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New Era Wrestling

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    Re: New Era Wrestling

    The Revolutionary Review

    I loved the lead up to this show mate, the way you have started off this fed was great and I’m sure there are a lot of other people that feel the same as I do. Now onto the show!

    Segment One – I expected a promo of this type to open up the show but I believe that you needed to do it like this to explain why Shane did what he did. You didn’t drag this on for too long which was good, he said what he needed to then got the roster out there to join him which was a nice way to start the show off. Oh and I also like the announce team you are using, you seem to write with them well.

    Segment Two – It’s really good to see that you are trying to do something exciting and different with Shelton Benjamin as he has been stale and boring for a long time now. I think the ‘Moneymaker’ character can work and it is definitely a good idea to have Christy Hemme with him as the heel type manager. Next time Benjamin comes out though he should have a cane like the PIMP’s do, I can see that fitting with this character . The Originator gimmick for CM Punk seems like it could also work, but is he still going to have his ‘Straight Edge’ persona because I don’t think CM Punk should ever go without it. The match was really short, but it was still quite good. I was shocked that Benjamin got the win, but I think that using Hemme to give him the win was a great way to push his heel character and I believe this could either be the start of a nice feud or the start of a Shelton Benjamin push.

    Segment Three – This was another shortish kind of match but I think you might be doing it like that for your weekly shows. The action was quite good before Rhyno interrupted and GORE GORE GORE! I assume he did this because of there history in ECW or something like that, we will have to see as this will hopefully pan out in the next few shows.

    Segment Four – Some old school Edge was great in this segment with the Five Second Pose. I think that whenever Edge is a face he is hugely over with the crowd so this is a good decision. The beginning of the promo was good how he explained why he didn’t join with the NWA. Orton interrupts and I believe that this feud could be a classic if written out properly and I have total faith in you to do this, that’s if that’s what you are going for. I realized in this segment that when somebody wins the title it’s going to be announced something like ‘Here is your winner and NEW NEW Champion …. EDGE!!’ That made me laugh

    Segment Five – It’s good to see that you are giving Kane the push that he has deserved for a long time as the monster heel character. I like that you have put the mask back on him because I believe Kane started to go downhill as soon as he took the mask off in the first place. Again this match was quite short, but maybe you will have an explanation for the size of these matches. I think that because Kane won tonight then Edge is definitely going to beat Orton on next weeks show, but then possibly get screwed out of the championship by Randy Orton. I thought the finish of this match was great though how Kane reversed the Crossface and turned it into the Chokeslam.

    Overall I really did like this show to start off your fed, one thing I would definitely want you to do is that if you are going to summarize matches in the future make them a little more detailed or if you are going to write them like that then make them a little longer. Also this show seemed quite short, but maybe it was only meant to be like a one hour show or something so I’m not sure.


    - Pushing people like Shelton Benjamin and Kane.
    - Edge and Randy Orton feud.


    - As I have already said, the match length
    - Show length, it actually seemed like a really short show, and you seemed like there was a lot of superstars that you have yet to use.

    Can’t wait to see where you go with this man, this first show was really easy to read and was fun and enjoyable, I hope you can keep it up in the future :


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      Re: New Era Wrestling

      Thanks man, that was a great review. "The Revolutionary Review", I love it!

      To answer a few of your questions/concerns that popped up:
      -Match length is that way on purpose. Before I left Fan Fic, I started writing matches that way because I got sick of writing every match with ever detail when they're basically the same thing... "Orton hits an arm drag on Edge, and nails a wrist lock...Orton holds as Edge eventually gets out and the two exchange blows...Edge whips Orton into the corner and hits a Crossbody...Orton holds his chest in pain as Edge capitilizes with a stiff chop...the crowd goes "WOO!"..." I like to keep the typing to a minimum in matches to save time, but when it comes to big events (NEW Sunday Night Main Attraction, any PPVs, etc.) I will type out the entire match

      -"NEW NEW Champion"...I didn't even think of that.

      -The show did seem short, I realize that. I plan to have it go a bit longer in the future, but it is only an hour long show, I forgot to mention that.

      I'm glad the overall response has been positive so far from everyone. Thanks guys, it feels good to be back writing again.


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        Re: New Era Wrestling

        After a quick recap of the previous weeks events, NEW Tuesday Night is on the air!

        alexisonfire - "This Could Be Anywhere (In The World)"
        The white pyros ignite as George, Dallas and Chad's voices fill the arena! We're LIVE! in San Diego for NEW Tuesday Night!

        -Joey Styles "Welcome once again to New Era Wrestling Tuesday Night! Joey Styles here along with my brother from another mother, the Coach!"
        -Johnathon Coachman "You don't know anything about my mother, boy!"
        -Styles "Whatever you say bro. Well it's been an exciting week since the NEW premiered last Tuesday night. What do we have in store tonight, Coach?"
        -Coach "All I can tell you is that we have a HUGE main event tonight. As announced last week and chosen by the fans in LA, we will see Edge take on the former NWA Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, and the winner is going to be the #1 Contender for the NEW Title!"
        -Styles "I can't wait!"

        With that, we hear the music hip hop beats of "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin. He makes his way to the ring wearing his usual fur coat and gold chain, and his devious manager Christy Hemme dressed in a little black evening gown. They get in the ring and Christy takes the mic...

        -Christy "Last week you all saw the greatest NEW superstar, my man, my sugar daddy, Shelton Benjamin dominate that straight edge wuss, "The Bore-inator", CM Punk. After such a perfect performance, we've got some news for anyone in the back that thinks they can beat "The Moneymaker"..."

        Benjamin takes the mic...

        -Benjamin "Y'all better put your money where your mouth is!"

        With that, the familiar music of Paul London gets the crowd to their feet...he heads down to the ring, stands on a turn buckle and signals to the crowd...the bell sounds and we're on our way!

        "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin w/ Christy Hemme vs. Paul London
        The match opens and the two grapple in the centre of the ring..London whips Benjamin into a corner and charges, hitting a nice Stinger Splash...Benjamin stumbles forward, holding his chest and London hits a Bulldog Facebuster...1,2, easy kick out...

        Benjamin gets to his feet and London lays into him with Haymakers in the corner...Benjamin reaches up and rakes the eyes of London as the crowd boos loudly...Benjamin takes advantage after a brief argument with the ref about the eye rake and hits some stiff Chops...Benjamin hurls London into the ropes and hits a beautiful Dropkick...1,2, kick out...

        Benjamin continues to dominate for several minutes, using very technical maneuvers and his astounding mat skills to wear London down...he nails a huge Suplex, causing London to roll out of the ring to get his bearings...London leans on the crowd barrier as Benjamin distracts the ref...Hemme wanders over, acting innocent until the ref isn't looking...and SLAPS LONDON!! London is stunned, giving Benjamin enough time to sneak up behind him...Belly to Back Suplex on the outside!!! London hits the ground with a sickening thud!

        Benjamin tosses London back in the ring...1.....2.......KICK OUT!! The crowd cheers and begins to rally behind London..Benjamin continues to dominate, going for another Dropkick, but London holds the ropes! Benjamin flops to the ground and gets up, he staggers towards London who absolutely LEVELS Benjamin with a Roundhouse Kick! London gets on the top rope...he signals as the crowd gets to their feet..........LONDON CALLING!!

        -Styles "Paul London's got it!! OH MY GOD!!"

        London makes the cover...1.............2..........

        Hemme puts Benjamin's foot on the ropes!! The ref looks just in time to see Benjamin's foot up and stops the 3 count! London gets up, arguing with the ref, giving Benjamin time to recover...London turns back around....BIG MONEY!! BIG MONEY ON LONDON!! BENJAMIN HOLDS FOR THE PIN...1......2.........3!!

        Winner: "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin

        The crowd boos loudly as Benjamin and Hemme make their way up the ramp...London gets to his feet almost immediately, disappointed and frustrated with the loss...

        -Coach "Yeah baby! Another win for the Moneymaker!"
        -Styles "Oh stop it! He cheated!"

        Benjamin and Hemme celebrate on the stage as we head to commercial...

        Commercial break...


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          Re: New Era Wrestling

          We come back from commercial and we see Edge arriving in the arena! He's wearing warm-up gear complete with a t-shirt that reads "Living on the Edge"...the crowd cheers as he enters his dressing room, but not before giving the camera a quick thumbs up...

          -Joey Styles "Well Coach, last week we had one heck of a Hardcore Match, the first NEW Hardcore Match to be exact."
          -Coach "Yeah but lets not forget how it ended, when Rhyno ran over Stevie Richards, robbing him of the big win."

          With that, we hear the music of Stevie Richards...he makes his way to the ring, absolutely fuming! He snatches a mic from Howard Finkel and begins to speak...

          -Richards "I'll spare you all the long speech. It's obvious I know what happened last week, so I'll cut to the chase. RHYNO! GET YOUR UGLY ASS OUT HERE!!"

          Nothing happens for a moment...Richards paces in the ring, until we hear the music of Tommy Dreamer...the crowd cheers loudly as he stands on the stage, mic in hand and bandage on his forehead...

          -Dreamer "Listen Steve, I know you-"
          -Richards "I didn't ask for your cheating ass to come out, I asked for Rhyno!"
          -Dreamer "Now hold on just a second, Steve. I had no idea Rhyno was going to do that, okay? I want to make it up to you, one Extremist to another."
          -Richards "What do you have in mind?"
          -Dreamer "A rematch. You and me go one on one again, same as last week, right here right now."

          Richards ponders for a moment...the crowd starts cheering, some chanting "ECDUB! ECDUB!"...

          -Richards "Alright, deal."

          Dreamer makes his way to the ring, dropping the mic...the bell rings...

          Stevie Richards vs. Tommy Dreamer - Hardcore Match
          Dreamer gets in the ring and Richards meets him in the centre...they begin to circle each other, then slap hands once again in a sign of respect...

          They exchange blows for a few minutes, Richards taking the upper hand...Richards eventually tosses Dreamer to the outside, then hits a HUGE Suicide Plancha to the outside!! The crowd goes nuts as Richards covers on the outside..1,2 kick out...Richards goes under the ring and pulls out a table! He then pulls out a road sign, waiting for Dreamer to get to his feet...BAM!! He dents the road sign right over Dreamer's skull!!

          Dreamer lays there, his bandage ripped off, bleeding from the forehead once again...Richards picks up Dreamer and tosses him back in the ring...he slides the table in the ring and leans in it a corner for the time being...Richards goes back to work on Dreamer, punching him several times in the face, busting him open even further...

          Richards then sets up Dreamer in the corner upside down, Tree of Woe style...Dreamer is dangling there, almost lifeless...Richards lays the dented road sign over Dreamer's face and circles the ring, smiling at the crowd....BASEBALL SLIDE!!! The sign wraps around Dreamer's head with a sickening crash!

          -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"
          -Coach "Richards sure is taking out his frustrations!"

          Richards sits up and circles the ring again.....HE HITS A SECOND BASEBALL SLIDE!! Dreamer is gushing blood now, just dangling upside down! The crowd is screaming "ECDUB! ECDUB!!"

          Richards circles the ring one more time, going for one last baseball slide....he spins around and begins to run at Dreamer from the corner with the table....



          Rhyno absolutely crushes Stevie Richards, folding him in half and crashing through the table! Splinters fly in all directions as Richards lies in the ring, motionless! Dreamer slumps to the mat, lifeless...Rhyno drags Dreamer towards Richards and lays his arm across Richards' chest once again! The ref makes the count...1........2...........3!!

          Winner: Tommy Dreamer

          -Styles "What the hell is Rhyno's problem?"
          -Coach "I don't know Joey, but I like it!"

          Rhyno heads out of the arena, through the crowd...Dreamer is eventually helped to his feet by the ref and manages to leave the arena under his own power...Richards comes to and slams his fists on the mat, realizing what happened...

          We head to commercial and we see Randy Orton arriving at the arena in a limosuine...he gets out of the limo with his usual smirk on his face as the crowd boos loudly...

          Commercial break...


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            Re: New Era Wrestling

            Bill is writing...why didnt someone tell me


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              Re: New Era Wrestling

              We come back from the break and we see Shane McMahon sitting in his office...he seems very into something on his laptop...

              -Shane "DAMMIT! Stupid ghosts! Move faster you yellow son of a bitch!"

              There's a knock at the door...Shane quickly shuts his laptop and summons them's none other than Rob Van Dam! The crowd cheers wildly for "The Whole F'n Show"...the two shake hands...

              -Shane "Rob! So good to see you buddy!"
              -RVD "Hey Shane, it's been a long time."
              -Shane "I'm so glad you made it. So you've thought things over?"
              -RVD "Sure have Shane, I've made up my mind and I'm in."
              -Shane "Okay then, just sign here...initial here..."

              RVD signs a peice of paper for Shane...

              -Shane "Perfect! Welcome to the team man."
              -RVD "Right, so you remembered the signing bonus then?"
              -Shane "Sure did, it's right there in article 7, part A: 'Upon signing this NEW contract and breaking his contract with NWA, Rob Van Dam will receive a signing bonus. The signing bonus states that Rob Van Dam's first match will be the night of Sunday, January 29th at NEW Sunday Night Main Attraction and will be for the NEW Contender's Championship."

              The crowd cheers loudly as Shane keeps reading...

              -Shane "Once Rob Van Dam's opponent is announced, Rob Van Dam then holds the right to choose any stipulation for the match that he sees fit.' That's it, that's all my friend. Welcome aboard!"
              -RVD "Good to be here, Shane."

              We cut back to the arena where Joey Styles and Johnathon Coachman are sitting...

              -Styles "WOW! RVD is in New Era Wrestling and he has a shot at the Contender's Title at Sunday Night Main Attraction!"
              -Coach "For those that don't know at home, the Contender's Title is a brand new way to look at Mid-Carders. Basically, whoever holds the Contender's Title can 'cash it in' towards a NEW World Title shot whenever they want!"
              -Styles "But remember Coach, if they cash in the Contender's Title and lose the World Title match, they lose the Contender's Title as well! It's relinquished to the next NEW Superstar in line! It's very exciting Coach, I can't wait to see how it plays out!"

              With that, we hear the music of Jeff Hardy...he makes his way to the ring and awaits his opponent...

              THE FIRES OF HELL EXPLODE!! The crowd gives a heavy mixed reaction as Kane makes his way to the ring, wearing his red cloak once again and his white eyes glowing from behind his strange new mask...

              -Coach "I still don't get this mask thing Joey. What gives?"
              -Styles "Who knows Coach, maybe time will tell. In the meantime, this is a huge match for Jeff Hardy. Beating the #1 Contender for the NEW Title would be a HUGE NEW Debut!"

              Kane steps over the ropes and sets off the Fires once again from the ringposts...Jeff Hardy is not phased and the bell rings...

              Jeff Hardy vs. Kane
              The match begins and Kane just stands in the centre of the ring...Jeff Hardy steps up to him and looks him right in the eye...he then swings with a hard right hand, connecting with Kane's chin...Kane doesn't budge...Hardy tries another right hand, but this time Kane catches his fist...Kane grabs Hardy by the throat and tosses him across the ring like a ragdoll...Hardy bounces to his feet, holding the ropes for balance, completely stunned...

              Kane moves in and just lays into Hardy with lefts and rights..the onslaught continues until the ref is forced to step in, but Kane has none of it...he tosses the ref to the ground and continues beating Hardy senseless! The crowd is beginning to boo loudly but Kane doesn't let up..Hardy is seated now and Kane begins stomping and kicking Hardy in the ribs! The ref steps in again, but Kane tosses him aside again! The ref calls for the bell! Hardy wins by DQ!

              Winner by DQ: Jeff Hardy

              -Styles "Jeff Hardy just won the match!"
              -Coach "He doesn't look like a winner! Look at Kane!"

              Kane isn't even phased by the bell, Kane simply continues to pound Jeff Hardy into the ground! More referees storm the ring, trying to pull Kane off Jeff, pleading with him to stop...Kane simply ignores them, still pumelling Jeff Hardy! The crowd is booing like crazy, but they turn to cheers when Chris Benoit appears!! Benoit charges the ring and nails Kane from behind with a huge right hand! Benoit punches Kane several times and backs him into a corner...the crowd is going insane!! Benoit continues, but is cut short when Kane stands up and clutches Benoit by the throat! Benoit is lifted in the air...........CHOKESLAM!!!

              -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"

              Benoit bounces off the mat and lays motionless in the centre of the ring...Kane looks to Jeff Hardy, who has rolled to the outside, curled in a ball, in absolute pain...Kane, still wearing his red cloak, stares straight ahead as the arena turns an eerie red...Kane makes his way to the back as we head to commercial...

              Commercial break...


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                Re: New Era Wrestling

                We come back from the break and we see Paul London leaving the arena, gym bag over his shoulder, still obviously upset about his tough loss...he's approached by CM Punk...the crowd cheers wildly for "The Originator"...

                -CM Punk "Hey Paul, got a second?"
                -London "Yeah, I guess."
                -Punk "Listen man, I know what you're going through. I went through the same kind of depression, but then I found Jesus-"
                -London "Whoa whoa, hold on a second. I don't have time for this."
                -Punk "Just hear me out man. Don't let your pain get the best of you, that's all I'm saying. There's other ways to vent your fury."
                -London "Thanks, that was uh...poetic...I guess. I'll see you next week bud."

                London walks out into the parking lot as CM Punk looks on...London climbs in the back of a cab and says to the cabbie "Take me to the closest bar. I got some drinking to do."...CM Punk shakes his head and heads off...

                -Styles "What the hell was that about?"
                -Coach (laughing) "Who knows? That guy's a freak!"

                With that, the lights in the arena go completely out and "Cochise" begins to play...the entry way is illuminated by a blinding white light and the crowd is bugging out! Finally, the one and only Edge appears on the stage and the crowd erupts!

                -Styles "It's time, it's time! It's time for the second #1 Contender's Match!"

                Edge walks to the ring and hits all 4 turnbuckles once again, getting the crowd just amped....the lights come on and Edge is completely caught off guard as Randy Orton is alreay in the ring! He levels Edge with an RKO!!

                -Styles "NO!!"

                The bell rings and the match begins!

                Edge vs. Randy Orton - NEW World Championship #1 Contender's Match
                Orton makes poses as the bell rings and the crowd boos like mad! Orton makes a cocky pin, with one foot on Edge's chest, posing to the crowd!

                -Styles "NO! NOT LIKE THIS!"

                The ref counts....1...............2....................


                Orton screams at the ref, arguing that he counted slow...Edge is still down, and Orton capitalizes, picking him up and beginning to beat him around the ring...Orton whips Edge into the corner and begins to lay a beat down, punching and stomping Edge to the ground...

                Orton backs up and poses for the crowd again...loud boos and "YOU SUCK!" chants spread like wildfire around the arena...Orton goes back to Edge, working him over with stiff punches to the jaw...Orton whips Edge into the opposite corner and charges...Edge gets his boot up! Orton is caught with a kick to the chin and the crowd cheers as Edge catches his breath...

                Orton takes a swing at Edge, but Edge counters with a block and punch of his own! Edge punches Orton again and again, then whips him off the ropes....Sidewalk Slam! Edge covers, 1,2, kick out...

                Edge is slow to get up, still feeling the RKO...but then he shakes his head violently and screams at the top of his lungs! The crowd cheers as Edge has had enough! Edge crouches in the corner, preparing for the Spear! Orton is up.....Edge charges.......Orton moves! Edge flies out of the ring to the outside!

                Orton takes a moment then follows Edge to the outside...he whips Edge into the ring stairs, a sickening crash is heard through the whole arena...Orton slams Edge's face off the apron several times, screaming "I'M THE REAL CHAMP! YOU GOT NOTHIN' BITCH!!" and shouting at fans who yell back...Orton poses again, calling on a fan in the front row...but his cockiness gets the better of him! Edge is up, he grabs Orton from behind and hits a Reverse Facebuster on the ground!!

                Edge is slow to his feet and manages to throw Orton into the ring...he gets on the apron then climbs to the top rope...Orton staggers to his feet...Edge leaps...Flying Clothesline!! Both men are down! The ref begins the 10 count!

                1..2..3..4..5..6..7..Edge is on his feet, the count stops...Edge prepares once again for the Spear!! Orton is slow getting up....he spins around...EDGE CHARGES.....

                SPEAR!! SPEAR!! EDGE CONNECTS!! He makes the cover....1.......2........

                KICK OUT!! ORTON KICKS OUT!!

                Edge is in disbelief! Frustrated, he slams his fist on the mat...he backs up into the corner and waits for Orton to get up...he lingers, frothing at the mouth, baring his teeth like an animal...Edge waits.....Orton rises again....Edge goes for the Spear once more.....ORTON DODGES! Edge is ready and he bounces off the ropes......SPEAR!! SPEAR ON ORTON!!

                -Styles "EDGE HIT THE SPEAR AGAIN!! COVER HIM DAMMIT!!"

                Edge doesn't cover right away, but instead grabs Orton by the legs....he locks in the Edgecator!! Orton is screaming in pain!

                -Styles "THE EDGECATOR!! WILL ORTON TAP?!"

                Orton is in extreme pain! He's screaming his guts out...HE LIFTS HIS ARM IN THE AIR......

                THE FIRES OF HELL EXPLODE!!!

                -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"

                Kane steps on to the entry way! Kane is here! Edge breaks the hold and stares in disbelief, not knowing what Kane is going to do next!! Edge and Kane stare at each other, neither one making a move.....Orton capitalizes! Orton rolls up Edge in the pin!! 1............2...................

                EDGE KICKS OUT!! EDGE KICKS OUT!! Orton bounces off the ropes and charges Edge with a Clothesline...Edge ducks and spins behind Orton.................EDGECUTION!!! EDGECUTION ON ORTON!! EDGE COVERS...1.......2..........

                3!!! EDGE WINS!! EDGE WINS!!

                Winner: Edge

                -Styles "OH MY GOD COACH!! EDGE IS THE #1 CONTENDER!!"

                Edge gets to his feet and has his arm raised by the ref...the crowd goes insane as Edge celebrates...Kane watches from the stage and Edge finally turns his attention to the Big Red Machine...they stare at each other for a moment, then Kane raises his arms above his head......the Fires explode once again from the ringposts and the arena turns red once again...Kane stares at Edge from under his cloak and Edge stares right back, grinning from ear to ear...

                -Styles "Edge vs. Kane for the NEW World Championship! What will happen next week!? Good night folks!!"

                NEW Tuesday Night goes off the air...


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                  Re: New Era Wrestling

                  The show begins with a quick recap of the prior week's events...

                  "Because this city...this city is ghosts from broken homes..."

                  alexisonfire fills the arena! The pyros ignite and we're LIVE! in San Francisco for NEW Tuesday Night!

                  -Joey Styles "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to NEW Tuesday Night! Watching that video opening gave me chills! I can't wait to see what unfolds here tonight!"
                  -Coach "Neither can I Joey! Tonight we're going to see the fallout from last week. Rob Van Dam has signed with NEW and has his first match this Sunday at Main Attraction, and let's not forget the standoff between Edge and Kane!"
                  -Joey "We'll definately see the fallout from that tonight Coach!"

                  With that, Stevie Richards' music hits...he storms to the ring, carrying a chair and a pair of handcuffs...

                  -Styles "What the hell is he doing here? He doesn't have a match scheduled."

                  Richards climbs in the ring and motions for Finkel to bring him a mic...

                  -Richards "This show isn't starting until Shane McMahon gets his ass out here and talks to me! The son of a bitch has put me off all week, giving me bull**** about 'Rhyno hasn't done anything wrong yet' and 'Maybe you should start watching your back'. That's crap! I'm staying right here until Shane McMahon comes out and I get Rhyno at Main Attraction!"

                  Richards proceeds to handcuff himself to a turnbuckle...he sets up the chair and sits down...

                  -Richards "I can wait all night if I have to! C'mon Shane!"
                  -Styles "What is Richards trying to prove?"
                  -Coach "Probably that he's a coward! Rhyno can't be held responsible, there's no interference rule in Hardcore Matches."

                  Richards sits for another moment, then finally "This Could Be Anywhere (In The World" hits the speakers again and Shane McMahon makes his way on to the stage to a huge cheer...

                  -Shane "Stevie, I've been telling you all week long that Rhyno hasn't done anything wrong and you haven't listened. Then you come out here and not only disrespect me, but you disrespect my show. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm a generous man, so I'm going to grant your wish. You get Rhyno, one on one, but not at Main Attraction. You get Rhyno one on one.........RIGHT NOW!!"

                  The crowd erupts in applause as Rhyno's music hits...Rhyno dashes to the ring as Richards quickly realizes his mistake...he fumbles in his pocket for the keys, but it's too late! Rhyno has him lined up...the bell rings...

                  Rhyno vs. Stevie Richards
                  GORE!! GORE!! GORE!!!

                  Rhyno hits a sickening Gore on Stevie Richards, folding him into the turnbuckle!! Richards and the steel chair he is sitting on crumple into a mess of limbs and metal!! Rhyno stands up, noticing Richards is still handcuffed to the turnbuckle...he decides not to pin him right away...

                  -Styles "No! This is sick!"
                  -Coach "You don't mess with the boss, Joey!"

                  Rhyno bides his time, smiling at Richards who is struggling to get up...Rhyno leans the steel chair against Richards, who is hunched over and barely standing...Rhyno walks into the opposite corner, playing to the crowd...he doesn't see Tommy Dreamer sneak into the ring behind him with a Kendo Stick! The crowd is going nuts as Rhyno spins around and begins his charge...

                  CRACK!! DREAMER BREAKS THE KENDO STICK OVER RHYNO'S HEAD!! The stick splinters into peices and the crowd roars, chanting "ECDUB! ECDUB!" Dreamer lets out a huge cry as the bell rings...

                  Winner by DQ: Rhyno

                  Dreamer, white gauze and bandage wrapped around his head, surveys the damage...he stands over Rhyno, unconcious after the vicious Kendo Stick shot, then stares at Stevie Richards...he walks towards Richards, clutching what is left of the Kendo Stick..Richards looks up and begins pleading with Dreamer to leave him alone, pointing at the handcuffs...Dreamer yells at Richards, pointing at his bandages...the two shout back and forth, then Dreamer raises the Kendo Stick...the crowd is going insane!! Dreamer stares at Richards.....then tosses him the keys to the handcuffs...Dreamer climbs out of the ring and stares down Richards as he exits the arena...the crowd cheers loudly...

                  We cut backstage and see Shane McMahon walking backstage, smiling to himself...he's approached by Christy Hemme...

                  -Christy "Shane, can we talk for a second?"
                  -Shane "Sure Chirsty, what's up?"
                  -Christy "Well Shane, I couldn't help but notice last week, when you were talking to Rob Van Dam, that you mentioned he didn't have an opponent for Main Attraction."
                  -Shane "That's right."
                  -Christy "Well, speaking of 'Attraction', I also couldn't help but notice how big your arms have gotten."
                  -Shane "...well, I have been working out."
                  -Christy "I can tell..." She rubs Shane's forearm " listen, I think Shelton Benjamin would make the perfect opponent for Rob Van Dam."
                  -Shane "You know, I was just thinking the same thing."
                  -Christy moves in close to Shane's face, whispering "So...we have a deal?"
                  -Shane "We have a deal. Shelton Benjamin can face Rob Van Dam at Main Attraction..."
                  -Christy "Great!" She backs away, jumping and smiling.
                  -Shane "....just as long as he beats Jeff Hardy tonight in a 2 out of 3 falls match."

                  The crowd goes absolutely nuts! Christy is caught off guard and stunned! Shane struts off, smiling to himself once again as we go to commercial...

                  Commercial break...
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                    Re: New Era Wrestling

                    Back from commercial, we see Christy Hemme with Shelton Benjamin in the locker room...Benjamin is furious!

                    -Christy "Baby, it's ok! You can beat this guy!"
                    -Benjamin "That's not the point! I shouldn't have to! I've proved myself already! I'm the best! I deserve that Title!"
                    -Christy "I know you do baby, but it's what Shane said! Just listen, I have a plan..."

                    Chisty begins to whisper in Shelton's ear...he begins to smile and rub his hands as we cut to the arena...

                    -Styles "I wonder what Christy is plotting?"
                    -Coach "Who cares? Did you see that skirt she was wearing? Oooo BABY!"

                    With that, we hear the music of Paul London...he heads to the ring, accompanied by CM Punk...London seems to be surprised that Punk is following him to the ring...they get in the ring and CM Punk has a big smile on his face, making his trademark "sXe" signal to the crowd..London watches him, unsure of what to think...we then hear the music of Randy Orton, who makes his way to the ring...

                    -Styles "Orton looks rather upset Coach."
                    -Coach "As well he should be! What's he wasting his time fighting these nobodies for?"

                    Orton gets in the ring and grabs the microphone from Howard Finkel...

                    -Orton "Why the hell am I even here? Your skinny ass and your closet homo friend here aren't worth my time! Screw this, I'm leaving!"

                    Orton slams down the mic and begins to exit the ring...London stops him though, grabbing him by the arm and spinning him around! London lays into Orton as the fans cheer their approval!

                    Paul London w/ CM Punk vs. Randy Orton
                    London continues to punch Orton, beating him into a corner...he lays the beatdown, doing a standing 10 Punch in the corner...the crowd counts it down, "7! 8! 9! 10!"...London gets down from the turnbuckle and whips Orton into the ropes...he hits a perfect Belly to Belly Suplex! 1,2, kick out...

                    The match continues with London dominating most of the way, CM Punk cheering him on from ringside and the crowd cheering from the seats...London eventually has Orton on the run and manages to hit a beautiful Brainbuster Suplex! Orton is down and out and London gets to the top rope...he signals to the crowd...he leaps for the London Calling.....Orton moves!!

                    London slams into the mat hard! Orton lays face down, catching his breath...CM Punk is shouting at London from the sidelines, yelling at him to get up...Orton is the first to his feet though and he takes over...Orton picks up London but is caught off guard when London hits him with a big right hand...Orton drops to his knees and London gets ready to capitalize once again....LOW BLOW!! Orton nails London with a low blow and the ref steps in...CM Punk is up on the apron now, screaming at the ref...the ref walks over to calm down Punk, giving Orton time to take the turnbuckle pad off one corner...he goes to whip London into the exposed corner.....London reverses! Orton slams hard into the steel! Orton drops to his knees, clutching his back! London charges...SHINING WIZARD!! Orton is down again! London gets to the top rope............LONDON CALLING!!

                    -Coach "Get up Randy! GET UP!"

                    London makes the pin and Punk drops off the apron...the ref spins around to make the count.....1..................2...................

                    ORTON KICKS OUT!! LONDON IS STUNNED!!

                    Paul London picks up Orton, frustrated as hell...he whips Orton into the ropes and goes for a Clothesline...Orton ducks and comes back with a Flying Forearm Strike! London goes down and Orton struggles to his feet...he picks up London, but London hits Orton in the ribs with a stiff elbow! He goes to slam Orton's face into the exposed turnbuckle...Orton gets his foot up and stops.....WHAM!! LONDON'S FACE IS DRIVEN INTO THE STEEL!!

                    -Style "NO! DAMMIT!"

                    Orton backs up and comes off the ropes....RKO!! RKO ON PAUL LONDON!!

                    -Style "Not like this!"
                    -Coach "Pin him Randy!"


                    3!! ORTON WINS!!

                    Winner: Randy Orton

                    Orton rolls to the outside as CM Punk crawls in the ring to argue with the ref...he points at the exposed turnbuckle but the ref ignores him...the crowd boos loudly as Orton makes a quick escape....the ref gets out of the ring and CM Punk helps London to his feet...still dazed, Punk helps London out of the ring and up the ramp...

                    Commercial break...


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                      Re: New Era Wrestling

                      We come back from commercial and see Jeff Hardy backstage preparing for his match against Shelton Benjamin...he's approached by Rob Van Dam! The crowd goes nuts!

                      -RVD "Hey Jeff."
                      -Jeff "Rob, what's up man?"
                      -RVD "Listen I just want to wish you luck tonight."
                      -Jeff "Thanks man."
                      -RVD "You and I had some damn good matches in the past. This Sunday at Main Attraction, I want to shoe the new fans, as well as remind the old fans, what the "Whole F'n Show" is all about, you dig?"
                      -Jeff "Yeah man, I hear ya. No worries though, as long as that little firebox bitch of his doesn't get in my way, I'll mop the floor with him."
                      -RVD "That's what I like to hear, bro."

                      The two pound fists and RVD walks away, leaving Jeff Hardy to continue preperation...we cut back to the arena where the lights go completely dark...the crowd roars, knowing what is about to come...Audioslave blares over the speakers and the familiar white light shines from the entry way...with a thunderous roar from the crowd, Edge appears and makes his way to the ring, spotlights swirling, music blaring, crowd freaking...

                      -Edge "Thank you, thanks you. Please, you're all too kind.....I didn't say stop." The crowd roars again as Edge laughs to himself "Okay okay okay, we got a show to do. So I got a little present for all you lovely fans tonight. Allow me to introduce a very special guest, a man I met a few days ago and a man you're all going to pay very close attention to...Dr. Phil McGraw!"

                      The crowd buzzes as music the crowd's delight, none other than Dr. Phil appears in the entry way!

                      -Styles (laughing) "Dr. Phil! What the hell?!"

                      Dr. Phil climbs in the ring and shakes hands with Edge...he waves to the crowd for a moment, then Edge speaks...

                      -Edge "Now, Dr. Phil, welcome and thank you for coming."
                      -Dr. Phil "It's my pleasure."
                      -Edge "Tell the good folks in the audience and everyone watching at home why you're here."
                      -Dr. Phil "Well Edge, I'm here because you wanted to discuss a former patient of mine."
                      -Edge "And who might that patient be, Phillip?"
                      -Dr. Phil "He called himself 'Kane'."

                      The crowd begins to laugh and applaud as Edge smiles from behind his shades...he fixes his trenchcoat and continues...

                      -Edge "Kane, eh? Sounds like a freak!"
                      -Dr. Phil "Oh he was a strange one alright."
                      -Edge "Tell me Philly-boy, what made Kane so strange?"
                      -Dr. Phil "Well Edge, he was always wearing a red mask and a red cloak, no matter where he went."
                      -Edge "Do go on."
                      -Dr. Phil "He also never spoke, he simply sat on the couch for an hour a week and stared at the floor. No matter what I asked him, he didn't speak. He paid his fees every month, but then eventually stopped showing up."
                      -Edge "You don't say? What a strange fellow."
                      -Dr. Phil "That's not the worst part, last week he came back to my office. Strangely, there was a camera present."
                      -Edge obviously playing along "NO WAY! Let's look at the footage."

                      Everyone's attention is turned to the NEW-Tron, and we see a hidden camera view of Dr. Phil sitting in an office beside a walks 'Kane', but is obviously Edge dressed in a Kane mask and a red cloak...the crowd laughs as he trips on his way into the office and begins to cry...

                      -Dr. Phil "Kane, are you ok? Listen, I'm glad you're back, get up on the couch here and we'll talk."

                      'Kane' lays on the couch and reaches for a teddy bear...he clutches it and sucks his thumb...

                      -Dr. Phil "So Kane, would you like to talk this time?....No? Okay, that's fine, I can sit here and would help if you talked Kane, I can't help you if you don't talk.....Kane, you have to say something or else this is useless.....Kane-augh....what is that awful smell?"
                      -'Kane' "I went poopy."

                      The crowd roars with laughter as the camera shows Edge rolling in the ring, laughing hysterically...Dr. Phil cracks a smile.....

                      THE FIRES OF HELL EXPLODE!!!

                      The laughter soon turns to boos as the arena turns red...the video crackles and disappears from the screen and we cut to the parking lot...we see the real Kane, standing beside a black Porsche....Kane reveals he is holding a metal baseball bat inside his cloak...he pulls out the bat and begins to smash the Porsche!! First the windsheild, then the side windows and the hood!! Kane is going ballistic!!

                      -Edge "THAT'S MY CAR!! THAT'S MY CAR YOU SON OF A BITCH!! I'LL KILL YOU!!!"

                      Edge runs out of the arena, heading for the parking lot...Dr. Phil follows and we head to commercial...

                      Commercial break...


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                        Re: New Era Wrestling

                        We come back from commercial and we see Edge sprinting across the arena parking lot...he comes up to his car and the camera pans back, revealing that the Porsche has been smashed to bits and is on fire!!

                        -Edge "DAMMIT!! DAMMIT I'LL KILL THAT RED SON OF A BITCH!!"

                        Edge is pacing in the parking lot, fuming, when suddenly the car explodes!! The crowd gasps as Edge is thrown backwards! He lays unconcious in the parking lot...

                        -Styles "OH MY GOD!! SOMEBODY GET OUT THERE AND HELP EDGE!!"

                        The camera cuts to the front of the arena...we see Christy Hemme standing outside, waiting for someone...she's shivering in a fur coat, legs exposed...

                        -Christy "Where the hell is that son of a bitch?"

                        The camera cuts back into the arena, where we see CM Punk and Paul London leaving the arena...

                        -CM Punk "Listen, you did good tonight man."
                        -London "Okay okay, drop it already."
                        -CM Punk "I'm just trying to help dude."
                        -London "I know, I know, but listen, you can stick around if you want, but just leave me alone after a lose. I don't take it that well."
                        -CM Punk "That's why I'm here. You and I can take this place by surprise. Everyone underestimates us here."
                        -London "Tell me about it...anyway, you want to grab a beer?"
                        CM Punk points at the black X on the back of his hand...
                        -London "Oh, right. Okay, I'll buy you a Coke then."
                        -CM Punk "Make it a Pepsi."

                        The two head outside...we cut back to Christy Hemme standing outside still...she begins to signal for a car to pull over...a limosuine pulls over in front of her and she opens the back door...

                        -Christy "It's about time! C'mon, the match is starting now!"

                        -Styles "Who is it Coach?"
                        -Coach "We'll find out when we get back, I hope!"

                        Commercial break...


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                          Re: New Era Wrestling

                          Back from the break, we see Edge being loaded into an ambulance...Shane McMahon is outside now, losing his mind!

                          -Shane "EDGE! EDGE! Are you ok man? Doc, tell me he's okay!"
                          -Paramedic "I'm not a doctor."
                          -Shane "WHATEVER!! He's got a big match on Sunday! I need him to be okay!"
                          -Paramedic "Listen, he suffered a concussion and some minor cuts to his arms from flying glass, but he's damn lucky he was as far away from the explosion as he was. He's going to spend the night in the hospital then be released. What he does after that is up to him."

                          Shane watches as the ambulance pulls out of the parking lot...we cut back into the arena and we hear the music of "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin..he's accompanied by that seductress Christy Hemme...Shelton gets in the ring with a big smirk on his face and awaits his opponent...the crowd leaps to their feet as Jeff Hardy's music plays and he comes bounding out of the entry way, psyching the crowd up...he runs to the ring and slides in as the bell rings...

                          Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin w/Christy Hemme - 2 out of 3 Falls
                          Hardy and Benjamin square off and eventually lock up...Benjamin gets Hardy in a wristlock and starts throwing elbows into Jeff's twisted shoulder...Benjamin tosses Jeff into the corner and charges...Jeff lifts himself up and avoids Benjamin's charge, who eats a big pile of ringpost...Jeff gets overtop of Benjamin and rolls him up...1...2....kick out!

                          Jeff gets to his feet quickly and circles back towards Benjamin...he charges and leaps, but Benjamin catches him in mid-air, hitting a Backbreaker on Jeff...Benjamin gets up and goes to the top rope, but Jeff gets up too quickly...he gives Benjamin a few shots to the gut and climbs the ropes as well.....SUPERPLEX!! Benjamin is down and Jeff covers! 1.....2......kick out!!

                          The crowd is rallying behind Jeff now, who is on a hot streak so far...Jeff picks up Benjamin and tosses him into the ropes...Sidewalk Slam! 1..2...kick out...Jeff gets to his feet again and Benjamin struggles to his knees...Jeff bounces off the ropes...Baseball Slide!! Jeff hits Benjamin right in the mouth with a sickening thud! 1...2......kick out!!

                          -Styles "Jeff Hardy is all over Shelton Benjamin!"
                          -Coach "It's still early Joey."

                          Jeff gets up and begins to lift Benjamin up....LOW BLOW!! The crowd boos as Jeff drops to his knees, clutching his little Hardyz...Benjamin collects himself, ignoring the referee's warnings...he picks up Jeff and begins to take control, hitting several suplexes and slowing Jeff down with submissions...

                          -Styles "Smart move by Shelton Benjamin."

                          Benjamin eventually sends Jeff Hardy flying into a corner and charges, landing a nice Avalanche Splash...Jeff stumbles forward and Benjamin nails a side Russian Leg Sweep....1...2...kick out....Benjamin picks up Jeff and sets him up for a Suplex....Jeff reverses! He kicks Benjamin in the gut and sets him up for the Twist of Fate!!! NO! Benjamin shoves Jeff into the ropes! Jeff bounces back and Benjamin uses his momentum to hit the Big Money!! He holds for the pin!! 1.......2...............3!!

                          Winner of 1st Fall: "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin

                          Benjamin stands up and the ref attempts to raise his arm..Benjamin whips his arm away and covers Jeff again! 1....2.......shoulder up!!

                          Benjamin picks up Jeff and continues to dominate...he hits a huge Standing Suplex and begins to play to the crowd...they boo loudly as Christy Hemme cheers him on...Benjamin lets his guard down for just a second and gives Jeff just enough time to get to his feet....he hits a quick Twist of Fate out of nowhere!!

                          -Styles "OH MY GOD!! Where the hell did that come from!?"

                          Jeff makes the cover....1.............2....................

                          3!! JEFF HARDY TIES IT UP!!

                          -Coach "NO WAY!!"

                          Winner of 2nd Fall: Jeff Hardy

                          Both men are down, struggling to their feet...the crowd is rallying behind Jeff who gets to his feet first...he begins hitting Benjamin with several right hands and stomping him out...Jeff sends Benjamin into the ropes and hits a huge Dropkick...he picks up Benjamin again and whips him into the ropes..Benjamin reverses, and throws a Clothesline at Jeff....Jeff ducks....he kicks Benjamin in the stomach......TWIST OF FATE!!!

                          -Styles "OH MY GOD!! A 2ND TWIST OF FATE ON BENJAMIN!!"
                          -Coach "NO! GET UP!!"

                          Jeff is exhausted! He claws his way over to Benjamin and finally manages to make a weak cover..............Jeff is still covering...............

                          -Styles "DAMMIT! DAMN HER!"

                          Chirsty Hemme is on the apron, arguing with the ref! She has him distracted just enough that he doesn't see the cover! Jeff gets to his feet and is furious!! He walks over towards Christy and grabs her by the hair!! The crowd is going insane!!

                          -Coach "LEAVE HER ALONE!!"

                          Jeff holds on to Christy, but the ref intervenes and breaks them up...Christy drops off the apron and runs around to the other side of the ring...the ref is arguing with Jeff, who is furious over the missed pinfall...Christy sneaks to the side of the ring and slides a chair into the ring!! Benjamin comes to and sees the chair...he picks it up just as the argument is over and Jeff stumbles towards Benjamin............

                          -Styles "NO!!"


                          JEFF DUCKS!! THE REFEREE IS DOWN!!

                          -Styles "Shelton Benjamin just clocked the referee!!"

                          Jeff turns back to Shelton who is in shock of what just happened...Shelton has his back to Jeff, who is crouched, waiting....waiting......Shelton spins around, Jeff goes for the TWIST OF FATE......

                          NO!! CHRISTY HEMME HAS JEFF HARDY BY THE LEG!! She holds on for dear life as Jeff shakes his foot trying to get her off!! The fans are booing loudly as they see Benjamin lining Jeff up for a chair shot.......but the boos turn to wild cheers as Paul London and CM Punk appear in the ring!!

                          -Styles "WHAT THE HELL!?
                          -Coach "I thought they left the building! Where did they come from?!"

                          London and Punk charge the ring, but Benjamin is ready!! CRACK!!! CHAIRSHOT ON LONDON!! SMACK!! CHAIRSHOT ON CM PUNK!!! Both men roll out of the ring, but Jeff has shaken Christy Hemme's grasp! He's behind Benjamin, waiting for his moment when suddenly...........

                          -Styles "WHO'S THAT IN THE RING?!"

                          MATT HARDY!!!

                          -Coach "That's Matt Hardy!! Why is he here?!"

                          The fans are going apeshit! Matt Hardy appears in the ring behind Jeff!!

                          -Styles "What is he going to do!?"

                          Matt Hardy waits, Shelton Benjamin still taunting Paul London and CM Punk, who are unconcious outside the ring...Jeff Hardy turns around to see what he never expected....his brother, Matt Hardy is in the ring with him....the two stare at each other for a second, then Christy Hemme appears on the apron...

                          -Styles "She's shouting orders at Matt, Coach!"
                          -Coach "That's who was in the limo!"

                          Christy continues to shout orders at Matt, who looks back at Jeff....Jeff realizes what has happened and begins to back up....Matt turns back to Christy.....he pulls a wad of cash out of his pocket.............AND THROWS IT IN CHRISTY'S FACE!! Stunned, she falls off the apron....Matt motions for Jeff to get out of the way.....Jeff obliges and Matt steps up behind Benjamin, who turns right into a TWIST OF FATE FROM MATT HARDY!!!

                          -Styles "OH MY GOD!!"

                          The crowd loses their minds as Matt Hardy disappears into the crowd...Chirsty Hemme is freaking out!! Jeff Hardy gets to the top rope......he sets up for the SWANTON BOMB......

                          NO!!! CHRISTY HEMME SHOVES HIM OFF THE TOP ROPE!!! Jeff Hardy falls hard on the crumpled steel chair, and struggles to his feet...Shelton Benjamin has already gotten up......BIG MONEY!! BIG MONEY ON JEFF HARDY!!!

                          -Coach "YES!!"
                          -Styles "NO!!"

                          Benjamin holds for the pin! The ref is back up now! He counts slowly! 1.......................


                          Matt Hardy tries to get back to the ring.........

                          .....3!!! SHELTON BENJAMIN WINS!!

                          Winner of 3rd Fall and facing Rob Van Dam at Main Attraction: "The Moneymaker" Shelton Benjamin

                          -Styles "NO!! DAMMIT!! NOT LIKE THIS!!"

                          Shelton Benjamin rolls out of the ring and is met by a joyous Christy Hemme....the two quickly get up the ramp as Matt Hardy joins his brother in the ring...CM Punk and Paul London crawl into the ring and the 4 men watch in disbelief as Shelton Benjamin celebrates with Christy Hemme on the stage...

                          -Styles "What a match!! What will happen this Sunday at Main Attraction!?"

                          Benjamin and Hemme celebrate as NEW Tuesday Night goes off the air...


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                            Re: New Era Wrestling

                            I totally got goosebumps from the Hardy brothers.


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                              Re: New Era Wrestling

                              this is bloody great i am definitly reading.


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                                Re: New Era Wrestling

                                With Main Attraction just around the corner, the card is released on the website!

                                Originally posted by From
                                The past few weeks have been absolutely incredible! With Main Attraction just around the corner, we have a few announcements to make...

                                -Rob Van Dam has chosen the stipulation for the Contender's Championship match. He will be facing Shelton Benjamin in A LADDER MATCH!!
                                -Edge has been released from hospital and vows revenge against Kane this Sunday!
                                -With the reunion of the Hardy Boyz this past Tuesday, Shane McMahon has rewarded them with a shot at the Tag Titles! Their opponents? The very men that helped them, PAUL LONDON AND CM PUNK!!
                                -Chris Benoit has challenged Orton to a Submission Match this Sunday! Will Orton accept?

                                Find out this Sunday on SpikeTV at 9:00 EST!

                                NEW World Championship
                                Edge vs. Kane

                                NEW Contender's Championship - Ladder Match
                                Rob Van Dam vs. Shelton Benjamin w/Christy Hemme

                                NEW Tag Team Championship
                                The Hardy Boyz vs. Paul London and CM Punk

                                NEW Hardcore Championship
                                Rhyno vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Stevie Richards

                                Submission Match
                                Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit