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- General Discussion is banned from Fan Fiction. It was great while it lasted, but it was abused too many times.


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Thank you.
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    Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

    Another special announcement from

    There will be a new style of wrestling brought to the WWE this year, a championship committee led by Mick Foley have been put in charge of determining who will receive a World Title shot, with the idea that those who are the most worthy of receiving a title shot due to their in-ring performance will be the ones to receive them. In addition to the new championship committee, WWE Owner Shane McMahon has announced that there will no longer be any matches decided by countout. The owner of the company expressed that it is in the fans best interest to see a winner based on what happens inside the ring, not what happens outside the ring.
    Tune into for more exciting announcements.


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      Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

      WWE SupeRAW 2006
      Monday January 2nd, 2006
      Location: Toronto, Canada
      Venue: Air Canada Center
      Announcers: Joey Styles and John Bradshaw Layfield
      Written By: Jay Lethal

      The parental advisory warning flashes across television screens in North America and around the world before the cameras take us live inside the Air Canada Center where Lilian Garcia is standing alone in the center of the ring with a microphone in her hand.

      Lilian Garcia: “Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please join me in welcoming our special guests tonight, walking us through the year that was in 2005 while performing their hit single, ‘This Could Be Anywhere In The World’, please welcome Alexisonfire.”

      As the band prepares to play, the lights go out except for a spotlight behind George and Dallas before the titantron behind them on stage begins showing video footage from the year in review that was 2005.

      This Could Be Anywhere In The World

      This town has its claws buried in my neck
      This town, it takes lives, without mercy, without hate

      The streets are in distress
      The sun suffocates behind darkened skies

      The grass is growing on top of my feet
      I'm sinking, won't be long, before I'm too deep to run

      The line up seems endless
      Underneath the salvation signs.

      We are the dead ones, we are the lost cause
      We are the bend before the break. Our steps seal our fate.

      Because this city, this city is haunted
      By ghosts (ghosts) from broken homes (homes)
      Because this city, this city is haunted
      And there's no hope (hope) left for these souls (souls).

      Every step I take I leave a small piece
      Of myself behind. Soon there will be nothing left.

      The cracks in the pavement,
      Match the cracks in their weathered skin

      The sky's a brick wall
      The ground's a juggernaut
      Each day they get a bit closer
      Between them, I am caught.

      I stare in amazement,
      I can't believe this is where I live.

      Every breath I take I feel my lungs seal
      This breeze feels more like shards of glass I'm more scars than skin

      Because this city, this city is haunted
      By ghosts (ghosts) from broken homes (homes)
      Because this city, this city is haunted
      And there's no hope (hope) left for these souls (souls).

      Our steps seal fate, our steps seal fate.

      This is our celebration
      Come join the lost souls

      This is our celebration
      Come join the lost souls

      This city, this city is haunted.

      Oh! Walk with us. Oh! Down. Walk with us.

      This city, this city is haunted
      By ghosts (ghosts) from broken homes (homes)
      Because this city, this city is haunted
      And there's no hope (hope) left for these souls (souls).

      As Alexisonfire ends the song, explosions rock the stage as the camera pans the live audience inside the Air Canada Center focusing on several signs including a sign that does the RVD double thumb taunt, a Straight Edge Pepsi sign for CM Punk, a bunch of Eddie Guerrero RIP posters and much more, once the camera finishes panning the audience it focuses in on the announce table with the Joey Styles and John Bradshaw Layfield.

      Joey Styles: “What a performance by Alexisonfire. Welcome to REBORN, the Season Premiere of WWE SUPERAW live from the sold out Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario and what a show we have tonight, Joey Styles alongside JBL broadcasting live as 3 of 4 major titles on the line tonight including a re-match from Summerslam as Brock Lesnar defends the WWE Championship against John Cena as we begin a new chapter in the annuls of Sports Entertainment.”

      JBL: “It has been four long months since wrestling fans in North America have had the privilege of hearing my voice, four long months since they have seen my face on television and most importantly four months since they have had the opportunity to chant my name”

      Joey Styles: “Despite what my partner believes, this show isn’t about him, it is however about wrestling as the Intercontinental Champion Samoa Joe defends that title against Edge”

      JBL: “It’s about time that someone was given the opportunity to cool down Edge, Samoa Joe is going to choke him out tonight, and I can’t wait”

      JBL is cut off by the sound of a massive car crash as ‘Wreck’ blasts over the speakers and the WWE Commissioner Mick Foley appears on the stage to a huge reaction from the crowd. Foley raises his arm on the stage before walking to the ring, he slides into the ring and once again raises his arm into the air as the crowd eats it up. Mick grabs a microphone from Lilian Garcia at ringside and then signals for the crowd to quiet down so he can speak…

      Mick Foley: ‘It’s been a couple months since I have been able to say this, but damn it’s good to be back on television again. And it seems only fitting that our first show, ironically named Reborn is taking place RIGHT HERE IN TORONTO, CANADA! For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Mick Foley and I am the Commissioner of World Wrestling Entertainment, and I act in the interests of WWE owner, Shane McMahon. And while Shane McMahon, unlike his father before him prefers to stay off camera, I have been told that he will be making a special address to the fans of World Wrestling Entertainment before the end of tonight’s broadcast.”

      The crowd gives the idea of Shane McMahon a mixed reaction, however they are once again quickly silenced by Mick Foley as he signals that he has more to say…

      Mick Foley, “Like Shane McMahon, I also don’t plan to do a significant amount of talking, because this show isn’t about me, it’s about the superstars who bust their ass to entertain you. With that in mind, I would like to introduce to you the most dominant force in all of professional wrestling, he is an army all to himself, he is the baddest man on the planet, and he is the man that will defend the WWE Championship later on tonight against John Cena. Ladies and gentlemen, YOUR WWE CHAMPION…Brock Lesnar!

      ‘The Champ Is Here’ by Jadakiss hits the speakers and the World Champion, Brock Lesnar steps through the curtains and onto the stage to a huge pop from the crowd. Lesnar bounces on the stage as explosions go off behind him as Lesnar slowly makes his way to the ring.

      JBL: “Here Comes the Pain”

      Lesnar makes his way down to the ring side area and in one swift leap jumps to the apron as explosions from the turnbuckles signal his arrival. He steps into the ring and removes the title belt from around his waist before grabbing the microphone from Mick Foley. The Commissioner leaves the ring as the champion prepares to address the public for the first time this year.

      Brock Lesnar: For all those out there that know what Brock Lesnar is all about, I don’t like to come out here and talk, I would much rather let my actions in the ring speak for me, but seeing as were back in North America for the first time in four months, I have a message for everyone in the back…anyone, anytime, anywh…”

      Lesnar is cut off by the sounds of ‘’Sing For The Moment’ by Eminem and the Doctor of Thugganomics appears on the stage, wearing a Chris Bosh throwback jersey, a steel chain around his neck and cut jean shorts. Cena stays on the stage and doesn’t bother coming any closer to the WWE Champion, instead he reveals a microphone and prepares to speak.

      John Cena “The only thing that needs to be said is that after tonight John Cena will be the WWE Champion. Nothing seems to change with you Brock, you still have more muscle then you do brain, and your always trying to take the spotlight away from everyone else, especially John Cena and I am sick and tired of being lost in the shadow.”

      Brock Lesnar: “Well John, it just so happened that at Summerslam you had the opportunity to take that precious spotlight from me, you had the opportunity to climb to the top of the ladder, to become the WWE Champion, and what happened, you choked worse than the Ottawa Senators in a playoff series.”

      The Toronto Crowd gets into a huge roar after that comment, completely behind Lesnar at this point. Cena stands there with a bad attitude look on his face, knowing that he had just been punked out.

      John Cena, “Real funny bro, but tonight things are different, tonight I got myself a shot at the WWE Championship and I learned a lot at Summerslam. I witnessed first hand your strengths, but I also learned your weaknesses as well Brock. And tonight Brock, there is one thing I will promise. And that is that you will have to kill me in order to stop me from walking out of this arena tonight with the WWE Championship, in fact I doubt that tonight you won’t even be able to walk out of the arena tonight.”

      Brock Lesnar: “You know Cena, that’s something we have in common, because in order to take this title from me, you will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers, but I don’t want to wait until the Main Event, I want your ass right now!”

      The crowd erupts at the idea of Cena and Lesnar getting into a brawl and Cena begins walking towards the ring, but then he stops.

      John Cena, “Good try Brock, your more predictable than ever, you actually think that I am going to fall for that, I perfected the “Lets Fight Now” strategy. Tonight I have you in the Main Event, and as far as I am concerned…the only place a John Cena fight belongs is in the Main Event, so you had better spend the next hour or so saying goodbye to that title, because that title is leaving with me.”

      ’Sing For The Moment’ hits the speakers again and John Cena throws up the Untouchable hand gesture before exiting the stage as the camera zooms in on Lesnar who has a smile on his face.

      Commercial Break
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        Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

        They are the stars of the WWE Cruiserweight Division, all of them amazing athletes who’s desire and passion drive them to incredible heights…Rey Mysterio, the most celebrated luchadore of our generation. Billy Kidman, the in ring artist that has perfected arguably the most beautiful move in all of sports entertainment, the Shooting Star Press. Chavo Guerrero, nephew of the legendary Eddie Guerrero and heir to the Guerrero legacy. Paul London the two time Cruiserweight Champion is perhaps the most reckless superstar to ever enter the squared circle. Chris Sabin, the newest star to the Cruiserweight Division, who has already caught the world’s attention with his innovative high risk offense. And finally the champion, Petey Williams, the master of the most devestating manuever ever witnessed in wrestling, the Canadian Destroyer. They have awed and inspired all those fortunate enough to witness them, and they are coming…NEXT!

        Lilian Garcia: “The following contest and first match of the new season of SUPERAW is a one fall Fatal Fourway Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship”

        ‘Booyaka 619’ by POD hits the speakers and Rey Mysterio shoots out from the bottom of the stage. Rey is wearing an Eddie Guerrero tribute shirt and arm bands Rey points to the crowds on one side and then the other before he makes his walk down to the ring, Rey slides into the ring and removes the shirt before climbing to the top rope to work the crowd. His music dies and then ‘This Fire Burns’ by Killswitch Engage hits and Chris Sabin appears on the stage, Sabin appears to stumble around the stage before he walks to the ring. Sabin removes his jacket and slides in, then climbing on the middle rope and raising his arm to work the crowd. He gets down and ‘Battle Without Honor or Humanity’ from the Kill Bill Soundtrack blasts over the speakers and the former Cruiserweight Champion, Paul London steps through the curtains to a big pop from the crowd. London slowly walks his way down to the ring before sliding in, he then lies on the ground for a moment before getting to his feet and circling the ring as the ‘Canadian National Anthem’ plays and the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Petey Williams makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

        WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
        Fatal Fourway Match
        Petey Williams (champion) vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Sabin vs. Paul London

        Chris Sabin quickly wastes no time running off the ropes, he leaps over with a No Hands Somersault Plancha landing on top of Williams on the outside before he can even take his belt off or get into the ring. That leaves Mysterio and London in the ring. London ducks a right hand from Mysterio and lays in a couple forearm shots, he tries to throw Rey into the corner but Mysterio counters and sends him into the corner. Mysterio charges in after him but London puts on the breaks and uses the ropes to slingshot behind Rey, then performing a back flip to create some distance. Mysterio turns around and London drops him with a spinning heel kick knocking him down. Mysterio gets to his feet quickly and London drops him again with the Dropsault. London then lifts up Rey and throws him into the ropes, London misses a clothesline and Rey uses the ropes to springboard to the top rope, he then connects with a Flying Crossbody to Paul London.

        Meanwhile on the outside Sabin is back on his feet, he picks up Williams and throws him into the center of the ring. Mysterio gets to his feet as Sabin is on the apron, so Sabin uses the rope to springboard into a dropkick which knocks Mysterio out of the ring. Sabin is up and he grabs London and whips him into the ropes, London ducks a clothesline and then another clothesline, but Williams is ready and he launches him into the air, and London crashes hard on the canvas before Williams connects with a dropkick to the head before London could even hesitate. Williams turns around and Sabin grabs him and drives him into the ground with a Running Sitdown Powerbomb, Sabin covers but Mysterio is back and breaks up the count. Rey decides to turn up the pace and he runs at Sabin who tries a clothesline, Mysterio ducks then connects with a headscissor takedown, and then a spinning heel kick. Sabin struggles to his feet and Mysterio hits a standing dropkick which knocks him into the corner. Mysterio then climbs to the top rope and begins to pound Sabin’s head as the crowd counts every blow, but Sabin grabs Mysterio and drops him head first on the turnbuckle. Sabin then builds up some momentum and connects with a Tornado DDT out of the corner on Mysterio, he covers but London breaks up the count.

        Sabin gets to his feet and London drops him quickly with a superkick. London then turns his attention to Williams and throws him into the corner, London charges but Williams gets a foot up, London runs into it and is stunned, and Williams quickly leaps to the second rope and comes off with a dropkick, knocking down London. Mysterio is back up, he charges at Williams who falls for the bait and catches him, lifting him up, Mysterio grabs him by the head and brings him to the mat with a bulldog. He sees Sabin get to his feet and charges at him but Sabin lowers his head and dumps Mysterio on the outside. Sabin then quickly builds some momentum and attacks Mysterio flying through the middle rope with a suicide dive and both men are down on the outside. Both men are on the outside and Williams gets to his feet on the inside of the ring, he charges at the ropes and leaps over with a corkscrew plancha, landing on both Sabin and Mysterio on the outside. London is back on his feet now as all three men struggle to get up on the outside, London climbs to the top rope and he leaps off with a Standing Moonsault, and everyone is down on the outside of the ring.

        The first person to his feet is Paul London, he grabs Mysterio and throws him into the ring. London then looks for the cover but Mysterio kicks out. London lifts up Mysterio and looks for a DDT but Williams gets back to his feet and attacks him from behind. Williams notices that Sabin is on the apron and he dropkicks him off the apron back to the floor. Williams then lifts up Paul London and carries him over to the ropes, sizing up Sabin on the outside, he drops London on top of Sabin on the outside with a splash. Mysterio gets to his feet and Williams connects with a Hurricanrana, looking for a quick victory but Mysterio kicks out. Williams gets to his feet first and he throws Mysterio into the corner, Williams charges at him with a dropkick but Mysterio jumps and Williams lands uncomfortably with his legs between the post.

        London is up on the outside of the ring and he begins feeding forearm shots to the face of Williams while his groin is still wrapped around the ring post. Mysterio notices Sabin on the outside and he runs at him leaping over the top rope, Sabin sees him coming and moves but Mysterio bluffed and landed on the apron. Sabin then turns around just as Mysterio leaps off the apron, taking him down with a hurricanrana on the outside. London slides back into the ring and lifts up tries to put Williams away with a Dragon Suplex but Williams somehow kicks out. Williams gets back to his feet and London looks for a Hurricanrana on Williams, but Williams blocks it and throws him off, London lands on his feet and charges at Williams looking for a clothesline, Williams ducks and London runs off the ropes with a Springboard Crossbody, however Williams ducks it and London crashes to the ground. Williams grabs London and connects with a Cradle DDT, but London somehow kicks out.

        Williams gets to his feet and grabs London, signaling for the Canadian Destroyer but Mysterio springboards off the apron with a dropkick at the last moment, knocking Williams down. Sabin gets to his feet and grabs London, looking for the Future Shock but Mysterio executes a kick to the gut of Sabin, causing him to lose his hold on London who falls off his shoulders. Rey then executes a hurricanrana that perfectly positions Sabin on the second rope for the 619. Rey signals and runs off the ropes, looking for a phone call but Williams catches him with a dropkick as he rebounds off the ropes. London then executes a dropsault to Williams, knocking him out of the ring to the floor. London climbs to the top rope, looking for the London Calling, but Sabin knocks the ropes and London falls on the top rope. Sabin climbs to the top rope, and hits the Frankenstiener! Sabin covers….1….2….Mysterio breaks up the count!

        Mysterio then steps to the outside, watching Sabin, he springboards looking for the West Coast Pop and hits it, Mysterio grabs the leg….1….2….London breaks up the count. London gets to his feet quickly and kicks Mysterio, Rey grabs his foot and London leaps off his free foot and drives his foot into Mysterio’s temple with a Enziguri. London covers….1….2….Sabin breaks up the count! Sabin gets to his feet and throws Mysterio to the outside, he grabs London and hits the FUTURE SHOCK. Sabin covers but Williams breaks up the count! Williams throws London out of the ring and kicks Sabin in the gut, he positions him and connects with the CANADIAN DESTROYER!...1…2…3!

        Williams quickly slides out of the ring before Mysterio can get at him, and the referee hands him the Cruiserweight Title. Rey tells Williams to get back but Williams just blows him off as the two men exchange words, suddenly Williams gets a huge smile on his face. Rey turns around and RODERICK STRONG is behind him.

        Joey Styles, “What the hell, that’s Roderick Strong, what’s he doing here, he doesn’t even work here!”

        Strong grabs Rey and connects with a sick TIGER DRIVER! Strong stands over Mysterio and then points at Williams as SUPERAW takes a commercial break.

        JBL: “I don’t know why’s he’s here, but he just sent a message to the entire Cruiserweight Division”

        Commercial Break
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          Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

          In the year 2005, new heroes emerged, legends said goodbye and higher levels of violence and innovation were reached. Superstars like Samoa Joe, CM Punk, AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson and Edge became house hold names. Witness their climb to the top, and some of the biggest moments of 2005 in the Best of 2005 show, available all month on WWE 24/7.

          When SUPERAW returns, we are taken into the office of RAW Commissioner Mick Foley who is sitting at his desk, we see both members of the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas standing beside his desk, seemingly waiting for someone else to arrive. The camera shifts to the door as Generation Next, Austin Aries and Alex Shelley both walk into the office at the same time.

          Austin Aries: “You wanted to see us boss?”

          Alex Shelley: “What are they doing here?”

          Aware of the tension between Generation Next and the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Mick Foley is quick to calm the situation down by getting in the middle of both teams in order to prevent any physical altercation between them.

          Mick Foley: “Listen, the reason that I called all of you into my office is to announce that one of the teams in this room will face America’s Most Wanted for the Tag Team Championship at the Royal Rumble, and that team will be decided by a series of matches between the four of you. You will compete in a Best 2/3 Series over the next month, the team that comes out on top in this series, will be awarded with an opportunity at the Tag Team Championship, and your first match is tonight. So I suggest that instead of brawling around in my office, and putting me in a very difficult mood, that you should spend your time preparing for your first match, that is all.

          Foley moves out of the way and returns to his seat, Generation Next and World’s Greatest Tag Team stare each other down…Aries/Haas and Shelley/Benjamin for a couple of seconds before….

          Charlie Haas, “You heard the boss, go prepare, because it will take a miracle for the two of you to get passed us tonight”

          Benjamin and Haas leave as Generation Next look at each other for a moment and then start discussing strategy as the cameras shift to Maria Kanellis who is standing by with CM Punk.

          Maria Kanellis, “Lots of big news going around the locker-room today, first the announcement of Generation Next/World’s Greatest Tag Team Match, and we also just found out that a mini tournament is set to begin next week, with the winner of the match to face the Intercontinental Champion, who is currently Samoa Joe, CM Punk you are one of the 4 men in this tournament, can I please have your thoughts going into such an environment”

          CM Punk: “Look Maria, it really comes down to this simple reality, the person who is the most willing to make sacrifices will win this tournament. And I am not talking about sacrifices to your own body, any idiot can jump off a Ladder or springboard over the ropes with all that lucha libre style, I’ve been known to do that a little bit myself, the sacrifice that I am talking about, is what I am willing to do to my opponent’s body in order to win that tournament. The Intercontinental Championship is a stepping stone to bigger and better things, when CM Punk gets that title around his waist, you know what that translates into,….money…and the more that CM Punk is worth to the WWE, the more CM Punk is worth outside of the WWE. AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam, Bryan Danielson…..”

          At just that moment, the camera shifts just a little bit and Bryan Danielson comes into view. Danielson and Punk stare each other down for a couple of seconds before

          Danielson, “Talk all you want Punk, but the fact of the matter is this, it doesn’t matter what you are willing to do, you have to be able to back it up, and the question isn’t what you are willing to do, its can you do it…can you beat the best wrestler in the world today, can you beat Bryan Danielson…I’ll let you think about it”

          Danielson walks away carefully to ensure that Punk doesn’t blindside him. Once Danielson leaves the camera returns to the face of CM Punk, who continues to stare in the direction of Bryan Danielson, he then nods his head as we cut to another commercial break.

          Commercial Break


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            Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

            When WWE SupeRAW returns, instead of going into the main arena, a short video recording plays that was taped earlier in the day. The video recording takes place in what seems to be a old scrapyard with Abyss and his master, Father James Mitchell. We see that Abyss is on the ground, leaning back and forth with barbed wire wrapped around his hands, which are behind his head.

            Mitchell: “Albright, do you see this, I’ve heard that you are a man that never quits, never walks out on a fight and never backs down, but Albright that kind of determination, while noble will cause you nothing but pain and suffering. You see, while you are a respectable athlete, you are not a monster, you are not 6’9, 350 pounds, and you do not have that pain, that ruthless unending pain that flows through the veins of my monster Abyss. Do yourself a favor Albright, fight the urge, the urge to prove yourself, to make a name for yourself because if you are foolish enough to walk down that isleway, and get into the ring with Abyss, I promise you one thing, you will know the true meaning of PAIN!”

            The video package ends and we are backstage with the beautiful Maria Kanellis, who is standing beside “The Shooter” Brent Albright.

            Maria Kanellis, “Brent, you just saw the message that Father James Mitchell left for you, what are you thinking heading into a match with the monster Abyss?”

            Brent Albright, “Make no mistake Maria, this is not something I am looking forward to, that Abyss is a sick psychotic man, however I will not back down, I will not walk away, I will not quit, you say that I will know the meaning of pain, that may be true, but there is one thing that I will never know, the meaning of surrender.”

            ‘Catacombs’ hits the speakers and the monster Abyss steps through the curtains to the stage with Father James Mitchell behind him. Abyss crosses his arms in front of him as pyrotechnics go off behind him. Abyss stands still for a moment until Father Mitchell points to the ring with his cane, ordering Abyss into the ring. Abyss steps into the ring and then sits in the corner as Father Mitchell walks to him on the outside of the ring and begins to yell orders at him when ‘My Own Summer’ by Deftones hits the speakers and Brent Albright steps through the curtains. Albright simply walks to the ring, not worrying about a flashy entrance and slides into the ring, locking eyes instantly with both Abyss and Mitchell.

            Abyss vs. Brent Albright

            Abyss marches with purpose into the center of the ring while Albright takes his time before he enters into a stare down with the monster. Finally they lock eyes, which seems to anger Abyss immediately as he looks for a right hand, but Albright ducks the right and begins to deliver a couple right hands to the face of Abyss, which seem to have no effect. However Albright isn’t phased, he changes his technique and attacks the sternum of Abyss with a series of kicks, which knock the monster into the ropes. Albright sends him into the ropes but Abyss counters and sends Albright into the ropes instead, Albright ducks a clothesline and then a right hand, so Abyss stands there and Albright runs into him and gets knocked down. Abyss grabs Albright quickly by the throat with both hands and lifts him, first to his feet and throws him into the turnbuckle.

            Abyss then creates some distance between himself and Albright, he charges into the corner looking to avalanche Albright, but the Shooter moves at the last moment. Albright then delivers a couple right hands, looking to stun Abyss, but once again Abyss uses his pure power advantage, grabbing Albright and trapping him in the corner, driving an elbow into the temple of Albright, stunning him. Abyss charges into the corner at Albright who gets his foot up, temporarily stunning Abyss, he charges in again but this time Albright moves out of the way and Abyss crashes into the corner, he rebounds out of the corner and Albright catches him with a Belly to Belly Suplex! Abyss struggles to his feet and Albright drops him again, this time with a T-Bone Suplex and Mitchell quickly calls Abyss to the outside to regroup.

            Mitchell takes a moment and calms the monster down before sending him back into the ring, Albright quickly stomps on him before he can get to his feet, getting the advantage, he then allows him to get to his feet and delivers a stiff kick into the stomach of Abyss. Albright then throws him into the ropes but Abyss recovers and knocks Albright down with a clothesline. Albright gets to his feet but Abyss is on the attack, he grabs him with a waist lock and takes him down with a belly to belly slam. Abyss then grabs Albright by the neck and begins to torture Albright by applying tremendous torque to the neck.

            Abyss continues to torture the neck of Albright, but the Shooter fights to his feet and forces Abyss to readjust the hold into a headlock, Albright then pushes Abyss into the ropes to escape the hold, however Abyss comes back with a knockdown, staying on top of Albright. Abyss is quick on the attack, he grabs Albright and executes a snap mare, then while Albright is stunned he drops a sick chop to the side of Albright’s neck and he falls to the ground, holding his neck in pain, struggling to breathe. Albright crawls away from Abyss, desperately trying to create some distance and ends up in the corner, however Abyss continues his assault, splashing him in the corner with a Body Avalanche. Abyss then runs off the ropes and nearly takes Albright’s head off with a clothesline.

            Albright struggles once again to find the ropes and pull himself back to his feet but Abyss is right on him, trapping him in the corner and strangling him, but the referee manages to pull Abyss off of him. Abyss however quickly brushes past the referee and goes back on the attack, driving elbows into the shoulder of Albright. Abyss steps back and allows Albright to get back to his feet near the ropes, but Abyss doesn’t give him anymore time as he charges at Albright with a Big Boot, but Albright moves and Abyss catches his foot on the top rope. Albright goes on the attack with right hands, but Abyss blocks it and pushes Albright back, ensuring that he doesn’t fall to the floor.

            Abyss gets back into the ring and he grabs Albright and takes him down with a Sidewalk Slam. Abyss covers…1…2…kickout. Abyss doesn’t waste anytime and delivers a stiff kick to the head of Albright before he can even get to his feet. Albright holds onto his head, trying to protect it, but Abyss grabs him by the head anyways and throws him into the ropes, Abyss lowers his head and Albright takes advantage by kicking him in the head, which staggers Abyss a little bit Albright then charges at Abyss, but the monster is ready and he launches him into the air before throwing him to the mat with a flapjack. Abyss then nearly pulls his hair out in frustration, but Mitchell tells him to calm down. Abyss makes the cover…1…2…kickout.

            Abyss lifts Albright back to his feet and prepares to throw him into the rope again, but this time Albright manages to put on the break and twist the arm, reversing momentum enough to grab Abyss and take him over with a T-Bone Suplex and both men are down. Both men struggle to their feet and Abyss is the first to his feet, Abyss misses and Albright connects with a hard backhand chop, the crowd woos in appreciation and again Albright lays a chop into Abyss, doing anything he can to keep Abyss off balanced. Albright then connects with a dropkick to the knee of Abyss, which drops him down to one knee. Albright then executes a dropkick on the second knee and Abyss id down on his knees and Albright executes a standing dropkick which knocks Abyss back to the canvas.

            Albright is slow to get back to his feet, the adrenaline that he used for his last attack wearing off, and the pain settling in. Albright manages to fight off the pain but Abyss gets back to his feet so Albright backs him into the corner. Albright delivers a couple backhand chops and then climbs to the second rope and begins to lay into Abyss with right hands. Abyss grabs Albright in the middle of the count and he grabs him and drops his head on the turnbuckle. Albright stumbles around and Abyss delivers a stiff kick to the head of Albright which knocks him down.

            Abyss gets back to his feet first and quickly goes on the attack, he picks up Albright and positions him for the Shock Treatment and he nails it! Abyss covers quickly and hooks the leg….1….2….KICKOUT! Albright kicked out! Abyss starts to freak out a little bit, smashing his own head into the turnbuckle but once again Mitchell is able to calm him down. Albright struggles to his feet and Abyss sizes him up, grabbing him by the throat, he yells something at Albright and then prepares to lift him into the air and does, but Albright has enough time to prepare and he hooks his legs around the arm of Abyss and locks in the Crowbar! Abyss quickly falls to one knee under the pressure of the Crowbar and he reaches for the head of Albright, but he wrenches back and increases the pressure on Abyss. The monster then stretches out his leg and places it on the rope, forcing Albright to release the hold.

            Abyss gets to his feet first and is holding his arm in pain. Albright sees this and immediately targets the arm, with a couple of stiff chops, but Abyss is quick again and delivers a stiff knee to the midsection of Albright, knocking out his wind and instantly slowing momentum. Abyss then places Albright’s arm underneath his leg in position for a Pumphandle Slam and he lifts him up, but Albright maneuvers while on Abyss’s shoulder and lands behind him, locking in the Half Nelson Choke. Abyss reaches for the ropes, but they are nowhere to be found and Albright takes him down to the canvas and has the Half Nelson Choke locked in. Abyss fights through it and manages to get back to his feet, he reaches for the ropes in desperation but they are nowhere to be found, so his only choice left is to back into the corner, which breaks the hold.

            Abyss gets to his feet, however his shoulder still seems to be in some pain, Albright gets to his feet and manages to climb the second rope, he leaps on Abyss and lands on his back and tries to hook the Choke in again, but Abyss drops on his back, putting all of his weight on the back of Albright. Albright is the first to his feet, desperately trying to get some kind of advantage on Abyss, but the monster is back on his feet quicker than Albright expected and Abyss delivers a kick to the face of Albright, knocking him out of the ring to the floor.

            Abyss goes to the outside and Albright is on the defensive, trying to create some distance, and Abyss is on the attack. He traps Albright against the barricade and begins to pound away at the forehead of Albright with forearm shots. Abyss grabs Albright and lifts him to his feet, he whips across the floor, but doesn’t let go, instead he reverses the direction and sends Albright back towards the barricade and over the barricade to the floor. Abyss follows Albright to the floor, not allowing him to have any breathing room. Abyss delivers another stiff kick to the head of Albright, knocking him back even further as they brawl through the crowd. Abyss grabs Albright by the head and directs him back towards the ring area. He throws him over the barricade and back into the ring area.

            Abyss is in complete control as he stalks Albright, however the Shooter surprises him with a kick to the gut and a couple shots, but Abyss fights him off, by pushing him back into the steel ring post. Abyss charges into Albright, but he moves and Abyss crashes into the steel ring post. As Abyss staggers out, Albright gets a short burst of energy and uses it to take Abyss over the top with a Half Nelson Suplex and both men are down on the outside of the ring. The referee begins the count and both men are slow to get to their feet. Abyss is the first to his feet and he slides into the ring, to break up the count and then he goes to the outside. Abyss grabs Albright and smashes his head into the steel ring steps. The referee tells Abyss to stop, but the monster intimidates the official and then turns back to his prey.

            Abyss has Albright in a bad way, his head still on the steel steps, Abyss then raises his leg and stomps his foot down, sandwiching Albright’s head between his foot and the steel steps. Albright may have a concussion and the referee tries to get in the way, but Father Mitchell has him distracted. Abyss sets up the table for something as Albright struggles to his feet. Abyss sees Albright struggle and he grabs him by the head and moves him over, he looks for a Chokeslam but Albright manages to kick Abyss in the midsection, he fires back with couple chops and creates some distance between them. Albright then charges at Abyss who catches him with a BLACK HOLE SLAM THROUGH THE TABLE! Albright is down on the outside and the referee finally has had enough and calls for the bell.

            The referee calls for the EMTs to come down as Abyss continues to look over the broken body of Albright. Abyss begins to attack the EMT’s but Father Mitchell holds him off and calms him down, sending him back to the ring while the officials and EMT’s help care for Albright, who is able to get back to his feet on his own, holding his ribs. However Albright needs help getting walking up the ramp. The cameras continue to follow Albright’s struggle back to the back as we go to commercial break,

            Joey Styles: "Well Brent Albright promised that he wouldn't quit tonight, and I almost wish that he had."

            JBL: "'He said he wouldn't quit because he is too stupid to quit, but Father Mitchell promised him pain, and just look at him, I don't envy him one bit right now."

            Commercial Break
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              Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

              They are the new breed in Tag Team wrestling that have taken a dead division and given it new life, in the process developing some of the most heated rivalries in the recent memories. Generation Next; Austin Aries and Alex Shelley are two of the brightest stars in the business today, they possess a near perfect combination of strength, speed and innovation. The World’s Greatest Tag Team; Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, amateur wrestlers that have spent their entire careers transforming wrestling into an artform. America’s Most Wanted; the WWE Tag Team Champions. Together Chris Harris and James Storm have redefined success a tag team in professional wrestling, perfecting the art of teamwork. These teams are the future of the industry, and the future looks very bright…

              ‘World’s Greatest’ hits and the World’s Greatest Tag Team appears on the stage in their traditional red, white and blue tights covered by a red hoodie. Both men are clean cut and in nearly perfect athletic shape, Benjamin and Haas both jump into the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd and ‘Generation X’ hits the speakers and as Austin Aries and Alex Shelley appear on the stage to a huge pop from the crowd. Aries and Shelley run down to the ring and slide in and WGTT go right after them as the match begins.

              Generation Next vs. World’s Greatest Tag Team

              The match begins quickly as Aries and Benjamin are paired off on one side of the ring with Shelley and Haas on the other side of the ring. Shelley gets the advantage on Haas and throws him out of the ring. Benjamin tries to throw Aries into the ropes but Aries reverses it and sends Benjamin right into a dropkick from Shelley. Both Aries and Shelley then turn around at the same time and charge at Haas, delivering a baseball slide drop kick knocking him down on the outside of the ring.

              Benjamin runs at Aries and Shelley but both men manage to side step him and they send Benjamin over the top rope and he lands right beside Haas on the outside. Aries and Shelley work something out and Shelley positions himself near the ropes, before executing a sling shot maneuver that sends him over the top rope, landing on top of both Benjamin and Haas and all three men are down on the outside. Shelley stays down, but both Benjamin and Haas slowly start to get back to their feet, Shelley begins to move out of the way as Aries gathers momentum inside the ring and before Benjamin and Haas can react, Aries leaps over the top rope with a perfect somersault plancha which takes out both Benjamin and Haas, laying them out on the outside of the ring.

              Generation Next then focus their attention solely on Shelton Benjamin, throwing him into the ring and leaving Haas alone on the outside. They wait until Benjamin gets to his feet, Shelley stands behind Benjamin as Aries gathers momentum, Shelley goes for a leg sweep but at that moment Benjamin leaps and executes a dropkick on Aries, breaking up the X-Factor attempt. At the same time, Charlie Haas has made it back into the ring, he sneaks up behind Alex Shelley and rolls him up, the referee counts…1…2…kickout. Shelley quickly gets to his feet and Haas grabs him and takes him over with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Both Aries and Shelley are down, Haas throws Shelley out of the ring, and Benjamin throws out Aries the exact same way.

              Both men are down on the outside and Haas slides to the outside and chooses which member of Generation Next to isolate, choosing to go with the smaller Alex Shelley, he throws Shelley into the ring and executes a snap mare before delivering a very stiff kick to the back of the neck of Alex Shelley. Haas then locks Shelley quickly in a headlock, applying further pressure to the neck, determined to target the neck of Alex Shelley. Haas releases his hold on the neck, but quickly uses his legs and wraps them around the neck of Shelley, executing a perfect leg grapevine of his neck. The referee checks to see whether or not Shelley will submit and at that moment Haas raises his arms back allowing Benjamin to pull on them for more leverage, however the referee quickly sees this and orders Haas to release the hold, which he does. Haas then makes the tag to Shelton Benjamin.

              Benjamin is very quick to continue where Haas left off, he quickly executes a snapmare on Shelley and then places one knee on the neck of Shelley, he then grabs both of his arms and pulls back, applying tremendous pressure to the neck of Alex Shelley. The referee asks if Shelley wants to give up, but he refuses and Benjamin grows frustrated and releases the hold. Benjamin gets him back to his feet and throws him into the ropes, he lowers his head and Shelley kicks him in the face, knocking him back. Shelley runs off the ropes but Benjamin catches him in the midsection with a kick and then runs off the ropes, scoring with a neckbreaker! Benjamin covers…1…2…Aries breaks up the count!

              The referee kicks Aries out of the ring and then turns as Benjamin makes the tag back into Charlie Haas. Haas continues the work that he started earlier by taking Shelley over with a snapmare takedown and then driving his knee into the neck of Shelley, leaving it there and pushing down hard, applying even more pressure on the neck of Shelley, trying to get him to submit, but to no avail.

              Haas brings Shelley back to his feet and once again targets the neck of Shelley, he executes a simple headlock takedown but holds on and twists the neck of Shelley adding even more pressure to the already damaged neck of Shelley. Alex tries to get the fans to give him some energy as he fights his way to his feet and the crowd gets behind him. Alex stands to one knee and then to both feet, he drives his elbow into the midsection of Haas and then runs off the ropes but Haas is quick to recover and he catches Shelley and takes him over with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Haas covers, but Aries comes into the ring to break up the count.

              Haas then attacks Aries which gets him to come into the ring the referee stops him allowing Benjamin to double team Shelley with Haas. By the time the referee has control of Aries, Benjamin is back on the apron and Haas is alone in the ring with Shelley. Haas tags in Benjamin who picks up Shelley and lays him in the corner, connecting with a stiff knife edge chop. Benjamin then throws Shelley into the ropes and charges in looking for the Shelton Splash but Shelley moves and Benjamin’s head cracks on the steel ring post. Shelley reaches up for the tag but Haas runs into the ring, the referee stops Haas as Shelley makes the tag and Aries comes in, however the referee sees Aries comes in and stops him, not seeing the tag, which allows Haas and Benjamin to drag Shelley back into the ring.

              Benjamin grabs Shelley and snaps his neck with a snapmare, before quickly responding with a dropkick to the head and back. Benjamin makes the tag back into Haas as the two continue to make quick tags to keep themselves fresh. Haas lifts up Shelley and throws him into the ropes, Haas lowers his head and Shelley kicks it, Shelley then runs off the ropes and Haas prepares to catch him, but this time Shelley slides underneath Haas and makes the tag to Austin Aries. Aries springboards to the top rope and then comes off with a dropkick, knocking down Charlie Haas. Shelton Benjamin comes into the ring and Aries ducks the clothesline, Benjamin runs off the ropes and Aries connects with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Alex Shelley runs back into the ring and both Aries and Shelley execute twin Hurricanranas on Benjamin and Haas respectively, the referee counts….1….2….kickout.

              Shelley gets to his feet and he runs at Benjamin, who grabs him, however Benjamin holds on too long, allowing Shelley to wrap his legs around Benjamin’s head and take him over the top rope to the floor with a Headscissor takedown, however Shelley holds on to the ropes so he stays inside the ring. At the same time, Aries grabs Haas and places him on the top rope. Aries signals for Shelley to get up and run at him, Shelley runs at Aries and Austin shoots him to the top rope, where his legs catch onto Haas, and he takes him off the top rope with a Frankenstiener. Aries makes the cover….1…2….kickout! Aries grabs Haas and takes him over with a snap mare, at the same time Shelley runs off the ropes and executes a enziguri to the back of Haas’ head. Aries covers, but once again Haas kicks out.

              Benjamin is back on his feet and he climbs to the apron, but at that moment Aries dropkicks him off the apron back to the floor. Aries and Shelley then prepare for their finisher, the High/Low. Aries runs off the ropes as Shelley stands behind Haas, Aries goes for a Spinning Heel Kick at the same time Shelley executes a spinning leg sweep and they take Haas down on both fronts. Shelley covers…1…2…Benjamin manages to break up the count! Benjamin grabbed Aries and executes a T-Bone Suplex, he covers…but Shelley breaks up the count. Shelley charges at Benjamin and both men go over the top rope, however Benjamin grabs the ropes and stays on the outside apron, leaving Haas and Aries alone in the ring.

              Aries waits for Haas to get back to his feet, he delivers a couple right hands and then runs off the ropes, he attempts a Hurricanrana, but at the last moment Haas blocks it and turns around, at the same time Benjamin springboards off the top rope and takes Aries down with a bulldog….Haas covers…1…2…3! Haas and Benjamin win the first match.

              Benjamin and Haas quickly slide out of the ring and the referee goes with them to congratulate them. Aries and Shelley stay in the ring and argue for a moment, and then go to the back.

              Joey Styles, “The World’s Greatest Tag Team win the first round of this best of three series, but fans coming up next WWE owner Shane McMahon will address this live audience.”

              John Bradshaw Layfield, “A rare appearance by owner Shane McMahon, NEXT!”

              The camera shifts backstage where we see Shane McMahon (decked out in a power suit) walking through the halls in the direction fo the ring as SUPERAW takes a commercial break.

              Commercial Break


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                Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                He was a man that revolutionized the legacy of wrestling in Mexico, a man who’s influence in wrestling has been felt at the four corners of the world, a man who captivated every audience he ever performed in front of, however a man with such great success, also has great tragedy. For the first time ever, witness the incredible career of Eddie Guerrero.

                ‘Here Comes the Money’ by Naughty by Nature plays and Shane McMahon appears on the stage to a good pop from the crowd. Shane does a little dance on the stage before he continues his march towards the ring. Shane slides into the ring and he grabs the microphone from Lilian Garcia at ringside.

                Shane McMahon, “I would personally like to say thank you to each and every person in this audience this evening, and every person watching live on television. World Wrestling Entertainment has the best fans in the world, it means everything to those people backstage that they can take some time off to be with their families and know that when they come back, you will still be in your seat or in front of your television, cheering them on. But there is one superstar that will not be coming back (his voice begins to trail) and his name is Eddie Guerrero. Eddie Guerrero was a friend, a loving father, and a loving father, he was a great man not because of what he did, but because of who he was. A lot of you never got the opportunity to get to know the real Eddie Guerrero, the man backstage, the man that touched everyone he ever met, because of who he was, not because of what he did.”

                Shane takes a moment to get control of himself and a tear drops from his eye, the crowd that was once silent is now cheering the name of Eddie Guerrero with chants of “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie”

                Shane McMahon, “I’ve had nearly two months to determine the best way to honor him as his former employer, his friend and I thought that Eddie Guerrero would not want us to stop on his behalf, he would want the show to go on. However I believe that as wrestling fans deserve some closure, and so next week we as wrestlers, as wrestling fans, and as wrestling promoters will take a night to honor our fallen friend. Next Monday night, will be a night of Tribute to the career of Eddie Guerrero, a night dedicated to his memory, his legacy and the life. Thank You."

                Once again tears are seen rolling down his eyes as the crowd continues to chant “Thank You Eddie” until Shane walks out of the ring and then towards the entrance area

                The cameras shift backstage where we see Samoa Joe smashing his head into a wall in his locker-room, and we see Edge putting his sunglasses over his eyes, both men walk out the door, ready for battle.

                Joey Styles, “Putting all emotions aside, coming up next is a match that I have wanted to see for months, the red hot explosive Edge against the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe, the Intercontinental Championship is next!”

                Commercial Break
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                  Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                  It is seen as the most prestigious stage in the history of professional wrestling, to Main Event Wrestlemania, each year 30 men fight, battle and bleed for the opportunity to stand in front of that crowd, for the opportunity to fight for the World Championship, for one chance at immortality. The Royal Rumble, live Sunday January 29th, 2006 from Madison Square Garden, available only on Pay Per View

                  ‘I Stand Alone’ by Godsmack blasts over the speakers and the dominant WWE Intercontinental Champion, Samoa Joe appears on the stage to a mixed reaction from the crowd, mostly boos, but a few people that admire his hard hitting no-nonsense style. Joe walks down to the ring with a towel around his neck, he slides into the ring and takes off the Intercontinental Championship belt before relinquishing the title to the referee. Joe then paces the ring as ‘Metalingus’ by Alter Bridge hits the speakers and the fans go absolutely crazy. Dry ice begins to cover the entrance area and strobe lights distort the vision before the “Rated R Superstar” Edge walks through the fog, dressed in a long coat. Edge walks down to the ring to the delight of the crowd as the fans all try to touch his hand, Edge walks to the ring and slides in, staring at Joe. The two men stare each other for a moment and then Edge continues his entrance by climbing to the top rope and playing to the crowd, he then comes down, removes his coat and begins another stare down with Samoa Joe.

                  WWE Intercontinental Championship
                  Samoa Joe (champion) vs. Edge

                  Joe and Edge continue to stare each other as the referee rings the bell, finally they take a step back and then begin to circle the ring before the two men lock up in the center of the ring. Joe quickly establishes a power advantage and pushes Edge back into the corner, Joe holds him there for a couple of seconds before the referee calls for a clean break, which Joe reluctantly gives him. Joe then slaps Edge in the face before the referee forces some separation between the two. Once again, Joe and Edge circle the ring and the two men lock up again in the center of the ring, Joe once again uses his power and pushes Edge back into the corner, but this time Edge is able to get some leverage and reverse the momentum in time to back Joe into the corner. This time the referee asks for a clean break and Edge gives it to him, but not before slapping Joe in the face for retaliation, and Joe loses it charging out of the corner and attacking Edge.

                  Joe takes Edge down with a double leg takedown, but Edge quickly recovers and reverses the leverage so he is on top of Joe, he tries to hit Joe in the face but Joe covers his face before he shifts the position and is on top, he tries to strangle Edge but the referee manages to pull Joe off and threatens to disqualify him, and Joe eventually calms down. We see a smile on Edge’s face as he knows that he just got into the head of Samoa Joe. Edge walks towards the center of the ring and waits while Joe thinks of a strategy and then moves in and locks up with Edge, the Enigma is faster and he does a go behind into a waist lock, but Joe elbows him in the back of the head. Joe then pushes Edge back into the corner with a head of steam that knocks the wind out of Edge.

                  The referee asks for another clean break, and it seems that Joe will give it to him, but then Joe delivers a thumb to the eye of Edge. As he tries to recover his vision, Joe moves in for his assault with stiff right hand body shots to the ribs of Edge, Joe then delivers a knee to the face of Edge which knocks him back into the corner. Joe grabs Edge and throws him into the opposite corner and charges in, Edge manages to get his foot up and kicks Joe in the face. Joe is stunned and Edge comes out of the corner and looks for the Edgecution, but Joe moves out of it and then slides out of the ring. Edge points to his head, signaling that he is inside Joe’s head and that Joe is running scared. This time Joe remains calm on the outside of the ring as he thinks over his strategy.

                  Joe slides back into the ring and he stays in the corner for a moment, before he moves towards the center of the ring and he locks up with Edge, this time Joe does a go behind into a waist lock and simply and forcefully pulls his head down to the canvas, with Edge’s head hitting hard on the mat. Joe then grabs Edge by the head and locks him in a chinlock, but Edge is quick to fight out and get back to his feet. Edge delivers a couple elbows to the midsection of Joe breaking the hold. Edge runs off the ropes and Joe recovers, shooting Edge into the air, as Edge falls hard to the canvas. Joe then takes a moment before continuing the assault, he pulls Edge to his feet and lifts him into the air with a Gorilla Press, showcasing his power advantage over Edge, he then waits for a moment and once again drops Edge face first to the canvas and Joe is in complete control.

                  Edge gets to his one knee and Joe delivers a vicious chop to the side of the neck of Edge, he then grabs Edge in a headlock and forces him back to his feet. Joe wreches the head of Edge, but Edge gathers some momentum and pushes Joe into the ropes, however Joe’s momentum and size knocks down Edge with a shoulderblock. Edge struggles to his feet and Joe keeps on him, he grabs Edge and sets up Edge for a suplex, he lifts Edge into the air, but Edge lands on his feet behind Edge and he pushes Joe into the ropes before rolling him up for a cover, but Joe kicks out. Edge gets back to his feet first and grabs Joe in a headlock and takes him down.

                  Edge has Joe trapped on the mat, but Joe fights back to his feet and he pushes Edge into the corner. Edge is slightly stunned which allows Joe to recover and deliver a stiff kick to the chest of Edge, knocking him down. Joe then delivers a kick to the leg of Edge which brings him down to one leg, and then a stiff kick to the back of Edge which knocks him down face first on the mat. Edge struggles to the ropes to slow down Joe’s assault but the Samoan Submission Machine follows him and steps on his head, before using both feet to step on his head. Joe backs off and the crowd gets on him as Edge struggles back to his feet using the ropes, Joe then walks over and continues his assault, delivering a kick to the knee, before unleashing a series of open handed slaps to the face of Edge, finally Edge covers up and backs into the corner but Joe follows him in with clubbing forearms, slaps, punches looking to strike at Edge before the referee finally gets in between the two men, allowing Edge some space.

                  Joe then walks back in and delivers a stiff knife edge chop to the midsection of Edge, before grabbing one of his hands and locking it in a Roman Knuckle Lock, he then grabs the second hand and locks it in. Joe pulls Edge into the ring and powers him down to one knee and we can see some serious pain in the face of Edge, but the fans get behind Edge and he gets some adrenaline and finds a way out, rolling around causing Joe to lose leverage and Edge kicks the hand of Joe, dis-locking the fingers of Joe, Edge then delivers a kick to the knee which brings Joe down to one knee, allowing Edge the opportunity for some distance.

                  Joe gets to his feet and Edge knocks him back down with a dropkick, which sends Joe into the corner. Edge then walks over to the corner and climbs the top rope, he begins to unload right hands to the face of Samoa Joe, however Joe manages to recover quickly and he carries Edge out of the corner before dropping him with an atomic drop. Joe runs off the ropes gathering momentum but and flies at Edge with a dropkick but Edge drops down and Joe flies over him, landing hard on the canvas. Edge is the first to his feet and he charges at Joe, the Samoan Submission Machine tries to clothesline him but Edge ducks it and rebounds off the ropes, Joe looks for another clothesline and Edge ducks it again before connecting with a Flying Crossbody. Edge then delivers a dropkick to Joe knocking him down.

                  Edge continues to quicken the pace, he waits for Joe to get to his feet and climbs on top of Joe’s shoulders, Edge then delivers a couple right hands and then executes a victory roll and covers but Joe kicks out. Edge gets to his feet first and charges at Joe from behind, knocking him down with a bulldog. Edge then climbs to the top rope and waits for Joe to get to his feet, Joe struggles to his feet and turns around but has the instinct to move as Edge leaps off and misses a Flying Crossbody, and he crashes hard against the canvas.

                  Both men struggle to their feet and Edge is the first one up, he tries to deliver a right hand but he is blocked by Joe who unleashes a furious assault on Edge with right hands and slaps to the face. Joe then backs Edge into the ropes and throws him into the ropes, Edge ducks a clothesline but then Joe side-steps him and throws him over the top rope to the floor. Joe takes a moment to recover his breath in the ring before Joe charges at Edge and dives through the ropes with a suicide dive taking out Edge and both men crash into the barricade.

                  Both men are down on the outside but Joe is the first one to his feet. Joe walks over to Edge and grabs him by the head, smashing it into the steel ring steps. Joe then decides that once isn’t enough and smashes Edge’s head into the barricade two more times. Joe then grabs Edge and throws him into the steel ring steps and Edge crashes over them hard and is holding his left knee in pain. Edge tries to crawl away but the Samoan Submission Machine is right on the attack. He lifts Edge to his feet before delivering a head-butt knocking him down to one knee. Joe then grabs Edge’s head and lays into his head with knee shots to the face.

                  Joe is in complete control as Edge looks to create some separation between the two of them, but Joe will have none of it as he stalks Edge until he gets to the timekeepers table, Joe then grabs Edge by the head and smashes it into the timekeeper’s table with a nice thud. Joe then grabs a steel chair from the timekeeper and sets it up in the corner. Joe grabs Edge and sits him down in the corner on the chair and then delivers a couple of hard right hands, just hauling off on Edge who can’t even defend himself. Edge is helpless and Joe creates some distance between the two and the crowd knows what this means. Joe charges at Edge and delivers a sickening Ole Kick to the face of Edge, who appears to be knocked out, barely conscience on the chair.

                  Joe then talks some trash to Edge and slaps him in the face, he then once again creates some distance between the two before running at Edge for a second Ole Kick, but this time Edge moves out of the way and Joe’s leg goes over the barricade, and he ends up in a very uncomfortable position. Edge creates some distance between the two, finally able to get some breath before he decides to begin his assault on Joe. He grabs Joe in a suplex and lifts him into the air, however instead he drops him ribs first on the barricade. Edge takes a moment to catch his breath before he grabs Joe and rips him off the barricade landing upside down on the floor. Edge then creates some distance and tells Joe to get to his feet, signaling for a Spear. Joe gets to his feet and Edge charges in, but at the last moment Joe moves out of the way and Edge crashes into and through the barricade and into the crowd as the crowd chants “HOLY SHIT”

                  Both men are down on the outside but the referee doesn’t bother counting either man out since you can’t lose via countout in the new WWE. Joe gets to his feet first and looks at Edge, who is in the front row screaming in pain holding his shoulder, giving the impression that his shoulder has been separated. Joe gathers his bearings and prepares for his assault, Edge struggles to his feet and Joe delivers a stiff kick right to the shoulder of Edge which causes him to scream in pain, Joe delivers another kick to the shoulder and Edge falls down on one of the fans in the front row. Joe then grabs Edge and throws him over the barricade back into the ring area.

                  Joe takes a moment to talk smack to a fan, telling him that after he’s finished with Edge, he is coming for him. Joe then notices that Edge is back on his feet, trying to get back into the ring. Joe steps over the barricade as Edge is on his feet on the apron and then he walks over and delivers a swift kick to the leg of Edge, knocking him off his feet, landing face first on the ring apron. Joe then quickly grabs Edge by the legs and whips him around crashing him shoulder first into the barricade and Edge lets out another scream of agony. Joe then places his foot on the face of Edge and begins his trademark fash-wash, embarrassing Edge and adding insult to injury. Joe then grabs Edge and rolls him into the ring. Edge uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet while Joe slides into the ring. Edge turns around and Joe explodes on him with a series of open slaps and right hands, Joe then runs off the ropes and takes Edge down with a dropkick to the shoulder of Edge which knocks him into the corner.

                  Edge tries to get to his feet but Joe charges in and splashes him in the corner. Joe then delivers another solid kick to the shoulder of Edge which brings him down to one knee in the corner. Joe then delivers another kick, this time to the side of Edge’s head taking him down to the mat. Joe then decides to humiliate Edge again with another face wash. The referee steps in and tries to create some distance between Joe and Edge and the Samoan Submission Machine runs off the ropes and delivers a standing dropkick to the head of Edge, nearly knocking him unconscious. Joe drags Edge into the center of the ring and covers…1…2…kickout.

                  Joe gives the referee a look of intimidation, warning him to be more careful with his counts next time. Joe waits for Edge to get to his feet and delivers another kick before grabbing him and driving him down with a Powerbomb, Joe covers but Edge kicks out and Joe immediately grabs Edge and tries to lock him into an STF, but he is too close to the ropes and Edge is able to reach for the ropes. Joe continues to hold on and the referee forces him to break the hold. Joe tries to go right back in but the referee gets in between Joe and Edge, forcing Joe to back off. Joe then pushes the referee aside and stands behind Edge, locking him in a Full Nelson, Edge struggles to find an escape but Joe uses his power advantage and begins throwing him around like a rag doll and Edge begins to fade, the referee raises his hand once, no response, again the referee raises his hand and no response, finally the referee raises his hand but this time Edge keeps it in the air.

                  Edge struggles back to his feet as the crowd gets behind him, the Full Nelson still locked in, finally Edge is able to find an escape, he shifts his leg behind Joe’s to gather some leverage and he maneuvers out the hold into a waist lock, he tries to take Joe over with a German Suplex but there is too much damage done to the arm and Joe powers out of it. Joe then charges at Edge who surprises him with a dropkick knocking him down and both men are down. Both men try to get to their feet as the referee begins his count, Edge pulls himself up with one arm using the ropes as the other falls limp on his side and Joe pulls himself up using the ropes on the other side. They meet in the middle of the ring where Joe delivers a hard right hand to Edge, but Edge surprises him by responding right back with a right hand of his own. The two go back and forth, trading right hands, rebounding off the ropes and then delivering another right hand, finally Edge bounces off the ropes and surprises Joe with a swift kick to the face, nearly knocking Joe out.

                  Both men are down again and there isn’t a single person in their seat as everyone is on their feet behind Edge. Joe is the first to his feet and he charges at Edge with a clothesline but Edge ducks it and runs off the ropes taking Joe down with a clothesline of his own (using his good arm) which staggers Joe. Edge runs off the ropes with another clothesline which knocks Joe down. Joe gets to his feet and Edge connects with a atomic drop which stuns Joe. Edge then pushes Joe back into the ropes and tries an Irish Whip, but Joe easily counters it and sends Edge into the ropes, Joe lowers his head and Edge is able to put the breaks on long enough to deliver a kick to the face of Joe, stunning him. Edge then charges at Joe who surprises him with a quick Powerslam! Joe covers….1…2….kickout.

                  The crowd all breaths at once knowing that Edge is still in the match. However their hopes are soon dashed as Joe is the first to his feet, he delivers a series of kicks to the midsection of Edge before he traps the Enigma in the corner. Joe then once again goes on the attack, trapping Edge in the corner and peppering him with slap after slap, punch after punch But Edge manages to duck one of the shots and traps Joe in the corner, he delivers a bunch of forearms and then something snaps within Edge and he just goes wild with right hands to the head and face of Joe, bringing the Samoan Submission Machine to his knees and forcing the referee to pull Edge off of Joe. Samoa Joe then staggers out of the corner and Edge takes him down with a spinning heel kick. Edge covers….1…2…kickout!

                  Edge gets to his feet and begins to question the referee, however that is short lived as Joe gets to his feet and Edge continues the attack, hoping to slow down Joe. Edge tries to keep him on his knees by attacking him relentlessly with right hands which seems to stun Joe. Edge then tries to take it up a notch and runs off the roeps but Joe recovers quickly and nearly takes his head off with a clothesline! Joe covers…1…2…kickout! Again, Joe continues the assault immediately, locking Edge in an armbar and the fans go absolutely silent knowing the damage that has been done to the arm of Edge. Edge screams in agony and reaches for the bottom rope, but it’s just beyond his reach, so he tries to close the gap and delivers a couple right hands to Joe, seeing if he can force him to break the hold, but Joe holds on and Edge continues to scream as Joe sinches it in and pulls back. Edge realizes that he only has one choice left and once again reaches for the ropes, he can’t quite reach them so he has to pull Joe’s body weight with him, the fans start to get behind Edge once again, realizing that he might find a way out, and with the extra adrenaline provided Edge grabs the bottom rope, forcing Joe to break the hold.

                  Joe relunctuntly releases the hold and argues with the referee a few more times, who threatens to disqualify him. Joe then grabs Edge and places him on the top rope, he signals for the Muscle Buster and tries to hook Edge up, but Edge blocks it and fires back with right hands, staggering Samoa Joe. Edge then has enough time to position himself on the top rope and he leaps off, scoring with a missile dropkick. Edge pulls himself over to Joe and covers….1….2..kickout. Fatigue begins to set in on both men, Edge still can’t use his one shoulder and so Joe beats him to his feet. Joe delivers a couple shots and sends him into the ropes, Joe goes for a clothesline but Edge ducks and then puts on the breaks, scoring with the Edge-O-Matic. Edge covers, but Joe kicks out.

                  Joe crawls on the mat to get to the corner as Edge follows, he lays out Joe with a series of right hands and then charges in on Joe with a spear (being sure to lead with his good shoulder) sandwiching Joe in the corner. Joe is stunned and Edge signals for the end as he stalks Joe waiting for the Spear, Edge charges in but Joe charges out at the last moment and lowers his head, taking Edge over with a back body drop and Edge lands very ackwardly in the corner. Joe has an incredibly glossy look in his eyes as if he has just been in the fight of his life. Joe then turns and sees Edge down in the corner and goes on the attack. He lifts Edge to the top rope and slaps him around, but then he hooks up Edge and takes him off the top rope with the Muscle Buster! The match is over….1…..2…….

                  KICKOUT! Edge kicked out of the Muscle Buster and Joe cannot believe it. Joe gets to his feet and argues with the referee, who assures Joe that the count was only 2. Joe then sees Edge struggle to his feet and is determined to end the match, he places his thumb across his throat, signaling for the Coquina Clutch and he grabs Edge from behind and tries to lock it in, but Edge fights it with shoulders to the ribs of Joe, and Edge breaks his grip. Edge then wraps Joe’s arm around to maneuver him in front of Joe where he kicks him and then surprises Joe with a weak Edgecution! Both men are down and Edge struggles to make the cover…..1…..2…..

                  KICKOUT! Joe kicked out of the Edgecution. Now Edge can’t believe that Joe kicked out of it, but instead of arguing with the referee, Edge is determined to finish it once and for all and positions himself for another Edgecution, he tries for it, but his shoulder gives out and Joe is able to push him into the corner, knocking out the referee who was mistakenly in the corner at the same time. Joe then tries to sneak up from behind Edge and he locks him in a waist lock, but Edge counters it with a go behind, Joe turns around and attempts a clothesline but Edge scores with the Downward Spiral and covers, but the referee is down. Edge then turns to revive the referee, but at that moment Joe grabs his trunks and pulls him into the Coquina Clutch. Joe has the choke locked in and the fans see the fight disappear from Edge, but the referee is down and so Joe releases the hold and tries to wake the referee. The referee starts to stir as Edge gets to his feet and connects with the Spear!

                  Edge is down, Joe is down and the referee is down. Edge struggles to get to his feet when some rumbling begins to be heard in the crowd. Suddenly RANDY ORTON jumps over the barricade and slides into the ring behind Edge. He waits for Edge to turn around and he hits him with the RKO! Orton then places Joe’s arm over Edge and slides back out of the ring as the referee comes too. The referee sees Joe’s arm across Edge’s chest and slowly begins to make the count…1…..2…………..3! Joe has won the war!

                  The cameras then shift to the entrance ramp where we see Randy Orton with a huge smile on his face. Inside the ring the referee hands Joe the Intercontinental Title and he raises it into the air, but at that moment he sees Randy Orton on the stage and realizes that Orton helped him win the match, and Joe gives Orton a stone cold stare, but then raises his arm in victory, knowing that his streak is still alive.

                  Joey Styles, “What the hell is Randy Orton thinking, Joe and Edge put everything on the line for nearly 30 minutes, and Randy Orton has to come out here and ruin everything, Edge should be champion right now!”

                  JBL: “I told you Samoa Joe would cool Edge off and I was right again, doesn’t matter how it happened Styles, but Samoa Joe is still undefeated”

                  The cameras then shift backstage where we see Brock Lesnar and John Cena walking towards the ring,

                  Joey Styles: “And we are just getting warmed up JBL, the Champ is Here and he looks like he is ready for action.”

                  JBL: “The Champ is always ready for action”

                  Joey Styles: “Can John Cena find a way to slow down Brock Lesnar, the WWE Title on the line, NEXT!”

                  Commercial Break


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                    Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                    Wrestlemania Moment: Hulk Hogan slams Andre The Giant at Wrestlemania III.

                    When WWE SUPERAW returns, we see Randy Orton walking backstage when he runs into Maria Kanellis.

                    Maria Kanellis, “Randy, I have to ask, why did you just cost Edge the Intercontinental Championship?”

                    Randy Orton, “You know what Maria, that’s all that everyone talks about, Edge this and Edge that, Edge beat the Undertaker, well so what, I retired, that’s right retired a legend in this business when I beat Bret Hart. Do I get a title shot, do I get a moment on the Best of 2005, no and I am tired of being over-looked. They say that 2005 was the year of Edge, well I am here to tell you right now, 2006 will be the year of Randy Orton”

                    Just as Orton finishes speaking he is attacked by Edge who has just gotten backstage, the two men brawl for a couple of seconds before the referees and road agents manage to break them up. The cameras then shift back to the main arena where Lilian Garcia is standing alone in the middle of the ring.

                    Lilian Garcia, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WWE Championship!”

                    ‘Sing For The Moment’ hits the speakers and the challenger John Cena appears on the stage to a very mixed reaction from the crowd. He is sporting a Chris Bosh jersey and he throws his hands into the air, he then walks down to the ring grasping his steel chain, he notices a Brock Lesnar sign in the front row, and he takes it from the person and rips it, telling the fan “You Can’t See Me” before continuing his way to the ring. Cena slides into the ring and throws his arms into the air again, before removing his steel chain and then removes his shirt, throwing it into the ring when his music stops and ‘The Champ Is Here’ by Jadakiss blasts over the speakers. The crowd chants along “The Champ Is Here” to the song. Lesnar appears on the stage and the crowd pops huge, Lesnar bounces on the stage and the pyrotechnics explode behind him. Lesnar then walks to the ring, he notices the ripped sign and gives Cena a death stare before he continues to walk to the ring, Lesnar leaps to the ring apron and pyro shoots from the turnbuckles. Lesnar then meets Cena in the middle of the ring.

                    WWE Championship Match
                    Brock Lesnar (champion) vs. John Cena

                    The two men stare each other down for a moment, Lesnar than turns around to remove his title and Cena attacks him from behind. Cena backs Lesnar into the corner just clubbing down on the champion. The referee tries to create some separation between the two but Cena will have none of it, pushing the zebra to the side and continuing his attack. Cena then tries to throw Lesnar into the opposite corner but Lesnar reverses and charges in, Cena gets a foot up and Lesnar runs right into it. Lesnar is stunned and Cena takes advantage dropping him with a clothesline, Lesnar gets to his feet and Cena knocks him down with another clothesline and then tackles him into the corner once again.

                    Cena holds Lesnar in the corner for acouple of seconds before he finds an opening and begins to assault the midsection of Brock Lesnar with a series of right hands. Cena then continues his assault by driving a series of knees into the ribs of the champion. Cena then throws Lesnar into the opposite corner and then charges in after him with a stiff clothesline sandwiching him in the corner. Lesnar stumbles out of the corner and Cena kicks him in the gut and then hooks him up for a Fisherman Suplex. Cena covers but Lesnar powers out, literally elevating Cena into the air.

                    Cena and Lesnar than stare each other down for a moment and Lesnar gets a smile on his face, knowing that he got into the head of John Cena. The two men lock up and Cena grabs Lesnar with a headlock, Lesnar pushes Cena into the ropes and Cena comes fighting back with a shoulder block but Lesnar doesn’t even budge. Lesnar than challenges Cena to do it again and he does but once again it has no effect on Lesnar whatsoever. Cena runs off the ropes a third time, this time instead of a shoulder he delivers a clothesline, which rocks Lesnar but he stays on his feet. Cena then runs off the ropes again and this time Lesnar catches him and sends him flying with an overhead Belly to Belly Suplex and Cena retreats to the outside of the ring.

                    Cena then takes a moment to recover and comes back into the ring, Cena then comes in and goes nose to nose with Lesnar, telling him that he is not intimidated and we see a smile on Lesnar’s face until Cena takes the smile away with a right hand, Lesnar fires back and the two men go at it in the center of the ring, exchanging right hands, a right hand by Cena, right hand by Lesnar, right by Cena, right by Lesnar, back and forth in the middle of the ring. Lesnar finally gets the advantage and delivers three consecutive right hands, knocking down the challenger. Lesnar then grabs Cena and throws him over the ropes to the outside and the crowd is on their feet as Cena gets to his feet on the outside and starts to show obvious signs of frustration.

                    Cena realizes that he needs a new strategy and fast as Lesnar has all the momentum in the match and he slides back into the ring. He decides to challenge Lesnar to a test of strength which Lesnar accepts, but at the last moment Cena delivers a shot to the midsection followed by a series of right hands which back Lesnar into the ropes. Cena throws Lesnar into the ropes but the champion reverses and sends Cena in. Lesnar looks for a clothesline but Cena ducks and puts the breaks on. Lesnar then runs off the ropes and Cena catches Lesnar with a Power Slam. Cena covers but Lesnar once again powers out elevating Cena into the air. Cena is still first to his feet and he delivers a knee to the back of Lesnar which knocks him out of the ring to the floor, and now Lesnar has to recover on the outside.

                    As Lesnar is down on the outside, Cena decides the only way to win is to take the fight to Lesnar so he climbs to the top rope and comes off with a well placed double axe handle, striking the ribs of Brock Lesnar. Cena then holds Lesnar up in the corner on the outside and continues his assault the ribs of Brock Lesnar with stiff right hands and Lesnar begins struggling for breath. Cena continues his assault on Lesnar by driving his head into the ring apron. Cena then grabs Lesnar by the head and screams “You think this is a game” and then throws him over the barricade and into the crowd. The referee can do nothing at this point but order them back into the ring, but Cena steps over the barricade to continue the assault.

                    Lesnar is still down on all fours so Cena delivers a couple of stiff soccer like kicks to the ribs of Lesnar. Cena then waits for Lesnar to get to his feet and he takes him back towards the barricade and smashes his head against it. Cena realizes his position and grabs Lesnar and grabs him with an OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY taking Lesnar over the barricade and back into the ring floor, all the impact focused on the ribs of Brock Lesnar as the crowd chants “HOLY SHIT” The referee orders Cena back into the ring, threatening to disqualify him, so Cena throws Lesnar back into the ring, but the damage has been done to the ribs of Lesnar. Cena covers Lesnar but he kicks out, unable to power out anymore, and Cena realizes that the champion has been severely weakened.

                    Cena lifts Lesnar back to his feet, only to take him down again with a back suplex, Cena goes for a quick cover but Lesnar kicks out. Lesnar tries to get to his feet and Cena kicks him in the head, he drops an elbow and covers but Lesnar kicks out. Cena then delivers a right hand and throws Lesnar into the corner, he charges in but Lesnar gets a foot up. Lesnar then comes out of the corner and delivers a few shots to the back of Cena’s head, trying to get momentum back. He throws Cena into the corner but Cena reverses it and pulls him into a knee to the midsection. Cena runs off the ropes with a shoulder tackle that knocks Lesnar down. Cena then runs off the ropes again and knocks Lesnar down with a clothesline.

                    Cena then immediately continues the attack, he grabs Lesnar by the neck and pulls back in a modified chin lock, but at the same time he places his knee into the swell of Lesnar’s back. Cena keeps him on the mat for a couple of moments, Lesnar tries to fight his way back and Cena loses position so he can’t get the knee into Lesnar’s back anymore, but he still maintains the chin lock. However Lesnar senses that he can get out and he wills himself back to his feet, Lesnar then reaches back for Cena’s head and with pure power forces Cena over him to the floor and Lesnar has escaped the hold, but Cena gets right back to his feet and kicks Lesnar right in the face, reclaiming momentum. Cena covers but Lesnar kicks out.

                    Cena delivers another kick to the head, ensuring that Lesnar stays on the ground and cannot use his power. Cena then waits for Lesnar to struggle to his feet and he charges but Lesnar recovers and connects with a ring shaking Spinebuster and both men are down. Lesnar is the first one to his feet and he starts his attack with a series of knees to the gut of John Cena, but the challenger fights back with a thumb to the eye and then a clothesline which knocks Lesnar down. Cena covers but Lesnar kicks out. Cena then waits for Lesnar to get to his feet and he locks him in a Bear Hug, wearing down the ribs of Brock Lesnar even more, and Lesnar is in serious trouble, he reaches for the ropes but he can’t find them as Cena tightens his grip on the champion. Lesnar starts to fade and the referee raises his arm, it falls. The referee raises his arm again, it falls. The referee raises his arm a third time but Lesnar keeps it in the air, the crowd explodes and so does Lesnar, targeting the face of John Cena with hard right hands forcing him to release the hold. Lesnar then quickly grabs Cena and takes him over with a Belly to Belly Suplex and Cena lands hard in the corner and both men are down.

                    Both men struggle to their feet at the same time, Cena manages to come to his senses first and charges at Lesnar but the champion recovers and catches him with a judo sweep/clothesline combination which takes Cena down. The challenger gets back to his feet but Lesnar has the adrenaline going, he knocks Cena down with a clothesline, followed by another clothesline and finally a third clothesline. He charges for a fourth but Cena ducks and runs off the ropes, Lesnar is ready and catches te challenger with a Power Slam! Lesnar covers….1…2….kickout. Lesnar waits for Cena to get to his feet and he picks him up and charges at the turnbuckle, driving Cena into the corner. Lesnar has Cena trapped and he comes at him with multiple shoulder thrusts. Lesnar then picks up Cena over his shoulders and charges hitting a running powerslam! Lesnar covers…1…2…kickout!
                    Lesnar gets to his feet and once again pushes Cena into the corner, driving his heavy shoulders into the ribs of Cena, and now Cena begins to have trouble breathing. Lesnar then creates some distance and charges in, but Cena gets a foot up stunning Lesnar. Cena then runs off the ropes and connects with the Throwback, he struggles to make the cover and gets a shoulder over him, but Lesnar kicks out. Cena tries to lift Lesnar back to his feet, but Lesnar surprises Cena lifting him into the corner and driving him with a spinebuster into the corner as the crowd screams “HOLY SHIT’ once again and both men down. Cena reaches up for something and realizes that his steel chain is right above him, Cena takes the chain and tries to hit Lesnar but the referee sees it and forces him to remove the chain. Lesnar grabs Cena during the confusion and looks for the F-5, however the damage done to the ribs cause him to stall, allowing Cena to escape. Cena turns Lesnar around and attempts the F-U but Lesnar falls behind Cena, he tries for a German Suplex and connects….1...2…kickout.

                    Lesnar is the first person to his feet and he charges at Cena, but the challenger surprises him with a spinebuster of his own. Cena then realizes he has an opportunity to show off and he pumps up his shoes and runs off the ropes connecting with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena covers….1….2…kickout! Cena wonders what he has to do to keep Lesnar down for a three count and once again positions Lesnar for the F-U! However Lesnar lands on his feet again and turns Cena around, he lifts him into the air for the F-5 when suddenly two guys come out of the crowd wearing masks. One takes Lesnar out at the knee with a chopblock, Lesnar drops Cena and the referee calls for the bell. The other sizes up Lesnar and delivers a stiff kick to the head of Lesnar nearly knocking him out cold. Cena then grabs Lesnar and hits the F-U (Death Valley Driver, not the cheap WWE version).

                    Cena then orders the two men to the outside and they return with a steel chair and the WWE Championship. One of the masked men holds Lesnar up and Cena grabs him up for another F-U, this time he drives Lesnar down with an F-U on the steel chair, nearly breaking Lesnar’s neck. Cena then turns to the masked men and they take off their masks to reveal HOMICIDE AND LOW KI! Cena then gets in the face of Lesnar with his “You Can’t See Me” chant as EMT’s run down to check on Lesnar. Cena, Homicide and Low Ki all raise their hands in victory.

                    Joey Styles, “OH MY GOD, What are Homicide and Low Ki doing in the WWE, and why have they attacked Brock Lesnar!”

                    JBL: “John Cena promised that Brock Lesnar would not walk out of the arena on his own power, and just look at him, he’s not going anywhere on his own”

                    Homicide then hands John Cena the WWE Championship and he takes the title and walks out of the ring as SUPERAW goes off the air.

                    End of Show


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                      Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                      jay.lethal.presents: SUPERAW - REBORN

                      -Segment #1: alexisonfire Performance
                      Nice way to start off the new season.

                      I was able to visualize the crowd, I really like that. Heyman and JBL teaming up at the announcers booth...

                      ... wait, that's Joey Styles, not Heyman! LOL, I'm not trying to offend, I'm just kidding *little typo there*. I like how you kept JBL as the cocky bastard that he is.

                      -Segment #2: Foley/Lesnar/Cena
                      I'm glad Foley isn't taking up a lot of time to talk about what's to come; instead he'll let the WWE Champ, Brock Lesnar do the talking. Ohhh, of course, the challenger, John Cena comes out to bust his balls. I like their exchange, especially Lesnar's comment about the Senators. Cena plays the cocky heel, I love it. One question, what's his theme? "Basic Thuganomics" or "Sing for the Moment" -- Eminem. You used them both, but at the end, you said "'Basic Thuganomic' hits the speakers again...' I'm just a little confused. COMMERCIAL BREAK

                      -Video Package #1: Cruiserweight Division
                      Wow. I loved this. Really shows that YOU appreciate what they do. Or at least, it gives us that vibe; well me. I just don't understand why you didn't add Petey Williams to the package.

                      -Match #1: Fatal Four-Way Cruiserweight Championship
                      I'm not one to go into great detail with my matches, so right there, kudos, my friend. Anyway, I enjoyed the match, and wished I could be watching it , but of course, I can't. I'm glad you had Williams retain, especially since you didn't showcase him in the video package...

                      ... nah, I'm glad you had him retain, seeing as it's a BIG show and that he had three other guys to worry about, him winning made him seem more deserving of holding onto the belt, and better yet, have a spot on your roster.

                      Afterwards... I'm glad Williams just got out of there, doing the cowardly heel routine, instead of the 'blindsided attack' heel routine. Mysterio wants Petey, but not for too long, as RODERICK STRONG debuts and lays out Mysterio. The potential feud sends chills up my spine.
                      COMMERCIAL BREAK

                      -Commercial #1: WWE 24/7
                      LOL. I'm glad you're using 24/7.

                      -Segment #3: Foley's Office
                      Foley lays it down. WGTT and Gen. Next will face off for the next month, in several different matches to face the champs, AMW at the PPV. Nice segment, straight to the point. I'm glad they didn't brawl. I love Alex Shelley, so kudos on that.

                      -Segment #4: CM Punk Interview
                      As Punk is about to end his rant, and convince himself that he's so great, AmDrag busts in then~! I smell a feud going to the Rumble. Maybe Punk screws Danielson out of his tournament match, and then Danielson gives an assist to Punk's opponent, or distracts Punk in his match. COMMERCIAL BREAK

                      -Video Package #2: Abyss & James Mitchell
                      Just like TNA, portraying Abyss to be a scary monster... that lurkes in the night. I like. Mitchell cuts a great promo. Calling Albright foolish for agreeing to the match.

                      -Segment #5: Brent Albright Interview
                      I wish you used someone different than Maria. I like her, but she was in the interview prior to the commercial, moments earlier [nevermind this if Maria is the only backstage interviewer]. Albright solidifies that he won't quit, and he'll give it his all in his match with Abyss. I don't remember Albright; I haven't seen much of him, but from that short promo, I see another Benoit, I'll be guessing? Few words, talks in his actions. I like that.

                      -Match #2: Abyss w/ James Mitchell .vs. Brent Albright
                      Like I said, I haven't seen much of Albright's work, but this match helped me identify him. Very nicely written. I love how it gets brutal towards the end, it just shows how ruthless you're going to have Abyss during this season of SUPERAW.

                      After the match... Man, Abyss busts up Albright so bad he has to get medical attention. I love your Abyss. Favorite character, so far. Perfect comment by Joey Styles. BEAUTIFUL JBL reaction.
                      COMMERCIAL BREAK

                      -Video Package #3: Tag Team Division
                      Wow. Another beautiful video package. I like how I'm in awe by reading these short, one-paragraph video packages, when those long, drawn out ones hardly do anything for me; on occasion I see one that catches my eye.

                      Up until now I've been skimming the matches, this next one, I'm going to read in detail.
                      -Match #3: Tag Team Match
                      First of all, are you using "Lucha Libre" rules? I assume you aren't, but how do I decipher who the legal men are, at the start? I like the over-the-top attacks, but I think you should have held them off until the match was more in-tune. It made me real confused on who the legal men were. I actually liked how WGTT worked on Shelley for a majority of the match, and once Aries gets that tag, which was smooth BTW, he clears house. I love how it seemed like Ge Next were going to get the win, then out of nowhere, Haas and Benjamin prove they're the better team... in this FIRST meeting. 1-0 WGTT

                      After the match... I was thinking the whole time, "is he gonna go with an Aries/Shelley feud" -- basically just because I want it, but them bickering after the match made me think that my wish will only be a wish. Aside from the normal team-losing bickering, I think you might be going with Gen Next for the win next time; as this should get them to worry about WGTT, a bit more.

                      If you have WGTT beat them next time, to shut them out and go on to face AMW for the straps at the Rumble; well, I'll be DAMNED~! That wouldn't be bad though, then we could get Austin Aries/Alex Shelley.
                      Shane McMahon NEXT~! COMMERCIAL BREAK

                      -Segment #6: Shane O'Mac
                      Nice and heart-felt... nothing bad about this, except for you calling him a "loving wife" -- silly Jay Lethal! Next week should be very impressive. I bet you'll write extra-awesome in memory of Eddie. I hope you post "Eddie Moments" throughout the evening, as well. COMMERCIAL BREAK

                      -Commercial #3: [PPV Hype] Royal Rumble
                      I'm glad you're going with the Royal Rumble, and in NY makes it 10x better. Should be a task, but I think you'll pull it off awesome.

                      -Match #4: Intercontinental Championship Match
                      I hate having Joe come out to "I Stand Alone" -- doesn't fit him for me; I also hate that the champion is coming out first, this bugs me so much, I feel that that tradition should be carried on. I like the meeting of the eyes before the match. This match was awesome. I really enjoyed it. Edge about to break the streak made me love it...

                      ... well, up until the point that Randy Orton interfered. Hey! You need to have feuds, I understand. I would have loved Edge/Joe this season, though.

                      After the match... Stare down between Joe and Orton. Perhaps we get a glimpse of a feud between all three men. Maybe a match at the Royal Rumble?! We can only hope...
                      COMMERCIAL BREAK

                      Commercial #3: WM Moments
                      I'm glad we're getting WrestleMania moments. I hope you add in some from your previous WrestleMania.

                      -Segment #7: Randy Orton Interview
                      Randy Orton being jealous of Edge? I like where this is going... Edge attacks, woooo!

                      -Match #5: Main Event | WWE Championship Match
                      So, I guess Cena's theme song is "Sing for the Moment". I liked this match. It showed Cena's intensity, and will to win the title. I really enjoyed the ending, but seeing as it basically happened in the last match, I was a little disappointed. Still, two masked men with Cena? That's fucking awesome. And I'm glad you've renovated the FU. Brock retains, but he's about to get pummeled.

                      After the match... 'CIDE & LOW KI~! Awesome, man. This attack on Lesnar makes me want Cena to be the champion.

                      I really enjoyed this show, man. Although, something that really bothered me, although small, was that some of your sentences never ended. Not in the matches, but with the commentators. Occasionally, you didn't put a punctuation mark at the end, and that really bugged me. I also think the IC Title Match should have been somewhere else on the card. The fact that both matches had interference really took away from them (now I understand a lot of things I went wrong with in my fed). Like I said, I enjoyed this a lot, and I don't think there's much to work on. I just know your shows are going to get better, and better. Keep up the good work, bro.


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                        Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                        Yeah, originally I was going to have Heyman and JBL do commentary, but I realized within like 2 minutes in that it wouldn't work.....same with the John Cena theme music, I just missed a couple mistakes when I edited my show


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                          Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                          WWE SUPERAW PROFILE #2

                          WWE Intercontinental Champion
                          “The Samoan Submission Machine”
                          Samoa Joe

                          The WWE Intercontinental Champion and perhaps the most unstoppable force in all of World Wrestling Entertainment, Samoa Joe has left a path of destruction behind him as he continues to move forward to his ultimate goal, the WWE Championship. Samoa Joe debuted the night after Wrestlemania as the bodyguard of CM Punk. The two partnered together for a couple of months before CM Punk entered into a feud with Rob Van Dam.

                          During the feud between Punk and RVD, Samoa Joe had the opportunity to face some of the biggest names in the industry, including Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Edge, beating all three of them, in controversial fashion. At King of the Ring, Rob Van Dam successfully defended the Intercontinental Championship against CM Punk. Determined to have the last word in his feud with RVD, the “Straight Edge” superstar assigned his bodyguard to take out Rob Van Dam. Samoa Joe did his job defeating Rob Van Dam at Vengeance and winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

                          However, things turned sour between CM Punk and Samoa Joe when CM Punk demanded that Samoa Joe give him the title that he won from Rob Van Dam. Not willing to part with the gold, CM Punk’s own weapon was turned against him. However Punk stood tall, convinced that he knew the secret that would cause Joe’s defeat and the two battled during the final stretch into Summerslam, and Punk appeared to be on the path to winning the title but Rob Van Dam got his revenge, costing Punk the Intercontinental Title.

                          While Punk continued his feud with Rob Van Dam, Samoa Joe became a different kind of animal. Joe took his frustration out on Paul London, which caught the attention of AJ Styles. Styles and London had been at war all year, and London had one every time, Styles was determined to get a win, but with London injured there was no chance to get that victory, so Styles turned his obsession towards Samoa Joe instead. At the same time, Samoa Joe was also hunted by Bryan Danielson and the three battled in a triple threat match, however Joe overcame the odds, beating both Styles and Danielson at Summerslam to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

                          Samoa Joe is a man on a mission, finally separated from CM Punk, who held him back and his path of destruction is growing bigger and bigger all the time, he has been defeated now for 5 months. The question remains, who will finally break the undefeated streak of Samoa Joe?
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                            Re: WWE SUPERAW 06

                            RT's Short N' Sweet Review
                            First off let me say that I really enjoy your character bios. Something I wish I had done for my fed when I started it, but never did. Meh, it's never too late. Maybe I'll type some up in the near future as a refresher for everyone or something.

                            Alright on to the show. I'll review each segment individually.

                            Show Opening/Foley Promo
                            Decent start, alexisonfire rules. Went for the obvious with Foley coming out, but it didn't hurt things at all. Unlike what KJ said about your Year in Review Show, this felt like Foley talking and it was well done. Foley always plays the role of Commissioner well.

                            Lesnar comes out to a huge pop and chats up the crowd. Quickly cut off by Cena but sticks with his face personna and jabs at the Sens, haha. Good stuff, Toronto loves that home crowd shit. Just as you've told me in my Fed, Cena is MUCH better as a heel.

                            Cruiserweight Title Match
                            This match was very well put together. I knew the whole way through that Williams would retain for now, so I was just looking to be entertained by the match rather than the finish. You pulled it off nicely, keeping the reader in the match and not confusing anything with what was happening in and out of the ring. Then fucking Roderick Strong, the king of the backbreaker, shows up and punks Mysterio? *cums*

                            Foley/CM Punk Promos
                            Foley calls the Tag Teams into the office and you can feel the tension there. Nice. 2/3 Falls is cool, should make things interesting. Will we see AMW in the coming weeks?

                            CM Punk shoots a pretty good promo, nothing special but gets the point across. Danielson shows up. If you're teasing a CM Punk/Danielson feud, kudos. I'm excited already.

                            James Mitchell Promo/Abyss vs. Albright
                            Like I told you when you showed me the promo on your laptop last week, "Holy shit, that's awesome". Loved it the second time as well.

                            Great match, Abyss fucks Albright up! BOOYAH! This is going to be one hell of a feud and these guys will tear each other apart. I can't wait to see this culminate.

                            Gen Next vs. WGTT
                            Match was shorter than usual, but I'm not going to hold you to that because I don't even write full matches on my weekly shows. It was somewhat mediocre, but still a decent match. You're setting up the feud and the 2/3 Falls in the coming week so it was a good overall job.

                            Shane Speaks
                            Eddie Guerrero tribute show next week. Guess it's been a while for me because it didn't hit home with me at all. Still though, I know how much respect you have for Eddie and I'm sure it will be great. Good promo as well, I like that Shane is more "behind the scenes" as an owner should be. In my Fed, Vince is in your face all the time but I do that on purpose to make people hate him. I can see everyone respecting Shane a lot in this fed.

                            Edge vs. Joe
                            Best match of this show. Period.

                            Ended in a DQ but I didn't care, it was awesome. Edge and Joe aren't done with each other and Randy Orton is doing what he does best. Perfect.

                            Lesnar vs. Cena
                            Good heavyweight match up, Cena gaining lots of heat. I knew Lesnar would win, but I did NOT see this ending coming AT ALL and I love surprises. Expected a DQ perhaps, but Low Ki and Homicide stabling it up with Cena? In the words of a washed-up Farooq, "DAMN!"

                            Overall: 8.67/10

                            Great first show. You're setting up the characters nicely both in the ring and out of it with your bios. I'll be looking forward to show #2.


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                              Re: WWE SUPERAW 06


                              This is my first actual time reading your Fed, which is a travesty in itself because of the reputation that comes along with it. From whatís been relayed to me, you are one of the best writers in the history of Fan Ficí, and itís about time I get around to reviewing this show. Iíll start off with this first non-recap of last season, show. Alexisonfire begins the show with a live concert. Something that Iíve picked up on in my reading the history of wrestling is that live concerts and professional wrestlingÖ not so good of a combination. Montley Cru.. Kiss.. it all sucked. The ratings bombed. I think an intro video with their music would have been sufficient, but this isnít my rodeo. Iíve never heard Alexisonfire so Iíll take your word that they are good enough to open SupeRaw. Joey Styles and JBL on the table, that even sounds like a good combination. JBL is my fault in wrestling. I love the guy. He has so much good charisma and hell I just love the guy. He is one of my favorite big men, right up there with Hansen, Brody, Bigelow, and Vader. He plays the perfect villain. Good choice on the table. And Styles.. well heís just a good fan that knows a lot about wrestling. Not so professional, but he brings a good amount of energy with him that canít be denied. Good choice. Foley comes out to open the show (well, open after the band that I havenít ever heard.) I noticed you picked up on little things that are seemingly forgotten by the average writer. Foley raising his arm when he comes out, okay everyone notices that. But the roll into the ring, standing up and raising his arm again. Itís a little thing, but it gives it a more realistic feel. Reborn, a good name, as this is the second season. Foley as a commissionerÖ thatís good. I just hope that there isnít anything huge in the plans for Foley/Shane because that would suck. Introduction for Lesnar and the music? Thatís fitting for now I guess.. but when he isnít champ? I donít think wrestlers should change themes as they change titles. One song, one entrance. Titles shouldnít come into play. I never realized just how much Lesnarís entrance resembled Lashleysí. Weird. Shane McMahon doesnít like to talk, Mick Foley isnít going to talk, Lesnar doesnít like to talk? The repetition there is almost belly-aching. John Cena interrupts and you finally get some music right. Eminem was a great choice, not just because of the white rapper persona, but the music just fits perfectly. Arguments, and claims.. John Cena promises heíll be champ. Hope you make good on that because if Cena loses.. especially after a loss at SummerSlam, I couldnít see him as champion.

                              We come back from commercial break with a well-written into the Cruiserweight match. I like it, but I didnít exactly know what it was. Was it someone talking? Just something for the reader? What? Mysterio, London, Sabin, and Williams. I would have substituted Mysterio for Kidman, but this works. Sabin stumbles around on the stage? Oh please, not another Scott Hall/Hawk drunken gimmick. I donít know what it is about 4 corner matches, I canít keep up with the action. I may be slightly retarded or something, but I was confused. Please donít think it was your writing, itís every 4 way match that does this to me. Midway through the match and it started having a spotty feel to it. Everyone jumping off and over everything on everyone. Yeah, as I read on, things are definitely spotty throughout this. It wouldnít be so bad if there wasnít four guys to keep up with doing their crazy things. The ending had some hype as everyone was going for the pin and getting thrown out of the ring. I think you pulled off the high impact moves properly as there was always a fresh man there to break up any pin attempts. I think another grounded cruiserweight could have fit in better. That way there wouldnít have been so much jumping/diving/crazy shit going down. Otherwise, a decent match. And Iím hella curious about Roderick Strongís appearance and destroying Little Rey Rey. Match Rating: **/***** Which takes us on to the segment immediately following the match with Generation Next & Worldís Greatest Tag Team. I love the idea of making a team earn the right to face the champions, which is a great set-up to the 2/3 falls matches.. but that sort of takes the good push of WGTT/GN taking on Americaís Most Wanted and more on WGTT v GN. Weíll see how it pans out in the future. May I suggest something. Since itís 2-3 falls, you should have had two singleís matches like Benjamin/Aries and Haas/Shelley and then a tag team match to settle the bubble. Moving on to CM Punk. I hate to say this Lethal, but what Punk said was a HUGE rip off of RVDís comments after his match against Lance Storm at the very first ECW Pay-Per-View. It actually works out rather nice as RVD is in the tournament. But, you should check that segment out if you havenít. You almost had it verbatim to what Van Dam said, in reference to ďthe more money Punk is worth to the WWE and outside of the WWE.Ē I think RVD/CM Punk/AJ Styles/Danielson would be one of the coolest tournaments of all time. I canít wait to see where that goes.

                              Going to a vignette in the back, and we have Abyss and Mitchell. Within seconds I knew that you had Mitchell down to a T. I donít even think I need to comment further. You wrote Father James Mitchell with such charisma and character that it may have been one of the better parts that Iíve read so far. Amazing beginning to the match, making Abyss look like the monster he is, but not completely punking Albright. Brent gets some nice arsenal off and uses his speed to avoid huge moves from Abyss and that is exactly what Iíd expect in a match between these two. Albright gets an opening with a suplex and hopefully you can bring Abyss back on top so Brent is always on the defense in this match, otherwise you will make Abyss look less like a monster and Albright more powerful as a wrestler. Either way, Iíd expect Brent to get a skin-the-cat kind of win if he does go over after a beating. Or Abyss to win by a cheat from Mitchell or something. You really arenít letting me down with this match. Abyss is mostly over in the match with his strength and Albright is holding his own considering the opponent. Abyss loses his control in the match and even pulls at his hair. Thatís great writing. Thatís knowing your wrestler very well. I think you are using the strengths of both men very well. Abyss is sticking to his guns with strikes and Brent is moving around quickly for smart attacks. My first disappointment was the kickout of the Shock Treatment. I think the long run you will ruin the impact of the move if everyone kicks out of it. More appropriately, I would have caused Albright to fall out of the ring from the impact or ended the match with it. I understand you had bigger plans for the ending, so I either wouldnít have used it or sent Albright out of the ring. Maybe even had Abyss do a monster move instead of going for a pin. Abyss using the ropes to break the crowbar, ah, the first sign that Abyss is a human. The match goes to the outside and into the fans. You really know your TNA stuff. I think you have a plus/minus thing going on. Kicks can be a great arsenal for a wrestler, but I donít think you are selling them enough. Big Boots are almost recovered immediately with little to no effect of them. Kicks to the gut are just transition moves, instead of a huge kick to the gut from Abyss actually taking a wrestler down. Black Hole Slam through a table and this ends in disqualification. I like that. Abyss still has a monster feel to him, and Albright doesnít come off with a loss. You successfully propelled both men in a match that would generally make one of them look weak. You successfully ended a great match. Match Rating: ***.5/*****.

                              Time for match number one of the two out of three falls tag matches. Iíll be honest with you, Iím not too up to speed on Aries. Iíve watched a few of his matches, but nothing to make me a good decision maker of his character and abilities. So hopefully I can fool you into thinking I know something about this guy. Maybe I shouldnít have said that. The match begins with high-impact moves. Hopefully you can work from that and everyone will start off with some wind knocked out of them. The referee makes a pin attempt for Haas, who Iím sure shouldnít be the legal man in this match. Already, I have a feel that Haas has too much strength for someone who was tossed out of the ring and had two high-impact moves performed on him. Thatís a let-down. It actually feels like Generation Next was the ones that took the beating at the beginning of the match. I think youíre missing a chance to do powerful tag moves when the legal tag is made and focusing on one on one holds/strikes. After the much-needed tag for Shelley, Aries comes in and cleans house, and just like that Alex is a fresh man and comes back into the ring. Iíd imagine him lying on the mat barely able to move after the beating his took from the WGTT. Thatís poor selling. Seated enziguri! YES! Benjamin hits the T-Bone and goes for a pin? HEíS NOT THE LEGAL MAN! A pretty exciting finish. Although I feel kind of disappointed with the selling in this match. Match Rating: *.5/***** By far the worst of the three matches presented so far. Hopefully you can pick this up a notch with the next two. Shane McMahon talks about Eddie Guerrero. Next week a memorial show. Iíd expect some good action in the ring by his friends and less promos, so Iíll definitely be reading.

                              Up next is the Intercontinental Title Match with Joe defending against Edge. All Iím thinking in my head is ďRated R, Joe is going to kill you.Ē The hostility with the slaps at the beginning of the match really drew me into this one. Iím actually struggling to figure out who is playing which role in this match. Who is the heel/face? They are both coming off as the heel. If thatís the truth, then thatís fine.. I just donít know. Did I just read this right? Joe just stepped on the head of Edge? And Edge is still alive? Weird. This match has some very exciting back and forth action and Iím really feeling it. You canít lose via countout in the new WWE? Huh? Earlier in the last match, the referee was counting? Iím lost. Do you mean, you canít lose a title match by countout? So far, Edge has been on the receiving end of everything that Joe has given him. Iím hoping that this will lead to an Edge recovery to a win, otherwise, it almost feels like a squash match against a valid contender. I can now count that Edge is the face of the match by the reaction that the fans are giving him but earlier on, that was harder to tell. Maybe itís just me, but Iím sort of getting old to the feeling of every pitch of the match ends in the corner and the referee separating them. It feels like a brawl. Except the two arenít brawling really. Keep it away from the corners for a bit, already. I think the fans are the key to this match. You placing so much emphasis on their feelings that Iím believing it. They are in the ring, metaphorically, with Edge and when he takes a hit, so do they. You sell that better than anyone Iíve ever read. That is a definitive plus for your show. You did good with ensuring that Edge used his good shoulder for the spear. Edge kicks out of the Muscle Buster? Oh no. Not that far in the match. No one should kick out of a muscle buster after taking the beating that Edge just has. Not even match spirit should take it that far. Both men, in the end of the match, are recovering WAY too fast from finishing moves. That hurts. Itís almost ruining an otherwise GREAT match. A run in from Randy Orton and I officially hate you. I understand the importance of keeping the title on Joe, and starting a feud with Orton/EdgeÖ but this hurts. I think the run-in could have come after the end of the match, and the referee being down could have been the end of Edge after he had Joe down for the count, Joe gets up and locks in the submission. This ending could have been WAY better. Match Rating: ***.5/***** This is match of the night at this point.

                              I really donít see how you could follow that match-up because it was just simply amazing. And your choice, a WWE Title match between John Cena and Brock Lesnar. The match-up alone makes me think that John Cena wonít stand a chance. At this point Iím almost winded. Again the match begins with the two going to the corner and the referee separates them. When does it stop? I think you have this all wrong. Cena should have the endurance as he has the speed and the build. Lesnar should have the strength. Which match psychology tells us that Lesnar should start out on top and get winded as Cena makes a comeback. I know that doesnít sound good as he is the heel in the match, but it could be a heel comeback. Instead, Cena takes the first part of this match with ease. Ah yes, you start seeing some good psychology after the double axe handle and Lesnar is fighting to keep his breath. Thatís what I was looking for. Cena on top of the match. I love that Cena navigated this match. For about 2/3 of the match John Cena was in control and that makes the comeback by Lesnar even more powerful. Another run-in and Lesnar wins by disqualification. Thatís sad because I was really getting into this match when that happened. HOMICIDE AND LOW KI? Alright, now you have my attention. Where the hell is this going? I canít believe the show ended on this cliff hanger. Iím so intrigued. Match Rating: ***/*****.

                              Joe versus Edge was definitely match of the night, followed by Abyss versus Albright and then Cena versus Lesnar. The two weakest were the tag match and the cruiserweight match. Some things that buggered me was the no selling in the tag match and in the cruiserweight match and the continuous ďwrestlers in the corner fighting and the referee separates them.Ē Some good points were James Mitchell, Abyss, Joe, and your storylines. I canít wait for the Eddie Show. I donít rate shows on a scale, but Iíll just leave it that I canít wait for the next one.
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                                Re: WWE SUPERAW 06


                                A Night of Tribute

                                After returning with an exciting opening show, SUPERAW takes a step back this week to honor the death of one of its own, the legendary Eddie Guerrero. Two tribute matches have been announced in memory of Eddie Guerrero, as three of the most inspirational wrestlers in Eddie's life: Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero and Chris Benoit will all take their memories of Eddie with them to the ring, honoring their fallen friend by doing what he loved to do. Also, throughout the night, we will take a trip down memory lane by showcasing some of the most important and memorable moments of Eddie's life, while listening to heart-felt final goodbyes from some of his closest friends.

                                The card:

                                Main Event
                                Non-Title Tribute Match

                                Brock Lesnar (champion) vs. Chris Benoit

                                Tribute Match
                                Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

                                CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson

                                AJ Styles vs. Rob Van Dam

                                World's Greatest Tag Team vs. Generation Next