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    Re: WWE SUPERAW 06


    High Stakes

    After an emotional night of tribute, SUPERAW returns to business as usual and the stakes are high as we move closer to the Royal Rumble and kick off the Road to Wrestlemania.

    The WWE Champion has had a rough couple of weeks, at Reborn he was attacked and left a bloody mess by the newly formed group of John Cena, Homicide and Low Ki. Will the WWE Champion get his revenge for the vicious beating two weeks ago? Also last week, an emotional Chris Benoit scored a pinfall over the champion, how will Brock Lesnar react?

    The #1 Contenders Tournament continues to determine a challenger for Samoa Joe at the Royal Rumble. AJ Styles scored an impressive victory over Rob Van Dam, while Bryan Danielson scored a tainted victory of his own over CM Punk. Will the technical expertise of Bryan Danielson prove superior, or will the high risk offense of AJ Styles reward him with a shot at the Samoan Submission Machine?

    Speaking of tournaments, the battles between Generation Next and World's Greatest Tag Team have been rising in intensity, World's Greatest Tag Team had the chance to finish off Generation Next last week, but Aries and Shelley dug deep and pulled out a huge victory, at High Stakes, they will have the third and final match of the Best 2/3 Series. Will Generation Next be able to finish the comeback, or will the World's Greatest Tag Team prove that they are in fact, the World's Greatest Tag Team?

    At High Stakes, three superstars will make their SUPERAW debut, Andrew Martin (formally known) as Test will make his debut, facing David Flair, son of the legendary Nature Boy, Ric Flair. Also, Jimmy Rave will make his SUPERAW debut against an opponent selected personally by Mick Foley.

    Finally, we will hear from both Kurt Angle and Sting for the first time in this new SUPERAW season, as well as words from Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio, all this and more in an exciting night of High Stakes


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      Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

      I've never read anything of yours, Jay, so I have no idea of previous storylines before this show.

      Nice video package and speech from Shane. So this is a tribute show, I like it. Eddie definately deserves one. Similar to the actual tribute, no attempts at kayfabe, just mourning.

      Emotional speech from Brock, very nice. Seems very realistic.

      Chavo riding the low rider was cool. He and Rey both pay their respects, which was expected. Great match, and Chavo winning was nice. The 'Eddie' chant feels a little..OTT.

      Unsure about a storyline advancing match on a tribute show. It kind of makes it...not a tribute show. Good match though, but the ending felt a little contrived.

      I liked this match a lot. You used all 4 guys well, and I actually loved the ending. Lame name for the finisher though.

      Decent match from these 2. A little short though, and I wasn't a huge fan of the Joe interference. Hopefully something develops there and we get a decent length match, which , with your writing, I'm sure would be awesome.

      A good match, and Benoit picks up the emotional victory. The emotional ending to the show, with Brock putting the title on the Low Rider is cool.

      Overall, I felt a little weird reading this. I'm not sure whether I liked it or not. The writing was great, and all the matches wree good, though the Punk/Danielson match could have done with being a little longer. It's just...I'm not sure the emotion of a tribute show can be adequately conveyed in Fan Fic. Nothing against you, but I feel tribute shows are probably best steered clear of. I'll be reading whatever you write next though, as I can see you're one of the better match writers around.

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      Sports Empire MVP 2008 & 2009


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        Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

        WWE SUPERAW 2006
        Monday January 16th, 2006
        Location: New Orleans, Louisana
        Venue: Superdome
        Announcers: Joey Styles and John Bradshaw Layfield
        Written By: Jay Lethal

        The parental advisory warning flashes across television screens in North America and around the world before the WWE SUPERAW video monologue plays to ‘This Could Be Anywhere In The World’ by Alexisonfire. The video package includes such superstars as Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Brock Lesnar, Edge, Randy Orton, John Cena, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson. The video package ends and the cameras shift to the sold out Superdome in New Orleans, Louisana as explosions rock the stage and the crowd comes alive. The camera pans the live audience focusing in on several signs including an Eddie Guerrero sign, a Brock Lesnar sign, and several John Cena signs before the camera shifts to the announcers table with Joey Styles and John Bradshaw Layfield.

        Joey Styles: “Welcome everybody to another exciting edition of WWE SUPERAW, tonight the stakes could not be higher as AJ Styles meets Bryan Danielson, the winner will face Samoa Joe at the Royal Rumble for the Intercontinental Championship.”

        John Bradshaw Layfield: “High Stakes indeed Joey Styles, but that’s not all, tonight the third and final installment, the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Generation Next, the winners will face America’s Most Wanted at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Tag Team Championship”

        Joey Styles: “Also two weeks ago Brock Lesnar was left broken and beaten in the ring, how will the champion respond against John Cena here tonight?”

        John Bradshaw Layfield: “Not to mention there have been rumors circulating around this building all day that Kurt Angle and Sting, two legends in this business, both will be making an appearance tonight, and I understand that both of them have a huge announcement to make."

        ‘Go To Sleep’ by Eminem hits the speakers and Homicide and Low Ki appear on the stage to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Homicide and Low Ki look and then part ways allowing John Cena to appear in between them. John Cena, Homicide and Low Ki make their way to the ring as a unit, and they stop right at the ring area. Homicide and Low Ki start mouthing off to some of the fans at ringside while John Cena slides into the ring and grabs a microphone from Lilian Garcia, Homicide and Low Ki finish talking smack to the crowd and then slide into the ring.

        John Cena: “Alright, everybody in the locker-room, all the fans listen up because I am only going to say this once. Two weeks ago, Brock Lesnar, I made a promise, and that promise was that I would walk out of the ring, out of the arena with my hand raised high, carrying that World Title, leaving you in a broken, beaten man. And that is exactly what happened to you that week. Now, I gave you that title back, and you have an opportunity in front of you Brock, you can either bring your ass down here, so that I can beat you and take it from you, or Homicide, Low Ki and myself can take this fight backstage and beat you down like the bitch that you are.”

        The crowd boos Cena for a few seconds and then starts encouraging Lesnar to come out and silence John Cena but that’s not the case as their chants are interrupted by a familiar sound, the sound of a car wreck as Mick Foley appears on the stage to a huge pop from the crowd as Mick Foley stands on the stage with a microphone in hand.

        Mick Foley: “John Cena, perhaps this is how you got title shots back in the “Attitude” era, by trying to come out here and get in the champions head to trick him into giving you a title shot, but that’s not how things work when I am in charge. You see, when I am in charge, you have to earn your way John, you don’t get what you want through intimidation. In fact I wonder if you would be so quick to call Brock Lesnar down to the ring without those two street thugs Homicide and Ki in the ring. But I am a fair man, and more importantly I am a man of the people, and so I have an idea about how we can solve this problem.”

        John Cena: “Listen here you washed up stunt man, I understand that you were a big star in your day, but your taking up John Cena’s time, and you want to talk about a problem, you will have a problem if Brock Lesnar doesn’t bring his ass down here so that John Cena can kick it.”

        Mick Foley: “John, I don’t think that you understand what I am trying to say, so I am going to say it really slow, and hope that it sinks in. Brock Lesnar is not coming down to the ring, in fact I have given Brock Lesnar the night off after the last two weeks. If you want Brock Lesnar, I am going to give you an opportunity at Brock Lesnar, all you have to do, is beat the man who made him tap out last week, you understand what I am saying Cena, I am talking about John Cena and Chris Benoit, one on one in that ring tonight, winner will get a chance at Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.”

        The crowd instantly pops at the announcement and are in love with the idea of either Lesnar/Cena or Lesnar/Benoit at the Royal Rumble. John Cena on the other hand is livid in the ring and considers charging at Mick Foley, but Homicide and Low Ki hold him back, preventing him from making a mistake.

        Mick Foley: “HAVE A NICE DAY CENA!”

        Mick Foley’s music plays once again and he raises his hand in the air as the crowd continues to erupt at the Main Event announcement as SUPERAW takes its first commercial break.

        Commercial Break
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          Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

          Royal Rumble Moment: The year is 2001, Kane enters at #6 and eliminated 11 men lasting over an hour in the Royal Rumble. Stone Cold Steve Austin is assaulted by Triple H, and Austin/Kane are the last two men in the Royal Rumble, Austin hits Kane with a Steel Chair putting him over the top rope to win his third Royal Rumble.

          When WWE SUPERAW returns, we are shown video footage of an earlier meeting today in Mick Foley’s office. Mick Foley is alone sitting in his office when the sound of a door opening is heard and the camera shifts as a well dressed black man enters the ring.

          Mick Foley: “Hello, you must be Prince Nana, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you in person”

          Foley holds out his hand to shake the hand of Prince Nana, however Nana looks at him in disgust, finally Foley realizes that the handshake isn’t going to happen and he pulls back.

          Prince Nana: “I trust that all the arrangements have been made for the Crown Jewel’s debut tonight”

          Mick Foley: “All the arrangements that you requested have been made, the Crown Jewel, this Jimmy Rave……”

          Prince Nana: “How dare a peasant like you even utter the name of Jimmy Rave, you will address him only as the Crown Jewel.”

          Mick Foley: “Very well, the Crown Jewel will debut tonight as agreed, not only that but a debut of this nature should be special and so I have arranged that the winner of this match tonight will face the WWE Cruiserweight Champion at the Royal Rumble.”

          Prince Nana: “And out of curiosity, what pathetic groveling worm have you appointed to be the first victim of Jimmy Rave?”

          Mick Foley: “I wanted to test the skills of your Crown Jewel to see if he is all that you claim him to be, so with that in mind I selected one of the very best superstars in our business…Paul London”

          The confident look of Prince Nana gets shaken at the mention of Paul London as the camera cuts back to the present time backstage at the Toyota Center where the beautiful Maria Kanellis is standing by with the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

          Maria Kanellis: “What a night tonight is shaping out to be, major announcements expected from Kurt Angle, and Sting, and now the announced Main Event of Chris Benoit and John Cena, but right now I am standing with Randy Orton.

          A frustrated Randy Orton barely allows Maria to finish her sentence before he violently rips the microphone from her small hands.

          Randy Orton: “Maria, do the world a favour and shut up, your wasting precious oxygen. You know no matter what I do, I always end up being overlooked. I retire legend after legend, after damn legend, and Edge takes my spotlight away by beating some zombie. And then, last week I make an impact, attacking Edge, but what do people talk about, John Cena and his new little street gang. Earlier this week, I went and told that I had a major announcement to make, but what happens, oh Kurt Angle and Sting have an announcement, so who cares what Randy Orton has to say. Well, here is what I have to say, I AM SICK AND TIRED OF BEING OVERLOOKED IN THIS BUSINESS, I am the Legend Killer! And I am here tonight, to officially enter the Royal Rumble, and when I win the Royal Rumble, I will finally get the respect that I des…..”

          Randy Orton is cut off as he is suddenly speared to the floor by EDGE! The Enigmatic Edge continues his assault with right hands as trainers and backstage staff quickly appears on the scene to separate the two superstars before any damage can be done. Edge is being held back screaming at Orton, as the Legend Killer is looked over by the training staff and we are taken back to the main arena where the crowd is silent as Prince Nana appears on the stage.

          Prince Nana: “Ladies and Gentlemen, peasants, put your hands together, get off your feet and stand in reverence for the Crown Jewel of Prince Nana’s empire, JIMMY RAVB”

          ‘Parade of the Charioteers’ hits the speakers and several of the Prince’s servants appear on the stage laying down a golden carpet on the entrance ramp as Jimmy Rave appears on the stage, clothed in a golden robe as he walks down the ring on the golden carpet. Jimmy Rave looks at Nana who smiles as Jimmy Rave climbs the ring apron and steps into the ring. Jimmy Rave showcases himself to the crowd who react by massively booing him, gaining him instant massive heel heat. The crowd continues to boo him until ‘Battle Without Honor or Humanity’ blasts over the speakers and the crowd’s boos turn to cheers as the entire arena erupts and Paul London appears on the stage to a massive pop from the crowd. London walks towards the ring, conversing with the crowd where possible before climbing the steps and stepping through the ring ropes, meeting his opponent in the center of the ring.

          For a WWE Cruiserweight Title Shot at the Royal Rumble
          Jimmy Rave w/Prince Nana vs. Paul London

          Both men lock up in the center of the ring and Paul London does a go behind with a waist lock, before taking him to the canvas. Rave gets back to his feet and then rolls through the hold to escape it. London gets back to his feet, and they lock up again, London locks him in a headlock and Rave pushes him off to the ropes, Rave then executes a leap frog, but London puts on the breaks. When Rave lands, London is right in front of him and London takes him over with a side headlock. Rave struggles for a moment and then wraps his legs around the head of London, but London maneuvers around and then flips out of the move landing on his feet,

          Rave quickly backs off and then is about to lock up with London again, but he backs off at the last moment. Rave then completely backs away from London and the crowd really gets on his case, forcing Rave to lock up with a motivated London. London gains the advantage and comes out of the lock with the leg of Jimmy Rave, which he twists with a dragon screw, taking Rave down. London is quick to his feet and he grabs Rave by the leg, however the Crown Jewel pushes London off of him.

          Both men get back to their feet again, Rave drops to his knees and then lifts London with a fireman’s carry, into a headlock. London gets back to his feet and pushes Rave into the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder. Rave gets to his feet and he connects with a Drop Sault which knocks Rave through the ropes to the floor. Prince Nana comes over to check on his Crown Jewel as London runs off the ropes looking for a suicide dive, but Nana pulls him away and London puts on the break. Rave thinks that he has escaped, but London springboards over the top rope with a crossbody that takes both Jimmy Rave and Prince Nana out on the floor.

          London gets back to his feet and he lifts up Rave, throwing him into the ring, he then climbs to the top rope and prepares for another high risk assault but Prince Nana gets up and knocks him off balance and he lands uncomfortably on the top rope. Rave gets to his feet and notices that London is off balanced on the top rope and he climbs up, and hooks up London for a super-plex but London manages to fight off the attack, he knocks off Rave from the top rope and climbs back up. He waits for Rave to get to his feet and he leaps off, but Rave surprises him with a dropkick to the stomach, driving both the wind and momentum from Paul London! Rave covers but London kicks out at two.

          Rave delivers a stiff kick to the back of London, he then pushes London into the corner and climbs to the second rope, he starts unleashing a series of right hands, but London manages to counter by dropping Rave face first on the turnbuckle, London delivers a couple forearm shots and then throws Rave into the ropes and lowers his head, Rave puts on the breaks and catches London with a kick. Rave then throws London into the ropes and does a low bridge as London leaps over him before Rave delivers a hard knee to the stomach of London. Rave gets to his feet first and waits for London to get to his feet, he looks for a soft kick and London catches his foot, but his reflexes aren’t fast enough to avoid the Enziguri. Rave covers…..1….2… kickout.

          Rave gets to his feet and waits for London, he gets to his feet slowly and Rave grabs him and throws him into the opposite corner, London springboards and flips off the ropes as Rave charges in and runs into the turnbuckle and then he surprises Rave with another Drop Sault into the corner. Rave stumbles out of the corner and London connects with a kick to the leg, taking Rave down to one knee, before a vicious kick to the back of the head which takes Rave down. London covers….1….2….kickout. London begins to get frustrated and he waits for Rave to get to his feet, London runs off the ropes and springboards off the second rope into a sunset flip, but Rave rolls through the flip and lands on his feet, before connecting with a dropkick to the face of London. Rave covers….1….2….kickout!

          London struggles to get to his feet and Rave slaps him, trying to humiliate him, he slaps him again, and again, but this time London fires back with a slap to the face of Rave, the two men exchange open hand slaps for a moment as London gets to his feet. London scores with a couple forearm shots but Rave scores with a thumb to the eye. Rave throws London into the corner but London reverses and charges in as Rave ducks, sending London over the top rope to the ring apron. Rave then scores with an elbow, and then tries to suplex London back into the ring, but London blocks it, and then scores with a hard shoulder into the stomach of Rave, knocking him back. London then springboards off the top rope into a Dropkick which takes down Jimmy Rave. London then jumps back to his feet and signals for the end, climbing to the top rope.

          As London climbs, Prince Nana once again draws his attention, Rave gets to his feet and he knocks London off the top rope. Rave then delivers a couple more slaps to the face of Paul London, before climbing to the top rope, he signals for the end and he looks for a Hurricanrana off the top rope, but London holds on and Rave crashes hard to the canvas. Rave is down and London is purched on the top rope, London leaps off and connects with the 450 Splash! London covers….1…..2……3

          The Referee raises Paul London’s arm in victory as Prince Nana helps Jimmy Rave out of the ring, however suddenly the crowd begins to rile up, Paul London turns around and doesn’t have time to react as Petey Williams flips over him and connects with the CANADIAN DESTROYER! The WWE Cruiserweight Champion stands over the fallen Paul London and holds the WWE Cruiserweight Title in the air, yelling at Paul London that he had better be ready at the Royal Rumble.

          Joey Styles, “What a cheap attack by Petey Williams, after a hard fought match, he blindsides an unexpecting Paul London!”

          John Bradshaw Layfield, “Half of wrestling is mental, and that’s what Petey Williams is doing right now, getting inside the head of Paul London!”

          The crowd continues to boo and jeer Petey Williams, before the camera shifts to Kurt Angle walking through the halls of the Toyota Center to a nice pop from the crowd.

          Joey Styles, “Kurt Angle has a huge announcement to make later tonight!”

          Commercial Break


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            Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

            Wrestlemania Moment: The Rock and Hollywood Hulk Hogan go eye to eye, nose to nose as the past met the present at Wrestlemania X-8 in Toronto, Canada

            When WWE SUPERAW returns we are taken backstage to the locker-room of the legendary Nature Boy, Ric Flair. However this time it is not the Nature Boy preparing for battle, like he did all those years ago, now it is his son, David Flair preparing for his first ever WWE match.

            Ric Flair: “Tonight is the night David, tonight is the night that you walk that line; that you go out, style and profile just like the Nature Boy!”

            David Flair: “Yeah, I know, and I am ready for whatever Andrew Martin has for me tonight, its time for me to make my own mark on this business.”

            Ric Flair: “That’s what I want to hear, go out and show the world that Flair name is not only alive, but better than ever……WOOOOO!”

            David Flair: “WOOOOOO”

            The two men exchange a few more WOOO’s before the camera shifts away from the Father and Son and back to the beautiful Maria Kanellis at the RAW interview area, where she is standing by with Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle!

            Maria Kanellis: “Kurt Angle, former WWE champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, welcome back, you asked for this time earlier this week, what’s on your mind?”

            Kurt Angle: “Thanks Maria, over the last few months I have a lot of time on my hands to think, to think about my place in this promotion and in this business, an I had just one question to ask myself, and that is Kurt Angle, are you the best in the world right now. And it hurt to admit this, but Kurt Angle is not the best wrestler in the world right now, because Kurt Angle is not the WWE champion. But that’s going to change. This is a message right now, not just to the WWE Champion, but to the rest of the locker-room, Kurt Angle is back and better than ever, and whoever the WWE Champion is, better grow eyes in the back of his head, because Kurt Angle is coming for that title, and I can think of no better time to win that title, than Wrestlemania, so Kurt Angle is officially entering the Royal Rumble with one purpose, to win the Royal Rumble, and win the WWE Title at Wrestlemania!”

            The camera catches the stare of Kurt Angle for a couple of seconds before Kurt Angle walks away, leaving Maria Kanellis alone as SUPERAW takes another commercial break.

            Commercial Break


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              Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

              Royal Rumble Moment: Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels start the 2004 Royal Rumble at #1 and #2, and then end the Royal Rumble being the last two in the ring, both men go over the top rope and Michaels’ feet hit the ground first, resulting in Chris Jericho winning the Royal Rumble.

              When WWE SUPERAW returns from commercial break we are taken into the locker-room of John Cena where he is joined by the Rottweilers, Homicide and Low Ki.

              John Cena: “Tonight, I don’t want to take any chances, at the Royal Rumble I am gonna bring the pain to Brock Lesnar, so go find Chris Benoit and end this before our match even starts.”

              With their orders given, the street soldiers Homicide and Low Ki leave the locker-room as John Cena sits down to prepare himself mentally for his match with chris Benoit later tonight. The camera then shifts again to Maria Kanellis at the RAW interview area where she is joined by Test, now known as Andrew Martin and Stacy Kiebler.

              Maria Kanellis: “Andrew Martin, tonight in your debut match this year, you face the son of the Legendary Nature Boy, Ric Flair, what are your thoughts heading into this huge match?”

              Andrew Martin: “Tonight, is the debut of David Flair, son of the legendary Nature Boy, and I plan to make that debut a living hell. You see tonight David Flair steps into that ring, with the real impact player in this company, Andrew Martin. Tonight, I am going to beat David Flair in front of his own man, just to show him that just because his last name is Flair, doesn’t mean that he belongs in this business. Tonight, I teach him a lesson that he will never forget.”

              Andrew Martin forcefully hands the microphone back to Maria as ‘Out of My Way’ by Seether hits he speakers and the camera follows Andrew Martin & Stacy Kiebler to the main entrance ramp as he steps through the curtains and the cameras continue to follow him down to the ring. Andrew Martin slides into the ring as ‘Space Oddessy 2001’ hits the speakers and David Flair, dressed in the same glorious robes as his old man steps out of the curtains with his father (dressed in a power suit) behind him. David Flair walks down to the ring, steps up to the apron and then into the ring. Flair removes his robes and Martin immediately jumps him.

              David Flair (with Ric Flair) vs. Andrew Martin (with Stacy Kiebler)

              Martin is on top of him quickly with clubbing forearms. He lifts him to his feet slowly and then sends him into the ropes, Flair bounces out of the corner and Martin charges at him with a clothesline, knocking Flair down. Test takes a moment to mouth off to Ric Flair, who is on the outside before he turns his attention back to David Flair in the ring. He lifts up David Flair in the corner and begins to deliver a series of knee strikes to the ribs of Flair, and then some elbow strikes to the back of the head. Martin throws Flair back into the corner and charges in again, but this time Flair gets his foot up and Martin runs right into it.

              Martin staggers around for a moment and then Flair begins his assault, first with a right hand to the face of Martin, followed by a hard right hand, a thumb to the eye and another right hand that knocks Martin down. Test gets back to his feet and Flair grabs him by the head and takes him over with a headlock takedown. Test tries to get back to his feet, but Flair holds him down for a few moments and Test slams the mat in frustration. Martin then gets to one knee and then back to both feet, he sends Flair into the ropes and scores a knockdown. Martin then runs off the ropes and Flair ducks down, Martin comes off the ropes again on the rebound and this time Flair scores with an arm drag takedown. Martin gets to his feet quickly and Flair surprises Martin with a dropkick, which knocks Martin to the outside of the ring and Flair is in control.

              Stacy Kiebler runs over to comfort Andrew Martin who gets to his feet and again slams the apron in frustration. He slides back into the ring and locks up with Flair in the center of the ring, Martin scores a headlock and Flair fights, pushing him into the ropes, again Martin scores with a knockdown. Martin then runs off the ropes and Test leaps over him and then puts on the break, looking for an Elbow Drop, but Flair moves at the last moment. Martin gets to his feet and Flair scores with a knife edge chop and the crowd gets behind him. Flair scores with another knife edge chop, backing Martin into the ropes, Flair then sends Martin into the ropes but Martin reverses and looks for the Big Boot but Flair ducks and puts on the breaks. Martin turns around and Flair drops him with an Atomic Drop and then a chopblock. Flair then looks for the Figure Four but Martin kicks Flair off and then slides to the outside once again.

              Flair then looks as if he is going to make a high risk move, but Test grabs him by the leg and tries to pull him out to the floor, however Flair grabs the ropes and kicks Test in the face, knocking him back. Flair gets to his feet and he runs off the ropes, flying through the ropes with a suicide dive as you can hear a loud “WOOO” from his father. Flair sends Martin back into the ropes and covers….1….2……kickout. Flair grabs Martin by the foot and again tries the Figure Four Leg Lock, but Test pushes him off, Test gets to his feet and nearly turns Flair inside out with a clothesline. Test covers but Flair kicks out.

              Test is in control of the match now and he sends Flair hard into the turnbuckle and then executes a perfect high back body drop as the pain is evident on Flair’s face. Test decides to take it slow and delivers a few clubbing blows to the back of Flair and then locks him in an Abdominal Stretch, working on the ribs of Flair. The referee checks on Flair and Test uses the opportunity to use the ropes, the referee checks on Test who releases the ropes before he is caught. He does it two more times and on the third time the referee forces him to break the hold, although the damage is done to the ribs of Flair. Flair struggles to his feet and Test grabs him in a bear hug, continuing to work on the ribs of Flair. He lifts Flair into the air and throws him around like a rag doll and the referee forces Test to give him some space.

              Flair continues to struggle under the attack of Test and staggers to his feet. Test waits for Flair to get to his feet and then he is on the attack, with a stiff backbreaker that even Ric Flair can feel from the outside. The pain is evident again on the face of David Flair as test lifts him up for another backbreaker and Flair screams in pain. Test then talks some smack talk to Ric Flair before turning his attention back to David, he whips David into the corner with such velocity that Flair falls to the ground. Test laughs at Flair as he struggles back to his feet and then yells at him, goating him to his feet. Test throws Flair into the corner again, and charges in but this time Flair falls down and Test runs into the corner. Flair then tries a rollup, but Test is able to kick out. Flair gets to his feet and tries to lock Test up in a small package but again Test kicks out. Test gets back to his feet and knocks Flair down with a hard clothesline.

              Test is the first to his feet and he looks at Flair struggling to get to his feet, he signals for the end and locks him in a Full Nelson, looking for the Full Nelson Slam but Flair maneuvers out of it into a backslide but Test kicks out. Flair tries to send Test into the ropes but Martin reverses and looks for the Big Boot but Flair ducks it and then lands an atomic drop, and then a series of right hands, staggering Test. Flair then runs off the ropes and runs into a BIG BOOT from Test, silencing the crowd instantly.

              Test has the opportunity to pin Flair, but instead he takes a moment to mouth off the Nature Boy again, he turns around and places a foot over Flair, in a cocky pin cover. The referee counts….1…..2…….KICKOUT! Flair kicked out and Test cannot believe it. Test signals for the end and sets him up for the Pumphandle Slam but Flair elbows out of it and then lands a low blow behind the referee’s back. Test turns around and Flair scores with a DDT! Flair grabs Test by the leg and looks to lock in the Figure Four , however Test punches his way out of it. Test gets to his feet and Flair gets a small package….1….2….3!

              Flair slides out of the ring super fast as Test gets to his feet enraged, however Flair has already left the ring. The Nature Boy comes over to his son and congratulates him as Test argues and pleads with the referee and the cameras double shift to the backstage, we see both Generation Next and the World’s Greatest Tag Team preparing for the third and final match of the Best 2/3 tournament.

              Commercial Break


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                Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                In the year 2005, new heroes emerged, legends said goodbye and higher levels of violence and innovation were reached. Superstars like Samoa Joe, CM Punk, AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson and Edge became house hold names. Witness their climb to the top, and some of the biggest moments of 2005 in the Best of 2005 show, available all month on WWE 24/7.

                After the commercials, a short video package highlights the recent tournament between Generation Next and the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

                It begins with Mick Foley announcing the tournament and some smack talk that happened before the first match. Some dramatic music cues and it shows an Austin Aries Somersault Plancha, Gen Next teaming to Frankenstiener Haas, Haas belly to belly suplex, the World’s Greatest Double Team and then Benjamin springboarding into a bulldog to pin Aries. Then highlights from the second match with Haas’s German Suplex, Shelley with Sliced Bread #2, Benjamin’s Dragon Whip, World’s Greatest Tag Team missing the Doomsday Device and Generation Next hitting the High Low to tie the series. Some more random shots fill the screen in super fast motion before it fades to black as the third installment is about to begin.

                ‘Guilty’ hits the speakers and the World Tag Team Champions, America’s Most Wanted appear on the stage to a nice pop from the crowd. AMW walk down to the ring and then walk around ringside before meeting up with Joey Styles and John Bradshaw Layfield at the announcers table.

                Joey Styles: “It seems as though we are being joined by the World Tag Team Champions, Chris Harris and James Storm, America’s Most Wanted”

                John Bradshaw Layfield: “I have a question for you, we’ve seen two incredible matches between these two spectacular team, before we lock ourselves in for a third encounter, who do you want to defend the titles against at the Royal Rumble”

                Chris Harris: “It doesn’t matter to America’s Most Wanted. Generation Next, World’s Greatest Tag Team, listen up cause were only gonna say this once, whoever wins tonight, you had better be ready for an old fashion brawl at the Royal Rumble, because your gonna have to damn near kill us, to take these titles from us. And to whoever loses tonight…”

                James Storm: “Sorry bout your damn luck boys”

                ‘World’s Greatest’ hits the speakers and the World’s Greatest Tag Team appear on the stage to a chorus of boos from the crowd. The boos don’t seem to affect Benjamin or Haas in the slightest, as they continue their march to the ring. Once they get there, the Wu Tang Clan hits the speakers as ‘Generation Next Ain’t Nothin’ sounds off and Austin Aries and Alex Shelley step through the curtains to a huge pop. Aries and Shelley run down to the ring and slide in, and the World’s Greatest Tag Team are on them instantly.

                Generation Next vs. World’s Greatest Tag Team

                The match begins with all four men battling hard in the middle of the ring, Aries and Benjamin both fight to the outside leaving Alex Shelley alone in the ring with Charlie Haas. Charlie Haas grabs Alex Shelley and bounces his head off the turnbuckle and then delivers an elbow to the side of the head of Shelley. Haas continues to work over Shelley in the corner with a few more shots, but Alex Shelley fights out with a knife edge chop that knocks down Charlie Haas. Shelley then delivers another shot which knocks down Haas again, and then Shelley makes a tag to Austin Aries.

                Aries goes right on the attack with a suplex on Haas, he covers but Haas easily kicks out before the referee even counts to 2. Aries then throws Haas off the ropes and scores with an arm drag takedown, floating over into a standing dropkick. Aries doesn’t even give Haas a second, he runs off the ropes and executes a senton splash, he then covers Haas again, but once again Haas kicks out easily. Haas is slow to get to his feet, Aries makes sure he stays down with a kick to the back, he then grabs Haas and moves him into the Generation Next corner, tagging in Alex Shelley.

                Shelley comes into the ring and takes Haas down quickly with a dropkick. Shelley executes a 2nd dropkick which backs Haas back into the ropes, Shelley then grabs Haas and throws him into the ropes, however Haas sees him coming and he throws him over the top rope to the floor and makes the tag to Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin immediately runs over and knocks down Austin Aries. Benjamin then goes over and Haas points to the outside at Shelley and Benjamin runs off the ropes, looking like he is about to get up. Benjamin runs at Shelley however Aries is back on his feet and he springboards into the ring with a missile dropkick. Shelley recovers and gets back into the ring as the referee forces Aries out of the ring, Shelley backs Benjamin into the corner. Shelley throws Benjamin into the corner, he bounces out and Shelley connects with a spinning heel kick. Shelley covers and Haas interrupts the count.

                Shelley moves Benjamin over to the corner and tags in Aries, he then slingshots Benjamin at Aries who connects with a dropkick. Aries flips into a cover on Benjamin, but he kicks out just as easily as before. Generation Next tags again and Shelley comes in with a backbreaker on Shelton Benjamin. Shelley then delivers an atomic drop on Benjamin and then runs off the ropes with a modified neckbreaker on Benjamin. Shelley then sits Benjamin up, locking Benjamin in a full nelson (using his legs instead of his arms, pulling both arms back). Shelley manages to maneuver the submission maneuver into a pinning combination but Benjamin manages to get his shoulder up. Shelley gets to his feet quickly and he delivers a stiff kick to the back of Benjamin’s head.

                Shelley makes the tag to Aries, Shelley then runs at Aries and executes a kick flip, nailing Benjamin in the chest and landing perfectly on his feet. Aries then charges at Benjamin and slides underneath to the outside of the ring, pulling him down face first against the canvas. Shelley is on the apron now and he springboards back into the ring with a legdrop. The referee forces Shelley out of the ring as Aries slides in and covers, the referee turns around and makes the cover but Benjamin is able to kick out. Aries throws Benjamin into the ropes but Benjamin reverses and lowers his head and Aries delivers a kick in the face. Aries then charges at Benjamin who surprises Aries with a quick release Belly to Belly Suplex. Benjamin then makes the tag to his partner Charlie Haas.

                Haas is finally into the ring with fury, he knocks down Shelley on the outside and then delivers a couple of stiff European Uppercuts to the face of Austin Aries. He then throws Aries into the ropes and he drives a knee into Austin Aries. Haas covers but Aries easily kicks out. Haas gets to his feet first and he grabs him and connects with a quick snap suplex. Haas throws Aries into the corner and begins to wear him down with a series of right hands. Haas tags in Benjamin and Haas throws Aries into the corner. Benjamin is right behind him, he throws Aries into the opposite corner. Haas then lifts up Aries and positions him perfectly as Benjamin runs off the ropes and the World’s Greatest Tag Team connect with the World’s Greatest Double Team! Shelton Benjamin makes the cover and Alex Shelley makes the save.

                Shelton Benjamin runs over to Alex Shelley and knocks him off the ring apron and then turns to Austin Aries and fires a right hand, Aries fires back and the two men start exchanging blows in the center of the ring. Aries gets the upper hand and knocks Benjamin back towards the ropes and charges but Benjamin surprises him with a drop-toe hold. At the right moment Haas runs over and scores with a knee to the head of Austin Aries. Haas gets the tag and comes into the ring, Haas picks up Aries and scores with a Back Suplex, he then runs off the ropes and scores with a quick leg drop. Haas then quickly locks Aries in a headlock and then begins to wear him down. He repositions himself by stretching the arms of Aries and then drives his knee into the back of Aries, adding more pressure. Aries fights to his feet attempting to power out of the move, but Haas grabs Aries in a waist lock and puts him back on the mat, floating over into another side headlock.

                Haas continues to wear down Aries in the middle of the ring as the crowd gets behind him. Aries gets back to his feet slowly, but Haas quickly regains leverage and traps him in a bodyscissors with a headlock, slowly but surely wearing down Aries, trying to cut off the blood circulation to the head of Aries. The referee comes over and notices that Aries is fading and he raises his arm and its falls, he repeats the step again with the same result. Again he repeats the result, but this time Aries gets his arm up and gets back to his feet, he delivers an elbow, trying to loosen Haas’ grip, but Haas grabs Aries by the head and throws him to the mat with velocity. Haas lifts up Aries and then makes the tag to Benjamin.

                Benjamin flips over Aries and then places his neck on Benjamin’s leg and pulls back, adding a tremendous amount of torque to the neck of Austin Aries. Aries manages to rake at the face of Benjamin to break the hold, but Shelton recovers and delivers a hard kick to the back of the neck of Aries, furthering the damage done by the submission hold. Benjamin makes the tag to Haas who comes into the ring and he throws Aries into the corner, Benjamin executes a drop toe hold with Aries landing on the turnbuckle and Haas runs at Aries sandwiching Aries’ head in between the turnbuckle and Haas’ knee. Haas makes the cover but Shelley makes the save.

                Shelley tries to rally the crowd behind Aries, which only angers Haas further as he locks Aries in a Camal Clutch. Aries fights to get near the ropes but Haas pulls him back and reapplies the hold, Aries fights out of the submission again but Haas leaps into the air bringing all of his weight down on Aries breaking the momentum shift. Haas brings Aries back into the corner and tags in Benjamin who cuts loose on Aries with a series of stiff kicks to the midsection. Benjamin tags in Haas and the two men trap Aries in the corner but he fights back against both men with elbows. World’s Greatest Tag Team get control and send Aries into the ropes and Aries connects with a double clothesline and all three men are down.

                Aries struggles to the corner as Benjamin and Haas try to stop him but Aries makes the tag to Shelley who comes into the ring on fire. Shelley knocks down Benjamin and Haas with right hands and chops. Shelley looks to kick Benjamin but he holds on to Shelley’s foot, Shelley tries an Enziguri but Benjamin ducks, however Shelley scores on Haas who didn’t see the kick coming. Shelley then sends Benjamin into the ropes and he scores with a high back body drop. Shelley sends Haas over the top rope to the floor and then runs at Benjamin with a headscissor, he spins around Benjamin before throwing him through the 2nd rope, crashing into his partner Charlie Haas. Austin Aries gets to his feet and runs off the ropes, he leaps over the top rope with a No Hands Somersault Plancha taking down both members of World’s Greatest Tag Team on the outside. Shelley then climbs to the top rope as Benjamin and Haas get to their feet, Shelley leaps off with a Giant Splash that takes out both members of World’s Greatest Tag Team and Generation Next are in control. Shelley throws Haas into the ring and covers…..1……2……

                KICKOUT! Austin Aries slides back into the ring and the pair attempt the High Low but Benjamin grabs Aries and drags him to the outside. Shelley tries for the Sliced Bread, but Haas counters into a German Suplex and Shelley lands on his face! Haas struggles to his feet and grabs Shelley in a slingshot position, however he elevates him as Benjamin has recovered on the apron and slingshots into the ring with a guillotine leg drop. Haas covers Shelley…..1…….2……

                KICKOUT! Somehow Shelley kicked out again. Haas and Benjamin become frustrated and Haas lifts up Shelley in an Electric Chair as Benjamin climbs to the top rope, but Aries is back on his feet, and struggles to knock off Benjamin on the outside and Benjamin’s head smashes against the barricade. Shelley then sets up Haas in a Powerbomb as Aries climbs to the top rope, Aries leaps off with a Senton as Shelley hits the Powerbomb! Shelley fights to get his arm over Haas but Benjamin slides into the ring and manages to break up the count as the crowd is on their feet in excitement.

                Aries gets to his feet and he exchanges blows with Benjamin, Shelton tries to kick Aries but he catches him by the foot and then ducks the Enziguri, but Shelton comes again with the Dragon Whip! Aries struggles to his feet and Benjamin takes him over the top rope to the floor with a clothesline. Benjamin and Haas then take a moment to breathe, the match taking its toll on all four men, Haas lifts up Shelley with an atomic drop and holds him as Benjamin runs off the ropes with a modified clothesline. They cover but Shelley manages to kick out. The referee has lost complete control as Benjamin and Haas throw Shelley into the corner again, Benjamin charges and Shelley ducks and Benjamin lands on the outside. Haas then charges at Shelley who moves, Aries slides back into the ring and runs at Haas with a dropkick in the corner. Haas staggers out of the corner and Shelley springboards off the second rope into a dropkick which knocks Haas out of the ring to the floor.

                Both members of the World’s Greatest Tag Team are on the outside and Austin Aries climbs to the top rope, he is standing on the top rope and springboards into a Standing Shooting Star Press taking out both Benjamin and Haas on the outside and all three men are down on the outside. Shelley slides out of the ring and grabs Haas and throws him into the ring. Aries and Benjamin struggle to their feet on the outside. Shelley looks for a Tornado Bulldog but Haas counters by throwing Shelley into the center of the ring.

                Meanwhile on the outside of the ring Benjamin is the first to his feet as Haas has control in the ring, Haas lifts up Shelley into the Electric Chair position as Benjamin slides into the ring. Benjamin runs and springboards off the top rope looking for the Doomsday Device and connects. Aries slides into the ring as Haas covers but somehow Aries is able to break up the count and the match continues. Haas gets to his feet and both members of WGTT attack Aries and beat him down. WGTT signals for the end and looks for another Doomsday Device but Austin Aries ducks at the last moment as Benjamin misses the clothesline. Shelley scores with a quick kick to the face of Benjamin. Aries delivers a couple of punches and lands behind Haas, he turns around and falls victim to the HIGH LOW (Aries spinning heel kick, Shelley leg sweep at the same time). Shelley covers as Aries knocks Benjamin down with a dropkick on the outside….1….2…3!

                Both Austin Aries and Alex Shelley struggle back to their feet exhausted as the crowd chants “GENERATION NEXT, GENERATION NEXT, GENERATION NEXT”.

                Joey Styles: “What an amazing match, we might have just seen the match of the year and its only the third week!”

                John Bradshaw Layfield: “These two teams left it all in the ring, I’ll give credit where credit is due, Generation Next earned their title shot against AMW at the Royal Rumble!”

                The referee raises their hands as AMW leave the announce table, instead of going into the ring, they simply walk around the ring, not taking their eyes off either Austin Aries or Alex Shelley for a second. They clap their hands showing their respect for both teams as the staredown continues, SUPERAW takes a commercial break.

                Commercial Break


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                  Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                  He is a true legend in this business, once a great hero, now a great tragedy. Corruption, deceit and pain now guide this tortured soul. Where there was once love, for the business, for the fans, there is now only hatred and vengeance for those who stand in his way. Now available from, Sting: Fallen From Grace, all month long on pay per view.

                  When WWE SUPERAW returns the camera shifts backstage into the interview area where Maria Kanellis is standing by with the dark and sadistic Sting. Maria is looking visably shaken standing next to Sting.

                  Maria Kanellis: “Sting earlier this week you requested this time, what is on your mind?”

                  Sting: “What I have on my mind Maria, is simply pain and suffering. You see Maria, in two weeks, at the Royal Rumble 30 Men will enter the ring, each of them with a dream, a belief that destiny will call them to main event at Wrestlemania. But I am entering the Royal Rumble with one purpose, to make their dream a nightmare, you see Maria for the last four months I have had nothing but time, alone with my thoughts, tortured by them, but in two weeks time, I get to release that pain to 29 other victims. You see the pain and suffering that I am going to unleash at the Royal Rumble, that’s my prize, to Main Event at Wrestlemania, is just a bonus”

                  A hint of a dark smile can be seen on the painted face of Sting as he walks away from a still shaken Maria and the camera shifts to Chris Benoit as he is walking through the hallways when suddenly he comes face to face with the WWE Champion himself, Brock Lesnar!

                  Brock Lesnar: Chris Benoit, I heard that John Cena sent his new street army after you”?

                  Chris Benoit: “I heard the rumour, but I haven’t run into either of them so far”

                  Brock Lesnar: “Well, I don’t think that you will have to worry about them tonight, but what you will have to worry about tonight, is Brock Lesnar. You see you may have beat me last week, but make no mistake, if you get past John Cena tonight, what happened last week, will NEVER happen again”

                  Chris Benoit: “I can guarantee you this Brock Lesnar, at the Royal Rumble, I am coming for that WWE Championship, and to everyone who thinks that Brock Lesnar is the greatest wrestler in the world today, I am going to prove them wrong.”

                  Chris Benoit walks past Brock Lesnar and the camera stays with Lesnar who has a confident smile on his face as we take another commercial break.

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                    Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                    It is seen as the most prestigious stage in the history of professional wrestling, to Main Event Wrestlemania, each year 30 men fight, battle and bleed for the opportunity to stand in front of that crowd, for the opportunity to fight for the World Championship, for one chance at immortality. The Royal Rumble, live Sunday January 29th, 2006 from Madison Square Garden, available only on Pay Per View.

                    When WWE SUPERAW returns, we are once again taken backstage to the interview area, this time Maria Kanellis is joined by the human highlight reel, the incredible Rey Mysterio.

                    Maria Kanellis, “Rey Mysterio, you must be riding the emotional wave of a life-time, but in just two weeks, the opportunity of a lifetime will be presented to 30 WWE Superstars, the chance to main event Wrestlemania”

                    Rey Mysterio, “To say that I am on an emotional wave, an emotional roller coaster, whatever you want to call it is an understatement. However I have to put that behind me and move on, and there isn’t a bigger opportunity to move on than at the Royal Rumble. You see I am more motivated then ever, what has happened in the last few months has taught me only one thing, you may only ever get one chance to prove that you’re the best the world. And I plan on making the most of the opportunity, and so tonight I am here to announce my entry into the Royal Rumble match. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, I may be the smallest superstar in the Rumble, I may have to enter #1, it doesn’t matter, only one thing matters, and that is seizing the opportunity of a lifetime, and realizing a dream. Last year, Chris Benoit realized his dream at Wrestlemania when he won the WWE Championship, this year, I realize mine”

                    Rey Mysterio walks away as the camera shifts back John Cena in his locker-room, pacing around, waiting for Homicide and Low Ki. We hear the sound of the door opening and instead of Homicide and Low Ki, it’s the WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar.

                    Brock Lesnar: “John Cena, I got your message loud and clear two weeks ago, but tonight I have a message for you….Good luck, because there is nothing I would like better, than to kick your ass again at the Royal Rumble.”

                    John Cena looks slightly nervous as he stands face to face, eye to eye with the Baddest Man on the Planet, Brock Lesnar, suddenly Lesnar’s serious face turns to a smile.

                    Brock Lesnar, “Oh, by the way I have a message for you as well, I ran into your boys Homicide & Low Ki earlier, they didn’t get the job done on Benoit, because they were a little, tied up.”

                    Lesnar then hands John Cena a pair of car keys with a smile on his face as John Cena looks incredibly pissed off.

                    Brock Lesnar, “There in the parking lot somewhere, you might want to hurry, I think your boy Homicide is claustrophobic.”

                    The two men stare each other down one final time before Brock Lesnar leaves the locker-room and the camera returns to the ring area and ‘Final Countdown’ by Europe hits the speakers and Bryan Danielson appears on the stage to a good pop from the crowd. Danielson bounces on the stage for a moment, pumping himself up before walking to the ring. Once he reaches ringside, Danielson opts to walk around the ring, he climbs to the apron and then to the top rope as the crowd chants along to the song and Danielson back flips into the ring. ‘Burn In My Light’ by Mercy Drive hits the speakers and the crowd stays on their feet and gives a loud pop for AJ Styles as he appears on the stage. Styles makes his way to the ring with his signature entrance and the two men begin the match with a staredown in the center of the ring.

                    For a WWE Intercontinental Title Shot at the Royal Rumble
                    AJ Styles vs. Bryan Danielson

                    The stare-down ends, and the referee asks for a clean handshake but neither man is interested in it and the two begin to smack talk each other. Finally neither man can take it anymore and Styles slaps Danielson in the face, Danielson returns the slap and Styles grabs him by the head in a headlock and Danielson pushes him into the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder. Danielson then runs off the ropes as Styles ducks and Danielson leaps over him. Danielson comes off the ropes again and Styles leaps over him before dropping Danielson with a dropkick! Styles feels the energy and turns to the crowd to feed off them, but at that moment Danielson is back on his feet and he comes back with a dropkick of his own, knocking Styles off his feet.

                    Danielson grabs Styles in a headlock and takes him down to the mat, taking Styles advantage away from him. Danielson has Styles trapped on the floor but Styles fights back to his feet and pushes Danielson into the ropes, Danielson comes off and Styles leaps over him but Danielson puts on the breaks and turns around trapping Styles on the ground again with a side head lock. Styles manages to escape and he traps Danielson with an arm bar, but Danielson is a master on the mat and reverses the hammerlock, and then locks Styles in the Arms Across America, but Styles is close to the ropes, he grabs the ropes and breaks the hold.

                    Both men get back to their feet and Danielson smiles, knowing how close he was to beating Styles early. Danielson looks for another lockup, but Styles surprises him with a go behind into a waist lock, Danielson is only surprised for a moment and reverses the hold, Styles moves towards the ropes, Danielson tries to pull him back but Styles grabs hold of the ropes and Danielson rolls through. Styles turns around and kicks Danielson stiff in the chest, followed by another stiff kick to the head of Danielson. Styles waits for Danielson to get to his feet, he looks for the Styles Clash, but Danielson pulls himself up and knocks Styles back, breaking the Clash. Danielson is slow to get to his feet and Styles shows Danielson how close he was to ending it.

                    Both men lock up in a collar and elbow tieup and Styles pushes Danielson to the corner but then Danielson reverses momentum and pushes Styles towards the other turnbuckle, however the two men continue to fight for position, as Styles drops down to one knee with Danielson in charge, but Styles fights back and puts Danielson in the same situation, only to have Danielson fight to a standstill in the middle of the match, both are so evenly matched that they forget about their surroundings and the fans start to get nervous as SAMOA JOE comes through the crowd with a Steel Chair and he smashes both in the head at the same time with the steel chair. Both men are down but Styles struggles to his feet first and is rewarded with a sick chair shot from Samoa Joe, busting open AJ Styles. Bryan Danielson tries to use the ropes to get back to his feet and Samoa Joe smashes him right between the eyes with the steel chair. The camera gets a close up shot of Danielson and we can see a very very glossy look on his face.

                    Samoa Joe throws the chair down on the ground and he grabs Bryan Danielson. He lifts him into the air and drives his neck with a MUSCLE BUSTER ON THE CHAIR! The camera gets a close up on Danielson’s face and he has been severely lacerated by the chair shot. Samoa Joe then turns around and sees AJ Styles, who is also lacerated by the chair shot that he received.

                    Joey Styles: “What the hell has gotten into Samoa Joe?”

                    John Bradshaw Layfield: “Isn’t it obvious, he is trying to eliminate the competition before the Royal Rumble, what a aggressive maneuver by Samoa Joe”

                    Joe grabs the chair and positions it for another Muscle Buster, this time to AJ Styles, he grabs him and then the lights go out. The war drums of ‘Misera Cantere’ by AFI begin to shake the area as the fans slap their hands to the beat. CM Punk steps through the curtains and the arena erupts. Punk slowly walks towards the ring with his eyes never leaving Samoa Joe, as Joe tosses Styles aside, waiting for CM Punk in the center of the ring. The crowd gets more and more nervous with each step Punk takes as he gets slower to the ring. Punk then stops and locks eyes with Joe as the crowd is ready for a huge fight, Punk slides into the ring and Joe slides out of the ring on the other side, and the crowd can’t believe it. Joe looks to have escaped a fight. Punk and Joe exchange words before Punk shows him the Straight Edge sign as the referees come down to attend to both AJ Styles and Bryan Danielson.

                    Commercial Break
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                      Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                      Wrestlemania Moment: Mike Tyson connects with a right hand to Shawn Michaels as Stone Cold Steve Austin pins him and the Era of Attitude begins.

                      After SUPERAW returns from commercial break we see John Cena in the parking lot area, he approaches a silver sedan and opens the trunk with the keys given to him, and inside the trunk are the bodies of both Homicide and Low Ki, Homicide has a huge cut on his forehead and is barely conscious, while Low Ki is completely unconscious. John Cena grabs the keys and throws them away in frustration before the camera shifts to a hallway backstage.

                      Samoa Joe is walking through the hallways in a pissed off mood when suddenly PAUL LONDON runs up from behind with a steel chair and attacks Samoa Joe from behind. London then mounts Joe and starts delivering right hand after right hand on Joe who pushes him off of him. Joe gets to his feet and charges at London, driving him into the wall and the two men continue to fight backstage until the referee’s come and break them up. You can almost see murder in Joe’s eyes as Paul London screams

                      Paul London: “I haven’t forgotten you son of a bitch”

                      The referees continue to try and break up the two men as the camera returns to the main area with Joey Styles and John Bradshaw Layfield.

                      John Bradshaw Layfield: “Has Paul London lost his mind?”

                      Joey Styles: “Paul London telling Samoa Joe that he hasn’t forgotten, remember JBL, it was 5 months ago that Samoa Joe viciously assaulted Paul London, putting him out of action for the rest of last year, I guess that Paul London hasn’t forgotten about it and wants a little bit of retribution.”

                      John Bradshaw Layfield: “That may be, but why would you attack Samoa Joe tonight, especially after what he did to Styles and Danielson, London must have a death wish”

                      ‘Whatever’ by Our Lady Peace rocks the speakers and the crowd erupts as Chris Benoit steps the curtains to a huge pop from the crowd. Benoit pounds his chest and walks to the ring before sliding underneath the bottom rope and playing to the crowd as ‘Go To Sleep’ by Eminem and the Doctor of Thugganomics appears on the stage to a chorus of boos. John Cena looks incredibly pissed off and he simply throws his throwback jersey off and takes his chain off and leaves it in the isleway as he slides into the ring and instantly goes on the attack on Chris Benoit.

                      Main Event
                      For a WWE Title Shot at Royal Rumble
                      Chris Benoit vs. John Cena

                      The two men meet in the center of the ring with right and lefts swinging, Benoit gets the advantage and knocks down Cena and starts stomping down on him with several boots to the midsection. Cena gets to his feet and Benoit continues the assault quickly with some knife edge chops. Benoit throws Cena into the ropes and takes him down with a stiff knife edge chop which takes down Cena. Cena gets to his feet and Benoit just runs his shoulder into him, knocking him down again. Cena doesn’t know where to go, and crawls into the corner and Benoit is relentless with a series of boots, trapping him in the corner.

                      The referee tries to pull him out of the corner, but Chris Benoit continues the assault anyways, throwing the referee aside. Finally the referee pulls Benoit out of the corner, John Cena struggles to get to his feet on the apron and Chris Benoit goes right after him again, Cena however sees him coming and hits a thumb to the eye, and then guillotines his neck. Cena rolls back into the ring and he delivers a clubbing blow to the back of Chris Benoit. Cena throws Benoit into the ropes, but Benoit reverses and throws Cena into the ropes and lowers his head, but Cena sees it coming and delivers a neckbreaker to slow momentum.

                      Cena gets to his feet and begins to stomp away on Chris Benoit a few times, Benoit struggles to his feet and Cena locks him up for a suplex, but Benoit lands on his feet behind him and then grabs his arm, pulling him down into the Crippler Crossface but Cena crawls for the ropes to break the count. Benoit pulls him back into the middle of the ring and locks in the Crossface, but Cena hasn’t been worn down enough and he pulls himself to the ropes, however Benoit pulls Cena back to the middle of the ring and once again locks in the Crossface, but once again Cena has enough left to pull himself to the ropes.

                      Benoit then releases the hold after the referee counts to four, he then grabs Cena by the arm and pulls him into the middle, and once again locks the Crippler Crossface and once again John Cena is able to crawl to the ring. Cena realizes that he has to slow down the momentum of Chris Benoit and so he slides out of the ring, but Chris Benoit follows him, John Cena grabs his arm, trying to hide a possibly injury. Benoit then grabs him by the head and smashes Cena’s head into the steel steps. Benoit then throws him into the announce table and Cena lands directly in JBL’s lap.

                      Benoit stands on the table over a broken and beaten John Cena already as the fans get behind him. Benoit then gets off the table and again stomps away on John Cena, applying the boots to the Street Soldier. Benoit grabs Cena by the head and smashes him into the announce table once again, Cena falls over the table and back to the ring side area. Benoit throws Cena into the ring and John Cena struggles back to his feet, holding his arm at his side in serious pain. Benoit doesn’t give in for a moment and attacks, knocking Cena over the top rope to the floor.

                      Benoit then chases John Cena around the ring a bit as John Cena retreats towards the announcers table once again, but this time John Cena is ready and delivers a kick to the stomach of Chris Benoit, and then a really stiff kick to the ribs of Chris Benoit. John Cena looks at the announce table and then chooses payback, smashing Chris Benoit’s head against the table. He throws Chris Benoit into the ropes and then takes a breather before pressing the attack. John Cena slides back into the ring but Chris Benoit has recovered and plants another chop on him, more chops and then finally a kick that knocks Cena off his feet.

                      Chris Benoit lets John Cena get back to his feet before he spikes him with a DDT, he covers as the referee counts…..1….2..kickout. Benoit lifts up Cena and executes a quick snap suplex and then starts to climb to the top rope. Benoit leaps off but at the last possible moment Cena moves and Benoit’s head smashes against the canvas. Cena struggles to put his shoulder over Benoit and the referee counts but the Rabid Wolverine kicks out at 2. Cena covers again, but once again Chris Benoit is able to kick out. Cena tries it a third time, but Chris Benoit is emphatic, throwing Cena off of him.

                      The crowd starts to get behind Chris Benoit and John Cena mouths off the crowd, he grabs Chris Benoit and he locks in the STFU. The referee checks to see if Chris Benoit will tap out, but he screams an emphatic NO! Cena’s confident smile turns to fear as Chris Benoit breaks Cena’s control of his leg and gets to his feet, he then backs into the corner and knocks Cena into the corner, releasing the hold. Benoit then grabs Cena and locks him in the Sharpshooter! The pain can be felt on his face but John Cena refuses to quit, finally he is able to break up the hold.

                      Cena then takes a moment and then reverses the hold, locking the Sharpshooter in on Chris Benoit as the crowd goes ballistic in anger. Chris Benoit is desperate for any way to escape and finally reaches to the bottom rope to break the hold. However John Cena takes a page out of Benoit’s playbook and he pulls Chris Benoit back to the center of the ring. Chris Benoit realizes that the ropes are no sanctuary and the only way to get out is to reverse the hold and he does, John Cena is trapped but he manages to get to the ropes and the referee finally forces the break and both men are exhausted and worn out.

                      Both men get to their feet, Cena is on his feet first but Chris Benoit gets up from behind, he tries for a German Suplex, but John Cena blocks it by holding on to the ropes and then scoring with a low blow once the referee was out of position. John Cena finally has a moment to catch his breath, and he signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, John Cena looks for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but at the last moment Chris Benoit moves and John Cena punches the canvas. Cena is down and Benoit reaches deep and finds some energy, quickly leaping on Cena and locking him in the Crossface once again, but John Cena gets to the ropes.

                      John Cena tries to escape to the outside, his back and shoulder in severe pain after the Sharpshooter/Crossface work by Benoit, but Chris Benoit realizes his opportunity and presses the attack on the outside. However Cena is ready for him and he catches him with a knee, and then smashes his face on the announce table. John Cena realizes he may only have one chance and he grabs Chris Benoit up with the Killswitch and drops him onto the table but the table doesn’t break, however the ribs of Chris Benoit take a beating. He pulls Chris Benoit back to his feet, but Benoit fights back and they exchange blows, however Cena cuts him off. He picks up Chris Benoit in a suplex and he drops him ribs first on the announce table, however the table still doesn’t break and Benoit lands hard on the floor.

                      John Cena then begins his attack on the ribs with stiff kicks, stomping away on the ribs of Chris Benoit. He picks up Benoit and throws him into the Steel steps hard, ribs first. Cena rolls into the ring to break up the referee’s count. John Cena then pulls Chris Benoit back to his feet and again throws him into the steel steps. Cena mouths off to the crowd and then throws Benoit back into the ring. Cena stomps away on Benoit and tries to rearrange his face, pulling and tearing anyway he can on Chris Benoit, torturing and disrespecting the Rabid Wolverine. John Cena lifts Chris Benoit to his feet, and does a “You Can’t See Me” and then tries to smash Benoit’s head on the announce table, but Benoit blocks it and smashes Cena’s head on the turnbuckle.

                      Benoit then fights back again with hard chops and right hands, he then throws Cena into the ropes, but Cena reverses and connects with a Spinebuster! Cena covers but Chris Benoit is able to kick out. Cena then runs off the ropes and this time connects with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena covers but Chris Benoit manages to kick out and Cena has words with the referee. Chris Benoit struggles to his feet, pulling himself up in the corner and John Cena walks over, bitchslapping him on the back of the head, he then grabs Chris Benoit and tries for a German Suplex, but the master reverses and drops Cena with a German Suplex, he holds on and starts Rolling with German Suplex after German Suplex, Cena tries to grab the ropes but Benoit is relentless, continuing the assault, ending with 6 German Suplexes.

                      Chris Benoit then waits for John Cena to get to his feet, he tries for the Crossface, but Cena blocks it on one knee, catching Chris Benoit with a thumb to the eye, Chris Benoit is stunned and he turns around and John Cena lifts him into the air and prepares to deliver the FU. However just as Cena prepares to end the match, Benoit lands on his side and drops him down into the Crossface once again. John Cena tries to escape and rolls through the maneuver but just ends up trapped in the center of the ring, John Cena fights on for a few more minutes, but finally he passes out and the referee stops the match.

                      The referee forces Chris Benoit to release the hold as John Cena appears to be passed out. The referee raises his arm high as the crowd becomes really nervous as Brock Lesnar comes out from the crowd and slides into the ring. Benoit turns around and Lesnar fakes a lunge at Benoit, catching him off guard before giving Benoit a smile, knowing that he got in his head a little bit, they stare each other down for moment and Benoit leaves the ring, his eyes never leaving Lesnar. However, finally Lesnar’s attention is drawn away from Benoit’s cold stare as John Cena slowly struggles to his feet. Cena staggers around for a moment and Lesnar grabs him and picks him up, he then points at Chris Benoit, sending a message as he spins Cena around into a devastating F-5. ‘The Champ Is Here’ by Jadakiss then plays as Lesnar and Benoit continue their stare-down and SUPERAW goes off the air.

                      End of Show


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                        Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                        HEAVY’S DELIGHTS
                        Jay Lethal’s SupeRAW Review

                        First up I wanna congratulate you on your Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show. That would have to be one of the best shows I have ever read, especially for a Tribute Show. It was great, you managed to capture the feel of what a Tribute Show should be and I could feel the energy you were putting out there and even though I didn’t get to read your last version of SupeRAW I could still picture a lot of those Eddie Moments. Major kudos to you on that show man, anyone who wants to put on a Tribute Show, that’s how you do it!

                        Ok here we go with SupeRAW – High Stakes (cool name by the way). I loved your opening to this, Cena and his little posse sound pretty damn good. You got a good little team here and I’d like to see someone added to it, maybe Ron Killings I feel they need another bigger man wrestler to go with Cena but apart from that this group is awesome. I loved the interaction between Cena and Foley it was done very well. Cena vs. Benoit is made for tonight, winner faces Champ Lensar at the rumble. This is a must see right there.

                        I have only heard of Prince Nana and Jimmy Rave so I cant really comment but I loved the way Nana spoke and his reaction to Paul London and such. I look forward to seeing more from him.

                        Nice Orton Interview, arrogant as usual and he officially enters himself into the Royal Rumble. I like that, I like how you done it. No over the top segment just a simple straightforward interview, very refreshing man.

                        The Rave/London match looked F’n great man. London won which was cool and the Cruiserweight Champion Petey Williams (marks out) destroys London with the Canadian Destroyer (marks out again). London vs. Williams should be an excellent match up.

                        Nice Flair’s segment there. David Flair vs. the man that used to be called Test. Interesting to say the least. What was also interesting was another interview with another superstar declaring their involvement in the Royal Rumble Match. This time it was Angle. I really like this it is going great, but if you keep these interviews up then I’m gonna wanna see some form of interaction between the guys in them soon though.

                        Hmmm Cena has got the Street Soldiers out for Benoit. That should add an interesting dynamic to this Main Event match. I am loving your Cena by the way too, this is something that I’ve wanted to do for ages and have started to do by turning Cena Heel, I just hope I can live up to your version man.

                        WOW! David Flair actually won. That threw me, especially after Martins interview.

                        First up I loved the talk of Harris and Storm at ringside, I could actually see and hear that as I read it. Very cool man. This little series between WGTT and Generation Next has been going on for a bit now and tonight it ends and who will face the Champs AMW at the Rumble… GENERATION NEXT! I loved the finisher they used too, very cool and reminded me of the Eliminators Total Elimination finisher. AMW vs. Generation Next for the Tag Titles at The Rumble, should be a great match. All four men are great wrestlers and talents.

                        Ok another interview, this time it is Sting and he is in the Royal Rumble too. Cool!

                        Nice stuff between Benoit/Lesnar. There is nothing wrong with some good strong competition between face wrestlers. I like that, I think that is great. I was rooting for Cena to win tonight but now I am rooting for Benoit. After that segment I wanna see where you go with this. I liked Brock’s comments about Cena’s Street Soldiers not being a bother to Benoit tonight, I wonder what he’s got planned… Rey Mysterio is also in the Rumble, good stuff… but we need some much needed interaction between these four guys now.

                        Lesnar locked Homicide and Low Ki in the trunk of a car. Classic!

                        Styles I know, he’s great but I don’t know much bout Danielson… they match seemed very well done and it ends in a No contest after Joe’s interference. WOW! A Triple Threat now maybe? Punk comes down for the save… London gets revenge on Joe after the break, man Joe is one hated guy in your fed, a total badass monster and I LOVE IT!

                        Main Event time…. YES, BENOIT WINS!!!

                        Now I can’t wait for next week to see how the building goes for Benoit/Lesnar. I have a feeling that Benoit could win and face Cena at Mania if he wins the Rumble or Lesnar will retain and face Cena at Mania after winning the Rumble. Either way I see Cena winning the rumble here.

                        Nice show man, the only thing I have a problem with is I don’t know a lot of these guys but that will change as I am officially a SupeRAW fan. You have some great things going into the Royal Rumble, good luck with them… and like I told C.I.A please get rid of the Spoiler Boxes for match results, he already know who won why is it such a spoiler/surprise?

                        90 out of 100
                        Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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                          Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                          Aight Jay, here is your review. I'm in a bit of a rush so I'm just going to do a bullet point review.

                          THE GOOD
                          • Joey Styles and JBL Commentary Team
                          • Low Ki, Homicide, Cena combination. All of them can get it done in the ring [ although Ki and Homicide could work circles around Cena]. The whole promo was well done and I'm looking forward to Cena v Benoit.
                          • Orton's promo and an Edge/Orton feud in general. WWE has really dropped the ball with this so far, so hopefully you can do better.
                          • The Rave/London match. I've never seen Rave or Nana but you wrote with them well and really got me into them.
                          • Generation Next v WGTT. A great feud and great promos to back it up. I loved the match, and I look forward to more of them in the future.
                          • Sting Promo fucking owned. Very dark side to him.
                          • Samoa Joe interference to the Danielson v Styles match.
                          • London attacking Joe.
                          • The entire Cena/Benoit match. Benoit/Lesnar should be a great match for Wrestlemania indeed. I can't wait for it.
                          • The ending with Lesnar punking Benoit out to get into his head. Creative and awesome. I would have marked for that in reality.

                          THE BAD
                          • David Flair in any fed in any way.
                          • Test going by Andrew Marten.
                          • DAVID FLAIR BEATING TEST!
                          • I didn't really like how Lesnar took out both Ki and 'Cide. It makes them look weak when in reality they're better than Cena.
                          • London saying bitch.

                          THE MEH
                          • The Mysterio promo. I can see you tried with it, but I just couldn't get into it. It was in character and it seemed to get it's point across that's why I didn't put it into the bad. You better not have Mysterio win the Rumble like in the WWE though... for Eddie.

                          I noticed your love for Maria seeing as how she's the only interviewer you used.

                          All in all, this show was very good. I loved it and I cream for your writing. There's nothing I would really suggest except maybe in the layout of your show bolding whoever's talking. I'd drop David Flair, even if you have something planned, which I'm sure you do. He's just not interesting.



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                            Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                            RT's Short N' Sweet Review
                            First and foremost, allow me to extend my congratulations to the Ottawa Senators for finally winning the Eastern Conference and making it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

                            May they all get syphallis.

                            Alright, on with the show!

                            Cena/Foley Promo
                            For my money, nobody plays a better menace today than John Cena (with the exception of maybe Christian Cage), which is why I use him as a heel in my fed. He does a good job here, until Foley comes out and stops him dead in his tracks. I've told you before I love Foley as a GM and this part proves it as he sets up a great match, Benoit vs. Cena.

                            Prince Nana/Foley & Orton/Edge
                            Another two good promos here, you utilize promos with the best of them here in Fan Fic.

                            You got Nana's character over here perfectly, looking down on the authority figure and getting his heel personna over as well. But, as always, Foley drops a little bomb when he tells Nana who Jimmy Ra-...sorry, The Crown Jewel will be facing. London vs. Rave should be exciting.

                            We switch to Orton, who tells off Maria and does what Orton always does best, acts like a cocky asshole. Blah blah blah, I'm tired of being SPEARED!! Yeah Edge! I like this feud already.

                            Rave w/Nana vs. London
                            I know who my pick is because I think it's obvious, so let's see what happens.

                            Well written match, some nice high spots that gets Rave some show off time so we know what he's all about. Nana plays a good manager, then...London wins? Whoa, didn't see that coming, although London vs. Petey Williams is going to be off the hook. Nice touch with the surprise Canadian Destroyer at the end there.

                            Flairs & Angle promos
                            Nothing too special with David and Ric, just giving us what we need to know. I chuckled when I pictured them "WOO"ing back and forth.

                            Angle does a nice shoot, tells the world he's in the Rumble! It's true! It's damn true!

                            Andrew Martin vs. David Flair
                            Match didn't really grab my attention because A) I don't like Test and B) I barely remember David Flair from his wCw days. However, the match served it's purpose as a nice filler and was well written, except half way through you started referring to Martin as Test again. Choose a side Ryan, we're at war.

                            As for David Flair, like I said I don't remember much about him, but I know where you're going with him (because you told me) and I want to say to everyone else reading to have faith, it should turn out pretty good.

                            WGTT vs. Gen Next
                            AMW comes on out and joins Styles and JBL (who I love as a team, btw).

                            Good match, I didn't read the whole thing, but the ending was entertaining to say the least. Shelley and Aries hit a High Low out of nowhere and get the upset over WGTT! Your tag division is awesome and I like where it's going.

                            Sting, Lesnar, Benoit, Mysterio, etc. etc.
                            I like this dark side of Sting and I also like how you have all the big names coming out and making their announcements about the Rumble.

                            Cena opens the door...SHIT SON, IT'S LESNAR! That was cool, very intimidating. Lesnar says he's taken care of Homicide and Low Ki, Cena is pissed, nice touch.

                            Mysterio announces he's in the Rumble as well. Like I told you a few minutes ago, the Mysterio vs. His Size thing has been done, so this could get boring quickly, although there isn't much else you can do just yet.

                            AJ Styles vs. Bryan Danielson
                            I love this match up and have enjoyed this tournament for the IC Title. The match was awesome, the best of the night for me and the ending was excellent as well. A No Contest is perfect right now and I smell a Triple Threat match...

                            ...until CM Punk shows up! Now I don't know what to think, especially with Joe running away from a fight. That was surprising, a side of Joe we haven't seen in a long time. I love the IC Title feud right now.

                            London Attacks Joe
                            I had to give this part it's own spot because it was both awesome yet hurtful, or could at least prove to be hurtful.

                            I love that London attacked Joe. Huge surprise, would've gone over with the fans in a massive way. However, you already have a big IC Title feud going and London is doing his own thing with Williams for the Cruiserweight Title. I don't know if this is a continuing thing or just a one-time deal for London, but we'll see. It could make things more exciting, or just confusing and complicated. Tread carefully.

                            Benoit vs. Cena
                            Cena makes a b-line for Benoit and doesn't back down an inch. This match was a straight up brawl and was done exceptionally well.

                            Benoit wins, which I definitely saw coming and loved, since Lesnar vs. Benoit for the Title will be an awesome rematch. Cena is all alone without his soldiers, leaving him open to an attack from Lesnar as he sends a message to Benoit. Nice close to the show.

                            Overall: 9.1/10

                            Your feuds are building very nicely and SupeRAW continues to get better each week. You're at a good place right now and your Royal Rumble PPV is setting up nicely. You know where I stand on most of what's going on and you know my input on where you're going with this, as you've ran a few storylines by me, so I'll just finish by saying that you're doing one hell of a job. Keep it up.


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                              Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                              "The Rabid Wolverine"
                              Chris Benoit

                              A former World Champion, and perhaps the best technical wrestler in the world today, it has been an uphill battle for Chris Benoit ever since he stepped foot into a WWE ring, but he wouldn't have it any other way. Chris Benoit entered into the year 2004 on a mission to win the Intercontinental Championship, a mission that would be successful, as he defeated Rob Van Dam at the Royal Rumble to win the Intercontinental Championship (thanks to help from Eddie Guerrero). At No Way Out, Chris Benoit narrowly beat Booker T in a controversial ending to retain the title, however Stephanie McMahon ordered that since the finish was controversial, the two men would participate in a Best of Seven Series to determine a new Intercontinental Champion, however to be fair, his victory at No Way Out would be counted. Booker T would battle back to tie the series at 3-3 heading into Wrestlemania and then do the impossible, defeating Chris Benoit to win the Intercontinental Championship. Later that night, Benoit would align himself with Vince McMahon, costing Bret Hart a match against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania.

                              Bret Hart would feud with Benoit for the next couple of months, including a singles match, an Ultimate Submission Match and an Elimination Chamber match, before earning Hart's respect enough to compete against him in a Special 60 Minute Iron-Man Match on the 5 year anniversary of Owen Hart's death. Benoit would then move on to compete in the first ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Vengeance, however he would come up short in the encounter. Frustrated, he returned in search of the Intercontinental Championship, however that title was now held by his best friend Eddie Guerrero, however Benoit put friendship aside in an attempt to rejuvinate his career, however Eddie stayed one step ahead of him, beating Benoit in a Ladder Match at Summerslam.

                              However 2005 would be a year that Chris Benoit would never forget, with the most star filled Royal Rumble in WWE history (Michaels, Hart, Austin, Rock, Undertaker, etc) very few put money on Chris Benoit to win the Royal Rumble, however he proved the skeptics wrong, sliding under the radar and winning the Royal Rumble. Benoit would then align himself with Bret Hart and DX in their war against the McMahons, participating in the War Games Match at No Way Out. After No Way Out, he prepared for the chance of a lifetime, to Main Event at Wrestlemania against Chris Jericho, who surprisingly agreed to a clean match, promising no interference, just one on one, may the better man win. Benoit proved to be the better man, ending Chris Jericho's 1 year reign as champion. A tear-filled Benoit would be joined by Eddie Guerrero and the two men would celebrate one of Wrestlemania's most memorable moments.

                              However the celebration soon ended and Eddie Guerrero was once again Benoit's enemy, Eddie had won the 2nd Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania and had cashed it early at Backlash and the two went to war, this time Benoit would catch Eddie off guard, retaining the WWE Championship. At Judgment Day, Benoit defended the title inside the Elimination Chamber once again (Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Triple H, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle all challenged) however Benoit was not able to rise to the occasoin, losing the title to Brock Lesnar. Feeling cheated out of his dream, Benoit demanded a re-match, but Shane McMahon refused and Benoit attacked Shane. Benoit then entered the King of the Ring Tournament, however Shane McMahon costed him a semi-finals match against John Cena, costing him his chance to regain the title.

                              Benoit would then turn his frustrations against Eddie Guerrero once again, and at SUmmerslam in what would be Eddie's last match, the two once again went to war, this time Eddie Guerrero proved to be a man up, defeating Chris Benoit in his final match.

                              Chris Benoit has never got a re-match for the WWE Championship, and will stop at nothing to win back the title that was stolen from him, will Chris Benoit return to the top of the mountain, and what lengths is he willing to take, to return to the glory of World Champion?


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                                Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                                JJs Review

                                Okay, this is my 1st review of the 3rd season of SupeRaw, so lets hope I'm not let down but I doubt I will. Actually this is my first review in ages.

                                Looks like we are in the run-up to the Royal Rumble, my 2nd favourite major PPV of the year and we start with the trio of Cena, Homicide & Low Ki. Certainly an interesting trio there and some mixed styles. They compliment each other well. Well it was a short and to the point opening promo but it got over what needed to be done. Cena vs. Benoit tonight. Looks like a lot of people in FF are using Cena as a heel, so you are going to have to do something special with him to make him stand out. It's been a good start.

                                Having not seen much of Prince Nana and Jimmy Rave, I can't really comment much on it but Nana seems like my kind of heel, belittling people. Rave vs. London tonight, I expect Rave to walk out the winner there. Here's The Legend Killer! Nice heated promo from Orton, I doubt he will walk out the winner of the Rumble though. Seems you are building up to the Edge/Orton at WM. That spear from Edge just confirmed it.

                                Here comes the CW match, it should be a belter. Nice quick opening start, the match has flowed well and Nana is getting pretty involved as well. It has flowed well between the two men but I still expect Rave to walk out winner, probably due to Nanas' interference. I thought this was a wrestling match, not a bitch fight Alas I was wrong, London wins and goes to the Rumble to face the CW Champion. A debutant that doesn't win, quite shocking in this day and age. Williams takes down London and it's definitely on at the Rumble.

                                David Flair is here, well you did the right thing in having Ric managing him, I don't think I could handle it any other way. I expect Flair vs. Flair some point down the line though. Woo! Angle is in the rumble with a intense promo, can I see Angle winning the Rumble, yes I can.

                                Cena is ordering his minions to find Benoit and beat him down, I like this side to Cena, making him have a ruthless streak in his conquest to become WWE Champion. Test cuts an okay promo and it's his debut match here tonight. I doubt he will win though, jobber to the stars is Test. Maybe not a few years ago when he could have been something but not now.

                                I'm not expecting an exciting match out of these two, as long as David wrestles differently to Ric, we are okay. You're flipping between Martin and Test, which one is it going to be. I like Test better. Test keeps fighting out of the Figure Four, I reckon Flair will slap it on at some point, seems you are building up to it. Test is dominating but like I said, I can only see him as Jobber to the stars, David is going to win this. Test nails the Big Boot but his ego gets the better of him. Flair wins with the Small Package. It was an okay match, I'm not bothered about Test and my feelings are the same about David Flair

                                Straight into the Generation Next/WGTT match and like you pointed out with that short burst from AMW, whoever wins this match, their styles will clash with AMW. I'm expecting a nice paced match between the two teams, they should compliment each other well. I have to be honest, I didn't read most of the match mainly because I'm starting to get tired, work sucks etc etc. Nice ending to the match and its Generation Next vs. AMW at the Rumble. That also should be a good match.

                                Sting is now in the Rumble and he is a dark & sadistic, that's is how I like Sting. Lesnar is here despite having the night off, does anyone take a night off in Wrestling? Him and Benoit have a few words, will Benoit win tonight? I don't know. Mysterio is now into the Rumble, he could win but I doubt it. I loved the Cena/Lesnar show down. You portrayed Lesnar really well here, he was super cool. I bet Cena needs a change of pants now.

                                Here is the AJ/American Dragon match. Should also be a good match but it doesn't turn out that way. Joe destroys everyone but wimps out of a fight with Punk. It would have been better for Punk to get the better of Joe in a fight rather than Joe run away scared. Seems everyone is after Joe, even London. I guessed you wanted to show off Joes' strength with him surviving a chair shot from London. Joe to cost London at Rumble, maybe?

                                It's Main Event time and Cena vs. Benoit. This is a tough one to call, both have issues with Lesnar. Again I didn't read all the match but I did read the last few paragraphs. Cena has to tap after Benoit locks in the Crossface and it will be Benoit vs. Lesnar at the Rumble. I can't see Lesnar losing at the Rumble. A bit of mindgames between Lesnar/Benoit and Cena ends up getting the F5.

                                Nice show Jay, nothing outstanding but things are building nicely towards the Rumble. Keep up the good work.
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                                Cheers to KustoM for the banner.

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