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Lonestar Wrestling

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  • Lonestar Wrestling

    In late 2006, the premiere Sports Entertainment Empire crumbled. During a RAW telecast, Vince McMahon, flanked by Hulk Hogan and his family, announced in early September that the WWE would be financing Brooke's push to super pop-diva status. In following weeks, announcements were made concerning the conversion of the recently established sub-company, WWE Films, into a music video production studio. Ensuing episodes of RAW were reportedly "littered" with gratuitous music videos and vignettes featuring and promoting Brooke Hogan. As viewership and ticket sales rapidly declined, Vince McMahon established WWE Films as a separate, independent entity. The vast majority of the corporation's finances were funneled into the newly independent organization. Severing ties with his wrestling roots completely, Vince McMahon relinquished control of the fractured WWE to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H who consequently watched helplessly from the front office as the suffering promotion died.

    Pooling his finances, Shawn Michaels struggled to purchase and preserve the name of the organization. Entering into conflict with the Christian Family Association, Shawn Michaels found himself swimming upstream against lawsuits and petitions. Legal altercations and relentless harassment linking to the Christian Family Association and various other Christian activist groups left Shawn bitter and sour yet ambitious and persistent. Unable to lay claim to "WWE," Shawn Michaels established a Texas-based wrestling promotion in San Antonio. As corruption seeped through TNA, disenfranchised talent sought out and looked for work elsewhere. As a result, Shawn Michaels gradually fostered a roster of established talent and recognized names. And thus, Shawn Michaels' Lone Star Wrestling was born.

    (Credit needs to be given to PI, who wrote this backstory, drafted my roster and helped me generally develop this entire fed)

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    Re: Lonestar Wrestling

    October 3, 2006

    On Saturday September 9, San Antonio is going to be invaded.

    With the destruction of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Total Nonstop Action (TNA), San Antonio’s own Shawn Michaels’ new fed, Lone Star Wrestling (LSW), will make it’s debut (INSERT PLCE).

    “It’s only natural I set up the LSW out of San Antonio and the new Alamo arena,” said Shawn Michaels. “Not only do I get to be the boss, but I get to do it at home.”

    In honor of the LSW’s debut, the company will be having a three day tournament accurately title “Battle at the Alamo” to crown its Heavyweight Champion. “I’ve heard some people complaining about the decision to crowd a Heavyweight Champion in a house show environment, meaning it’s not being broadcasted on PPV or TV,” said Michaels. “It’s not always about PPV buys and ratings. I want this company’s champion to be determined in a free environment, without time limits.”

    To do this, the three day tournament will consist of 24 men, the entire LSW roster, competing for the gold. “Everyone gets a chance,” said Michaels. “From the biggest guy to the smallest. That’s what I’m about: opportunities.”

    Tickets for each day will 35 dollars for General Admission. Gates open Friday at 5 p.m.

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      Re: Lonestar Wrestling


      The Battle at the Alamo tournament brackets have been announced.

      Day One

      John Cena vs. John Bradshaw Layfield
      Chris Benoit vs. Paul London
      Chase Stevens vs. Hardcore Holly
      Carlito vs. Shannon Moore
      Jay Lethal vs. Bryan Danielson
      Sting vs. Shane Helms

      Cena or JBL vs. Benoit or London
      Stevens or Holly vs. Carlito or Moore
      Lethal vs. Danielson vs. Sting or Helms

      Day Two

      Bryan Kendrick vs. William Regal
      Christian vs. Finlay
      CM Punk vs. Jamie Noble
      AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
      Edge vs. Sean O’Haire
      Matt Striker vs. Andy Douglas

      Kendrick or Regal vs. Christian or Finlay
      Punk or Noble vs. AJ Styles or Daniels
      Edge or O’Haire vs. Striker or Douglas

      Day Three

      The semi-finals
      Triple Threat for the LSW Heavyweight Championship

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        Re: Lonestar Wrestling


        Originally posted by LSW Message Board
        Hi guys! Just got back from the first night of Battle at the Alamo and man, what a night it was. First off, the new arena is great! It’s got a great old school feel reminiscent of early Raws in the Hammerstein Ballroom and the crowd was into this.

        The show starts with a speech by Shawn Michaels, thanking us for coming and giving us his vision of what wrestling should be. He was mostly in kayfabe, but did break it a few times, especially when he said we’re not going to be stuck watching the old fashion boss versus baby face shtick we’ve seen for years.

        The show started out with Chase Stevens vs. Hardcore Holly. The crowd wasn’t very into it, but Stevens played a great baby face and got the crowd behind him. End came when Holly nailed the Alabama Slam on Stevens out of nowhere.

        The next match was Carlito vs. Shannon Moore. The crowd loved Carlito, even though he was the heel. Carlito and Moore exchanged a hot series of high flying moves until Moore missed with the Corkscrew moonsault. Carlito nailed the backcracked and got the 1-2-3.

        The crowd went nuts when John Cena came out. Despite the initial pop, the crowd ended up being split, even though Cena was going against JBL. The two brawled all around the floor, eventually getting back into the ring. JBL nailed the clothesline from hell but Cena kicked out at 2. JBL went for it again, but Cena ducked and scooped JBL on his shoulders. He hit the FU and got the 1-2-3 for the mixed reaction. Funny hearing “Let’s go JBL” chants.

        Jay Lethal vs. Bryan Danielson was next and this was by far the match of the night. Danielson was in true RoH form, playing it fairly but equally being a dick heel that everyone knows and loves. Jay Lethal had the crowd fully behind him but couldn’t overcome Danielson who after a few attempts finally made Lethal tap to the Cattle Mutilation.

        The crowd went ballistic when Sting came out. Everyone was excited to see the Stinger that Shane Helms was almost an after-thought, as sad as it is to say. Fairly short match with Sting getting the win after the Scorpion Death Drop.

        Benoit came out to a huge pop and Paul London came out to an even bigger one, being the Texas native. The crowd was split, but booed neither man, only cheering each one in moments of offense. London put his body on the line but that backfired when Benoit caught London coming off a springboard and locked on the crossface for the submission.

        After this match, it was intermission before we started the next round. It was pretty funny because one guy got drunk and tried rushing the ring only to be taken down by the security guards.

        The first match of the second round was Carlito vs. Holly. I cannot believe Hardcore Holly of all people made it to the next round. Carlito was majorly over despite being a heel again. Holly went for the Alabama Slam but his knee looked like buckled from underneath him. He seemed in a lot of pain as Carlito rolled him up and grabbed the tight for the win.

        Bryan Danielson took on the legend Sting and Danielson actually controlled a huge portion of the match. He looked damn good out there but Sting was a man on a mission. He powered up and after a surprising press slam, locked on the Scorpion Deathlock for the “W.”

        The final match of the day was John Cena vs. Chris Benoit and man the crowd was hot for this. Cena and Benoit battled the whole day with Cena brawling and Benoit showing him how it’s done. Cena nailed an F-U at one point but Benoit kicked out. Benoit nailed his German Suplex trifecta but couldn’t follow up with the pin after the diving head butt. Benoit went for the Crossface, but Cena somehow rolled over and trapped Benoit in a surprise pin for the 1-2-3!

        The announcer thanked us for coming out and said he hopes to see us tomorrow. After the show, I stuck around and got to chat with Cena for awhile, who’s really a cool guy as well as London and Kendrick, who signed everyone’s paper or picture.

        Overall, it was a really fun show.

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          Re: Lonestar Wrestling


          Originally posted by LSW Message Board
          OK, so I just got back from night 2 (man I wish I would of seen night 1) and it was extreme. I heard the new arena was cool and it is. Really old-school but it has the nice little tron above the entrance. Just cool. And the ring has the “LSW” logo in the center of it with all blue ropes. Just cool.

          Shawn came out but he didn’t say anything. He took a seat by an announcer’s booth (they must be doing it for DVD release or something) and just scouted the matches.


          Christian d. Finlay. Good match. Christian was over as a heel massively and Finley was just over period.

          AJ Styles d. Christopher Daniels. Man it was great seeing these two go after their epic feud in TNA. Finish saw Styles hit the Styles Clash for a win. The two hugged afterwards.

          William Regal d. Bryan Kendrick. Kendrick was way over as the home town hero but Regal was pure greatness. He plays the heel perfectly. Regal got the win with the old-school Regal Stretch.

          Matt Striker d. Andy Douglas. Decent match. Striker’s ring attire cracks me up. He got the win with brain buster.

          CM Punk d. Jamie Noble. Punk was crazy over. He came out to “This Fire Burns”, which kinda disappointed me. I was hoping for aFi, but oh well. Finish saw Punk hit the urange followed by the Anaconda Vice for the win.

          Edge d. O’Haire. Edge was massively over as a heel. No Lita shocked me. Edge nailed the spear at about the 7 minute mark for the win.

          Intermission. Maria from WWE fame came out and waved, keeping the crowd entertained.

          Christian d. William Regal after a brilliant match. Christian showed chain wrestling skill and got the win with the Unprettier.

          CM Punk d. AJ Styles. Styles and Punk put on an RoH classic, wrestling for damn near 25 minutes. Bunch of near falls but Punk got the win with a roll-up.

          Edge d. Matt Striker. Striker showed some real skill as each man tried to “out-cheat” the other. Edge nailed the Downward Spiral for the win. I haven’t seen him use that in years, so it was a mark-out moment.

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            Re: Lonestar Wrestling


            Originally posted by LSW Message Board

            Alright, I’m not going to get to the ending until, well, the end, but I can’t believe it!!!

            OK, so the first match was Punk verus Edge and damn the crowd was into this. Edge and Punk started by arguing with Punk showing off his tattoos and getting in Edge’s face. It erupted into brawling with Punk controlling the most of it. Edge finally got back control and the match kept see-sawing. Punk went for the urange, but Edge countered. He nailed a spear, but Punk kicked out. Edge was in shock and Punk nearly rolled him up but Edge kicked out. Punk went for another roll-up, but Edge reversed it and grabbed the tights for the win.

            Sting verus Christian was next and this match had a lot of heat, seemingly spawning from the unfinished TNA feud (hell, the feud never even got under way). Christian really poured it on, but Sting managed to battle through it. Sting locked on the Deathlock, but Christian got to the ropes. Sting threw him in the corner and leaps with a splash, but Christian ducked. Christian tried rolling up and grabbing the tights but Sting still kicked out! Christian was in shock and went for the Unprettier, but Sting reversed it into the Scorpion Deathdrop for the win.

            Carltio versus John Cena was next and the crowd was split right down the middle. Bunch of dueling chants and I don’t know if it was because of Carlito or because of Cena. Regardless, the match was a slobber knocker (haha JR) and the went about 15 minutes. Carlito went to spit an apple but Cena smacked him in the face and Carlito nearly choked. As he was stumbling, Cena scooped him up and nailed the F-U for the win.

            So the finals were Sting vs. Edge vs. Cena. Wouldn’t of guessed it on the first night. As Cena celebrates, Edge’s music hits and he comes out ready to fight. He runs down and he and Cena starts brawling. The crowd is into it but you can tell they’re waiting for Sting. After a few minutes of brawling, the Stinger finally shows! The crowd goes nuts as he comes down (while Edge has the advantage) and Edge is terrified. Sting rushes in and starts beating down Edge. He lets out a loud “WHOO” and the crowd responds back. Eventually Cena and Sting take out Edge and they turn to each other. The crowd is nuts at the two faces start battling, going back and forth. Cena gets the advantage and looks to have the win when Edge spears CENA! Edge goes to cover but Sting pulls him off. Sting decks Edge and knocks him into the ref. The ref goes down and Sting goes to pick Edge up but Edge nails a low blow! Edge bounces off the ropes and hits the spear, but there’s no ref. As Edge wakes up the ref, Cena comes to and scoops Edge. He F-U’s him right as the ref comes to. Cena covers…1...2...3!!!

            Cena wins the LSW Heavyweight Championship!

            Now, as Shawn came into the ring and presented Cena with the title (which was gorgeous), I was stunned. Even the crowd was cheering him after his great four matches over the course of the weekend. I still couldn’t believe he won. He couldn’t either as the tears formed in his eyes. As Shawn introduced him as the “New LSW Heavyweight Champion”…something I never saw coming happened.

            Cena raised the belt when someone decked him from behind with a chair to the back. Cena fell holding his back. Shawn Michaels was in shock and the man threatened to hit him, keeping Shawn at bay. As Cena stumbled to his feet, the man blasted Cena in the head with one of the most brutal chair shots I’ve ever seen. Cena fell back lifelessly and the man threw the chair down proud of himself. Cena was bleeding heavily and the man crouched over Cena and started punching him in the wound, opening it up more and more. He soaked in the boos of the crowds (though there was a small chant for him) and left through the audience.

            Oh, and the man?


            Just an amazing night.

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              Re: Lonestar Wrestling


              Quick Results for “Battle at the Alamo”

              Night One

              First Round
              John Cena defeated John Bradshaw Layfield
              Chris Benoit defeated Paul London
              Hardcore Holly defeated Chase Stevens
              Carlito defeated Shannon Moore
              Bryan Danielson defeated Jay Lethal
              Sting defeated Shane Helms

              John Cena defeated Chris Benoit
              Carlito defeated Chris Benoit
              Sting defeated Bryan Danielson

              Day Two

              First Round
              William Regal defeated Bryan Kendrick
              Christian defeated Finlay
              CM Punk defeated Jamie Noble
              AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels
              Edge defeated Sean O’Haire
              Matt Striker defeated Andy Douglas

              Christian defeated William Regal
              CM Punk defeated AJ Styles
              Edge defeated Matt Striker

              Day Three

              John Cena defeated Carlito
              Sting defeated Christian
              Edge defeated CM Punk

              John Cena defeated Sting and Edge to become the LSW Heavyweight Champion.

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                Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                I don't mind this. Has a real "indy" feel to it. I'll be reading. Not sure on your decision to have Cena the first Champion. Oh, and I totally knew that Jericho attacked him. You NEED to have Jericho in your fed, otherwise it's just not... normal, I guess. Keep it up.

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                  Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                  Definately some shocking results, coming from you KJ.

                  Cena winning, with no ROH in the final, and no Chris Jericho in the tournament, period.

                  And want you to do what Zap couldn't.



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                    Re: Lonestar Wrestling


                    The Champ Is Here…

                    But so is the King of the World…

                    John Cena seemed to be on top of the world as he made history by becoming the first Lonestar Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, defeating five men to do it.

                    But all that joy and excitement was spoiled when the “King of The World”, the self-proclaimed “Living Legend” Chris Jericho appeared from behind Cena wielding a chair. After two brutal chair shots and a barrage of fists, the champ was left bleeding in the ring.

                    While LSW owner Shawn Michaels was “unavailable” for comment, sources close to the boss say that he’ll be making a comment on not only Chris Jericho and John Cena, but about the future of the LSW, including it’s first television show, Showdown, which will air Tomorrow night (Monday, October 9th) at 9et/8 pacific on USA.

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                      Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                      Bro, you are a fucken Fan Fic God. I loved the banner for the tournament as banners usually bring attention to stuff (which is why Zap/PI are great for Fan Fic banners...) The tournament, I kind of knew who would win and I like the way it was presented as it was very internet'ish.

                      As for CENA/JERICHO, well unfortunately, I knew the ending. I'm so tired of Cena/Edge so I hope that's all said and done. Cena/Jericho was done a billion times, but hey, you're KJ and I'm excited to see what you're going to do.

                      So I'm going to look positive and say, you're fucking awesome. Good fucking luck and I'll definitely be reading.


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                        Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                        Finally you have made your return and I enjoyed the way you built up to it, very indy like with the house show reports and having a tournament not live or on PPV was very good. Good luck KJ.
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                        Cheers to KustoM for the banner.

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                          Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                          KJ this is fantastic my man. I've just read through it, and them House Show reports were truly special indeed. This is looking awesome buddy, keep it up and congratulations are in order.


                          Originally posted by RT
                          "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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                            Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                            I'll definitely hate you forever for getting your fed posted first. I'm in love with this fed, and it shouldn't be any doubt why... it's almost the exact path that I was planning mine. This is going to be amazing.
                            Follower of Christ.


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                              Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                              I love the whole "Credit" with the discussion board feel, etc. Really gives it that upstart promotion feel.

                              I'm also planning on using banners/images in my new fed, I like how they draw in the reader and give them pretty pictures to look at.

                              Oh, and WOO CHRIS JERICHO!!