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New Era Wrestling

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Re: New Era Wrestling

    NEW World Championship
    John Cena (c) vs. Edge

    NEW Tag Team Championship
    “The Originators” Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin (c) vs. AJ Styles & Rob Van Dam

    No Disqualification Match
    Vince McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Steel Cage Match
    Chris Jericho w/Christy Hemme vs. Triple H

    Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

    Shelton Benjamin vs. Paul London

    NEW Updated Roster

    -NEW World Champion-
    John Cena
    -NEW Contender's Champion-
    -NEW Tag Team Champions-
    “The Originators” Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin

    Randy Orton
    Shelton Benjamin
    Triple H
    Chris Jericho (Manager: Christy Hemme)
    “The Originator” CM Punk
    “The Originator” Paul London
    Matt Hardy
    Jeff Hardy
    "The Whole F'n Show" Rob Van Dam
    AJ Styles
    Stevie Richards
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    • Re: New Era Wrestling


      (1 Show After MAVI)

      First of all, itís great to see that Steven Richards was given another Fan Ficí push. I think thatís amazing. Iím glad he didnít win the title because well.. that would have one-upped my aPw Steven Richards and frowned upon any further push I have for him in Tri-State Wrestling. Well, onto the real show, beginning with a Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles match. I know this was just a summary but.. really.. this thing was over before I even started reading it. Wrestling is the key here and I saw ten lines of match thrown into fifty lines of show. I found that really disappointing. Christopher Daniels comes in after the match and attacks AJ. Iím assuming Daniels plays the face and AJ the heelÖ then why would Daniels attack AJ? You need the face to have the odds against him, not the heel. And it ends with Daniels quitting? Iíll give it to you however. Daniels on the mic was fantastic. As you said, heís a man of few words but when he does talk, you got it point on. Match Rating: */*****.

      After the break, Daniels is with Vince. Vince says Shane was sent out to get coffee. What a bitch. I love the transition here. Daniels is leaving, passes Shelley/Sabin/London/Punk and the picture leaves Daniels leaving and stays with the Originators. Thatís good camera and transition work you have. I didnít even see the point of the whole segment with Punk, London, Sabin, and Shelley. Seemed ludicrous and a play on the Jackass boys in TNA. Moving around to Vince in the ring, and we have an Edge Prove You Belong Here series. Thatís great. Itís perfect on the babyface because everyone knows heís injured and now he has to defend what he earned. Edge comes out and demands a title match tonight and is shot down. Kind of makes Edge look silly not knowing he wouldnít get the title match that heís requesting.

      There was a huge fiasco in the ring and Iím not sure where to begin. The whole London/Sabin/Punk/Shelley thing was just awful. I donít know where youíre going with half of the team being faces and the other half as heels but I hope you figure it out soon enough. And now it looks like youíre having heel Benjamin going up against one of the other two heels (Punk/London.) That canít be good. Then an RKO out of nowhere on Punk. Also, the whole RKO thingÖ Orton would pretty much have to know that this segment was going to take place to get into position fast enough to his this RKO. Iím not having a good vibe about it.

      In the backstage area, we have our third segment of the night with the Originators. Thatís about 2 too many segments. I think you could have avoided this one. And maybe the first one as they had nothing to do with just aboutÖ anything. Benjamin just took out 4 guys, 2 of which came into the fight after it already started. The Originators look like bitches after these last two segments. Transition into the Kane and Edge match. Kane looked like the monster he is all the way up until the end where that little inch of ropes that was pulled away from him by Shane McMahon was enough to cause him to tap out and lose his second consecutive match against Edge. I donít want to tell you how to use your characters but if Kane is going to be a henchman for McMahon he needs to be an unstoppable monster. Him annihilating Shane after the match wellÖ that was great considering I donít think I can believe him to be a gritty monster of a man anymore following this match. Iím curious where you are going with him walking out on Vince afterwards, however. Iím thinking a SEARS commercial, ďCome and see the softer side of Kane.Ē Match Rating: **/*****. You can do much better than that, RT.

      A few segments follow the match. Rob Van Damís was just forgettable. Vince/Orton was just too obvious. BUT.. Edge/Shane.. that was magic. You wrote that one very well. I love Shaneís thinking. You wrote him intelligently. Good on that. And with that we usher in the Main Event, a Triple Threat. The first thing I noted is that there will be some sort of turn here. RVD most likely will help Trips do something. Another thing is, if RVD is going to be playing a heel.. then please donít have him do high-risk moves. The fans always cheer high-risk moves, even when heels do them. Thatís why Eddie stopped using the frog splash after his turn and used Lasso From El Passo instead. Then when Y2J is going for the Wall of Jericho, RVD hits TWO top rope moves.. IN A ROW? And the fans need to boo this why? Thatís crazy! Haha, RVD goes for a cocky pin and Triple H interjects with a pedigree and picks up the win for himself. Match Rating: **.5/***** Huge brawl at the end of the showÖ however, it just didnít seem like it was in the appropriate spot. I hate shows that end with segments instead of wrestling. Even the WWE hasnít resulted to that yet. Otherwise, a great ending.

      I donít rate shows, but just say whether Iíll continue to read or not. Your show, while really rough around the edges, did keep me on the edge of my seat. I think you overpush certain aspects and underpush others. I didnít know anything about the Main Event until we were right on it. You underpushed. And the whole Originators thing was just really getting on my nerves. You overpushed. Your keys are in your characters. You write them well. You need to work on selling and match quality. Even though they are summaries, they still blew. Iím just posting this one for now to keep you satisfied, and Iíll review your subsequent shows as I go along, between other reviews. Keep up the work, RT.
      Ü Follower of Christ. Ü


      • Re: New Era Wrestling

        From the NEW Official Site...

        Originally posted by


        NEW World Championship
        John Cena (c) vs. Edge

        NEW Tag Team Championship
        “The Originators” Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin (c) vs. AJ Styles & Rob Van Dam

        No Disqualification Match
        Vince McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

        Steel Cage Match
        Chris Jericho w/Christy Hemme vs. Triple H

        Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

        Shelton Benjamin vs. Paul London

        -After a hellacious 3 weeks, Edge has overcome the odds in the 2nd of Vince McMahon's "Prove You Belong Here" series. Edge beat Stevie Richards in a TLC Match, he beat Kane not once in a singles match, but a second time in an Inferno Match to retain the NEW Contender's Title 3 times and keep his spot against NEW World Champion John Cena.

        -John Cena has been out for 3 weeks due to a broken nose suffered against Stevie Richards in the Hardcore Match at Main Attraction VI. Cena appeared last week at NEW Tuesday Night in Dallas, Texas and shocked the world when he delivered an earth-shattering Jailbreak on Edge before being quickly chased off by Kane. How will Cena fare against Edge? Will Kane make an appearance after being left off the card?

        -The NEW Tag Team Champions, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, have their hands full against the brand new team of Rob Van Dam and AJ Styles. In a brief interview with RVD and Styles, got an up close and personal look at the new duo: "Thanks for sitting down with us guys."

        -RVD "Our pleasure."

        -Styles "Of course, we know how much we mean to the fans." "Right. Anyway, you two have been on a roll lately. AJ, you've won 3 consecutive matches since dropping Christopher Daniels as your tag partner and Rob-"

        -Styles "Wait, who?" "Um...Christopher Daniels, your ex-tag partner. Remember, you beat him down several times and he retaliated by surprising you with an Angel's Wings before quitting and signing with TNA?"

        -Styles "Doesn't ring a bell." "You single-handedly caused the man to go back to TNA and give up his goal of winning NEW Tag Team gold."

        -Styles "I don't know what the hell you're talking about, ok? AJ Styles doesn't associate himself with losers and quitters. That's why I'm partners with Rob here. He gets it. In this business, it's simply about being the best and not letting anyone get in your way."

        -RVD "That's right, which is why this Sunday at Main Attraction VII, "The Originators" Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are going to fall victim to The Styles Clash, The Five Star Frogsplash.....The Phenomenal Ones!"
        -Things have been heating up drastically between Chris Jericho and Triple H. After causing Jericho to get pinned not once, but twice by Triple H in the past month, Jericho has been using his charisma and fan-favouritism to his advantage, calling out Triple H several times. Triple H attempted to shrug off Jericho, but after a verbal lashing by The Ayatollah of Rock And Rollah, Triple H couldn't say no to a Steel Cage Match against him.

        -CM Punk and Paul London have had nothing but bad luck since deciding to go it alone as singles competitors. Targeting Shelton Benjamin and Randy Orton in order to prove they belong in the upper echelons of the NEW, Punk and London may have mad a big mistake choosing their opponents for this Sunday.

        -Of course the biggest news to come from the fallout of Tuesday Night last week is the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin! After using his last blank match contract to sign a match between the NEW Owner and NEW General Manager, Vince quickly accepted, expecting a match against his son Shane. But Shane had an ace up his sleeve when he gave his GM powers to none other than Austin 3:16! Vince was left speechless and unconscious after Austin appeared, dropping Vince with a Stone Cold Stunner and sharing a beer with Shane. Austin's GM powers will last until Sunday night at Midnight. In a brief interview with Austin, we got a pleasant surprise from the part-time GM: "Steve, it's an honour to be sitting here talking with you."

        -Austin "WHAT?!" "I said it's a pleasure-...oh nevermind."

        -Austin "Right, you want a beer?" "Sorry, I don't drink."

        -Austin "WHAT!? "I said I don't drink!"

        -Austin "WHAT!?" "FINE! Give me one of those. Listen, Steve, this Sunday you face Vince McMahon in a No DQ match. You've faced Vince before and we all know he's not one to fight fair. What are your plans?"

        -Austin "My plans are to walk out there on Sunday and kick Vince McMahon's ass, those are my damn plans. Vince McMahon can fight as dirty as he wants and bring any of those dumb sons of bitches from the back out to defend him, but when it's all said and done, Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to stand tall, pin the boss and drink a hell of a lot of beer, and that's all I got to say about that!" "Thanks again Steve. Good luck on Sunday."


        • Re: New Era Wrestling

          RT, I've tried to keep up with your fed as much as I can. But you're too fast for me (bet you heard that from a girl before...) and well, it seems everytime I look in here, you have a new Main Attraction up. Well, here's my predictions since I'm facinated by your PPV's.

          NEW World Championship
          John Cena (c) vs. Edge

          - Edge has over-come a lot of odds and I see him finally walking out with the title after this one. Edge has went through hell and back and I think he earned and deserves that title.

          NEW Tag Team Championship
          “The Originators” Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin (c) vs. AJ Styles & Rob Van Dam

          - Styles & RVD seem too much of a team that was just put together. Originators to retain for me.

          No Disqualification Match
          Vince McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

          - Vince has a plan. Someone's going to come out to help Vince, someone surprising... but then someone surprising is going to come out and help Austin. My pick's with the greatest of all time, SCSA.

          Steel Cage Match
          Chris Jericho w/Christy Hemme vs. Triple H

          - The Game or Jericho... I see something fishy going on in this match. I'm going with Triple H, although my heart is telling me Jericho.

          Randy Orton vs. CM Punk
          - Everyone loves Punk, I see you going Orton on this one.

          Shelton Benjamin vs. Paul London
          - After it seemed you were flushing Shelton away, he's back in the mix. I see him walking out with the victory in this one.

          GOOD LUCK~!


          • Re: New Era Wrestling

            NEW World Championship
            John Cena (c) vs. Edge
            Kane wins it for EDGE

            NEW Tag Team Championship
            “The Originators” Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin (c) vs. AJ Styles & Rob Van Dam
            Not a fan of this thrown together team

            No Disqualification Match
            Vince McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
            Vince will have all of his lackies but SCSA will pull it out

            Steel Cage Match
            Chris Jericho w/Christy Hemme vs. Triple H
            I cannot see Jericho winning

            Randy Orton vs. CM Punk
            Dk why just think this

            Shelton Benjamin vs. Paul London
            Same as Orton match


            • Re: New Era Wrestling

              The disclaimer disappears from the screen and we fade into a low, monotone organ song being played…the haunting music plays slowly as we see short video clips, black and white images of all the different NEW Superstars warming up, sitting in a locker room, leaning on the ring ropes, etc…voiceovers of each Superstar play over the black and white videos…

              -Stevie Richards “We’ve come too far…”

              -Paul London “…to give up now.”

              -Rob Van Dam “We’ve gone through many changes…”

              -Randy Orton “…to get where we are today.”

              -Triple H “We have to fight them off…”

              -AJ Styles “…and keep what we’ve created.”

              -Chris Jericho “It’s time for us to stand up…”

              -CM Punk “…and fight the good fight.”

              -Stone Cold Steve Austin “Tonight, we take back what’s ours.”

              -John Cena “Because they have…”

              -Edge “What we want.”

              The video fades to black, but not before showing a video image of every single NEW Superstar standing in the ring, a single large spotlight illuminating all of them…on one side of the ring, standing behind Vince McMahon, are John Cena, Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin, Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles and Triple H…on the other side of the ring is Shane McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin standing in front of Edge, CM Punk, Paul London, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Chris Jericho and Stevie Richards…they all stare each other down…

              -Vince McMahon “This is our time!”

              -Shane McMahon “This is our New Era!”

              Suddenly, the ring they’re all standing in erupts in flames! The Fires of Hell Explode and Kane appears in the centre of the ring! He looks at Shane McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin, then at Vince McMahon, then at the camera…Kane says nothing as we fade to black…

              Throwdown – “We Will Rise”
              The Main Attraction VII theme music begins as a brief video package plays!

              “We are the hated
              We are the raging plague!”
              Video of Triple H attacking Chris Jericho is shown…

              “We are the ill-fated
              We grow stronger each day!”
              We see a shot of “The Originators” squaring off with their respective opponents…

              “And we rise!
              We've built a new world!”
              Vince McMahon and John Cena are shown…

              “But down here we're one
              And we'll rise above!”
              Edge, Shane McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin are shown…

              “Can we rise? We will rise!
              We will rise above the lies and move on!”
              We see a shot of Edge and John Cena squaring off…

              We cut to the arena where huge pyrotechnics erupt! 20,000 fans pack the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida! We’re LIVE! for NEW Main Attraction VII!!

              -Joey Styles “Ladieeeesss and gentlemen, welcome to Main Attraction VII! As always I’m joined by my good friend and great partner, The Coach!”

              -The Coach “Thanks Joe! I gotta tell ya, I couldn’t be more amped for tonight! All four of “The Originators” will be in action! We’ve got steel cages! We’ve got Stone Cold Steve Austin! We’ve got the NEW World Title on the line!”

              -Styles “That’s right! Tonight, we will see temporary NEW General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin take on NEW Owner Vince McMahon! It should be one hell of a beatdown!”

              -Coach “Now now, let’s give Vince some credit. He has beaten Stone Cold Steve Austin in the past on more than one occasion. He even eliminated Austin from the Royal Rumble and is the only wrestler in history to go from #1 to winning the whole thing!”

              -Styles “I know Vince wasn’t the fairest guy in the business, but I’m inclined to agree with you. But Coach, let’s touch on the NEW World Championship for a moment. We’ve got John Cena and Edge squaring off once again in which I’m sure will be their toughest battle yet.”

              -Coach “No doubt.”

              -Styles “But what was with that opening video!? I got chills!”

              -Coach “Well as we all know, after losing twice to Edge in the past 3 weeks, Kane has been left off the card for tonight. But we can never rule out The Big Red Machine. I’d bet my life savings on Kane having some part in the outcome of the Main Event tonight.”

              -Styles “You and me both Coach.”

              With that, we hear the music of Randy Orton…the loud cheers of anticipation turn to boos of hatred as Randy Orton appears on stage…his arms stretched out at his sides, Orton cockily walks to the ring, basking in his own ego…

              -Styles “You know, if I could go just one show without seeing this guy, I’d be the happiest man on the planet.”

              -Coach “I can’t believe you have no respect for Randy Orton. He’s one of the most talented young Superstars in the NEW today.”

              -Styles “He’s a jackass.”

              Orton slowly steps into the ring, climbs on a turnbuckle and poses for the booing crowd…he stands in the ring, smirking to himself, when CM Punk’s music hits! “A Monument Encased In Ash” blares over the speakers and the crowd goes wild as he appears from the entry way! Marching his way down to the ring, CM Punk looks like he means business!

              -Styles “CM Punk certainly hasn’t forgotten the heinous attack he and Paul London suffered last Tuesday night when he was RKO’d on a pile of production equipment!”

              CM Punk slides into the ring and before Orton can react, he begins throwing wild punches! The crowd roars as CM Punk beats Orton back into a corner with a flurry of rights and lefts! The ref pleads with CM Punk to stop, but he has none of it! CM Punk stomps away at Orton, then backs up as Orton sits down, nailing a stiff Dropkick to the face of Orton!

              -Styles “CM Punk is a man possessed! What a match this should be!”

              The bell rings as CM Punk turns to the crowd, pumping his arms and yelling! The crowd roars and we’re underway!

              ”The Originator” CM Punk vs. Randy Orton
              CM Punk charges back into the corner as Orton struggles to pull himself up with the ropes…Punk leaps into the air for an Avalanche Splash, but Orton throws up an elbow, catching CM Punk right in the jaw…Punk staggers back and Orton takes a quick breather, before quickly exploding out of the corner with a ferocious Clothesline! CM Punk flips around and lands face-first on the mat!

              Orton puts his hands on his knees, takes a deep breath, then goes to work…he begins kicking CM Punk, giving him a few hard shots to the ribs…he then picks up CM Punk and sends him into the ropes, only to send him back to the mat with a hard knee to the gut…CM Punk flips over Orton’s extended knee and lands hard on his back…in a seated position, Orton quickly locks in a Sleeper Hold…

              -Styles “CM Punk is quickly getting out-wrestled here.”

              -Coach “I said on Tuesday that CM Punk and Paul London had to get serious if they wanted a chance to beat Shelton Benjamin or Randy Orton. They should’ve listened to me.”

              Orton squeezes hard, his forearm digging deeper into CM Punk’s throat, cutting off his air…CM Punk slaps at Orton’s arm trying to break free, but Orton simply falls to his side, pulling CM Punk in closer and tightening the hold…

              The crowd begins a slow clap as the referee sees CM Punk go limp…he grabs CM Punk by the wrist and lifts his arm…it drops….1….lifts his arm again……drops…..2…….lifts his arm one more time…

              -Coach “Well this is over quickly.”

              CM Punk gets his arm up! The crowd lets out a pop as CM Punk shakes his fist, then rolls to one knee, throwing hard elbows into Orton’s gut, finally breaking the hold! CM Punk runs into the ropes and charges at Orton, grabbing him into a Sleeper Hold of his own! Punk holds the Sleeper for a moment, the crowd cheering him on, but then rather than drag Orton to the mat, he simply falls for a Sleeper Drop! CM Punk covers!



              Easy kick out by Randy Orton…CM Punk quickly gets to his feet and goes right back to work, kicking Orton in the ribs twice, then grabbing him by the hair and hitting a stiff Knee Strike to Orton’s face! The crowd lets out a loud “OHH!!” as Orton falls to his back near the corner…

              -Styles “What a shot! I heard that Knee Strike from here!”

              CM Punk steps over Orton in a careless fashion, focusing on one thing and one thing only: the top rope…the fans cheer and stand as CM Punk climbs to the top, looking down at Orton…camera bulbs pulse as CM Punk leaps high into the air…

              Knee Drop on Randy Orton! CM Punk rolls backwards and lifts Orton’s leg for the cover as the crowd roars!



              Randy Orton kicks out!

              -Styles “I have never seen this side of CM Punk before Coach!”

              -Coach “I’ll admit, he is surprising the hell out of me.”

              CM Punk gets to his feet as Randy Orton quickly rolls out of the ring…he falls to the ground and sits for a moment, holding his face…Orton checks his forehead for blood after suffering two Knee Strikes to the head, one from the top rope as CM Punk stands in the ring, the crowd cheering him on…

              Randy Orton finally pulls himself to his feet as CM Punk gets a head of steam and charges for a Baseball Slide…Orton moves, allowing Punk to slide out of the ring and land on his feet…the referee begins the 10-count over again as Orton quickly throws a hard right hand at CM Punk, punching him in the face several times…Orton takes control, slamming CM Punk into the apron! Orton rolls back in the ring, then quickly rolls back out to re-start the 10-count…

              Randy Orton grabs CM Punk and whips him towards the ring steps…CM Punk reverses…..CRASH!!...Randy Orton runs right into the steps, hitting them hard with his legs and flying over them! CM Punk falls to his knees and takes a breath as Orton lays motionless on the outside…




              CM Punk crawls back into the ring, walking to the side where Orton is and stepping out of the ring and onto the apron…Orton gets to his knees, then slowly to his feet as CM Punk leaps…..he goes for an Axe Handle…..Orton hits a HUGE Dropkick to the face of CM Punk!!

              -Styles “OHH!!”

              -Coach “That’s what I’m talking about! That’s the Orton we know!”

              CM Punk hits the floor mat hard, his head bouncing off the ground…the crowd in the front row yells and screams at Orton, who rolls to his feet and stands over CM Punk…he looks down at CM Punk for a moment, then picks him up and rolls him back into the ring…

              Randy Orton doesn’t waste any time getting into the ring and capitalizing on CM Punk’s mistake…he quickly stomps CM Punk into a corner, being absolutely relentless! The crowd boos as Orton ignores the pleas from the referee to stop and continues stomping away, finally backing off and staring down at the referee, causing the referee to take a few steps back…

              -Styles “I think Orton may have underestimated CM Punk a little.”

              Orton goes back to CM Punk, picking him up off the canvas…he whips CM Punk across the ring and into the opposite turnbuckle so hard that CM Punk falls directly to the mat, clutching his back in pain! Orton walks over to CM Punk, gives him a tap with his foot, then smirks and raises his arms…the crowd boos as Orton cockily stands over CM Punk…

              But CM Punk springs to his knees, grabbing Orton by the legs! He rolls him up into a Schoolboy Pin!



              Kick out by Orton!

              -Styles “Wow that was close!”

              Orton springs to his feet and immediately charges at CM Punk, who is struggling for breath and slowed down by Orton’s attacks…Orton drops CM Punk with a huge Crossbody and holds for the pin…



              CM Punk kicks out! Randy Orton quickly picks him up, then hits him with a Standing Suplex…Orton holds onto CM Punk and picks him up, nailing another solid Standing Suplex…Orton rolls over CM Punk and covers…



              Kick out! Randy Orton sits on his knees for a moment, CM Punk laying on his side breathing heavily…Orton swears to himself, then picks up CM Punk and hits him with a Body Slam…Orton has CM Punk in position as he walks over to the corner…he climbs to the top rope and prepares himself…he leaps high into the air…

              Body Splash on CM Pu-NO!! CM PUNK MOVES!!

              Randy Orton slams hard into the mat as CM Punk just narrowly gets out of the way! The crowd is on their feet now, cheering CM Punk on…anticipating a big finish, chants of “CM PUNK!! CM PUNK!!” spread through the crowd!

              CM Punk is the first to his feet, leaning in the corner catching his breath…he watches as Orton gets to his feet, clutching his chest…CM Punk walks over and grabs Orton around the head…he sets Orton up, hooking both his arms…

              Double Underhook Backbreaker!!

              -Styles “OH MY GOD!!”

              -Coach “I know what CM Punk used to call that move, but I can’t say it on TV.”

              CM Punk quickly drops to the mat, grabbing Orton! The fans roar as CM Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice!

              -Styles “ANACONDA VICE!! This could be it!”

              Randy Orton screams in pain as CM Punk wrenches on his shoulder, tearing away and trying to get Orton to tap! Orton squirms and kicks his legs as CM Punk struggles to hold on to Orton!

              Orton inches towards the ropes, CM Punk unaware that his feet are near the bottom rope…

              …Orton gets a foot on the rope! The referee sees it and forces CM Punk to break the hold, but the damage is done! CM Punk picks up Orton and drags him towards the corner…he ascends the turnbuckle and signals for the end…

              -Styles “Uh oh, I know what we could be seeing here.”

              CM Punk hooks Orton’s arms, setting him up for the Pepsi Plunge! CM Punk readies himself, the crowd on their feet, cheering him on…

              ORTON REVERESES!! He slams CM Punk to the canvas was a huge Backdrop! CM Punk lands hard in the ring as Randy Orton quickly falls on him and rolls him up in a Schoolboy Pin of his own! The referee slides into place as CM Punk struggles to kick free!



              Randy Orton has CM Punk by the tights!


              Winner: Randy Orton

              Randy Orton quickly slides out of the ring as CM Punk rolls through the pin and lands on his knees! The crowd boos loudly as CM Punk pleads with the ref, pointing at his tights! Randy Orton backs up the ramp, smiling to himself…

              -Styles “Damn that Orton! What a cheater!”

              -Coach “A cheater yes, but a smart wrestler even more so!”

              CM Punk realizes his pleas with the referee are getting him nowhere and he gives up his argument…he leans on the ropes closest to the entry way and glares at Randy Orton as he backs up the ramp, smiling to himself, the crowd booing loudly…

              We cut to a promo for the next match…


              • Re: New Era Wrestling

                The promo comes to an end and we see a shot of the backstage area…we see the NEW Contender’s Champion, Edge, arriving in the back entrance! The crowd pops huge as Edge walks into the building wearing an all black suit, no tie, his collar unbuttoned and black shades…his attire is topped off with the NEW Contender’s Title slung over his shoulder…

                Edge turns a corner and almost runs into Stevie Richards! The crowd cheers again as Stevie speaks…

                -Richards “Oh, hey Edge. Didn’t see you there.”

                -Edge “No worries man.”

                Edge slaps Richards on the shoulder in a friendly fashion, causing Richards to hunch over in pain…

                -Edge “Oh! Crap, sorry man! The burns…I forgot.”

                -Richards “Ahhh…now worries…dammit…ouch, anyways, listen. I wanted to wish you luck tonight in your match with Cena.”

                -Edge “Hey thanks man.”

                -Richards “I also wanted to say that even though I couldn’t get the job done and I wanted nothing more than to be the World Champion last month, I’m behind you 100% Edge. If anyone deserves to beat Cena tonight, it’s you.”

                -Edge “That means a lot man. And hey, when I do beat Cena tonight, it’ll be because I target that ugly nose of his that you broke. That was amazing man!”

                -Richards (laughing) “Yeah, that was pretty good.”

                -Edge “Hey you want to come to my dressing room and have a Red Bull?”

                -Richards “Sure why not?”

                Edge and Stevie Richards walk off down the hall, laughing and joking around, making fun of John Cena…they mock him and continue laughing, when someone steps out of a doorway right where they were having a conversation…out of the dark room comes none other than Kane!

                -Styles “Whoa! Kane heard the whole conversation! What’s he going to do?!”

                The crowd gives a heavily mixed reaction as Kane simply watches Edge and Richards turn a corner…he then turns and heads off in the opposite direction, showing no emotion whatsoever…


                We cut back to the arena where we hear the music of Shelton Benjamin…the crowd boos loudly as the young NEW Superstar appears on stage, then marches to the ring…he gets in and plays to the crowd from the ring…

                -Styles “I don’t know what to think about Kane tonight Coach.”

                -Coach “Hey! Have some respect! How can you bring up a meaningless thing like Kane right now while the man, Shelton Benjamin, is in the ring?”

                -Styles “Meaningless? The biggest most powerful man in the NEW is acting totally strange and you call that meaningless?”

                -Coach “Shhh, pay attention to Shelton.”

                Next, Showdown hits the speakers once again and Paul London appears on stage! Clearly in the same mentality as CM Punk, Paul London is fuming as he storms to the ring, glaring a hole right through Shelton Benjamin!

                -Styles “Paul London looks like he has the same game plan as CM Punk!”

                -Coach “Yeah, ‘cause that worked out SO well for him.”

                Paul London slides into the ring and b-lines it for Benjamin! The two exchange punches in the centre of the ring as the referee quickly calls for the bell! The crowd cheers loudly for London as we’re underway!

                ”The Originator” Paul London vs. Shelton Benjamin
                Both men exchange punches for a moment, then Benjamin takes control, gaining the upperhand and out-punching London…Benjamin pummels London against the ropes, then Irish Whips him across the ring…London leaps onto the second rope, springing backwards at Benjamin and hitting a nice Springboard Elbow Strike to his face! Benjamin drops and London quickly gets to his feet, leaping off the adjacent ropes, hitting a beautiful Springboard Moonsault! Shelton Benjamin rolls out of the ring to regroup as London stands in the ring to the approval of the crowd!

                -Styles “Paul London just punked Shelton Benjamin!”

                -Coach “Punked? Please, he got lucky.”

                -Styles “Lucky or not, Shelton Benjamin is going to have to find a way to control the high-flying, high-impact moves of Paul London!”

                Paul London quickly sees Benjamin on the outside not paying attention and tries to capitalize, charging the ropes and leaping over top of them for a huge Suicide Plancha! But Shelton Benjamin moves out of the way! Paul London manages to land on his feet, but as he turns to face Benjamin, he’s planted with a stiff Clothesline!

                -Styles “OH! Benjamin almost took London’s head off!”

                Shelton Benjamin stands over London, then quickly rolls in and out of the ring to restart the 10-count…Benjamin lifts London to his feet, then lifts him up, dropping him face-first onto the crowd barrier! The fans boo as Benjamin stands over London, then picks him up, tossing him into the ring…

                Benjamin follows London into the ring, then kicks London hard in the gut as he tries to stand up…Benjamin hits a Gutwrench Powerbomb on London, making an early cover…



                Kick out by London…Benjamin quickly grabs London by the arm before London can try and get up and locks in a nice Armbar…Paul London tries to keep his opposite shoulder off the mat as Shelton Benjamin wrenches on his arm, but after several minutes, his shoulder slumps down and the ref makes a count…



                Shoulder up…Paul London manages to wrestle to his side, and as Benjamin sits up to pull harder on his arm, London punches him hard in the face, causing Benjamin to break the hold…

                Paul London scrambles to his feet as Benjamin turns to face him…London goes for a Dropkick, but Benjamin ducks…London falls to the canvas and Benjamin capitalizes, grabbing London’s leg and flipping him onto his stomach, locking in a Half Crab submission…

                -Styles “Shelton Benjamin is using his technical expertise to slow down Paul London here.”

                Paul London lifts himself up with his arms, screaming in pain…he breathes heavily as Benjamin pulls harder on his leg, tearing and stretching at his quad…Paul London claws at the canvas and gets close to the ropes, when Benjamin suddenly spins around and hooks London around the jaw, locking in a Texas Cloverleaf!

                -Styles “Oh wow! Benjamin outsmarts London!”

                -Coach “What did I tell ya Joe?”

                Shelton Benjamin has the Cloverleaf locked in hard, London just inches from the bottom rope…London struggles and pulls himself towards the ropes, his arm outstretched as Benjamin keeps the submission locked in…

                Paul London grabs the ropes! The crowd roars as the referee forces Benjamin to break the hold…Benjamin ignores him for a moment, then as the ref counts him down for the DQ, Benjamin lets go…

                Paul London takes a breather, holding the bottom rope still, but Shelton Benjamin doesn’t give him an inch, continuing to dominate, kicking London’s hand off the rope…he picks up London by his hair and slams him face-first off the turnbuckle pad, then hits several Stiff Chops in the corner…London hunches over after each shot, but Benjamin keeps the punishment coming…

                Shelton Benjamin lands roughly half a dozen shots, then lifts Paul London onto the top rope, setting him up for a Superplex…Benjamin holds for a moment, but then the crowd lets out a decent pop as London flips over Benjamin, landing on his feet! Paul London shocks Benjamin as he sprints across the ring and hops onto the top rope, back-flipping into a Moonsault! Benjamin, standing in the ring, catches London and is slammed onto the mat! Paul London quickly rolls to his feet, as does Benjamin, and hits a beautiful Flipping Dropkick!

                -Styles “Paul London is just too quick!”

                London quickly hops onto another turnbuckle as Shelton Benjamin lays on the canvas…London leaps…..Flying Leg Drop! He covers!



                Kick out by Benjamin!

                -Styles “Shelton Benjamin can dominate all he wants, but Paul London can pull a win out on someone in just seconds!”

                Paul London quickly attacks Benjamin, pounding him into the corner…the crowd loves it! They cheer as London takes control, beating Benjamin in the corner, then running towards the centre of the ring and hitting a Bulldog! London covers again…



                Benjamin kicks out…London goes to grab him once again, but this time Benjamin simply nails London with a Low Blow!

                -Styles “Come on!”

                -Coach “Ha! That’ll slow anybody down!”

                London drops to his knees, clutching his member in pain as Benjamin kneels, taking a breather…he then gets to his feet, dragging London by his hair to the ropes…Benjamin whips London into the opposite ropes, then hits a Powerslam, planting London in the centre of the ring…he holds for the cover…



                Paul London kicks out! Shelton Benjamin rolls to his feet and picks up London once again, looking for the Big Money Suplex….

                NO!! London breaks out of it! Paul London runs into the ropes and takes down Benjamin with a lovely Spinning Wheel Kick! Using his momentum to take Benjamin down, London continues running and bounces off the opposite ropes…as Benjamin gets to his knees, he’s met with a Shining Wizard!

                -Styles “OHH!! What a kick to the head of Benjamin!”

                Shelton Benjamin drops face-first to the mat, going totally limp…Paul London goes for the cover!



                THR-KICK OUT!!

                -Styles “THAT WAS THREE!! IT HAD TO BE!!”

                -Coach “Whew! Close one!”

                London pleads with the referee, but the ref simply tells him it was only a 2-count…London turns back to Benjamin and drags him closer to the corner, putting him in position…

                -Styles “This will put Benjamin away for sure!”

                Paul London leaps to the top rope, exhausted but pumped, loving the crowd reaction…he signals and leaps high into the air, looking for the London Calling…

                BENJAMIN MOVES!! Paul London crashes to the canvas hard and lays holding his stomach in pain! Shelton Benjamin lays on his side, watching as London gets to his feet…quickly, before London can react, Benjamin hops over him, hitting a Sunset Flip Pin!



                Shelton Benjamin’s feet are on the ropes!


                Winner: Shelton Benjamin

                The crowd boos as Shelton Benjamin quickly rolls out of the ring! Paul London, still in pain, didn’t see what happened and lays on the canvas, holding his chest…

                -Styles “DAMN DAMN DAMN!! If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a cheater!”

                -Coach “I think you just hate it when your favourite wrestlers get out-smarted.”

                -Styles “Is the damn referee blind!? This is horrible!”

                Benjamin smiles his way up the ramp, the crowd still booing loudly…London kneels in the ring and watches as the replay comes up on the Big Screen…seeing Benjamin cheating, London suddenly becomes irate! He stomps his feet in the ring, then turns and yells at the referee! The ref pleads with London, who simply shoves him to the ground in frustration, then turns back to see Shelton Benjamin celebrate his way backstage…


                • Re: New Era Wrestling

                  After a brief promo for the Tag Title match, we’re given a shot of the announcer’s table…

                  -Styles “I’m so disappointed with the way things are going Coach. Two matches and two cheaters win.”

                  -Coach “See, this is where you and I differ Joe. I’ve seen two great matches with the two more experienced, smarter wrestlers getting well-deserved wins.”

                  -Styles “Well let’s hope this trend doesn’t continue.”

                  ”ONE OF A KIND!!”

                  The music of RVD hits and the fans begin to boo as RVD and AJ Styles appear on stage!

                  -Styles “I hate to say it Coach, but these two young men have had a lot of success over the last month. RVD came off that loss in his Triple Threat match with Jericho and Triple H, only to win 2 matches in a row, one alongside his new partner, AJ Styles.”

                  -Coach “For a team that have only had one match together, they look like they’ve been doing it all along! I’m so impressed by these two young men.”

                  The Phenomenal Ones slide into the ring and stand on adjacent turnbuckles, playing to the crowd…RVD shrugs off countless boos from the audience with his cocky smirk while AJ Styles trashtalks a few fans in the front row while flexing and posing in front of them…

                  Next, for the third time this evening, “A Monument Encased In Ash” plays over the speakers as “The Originators” Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin appear on stage! They stand side-by-side for a moment while the fans cheer wildly, their Tag Titles gleaming from around their waists…they make their way to the ring and stand on opposite sides, playing to the screaming crowd…

                  -Styles “I love these two guys Coach, have I told you that?”

                  -Coach “Only everyday for the last 3 months.”

                  Shelley and RVD square off in the ring as the bell sounds…

                  ”The Originators” Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin (c) vs. “The Phenomenal Ones” RVD & AJ Styles
                  NEW Tag Team Championship

                  Shelley and RVD pace around each other for a moment, then lock up…Shelley forces RVD to one knee, then back into a corner…he rubs RVD’s face, forcing his head backwards and throwing him off balance…Shelley takes advantage, nailing two swift kicks to RVD’s ribs, causing him to hunch over…Shelley then grabs RVD by the hair and pulls him a few steps back, hitting a quick Snap Suplex and rolling over him for a Front Face Lock…

                  -Styles “Alex Shelley taking the fight to RVD quickly here.”

                  -Coach “You have to slow RVD down as fast as possible if you want a chance to beat him.”

                  Shelley holds the Front Face Lock for a moment, then RVD fights to his knees…he rolls over and breaks the hold, going for a hard kick to Shelley’s gut…Shelley catches his leg, but is knocked to the ground with a nice Enziguri by RVD! RVD turns and rushes towards the ropes, springboarding off the second rope and planting his hands, hitting a long Springboard Moonsault onto Shelley! RVD covers…



                  Easy kick out by Shelley…Shelley quickly tags out as Sabin steps into the ring…the fans boo as RVD stands against the ropes, arms outstretched in shrug fashion…RVD nods his head and smiles to himself as he does his Double Thumb taunt…”R…V….” Chris Sabin nails RVD in the back with a stiff Forearm! RVD stumbles into his corner where Styles makes a blind tag and hops into the ring…

                  AJ Styles charges Chris Sabin and takes him down with a hard Clothesline…Sabin gets right back to his feet but is taken down again…Sabin rolls to his feet one more time and this time when AJ Styles charges, Sabin ducks, hitting Styles with a lovely Mule Kick! Styles drops like a rock and Sabin hits a Standing Senton Splash on AJ Styles for the cover!



                  Styles kicks out…Chris Sabin lifts Styles to his feet and slams him face-first into the corner…Sabin goes to work on AJ Styles, hitting a flurry of punches to his ribs and stomach…AJ Styles fights back, hitting an Elbow Smash to the top of Sabin’s head…Sabin staggers backwards and AJ Styles sits on the top rope…..Axe Handle! Sabin goes down and AJ Styles lifts him to his feet, dragging him to his corner where he tags RVD back in…

                  -Styles “AJ Styles and RVD using quick tags here to isolate Sabin.”

                  -Coach “This is great teamwork by The Phenomenal Ones and trust me, I know great teamwork.”

                  -Styles “Oh do you?”

                  -Coach “Yeah, back when Vince McMahon and I ran WWE RAW, we ran that show like pros.”

                  -Styles “Yeah, into the ground!”

                  RVD hops onto the top rope while AJ Styles holds Sabin’s arm up, exposing his ribs…RVD leaps off the top rope…Flying Sidekick to Sabin’s ribs! Chris Sabin drops to his knees, screaming in pain as RVD rolls to his feet, taunting him…the fans boo loudly as RVD shrugs it off, smiling to himself…Styles paces on the apron, yelling at several fans in the front row while RVD goes to work on Sabin, hitting 3 or 4 Toe Kicks to Sabin’s ribs, playing with him…Sabin tries to get to his feet and RVD grabs him around the head, hitting a Swinging Neckbreaker…RVD rushes into the ropes, turning back and hitting a Rolling Thunder! RVD covers as the crowd boos loudly!



                  Sabin kicks out! Chris Sabin rolls to his side as RVD picks him up, whipping him into his corner…RVD tags AJ Styles back in, then steps onto the apron, holding Sabin’s arms up…AJ Styles turns in the ring, taunting the fans, then charging at Sabin for a Body Splash……Sabin gets his foot up! Styles gets a face full of Sabin’s boot and staggers back, holding his jaw! Sabin throws an elbow at RVD, knocking him off the apron! He charges at Styles, swinging for a Clothesline, but Styles ducks…AJ Styles kicks Sabin hard in the gut and goes for a Suplex, but Sabin drops behind him! Styles turns around and right into a Future Shock! Sabin covers!



                  RVD pulls Sabin out of the ring! RVD levels Chris Sabin with a stiff right hand, flooring him on the outside…the fans boo, that is until Alex Shelley tears around the corner and knocks RVD out cold with a huge right hand! He sails through the air, hitting a hard blow to RVD’s skull! Shelley stands on the outside over RVD as the referee yells, when suddenly AJ Styles goes for a Baseball Slide! Shelley sidesteps and Styles lands on his feet…Shelley levels AJ Styles with a hard right hand while Chris Sabin crawls back in the ring…the referee is leaning through the ropes, making the 10-count on RVD…



                  RVD and Styles are on their feet, double-teaming Shelley…


                  Chris Sabin turns and charges at the ropes!


                  Chris Sabin plants a foot on the ref’s back and leaps high over the referee! LEAP OF FAITH!!!

                  -Styles “OH MY GOD!!”

                  All four men are down on the outside after Sabin takes everyone out with a huge Leap of Faith off the referee’s back!

                  -Styles “Did you see that Coach!?”

                  -Coach “Yeah! What a dumb move by Sabin! He took out his own partner in the process!”

                  -Styles “That was incredible!”

                  Chris Sabin is the first to his feet, picking up AJ Styles, the other legal man and tossing him back in the ring…Sabin steps onto the apron and holds the ropes, assessing the situation…the fans continue to chant “HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!!” as Sabin notices the referee has been knocked down in the process…a replay shows that the ref’s head hit the ringpost after he was knocked off-balance by Sabin…

                  Sabin waits for AJ Styles to rise to his feet and hits a beautiful Springboard Hurricarana into the ring on Styles! He holds for the pinfall…….

                  …but there’s no ref!

                  Sabin lets go of the cover and tries to wake the referee…outside the ring, RVD is on his feet and he grabs one of the Tag Title belts and waits for Alex Shelley to rise…

                  BAM!! Alex Shelley is laid out cold with the NEW Tag Team Title belt!

                  -Styles “Oh no, not again!”

                  RVD slides into the ring and waits for Chris Sabin to pay attention to him…the fans are going nuts! They boo and scream as RVD waits…Sabin turns around and RVD tosses him the belt….VAN DAMINATOR!!

                  -Styles “NO!! NO NO DAMMIT NO!!”

                  RVD slides out of the ring as AJ Styles quickly makes the cover! The fans boo and scream, pleading for Sabin to kick out! The referee drags himself over to make the count…




                  Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: “The Phenomenal Ones” RVD & AJ Styles

                  RVD slides back into the ring quickly with the other Tag Title belt and leaps up and down with it held high in the air…the fans boo as RVD helps AJ Styles to his feet and hands him his belt…the two stand in the centre of the ring and raise their arms high in the air…

                  -Styles “This is completely and utterly disgusting! All four of The Originators have been screwed here tonight!”

                  -Coach “Smart wrestling always prevails!”

                  RVD and Styles stand in the ring to loud boos, their arms raised high, when suddenly…

                  GLASS SHATTERS!!!

                  Looks of horror cross the faces of RVD and Styles as the music of Stone Cold Steve Austin hits! The fans roar and leap to their feet as the temporary General Manager appears on stage! He storms to the ring and climbs in…

                  -Styles “OH MY GOD!! AUSTIN!! AUSTIN IS HERE!!”

                  Austin marches across the ring, past the fallen Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, past the brand new Tag Champions RVD and AJ Styles and right over to the referee! Austin crouches behind the ref, who is just pulling himself to his feet…the referee turns around to face Austin…

                  STUNNER!! STUNNER ON THE REFEREE!!

                  -Styles “OH MY GOD!!”

                  Austin stands over the ref and looks down at him, yelling “YOU’RE FIRED!!” before turning and leaving the ring! The fans go nuts as Austin stands on stage and totally shows up the new Tag Champs, raising his arms and giving the Middle Finger Salute…RVD and AJ Styles look confused in the ring before leaving Sabin, Shelley and the recently fired referee laying on the canvas…

                  -Styles “Stone Cold Steve Austin doesn’t take any prisoners! He just fired an NEW Official in total Austin style! I’d hate to be Vince McMahon tonight!”

                  -Coach “I hope that’s a lesson to the rest of the referees around here.”

                  A promo is shown for the Steel Cage Match between Chris Jericho and Triple H…


                  • Re: New Era Wrestling

                    Back from the break, we see a shot of Vince McMahon sitting in his Office/Dressing Room in a chair…he turns off a television monitor and stands up, turning to Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin who are standing behind him…the crowd boos loudly as Vince speaks…

                    -Vince “Did you see that? No remorse, no guilt. The man is insane and he controls almost half this company!”

                    -Orton “Mr. McMahon you need to calm down. With Shelton and I on your side, you can’t lose!”

                    -Benjamin “That’s right Mr. McMahon, you’ve got two bonified winners right here ready to back you up in any situation.”

                    -Vince “Listen, I’ve faced Austin before. He’s uhh…he’s not that tough an opponent. Why don’t one of you guys fight him? Huh? C’mon! I’ll give you a nice Christmas bonus!”

                    -Orton “Uh uh, no way sir.”

                    -Benjamin “Yeah, we already had a match tonight. I’m actually pretty tired.”

                    -Orton “Besides, the Owner of the NEW signed that contract, i.e. you. Unless you want to give one of us full ownership of the company tonight, we can’t step in.”

                    Vince looks at Orton and Benjamin, then to the ground…suddenly, he turns around and picks up the television monitor, tossing it across the room! It smashes on the wall and falls with a loud CRASH!!

                    -Vince “DAMMIT!! DAMMIT TO HELL!! THIS ISN’T FAIR!!”

                    Suddenly, NEW Backstage Analyst Josh Matthews barges in the door…

                    -Matthews “Mr. McMahon! Mr. McMahon, something has happened! You have to come quick!”

                    Vince, Orton and Benjamin follow Josh Matthews down a small hallway and into the back parking lot…the camera follows them as they stop dead in their tracks to see a large black 2009 Cadillac Escalade crushed underneath a large steel I-Beam…on the side of the steel I-Beam in black spray paint is simply “GM 3:16”

                    -Orton “Holy sh-“

                    -Benjamin “Vince, ain’t that your car man?”


                    Vince shoves Matthews out of the way and storms inside the building with Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin following close behind…


                    Back in the arena now, strobes begin to flash as the large steel cage looming above the ring begins to descend…

                    -Styles “Holy cow Coach, did you see that!?”

                    -Coach “How could I not? That’s a $60,000 vehicle, totally written off! Vince is livid! I’d sure hate to be Stone Cold Steve Austin right about now.”

                    -Styles “Why do you say that?”

                    -Coach “You didn’t see Benjamin and Orton following Vince around like a couple of puppy dogs? They’re going to have a hand in the outcome of that match, that’s for damn sure.”

                    ”BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!!”

                    The fans leap to their feet as the music of Chris Jericho hits! Through an explosion of blue and gold pyros, we see Chris Jericho appear in the entry way, arms outstretched as always and ready to bring the fight! He spins around and plants his feet, standing on the stage and eyeing the crowd…Christy Hemme slides in and kneels at his side, hugging his leg…she stands up and trots to the ring wearing a tight black dress…Jericho follows close behind, slapping hands with a few fans in the front row before sliding into the ring under the steel cage…

                    ”TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!!”

                    As Jericho stands on the apron posing for the crowd, the music of Triple H hits…the fans boo loudly as Triple H stands menacingly on stage, water bottle in hand…he eventually marches down the ramp, arriving at the steel cage just as it lowers to the ground…he walks along the apron, not taking an eye off Jericho, until he turns to the crowd and spits his water, just as the cage hits the floor…

                    -Styles “Always a menacing sight, always a brutal competitor, The Cerebral Assassin, Triple H, is a force Jericho had better be prepared to endure.”

                    -Coach “Jericho held the WWE Undisputed Title years ago and defended it honourably, until Triple H took it from him at WrestleMania 18. Jericho never won it again after that.”

                    Triple H stands against the ropes for a moment, eyeing the crowd, then looking down at Christy Hemme…she talks trash through the fencing as Triple H looks down at her…Hunter raises his arms and signals for Christy to fuck off, when Jericho attacks!

                    BAM!! Triple H is sent head-first into the steel cage! He drops to the canvas and Jericho stands over him as the bell rings!

                    Triple H vs. Chris Jericho w/Christy Hemme – Steel Cage Match
                    Jericho makes a quick cover on Triple H, but the referee backs away…

                    -Styles “No pinfalls or submissions in this match Chris! You have to escape the cage and nothing else!”

                    After a moment, Jericho looks up at the referee who reminds him he can’t win by pinfall or submission…Jericho slams his fist into the mat and runs for the ropes, hopping onto the second rope and clutching the cage, beginning to climb…Jericho gets about 2 steps up when Triple H rolls to his feet and grabs Jericho by the back of his pants…with a swift tug, he pulls Jericho to the mat and he slams into the canvas…Triple H quickly pounces on Jericho, filling him with a flurry of punches! Triple H pounds away at Jericho countless times, the referee pleading with him to stop…Triple H dismounts Jericho and grabs the ref by the front of the shirt, yelling in his face and shoving him to the ground…the crowd boos as Triple H turns his attention back to Jericho…

                    Triple H follows Jericho as he pulls himself towards the ropes…Jericho holds the bottom rope, checking his forehead for blood, when Triple H leaps into the air and comes crashing down on Jericho’s knee with a huge stomp!

                    -Styles “OH! That had to sting!”

                    -Coach “The Cerebral Assassin seems to be picking a target on Jericho already.”

                    Triple H pulls Jericho away from the ropes and quickly puts him in a Leg Lock, pulling at Jericho’s foot and tweaking his knee in an awkward way…Jericho clutches his knee and lets out a yelp of pain as Triple H pulls harder…Jericho attempts to pull through the hold using the ropes but Triple H simply pulls harder on Jericho’s foot…Christy Hemme coaches Jericho through the cage and helps him through the pain as he grabs Triple H by the hair and pulls him towards him, landing a stiff right hand to the face of Triple H!

                    Triple H breaks the hold and gets to his feet, holding his jaw…Jericho pulls himself up with the ropes and runs at Triple H for a Bulldog…Triple H spins around and completely plants Jericho with a Clothesline! Jericho hits the canvas hard, his head bouncing off the mat…

                    -Styles “Christ that looked painful! Jericho could have a concussion!”

                    -Coach “What the hell was Jericho thinking stepping inside a cage with Triple H?”

                    -Styles “I guess he had something to prove.”

                    -Coach “Well write a book then!”

                    Triple H picks up Jericho and decides to step it up a notch…the crowd is silent as Triple H rams Jericho’s face into the cage, raking him across one entire side of the ring…he throws Jericho to the ground like a rag doll and watches as he pulls himself up in the corner…Triple H lands two hard shots to Jericho’s face, then whips him across the ring into the opposite corner, following and charging with a big Clothesline…Jericho falls into a seated position where we see that he’s bleeding from the forehead…

                    -Styles “Jericho’s busted open! Triple H is dismantling him here early!”

                    -Coach “This is going to be a quick match.”

                    Triple H turns and raises his arms, posing for the crowd…they boo loudly as he snarls at them, then snaps at Christy who yells at him from outside the cage…Triple H turns back to Jericho, who slides to his side and hits a quick Drop Toe Hold, ramming Triple H’s face right into the top turnbuckle pad!

                    -Styles “Smart move by Jericho!”

                    Triple H leans on the turnbuckle pad, allowing Jericho to get to his feet…Jericho grabs Triple H by the hair and pulls his head back, ramming him into the turnbuckle again….and again……and again! Finally, Jericho rears up and slams Triple H face-first into the steel cage!

                    -Styles “Looks like this match won’t be over as quick as you think Coach!”

                    Jericho lets out a loud cry and pumps his fists as he grabs Triple H and leans into him, Irish Whipping him across the ring…he comes back and Jericho goes for a Backdrop, but Triple H kicks him hard in the chest, standing Jericho up…Trips goes for a Clothesline, but Jericho ducks under it, wrapping his arms around him and hitting a Release German Suplex!

                    Triple H folds in half and Jericho quickly rushes him, grabbing his legs…he tries to roll Triple H over for the Walls of Jericho as the crowd stands and cheers, but Triple H quickly rolls out of it, tossing Jericho aside…

                    Jericho is the first to his feet, walking over to the rising Triple H…Dropkick to Hunter’s face! Triple H falls onto his back and Jericho hops over him, leaping onto the second rope…he stalls, blowing a kiss to Christy Hemme, then Springboards for a Linonsault…

                    Triple H gets his knees up! Jericho’s ribs ram hard into Hunter’s shins and he falls back, clutching his chest…Triple H rolls to his side, then onto his feet…he gets up before Jericho and pulls him the rest of the way by his hair…Triple H pushes Jericho into the corner and lands a few hard Elbow Blows to Jericho’s jaw…he goes for another, but Jericho ducks and muscles Triple H into the corner! The crowd cheers as lets out a loud “WOOO!” as Jericho hits a Knife Edge Chop…..then another……”WOOO!”….another….finally, Jericho hooks Triple H’s head and runs forward for a Bulldog, but Triple H stops him, blocking it and hitting a Belly-to-Back Suplex…

                    Both men are down momentarily, until Triple H rolls to his side…he takes a quick breather, then gets to his feet…he wanders over to one corner of the ring and pulls at the apron…

                    -Styles “What is Triple H doing Coach?”

                    -Coach “I don’t know, but the canvas in that corner looks funny.”

                    Triple H tears at the apron, exposing a small hole in the seam where the canvas meets the apron…from the hole, Triple H slides out a sledgehammer!

                    -Styles “OH MY GOD!! Triple H planted a sledgehammer inside canvas!”

                    -Coach “That’s why they call him The Cerebral Assassin, Joe!”

                    Jericho, on his feet now, doesn’t hesitate as Triple H turns around and nails a swift Dropkick, knocking Triple H back into the cage and causing him to drop the sledgehammer…Jericho wipes some blood from his eyes after being busted open early and grabs Triple H, who is leaning on the ropes, and Irish Whips him across the ring…Jericho bounces off the opposite ropes and hits Triple H with a hard Flying Forearm Smash…

                    Triple H, dazed, shakes off the Forearm Smash as Jericho walks over to the sledgehammer…he points at Christy and instructs her to come around and meet him at the cage…she does and Jericho begins feeding the sledgehammer through the mesh steel…the handle goes all the way through but the head of the sledgehammer doesn’t fit…

                    Christy pulls and pulls, but to no avail…suddenly, she steps back and screams to warn Jericho, but it’s too late and Triple H is on top of him! Hunter smashes Jericho’s bloodied face into the steel cage and throws him to the canvas…Triple H looks down at Jericho, then at Christy and grabs the sledgehammer…Christy tries to hold on, but Triple H snatches it from her grasp…

                    -Styles “Triple H has his favourite toy now! Jericho had better get out of there fast!”

                    Triple H stands over Jericho and waits…he waits for him to rise to his feet and smiles as he prepares to strike with the sledgehammer…the crowd boos as the bloodied and dazed Jericho spins to face Triple H…

                    Triple H swings…

                    Jericho ducks! He spins and kicks Hunter right in the stomach…once again, Triple H drops the sledgehammer and Jericho runs off the ropes…he charges the hunched over Triple H….

                    He hooks his head for a Bulldog, but keeps running at the cage…

                    BULLDOG INTO THE CAGE!!

                    -Styles “OH MY GOD!!”

                    -Coach “The whole cage shook on that one!”

                    Jericho rolls to his feet as Triple H flops on the mat, clutching his face…Jericho watches as he lays still, then hops onto the second rope…

                    LIONSAULT ON TRIPLE H!!

                    -Styles “Jericho has a second wind! Can he escape!”

                    Jericho walks towards the cage door and signals for Christy to unlock it for him…she obviously obliges, smiling and hopping around to the door…she pulls at the padlock and it comes off, along with the chain…Jericho cockily leans on the ropes as the crowd roars, waiting for the door to open…finally, the door swings open and Jericho takes one look back at Triple H……..

                    ……only to see Triple H grab his foot!

                    -Coach “Yeah Hunter!”

                    Triple H clutches Jericho’s foot, Jericho trying to kick him off…Triple H pulls himself close enough to the cage door, noticing Jericho’s head sticking through the ropes….

                    BAM!! Triple H pulls the bottom of the door, swinging it shut into Jericho’s face! Jericho falls back onto his back, kicking his legs and clutching his already injured face!

                    -Styles “WOW! What a shot!”

                    Triple H takes a moment to catch his breath…he checks his forehead and realizes he too is bleeding now…

                    -Styles “What a battle this has been thus far.”

                    Both men are down, bleeding and exhausted…the crowd is on their feet, cheering, chants of “JERICHO!! JERICHO!!” breaking out in the audience…

                    Triple H is the first to his feet, glancing over at Jericho to see him kneeling and breathing heavily…Triple H forces himself over to Jericho, ready to capitalize…he pulls Jericho towards him, preparing for the Pedigree…

                    -Styles “If Triple H hits this, it’s over!”

                    Triple H hooks one arm, then goes for the other…

                    …Jericho breaks free, knocking Triple H back!


                    -Styles “Jericho had that sledgehammer in his hand the whole time! He tricked Triple H!”

                    Triple H falls to one knee and clenches his stomach in shear pain! The crowd cheers as Jericho takes a step back, lines up Triple H with the sledgehammer…

                    LOW BLOW BY TRIPLE H!!

                    -Styles “OH COME ON!!”

                    -Coach “Can you blame the guy!? Wouldn’t you do the same if someone was about to drive a sledgehammer into your face?”

                    Jericho falls to his knees, clutching his junk and dropping the sledgehammer…Triple H kneels a moment, then pulls himself to his feet, still hunched over and clutching his stomach…he staggers over to the cage door and pushes it open, preparing to climb through the ropes…

                    Christy Hemme slams the door shut! WHAM!! The door nails Triple H right in the shoulder, slowing him down enough for Jericho to regain enough strength to get to his feet and pull Triple H back inside the cage! The crowd roars as Christy turns and smiles, hopping up and down in celebration, cheering on Jericho…

                    -Styles “That vixen always has a thing or two up her sleeve.”

                    -Coach “I’ve never liked her.”

                    -Styles “Oh please.”

                    Jericho drags Triple H by his hair into the centre of the ring and lifts him up, hitting a nice Suplex right in the centre of the ring…he holds and lifts Hunter up to his feet, sending him into the corner…Jericho sits Triple H on the top rope, then prepares for a Hurricanrana off the top…

                    Triple H reverses….

                    POWERBOMB OFF THE TOP ROPE!!

                    -Styles “OH MY GOD!!”

                    Jericho is slammed half way to hell as the crowd lets out a huge “OHHH!!”…both men lay on the canvas, neither moving an inch as the crowd cheers them on…chants for “JERICHO!!” pump up again and the referee assesses the situation, tending to both men…

                    -Styles “This has been an incredible match Coach.”

                    Triple H begins to stir, pulling himself to his knees…he looks and sees Jericho not moving and lifts himself to his feet…finally, Jericho stirs and crawls to his knees…Triple H leans against the ropes, motioning for Jericho to get up…he begs for Jericho to get up…the crowd boos, taunting and yelling at Triple H but he ignores their cries and as Jericho gets to his feet and turns, kicks him hard in the stomach…

                    PEDIGREE ON JERICHO!!

                    -Styles “Awwww, NO!”

                    -Coach “So long, bye bye Chris! You had a good run!”

                    Triple H plants Jericho with a sickening Pedigree right in the centre of the ring…he stays on his knees for a moment, looking down at the beaten and bloodied Jericho…Triple H wipes sweat and blood from his eyes and gets up, stumbling towards the corner and beginning to ascend the turnbuckle…he gets to the top and puts both his hands on top of the cage…he hooks his feet in the steel mesh and pulls himself towards the top…

                    Triple H nears the top, almost with one leg over the top of the cage…he holds on for dear life, exhausted but so close to victory he can taste it…Triple H has one leg hooked and is pulling himself near safety…he lifts his other leg…..

                    …JERICHO GRABS HIS FOOT!!

                    -Styles “OH MY GOD!!”

                    -Coach “Where the hell did he come from!?”

                    Jericho, with his last ounce of strength, pulls himself to his feet and manages to grab Triple H’s foot before he’s gone from the cage and out of the match! Triple H tries to shake Jericho off, but only causes himself to slump back towards the ring! Jericho sits on the top rope, pulling at both of Triple H’s legs…..

                    POWERBOMB OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE!!!

                    -Styles “OH MY GOD!!”

                    -Coach “Would you stop saying that!?”

                    -Styles “YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!! DID YOU SEE THAT!?”

                    Jericho hits a huge Powerbomb of his own, dropping Triple H from the top of the cage! Both men are down again and the crowd is going completely insane! Everyone is on their feet as they watch the bloody events unfold in the ring…

                    -Styles “This is one for the history books Coach.”

                    Jericho is still sitting on the top rope, looking down at Triple H…Christy Hemme is losing her mind on the outside, cheering and screaming for Jericho to get out of the cage…the crowd can sense it as Jericho stands, pulling himself on to the top of the cage…

                    Styles “Chalk one up for Chris Jericho!”

                    -Coach “I can’t believe I’m seeing this.”

                    Jericho stands on top of the cage, facing away from Triple H…the crowd roars and cheers, chanting his name as he stands and looks out over them…he glances back over his shoulder, noticing Triple H is in perfect position…

                    -Styles “Why hasn’t he climbed down!?”

                    -Coach “Oh Jesus he better not be thinking what I think he’s thinking…”

                    JERICHO LEAPS!!

                    MOONSAUL-NO!!! TRIPLE H MOVES!!!

                    -Styles “NO!! NO HE HAD IT WON!!”

                    Chris Jericho slams into the canvas as Triple H rolls out of the way! The plug is pulled on the electrified crowd as Jericho finishes himself off, slamming into the mat…

                    Triple H rolls to his knee and takes a deep breath, realizing how close he was to losing the match…he looks to his side and sees the sledgehammer…he grasps it and stands, waiting for Jericho who stirs and pulls himself to his feet…the crowd boos and taunts as Triple H waits……he waits……Jericho, hunched over in pain, bleeding and exhausted, turns around to face Triple H, who swings the sledgehammer….

                    WHAM!!! JERICHO IS LAID OUT COLD!!!

                    The crowd lets out a uniform “OHHHH!!” as Jericho takes a sickening shot to the head from the sledgehammer…Triple H tosses it aside and turns to the cage door…Christy is desperately trying to hold it shut, but Triple H simply kicks it open, knocking Christy to the ground!

                    -Styles “There’s no need for that! You’ve won the damn match!”

                    -Coach “She was in the way!”

                    Triple H crawls through the ropes as the crowd boos loudly…he slumps down over the apron and falls to the ground on the outside of the cage…

                    Winner: Triple H
                    Triple H crawls out of harms way and struggles to his feet…the crowd boos loudly as he leans against the cage and has his arm raised by the ref…he pulls away and turns to face the steel cage and the bloody mess that is Chris Jericho…

                    -Styles “What a battle that was. Jericho may have lost, but he has nothing to be disappointed about.”

                    -Coach “How can you say that? The moron had the match won and he jumped back into the cage!”

                    -Styles “It wasn’t about winning for Jericho. It was about the fans, it was about entertainment, it was about-“

                    -Coach “Losing?”

                    Triple H backs up the ramp and glares at Jericho…hunched over and bleeding, Triple H disappears backstage…

                    The cage slowly raises and Jericho begins to stir, pulling himself to his feet…blood pours from his head as Christy Hemme tries to help him up, but he falls to one knee again…EMT’s rush to the ring and try to get Jericho to lie down, but he refuses any help…he shoves the EMT’s away and forces himself out of the ring…Christy helps him by holding his arm and the two head up the ramp to a standing ovation…

                    A video package for the Austin/McMahon match begins to play…


                    • Re: New Era Wrestling

                      As the promo comes to an end, we’re given a wide shot of the arena as “No Chance” hits the speakers…the fans boo loudly as Vince McMahon slowly appears from the entry way, wearing black work out pants and a dark grey tank top…

                      -Styles “Oh boy Coach, this is what I’ve been waiting for all night!”

                      -Coach “I hope Vince hears you and sends you packing.”

                      -Styles “The only person getting sent packing tonight is Vince himself, care of Austin 3:16!”

                      Vince climbs the ring steps, looking around with a worried look on his face…he steps into the ring and looks completely helpless as he stares at the entry way, waiting…he paces in the ring for a moment, then turns to Howard Finkel and asks for the microphone…

                      -Vince “If I could just have your attention for a moment.”

                      -Crowd ”WHAT!?”

                      -Vince “I just want to say that this is completely and utterly unfair.”

                      -Crowd ”WHAT!?”

                      -Vince “If my son Shane had any guts at all, he’d walk out here and fight me himself!”

                      -Crowd ”WHAT!?”

                      -Vince “Yes, Shane tricked me, but only a coward would do that!”

                      -Crowd ”WHAT!?”

                      -Vince “SHUT UP!!”

                      -Crowd ”WHAT!?”

                      Vince puts the mic down at his side, frustrated with the fans…they cheer as Vince continues…

                      -Vince “Austin, you listen to me and you listen to me good! Stay backstage if you know what’s good for you! Coming out here is only going to get you hurt! You and Shane can have your fun, but if you mess with the boss, you’re going down! You know better than anyone that I can make it happen, that I have tricks up my sleeve! So unless you want to get hurt, I suggest you stay back there and call this match off!”

                      GLASS SHATTERS

                      The crowd rises to their feet in elation, marking out huge as Stone Cold Steve Austin appears from the entry way!! He marches to the ring, ready for an ass whoopin’ as the crowd screams and cheers until their throats are sore!!

                      -Styles “Stone Cold!! Stone Cold is here and he’s ready to kick Vince McMahon’s ass!”

                      -Coach “Don’t be so sure, didn’t you hear Vince’s threat? Austin better watch himself.”

                      Austin marches through the ring, making it to all four ring posts as Vince slides to the outside, watching in intimidation…Austin does his Middle Finger Salute to all four corners, then stands in the ring, pacing, talking trash to Vince McMahon who watches from the outside…

                      -Styles “Vince, just get it over with! You’re getting an ass whooping, one way or another!”

                      The crowd breaks out in a huge chant of “AUSTIN!! AUSTIN!!” as Stone Cold paces in the ring like a caged animal…he eyes Vince as his music fades out and the ref finally calls for the bell…

                      Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon
                      No Disqualification Match

                      Austin continues to pace in the ring as Vince watches from the outside…the crowd, on their feet, are like a pack of rabid dogs, screaming for blood and one last Vince McMahon Beatdown courtesy of Stone Cold Steve Austin…

                      -Styles “I’ve got goosebumps Coach! I can’t wait to see Vince get what he deserves!”

                      -Coach “How can you say that? Why is Mr. McMahon even here!?”

                      Just as Austin is about to leave the ring, he catches Vince glancing towards the entry way…Austin spins around just as Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin slide into the ring! The crowd boos loudly as they both quickly attack Austin…

                      -Styles “Vince is up to his old tricks already!”

                      -Coach “At least now the fight is even!”

                      -Styles “EVEN!? It’s three on one!”

                      Orton pounces on Austin, landing stiff right hands to Austin’s back…Austin is hunched over, punching Orton in the ribs and trying to fend him off…Benjamin begins kicking Austin hard in the ribs, weakening him enough to force him into a corner…Orton and Benjamin both begin kicking Austin hard in the ribs and stomach as Austin falls into a seated position, desperately trying to defend himself…

                      -Styles “This is madness! This is so unfair!”

                      Vince barks orders from ringside as Orton and Benjamin continue to dismantle The Rattlesnake…Benjamin lifts Austin to his feet and sends him into the ropes…Austin bounces back and Benjamin steps to the side as Orton sprints into action…


                      -Styles “OH MY GOD!! Stone Cold was just levelled with a huge RKO!”

                      Austin lays motionless in the ring as Orton and Benjamin stand over him…the crowd is silent, feeling completely ripped off as Vince slides in under the ropes…he carefully checks Austin, then smiles and makes a quick cover, hoisting Austin’s leg…Orton and Benjamin slide out of the ring as the ref makes the count…



                      AUSTIN KICKS OUT!!

                      -Styles “YES!! YES YES YES!!!”

                      -Coach “I wish I didn’t see that coming…”

                      Austin rolls on to his side as Vince cowers back in shock! The crowd roars after Austin kicks out, feeling energized once again! Orton and Benjamin look at each other, then head back down the ramp towards the ring…suddenly, the crowd erupts in loud cheers! The Originators are sprinting through the crowd towards the ring!

                      -Styles “They’re here! The Originators are here!!”

                      All four men come from different parts of the crowd, circling the ring! Orton and Benjamin try to high-tail it back up the ramp, but to no avail! CM Punk and Alex Shelley catch Orton and Benjamin and drag them to the ground, beating them senseless! Paul London and Chris Sabin join in the fun, attacking them in a huge 4 on 2 beatdown!

                      -Styles “Finally, Orton and Benjamin get what they deserve! I’m sick of them walking around here like they own the place!”

                      The crowd roars again as Shane McMahon appears on stage, shouting orders at The Originators and directing them backstage! As Orton and Benjamin are dragged backstage by The Originators, Shane takes one look at the ring and smiles, disappearing backstage once again…

                      The view shifts back to the action in the ring…Vince is leaning into a corner, watching as Austin rolls to his knees…the crowd is cheering loudly now, ready for the punishment they all came to see…

                      -Styles “The playing field is even now! There’s nobody here to help Vince!”

                      Wide-eyed and clearly out of ideas, Vince drops to his back and rolls to the outside, desperately searching under the ring for something…anything, to use against Austin…he looks under the apron and finds a steel chair…Vince slides it in the ring and crawls back in…on his knees, Vince tries to pick up the steel chair, when STOMP! Austin brings a foot down and stands on the chair, glaring down at Vince with a sick smile on his face…

                      The crowd roars as Austin towers over Vince, smiling to himself…he grabs Vince by the hair and drags him to his feet…Austin winds up and nails a brutal punch to Vince’s jaw! The crowd roars as Vince is sent flailing into the corner, Austin advancing and attacking…Vince huddles in the corner as Austin stomps away at him, Stomping a Mud Hole right through Vince McMahon…

                      -Styles “Austin is taking the fight to McMahon! He’s shaken off the attack by Orton and Benjamin and now he wants Vince’s blood!”

                      -Coach “I can’t watch!”

                      Austin continues stomping away at Vince repeatedly, the ref begging for Austin to stop…the temporary GM simply turns and glares at the ref, causing the ref to huddle back in defense…Austin turns back to Vince and continues to stomp away, stomping Vince right out of the ring!

                      Vince rolls to the arena floor, sprawled out on the black mats surrounding the NEW ring…Austin drops to his back and slides out of the ring, grabbing Vince by the back of the neck…he drags Vince to the crowd barrier…BAM! Vince’s face bounces off the unforgiving crowd barrier as fans in the front row cheer and flip off Vince…Austin drags Vince over to the announcer’s table and slams him face-first into it…Vince drops to his knees and drapes himself over the table as Austin searches around the table…he finds a cable and wraps it around Vince’s neck, cutting off his air…

                      -Styles “Austin is going to choke the life out of Vince McMahon right in front of us! This is brutal!”

                      -Coach “If I wasn’t so terrified of Austin right now, I’d smack him right in the face!”

                      Vince chokes and gasps for air as Austin finally lets him go…Vince, on his hands and knees, holds his neck in pain, struggling to breathe…Austin shoves Howard Finkel out of his way and grabs the steel chair Finkel was sitting on…he walks back over to Vince and raises the chair high above his head…

                      SMACK!! The chair dents over Vince’s back! Vince drops to the ground, clutching his back and rolling in pain! The crowd cheers as Austin tosses the chair aside, looking at some fans in the front row and shouting “Gimme a HELL YEAH!!”…a few fans respond as Austin picks up Vince and tosses him back in the ring…

                      -Styles “Vince is going to have to start fighting back! This is a total squash! This is a massacre!”

                      Austin climbs into the ring and stands over Vince…he walks over and grabs the original steel chair still laying in the ring…Austin leans over and yells something at Vince, then raises the chair high above his head….

                      LOW BLOW BY VINCE MCMAHON!!

                      -Styles “What a cheapshot!”

                      -Coach “No disqualifications Joe! It’s all legal!”

                      Austin drops the chair and falls to his knees, clutching his groin in pain…he lays on his side, kicking his legs as Vince lays flat on his back, breathing heavily and trying to shake off the severe beating he just got at the hands of Austin…

                      Vince begins to drag himself to his feet, the crowd booing him loudly…Vince eyes the dented steel chair Austin just used on him and picks it up…he staggers against the ropes as Austin drags himself to his feet, still hunched over and holding his groin…Vince raises the steel chair above his head…

                      SMASH!! Vince brings the chair down over Austin’s spine with a sickening blow! Austin falls to the canvas, sprawled out on his stomach…he holds his back with one arm as Vince stands over him, beginning to laugh to himself…the crowd boos loudly as Vince turns to the audience, yelling “IS THIS YOUR BELOVED STONE COLD!?”…fans in the front row curse at Vince as he turns back to Austin and raises the chair one more time…

                      CRACK!! The chair dents over Austin’s head!

                      -Styles “OH MY GOD!! Austin might be completely knocked out!”

                      -Coach “Nobody beats the boss!”

                      Vince smiles to himself as he rolls Austin over, making the cover!



                      AUSTIN KICKS OUT!!

                      -Styles “YES!! Somehow, someway, Austin is still going!”

                      Vince coils back in terror as Austin lays on his side, clutching his head! The fans roar as Austin begins to pull himself to his knees! Vince desperately begins stomping at Austin’s ribs and back, trying to fend him off, but Austin simply grabs Vince’s legs and trips him up! Austin mounts Vince, nailing a barrage of rights and lefts! Austin’s fists rain down on Vince from all angles as he pummels the NEW Owner and CEO into the canvas!

                      -Styles “Austin has gone mad!”

                      -Coach “Somebody! Somebody help Vince!”

                      Austin finally gets off Vince, hopping to his feet and playing to the crowd! The fans leap out of their seats as they mark for Austin, the Stone Cold they all know and love!

                      Austin leans on the ropes and calls to ringside…he raises his hand and signals for a beer!

                      -Styles “I think Austin’s thirsty!”

                      Austin catches a beer and cracks it open, watching as Vince crawls to his feet! Vince is bleeding from the head, suffering a cut from all the punches from Austin! The Rattlesnake toasts, takes a chug from the can of beer and then charges, slamming the metal can into Vince’s skull!

                      -Styles “This is amazing!”

                      -Coach “This is horrible!”

                      Vince lays on the ground, blood trickling down his face from the multiple punches and metal beer can to the head! He lays there not moving as Austin raises his arms, middle fingers high in the air! The crowd stays on their feet, cheering and screaming, as Austin crouches with his hands on his knees…..waiting…..

                      -Styles “Oh no, I know what’s coming!”

                      -Coach “Don’t get up Mr. McMahon! STAY DOWN!! SOMEBODY HELP!!”

                      Austin waits…..he waits….

                      …Vince stirs, rolling to his side…

                      …The Rattlesnake waits to strike….

                      ….Vince is on his feet, disoriented…he turns around……

                      STUNNER!!! STUNNER ON VINCE MCMAHON!!!

                      The crowd roars as Vince flops to the mat! Austin spins towards him, hooking his leg and making the pin as the crowd counts along!




                      Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin

                      “Glass Shatters” plays as Austin gets to his feet! The crowd is losing it as Austin pulls himself up onto the turnbuckle and calls for more beer!

                      -Styles “AUSTIN WINS!! Have another drink sir, you just beat the boss!”

                      Austin salutes the crowd as he catches a couple more beers! He slams them together and chugs them back, then hops down from the turnbuckle and calls for two more! Austin leaves Vince in the ring, but not before pouring a full can of beer all over his motionless body!

                      Austin heads up the ramp and stands on stage, fingers raised and beer flowing…the crowd gives him one last ovation before he disappears backstage…

                      A promo video for the World Title Match begins to play…


                      • Re: New Era Wrestling

                        As the promo comes to an end, we see Vince McMahon backstage, leaning against a wall seated on a stool…he’s breathless and bleeding as EMT’s try to stitch him up…

                        -EMT “Mr. McMahon please remain still.”

                        -Vince “God dammit don’t tell me to stay still!”

                        Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin cautiously approach…

                        -Vince “YOU TWO IDIOTS ALMOST GOT ME KILLED!”

                        -Orton “Mr. McMahon we-“


                        -Benjamin “Well we-“

                        -Vince “We we we WE!! WE NOTHING!! It was a simple plan and you idiots screwed it up! I got embarrassed in front of millions of people tonight! Did you!? DID YOU!?”

                        -Orton “Well we won our matches.”

                        -Vince “GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!! GO ON!! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!”

                        Orton and Benjamin scurry off as Vince McMahon sits back down on the stool…he calms himself down and leans back, allowing the EMT to stitch him up…

                        -Vince “This night isn’t over, not by a long shot. I guess I’ll just have to take care of Austin and Shane myself.”


                        We cut back to the arena where we get a brief shot of the announcer’s table…

                        -Styles “What!? What did Vince mean Coach?”

                        -Coach “Mr. McMahon is always prepared Joe, you should know that by now. Haha! He’s going to take care of Austin before this night is over, I can guarantee that!”

                        -Styles “How do we know Austin’s still in the building?”

                        -Coach “If I know Stone Cold Steve Austin, he’s not going anywhere until this night is over.”

                        Then, the lights go out…

                        The fans rise to their feet, screaming and cheering as “Cochise” by Audioslave begins to play…the drumbeat slowly fills the arena as smoke pours from the entry way…a bright white light illuminates the stage and ramp, then as the music picks up, a huge white explosion engulfs the entire stage! The fans are losing their minds as Edge appears through the smoke in a flurry of strobes and spotlights!

                        -Styles “I don’t think an entrance has ever given me chills before Coach, but that one just did. This is Edge’s night, I can feel it!”

                        Edge bounds down the entry ramp, slapping hands on his way, grinning from ear to ear…the NEW Contender’s Title belt gleams from around his waist beneath his trenchcoat as he slides in the ring…he stands high on a turnbuckle as the fans roar even louder!

                        -Styles “John Cena and Edge have easily had the greatest feud in NEW history Coach and I can’t wait for this match.”

                        -Coach “Please, once Cena stomps Edge and retains the NEW Title yet again, he’ll remain the longest running Champ in NEW history and forget all about his broken nose, Edge and this night in general.”


                        Cena’s theme hits and the crowd lets him have it…they boo and hiss as Cena appears from the entry way, not taking his eyes off Edge for a second…his nose not bandaged anymore, Cena looks all business as he tosses the NEW World Title aside and slides into the ring, meeting Edge in the centre as the two exchange blows!

                        -Styles “Looks like this match just started early Coach!”

                        John Cena (c) vs. Edge – NEW World Championship
                        Edge and Cena exchange blows in the ring as the crowd stays on their feet, cheering Edge on! Chants for Edge scatter through the crowd as he and Cena continue to beat the hell out of each other!

                        -Styles “This is an all-out brawl!”

                        Edge blocks a shot from Cena and trips him up, tackling him to the ground, resulting in a big pop from the crowd…Edge lays in to Cena, nailing several rights and lefts to Cena’s face…

                        -Styles “Edge might break Cena’s nose again here Coach!”

                        -Coach “He better not if he knows what’s good for him.”

                        Just then, Cena rolls Edge over, mounting him and slamming fists into Edge’s face…the crowd boos as Edge blocks the raining fists, trying to roll free…Cena gets off Edge and lifts him to his feet by his hair and walks him to a corner, slamming his face into a turnbuckle…Cena goes to throw an elbow into Edge’s face, but Edge nails a stiff kick to Cena’s gut, then follows up with an explosive Clothesline out of the corner! The crowd cheers as Cena staggers back to his feet, Edge calling him on….another Clothesline! Another! Cena gets up….Arm Drag! Edge sticks it and holds on for a beautiful Armbar!

                        Edge locks in the Armbar and wrenches on Cena’s shoulder…the crowd cheers as Edge slows the pace, giving him a chance to catch his breath…Cena screams in pain and reaches for the ropes, but he’s too far away…his shoulders slouch on to the mat and the ref counts..1…2….Cena lifts his shoulder back up…he claws at Edge’s legs, trying to break the hold, but can’t make Edge let go…

                        -Styles “Edge could make Cena tap early!”

                        -Cena “That would never, ever happen.”

                        -Styles “I bet you never would’ve thought Edge could make Kane tap out, but he did that two weeks ago!”

                        -Coach “Kane’s a wuss.”

                        -Styles “You tell him that!”

                        Edge keeps the hold locked in as Cena tries again for the ropes…he’s much too far away, so he rolls towards Edge and manages to turn enough that he can get leverage and roll Edge up for a pin! 1….2…..Edge kicks out!

                        Cena rolls quickly to his feet, beating Edge…as Edge gets up, Cena drops him with a Leaping Shoulder Block…Cena calls for Edge to get up and as Edge does, Cena hits a lovely Dropkick, sending Edge right back to the mat…Cena then scrambles over top of Edge and lifts his leg, locking in a Half Boston Crab!

                        -Styles “Cena with a submission of his own!”

                        The fans boo as Cena attempts to wear Edge down and even the odds with a Half Boston Crab…Cena grits his teeth and tears at Edge’s leg, his foot almost touching the back of his head…Edge claws at the mat and pulls at his hair, in obvious pain, trying to reach the ropes…Edge is too far away and has no chance of pulling himself towards them, so he kicks his free leg, hoping to hit the bottom rope…no luck…the ref talks to Edge as he continues to scream in pain, but Edge won’t give up this early…

                        Edge starts to slide his knee under him as the fans cheer him on…suddenly, he manages to roll through the submission, sending Cena flying through the ropes!

                        -Styles “Nice manoeuvre by Edge!”

                        Cena falls to the arena floor as Edge clutches his knee in pain…the ref checks on Edge, then leans over the ropes and checks on Cena before starting his 10-count…Edge crawls to the side of the ring and pulls himself to the outside…the ref starts the 10-count over as Edge attacks a rising John Cena from behind, nailing him hard in the back with a stiff forearm shot…

                        Edge drags Cena towards the ring and slams him head-first into the apron…the ref continues counting…




                        Edge holds on to Cena and Irish Whips him towards the ring post…..WHAM! Cena nails the ring post and cartwheels sideways to the floor! The crowd gives a loud “OHH!” as Cena lands and Edge rolls back into the ring to start the 10-count over…

                        -Styles “Edge isn’t finished on the outside by a long shot. He’s going to use everything in his arsenal to take out Cena tonight, even if that includes the ring itself!”

                        -Coach “This is ridiculous! Edge should be disqualified! Where’s Austin when you need him? Stunner that ref too!”

                        Edge picks up John Cena and begins an Irish Whip towards the ring steps…..Cena reverses! CRASH!! Edge is sent flying into the ring steps! His knees hit the steps hard and he falls over them and slumps on the ground below!




                        Cena kneels outside the ring as the ref continues to count…he catches his breath and rolls into the ring at a count of 8 and then exits the ring once again, starting the 10-count over…the ref watches from the ring and pleads with Cena to get back in, but can only count and watch for disqualifications…

                        -Styles “John Cena’s going to take the fight to Edge here.”

                        Cena kicks the fallen ring steps aside and grabs Edge by the hair…he pulls Edge to his feet and slams his head off the crowd barrier with a loud THUD! Edge falls to his knees and slumps over the crowd barrier…Cena picks him up and lifts him onto his shoulder…he tosses Edge forward…..WHACK!! Edge falls and his face hits the crowd barrier with a sickening blow!

                        As the fans boo, Cena turns to a fan in the front row and curses at him, resulting in more boos from the crowd…as the ref continues counting, Cena grabs Edge and rolls him back in the ring…Edge lays motionless as Cena pulls himself up on to the ring apron and walks towards the turnbuckle…

                        -Styles “Looks like John Cena might fly here Coach!”

                        Cena climbs the turnbuckle and waits as Edge crawls around the ring and pulls himself to his feet…the fans watch as Cena readies himself then leaps towards Edge as he turns around to face Cena…..Flying Fist Drop! Edge is nailed right in the jaw as Cena rolls through the punch to his feet! Edge drops to his back and Cena falls to his knees, making a cover!



                        Kick out by Edge! The fans give a decent pop as Edge makes the kick out…Cena has words with the ref, then grabs Edge by the hair and starts landing stiff punches to Edge’s face…Cena picks up Edge and leans him into the ropes, Irish Whipping him across the ring…Cena plants his feet in the centre of the ring and looks for a Backdrop, but Edge hops over him! The crowd cheers as Edge bounces back, catching Cena with a huge Spinning Wheel Kick! Cena falls to the mat but quickly makes it up as Edge rolls to his feet! He kicks Cena hard in the gut…..DDT!!

                        -Styles “Edge is reeling now!”

                        Edge gets to his feet and picks his spot in the corner, calling for Cena to get up, getting the fans pumped! Edge has the look in his eye, like he’s looking for a Spear…Cena gets to his feet and turns towards Edge as he charges…..

                        SPE-NO! Cena moves! Edge’s own momentum works against him as he crashes hard into the corner, hitting the ring post with his shoulder! He stumbles back and Cena is ready, pulling Edge into a nice Roll Up!



                        Edge kicks out! Edge gets to his feet before Cena, holding his shoulder in pain…Cena gets ready to punk Edge with a Clothesline, but Edge ducks…he grabs Cena by the back of the head and hits a huge Neckbreaker!

                        Both men are down now, Edge holding his shoulder and Cena clutching the back of his head…the fans applaud as Edge is the first to struggle to his feet, followed closely by Cena…Edge leans on the ropes holding his shoulder, still feeling the sting of the ring post…Cena gets to his feet and charges, but Edge is once again ready as he hoists Cena high over the ropes! But Cena manages to land on the apron! Cena holds the top rope as Edge turns to walk away, thinking Cena has crashed to the floor…

                        WHAM!! Cena grabs Edge by the hair and drops him to the mat! The fans boo as Cena once again ascends the turnbuckle…

                        -Styles “Cena possibly going for another Fist Drop. This could seal the win!”

                        Cena crouches on the top rope as the fans watch closely…Edge is motionless as Cena leaps high into the air……

                        EDGE MOVES!! Cena lands face first on the canvas as Edge plays possum beautifully and leaps to his feet, bouncing off the ropes and charging at Cena as he staggers to his feet….

                        SPEAR!! SPEAR ON JOHN CENA!!

                        -Styles “IT’S OVER!! NEW CHAMPION!!”



                        KICK OUT BY CENA!!

                        -Styles “OHHH!!”

                        -Coach “That was too close for comfort.”

                        Edge looks to the ref, realizing how close he was to being the new Champ…the ref tells Edge it was only two as the crowd boos in disappointment…Edge looks frustrated, but doesn’t give Cena an inch…he picks Cena up by the back of his head and pulls him into the centre of the ring, setting him up for the Edgecution…

                        -Styles “This will end it here!”

                        Edge lifts Cena up off the canvas….

                        CENA REVERSES! He lands on his feet and flips Edge over for a Northern Lights Suplex! He holds for the pin!



                        Kick out by Edge! Cena and Edge get up at the same time but this time, Cena has Edge caught off guard…Cena lifts Edge up, hitting a nice Atomic Drop, then almost decapitates Edge with a powerful Standing Clothesline!

                        -Styles “OH MY GOD!! Edge folded in half on that one!”

                        Cena stands over Edge for a moment, then puts his hands on his knees and readies himself…he plays the waiting game with Edge this time as he prepares to hit the Jailbreak on Edge…the fans boo as Cena waits…….waits………..Edge gets to his knees, pulling himself up with the ropes……Cena lifts Edge onto his sholders….

                        Edge slides off Cena’s back! Edge falls behind Cena….

                        EDGE-O-MATIC!! EDGE COVERS!!



                        -Styles “THIS IS IT!! EDGE HAS WON!!”

                        CENA KICKS OUT!!

                        A loud groan comes from the crowd as John Cena barely keeps the match alive as he shoots his arm into the air and rolls to his side! Edge pulls his hair back with his hands and looks wide-eyed into the audience…

                        -Styles “It doesn’t get any closer than that folks.”

                        Edge takes a moment to collect himself, then gets his head back in the game…Cena begins to stir as Edge lifts him to his feet…Edge tries to send Cena into the ropes, but Cena manages to reverse, sending Edge into the ropes…

                        EDGE COMES BACK WITH A SPEA-NO!! Cena hops over Edge! Edge stumbles and grabs the opposite ropes, pulling himself up…John Cena kicks him hard in the stomach…

                        JAILBREAK!! JAILBREAK ON EDGE!!

                        -Styles “NO!! NO DAMMIT NO!!”

                        Both men are down for a moment as the crowd falls silent…scattered boos flow through the audience as Cena begins to stir, some fans left in disbelief…

                        -Coach “PIN HIM!! PIN HIM JOHN!!”

                        Cena rolls towards Edge and drops an arm over his chest, the ref slides in for the count…



                        EDGE GETS A SHOULDER UP!!!

                        -Styles “OH MY GOD!!”

                        -Coach “NO!! DAMMIT THAT WAS A THREE COUNT!!”

                        Edge is literally milliseconds from losing the Title once again, but he somehow finds the strength to kick out…Cena puts his hands on his hips as he kneels at Edge’s side and shakes his head in disbelief…the crowd roars and gets to their feet, electrified now that Edge is still alive…

                        Cena stands up and pulls Edge to his feet…he once again mounts Edge on to his shoulders and sets him up for the Jailbreak…

                        -Coach “Edge ain’t kicking out of this one!”

                        EDGE REVERSES!!

                        -Styles “He won’t have to!”

                        Edge falls behind John Cena and shoves him into the ropes! Cena bounces back and looks for a Clothesline, but Edge is too quick! Edge kicks Cena hard in the gut….


                        -Styles “OH MY GOD!!”

                        The crowd explodes as Edge drops Cena with the biggest Edgecution of his career! Edge and Cena are flat on their backs as the crowd begs for Edge to make the cover! He finally drapes an arm over Cena’s chest and the ref makes the count!




                        Winner and NEW World Champion: Edge
                        -Styles “YES!! YES I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! EDGE HAS DONE IT!!”

                        Audioslave’s “Cochise” hits the speakers as the fans completely mark out! Edge has done it! Edge has finally won the NEW World Championship!

                        Edge is completely exhausted as he struggles to his feet…the referee raises his arm and the bruised and battered Edge holds the back of his head as the ref hands him the NEW World Title…Edge looks down at the belt and smiles as the fans roar…he hoists the belt high in the air and continues to celebr-WHAM!!!

                        -Styles “WHAT THE HELL!?”

                        Edge is suddenly attacked from behind by Randy Orton! He and Shelton Benjamin appear in the ring and begin to lay the beat down on Edge!

                        -Styles “WHAT THE!? WHY ARE THESE JERKS HERE!?”

                        -Coach “Teaching Edge a lesson! Nobody beats John Cena!”

                        The fans are booing loudly, but suddenly begin to cheer when Stevie Richards appears, running down the entry way! Stevie Richards slides in the ring and lays into Orton, beating him into a corner, until Shelton Benjamin attacks and the numbers game comes in to play…

                        But wait, here’s The Originators! CM Punk, Paul London, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley all appear!

                        -Styles “The calvary is here!”

                        -Coach “Hold on a second.”

                        The Originators are quickly attacked by Rob Van Dam and AJ Styles! The brand new Tag Team Champions target Sabin and Shelley as Orton and Benjamin begin to fight back against CM Punk and Paul London…the fans boo as they gain the upper hand….

                        GLASS SHATTERS

                        The fans mark out once again as the music of Stone Cold Steve Austin hits!

                        -Styles “Business is about to pick up!”

                        The full-out brawl in the ring continues as Austin marches to the ring…he slides in under the ropes and is quickly met by Shelton Benjamin…

                        STUNNER ON BENJAMIN!!

                        The fans cheer as Austin turns around to face Paul London who is standing alone…

                        STUNNER ON LONDON!!

                        STUNNER ON STEVIE RICHARDS!!

                        Austin wreaks havoc in the ring, grabbing CM Punk and tossing him out of the ring! Rob Van Dam faces Austin and swings at him….big mistake…

                        STUNNER ON RVD!!

                        AJ Styles quickly tries to avenge Rob Van Dam…

                        STUNNER ON AJ STYLES!!

                        The fans are going ballistic as Austin completely clears house! Randy Orton high tails it out of the ring and The Originators regroup and watch as Stevie Richards, RVD and AJ Styles lie on the outside, Stunnered out of their skulls…

                        Stone Cold paces in the ring for a moment as Edge and John Cena come to and look on…Austin walks to a corner and grabs a microphone…

                        -Austin “Now if everyone could just calm down a god damn minute, ol’ Stone Cold’s got something to say.”

                        -Styles “What’s Austin doing Coach?!”

                        -Coach “Didn’t you hear him? Be quiet!”

                        Austin paces and continues to address the crowd…

                        -Austin “Now I’m sitting in the back and watching this match and I couldn’t help but come out here and congratulate Edge on his fine win.”

                        Loud pop from the crowd…

                        -Austin “Now Stone Cold doesn’t mean any disrespect, but I’ve been watching the way things have been run around here and from the looks of it, a retarded monkey could do a better job. Hell maybe that’s why Shane picked me to be temporary GM tonight, but the bottom line is this: that locker room is split down the middle and Vince McMahon couldn’t care less.”

                        The crowd boos at the mention of Vince’s name…

                        -Austin “So before Vince turns this into WWE Part Two, Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to use what’s left of his GM powers and make a little match.”

                        Big pop…

                        -Styles “A match!? What!?”

                        -Austin “See I’ve got about, ohh, 5 minutes left until my GM powers run out, but before they do, Stone Cold’s going to announce his match. In just one month’s time, Shane McMahon is going to get one last chance to win back what’s rightfully his because at Main Attraction VIII, Shane McMahon is going to fight Vince McMahon, winner gets the NEW, loser leaves town and all these little jackasses that Stone Cold just whipped and everyone backstage are banned from ringside!”

                        -Styles “WOW!!”

                        -Coach “Vince would never allow this!”

                        -Styles “Are you sure? This is his chance to get rid of Shane and keep the NEW for good! Vince can’t pass up that chance!”

                        The fans continue cheering as Austin paces, just about to leave, when he stops himself…

                        -Austin “Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Just to make sure nobody tries to interfere in the match and to make sure everyone plays fair, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s going to be the Special Guest Enforcer…and that’s the Bottom Line…..’CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!!”

                        GLASS SHATTERS

                        The fans lose their minds as Stone Cold hoists himself on a turnbuckle and calls for a couple cold ones! He opens the beers and slams them together as Edge watches on...John Cena has left the ring and is watching from the stage...shortly after he exits the arena and Austin tosses Edge a beer...the fans cheer as Edge and Austin have a cold one...Edge hoists the Title high in the air one last time, then leaves the ring, leaving Austin alone...Austin calls for more beer when…

                        THE FIRES OF HELL EXPLODE!!

                        -Styles “What the hell!?”

                        -Coach “Kane! Kane is here!”

                        Austin stands in the ring almost dumbfounded as Kane storms to the ring and steps inside…the fans don’t know what to think as Kane stares down at Austin, who’s still holding both beers in his hands…the lights return to normal as Kane and Austin continue to stare each other down…

                        Austin is the first to break the stalemate when he offers Kane a beer!

                        -Styles “Haha! Austin wants to have a drink with Kane!”

                        -Coach “I don’t think Kane drinks.”

                        Kane looks down at the beer, then back up at Austin….KANE GRABS AUSTIN BY THE THROAT!!

                        -Styles “OH NO!!”

                        CHOKESLAM!! Austin gets Chokeslammed all the way to hell!

                        -Coach “YES!! GO KANE!!”

                        The fans boo loudly as Kane stands over Austin, looking down at him, then raising his arms high above his head….BOOM!! The ring posts explode as Kane stands tall over Austin and the rest of the NEW Superstars still left at ringside…Vince McMahon appears on stage and laughs at Kane’s work in the ring…

                        -Styles “This place looks like a war zone!”

                        -Coach “I can’t believe Kane just Chokeslammed Austin! This is great!”

                        -Styles “So many surprises here tonight! Edge is the new Champ! Shane vs. Vince at Main Attraction VIII with Austin enforcing! But what of Kane!? He’s finally chosen a side, but what will be the consequences! Find out all this and more this Tuesday Night! Good night folks!”

                        As Joey Styles signs off, we see a final shot of Kane standing over Austin as his music plays…Vince McMahon laughs from the stage as NEW Main Attraction VII goes off the air…
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                        • Re: New Era Wrestling

                          La Register's Review

                          Orton VS Punk- I was rooting for Orton in this match as Punk seems to be the favourtae down in here and I thought to myself that he would win. The match started off with Punk in the driver’s seat and then goes to Orton and then to Punk. Really back and forth! I loved the outside action especially the leap from Punk, which Orton stopped with a kick to the face. Another thing that I liked was the chain of pins by the two guys. Lol @ the commentator for saying this… Coach “I know what CM Punk used to call that move, but I can’t say it on TV.” Maybe you should make Pepsi your official sponsor or something. Only thing I wish was that Orton got a clean win. I know he is a heel but still. Maybe you could have incorporated a dirty tactic with a RKO to finish things off. But very nice opening match overall and although personally I would have liked to see Orton win clean, the dirty win allows the feud to go on. Good Stuff

                          Shelton VS Paul London- I haven’t read your fed before but I guess you built Shelton up as a technical wrestler? The commentators have mentioned how Shelton is technical and going to use it to slow down the match? Anyways the match was fun and I loved the springboard moves by London, he is one of my favourates. I also liked when Benjamin turned the boston crab into a texas cloverleaf. The spot where Benjamin was about to do the superplex but London flipped was a little confusing though. How did Benjamin place himself in the center of the ring while moments age he was near the turnbuckles trying to apply a superplex. So in the end, Benjamin wins with a sunset flip plus legs on the ropes. Another unclean finish! If London were going to lose, I would rather see him lose cleanly. Kind of a bummer because I though London was going to win since a heel won the first match but another solid match overall.

                          I skipped the next match because I am not aware of ĺ of the wrestlers there. Sorry.

                          Y2J VS HHH- This matches was deadly, it seemed like the two had real bad blood as they preferred beating the hell out of each other then escaping. Nice touch ad makes the match seem more intense and personal. Triple H plays the heel to the tee from the beginning where he pulls out the sledgehammer to the end where he slams the door on Christy’s face! It looks like Christy is THE diva of your fed. Anyways the only thing this match lacked was selling. Triple got up after a bulldog/lionsault. Jericho got up after a damn pedigree! Also I did not get how that powerbomb of the top of the cage worked. How the hell did Jehrico lift up HHH and slam him down. Also during that whole scene you said he was sitting on the top rope. And then all of a sudden he does a moonsault!?!?
                          The high spots are cool but I think you should explain them in more detail because they can get easily confusing. I must say though that was one heck of a match!

                          Also I loved the Vince promo. It showed that Benjamin and Orton and cowardly heels and Vince s going crazy with SC is power. The whole “I ruined your property and leave my mark on it” is a little overdone though.

                          Stone Cold VS Vince- A squash match that totally served its purpose. This match was pretty fun and you actually gave Vince some offence. Randy and Benjamin did their thing and the face team came out and made things even, cool. I was bummed that SC kicked out of a RKO! Why not use Shelton’s finisher instead since it’s not nearly as credible as Austin’s. Nice ending to the match with the whole stunner and all, never can go wrong with it. Another thing I found funny was when SC stepped on the chair and Vince looked up with a frightened expression. I can clearly see that happening in real life.

                          The aftermath of the match was a little wow. Vince got his ass kicked yet he is up and running yelling at Orton and Benjamin. This makes Austin’s beatdown a little less credible. I think you should make the wrestlers sell more.

                          Edge VS Cena- I am glad you changed the pace of this match with some matt wrestling and not too much spots. Edge got all his signature moves in and that’s good. Not too much to complain about in this match. A heel Cena and a face Edge are certainly different and I would love to se how this worked out. The only complain is that you built this match as the end of the biggest rivalry yet it did not seem like so. I ma glad Edge became the new NEW champion- lol that was damn confusing at times, but no biggie. I think ending took away from the match because there you have a New Champ and then SC comes and stunners everyone and their mother and then Kane comes and chokeslams Stone Cold! It’s a good ending but it would be more suitable for a show where the mainevent wasn’t so huge.

                          That’s the end of my review I guess. Overall you have a really fun show and your match lengths are perfect. Keep it up.


                          • Re: New Era Wrestling

                            A video package showing the results from NEW Main Attraction VII is shown…

                            Randy Orton beating CM Punk after pulling his tights…

                            Shelton Benjamin picking up a win on Paul London after using the ropes…

                            New Tag Team Champions, AJ Styles & Rob Van Dam celebrating a controversial win…

                            Stone Cold Steve Austin beating the hell out of Vince McMahon…

                            And finally, Edge standing tall, holding the NEW World Title high above his head…

                            A quick replay of Stone Cold’s announcement is then shown following the Title Match…

                            -Austin “In just one month’s time, Shane McMahon is going to get one last chance to win back what’s rightfully his because at Main Attraction VIII, Shane McMahon is going to fight Vince McMahon, winner gets the NEW, loser leaves town and all these little jackasses that Stone Cold just whipped and everyone backstage are banned from ringside!”

                            THE FIRES OF HELL EXPLODE!!

                            Austin’s speech finishes as Kane appears! Austin offers Kane a beer, but gets a Chokeslam for his troubles! The view fades to black with Kane standing all over Stone Cold with Vince McMahon laughing from the stage…

                            Killswitch Engage – “Break The Silence”
                            19,000 fans fill the arena, screaming and waving their signs…the pyros erupt from the stage and we’re LIVE! in Atlanta, Georgia for NEW Tuesday Night!

                            -Styles “LADIEEEEEESSSS & GENTLEMEN! Welcome, welcome, WELCOME to NEW Tuesday Night! Alongside The Coach, I’m Joey Styles and Coach, what can I say about Main Attraction VII?”

                            -Coach “You can say it ended as one of the best PPV’s in NEW history.”

                            -Styles “You’re right! Edge winning the NEW World Title was the best ending in NEW history!”

                            -Coach “Actually I was talking more along the lines of Stone Cold Steve Austin getting punked out by Kane, suffering the Chokeslam right in the middle of that very ring.”

                            -Styles “Difference of opinion I suppose, but none the less, Sunday was a night to remember! New World Champion, new Tag Champions, Austin beat McMahon, Kane beat Austin, everyone beat everyone else, it was mayhem!”

                            -Coach “Right Joe, but there’s one thing we have to remember above all else: Austin’s announcement.”

                            -Styles “That’s right Coach! In just one month’s time at NEW Main Attraction VIII, Vince McMahon will take on Shane McMahon for ownership of the company and Austin is the Special Guest Enforcer!”

                            -Coach “Austin’s comments about the NEW locker room being split down the middle were true and hit home with a lot of NEW Superstars. I can’t wait to see how it plays out.”

                            The lights go out…

                            The 19,000 screaming and cheering fans get even louder and more electrified as “Cochise” by Audioslave begins to play…the familiar white light illuminates the stage as smoke billows from the entry way…suddenly in a furious explosion of white fireworks, the NEW World Champion, Edge appears on stage!!

                            -Styles “Edge! Edge is here Coach! Just look at the smile on his face! This is a great day for the NEW!”

                            Edge can barely contain himself as he sprints from one end of the stage to the other! The fans are going insane as Edge marches down the ramp, his trench coat flowing behind him, the NEW World Title gleaming from around his waist…

                            Edge slides into the ring and hops up onto one turnbuckle, pumping up the crowd, before hopping down and taking a microphone from Howard Finkel…he paces in the ring as chants of “EDGE!! EDGE!!” fill the arena…Edge removes his shades and begins to speak…

                            -Edge “I’ve been waiting 6 months to do that.”

                            The fans mark out as Edge continues to smile and pace the ring…the chants continue and Edge has to back off for a moment and let the fans wear themselves out…he chuckles to himself and takes the World Title from around his waist, holding it in his free hand and hoisting it above his head, resulting in an exploding pop from the crowd…Edge slings the belt over his shoulder and finally continues…

                            -Edge “You know, to be totally honest, there were a few times when I thought there was no way I’d be standing here in front of you all today, the NEW World Champion.”

                            Another decent pop…

                            -Edge “Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? We’ll start with the obvious, the biggest story to hit the NEW when it was just beginning: my kidnapping.”

                            Loud boos from the crowd…drawn-out chants of “CEEEEEENAAAAAAA!! CEEEEEEENAAAAA!!” begin…

                            -Edge “Although it was perhaps the most confusing of times, there was one obvious thing standing out, which was that there were much bigger problems for me than winning the NEW World Title. After losing to Kane in my first-“

                            The crowd loses it at the mention of Kane, loud boos erupt from the audience…

                            -Styles “I’ve been surprised before, but I don’t think the crowd will ever forgive Kane after last night.”

                            -Coach “I doubt Kane cares.”

                            -Edge “As I was saying, after losing to Kane in my first NEW World Title Match, I thought it would be the start of a long and bloody feud, resulting in me eventually overcoming the odds, as I usually do, and pinning Kane for what was rightfully mine. But oh no my friends, there were much bigger plans for me. You see, someone saw me as a threat. Someone decided they had to remove me from the picture in order to get to Kane. To sum things up, someone FEARED me more than they feared Kane. And that someone, is John Cena.”

                            Edge takes a moment as the fans give a mixed reaction…some cheering Edge’s intense speech, some booing Cena’s name…

                            -Edge “John Cena felt he had to eliminate me from competition in order to single-out Kane. And I’ll be honest, it worked really well. I mean, he got rid of me, sided with Vince McMahon and was a key factor in Vince taking over this company. I’m a humble guy, I give credit where credit is due. But Vince and Cena overlooked one, small thing…”

                            Edge pauses for a moment, then smiles at the crowd as he raises the NEW World Title over his head…a rousing cheer comes as Edge screams into the microphone…

                            -Edge “YOU FORGOT THAT THIS IS OUR TIME!! THIS IS OUR TURN!! THIS IS OUR….NEW……ERA!!!

                            Edge slams down the microphone as the crowd bursts with instensity!

                            -Styles “WOW COACH!! I’ve never seen Edge this intense! I’ve got chills!”


                            John Cena’s music hits and the fans turn to rabid animals, booing and hissing as he appears on stage, looking beaten and embarrassed…he wastes no time raising the mic to his lips and chewing out Edge…

                            -Cena “Very moving Edge, a nice little blast from the past there. Good job.”

                            ”CEEEEENAAAAA!! CEEEEEEENAAAAAA!!”…

                            -Cena (towards crowd) “You’ll shut your damn mouths if you know what’s good for you!”

                            The chants get louder…Cena pauses and looks on in disgust before continuing…

                            -Cena “Edge, you listen here son and you listen good. Last night was a fluke. Last night, you caught me in a bad match. Broken nose, I was rusty from being out, there were many factors playing in you beating me. But hear me when I say this Edge. When you get me at 100%, and believe me, you will, I will bring the pain, I will bring the hurt and I will bring home the NEW World Title!”

                            The crowd boos once again…

                            -Cena “You say I forgot it was your time, it was your ‘New Era’? Please. C’mon now boy, I didn’t forget. In fact, it was you that forgot something important. You forgot that last night, after you beat me for that Title, you left the NEW Contender’s Title…vacant.”

                            -Styles “He’s right about that.”

                            -Cena “And Edge, I think you and I can both guess who Vince McMahon is going to give that Title to.”

                            Cena smiles from the stage as the crowd boos…Cena makes the belt gesture around his waist, proud of himself, standing on the ramp…

                            -Styles “Is Vince McMahon going to give John Cena the Contender’s Title?!”

                            -Coach “He will if he’s smart! John Cena has done so much for Vince McMahon.”

                            Edge raises the microphone to his lips to say something, when…..

                            THE FIRES OF HELL EXPLODE!!

                            The crowd boos incredibly loudly as the music of Kane hits! The large cloaked monster appears on stage, his white eyes glowing from beneath his hood, locked on John Cena! Cena looks towards the stage, completely shocked as the music fades out and Kane inches closer to him….closer….closer…..Kane and John Cena are face to face!

                            -Styles “Kane is here and it looks like he’s focused on John Cena!”

                            -Coach “What the hell is going on!?”

                            Edge smiles from the ring as Kane and Cena continue to stare each other down…

                            -Edge “Well Cena, from the looks of things, you’ve got much bigger problems than winning the NEW World Title. Now you know how it feels.”

                            The fans cheer as “Cochise” hits again and Edge plays to the crowd from the ring…Cena turns and glares at Edge, then turns back to Kane, his eyes never leaving Cena…Edge exits through the crowd to a big pop as we cut to commercial…

                            Commercial break…


                            • Re: New Era Wrestling

                              As we return from the commercial, the fans rise to their feet as the music of The Hardy Boyz hits! Matt and Jeff bound onto the stage as the fans give a great pop for the veteran tag team…

                              -Styles “Well we’re in for a treat here Coach! After The Phenomenal Ones, AJ Styles & Rob Van Dam won the Tag Titles on Sunday night, The Hardy Boyz issued a challenge to the new Tag Team Champions, challenging them to prove their stature as an NEW Tag Team.”

                              -Coach “Styles and Van Dam have nothing to prove. They won the Titles literally 10 days after coming together as a team. That’s unprecedented!”

                              Matt and Jeff both slide into the ring and stand on opposite turnbuckles, pumping up the crowd…..

                              Then, the crowd turns as “Project Mayhem” by Finch hits the speakers and The Phenomenal Ones, Rob Van Dam and AJ Styles appear on stage…both men stand tall, the Tag Titles raised above their heads, then they walk to the ring, acting cocky and stuck-up as usual…

                              -Styles “You know, AJ Styles and RVD would make a great tag team if they weren’t such assholes.”

                              -Coach “Whoa! Hey man, they don’t need to please anybody. They’re the best in the Tag Division and they know it.”

                              RVD and Styles climb into the ring, hoisting the Titles once more before passing them off to the referee…Styles leaves the ring and RVD and Jeff Hardy square off as the bell sounds…

                              The Phenomenal Ones (c) vs. The Hardy Boyz
                              NEW Tag Team Championship


                              Match takes an early turn when Jeff Hardy gets one up on RVD, reversing a Hurricanrana into a Sitdown Powerbomb for a 2-count…Jeff tags in Matt and the Hardyz use quick tags to neutralize RVD, not allowing AJ Styles into the ring…

                              -Styles “The Hardyz are using great tactics here to isolate RVD.”

                              -Coach “Meh, they’re just letting AJ Styles rest up. They’ll live to regret it.”

                              Matt Hardy nails RVD with a swift Flipping Dropkick, then drops from the 2nd rope and hits a beautiful Leg Drop! Matt Hardy covers…



                              AJ Styles breaks the count! This brings Jeff Hardy into the ring and a brawl ensues…

                              Jeff Hardy attacks AJ Styles with stiff right hands, eventually sending him to the outside with a hard Clothesline…Matt Hardy sees this and slides into place, crouching by the ropes…Jeff Hardy charges as AJ Styles rises to his feet…

                              POETRY IN MOTION TO THE OUTSIDE!! Jeff and AJ crash to the arena floor as Matt Hardy goes to work on RVD…he lifts RVD to his feet and sets him up for a Twist of Fate! The crowd rises to their feet and cheers as Matt Hardy spins around…Jeff Hardy is on the ropes cheering Matt on, when RVD shoves Matt into the ropes!

                              BAM! Matt nails Jeff by accident and sends Jeff flying to the arena floor! Matt turns around to face RVD…

                              VAN DAMINATOR!! RVD covers…




                              Winners and still NEW Tag Team Champions: The Phenomenal Ones

                              RVD pulls himself to his feet as the referee raises his arm…he and AJ Styles are handed the Tag Team belts as Jeff Hardy slides into the ring to check on his brother Matt…

                              -Styles “Jesus! RVD almost took Matt Hardy’s head off with that Van Daminator!”

                              -Coach “Once again proving why they’re the Tag Champions.”

                              RVD and AJ Styles celebrate their way up the stage to loud boos as Jeff Hardy looks on from the ring…

                              Commercial break…


                              • Re: New Era Wrestling

                                Back from the break, we see John Cena storming down a hallway…he arrives at Vince McMahon’s office and barges in without knocking, but Vince isn’t inside…instead, Shane McMahon is seated behind a desk, looking over some papers…he looks up in surprise to see John Cena…

                                -Cena “What the hell?”

                                -Shane “Hey John.”

                                -Cena “Where’s Vince?”

                                -Shane “He took the night off, said he needed some rest after getting his ass handed to him by Stone Cold Steve Austin.”

                                Cena stands in awe for a moment as the crowd cheers…

                                -Cena “So who’s in charge?”

                                -Shane “You’re looking at him. Now did you barge in here for a reason or can I ask you to leave now?”

                                -Cena “No I got a reason dammit! That big idiot out there doesn’t think I deserve the NEW Contender’s Title!”

                                -Shane “Edge?”

                                -Cena “KANE!! And I want it, I want the Contender’s Title so I can prove to you, the idiots watching and all the idiots in the locker room that I am the NEW World Champion!”

                                -Shane “Listen, John, let’s be realistic here. Not only is Edge the NEW World Champion, but he’s on a winning streak like I’ve never seen before. He beat Kane, he beat you, he beat everyone put in his way. Now I’m not going to put the Contender’s Title on the line tonight, we’ll save that for later. But if you want a match, I have an idea.”

                                -Cena “Yeah? Well what is it?”

                                -Shane “Tonight, in Tag Team action, Edge will choose a partner at his leisure to face the team of you, John Cena……and Kane!”

                                The crowd pops huge as Cena coils back from Shane…a look of shear terror crosses his face…he stares at Shane, who smiles to himself and stands up, walking over to Cena…Shane pats Cena on the back…

                                -Shane “Now, get the hell out of my office.”


                                We cut now to Josh Matthews who is standing by backstage…

                                -Matthews “This past Sunday in perhaps the most brutal match in NEW history, Triple H took on Chris Jericho in a steel cage match. Right now, I have with me the winner of that match, Triple H!”

                                The fans boo as Triple H walks onto the screen…he eyes Josh Matthews, then turns to the camera…a gauze bandage covers stitches on his forehead…

                                -Matthews “Triple H, I was-“

                                Triple H snatches the microphone from Matthews and shoves him to the ground…the crowd boos louder as Triple H turns to the camera as Matthews runs off…

                                -Triple H “Sunday night, at Main Attraction VII, I did what I told you I would do. Sunday night, I proved that I am unbeatable. I proved that nobody in this business can beat me. Sunday night, I shut up that whiney piece of crap Chris Jericho for good!”

                                The fans boo as Hunter pauses…he checks his bandage and continues…

                                -Triple H “Jericho, I know you’re watching. I know you’re still feeling the effects from Sunday night. You’re at home, resting off a concussion and 17 stitches while I’m here. I’m here Jericho and I’m still standing! I left you lying in that ring, bleeding and struggling to stay conscious while I walked backstage on my own power and walked in here on my own power! But now, now Jericho, this thing between you and I, this ‘beef’…it’s over. You had your moment, you had your chance and now that I’ve proven that you don’t belong in the same league as me, you do what you have to do and I’ll do what I have to do, but just stay the hell out of my way. If you try to pull any crap from this point on, I will put you back in your place and I will end your career as you know it because I AM THE GAME….and I am THAT…DAMN…GOOD!”

                                Triple H’s music hits as he walks off screen to loud boos from the crowd…

                                Commercial break…