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Lonestar Wrestling

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    Re: Lonestar Wrestling

    Sorry for taking so long to finally get to this, but I'm watching TNA and it's getting me a little excited for writing, but instead of writing for myself, I'm writing your review out and I hope your show doesn't knock my wrestling mood out, but you're KID JERICHO so I doubt it, but hey, you said you were a little rusty. Let's see what we got here. Show no fear, The Kid is here!

    We see your announcers and I guess I can say, "Okay" to that. Nothing else to really say. Shawn Michaels, the owner is coming out and I think you said something about not using your owner too much, but let's see what he has to say. Shawn Michaels does a great job being cocky and being very professional. I loved it, I might have had a tear come down my eye for this right here. But, he then calls out the champ and Cena comes out. Let's see what we got here. Awesome. I loved that first paragraph from Cena. I love how he finished it off by saying "THE CHAMP IS HERE!" Awesome way of getting a lot of cheers and it's a great idea to me to start this new brand with a face champion. Shawn's site that he said was a site that wasn't wrestling. Wow, Jericho comes out and this promo was just pure amazing. You nailed John Cena. You nailed Chris Jericho. You nailed professional Shawn Michaels. Just an amazing promo, my man. I loved it. Very good job. I loved every second of it. If I saw it, I would've definitely laughed at some parts. Jericho owned the crowd, Cena owned Jericho, Michaels gave Jericho a shot that nobody gave him. This is going to be awesome. Will Jericho lose tonight and moan about it? Oh man, I'm excited to see what goes on, but the safe bet would be Jericho winning so I'll take him.

    The Striker/Kendrick confrontation was okay. Kendrick had something to say to make fun of Striker and it was cute. Nothing special, but it was good enough. The match begins and let's get it on. Kendrick wins and this isnt going to go well with Mr. Striker. Should be interesting to see where this is going to lead. I can't say I'm too excited about this feud, but it'll probably get a little more interesting.

    Maria interviews Benoit and Benoit actually sounded great in that promo. He talked about his favors and that's definitely a good thing. Carlito just sounded bleh. I don't know, I guess it's hard to actually write Carlito too good because he's a gimmick "cool" talker, but eh. We'll see. My bet is on Benoit winning unless Carlito has a new surprising submission move. That would be... dare I say, Cool.

    Chris Benoit faces Carlito and Benoit does what he says he was going to do. Carlito runs out of rope breaks and when he's trapped in the crossface, again with no rope breaks, he has no choice but to tap. Typical. Good, though.

    Edge is pissed off at Michaels and he bitches and curses and calls the kids "little bastards". Woo. I enjoy that real anger. Go Edge, but he'll probably lose and bitch and then maybe feud with Sting cause he'll have to take his anger out on someone.

    Carlito snaps on Jay Lethal! That's fucking cool! That's really all I can say about that right there. Go Carlito. Cool face.

    William Regal wins and it was by TKO. He continues the beaten on Finlay and if these two have a nice feud that would be ownage, yo. Finlay loves to fight, but finally a heel coming out on top. I thought this was going to be a face-night until the main event.

    Lethal shows heart and he wants to fight. Go Lethal! Maybe Carlito comes out and beats the crap out of him some more... hopefully. Lethal/Carlito would be a decent feud, but could be interesting. Lethal showing a lot of heart and Carlito being cool, it would be nice.

    Christian was meh. I didn't even like the way he owned Maria. He just didn't catch my attention. Nothing else to really say.

    Christian easily beats Lethal, because well, Lethal was already beaten up thanks to Carlito. Lethal wanted to fight in this match because he didn't want to lose the oppurtunity, but I'm sure he's going to be pissed off at Carlito for fucking up his new LSW career that just started. Should be interesting. Besides the patting to Lethal's stomach, nothing else really has me excited about him. Sorry to say that, but I'm not feeling Captain Charisma.

    Poor Maria. She's always getting owned. Jericho talks and it wasn't as good as the first promo, but it was decent enough. Sting comes in and good, now we can actually "think" he has a chance to win. I think the chances are Jericho-Edge-Sting. Sting with the least, because, well, Cena's a face so yeah. Let's get to the main event already~! Woo~!

    Jericho/Edge/Sting is up next and it goes the way I expected. Sting having the least chance to win. Jericho winning due to Edge finishing Sting off. Damn, Edge is going to be PISSED off. Woo. I'm excited to see what Edge has in store for us. Should be really interesting. The after match goes on with Cena & Jericho brawling it out. How cute.

    Anyways, the show is done and it was pretty good show. I wish you'd have some after match promos with the Kendrick/Striker so I can see if anything is going to be built around it. Same with Finlay/Regal. I'm extremely into Jericho/Cena, I'm interested in what Edge is doing. HBK was awesome. Carlito/Lethal sounds like it's going to get REALLY interesting. But everything else was meh. The only thing I hate is Christian. I just couldn't get into it. Carlito on the mic was not good, but I like him going wild on Lethal. It makes me interesting. Anyways, as for your grade, two points for coming back... 82/100


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      Re: Lonestar Wrestling

      (P)roduct (I)nspection: Hostile (Cahoots) Review...

      Alright... here we go!

      Everything leading up to the first show has been phenomenal. It's all worked out differently but arguably better than I could've imagined. I'm glad to have been a part of the initial brainstorming sessions.

      Let's get it on with your first show...

      Tenay and Heyman will work fine as a commentating duo. I'm not a big fan of commentary unless it truly adds a unique and needed something to a fed. I don't feel like I can write such commentary so I cut it out of my fed completely. You PM'd me this opening segment. Everything I said about it then still holds true. Nice opening. Fits the low-key feel of your fed but still makes everything feel important and establishes key elements, etc. You have a tremendous talent for getting voices spot-on. Tonight's main event looks tight, and I'm going to guess Chris Jericho walks out on top but not without some sort of Cena-altercation.

      Nice soundtrack. I have a feeling your soundtrack might rival mine and could, indeed, surpass mine. I expect big things for Kendrick in this fed seeing as he's a hometown hero and part of Michaels' enduring legacy. I'd rather have a definition of cessation. Haha. Striker, although in voice (as I love being able to expect from you), comes across as bland at the moment. Kendrick punks Striker out verbally and wins the match to advance in the Fusion Tournament. Hopefully Kendrick'll go far if not win the whole damn thing.

      I stopped watching the WWE long before I was ever introduced to Maria, but I take it she's half ditz half tart but can be fun to write sometimes. Benoit's little rant, although ending strongly in favor of the Crossface, makes the Crossface seem weak. Benoit keeps willingly admitting that the Crossface can be broken out of and escaped. I don't know. I feel like with a new fed comes a new opportunity to make the submission as bad ass legitimate and intimidating as it originall was. I hate weak/overly escapable submissions. However, I don't know what kind of submissions would work more in the favor of the Iron Division as far as psychology goes. I guess I'll wait and see on that. Also, your Carlito's promo from your last fed was stronger. This one was a tad bit bland. But, whatever.

      I like that you're introducing Johnny Jeter (even though he wasn't on our roster ), and his little promo feels like some of CM Punk's original ECW vignettes. I'm guessing he's going to the Fusion Division or the Iron Division. Duh.

      I think Iron Division Matches are going to quickly become my favorite kind. Benoit wins, which I'm glad to see. I hope he goes far in the division and strongly re-establishes himself as a legitimate threat to anyone in any setting, etc. etc.

      Haha. I like how you write Michaels, especially in his dealings with Edge. Edge is a whiny-bitch heel, nice. I'm beginning to wonder who'll be the first heel to draw Michaels into an in-ring feud and out of his management role. I'm guessing/hoping either Edge or Jericho, but I'll have to wait and see. It might be WAY to early to get my hopes up about any of that.

      Carlito snaps on Lethal for almost no reason. Other than the fact that I think you might have plans for Lethal and that I'm not to hot on him, there's not a lot to make me truly buy this beatdown. Hopefully, however, you'll push/turn Carlito into one helluva bad ass heel in the Iron Division.

      Finlay vs. Regal, probably the best match on your card so far. Neither man seems overly face. Just rough, tough heel vs. rough, tough heel. I like the chemistry than can exist in such a dynamic. I don't know if I like or dislike Finlay being knocked out, but this match was hardcore hot. However, I don't really see either Regal or Finlay becoming main and important facets of your roster, etc. They'll probably be underplayed. Which is actually okay, especially considering other things you've got going on. The post-match beatdown at least promises a couple more Regal/Finlay matches.

      You're making Lethal seem Austin-level tough... which means bigger push than I want him to have. However, Austin is an interesting Texas name we never mentioned in the brainstorming session. Maybe you could introduce him down the road to drag Michaels out of his businessman role. It's what Austin does best, they both have strong history with each other, and they're both huge Texas Stars. Just an idea. Christian might be my favorite character in your fed this time around. I hope it comes down to him and Kendrick in the Fusion Finals. Christian could then slaughter Kendrick in the finals as sort of a "message" to Shawn. Just another idea. We need to get online and brainstorm more. My fed needs help. Haha!

      Nice commercial.

      I can't tell if this was a match summary of if the match was actually just that short because of how injured Lethal was. In either case, I hope Lethal is downplayed from here on out. I'd rather have Lethal feud with Carlito than have Christian's AMAZING character be tied down my Lethal's attempts to get over in my eyes.

      Is Sting a born again Christian? I feel like he and Shawn are really sensitive about language. It definitely fits Shawn's character... but Sting? Still works for me. Did Sting try hitting Jericho with the bat? That seems really heelish. Just for the record... I hope Jericho destroys Sting tonight.

      Despite not liking general commentary, I've always loved special guest commentary. You've nailed all the voices here, IMO. I like the main event match. This is the best match on your card, topping Regal/Finlay. I liked the ending of Edge doing the work only to have Jericho essentially steal the win. It'll work well with Edge's whining character, and it gives me the Jericho/Cena confrontation I want to see. I love the uncontrollable brawl to end the show. I feel like it reminds me of the good ol' days when I still watched the WWE (and actually even further back when it was the good ol' days of the WWF).

      Overall, decent show. Nothing too special, but nothing too bland. I really love your Iron and Fusion Titles, as you probably know very well. Names and faces I'm keeping my eyes on in your fed are Kendrick, Jericho, and especially Christian Cage. You write nearly everyone's voice perfectly, IMO -- mega-bonus points for that. It helps make up for some of the blandish promos. I like Shawn in charge but am waiting for him to get implicated in in-ring action somehow with one of his superstars OR Stone Cold Steve Austin.

      I'll be reading, definitely... and definitely continuing to chat online with you about this and my fed.

      Nice work so far, KJ.

      : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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        Re: Lonestar Wrestling

        The "I'm Too Cool To Name My Review: (So I Name It Anyways) Review

        KJ, you're a fan fic oldie from the "Golden Age" of Fan Fic. While I like LSW, I wasn't crazy about the backstory, anyways, here I go.

        Great intro with Paul E. and Mike Tenay. OK, HBK comes out. While I see your justification in using the theme song for recognizability reasons. you're pushing this as the Anti-Vince fed, yet Shawn is using his WWE theme song, just pointing it out. It's fine.

        Great intro promo from Shawn. The best way to get a face authority over is a promise not to get too involved. Good job. You are using these guys great, it's their characters to a T. Cena wants Jericho. This should be good. Jericho comes out and won't talk until Cena challenges him too. Jericho is great so far. Cena is really challenging Jericho to man up. Jericho has an answer for everything, I love that. That's a pretty promising threat. Shawn is giving Jericho the chance. Twenty nine guys who busted their asses to win the tournament get thrown to the way side for an outsider who swung a chair...I guess that's the wrestling business for you.

        Fusion Tourney Time and Kendrick has already impressed me on the mic. Kendrick gets the W (very little surprise.) I love Heyman after that. His diction is impressive to the extreme.

        Great Benoit promo. I'm very impressed. Carlito on the other hand...I don't know. I couldn't really see him saying that. I'm not sure this intense heel thing will work for him. Prove me wrong though I guess.

        'The Thrillseeker' Johnny Jeeter is coming to LSW. I've never heard of him before (Yes, I'm playing along), but he seems like he could be good.

        Benoit beat Carlito. I can honestly say I'm not surprised. This further dampers my opinion of the intense Carlito. Again, not really impressed with your use of him.

        Edge is pissed, and rightfully so. I love Edge when he's going for the gold. When he has it, and since he's had it he just hasn't seemed the same. Michaels seems to be completely blowing Edge off, and trying to be funny. Michaels makes it seem like he doesn't have time for Edge, which kinda IMO devalues Edge's credibility and status. Also Jericho said earlier he's been plotting revenge on Cena for a year and a half...Why would he have let himself go? Again, doesn't make sense to me, but whatever.

        Carlito snaps on poor old Jay Lethal...That's not cool. I'm still not sure about this man. Being intense and being cool are pretty opposite if you ask me. I still have faith in you. I'm really hoping you turn my view on this around.

        William Regal TKOs Finlay. I'm not sure I would ever TKO a guy. Especially on a TV show. Just makes him look like a punk. I mean on one hand it makes Regal look badass, but what does it do for Finlay? I'm not sure about this Iron Division man.

        Go Lethal. Hopefully it doesn't backfire

        Intense Christian, it works. Instead of bitching and complaining he's going to prove HBK wrong. I hope it all works out for him.

        Was it you, or Jay Lethal, that always used to put commercials in your shows? I think it was Lethal, but it does add a taste of realism to them.

        Christian did exactly what he said he was going to do. He took out a not anywhere near 100% Lethal, and advanced, but my question is will Christian gets arrogant with this cake match victory, or will it come back and bite him in the ass?

        AAH You're doing a Sting/Jericho programish...Me too! Sting seems understanding as to why Jericho needs this match. also I'd like to note that Jericho ISN'T prepared for this match like I would've thought he should've been. We'll see what happens...

        Cena joins the announce team for the Main Event I think it's painfully obvious Jericho will win. Not surprised...Jericho stole the win nonetheless. More material for Edge to work with. Jericho and Cena brawl, no surprise.

        Final thoughts: I had high expectations for this fed. They were fufilled for the most part, but some sore thumbs stuck out. I'm not crazy about the way you're using Carlito. I didn't like the TKO, and some things are just painfully obvious. Sorry but there was no doubt in my mind that Carlito, Lethal, Edge, or Sting had any chance in the world of winning. Good show, but honeslty not a great show. 79/100.
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          Re: Lonestar Wrestling

          Tom's Review

          Okay, I'm back in Fan Fic for a review, and I think I picked the right fed to check out here. Now, I went back and checked over those house show reports you put together, and damn, my only complaint is that would have been a great tournament to have seen written out completely. But oh well, I like the concept you have going for this fed, and the first show looks good. And before I begin, I'll just say now that I'm not a big fan of the super summarized matches. Way too short for me. But that's all I'll say about them.

          Now, first of all, I really like the Tenay/Heyman combo you have going on commentary. I don't believe that combo has ever been used before, so it feels fresh. But let's hope that the McMahon bashing is over now. Too much of it, and it gets pretty annoying, no matter how justified it is.

          Okay, I really enjoyed the opening segment here. Michaels is going to make for an interesting "GM" character, but I have a hard time believing he won't get a lot of airtime. Anyway, you seem to have a lot of motivation writing about Cena, as his promo is perfect in terms of capturing his character. It seems you made the right choice in making him the champion. As for Jericho, his promo is good as well, which is no surprise. Plus, I like the direction you're taking this Jericho-Cena feud, as this new "man possessed" direction you have for Jericho is very intriguing. Only problem is, it's pretty much a forgone conclusion who's going to win that #1 Contender's match.

          Man, I love that you have Matt Striker in your fed. I've recently begun to mark for him, as he plays the heel role perfectly. As long as you give him plenty of mic time and allow him to be important, I'll be a happy man. And looking at your current username, I don't think I have to worry about what you're going to do with Brian Kendrick. Anyway, Kendrick gets the nice victory with a rollup, keeping Striker credible at the same time. And also, I don't believe I've commented on them yet, but I really like the idea you had for the two seperate divisions in your fed. Both divisions are incredibly unique, which is going to create some great stuff.

          Hm, as for this Benoit-Carlito interaction backstage, it was good and bad. I loved Benoit's intense promo, as it really captured Benoit perfectly. Plus, the last line with the "trail of blood and seperated shoulders" was pure gold. Only problem was Carlito's part, because when I envisioned Carlito saying that promo, is really sounded forced in my head. Now, that's not really your fault, as I'm really not used to Carlito being anything other than comedic on the mic.

          Johnny Jeter is coming. I've never seen anything with him as the "Thrillseeker" in OVW, so this should be interesting.

          Hm, the Benoit-Carlito match went a little differently than I envisioned. I thought Carlito would put up more of a fight against Benoit, but then again it's good he didn't, because Benoit is on a totally different level. Plus, I hate the way the WWE makes Benoit seem so weak all the time. He should be getting in the ring, "seperating shoulders", and walking out of there unscathed.

          The Edge-Michaels interaction was good. It made sure to establish Edge's heel character as the whining, annoying heel, which I think he plays extremely well. I like it a lot more than the "Rated-R" character he plays now.

          Still not buying into "badass" Carlito. It's just not working out too well for me, unfortunately. And I guess this might lead into a Carlito-Lethal feud?

          Hm, now for the Regal-Finlay match. I have a lot of mixed feelings on this one. First of all, the rough, hard hitting nature of the Iron division is extremely enticing and I love what you're trying to do with the whole division. But, I'm not sure about the whole TKO finish. It sounds good on paper, but the execution really hurts the guy getting TKO'ed. I mean, it makes Regal seem even more of a badass, while killing Finlay's own badass persona at the same time. Hopefully Finlay gets his own TKO payback on Regal in the future, or he's going to seem pretty weak.

          I like the direction you're going with Christian, where he feels he's being held down in the Fusion Division, and he's going to try and dominate in order to prove himself. Plus, I like how you didn't have him just dominate Lethal clean and pick up the victory. It makes him seem dominant, but at the same time, he didn't just destroy a completely healthy opponent. It keeps that heel dynamic involved that Christian isn't really above the Fusion division at all.

          Okay, backstage altercation with Jericho and Sting. Now, I love Jericho as you know, and I loved his little promo. The whole angle you have going where he is on a mission to destroy Cena is going to incredibly fun to read, as I've said. I'm not really big on Sting at all, and he's really boring me in TNA, so I have no desire to read about him in Fan Fic. However, if you're set on using him, I would prefer him just not saying anything and coming down from the rafters and kicking ass. But that's just me.

          The main event was what it was, and it was a little hard to get into it as it was painfully obvious Jericho wasn't losing. However, I'm glad he didn't pin Edge and pinned Sting, as Edge should be kept strong at the moment. And pull apart brawl! It's overdone, but damn, still a mark out moment. Nice ending.

          So yeah, overall, it was a good show. A few things I wasn't too big on, but I enjoyed most of it. I'm not going to place a grade on it, as I'm tired of grades. Just let the review speak for itself.


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            Re: Lonestar Wrestling


            Jericho Can See You Champ

            The road to Open Range is on. Monday night, Chris Jericho signed a contract in exchange for a number one contenders match for John Cena’s LSW Heavyweight Championship. After a grueling match with Sting and Edge, Jericho came out victorious, stealing the victory away from the Rated R Superstar. With Cena down at ringside, it wasn’t long until tempers flared and every security guard in the building was needed to keep the two men separate. Will the LSW be able to keep these two men apart or was Monday just a taste of what’s to come?

            In other news, both the Fusion and Iron Division tournaments are officially underway, with Chris Benoit and William Regal advancing in the Iron Division and Christian Cage and Bryan Kendrick advancing in the Fusion Division. With two more tournament matches left for each division, only time will tell who will truly reign supreme.

            Speaking of reigning supreme, Carlito didn’t handle his losing effort against Chris Benoit very well. An irate Carlito attacked Jay Lethal moments before his Fusion Division match with Christian Cage for seemingly no reason. cannot report the extent of Lethal’s injuries, but anyone who watched Showdown could see the effects as Lethal was defeated easily by Christian Cage.

            With only three weeks left until the LSW’s debut PPV, Open Range, tension is rising for all the LSW superstars.

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              Re: Lonestar Wrestling


              Edge Breaks Down

              After Showdown, tried conduction an interview with “The Rated R Superstar” Edge but were met with hostility:

              Originally posted by Edge
              You want a damn interview, I’ll give you an interview. Cena, Jericho, I’m going to deal with you soon. But Sting…this is the second night in a row you’ve ROBBED ME OF MY TITLE! So I’m making it my personal mission to completely and utterly destroy your career, your life and everything you hold precious. Now get that damn thing out of my face.
              Stay tuned to for more.

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                Re: Lonestar Wrestling


                Words from HBK: The Owner Speaks

                So much to say, so little time. Thanks to everyone who tuned in for week one of Showdown, first off. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a relief to see the show go off relatively smoothly, though there’s a few issues I’d like to address.

                Carlito Colon, the “epitome” of cool, as he so often tells us. I’ve got to say I was shocked to see his attack on Jay Lethal, and the medical staff has informed me that Jay Lethal will be out of action for the next three weeks, but he will be ready for Open Range.

                Secondly, I want to talk about Edge. I read Edge’s comments about Sting “costing” him the LSW Heavyweight Championship and I couldn’t help but laugh. Edge says Sting cost him two nights in a row. Anyone can tell you Edge cost Edge. He just happened to not be the better man. It happens in this sport quite a bit. And ol’ HBK will never call himself a genius, but knowing both Edge and Sting, I can see a combustible situation from a mile away.

                The Fusion and Iron Divisions are getting moving now, and I couldn’t be happier with the matches they are producing. That’s what Lonestar Wrestling is all about: wrestling. I personally can’t wait to see the finals at Open Range. I’ll even be announcing one later in this column.

                Speaking of Open Range, expect more matches to be announced soon, joining the Fusion and Iron Division finals matches and the main event; John Cena defending his LSW Heavyweight Championship against new LSW-signee, Chris Jericho.

                Now, as I said last week, I’d have more information on the Tag Team situation. LSW is in fact going to have a Tag Team Division and we’re going to be crowning those Champions at Open Range. But as for now, that’s all you get. Read back next week and I’ll have the final details for the LSW Tag Team Division.

                Keep checking by for the latest stories, rumors and about everything else.

                Until then, I remain…

                HBK Shawn Michaels

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                  Re: Lonestar Wrestling


                  Cage‘s Promise

         recently received this message from Captain Charisma, Christian Cage:

                  Originally posted by Christian Cage
                  I hope everyone in the Fusion Division saw what I did to Jay Lethal tonight, because everyone is going to suffer that fate. And you know what, you can thank Shawn Michaels for that. He puts me in the midget division, I’m going to break each and every one of you guys to show him how wrong he was. ‘Cause that’s how I roll.
                  Stay tuned to LSW for more developments.

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                    Re: Lonestar Wrestling


                    Showdown Preview

                    This Monday, the Fusion and Iron Division tournaments continue! JBL, Bryan Danielson, AJ Styles and more will be competing for a chance to stand tall on their respective divisions.

                    Also, after Edge’s comments here on, the man called Sting has sent word he’s going to be calling Edge out on Monday. What will happen when the Rated R Superstar and The Franchise meet in the ring?

                    One week after earning the number one contendership, “The Living Legend” Chris Jericho will be looking to continue his desire for revenge against LSW Champion John Cena.

                    Confirmed Matches

                    Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson (Iron Division Tournament)
                    JBL vs. CM Punk (Iron Division Tournament)
                    Paul London vs. AJ Styles (Fusion Division Tournament)
                    Christopher Daniels vs. Jay Lethal (Fusion Division Tournament
                    Plus More!

                    Tune in tonight at 9et/8c for Showdown.

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                      Re: Lonestar Wrestling


                      Showdown Results
                      February 19, 2007
                      The Alamo, San Antonio, TX


                      The second Showdown was just as filled as the last one. I couldn’t find an empty seat and the crowd seemed pumped for what was to come. The crowd was definitely hot for the entire show, which included Showdown and about 30-40 minutes or so of dark matches.

                      Showdown Results:

                      Showdown opened with Edge already standing in the ring. He cut a heel promo before the Showdown video started getting the crowd rabid when the camera went to him live. He cut one helluva promo on Sting about being screwed for the second night in a row out of the chance to be LSW Champion by Sting. It didn’t take long until Sting came out and said they each lost, but he’s tired of Edge blaming him. Sting said Edge needs to be a man and take some responsibility, but if he wants a fight, Sting’s right here for a fight. Edge looks furious and Sting is daring him. Edge almost goes to attack but stop and rethinks it all. He rolls out of the ring and walks to the back to a HUGE chorus of cheers as Sting stares at him the entire way.

                      Backstage, Edge goes to Shawn Michaels office and says he wants that freak Sting in the ring tonight. Shawn says no. Shawn says Edge will face Sting, but not tonight. Instead, they’ll face each other at Open Range because this little thing between the two of them needs to end. Edge says that’s not good enough and Shawn says he’s all about compromise, so how about tonight, it’s Edge and Chris Jericho vs. Sting and John Cena. The crowd goes ballistic and Edge seems slightly content.

                      Backstage, CM Punk is standing throwing little jabs in the air, warming up when he stops and smirks to himself. JBL walks up to him and talks down to Punk and says he’s going to break his neck tonight in their Iron Division match. Punk says JBL had a 10 month stretch in a 10 year career that didn’t absolutely suck, and that’s impressive. But Punk’s had a 7 year career that’s featured seven years of glory and tonight will be no different. Punk walks away confidently and JBL seems pissed.

                      1. AJ Styles d. Christopher Daniels. This was a First Round Fusion Divison Championship Match. A damn good match reminiscent of their TNA matches. Styles surprises Daniels with a quick roll-up for the 1-2-3. Daniels seems pissed and rejects AJ’s handshake after the match. Daniels walks off angrily and AJ tries to shrug it off.

                      Winner: AJ Styles in 12:35.

                      Backstage, Christian Cage watches the monitor smirking as Styles watches Daniels walk away.

                      A pre-taped video between Mike Tenay and Carlito is aired about Carlito’s attack on Jay Lethal last week. Carlito played it off arrogantly, acting like it was no big deal and that Jay Lethal was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Carlito’s temper came out after Tenay said the rumors are Jay Lethal is looking for revenge. Carlito got in Tenay’s face and shoved him off his stool, telling Tenay “that’s not cool.” Carlito ripped his microphone off and walked away as Tenay looked at the camera shocked.

                      Backstage, Chris Benoit is grabbing a cup of water when William Regal walks into the picture talking down to him. Regal says that while they both won their matches last week, it took everything Benoit had while Regal didn’t even break a sweat. Regal says he feels a good warm-up would be good and challenges Benoit to a little “in-ring sparring” tonight. Benoit agrees and we have a match.

                      2. JBL d. CM Punk. The match was actually better then expected, with Punk playing the great baby face and JBL heeling it up as always. Punk was preparing for the Anaconda Vice with a Urange, but JBL powered out of it with elbows and when Punk turns around he was met with a BRUTAL Clothesline from Hell for the pin.

                      Winner: JBL in 8:12 minutes.

                      After the match, Punk was helped up and received a HUGE CM Punk chant on his way to the back.

                      Backstage, Paul London and Brian Kendrick cut a promo as London finished getting dressed for his match. Kendrick said he won last week and this time it’s London’s turn. London says this is where it all began, in a fed ran by Shawn Michaels. So if it ends up being London vs. Kendrick for the Fusion Division Championship, so be it. Kendrick agrees and offers his hand. Paul accepts it and leaves and Kendrick smirks to himself nodding his head.

                      A “Thrillseeker” Johnny Jeter promo airs. This time he was getting ready to jump out of a plane proclaiming he’ll do anything to get an adrenaline rush and that in 3 weeks, he’ll make his LSW debut at Open Range.

                      3. Paul London d. Shannon Moore. This was a pretty good match. Not as good as the Styles/Daniels match, but fairly good. Moore played the heel fairly well (and I was thrilled to see he ditched the whole “reject” gimmick) and Paul had the entire crowd behind him. Some real daredevil moves from each, especially from the ring to the floor. London ended up winning with the London Calling.

                      Winner: Paul London in 10:05 minutes.

                      Backstage, Gregory Helms is being interviewed by Maria. He says he was the longest reigning WWE Champion in years, holding the Cruiserweight Championship for over year and he‘s going to hold the Iron Division Championship even longer. He became a household name and was the reason people still bothered with the crap known as the WWE. But Bryan Danielson? He looks at Maria and asks “honestly, who the hell is Bryan Danielson?” Maria kind of shrugs when suddenly, Danielson steps into view smiling. Helms asked who let the stage worker take his shirt off? Danielson laughs and says that Helms was a year long Cruiser champ. He mockingly applauds him but stops. That must have been great. A whole year. What is that, he says, about 4 appearances on TV? The crowd laughs and Helms looks pissed. Danielson says he could talk about all his title reigns across the world, but unlike Helms, he lets his actions in the ring speak instead of begging the crowd to think he’s great. Danielson smiles and walks away and Helms looks pissed.

                      The crowd erupts as video of John Cena show arriving plays. He walks through the hallways when out of nowhere Jericho blindsides him! The crowd goes nuts as the two begin brawling backstage, slamming through doors and over tables. Agents (I spotted Dean Malenko!) and referees finally break the two apart. As they’re trying to get at each other, Shawn Michaels runs into the picture screaming at them. He says that he’s not going to let these two rip each other apart before Open Range, so from here on out, if they lay a hand on one another in a non-sanctioned manner, Jericho loses his title shot and Cena will be stripped of the title. Each man calms down and looks at Shawn shocked. Shawn says one man runs this show and it’s him. He walks away as security slowly lets them go. Jericho and Cena stare at each other before Jericho walks away.

                      3. William Regal and Chris Benoit went to a draw. One helluva match between these two mat geniuses, but before it could really get going, someone rushed through the crowd and attacked Chris Benoit. It took a second but once he looked out I was shocked to see it was Brent Albright (formerly known as Gunner Scott *shudder* in the WWE). Brent attacked Benoit’s arm, eventually locking on the Crowbar until the refs could pull him off. Regal just smiled during the whole thing.

                      Winner: No Contest at 7:54 minutes.

                      After the attack, Albright left back through the crowd. Benoit refused help and walked out under his own power to huge applause and a loud Benoit chant.

                      Backstage, Shannon Moore was shown to be in a dark corner curled up on a box mumbling, shaking really hard. Almost sounded as if he was crying. “Wow” was all I could see. Definitely a creepy moment.

                      4. Bryan Danielson d. Gregory Helms. This was a much better match then I expected. Fun to see Helms get to show what he’s really got against someone with a load of talent and little limitations. Some great ground wrestling. Helms looked like he was going to nail the Vertebreaker, but before he could hoist Danielson up, Danielson tripped Helms to the ground, stomach first. Danielson quickly got on top of Helms and started the rolling elbows and didn’t stop until the ref pulled him off, calling the match!

                      Winner: Bryan Danielson in 13:20.

                      After the match, Danielson celebrated with the crowd. In the ring, Helms came to slowly, bleeding from his nose and his mouth. The ref helped Helms to his feet, only for Helms to drop him with a right hand. Helms lifted the ref up and nailed a Vertebreaker to huge boos. Helms walked to the back, wiping the blood on his hand, pissed off to all hell.

                      Backstage, Jericho and Edge were in the locker room cutting a promo about their match. Each wanted the man they were feuding with and pretty much told the other to stay out of his way. Edge ended by saying he hopes Jericho wins at Open Range, because after being Cena so much last year, he wants a new conquest when winning the title. Jericho says Edge’ll have to actually get a win over the 40 year old man before he even thinks of titles. Edge smirks and the camera fades with both men staring at each other.

                      5. John Cena and Sting d. Chris Jericho and Edge. Basic tag match with the heels cheating every chance they could while Cena plays the baby face in peril. He finally hit’s the hot tag to Sting who comes in HUGE, but actually gets double teamed by Jericho and Edge slowing his momentum. Sting manages to tag Cena again, but Jericho and Edge get the double team again. Jericho grabs Cena and holds him for Edge. Edge goes for a spear, but Cena moves and Edge nails Jericho! Cena throws Edge out of the ring, grabs Jericho and nails the F-U for the pin!

                      Winners: John Cena and Sting in 17:25.

                      After the match, Jericho goes to sneak attack Cena and Sting with a chair, but they catch him before he can and Jericho drops the chair and retreats quickly. Cena and Sting stand tall and this appears to be where the show ends.

                      BONUS Dark Match:

                      Sting d. Edge. Edge grabs a mic and says he’d kick Sting’s ass, but he knows Cena and Sting will just screw him over. Cena grabs a mic and says if it’s a fight Edge wants with the Man Called Sting, it’s a fight he’s gonna get. Good night San Antonio. Cena raises his belt and leaves, leaving just Sting in the ring. Sting “Whoo’s” loudly and Edge runs into the ring. A short match, but lots of fun with Edge almost nailing a spear, but Sting avoiding it and nails the Scorpion Deathdrop for the pin.

                      An Awesome show with a great atmosphere.

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                        Re: Lonestar Wrestling


                        The Roads to Greatness Continue

                        Tonight on Showdown, both the Iron Division and Fusion Division Tournaments heated up, with four more men advancing.

                        In the Iron Division, cagey veteran John Bradshaw Layfield was able to pass up the man who’s only addiction is competition, CM Punk. A huge Clothesline from Hell sealed the deal, propelling JBL back to championship glory.

                        After an intense encounter earler (click for video):


                        Bryan Danielson was able to shut up the loud and boisterous Gregory Helms with a brutal series of elbows, resulting in a ref stoppage under the Iron Division rules.

                        In the Fusion Division, AJ Styles bested his former partner Christopher Daniels with a surprise roll-up. Showing amazing sportsmanship, Styles offered a handshake to his friend, but Daniels refused to shake it, walking away instead. In the back, a very pleased Christian Cage watched the monitor.

                        Paul London joined his friend and partner Bryan Kendrick in the second round of the Fusion Division Tournament with a decisive victory over Shannon Moore. Oddly enough, Moore was spotted later in the evening suffering what appeared to be an emotional breakdown.

                        The feuds between both Sting and Edge and LSW Heavyweight Champion and Chris Jericho heated up even more, with a phenomenal tag team main event.

                        Earlier in the night, Edge and Sting had an intense encounter in the middle of the ring, ending with Edge backing away from the Stinger. (click for video)


                        After the argument, Edge demanded a match with Sting, but instead, Shawn Michaels booked a tag team match, also featuring Chris Jericho and John Cena. After a miscommunication between Edge and Jericho, Cena picked up the win for his team, nailing Edge with the F-U. (click for video)


                        Can anything stop Edge and Sting as they head into their respective matches at Open Range?

                        Monday also featured the shocking return of Brent Albright, formerly known as Gunner Scott. Albright returned costing his former idol, Chris Benoit, his match, locking on the shoulder-destroying Crowbar to Benoit until security was able to tear him off.

                        Finally, another video aired hyping the daredevil known as “Thrillseeker” Johnny Jeter, and this time, it let us know he’s coming at Open Range. Will the world be ready? (click for video)


                        There’s only two weeks until Open Range and with intensity at an all-time high, the LSW locker room is pumped and ready to go.

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                          Re: Lonestar Wrestling


                          The Styles/Cage Connection

                 recently received this message from Captain Charisma, Christian Cage:

                          Originally posted by Christian Cage
                          So we‘ve got Bryan Kendrick, Paul London and AJ Styles left, along with Captain Charisma, Christian Cage. Is this even a competition? I think Shawn Michaels should just save these kids the embarrassment and give me the title now, because otherwise, it’s just a waste of my time.
                          After all these comments, AJ Styles, one of the pioneers of the old TNA’s X-Division, couldn’t remain quiet anymore.

                          I’m getting sick and tired of Christian Cage running his mouth. Whether it’s me, London or Kendrick, one of us is going to shut him up and Open Range, but I’m not waiting that long. Next week, I’m walking out to the ring and I’m calling that loudmouth to meet me there if he has the guts.
                          Stay tuned to LSW for more developments.

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                            Re: Lonestar Wrestling


                            Brent Albright Makes his Statement

                            Brent Albright shocked the world when he attacked the man he long admitted to admiring, Chris Benoit. Albright tried to tear the Crippler’s arm off with his deadly Crowbar submission, not letting ago until forced to, only to escape back through the crowd. is anxiously searching for answers as to whether Albright is in fact a signed wrestler for Lonestar Wrestling and will continue to follow this story as more information becomes available.

                            [π: WWPID?] ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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                              Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                              Personally, I don't know how to appropriately go about writing a review for your fed... but I want to get something down so you'll feel somewhat obliged to browse through mine in return.

                              Anywho... the first and main thing I need to comment on is your formatting. It is absolutely brilliant. You have honestly revolutionized how to write and format a Fan Fic Fed, and I'm willing to bet it's only a matter of months (pending motivation and commitment to maintaining this fed) before we begin to see this style of fed-formatting pop-up elsewhere. Whoever, I'd like to state for the record that everyone who attempts this style will make their fed feel like a second-rate rip-off...

                              No one's as good as the originator, KJ!!~

                              (I'm jealous I didn't format my show this way first.)

                              Secondly, I love the "territorial" and "Big Indy" feel you've got going on with your fed. The "big names" mixed with not having an actual weekly show is definitely unique. The house show reports with videos and so forth is definitely fun and lends itself very well to the readability of this fed. It also doesn't take anything away from the storylines running through your fed... but then again, you have a brilliant mind for wrestling and so it might not matter what format you choose to go with. Hell, you could probably write a fed in binary code and the storylines would still be clear and awesome.

                              My favorite characters in your fed right now are Christian and Edge. I'm really amped about Cena and Jericho, and I love that your feuds take so much from real-life history and backstories, etc. etc. Just from the conversations we've had, I can't wait to see Cena/Jericho pan out in addition to so many other things.

                              The unique divisions you have, the Iron and Fusion divisions, only further make this fed stand out in a very, very good way. Even before I began hunting for reviews and reading other people's work, this was one of the only feds I'd read. It's just that easy AND well-put-together. KJ, you continue to put your stamp on Fan Fic by revolutionizing the place with your creativity and ingenuity. Carry on my hostile cahoot, carry on!

                              : 04/02/11}:forever&always
                              ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


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                                Re: Lonestar Wrestling


                                Words from HBK: The Owner Speaks

                                Egos, tempers and the desire for glory are all running high in the LSW, and I definitely have my hands full. The card for Open Range is shaping up nicely, with the addition of Edge versus Sting in a match fans (and myself) will all be looking forward to anxiously. We’re also down to are final four wrestlers for both the Fusion and Iron Division Championships.

                                I’m here today to announce yet another match for Open Range, the LSW World Tag Team Championship match. That’s right, I’ve hinted at it for a couple of weeks and now the time has come. Ol’ HBK swore he was about chances, and he’s giving a final opportunity to the wrestlers who participated in the Iron and Fusion Division Tournaments. The four men from each division that suffered first round losses will be paired at random in a Lethal Lottery Tag Team Turmoil match for the vacant LSW World Tag Team Titles.

                                Lonestar Wrestling is about competition. On any given night, the array of talent here could come out victorious over anyone else. That’s why I’m giving these men one more shot at glory.

                                I would like to take this time to address one man; Brent Albright. Some may remember Albright’s tenure in the WWE under the name “Gunner Scott”, but I would like to take this time to say that Brent Albright is not under contract with LSW. I’ve been in contact with Chris Benoit, and he is obviously not very thrilled about what occurred this past Monday on Showdown. There’s some backstage workings on this situation, and as things flesh out, I’ll keep all of you, the fans, in the loop.

                                That’s all I have for today. I’ll be back next week to address the pressing issues in the LSW and be prepared for Showdown, because I can assure you it’s only just begun.

                                Until then, I remain…

                                HBK Shawn Michaels

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