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New Era Wrestling

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    Re: New Era Wrestling

    NEW Sunday Night Main Attraction hits the airwaves...a brief recap of the past 3 weeks is shown in short video clips, all shown in a hazy red glow...

    Shelton Benjamin's climb to the top, culminating with his match against Jeff Hardy and the reunion of the Hardy Boyz after Matt Hardy rejects Christy Hemme's monetary offer to turn on his brother Jeff....

    The hardcore matches between Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer, with Rhyno not being able to keep his buisness to himself...Stevie Richards handcuffing himself to the turnbuckle and Rhyno's relentless beatdown which ended after Tommy Dreamer's Kendo Stick "Shot Heard 'Round the NEW", resulting in a Triple Threat match for the NEW Hardcore Title...

    The #1 Contendership Matches between Randy Orton and Edge, as well as Chris Benoit vs. Kane...Edge and Kane both being victorious just couldn't help but to get in each other's faces...Edge embarrassing Kane with the help of Dr. Phil McGraw, but Kane getting the last laugh by blowing up Edge's Porsche, almost ending Edge's career...

    "Eraser" - NIN
    A video montage for Main Attraction begins! "Eraser" by Nine Inch Nails fills television sets across the world...

    "Lose Me!"...Matt Hardy throws his money in Christy Hemme's face...
    "Hate Me!"...Shelton Benjamin is shown walking to the ring...
    "Smash Me!"...Rhyno GORE's! Stevie Richards through a table...
    "ERASE ME!"...Edge's car explodes, leaving him lying on his back in the parking lot...

    The screen fades to black with a shot of Kane and Edge staring each other down 2 weeks ago....Joey Styles can be heard screaming "WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!?"....

    "Eraser" continues to play again as we get a live shot of the arena! Red and white pyros ignite! We're LIVE! in Anaheim, Calfornia for NEW Sunday Night Main Attraction!!

    -Joey Styles "Welcome one and all to NEW Main Attraction! Joey Styles here alongside The Coach!"
    -Coach "What a night it's going to be Joey! Not only is "The Moneymaker" going to take home the Contender's Title, but we get to see Edge and Kane battle, one on one, TONIGHT!"

    With that, we hear the music of The Hardy Boyz! The crowd leaps to their feet as the recently-reunited brothers leap and bound on to the stage! They make their way to the ring and await their opponents, CM Punk and Paul London...

    -Styles "Well Tuesday night was a night to remember in NEW history for many reasons, one of which being the reunion of the Hardy Boyz!"
    -Coach "I still can't believe that idiot Matt stuck with his good for nothing brother. He could be standing in Shelton Benjamin's corner right now along with that foxy Christy Hemme! What an idiot!"
    -Styles "Blood is thicker than water, Coach."
    -Coach "Yeah, and money is thicker than blood! But clearly not thicker than Matt Hardy's head!"

    The Hardy Boyz play to the crowd as "A Monument Encased In Ash" by Showdown hits the arena! The crowd stays on their feet as CM Punk and Paul London head to the ring!

    -Styles "Well I never thought these two would see eye to eye, Coach!"
    -Coach "Me neither Joey, but they could be a force to be reckoned with."

    The Hardy Boyz vs. CM Punk and Paul London - NEW Tag Team Championship
    The match begins with Jeff and CM Punk in the ring...the two slap hands and begin to circle, finally locking up...CM Punk gets the upper hand and whips Jeff Hardy into a corner, following right behind him...Jeff turns around into a Monkey Flip...CM Punk bounds off the second rope and hits a Springboard Moonsault! 1,2, kick out...

    Punk picks up Jeff and takes him over to his corner where he tags in London...the crowd cheers as London enters the ring, where he and Punk double-team Jeff, whipping him into the ropes...London stops Jeff in the centre of the ring with a Drop Toe Hold and as Jeff is falling, Punk hits a huge DDT!!

    -Styles "What a move!!"

    London covers..1,2, shoulder up! London picks up Jeff and sends him flying into the ropes...London simply sidesteps, tossing Jeff out of the ring! BUT NO! Jeff leaps onto the third rope, getting his balance! He backflips off the rope towards London, hitting a beautiful standing Moonsault!

    -Coach "How the hell did he do that!?"

    Both men are down and the crowd is already cheering loudly...

    -Styles "Both teams giving it their all, Coach!"

    Jeff makes it to his corner first where he tags in Matt to a huge roar from the crowd...Matt grabs London by the foot, preventing the tag...he drops an elbow onto London's knee several times, then picks him up...he whips London, but London reverses, sending Matt into the ropes...Matt comes back with a Tornado DDT! 1..2....kick out!

    Matt picks up London and after standing him up, runs into the ropes...he comes back, looking for a Bulldog...CLOTHESLINE BY LONDON!!


    Both men are down, looking for tags...the ref begins to count to 10 as the crowd begins to stand, cheering for both teams...London finally makes the tag, as does Matt...Jeff and CM Punk hit the ring again, charging each other..Jeff gets the upper hand, ducking under the right arm of Punk...he nails a Spinning Heel Kick on Punk, laying him flat on his back...Jeff grabs Punk by the legs as the crowd sees Matt climbing the top rope!

    -Styles "I think I know what's coming, Coach!"

    Jeff signals to Matt, who raises his arm in the air...Matt Hardy leaps off the top rope....DOUBLE LEG DROP!! Jeff makes the cover...1....2.....kick out!

    Jeff picks up CM Punk, tags in Matt, then whips Punk into his own corner...Matt gets in the ring and quickly gets down on his hands and knees....

    -Styles "Uh oh!"

    Jeff runs and leaps...POETRY IN MOTION!! CM Punk staggers forward in a daze, not realizing his partner, Paul London, has tagged himself in! CM Punk turns and walks right into a Twist of Fate from Matt Hardy!! Jeff Hardy climbs to the top rope.....SWANTON BOMB!!

    -Styles "This is it Coach! New Tag Champs!"

    Matt Hardy makes the cover........but the ref doesn't count!

    -Styles "What the hell?"
    -Coach "CM Punk isn't the legal man!"

    Matt Hardy stands up and both Hardyz begin to argue with the referee! They don't see Paul London climbing the ropes on the opposite side of the ring behind them! They turn around and Paul London leaps...CROSSBODY!! Paul London takes out both Hardy Boyz!

    -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"

    Paul London bounces to his feet as Jeff Hardy rolls out of the ring...CM Punk is back in his corner, slumped down trying to recover from his beating at the hands of both Hardy Boyz...London is dominating Matt in the ring, hitting various suplexes on him...he nails a Belly to Back Suplex and covers..1..2..kick out...Paul London picks up Matt Hardy, who attempts to regain control by hitting London with a hard right hand to the face...London staggers and Matt kicks him in the stomach, setting him up for the Twist of Fate! NO! London reverses and shoves Matt into the ropes....Dropkick! Matt is down and London goes up top and signals for the London Calling!..........London leaps...............

    HE HITS IT!! LONDON MAKES THE COVER!! 1......2...........

    JEFF HARDY PULLS HIM OFF!! The ref tells Jeff to get out of the ring but doesn't see CM Punk moving to the centre of the apron..Paul London picks up Matt Hardy and sends him Punk's way...CM Punk leaps off the top rope! SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT!!

    -Coach "Okay, screw this. That's impossible!"

    London covers and the ref spins around.......1..............2..............

    KICK OUT BY MATT HARDY!! London slams his fist on the mat in disappointment....he walks over to his corner and tags in CM Punk, still a bit shaken from the Twist of Fate/Swanton combo but is reeling now after capitalizing on Matt Hardy...he picks up Matt, who is attempting to tag out from a seated position and hits a nice Suplex...he sends Matt into the corner..NO! Matt Hardy reverses! He charges....Punk gets his leg up! Matt Hardy eats Punk's boot and staggers backwards holding his jaw...Punk gets on the top rope and waits for Matt to spin back around.........PEPSI PLUNGE!!!


    Punk makes the cover......1...............2.....................

    Jeff Hardy comes off the top with a Swanton Bomb!! He breaks the cover, landing on CM Punk's back!! Both men are down and Paul London joins in the melee! All hell has broken lose in the ring, London punching Jeff Hardy, tossing him out of the ring....CM Punk and Matt Hardy are still down in the centre of the ring....Matt Hardy is the first to his feet, leaning on the ropes for balance...CM Punk finally gets to his feet and both men begin exchanging blows in the ring...Matt Hardy gets the upper hand...he sends CM Punk into the ropes and at the same time, Paul London sends Jeff Hardy flying hard into the ring steps! Jeff Hardy is down!

    Back in the ring, CM Punk comes back at Matt Hardy with a Clothesline, but Matt Hardy ducks...Punk spins back around, directly into a Twist of Fate!!

    -Styles "That's gotta be it Coach!"
    -Coach "LOOK AT PAUL LONDON!!"

    Paul London is on the top rope! He's signalling for the London Calling as the ref begins to count.........


    Paul London leaps!




    -Coach "I think Paul London is dead. I'm not kidding, I'm 99% sure he's dead right now."

    Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: The Hardy Boyz

    The Hardy Boyz celebrate in the ring as they're handed the NEW Tag Team Title Belts, white gold with a black globe in the centre and two silhouettes standing on either side of the globe....The Hardy Boyz embrace as the crowd goes wild...CM Punk is on his knees beside Paul London, who is still laying face down in the ring...EMT's rush to the ring as the Hardy Boyz leave...they tend to Paul London, who eventually gets up and walks to the back with a bit of help from CM Punk...

    We take a break and a preview for the next match begins to play....a recap of the Hardcore Title feud! The Triple Threat Hardcore Title Match is up next!!


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      Re: New Era Wrestling

      Back from the preview, we see a shot of the backstage area...Paul London is sitting in the locker room, EMT's checking his pupils with a pen light...

      -CM Punk "Man, that was such a tough loss. Good match though."
      -London "Would you shut the hell up? That's my 3rd loss in a row! We damn well had them too!"
      -Punk "Well look on the bright side, we came that close to beating them and maybe-"
      -London "EXACTLY! We came that close, but we couldn't finish the job! Just...I'm just frustrated."

      CM Punk shoots London a dirty look, but before he can answer back, Matt and Jeff Hardy walk in, belts on their shoulders! The crowd cheers as they appear on the screen!

      -Jeff "Guys, you had a hell of a match out there, we just wanted to congratulate you, make sure you were ok."
      -London "I'm fine, thanks."
      -Matt "We also wanted to let you guys know that any time you want a title shot, just name it. You guys deserve it."

      Paul London and CM Punk look at each other, then back at Matt and Jeff...

      -CM Punk "Thanks guys, we're looking forward to it."

      Matt and Jeff walk out as we cut back to the arena...

      -Styles "What a rematch that would be after tonight!"

      With that, we hear the music of Tommy Dreamer! The crowd leaps to their feet as Dreamer walks to the ring, Kendo Stick raised above his head! He waits in the ring as Stevie Richards' music hits! The crowd gives a mixed reaction, somewhat to Stevie's surprise...he waits outside the ring as Rhyno's music hits, but Rhyno wastes no time at all! He appears from the crowd, sneaking up on Tommy Dreamer with a steel chair! WHAM! DREAMER IS LAID OUT AS THE BELL RINGS!!

      Tommy Dreamer vs. Stevie Richards vs. Rhyno - NEW Hardcore Championship
      Rhyno makes a quick cover...1,2, Stevie Richards breaks it up...Stevie starts stomping away on Rhyno, who collapses into a corner...Stevie pounds Rhyno into the canvas, stomping faster and faster...

      -Styles "Stevie has a far away look in his eyes, Coach."
      -Coach "He wants revenge!"

      Stevie continues to stompy away at Rhyno, screaming at him! Stevie is so caught up, he doesn't see Tommy Dreamer roll outside the ring and grab a trash can lid! He stands up on the apron....SMACK!! Dreamer folds the metal around Stevie's head, sending him flying on his back! Dreamer then gets on to the top rope and hits a nice Elbow Drop! He makes a quick cover!

      -Styles "Dreamer going for an early win!"

      1....2.....kick out by Stevie! Dreamer picks up Stevie and whips him into the ropes..Dreamer hits a stiff elbow to the jaw of Stevie, knocking him flat on his back...Dreamer rolls out of the ring, looking for more toys...he finds the Kendo Stick he brought to the ring with him and crawls back in the he's getting in the ring, however, Rhyno is on his feet now! Still holding his ribs, Rhyno charges Dreamer....GOR-NO! Dreamer sidesteps, sending Rhyno flying head first into the ringpost! Dreamer waits for Richards to get to his feet as Rhyno slumps and falls out of the ring...Dreamer waits....Richards spins around.......Dreamer swings......Stevie Richards ducks! STEVIE KI-...NO! DREAMER DUCKS!!.....SMACK!!!

      -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"

      Tommy Dreamer splinters the Kendo Stick over Stevie Richards' head!! The Kendo Stick explodes as Stevie falls to the mat and Dreamer covers!!



      Tommy Dreamer slams his fists in disappointment and gets up...after a brief argument with the ref, he turns his attention back to Stevie....meanwhile, Rhyno has slid a table in the ring...he climbs back in as Dreamer sends Richards into the ropes...Rhyno pulls the ropes down, sending Stevie flying to the outside! Dreamer attacks Rhyno, punching him multiple times on the back...Rhyno fights back however and as Dreamer whips him into a corner, Rhyno reverses, sending Dreamer into the turnbuckles! Rhyno follows right behind and as Dreamer hits face first, Rhyno hits a Splash! Dreamer falls to the ground, holding his back in agony as Rhyno begins to set up his table...

      Rhyno has the table set up and he lays Dreamer across it...Dreamer is laying on the table and Rhyno gives him a few more shots to the face to stay put...Rhyno climbs the turnbuckle!

      -Styles "NO WAY! Rhyno will crush him!!"

      Rhyno prepares to leap....Stevie Richards pushes him off! Rhyno flies to the outside, hitting his face off the crowd barrier! Rhyno is on the outside in absolute agony, clutching his already injured chest! Richards climbs to the top rope and leaps onto Dreamer!!

      DREAMER MOVES!! Richards crashes through the table, smashing it to bits! Dreamer lays on the canvas for a moment, then rolls to the outside....gets a table of his own! Dreamer leans the table in the corner of the ring, then picks up the dented steel chair Rhyno used on him earlier, still in the ring...Dreamer takes the chair, then pulls something out of his pocket...

      -Styles "What is that?"
      -Coach "Looks like lighter fluid!"

      Dreamer sprays the lighter fluid all over the chair, then pulls a lighter out of his pocket! He lights the chair on fire! He raises the chair over his head as the crowd cheers wildly, some screaming "ECDUB! ECDUB!" Dreamer turns his attention back to Richards, waiting for him to get up...Dreamer doesn't see Rhyno sneak in the ring behind him and pick up the lighter and lighter fluid! He sprays the table leaning in the corner and lights it on fire as well!!


      Stevie Richards is finally on his feet and Dreamer is frothing at the mouth....he waits for Richards to turn around, not knowing Rhyno is behind him...Richards stumbles towards Dreamer, who swings his fire chair....NO! Stevie ducks and keeps moving towards an unsuspecting Rhyno....


      -Coach "WOW! Where did that come from!?"

      Dreamer spins back around as Rhyno rolls out of the ring...Richards is ready and he kicks Tommy Dreamer hard in the stomach, causing him to drop his chair...Stevie grabs Dreamer and lines him up over the flaming chair......DDT ON THE CHAIR!!!

      -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"

      Dreamer gets up...his hair is on fire!! Dreamer, stunned for a moment realizes what is happening and springs to his feet! He runs in a circle around the ring, trying to put out his hair.........STEVIE KICK!!

      -Coach "That's not even fair!!"
      -Styles "Hardcore rules Coach, hardcore rules!"




      Rhyno attempts to get back in the ring......


      Winner and NEW Hardcore Champion: Stevie Richards

      Richards celebrates his win as Rhyno watches from the outside! The crowd cheers, a few booing however as Richards stands on the turnbuckle, hoisting the NEW Hardcore Title, shining red and silver, with the belt itself made to look like barbed wire wrapped around the waist of the wrestler...

      The celebration is cut short, however, when alexisonfire's "This Could Be Anywhere (In The World" hits and Shane McMahon enters the arena! The crowd erupts as Shane begins to speak from the stage!

      -Shane "Congratulations Stevie! Way to go on the big win. I know I'm interrupting the celebration, but I just couldn't help it. I had to make this announcement right now..."

      -Styles "What's he talking about Coach?"

      -Shane "...Stevie, I wanted you to be the first to know about my decision. My decision is based on something done about 10 years ago, something I greatly enjoyed and though was very entertaining. Many of the new generation fans at the time thought it was a good idea, so I thought 'Hey, why not here?' So without further adeu, I want you to be the first to know that the NEW Hardcore Title will in fact have.........

      24/7 Rules re-instated!!"

      -Styles "WHAT?! He can't do that now!"
      -Coach "He's the boss, Joe!"

      Richards looks in disbelief as the crowd buzzes with excitement. Richards starts to yell at Shane from the ring, not realizing Rhyno is lurching behind him, ready to strike!!

      -Styles "NO STEVIE! LOOK OUT!"

      GORE!! GORE!! GORE!!!

      Rhyno GORE's! Stevie Richards right through the flaming table left in the corner!! Rhyno makes the cover and the ref slides in for the count!!




      Winner and new NEW Hardcore Champion: Rhyno

      Rhyno quickly grabs the belt off the canvas and doesn't wait around to get his arm raised by the ref...Rhyno leaves through the crowd to a mixed reaction from the audience...Shane looks on with a smile from the stage...

      -Styles "What's with Shane helping Rhyno!?"
      -Coach "Who says he is? Shane didn't force Rhyno to Gore Stevie Richards!"
      -Styles "Whatever's going on, I don't get a good vibe. Anyways folks, up next we'll see Chris Benoit take on Randy Orton....if he takes the challenge!"

      We cut to a preview of Chris Benoit's challenge to Randy Orton, made in a backstage interview after NEW Tuesday Night went off the air...


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        Re: New Era Wrestling

        After the video of Benoit's interview, we cut to the backstage area where Stevie Richards is throwing a tantrum! EMT's are trying to treat his back for burns, but Richards won't let them near him! He's more focused on destroying the locker room!

        -Styles "Stevie Richards is going mental!"

        Richards breaks a mirror with his fist! He rips a shelf off a wall and tosses a television across the room, almost hitting an EMT!

        -Coach "Somebody stop this crybaby!"

        The view cuts back to the arena where Chris Benoit's music hits! The crowd bounces to their feet as the Canadian Crippler makes his way to the ring...he stands in the ring and his music stops..........he waits a few moments, staring intently at the entry way, waiting for Randy Orton......finally, Orton's music hits and the crowd begins to boo loudly...Orton walks out on to the stage with a mic in his hand...

        -Orton "Chris, don't think I'm not on to you, because I am. I know exactly what your plan is. You're so distraught about losing to Kane in such a pathetic display of wrestling that you feel you need to regain the respect of these idiots out here tonight."

        The crowd boos loudly...

        -Orton "There's no plausable reason why I should face you in a Submission Match here tonight and you know that. I'm not a submission wrestler, I'm a real wrestler! I don't need to prove anything to you or any of these peices of crap!"

        The crowd continues to boo loudly as Orton drops his mic and starts heading to the back...Chris Benoit gives chase, running up the ramp as Orton disappears backstage...Benoit disappears behind the curtains as well, but is suddenly thrown back on to the stage!

        -Styles "What the hell happened?"

        Benoit lays on the stage, flat on his back! Orton re-appears from behind the curtain carrying a dented steel chair!

        -Styles "That bastard! He suckered Benoit right into his plan!"

        Orton uses the chair on Benoit, ramming it hard into Benoit's knee! Benoit screams in pain as Orton folds the chair over his right knee and jumps on it with both feet!

        -Styles "Dammit! This isn't right!"

        Orton picks up Benoit and drags him down the ramp and into the ring...Orton gets to his feet and yells for the bell!

        Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit - Submission Match
        Orton turns back to Benoit and smiles...he can't use his chair anymore, but the damage has already been done...Chris Benoit lays in the ring, holding his knee in agony...Orton struts around the ring, posing to the crowd, smirking as they boo loudly...Orton finally moves in and grabs Benoit's right leg...he folds Benoit over and applies a Figure 4 Leglock!!

        Benoit is screaming in pain...he's clawing and fighting, trying to break the hold, but he can't! Benoit is helpless and he slowly slumps to the mat! The ref moves in and raises Benoit's right arm....

        Benoit's arm drops......1!!

        His arm drops again........2!!


        Winner: Randy Orton

        Randy Orton gets to his feet as the fans boo even louder than before...Chris Benoit is unconcious in the ring, passed out from the sheer pain!

        -Styles "This isn't right! Benoit got screwed!"
        -Coach "He fell for Orton's trick! Orton is a genius!"
        -Styles "Oh shut up Coach!"

        Orton poses to the crowd as his arm is raised by the referee...EMT's rush the ring and after Orton leaves and a couple minutes pass, Benoit comes to...he is put in a stretcher and his leg is put in a splint...Benoit is wheeled to the back, still holding his leg and screaming in agony...

        We cut backstage and see Edge arriving at the arena! He's walking backstage and arrives at his dressing room door...the fans are cheering, but their cheers turn to a hush of shock as Edge turns on his dressing room light and fills the room with a red glow! Edge takes a step back, then turns off the light...darkness...he turns it on again and the red glow returns....someone has replaced his light bulb with a red light!

        -Styles "Kane! Kane is playing mind games with Edge!"

        Edge stares into the redness for a moment, then drops his bag and punches a hole in the wall! Edge storms off as we cut to a preview for the next match....The Contender's Championship Ladder Match!


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          Re: New Era Wrestling

          We come back from the break and immediately hear the music of "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin...he makes his way down the ramp wearing gold pants and a gold fedora, with his usual bling and fur coat draped around him...Christy Hemme has a gold evening gown on with a slit all the way up the side...

          -Styles "I can't wait for this match! This will be one for the ages!"
          -Coach "I really don't want to hear your voice right now."

          Christy slides into the ring as the boos from the male fans turn to loud catcalls...everyone's attention is quickly drawn to the rafters though as the NEW Contender's Title begins to acend....Benjamin stares upwards as the belt is about to lower, rubbing his hands and smiling...

          "ONE OF A KIND!"

          RVD's brand new theme by Rise Against hits the speakers! The crowd cheers loudly as the gold NEW Contender's Title, complete with gold stars on either side that get smaller as they go down the sides of the belt....

          -Styles "What's this Coach?"

          The crowd erupts and leaps to their feet as the belt gets closer to the ring....Rob Van Dam ascends to the ring, holding the very same cable as the belt! He hops off in the centre of the ring and the belt rises to its usual spot 15 feet above the centre of the ring! The crowd continues to cheer wildly as RVD leaps onto a turnbuckle...

          -Howard Finkel "Introducing the other challenger from Battle Creek, Michigan..."

          The crowd joins in as RVD raises his thumbs in the air!

          -Crowd "ROB....VAN....DAM!!"

          Rob Van Dam vs. "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin w/Christy Hemme - NEW Contender's Championship
          The match begins and both men circle each other...Benjamin gets in close for a lockup, but RVD dodges to the right, quickly hitting a huge Sidekick to Benjamin's head! RVD hits several more kicks to Benjamin's ribs and arms, pummeling him back into a corner..RVD then lands a 3 Kick Combo, putting Benjamin in a seated position! RVD does a lap around the ring and hits a nice Seated Dropkick into Benjamin's face! RVD bounds to his feet, arms raised as the crowd chants "RVD! RVD!"...Shelton Benjamin rolls to the outside...

          RVD turns and sees Benjamin on the outside of the ring...RVD charges the corner closest to Benjamin and in one single leap is on top of the turnbuckle! CROSSBODY TO THE OUTSIDE!! Both men go down in a heap as the crowd cheers even louder!

          -Styles "OH MY GOD!"

          RVD is the first to his feet..he walks by Christy Hemme who is screaming at him...RVD waves her off and goes under the ring, finding a ladder! He tosses it in the ring and picks up Shelton Benjamin...he goes to whip him towards the stairs...NO! Benjamin reverses! RVD is sent head first into the ring steps with a sickening crash!

          Benjamin takes a second to collect himself then eventually picks up RVD, tossing him back in the ring...Benjamin slides in the ring behind RVD and applies a quick Chokehold, slowing the pace of "The Whole F'n Show"...Benjamin applies the hold for several moments, then RVD begins to make his way to his feet as the crowd claps faster and faster...RVD throws several elbows into the mid-section of Benjamin, then breaks free, bouncing off the ropes...Clothesline by Benjamin!! RVD is sent right back to the canvas with a wicked Clothesline from "The Moneymaker"!

          Shelton gets to his feet and immediately climbs the turnbuckle! He leaps....ELBOW DROP! Shelton Benjamin hits a massive Elbow Drop on RVD then rolls to the outside of the ring, searching under the ring...he pulls out a ladder of his own! Benjamin begins setting it up on the outside...

          -Styles "What is he doing?"

          Shelton Benjamin props the ladder up beside the ring and begins to climb...he gets near the top just as RVD gets to his feet...Benjamin is near the top, but his acention was too slow! RVD is up and capitalizes with a huge Dropkick!! RVD lands on his back in the ring and Benjamin is sent flying off the ladder, landing hard on the crowd barrier!!

          -Coach "What the hell was Shelton thinking?!"

          RVD gets to his feet and leans over the ropes, lining up Benjamin...Christy Hemme is screaming for him to get up and Benjamin eventually obliges...he finally gets to his feet, holding his jaw and looks up just in time to see RVD Leap Frog from the 3rd rope over the ladder, landing with a massive Crossbody!!

          -Styles "WOW! What a maneuver by RVD!"
          -Coach "He's lucky that paid off!"

          RVD is the first to his feet and he collapses the ladder on the outside, sliding it into the ring...there are two ladders in the ring now, but RVD isn't done...he reaches under the ring and finds a table! He sets the table up on the outside of the ring!

          -Styles "I don't even want to know Coach, I don't even want to know..."

          RVD sets the table up and lays Shelton Benjamin across it! RVD gives Benjamin a few shots to the skull then slides into the ring...the crowd is going crazy!! They chant "RVD! RVD!" as he climbs a turnbuckle!!

          -Styles "No Rob, don't do what you're thinking!"

          RVD waits a moment, then turns and looks at one of the ladders laying in the ring....he looks to the crowd, then points at the ladder! THE CROWD GOES INSANE!! RVD leaps off the turnbuckle into the ring and sets up the ladder!! He begins to climb!!

          -Coach "What an idiot!"
          -Styles "I can't watch!"

          RVD gets to the top of the ladder.....he crouches on the very top...

          -Styles "THAT'S NOT A STEP FOR A REASON ROB!!"

          RVD leaps for a 5 STAR FROGSPLASH.......



          -Crowd "HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!!"
          -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"

          RVD lays in a crumpled mess of wood! The crowd is on their feet chanting louder and louder! Shelton Benjamin is slow to his feet, but with the coaching of Christy Hemme he makes it into the ring! Benjamin crawls over to the other ladder in the ring and sets it up in the centre...he lines it up under the Contender's Title and begins to climb....RVD is coming to, rolling and holding his chest in pain....Benjamin is half way up the ladder now....RVD finally slides into the ring, with his last ounce of strength, he Dropkicks the ladder, sending it toppling over! Shelton Benjamin falls about 10 feet, landing hard, face first on the 3rd rope!

          -Styles "My God Coach!"

          Both men lay in the ring, breathing hard and writhing in pain...the crowd is cheering loudly, on their feet still....RVD is the first to get to his feet, followed closely by Shelton Benjamin...RVD staggers over to Shelton and lays into him, throwing right hands at his face...RVD beats Shelton into a corner, then whips him into the opposite corner...NO! Shelton Benjamin reverses, sending RVD hard into the turnbuckle! Benjamin picks up a ladder off the canvas and walks to RVD, tossing the ladder to him...RVD catches it! DROPKICK!! Benjamin kicks the steel ladder right into RVD's face! RVD drops to his back, holding his mouth in pain!

          Shelton Benjamin gets to his feet and stands over RVD, who is bleeding from the mouth! RVD spits blood onto the canvas as Benjamin picks him up...Benjamin sets up RVD........SUPLEX ON THE LADDER!!

          -Coach "OH MAN!"

          RVD screams in pain, holding his back, blood dripping from his mouth...Benjamin quickly grabs the ladder that is still set up and slides it to the centre of the ring...he begins to climb quickly as Christy Hemme screams from the outside...

          -Coach "GO! CLIMB! FASTER!"
          -Styles "NO!"

          Shelton Benjamin is near the top as RVD begins to climb the opposite side! RVD catches up to Benjamin who is struggling to get the belt off the cable! RVD starts punching Benjamin, then slams Benjamin's face off the top of the ladder! RVD grabs Benjamin on either side and gets ready...

          -Coach "What's he thinking..."

          RVD leaps over Benjamin.....ROLLOVER POWERBOMB!!!

          -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"

          The crowd cheers as the bloodied and battered RVD lays in the ring beside Shelton Benjamin, who looks half dead...

          -Styles "Benjamin has to be broken in half!"

          RVD finally begins to stir and gets to his feet...Benjamin still hasn't moved...RVD makes his way to the ladder and pulls himself to his feet using the bottom rung for support....RVD slowly begins to climb, Shelton Benjamin not even budging!

          -Styles "RVD can capitalize here!"

          RVD slowly climbs, getting about half way up the ladder, but stops when Christy Hemme grabs him by the foot!

          -Coach "Yeah! Go Christy!"

          The crowd boos like mad as RVD tries to shake off Hemme! Not succeeding, RVD has no choice but to drop to the canvas.....Hemme suddenly begins to back up, realizing her mistake! RVD stands face to face with Hemme, staring down at her, blood still dripping from his mouth!

          -Coach "You leave her alone!"

          RVD stares at Hemme as she crawls out of the ring, pleading for RVD not to hurt her...RVD stares at her for a moment, the turns his attention back to Shelton Benjamin...


          -Styles "NO!! DAMMIT!!"

          RVD is laid flat out on his back! Shelton Benjamin lies motionless for a moment, then finally gets to his feet! The crowd is booing louder and louder, on the verge of throwing things at the ring!

          -Styles "Not like this!"

          Shelton begins to ascend the ladder....he gets half way up and looks back at RVD, who hasn't budged! Shelton smiles to himself and climbs the rest of the way up the ladder...he nears the top, when suddenly the crowd erupts with a loud cheer! Shelton Benjamin is still climbing the ladder, but doesn't see who's on the other side! It''s....

          MATT HARDY!!

          -Coach "NO! WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING?!"

          Matt Hardy waits at the top! Shelton Benjamin finally reaches the top and looks up after laughing at RVD one more time! His expression turns to horror as Matt Hardy grabs him by the head......TWIST OF FATE OFF THE LADDER!!!

          -Coach "NO!!"

          Matt Hardy bounces to his feet....but there's more! Someone else is on top of the ladder in the centre of the ring!

          -Styles "NO WAY!"


          RVD is on his feet now, the crowd going absolutely ballistic!! They cheer like rabid animals as RVD looks around...The Hardy Boyz point to the turnbuckle and RVD leaps to the top in a single hop!! He stands over the fallen Shelton Benjamin, thumbs at his sides as the crowd cheers...

          -Crowd "R....V....D!!"


          -Styles "YES! JUSTICE IS SERVED!!"

          RVD begins to climb the ladder as the Hardyz slide out of the ring! They stand in front of Christy Hemme who is screaming and clawing at the ring! The Hardyz both hold her back as Rob Van Dam gets to the top of the ladder and grabs the title! RVD WINS! RVD WINS!

          Winner and NEW Contender's Champion: Rob Van Dam

          RVD drops from the ladder clutching the Contender's Title belt...he rolls to his feet and stands in the ring, arms raised, title high above his head...the crowd cheers loudly as the Hardy Boyz make their way out of the arena...Christy Hemme drops to her knees, screaming and throwing a tantrum...

          -Styles "Justice has been served tonight! RVD is the Contender's Champion!"
          -Coach "Shelton Benjamin was robbed! RVD cheated!"
          -Styles "Shut up Coach, he got what he deserved! And if you thought that match was insane, just wait because the Main Event is up next! KANE VS. EDGE, NEXT!!"

          We cut to a match preview for Edge and Kane, up next!!


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            Re: New Era Wrestling

            The arena goes completely black...

            The crowd roars the loudest they've cheered all night...

            The familiar white light shining from the stage appears as the all to familiar drum beat of "Cochise" begins...

            -Styles "It's time Coach, it's time! It's time for the first ever NEW World Championship match!"
            -Coach "Oh boy, this is going to be hellacious!"

            The crowd erupts as Edge appears in the entry way and the spotlights begin to dance over them! Edge charges the ring and slides in as only he can...he hits all 4 turnbuckles, psyching the crowd up...Edge removes his red trenchcoat revealing gauze wrapped around his arms from the burns he received on Tuesday...he ignores the pain though, preparing for the long haul against.....


            The fans' cheers turn to a heavily mixed reaction as the red cloak of Kane storms out of the entry way...

            -Styles "My God Coach, if that's not intimidating, I don't know what is."

            Kane stands on the stage for a moment, his white eyes glowing from under the hood of his cloak...Edge doesn't budge from the centre of the ring as Kane approaches, eventually stepping over the 3rd rope and getting directly in Edge's face...the two stand in the centre of the ring, Kane absolutely towering over Edge...Kane looks down at him as the crowd continues to boo and cheer, some chanting for Edge, others for Kane....Kane slowly raises his arms above his head and the ringposts explode with a thunderous roar! Kane stands completely still and the red glow disappears from the arena as he removes his cloak and tosses it out of the ring...

            Edge vs. Kane - NEW World Championship
            Edge and Kane stand completely still, both staring each other down...the crowd is losing their minds, split completely 50/50, with scattered chants of "EDGE! EDGE! EDGE!" blended with chants of "KANE! KANE! KANE!"

            -Styles "Listen to this crowd Coach!"
            -Coach "I've never heard anything like this! Shades of Austin vs. The Rock?"
            -Styles "Try RVD vs. Sabu!"

            The stand off is finally broken when Edge looks to his right...then looks to his left....then back at Kane, when he winds up with a right hand! Edge swings as hard as he can, but hits nothing but air when Kane ducks and spins him around AND GRABS EDGE BY THE THROAT!!

            -Styles "You gotta be kidding me!"

            Kane chokes Edge for a second, looking for an early finish, but Edge kicks Kane hard in the stomach several times, breaking the monster's grip...Edge backs into the ropes for momentum and comes at Kane with a hard forearm...Kane stumbles slightly, but doesn't go down! Edge tries once more...same thing...Edge backs into the ropes for one last big shot and leaps at Kane with a Crossbody...NO! Kane catches Edge and hits an incredible Powerslam! 1,2, kick out by Edge...

            Kane lifts Edge to his feet but puts him right back down on his back again with a stiff uppercut to the throat...Kane bounces off the ropes and hits a massive Jumping Knee Drop, almost putting Edge's head through the canvas...1,2, kick out...

            Kane lifts Edge again, this time sending Edge into the ropes...Edge leaps over the ropes however, landing on the apron outside...Kane charges and Edge ducks, sending Kane flying over the top rope to the outside!

            -Styles "EARTHQUAKE!!"

            Kane lands hard on the outside as Edge gets to his feet on the apron...he waits a moment as Kane gets up...Edge leaps with an Axe Handle, but Kane grabs him by the throat! He lifts Edge off his feet and throws him back-first into the side of the ring! Edge crumples to the ground, clutching his back and rolling around in pain as Kane stomps on his head several times...Kane picks up Edge and slams him face first into the crowd barrier, then spinning him around and whipping him hard into the ringpost! Edge catches the post with his shoulder and does a complete 180 in the air, landing hard on his side with a loud "SMACK!" heard throughout the arena!

            -Styles "Kane is dominating Edge here Coach!"
            -Coach "Edge is lucky to be alive after Tuesday's explosion! What the hell is he even doing fighting tonight?"

            Edge lays on the ground, breathing of his bandages begins to come off and Kane moves in like a shark smelling blood...he grabs Edge's arm and begins kicking him where his bandages are! Edge screams in pain, trying to get away from Kane but Kane won't let go of his arm! Kane kicks and kicks, Edge nearly passing out several times from the pain!

            -Styles "This is just sick!"

            Kane finally lets go of Edge and picks him up by the hair, tossing him back in the ring...Edge looks like an old ragdoll as he flops onto his back...Kane paces the ring for a moment then climbs onto the apron...Edge slowly staggers to his feet, kneeling on one knee and holding his beaten and burned arm...Kane climbs onto the top rope! The crowd gets to their feet as Kane waits for Edge to rise to both feet...

            -Styles "Look out Edge!"

            Kane leaps........


            -Coach "Holy crap!"

            Kane makes the cover......1..............2.............

            -Styles "Just stay down Edge!"

            ....KICK OUT!! EDGE KICKS OUT!!

            The crowd gives a cheer of approval as Kane quickly gets to his feet, lifting Edge with him...he sends Edge flying into the ropes and Edge comes back......SPINNING BACKBREAKER ON EDGE!! Edge is folded in half as Kane slams him into his knee! Edge crumples to the mat and Kane pins again...1......


            KICK OUT!!

            Kane, looking somewhat frustrated now, picks up Edge one more time.....he sends Edge into the ropes again and as Edge comes back, Kane looks for the Chokeslam! He throws out his arm, but Edge ducks! Edge bounces off the opposite ropes and comes back at Kane with a huge Tornado DDT!! The crowd cheers as Kane is planted on the canvas, but Edge doesn't stop moving! Kane gets up almost right away but Edge is ready, he hits a running Dropkick, sending Kane stumbling backwards into the corner!! Edge capitalizes and gives chase, throwing right arms like mad!

            -Styles "Look at Edge go!"

            Edge pounds Kane faster and faster and the crowd cheers louder and louder! Edge pounds away, eventually getting Kane down into a seated position..Edge keeps fighting though, stomping away at Kane! He finishes with one hard stomp, then turns to the crowd who are cheering like crazy! Edge lines up Kane and charges........KANE GRABS EDGE BY THE THROAT!!

            -Styles "NO!"
            -Coach "Stupid move by Edge!"

            Kane holds Edge for a moment, then lifts him in the air......

            EDGE REVERSES!! He slides behind Kane.......

            EDGE-O-MATIC!! EDGE MAKES THE COVER!! 1.....2..........kick out!! Kane kicks out!! Edge rolls backwards and gets to his feet and Kane follows quickly....but Edge is ready, crouched in the corner!

            -Styles "Uh oh! Edge lining up Kane for the Spear!"

            Kane turns towards Edge.........EDGE CHARGES......




            KANE KICKS OUT!!

            -Coach "It's going to take more than that to stop Kane!"

            Edge wastes no time and quickly gets back into the same corner...he crouches again, the crowd on their feet cheering as loud as they can....Kane is on his back, but suddenly sits straight up! The crowd cheers but Edge isn't phased! Edge waits, shuffling his feet.....Kane spins to his feet.......Edge charges again!!......


            -Styles "THIS IS IT!!"




            THR-NO!! KANE KICKS OUT!!

            -Styles "OH MY GOD!"

            The crowd lets out a sickening moan as Kane barely kicks out! Edge throws his head back, looking to the skies in disbelief! He kneels for a moment beside Kane, then prepares to lift Kane when KANE SITS UP!!

            -Coach "That's it, I'm outta here!"

            Kane sits up right beside Edge, who is thrown back in shock! Edge's eyes widen as Kane gets to his feet! The crowd is going insane as Kane storms towards Edge who scrambles to his feet! Edge has nowhere to go as Kane swings with a huge right hand, but Edge manages to duck out of the way at the last second! Edge kicks Kane hard in the stomach, preparing for the Edgecution! Edge has his arm wrapped around Kane's head, but when Edge attempts to lift Kane, Kane stands up, lifting Edge several feet off the canvas!

            -Styles "NO WAY!"

            Kane stands with Edge still trying to hold on! Kane raises his right arm and lifts Edge up by the neck even higher in the air! The crowd lifts to a steady roar as they anticipate the.....

            CHOKESLAM!!! CHOKESLAM ON EDGE!! Kane makes the cover, crossing Edge's arms over his chest!



            EDGE KICKS OUT!! EDGE KICKS OUT!! The crowd lets out a huge cheer as Edge rolls onto his side...Kane takes a moment and stares down at Edge, then picks him up by the hair...Kane lifts Edge up, then spins Edge upside down...

            -Coach "Oh man, I know what's coming..."

            Kane prepares Edge for THE TOMBSTONE!! Kane holds Edge upside down for a moment, but Edge begins kicking his legs, frantically trying to stop the inevitable! The crowd is going insane, screaming for blood! Kane's knees begin to drop.....


            -Styles "OH MY GOD!! A SECOND EDGE-O-MATIC ON KANE!!"

            Kane's head bounces hard off the canvas as Edge slumps to his side, absolutely exhausted! The fans are going mental as Edge slowly drags himself around to make the cover...he gets his arm over Kane's chest and the ref starts the count....



            KANE KICKS OUT!!

            -Styles "NO!!"
            -Coach "This is unbelievable Joe."

            Edge lays face down on the mat, face in his hands...he can't believe this match is still going...Edge finally gets to his feet and Kane has rolled over onto his face now...Edge walks around to Kane's feet and prepares him for the Edgecator!

            -Coach "Can he even lift Kane's legs?"

            Edge gets ready and has Kane by the feet...half locked in the Edgecator, Kane rolls over and hits Edge with a stiff boot to the face! Edge stumbles back and Kane gets to his feet! Edge turns around right into Kane's hands! Kane has Edge by the throat! He lifts Edge high above the ring!

            -Styles "This is it!"

            Kane has Edge ready for the Chokeslam........Edge begins to fall......

            EDGE REVERSES!! Edge drops out of it and lands on his feet! Kane is caught off guard as Edge kicks him in the stomach......


            -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"

            Kane's head is driven hard into the canvas and the crowd leaps to their feet! Both men lay in the centre of the ring, flat on their backs, the crowd absolutely losing their minds!

            -Coach "I don't think I've seen a match this exciting in a long time Joe!"

            Edge begins to stir, rolling away from Kane, trying to get to his feet....


            -Styles "THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!"

            Kane is the first to his feet and the crowd is literally in shock!! They sit in silence as Kane stands behind Edge, not expecting Kane to be to his feet! Edge turns expecting to make the pin and finds himself in the clutches of The Big Red Machine!! Kane lifts Edge high in the air....


            The crowd doesn't know what to do! Some begin to count as the ref slides in for the 3-count but the arena is mostly in silence!



            3!! KANE WINS!! KANE WINS!!

            Winner and NEW World Champion: Kane

            The crowd sits, stunned, as Kane is handed the title belt, made of platinum with a golden image of Atlas of Greek Mythology...Kane stands in the ring holding the belt at his side, looking down at Edge...

            -Styles "Oh no, what is Kane going to do?"

            Kane stares down at Edge for a moment, then just leaves the ring...the crowd sits in silence as Kane exits the arena holding the NEW World Title...

            -Styles "A valiant effort by Edge tonight, but he was unable to get his revenge and become the first ever NEW World Champion. Kane dominates tonight, but still has the weight of the world on his shoulders! That title doesn't come without a price no matter who you are!"

            The camera pans in on Edge, still laying motionless in the ring, the crowd buzzing, some still cheering, some beginning to leave, some just staring still trying to comprehend what they just saw....NEW Sunday Night Main Attraction goes off the air...


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              Re: New Era Wrestling

              A video montage recapping NEW Sunday Night Main Attraction is shown...all the match highlights are covered...The Hardy Boyz winning the Tag Titles...Stevie Richards winning the Hardcore Title, only to have Rhyno steal if from him after Shane's announcement that the Hardcore Title is under 24/7 rules once again...Randy Orton's vicious attack on Chris Benoit...RVD winning the Contender's Title with the assist from the Hardy Boyz...finally, Edge's valiant effort against Kane as he was defeated and the Big Red Machine walks out of the arena holding the NEW World Title...

              "This Could Be Anywhere (In The World)"
              The white NEW fireworks ignite and erupt with a sickening bang! We're LIVE! in Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand for NEW Tuesday Night!

              -Joey Styles "The past couple days have been a roller coaster ride of emotion, but tonight those emotions will be unleashed! Welcome ladies and gents to NEW Tuesday Night!"
              -Coach "Sunday night was one hell of a time, Joe, I can't wait to see the aftermath of NEW's first Main Attraction event!"
              -Styles "Me neither Coach! Let's not waste any time!"

              With that, we hear the theme music of Tommy Dreamer...the crowd cheers as Tommy Dreamer appears on the stage, but he's joined by Stevie Richards! Both men are carrying signs attached to 2x4's...

              -Styles "What the hell is this? Tommy Dreamer doesn't have a match tonight and Stevie Richards' match isn't scheduled until later in the show!"

              Tommy Dreamer's sign reads "Wrestlers On Strike!" and Stevie Richards sign reads "Hardcore On Halt! Respect The Title!"...

              -Coach "What the hell is going on?"
              -Styles "I think we're about to find out, Coach."

              Tommy Dreamer gets in the ring along with Richards and grabs a microphone...

              -Tommy Dreamer "Last night at Sunday Night Main Attraction, Shane McMahon made a grievous error in his judgement. Last night, he reinstated the 24/7 Hardcore Title rule, meaning the Champion had to defend the title all day, every day."

              The crowd cheers...Stevie Richards walks around the ring waving his sign...

              -Styles "What's wrong with that?"
              -Dreamer "This is the biggest slap in the face to hardcore wrestling since Vince McMahon took over ECW! The reason the 24/7 rule folded the first time is because it was a complete joke! Stevie Richards is a 21-time WWE Hardcore Champion because of that rule. Most might look at that as an impressive feat, but when you realize the basis behind it, it becomes a blemish on a storied career!"
              -Coach "Oh wah wah wah! Shut up you damn crybaby!"
              -Dreamer "So until Shane revokes the 24/7 rule, Stevie and I are officially on strike!"

              Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards both roll out of the ring and begin to pace around the ring, chanting "RESPECT THE TITLE! RESPECT THE TITLE!"....then, the music of The Hardy Boyz hits! The crowd leaps to their feet and cheer wildly as Matt and Jeff make their way into the arena, Tag Title belts around their waists!

              -Styles "Finally, we can get this show started!"
              -Coach "It's about damn time, Shelton needs to get his revenge!"

              Then, the music of Shelton Benjamin hits...he and Christy Hemme waste no time getting to the ring...

              -Styles "Folks, as you all know Shelton Benjamin lost the Contender's Title Ladder Match to RVD after interference from The Hardy Boyz. Shelton Benjamin issued a challenge to the Hardy Boyz and will face Jeff tonight and Matt next week!"

              Jeff Hardy w/Matt Hardy vs. "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin w/Christy Hemme
              The bell sounds and the match is underway...both men lock up in the centre of the ring and Shelton hits a Wristlock on Jeff, forcing him into the corner and driving his elbow into Jeff's shoulder, knocking him down...Shelton then begins to punch Jeff in the head, beating him into submission in the corner...Shelton lifts Jeff onto the top rope...Superplex! 1,2, kick out...

              Shelton lifts Jeff off the canvas with Christy Hemme cheering him on from one side of the ring...Matt coaches Jeff from the opposite side as Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer continue to circle the ring...Tommy Dreamer pauses for a moment to stare at Christy Hemme from behind! The crowd cheers, some laughing as Dreamer begins to smile...

              -Coach "That perv!"

              Shelton realizes what Dreamer is doing and walks over to the ropes to shout at him...Christy turns around and notices Dreamer and she slaps him right across the face! Dreamer stumbles backwards and gives Christy a dirty look and begins to chase her around the ring! Shelton sees this and begins to chase Dreamer! Jeff Hardy is on his feet in the ring now, watching the events outside the ring...

              Tommy Dreamer stops for a moment and swings his sign at Shelton....Shelton ducks! CLOTHESLINE! Dreamer is laid flat out with a huge Clothesline from Shelton Benjamin! "The Moneymaker" turns his attention back to the ring, just in time to see Jeff Hardy sailing over the top rope! SUICIDE PLANCHA! The crowd cheers wildly as both men go down hard on the outside!

              Matt is yelling at Jeff, coaching him on...Jeff is the first to his feet and he picks up Shelton Benjamin, tossing him back in the ring...Jeff gets on the apron, then leaps in with a Springboard Leg Drop! He nails it and makes the cover! 1....2.......kick out!

              Jeff Hardy gets to his feet and runs towards the ropes...he bounces and comes back hard at Benjamin who is just getting to his knees...Dropkick! Jeff smacks both feet into Benjamin's face hard, who goes down, flat on his back! Jeff leaps to the top rope and the crowd gets to their feet, cheering loudly! Jeff signals for the Swanton as Matt raises his arms on the outside, celebrating the early victory! Jeff leaps....

              Shelton Benjamin moves!! Jeff hits the mat hard and rolls to his feet, holding the back of his head...Benjamin waits for Hardy to turn around.......BIG MONEY!! BIG MONEY ON JEFF HARDY!!

              -Coach "It's over! It's over baby!"

              Benjamin holds for the pin.....but there's no count! Shelton Benjamin turns his attention to the ref who is distracted by Stevie Richards!

              -Coach "What the hell is he doing?"

              Richards has the ref, yelling and arguing with Christy Hemme! Benjamin gets to his feet and Dreamer is there in the ring! Out of nowhere, Tommy Dreamer lays out Shelton Benjamin with his sign!

              -Coach "NO! THIS ISN'T FAIR!!"

              The crowd cheers wildly as Benjamin is laid flat out on his back! Dreamer slides out of the ring and the ref spins around, only seeing Jeff Hardy getting to the top rope......

              SWANTON BOMB ON SHELTON BENJAMIN!! 1.......2.............

              3!! Jeff Hardy wins!!

              Winner: Jeff Hardy

              Jeff quickly rolls out of the ring and joins his brother Matt who hands him his Tag Title belt...the brothers make their way up the ramp and exit the arena, holding the Tag Titles high above their heads...the crowd cheers as Benjamin is tended to in the ring by Christy Hemme...Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards laugh from the outside...

              -Coach "This is ridiculous! Someone get those cheap bastards out of the arena!"
              -Styles "I won't lie to ya Coach, even though it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside, Shelton Benjamin did get screwed!"

              Commercial break...


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                Re: New Era Wrestling

                Back from commercial, Shane McMahon is seen sitting in his office reading over paperwork...suddenly, the door bursts open and Shelton Benjamin bursts in with Christy Hemme!

                -Benjamin "THIS IS BULL****!!"
                -Shane "Whoa whoa whoa! Calm down! What do you want?"
                -Benjamin "I WANT TOMMY DREAMER!! I WANT HIS ASS ON A PLATTER!!"
                -Shane "Dammit Shelton, calm down! You just had your match and you're already booked for next week!"

                Benjamin grabs Christy Hemme by the arm and drags her out of the office...Shane sits back down with a stunned look on his face...we cut back to the arena and the camera focuses on Joey Styles and The Coach...

                -Styles "Damn Coach, what's Shane going to do?"
                -Coach "Give Shelton what he wants!"
                -Styles "Well whatever he does he's going to have to make up his mind quick! He's got one of his top superstars irate and two other superstars on strike!"

                We then hear the music of Randy Orton...anger and hatred sweeps through the arena as the fans boo loudly..Orton approaches the ring, mic in hand, smirking and wearing a navy blue pinstripe suit topped off with dark blue shades...he walks by Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards, still picketing outside the ring...

                -Orton "Thank you for the lovely ovation."

                The crowd boos uncontrollably, some fans chanting "FUCK YOU ORTON!! FUCK YOU ORTON!!"...

                -Orton "A couple days ago I proved myself as one of the greatest submission wrestlers of all time. In record time, I made Chris Benoit, The Canadian Crippler, tap like the little bitch he is."

                The boos become even louder, the chants gaining more voices...

                -Styles "That's such BS! Benoit didn't tap! He passed out!"
                -Coach "Quiet Joe, let the man speak!"
                -Orton "Not only did I make him tap last night, but my submission skills are so keen, so absolutely perfected, that I nailed the Figure 4 Leg Lock and was able to pinpoint the pressure on Chris Benoit's knee so accurately, I tore his ACL using nothing but pure submissive power."
                -Styles "Oh give me a break!"
                -Orton "So that's why tonight I've come out here to issue an open challenge. Anyone that wants to face me, the greatest submission wrestler in the NEW, can walk out here right now and accept a match for later tonight that has already been pre-approved by Shane McMahon himself."

                Orton holds up a peice of paper as the crowd side is signed by him, the other side still blank...

                -Orton "So who's it going to be? Who's going to sign away their life tonight?"

                "ONE OF A KIND!!"

                The boos turn to wild cheers as the NEW Contender's Champion, Rob Van Dam makes his way to the ring! Belt strung over his shoulder, RVD bounces into the ring, fists raised in the air as the crowd chants "RVD! RVD!"...

                RVD walks up to Orton and stares him down, face to face...RVD looks down at Orton's hand and snatches the paper from his grasp! The crowd cheers as RVD signs the contract! He turns to leave, without saying anything and Orton watches him....just as RVD reaches the stage, Orton speaks...

                -Orton "Rob! Rob I forgot to mention something!"

                RVD turns back to Orton as there are still scattered chants of "RVD! RVD"...Orton is smiling...

                -Orton "Let me read you a little paragraph here on the sheet Rob. I had Shane put this in for just such an occassion. And I quote section B part 3: 'Anyone who accepts this challenge holding any NEW Singles Title is automatically required to put said title on the line'!"
                -Styles "WHAT?! THAT'S A DIRTY TRICK!!"

                The crowd buzzes with anticipation as RVD stares at Orton from the stage...Orton smiles right back...

                -Styles "RVD WAS TRICKED!!"

                We cut to commercial as we see CM Punk backstage making his way to the ring, accompanied by Paul London!

                -Styles "Well thanks to Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer going on strike, their tag match against CM Punk and Paul London has been cancelled! Instead we will see CM Punk take on Rhyno! Will CM Punk make it out with the Hardcore Title? That match is up NEXT!"

                Commercial break...


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                  Re: New Era Wrestling

                  We return from the break and hear the music of Rhyno...the fans boo as the Man Beast, Rhyno, makes his way to the ring, Hardcore Title wrapped around his waist...he walks by Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards, who yell at him and hold their signs high in the air! The fans cheer as they anticipate a confrontation between the 3 wrestlers!

                  -Styles "CM Punk might not even get here in time, Coach!"

                  Rhyno stares down Dreamer who is screaming "RESPECT THE TITLE! RESPECT THE TITLE!" at Rhyno...Rhyno shrugs him off and climbs in the ring, handing the Hardcore Title belt to the referee....he stands in the ring as "A Monument Encased In Ash" hits the speakers and CM Punk makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Paul London....CM Punk is about to climb in the ring, when Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer attack!!

                  -Coach "What the hell are they doing?!"

                  Dreamer lays out CM Punk with his sign! Paul London gets right into the mix, attacked Dreamer, but Stevie Richards is there with his sign as well! CRACK!! Stevie Richards nails London in the forehead with his 2x4!! CM Punk and Paul London are laid out and Dreamer and Richards begin to stomp away at both men as the bell sounds!

                  Rhyno (c) vs. CM Punk w/Paul London - NEW Hardcore Championship
                  Rhyno stands in the ring and watches the attack unfolding outside the ring...

                  -Styles "What is Dreamer and Richards doing?"
                  -Coach "They're making themselves heard Joe!"

                  Dreamer and Richards beat down CM Punk and Paul London some more, then finally toss Punk in the ring! Paul London lays on the outside as Dreamer and Richards continue to picket to loud boos from the crowd!

                  -Styles "This crowd has really turned on Dreamer and Richards!"

                  Punk lays motionless in the ring and Rhyno crouches in the corner! Rhyno is shuffling his massive legs, looking for an early win!! CM Punk finally gets to his feet, not knowing Rhyno is ready behind him for the Gore...

                  Rhyno charges...

                  CM Punk moves! Rhyno runs head first into the ringpost!! Rhyno slumps to the ground as Punk rolls out of the ring! He looks under the apron and finds a steel chair and a table! He slides both objects into the ring!!

                  CM Punk gets in the ring and holds the chair...Rhyno spins around, facing Punk.....CHAIRSHOT!! Rhyno is laid flat out on his back as CM Punk gets psyched...he lays the chair across Rhyno's face and climbs to the top rope...he leaps....

                  LEG DROP!! LEG DROP ON RHYNO!!!

                  1.........2......................kick out!! Rhyno kicks out!!

                  CM Punk rolls off Rhyno and picks up the table....he sets it up near the opposite turnbuckle and beats Rhyno into the corner....he sits Rhyno on the top rope and sets Rhyno up for the Pepsi Plunge!!

                  -Styles "Oh no Coach! CM Punk could be the new Hardcore Champ here!"

                  Punk lines up Rhyno for the Pepsi Plunge...


                  Both men are down and laying in a mess of broken wood and limbs....Rhyno is the first to his feet, and he picks up CM Punk...he whips Punk into the ropes and bounces off the opposite side, looking for a Gore...

                  CM Punk dodges! He bounces off the ropes, as does Rhyno, and leaps into the air...Tornado DDT!!!

                  -Styles "What a move by CM Punk!"

                  Rhyno is laid flat out and Punk makes the cover...1........2.........

                  KICK OUT! Rhyno kicks out! CM Punk picks up Rhyno and sends him into a corner....CM Punk charges, but Rhyno gets his foot up! CM Punk eats a face full of Rhyno's boot and stumbles backwards as Rhyno picks up a steel chair..

                  -Styles "Uh oh..."

                  SMACK!! Rhyno lays out CM Punk with a steel chair!! Rhyno looks for the cover....

                  -Coach "What the hell is he doing!?"

                  Tommy Dreamer is in the ring!! CRACK!! TOMMY DREAMER LAYS OUT RHYNO WITH HIS 2x4!! Dreamer quickly slides over to CM Punk and makes the cover!! The ref comes in for the count...



                  STEVIE RICHARDS BREAKS IT UP!!!

                  -Styles "Oh no Coach! This isn't going to end well!"

                  Stevie Richards looks at Tommy Dreamer and shoves him, yelling at him and pointing at CM Punk! The crowd is going wild as Stevie Richards shoves Tommy Dreamer again! Dreamer swings back with a right hand, but Richards ducks........STEVIE KICK!! STEVIE KICK ON DREAMER!!

                  -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"
                  -Coach "Heh, that strike lasted a long time..."

                  Stevie Richards looks down at Tommy Dreamer, then turns his attention to CM Punk, who is still laid out flat on his back....Richards makes the cover!!



                  KICK OUT! CM PUNK KICKS OUT!!

                  Stevie Richards picks up CM Punk, not seeing Rhyno getting back in the ring and setting up behind him....Stevie Richards sends CM Punk flying into the ropes, directly at Rhyno....

                  CM Punk jumps over Rhyno!! Rhyno charges.......GORE!! GORE!! GORE!!!

                  -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"

                  Stevie Richards is laid out with a massive Gore from the Man Beast, Rhyno!! Rhyno spins right back around, seeing CM Punk charging him...CM Punk leaps with a Crossbody....Rhyno catches him...POWERSLAM!! Rhyno makes the cover....1.......2........Tommy Dreamer breaks it up!!

                  -Styles "Dreamer keeps the Title alive!"

                  Tommy Dreamer attacks Rhyno, beating him into a corner...but suddenly, the crowd boos loudly as Shelton Benjamin appears in the ring!!

                  -Coach "What the hell is he doing here!?"

                  Shelton Benjamin makes a B-line for Tommy Dreamer!! He nails Dreamer from behind with a huge Haymaker, then tosses Tommy Dreamer out of the ring!! Shelton Benjamin beats Tommy Dreamer around the ring, tossing him around like a ragdoll! Benjamin capitalizes by hitting a Big Money suplex on the outside!!

                  -Styles "Well Dreamer's night is over!"

                  Benjamin makes his way through the crowd, having got his retribution on Tommy Dreamer...Rhyno is on his feet in the ring now as CM Punk charges him, weilding a chair!!

                  -Coach "OH NO!!"

                  Rhyno ducks!! He bounces off the far ropes before CM Punk knows what hit him.....

                  GORE!! GORE!! GORE!!!

                  Rhyno makes the cover!!




                  Winner and still NEW Hardcore Champion: Rhyno

                  Rhyno grabs the NEW Hardcore Title belt from the referee and quickly makes his way up the entry ramp as the crowd gives a mixed reaction....Tommy Dreamer is laid flat on his back on the outside, Stevie Richards still laying on his side recovering from the massive Gore he received...

                  -Styles "Looks like Rhyno fixed Shane McMahon's problem after all!"
                  -Coach "That's what I'm talking about! The Man Beast sets the record straight!"
                  -Styles "Well up next we're going to see Rob Van Dam take on Randy Orton in a Submission Match for the NEW Contender's Title!"

                  We cut to commercial and see Shane McMahon sitting in his office...he's on the phone with someone...

                  -Shane "Really? Are you sure?........Okay, well I guess I'll let everyone know then. Thanks for calling.....okay......okay.......goodbye."

                  Shane hangs up the phone and puts his head in his hands, taking a deep breath and looking very frustrated...

                  -Styles "What was that about Coach!?"

                  Commercial break...


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                    Re: New Era Wrestling

                    We come back from the break and we see Rhyno running through the parking lot, gym bag in one hand, Hardcore Title in the other...there's a taxi waiting for him and he gets to the back door of the cab just as the parking lot door flies open! Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, CM Punk and Paul London all pile out, chasing Rhyno down!

                    -Styles "OH MY GOD!"
                    -Coach "They sure were dedicated to that strike, NOT!"

                    Tommy Dreamer is the first to reach the cab, still holding his picket sign! He swings and smashes the back window of the cab! The cab peels out of the parking lot with the 4 men still screaming at Rhyno! Dreamer turns around and pushes Stevie Richards, yelling "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!" Richards shoves back and the two come to blows! CM Punk and Paul London are caught in the middle and they try to break up the fight!

                    -Styles "Damn Coach, these guys are losing their minds over the Hardcore Title!"

                    The camera cuts to the backstage area now as we see RVD making his way to the ring, ready for his match! The crowd cheers as he walks down the hallway, shadow boxing with the NEW Contender's Title gleaming around his waist....the crowd cheers even louder as RVD is approached by Edge!!

                    -Styles "EDGE! EDGE IS HERE!!"
                    -Coach "What?! Shouldn't he be in a hospital after last night?"
                    -Styles "We all saw Edge walk out of the arena on his own, Edge is fine!"

                    Edge and RVD stare at each other for a moment as they pass...they eye each other down, then Edge continues on his way and enters Shane McMahon's office!

                    -Styles "What's Edge want with Shane?"
                    -Coach "Do you think it has anything to do with that phone call?"

                    We then hear the music of Randy Orton...the crowd boos and Orton has something with's the same dented chair he used on Chris Benoit! The crowd boos even louder as he raises it above his head and walks to the ring!

                    -Styles "Oh now that's just sick! What the hell does he expect to do with that!?"
                    -Coach "Probably just a memento Joe! Good luck charm maybe?"

                    Orton stands in the ring posing and holding the chair high above his head...the crowd is absolutely irate, booing and chanting "FUCK YOU ORTON! FUCK YOU ORTON!" when.....

                    "ONE OF A KIND!!"

                    The crowd leaps to their feet as Rob Van Dam enters the arena! He struts down the entry way, NEW Contender's title around his waist! He rolls into the ring and prepares to do the Double Thumbs as he is introduced.......ORTON SWINGS THE STEEL CHAIR!!......


                    -Styles "OH MY GOD!! RVD avoids Orton's cheapshot!!"

                    The bell sounds as RVD tosses the Title to the ref!

                    Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Randy Orton - NEW Contender's Championship Submission Match
                    RVD quickly capitalizes and grabs Orton by the legs...he locks in a Sharpshooter on Orton!! Orton is writhing in pain!

                    -Styles "YES! MAKE HIS ASS TAP!"

                    RVD holds the Sharpshooter, Orton trying to break the hold...he reaches to his left side..........and grabs the ropes! The ref yells at RVD to breakt he hold and he does..Orton rolls out of the ring, the damage having been done! The crowd chants as RVD turns to the camera and raises his arms....

                    -Crowd "ROB..VAN..DAM!!"

                    RVD turns and charges the ropes...he leaps and hits a huge Body Splash over the top rope! Both he and Orton go down and RVD quickly gets to his feet...he tosses Orton back in the ring and slides in after him...RVD tosses Orton into the corner and charges, but Orton moves! Orton spins behind RVD and locks in a Sleeper Hold!

                    The crowd boos as Orton holds the Sleeper, having it locked in tight...RVD flails his arms for a moment, reaching for the ropes, but Orton drags him to the mat, holding the Sleeper Hold....RVD squirms for a moment, but then goes limp! The ref grabs RVD's arm and raises falls!


                    The ref lifts his arm again..


                    One more time...

                    THRE-NO!! RVD throws his arm back in the air as the crowd cheers! RVD gets to one knee, Orton still desperately trying to hold the submission...RVD throws an elbow into Orton's gut...the hold loosens...another elbow...Orton lets go! RVD bounces off the ropes and charges back at Orton.....Spinning Wheel Kick! RVD flattens Randy Orton with a huge kick to the face, but Orton gets up rather quickly...RVD is ready though and he comes at Orton throwing right hands, beating him into the corner...RVD lifts Orton onto the top rope and gets on the rope himself....Hurricarana! RVD rolls to his feet as Orton lays on the canvas...RVD looks at Orton, then back at the top rope...RVD leaps to the top as the crowd cheers, anticipating the 5 Star Frogsplash!!

                    -Styles "Here it comes!"

                    RVD leaps....

                    ORTON MOVES!! Orton rolls all the way to the outside as RVD slams hard into the mat...RVD lays on the mat holding his chest as Randy Orton grabs the NEW Contender's Title belt!

                    -Styles "What the hell is he doing?"

                    Orton gets in the ring and waits for RVD to rise....Orton charges RVD....BELT SHOT!! ORTON LAYS OUT RVD WITH THE CONTENDER'S TITLE BLATANTLY IN FRONT OF THE REFEREE!

                    -Styles "COME ON! What was the point of that?!"

                    The ref calls for the bell as Randy Orton tosses the belt to the side!

                    Winner by DQ and still NEW Contender's Champion: Rob Van Dam

                    Randy Orton stands over RVD for a moment, then grabs his legs....FIGURE 4!! Orton locks in the Figure 4 and RVD is screaming in pain!

                    -Styles "DAMMIT! THIS ISN'T RIGHT!!"

                    Randy Orton holds the Figure 4! RVD is screaming, holding his knee! The crowd is booing louder and louder as Orton taunts RVD...RVD finally begins to tap and Orton lets go! Orton stands in the ring, posing as the crowd boos...Orton leaves the arena as RVD holds his knee and the ref tends to him...

                    -Styles "That's not right at all! Orton is just a big bully! He has no honour!"

                    We cut to the backstage area and Edge is throwing a tantrum! Edge tosses a crate into a stack of metal bars, knocking the all to the ground with a loud crash!

                    -Styles "What the hell is Edge's problem?!"

                    Edge continues his rampage until Shane McMahon finally calms him down...

                    -Shane "EDGE! EDGE STOP DAMMIT!! Listen to me for a second!"
                    -Edge "This is bull**** Shane!"
                    -Shane "I know, I know, listen. Just go back to the hotel, okay? He's not going to find you there."
                    -Edge "I don't give a rat's ass if he finds me! Let the son of a bitch find me! You think he scares me, Shane? I took Kane to the limit on Sunday and was this close to taking home the NEW Title! You think some piece of **** lowlife like him scares me!? He's just one more obstacle I'm going to overcome before I get what's mine! Before I get my Title!"
                    -Shane "Well breaking stuff in the arena isn't helping anybody! Get your ass back to the hotel and stay there, let me figure this out!"

                    Edge and Shane stare at each other for a minute...Edge is irate! He stares down at Shane, then slams his fist off a wall and heads for the door!

                    -Coach "Good! Edge finally takes some good advice and leaves!"
                    -Styles "Stop it Coach! Who do you think they're talking about?"

                    Edge storms into the parking lot where a limosuine is waiting for him...Edge gets into the limosuine and the doorman shuts the door...the doorman walks up to the driver's window and knocks....the window rolls down and reveals who is really driving the limosuine!!

                    -Styles "OH MY GOD!! EDGE!! EDGE GET OUT OF THE CAR!!"

                    The person driving the car is...


                    He slips the man posing as the doorman some money...

                    -"Thanks for letting me borrow the car, man."
                    -Styles "WHA-....HOW?!"

                    The driver's window rolls up and the limosuine pulls out of the parking lot as NEW Tuesday Night goes off the air...


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                      Re: New Era Wrestling

                      NEW Updated Roster
                      Kane (NEW World Champion)
                      "The Whole F'n Show" Rob Van Dam (NEW Contender's Champion)
                      Chris Benoit
                      John Cena
                      Jeff Hardy (NEW Tag Team Champion)
                      Matt Hardy (NEW Tag Team Champion)
                      Randy Orton
                      "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin (Manager: Christy Hemme)
                      Paul London
                      "The Originator" CM Punk
                      Tommy Dreamer
                      Stevie Richards
                      "Sick" Nick Mondo (NEW Hardcore Champion)
                      John Zandig
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                        Re: New Era Wrestling

                        A quick video recap of the previous week's events is shown..

                        "This Could Be Anywhere (In The World)"
                        The music hits and the pyros erupt! The fans leap to their feet and we're LIVE! for NEW Tuesday Night!

                        -Styles "What a night this is going to be Coach! I can't wait to get things started!"
                        -Coach "Looks like we're not wasting any time! Here comes Shane McMahon!"

                        alexisonfire continues to play as Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring...the fans cheer even louder as he paces in the ring, mic in hand...

                        -Shane "Alright alright, calm down, let's get down to buisness. Last week we all saw a travesty, a sickening blow to the NEW. Last week, NEW superstar Edge was kidnapped by John Cena."

                        An incredible mixed reaction comes from the crowd, split 50/50 between boos and cheers...Shane looks around at the crowd for a moment, then continues...

                        -Shane "Last week the limosuine Edge got into was meant to take him to the Ballagio hotel. At 11:37PM EST, the police were notified that the limo never made it. The driver was held for questioning and charged with taking a bribe and endangering Edge's life. Just after midnight, the limo was found on the side of the freeway, about 2 miles outside of Las Vegas. Neither Edge nor John Cena were in the limo, but a note was found."

                        Shane pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket...he unfolds it as the crowd buzzes with anticipation...

                        -Shane "I hold in my hand a copy of the note sent to me by the Las Vegas Police Department. The note is not being held as evidence and has been released to the press, therefore I am allowed to share it with you here tonight."

                        Shane begins to read the letter...

                        Dear Shane,

                        You're probably wondering why I did what I did. The answer is simple and I really thought a man as smart as you would have figured it out by now, but I'll explain it anyway. While I was in prison, I had only one visitor outside my family members that supported me. At first I didn't know who he was because he always showed up wearing a strange red cloak that covered his face, but he eventually revealed himself to me. Know who I'm talking about? Of course you do, it's your good friend Kane! Anyway he and I got to talking and he had a pretty good idea. Knowing I was getting out of that hellhole soon, he asked me to do him a favour. He said that after he won the NEW World Title, if I helped him get rid of the competition, I would receive a Title shot in return! Isn't that something?

                        Now I know you like to think that you call the shots around this place, blah blah blah, but let me tell you something. You don't control squat my man. You don't realize the power that these wrestlers hold. When I was in the joint, the guards thought they had the power, but that didn't stop the beatings, the rapes, the drug deals, the murders. They happened every day, they happened whether the guards liked it or not.

                        Keep that in mind Shane. Remember, the wrestlers have the power, not you. I will get my Title shot and I will take what's mine. You'll see.


                        John Cena
                        Shane takes a step back and puts the note back in his pocket...the fans are buzzing with excitement...

                        -Coach "Wow Joe, what a message!"
                        -Styles "This is a travesty Coach! The NEW doesn't negotiate with threats!"

                        -Shane "I know you're watching Cena and I have just one message for you: The NEW doesn't negotiate threats!"
                        -Styles "See?!"
                        -Shane "Now, one other thing-"

                        "ONE OF A KIND!!"

                        The fans leap to their feet! The NEW Contender's Champion, Rob Van Dam, walks on to the stage!

                        -RVD "Hold on a second Shane..."

                        RVD pauses for a moment and acknowledges the crowd who are chanting "RVD!! RVD!!"

                        -RVD "Hold on a second Shane, if you don't mind I think we should all think about this for a second. I mean, you of all people know the severity of what happened last week. Nobody can find Edge, nobody knows what's happening to him and nobody knows if John Cena or Kane or who else is going to strike next! You've been in the locker room, I was just there before the show and I gotta tell you, the guys are restless. They don't want to work in these kinds of conditions man."
                        -Shane "Rob, I understand that, but if I could be really corny for a second I'd just like to say that the show must go on. We're not going to sit back and let John Cena run this show. This show belongs to us, this show belongs to the fans, this show does NOT belong to John Cena, Kane or anybody!"
                        -RVD "Alright I'm with ya Shane, but I came out here for another reason. I came out here to ask a favour."
                        -Shane "Depends on what it is Rob, I'm very busy..."
                        -RVD "I know that, believe me. It's about that scumbag Randy Orton."

                        The fans boo loudly at the mention of Orton's name...

                        -Shane "What about him?"
                        -RVD "I want his ass in a rematch and I want his ass TONIGHT!!"

                        -Styles "WOW!!"

                        The fans cheer and the "RVD!!" chants break out again!

                        -Shane "Alright Rob, you got it."
                        -RVD "No no no, he's not getting off that easy."
                        -Shane "Christ Rob, what now?"
                        -RVD "If he thinks he can bully everyone here, just like Cena is doing, then I want to even the playing field. None of this cheapshot chairs and belts to the face bullcrap. I want his ass in a HARDCORE MATCH!!"

                        -Styles "DOUBLE WOW!!"
                        -Coach "Even the playing field? RVD just handed Orton the match!!"

                        -Shane "Fine, you want him in a Hardcore Match tonight, that's fine. But you have to do me a favour then. You have to put that NEW Contender's Title on the line."

                        The fans cheer like mad! RVD looks to the fans, pondering what to do...

                        -RVD "You got a deal Shane."

                        RVD's music hits as the fans cheer wildly! RVD holds the Contender's Title high above his head and backs out of the arena!

                        -Styles "What an announcement Coach! RVD vs. Randy Orton in a rematch for the Contender's Title, but the playing field has been levelled! They will face off in a Hardcore Match, TONIGHT!!"

                        Commercial break...


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                          Re: New Era Wrestling

                          We come back from the break and we see Shane McMahon walking back to his office...he approaches the door when someone calls his's Randy Orton!

                          -Orton "Shane! Shane!"
                          -Shane "What is it Randy?"
                          -Orton "Shane, how could you put me in that match with RVD tonight? I'm not fighting that nobody, I proved last week that I can beat him! I don't need to prove myself again!"
                          -Shane "Actually Randy, you proved that you can get yourself disqualified."
                          -Orton "But I made him tap out!"
                          -Shane "Look, I'm not even going to have this argument with you, okay? The match is set and it's final, deal with it."

                          Shane walks into his office and slams the door in Orton's face, who is still trying to contest...Orton yells through the door for a moment, then turns around only to find himself face to face with Shelton Benjamin and Christy Hemme!

                          -Orton "Whoa, hey guys you scared me."

                          Benjamin and Hemme just stare at Orton for a moment, not saying a word...

                          -Orton "Um, hello? Guys what's the deal? Why did you sneak up on m-"
                          -Benjamin "SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH, FOOL!"

                          The crowd cheers Shelton Benjamin!

                          -Benjamin "Just who the hell do you think you are, son?"
                          -Orton "What are you talking about?"
                          -Benjamin "You know exactly what I'm talkin' about! You muscling in on MY Contender's Title!"
                          -Orton "Listen, Shelton-"
                          -Benjamin "LISTEN NOTHING, SON!! Let me get one thing straight. Tonight, you better not be walkin' outta here with The Moneymaker's belt around your waist, that's for DAMN sure! RVD is mine, son, ya heard?"

                          Shelton Benjamin and Christy Hemme walk off, leaving Orton puzzled...the camera cuts back to the arena where we hear the music of Rhyno! The fans give a mixed reaction for the NEW Hardcore Champion as he makes his way to the ring!

                          -Styles "Man, Shelton Benjamin sure means buisness eh Coach?"
                          -Coach "My man the Moneymaker isn't going to let anything get between him and the Contender's Title! Not Matt Hardy whom he faces later tonight, not Randy Orton and certainly not Rob Van Dam."
                          -Styles "Turning to our next match now, the NEW Hardcore Champion requested a special announcement here tonight, let's listen in on what Rhyno has to say."

                          Rhyno grabs the mic from Howard Finkel and paces in the ring...he begins to speak...

                          -Rhyno "This 24/7 Hardcore Title buisness is getting out of hand. I realize that's kind of the point, but last week was ridiculous! I'm not spending the rest of my Hardcore Title reign running out of arenas every week being chased by a mob of idiots! I've come out here tonight with a proposition for anyone in the back that wants a shot at my Hardcore Title."
                          -Styles "Uh oh, I wonder what Rhyno has in mind?"
                          -Rhyno "Right here, right now, in this very ring, I'm going to put the Hardcore Title on the line in a Gauntlet Match!"
                          -Styles "WOW!"

                          The crowd buzzes with excitment...

                          -Rhyno "I'm going to do this under one stipulation: you guys all get your shot at me tonight, but if I walk out of here after pinning all 4 of you, then you guys have to stay off my damn back until Sunday Night Main Attraction in 2 weeks."
                          -Coach "I think that's a fair deal, Joe."
                          -Rhyno "So let's have it, then. You guys can each get a shot at me tonight, but after I pin all your asses, I walk out of here, untouched and it stays that way until Main Attraction. Deal?"

                          The crowd waits patiently as Rhyno paces in the ring...finally we hear the music of Tommy Dreamer! He doesn't waste any time as he runs down the ramp and slides head first into the ring!

                          -Styles "Looks like we have a deal!!"

                          Rhyno (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer/Stevie Richards/CM Punk/Paul London
                          NEW Hardcore Title Gauntlet Match

                          Dreamer slides into the ring but Rhyno is ready! He tosses the belt aside and pounds away at Tommy Dreamer! Dreamer gets to his feet eventually but Rhyno manages to send him flying into the ropes....Rhyno goes down for a Gore, but Dreamer leaps over him! Dreamer slides back out of the ring and quickly grabs the Hardcore Title belt off the floor! Rhyno leans over the ropes....SMACK! Rhyno is laid out with a stiff belt shot to the face!

                          Dreamer searches under the ring for some more toys as Rhyno lays on his back in the ring, holding his face...Dreamer tosses a garbage can, a broom and a stop sign into the ring...he climbs back in the ring and grabs the broom...he raises it high over his head.......CRACK!! The broom snaps in half over Rhyno's back! Rhyno wriths in pain as Dreamer keeps the punishment coming! He picks up the garbage can and places it over Rhyno's head! Rhyno is laying on his side and Dreamer goes to the top rope.....Dreamer leaps........ELBOW DROP ON THE GARBAGE CAN!! The can dents around Rhyno's upper body and Dreamer makes the pin!! 1.....2......

                          KICK OUT! Rhyno kicks out!!

                          Dreamer gets to his feet and picks up the stop sign.....but someone is at ringside!

                          -Styles "What's he doing here? It isn't his turn yet!"

                          Stevie Richards is at ringside and Dreamer sees him trying to get in the ring! Dreamer yells at Richards for a moment, who is on the apron now, yelling back! Dreamer swings the stop sign at Stevie, but he gets off the apron just in time! Dreamer misses, stares Richards down for a moment, then spins around into a GORE!! GORE!! GORE!!! Rhyno covers! 1....2....

                          3!! Dreamer is eliminated!!

                          1st Pinfall and still NEW Hardcore Champion: Rhyno

                          -Styles "Dreamer is out! Rhyno is one step closer to his 2 week immunity!"

                          Rhyno slowly gets to his feet and Stevie Richards is already in the ring..he has the stop sign now and he raises it high above his head! Stevie swings....but Rhyno ducks! Richards spins around right into a HUGE Clothesline from the Man Beast!

                          -Styles "OH MY GOD! Rhyno almost took his damn head off!"

                          Rhyno makes the cover...1...2....kick out! Rhyno gets to his feet and picks up Stevie Richards...he sends him into a corner, then follows with a heavy Shoulder Tackle into the corner...Richards drops to his knees and Rhyno goes outside the ring looking for a weapon...he finds a baseball bat under the ring! He carries it with him but notices something...he looks at a fan in the front row wearing a hooded sweater...Rhyno walks up to the fan and looks closer, then pulls the fan over the crowd barrier!

                          -Coach "WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING?!"
                          -Styles "Rhyno can't do that!"

                          Rhyno beats down the fan, stomping away at him...the fan gets up and pleads with Rhyno, but Rhyno already has him in his sights....BAM!! RHYNO SMASHES THE BASEBALL BAT END INTO THE FANS FOREHEAD!!

                          -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"

                          The fan lays on his back and the hood comes's CM Punk!

                          -Coach "No way! CM Punk was hiding in the audience, waiting to attack!"

                          CM Punk is unconcious on the outside, and Rhyno makes the pin! The ref counts from inside the ring, 1....2.....3!!

                          2nd Pinfall and still NEW Hardcore Champion: Rhyno

                          Rhyno looks around the ring as Stevie Richards gets to his feet inside the ring...little does Stevie know that in all the commotion outside the ring, Paul London has snuck in the ring!!

                          -Styles "Paul London using the distraction to his advantage!"

                          London has the stop sign in his hands now and waits for Stevie Richards to get to his feet...Richards is up and London swings.....

                          Richards ducks...


                          -Styles "OH MY GOD!! Paul London is out of it!"

                          Rhyno slides back in the ring as Stevie Richards turns his attention back to him.....

                          GORE!! GORE!! GORE!!!

                          1...2.....3!! Stevie Richards is eliminated!!

                          3rd Pinfall and still NEW Hardcore Champion: Rhyno

                          -Styles "I can't believe it! Rhyno is just one pinfall away from reaching his immunity!"

                          Rhyno gets to his feet slowly, exhausted but still with good momentum...he staggers over to the corner and leans on the ropes, facing the crowd...Paul London is still down and out from that Stevie Kick, giving Rhyno a moment to collect himself...

                          -Styles "I can't believe this match, Coach! Rhyno is proving himself as Champion here tonight!"
                          -Coach "You said it Joe, I can't believe......hey, wait a minute..."

                          Another wrestler is in the ring now, appearing almost out of nowhere!

                          -Styles "Who the hell is that?!"

                          The wrestler quickly slides a table into the ring and sets it up before either Paul London or Rhyno have a clue what is happening! The man wearing green pants is carrying something else with him as well.....a fluorescent light tube!

                          -Coach "Joe, I think I know who that guy is!"

                          He walks over to Rhyno's corner and waits behind him, weilding the glass tube! Rhyno, unsuspecting, slowly turns around and is face to face with...



                          The light tube connects with Rhyno's forehead!! Rhyno is flattened in the ring as Sick Nick Mondo starts climbing to the top rope!!

                          -Coach "MY GOD JOE, WHO IS THAT NOW?!"

                          As Mondo ascends the ropes, another man appears in the ring, attacking Paul London! It's...


                          -Styles "IT'S JOHN ZANDIG AND SICK NICK MONDO!!"

                          Zandig picks up London as Mondo leaps onto Rhyno....MONDO SLEDGE!!! MONDO SLEDGE ON RHYNO!!!

                          Sick Nick Mondo makes the cover on Rhyno as Zandig lifts Paul London into the air....the ref starts the count!!


                          Zandig brings London towards the table!


                          MOTHER F'N BOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

                          -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"


                          Winner and NEW Hardcore Champion: "Sick" Nick Mondo

                          -Styles "OH MY GOD!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! SICK NICK MONDO AND JOHN ZANDIG ARE HERE!!"
                          -Coach "Rhyno almost had his immunity! What will happen now!?"

                          Mondo points to his forehead where the word "SICK" is written in black letters...Zandig holds Mondo's arm high in the air who holds the NEW Hardcore Title above his head...both men head up the ramp and to the back area as Rhyno comes to and stares them down from the ring, blood trickling from his forehead..the crowd is going insane, some chanting "CZW!! CZW!!"...

                          Commercial break...


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                            Re: New Era Wrestling

                            Back from the break, we hear the music of The Hardy Boyz! The fans leap to their feet cheering wildly as the brothers make their way to the ring, Tag Titles strapped around their waists, gleaming in the purple lights...

                            -Styles "Well Coach, buckle up because we're about to see our 2nd of 2 matches between Shelton Benjamin and the Hardy Boyz. Last week Shelton lost to Jeff, now it's Matt's turn to take on The Moneymaker!"
                            -Coach "Yeah right Joe! It's been nothing but handicap matches the last couple weeks! Shelton has been getting screwed!"
                            -Styles "Not that I disagree with you Coach, but Shelton did his fair share of cheating before that."
                            -Coach "Whatever man."

                            Matt Hardy stands in the ring and hands his strap to his brother Jeff...he waits in the ring as Shelton Benjamin's music hits and he and Christy Hemme walk to the ring, Christy wearing a black leather dress and Shelton wearing black pants that say "BIG MONEY" down one side...he gets in the ring and stares down Matt Hardy.........when suddenly Shane McMahon's music hits!

                            -Styles "What?! What's this!?"

                            Shane stands on the stage as all 4 superstars turn their attention to him...the crowd cheers as he begins to speak...

                            -Shane "Listen, I'm really busy so I'm going to keep this short n' sweet. Jeff Hardy, you're officially banned from ringside for the rest of the night!"
                            -Styles "WHAT?!"

                            The fans boo as Jeff and Matt look around in disbelief...Shelton Benjamin and Christy Hemme are loving it! They laugh as Jeff heads up the ramp, arguing with Shane!

                            -Styles "I can't believe this!!"
                            -Shane "Whoa whoa whoa, that's not all. Calm down guys, don't worry because Christy Hemme is ALSO banned from ringside for the remainder of the night!"

                            The fans erupt in cheers of joy! Christy's expression changes from happy to absolutely enraged! She storms up the ramp and screams at Shane...Jeff Hardy sneaks up behind her and picks her up on his shoulder, carrying her to the back as the fans cheer!

                            -Shane "Enjoy the match everyone!"
                            -Coach "NO! CHRISTY DON'T GO!!"

                            Matt Hardy vs. "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin

                            ***NOTE FROM RT***
                            Sorry guys, going to do the quick results because my friends just showed up and I'm going out...wasn't going to be a long match anyway. Sorry to uh...break kayfabe, lol.

                            Match Results
                            Matt Hardy dominates early, but Shelton Benjamin turns the tables after a huge Sidewalk Slam. He dominates the majority of the match, beating Matt Hardy around the ring. He even hits a sickening Belly to Back Suplex on the outside of the ring!

                            Shelton Benjamin almost has the match locked up when he goes for the Big Money Suplex, but Matt Hardy manages to reverse it by flipping over Benjamin...he comes back at Shelton with a huge Spinning Wheel kick, laying Benjamin out flat, but taking out the referee in the progress! Matt Hardy gets to the top rope and signals for a Leg Drop, but someone appears on the apron and shoves him off!!

                            -Styles "MY GOD! WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?!"

                            Matt Hardy plummets to the canvas and slowly gets up, spinning around to find himself face to face with Randy Orton!!

                            -Styles "DAMMIT! DAMN THAT ORTON!"

                            Orton kicks Matt in the stomach and backs into the ropes...

                            RKO!! RKO ON MATT HARDY!!

                            Randy Orton slides out of the ring as Shelton makes the cover...1....2.....3!! Shelton Benjamin wins!!

                            Winner: "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin

                            Shelton has his arm raised by the ref but quickly turns his attention to Randy Orton who backs up the ramp and out of the arena...Benjamin looks puzzled from the ring and eventually leaves...

                            -Styles "Why did the man Shelton Benjamin threatened earlier just assist him!?"
                            -Coach "Who cares Joe, my man Shelton won!! He's back, baby! Next stop, Contender's Title!"

                            Before we head to commercial, the camera cuts to the parking lot...

                            -Styles "What's going on here, Coach?"

                            The camera waits as a black Lexus pulls up to the arena doors...the driver gets out and opens the back door and out steps John Cena!!

                            -Styles "WHAT?! JOHN CENA IS HERE, RIGHT HERE TONIGHT!!"
                            -Coach "Is he stupid?! There's a warrant for his arrest!!"

                            John Cena tips the driver and shakes his hand, then proceeds to head for the arena doors! The fans boo until their throats are dry as the ex-convict heads inside!

                            -Coach "Wow, classy guy tipping the driver like that."

                            Commercial break...


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                              Re: New Era Wrestling

                              We come back from the break and we see a view of the backstage area...there are several security guards standing between John Cena and Shane McMahon! Shane and Cena are yelling at each other and the guards are trying to keep them seperated!

                              -Shane "WHERE'S EDGE?! WHERE IS HE YOU SON OF A BITCH!!"
                              -Cena "WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO, BOY? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO!! YOU CAN'T SEE ME, MUTHA F***A!!"

                              John Cena, wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, finishes yelling and just smiles at Shane McMahon...Shane becomes even more irate and attempts to attack Cena!!

                              -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"

                              Shane pulls his cell phone out of his pocket and dials 911!

                              -Shane "Hello, I need the police right away..."
                              -Cena "That ain't gonna do you no good, sucka! It's already begun!"

                              The camera cuts back to the arena and we hear the music of Randy Orton...the fans boo loudly as Orton heads to the ring...

                              -Styles "Wow Coach, what a night it's been! What is Cena thinking!?"
                              -Coach "Who knows, Joe? This is some serious stuff! But let's focus on the match at hand right now. Randy Orton has an NEW Contender's Title shot!"

                              Orton gets in the ring and smiles, posing to the crowd as they boo louder and louder....

                              "ONE OF A KIND!!"

                              The fans leap to their feet as RVD makes his way down the ramp, carrying a steel chair! RVD holds the chair over his head, playing to the crowd as they chant "RVD! RVD!"

                              Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Randy Orton - NEW Contender's Title Hardcore Match
                              RVD gets in the ring and stands toe to toe with Orton...RVD, still holding the chair, stares at Orton and then starts to do his Double Thumbs..."R...V...-" Orton slaps RVD in the face! RVD staggers backwards, then turns back to Orton, swinging the steel chair! Orton ducks and drops RVD with a dropkick, sending the chair right into RVD's face!! 1, 2, kick out!

                              Orton picks up RVD and tosses him out of the ring...Orton follows and slams RVD into the crowd barrier! Orton then turns his attention to under the ring, and finds himself a table! He slides the table in the ring, but then goes back under the ring looking for more toys to play with...he finds a steel chair of his own and stands over RVD, waiting for him to get up....THUD!! A sickening shot to RVD's ribs! RVD drops to one knee and Orton raises the chair high above his head....WHACK!! Orton bends the chair right over RVD's back! Orton, acting completely cocky, gives RVD small kicks to the side, smiling and laughing at him as the crowd boos...RVD rolls on the ground in pain and Orton finally picks him up...Orton whips RVD hard into the ring stairs! RVD flies over them, crashing to the ground in front of the announce table...

                              Orton follows RVD and begins kicking him several times in the ribcage...RVD is on one knee, holding the announce table for support...Orton grabs RVD by the hair but RVD throws an elbow into Orton's gut! Orton keels over and RVD lifts him with his shoulder, tossing him over his head......CRASH!!! ORTON CRASHES THROUGH THE ANNOUNCER'S TABLE!! RVD makes the cover! 1....2.....kick out by Orton!!

                              RVD collects himself for a moment, then tosses Orton back in the ring...he stomps away at Orton for a moment, then sends him into the ropes, using Orton's momentum to hit a stiff Spinning Wheel Kick! RVD slides out of the ring and grabs the dented steel chair Orton used against him...RVD waits for Orton to get to his feet.....VAN DAMINATOR!!! VAN DAMINATOR ON ORTON!!


                              RVD looks like he is about to go for the pin and the eventual 3 count, but he spots the table in the ring...RVD sets up the table near the corner and tosses Orton onto it...RVD gets to the top rope!

                              -Coach "Oh no..."

                              The crowd is going bananas!! They all leap to their feet as RVD signals for the 5-Star Frogsplash!! RVD leaps...

                              ORTON MOVES!!! RVD CRASHES THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

                              -Styles "NO!!"
                              -Coach "Oh yeah baby! Orton is still alive!"

                              Orton slowly gets to his feet and leans on the ropes, getting his bearings...Orton waits for a moment as RVD gets to his feet...Orton charges....

                              RKO!! RKO ON RVD!!! ORTON MAKES THE COVER...



                              SHELTON BENJAMIN BREAKS UP THE 3-COUNT!!!

                              -Styles "OH MY GOD!! SHELTON BENJAMIN IS HERE!!"

                              Shelton Benjamin picks up the exhausted Orton and looks him in the eye, yelling "YOU AIN'T TAKING THE MONEYMAKER'S TITLE!!"...

                              BIG MONEY!!! BIG MONEY ON ORTON!!!

                              Benjamin slides out of the ring as the crowd gives a mixed reaction to his interference...RVD finally gets up and pulls himself back on to the top rope, after staring at Shelton Benjamin for a moment....

                              5 STAR FROGSPLASH!!! RVD MAKES THE COVER!!!



                              3!!!! RVD WINS!! RVD WINS!!

                              Winner and still NEW Contender's Champion: Rob Van Dam

                              RVD is presented the title and holds it high in the air as the fans cheer wildly!! RVD does the Double Thumbs and stands on the ropes, holding the title high in the air! Flashbulbs pop around the arena as RVD celebrates...until something comes up on the big screen!

                              -Styles "What's going on, Coach?"

                              On the big screen, we see John Cena being arrested by police! Shane McMahon is yelling at Cena, screaming "LOOK AT YOU NOW!!" Cena smiles at Shane from the backseat of the police car, but before the police shut the door, Cena asks to say something...

                              -Cena "Whoa, hold on! Let me say one thing!"
                              -Shane "Fine, you're spending the rest of your life in prison anyway!"
                              -Cena "First of all, I'll make bail and be here next week. Secondly, you might want to check on your boy, Rob Van Dam..."

                              -Styles "WHAT?!"

                              Shane looks absolutely shocked!

                              -Shane "How did you know he has a match now?! HOW!?"

                              Cena simply smiles as the police car door is closed and he's driven off into the night...the camera cuts back to the ring with RVD still holding the Contender's Title in his hand, staring at the big screen in disbelief....suddenly, a large figure appears behind him!

                              -Styles "OH MY GOD!! IT'S...IT'S....


                              RVD spins around finding himself face to face with Kane!! RVD looks in horror at the large, red-cloaked figure in front of him!! Kane stands still for a moment, then quickly reaches out and grabs RVD by the throat!!

                              -Styles "NO!! NO!!"
                              -Coach "RVD's going for a ride!!"

                              Kane lifts RVD high into the air, holding him for several seconds until........CHOKESLAM!!! CHOKESLAM!!!

                              -Styles "MY GOD!! RVD JUST GOT CHOKESLAMMED ALL THE WAY TO HELL!!"

                              Kane stands over the lifeless RVD as the fans boos echo throughout the arena...the arena turns red and Kane raises his arms, then brings them down hard as the fires of hell explode! Kane stares at the motionless RVD as NEW Tuesday Night goes off the air...


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                                Re: New Era Wrestling

                                The previous week's recap is shown in a red sepia tone...John Cena's distraction back stage while Kane viciously attacks Rob Van Dam, ending with Kane standing over RVD and setting off the fires of hell...

                                "This Could Be Anywhere..."
                                The fireworks explode! The crowd leaps to their feet as alexisonfire blares through the arena! We're LIVE! for NEW Tuesday Night!!

                                -Styles "We're just 5 days away from NEW Main Attraction, the 2nd installment of our monthly Sunday night show, and it's shaping up to be one hell of a night!"
                                -Coach "You said it Joe! I can't wait to see what happens here tonight with Main Attraction just around the corner!"
                                -Styles "There are rumours circulating around the backstage area about last week's events. Word is that Shane McMahon has a special surprise for John Cena if he shows up here tonight!"
                                -Coach "I don't know how he can, Joe. John Cena is wanted for kidnapping, shouldn't he be locked up for good?"


                                A theme not yet heard before in the NEW hits the speakers...a hip hop theme with hard beats and the artist chanting "JAILBREAK!!" over and over...the big screen simply shows a dark jail cell with someone sitting inside...then, the fans curiosity turns to loud boos as John Cena walks out on to the stage!!

                                -Styles "WHAT!?"
                                -Coach "I guess that answers that question!"
                                -Styles "THE NERVE OF THIS GUY!!"

                                John Cena struts to the ring, microphone in hand..the fans boo so loud, the floors of the arena vibrate with hatred...Cena gets in the ring, wearing his orange jumpsuit with a black bandana around his head, knot tied in the front...he begins to speak..

                                -John Cena "Well well well, look who it is! Mr. Ex-Convict himself is standing in the ring, just like he said he would."
                                -Styles "What a cocky son of a bitch!"
                                -Cena "Listen up, I know you guys are upset, hell I would be too. You're all just upset because nobody can find your precious little friend Edge."

                                The crowd cheers loudly at the mention of Edge's name...

                                -Cena "I know you're all worried about him, but have no fear my friends. Edge is in a safe place being taken care of. He'll be back one day, don't you worry, but for now, I guess I owe you guys an explaination..."
                                -Styles "You think!?"
                                -Cena "You're probably all wondering just how the hell I keep popping up all over the place. 'How does that white boy keep showing up here?' you ask. Well it's easy. You see, I did my time for my crime over the past year or so. You all know what I did so we can just move on. I got out on good behaviour about a month ago and shocked the world when I showed up here 2 weeks ago driving that fateful limosuine to nowhere."

                                Cena pauses for a moment as the fans continue to boo and chant "FUCK YOU CENA!! FUCK YOU CENA!!"

                                -Cena "So after I acquired the limosuine, I simply drove it to where I was supposed to and walked away. Yes, I was contacted by Kane while in prison, but it wasn't him that contacted me about kidnapping Edge..."
                                -Styles "What the hell is he talking about?"
                                -Cena "You see, when Kane visited me in prison, he wanted me to simply help him eliminate a few NEW Superstars. You know, watch his back and in turn, he'd get me a shot at the NEW Title. He never said anything about kidnapping Edge. So when my cell phone rang that night and the anonymous voice told me if I followed through with the plan, I'd be greatly rewarded, I figured why not?"
                                -Styles "This is getting strange, Coach!"
                                -Coach "I'm so confused! What the hell is he talking about?"

                                "ONE OF A KIND!!"

                                -Styles "FINALLY!! Someone might help make sense out of this!!"

                                The fans leap to their feet as Rob Van Dam walks out on the stage, Contender's Title over his shoulder, microphone in hand...

                                -RVD "Listen Cena, I'm sitting backstage with the guys in the locker room and I gotta tell ya, we have no friggin' idea what the hell you're going on about. So do us all a favour and just come out with it already before I walk down there and beat your confession out of you!"

                                The fans cheer as Cena smiles from the ring...

                                -Cena "Well well well, if it isn't the Whole F'n Show himself. Welcome Rob, I was just about to call you out here actually."
                                -Styles "What? Why?"
                                -Cena "Listen I'm going to make this short and sweet and real easy for you and all these idiots sitting here to understand. Yes, Kane visited me in jail and we talked about teaming up and whoopin' some ass in the NEW once I got out. But he never mentioned kidnapping Edge. What I'm saying is that whoever called me and told me the plan to get Edge wasn't Kane or anyone else in the NEW."
                                -RVD "So who was it then?"
                                -Cena "I have no clue, Rob. If I knew, I'd tell you. All I know is that I was to drop off Edge on the highway and get the hell outta there. Edge got in that limosuine under his own power. There's no evidence of a kidnapping so I walked. Last week, an anonymous person posted bail for me and when I checked my bank account that morning, I was suddenly the proud owner of $500,000 cash."
                                -Styles "WOW!!"
                                -Coach "What the hell is going on here?! Someone paid Cena anonymously to take Edge out of the picture?"
                                -RVD "So let me get this straight: you don't know where Edge is, though you say he's safe. You've been waived of any participation in this crime because the system clearly doesn't work and now that you're here in the NEW, you and Kane have teamed up to do what exactly?"

                                The fans buzz with excitement as Cena licks his lips and prepares to speak...

                                -Cena "Well Rob, I thought you would've figured it out by now but since you're just as confused as these idiots watching, I'll spell it out for you. Edge is out of the picture, so the next NEW Superstar on our list is.....


                                Suddenly, a large red figure appears on the stage behind RVD!! It's KANE!! KANE IS HERE!!

                                -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"

                                Kane grabs RVD by the throat and drags him over to the side of the stage...RVD struggles, fighting against the Big Red Machine but it's no use! Kane lifts RVD high in the air and drops him off the stage!!! CHOKESLAM OFF THE STAGE!! RVD crashes through a sound table and lays in a mess of wood and wires!!

                                -Styles "OH MY GOD!! IT WAS A SET UP!! DAMN THEM!!"
                                -Coach "This is unbelievable Joe!"

                                Kane stands on the stage, staring down at Rob Van Dam...the NEW World Title gleams from under his cloak, strapped around his waist...John Cena joins Kane on the stage, taunting RVD...

                                -Styles "This is chaos!! What else can happen tonight?!"

                                Commercial break...