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-There will be no flaming (insulting), spamming (making stupid, inane posts) and flame-baiting (luring someone into flaming you).

-You can't use deceased wrestlers. The only exception to this rule is if you're doing a federation that takes place in the 80s or something similar.

-Keep everything regarding your federation in one thread.

-There are three places where you can advertise a federation: in the thread of that federation, in your signature and in the Fed Thread. Nowhere else, if we find any advertising elsewhere, you will receive a warning for SPAM.

-Don't expect to get reviews from other people if you don't give reviews yourself. If you don't want any feedback to your shows, fine.

-Don't give feedback in the middle of a show. Posting in the middle of a show will result in deletion of your post and a warning for spam.

-You are not expected to leave a full on review of the show (though you can if you like). All you are required to do is to write a few comments with some substance behind them. This in no way shape or form means you can post one line reviews, they will be deleted and warned. So don’t post something like "Wow, great show! 9/10!".

-Even though it is creative writing, due to board rules we cannot allow racial and/or homophobic slurs/insults/etc. in your feds. This type of language will be warned immediately. And please note - racism is an automatic ban.

-Don't get mad when someone rips your show to pieces. Use the criticism in a positive way and use it to increase the quality of your federation. When someone insults you instead of giving good feedback, report that post to the Moderators.

-Don't bump your thread to the top if you've written nothing new in days. It just pushes other threads that are active down.

-If you're going to write a federation, put some effort in it. Stuff with horrendous grammar and spelling and no punctuation will be deleted. So will posts that only have ten or so sentences. They are regarded as spam. If you don't put effort into writing, don't even bother.

-If you're tired of your current federation and want to start a new one or return to an older federation, your current one must have at least four regular shows and a Pay-Per-View. This is done to prevent threads that have one or two posts in it. If you don't follow this rule, you'll be forbidden to start a new federation or return to an old federation for two weeks. If you make a fed within two weeks of the first one closing or return to an old fed, will we lock your thread, and it will not be opened for ANOTHER two weeks. For example, if you leave your thread on the 1st of the month and then make another one on the 10th, we will lock your new thread until the 24th. Two weeks from the opening of your new thread, remember that folks! For those whos fed follow the 'DVD Format' your fed must have contained at least four chapters in order to bypass the two week rule.

- Posters are now allowed a second fed, providing they have proven their commitment to their first fed. Permission to start a second fed will be granted from the moderating team. We will not consider anyone whose fed has not lasted at least two pay-per-views, however, this does not guarantee we will say yes.

- Two feds at a time Max.

- If you have two running at the same time, both must be updated a minimum of every 30 days. If this is not maintained without valid reason, one will be closed (poster's choice as to which is closed).

- If you abandon a fed/fed gets closed/etc., then you must wait until gaining permission again to start another second fed.

-You can also have one additional non-Fed related story in addition to your federation. This non-Fed has a two week rule, meaning you wait two weeks from the last post to post a new one.

-You do not need to contact WMS or RT to close a thread for you if you're moving on to a new project. Just let it drop to the bottom. We will also no longer be cleaning old threads for you -- start a new thread. Also, we do NOT delete threads. We keep them around for historical value.

-Spotlight of the Month: this is currently decided by the Power 10 Rankings. The winner is given the dubious honor of being the Spotlight of the Month. That Fed will be stickied for the entire month with the added extension “Spotlight of the Month” added to the end of their Fed Title.

-No more "I'll be starting a fed soon" or "more to come soon". Start your fed with substance or it will be deleted. And then you’ll have to wait two weeks to start another one.

-Plagiarizing is a serious offence and anyone caught doing so will be banned without warning.

-Multi-Participation Threads are banned for the time being, they descend into chaos too quick and quite frankly too much time is spent modding them.

-DO NOT post reviews of reviews, arguing with every person who reviews you. If you would like, after a substantial period of time, to reply to all reviews together, fine. Mindless bumps will not be accepted.

-Please note that all your shows and PPVs must take place in your thread not on a website elsewhere. Everybody else can write it here, so can you.

- The 20 Questions thread is a Question and Answer interview-like thread for the members of Fan Fiction. The “next” person to participate in the thread is chosen by the current person being interviewed. Please do not post asking to be next. The person before you makes that decision.

- Please do not post "get on AIM/MSN/Yahoo." If you want them to do so, send them a Private Message or Rep asking so. There is no need to waste a post doing so.

- General Discussion is banned from Fan Fiction. It was great while it lasted, but it was abused too many times.


Finally, a harsh reality for people: WMS and RT are the last word on a subject in FF. If we ask you, or tell you, to do something, it isn't a debate. At least not on the forum. If you have a problem, IM or PM one of us, and we will gladly sort it out.

Thank you.
The Fan Fiction Moderating Team,
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    *Goin' Old School*

    Red fire works blast out the Titantron! Booker T walks out wearing a suit and a mic. in his right hand. Booker T walks down the ramps, up the steel stairs, and enters the ring.

    Cole: Why is Booker T out here tonight? He isn’t scheduled for a match.

    Bischoff: You don’t have to have a match to be aloud to get in the ring. He’s a 6 time World Heavyweight Champion. I’d rather see him taking on Christian than Rob Van Dam.

    Cole: Now hold on, Rob Van Dam has earned his way into the main event tonight. I feel -

    Booker T: Hey. Hey Cole.

    Cole looks at Booker.

    Cole: What?

    Booker: Shut up! ... I’ve got something to say... Tonight, is a night when Legends are made. Tonight, is when the best superstars of Smackdown Wrestling compete to see who’s the better man. Tonight, is when fans across the world watch professional wrestlers do what they do best. So what I’m here to ask is “Why isn’t the 6 time World Champion having a match tonight”? I’ve been bustin’ my ass night after night, trying to entertain fans, and I don’t even get put on the card? That’s bull! I ain’t gonna’ be played like a sucka’ anymore! For now on, it’s not about who’s the best man. It’s about who’s willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top! So everybody better -



    Cole: What just happened?


    All lights go off and a few blue lights flash on the Titantron and Entrance ramp. Sting comes out wearing his usually in ring outfit and make up. Sting slowly walks down into the ring.

    Cole: What’s Sting doing, coming out here now?!

    Bischoff: Booker’s holding up his match, he’s probably pissed or something.

    Sting grabs a mic.

    Sting: For the past weeks I haven’t said anything, because there was nothing to complain about. But you coming out here, and saying that the only way to get up in the world of wrestling is to cheat your way to the top. IT makes me sick. You, just like Edge, blame others for your own damn mistakes.

    Booker: Now hold on -

    Sting: No! You hold on! You’re not wrestling tonight, because you’ve lost it. The passion of being in the ring. You need it back. And I can help you.

    Booker: You?

    Sting: Yes, me.

    Booker: You?! You’ve lost almost every match since I’ve been here! You aren’t worth a damn to me! If it wasn’t for Edge thinking that you’re the problem, you wouldn’t even be here today! I’m still in my prime while you should have retired a four years back! Face the facts that no one cares about you anymore sucka’! But I still have a chance! Don’t you get it? I should be wrestling tonight! I should be-

    Sting toe kicks Booker! He then lifts Booker up and Powerbombs him onto the mat!

    Cole: Thank you! Thank you! Finally someone shut him up!

    Bischoff: What the hell is your problem? Booker was just giving out his opinion and Sting assaulted him.

    Cole: Booker got what he deserved.

    Bischoff: Oh, you know that if it was the other way around you’d be saying “what the hell”.

    *Rated R Era*

    Smoke comes from around the entrance door and Edge runs out. He wears black long tights that have a bolded R on them, and black boots. Edge stops at the entrance ramp and then raises his arms above his head. Gold, Green, and White fireworks blast high from the titantron. Edge then runs and slides into the ring.

    As Edge is in the ring, two refs. walk Booker out of the arena.

    Cole: Edge has blamed Sting for his failure ever since their defeat in the semifinals during the tournament for the World Heavyweight Title.

    Bishoff: After what Sting just did to Booker, he'll get what he deserves tonight. And that's a humiliating loss.

    Edge vs. Sting

    Edge paces around his corner as Sting just stays still, watching over him. Edge then charges at Sting and is pushes back! Edge charges again and again Sting overpowers Edge, tossing him away. Edge stops the attack and paces around thinking. Sting walks towards and Edge looks nervous as he stays, standing face to face with Sting. Sting throw a quick right hand and a jab with the left! Edge isn’t able to react fast enough and gets beat into a corner. Sting then starts kicking at Edge’s gut and forces Edge down onto the mat. Edge grabs onto the ropes and tries to pull himself out the ring, but Sting holds onto Edges right leg and pulls him towards the center of the ring. Edge tries moving around to escape, but Sting is able to put him in the Boston Crab! Edge is screaming in pain as he stretches his arm out to reach the ropes! Edge slowly crawls to the ropes as Sting keeps the hold in a lock! Edge reaches and soon grabs a hold of the bottom rope! The ref. yells at Sting to let go and he does. Edge then rolls out of the ring and has his back to the ring. He starts bending down to catch his breath. As Edge leans back up, Sting charges from the other side of the ring and baseball slides into Edge, kicking him into the protective barricade! Sting slides out the ring and grabs a hold of Edge who is kneeling on the ground. Sting then irish whips him Edge into the steel steps! Edge is down on the ground as Sting rolls into the ring and back out to break the out count. Sting walks over to Edge and pulls him up. As he does though, Edge eye rakes him and then irish whips him into the steel post! Edge crawls behind Sting and stumbles upwards. As Sting pushes himself away from the steel post, holding onto his left arm, Edge grabs a hold of him and toe kicks him. Edge follows up with a DDT onto the ground! Edge slowly gets up after a second and rolls himself into the ring. Sting is still down as the ref. yells out the out count. 6 ... Sting slowly gets up ... 8 ... Sting grabs onto the ropes and pulls himself up ... 9 ... Sting pulls himself into the ring! Edge runs up to him and pulls him halfway up, kneeing him in the face and elbowing him in the back of the head! Edge then pulls him near the center of the ring, then throws him into one of the turn buckles! Edge charges right after him and drop kicks at Stings left arm! Sting falls to the ground as Edge gets up. Edge then starts to furiously kick at Stings arm as the ref. yells at him to get away. The ref. has to grab Edge and pull him away and tries to check on Sting. Sting slowly gets up as Edge pushes the ref. away and pulls Sting to the middle of the ring by his hair.

    Edge knees Sting in the gut and then vertical suplexes Sting onto the mat! Edge goes for a cover. 1 ... 2 ... Sting kicks out. Edge yells at the ref. that it was a three as he gets up. Before Sting is able to try to get up, Edge stomps on his left arm! Sting holds his left arm as he stays down in pain. Edge walks over to a near corner and climbs to the top. Sting slowly gets up to his feet. As he turns around Edge jumps off the top rope and drop kicks him! Sting is forced back down! Edge quickly rolls around for a cover! 1 ... 2 ... Sting kicks out! Edge pulls his hair after the ref. tells him that it was only a two. Edge walks over to the other side of the ring and squats down near a corner, waiting for Sting to get up. Edge starts yelling for Sting to get up. Sting slowly gets up as Edge is ready to get the match over with. Sting slowly turns around and Edge charges for a Spear! As Edge runs over, Sting is able to counter with a clothesline! Both men get up and Sting again clotheslines Edge! As Edge gets up, Sting moves his left around around to stretch it out. Sting grabs Edge by the hair and lifts Edge upside down. Sting then Belly to Belly shoulderbreaks Edge! Edge drops on the ground as Sting goes for a cover. 1 ... 2 ... Edge kicks out. Sting gets up and jumps up for a leg drop onto Edge and connects! Sting goes for a cover again. 1 ... 2 ... Edge kicks out again! Sting gets up and pulls Edge with him. Sting then irish whips Edge to the ropes, as Edge bounces back, Sting charges for a clothesline! But Edge ducks and keeps running to bounce off the other side of the ropes! Edge charges at Sting, only to be elbowed in the jaw! Edge falls to the ground, holding onto his face as Sting turns around. Sting then grabs a hold of Edge and lifts him up for a powerbomb! As Sting gets Edge up, Edge flips over him and rolls Sting up for a pin! 1 ... 2 - Sting kicks out! As both men get up, Edge tries to shoulder thrust Sting to a corner rope! But Sting pushes Edge away and counters with a charging one-handed bulldog!

    Edge is down as Sting rolls him over for a pin. 1 ... 2 ... Edge lifts his shoulder! Sting gets up as the ref. checks on Edge. Edge crawls to the ropes as Sting walks up to him. The ref. is still checking on Edge as Sting grabs Edge by the hair. Edge elbows Sting in the gut as he gets up and irish whips Sting into the corner, having Sting bump into the ref! The ref. is forced into the corner rope with Sting as Edge then charges for a spear! Sting moves out of the way, but the ref. isn’t as lucky and is speared into the turn buckles! Edge rolls away as the ref. drops to the ground. Sting walks over to Edge to grab him, but Edge low blows him! Edge then grabs a hold of Sting and drops him with the Edgecution! Edge rolls out the ring and heads to the announce table and grabs two steel chairs! Edge slides both chairs into the ring as Sting slowly tries to get up. Edge picks one chair up as Sting turns around. Edge holds the chair up, but before he gets a chance to swing it he is kicked down by a big boot from Sting! Edge drops the chair and falls to the mat! Sting walks towards Edge and grabs Edge by the hair to pull him up. But Edge gets the other chair and swings it back to hit Sting in the head! Sting falls backwards as Edge gets up. Edge lifts the chair up and whacks it onto Stings back! Edge walks over to Stings head and places one of the chairs under Stings face. Edge then walks over to grab the other chair and walks back over Sting. Edge lifts the steel chair over his head. Sting is able to quickly get up and punch Edge’s gut! Edge drop the chair behind his head. Sting then irish whips Edge to the ropes. As Edge bounces back, Sting spine busters him to the mat! Sting gets up and kicks both chairs out of the ring as the ref. begins to slowly get up. Edge rolls up as Sting toe kicks him and lifts him up. Sting then powerbombs Edge onto the mat! Sting goes for a cover! But the ref. is still dazed to make the count yet. Sting looks over to see the ref. having his back to them. Sting is quickly pulled away from Edge and out the ring by ... Booker T! Booker T starts laying out hard closed fists to Sting as Sting tries to fight Booker away! Sting manages to punch Booker down and rolls back into the ring. As Sting rolls up, Edge spears Sting! Edge lays over Sting as the ref. crawls to the two. 1 ...... 2 ...... 3!

    Winner: Edge
    Bischoff: Edge wins!

    Cole: Edge won by cheating in every way possible! He used chairs, low blows, and distractions. Sting was screwed!

    Bischoff: Edge just did what had to be done. If you can't handle it then don't get involved.

    Edge rolls out the ring as Booker helps him down the entrance ramp.
    Candice Larae, Bea Priestley, Nixon Newell, and Tessa Blanchard tribute
    Finn Balor is the future of the WWE
    Siera, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta - Forever
    Cena fan for LIFE
    Did you know, without lifts, Ambrose is taller than Reigns by an inch?

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      Camera moving around the US Title

      Narrator: In two weeks the it’s fate will be decided. In two weeks, many will try, but only one will hold it. In two weeks, be prepared for a show that will leave you breathless.

      *Fade Out*

      JBL walks out in his suit.

      Cole: Well now JBL is coming out to join us in what has been an incredible show.

      Bischoff: No thinking twice about it Cole. We’ve seen some great matches already tonight and the best are still to come!

      Cole: I don’t if there’s anything that can top the last two matches.

      Bischoff: Are you kidding? We still have the street fight and the World Heavyweight Championship match left. Kennedy and Lesnar can’t stand in the same room with each other without wanting to beat the other to death.

      Cole: You may be right, but right now we’re going to take you, the viewers backstage, where Torrie Wilson is going to talk to the new Tag Team Champions of Smackdown.

      *Room with a big Smackdown sign on the wall*

      Torrie is standing next to Kendrick and London who are holding their new tag team titles.

      Torrie: I’m here right now with the new tag team champions: London & Kendrick. Guys, how do you feel about being Smackdown Wrestling’s first ever tag team champions?

      Kendrick: We feel great Torrie! We got gold around our waists and the night is still young!

      London: Torrie, tonight have just made history. No matter who becomes champions after us, you still can’t ignore the fact that we were the first ever Tag Team Champions in Smackdown Wrestling.

      Torrie: But now that you’re the tag champions, aren’t you wondering who will challenge you first and try to take the titles away?

      Kendrick: Well right now all we can think of is that we’re going to party for the rest of the night and bathe in the glory of being champions.

      *Camera switches to the annoncers table*

      Cole: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for joining us so far in what is history in the making. I’m Michael Cole, along side with Eric Bischoff and John Bradshaw Layfield.

      JBL: It’s great to have the best seats in the arena and get ready, because right now it’s Kennedy versus Lesnar! Two men with huge egos ready to beat the crap out of the other in a Street Fight!

      Bischoff: Lesnar is a powerhouse, but Kennedy will do anything he can to win a match. I can’t think of the last time I’ve seen a rivalry this intense.

      Cole: It’s no secret that Kennedy and Lesnar don’t get along. And it all started at Smackdown’s debut.


      -The Begining-

      Torrie: I’m here right now with Ken Anderson.

      *Camera showing Kennedy*

      Torrie: Who do you have in mind facing against?

      Kennedy: Well, like I just said Torrie, I haven’t chosen yet. But every wrestler better start watching their back or else -

      Lesnar walks in and smiles at Kennedy

      Lesnar: Who better watch who’s back? - I don’t even know why people are waisting time with you.

      Kennedy: - Lesnar! You better watch your back!

      -Later that Night-

      Bischoff: Lesnar has everything to be World Champion. And right now all he has to do is go by Sting.

      Sting charges at Lesnar and DDT’s him! As Sting is down, Kennedy runs down the entrance ramp with a steel chair in hand!

      JBL: What the hell?!

      Kennedy slides into the ring and whacks Lesnar in the back of the head with a steel chair!

      Bischoff: Anderson just screwed Lesnar!

      Sting covers Lesnar! 1 - 2 - 3!

      Kennedy is back in the ring, yelling at Lesnar! Kennedy then Piledrives Lesnar, skull first, onto the steel chair!

      JBL: Oh my God!

      -The Next Night-

      Lesnar runs at Kennedy in the parking lot and both men start fighting! It takes wrestlers and security to pull the two men away!

      *In the Ring*

      Lesnar and Kennedy begin to brawl as security comes out to stop them.

      -Last Week-

      JBL, Lesnar, and Kennedy are in the same ring

      JBL: The three of us have to talk. - At Superbrawl ... It’s going to be Ken Kennedy versus Brock Lesnar ... In a Street Fight Match!

      Behind Blue Eyes, by Limp Bizkit

      Kennedy and Lesnar begin the brawl as the security tries to break them up!

      No one knows what it's like
      To be the bad man

      Kennedy whacks a steel chair through Lesnars head, as Lesnar is handcuffed.

      To be the sad man
      Behind blue eyes

      Lesnar F5’s Kennedy, legs first, into a steel post!

      And no one knows
      What it's like to be hated
      To be fated to telling only lies

      Inside the steel cage, Kennedy started punching Lesnar in the ribs and then low blowed Lesnar as both men are on the top rope! Kennedy followed by hoisting Lesnar up as Kennedy then power slammed Lesnar off the top rope and onto the mat! Lesnar landed hard onto his back, with Kennedy following, landing on his side!

      But my dreams they aren't as empty
      As my conscience seems to be

      As Kennedy climbs, Lesnar begins to get up. Kennedy is half way on the top, as Lesnar runs over and jumps onto the top rope! Lesnar wraps his arms around Kennedy's waist and then German Suplexs him off the cage!

      I have hours, only lonely
      My love is vengeance
      That's never free

      Kennedy and Lesnar are both on the top of the cell! Kennedy punches Lesnar! Lesnar punches back! Kennedy then eye pokes Lesnar! Kennedy then leans forward and grabs a hold of Lesnar! Kennedy twists both them around and positions for a neck breaker as both men are half on the cage and half hanging off it. Kennedy is on the outside of the cage, while Lesnar is on the inside. Kennedy slips of the cage as does Lesnar! Kennedy lands onto his feet but drops back after the fall onto the ground! Lesnar lands on his side onto the mat!

      *Fade Black*
      *Feel The Pain*

      Red fireworks go off upward on the Titantron! Lesnar comes out wearing black short tights and black boots. Lesnar walks down to the ring. He taunts the audience as he gets in the ring.

      Cole: For the past weeks, Lesnar and Kennedy have been going back and forth on this ongoing rivalry. Every week, they’d find a new way to screw the other.

      Bischoff: Some people watch wrestling for the matches, some watch for for their favorite wrestler. But I think that Smackdown is becoming to most watched wrestling program in the US and soon to be the World because of these two guys and the hate they show toward the other.

      JBL: Their is no question that this feud will go down in history as one of the best. In a match based on stats, it seems like a no-brainer. But the way Kennedy keeps coming back for more and pulls new tricks each week in order to get the upper hand just amazes me.

      Cole: These men have already gone through hell together. They had a No DQ match, a Steel Cage match, and now they will face up in a Street Fight match.

      *Nice Guys Finish Last*

      Ken Kennedy walks out wearing black short tights and black boots. Kennedy has the TV Championship around his waist and brass knuckles in one hand. He walks down the entrance ramp and rolls into the ring.

      Cole: Kennedy in my mind, is the future of this business. He is one of the guys that will guide us into the next era of wrestling.

      JBL: Kennedy was born to wear gold. He is already Smackdowns first TV Champion. It’s only a matter of time when he’ll win the World Heavyweight Championship.

      Bischoff: If there’s one thing that Kennedy has coming into this match, it’s guts. I can’t remember the last time someone had the balls to want to go face to face with Brock Lesnar. This match will go down in Smackdown Wrestling history. Here we go!

      Kennedy charges at Lesnar for a hard punch! But Lesnar ducks the punch and pivots behind Kennedy. Lesnar goes for a German suplex, but Kennedy elbows Lesnar in the face! Kennedy turns around and is kneed in the gut! Lesnar Belly to Belly suplexes Kennedy! Kennedy stays down, but quickly gets up at the same time that Lesnar does. Kennedy takes the brass knuckles off and throws them at Lesnars face! The knuckles hit Lesnar as Kennedy low drop kicks Lesnar in the right knee! Lesnar drops to one knee as Kennedy rolls up and drop kicks him in the face! Lesnar falls to the mat! Kennedy paces over to Lesnar and starts stomping on Lesnars head! Lesnar stumbles upwards while trying to block the kicks. Kennedy grabs Lesnars head and starts to knee him in the face! Lesnar is able to get a hold of Kennedy’s knee and then head. Lesnar then lifts Kennedy over his shoulders and attempts an F5! Kennedy starts elbowing Lesnar in the face and is able to slip out of the F5! Kennedy tries to hit Lesnar with another round of punches, but Lesnar ducks the punches and shoulder thrusts Kennedy into a corner! Lesnar continuously shoulder thrusts Kennedy into the turn buckles! Lesnar soon backs off and then charges, body splashing into Kennedy! Kennedy falls to the mat as Lesnar gabs him by the tights and pulls him up, only to throw him out of the ring! Kennedy falls out and hits the protective barricade! Lesnar walks around the ring as Kennedy takes a while to get up. As Kennedy gets up and turns his way towards the ring, Lesnar charges over and suicide leaps through the ropes and into Kennedy! Both men are down after the heavy collision. Kennedy starts crawling to the announcers table and Lesnar crawls to the side of the ring. Kennedy fully gets up and stumbles over to the Spanish announcers table and grabs a steel chair. As Lesnar pulls himself up, Kennedy rushes over to him and whacks the chair into his back! Kennedy quickly pushes Lesnar into the ring before giving him time to react. Kennedy then gets in the ring with the chair and follows Lesnar. Kennedy walks over to Lesnar, beginning to get up, and whacks Lesnar in the back! Kennedy then continuously smashes the steel chair into Lesnar, not stopping for breathe. Lesnar lays on the mat as Kennedy places the chair over Lesnars head. Kennedy then runs to the opposite side of the ring, bounces off the ropes to run back, and elbow drops onto the steel chair on the back of Lesnars head! Kennedy slid the chair to the side and went for a cover. 1 ... 2 ... Kennedy lifted Lesnars arm up. Kennedy smiles as he pulls Lesnar to the middle of the ring and lays Lesnars arm over the steel chair. Kennedy then does a hard stomp onto Lesnars left arm, colliding it with the chair! Lesnar rolls over with his head to the mat, holding his arm and trying to hold back the pain. Kennedy leans over to grab the steel chair as Lesnar gets up to his knees. Kennedy throws the chair into Lesnar face first! As Lesnar drops, arms keeping him up, Kennedy charges for a boot to the face! But Lesnar gets up and counters Kennedy with the side walk slam! Lesnar rolls near the end of the ring and pulls himself up with his right arm. Kennedy gets himself up and charges at Lesnar! Lesnar ducks and elbows Kennedy in the ribs! Lesnar then picks Kennedy up and drops him face first onto a top turnbuckle! As Kennedy turns around, he is elbowed in the jar! Lesnar then grabs onto Kennedy arm and irish whips Kennedy to the other side! But Kennedy holds onto Lesnars arm, pulls Lesnar to him, and Samoan Drops Lesnar! Kennedy is laying on top of Lesnar and the ref. goes for a count! 1 ... 2 ... Lesnar lifts his right arm! Lesnar and Kennedy both get up. As they get up, Kennedy charges at Lesnar and clotheslines Lesnar out of the ring!

      Kennedy rolls out of the ring on a different side and searches under the ring. Lesnar pulls himself up to his elbows and knees, trying to stretch out his left arm. Kennedy the pulls out a ladder from under the ring! Kennedy lifts the ladder over his head and walks over to where Lesnar is. As Lesnar slowly gets up, Kennedy is near the corner of a steel post waiting. Lesnar is fully up and turns around. Kennedy charges at Lesnar and connects the top of the ladder with Lesnar’s skull! Lesnar falls down as Kennedy places the ladder up, facing the ring with space in-between. Kennedy then looks under the ring and pulls a table out! Kennedy places the table in-between the ring and the ladder as Lesnar tries to get up, but stumbles. Kennedy again gets under the ring and this time pulls a steel chair out. As Lesnar gets up, exposing a bleeding forehead, Kennedy whacks the steel chair into the back of Lesnars head! Lesnar drops and Kennedy throws the chair away. Kennedy then walks over and pulls Lesnar to the table. Kennedy slowly lifts Lesnar up and lays him flat onto the table and then walks over to the ladder. Kennedy goes to the other side of the ladder and begins to climb. As Kennedy is climbing near the top, Lesnar slowly rolls over. Kennedy finally reaches to the top. Lesnar leans down and pulls bottom legs of the ladder up, tipping the ladder over! Kennedy falls off and lands back first onto the entrance ramp! Kennedy screams in pain as Lesnar stumbles over after tipping the ladder over. The ladder is folded after it fell and Kennedy lays sideways, trying to rub his back. Lesnar wabbels up and tries to walk towards Kennedy. Lesnar trips over and crawls to Kennedy. Kennedy rolls over in pain. Lesnar manages to grab Kennedy by the boot and drags him to the ring. Kennedy leans forward and tries releasing Lesnar from him. Lesnar lets go off the boot and pulls Kennedy by the hair. Kennedy then low blows Lesnar! Kennedy adjusts himself under Lesnar and lifts him over his head! Kennedy then faces the ladder and runs over, Green Bay Plunging Lesnar onto the ladder back first! Lesnar yells out in pain and Kennedy tries holding his back after the slam. Kennedy pulls himself up by the protective barricade near the entrance ramp. Kennedy slowly walks to the ring as Lesnar keeps his head down, laying close to the ladder. Kennedy walks over to the steel chair near the table and grabs it. He then turns around and walks to Lesnar. Lesnar gets up to his knees as he has a good handle on the ladder. Kennedy lifts the chair over his head as he gets closer to Lesnar. Lesnar soon lunges up with the ladder in his hand, and charges it straight into Kennedy's gut! Kennedy drops the steel chair and stumbles back! Lesnar drops the ladder and grabs onto Kennedy. Lesnar then rushes near the ring and then throws Kennedy into a camera man! The Video Camera falls off after Kennedy collides with it and lays on the corner of the ring! Kennedy falls to the ground, as does the camera guy! Lesnar walks over to the ring with blood still covering his face. Lesnar then climbs onto the ring, in front of the table, and leans over to get inside. But Kennedy grabs a hold of Lesnars leg and pulls on it! Kennedy pulls himself up with use of Lesnars leg and the edge of the ring. As Kennedy gets up on the side of the ring, he exposes his busted open head! Lesnar tries pushing Kennedy off, but Kennedy, with help of the ropes, kicks Lesnar in the ribs. Kennedy then attempts a Green Bay Plunge off the side of the ring! But Lesnar knee’s Kennedy in the gut before Kennedy gets to pick him fully up! Lesnar then attempts an F5 on the side of the ring! But Kennedy elbows Lesnar in the jaw and slips down! Kennedy then gabs around Lesnar and pushes off the side of the ring in a weird looking side suplex! Kennedy and Lesnar fall off the ring and through the table!

      Both men lay on the ground in a destroyed table. The ref. rushes to both men and checks on them as the instant replay shows both men falling off the ring and into the table. The ref. looks like he doesn’t know what to do. Kennedy starts trying to roll over and the ref. walks over to check on him. Kennedy looks up and then gars onto the ref. and pulls him closer. Kennedy then pulls the refs. belt off of him! Kennedy leans back and be on his knees, as blood drips from his head. Kennedy then stretches his arm back in preparation to whip it at Lesnar. But Lesnar quickly pushes himself up and elbows Kennedy in the chin! Kennedy flops backwards as Lesnar leans down to grab the belt. Kennedy tries getting up, but has nothing to help him. Kennedy rolls around, trying to get up. But Lesnar gets up to his knees and then whips Kennedy on the back! Kennedy screams in pain as Lesnar continues the whipping! Kennedy tries to gets close to Lesnar to stop it, but Lesnar gets up to his feet and boots Kennedy in the chest! Kennedy is stuck down and into the steel steps! Lesnar stumbles a bit before he turns around to get the steel chair. Kennedy tries catching his breathe while Lesnar gets the steel chair and walks over near Kennedy. Kennedy is about to get up, but Lesnar throws the chair at him! Kennedy slides down as Lesnar walks over to pick the chair up again. Lesnar then pulls Kennedy up to sit down. Lesnar places the steel chair to lean on Kennedy chest. Lesnar backs up and then charges, stomping into the steel chair into Kennedy's chest! Kennedy drops down and starts to cough as we tries crawling away. Lesnar walks behind Kennedy and pushes the ring steps away. Lesnar then begins to whip Kennedy in the back again! Kennedy gets up to his knees after a whip, screaming out loud! Lesnar put his arms out and then wrapped the belt around the neck of Kennedy and pulls him to the corner steel post. Lesnar lets go of the choke for a quick second to put one arm around the steel post and then began pulling the belt again on Kennedy's neck! Lesnar was now pulling Kennedy by the neck into the steel post back first. The ref. tried getting Lesnar to let go and told him that he can’t end the match that way, only in the ring. Lesnar stopped and yelled at the ref. to piss off. When Lesnar went to pull again, Kennedy grabbed onto the belt and pulled forward! Lesnar was pulled, shoulder first into the steel post! Kennedy drops his knees after the pull and begins to crawl away. Lesnar is leaning on the steel post, holding onto his arm. Kennedy crawls near the protective barricade near them and pulls himself up from it. Kennedy then turns around to walk to Lesnar, but Lesnar charges and tackles Kennedy! Lesnar hit Kennedy with such force that he tackled Kennedy through the protective barricade!

      Kennedy looked knocked out as he laid on the broken barricade. Lesnar then rolls up and sits down, leaning on protective barricade that hasn’t been torn apart. Lesnar slowly begins to pull himself up as fans try to touch him. He walks over to Kennedy grabs him by the boot. Lesnar then begins to drag Kennedy to the ring. As Lesnar gets to the ring, he leans over to pick Kennedy up and rolls him into the ring. Lesnar follows and lays Kennedy down for a pin. 1 ... 2 ... Kennedy lifts his shoulder! Lesnar looks at the ref. in shock and goes for the cover again! 1 ... 2 ... Kennedy lifts his shoulder up! Lesnar gets up and drops back down with a shoulder drop on Kennedy's chest! Lesnar goes for a cover! 1 ... 2 ... Kennedy kicks out! Lesnar pushes the ref. after the kick out and yells at him to count faster. Kennedy stretches his arm out as Lesnar walks back. Lesnar leans over to lift Kennedy up, but Kennedy whirls his arm up and hits Lesnar dead center in the forehead with the brass knuckles! Lesnar falls down to the mat. Kennedy drops the knuckles and crawls over to cover Lesnar. Kennedy stops and holds onto his ribs as if somethings wrong. Kennedy puts his head on the mat for a few seconds and then continues to crawl over and lays his arm over Lesnar. 1 ... 2 ... Lesnar kicks out! Kennedy stays lying down over Lesnar. Kennedy soon rolls over and crawls to the nearest corner rope. As he gets there, he lifts himself up to his knees and crawls to the top rope. Kennedy slowly pulls himself over the middle rope and climbs to the top. Kennedy holds onto his ribs again and the ref. walks over to him. Kennedy pushes the ref. away and stand up fully on the top rope. Kennedy then faces Lesnar and jumps off for the Kenton Bomb! As Kennedy in flying down, Lesnar rolls over to avoid contact! Kennedy lands flat on the mat back first! Kennedy just lays down as Lesnar rolls out of the ring. He leans onto the side for a bit, holding onto his head before walking over to the announcers tables. Lesnar grabs the TV Title away from the officials and walks back to the ring. Kennedy slowly rolls over and gets up to his knees as Lesnar, with the belt, stands behind him, waiting to attack. As Kennedy gets up and turns around, Lesnar charges with the belt! Kennedy ducks the attack and flips Lesnar onto his back! Kennedy goes for the Texas Cloverleaf! Lesnar reverses and rolls Kennedy up for a pin! 1 ... 2 ... Kennedy kicks out! Both men try to get up with haste! Kennedy punches Lesnar in the skull! Lesnar knees Kennedy in the gut! Lesnar then lifts Kennedy for an F5! As Lesnar spins Kennedy, Kennedy reverses the F5 into a spinning DDT! Both men crash down as Lesnar holds onto his thigh after the fall. Kennedy leans over to cover Lesnar. 1 ... 2 ... Lesnar rolls on top of Kennedy and wraps his arms around him! Lesnar has Kennedy in the bear hug! Lesnar slowly gets up, bringing Kennedy with him! Kennedy yells in pain and slowly stops struggling. Lesnar keeps a good grip on Kennedy. Kennedy starts looking like he’s dozing off. Kennedy lifts his arm up and grabs Lesnar head. Kennedy then pulls it forward and headbutts Lesnar! Lesnar doesn’t let go, so Kennedy goes for another! Lesnar trips before Kennedy goes for a third. Lesnar has Kennedy still in the grip as both men are on their knees. Lesnar pushes Kennedy away into a corner. Kennedy gets up and has the video camera in his hands. As Lesnar leaps up and charges at Kennedy, Kennedy sprints forward with the camera and smashes it into Lesnar face first! Both men fall down with Kennedy over Lesnar! Both men are down from exhaustion with Kennedy covering Lesnar! 1 ... 2 ... 3!

      Winner: Ken Kennedy
      JBL: Kennedy won! Kennedy won!

      Cole: Mr. Kennedy retains the TV Title!

      The ref. holds Kennedy's arm up as both Kennedy and Lesnar look knocked out.

      Bischoff: Have you ever seen anything more gruesome?! These guys gave it their all and Kennedy was the one who came up on top!

      Kennedy rolls onto his back as the ref. talks to him.
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        Christian is leaning on a wall in the hallway

        Christian: Didn’t matter when they cheered me or booed me. I always had one dream in my mind.

        Christian reverses a clothesline into the Reversal Backstabber

        Christian: I had a goal, a dream, a passion.

        Christian drop kicks Edge out the ring.

        Christian: And tonight, wether I’m cheered or not. It doesn’t matter, because tonight is my night. Tonight I will become the World Heavyweight Champion.

        *Fade Black*

        ... Next Year ...
        ... You will experience the greatest felling of all ...
        ... Next Year ...
        ... SuperBrawl II will be held ...
        .. At Madison Square Garden ....

        *Fade Out / Fade In*

        Image of Christian on the left and Rob Van Dam on the right, with the World Heavyweight Championship in the middle.

        Alive, by P.O.D. plays in the backround
        Cole: Well, folks, we are just about at the end of the show. But right now, the main event, the match you have all been waiting for is about to begin.

        Bischoff: Two very talented athletes who truly deserve the World Title, but only one can win it.

        JBL: Now is the time to pull out all of the stops! The lights are on bright and there's no turning back! This is what people spend their wholes lives working for and now both men have a chance to get it, to grab it, to hold it for all it's worth!


        Rob Van Dam, Christian, Edge, and Sting are in the ring.

        JBL: Right now we are going to find out who will be headlining Superbrawl for the World Heavyweight Championship!

        Outside the ring, RVD kicks Edge in the ribs and jumps off the steel steps to back flip onto Edge!

        Sting tries to counter with his own clothesline but Christian ducks! Christian then stops behind Sting and grabs hold of Sting and Reverse Backbreakers him! Christian goes for the cover! 1 ... 2 ... 3!

        Cole: Christian and Rob Van Dam win! They are going to the main event at Superbrawl!

        Bischoff: This will be the greatest PPV of the year!

        Your Hand in Mine, by Explosions In the Sky

        Christian leans on a hallway staring at the other wall

        Christian slams Hardy down with a neckbreaker!

        RVD sits in an empty ring looking out to the arena.

        RVD slips from the chokelsam and rolls Kane up for a pin!

        Christian is able to slip out of the powerbomb and lands behind MVP. Christian then quickly Reverse Backbreaks MVP!

        RVD hits Benjamin with the Rolling Thunder!

        Christian puts MVP in the Boston Crab!

        As Booker came back and went for the Scissors kick, RVD countered, grabbing onto Bookers leg and rolled him up for the pin!

        Cole: It's Christian versus Rob Van Dam for the title at Superbrawl. I can't wait!

        Christian entering the arena after the fireworks go off

        Rob Van Dam on the middle rope with the thumbs up singaling: Rob-Van-Dam!

        Sting tries going for a sleeper hold, but Christian is able to counter with the fireman's carry!

        Edge charges for an elbow to RVD’s jaw, but Van Dam dodges the hit and turned it into a back suplex!

        Split screen of Rob Van Dam & Christian

        JBL: This is what's it's all about! Christian, Rob Van Dam! It's going to be awsome!
        *One of a Kind*

        RVD comes out with his normal ring gear in red and white. RVD starts interacting with the fans. And heads twords the ring. He then gets up on the middle turnbuckles and raises his arms with thumbs up. As everyone copys him: Rob--Van--Dam!

        Cole: And here we go! Rob Van Dam, ready to show that he's worth the World Title.

        Bischoff: Rob Van Dam will try his heart out to beat Christian tonight. No matter what happens in the end, both men will pull out all of the stops.


        Multiple White and Golden fireworks go off on the Titantron upwards! Christian walks out, wearing black long tights, and poses for a little while as he walks down the entrance ramp. Christian walks up the steel steps and poses again when he’s in the ring.

        Bischoff: Christian is prepared for this match and just like RVD, he won't go down without a fight.

        JBL: This is an opportunity that people fight for and live for. Two great wrestlers, but only one will win! This is going to be great!

        Christian and RVD run towards eachother! Christian goes for a charging clothesline! But RVD counters the attack with a spinning drop kick! Christian is knocked to the ground as RVD grabbed Christian back to his feet. RVD then hit a few elbows to the face, before irish whipping Christian to a corner rope. RVD charged after him, front flipping right before making contact! But Christian was able to catch RVD upside down! Christian quickly shoulderbreaks RVD! Christian drops RVD after the shoulderbreak and then stomps on RVD’s shoulder! RVD tries to escape from Christian, but Christian walks over to him and pulls RVD up. RVD quickly grabs a hold of Christian and one-handed Monkey Flips Christian onto the ring! RVD then rolls up and baseball slides into Christians shoulder! Christian stumbles upwards, holding onto his right shoulder. RVD, high kicks into Christians right shoulder! Christian yells out, as he drops to one knee and then pushes himself back up! Christian then left elbows RVD in the left shoulder! RVD stumbles back a little as he walks back and elbows Christian in the face! Christian punches right back! RVD then high kicks for Christians face! But Christian blocks the kick! Christian flips RVD backwards, but as RVD flips, he lifts his other leg forward to kick Christian in the chin! Both men fall to the mat, Christian looking knocked out as RVD tries to roll to his stomach. RVD rushes for a cover! 1 ... 2 ... Christian kicks out! RVD stretches his right arm to grab Christian by the head. RVD pulls himself up, along with Christian. But Christian pushes RVD’s arm away and one-arm jawbreakers RVD! RVD falls sideways onto the mat. Christian rolls over to RVD and puts him in a headlock.

        RVD struggles to try to get Christian off of him, but fails. RVD then tries to stretch his arm out for a rope. RVD slowly attempts to crawl to the bottom rope,l but Christian quickly pulls RVD back, near the center, when it looked as if RVD could grab a rope. RVD started wriggling around and was able to sit up, having Christian kneel behind him, headlock still intact. RVD was able to pull himself up, along with Christian, and then tried running to a side of the ring and Christian off. But Christian kept a good hold and slammed RVD back down, making sure RVD couldn’t escape! RVD once again tried pushing himself up to first a sitting position and then got fully up with Christian’s left arm around him. RVD then wrapped his right arm around Christian and back suplexed Christian onto the mat! RVD was forced to use his left arm to help, but non of that mattered, as Christian still had RVD in the headlock. Christian rolled over RVD to be on his side, while RVD was on his chest. RVD tried again to stretch for the bottom rope, but wasn’t close enough. RVD, a third time, sat up and pushed himself to his feet. This time, RVD pulled Christian up dropped him, back first, onto his knee! After the effect of the backbreaker, Christian let go and laid on his back. RVD quickly ran on the other side and went for a Rolling Thunder! But as RVD rolled, Christian got up and caught RVD when he flipped up! But RVD managed to counter, with another Monkey Flip! But Christian landed the flip and as RVD got up, Christian charged, tackling RVD! Sending RVD through the bottom ropes & out of the ring!

        RVD managed to hang onto the ropes, pulling himself up onto the edge of the ring. Christian walked over and grabbed RVD by the head and gave a hard punch. RVD grabbed Christian by the neck and pulled him forward, connecting their right shoulders! Christian falls to his knees as RVD leans between the ropes to get in. Christian got up and kneed RVD in the face! RVD was bent down between the ropes as Christian back up. Christian then charged at RVD and sunset flip powerbombed RVD off the ring apron and onto the floor! Christian stumbles to the steel steps after landing, as RVD lies on his back. The ref. leans outside to check on both men and then leans back in to start the out count. 1 ..... 2 ..... 3 ..... Christian pulls himself into the ring as RVD rolls onto his stomach ..... 5 ..... RVD grabs onto the ring apron to pull himself up ..... 7 ..... RVD reaches for the ropes as he gets up ..... 9 ..... RVD rolls into the ring. Christian walks over to the nearest top rope and climbs to the top as RVD slowly picks himself up. As RVD gets to his feet and turns to find Christian; Christian jumps off and flying drops kicks RVD! Both men drop to the mat, RVD laying on his back as Christian holds his right shoulder after landing on it. Christian crawls to RVD and covers him. 1 ... 2 ... RVD kicks out! Christian goes for a pin again. 1 ... RVD kicks out! Christian gets up and grabs RVD, but is kicked away! RVD rolls up and charges at Christian! Christian swings a clothesline but misses! RVD ducks the clothesline and spins around to release german suplex Christian! Christian lands next to the ropes and RVD quickly baseball slides Christian further back! Christian is now partly out of the ring, with most of his upper body off the edge. RVD gives a look and runs to the other side, bouncing off the ropes, running back and side flips over Christians body, faintly dropping on the top rope, leg dropping onto Christian! Christian falls off the ring as RVD rolls to his knees after the huge leg drop.

        RVD and Christian pull themselves up by the ring apron as the ref. is counting. As RVD climbs into the ring, Christian climbs to the top rope of a corner. RVD rolls into the ring and sees Christian climbing. RVD rushes over and kicks the tope rope, having Christian fall off his feet and land onto the turnbuckle. RVD leans to Christian and pushes him back for a chop to the chest! RVD begins to climb to the top rope and grabs a hold of Christian. RVD and Christian are fully up, standing on the top ropes. RVD looks as if he’s about to attempt a super suplex. But Christian lifts and throws RVD onto the mat, jumping off as well! RVD lands on his stomach and Christian flops backwards after the fall. Christian is able to slouch back up and rushes to cover RVD! 1 ... 2 ... RVD’s leg stretches to the bottom rope! Christian then pulls RVD further from the ropes and covers again! 1 ... 2 ... RVD kicks out! Christian yells at the ref. to count faster and they begin to argue. Christian soon pushes the ref. backwards, the ref. gets back and starts yelling at Christian. RVD crawls behind Christian and rolls him up for the pin! 1 ... 2 ... Christian kicks out! Christian and RVD get up! RVD starts laying out right elbows to Christians face! Christian tries to retaliate with a right handed punch, but RVD ducks. RVD then scoops Christian up and backbreakers him! RVD quickly pulls Christian closer to the corner rope and hits him with the Hollywood Star Press! RVD goes for the cover! 1 ... 2 ... Christian kicks out! RVD gets back up and moonsaults onto Christian and again pinning him! 1 ... 2 ... Christian kicks out! RVD looks at the ref. as he’s shocked that it was only a two. RVD gets up and leans over to pick Christian up. But Christian quickly grabs RVD by the arm and puts him in the Triangle Choke!

        Christian yells out for RVD to give up! RVD groans in agony as Christian wraps his legs tight. RVD tries stretching his free arm out to grab anything, but Christian doesn’t allow him to get anywhere near the ropes! RVD’s keeps his arm up, trying not to give up or be counted down! RVD keeps his hand up for a long while, trying to squirm his way out, but Christian is still able to keep the hold intact. RVD’s arms slowly drops to the mat. The ref. checks to see if RVD may be passed out. The ref. holds RVD’s arm up once and lets it go. The arm drops to the mat and the ref. does the same a second time and again it drops. The ref. holds the arm a third time as Christian smiles. The ref. drops the arm, but RVD lifts it back up before hitting the mat! RVD then tries stretching his legs out to push himself over Christian! RVD soon is above his knees and then flips over Christian, while still in the submission, for a pin! 1 ... 2 ... Christian kicks out, letting go of the hold! Both men are lying on the ground, panting. Christian rolls to the ropes, as RVD pushes himself up. Christian pulls himself up by the ropes and walks over to RVD. RVD plunges himself at Christian for a hard right hand! Both men stumble to the ropes. RVD irish whips Christian to the other side! Christian bounces off and as he runs back, he goes for a charging leg drop! But RVD counters by dodging, then grabbing onto Christian and slamming him down onto his knee for a backbreaker! Christian flops onto the mat as RVD rushes to the top rope! RVD then gets to the top rope of a corner and signals for the Five Star Frog Splash! RVD jumps off and connects! RVD goes for the cover! 1 ... 2 ... Christian’s leg reaches the bottom rope! RVD looks in shock as he tries to pull Christian more near the center of the ring and goes for another cover! 1 ... 2 ... Christian rolls over to put RVD in a pin! 1 ... 2 ... RVD reverses the Christians pin and flips on top of Christian for a pin! 1 ... 2 ... Christian lifts himself and RVD to their feet, both men leaning back! Christian then turns having both men's back to eachother. Christian goes for the Reverse Backstabber! But RVD flips backwards and DDT’s Christian onto the mat face first! Christian rolls onto this back as RVD stumbles to the top ropes again! RVD climbs, having his back to Christian. As RVD reaches the top rope, he keeps his back to Christian. RVD then jumps, performing a Moonsault Frog Splash! RVD connects and stays on top of Christian for the pin! 1 ... 2 ... 3!

        Winner: Rob Van Dam
        Cole: Rob Van Dam did it! Rob Van Dam did it!

        Bischoff: I don't believe it! He beat Christian!

        JBL: Rob Van Dam is the new World Heavyweight Champion!

        Fireworks go off from the ceiling as JBL gets up from the announce tabe and brings with him the World Heavweight Championship.

        Cole: And Now JBL is going to award RVD of his match with the World Championship.

        JBL walks into the ring with the title and gives it to RVD, who is kneeling with exhaustion. JBL gives RVD the title. RVD holds it close and pushes himself up to shake JBL's hand. RVD changes the shake into a hug and then goes to each corner holding the title high above his head. Confetti falls from the ceiling.

        Cole: It's been one hell of an experience. I've enjoyed it and I hope you all enjoyed with everyone here live at Superbrawl! Thank you and good night ladies and gentlemen!

        *End Show*
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          September 32, 2008

          Press Conference at New York City

          JBL, Eric Bischoff, and the spokesmen for FX have made an announcement that Smackdown Wrestling has made a deal with the network FX. It will be showing on Thursday nights from 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. After being kicked aside by NBC, Smackdown Wrestling went to a few networks to see if any would be willing to accept a deal at such short notice. FX was the first to take the deal. The contract will last until January of 2009. Smackdown Wrestling's debut on FX will happen on November 6th, 2008.

          JBL has promised that it will be a debut you will never forget. Smackdown Wrestling has already advertised the debut of a former main event wrestler & World Heavyweight Champion from WWE, as well as the main event being an invitational ladder match, with the US Title on the line. A second match announced, was the TV Champion, Kennedy versus the World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam. The winner will choose who the loser has to defend his title against at Winter War Zone.

          FX has already began organizing an add for Smackdown Wrestling. Smackdown Wrestling and FX have high hopes in bringing in new viewers and showing why “there is no box” in FX.

          Also, Smackdown Wrestling will have house shows on October 12th, 25th, & 31st.
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          Finn Balor is the future of the WWE
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            House Show @ Phillips Arena, Atlanta

            October 12th, 2008

            * Opening was Rob Van Dam coming out with the World Heavyweight Title and thanking the fans for their support for him and Smackdown Wrestling. He talked about how him and others were worried for a while, but are confident and will make sure that no one regrets them coming back on the air. Christian then came out challanging RVD to a rematch that night. Christian got some heel heat after disrespecting RVD and Atlanta. RVD accepted the challenge, only if he could decide what type of match it would be. Christian said yes and RVD announced that he would defend the title that night in a hardcore match. RVD and Christian leave at different times.

            * Jeff Hardy b. Booker T via pin fall.
            - Fans cheered for Jeff the whole time.

            * After the match, Sting came out and went for Booker T. Booker T ran away, leaving Sting alone in the ring.

            * Lesnar is walking through the halls backstage, destroying everything in his path. At one point, he throws a guy through a door.

            * Jamie Noble def. Carlito via pin fall
            - Jamie Nobles debut match in Smackdown Wrestling.

            * Lesnar enters arena and talks about being screwed. He then goes on to say that Kennedy will live the rest of his life regretting that he met Lesnar. Kennedy came out and said that he could take on Lesnar in any match, any time, anywhere. Kennedy then added that next week, he challenges Lesnar to a match next week. Lesnar accepted and then ran out the ring, to Kennedy. There was a brawl between the two and Lesnar ended up throwing Kennedy off of the titantron into a bunch of equipment! Fans started chanting “Holly S**t!”

            * London & Kendrick def. Worlds Greatest Tag Team via dq
            - Haas and Benjamin both were disqualified after continuously beating on Paul London and hit the referee.

            * Christian is backstage preparing for his match

            * Kane def. The Miz
            - complete squash

            * Edge talks backstage saying that he will win the invitational ladder match on Smackdowns debut on FX. He then says that he will go on to challenge RVD for the World Title at Winter War Zone.

            * RVD def. Christian via pin fall
            - At one point, RVD had Christian laying on a table next to the ring and went for the Rolling Thunder, but Christian rolled out the way and RVD crashed through the table. At the end, RVD did a huge five star frog splash from the top rope onto Christian, who was on an announcers table, they went through and RVD pinded him for the win.

            *After match RVD and Christian were helped out the arena. JBL thanked the fans and reminded them to tune in when Smackdown Wrestling makes its debut on FX.

            Biggest Pops:
            Jeff Hardy
            Rob Van Dam

            Most Heel Heat:
            The Worlds Greatest Tag Team
            The Miz
            Candice Larae, Bea Priestley, Nixon Newell, and Tessa Blanchard tribute
            Finn Balor is the future of the WWE
            Siera, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta - Forever
            Cena fan for LIFE
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              Re: SMACKDOWN WRESTLING!

              House Show @ US Bank Arena, Cincinnati

              October 25th, 2008

              * Christian def. Matt Hardy via. pin fall
              - Hardy was cheered the most. Christian bandages wrapped around his left arm and knee. After match, Christian said that he deserved one last rematch before Smackdown wrestling went back on the air. Christian said that if Rob Van Dam was a real man, he would defend on October the 31st.

              * Backstage, Booker T was talking to the Dudleyz, asking for their protection from Sting. The Dudleyz refused and left Booker alone. Booker yelled at them and said didn’t need them or anyone.

              * Paul London & Brian Kendrick def. The Dudley Boyz via. pin fall
              - Dudley controlled most of the match. London scored the Double Knee Face Buster onto Buh Buh for the win.

              * Brock Lesnar in the back preparing for his match.

              * Carlito def. Booker T via. count out
              - During the match, Sting came out and Booker got out of the ring to confront Sting. Booker was counted out before he could get back into the ring. Booker ran at Sting in anger and both began to fight. Fight led to backstage.

              * London & Kendrick talk to Torrie about their plans for Smackdown Wrestling and was about to announce something, but were interrupted by Booker T and Sting. Security soon stopped the two as Kendrick looked pissed.

              * Edge def. Kane via. pin fall
              - Was a good match, really good chemistry. Edge managed to slip away from the chokeslam and speared Kane for the win.

              * Christian is talking to JBL in the GM room and asks for another title shoot. JBL says he will get his title match, but only if he guest referees in the main event of Lesnar vs. Kennedy. JBL says he wants no one to get seriously hurt. Christian accepts.

              * Jamie Noble def. Shelton Benjamin via. pin fall
              - Not bad match. Noble countered Benjamin many times and rolled Benjamin up for the pin at the end.

              * Kennedy walking in the hallways towards the ring, wearing a t-shirt and ring gear.

              * Brock Lesnar def. Ken Kennedy w/ Christian as special guest referee
              - before match, a movie clip showed what happened on the last house show, with Lesnar throwing Kennedy off the titantron into a bunch of equipment below. Kennedy had bandages wrapped around his waist and chest. Lesnar had control over most of the match. Kennedy attempted the Green Bay Plunge, but was too hurt to continue. Lesnar F5’d Kennedy for the win. Christian stopped Lesnar a few times during the match from really hurting Kennedy.

              Note: RVD and few other wrestlers weren’t there.

              Biggest Pops:
              Matt Hardy
              London & Kendrick

              Biggest Heat:
              Brock Lesnar
              Candice Larae, Bea Priestley, Nixon Newell, and Tessa Blanchard tribute
              Finn Balor is the future of the WWE
              Siera, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta - Forever
              Cena fan for LIFE
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                Re: SMACKDOWN WRESTLING!

                House Show @ Arena Monterrey, Mexico

                October 31st, 2008

                * It was announced that the world title will be defended tonight, Christian vs. Rob Van Dam

                * Jeff Hardy def. Kane via pin fall
                - Possibly match of the night. Both men went out of their way to give a good match. At the end, Kane went for a chokeslam and Jeff spilled out to roll up Kane for the pin.

                * Backstage was Kennedy talking with a medic and JBL. The medic told JBL that Kennedy would be unable to wrestler that night. JBL said that Kennedy better be ready to wrestle RVD on Smackdown’s premiere.

                * Jamie Noble def. The Miz via. submission
                - Jamie Noble put The Miz in the ankle lock for the win.

                * Euro Rumbler def. Carlito via. submission
                - Euro Rumbler had Carlito in the Royal Lock for the win.

                * Edge def. Brock Lesnar via. pin fall
                - During the match, Kennedy rushed out and whacked Lesnar with a steel chair to the face while the ref. was distracted. After match, Kennedy said that after he defeats RVD on Smackdown, he’ll make himself the no. 1 contender and when he wins the world title, he’ll make sure that Lesnar never gets a chance at the World Title.

                * promo for a mysterious wrestler. involved lights flashing and the text: My time is soon.

                * Ultimo Dragon & Chavo Guerrero def. Paul London & Brian Kendrick via. pin fall
                - Both Ultimo & Chavo made their debuts. Chavo hit the frog splash for the win.

                * RVD is interviewed and says that he isn’t worried at all and is sure that he will win.

                * MVP def. Matt Hardy via. submission
                - MVP had Hardy in the sharp shooter for the win. MVP then announced that he will participate in the US Title ladder match.

                * Sting talked to Torrie backstage, saying that he will get his revenge.

                * RVD def. Christian via. pin fall
                - At one point, Christian hit RVD with a steel chair, when the ref. was down. RVD finally hit the frog splash for the win.

                * promo for Smackdown’s debut on FX was shown at the end of the show.

                Biggest Pops:
                Ultimo Dragon
                Jeff Hardy
                Rob Van Dam

                Biggest Heat:
                Brock Lesnar
                Candice Larae, Bea Priestley, Nixon Newell, and Tessa Blanchard tribute
                Finn Balor is the future of the WWE
                Siera, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta - Forever
                Cena fan for LIFE
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                  Re: SMACKDOWN WRESTLING!

                  PB's REVIEW of Smackdown Wrestling!


                  Ok, nice touch beginning with America the Beautiful. It's a nice way of making the event seem important.

                  Carlito vs Kane is nice way to open. This line did make me laugh:

                  Bischoff: Kane is one of the most feared athletes to date. He doesn’t give up easily and is hard to knock out.

                  I seriously doubt that a chokeslam to the outside would be recoverable. That is a lethal move, Carlito would not be up. Carlito then proceeds to et in and no-sell the chokeslam, running around as if fresh!? Apart from this bit, it was an ok match. Nice opener.

                  Nice quick segment between Edge and Christian. Really liked it. Bit of an error though: Edge walks out of the ring as Christian stares at him leaving.

                  Jamie Noble in a rave??? Really???

                  nice tag title match match. Four really good teams there, let's hope you keep all of their momentum going.

                  I do think that the Euro Rumbler is an awful name, but I'm all for his character. I think his silence perfectly contrasts with MVP's complete lack of the ability to shut up. The match was good, I'm a fan of submission wrestling. The finish was nice, solid match.

                  Good short RVD promo, I can totally visualise that.

                  Looks like Batista is coming - cool. Booker seemed a little stiff, and Sting's attack was a tad random but ok. I think Edge cheated a little too much for my liking, but good to see him win.

                  Nice review for the Kennedy/Lesnar match. The match itself was really good. Glad to see both men try their hardest. The TV Title is very pretigious after this match. Surprised to see Kennedy win.

                  Your main event was solid. Nice to see RVD win, I thought Chistian would.

                  Overall not a bad show. Nothing spectacular, but solid and with good signs for the future.

                  s u r r e n d e r

                  ***Take part in PW's Match of the Year 2016 Tournament in the Wide World of Wrestling**


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                    Re: SMACKDOWN WRESTLING!

                    MVP powerbombs Paul London!

                    There is no challenges on plays

                    MVP holds onto Stings tights as the ref. count the pin.

                    There is no redoes

                    Euro Rumbler moonsaults off the top rope and lands onto Charlie Haas!

                    There is no penalties

                    The Dudley Boyz 3D Matt Hardy through a table!

                    There is no out of bounds

                    Lesnar attacks Kennedy in the parking lot and they begin to brawl!

                    There is no box

                    Shelton Benjamin super kicks Rob Van Dam in mid air!

                    Smackdown Wrestling!
                    Happening in:
                    ... 3 ...
                    .. 2 ..
                    .. 1
                    Thursday Night Smackdown!

                    (Smackdown’s opening video package)
                    ("Out Of Control" by, Hoobastank)

                    *Blue and White fireworks set off over the ring and head towards the entrance ramp and finish at the titantron! Lights go on! On the Titantron is two really wide screens on the sides, with the logo Smackdown over the middle, flashy shaped glass over it looking like an explosion, and a black curtain behind it.*

                    Cole: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Smackdown's debut on FX! I'm Michael Cole, along side Eric Bischoff. And have we got a show for you tonight here at Stephen C. O'Connell Center, here in Florida!

                    Biscoff: That's right, we have: an invitational ladder match, where the first man to climb up the ladder and grab the title, will become Smackdown Wrestling's first ever United States Champion.

                    Cole: Also tonight, the TV Champion, Kennedy, and World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam, will face off. Whoever wins, will have the opportunity to choose who the losers opponent is at Superbrawl.

                    *Room with a big Smackdown sign on the wall*

                    Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I will become your no. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. I will defeat Rob Van Dam once to do it. And a second time to win the title. And I will your first TV and World Heavyweight Champion. And when I become World Champion, I will make sure that Lesnar will never have a chance to face me for it! At Superbrawl I beat the living shit out of Brock Lesnar. Proving to him that I am not a man to be taken for granted. Lesnar learned that I am just the most vicious son of a bitch in this company. Lesnar learned that I am the newest “next big thing”. Lesnar learned, as many have learned, to not fuck with Kennedy!

                    RVD walks in.

                    RVD: Hey Kennedy.

                    Kennedy looks at RVD.

                    RVD: You know what I was thinking earlier today? That when I win, I’ll have to choose who you face at Winter War Zone for the TV Championship. Now, there are a few people I have in mind. Me possibly, because I’ll know by then that I can beat you if I did once before. Maybe I can make it a handicap match, with you against, like three or seven guys. Or I could just have you face against Lesnar again. You see, that’s the beauty of this. You don’t know who you’ll have to face until I say so.

                    Kennedy: Well, you should already know who I will chose for you to face. And that’s me.

                    Kennedy smiles as he walks away.

                    *Camera facing the titantron*

                    *Flying High*

                    Paul London comes out wearing baggy shorts, long boots, and one half of the World Tag Team Championship Belts. London runs out into the ring and flips off the middle rope to make a landing.

                    Cole: Well, we're off to our first match, Paul London, Tag Team Champion. He won it at Superbrawl with his tag team partner, Brian Kendrick.

                    Bischoff: London and Kendrick really surprised me at Superbrawl. They were the underdogs compared to the other three tag teams. But they kept their head high and did everything they could to win.


                    The Miz runs out with shorts and boots on. He runs down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring.

                    Cole: Now Bischoff. I gotta' ask: Why'd you sign the Miz? I have no problem with it, but JBL seemed some what pissed off about it.

                    Bischoff: Cole, sometimes Bradshaw is blinded by his ego on who are wrestlers who have great potential. Miz has potential, JBL just needs to see that.

                    Paul London vs. The Miz

                    Summary: London controlled most of the match, using his fast and hard kicks as an advantage. The Miz soon took over after laying down some hard slams. Miz was able to take full advantage after slamming London’s right knee onto the mat! London tried fighting Miz back, but Miz kept coming at him with full force.

                    Ending: The Miz irish whips London into the ropes. As London bounce back, Miz spinning spinebusters London! Miz goes for the cover! 1 ... 2 ... London knees Miz in the face to hit him off, breaking the count! London then rolls on top of Miz and jumps up to leg drop onto Miz’s chest! London goes for a cover! 1 ... 2 ... Miz kicks out! London rolls away to the ropes. Miz slowly gets up, holding his chest. London charges and Miz spinebusters London! Miz flips over London for the pin! 1 ... 2 ... London lifts him and the Miz up off the mat! London then drops down and rolls Miz back for a pin! 1 ... Miz kicks out! Both men quickly get up and Miz drop kicks onto London's leg! London drops onto the mat as Miz pulls London back up. The Miz then toe kicks London and tries to pull him up for a powerbomb. But London reverses it into a Double Knee Face Buster! But London falls back after the attempt. London quickly gets back up and completes it after a second time! London goes for a cover! 1 ... 2 ... 3!

                    Winner: Paul London
                    Cole: London with the victory! Even after all that he was able to pull a win out.

                    London holds his tag title belt high.

                    *Smackdown GM office*

                    JBL is looking through some things as Jamie Noble enters.

                    Jamie Noble: Uh, mister Layfield. I was wondering when you would tell me who I am going to face at Winter War Zone.

                    JBL looks shocked

                    JBL: You? In a match? At Winter War Zone? Why don’t I just let the Miz face Rob Van Dam for the World Title for the main event! You don’t actually expect to go anywhere in Smackdown Wrestling do you?!

                    Jamie Noble tries to talk but JBL cuts him off.

                    JBL: You, Miz, and a few others don’t deserve to be in this company. A company that I made! And if it wasn’t for Eric Bischoff, you’d be fired already! So you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to give you a match tonight. If you win, you get to go to Winter War Zone and have a match, but if you lose, then you won’t. And if you do win, but lose next week, I can pull you out of Winter War Zone. You get it?

                    Jamie Noble: Yeah ... I got it.

                    JBL: One more thing. Tonight, you’re going to be in a special match. Tonight, you’re going to be in a “Bare Fists match”! You know what type of match that is? It’s basically like a No DQ, but no weapons are aloud. The only way to win is to either have your opponent give up or beta them down enough to not respond to a ten count. And you know who your opponent? Sting! Now get the hell out of my office!

                    Jamie Noble looks at JBL and leaves.

                    *commercial break*
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                      Re: SMACKDOWN WRESTLING!

                      *Not Alone*
                      By, All That Remains

                      Jamie Noble walks out wearing jean shorts and black boots. He has tape and bandage wrapped around both hands. Noble continues walking down to the ring and climbs in.

                      Cole: Jamie Noble, put in a tough situation. First he realizes that he has to face someone to even have a match at Winter War Zone, then he finds out that it's Sting. Not only that, but it's in a "bare fists match"?

                      Bischoff: JBL has a plan I believe. Respect is given, it's earned. And Noble has to earn the respect of JBL if he ever wants it. What JBL doesn't know, is that he is about to turn Noble into a savage animal.


                      All lights go off and a few blue lights flash on the Titantron and Entrance ramp. Sting comes out wearing his usually in ring outfit and make up. Sting slowly walks down into the ring.

                      Cole: It took Edge everything he had to defeat Sting at Superbrawl. What good chance does Noble even have then?

                      Bischoff: I just hope that Sting is prepared for what's about to happen.

                      Cole: Sting?!

                      Bare Fists Match
                      Jamie Noble vs. Sting
                      Summary: Noble tried using his agility as an advantage in the beginning. But Sting was able to overpower Noble anytime Noble went for a swing! Sting was able to have control over most of the match. But soon, when Noble went for a punch he hit Sting in the nose, causing it to bleed. Noble then constantly started punching Sting in the face and chopped him in the throat!

                      Ending: Sting charges at Noble for a clothesline! But Noble slides under to avoid it and trips Sting down to the mat! Noble then rolls over and keeps punching hard fists at Sting! Sting finally pushes Noble off after a while and tries to get up. But Noble charges back and knees Sting in the face! Sting drops to the mat, holding his cheek! Noble then walks over to Stings left leg and pulls it up. Noble then begins to kick the knee! Sting tries to kick Noble off, but Noble just keeps attacking that left knee! Noble then slammed the knee onto his own! Noble dropped the knee on the ground and began to stomp on it! Sting kept trying to fight Noble off! Noble then grabbed the left leg again and put Sting in the ankle lock!

                      Sting screamed in pain and leaped his upper body towards the ropes! Noble tried to keep Sting away, but Sting overpowered Noble and got to the bottom rope! The ref. began to yell at Noble to let go, Noble lifted Stings leg up and kicked at the knee again before dropping the leg. Noble then grabbed his other leg and pulled him to the center of the ring! There, Noble climbed on top of Sting and began to ruthlessly punch Sting in the face! Sting quickly punched back at Nobles head! Noble stopped for a second to hold his head, Sting crawled back. Noble then rolled around to get up with help of the ropes. As Noble got up, he showed that over his eye was busted open.

                      Noble then charged at Sting! Sting quickly tackled Noble down and started a beating of his own! Noble tries defending, but it didn’t work. Noble then kneed Sting in the crotch! Sting stopped and Noble rolled around to be on top of Sting now! Noble began punching all around! Noble then lifted Stings head up and began to headbutt it! Noble hit four before laying on top of Sting. The ref. told Sting that he couldn’t pin. Noble walked back to Stings leg and up him in the ankle lock! Sting tried to push Noble away, but Noble kept a hold on the leg! Sting screamed as he tried overpowering Noble again, but Noble would keep a lock on the ankle! Sting tried to push and Noble off a third time, but Noble then started kicking at Stings leg! Sting gave in and tapped out after a long enduring ankle lock!

                      Winner: Jamie Noble
                      Cole: I can't believe it! Noble actually defeated Sting!

                      Bischoff: Noble has just defeated an "icon" and still has energy to take him on again!

                      Cole: I can't believe! The world can't believe it! ... How the hell can you believe it?!

                      Bischoff: This is why I signed these wrestlers. They have just what Smackdown Wrestling is looking for!

                      Noble hold his arms up high and rolls out of the ring.

                      *Goin' Old School*

                      Red fire works blast out the Titantron! Booker T walks out wearing a suit and a mic. in his right hand.

                      Booker: Hey, Sting! Sting!

                      Sting rolls over and looks at Booker.

                      Booker: How was your match? You didn't lose again did you?

                      Sting just stares at Booker.

                      Booker: During our comeback tour, you're been trying to freak me out. But I have to tell you something. I'm not afraid. You think I’m scared of you Sting? Do you? I’m not scared of anything! And to prove it, I booked myself a match with you at Winter War Zone! You and me face to face! Can you dig that sucka’?!

                      Booker leaves as Sting holds onto his leg.

                      *commercial break*
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                        Re: SMACKDOWN WRESTLING!

                        *Locker Room*

                        Edge is sitting on a steel chair, lacing up his boots as Christian walks in. Edge begins to laugh.

                        Christian: What?

                        Edge: It's just, well. At Superbrawl you said that I was a sore loser and you were going to champion because of something, I don't really remember. But, after Superbrawl, I won my match and you didn't leave as champion. Now you're here while Rob Van Dam is out there with the title around his waist.

                        Christian: Well you didn't even have a chance for any title.

                        Edge: Oh, I don't think that's true. Because tonight I'm entering in that ladder invitional match and I will become the United States Champion. While you'll still be sulking. Because you're not championship material.

                        Christian suddenly tackles Edge off of his chair! Christian then starts punching Edge!

                        Christian: I'm not championship material?!

                        Christian stops to pick up the steel chair!

                        Christian: Then neither will you!

                        Christian begins to whack the chair countless times onto Edge! Christian then looks at the camera guy and runs over to him!

                        Christian: Get the hell away!

                        Christian grabs to video camera away from the camera guy and pushes him away!

                        Christian: Not championship material!

                        Christian then begins to hit Edge with the camera! The camera then drops as more voices appear. Soon the camera is picked up as security pushes Christian away from Edge!

                        *Camera moving around the arena*

                        *Nice Guys Finish Last*

                        Ken Kennedy walks out wearing black short tights and black boots. Kennedy has the TV Championship around his waist. He walks down the entrance ramp and rolls into the ring.

                        Cole: What the hell is wrong with Christian? Edge might not be the nicest guy that you'll meet, but no one deserves what he just got.

                        Bischoff: Christian was beating Edge like there was no tomorrow. He just needs to calm down and take a breather right now.

                        Cole: That guy has some anger issues. Anyway, Kennedy set for tonight's match against Rob Van Dam. Whoever wins will chose the losers opponent at Winter War Zone.

                        *One of a Kind*

                        RVD comes out with his normal ring gear in green, black, and white and the World Title around his waist. RVD starts interacting with the fans. And heads towards the ring. He then gets up on the middle turnbuckles and raises his arms with thumbs up. As everyone copies him: Rob--Van--Dam!

                        Cole: Rob Van Dam, Smackdown Wrestling's first ever World Heavyweight Champion. He deserves that title after defeating Christian at Superbrawl.

                        Bischoff: RVD and Christian had one hell of a match at Superbrawl. And there were so many times when I thought that it would be over. Christian was even able to get RVD in the Triangle Choke, but RVD never gave up and I have respect for him about that.

                        Cole: Two hard working champions, but only one can win tonight, who will it be?

                        Ken Kennedy vs. Rob Van Dam
                        Summary: It was an even match in the beginning. Kennedy would try to get the upper hand on RVD and Van Dam would try to get the best on Kennedy. Kennedy would attempt a piledriver, but RVD would counter with kick to the face as Kennedy tried to pull him up. RVD would try to hit Kennedy with hard kicks, but Kennedy would stop him and slam RVD down on the mat in the process. There were many near falls, with both men countering the other. The fight soon led to outside of the ring and Kennedy gained control after throwing RVD knee fist into the steel steps!

                        *commercial break*

                        Summary (continued): Kennedy had control over the match, having RVD in a one legged Boston Crab. RVD was soon able to get to the ropes and continue the match. But every time it seemed that RVD could start a comeback, Kennedy would throw him back down and hurt the knee even more! Kennedy would soon irish whip RVD to a corner and charged for a clothesline! But RVD was able to dodge and Kennedy hit the turnbuckle! RVD then kicked with his opposite leg onto Kennedy's right shoulder! The match soon turned as RVD was able to stretch his leg out, while attacking at Kennedy’s right arm.

                        Ending: RVD toe kicks Kennedy and vertical suplexes him onto the mat! RVD goes for the cover! 1 ... 2 - Kennedy kicks out! RVD pulls himself up and signals for the 5 Star Frog Splash. RVD walks towards the nearest corner rope and begins to climb. Kennedy stays laid down on the mat. Rob Van Dam is finally on the top rope and and jumps off! As RVD falls onto Kennedy, Kennedy puts his knees out and RVD land on them stomach first! RVD rolls around holding his ribs as Kennedy slowly gets up. Kennedy stands tall as he watches RVD get up. Kennedy charges and boots RVD in the face!

                        RVD drops onto the mat! Kennedy goes for the cover! 1 ... 2 ... RVD kicks out! Kennedy complains with the ref. as RVD slowly tries to roll away. Kennedy pulls himself up and stomps onto RVD leg! Kennedy then pulls RVD’s legs up and puts him into the Texas Clover Leaf! RVD yells out in pain as he stretches his arm out for the ropes! Kennedy screams for RVD to tap out! RVD raises his arm up high as Kennedy applies pressure onto the hold! RVD slowly tries to crawl to the bottom rope! Kennedy screams again for RVD to tap! RVD has his arm up high again, as the ref. checks to see if he will give up! RVD then quickly stretches as far as he can and is able to grab the bottom rope! The ref. tells Kennedy to let go, but Kennedy doesn’t! The ref. counts for a DQ! 1 .. 2 .. Kennedy lets go.

                        Kennedy dropped to his knees, out of breathe. Kennedy slowly turned to RVD and pulled him to the middle of the ring. Kennedy went for a cover. 1 ... 2 -RVD lifted hit shoulder! Kennedy looked up and then began and headbutt onto RVD! Kennedy pulled himself and RVD up. RVD quickly jawbreakered Kennedy! RVD followed with a charging DDT! Kennedy lay flat on the mat, as did RVD! RVD slowly crawled towards a corner. Kennedy stayed laid down on the mat as RVD began to climb. RVD was pushing himself up from the middle rope, as Kennedy quickly got up and ran towards RVD! Kennedy jumped on the middle ropes and landed a hard right hand! Kennedy climbs to the top rope, pulling RVD with him. Both men stand on the top rope as Kennedy grabs onto RVD. Kennedy then Mic Checks both of them off the top rope onto the mat!

                        Both men land onto the mat and are down! The ref. goes to check on them and leans forward to check on Kennedy. The ref. then talks to see about RVD. The ref. goes back to Kennedy and back to RVD. The ref. then begins a down count. 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... Kennedy holds onto his right shoulder as the count continues ... 5 ... 6 ... 7 ... RVD is still down as Kennedy is still holding on his right shoulder. ... 9 ... 10!

                        Winner: Draw
                        Cole: Is it over?

                        Bischoff: Neither man won though. We have a draw.

                        RVD rolled out the ring as the ref. went to check on Kennedy again, while signaling the back for medics.

                        Cole: Something seems to be wrong with Kennedy.

                        Kennedy keeps holding his arm as a medic and one more ref. come to the ring.

                        *commercial break*
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                          Re: SMACKDOWN WRESTLING!

                          *Room with a big Smackdown sign on the wall*

                          Teddy Long: Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, your next United States Champion: Montel Vontavious Porter! And after tonight, when he defeats whoever his opponents are, he will challenge anyone who gets in the way of him.

                          MVP: That is true, that is true. I have already made the Euro Rumbler tap out at Superbrawl. I have already defeated the “icon” Sting. And tonight, I will beat the living shit out of anyone who dares try to stop me from becoming the US Champion!

                          *Camera facing the titantron*

                          *Feel The Pain*

                          Red fireworks go off upward on the Titantron! Lesnar comes out wearing black short tights and black boots. Lesnar walks down to the ring. He taunts the audience as he gets in the ring.

                          Cole: Lesnar, has been in a feud with Kennedy, that escalated into pure hate. Kennedy is right now being checked, as is Edge.

                          Bischoff: Smackdown is finally back and everyone is falling like flies.

                          Cole: But I'll tell you someone who won't fall down like a fly. Brock Lesnar, one of the toughest men on Smackdown.

                          *Wrestling Machine*

                          Ultimo Dragon walks out wearing his usual in ring clothing. Ultimo interacts with the fans as makes his way down to the ring. Ultimo then rolls into the ring.

                          Cole: Another new wrestler, making his debut on Smackdown.

                          Bischoff: Ultimo Dragon is a great wrestler that can help many young talents.



                          Ultimo Dragon vs. Brock Lesnar

                          Summary: Lesnar and Ultimo locked up in the beginning. Lesnar was able to over power Ultimo throughout the whole match. Ultimo would try to weaken Lesnar down, but there was no stopping him.

                          Ending: Ultimo charged at Lesnar and went for a few punches to the face! But Lesnar pushed Ultimo away and charged at him! As Ultimo got up, Lesnar clotheslined him back down! Lesnar then pulled Ultimo up and belly-to-belly suplexed him! Lesnar got up, smiling as he walked towards Ultimo. Ultimo slowly got up. Lesnar pulled Ultimo near him and toe kicked him! Lesnar then lifted Ultimo up and F5’d Ultimo Dragon onto the mat! Lesnar went for a cover. 1 ... 2 ... 3!

                          Winner: Brock Lesnar
                          Cole: Lesnar doesn't even look like he's sweating after that match.

                          Lesnar signals for a mic.

                          Cole: What does Lesnar want to say?

                          Bischoff: Maybe if you shut up we could listen.

                          Lesnar: For the past few weeks, there has been this message, this message about someone coming to Smackdown! Hell, it just showed before my match. Now I don't know how popular this guy thinks he is, but if this guy thinks that he can just walk in without getting a Brock Lesnar introduction, then he better think again! So who ever this punk thinks he is, he better get his little ass out here right now!

                          The crowd cheers as Lesnar waits.

                          *Unleash the Beast!*

                          Batista walks out wearing a suit and holding a microphone. Batista walks down the entrance ramp, staring at Lesnar. Batista then walks up the entrance ramp and gets into the ring.

                          Cole: Oh my God! It's Batista! Batista is here!

                          Bischoff: This audience is loving it! Two powerhouse wrestlers in the same arena, in the same ring!

                          Batista walks up in front of Lesnar.

                          Lesnar: Who the hell are you?

                          Batista stares at Lesnar.

                          Batista: My name’s Batista. Smackdown’s next big thing.

                          Lesnar laughs.

                          Lesnar: You’re big all right. You can probably lift a few people ... But do you think you can beat me?

                          Batista smiles.

                          Batista: I can beat you with one arm tied behind my back.

                          Lesnar laughs again.

                          Lesnar: That’s funny! Because even after the match I just had, I know that I can beat you shitless.

                          Lesnar has a straight face, staring at Batista. Batista stops smiling and stares back.

                          Batista: Why don’t you try?

                          Lesnar drops the mic and so does Batista. Lesnar walks up closer to Batista and Batista does the same. Lesnar pushes Batista away, and Batista quickly lands a hard right punch!

                          Cole: Batista hit Lesnar! Batista hit Lesnar!

                          Lesnar tackles Batista to the ground as the two continue fighting!

                          Bischoff: I can't believe what I'm seeing!

                          Both men get out of the ring, but continue hitting the other! Security runs out and tries to separate the two!

                          Cole: This is history in the making! Two of the strongest athletes in this business going at it!

                          Security is finally able to break the two up, pushing Lesnar back into the locker room.

                          Cole: We have just one match left and that is the ladder invitational for the US Title, next!

                          *commercial break*
                          Candice Larae, Bea Priestley, Nixon Newell, and Tessa Blanchard tribute
                          Finn Balor is the future of the WWE
                          Siera, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta - Forever
                          Cena fan for LIFE
                          Did you know, without lifts, Ambrose is taller than Reigns by an inch?

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                            Re: SMACKDOWN WRESTLING!

                            *Camera moving around the ring, showing people setting up ladders all around*

                            Cole: Welcome back everybody to Thursday Night Smackdown. First, let me just talk about what happened a while back. In match between Kennedy and Rob Van Dam.


                            Kennedy Mic Checking him and RVD off the top ropes! Kennedy lands onto his side, with his arm sticking out and landing onto it.
                            Cole: Now the medics are saying that Kennedy will be out of action for a week or two, but he will be able to compete at Winter War Zone.

                            Bischoff: Hope the best for Kennedy. But right now it's time to get ready for the main event!

                            Cole: That's right! A ladder invitational match! Rules are simple, you have to set up a ladder and climb it to retrieve the title. Whoever is in the ring when the bell rings are the liable people to get the title. Anyone who interferes will not be aloud the title. Anyone can participate in this match.


                            Multiple White and Golden fireworks go off on the Titantron upwards! Christian walks out, wearing black long tights, and walks down the entrance ramp. Christian walks up the steel steps into the ring.

                            *No Regrets*

                            Lights in the arena are flashing Red, Blue, and Black as Jeff Hardy walks out wearing bags pants and a white t-shirt with red text saying "No Regrets". Jeff Hardy runs down the entrances ramp interacting with the fans. He then slides into the ring, climbs the corner ropes raises his arms apart.

                            *The Fire Consumes Me*

                            Pyro comes up from the Titantron! Kane comes out wearing black tights and black boots. Kane slowly walks to the ring. He gets in the ring over the ropes. He then raises his hands up, pyro from each corner of the ring pop up three times!

                            *Latino Pride*

                            Chavo Guerrero walks out wearing long green tights a black boots. Chavo walks down the entrance ramp, into the ring.

                            *Gotta' Think Cool*

                            Carlito walks out, wearing short, white tights and black boots. He walks down the ring. As he walks down he interacts with the fans. Carlito then slides in the ring.

                            *Euro Invasion*

                            The Euro Rumbler walks out wearing short black tights and black boots. He doesn't pay attention to the audience as he makes his way into the ring. Euro Rumbler then slide into the ring and goes to a corner in the ring.

                            *Can't Stop Me*

                            MVP comes out wearing his ring gear in red. As MVP stops at the end of the titantron and beginning of entrance ramp. When he raises his arms high apart, fireworks from the titantron come out in a 90 degree angle towards the ring! MVP smiles and walks to the ring.

                            *Defying Death*

                            Matt Hardy comes out wearing black jeans and boots. Hardy interacts with the crowd as he walks down the entrance ramp. Hardy symbols the version one when he enters the ring.

                            *Worlds Greatest Tag Team*

                            Shelton Benjamin walks out wearing red and white short tights and white boots. He shrugs off the audience as he walks down the entrance ramp and posses when he gets in the ring.

                            Cole: Possibly more men than ladders, here we go!

                            ladder match invitational for US title
                            Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Carlito vs. MVP vs. Euro Rumbler vs. Kane vs. Christian vs. Chavo Guererro

                            The bell rings and every man runs at one another! Shelton Benjamin and Carlito gang up on Matt Hardy, punching and kicking him down! Jeff fights MVP off, throwing him out the ring and charges at Benjamin & Carlito! Jeff body splashes onto the two, sending all three men out of the ring! Christian and Chavo take on Kane and Euro Rumbler! Rumbler and Kane both slam Christian and Chavo at the same time! Euro Rumbler and Kane walk to the other and stare each other in the eye’s. Kane swings a hard right hand! Euro Rumbler toe kicks Kane! The two continue to brawl as hardy gets up. matt then charges and drop kicks Euro Rumbler into Kane!

                            Jeff, Carlito, and Benjamin all get up out of the ring and begin to brawl. Christian and Chavo walk up and join in. Matt gets to the closest top rope near the brawl and jumps off! Hardy falls onto Chavo, Benjamin, and Christian! Jeff and Carlito look at all the men drop down. Carlito knee’s Jeff in the gut and throws him to the side! Carlito then walks over to the side of the ring and pulls a ladder from underneath. As he pulls it out, Jeff drop kicks the side of Carlito! Most of the men begin to get back up. Back in the ring, Euro Rumbler slowly gets up as Shelton Benjamin rolls into the ring. Benjamin goes for a super kick, but Euro Rumbler catches the leg! Euro Rumbler swings the leg around, only for it to swing right back and hit him in the chin!

                            Jeff Hardy slides the ladder into the ring and rolls in. Benjamin grabs the ladder and hits Kane back down, just as he was getting up! Carlito grabs Jeff’s leg and tries to pull him back outside! Jeff turns around and kicks Carlito in the face a few times, before Carlito is forced to let go! Benjamin sets the ladder up, underneath the belt and being to climb. Jeff was quick to stop Benjamin, charge drop kicking Benjamin off the ladder! Christian rolled into the ring and pushed the ladder into Jeff, as he was getting up! Matt and Chavo slowly entered the ring, both holding ladders. Chavo and Matt then stopped and looked at each other. Matt threw the ladder above his head and drop kicked the ladder Chavo was holding, causing Chavo to collapse onto the mat!

                            Matt and Christian set both their ladders up and began to climb them. Euro Rumbler and Carlito got back in the ring and climbed on the other sides. All four men on top of the ladder fought one another, trying to send them down off the ladder. Kane then slid back into the ring and pushed the ladder with Christian and Euro Rumbler off! As Christian fell off the ladder, he nailed a drop kick onto Matt Hardy on the other ladder! Hardy feel off and Carlito was left on the ladder. Chavo got back up and threw his ladder at Kane! Carlito then went on to climb to the top, to grab the belt! But Benjamin slide to the edge of the ring and leapt off the top ropes onto the other side of Carlito’s ladder! Benjamin threw punches after punches at Carlito and then Sunset flip powerbombs Carlito off of the ladder!

                            Benjamin tried rolling up, but MVP slid into the ring and kicked him outside! Chavo charged at MVP, but MVP countered with a viscous shoulder block! MVP then picks Chavo up for a powerbomb, but throws Chavo out of the ring, back first onto the ground! MVP turns and is body splashed into a corner by Euro Rumbler! Euro Rumbler then boots MVP into the face after and walks over to place a closed ladder next to them. MVP hits Euro Rumbler with an elbow to the face, but Rumbler toe kicks MVP and then vertical suplexes MVP onto the ladder back first! Rumbler gets back up and picks the ladder up to set, as MVP rolls out the ring. Rumbler is about to climb, but Kane stops him, smacking his hand around Rumblers throat! Kane follows, choke slamming Rumbler! Rumbler rolls out as Kane begins to climb. Christian rushes into the ring and as Kane climbs, Christian gets behind and Reverse Backstabbers Kane off the ladder!

                            Christian got up and picked up another ladder. Matt Hardy climbed back into the ring and walked to Christian. Christian threw the ladder at Hardy, who caught it. Christian then jumped off the nearest ropes and moonsaulted onto Matt and the Ladder! Both men fell, with the ladder in-between them! Jeff rolled into the ring, busted open after the ladder hit his head. Benjamin rolled in from the other side and charged! Jeff charged as well and hit Benjamin with the spinning DDT! Chavo tried getting back into the ring, but Jeff hit Chavo back out with a drop kick! Jeff then walked to the standing ladder and began to climb. Benjamin got back up and charged, jumping up and grasping his arms around Jeff’s neck and pulled him down! Jeff flipped as he dropped and landed on his side! Jeff rolled out the ring as Benjamin got up. As Benjamin walked to the ladder, MVP grabbed onto Benjamin and threw him into the ladder! Benjamin hit the ladder and it fell over. MVP then went for the powerbomb on Benjamin, walking to the side of the ring as he held Benjamin up. But as MVP was at the edge, Benjamin leaned back and with the help of the ropes, pulled MVP over with his legs!

                            MVP landed on his knees. Matt Hardy charged at Benjamin who was now on his feet on the edge of the ring. Benjamin countered, throwing Hardy out of the ring! Christian started getting up and Benjamin leaned back with the ropes. Benjamin then jumped off the ropes, but Christian quickly countered and drop kicked Benjamin out of the ring! Benjamin landed on Matt. Chavo slide back into the ring and picked a ladder up. Christian turned and Chavo threw the ladder, vertically at Christian! Christian caught it and Chavo ran at Christian! Chavo then jumped and pulled Christian, along with the ladder down. Chavo held his knees up and landed, having Christian smash into the ladder. Chavo slid the ladder and Christian off, stretching his legs after the fall. Chavo then placed the ladder down and rolled Christian over it. Chavo walked to the top rope and signaled for a frog splash. Chavo jumped off and connected to Christian!

                            Chavo laid on Christian, holding his chest, as Christian held his ribs. Euro Rumbler climbed to the same top rope. Euro Rumbler looked as if he was about to perform a moonsault. But Kane came from behind and hit Rumblers back! Kane then walked onto the outside of the ring and grabbed Euro Rumbler by the neck! Kane put his other arm under Rumbler stomach. Kane then jumped off and flipped Rumbler through the Smackdown announce table! Rumbler looked knocked out, but soon cried in pain. A referee ran to check and then signaled for some paramedics.

                            *commercial break*

                            Kane gets back into the ring and kicks Christian & Chavo away from the ring. Kane then walked and got a ladder from the other side of he ring and placed it on the center. Kane began to climb as MVP slid into the ring. MVP grabbed the third ladder and charged right into Kane! The ladder hit Kane in the gut and Kane fell off, landing onto the mat. Kane tried getting up on his knee’s, but MVP charged again, hitting Kane into the shoulder! Kane laid down on his back. MVP held the ladder up and inverted suplexed the ladder onto Kane! Kane held his chest as he rolled away. MVP then kept kicking the ladder into Kane.

                            As MVP kept kicking at Kane, Matt Hardy rolled into the ring and walked over to the ladder and began to climb. MVP finally drop kicked Kane out of the ring! MVP then turned to see Hardy getting closer to the US Title. MVP ran over and started hitting Hardy! MVP then climbed the same side as Hardy was. Soon both Matt and MVP were on the same step. MVP went for another hit, but Hardy reversed the hit to hold MVP close. Hardy then Side Effected MVP off the ladder onto the lying down ladder! Both men fell, backs first onto the ladder! MVP and Matt both rolled away, two refs. went to check on each.

                            Carlito and Benjamin roll into the ring. Carlito charges at Benjamin! Benjamin goes for a Superkick on Carlito! But Carlito ducks and as Benjamin spins around, Carlito jumps up and Backstabbers Benjamin back first onto the ladder laid down! Carlito then walked over to pick up the second ladder laying down and runs up to Benjamin. Carlito jumps up and elbow drops the ladder onto Benjamin! Carlito rolls up, holding his right arm after it made collision with the ladder. Benjamin rolls to his side with a ladder over and under him.

                            Carlito walked over to the ladder and began to climb. Jeff Hardy rolled into the ring and charged at Carlito! Jeff wrapped his arms around Carlito and spun around, slamming Carlito onto the mat! Carlito rolled over to a corner. Jeff rushed over to Carlito and began constantly kicking at him! Jeff then grabbed onto the ropes and corner drop-kicked Carlito! Carlito rolled out of the ring as Jeff got back up. Kane pulled himself up back into the ring as Jeff walked over to pick one of the ladders up. As Kane walked in the ring, Jeff charged with the ladder and threw it up, and then drop kicking the ladder into Kane!

                            Kane falls back into a corner! Jeff then places the ladder in-between the ring ropes and corner drop kicks the ladder into Kane! Chavo Guerrero rolled into the ring as Jeff turned around. Chavo charged and Jeff and picked him up, only to slam him down into the ladder that was in front of Kane! Chavo picked up the other ladder laying down and charged at Jeff! Jeff rolled out of the way, but Chavo still hit Kane in the head! Kane rolled out and was busted open. Jeff Hardy quickly rolled up and neck breakered Chavo! Jeff then picked up the ladder and placed it in another corner, on the middle rope. Jeff then pulled the standing ladder over so that the ladder on the middle rope could be put on one of the stairs. Jeff rolled out of the ring and rolled back in with a steel chair. Chavo got back up, but Christian slid into the ring and Reverse Backstabbered Chavo! Christian picked himself up, only to get whacked in the head with a steel chair! Jeff pulled Christian up and placed him onto the ladder being held by the ring and ladder. Jeff then rolled back outside and looked under the ring, and pulled out a bigger ladder then the other three!

                            Jeff placed it next to the corner as Matt Hardy slowly pulled himself into the ring. As Jeff began to climb, Matt slowly stood up. But Benjamin quickly pulled Matt back out of the ring and threw him into the barricade! Benjamin rolled back into the ring and ran over to where Jeff was and jumped off the ropes into the ladder! But Benjamin missed and fell onto the ground! Benjamin tried to get up quickly and climbed to the top with haste and began punching Jeff! As the two fought, Christian slowly slid off the ladder to stand up and began to climb the top rope. Benjamin slammed Jeff's head onto the top of the ladder! Christian is on the top ropes. Christian then leaned forward to grab onto the ladder. Christian leapt up and low blowed Benjamin! Christian then climbed a little higher and grabbed onto Benjamin. Christian followed by power bombing Benjamin off of the ladder onto the floor! Christian leaned back after slamming Benjamin down and grabbed onto the ladder and pulled it down! Jeff tried jumping off to land on his feet! The ladder barely missed Benjamin as Jeff tumbled after landing his fall!

                            Matt got back up again and got back into the ring as MVP was. MVP rushed to the ladder, but Hardy charged after him and shoulder blocked him! Matt went for the ladder then, but MVP grabbed onto Hardy’s leg and pulled him onto the ground! MVP crawled over Hardy and began to punch Matt in the face! Hardy tried covering, but MVP kept hitting! MVP then pulled Hardy up, exposing blood coming from Hardy's mouth and nose. MVP then lifted Matt up and powerbombed him onto the ladder being held! Matt laid on the ladder as MVP walked over to the ladder. Carlito was on the edge of the ring and bounced off the top rope and landed on the opposite side of MVP! MVP was already at the top and leaned to grab the belt! But Carlito rushed to grab his arms around MVP and pull him way! MVP was now sitting on the top of the ladder, being held by Carlito! Carlito then leaned back and fell off with MVP! Both men fell onto Hardy, on the ladder! The ladder slid off the standing ladder and all three men rolled off!

                            Christian and Jeff were fighting in outside the ring as Kane slid into the ring. Kane walked over to the ladder, holding onto his ribs. Kane then proceeded to pull the ladder under the belt and began to climb. Chavo reentered the ring with a steel chair in hand! Chavo then whacked at Kane's back! Kane yelled but didn’t stop climbing. Chavo then constantly kept smacking the chair into Kane back, until Kane finally fell off! Chavo then walked over Kane and kept smashing the chair over Kane! The chair was soon too bent to use anymore and Chavo threw the chair at a bloody Kane before walking over to the ladder. Christian threw Jeff Hardy into the steel steps outside.

                            Christian rolled back in as Chavo climbed up. Christian charged at Chavo and slammed him down, off of the ladder! Christian then pulled Chavo up and threw him, shoulder first, into a steel post! Christian dropped to his knee, exhausted. Edge charged into the arena wearing a shirt and jeans,with bandage around his arms continuing under the shirt, and a bandage on his head, stitches over one eye. Christian turned around and was speared! Edge yelled in pain after that and rolled out of the ring, pulling Christian with him! Edge then threw Christian shoulder first into the steel steps near the announcers table! Edge dragged Christian over near the broken announcers table and kneed him in the face! Edge walked over and grabbed one of the tv monitors. Edge turned around and whacked it across Christians head! Christian held his head as he fell! Edge walked over Christian and began punching Christian in the back of the head and face!

                            Jeff pulled himself back up, as did Benjamin. Edge threw the tv monitor at Christian again, before the refs. pulled him back! Edge smiled as the refs. pulled him back and out of the ring. Jeff tried to crawl into the ring, but Benjamin pulled him back out! Benjamin then tried getting into the ring, but Jeff pulled him back out and swung a hard elbow to the face at Benjamin! Benjamin then grabbed Jeff and pulled him up to slam him back down onto the ground! Benjamin was about to start punching, but Jeff quickly kicked Benjamin in the face a few times! Jeff got back up and pushed Benjamin into the steel post, back first! Jeff then moved back to shoulder check Benjamin into the steel post again! Jeff had a look on his face and then looked under the ring and pulled out another ladder! Jeff placed the ladder over the protective barricade and side of the ring! Jeff then placed Benjamin over it. Benjamin tried to roll away, but Jeff kept hitting Benjamin back! Finally, Jeff searched under the ring and pulled out a steel chair and whacked Benjamin in the chest a few times!

                            Jeff walked under the ladder to grab the taller ladder and pulled it back up. Jeff began to climb to the top as Benjamin laid on the other. Jeff soon got to the top and looked down. Jeff raised his arms high and jumped off! Jeff leg dropped off the top of the ladder and crashed through Benjamin and the ladder! Jeff held his arm near his back and rear as refs. went to check on both men!

                            Christian slowly got up, with some blood on the side of his head. Christian tried walking to the ring, but Carlito walked over to him and tried to throw a punch! Christian countered it into a German suplex, having Carlito back hit the edge of the ring! Christian then pulled himself into the ring and limped towards the ladder. Chavo got up and charged a him! Christian flipped Chavo over and had him land onto the leaning ladder, near a corner! Christian got back up after that and proceeded to the ladder. MVP rolled into the ring and charged at Christian! Christian took it head on and grabbed onto MVP during the collision and threw MVP out of the ring! Christian slowly got backup, then walked back to the ladder and began to climb! Christian slowly climbed as Matt Hardy tried pulling himself into the ring! Christian was at the top as Matt crawled towards the ladder! Christian lifted himself up to reach the belt and pulled it down!

                            Winner: Christian Cage
                            Cole: Bodies laid out everywhere and Christian won it. The man who beat Edge earlier tonight has won the match.

                            Bischoff: Christian might have not won the World Title, but he did get something just as good!

                            Christian holds the title up as fireworks go off from above the ring.

                            End Show
                            Candice Larae, Bea Priestley, Nixon Newell, and Tessa Blanchard tribute
                            Finn Balor is the future of the WWE
                            Siera, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta - Forever
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                            Did you know, without lifts, Ambrose is taller than Reigns by an inch?

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                              Re: SMACKDOWN WRESTLING!

                              The Jew Review.
                              • Once again, love the “no box” promo. It’s fantastic.
                              • Smackdown’s first United States Champion? Explain that one.
                              • I’m pretty sure on FX, they still don’t use the word “fuck.”
                              • Interesting set-up for the Kennedy/Rob Van Dam match.
                              • The last line of that exchange was really weak on Kennedy’s part.
                              • You’ve really developed well with your match writing abilities (for summaries that is.) Much better than the last time I read your show.
                              • Think you pretty much strayed away from JBL’s character for a moment there. A little bit of redundancy in his talking.
                              • Good to see Jamie Noble getting some airtime, though.
                              • OH HELL. Noble versus Sting? Maybe Noble won’t be getting a PPV match.
                              • Are any of your wrestlers finishing matches with their actual finishing moves? London won with what I think is Chris Jericho’s finisher... Jamie Noble won with Kurt Angle’s finisher.
                              • Regardless, Jamie Noble going over a legend such as Sting, just doesn’t feel right, regardless of how much I love Jamie Noble.
                              • Why would Booker T be afraid of Sting? He just lost cleanly to Jamie Noble.
                              • A pretty good exchange between Christian and Edge, I’d say. Christian was well within what I’d expect of his character today. Edge, kind of said some things that struck me as “odd” for Edge. Specifically the sore loser thing.
                              • Aside from any sort of actual psychology (I don’t judge that on match summaries), the match was pretty good between Kennedy and RVD. Very good back and forth action. For a summary, it went on a bit long, though. That is something that you may keep in mind in the future. Match summaries are supposed to be just that.
                              • Wow. Ultimo Dragon makes his debut only to be demolished by Brock Lesnar.
                              • In his first match, and a few after, he should be booked as a somewhat decent wrestler, not get crushed.
                              • This “My Time is Near” thing is getting very interesting. I can’t wait to see who it is. He and Lesnar will have a great interaction, I’m sure of it.
                              • BATISTA! YES! Love it. Batista/Lesnar.. BOOK IT!
                              • How many wrestlers are going to call themselves “The Next Big Thing” on your show?
                              • “Beat you shitless”? Come on man.. unneeded profanity at it’s finest.
                              • This is going to be my favorite feud on your show, without a doubt.
                              • Once again I ask.. who the hell is the Euro Rumbler?
                              • Look man, I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not going to review your entire match. A full length match is fine if it is something you want to do, but the show definitely doesn’t warrant one. You aren’t gaining anything by writing it. Nothing would be lost on a summary.
                              • Christian Cage wins, which is good for me. He was one of the few guys you got pretty good chemistry writing.
                              • All and all, your show isn’t bad. You have a lot of good things going for you. But at the same time, you have a lot that is hurting you. Your strengths lie in your match summaries that are shorter. Also love Lesnar/Batista. Jamie Noble. Christian Cage. Some things to work on is cutting your matches shorter on weekly shows and saving your energy for full-length ones on Pay-Per-Views, but it’s your call. I’d also say that some of your characters were just your “run of the mill” character.. meaning it sounded more like you talking than the actual wrestler. Just pop up youtube and watch their promos. It’ll help you tons. Also.. the profanity. Stick to damn, hell, and bitch and you’ll be fine. Fuck and shit are never permitted on television and makes your show look tacky. I’ll continue to read though. Keep up the hard work.
                              Follower of Christ.


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                                Re: SMACKDOWN WRESTLING!

                                Thursday Night Smackdown!

                                (Smackdown’s opening video package)
                                ("Out Of Control" by, Hoobastank)

                                *Blue and White fireworks set off over the ring and head towards the entrance ramp and finish at the titantron! Lights go on! On the Titantron is two really wide screens on the sides, with the logo Smackdown over the middle, flashy shaped glass over it looking like an explosion, and a black curtain behind it.*

                                Cole: Welcome everyone to Thursday night Smackdown! I'm Michael Cole, along side with Eric Bischoff! We are live at Houston, Texas in the Reliant Stadium!

                                Bischoff: What a show that we've got tonight! We have a match to decide the number one contender for the United Sates Championship. We have our newest wrestler on in roster, Batista, to have his debut match. And we also have to hear who Rob Van Dam and Kennedy have chosen who the others opponent is at Winter War Zone.

                                Cole: I think it's been pretty obvious on who Kennedy has chosen, but who will Rob Van Dam chose?

                                *Not Alone*
                                By, All That Remains

                                Jamie Noble walks out wearing jean shorts and black boots. He has tape and bandage wrapped around both hands. Noble continues walking down to the ring and climbs in.

                                Cole: Noble shocked the world, defeating Sting last week in a bare fists match.

                                Bischoff: Noble probably had the best debut match in his career. Not only taking on Sting, but managing to defeat him. Making Sting tap out at that.


                                JBL comes out wearing a suit and holding a mic in his hand.

                                Cole: What's JBl doing out here?

                                Bischoff: Well from the start it looked like JBL had no respect for Noble. Maybe we'll here if Noble has a match at Winter War Zone.

                                JBL: Noble, you may have won against Sting last week, earning you a match at Winter War Zone. But you forget one thing kid. I'm the one who gets to decide what match you're in. That means I get to decide who you face, and what type of match it is. And there's no way in hell, that you're going to have a walk at the park. But that's later to come for you. Right now, you're going to be in a match against one of the roughest, ruthless men that I know. And not only that, but you're going to face him in a First Blood match. And if you lose, then you'll be pulled out of your match at Winter War Zone.

                                *Luck of the Irish*

                                Finlay walks out as JBL leaves. Finlay is in his regular wrestling gear. Finlay walks to the ring and rolls in.

                                Cole: I can't believe that JBL is having Finlay facing off against Noble in a first blood match!

                                Bischoff: Finlay isn't even really a part of the roster. Why the hell would he be wrestling tonight?

                                First Blood Match
                                Noble vs. Finlay

                                Summary: Finlay was able to have control over Noble in the beginning! Finlay mainly worked on Noble’s head and arms. The action soon took place outside of the ring, where Finlay threw Noble all around, trying to bust him open. Noble was able to turn the tables after grabbing a steel chair and whacking it at Finlay’s head! But Finlay didn’t bust open. Noble then rolled Finlay in the ring and followed with the steel chair.

                                Ending: Finlay slowly tried to get up as Noble held the steel chair over his head. Finlay lifted himself up and dodged Nobles swing with the chair! Finlay then kneed Noble in the gut and punched him in the face! Noble tried to fight back, but Finlay reversed the attack and lifted Noble up, only to slam him back down to the knee backbreaker! Noble laid on the ground as Finlay walked over to grab the steel chair. Noble crawled towards the ropes as Finlay walked back and kicked Noble in the back of the head! Finlay then walked over Noble and placed Nobles left arm in the folding steel chair and laid it back down. Finlay then stomped onto the chair, as well as Nobles left arm!

                                Noble screamed as he tried to roll outside of the ring! Finlay followed, also rolling out. Noble scarcely crawled over to the bell table and pushes it over. Finlay walks over to Noble. Noble grabs onto the bell and pushed himself up. Noble throws the bell at Finlay with his right arm! The bell hits Finlay in the thigh as Noble charges at Finlay! Noble hits Finlay in the head with an elbow! Noble then rapidly throws right hands all over Finlay! Finlay manages to push Noble back and slaps his left arm! Nobles screams as he slops onto the announcers table and pulls the top off as he falls backwards. Finlay walks near the ring and reaches for the steel chair. Noble slowly pulled himself up as Finlay turned around. Finlay then whacked the chair at Noble! Noble dodged the attack and grabbed onto the tv monitor! Noble then swung the monitor at Finlay head first! Finlay dropped, holding his head! The ref. looked down and checked on Finlay! The ref. then signaled for the bell that Finlay was busted open.

                                Winner: Jamie Noble
                                Cole: Noble managed to pull another shocker! Beating Finlay in a first blood match!

                                Bischoff: This kid does not quit, no matter what! He wants to prove himself to this company and show his worth!

                                Noble drops the tv monitor and walks towards the entrance ramp, holding his right arm high. The camera switches to Finlay, who is bleeding from the top of his forhead, dripping down.

                                *Room with a big Smackdown sign on the wall*

                                The Dudleyz are facing the camera clapping.

                                D-Von: That was a good match Bubba.

                                Bubba: Yes that was D-Von. They did a few extreme stuff.

                                D-Von: Well actually, they call it ruthlessness.

                                Bubba looks at the camera.

                                Bubba: Smackdown is apparently about ruthlessness and heavy hatred. But there’s something missing in all of this. Something that Smackdown needs to give it that extra push. What it needs is a little Extreme Championship -

                                D-Von: Wait a second! Bubba! There’s already something like that right now.

                                Bubba: Oh yeah! It claims to be extreme, but to us it’s a pile of s*** compared to what we’ve got in store!

                                D-Von: Which is why we need to bring in something original! Something new for this age of wrestling. Something uncensored! Something ... a little fu**** up!

                                Bubba: They probably bleeped that out. Because this company isn’t prepared for what we’re about to bring!

                                D-Von: But, we’re not the only one’s that fell this way. We've got a man who believes in what we believe in. A man we could call our leader, and the most fuc**d up wrestler in this industry: Rob Van Dam!

                                Bubba: But he’s not alone! Because we also have our fuc*** up manager: Extreme Steve!

                                RVD, with the World title over his shoulders, and a guy wearing a baseball cap, black t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers appear on screen.

                                Steve: I am Extreme Steve and I am here with Smackdowns World Heavyweight Champion: Rob - Van - Dam! And we have got a message for this so called TV Champion, Ken Kennedy. If he thinks that he can just make himself the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, then we’re going to do the same. Right now, RVD has made a decision on who Kennedy’s opponent will be at Winter War Zone. And that is the man himself: Mr. World Champ, RVD! At Winter War Zone there will be two wrestlers competing for two titles in one night! So Kennedy, as well as Smackdown, get ready! Because things just got a little fu**** up!

                                *commercial break*
                                Candice Larae, Bea Priestley, Nixon Newell, and Tessa Blanchard tribute
                                Finn Balor is the future of the WWE
                                Siera, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta - Forever
                                Cena fan for LIFE
                                Did you know, without lifts, Ambrose is taller than Reigns by an inch?

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