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Lonestar Wrestling

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    Re: Lonestar Wrestling


    That was amazing man, truly amazing. Everything about it had this real to the core sorta feel to it. Yeah it was very indy but at the same time it reminded me alot of like an old Coliseum Video from WWF back in the day.

    The fan reports are a very nice way of posting the shows, it allows you to add remarks in a out of character format and such. I personally love this idea and think it could take off as a new way to write Fan fic. JTJ sounds like he has something similar goin on and my new fed is going to really bring the Recap idea forward and use it more... but enough about me!

    KJ this was a great show, I would have liked to have seen Punk or Danielson make the final but no Cena won it. While I'd normally be pissed off I didn't mind this at all. It must be the way you write the shows out that appeals to me or what not but Cena as your first champ will not suck with you behind the wheel.

    Cena vs. Jericho, done the right way! Good stuff man :lock:

    Overall man I loved this concept, I loved the way the show was written but I totally loved how you took three whole shows to crown a Champion. That is something not seen anymore, I think it is a great idea as it adds more to that said title and with it being the main event title it is a great thing to do.

    Good luck man, I will be reading this for sure from now on, you got a great thing going on here and I think a style that might catch on in Fan Fic in the near future. KJ = Changing the face of Fan Fic since 2006!
    Thanks to Rad for the awesome banner!


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      Re: Lonestar Wrestling

      Pshhh...c'mon now Heavy...

      I've been changing the face since 2003. You just weren't here to see it.


      Seriously though, thanks a lot to everyone who read it.

      [π: WWPID?] ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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        Re: Lonestar Wrestling


        Words from HBK: The Owner Speaks

        Before I say anything, ol’ HBK wants to thanks everyone who attended “Battle at the Alamo” this weekend as we crowned the first Lonestar Wrestling Champion, John Cena.

        Now, on to business. Every week, I’m going to be posting these little columns on Why? Because the show isn’t about me. I don’t need to cut a twenty minute promo addressing every pressing matter week in, week out. After being part of a company that did that for almost 20 years, I know how tedious that gets as both a wrestler and as a fan.

        Obviously the hot topic running through the locker room and the internet is Chris Jericho. Let me go on record right now as saying Chris Jericho is not under contract with Lonestar Wrestling. However, after his actions last night, I have personally invited Chris Jericho to attend Showdown tonight, live on USA, and he has accepted to meet both me and the LSW Heavyweight Champion John Cena in that ring.

        Now with the crowning of the LSW Heavyweight Champion, there’s been a lot of questions as to what other championships we will have, if any at all. Well, I’m here to tell you that tonight, we’re going to start two tournaments to crown two new champions; The Iron Division Champion and The Fusion Division Champion. What I’m doing is taking a fresh approach to the concept of wrestling. The Iron Division will be a division where we put the men who like to get into the ring and ground and pound. The men who’s toughness is only matched by their technical prowess. The Division will also have a special set of rules to further separate the title from anything seen before.
        -Competitors will only have three rope breaks, be it submissions or pinfall. Once the breaks are used up, anything is game, including submissions in the ropes.
        -There will be a twenty count on the floor as opposed to the standard 10 count.
        -The title can change hands via disqualification.
        -There is no 5 count if a wrestler is battering a wrestler in the corner or on the ground. If the beating is so severe, the ref can actually call the match and announce the winner via TKO.
        -Choke holds are legal.

        As said before, this division will push the competitors to the edge of their pain tolerance and will show who really is made of “Iron.”

        The Fusion Division is going to be an equal, albeit completely different style wrestling to the Iron Division. In the same vein as the old Cruiserweight and X-Divisions, the Fusion Division is going to be a blend of high-flying, fast-paced action with technical proficiency and incredibe athleticism. Unlike these older divisions, however, this division isn’t held down by low-card status or superficial weight limits. The Division will also have one minor rule change:
        -No countouts. The wrestlers will be allowed wrestle to wrestle away from the confines of the ring.

        Both the Iron and Fusion Division Championships will be equal, each title holder being just one step away from the LSW Heavyweight Championship. I want to stress this point to no end, so that the wrestler’s competing in either division understand neither is held at a different level.

        Now, after watching the “Battle at the Alamo” tournament, I have picked sixteen men who I believe represent exactly what I am looking for as a respective champion. After some deep thinking, I have created brackets for each tournament.

        Originally posted by Iron Division Championship
        William Regal vs. Finlay
        Carlito vs. Chris Benoit
        Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson
        JBL vs. CM Punk
        Originally posted by Fusion Division Championship
        Paul London vs. AJ Styles
        Bryan Kendrick vs. Christian Cage
        Christopher Daniels vs. Shannon Moore
        Matt Striker vs. Jay Lethal
        As said earlier, the tournament will begin tomorrow.

        Next week, I’ll give everyone an update on the status of the Tag Team Division.

        That’s all I have for this week but check back tomorrow for several features we’ll be having here every week and tune in tonight for the very first edition of Showdown.

        -HBK Shawn Michaels

        [π: WWPID?] ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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          Re: Lonestar Wrestling

          This looks awesome. The pure title should be fun, good picks for the competitors. I'm interested in how Carlito will be used there.


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            Re: Lonestar Wrestling


            Christian Cage Lashes Out

            Moments after Shawn Michaels posted his weekly commentary, received this message from LSW Wrestler Christian Cage.

            This is bullsh*t. The midget division? I’ve been put into the f*cking midget division? I’m a former World Heavyweight Champion for Christ’s sakes and I’m going for a title that a bunch of never was’s are going for? F*ck Shawn Michaels and f*ck the LSW. This is a damn joke.

            We here at will do everything we can to follow up on this story.

            [π: WWPID?] ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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              Re: Lonestar Wrestling


              Showdown Preview

              Just 24 hours after the Battle at the Alamo tournament, Lonestar Wrestling comes to you LIVE with it’s new primetime show, Showdown. Not only will the new LSW Heavyweight Champion John Cena be at the premier, butn LSW owner Shawn Michaels has also assured us that Chris Jericho will be there as invited guest as well. Will sparks flare?

              Also, both the Fusion Division and Iron Division Tournaments begin. This revolutionary approach to professional wrestling will no doubt leave fans speechless.

              Tune in tonight at 9et/8c for the world premier of Showdown.

              Confirmed Matches

              Fusion Division Tournament Matches
              Jay Lethal vs. Christian Cage
              Bryan Kendrick vs. Matt Striker

              Iron Division Tournament Matches
              William Regal vs. Finlay
              Carlito vs. Chris Benoit

              [π: WWPID?] ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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                Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                *girlish scream*

                The Showdown card looks good so far. I'm already loving this heat between Jericho and Cena and can't wait to see where you go with it.

                Once again, I like the quotes from the LSW website. Gives it a great feel and opens up a wider variety of backstage drama. Christian's response to Michaels post made me chuckle. I just pictured him sitting at a laptop somewhere going "Hey! Screw this!" and typing with anger. I love when Christian is a heel, he's so cute when he's angry.

                Looking forward to the show.


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                  Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                  Chapter I: “Rebel with a Cause”

                  We see a few still shots of the finals of the “Battle at the Alamo” tournament. At the bottom, it says “Images Courtesy” We see John Cena holding the LSW Heavyweight Championship over his head, when the screen flashes white and turns into video with Chris Jericho attacking Cena and leaving him bloody in the ring when the screen fades to white.

                  The screen shakes when the LSW logo bursts through. Around the logo, the words “Truth,” “Honor,” and “Pride” flicker. Suddenly, “In The End” by Breaking Benjamin blares as the opening video for the first episode of SHOWDOWN plays.

                  The video ends and LSW Showdown is live from San Antonio, Texas. The camera pans around the home of the LSW, The Alamo, and the fans cheer in excitement to be at the first episode. As the camera circles the crowd, we hear the announcers.

                  Tenay: Hello everyone and welcome to the FIRST episode of Showdown and we’re coming to you live on USA from The Alamo. I’m “Iron” Mike Tenay, and beside me is my new partner, the “Mad Scientist,” “The Messiah of Hardcore,” Paul Heymen.

                  The camera is now on Tenay and Heymen, each man staring into the camera with a hint of excitement on their faces.

                  Heymen: Tenay, it’s honor to finally be sitting next to someone who knows something about wrestling. Ladies and Gentleman, what you have to look forward to tonight is two hours of professional wrestling. This isn’t Sports Entertainment, this isn’t a crappy Vince McMahon fed. This is balls to the wall sport.

                  Tenay: I don’t think I could have said it better myself. We’ve got four great matches for you folks tonight and…

                  Tenay is cut off when we hear “I Think I’m Cute…” The owner of the LSW, Shawn Michaels, makes his way out to a HUGE ovation. He’s wearing a suit, but still gives a little strut much to the approval of the crowd. Shawn makes his way to the ring and climbs in, already holding a microphone. His music turns off and Shawn gets ready to talk when the crowd goes nuts with an “HBK” chant. Shawn smiles, smacking on some gum, until the crowd grows a little more silent.

                  Shawn: Well…heh…I came here to get down to business but I’ll go ahead and say it: I never get tired of hearing that!

                  The crowd gets even louder, as Shawn smiles. He motions with his hand for them to calm down and they finally do.

                  Shawn: Now, there’s a whole lot to talk about ain’t there? See, I have this vision for the LSW. It’s about…wrestling. It’s not about the (Shawn points to himself) ego of the owner. That’s why I don’t plan on dominating your TV. I’m not saying ol’ HBK couldn’t steal the show anymore…

                  The crowd cheers and Shawn gives a little smirk.

                  Shawn:…But I’m not gonna. No, there’s a new breed of wrestlers these days and I’m here to give them the stage to flourish. After three long days, we crowned our first LSW Heavyweight Champion last night in this very ring. Without further adieu, I give to you…JOHN CENA!

                  The crowd gives a mixed reaction (though mostly positive) as “Basic Thuganomics” blares through the arena. Cena walks out with a bandage over his head, pumped. He holds the title in the air and some pyro goes off behind him. Cena walks to the ring and raises the belt high, the crowd still cheering. Cena walks over to Shawn and shakes hands with him as his music stops. Cena grabs a microphone and walks back to the center of the ring.

                  Shawn: Lemme just say, I’m glad to see you’re still carrying the title you had last night. I was slightly worried I’d see some “Bling.” Then I’d be forced to strip you of the title.

                  The crowd laughs and Cena shrugs with a smile.

                  Cena: This bad boys good enough on it’s own. But let’s be real Shawn, you didn’t call me out here to talk about this belt. You didn’t wanna have some witty banter. And you know what I don’t wanna do? I don’t wanna give some long, tired-ass speech about how great it is to be champ. Hell, you all know how great I must feel being able to walk into the arena, grab the mic and scream “THE CHAMP IS HERE!”

                  The crowd goes nuts as Cena shakes his head approvingly at the reaction.

                  Cena: Any damn person with half a brain knows that I could not be more proud then to be this company’s champion. It’s an honor. But the two words I have on my mind aren’t “Heavyweight Champion.” No, no, NO! The two words on John Cena’s mind are “Chris Jericho.”

                  The crowd boos (though again, there are some that cheer) as Jericho’s name is mentioned.

                  Cena: I don’t like him either. But see Shawn, I was reading the website today and you gave a guarantee that while Chris Jericho isn’t signed to an LSW contract, you’ve invited him to be here tonight, right?

                  Shawn: Yes. And by the way, that’s

                  The crowd gives a little laugh at Shawn still shilling his products in his promos even in his own fed.

                  Cena: So what I’m wondering is why you haven’t brought his ass out here yet. Shawn, I respect you, but I’m gonna give you 5 seconds before I go back there and find that little son of a bitch myself.

                  Shawn nods himself before walking to the entrance side of the ring.

                  Shawn: You heard him boys, bring him on out.

                  No music plays. No pyro or lights or big screen video plays. Instead, Chris Jericho walks out in street clothes surrounded by security. Jericho climbs into the ring confidently, eyeing John Cena the entire way. Cena tries to get Jericho immediately, but security stops him.

                  Shawn: Now that that’s out of the way…

                  Cena shakes away a security guard, and Jericho leans in a corner, smiling arrogantly at Cena.

                  Shawn: Good. Chris Jericho. Someone both Cena and myself have had issues with in the past. One of the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot in a ring. I brought you here because I knew everyone out there wanted to hear why you attacked Cena like a punk last night.

                  Shawn motions to Jericho to take the mic, but he just stays leaning against the turnbuckle nonchalantly.

                  Shawn: C’mon Chris, I’m giving you a chance to be a man.

                  Jericho just smirks and shakes his head, as the crowd boos him.

                  Cena: I know you ain’t gotta pair Jericho, but I never thought I’d see the day you weren’t running your mouth.

                  The crowd cheers and Jericho stands upright pissed off. He walks over to Shawn and jerks the mic out of his hand, making the crowd boo.

                  Jericho: Shut the hell up.

                  Jericho points out at a fan and mouths something to him.

                  Jericho: I’ll make it real simple. I…hate…you, Cena. I hate you with every fiber of my being. While all these idiots might of forgotten, I never did. I was forced to leave wrestling because of you. Because I exposed you for the joke you are, I lost my job. I was fired. My career was stripped away fr…

                  Cena: Wah, wah, wah, wah. Here I was thinking we might be seeing a new Chris Jericho, but all I’m seeing is the same ol’ crybaby that blames everything else. Chris, I don’t know how to tell you this, but you lost. And I’m sorry, not really, that I had to be the one to do it. But why take out your vengeance a year and a half later? It doesn’t make sense. I mean, I know you’re not the brightest guy, but I doubt it took you a year and a half to come up with the mastermind plan of “hit Cena with a chair.”

                  The crowd laughs, but Jericho walks right up to Cena’s face. The security guards go to stop him, but Shawn motions for them not to.

                  Jericho: You think you’re funny?

                  Cena mouths “yeah, I do.”

                  Jericho: Everything’s a joke with you Cena. But nothing’s a bigger joke then you carrying that title. See, I was biding my time. I was waiting for the right time, when you thought you were on top of the world. That was last night. I’m came here for one reason, Cena. It wasn’t for Shawn Michaels. It wasn’t for “competition.” It certainly wasn’t for these idiots.

                  Jericho motions out to the crowd, who boo him.

                  Jericho: No, it was to prove to myself, but more importantly, prove to you, that I am better then you. That I am the best this business has to offer. You took away my pride. I’m going to destroy your life.

                  Jericho drops the mic and he and Cena get eye to eye. They’re talking smack to each other, as the argument gets more heated. Suddenly, Shawn gets between them.

                  Shawn: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Alright, lotta emotions here. And ol’ HBK has the solution. See, I’m a man with a vision. And what I’ve got right here is a contract for you, Jericho. It’s an Open Contract. You want Cena, I’m giving you the chance under my terms. And my terms are this: you earn it. I know your skill, I know your talent. More then anything, I know I gotta give you two the chance to fight or you’re gonna be at each other’s throats every week. So Jericho, you sign this contract and tonight, I’m putting you in a Number One Contender’s match with the two men Cena beat last night; Sting and Edge. The winner will get Cena at the LSW’s first PPV, Open Range.

                  Shawn extends the contract and a pen to Jericho.

                  Shawn: I’m giving you a chance, Chris. Something very few people did.

                  Jericho grabs it and doesn’t even read it. He keeps staring into Cena’s eyes as he signs the paper. He throws it on the ground and Shawn picks it up.

                  Shawn: Good. Boys, keep them apart all night.

                  Security ushers Jericho out of the ring, as he and Cena stare each other down the entire way.

                  (Tenay: What a Main Event for the first Showdown. Chris Jericho versus The Rated R Superstar Edge vs. The Man Called Sting. I can’t believe it!)

                  (Heymen: I’ve gotta say I had my reservations about Shawn running a fed, but I’m damn impressed with the decisions he’s making.)

                  (Tenay: Well fans, stay tuned, because up next, it’s the first match in the Fusion Division Tournament.)

                  Jericho stands atop the stage, and stares at Cena as the crowd breaks goes crazy. Cena raises his title high as Showdown goes to a commercial break.


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                    Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                    Showdown returns, and we see quick highlights of the John Cena/Chris Jericho confrontation. The camera returns to the announce booth.

                    Tenay: Welcome back fans, and if you’re just tuning in with us, you missed a MAJOR announcement. LSW Owner Shawn Michaels announced that tonight in this very ring, Edge, Sting and the returning Chris Jericho will battle it out for a shot at John Cena’s Heavyweight Title.

                    Heymen: That’s gonna be one helluva match, Tenay, but I’ve gotta give the edge to The King of the World, Chris Jericho. Not only does he have a personal vendetta against Cena, unlike Edge and Sting, he’s not one day removed from a hellacious three-day tournament.

                    Tenay: All valid points, but right now, it’s time for our first Fusion Division Tournament match. Remember fans, this division is centered around a hybrid of styles. These men are going to be allowed to push the envelope as far as they can.

                    The fans erupt into cheers as “Out of Control” by Hoobastank plays. Brian Kendrick steps out from the curtain to a bigger ovation (being the local boy). Kendrick raises his mask up and looks out at the crowd with a smile. He drops the mask back over his face and sprints to the ring, sliding in and popping up to his feet quickly. Kendrick rips off the mask and poses on the turnbuckle as his music fades away. The fans cheers turn to boos as the school bell rings. The ringing gives way to “Headstrong” by Trapt as your teacher, Matt Striker, makes his way out, holding a microphone already.

                    Striker: Cut the music, cut the music.

                    The music stops and the fans boo him as he arrogantly smiles.

                    Striker: My name…is Matt Striker. And I am your teacher.

                    The fans boo even louder as Striker makes his way down to the ring.

                    Striker: And tonight, I will honorably restore prestige to this once-proud profession. Mr. Kendrick here is nothing but a…failed cessation towards my for the Fusion Division Championship.

                    Striker is in the ring now smiling as always, as Kendrick shakes his head in disbelief.

                    Striker: Allow me take this time to briefly define what exactly fusion is for the less then educated fans that no doubt make-up the majority of the audience here tonight. You see, Fusion is a…

                    Suddenly, Kendrick rips the microphone out of Striker’s hands, pissing Striker off. Striker is mouthing towards Kendrick, as Kendrick circles the ring composing his thoughts.

                    Kendrick: I got this one, teach’. Yah see, Fusion is the combining of two objects…the merging if you will. Like you, Striker. You’re the living embodiment of Fusion. You’re one part failed teacher, and one part jackass. Combine the two, and we’ve got a sweater wearing, over-annunciating grappler, that’s wrestler by the way teach’, who’s about to get his ass kicked.

                    The crowd goes nuts as Striker charges at Kendrick with a clothesline, but Kendrick ducks and fires several right hands into Striker, finally knocking him down. The ref calls for the bell and the match is on.

                    Fusion Division Tournament: Match One
                    Matt Striker vs. Bryan Kendrick

                    Striker rolls out of the ring quickly, trying to regain his bearings. As he holds his mouth, circling the ring, Kendrick sprints off the ropes and flips over the top rope, taking Striker out to a huge pop. Kendrick brings Striker back into the ring and gets several near falls. The momentum swings with a simple thumb to the eye by Striker. Striker chops out Kendrick’s knee, keeping Kendrick ground based in theory. Striker continues punishment on Kendrick’s knee. After handing him a beating, Striker points to his head arrogantly and raises Kendrick to his feet. He goes for the brain buster, but Kendrick blocks it. Striker goes for another one, but Kendrick this time flips over Striker and lands behind him. Striker quickly grabs Striker’s waits and rolls backwards for the pinning combination. One…Two…Three!

                    winner via pinfall and advancing in the Fusion Division Tournament, Bryan Kendrick

                    (Tenay: Kendrick wins with a surprise roll-up. “Your Teacher” doesn’t even know what hit him!)

                    (Heymen: This is atrocious! This is blasphemous! This is downright impertinent!)

                    (Tenay: Stop using words like that. You sound like an idiot.)

                    (Heymen: Don’t have me for showing a little culture, plebian.)

                    In the ring, Kendrick raises his hand proudly as Striker sits up with a shocked expression on his face. Kendrick stands up, favoring his knee as the ref holds his hand up. Kendrick winks at him as he rolls out of the ring, raising his hands proudly to the adulation of the crowd.

                    The camera switches backstage where we see former WWE Diva, the lovely Maria.

                    Maria: Hi! I’m standing next to one of the toughest men in wCw, the WWE and now Lonestar Wrestling. “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit.

                    The camera pans out and we see Chris Benoit shaking his head in agreement to huge applause.

                    Maria: Chris, tonight you’re facing Carlito in an Iron Division Championship match. How do you feel competing against such a young and talented wrestler in a whole new kind of match?

                    Benoit smiles his toothless grin as he speaks.

                    Benoit: How does it feel? How does it feel to wrestle in the Iron Division? In a landscape that has limited rope breaks, legal choke holds and TKOs? It feels like I’ve died and gone to heaven. After I put Carlito into the crossface, sure, he can run to the ropes…the first few times. But then, then it’s Chris Benoit’s game. Maybe I’ll choke him across the ropes until he passes out. Maybe I’ll just use the crossface over and over and over and over again. But maybe, maybe I’ll just use my fists and beat him until they have to pull me off of him. For once in my life, everything is in my favor. And at Open Range, the Iron Division Championship will be wrapped around my waist and the trail of blood and separated shoulders will be Chris Benoit’s new legacy.

                    (Unknown voice: Ya’ know…)

                    Benoit looks up as Carlito walks into the view smiling. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Carlito tosses his patented apple into the air a few times before speaking.

                    Carlito: Carlito was listening to everything you said about how the Iron Division suits you. And Chris Benoit, let me tell you something. You…you’re not cool. You really think Carlito’s going to go out there and tap to a broken down old man? Carlito’s in the Iron Division for one reason: because he’s the toughest man in the LSW. Carlito’s gonna go out there and he’s gonna show Chris Benoit what a real legacy looks like when he makes Chris Benoit tap. And that? That’s cool.

                    Carlito smirks and tosses his apple in the air a few more times eyeing Benoit when Benoit suddenly reaches out and grabs the apple. Carlito looks at Benoit with a determined face and takes a step closer.

                    (Tenay: These two men are going to go at it next. Stay tuned!)

                    Showdown goes to a commercial break with Benoit and Carlito staring each other down.


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                      Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                      (KJ Note: For the next promo, we’re going to pretend this man’s never been seen on TV before)

                      The camera is a little shaky as rock music plays in the background. Suddenly, a dark-haired young man steps into view. His hair’s spiked all the way around, despite it being about 5 inches long. He has a cocky smirk on his face as he begins to talk.

                      Man: Me? I’m a man who loves thrills. I’ve done just about everything there is to feel a rush in this world, some twice. But now, I’m looking for something even more extreme. Something that will push me to the limits. Something that will leave me breathless and hungry for more. LSW, I’m coming. I’m Johnny Jeter. The Thrillseeker.

                      The camera goes extremely shaky as the image fades away…

                      Tenay: Well Paul, it seems like “The Thrillseeker” Johnny Jeter is on his way to Lonestar Wrestling.

                      Heymen: I’ve heard so much about this young man and I can say I’m truly stoked to see him in the LSW.

                      “I Spit in the Face of People Who Don’t Want To Be Cool”…The Caribbean music of Carlito plays and the crowd boos as the cocky young superstar walks out. He walks to the ring, grinning the whole way. He climbs in and removes his shirt when “Whatever” plays. The fans go nuts as Chris Benoit steps out. He doesn’t acknowledge them and instead is focused directly on Carlito. He climbs in and the two stare each other down.

                      Iron Division Tournament: Round 1
                      Chris Benoit vs. Carlito

                      Carlito rushes at Benoit, but Benoit quickly locks Carlito in the crossface. Carlito is right next to the ropes and immediately wastes his first rope break. Carlito doesn’t make the same mistake twice, and the next time, he and Benoit meet each other with the classic collar and elbow tie-up. As the match continues, Carlito holds his own, but every time he seems to have the advantage, Benoit shows his technical prowess and reverses the hold into a submission, costing Carlito all three of his rope breaks. Carlito cheap shots Benoit as the ref breaks them apart, giving himself an opening. Carlito nails some quick offensive moves, and sets Benoit up for the springboard elbow smash, but Benoit catches Carlito in the crossface again. Carlito quickly scampers to the ropes, but not realizing he’s out of rope breaks, it does no good. He has no choice but to tap.

                      winner via submission and advancing in the Iron Division Tournament, Chris Benoit

                      (Heymen: One impressive damn victory from Chris Benoit, but props to Carlito.)

                      (Tenay: Carlito battled well but Chris Benoit is so dominant in there once there’s no rope breaks left, it’s hard to win. He can lock the crossface on from any position, as we just saw here.)

                      Benoit celebrates in the ring, as Carlito rolls out holding his shoulder in pain. He looks up at the ring as Benoit celebrates with complete disgust.

                      The camera cuts backstage to LSW Owner Shawn Michaels’ office. Shawn’s looking through some paperwork when suddenly, Edge comes barging in.

                      Edge: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?

                      Shawn doesn’t look up and just keeps going through paperwork.

                      Edge: God dammit Michaels, answer me.

                      Shawn shakes his head and looks up with a surprised face.

                      Shawn: Oh, hello Edge. I didn’t hear you come in.

                      Shawn smiles and the crowd lets out a little laugh.

                      Edge: Screw you. What the hell is Chris Jericho doing in a number one contender’s match tonight? He walks in to the company and on his first god damn day gets a chance for a title shot? I had to go through 3 other men just to get a chance and after being screwed last night, I’m being screwed again tonight. This is a (censor) joke!

                      Shawn: Whoa, ease up there on the language Edge. We’ve got kids watching.

                      Edge: Screw the little bastards, I don’t give a (censor). I want answers and I want answers now!

                      Shawn cracks his neck to each side and stands up. He adjusts his jacket and buttons it up. He comes around his desk calmly as Edge looks like he’s about to snap.

                      Shawn: Now, Edge…can I call you Edge?…Edge…I’ve made what we business men like to call an “executive decision” on the matter. I realize that both you and Sting are coming off one hellacious weekend. And I also realize that Chris Jericho is going to wrestle for the first time in 18 months tonight. But think about the upside, Edge. You’re ready. You’ve been in the ring, you’ve been a champion. Jericho’s been living the life of a rockstar. Who knows if he’s been to a gym in months. Physically and mentally in that ring you have the advantage, right? Now I’ve got some pressing matters to attend to, but why don’t you channel this over-the-top rage into something useful and do a few jumping jacks or something to warm up? See yah tonight. Looking forward to another amazing performance by “The Rated R Superstar.”

                      Shawn leads a completely miffed Edge to the door and slams it shut. Shawn starts laughing as he walks back to his desk.

                      (Tenay: I think Michaels just appealed to Edge…or tricked him.)

                      (Heymen: I never expected Michaels to be the business man he is. He’s a manipulator at work.)

                      (Tenay: But it does bring up the question: how good of shape is Jericho in? We’ll find out tonight, but after this quick commercial break it’s more tournament action as William Regal takes on Finlay.)


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                        Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                        Showdown returns and the camera is on the announcers’ booth.

                        Tenay: Fans, during the commercial break, Carlito, still upset from his loss to Chris Benoit, was wandering the halls when he ran into fellow LSW Superstar Jay Lethal.

                        Video of Carlito walking through the hallways of the arena, cursing under his breath plays with “During the Commercial Break” in the bottom left corner. Carlito is walking when he passes Jay Lethal, who is stretching for his match tonight with Christian Cage in the Fusion Division Tournament. Carlito is still mumbling when he looks up and sees Lethal. The two make eye contact and Carlito pauses.

                        Carlito: What are you looking at?

                        Lethal: Nothing man, nothing. Just keep walking along.

                        Carlito shakes his head and keeps walking away and Lethal laughs to himself. He bends down, stretching his hamstrings, when all of a sudden Carlito kicks Lethal in the back of the head, knocking Lethal’s head into the cold, concrete floor. Carlito keeps stomping on Lethal as he screams in anger.

                        Carlito: You wanna laugh at Carlito. You wanna laugh? Carlito’ll show you.

                        Carlito rolls Lethal over and begins hammering right hands on him. Finally, a swarm of refs come and grab Carlito, pulling him off Lethal.

                        Tenay: As you could see, Carlito just snapped. He’s simply being a child and can’t handle the fact he lost cleanly to Chris Benoit.

                        Heymen: Did you ever think that Carlito doesn’t like being laughed at by a punk like Jay Lethal?

                        Tenay: The kid wasn’t even laughing at Carlito. He was stretching for his match, which he may not even be able to compete in tonight because of Carlito. Fans, we’ll keep you up to date on Jay Lethal’s condition leading into his match with Cage tonight but now it’s time for what will no doubt be a brutal Iron Division Match as Finlay takes on William Regal.

                        Heymen: This match has everything to be special. These two smash mouth brawlers in the Iron Division environment is gonna be memorable.

                        Royal Music fills The Alamo as William Regal walks out to a mixed reaction, though it’s mostly jeers. Regal is wearing a nasty sneer on his face as he makes his way to the ring. He climbs up the steps and wipes his feet before climbing into the ring. Regal removes his robe and waits. “My Name’s Finlay…and I LOVE to Fight”…The Irish music of the Fighting Irishman plays, and Finlay comes out in as foul a mood as ever. Finlay climbs in and the ref calls for the bell.

                        Iron Division Tournament: Round One
                        William Regal vs. Finlay

                        The match is a pure smash mouth brawl. Regal and Finlay give each other everything they’ve got. They match is even through the whole thing, but Regal scores the surprise win after drilling Finlay with a stiff knee to the head, knocking Finlay out!

                        winner via TKO and advancing in the Iron Division Tournament, William Regal

                        (Tenay: What a brutal match. You know these two were going to go to war.)

                        (Heymen: William Regal’s royal demeanor often detracts from just how violent he is. He and Finlay are equals, but tonight, William Regal was better. That shot to the head was just unreal.)

                        Regal raises his hands victoriously. Finlay holds his neck in pain as Regal stalks him. Suddenly, Regal begins stomping on the back of Finlay’s neck until the ref finally makes him stop. Regal leaves the ring and argues with some fans as he walks to the back.

                        The camera cuts backstage to Jay Lethal, who has a trainer holding an ice pack on the back of Lethal’s neck as a doctor shines a light in Lethal’s dazed eyes.

                        Doctor: I’m sorry Mr. Lethal, I don’t think you should be wrestling. I’m going to have to…

                        Lethal stands up quickly and the doctor follows, making sure Lethal doesn’t fall.

                        Lethal: The hell with that, doc. I’ll be fine. I’m not going to miss out on my chance…

                        Lethal walks away as the doctor looks at him and shakes his head with a concerned look on his face.

                        The camera cuts backstage where Maria is standing by with a cocky looking Christian Cage.

                        Maria: I’m standing next to former NWA Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage, who is just moments away from facing Jay Lethal in a first round Fusion Division Championship match. Christian, how do you feel knowing your opponent was beaten down earlier tonight and isn’t at 100%?

                        Christian smirks before grabbing the mic. He shoves Maria by her face, knocking her out of the picture.

                        Christian: I don’t need your help you retarded, two-bit tramp.

                        Christian looks into the camera and his face gets gravely serious.

                        Christian: Do I care about facing an injured man like Jay Lethal. No, not at all. Why? Because he could come into that ring at 400%, and he still wouldn’t be half the man Christian Cage is. See, it’s a joke I’m not in the Main Event tonight going for the LSW Heavyweight Championship. Shawn, I know you’re listening, so I want you to tip that gay little cowboy hat and listen closely: I’m going to win the Fusion Division Championship. And I’m gonna hurt anyone who gets in my way. And if I don’t get a title shot then, I’m going to just have to win the Iron Division Championship. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll keep putting people on the shelf night in, night out, until you finally realize you can’t hide true greatness. You can’t bury god-given talent. Just remember Shawn, all this is on your head, not mine.

                        Christian throws the mic down and walks out of our view.

                        (Tenay: Strong, strong words from one Christian Cage.)

                        (Heymen: I’ve known Christian for many years now, and he’s always a force in the ring. But when he feels he’s been insulted, he can be dangerous. Well that’s exactly what Shawn Michaels has done.)

                        (Tenay: That can be argued, but fans, we’ll be right back. Stay tuned.)


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                          Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                          Dramatic music plays as we see highlights of the LSW Superstars.

                          Three Days…

                          Highlights of the Battle at the Alamo tournament plays

                          Twenty Four Men…

                          We see different entrances of the LSW Superstars and celebrations from various winners

                          One Champion…

                          John Cena raises the LSW Heavyweight Title over his head. The screen cuts to various scenes of him celebrating when suddenly the music stops and the screen goes black and white. The screen shows Jericho behind Cena, waiting with a chair.

                          And The Return of a Legend…

                          We see Jericho crack John Cena with the steel chair, busting the new champion open. As Jericho stands proud, we can hear Tenay shouting “What the hell is Chris Jericho doing here?”

                          LSW Battle at the Alamo. A special 3 disc DVD documenting the tournament that revolutionized wrestling as we know it. Available everywhere where DVDs are sold next Tuesday.

                          The camera returns to the announcers booth.

                          Tenay: What a weekend it was. In all my years in this sport, crowning the LSW Champion was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen. But now, it’s time for another Fusion Division Tournament match.

                          “Close Your Eyes” by Waterproof Blonde plays, and the erupt into a chorus of boos as Christian Cage steps through the curtain. He peaks out from underneath his hood and kisses his finger, pointing out at the crowd. He gets down to the ring and steps onto the middle turnbuckle. He flips off his hood and pats his chest, ready to go. “Push It” by Static X plays, and Jay Lethal staggers out onto the stage. He seems a little dazed, but walks to the ring none the less. His head is bandaged and he’s obviously not in any kind of wrestling shape. He climbs in and the ref goes up to him and checks to see if he can go. Lethal looks up at him with a vacant look, but manages to tell the ref he’s ok. The ref calls for the bell.

                          Fusion Division Tournament: Match One
                          Christian Cage vs. Jay Lethal

                          Lethal is so dazed, that he can’t even dodge Christian as he drills him with a knee to the gut. Christian grabs Jay Lethal by the hand and gives him a BRUTAL short arm clothesline. Lethal’s out, but the Christian doesn’t care. He lifts Lethal up again and for no reason, gives him the Unprettier, slamming his head hard into the canvas. Christian covers Lethal non chalantly for the pin.

                          winner via pinfall, Christian Cage

                          (Tenay: Well, Christian Cage wins this one, but Jay Lethal didn’t even have a chance. He shouldn’t of even been out there after the beating Carlito gave him, but that’s just a testament to Lethal’s drive to succeed.)

                          (Heymen: Yeah, yeah, yeah; Jay Lethal was hurt. But who got the “W”? That man right there, Christian Cage. And tomorrow, that’s all that will matter.)

                          Christian raises his hand in the ring proudly, as Lethal lies motionless on the ground. Cage looks at him and pats his chest, pointing out at his peeps with an arrogant smile. Christian leaves the ring as medics rush down and help Jay Lethal out of the ring.

                          (Tenay: We now take you backstage to the lovely Maria who’s standing by with the man who returned last night, Chris Jericho.)

                          The camera cuts backstage to the two.

                          Maria: Chris Jericho, last night you returned to the wrestling spotlight for the first time in over a year and a half, only to attack John Cena. Tonight you’re in a number one contender’s match…what are your thoughts?

                          Jericho just shakes his head before answering.

                          Jericho: Do you ever get tired of being an absolute imbecile every week? Look at me. I’m wearing $500 leather pants. Why? Because the last thing I expected was a match tonight. I’m not prepared, I haven’t been in a ring for 18 months and tonight, I’ve got one chance to get my hands on John Cena so that I can rip everything away from him. So how do I feel? What are my thoughts? I feel phenomenal. Because I can go in there with one hand tied behind my back and beat Edge or “The Stinger” because I’m Chris Jericho. I’m a Living Legend. I’m God Damn King of the…

                          Jericho stops when suddenly a black bat nearly hits him in the head. Jericho stares down the end of it as the camera pans back revealing Sting to a HUGE ovation. Jericho leans back, staring at Sting, and Maria has an even bigger smile. Sting rests the bat on his shoulder and steps closer.

                          Sting: You need to watch your mouth, son.

                          Jericho smirks at Sting.

                          Sting: See Chris, the way the Stinger sees it, you don’t deserve to be in this match but I know all about bad blood. See, I’ve got a little bit of bad blood boiling in my heart. I was the last NWA Heavyweight Champion and I had full intentions on being the first LSW Heavyweight Champion. Now that that opportunity has passed me by, I guess I’ll have to settle for being the second. And if that means beating you, Edge, or anyone else, well…that’s fine by me. Because tonight…It’s SHOWTIME!

                          Sting walks away as Jericho continues smirking at the legend.

                          (Tenay: Some tension between those two men, but after this commercial break it’s the Main Event. Sting vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge. Stay tuned!)


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                            Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                            Showdown returns and we immediately hear “Metalingus” by Alter Bridge. The entire crowd boos as Edge walks out confidently. He slides into the ring and stands on a turnbuckle examining the crowd. He hops off and removes his jacket when “Seek and Destroy” plays. Sting walks out to a HUMONGOUS ovation. He gives a loud “WHOOO” as he walks to the ring full of life. Sting and Edge mouth off to each other when we suddenly hear “King of my World” by Saliva. Chris Jericho walks out after a few minutes to huge heat (though there’s select cheers). Jericho is still in his leather pants but he looks in surprisingly good shape. He walks to the ring arrogantly and does his trademark entrance on the apron. He climbs in and the ref goes to call for the bell when we hear “Basic Thuganomics.” The LSW Heavyweight Champion John Cena walks out to a good ovation as all three men in the ring watch him. He walks to the announcer’s table, making gestures to the other wrestlers to “calm down” as he sits down.

                            Cena: Wassup Tenay, Paulie.

                            Heyman: It’s Paul.

                            Tenay: We weren’t expecting you, champ, but I guess you’re here for a close look at the three men who are gunning for your title?

                            Cena: You’re damn straight. I mean, we’ve got three premier athletes in the ring, I just wanna know how far over my head I am.

                            Number One Contender’s Match
                            Edge vs. Sting vs. Chris Jericho

                            Edge immediately attacks Sting, still angry over losing last night. Jericho watches as the two go at it, with Sting getting the better of Edge. Jericho watches calmly as Sting turns towards him. Jericho quickly rushes and nails Sting with a running enziguri, knocking him down. Edge slides in and attacks Jericho from behind quickly. The match continues to go back and forth between all men, with each teaming with an opponent for a 2 on 1 situation. The end sees Jericho knocked down with a Scorpion Death Drop, when Edge spears Sting. Edge covers, but Sting kicks out. Edge is in disbelief and sets up for the Downward Spiral, but Sting elbows out of it. Sting goes for a clothesline, but Edge ducks it. He grabs Sting and goes for the Downward Spiral and nails it! Edge goes to roll Sting over when out of nowhere, Jericho drop kicks Edge right in his head as Edge’s is on his knees! Edge falls flat and Jericho covers Sting for the one…two…three.

                            winner via pinfall, and Number One Contender for the LSW Heavyweight Championship, Chris Jericho

                            (Tenay: My God! Chris Jericho has done it! He’s the number one contender for John Cena’s championship title.)

                            (Heyman: I hate to say I saw this coming, but I saw this coming. Chris Jericho is here for one reason, destroy John Cena. I don’t think that passion and desire could possibly lose.)

                            Jericho raises his hands victoriously as his music begins playing. Jericho stands up and sees John Cena, with his title on his shoulder, applauding. Jericho points at Cena and starts mouthing at him, yelling at him to get in the ring.

                            Cena: Aw hell. I guess we ain’t even gonna wait, are we?

                            Cena takes his headset off and sets his title down on the table. He removes his shirt and steps around the table when suddenly security and a swarm of refs come running down and stop Cena from getting in the ring. Cena is fighting at first but calms himself down. Jericho brushes the hair out of his face as he stares at the blockade between he and Cena. Suddenly, Cena rushes full speed and split the refs and slides into the ring. Cena sweeps out Jericho’s feet and starts hammering him with right hands. Jericho rolls on top of Cena and begins firing his own punches. The refs and security slide into the ring and manage to break the two apart again. The separate them to opposite corners when somehow, Jericho gets free and jumps over the security holding Cena back, continuing the brawl. It‘s shortlived though, as security quickly separates them again. The crowd is going nuts as Jericho and Cena scream at the other one.

                            (Tenay: It’s complete madness! Can the LSW contain both John Cena and Chris Jericho? We’ll see you all next week. For Paul Heymen, I’m “Iron” Mike Tenay. Good night.)

                            The camera fades with both men being held back, each one desperately trying to break free.

                            End of Show

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                              Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                              Its been awhile since Ive done one of these, but since you asked I decided to give it a shot and see if I can still do one of these:

                              I hate Cena as champion and I hope that Jericho makes him the bitch that he is, I knw that you put that title on him just to spite me. You captured Jericho perfectly (as you always do) Good little segment, I hate face Cena but I love heel Jericho so if Jericho goes over, there will be some redemption.

                              Don't care for Striker at all, although Kendrick is pretty damn funny, you should have called him Spanky though. You need to proof-read your work a little better though, no spelling mistakes but a couple noticable grammar mistakes, and you always correct mine.

                              Using Maria is always a plus from me, it almost redeems from the train wreck that is face Cena as champ. Good little segment and a nice decision to put Carlito with Benoit, Carlito always makes a good promo.

                              We've had this argument about Jeter for awhile, I hope that you make something good out of him, good little match with Benoit/Carlito. Good work with Edge/Michaels you did a good job of capturing Edge's Rated R personna while at the same time, the undertone manipulation that is Michaels.

                              Really good work nailing down Carlito as a heel and Lethal as a babyface, boo to jobbing out Finlay. Christian insulting Maria was good, you definately have Christian down as a heel, talking trash to Jay Lethal is always good. Cage goes over, great move. Great promo between Sting and Jericho.

                              Main Event time. obviously your lack of long matches kind of kill the epic feel of the match, Jericho wins and gets his shot against Cena. Jericho in the Main Event, damn good television.

                              overall, a pretty solid show, there was no obvious weakness to the show, however you are capible of better. Your show lacked the "big draw in moment" a first show should have.



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                                Re: Lonestar Wrestling

                                Opening Promo: You tried to sort of shy away from the basic textbook version, while still using the basic guidelines, so I kind of liked it. Only thing, it really doesn't bring anything new to the table. It's the same feud that the E gave us, with the same characters, with the same reasoning. Did its job though, which is good. Also, as Edge would point out later, it really takes away from title with the fact that a guy that wasn't in the tourney gets to face the two guys that got to finals.

                                Striker/Kendrick: It was all just meh.... to me.

                                Benoit/Carlito: This was a great promo, where we saw the side of Benoit that makes for not only good wrestling, but a good Fan Fic character. And Carlito was just his usual ownage.

                                I'm just indifferent on Jeter right now. I'll just what you do with him before I start to praise.

                                Benoit goes over, obviously.

                                Edge/Michaels: Bright spot of the show. So much character development in one promo. The Rated R Superstar comes out full force in this segment, and HBK is shown as a master manipulator, and that he'll be able to run the company. Just don't show him that much if he's not going to be a active wrestler.

                                Carlito & Lethal: Didn't really care for this. Not becuase it was a bad segment, because it was good, but because it takes away for Cage's win, and he needs to be a big time player in this show.

                                Finlay/Regal: Don't really care, they're pretty much the same character, so it didn't matter who went over.

                                Christian Promo: Cage > Ownage. The shoving of Maria was uncalled for though.

                                Cage/Lethal: Yeah, Cage better go over. Aftermath was good too.

                                Jericho & Sting: First of all, Maria totally no-sold the Cage shove. Never good.

                                Just good character development here though.

                                Main Event: The short summary really kills the moment. Aftermath is just more basic CD.

                                All in all a good show, but would have been way better if this was already a two month old fed. At this point, there's no real creativity being brought out, so that needs some serious work. Christian & Edge will keep me watching though.