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New Era Wrestling

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  • New Era Wrestling

    August 27th, 2007 - Toronto, Canada
    After an all-time record low buy-rate for SummerSlam, Vince McMahon makes a special appearance at the beginning of Monday Night RAW...

    -Vince "Ladies and Gentlemen, last night I was baffled. I've been up all night thinking to myself about what happened at SummerSlam and frankly, I have no answer. Last night I thought my company was headed for new heights, but rather, you, the fans, proved it was sinking to a new low. Last night's main event was meant to be one of the biggest in our history. You voiced your opinions for years on the matter of Bret Hart and the famous Montreal Screwjob, and when I finally give you what you've been screaming for all these years, you turn your backs on me and everything I've worked so hard for."

    -Jim Ross "What is this King?"
    -Jerry Lawler "I don't know what's wrong, JR. I just don't know..."

    -Vince "You've whined and cried for nearly a decade now, chanting "YOU SCREWED BRET! YOU SCREWED BRET!"...and I ignored you. I smiled and went about my day, happy with what I had done and where I had gone since then. I tried to make the matter forgotten, tried to focus on bigger and better things, new superstars, a NEW ERA FOR WRESTLING...but no, you had to have your way."

    -JR "King...?"
    -King "Quiet JR!"

    -Vince "So this is it. The gloves are off. There's no pleasing any of you. If I lay my heart and soul on the line and it gets spit on like it did last night, then why bother? To hell with you and to hell with everything. Tonight's show is officially CANCELLED!"

    -JR "WHAT?!"
    -King "Can he do that?!"
    -JR "He's the boss, he can do whatever he wants!"

    Vince McMahon leaves the ring to loud boo's. Fans begin to throw garbage and crumpled bristol board signs at the CEO of the WWE. He begins to jog up the ramp to the entrance as security guards enter the arena. Some fans begin to jump the crowd barrier, chasing after Mr. McMahon, but security intervenes. JR and King also exit to the back as more fans crash the ring and begin destroying everything in sight. WWE RAW goes off the air at 9:14 PM EST to a scene of mayhem and destruction in the Air Canada Centre...

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    Re: New Era Wrestling

    Naturally, the internet is abuzz just seconds after Vince McMahon's actions. Wrestling websites everywhere are immediately the place for discussion on the night's events. Fans that hadn't watched the show are caught up on what happened and soon, everyone is wondering what will happen next.

    Had Mr. McMahon planned this all along? Was this just to grab more viewers attention after the disgrace of SummerSlam, or did Mr. McMahon do something we never would have ever thought possible and break kayfabe?

    Around 9:45 PM EST, CNN begins a breaking story from Toronto. Reporting from outside the Air Canada Centre, CNN claims that a riot has broken out. Fans all over North America tune in to watch the events unfold. Fans riot, chanting "YOU SCREWED US! YOU SCREWED US!" Cars are tipped, fires are lit and the police intervene.

    After roughly 3 hours, the riots end. A statement is released at later that night...

    Originally posted by From
    Dear Fans of the WWE,
    Mr. McMahon wishes to apologize for the evening's events. In all his years in the buisness, Mr. McMahon never thought things would come to this. He never expected the reaction of the Toronto fans, but looking back, he realizes he should have.

    As you all know, Mr. McMahon was speaking about the failure of SummerSlam's main event, Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels for the WWE World Title. The WWE Champion, Shawn Michaels of Degeneration-X announced the match 2 weeks ago, after pleading with Mr. McMahon for nearly a month. Shawn finally got his wish and after signing Bret for one night only, the match was set. Sadly, Bret's return to the WWE did nothing for ratings and Mr. McMahon for the first time ever, couldn't understand why.

    Mr. McMahon also would like to say that everyone that had tickets for the Toronto RAW show will receive full refunds and a free ticket to RAW the next time it hits the great city of Toronto.

    Mr. McMahon also wishes to address the internet rumours that are circulating about since RAW went off the air so abruptly. He says that even though he never addresses speculation and rumours, he wants to clarify that he never broke kayfabe as many of you are saying. Only cowards do such a thing and breaking kayfabe only hurts the progress of the WWE. Mr. McMahon would like you all to know that what he did tonight was predetermined but will be discontinued due to the events that unfolded shortly after his speech on RAW.

    We hope that you will all continue to enjoy WWE programming.

    Thank you and good luck.

    -Stephanie McMahon, head of WWE Writing Staff

    Days pass and after what seems like confusion sweeping across the internet, discussion boards and chat rooms everywhere begin to take the statement released by the WWE as false and part of some massive cover-up of Vince's breaking kayfabe.

    November 15th, 2007
    After several weeks of discussion, fans all over the world have boycotted the WWE. The statement released by the WWE is accepted as a cover-up and even after the WWE's best efforts, they lose an immense number of fans.

    February 10th, 2008 - Smackdown!'s final show
    In order to cut costs and save on the WWE's ever decreasing budget, Smackdown! is cancelled. Every star on the Smackdown! roster is released by the WWE. Disgusted by the recent events, Shawn Michaels, the RAW Champion, relinquishes his Title and retires, creating a downward spiral on the RAW roster. Backstage morale is at an all-time low.

    March 31st, 2008 - WWE Programming goes off the air
    After 3 more major RAW Superstars are released, ratings drop to next to nothing. Struggling to keep its head above water, the WWE finally folds after suffering even more horrible luck: John Cena, the current World Champion, is injured in a car accident, breaking both arms and puncturing a lung. RAW is without a Champion once again. Vince gives a final statement from the ring with the remaining RAW superstars at his side and in a final twist of irony, the final WWE program grabs the highest ratings in nearly 4 years.


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      Re: New Era Wrestling

      Wow... just... wow... I've never seen your writing, RT, but damn, this is amazing. I would like an explanation as to why HBK/Bret didn't draw, because we all know it would... no matter how late the rematch happens... So if you could elaborate on that a bit, that would be great...


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        Re: New Era Wrestling

        July 1st, 2008
        After several months without WWE programming, the NWA is reaping the benefits. Die hard wrestling fans and loyal WWE fans alike are forced to watch NWA programming to scratch their wrestling itch. As well, buy-rates for UFC PPV's go up. It seems the market for wrestling and violent TV is rising now that the WWE has released it's monopoly-like grip.

        In a segment on 60 Minutes titled "The Rise and Fall of the WWE", Bret Hart is interviewed. He uses the time to talk to the fans and states that even though he thought it had been his dream to get back at Vince McMahon, they had made up years ago. He realized Vince did what he had to do in Montreal and let it go. He came back at SummerSlam to face Shawn Michaels to show that, but had no idea his match against Michaels would prove to be the demise of the WWE. He says that even though Vince had it coming, he does not feel proud of what happened.

        Loyal WWE fans around the world are still asking the question "Why didn't the Hart/Michaels match draw?" Bret Hart answers that question with one word: generations. He says that the match was too little too late. Even though hardcore fans a world over had waited 10 years for the match to happen, the WWE did what it had to do and moved on, focusing on the next generation of stars. Bret says that he feels the match just didn't have the bite it would have had half a decade ago and nobody could have forseen this.

        August 20th, 2008
        After a lengthy court trial due to his car accident and allegations that he was drinking and driving, John Cena is found not guilty of driving while intoxicated. When asked by the media where his career as a wrestler will lead him, he says that he has decided to focus more on his movie career rather than go back to wrestling.

        August 27th, 2008
        Only a week after his court trail was finally over, John Cena is charged with posession of cocaine and sentenced to 2 years in prison.

        January 3rd, 2009
        After a long hiatus away from the media, the McMahon family finally sits down to an interview on Larry King Live to discuss the past, present and future of wrestling. The interview mostly reflects on the good times, Vince's WWE glory and the support of his family. The interview comes to a close when Shane McMahon asks to speak freely...

        -Shane "Larry if you don't mind, I'd like to say something before we go off the air."
        -Larry "Certainly Shane."
        -Shane "Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce the new beginning of McMahon wrestling entertainment. Stay tuned for something NEW."

        Larry King Live goes off the air, Linda and Stephanie not making a reaction, Vince staring at his son in utter disbelief...


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          Re: New Era Wrestling


          it was only 3 short posts, and already, it's fucking amazing.


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            Re: New Era Wrestling

            I have to agree with Roo on this one, although you have only just started I can already tell that this is going to be fucking great. Keep this up mate, can't wait until your first show is up!


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              Re: New Era Wrestling

              A very intriguing beginning, and you've done a good job of drawing interest in this already.

              But I have to say, you certainly have gone out of your way to make sure that John Cena will never grace a NEW ring!


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                Re: New Era Wrestling

                wow, I'm loving this so far! Good Luck man, I will be reading for sure! The storyline is pure genious, I hope you keep this going it's awesome!


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                  Re: New Era Wrestling

                  That same night at 11:59 PM EST, the NEW website,, is launched. It manages to stay up for only 15 minutes, after which it crashes due to a server overload.

                  January 5th, 2009
                  After a couple days, the NEW website is back up and running. Fans flock to the site to check it out, but find nothing but a black page with a statement from Shane McMahon...

                  Originally posted by


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                    Re: New Era Wrestling


                    This is unbelieveable. You have quality you have greatness and in a short space of time you will have the best fed here on PW. It's mad!!!


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                      Re: New Era Wrestling

                      Tuesday, January 10th, 2009 - NEW Premieres
                      After a weekend of internet buzz and speculation, it's finally time for New Era Wrestling to make its debut on national television...

                      10:00PM EST
                      The show begins with a plain black screen...crowd noise can be heard and Bret Hart's theme is playing...after loud cheers, Degeneration-X's theme cuts in and the cheers continue...soon, black and white video of the SummerSlam 2007 aftermath fades onto the screen, showing the riots outside the ACC in Toronto...

                      The video cuts to Vince McMahon's speech at RAW that same Monday, still in black and shows him being booed out of the ACC...

                      The video then shows the final farewell of the WWE, its final RAW show and Vince's speech at the end of the show, thanking the fans for all the memories...

                      alexisonfire - "This Could Be Anywhere (In The World)"
                      We see the completely sold out Staples Center in Los Angeles, California as white pyros explode up the entry ramp and around the giant video screen, flashing huge letters "NEW" in black and white...

                      -Joey Styles "LADIEEEESS AAANND GENTLEMEN! Welcome to New Era Wrestling! I'm Joey Styles alongside Johnathon Coachman and wow John, just wow. What can I say?"
                      -Coach "You can say it's damn good to be back, Joey! After the demise of the greatest federation in wrestling history, McMahon sports entertainment was in jeopardy, but its back in full force at the helms of Shane McMahon!"

                      With that, the NEW theme continues to play as Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring to loud cheers...he climbs in the ring and grabs a microphone, wasting no time...

                      -Shane "Like I gotta say it, WELCOME TO NEW ERA WRESTLING!"

                      The fans cheer louder, some chanting "N E W! N E W!"

                      -Shane "For those of you that lost faith, thinking McMahon sports entertainment was done forever, I just want you to take a look around and soak it in, much like I'm doing right now."
                      -Shane "Now I know you all are asking one major question: 'How Shane? How did you pull this off?' Well my friends, it's pretty easy actually. When the WWE was beginning to fold, my father made the decision that it was time to pass on the family business. In a last ditch effort to save his beloved company, he signed it over to yours truly, hoping I could bring something new and fresh to get the viewers back. But, the damage had already been done and leaving me with literally nothing to work with, it was me, Shane McMahon, that declared bankrupcy and ended the WWE forever."

                      -Joey Styles "Is he serious Coach?"
                      -Coach "How the hell should I know?"

                      -Shane "So that answers the question of how I was able to use all that lovely WWE footage at the start of the show now doesn't it?" Shane smiles to the crowd for a moment..."So I bided my time, waiting for when the people would be starved for quality sports entertainment once again. That time is now. I've taken my personal savings from my work with the WWE, and working together with some of the most loyal superstars this business has to offer, I would like to say sit back, relax and enjoy the new era of wrestling."

                      With that, alexisonfire hits again and Shane hands the mic away...the crowd suddenly bursts into huge cheers as Edge makes his way on to the stage...then Chris Benoit...Jeff Hardy....soon, the whole NEW roster is standing on the stage! They stand there, looking at the crowd, some pumping them up, applauding and screaming, others just standing there, arms crossed, smirk on their face and nodding approval...

                      Commercial break...
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                        Re: New Era Wrestling

                        Back from commercial, we hear the music of "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin...he makes his way to the ring, shades, fur coat and a large gold chain around his neck...Christy Hemme, wearing a sparkling green dress accompanies him...they step in the ring and Christy takes a mic...

                        -Christy "Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the one, the only, the Moneymaker, Shelton Benjamin!"

                        Benjamin grabs the mic..

                        -Benjamin "What better way to start off the NEW with me, the Moneymaker, the best damn wrestler this place has to offer. I'm the shaker maker, the head faker, the Money-"

                        Benjamin is cut off by Showdown's "A Monument Encased In Ash"...the crowd roars as CM Punk makes his way in to the arena, mic in hand...

                        -CM Punk "Listen here, Mr. Moneymaker, you've been on NEW television for about 8 seconds and you've already managed to single-handedly bore everyone watching. How about you put your money where your mouth is and take on the Originator?"

                        CM Punk slams the mic down and runs down the ramp as the bell rings...

                        "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin w/ Christy Hemme vs. "The Originator" CM Punk
                        Punk slides in the ring and Benjamin begins the beat down right away. Punk gets to his feet and they exchange blows before Benjamin whips him into the ropes. Punk bounces back, hitting a huge flying forearm, connecting with Benjamin's head. Punk takes an early cover, 1, 2, kick out...

                        The match continues evenly until Punk takes the upperhand, dodging a flying crossbody by Benjamin who goes soaring out of the ring. Christy Hemme tends to her fallen man when suddenly Punk flies over the ropes with a huge twisting corkscrew crossbody to the outside. Christy manages to get out of the way but Benjamin isn't so lucky. Punk tosses him back in the ring and climbs the ropes. He nails a huge 540 splash! The crowd goes nuts as Punk makes the cover, 1....2.....SHOULDER UP!

                        -Styles "How the hell did he kick out of that?!"

                        Punk lifts up Benjamin, whipping him into the corner...Punk charges, but Benjamin gets a boot up, connecting with Punk's face! Punk stumbles back and forth, disoriented as Benjamin lifts himself onto the turnbuckle...he grabs Punk by the head....TORNADO DDT OFF THE TOP ROPE!! 1......2........KICK OUT!

                        -Styles "NO WAY!!"
                        -Coach "Benjamin should have had the match won!"

                        Benjamin is slow to get up, but manages to beat Punk to his feet...he swings for a huge standing clothesline but Punk ducks...he kicks Benjamin in the stomach and drags him to the corner....he sets him up for the Pepsi Plunge!

                        -Styles "This is it! Punk has him here!"

                        Punk is standing on the top rope holding Benjamin...he lifts......PEPSI PLUNGE!!!! PUNK MAKES THE COVER!!!!..................

                        -Styles "NO!! GET OFF THE DAMN APRON!!"
                        -Coach "No way Joey! That's damn sexy!"

                        Christy Hemme is putting on a show for the ref! He's completely distracted by Hemme as she motions for him to get closer, but CM Punk has none of it...he grabs the ref, spinning him around...Punk turns back for the cover once again.....BIG MONEY SUPLEX (T-Bone)!!! Benjamin holds for the pin..1......2........3!!

                        Winner: "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin

                        -Styles "No! CM Punk was robbed!"
                        -Coach "What a start to the NEW! What a great match!"

                        Shelton Benjamin and Christy Hemme quickly head up the ramp to a mixed reaction from the crowd...Benjamin raises his arms in victory as we head to commercial...

                        Commercial break...
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                          Re: New Era Wrestling

                          Back from commercial, we hear the all too familiar music of Tommy Dreamer...he hits the ring to loud cheers...the cheers continue as Stevie Richards' music hits and he follows Dreamer to the ring...

                          -Howard Finkel "The following matchup is scheduled for one fall and is a NEW Hardcore match!"

                          Tommy Dreamer vs. Stevie Richards - Hardcore Match
                          The two opponents meet in the centre of the ring and slap hands in a show of respect...these two wrestlers go way back and are psyched for another match...

                          The match starts off slow with some grappling and chops in the corners...Dreamer finally steps the match up when he nails a nice dropkick on Richards, then slides to the outside, searching for some toys under the ring...Dreamer finally settles on using a trash can, which he lifts up towards the ring, but is met with a huge Baseball Slide from Richards! The trash can folds over Dreamer's head, sending him flying into the crowd barrier...

                          Richards rolls to the outside as well and grabs a steel chair out from under Finkel...he folds it up and walks over to Dreamer....SMACK!! The steel dents over Dreamer's skull, busting him open! Richards pins...1...2...kick out!

                          Richards tosses Dreamer into the ring and sets up on the turnbuckle...he nails a huge Body Splash!! 1...2......kick out by Dreamer! Richards, showing a bit of frustration, sets up in the corner...he signals for the Stevie Kick as the crowd gets to their feet...Dreamer gets up......STEV-NO!! Dreamer ducks! Richards spins around and Dreamer nails a huge DDT!! The cover! 1.....2.......KICK OUT!

                          The crowd is right into the match now, cheering on both men...blood covers Dreamer's face as he steps out of the ring and finds a kendo stick! He raises it over his head as blood drips down his face...he gets back in the ring and sets up behind the dazed Stevie Richards....Dreamer swings......RICHARDS DUCKS.........

                          STEVIE KICK!!! STEVIE KICK ON DREAMER!!! Richards spins around and the crowd is going absolutely insane!! Richards goes back towards Dreamer for the pin....

                          GORE!! GORE!! GORE!!!

                          -Styles "IT'S RHYNO!! RHYNO IS HERE!!"
                          -Coach "But why Joey!?"

                          Rhyno absolutely levels Stevie Richards with a Gore! Rhyno grabs Dreamer by the arm and drags him over to Richards, placing his arm over Richards' chest!! 1..........2.....................3!! DREAMER WINS!!

                          Winner: Tommy Dreamer

                          -Styles "What the hell just happened here Coach!?"

                          Rhyno speeds up the ramp before either men come to...Dreamer finally begins to stir and has his arm raised by the ref...he looks confused, not knowing what just happened...

                          As we head to commercial, we see Edge making his way to the ring!!

                          Commercial break...


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                            Re: New Era Wrestling

                            "Cochise" by Audioslave begins to play over the speakers as the arena goes completely black...the only thing visible is the entry way, that is illuminated by an incredibly bright white light coming from underneath the stage...the music explodes as do the white and gold pyros and the crowd goes into a frenzy as Edge steps into view and spotlights circulate around the arena...

                            Edge slides into the ring as only he can and bounces to his feet...he stands on each turnbuckle, getting the crowd to their feet...he finally takes a microphone and begins to speak as his music fades and the lights return to normal...

                            -Edge "God damn it feels good to be back!"

                            The crowd roars its approval...

                            -Edge "Now I know a lot of you were disappointed in my decision not to join NWA when the WWE went under because, well, I am just that amazing. But have no fear my friends. Just because I chose not to compete in NWA for personal reasons, but to more importantly spend time with my family, doesn't mean I'm washed up in any way. I am still the superstar that you all knew and loved 2 years ago, I am still Champion material and I still totally reek of awesomeness!"

                            The crowd roars for Edge as he smiles and points to a few fans in the front row, loving his old school remark...

                            -Edge "Since I've been gone all this time and I disappointed my fans by not continuing to wrestle, I've decided that I owe you a little something. As a token of my appreciation for sticking by me and showing me support as I begin my journey in the NEW, I offer you this very special, 5 SECOND POSE!"

                            -Styles "Haha, way to go Edge!"

                            Edge drops the mic and gets himself ready...he straigtens his trenchcoat, positions his shades and begins to pose...the crowd goes nuts as camera bulbs flash like tiny explosions all over the arena...

                            But the cheers quickly turn to boos as the all to familiar music of Randy Orton hits...the crowd turns on Orton as he stands on the stage, posing for the crowd...

                            -Orton "Now that's a pose the crowd came to see!"

                            The crowd boos even louder...

                            -Orton "Listen here Edge, what you and your minions have seem to forgotten is that over the last 2 years, I've been competing in the highest ranks over at NWA, not only as the best wrestler to ever grace their ring, but as the NWA Heavyweight Champion."

                            Boos get even louder...

                            -Orton "While I was kicking ass over there, you were sitting on your ass up in...ew...Canada." Orton shivers in disgust... "That damn country ruined the WWE and my glory in the greatest federation of all time. Also Edge-"
                            -Edge "SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH RANDY!" The crowd goes nuts as Edge interrupts Orton.. "First of all, you do NOT speak of my home country like that! Secondly, you being NWA Heavyweight Champion is like being the smartest kid with down syndrome! You're in the NEW now, you're in MY territory! I couldn't give a rat's ass what you've accomplished up until now because you my friend, are in a whole new world."
                            -Orton "You know Edge..." The crowd begins to chant "EDGE! EDGE! EDGE!".. "SHUT UP!" The crowd boos the loudest it has all night... "You know Edge, I'd walk down there and kick your ass all over this arena, but I wouldn't want to embarass you on your little special night because that's just the kind of guy I am. So how about this, next week I show you what Champion material is all about and you and I fight for the NEW World Championship!"

                            The crowd roars, but before Edge can give an answer, Shane McMahon's music hits...

                            -Shane "Whoa whoa WHOA! Hold on here boys. You can't just go around deciding my title matches for me, now can you? No you can't because it's not for me or any of you to's for them to decide..."

                            Shane points to the crowd as the cheer wildly...

                            -Shane "So, ladies and gentlemen, I am not going to put the title up for grabs just yet, but, who wants to see Edge take on Randy Orton next week in a New Era Champion #1 Contender's Match!?"

                            The crowd goes absolutely nuts!

                            -Shane "So then it's settled. Next week on NEW Tuesday Night, we will see Edge vs. Randy Orton in a #1 Contender's match for the NEW Title!"

                            Shane leaves and Orton and Edge stare each other down as alexisonfire blares over the speakers...

                            -Styles "What else can happen tonight, Coach?"
                            -Coach "Well Joey I'll tell you! I have just received word that the other #1 Contender's match is going to be......NEXT!!"
                            -Styles "WHAT?!"

                            Commercial break...


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                              Re: New Era Wrestling

                              We come back from commercial and the crowd is abuzz...they sit in anticipation as Howard Finkel stands in the centre of the ring...

                              -Howard Finkel "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is a #1 Contender's Match for the NEW World Championship!"

                              The crowd roars as Chris Benoit's music hits! He walks to the ring and gets himself prepared, not knowing who is opponent will be...he stands in the ring, watching the entry way....

                              THE FIRES OF HELL EXPLODE! Red pyros erupt from the stage, the entry ramp, the rafters, everywhere! The arena turns an eerie shade of red as The Big Red Machine, Kane makes his way to the ring wearing a large red cloak, his white eyes glowing from inside the cloak's hood...

                              -Styles "MY GOD COACH! KANE! KANE IS HERE!"
                              -Coach "Uh oh, I'd hate to be Chris Benoit right now..."

                              Chris Benoit vs. Kane - NEW World Championship #1 Contender's Match
                              Kane steps into the ring and stands face to face with Chris Benoit, who doesn't back down one step...Kane raises his arms and sets off the ring posts with a deafening explosion...Kane removes his cloak and reveals that he's wearing a strange red mask, nothing like anyone's seen before...his hair grown back, he looks almost like he did many years ago, before he revealed his face to the world...

                              -Coach "What's with the mask? I thought he was over that stuff."
                              -Styles "I don't know Coach, something seems to be different about Kane..."

                              Kane opens the match with a sickening punch, right to Benoit's knocks Benoit on his back and he quickly scrambles for the ropes, trying to get his balance...the crowd roars as Kane moves in for his attack...

                              Kane dominates most of the match, beating Benoit around the ring...Benoit finally gets some leway when he avoids a Suplex by reversing and hitting a HUGE Belly to Back Suplex, lifting Kane over his head! Benoit goes for a quick cover, but is tossed off before he even gets 1 count!

                              -Styles "My God Coach, Kane is such a powerful force!"

                              Benoit looks disoriented...a man who is rarely shaken in the ring doesn't know what to think! He lands a few right hands on Kane's back as he backs into a corner, but Kane completely shrugs them off and grabs Benoit for a Chokeslam!!

                              -Coach "Benoit's done for now!"

                              Kane lifts Benoit, but Benoit reverses with a Crippler Crossface!! He locks in the Crossface in the centre of the ring!!

                              -Styles "WOW COACH, WHAT A MOVE!! WILL KANE TAP?!"

                              Kane struggles for a second, but then he does the unthinkable...KANE STANDS UP WITH BENOIT STILL HOLDING ON!!

                              -Styles "WHAT THE HELL!?! HOW IS HE DOING THAT!?"

                              Kane stands and Benoit lets go...he runs off the ropes, not knowing what else to do and goes for a Clothesline...Kane ducks...............HE GRABS BENOIT BY THE THROAT......KANE HITS THE CHOKESLAM AND THE RINGPOSTS EXPLODE AGAIN!!!

                              -Styles "What the hell is going on here?!"
                              -Coach "This is messed up, man!"

                              Kane slumps to the ground and covers Benoit...1.......2.........3!!

                              Winner: Kane

                              Kane stands up and the ref attempts to raise his arm, but Kane swats him away...Kane makes his way up the entry ramp as his music blares and the arena once again turns red...

                              -Styles "What a beginning to the NEW!! What will happen in the future!? Tune in next week for something NEW!"

                              NEW Tuesday Night goes off the air...