to Christian Cage in a title vs. title match. Though he attempted to win the title back, he could never quite regain his title.

              Danielson competed in the Gauntlet for the Gold, only to be eliminated by AJ Styles. Danielson again looked for revenge, but Styles’ shady tactics got the better of Danielson again at Unforgiven.

              Danielson’s losing streak was only halted when William Regal, the man he defeated for the Iron Division Championship, entered his life again. With Regal’s encouragement, Danielson’s fire seemed to burn bright again. While the two teamed up for the Deadly Alliance match, they didn’t come out on top. That didn’t stop Danielson, as both he and Regal earned a shot at Cage’s Iron Division Championship; the title that had eluded Danielson for months. Going to war with his mentor, Regal, was done out of respect, but going to war with Cage…that was vengeance. In the end, it was Regal who came out on top, but Danielson seemed proud to see his friend riding high. Still though, without the gold he so strongly desired, what will Season II hold for Danielson as he enters watching his friend in the spotlight?

              Samoa Joe
              The Samoan Submission Machine

              He is professional wrestling. So goes the Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe’s motto. Fans across the country chant “Joe’s Gonna Kill You” when he enters the ring, and his opponents no doubt wish for death over the pain he inflicts on them. In his first match, Joe faced off against a man who’d challenged him out loud for weeks, Brent Albright. Albright’s defeat would be the first of many.

              Joe soon found himself in title contention after surviving the Gauntlet for the Gold, but in the 2 Falls match with Jeter and Cage, but Joe was never involved in either pinfalls. Pleading his case to Michaels, Joe earned a right to face the LSW Heavyweight Champion John Cena. At Cena’s hands, Joe suffered his first loss, but that didn’t stop his fire.

              Joe still ended the season strong with a great victory over the Phenomenal AJ Styles. Joe is more focused than ever as he heads into Season II, and he’s only got two things on his mind; gold and pain.

              Mr. Kennedy

              You know his name. And if you don’t, he’ll make sure to tell you. Mr. Kennedy came into the LSW appearing as an enemy of LSW World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, but Kennedy shocked the world when one night later, he aligned with Cena, showing they’d truly pulled the wool over the fans eyes.

              As Cena’s right hand man, Kennedy picked up where Cena left off, in a heated rivalry with Chris Jericho. For months, the two men waged war. It only ended the same night they teamed successfully at Deadly Alliance, only for Jericho to win the right to face John Cena.

              At the final PPV, Tombstone, Kennedy faced off against a man he toured the indy circuit with; Austin Aries. Aries and Kennedy had battled for weeks, finally setting the score with Austin Aries coming out on top.

              With several losses ending Season I, and no John Cena to stand beside in Season II, the future for the brash Mr. Kennedy seems uncertain.

              CM Punk
              The Straight-Edge Superstar

              In six months, CM Punk has changed from the fan-favorite to one of the most bitterly despised competitors in LSW. Teaming with Matt Striker, CM Punk won the LSW Tag Team Championships. But when they lost the titles one month later, tensions grew. While the team tried to win a number one contenders match against the LSW’s newest tag team, the Murder City Machine Guns, they still came up short. Punk took the frustrations out on Striker, even though it was him who was pinned.

              The two former tag team engaged in a bitter war, with Striker coming out on top. Punk soon shifted his anger to his next tag team partner; his Deadly Alliance partner Edge. When Edge was pinned, Punk used a steel chair to remind him to stay focused, cracking Edge’s skull.

              Edge would get the last laugh at Tombstone, when he not only beat CM Punk, but took a steel chair to his head with three con-chair-tos.

              Since then, no one has heard from the straight-edge superstars, but LSW Owner Shawn Michaels assures he’ll be apart of Season II.

              AJ Styles

              AJ Styles, one of the most innovative wrestlers in the world, has proven to be asset to Lonestar Wrestling. But yet Styles hasn’t proven that he is a force to be reckoned with. His trophy case hosts no titles. His win-loss record doesn’t display the domination of others.

              He’s had run-ins with Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson and Austin Aries, to name a few. Only one of those three does he hold a victory over, and even that wasn’t due to skill, but rather shady tactics incorporated by lesser wrestlers.

              One day, perhaps Styles will live up to his moniker. Everyone knows the day he does, we’re all in for something…phenomenal.

              Matt Striker
              Your Teacher

              Bitterness. Disgust. Hatred. Three words that can describe Matt Striker’s views on LSW’s wrestlers and fans alike. Once a fan-favorite, Striker rode high as one half of the tag team champions with CM Punk. But when they lost titles, Punk blamed Striker, despite the fact Striker was never pinned.

              While Striker would gain the victory in the following match with CM Punk, something seemed to be changing in him as well. The former teacher turned wrestler wasn’t quite teaching any more. He didn’t seem to care to educate. He found the world around him beyond education. So he swore to save us.. His first target was Fusion Champion Johnny Jeter.

              Jeter had begun exhibiting what Striker found to be “poor character traits.” While most fans would agree Jeter’s demeanor was changing, Striker’s forceful “lessons” involved more pain and ruthlessness than needed. Jeter barely scrapped by with title. Whether Matt Striker will be focused on Jeter come Season II, or if he’ll have a new target, remains to be seen. But take heed, because Matt Striker has come to save us all.

              Austin Aries
              The Starr

              Austin Aries has been on fire since entering the LSW. While he hasn’t been a champion, many say the time is still coming. In both Singles and Tag action, Aries has yet to be defeated, boasting victories over Christian Cage, Carlito, and AJ Styles.

              Perhaps his biggest victory came over Mr. Kennedy at Tombstone, when Aries soundly defeated the man he’d once traveled the country with. Austin Aries has cemented his place on the LSW roster, and it’s just a matter of time before he cements himself into the future of LSW.

              Caribbean Cool

              Caribbean Cool himself, Carlito, found nothing but trouble in Season I. With a less than stellar win-loss record, Carlito has promised the world he’ll show why he is the biggest rising star in professional wrestling.

              Some may snicker when they hear Carlito’s harsh words. How can a man “so cool” be filled with so much anger? Maybe the hatred will cool when the criticism does, but until than, Carlito might just be the most underrated, dangerous wrestler in LSW.

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                Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

                I'm loving this KJ. I remember reading some of Season I and if it's anything like that then it's going to be awesome. It was good reading up the results from the previous year too because the storylines you start with will probably relate to that and I will know what they mean. Good luck and stick with this!

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                  Re: LSW Season II: Genesis


                  In all seriousness, I wish I had more free time to take back my "KJ Time" from jTj, because that was ours first and you know it...

                  I have a vague idea of the storylines, and all I can say is that I love your easy-to-read format and can't wait for things to get underway.

                  Mad love.
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                    Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

                    Major Congrats on this so far KJ.

                    Everything looks superb, the way your building hype for the start of this season is great, keep up the great work man.

                    Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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                      Re: LSW Season II: Genesis


                      LSW Title History

                      Chris Jericho

                      -Chris Jericho defeats John Cena (Tombstone)
                      -John Cena defeats Edge and Sting (Battle at the Alamo)

                      William Regal

                      -William Regal defeats Christian Cage (Tombstone)
                      -Christian Cage defeats Bryan Danielson (High Noon)
                      -Bryan Danielson defeats William Regal (Open Range)

                      Johnny Jeter

                      -Johnny Jeter defeats Christian Cage (Unforgiven)
                      -Christian Cage defeats AJ Styles (Open Range)

                      Murder City Machine Guns

                      -Murder City Machine Guns defeat The Hooliganz (Tombstone)
                      -The Hooliganz defeat Christopher Daniels and Gregory Helms (Quickdraw)
                      -Christopher Daniels and Gregory Helms defeat CM Punk and Matt Striker (High Noon)
                      -CM Punk and Matt Striker win Tag Team Gauntlet (Open Range)

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                        Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

                        Awesome hype. Now just get to the shows already as it seems (besides Jeter in my opinion) you have great champions with an awesome roster.

                        I can not wait.


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                          Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

                          You continue to amaze man, seriously.

                          Great GFX there, really gives everything that much more, if you get my drift.
                          Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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                            Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

                            Battle for the Alamo II: Prelude

                            Day One

                            Chase Stevens vs. Austin Aries
                            Paul London vs. Brian Kendrick
                            Alex Shelley vs. MVP
                            Bryan Danielson vs. AJ Styles

                            Chase Stevens or Austin Aries vs. Paul London or Brian Kendrick
                            Alex Shelley or MVP vs. Bryan Danielson or AJ Styles

                            Day Two

                            Johnny Jeter vs. Andy Douglas
                            Mr. Kennedy vs. Christian Cage
                            Edge vs. Randy Orton
                            Matt Striker vs. Chris Sabin

                            Johnny Jeter or Andy Douglas vs. Mr. Kennedy or Christian Cage
                            Edge or Randy Orton vs. Matt Striker or Chris Sabin

                            Day Three

                            The semi-finals

                            Bonus Match: LSW World Heavyweight Championship
                            Samoa Joe vs. Chris Jericho ©

                            The Finals
                            (note: I just want to give credit to Jeff and Pizzle fo' Izzle for the amazing banners they've contributed.)

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                              Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

                              KJ, I know I've told you this off the record, but there is no reason why I couldn't do it again here.. this is just phenomenal. You've sort of talked to me about these storylines and well.. I don't think I've ever been so psyched to read a show or entire Fed since I came here. I can't wait to see the heights that this fed goes. Good luck, man.
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