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    World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman Shane Mcmahon has announced that it will return for a third exciting season of SUPERAW.

    The third season which will feature the return of several established superstars including Triple H, Sting, Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle as well as several rising stars including Edge, Randy Orton, John Cena, Samoa Joe and Rob Van Dam.

    Shane McMahon has promised that the third season of SUPERAW will be completley different from anything in the previous first two years.

    The company has been built around a vision, and a plan that we have stuck to in the last two years. The first season was built around getting back the fan base that we had lost during our legal battles. We needed guys like Hart, HBK, Rock and Austin to get back the fans that we had lost during that time frame, although we knew that these aging superstars could not be around forever. Which is why we built the second season as a "Changing of the Guard" giving the guys that have helped us rebuild a proper farewell, a last hurrah while at the same time building and shaping a new vision for the company based around the young talent that we were able to acquire.

    This season, will be all about that young talent, guys like Rock and Austin have given them the ball, and its make or break time, these guys have to show something, show that they are capable of not only taking that ball, but running with it. That will be what this season is all about.
    To promote the return to North America for a third season, World Wrestling Entertainment will be broadcasting two exciting programs, the first a Best of 2005 will feature the top 10 most memorable matches from 2005, while the Top 10 Stories of 2005 will focus on the top 10 moments from the previous year.

    The WWE season, which was implemented in 2004, starts in January, preparing for the annual Royal Rumble pay per view and runs until August, where the season ends at the 2nd biggest pay per view of the year, Summerslam. The biggest pay per view of the year, Wrestlemania, which takes place in late March, earned over 1.5 million buyrates last year, the most successful pay per view event in history.

    However the third season will go on without the legendary and loved Eddie Guerrero, who tragically passed away in November.

    It was a terrible day when we learned of Eddie Guerrero's passing, it was during a road show in Minneapolis, Minnesota and we nearly cancelled the show, but we knew that was not what Eddie wanted, and so the show went on.

    We wanted to determine the best way to honor him, many suggestions were brought up, he was already scheduled to be a huge part of this upcoming year, and it was suggested that someone else fill the void. However we decided that no one could fill the shoes of Eddie Guerrero, and we felt it inhuman to profit off the death of someone who meant so much to us, so we have decided that the second show of the 2006 season will be a special Night of Tribute, just one night for friends and co-workers alike, to honor his memories. All profits from this event, will be given directly to Eddie Guerrero's family.

    WWE Chairman
    Shane McMahon
    Please hold the OMG this is so awesome, until I have finished the Top 10 Moments of 2005, and then by all means, you can stroke my e-ego

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    Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

    World Heavyweight Champion
    Brock Lesnar

    - Brock Lesnar defeated Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Triple H in an Elimination Chamber Match to win the World Heavyweight Championship (Judgment Day 2005)
    - Chris Benoit defeated Chris Jericho to win the World Heavyweight Championship (Wrestlemania 2005)
    - Chris Jericho defeated The Rock to win the World Heavyweight Championship (Wrestlemania 2004)
    - The Rock defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin to win the vacant World Heavyweight Championship (Royal Rumble 2004)


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      Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

      WWE Intercontinental Champion
      Samoa Joe

      - Samoa Joe defeated Rob Van Dam to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. (Vengeance 2005)
      - Rob Van Dam defeated Eddie Guerrero to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. (Judgment Day 2005)
      - Eddie Guerrero defeated Booker T to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. (Judgment Day 2004)
      - Booker T defeated Chris Benoit to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. (Wrestlemania 2004)
      - Chris Benoit defeated Rob Van Dam to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. (Royal Rumble 2004)
      - Rob Van Dam won a Battle Royal to win the vacant WWE Intercontinental Championship (Genesis, 12/29/03)
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        Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

        WWE Tag Team Champions
        America's Most Wanted

        - America's Most Wanted defeated Generation Next, World's Greatest Tag Team, Christopher Daniels & Shane Helms in a TLC Match to win the WWE Tag Team Championship (Summerslam 2005)
        - Generation Next defeated World's Greatest Tag Team to win the WWE Tag Team Championship (Judgment Day 2005)
        - World's Greatest Tag Team defeated Edge & Kurt Angle to win the WWE Tag Team Championship. (Dissension, 01/09/05)
        - Edge & Kurt Angle defeated Test & Rhyno to win the WWE Tag Team Championship. (Mind Games, 07/26/04)
        - Test & Rhyno defeated John Cena & Randy Orton, Hardy Boyz and Dudley Boyz in a Four Corners Elimination Match to win the vacant WWE Tag Team Championship. (King of the Ring 2004)

        ***Titles are vacated due to Sabu's injury***

        - Rob Van Dam & Sabu defeated Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, Edge and Christian in a TLC Match to win the WWE Tag Team Championship (Wrestlemania 2004)
        - Hardy Boyz defeated Edge & Christian in a Ladder Match to win the vacant WWE Tag Team Championship (Royal Rumble 2004)


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          Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

          WWE Cruiserweight Champion
          Petey Williams

          - Petey Williams defeated Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Sabin and The Hurricane in a Gauntlet For The Gold Match to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. (Summerslam 05)
          - Rey Mysterio defeated Paul London to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. (Backlash 05)
          - Paul London defeated The Hurricane and AJ Styles in an Ultimate X Match to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship (Ultimate X, 02/21/05)
          - The Hurricane defeated Paul London, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero and AJ Styles in a Gauntlet for the Gold Match to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship (Summerslam 05)
          - Paul London defeated Chavo Guerrero to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. (One Night Only, 06/14/04)
          - Chavo Guerrero defeated Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio and Paul London in a Four Corners Elimination Match to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship (Backlash 2004)
          - Billy Kidman defeated AJ Styles and Paul London in an Ultimate X Match to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship (RAW Roulette, 02/16/2004)
          - AJ Styles defeated Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero and The Hurricane in a Double Elimination Tournament to win the vacant WWE Cruiserweight Championship. (Genesis, 12/29/03)
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            Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

            The Top 10 Moments of 2005

            10. John Cena wins the King of the Ring Tournament

            - Since 2004, the Winner of the King of the Ring Tournament has been rewarded with a title shot at the final show of the year: Summerslam. 16 men enter the tournament, and it slowly works it's way down to 4, where it becomes a one night tournament for the right to face the World Champion. John Cena, Randy Orton, Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle were the final four participants.

            - John Cena and Chris Benoit met in the first match of the night, Chris Benoit was the former World Champion. When he demanded his title re-match it was denied and so he assaulted Shane McMahon, who told him that the only way he would ever get a re-match would be to win the King of the Ring tournament. John Cena had just come back from an injury suffered at the hands of his former Tag Team Partner, Randy Orton. The two men battled in the opening contest of the night, and it looked like Benoit had the match won, until Shane McMahon interfered with a Kendo Stick, knocking out Benoit, allowing John Cena to pick up the victory.

            - In the second match of the night, Randy Orton faced Kurt Angle to determine who would face John Cena. At Wrestlemania, Randy Orton decided to go on his own and injured his own partner John Cena during a TLC Match. Kurt Angle had just gotten out of a feud with Bret Hart and was looking to move foreward with his momentum, however it was Randy Orton who put a sudden hault to that momentum, countering the Ankle Lock into an exposed ring post and then the RKO to move past Angle into the finals.

            - The King of the Ring finals had John Cena square off against bitter rival and former partner, Randy Orton. In 2004, the two men spent much of the spring fighting with Cena winning the final rubber match at Judgment Day, the two became allies but only so that Orton could learn Cena's weaknesses. However it seemed that Cena had also learned a thing about Orton and countered the RKO into the FU to win the King of the Ring Tournament.

            - However it was not a fairy tale ending for John Cena as he faced Brock Lesnar for the championship at Summerslam, although he battled valiantly he could not stand up to Brock Lesnar, who retained the WWE Championship.


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              Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

              9. New Blood Rising

              - The previous year has seen the rise of several young talented superstars who have taken the ball from the established stars and turned the company into their company. They have already made their impact on the world of professional wrestling, in just one short year.

              - AJ Styles moved out of the Cruiserweight division and into the big time, including 2 MOTY contenders with Paul London and the triple threat with Bryan Danielson and Samoa Joe at Summerslam. The innovative high flyer is often hailed as the most athletic performer in professional wrestling today.

              - Bryan Danielson is a technical marvel, very few people are given the opportunity to face Shawn Michaels in their first professional match, even fewer are able to keep up with the Heartbreak Kid, and fewer still have the chance of winning the match, but Bryan Danielson defied the odds and defeated Shawn Michaels (with HHH's interference) in his first ever match. Since then the American Dragon hasn't looked back including a match of the year contender with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe at Summerslam 05.

              - Samoa Joe is perhaps the most dangerous man in professional wrestling today, he debuted the night after Wrestlemania and since has gone undefeated in the WWE, a 9 month streak that has already seen him beat the best the business has to offer: Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Bret Hart, Rob Van Dam and many more.

              - CM Punk has established himself as a true innovator of offense, the man who unleashed Samoa Joe upon the company, his feud with Rob Van Dam in 2005 produced some of the most innovative offensive displays the company has ever seen. Punk is fearless, innovative and is always determined to do the impossible.


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                Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                8. WCW: One Night Stand

                - After the success of ECW: One Night Stand in 2004, the WWE decided to honor the other brand of Sports Entertainment that had pushed it to the level of performance that it enjoyed, World Championship Wrestling and brought it back for One Night Only.

                - The opening match featured a bout from one of the greatest feuds in WCW, Chris Benoit and Booker T, re-kindling their Best of 7 Series Wars (both from WWE and WCW) in one epic battle. In wCw, Booker T was the one that walked away with the ultimate prize, and this was no different as the 5 time wCw champion proved that he still has Chris Benoit's number, beating him with the Book End.

                - WCW was known for the Cruiserweight Division, for being the pioneer that allowed North America to see what it was all about, and two of the best did battle in Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. As the two men battled back and forth, in a classic rivaling their 1997 encounter, this time Eddie Guerrero caught Mysterio by surprise, countering the 619 and using the ropes to score a victory over Rey Mysterio.

                - In a special challenge match, the WWE champion Brock Lesnar issued an open challenge to any former wCw superstar who thought they could win the gold and Scott Stiener shocked the world by accepting the challenge. Stiener would give Brock Lesnar a run for his money but Lesnar would show just how much of a force he is, countering the Stiener Recliner into the F-5 to retain the WWE Championship.

                - In the Semi-Main Event, Goldberg went one on one with Diamond Dallas Page in a return match from their classic Halloween Havoc matchup, once again DDP was able to counter the Jackhammer into the Diamond Cutter, however Goldberg was ready, pushing DDP into the ropes and hitting the Spear to continue his streak over DDP.

                - In the Main Event, Ric Flair teamed with Bret Hart and the legend known as Sting to battle the greatest faction in the history of wCw, the New World Order, Hogan/Hall/Nash. This time the forces of wCw were able to eliminate once and for all, the poison of the nWo when both Hall and Nash tapped out to the Sharpshooter/Scourpin Deathlock at the same time.


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                  Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                  7. D-X Reunion

                  - Vince McMahon made the terrible miscalculation of opening up a war on muliple fronts. Triple H was obsessed with getting revenge on Vince's daughter Stephanie, while Shawn Michaels had also angered the boss, for aligning with his hated enemy Bret Hart. The McMahon Deadly Alliance of Rock and Austin were ordered to stop HHH and HBK at all costs.

                  - During a match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels, The Rock interfered which caused Bret Hart to come down. Stephanie made her return to the company and slapped Hart, however Stephanie's presence only provoked the Game further who ran down with a sledgehammer and cleaned house.

                  - HHH and Michaels had feuded for months, however the two of them realized that if they were going to survive the McMahon onslaught they would have no choice but to bury the hacket and unite under a common enemy, and D-Generation X was reborn with one purpose, to make the McMahon's life a living hell.

                  - At Wrestlemania Shawn Michaels teamed with Bret Hart against the McMahon's in a Street Fight and were victorious. Triple H faced off against The Rock inside Hell in a Cell and won the war finishing the Rock off with a Pedigree onto the Sledgehammer head to end the McMahon/Deadly Alliance reign of terror.
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                    Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                    06. The Rise of Edge

                    - No WWE superstar has ever boasted the resume of superstars defeated in one year that Edge put together in 2005, despite not winning the WWE championship, Edge became a major player in the company and positioned himself as one of the top men in the industry.

                    - After Wrestlemania, Edge determined that he had enough of waiting at the bottom of the barrel and was determined to make his rise in the industry. He became the perfect victim for the Rock's rage and the two battled at backlash, Rock determined to hold onto his spot as a Main Eventer and Edge determined to make his own,. and in a Match of the Year contender Edge proved victorious.

                    - Edge continued his rise, defeating both Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the month of May before getting his first opportunity to challenge for the WWE championship in a Triple threat Match also featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin and the champion, Brock Lesnar. Edge was denied the title as Lesnar pinned Austin and it was determined that since Edge wasn't pinned he deserved a title shot.

                    - Edge battled Brock Lesnar at King of the Ring for the WWE championship, however this sparked the rage of the Undertaker, who was tired of getting overlooked when it came to the title and was determined to make Edge suffer for it, costing him the match. Edge and the Undertaker began a bloody and vicious war including a First Blood Match and a Hell in the Cell match. In a match where Undertaker was more interested in permanently injuring Edge than winning, Edge was taken to the limits inside the Cell, but survived and prevailed, with three Con-Chair-To's to finally put down the Undertaker.


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                      Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                      05. Three Stages of Hell

                      - Shawn Michaels and Triple H united under a common enemy in Vince McMahon, but when that enemy disappeared bad blood rose to the surface. Triple H was determined to eliminate Shawn Michaels once and for all, believing that he was no longer capable at competing at a Main Event level and did not want to see someone he respected embarass himself.

                      - Triple H was so determined to prove that Michaels wasn't capable of deliverig anymore that he challenged him to his own match, the Ladder Match, with the stipulation that if HHH loses, Shawn Michaels' career would be over. However Shawn Michaels rose to the occasion, proving that he still had some gas in his tank.

                      - The two would then cross paths again, this time in the Elimination Chamber with Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, Bret Hart and Kurt Angle. Triple H would get his revenge and further drive home his opinion that Michaels was through, hitting him with the Pedigree to eliminate him, although Michaels got the last llaugh kicking him between the eyes allowing Bret Hart to roll him up to eliminate him.

                      - Shane McMahon hated both men, and hated that their bitter rivalry was hurting his show and so he decided once and for all to finish it in 3 Stages of Hell. The first fall was a simple one on one match, for nothing more than pride. The second match was a Street Fight, designed so the two men could destroy each other, and the third fall was in a Steel Cage, the ultimate test of survival. The first fall went to Triple H, proving once again that Michaels should hang it up, however Michaels showed his determination and will to defy the odds, beating Triple H in a Street Fight. The war continued into the cage where HHH's legendary quad injury returned, HHH however fought through the pain long enough to hit Michaels with a sick Pedigree, the impact compressing Michaels' spin, nearly causing paralysis. HHH was able to win the match, but the cost of victory was high. Shawn Michaels was never able to wrestle again, and HHH was put on the shelf for the another 9 months.


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                        Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                        04. Chris Benoit wins the Royal Rumble

                        - It was the most surprising victory in the history of the Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble in 2005 featured more star power than any previous Royal Rumble the company had ever held, it featured Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, The Rock, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, all former World Champions.

                        - There was nothing truly spectacular about Chris Benoit's entrance, he entered at #19 and began slowly wearing down the competition until the final four men remained: Triple H, Chris Benoit, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart. Vince McMahon came down and saw to Bret Hart's elimination, distracting him long enough for Austin to finish the job, leaving Austin, HHH and Benoit. Triple H was the next to go when the Rock returned and eliminated him from the Rumble, leaving only Austin and Benoit left.

                        - Everything seemed to go according to plan for Vince McMahon, Austin would win the Rumble and then go to Wrestlemania, but there was one thing he didn't factor on, Chris Benoit's refusal to lose and his determination to live out his dream, as he fought interference from Rock and McMahon, finally eliminating Austin to win the Royal Rumble.


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                          Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                          03. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

                          - It was arguably the most anticipated match in the history of the industry, and both men had a tremendous amount to lose, as well as a tremendous amount to gain.

                          - Stone Cold Steve Austin had defined a generation, pulling the WWE out of the graveyard and single handedly bringing it back to the status that Hulk Hogan had built it to in the late 80's. He was the person that everyone wanted to be like, he got in his bosses face, said whatever he wanted and took nothing from no one.

                          - Hulk Hogan was an American Icon, as American as Apple Pie. He transformed WWE from a struggling promotion to the world wide super-power that it is today, he inspired a generation to eat their vitamins, drink their milk and say their prayers.

                          - The hype for this match was incredible, and the match did not disappoint with Austin torturing Hogan. Austin was determined to make the crowd hate him and did everything in his power, including nearly assaulting a Hulkamaniac in the front row, but the crowd refused to boo Austin, the harder he tried the harder they cheered. Austin despised Hogan, however as the match progressed, respect began to grow. Austin would eventually win the match, however Hogan would win Austin's respect and the two would share a beer in one of the greatest Wrestlemania moments of all time.


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                            Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                            02. Chris Benoit realizes his dream

                            - Chris Benoit had done the impossible, winning the most star studded Royal Rumble in the history of the company, earning him the chance of a lifetime, the opportunity to main event Wrestlemania. But then he was hit with another impossible task, beating Chris Jericho.

                            - Chris Jericho had won the WWE title at Wrestlemania 20, and in a year as champion, had beaten everyone that the business had to offer including Chris Benoit. He beat the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Triple H, Goldberg, Kane, the list didn't seem to end. Not only did he win, but he won in almost every case without help, and the few times he did receive unvoluentarily help, he made it right. Chris Benoit made Jericho an offer he could not refuse, one chance, but no surprises, no outside help, just man to man. If Jericho won, Benoit could never challenge for the title again.

                            - And Jericho was a man of his word, and the two battled. Jericho brought some surprises, however none of them illegal. He took the fight to Benoit, beating him at his own game on the mat, beating Benoit in preparation, but much like the Royal Rumble the only thing Jericho couldn't prepare for was Benoit's unrelenting resolve, finally forcing Jericho to tap out to the Crossface, ending one of the greatest title reigns of all time.

                            - After the match, Chris Benoit's long time friend Eddie Guerrero came out to celebrate the victory with his friend in a true Wrestlemania moment.


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                              Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                              01. The Life and Death of Eddie Guerrero

                              - Eddie Guerrero had a spectacular final year in the WWE despite losing the Intercontinental Championship. At Wrestlemania, he won the Money in the Bank Four Corners Match to earn a title shot at the champion whenever he wanted it.

                              - He cashed in the following month, battling his long time friend Chris Benoit for the top prize in the industry, Eddie Guerrero would fall just short, but the war between the two did not damage their friendship.

                              - Eddie Guerrero got another opportunity at the title in his home state of Texas, when he battled Brock Lesnar at Vengeance. Even with the home crowd behind him, Eddie Guerrero fell just short, falling victim to the F-5.

                              - At Summerslam in his final match, Eddie Guerrero battled Chris Benoit one final time, Chris Benoit was obsessed with winning the title and was angered by the fact that Eddie Guerrero received a title shot before he got his re-match. In what would be Eddie's final match, he emerged victorious, surprising Chris Benoit with his legendary lying, cheating and stealing.