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LSW Season II: Genesis

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    Re: LSW Season II: Genesis


    Suspicions Confirmed: Regal Not Competing in “Battle at the Alamo II: Prelude”

    When they brackets were released four days ago, there was one glaring hole in the list of competitors; Iron Division Champion William Regal.

    It’s widely been rumored that Regal had re-aggravated a back injury he suffered in the early 2000s when he was competing in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) during the triple threat match where he finally captured the Iron Division Championship.

    Regal declined comment, but LSW Owner Shawn Michaels stated that “An announcement on William Regal’s status will come when the time is right. As of now, there is nothing official, and Regal was merely held off the card at his own request.”

    The owner’s words are less than reassuring for Regal’s case, but Michaels seems to want to snuff rumors of Regal’s retirement.

    “Regal is a grizzled veteran who has strived to be the best for over two decades,” said Michaels. “Don’t jump to assumptions without any facts.”

    Stay tuned to for further updates on this breaking story.

    The “Battle at the Alamo II: Prelude” begins Friday, November 30 and ends Saturday, December 2.

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      Re: LSW Season II: Genesis


      Originally posted by "Battle at the Alamo: Prelude" Night One
      Hey guys, just got back from “Battle at the Alamo II: Prelude” and damn, what a night.

      First off, just wanted to say the set is still pretty much the same. Kind of has a RoH/ECW feel, but with a nice screen above it for all to see. Packed house.

      1. Alex Shelley d. Montel Vontavious Porter. MVP had his traditional “NFL-style” entrance. Shelley came out wearing his LSW Tag Title and his Zero-One Tag Title. Very good match with the crowd firmly behind Shelley, despite MVP making his debut. Shelley gets the win with the Shell Shock.

      2. Austin Aries d. Chase Stevens. Stevens got a respect pop, but compared to Aries, it’s like he wasn’t there. Aries dominated nearly the whole time, winning with the 450 splash.

      3. Paul London d. Bryan Kendrick. The teammates came out and wrestled a very respectful match. They were each way over, being the hometown boys. Even all the way until the end, when London surprised Kendrick with a small package for the win.

      4. Bryan Danielson d. AJ Styles. Styles came out to big heat, most heat of the night. The people still hate him from Season I. Danielson was way over as usual. Danielson locked on the cattle mutilation for the submission.

      (Intermission-Brief intermission between round one and two. From my seat, I could just make out Shawn Michaels watching from behind the curtain. He was talking to some guy I didn’t recognize, but he looked like Cillian Murphy.)

      5. Alex Shelley d. Paul London. What a match. These two have a storied past, and it didn’t take long for them to get angry. Lots of stiff kicks. Shelley worked on London’s shoulder continuously after London fell on it funny after a missed plancha to the floor. Shelley finally got the win with the Border City Stretch. After the match, Sabin and Kendrick came out for their respective partners, but nothing happened except a stare down.

      6. Austin Aries d. Bryan Danielson. Austin Aries continued his unbeaten streak from Season 1 after a GREAT match. These guys were relentless, each nailing stiff chops, punches and head drops dangerous~! In the end, Aries broke out of a dragon suplex attempt and scored a roll-up on Danielson for the three.

      After the match, Aries and Danielson shaked hands. Aries got on the mic and thanked us all for coming out and said to keep watching tomorrow and Sunday as he continues his quest to MITB.

      Overall, awesome show. So glad I got tickets.

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        Re: LSW Season II: Genesis


        Originally posted by “Battle at the Alamo: Prelude” Night Two
        The screen showed clips of last night’s matches, before showing an advancement on the brackets. In the ring, Shawn said tonight we’re one step closer to crowning the new Mr. Money in the Bank.

        1. Chris Sabin d. Matt Striker with the Cradle Shock.
        ~Before the match, Striker cut a promo talking about “the sickness” in the LSW. Not sure where that’s headed.
        ~Sabin was WAY over. Just like Shelley last night, he was carrying both his LSW and Zero One Tag Title.

        2. Christian Cage d. Mr. Kennedy with the Unprettier.
        ~Kennedy started his traditional entrance, only to be cut off by Cage. Cage tried cutting a promo, only to be cut off by Kennedy.
        ~Both men heeled it up, but each still were getting spot pops throughout the crowd.
        ~Cage was mouthing “Money in the Bank” on his way to the back. Seemed to be bleeding a little from the mouth.

        3. Johnny Jeter d. Andy Douglas with the Johnny-Go-Round.
        ~Douglas looked real sharp, but Jeter just looks flawless right now. I was real shocked to see Douglas nail a Lyger Bomb, which got a huge pop.
        ~Jeter arrogantly kissed his Fusion Division Championship as he walked to the back.

        4. Edge d. Randy Orton with the Downward Spiral.
        ~Edge was the most over guy of the night; Orton was probably the most hated. His entrance was so over the top with the pyro and posing.
        ~Unlike MVP last night, Orton’s debut wasn’t embraced at all.
        ~Edge walked to the back holding his neck as a result of the rKo he took.

        (Intermission-Orton came back out and ran down the crowd, adding even more heat. I was still cheering for Randy, but it’s an STL thing.)

        5. Christian Cage d. Johnny Jeter with the frogsplash.
        ~Damn good match. Cage tried cheating a bit, but Jeter did too.
        ~Cage nailed his big-time frogsplash after Jeter’s attempt at springboard plancha resulted in a dropkick to the chest.

        6. Edge d. Chris Sabin with the spear.
        ~Exciting match, with Sabin heeling it up a bit trying to make up for the size difference.
        ~Edge was way over when he won. The fans went nuts knowing tomorrow will feature Edge versus Christian Cage.

        Shawn Michaels came out and thanked us for coming again and reminded us that not only will we crowd a Money in the Bank tomorrow, but Chris Jericho will make his first title defense against none other than Samoa Joe!

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          Re: LSW Season II: Genesis


          Originally posted by “Battle at the Alamo: Prelude” Night Three
          So what started as a beautiful Sunday afternoon in San Antonio, Texas has turned into one helluva confusing night for this Lonestar Wrestling Fan…

          But first…my results as I wrote them.

          Shawn opened again, saying at the end of the night, he was going to present either Aries, Shelley, Cage or Edge with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

          1. Austin Aries d. Alex Shelley with the brain buster/450 combo. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME match. Aries just looks unstoppable right now and he’s SO over.

          2. Christian Cage d. Edge with the a roll-up and feet on the ropes. The “brothers” were unmerciful. There’s definitely no love loss between the former WWE and NWA Champs. Edge went for a spear, but Cage leap frogged it and Edge smacked his shoulder into the steel ring post. Cage quickly rolled him up and put his feet on the ropes for extra-leverage,

          So it’ll be Cage vs. Aries for the MITB, but first…

          3. Chris Jericho d. Samoa Joe with the Codebreaker. Jesus Christ. This had shades of Benoit/Jericho all over it. The match spilled to the outside, and you’d swear these guys had hated each other for years. By the end of the match, each man was bleeding (Jericho from his forehead after a SICK boot by Joe and Joe from his nose after Jericho dropkicked the back of his head into the ring post on the floor). Joe nearly got the tap with the choke, but Jericho managed to slide his foot to the rope. Joe went for a muscle buster, but Jericho battled out of it and nailed a missile drop kick, but he didn’t knock Joe down. Jericho tried another running dropkick, but Joe still didn’t fall. That’s when Jericho nailed the code breaker, finally getting Joe down for the three count. After the match, Jericho helps Joe up and the two shake hands and embrace with a hug in the middle of the ring.

          The Money in the Bank briefcase is brought down to ringside and is resting right outside the ring. Jericho has a towel on his head, refusing to go see the paramedics, instead electing to watch the finals.

          4. MITB Finals: Christian Cage d. Austin Aries after delivering a shot with the briefcase to the head. The match was back and forth, with Aries looking great, but Cage also looking excellent in the ring. Cage was continuously jawing with Jericho, while Aries remained focused. Eventually, Jericho slapped Cage on the outside. Cage fired back with a right hand and the ref quickly split them up. While the ref was occupied, Aries got a shot in on Cage, only for Cage to low blow him. Cage grabbed the briefcase and clocks Aries with it. Cage throws it down and quickly rolls Aries into the ring. He yells at the ref and the ref slides in unbeknownst to what happened, and Cage ends Aries undefeated streak, becoming the NEW Money in the Bank.

          After the match, Cage celebrated proudly, hoisting the briefcase high in the air. He calls for a mic and cuts down all the superstars in the back, Aries and Jericho himself. Cage says he’s been the Fusion Champion, he’s been the Iron Champion and now, he’ll become the LSW World Heavyweight Champion whenever he damn well pleases. But the one thing he wants is that dirty sonuva bitch Shawn Michaels to raise his damn hand like he said he would.

          Michaels doesn’t come, and Cage asks again. Cage is screaming, when suddenly, we see a commotion on the big screen. People are clearing out of the way except for one man yelling to be let go by LSW security. He’s screaming he didn’t do it.

          The camera pushes through the people and we see Shawn Michaels laying on the ground, with the remains of a broken car window lying around him. There’s a hole in the windshield from where his head went through. The entire crowd is silent - the only sound is the man held against the wall. Even Jericho and Cage are silent and confused, watching the blood trickle from Shawn’s head (though Cage had a bit of a sinister smirk on his face).

          Oh, and the man pleading his innocence.


          What a night. Wow. I can’t WAIT for Act I.

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            Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

            FUCKING AWESOME. I just finished reading the results from the three nights. I must say, this is just damn awesome.

            - The different styles of review for the different people is just crazy. I love it, hopefully we see some full written shows down the road sometime.

            - Christian Cage winning MITB was the highlight of the shows for me.

            - I absolutely love the mixture of known WWE/TNA guys with the wrestlers of the much smaller ROH. Everyone appears to just have perfect chemistry.

            - Not much to note... other than...

            - Codey Rhodes/Shawn Michaels situation. That's intense. The car is a little overplayed, but you did it well. I can't wait to see where this one is going.

            Overall, for internet web board posting results, this was just great. Good job man.
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              Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

              I read through these as soon as they were posted and don't know why I didn't post a review at that time...

              Now it looks like Jeff's tighter with you than I am, but whatever...

              I agree that varying the style of internet report from night to night was a subtle yet brilliant touch that lends all sorts of authenticity to this season so far. I forgot that this was a tournament to award the Money in the Bank, so I was initially confused about why so many lower tier wrestlers were involved. Once I figured out what was what though, I was on board.

              I'm still loving your Christian. I thought Edge was heel coming out of last season, but I could be wrong, and I forget what storylines you have planned for him. Him and Christian meeting in the semifinals though gave me a hard-on, and I want to see more develop between the two this season.

              I'm also rooting for Aries. Somehow, you've got me backing him hardcore.

              Also, I can't remember if Jericho is heel or face. I think last season ended with a double-turn, right? So Jericho is face? Regardless, I enjoyed his match against Joe. I was picturing Benoit vs. Jericho RR2001, minus the ladder.

              As usual, your format offers just enough detail for me to know everything I need to know but doesn't bog down the pace with extraneous writing. It's brisk, and a full read goes quicker than skimming a typical show. So that's always a plus.

              My only qualm was Cody Rhodes being the man pleading his innocence. Look at him. He's too scrawny and naive-looking to do anything malicious. I can't remember his storylines, but I would've rather seen a bigger name just for the shock factor. Also, I think Shawn Michaels' cranium has a magnetic attraction to windshield glass.

              Overall, fun and easy-to-read stuff. That's the formula to keep me coming back!

              : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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                Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

                Thanks guys.

                There will be full shows at some point and time (hopefully), but it's not as important to me as getting out shows regularly.

                The windshield'll see. That's all I'm saying. That means of attacking Shawn was designed with one piece of dialogue in mind.

                And Cody Rhodes...who'd of thunk it, right?

                Oh, and Edge and Jericho are both faces, Pizzle Izzle. Oh, and don't worry, no one's tighter than you

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                  Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

                  Just got caught up on this myself, and....damn. Loving it. Love how you do recaps as if they were actual reports from people watching the show.

                  And as far as who attacked Michaels, I'm thinking either Stone Cold or Mick Foley. But that's just me.
                  Originally posted by African Mike
                  I love it when Greg gets angry, it's like watching a Furbie going ape shit at some stupid kid


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                    Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

                    Went through this again, pulling out what I thought were some possible hints as to the identity of Michaels attacker.

                    “Brent Albright has decided to step away to handle some personal issues for the time being.”

                    - WHAT personal problems? Hmmmm…

                    “With the collapse of my “old buddy” Triple H’s ESW, we’ll be bringing in a couple new superstars.”

                    - Maybe it was Michaels fault ESW collapsed…

                    “Actually, the biggest problem was our contract with USA…. But what made me walk away was that they wanted such control. Four 12 minute segments an hour, this much over-run, this much condensing…it was nonsense. The dispute to leave actually cause one of our main executives, Dusty Rhodes himself, to quit. It was a bad time.”

                    - Maybe Rhodes was the attacker. Or someone still inside the company who was paid by USA. Or someone who didn’t like that they weren’t going to be on Primetime TV.

                    “Stevens got a respect pop, but compared to Aries, it’s like he wasn’t there”

                    - Maybe he feels underappreciated, and attacked Michaels to try to get some respect.

                    “From my seat, I could just make out Shawn Michaels watching from behind the curtain. He was talking to some guy I didn’t recognize, but he looked like Cillian Murphy”

                    - Michael’s assailant, possibly?

                    “~Before the match, Striker cut a promo talking about “the sickness” in the LSW. Not sure where that’s headed.”

                    - Maybe Striker thought Michaels was the source of the sickness?

                    “Even Jericho and Cage are silent and confused, watching the blood trickle from Shawn’s head (though Cage had a bit of a sinister smirk on his face).”

                    - Cage couldn’t have attacked Michaels himself, but he still could have orchestrated it. But….why?

                    “Oh, and the man pleading his innocence.

                    Cody Rhodes?!?”

                    - Maybe he was with his dad when Dusty attacked Michaels. Dusty ran away, Cody stayed to check on Michaels, security came along and BAM! That’s why they thought he did it.
                    Originally posted by African Mike
                    I love it when Greg gets angry, it's like watching a Furbie going ape shit at some stupid kid


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                      Re: LSW Season II: Genesis


                      Heartbreak and Triumph?

                      While the Battle at the Alamo: Prelude was full of surprises, none shocked the world like LSW Owner Shawn Michaels being found driven through the windshield of a car in the parking lot, while Cody Rhodes, son of wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes, pled his innocence.

                      Cody Rhodes, however, had no right to be at Battle at the Alamo. He’s not a contracted performer, nor was he an invited guest. But was he the attacker? All the evidence definitely points his way.

                      But who else could it be? In the ring, as the startling images of Michaels laying in his own blood flashed on the big screen, Christian Cage, the new Mr. Money in the Bank, watched confused…but one couldn’t help but notice the small smirk on his face. It was no secret that Cage and Michaels had quite a few run-ins last season, but with the new year beginning on a blank slate, why would Cage draw this attention on himself?

                      Whoever it is, we won’t be able to find out from Shawn Michaels for quite awhile. Michaels is still listed as in critical condition. No word yet on who will be filling in his place during his absence.

                      There’s no doubt more information will become available as Season II progresses, and we’ll be sure to provide you with more information as it does.

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                        Re: LSW Season II: Genesis


                        Christian Cage Has Arrived

                        Christian Cage said he was going to do it. He said he'd become Mr. Money in the Bank.

                        To be fair, despite his ego, he always does what he says he’s going to do. In Season I, Cage said he would become the Fusion Division Champion. He did. He said he was going to beat then-Iron Division Champion Bryan Danielson and become the only dual-champion in LSW history. He did. And now, he’s saying he’s going to become the World Heavyweight Champion thanks to his Money in the Bank guranteed contract.

                        Who are we to say he won’t?

                        We here at are by no means fans of Cage’s attitude. And we’re not trying to speak down on current LSW World Champ Chris Jericho. Jericho and Cage have a long-standing history; former best friends, former bitter enemies. For the most part, they’ve kept their distance. Will this be the rekindling of their storied-rivalry?

                        There’s a wild-card factor in this as well. One man named Austin Aries. A man who was undefeated headed into Battle at the Alamo, and if not for some less-than-honorable tactics employed by Christian Cage in the finals, he might still be undefeated…and the owner of the Money in the Bank.

                        Christian Cage. A man of his word. And a deceiver. His morality will continue to be a question as Season II continues…and for once, the spotlight might not be where Cage wants to be.

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                          Re: LSW Season II: Genesis


                          LSW Newswire: “Battle at the Alamo”

                          We enter into a studio room, where JB, Jeremy Borasch, is sitting on a stool, with a little monitor right next to him.

                          Borasch: Hello everyone, I’m JB, Jeremy Borasch, welcoming you to the first LSW Newswire. Here we’ll recap what’s happening in Lonestar Wrestling, giving everyone answers to the questions pressing their minds. While this past weekend’s main story was the Battle at the Alamo, fans witnessed what is already a match of the year candidate when LSW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho defended his title for the first time against the Samoa Submission Machine, Samoa Joe.

                          Highlights of the match flash on the screen. We see the brutal kicks and chops administered by both men. By the end of the clips, both men are bruised and bleeding, when Chris Jericho nailed the Codebreaker for the win.

                          JB: After the match, received this exclusive interview with Samoa Joe.

                          The screen cuts to Samoa Joe holding a towel to his mouth and nose, wiping the blood away.

                          Joe: Chris Jericho, tonight, I applaud you. I went out there with one goal; to win the LSW Heavyweight Championship. You went out there with the goal of retaining it. One of us succeeded. And to that, you earn my complete respect…and my respect is NOT something earned easily. But see Chris, you’re still holding exactly what I want; exactly what I need. I need that title, Chris. I need it. And I’m going to have it. We beat the hell out of each other out there tonight. We beat the living (censor) out of one another, and you beat me fair and square. Maybe after that code breaker to my head, I’m a little concussed, but right now, I’m challenging you to a rematch at the first Showdown in Victoria. After the fight you put on tonight, I know damn well you’re man enough, Chris. I’ll be waiting for an answer.

                          The screen cuts back to the studio.

                          JB: And how would champion Chris Jericho respond to Joe’s challenge? After “Battle at the Alamo” ended, Jericho was told of the challenge and had this to say.

                          Camera cuts to Jericho holding an ice-pack on his neck.

                          Jericho: So after that ass-clown Christian Cage manages to worm his way to guaranteed title shot, I find out you’re challenging me after tonight’s match, huh Joe? Ya’ know, I watched the little promo you cut, wiping blood away from your mouth, and I feel for you. I got this damn ice-pack on my neck after you tried ripping my head off with the choke, I got welts the size of watermelons on my thighs where you kicked me. In that ring tonight, I felt like I was 25 years old again, wrestling Chris in Japan. And I loved every minute of it. Yeah, I’m bleeding, I’m bruised, but I’m still the LSW World Heavyweight Champion. Do I accept your challenge? You’re damn right I do, big man. In Victoria, it’s going to be you and me for this title right here. And I’ll bring you my best, like I have no doubts you will. So mark it on your calendars, Jericho-holics, because Chris Jericho/Samoa Joe II is coming.

                          The camera cuts back to JB.

                          JB: And there you have it, folks, Chris Jericho vs. Samoa Joe for the first Showdown of Season II. I can only imagine what kind of a match we’ll see if last night’s match was any indicator. Another man who had something important to say was the man who until last night was undefeated. That man is Austin Aries.

                          The camera cuts to Austin Aries in street clothes, his hair still wet from the post-match shower.

                          Aries: Everyone likes to think I cared so much about being undefeated. That just came with the territory of being the best in the business. Christian Cage, I don’t care that you blemished my spotless record. What I care about is the fact that you’re carrying around the briefcase containing what should have been MY World Title shot. Since I came to LSW, I’ve held this moniker of being “the future” of wrestling as we know it. Well last night, I was ready to break the glass ceiling and prove that I’m NOT the future, I’m the present…I’m the now. In Victoria, there’s going to be hell to pay the minute I see you.

                          The camera goes back to Borasch.

                          JB: Strong words from a very angry Austin Aries. We tried getting in contact with Christian Cage, but he refused to go on camera. We did get this response from him though:

                          Originally posted by Christian Cage
                          I do everything I said I was going to do. Austin Aries can bitch and moan all he wants, the fact of the matter is, Christian Cage is the new Money in the Bank. And whenever I feel like it, you’ll be hearing the phrase “Christian Cage is the new World Heavyweight Champion.” And if you don’t know…now you know.
                          JB: We’ve received word from LSW officials these two men will meet in the ring at the first Showdown, but it won’t be a one on one match. Instead, both Christian Cage and Austin Aries, along with Edge and Mr. Kennedy, will be involved in a four-man elimination match to determine the number one contender to face Chris Jericho, if he’s still LSW World Champion, at the first Pay-Per-View, Omega Dawn.

                          Normally, these bookings would come from LSW owner Shawn Michaels, but as we all know by now, Michaels was viciously attacked at the end of “Battle at the Alamo”, and all evidence points to one young man; Cody Rhodes, son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes. Apparently the acting commissioner, who I’m sorry to say, I do not know the identity of, has invited Cody Rhodes to speak his case at the first Showdown. What will the young Rhodes have to say? And just who is the acting commissioner? Questions upon questions as LSW Season II: Genesis kicks into high gear.

                          Well fans, as we end the very first edition of the LSW Newswire, I leave you with several quick clips of what the wrestlers of Lonestar Wrestling have to say heading into Act 1, Scene 1: Showdown. I’ll see you in 2 weeks.

                          A quick montage of clips is show, cutting quickly between the wrestlers.

                          Homicide and Low Ki are standing in the back wearing street clothes.

                          Ki: Hey punk, just so you know, me and Cide here came just for you. And I’m gonna shove size 12 Timberwolf right up your ass, bitch.

                          The camera cuts to Randy Orton, sitting staring at the ground.

                          Orton: I may have come up short tonight, but don’t forget…I am the Legend Killer. And I’ve found my legend.

                          The camera cuts to the Murder City Machine Guns.

                          Sabin: While everyone else sat around during the off-season, the Murder City Machine Guns toured the world, capture the gold, and…

                          Shelley: Don’t rhyme.

                          Sabin: Right. Whatever the case may be, whatever city we end up in, we’re the best tag team in the world.

                          Shelley: We’re going to do what we do best; take on all-comers. Because we’re the Murder…City…Machine Guns.

                          The camera cuts to Johnny Jeter, who’s admiring his title.

                          Jeter: This baby right here…it’s all that matters. Money in the Bank? Why would I need money, I already hold the gold.

                          The camera cuts to Edge.

                          Edge: This was the prelude…the beginning. I may not have won the Money in the Bank for a third time, but I’m still going to rise to the top. I came here with one goal…the LSW World Heavyweight Championship. And I will get it. Whether it’s Jericho, Samoa Joe, Christian Cage or El Dandy that holds it, I will face them and I will beat them. The Rated R Superstar never breaks a promise.

                          Edge smiles as the camera fades away.

                          [π: WWPID?] ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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                            Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

                            "Randy Orton: I may have come up short tonight, but don’t forget…I am the Legend Killer. And I’ve found my legend."

                            Michaels, maybe? Mmmmm....KJ....your so evil leaving all these hints and red herrings, ya know that?
                            Originally posted by African Mike
                            I love it when Greg gets angry, it's like watching a Furbie going ape shit at some stupid kid


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                              Re: LSW Season II: Genesis


                              After the tumultuous beginnings of Season II at “Battle at the Alamo” this past weekend, the first Showdown emanates from Victoria, TX.

                              Lonestar Wrestling: Showdown
                              Act 1: Scene 1-Beginnings
                              (card subject to change)

                              World Title Rematch
                              Chris Jericho vs. Samoa Joe

                              4-Man Ranking: World
                              Mr. Kennedy vs. Austin Aries vs. Christian Cage vs. Edge

                              The Naturals vs. LAX

                              Carlito vs. Matt Striker

                              Randy Orton vs. Matt Sydel

                              MVP vs. AJ Styles

                              Plus, appearances by; Fusion Division Champion Johnny Jeter, the LSW World Tag Team Champions the Murder City Machine Guns and a special announcement by the Iron Division Champion William Regal.

                              The next night, LSW hits Corpus Christi with a gauntlet match in the main event for a shot at Johnny Jeter’s LSW Fusion Division Championship at the first Pay-Per-View, Omega Dawn.

                              Lonestar Wrestling: Showdown
                              Act 1: Scene 2-Shadows
                              (card subject to change)

                              Fusion Division Number One Contenders Gauntlet
                              Winner faces Johnny Jeter (if still champion) at LSW Omega Dawn
                              Paul London vs. AJ Styles vs. Carlito vs. Bryan Kendrick vs. Matt Striker

                              LSW World Tag Team Championship
                              The Naturals vs. The Murder City Machine Guns ©

                              Bryan Danielson vs. Edge

                              Fusion Division Championship
                              MVP vs. Johnny Jeter ©

                              Mr. Kennedy vs. A Mystery Opponent

                              Plus, appearances by; Chris Jericho, Samoa Joe, LAX, Austin Aries and Christian Cage.

                              [π: WWPID?] ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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                                Re: LSW Season II: Genesis

                                Originally posted by Cacophony Society
                                You’re the first to hear the word, to possibly learn the truth behind the disarray. It is your responsibility to share The Word to those whose deaf ears bleed from the silence.

                                This is the story of one man who thought he was better than everyone else. His sick, twisted delusions of grandeur…and why? Because he’s young? Because the world hasn’t spit him out across the masses? He waited and waited, and this irreplaceable truth finally came to fruition.

                                He failed. It was unavoidable, everyone falls from grace. And when he did, he looked up and me and realized he was not his “six-pack”, he was not his championship aspirations.

                                This was a man who reached rock bottom; who reached his home.

                                These words are true; these words have yet to pass, yet these words are the past.

                                Spread The Word.
                                Follower of Christ.