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    Re: JJs WWWE

    JR: Already we have two matches signed for Fully Loaded and they are the Tag Team Champions, MNM will defend their Tag Team Belts against JBL and Chris Masters.

    King: Thatís not guaranteed though JR, JBL and Chris Masters have demanded that MNM hand over their tag team titles this Sunday to avoid a beating at Fully Loaded.

    JR: You really think that is going to happen?

    Well if MNM didn't see JBL and Masters utter domination of RVD and Sabu earlier well they are in trouble come Fully Loaded.

    Just moments ago Gregory Helms won a Cruiserweight Battle Royal to become the number one contender to the Cruiserweight Title.

    Tow matches so far for Fully Loaded and already we can say there is going to be two title changes.

    JR: That remains to be seen but also the number one contendership to the WWWE Title will be cleared up. Edge screwed Kurt Angle last night but the new GM of RAW, Mick Foley has ordered a re-match here tonight.

    King: Edge won that match fair and square last night, Foley is already abusing his power for evil!

    Well I don't know what match you were watching last night King but Lita hit Kurt Angle with a steel chair!

    Vince: I would have let the result stand.

    JR: Thatís why you are here announcing and not the general manager!

    ** LIGHTS GO OUT **

    JR: What the hell??

    ** GONG ** ** GONG ** ** GONG **


    JR: That sound can only mean one thing, The Deadman walks among us!

    The mist is floating up from the floor as..........

    JR: Wait a god damn minute here, thatís not The Undertaker!

    King: Who is it JR?

    Vince: It's Sting!

    [i]The fake Undertaker makes his way down the rampway as some fans have cottoned on to what is happening and are booing Sting. Faker Taker reaches the ring and starts climbing up the steel steps and he stops. Sting lifts up his arms and the lights come on and now all the fans can see its Sting. They predictably respond with boos as Sting climbs into the ring.

    JR: They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

    King: I don't think Sting is thinking like that JR!

    Sting throws off the jacket and the hat and he claps his hands together and "WOOOOOO" as the fans respond with even more heat. Sting walks across the ring and demands a mic and a ring worker passes him one.

    Sting: I heard them, I heard those cheers when I walked down that rampway when you all thought I was The Undertaker.

    A cheer goes up at the mention of The Undertakers name as Sting just shows no emotion.

    Sting: It sickens me just as much as losing to The Undertaker last night. Twice in two events I have stared at that ceiling thanks to him. Despite everything I've promised to do, it has never happened. I brought myself to this company for one reason and that was to end The Undertaker. Night after night, I left him laying a pool of blood inching closer to my dreams but come Wrestlemania, they were snatched away from me. Everything I threw came back at me and in the end I was left laying. Then last night.................

    The fans are booing Sting as he looks around the arena and shakes his head before continuing on.

    Sting: Was exactly the same as Wrestlemania, time and time again The Undertaker came back for more and at the end of the match, he wasn't looking up at the ceiling it was me. I have failed in my dream and therefore I'am a failure in my life and my career is void. Undertaker you have taken away everything of mine but you haven't finished the job. I'm still standing here!

    The fans have stopped booing Sting as a chant of "We Want Taker" starts to fill the Ford Centre.

    Sting: I....

    Sting drops the mic and rolls out of the ring as the fans continue to chant for The Undertaker. Sting gets right into the face of the fans as the whole front start trash talking The Stinger. Sting leans over the barrier and get right into the face of one fans before he throws his arms out and drags a fans over the barrier and throws him to the floor. Sting starts stomping a mudhole into the fan.

    JR: We are witnessing the breakdown of a WWWE Superstar!

    Vince: It all live on television as well.

    JR: You always look on the bright side don't you Vince?

    Security has started filing down from the back as Sting continues to put the boots into the fans, who is stuck up against the security barrier. Security grab hold of Sting and start pulling him back but Sting breaks free and starts laying out the security guards as the fans are booing Sting. The rest of the security back away from Sting has he continues to show no emotion. Sting rolls back into the ring and he grabs hold of the mic he dropped earlier.

    Sting: You see what you have done Undertaker? You've made me snap against a nobody, you have ruined my career!

    The fans are now responding with "You Suck" chants as Sting just stares on.

    Sting: I ask you to do one more think Undertaker..................................FINISH ME! FINISH MY CAREER!!

    The lights go out in the arena as the fans cheer.

    JR: You sometimes get what you ask for!

    ** DONG ** ** DONG ** ** DONG **

    The lights come back on in the arena and standing in the middle of the ring is The Undertaker. The fans are cheering for Undertaker as Taker just stares down his nemesis Sting. Both men are staring each other out, slowly Sting lifts the mic up.

    Sting: FINISH ME!

    Undertaker just stands there as Sting moves slowly towards Taker. Sting gets right into the face of Undertaker...

    Sting: DO IT! FINISH ME!

    Undertaker grabs Sting around the throat and lifts him up in the air and plants him to the mat with a Chokeslam. Sting is laying down on the mat as Undertaker stares down at Sting before looking back up and he puts his thumb up to his throat and draws it across it.

    JR: The end is near for Sting.

    King: This is what he has begged for!

    Vince: I think he should have been begging for a Straightjacket.

    Undertaker bends over and pulls The Stinger back up to his feet. He then lifts Sting off his feet and places him onto his shoulders before positioning and then dropping him down to the mat with a Tombstone Piledriver! Undertaker then crosses over Stings arms and rolls his eyes back as the fans cheer wildly for the Deadman. Undertaker stands back up to his feet before he grabs hold of the mic Sting dropped while being Chokeslammed.

    Taker: Rest...........................In................. ................Peace!

    Taker drops the mic and drops down to one knee and throws his arm up in the air as the arena lights turn blue and "The Darkest Side" blares out of the speakers.

    JR: The Undertaker finishing off Sting for what could be the last time!

    King: Well if we ever see Sting again it will be too soon.

    Vince: I don't think the home will be letting him out any time soon.

    JR: While The Undertaker stands tall in the middle of the ring, coming up after the commercial break we have Edge taking on "The Wrestling Machine" Kurt Angle!

    The Phenom of Fan Fiction.
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      Re: JJs WWWE

      **"Break It Down!", Degeneration X, the most controversial group in wrestling history is back! The WWWE won't know what has it hit it and if you aren't down with that we have two words for ya................................."SUCK IT!"**

      JR: DX are back and they will be in action on Sunday Night Heat but we have a very important match coming up next and it is a rematch from last night with Edge taking on Kurt Angle.

      King: Edge won fair and square last night JR, I don't see the point in this rematch.

      JR: Kurt was screwed last night King! This is only fair and especially when the number one contendership is on the line.

      Vince: I find myself agreeing with King here, Edge won last night there is no need for a rematch.

      JR: Mick Foley thinks differently but thatís not all for tonight because we have Goldberg defending his WWWE Title against Chris Jericho in the main event.


      The smoke bursts out of the stage as Edge and Lita make their way out from the back of the arena to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Edge and Lita hold hands as they make their way down the rampway still receiving insults from the fans.

      *Making his way to the ring accompanied by Lita, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing Two Hundred and Forty Pounds, the "R" Rated Superstar, Edge!*

      Edge reaches the ring and slides into it as Lita walks around the outside of the ring. Edge walks over to the bottom left hand corner and climbs up the turnbuckles and taunts the fans as they continue to give heat to the "R" Rated Superstar.

      ** MEDALS **

      The familiar sound of Angles music blares out of the speakers as "The Wrestling Machine" makes his way out from the back. Angle stops as he comes down the rampway and throws his arms up in the air and the pyros explode behind him before Angle continues down to the ring to chants of "You Suck".

      *Making his way to the ring from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing Two Hundred and Twenty Pounds, he is an Olympic Gold Medallist, he is "The Wrestling Machine", Kurt Angle!*

      Angle walks down the rampway as he just stares down the "R" Rated Superstar as Edge just has a cocky smile on his face. Angle just flashes his mouthpiece which says "Machine" on it as Angle climbs up to into the ring. Angle jumps around in the ring before adjusting his straps on his wrestling singlet. Angle is staring Edge down as Edge is doing anything than look at Angle.

      JR: Kurt Angle is intent on winning this match tonight and going to face Goldberg at Fully Loaded.

      King: Thatís if Goldberg gets past Chris Jericho tonight.

      JR: You are right for once King.


      Summary: Angle obviously wants the title shot as he has dominated the "R" Rated Superstar. Edge at every opportunity has bailed out of the ring and complained to the referee but the pure fact is, Edge is being out-wrestled. Edge has been Belly to Belly Suplexed and German Suplexed by Angle but each occasion Edge has slid out of the ring. Edge manages to get the upperhand with an unseen low blow and we join the match there.

      Ending: Angle is down on the mat as Edge slowly walks over to Angle and picks him back up to his feet and grabs him by the back of the head and rams him head first into the top right corners top turnbuckle. Edge repeats this until the referee tells him to cut it out and Edge throws Angle head first into the mat and Angle rolls around in pain. The smile has returned back to Edges face as he grabs hold of Angle and pulls him back up to his feet. Edge grabs Angle around the head and he lifts Angle up and drops him to the mat with a Vertical Suplex and Edge rolls through and hooks Angles leg 1...2. Angle gets his shoulder up off the mat. Edge climbs back up to his feet and starts trash talk Angle as on the outside Lita is cheering on her man. Edge picks Angle back up to his feet and grabs hold of him and goes for an Irish Whip but Angle reverses it and sends Edge to the ropes. Edge comes back off the ropes and ducks underneath Angles attempted clothesline and Edge comes back off the ropes and Angle turns around into a Spinning Heel Kick from Edge. Edge crawls along the mat and grabs hold of Angle by the head and trash talks him before delivering right hands to the face. The referee comes over and tells Edge to cut it out and Edge climbs up off Angle and gets into the face of the referee. Edge is really giving it to the referee but Angle rolls him up from behind 1...2.. Edge kicks out. Both men are quickly back up to their feet but Edge is that bit quicker and nearly decapitates Angle with a hard Clothesline. Angle rolls around on the mat as Edge runs to the bottom ropes and comes back off them and nails Angle with a Baseball Slide sending Angle to the outside.

      JR: Edge is fighting his way back into this match as Angle is sent to the outside with a Baseball Slide.

      King: So much for Kurt Angle being the Wrestling Machine.

      Vince: Edge also has another advantage over Angle, he has Lita in his corner.

      Ending(Continued): Edge slides out of the ring as Angle is getting back up to his feet and Edge grabs hold of Angle but Angle charges back and smashes Edge into the steel post. Edge drops down to the floor as Angle backs away from him breathing heavily. Angle turns back around and charges at Edge, who is getting back up to his feet but Edge lifts Angle off his feet and smashes him head first into the steel post. Angle is rolling on the mat holding his head as Edge just turns around and has the smirk on his face as Lita looks rather happy with her man. Edge grabs hold of Angle and picks him back up to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. Edge slides back into the ring as Angle has clambered back up to his feet but is staggering around with blood running down his forehead. Edge is crouched in the corner as Angle turns around and Edge flies out of the corner for the Spear but Angle quickly nails Edge with a Drop Toe Hold, sending Edge face first into the bottom right hand corner turnbuckles. Edge uses the ropes to climb back up to his feet but he can't turn around as Angle gets him in a rear waistlock and lifts him off his feet and nails him with the German Suplex. Angle keeps the hold locked onto Edge and pulls him back up to his feet and nails him with a second German Suplex. Angle keeps the rear waistlock on Edge as he lifts him back up to his feet but Edge grabs hold of the ropes to stop Angle from nailing the third German. Angle lets go of the Waistlock but Edge catches Angle with a couple of elbows, knocking Angle backwards. Angle charges back at Edge though but Edge ducks underneath the attempted attack and Angle turns around to a Belly to Belly Suplex from Edge! Edge covers Angle for the pinfall 1...2... Angle kicks out just before the three count.

      JR: Edge thought he had the victory there!

      King: So did I JR!

      Vince: That referee should be fired that was clearly a three count.

      Ending(Continued): Edge looks mightily pissed off as he just stares the referee down and the referee just holds up his two count. Edge slides out of the ring and goes over to the time keepers and pushes the time keeper off his chair and Edge picks it up and closes it up. Edge slides back into the ring with the steel chair in hand but the referee goes over to Edge and tries to grab the chair away from Edge but Edge holds onto it. Behind the referee and Edge, Lita has slid into the ring and as Angle is getting back up to his feet, he receives a boot to the gut and a Twist of Fate from Lita!

      JR: That Jezebel has just interfered in this match and hit Kurt Angle with the Twist Of Fate

      Vince: I told you she would make a difference.

      King: We are going to get the same result as last night.

      Edge now throws the chair away and rushes across the ring to cover Angle for the pinfall 1...2...Angle puts his boot on the rope to stop the pinfall! Edge explodes in anger and grabs the referee by his collar but the referee threatens him with a DQ if he doesn't let go. Edge turns back to Angle and lifts him back up to his feet and he grabs Angle around the head and looks for Edgecution but Angle quickly spins out and nails Edge with another German Suplex. Edge is down on the mat as Angle is screaming out loud as he pulls down the straps on his wrestling singlet and he starts jumping up and down behind Edge. Slowly the "R" Rated Superstar starts climbing back up to his feet and Angle grabs him from behind and goes for the Angle Slam but Edge counters mid air into an Arm Drag. Angle goes across the ring as Edge steadies himself on his feet. Angle clambers back up to his feet and Edge goes to boot him in the gut but Angle grabs hold of Edge and trips him onto his back and turns him over and slaps the Ankle Lock on! The fans are going mad as Edge is struggling to fight the hold!

      JR: Edge is fighting the Ankle Lock but Angle has it firmly locked in!

      King: Come on Edge, fight it!

      Ending(Continued): Edge looks like he is about to tap but Lita has jumped up onto the apron and is distracting the referee and the ref is telling Lita to get down but Lita is trying to get into the ring. Behind the ref Edge is tapping to the Ankle Lock but the referee isn't seeing it!

      JR: Hey referee, focus on the match Edge is tapping here!

      King: Keep focusing on Lita, I know I would.

      Vince: I think we all know that King.

      Angle releases the Ankle Lock and he walks across to the referee and he pulls the referee around and tells him Edge taps out but the referee points to Lita. Angle has gone red in rage as he grabs hold of Lita by the head but Lita hangmanís Angle off the top rope and Angle staggers back into a Spear from Edge! Edge covers Angle 1...2...3!

      Winner by Pinfall........................................... .............. Edge!
      JR: Edge has stolen another one here and its all thanks to Lita!

      King: You are wrong there JR, it was all done to the lovely Lita.

      Vince: Both of you are missing the bigger picture, Edge is the number one contender and whoever holds the title is in for a big challenge.

      Edge stands up to his feet as the referee holds his hand up in victory as Lita claps her man from outside of the ring. Edge slides out of the ring and grabs hold of Lita and they start making out in front of the fans as the fans just give the pair serious heat. They start to make their way up the rampway as Angle is getting back up to his feet and is swearing quite loudly. Edge and Lita stand at the top of the rampway just looking down on the irate Angle...

      ** BACKSTAGE **
      The Phenom of Fan Fiction.
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        Re: JJs WWWE

        We are backstage and we are looking at the mug of The Coach! As per usual he receives a frosty reception from the crowd and the camera slowly back out and standing with Coach is Carlito! He gets a mixed reaction from the fans as he stands there with an apple in his hand.

        Coach: Carlito last night you got involved in the match between Christian and Ken Kennedy causing the match to be a non contest, the question has to be asked why?

        Carlito: Carlito was unhappy about not being at Backlash. Come on the biggest WWWE Superstar and not to mention the coolest superstar not be on the show, that was not cool. I'll tell you what was cool though, Carlito beating both men down, throwing them around the ring like they deserved to be. Those two were going for Carlitoís title!

        The fans are booing Carlito has he just flicks his apple up in the air and catches it again.

        Carlito: Last night Carlito showed them for the jobbers they are. Thatís why after Carlito is done here, Mick Foley is going to get a call and a demand to hand over the Intercontinental Title. There is only one man worthy of and you are looking at him, now that is....

        Carlito gets slapped on the back of the head of the head as..


        The camera swings around and we see Mr. Kennedy with a mic already in hand, who gets a good cheer from the fans which is a bit of a surprise.


        Carlito: You know that's not...


        The fans cheer Kennedy quite possibly for cutting Carlito off.

        Kennedy: Obviously tonight we are sponsored by Sesame Street because if my eyes donít deceive me standing in front of me is the Cookie Monster!

        The fans laugh at that as Kennedy just stares down Carlito.

        Kennedy: "Mr. Cool" thinks he is so tough because he attacks me from behind last night, well lets all give him a round of applause..

        Kennedy starts giving Carlito a slow round of applause and the fans follow suit as Carlito is walking around telling them to shut.

        Kennedy: You offended me last night with your little attack and even right now you are offending me due to that thing on your head! Seriously I wouldn't be surprised if something is living in there. Do you get is sprayed every month for ticks and fleas?

        Carlito: How about you shut your mouth unless you want Carlito is shut it for you.

        Kennedy: Oh finally you have the balls to face me because I know you have a thing for menís backs.

        Kennedy raises his eyebrow as Carlito now looks mightily pissed off.

        Carlito: You like to talk the talk Kennedy but can you walk the walk? How about this, Carlito and you, this Sunday for the Intercontinental Title.

        Kennedy: Looks like something "cool" for once has come out of your mouth!

        Voice: Thatís not going to happen.

        Again the cameras turn around and this time we see "Captain Charisma" Christian!

        Kennedy: Looks like Captain Sea Scout has come swashbuckling along! What the hell do you want? Wasn't the beating I gave you last night enough before Cookie here got involved.

        Christian: Hardly, you and Shouty here can go on all you want about who fighting for the Intercontinental Title but nothing is happening without me but that would leave us with a little bit of a predicament, wouldn't it?

        Carlito: There is no predicament; Carlito will be the new Intercontinental Champion.

        Kennedy: Cookie, how about you eat that apple and shut your mouth!

        Christian: How about you both shut the hell up and listen to me because I have a way of sorting this out! It seems we all want the title so letís make it official. Fully Loaded, Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Title. Are you man enough for that?

        Kennedy: There will only be one winner of that and that is... MISSSTAAAHHHH KENNNNEDDYY

        Mr. Kennedy walks off from the camera as the fans are expecting it as Kennedy slowly sticks his head back into the shot.

        Kennedy: KENNNNNEDDDYYYY!

        Kennedy finally walks off as the fans again give him a mixed response.

        Carlito: Even though Carlito deserves the Intercontinental Title, he will make your lives a living hell at Fully Loaded now that is cool.

        Carlito takes an bit out of his apple and walks away from Christian, Christian is just shaking his head.

        Christian: That Intercontinental Title is mine because thatís how I roll!

        Christian walks off as we go to a commercial break.

        ** COMMERCIAL BREAK **
        The Phenom of Fan Fiction.
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        You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain...


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          Re: JJs WWWE

          **WWWE Sunday Night Heat live on the USA Network from 8PM! Will MNM give into JBLís and Chris Masters demands to hand over the Tag Team Titles this Sunday or risk being destroyed at Fully Loaded! Only you can find out this Sunday Night. WWWE is back!**

          JR: Welcome back to RAW and it is main event time and we shall see Goldberg defending his newly won WWWE Title against Chris Jericho.

          King: The winner of this match will be facing the "R" Rated Superstar, Edge at Fully Loaded.

          Vince: And losing the title to Edge on tonightís performance! He outwrestled "The Wrestling Machine"!

          JR: You were obviously watching the wrong match Vince because once again Edge has stolen a victory again from Kurt Angle.

          King: He didn't steal anything, it was a clean 1...2...3.

          JR: Clean? You two need to see the optician!

          Vince: You need to get over your hate for Edge JR, it is blinding your judgement.

          JR: This coming from the great Vince McMahon!

          Vince: Why thank you JR.

          ** 5...4...3....Y2J "KING OF MY WORLD" BY SALIVA **

          The lights are off in the arena and they come back on and Jericho is facing the Titantron with his arms stretched out wide before he turns around and taunts the fans, who respond by throwing insults at the first undisputed champion.

          *Making his way to the ring, now residing in Tampa, Florida, weighing Two Hundred and Thirty One Pounds, "Y2J" Chris Jericho!*

          Jericho goes to clap the hands of the fans but he pulls away his arm at the way at the last time. Jericho has a broad grin on his face as he walks up the steel steps and grabs hold of the ropes and looks at the fans before climbing into the ring and walking into the centre of the ring with his arms outstretched.

          JR: Chris Jericho looking rather confident about success here tonight!

          King: He is King of The World JR!

          The cameras cut away from the ring and we see a worker bang on a locker-room door.

          ** INVASION **

          Goldberg opens the locker-room door and makes his way out of it as the fans are chanting "GOOOLLLDBBERGG" as Goldberg makes his way up the gorilla position and makes his way out through the curtain and he stands in his pyros as they explode around him. Goldberg starts flinging punches and kicks out as pyros continue to go off around him.

          *Making his way to the ring from Atlanta, Georgia weighing Two Hundred and Eighty Five pounds, he is the WWWE Champion, Goldberg!*

          Goldberg has made his way down the rampway and he climbs up into the ring and he walks across the ring and takes the WWWE Title off and holds it in the air as he stares down Chris Jericho.

          JR: Goldberg and Chris Jericho have a personal rivalry going back to WCW, this two it is fair to say don't like each other.

          King: Great, I want to see them tear into each other.

          Vince: I don't like Goldberg either.


          Summary: Goldberg is showing is why he is the WWWE Champion, every time Jericho tries a move Goldberg out powers him and throws him to the mat. Jericho is getting rather frustrated and everything he throws at Goldberg keeps coming back at him. We join the match with Jericho trapped in the bottom left hand corner.

          Ending: Goldberg charges his shoulder into the gut of Jericho repeatedly as the fans cheer for every hit on Y2J. Goldberg stands back up to his feet and he grabs hold of Jericho and Irish Whips him hard across the ring into the opposite turnbuckles. Jericho smashes into the turnbuckles and staggers out of them into a Back Body Drop from Goldberg. Jericho rolls out of the ring and starts swearing at Goldberg and taunting him as Goldberg just stands there with a smile on his face. Goldberg challenges Jericho to get into the ring and Jericho slides into the ring and slowly approaches Goldberg. Y2J holds his arms out for a grapple as Goldberg throws his out but Jericho slaps Goldberg right across the face! Goldberg looks pissed as Jericho might be regretting that as Jericho quikcly legs it from the ring. Goldberg is in hot pursuit as he chases Jericho around the ring and Jericho slides back in at the top ropes. Goldberg looks to get back into the ring but Jericho nails him with a Baseball slide to send Goldberg into the security barrier. Jericho gets out of the ring but Goldberg charges him right into the ring apron. Goldberg starts wailing on Jericho as the referee is telling them to get back into the ring. Goldberg grabs hold of Jericho and rolls him back into the ring and Goldberg slides in himself. Jericho is getting back up to his feet up to his feet but Da Man delivers a knee to the gut and Jericho falls down to his knees. Goldberg then delivers a rib crushing kick right to the gut of Jericho and Jericho rolls away in pain as Goldberg just stands tall with a broad grin on his face.

          JR: Goldberg is certainly enjoying himself here tonight.

          King: Unfortunately his enjoyment is coming at Y2Js expense.

          Vince: Goldberg won't be smiling come Fully Loaded when Edge takes his WWWE Title away.

          Jericho is using the corner ropes to get back up to his feet. Jericho rests up against the turnbuckles as Goldberg charges at Jericho but Jericho moves out of the way and Da Man just crashes into the turnbuckles. Jericho jumps up behind Goldberg and Dropkicks Goldberg into the turnbuckles and then rolls him up for the pinfall 1...2. Goldberg kicks out. Goldberg quickly climbs back up to his feet and he receives a kick to the gut from Jericho. Jericho runs down to the bottom ropes and tries for a Bulldog but Goldberg throws Jericho off him and Jericho slams into the mat. Da Man stands there as Jericho slowly staggers back up to his feet and Goldberg bends down and lifts Jericho up into the air and has him hanging over his head. Goldberg brings Jericho down with a Military Slam. The fans are cheering wildly for Goldberg as he stands back up to his feet and begins walking around the ring, walking in circles around Jericho. Goldberg slowly backs off Y2J as he slowly starts staggering back up to his feet and Jericho turns around into a Spear from Goldberg!

          JR: Good god almighty, Goldberg nearly snapped Y2J in half with that Spear!

          King: No, No, No this shouldn't be happening.

          Vince: I wonder what is coming next.

          Ending(Continued): Goldberg stands above Jericho, who is holding onto his guts and Goldberg just points upwards as the fans are continually cheering the WWWE Champion. Goldberg bends over and lifts Jericho back up to his feet and then off his feet and leaves him hanging in the air. Goldberg takes a few steps before dropping Jericho to the mat with the Jackhammer! Goldberg hooks Jerichoís leg 1...2...3!!

          Winner and Still WWWE Champion.......................................... .......... Goldberg!
          JR: Goldberg is still out WWWE Champion after a dominant performance here tonight!

          King: Even I had to admit Goldberg was impressive here tonight.

          Vince: He did okay.

          Goldberg is handed the WWWE Title and Goldberg walks off to the top right hand corner and climbs up the turnbuckles and shows off the WWWE Title to the fans as they cheer him. Jericho is down and out in the ring as Goldberg climbs down from the corner and climbs out of the ring and Da Man makes his way up the rampway. The fans are still cheering Goldberg as he reaches the top of the rampway and shows off his WWWE Title again but this time with a smile on his face as RAW goes off the air!!

          **END OF SHOW**
          The Phenom of Fan Fiction.
          Cheers to KustoM for the banner.

          You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain...


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            Re: JJs WWWE

            Tom's Break the Show Down Review (JJ's WWWE)

            Alright, time for another review of JJ's WWWE, and this should be a good show. I may have to browse through your Backlash PPV a little to refresh my memory on what happened, as it's been a while.

            It appears we are kicking things off with JW, who's probably come out to announce the new General Manager of the WWWE. But well, it appears he has more to do, as Vince McMahon is going to be the third announcer for Raw. I'm not exactly sure if that's a good move, as I'm a big fan of the two man announce team, but I'm sure you'll make it work. And you also are having a new WWWE show Sunday Night Heat, which will be short, and used to fit in some stuff you can't fit in on Raw. Not sure if I like it being only one hour, as I'm sure you'll need two hours at some point, so you might as well just start Smackdown up, and get that going early.......and it appears the new GM of Raw is Mick Foley. Nice, Foley always makes for a good authority figure, and it's good to see a face GM, as heel GM's can get old after a while.

            First of all, I'm loving the three man announce team already, great stuff. Anyway, this tag match should be interesting, and I'm pretty sure you'll give JBL and Masters the win....but wait a minute, that may not happen, as RVD has picked Sabu to be his partner, which should make for a good team. Onto the match, good tag match, as you showed off both team's abilities, although if I have to make a criticism, JBL and Masters looked a little too dominant. And they a big win, with Masters finishing Sabu off with the Masterlock. You definitely have plans for Masters and JBL. And if you plan on keeping them together for a while, I recommend giving them a team name, and even matching attire or matching colors or attire, as I always love that with a tag team.

            Good "interviews" backstage with Coach, and it appears Lesnar and Batista may be feuding. And it appears my fears from reviewing your PPV are becoming a reality. MNM are faces in this feud with JBL and Masters. I don't agree with this, as MNM just seem like they can only work as a heel team. But again, we'll see where you go with this.

            I don't remember Booker T and Ric Flair doing anything of importance at the Pay Per View, so maybe you'll be putting them in a feud. Anyway, the match is nothing much, just an average singles match on a TV show. Surprising ending with Orton RKO'ing Flair, and for what reason, I'm not sure. And he gets Booker with an RKO, and I have a feeling you have nothing for Booker and Flair in your fed, besides being jobbers to the stars. I hope not, because they can be useful guys. Anyway, Orton calls out DX for Sunday Night Heat, and proposes an interesting tag match. We'll see who his partner is.

            Well, it appears the Reflection of Perfection may just become tag team jobbers, as Mark Jindrak accepted Batista's open challenge. Dominating win for Batista, which is what I expected. And yeah, judging from Lesnar's backstage reaction, a feud is definitely coming. Should be interesting, as that's a real 'money' feud in the WWE for sure, if they can get Lesnar back.

            Very funny backstage promo with Degeneration X, and you are already using them correctly, as they have a real agenda, and seem a little more serious, along with their usual antics. And perfect use of Michael Cole in this segment.

            Time for a #1 Contender's Battle Royal, which should be interesting, and Battle Royals are always fun to read. Very fun Battle Royal, and it seems that Helms is getting a push, as he has had a very important role in the Battle Royal. And wow, he eliminates London which was a surprise. Now, I'm sure London is going to eventually feud with Spanky, so I'm sure Spanky will go over Helms at Fully Loaded.

            Time for The Undertaker, and this should definitely be interesting......wait, it's not The Undertaker, it's Sting! Strange segment, as Sting begs Undertaker to finish him off, and Sting has really just snapped. Undertaker fulfills Sting's wishes, and I'm sure this is not the blowoff to the feud. But the feud has definitely taken a very interesting turn.

            Time for the rematch to decide the #1 Contender to the WWWE Title, and I do hope Edge wins, and you don't give Angle a win, making it even between them. Edge should come out dominant. Very nice match, I enjoyed it a lot, and you made Angle look good, while still giving Edge another win. Good job.

            Now, I have mixed sentiments on the backstage interaction between Carlito, Kennedy, and Christian. Carlito started off with some good mic work, but I didn't like Kennedy's comments too much. And the closing seemed too structured, with each man getting in their signature catchphrases.

            Bleh, I can see in my review of your PPV, that I was hoping you'd give Jericho an important role in your fed, and this is not it. Jericho is obviously just playing the role of jobber to the stars, and I hope you actually give him a feud in the future. And Goldberg just complete dominates. I didn't like that at all, to tell you the truth.

            Overall- 83/100- Good show overall. Your promos were excellent for the most part, with the exception of the backstage segment with Carlito, Kennedy, and Christian, as I just wasn't feeling Kennedy there. The use of some superstars like Jericho, Booker, and Flair is annoying, as they are important guys, and shouldn't be used in 'jobber' like roles. Your Undertaker/Sting angle is definitely exciting, and DX are on a roll so far. So keep it up, I'll definitely be checking out your Sunday Night Heat.


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              Re: JJs WWWE

              WWWE Raw
              • Vince McMahon is the third commentator. I don’t like it because a) he is too “big” a man to be a lousy commentator, and b) three commentators is simply too much.
              • Two new shows? This is going to such if they’re both weekly shows because it’ll distract too much from the main things. I’m all for Heat showcasing new and inexperienced superstars, though.
              • Heyman turned down JW’s offer and the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley accepts it. I hope this isn’t going to lead to some breathtakingly bad WWWE-ECW feud.
              • Commentators saying “cheap pop” is treading the thin line between kayfabe and reality. I don’t like it. You should word it differently.
              • Jericho faces Goldberg. Two questions: Why? Will it be for the title?

              • JBL and Masters are in the house! Let’s see if you make them the good ol’ brutal heel tag team they should be.
              • “They grab hold of him by his legs and lift him up in the air and bring him back down with some force”. Could you word it any more vaguely?
              • The winners, JBL and Masters! It’s difficult to judge them from this summary but they seemed to cheat less and have more confidence in each other’s abilities. I’m looking forward to their next fully-written match.
              • There’s a potential killer move in that aftermath: a JBL Powerbomb combined with a Full Nelson Slam (or Full Nelson Bomb) by Masters. Nice.

              • Batista, fuck yeah.
              • Not a lot of words from Batista. I expected a “cooler” promo.
              • Lesnar comes in and says even less. If that was just to set up his match with Batista, I don’t get why you didn’t keep it a surprise. Batista is in the ring and waits for his opponent... and Lesnar’s music suddenly hits. That’d be a lot more impressive.
              • A threatening promo by JBL but nothing special. I hope his alliance with Masters decays anytime soon because, honesty, they could be huge. I say this because JBL seems to treat Masters as his servant with that “or I’ll set him loose on you” comment.

              • Some fun bad-mouthing between JR and Vince with a comment thrown in by King. Fun.
              • Orton VS Flair. Finally a decent feud for the Legend Killer gimmick.
              • Fuck, it isn’t. Well, Orton VS HHH never gets tired I suppose. At least it’s better than Michaels VS HHH.
              • This Sunday? What’s going on this Sunday? Heat? Why is a main event feud on Heat? I’m confused.

              • Go Eat A Cock! Hungry? Crunch this!
              • Ah, not Lesnar yet. Well, at least he’ll do a run-in.
              • No run-in? Well, colour me purple and call me Suzy.
              • Batista destroys Cade and Jindrak. Good job making Batista look like a monster. Bad job making your former Tag Team champions look like complete losers. At least the fact that Jindrak was down while Cade attacked alleviates the damage somewhat.
              • Lesnar quite possible cuts his best promo ever.

              • Well, that DX promo wasn’t as awful as I thought it was going to be. In fact, it was barely worth an eye-rolling groan. Good job!
              • Vince makes some sense for a change: “DX are far from funny”. Alright, Vince can stay in the booth.

              • Good job leaving London in until the end. It sew some uncertainty. And good job making Helms look like a threat instead of yet another snivelling heel. Have you watched that KENTA VS SUWA match I sent you a while ago?

              • Will you look at that, a wrestler verbally puts over another wrestler. How long ago did that happen in the WWE?
              • Sting is a fucking emo whore.
              • Sting attacks a fan... Alright, I’ll go with that.
              • Security lets go off them and allows him to continue his tirade? Where’s the logic in that?
              • If Sting realizes he just snapped... he didn’t really snap. That didn’t make no sense.
              • Undertaker comes out. This could be amazing if done right.
              • Undertaker... lays out Sting. That was anti-climatic. I would have hoped Undertaker would just walk away from him to make Sting break down even more. Some terrific psychological warfare that would be.

              • Let’s see: nothing from Edge and nothing from Angle... yet here they are for their match. Nice build-up.
              • Edge wins by interference. Yawn.

              • “Jobber”. Another smark term like “cheap pop”. I hate it.
              • Kennedy! Party!
              • “Before Cookie here got involved”. That got a smile out of me.
              • Some catchphrases to finish it all off.
              • Kennedy was good, borderline great. Carlito was... rather bland. Christian was okay. Kennedy better win.

              • Goldberg doesn’t get any airtime whatsoever even though he won the title the night before, nor does Jericho say a word before his match. Nice build-up... again.
              • Goldberg wins.

              All in all, rather bad show. Nothing stood out. I was interested in JBL and Masters and they delivered in the ring up to a point. I was interested in Kennedy, whose performance was the most fun of the night. I was interested in Goldberg who didn’t do anything apart from starring in a heatless main event. It seems to me that this show was very rushed with no real thought put into it. Bad show, JJ. Bad, boring show.


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                Re: JJs WWWE

                Results from this weeks RAW, live from the Ford Centre, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
                • JBL & Chris Masters beat RVD & Sabu by submission when Masters locked the Masterlock on Sabu. As a result of this victory, JBL & Masters are the Number One Contenders to the Tag Team Titles.
                • Ric Flair beat Booker T by disqualification after Randy Orton nailed Flair with an R..K..O
                • Batista beat Mark Jindrak by pinfall after hitting Jindrak with the Demon Bomb.
                • Gregory Helms outlasted seven other Cruiserweights in a Battle Royal. Helms is now the Number One Contender to the Cruiserweight Title.
                • Edge beat Kurt Angle by pinfall after Edge hit Angle with a Spear. Edge will challenge the WWWE Champion at Fully Loaded.
                • Goldberg defended his WWWE Title after Chris Jericho. Goldberg won by pinfall after hitting the Jackhammer.

                WWWE Sunday Night Heat debuts this Sunday on the USA Network from 8pm. The show which will run for one hour will feature many WWWE Superstars you see on Monday Night RAW. Already confirmed for the opening show are JBL & Chris Masters, MNM, DX & Randy Orton. Expect more Superstars to appear this Sunday, live from Lloyd Noble Centre, Norman, Oklahoma.


                The challenge was set last Monday night when Randy Orton challenged DX to a Tag Team match on Heat. DX accepted the challenge in their typical style and so the match was set. Orton blames DX for costing him the WWWE Title at Backlash, DX just don't care! Who will be Orton's mystery partner and who will wlak out as the victors?

                After their emphatic win last Monday night against RVD & Sabu, JBL & Chris Masters made an outrageous demand for MNM, who won the Tag Team Belts at Backlash in a Tables, Ladder & Chairs match to hand over the titles to them. JBL & Masters promise that if MNM do indeed hand over the Tag Team Titles then the match at Fully Loaded is off. If MNM don't hand over the titles, they can expect a beating of a lifetime from JBL & Masters. Will MNM hand over their newly won Tag Team Belts or will they defy JBL & Masters and see them at Fully Loaded?

                After Gregory Helms outlasted seven other Cruiserweights in a Battle Royal on Monday Night RAW, Mick Foley signed a Cruiserweight Tag Team match for this Sunday Night. Gregory Helms will team up with Billy Kidman to take on the team of Paul London and the Cruiserweight Champion, Spanky. Helms put in a dominant performance on Monday Night, eliminating his partner and one of his opponents in this match! Will Helms send a message to Spanky this Sunday Night!


                After the rather disturbing scenes we witnessed on Monday Night RAW, Mick Foley has had to step into the feud between Sting and The Undertaker. Sting looked like he had completely lost his mind and was begging The Undertaker to finish him off. Undertaker did just that. What is the current mind set of Sting and just how much more can these two do to one another.

                WWWE welcomes you to watch Sunday Night Heat, 8PM CET, USA Network.
                The Phenom of Fan Fiction.
                Cheers to KustoM for the banner.

                You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain...


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                  Re: JJs WWWE

                  The Insane Review (WWWE RAW)

                  Hello JJ, I've come by to give a review. I missed your Backlash PPV so I thought I would stop by here giving you a rating, etc. I don't know any of the feuds, but I'll try my best to give an accurate review. My reason devoting you my time is because of the way you have treated me from the start. I have big expectations for this show and I read the backstory and obviously JW is the new owner of the WWWE.

                  Alright we start with highlights from the PPV awesome. JBL and Masters win over Rhyno and Booker T. Kane beats Benoit. London and Kendrick aren't a team anymore. Edge beats Angle. MNM in a TLC match to win the titles (they are probably you most dominant tag team. Carlito probably about to go into a fewud against Mr. Kennedy and Christian. Undertaker beats Sting...again. And Goldberg is the new champion.

                  I'm liking everything I see right now...the banner and the highlights. Your banner is very simple, but very effective. I'm no one to talk about banners. I'm here to give a review.

                  You've sticked with the awesome song "Across the Nation" by Union Underground. I'm not exactly sure why we would see the sign "EC F'N W" if ECW wasn't apart of the WWWE. You've sticked with the basics and have JR and King announce the show.

                  DX is back. Hopefully they have a meaning for their actions and not do crazy things just for ratings. I see, DX costed Orton the title. Awesome feud. Orton/DX. It could be a great one. Orton will need another man though. He can't fight them alone.

                  Ok...JW comes to the ring and gets his cheap pop, I'm glad you mentioned it was "cheap" because well it Alright, I can deal with three announcers but I'm not fond of it at all. It doesn't really make sense either. Why would someone who just got bought out/sold his busissness want to come back to that buissness at a lower job? Anyways, Saturday Night Main Event is back, and Heat is also back. I have two sides to this issue. One is you don't need another show because two shows are hard to handle. But on the other hand I'm always into developing new talent. Mick Foley gets named GM (awesome) and announces the Mainnnnnnnnnnnnn...EVENT! Y2J vs. Goldberg. Not sure if it's for the World Championship or not, but I guess I'll find out. I think Mysterio will win the Battle Royal with the "Little Man, Big Dream" gimmick. You obviously like writing Edge and Angle.

                  We come back from the commercial break and we have something many other feds don't have. A promotion to buy the upcoming Pay Per View. That's great that you put it in there.

                  Looks like we have a Potheads vs. JBL and Drugs Match for the Number One Contender. JBL and Masters are coming off a win so, I'm guessing they lose and beat up Sabu and RVD. Or they win and stay strong. But let's see. In the first paragraph I see a lot of pshcolegey that is well used. The Big Boot by JBL came at the right time. This has to be towards the end of the match. Sabu gets into the Masterlook and that is all JBL and Masters are new Number One Contenders...their winning streak will countiue when they beat MNM next week.

                  The Coach is going to do an interview with Batista. Batista might, and I repeat might get into a feud with the Coach. It could be something like what happened with Raven. Anyways Batista is acting tweener and the fans love him. Nothing like the Raven feud happened. It was an Open Challenge...and I think you wrote this before Mark Henry got injured. Lesnar comes in and gives Coach a "No Comment" Ha! JBL, you slap Coach in the face. I'm loving this angle you are doing with Coach. Chocalate equeals MNM. Great one liner again. Your really utilizing JBL's potentional in interviews. Awesome inteerview. I loved it. The best I have ever read, interview-wise.

                  JR, Vince, and King have a little fight...JR disses Vince and The Nature Boy Ric Flair comes out. This could be a good match, Flair vs. Booker. Knife Edge Chops aren't so easy to deal with, thus because of the sting these chops bring to your chest. I have a feeling Booker and Flair will be trying to use the chest part of the body for the rest of the match. This being great pshcolegey because the Figure Four Leg Lock gives in to the chest, not only the legs. Also in the Scissors Kick the oppenent holds their stomach in pain which gives them the feeling to hold their stomach and lunge down. Flair shows that he can use phsycolegey, but also is the Dirtest Player in the Game. Yes Orton "saves" the day. I am seeing the likes of another tag team, Orton and Booker T, who apparently had the "you owe me a favor" angle together that we all forgot about. DX /Orton and Booker. I knew there had to be a man in Orton's mind that he wanted. Booker was that man.

                  This Orton Promo I'm expecting to be amazing. Everything right could happen. Awesome. Everything did go right. Orton goes into a tag match with DX. It will be a great match. I just know it will. Oh and by the way, it would only make sense if Booker T was the partner of Orton.

                  Awesome, the Open Challenge is up next. Batista comes to the ring and I didn't know he was from DC, I guess I just forgot. Jinrak and Cade come out. A lot of illegal action comes into play. Batista domintating is always fun. And a beautiful squash. Cade and Jinrak try beating up "The Animal" but he is too strong. Are we possibling going to see Lesnar challenge Batista this Sunday?

                  Did I think the Coach segment was great? Oh my god. That was amazing. You used DX perfectly. It was amazing. Much funnier then the DX segments you see on TV. Probably the greatest DX promo I've ever seen. I can't complement you enough for writing that.

                  You once again remind me about Sunday Night Heat. DX vs. Randy and mystery partner (probably Booker T).

                  Next up is the Crusierweight Battle Royal. For some reason this seems like your style. I have to say the winner is going to be Gregory Helms. Just by looking at the first elimination I see that Kash is gone (who formally was my pick). I love the style in which you wrote the match. I'm still sticking with Helms and HELMS WINS!!!! Greatly written match.

                  Awesome way to give Sting some good ol' heat. Dress him up as The Undertaker. Sting does a good promo and then wants to commit suicide? Whassupwiddat? Anyways I'm not exactly sure where this was going. I thought Sting was going to counter it. That didn't happen.

         now we have Edge vs. Kurt Angle. Two of my favorite wrestlers. I'm thinkin' Edge will take this one because he had just won. I have a feeling you're going to push Edge. The only way to push him is to make him look strong. By winning, he'll look strong. Oh it's a number one contender's match for the championship. Edge takes an advantage after the whole time he has been down...suspisious. Edge is in blood? This one is a rough one. Angle hits a another German. Edge hits one of Angle's moves. He (Edge) is using his heel tactics and showing why he is so good at being a heel. Angle kicks out at two. McMahon and King are doing so well together. Awesome. Edge distracts the ref, Lita goes for the Twist of hits. Your using Edge and Lita so perfectly. Angle is coming back...he (Angle) hits a German. And this is when Angle gets angry, he's mad, he's bad, he's the Wrestling Machine. Ankle Lock. I wonder what counter Edge is going to have. Lita should strip in front of the come she never does that? Still you use the manager greatly again. Wow great finish...Lita had to be mighty strong to Hangman Angle. Anyways I like that Edge tapped but the ref didn't see it. I liked it because it showed how well you could write between a manager and a wrestler.

                  So Coach is doing another interview...I guess the last one he wasn't too fond of...This time the interview is with Carlito. So Coach interviewing Carlito. Carlito talks about himself in the third person...and I can tell he is tweener, Kennedy comes into the interview, obviously because he is mad that Carlito beat him up. Ha! Kennedy, who has maximim potentional on the mic, gives Carlito a little taste of his one-liner skills. Now he is making fun of Carlito's hair. Captin Carisma comes to the rescue and makes some more Seasme Street jokes. Looks like a Triple Threat for the Intercontiantal Championship Title at Fully Loaded.

                  So Goldberg vs. Jericho is for the biggest prize of them all. My prediction: Goldberg wins. Goldberg is powering Y2J out, showing him, who is Da Man. Goldberg is probably the face because the fans are cheering for him every hit he makes. Y2J is playing dirty with a slap to the face. A baseball slide into the secrity wall could hurt the back of Goldberg thus leading to a Walls Of Jericho. Goldberg takes the edge. Goldberg hits a Spear, it's all over for comes the hits. 1........2....3!!

                  Final Thoughts - Definatly one of my better Fan Fic experiences. Quite a few grammatical mistakes, but it's more about the actual show then the gramatical mistakes. Overal I loved everything you brung to the table. It had drama, amazement, crazyness, and things I just didn't expect. I loved reading from you and it was a pure enjoyment. My final rating from the show...

                  Rating - 85/100


                  On MSN JJ said I could post it here and it wouldn't be a problem. Just to make that clear to everyone.


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                    Re: JJs WWWE

                    The Auto-Matic M.O.T.

                    JJ’s WWWE RAW

                    In the words of Aerosmith: Don’t want to close my eyes … I don’t want to fall asleep cause I’d miss you babe … And I don’t want to miss WWWE RAW! Okay, so that’s not exactly what he said, but you catch my drift…

                    We start off the show with good ol’ JW, and he immediately reinstates Vince as commentator. To be honest, that’s not something that’s going to transform the show greatly, so I don’t have any particular strong feelings about that appointment. As long as things don’t get too cluttered, it will be fine --- I’m all for the return of Saturday Night’s Main Event, as long as it doesn’t detract too much from the eventual pay offs of any big feuds you are building. Let’s hope you improve somewhat on what the WWE have served up to us in the last few months on that front --- Using Sunday Night Heat as a breeding ground to build up talent before they hit the big time is an idea which could either fly or fail, so we’ll see how you do with that. Hopefully, you treat it almost as a separate entity, and allow angles to be created on Heat, rather than just having rather aimless matches on every show --- Mick Foley is always a pretty solid choice for General Manager, although sometimes I wish people would think outside the box a bit more, before choosing one of Foley/Heyman/Bischoff/any McMahon as their GM every single time. It’s good to see that he kept it short and sweet, and stacked the card for his debut show, which gives it more of a special feel. It would have been nice if you had explained some of those matches though. Why is there an Edge/Angle re-match? Why is Jericho facing Goldberg? And looking at the end of the show, the match was for the WWWE Title. What on earth did Jericho do to get a shot at that?

                    Masters and JBL impressed at Backlash, and I assume it’s a given that they’re going over RVD/Sabu due to the fact it’s a #1 contenders match. Although saying that, MNM are your tag team champions, so wouldn’t you want a face team to face them? --- As it turns out, JBL & Masters get the win, so does that mean MNM are face? I’ll worry about that later --- One thing I did like about this is that JBL and Masters seem more like a team now, whether through their co-ordinated cheating, or some of the double team moves they executed (although as Holz pointed out, you didn’t really describe them very well). One of the failings I thought was in the Backlash match was that JBL and Masters didn’t work as a team at all, so it was good to see that you’ve rectified that --- I like the look of the Masterlock to double powerbomb combination which Masters and JBL did after the match. The more I visualise it, the more painful it looks! Good simple stuff in this segment, raising the profile of this new team.

                    Batista and Lesnar were both pretty short and to the point in their ‘interviews’ which was good. I have to particular wish to see either of them talk for a great length of time. Coach whining was quite funny, but he finds JBL and Masters, and JBL does the MNM/chocolate gag…. Never again! That’s twice you’ve done that in two shows, and it’s just…so…bad! The rest of JBL’s promo was pretty good, and it gets the Tag Titles feud rolling, and hopefully we get a reply from MNM soon. I want to see how you handle them as faces, assuming you’re not trying a heel on heel feud --- It was interesting that JBL did all the talking for his team. Well, he is the more entertaining of the two by far. I hope Masters doesn’t get too overshadowed though. --- And you mentioned ‘Sunday Night’, ie Heat. Maybe you are just treating it as a third hour of RAW, rather than a place for other talents to show off. That deadens my interest in it slightly, I must say.

                    The Flair/Booker match was very enjoyable to read, so it kind of sucks that it got cut off by Orton like that, although I guess you could put that down to a good head-drawing tactic. It’s a little frustrating that it seemed as if there was no real reason for Orton interrupting this particular match, as his promo was all about DX, and nothing to do with either participant in this actual match, which seems like a little bit of a waste of a match. Hopefully Flair and/or Booker have some more interaction with Orton before he gallivants off to kill the legend of DX.

                    Batista gets his squash match in, which wasn’t all that interesting, but was effective in building up Batista nonetheless. I’m a little puzzled as to why RoP accepted Batista’s challenge, as aren’t they the sort of heels who would prefer a night off after participating in a TLC match the night before? --- This demolition job shoved the RoP down the tag team rankings a bit, but I guess you’ve got JBL & Masters taking over the role of the top ‘old school’ heel tag team, so in the end, no great damage was done to your tag team division ---It’s good to see that you’re not having Lesnar come in and attack Batista straight away. That really wouldn’t have made much sense.

                    The DX promo was pretty funny in parts, and you didn’t lower the tone (too much ) with meaningless ‘cock’ and ‘ass’ references, which does make quite a big difference. Yeah, good stuff.

                    One thing that always annoys me with Fan Fic Cruiserweight Battle Royals is that they are inevitably always stacked to the roof with incredibly talented guys, and that means that so many of them have to go early. In this case, Kash, Noble, Tajiri and Chavo were the unlucky four, and that betrays the fact that you probably don’t have plans for any of them in the near future. But as always, it’s a double edged sword, as having Super Crazy, Kidman, London and Helms as your final four is equally as good as having the other four there. Anyway, I’m waffling… --- I loved Crazy’s elimination. It’s the sort of thing that makes you go ‘Holy shit’, but at the same time you want to beat the snot out of Helms for even trying it! --- Could you have used the dropsault instead of the dropkick to add more of a ‘wow factor’ to Kidman’s elimination? --- Once you got to the final two, I was fairly confident Helms would win it. If you’re going for a London/Spanky angle, I feel sure it’s going to be one with a slow old build to it, so I didn’t think London was going to win quite yet. Hitting a finisher followed by throwing someone out of the ring has never been my favourite way of ending a battle royal, especially a cruiserweight one, which should naturally have a quicker pace to it, but on the other hand, it did fit Gregory Helms quite well --- Right, let’s see what you can do with Helms and Spanky.

                    The Sting promo was pretty awesome, I have to say. The way you portrayed him as a maniacal nut job who has completely lost it was great, from what he said to his actions, although I do wonder if he was allowed to get a bit far in attacking the fan. I wasn’t too sure about events after the Undertaker came out there, and I’m wondering what it achieved to have Undertaker lay sting out yet again. It seems as if Sting was in exactly the same place as he was before the show started. But I’m certainly enjoying the dynamics of this feud. It’s very different, and very intriguing.

                    Edge takes on Angle again, and do we assume Foley made the re-match due to Lita’s interference at Backlash, as you never actually specified that --- I wasn’t as into this match as say Booker/Flair because you just wrote a match between these two in your last show, and with no real build up, there were no signs that this match would be any different --- I reckon when Edge did the Belly to Belly suplex, you could have played off the fact that Edge just did a move more suited to Angle’s style, and that would have made for an interesting portion of the match --- Why didn’t the referee DQ Lita for guillotining Angle on the top rope. He was standing right there! --- Okay, so last time Edge won thanks to Lita, Foley gave Angle a rematch. So by that logic, Angle should get another one next week, right… You could have just put Edge over clean you know (although if this is part of an angle I apologise)

                    I’m a little disappointed with the Carlito/Kennedy/Christian promo, because any promo between the three has the potential to be great, but this one didn’t quite make it. Carlito said ‘cool’ too much to begin with. I know saying ‘cool’ a lot is his gimmick, but it does annoy me when I see it in every other sentence he says. You did capture his character well though for most of the rest of what he said --- Never say ‘jobber’….ever --- Kennedy was once again the bright spot of this promo. You have written him well every single time you’ve featured him in one of your shows, and I dare say he may be better than on Smackdown. His comments on Carlito’s hair were the highlight. The only bad point was the homosexual innuendos. You didn’t need to go there with Kennedy --- Christian was pretty bland, and didn’t really say anything entertaining, and the ending with the catchphrases was pretty poor by your standards. Catchphrases still have to be put in the right place in promos. Rushing them all in at the end like that rarely works --- Yeah, apart from Kennedy, you can do better than that.

                    Goldberg/Jericho is the main event, and I still don’t know what Jericho did to deserve a title shot --- It wasn’t the greatest match in the world, but I can see what you were trying to do. You didn’t want to job Jericho out, but you wanted to make Goldberg look pretty strong considering it’s his first night as champion. The answer to that conundrum? Don’t put them in a match together. Goldberg winning the Elimination Chamber the night before gave him enough rub, so there wasn’t so much of a need to have him go over someone, especially Jericho, so dominantly like that. The match didn’t really seem to have much of a purpose for me, and that lowered my interest in it.

                    And to Sum Up... - Okay, so what did I like about this show? The DX and Undertaker/Sting angles are the ones holding my interest at the moment, and I do like the start to what seems like a Batista/Lesnar feud. Not to mention the fact that the 3 man commentary team worked pretty damn well, and JBL & Masters are progressing nicely as a team. As for the rest, it had a very good card on paper, and the matches themselves were pretty enjoyable, but the lack of any real build up hurt most of them, especially the main event. I was surprised that there wasn‘t more attention on the new GM, especially as his name is Mick Foley. Usually I wouldn‘t mind the General Manager hiding in the background, but since it‘s his first show, and he is such a great guy to have in some skits/segments, I would have thought he might have demanded a bit more attention. So I think I can say that this was a pretty solid show, but it was missing the x-factor which makes it a really great show…79/100


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                      Re: JJs WWWE

                      ** Highlights of this past Monday Night RAW show and we see JBL and Masters finishing off RVD & Sabu and then demanding MNM hand over the WWWE Tag Team Titles. We see Gregory Helms eliminating Paul London from the Battle Royal and then sending a message to Spanky, the Cruiserweight Champion. The last scene is of Randy Orton laying out Flair and Booker T with RKO's and challenging DX to a match tonight~! **

                      ** We go to the first ever WWWE Sunday Night Heat as "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson blares out of the speakers. We enter the Lloyd Noble Centre and the pyros explode from near the entrance way as the cameras starts to pan around the arena. As the cameras go around the arena we see such signs as "Are You Ready??", "Cookie Monster = Carlito!" & "I mark for JJs Party Wig". The cameras stop panning around the arena and we go to the announcers table where Michael Cole and Vince McMahon are sitting. **

                      Cole: Welcome to the first ever WWWE Sunday Night Heat, I'm Michael Cole and we are live from the Lloyd Noble Centre, Norman, Oklahoma and in tonightís main event we have DX taking on Randy Orton and his mystery partner.

                      Vince: How about introducing the inventor of Sports Entertainment instead?

                      Cole: Ladies and Gentleman sitting next to me is Vince McMahon. Is that better?

                      Vince: Much better, I hope I get treated with a bit more respect here than I do on Monday nights.

                      Cole: I can't promise anything Vince other than tonight Mick Foley has said he will sort out the situation between Undertaker and Sting.

                      Vince: Thatís not hard to sort out, lock Sting up he is clearly out of his mind!

                      Cole: I'm not going to disagree with you.

                      Vince: You shouldn't anyway.

                      ** CAR CRASH **

                      Cole: Here comes the General Manager, Mick Foley!

                      Vince: I said it on Monday Night, I should be the general manager.

                      Mic Foley makes his way out from the back of the arena and he makes his way down the rampway with his hand up in the air as the fans gives him a good cheer.

                      *Making his way to the ring from Long Island, New York, he is the General Manger of the WWWE, Mick Foley!*

                      Mick Foley rolls into the ring and he walks across the ring and is handed a mic by a ring worker and Foley walks back into the centre of the ring, looking his usual dishevelled self.

                      Foley: First of all I would like to say who great it is to be right here in Norman, Oklahoma.

                      As expected the fans respond with a cheer from Foleys usual line.

                      Foley: Last Monday Night if you were watching RAW and I hope you were, you would have seen a man begging to be finished by his mortal enemy. If you don't know who I'm talking about it is Sting and The Undertaker. Now I know The Undertaker to be one unforgiving monster and if Sting continues to be begged to be finished off, I'm worried just what The Undertaker is going to do to Sting.

                      A "We Want Taker" chant as Foley just looks around the arena before continuing on.

                      Foley: So for the matter and also because Sting did attack a fan on Monday Night, I've had no option and JW has backed me up on this to indefinitely suspended Sting from the WWWE.

                      The fans actually boo Foley probably because they want to see Sting/Taker III.

                      Foley: I knew that wouldn't go down well but things go on and I also have news on Fully Loaded...

                      ** MY TIME IS NOW **

                      Foley quickly turns to face the entrance way as making his way down the rampway is John Cena! Cena is getting a mixed reaction from the fans as he just strides down the rampway and he reaches the ring and slides into it. Cena walks across the ring and is handed a mic by a worker and Cena walks back into the centre of the ring.

                      Cena: Well if it isn't the general manager of the WWWE, Mick Foley! Do you even know who I'am? I'm John Cena!

                      The fans boo as Cena just looks at the fans and shakes his head.

                      Cena: You wouldn't know that because you saw fit to leave me out of not only Backlash but RAW as well. Is that a way to treat a former champion Mick Foley?

                      Foley: With all due respect John, you were handed that title on a plate and there is nothing like that going to happen in this company, you want to be on a Pay Per View, you work for it. Pissing and moaning about not being a show is not the way to go. In fact its the way to piss me off because I worked so hard to gain everything I did and then you come out here expecting everything, well it just isnít going to happen.

                      Cena: Mick, I respect what you have done but times changed. You might think I was handed the title but I fought every night to keep it, I beat the best and if you can't accept that then fine but you are making a big mistake.

                      Foley: You have to prove to me that I'm making a mistake John and standing out here and doing nothing isn't going to help. So I suggest to you.......

                      Cena: Let me cut you off there Mick, I take nobodies suggestions and I do what I want to do.

                      Foley: Well isn't that fine and dandy but you are overlooking one point and its a big point! I'm the General Manager and I will tell you what to do and I'm telling you right now to hit the road and get out of my sight.

                      Cena: I'm not moving from my spot because you want me to prove myself well fine listen to this! I'm standing here in the middle of the ring with the great General Manager and all these people and I'm making a challenge. The "Doctor of Thuganomics" will take anybody one on one at Fully Loaded and after that it is all the way back to the top! Howís that Foley!

                      The fans are booing Cena as Foley just stares down Cena.

                      Foley: Fine, you're match is on now get out of my ring.

                      Cena throws his mic down and starts walking off as the fans are cheering Foley as Foley goes to hand over his mic but Cena blindsides him! Cena quickly turns Foley around and lifts him up onto his shoulders and smashes him down onto the mat with the F-U. The fans are booing the hell out of Cena as he just stands there with a smile and he bends down and picks his mic up.

                      Cena: I'm John Cena and YOU CAN'T SEE ME!

                      Cena throws the mic down again and walks off and climbs out of the ring and makes his way up the rampway to major heat from the fans as Foley is down on the mat as we head to a commercial break.

                      ** COMMERCIAL BREAK **
                      The Phenom of Fan Fiction.
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                        Re: JJs WWWE

                        **WWWE Fully Loaded comes to you live from the Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana. Edge challenges Goldberg for the WWWE Title. It's a battle of the Spears but ultimately its a battle for the WWWE Title. Don't miss out on this fantastic event, order now!**

                        Cole: Welcome back to Heat and just before the commercial break John Cena crossed the line and placed his hands on the General Manager, Mick Foley.

                        Cena throws his mic down and starts walking off as the fans are cheering Foley as Foley goes to hand over his mic but Cena blindsides him! Cena quickly turns Foley around and lifts him up onto his shoulders and smashes him down onto the mat with the F-U. The fans are booing the hell out of Cena as he just stands there with a smile and he bends down and picks his mic up.

                        Cena: I'm John Cena and YOU CAN'T SEE ME!
                        Vince: Mick Foley antagonized John Cena, Foley deserved everything he got.

                        Cole: Mick Foley said what he believed to be true that people just aren't going to be handed title shots and titles just like that.

                        Vince: Well good for him but he is missing out on a true star in John Cena.

                        Cole: John Cena hasn't done his future any good with that F-U on Mick Foley.

                        Vince: We are missing the bigger news anyway Michael, John Cena has issued an open challenge for anyone at Fully Loaded.

                        Cole: It will be interesting to see who answers that but coming up now ladies and gentleman we have the Cruiserweight Tag Team match. We shall see the Cruiserweight champion, Spanky and Paul London take on Gregory Helms and Billy Kidman.

                        Vince: This is Gregory Helms chance to prove to Spanky he has a fight to keep his title at Fully Loaded.

                        ** FIRESTORM **

                        Immediately the fans are booing because making his way out from the back of the arena is the Number One Contender to the Cruiserweight Title, Gregory Helms. Helms walks down the rampway looking rather pleased with himself.

                        *Making his way to the ring from Smithfield, North Carolina, weighing One Hundred and Ninety One Pounds, he is the Number One Contender to the Cruiserweight Title, Gregory Helms!

                        Helms reaches the ring and he slides into the middle of the ring and he walks across the ring and pulls on the ropes before slowly walking back to the centre of the ring with a smile on his face.

                        Vince: This man dominated the Battle Royal on Monday night and looks for him to do the same tonight.

                        ** YOU CAN RUN **

                        Billy Kidman saunters out from the back to some heat from the fans as he just shakes it off and makes his way down the rampway. Kidman is talking himself up as he walks down the rampway.

                        *Making his way to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing One Hundred and Ninety Five Pounds, Billy Kidman!*

                        Kidman reaches the ring and climbs up into the ring and he climbs up in the top right hand corner and taunts the fans as they responds with heat for Kidman. Kidman jumps down from corner and locks eyes with Helms and there seems to be some tension between the two as Kidman is mouthing something at Helms.

                        Cole: Thereís a little tension between Billy Kidman and Gregory Helms, Helms was the one who eliminated Kidman from the Battle Royal on Monday Night.

                        Vince: Gregory Helms won't care about that.

                        ** LONDON CALLING **

                        Paul London makes his characteristic entrance by running down the rampway as fast as he possible can..

                        *Making his way to the ring from Austin, Texas, weighing Two Hundred and Five Pounds, he is a former WWWE Cruiserweight Champion, Paul London.

                        London slides straight into the ring and nearly into the centre of it before he runs off to the bottom right hand corner and he jumps up to the second turnbuckle and salutes the fans before jumping off the turnbuckles again.

                        Cole: Paul London lost to his partner Spanky at Backlash, a loss which gave his opponent and partner tonight the Cruiserweight Title.

                        ** HEY YOU **

                        The Cruiserweight Champion, Spanky makes his way out from the back of the arena to a good cheer from the crowd as the Cruiserweight title rests on his shoulder. Spanky makes his way down the rampway...

                        *Making his way to the ring from Orlando, Florida, weighing One Hundred and Seventy Five Pounds, he is the WWWE Cruiserweight Champion, Spanky!*

                        Spanky claps the hands of the fans as he makes his way down the rampway and he reaches the ring and climbs up the steps and ducks into the ring. Spanky holds the title up and points at Helms, who just smirks back at Spanky.

                        Cole: Spanky already playing the mind games with Helms.

                        Vince: They are having no effect, Helms already knows he is better than Spanky.

                        TAG TEAM MATCH

                        Summary: As to be expected from the four competitors in the match, it has been a fast paced one. Billy Kidman and Helms were on the receiving end of a Double Plancha from London and Spanky, which got a good cheer from the crowd. There seems to be a little tension between Kidman and Helms which had led to London getting a close pinfall on Kidman, Helms broke it up at the last moment. Spanky and Kidman are in the ring as we join the match.

                        Ending: Kidman throws a right hand out at Spanky but Spanky dodges out of the way and jumps up and nails Kidman on the back of the head with an Enzugeri. Kidman hits the mat face first as Spanky makes his way across to his corner and tags London in. Kidman is getting back up to his feet as both Spanky & London grab hold of Kidman and Irish Whip him to the right hand ropes. Kidman comes back off the ropes and straight into a Double Dropkick from Spanky & London. London quickly covers Kidman 1...2.. London gets pulled off Kidman by Helms. Helms boots London in the side of the head before the referee orders him out of the ring. London slowly climbs back up to his feet as Kidman is nearly on his feet and London makes his way over but Kidman spring up and nails London with a Jawbreaker. London staggers backwards and Helms smashes London on the back with a Forearm. London staggers back towards London and Kidman lifts London up in the air and smashes him to the mat with the BK Bomb. The referee counts the pinfall 1...2... London gets his shoulder up at the last moment. Kidman stands back up to his feet and shakes his head as he grabs hold of London and pulls him back up to his feet. Kidman grabs London by the back of the head and charges him across the ring and head first into the bottom left hand corners top turnbuckle. Kidman then tags in Helms and Helms climbs into the ring to boos from the fans. Helms nails London with a few elbows to the face before the referee tells him to cut it out. Helms backs away as London comes out of the corner and is lifted onto Helms shoulders in a Firemanís Carry before Helms flips him over straight into his knee!

                        Cole: Helms hit London with the exact same move on Monday Night, the Firemanís Carry into a Facebreaker.

                        Vince: Its a devastating manoeuvre!

                        Ending(Continued): Helms stands above London and points at Spanky before booting London right into the ribs. Helms again trash talks Spanky before Helms again boots London in the ribs. The fans are booing Helms as he picks London back up to his feet and he backs London up to the top ropes. Helms Irish Whips London down to the bottom ropes and London bounces off the ropes as Helms goes for a Clothesline but London ducks it. London comes back off the top ropes but he runs straight into a Back Body Drop from Helms and London hits the mat. Helms quickly runs behind London and smashes London right in the back with a Dropkick. London rolls around on the mat as Helms challenges Spanky to get into the ring. London is on all fours trying to climb back up to his feet and helms smashes London right into the chest with a boot and London rolls off near to Spanky. Helms tells Spanky to tag in and Spanky reaches over and tags himself in. Spanky slowly climbs into the ring and immediately goes after Helms but Helms dodges out of the way and grabs Spanky from behind. Spanky retaliates with a few elbows to the face and Helms lets go and Spanky runs down towards the bottom ropes. Spanky jumps up off the ropes and nails Helms with a Springboard Crossbody. Spanky rolls off Helms and quickly both men are back up to their feet but Spanky takes Helms down with a Dropkick and Helms rolls away and out of the ring as the fans boo him. Spanky smiles as he backs away and charges towards Helms is and he goes for a Tope Suicida but Helms dodges out of the way and Spanky just crashes and burns. Helms smiles as he picks the broken Spanky back up to his feet and rolls him back into the ring and covers him for the pinfall 1...2...London breaks the pinfall up at the last moment.

                        Cole: Paul London saves Spanky from a pinfall loss.

                        Vince: Spanky is out of it surely he can't get up from that spectacular miss.

                        Ending(Continued): Helms stands back up to his feet and goes after London but London grabs hold of Helms in a Front Headlock but Helms nails London in the gut with a couple of right hands and he spins around Helms and sends him flying straight into his partner Spanky, who was trying to get to his feet. London staggers backwards and into a German Suplex from Helms. Helms then runs to the right hand ropes and bounces back off them and smashes Spanky right across the head with a Shining Wizard. Helms then covers Spanky for the pinfall 1...2...3!

                        Winners by Pinfall................................. Gregory Helms & Billy Kidman.
                        Cole: Gregory Helms putting on a dominant performance and picking up the win for his team.

                        Vince: I told you Helms didn't need anybody.

                        Gregory Helms gets his hand raised in victory as Billy Kidman makes his way into the ring and he doesn't look to happy. Heís making a point to Helms about tagging but Helms ignores him and walks away. Kidman follows and spins Helms around but Helms responds with a boot to the gut on Kidman.

                        Cole: So much for partnership!

                        Helms then smashes Kidman with a knee to face, knocking Kidman down to the mat. Helms charges off the right hand ropes and nails Kidman with a Shining Wizard! Helms stands back up to his feet with the boos ringing out from the crowd and Helms just smiles. Helms then empties the contents of his nose over Kidman before walking off and out of the ring.

                        Cole: Gregory Helms has just shown his partner complete disrespect.

                        Vince: He doesn't care Michael.

                        Helms is making his way up the rampway looking rather pleased with himself as Helms turns around and nods his head as we go backstage....

                        ** BACKSTAGE **
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                          Re: JJs WWWE

                          We are backstage and into the camera view comes Josh Matthews and standing with him is none other than The Legend Killer, Randy Orton. Unsurprisingly Orton receives a whole lot of heat but he doesn't care as he just stands there with a smirk.

                          Matthews: Tonight Randy Orton, you will face DX in the first ever WWWE Sunday Night Heat main event but there is a mystery surrounding the match and that is your tag team partner...

                          Orton: Let me interrupt you there Matthews and tell you one thing and that is my partner is in the building and he is ready to finish DX once and for all. They think they are so cool but lets tell them the truth. You are nothing more than two geriatrics trying to relive your former glory and these fans are too sad to see that. They blindingly follow you and cheer you because you are the only thing worth looking up to in their pathetic lifes. Seriously they wouldn't know if something good has happened if it came up and slapped them in the face.

                          The fans are giving Orton some serious heat as he just stands there with that little smirk of his on his face.

                          Matthews: DX though have stated they are not just here to party but also have a good fighting time and it seems that you, Randy Orton are in their sights especially after you said you would finish them this last Monday night on RAW.

                          Orton: Like I'm meant to be scared of them! They made this personal a week ago when they stole my chance of being WWWE Champion away from me and I said it on Monday night and I'll say it again right here so the world fully knows my intentions and so these fans can get it into their thick skulls. I will destroy DX! I won't stop until I have run Triple H and Michaels out of this company and it starts tonight.

                          Again the fans are booing Orton as he just looks around before continuing on with his tirade.

                          Orton: Triple H, I have dealt with you once and Michaels you are nothing more than a Legend to be fed to the Legend Killer. DX your time is coming to an end but my time is only just beginning....

                          The fans have started an "Orton Sucks" chant as Orton continues on regardless.

                          Orton: Randy Orton will reign supreme in the WWWE!

                          Orton just smirks at the camera before walking off to boos from the crowd.

                          Matthews: Thank you to Randy Orton and back to you guys at ringside.

                          ** ANNOUNCERS TABLE **

                          Cole: Thanks Josh and I must say Randy Orton is certainly talking the good talk but can he back those up.

                          Vince: Of course he can Michael, he is The Legend Killer and he would have been our WWWE Champion if he wasn't for DX

                          Cole: Well we can't say that for sure.

                          Vince: I'm saying it for sure.

                          Cole: Well..

                          The camera cuts away from Cole & Vince and to the Parking Lot where a huge bus has pulled up. The doors start to open and coming down the steps is non other than DX! The fans let off a huge cheer as HHH and HBK make their way to the arena.

                          HHH: What a night last night.

                          HBK: It was madness.

                          HHH: How the hell did we get the bus?

                          HBK: I canít remember.

                          HHH: All I can remember is one girl...

                          HHH cups his hands out in front of him, we all know what he is motioning about.

                          HBK: Ooo that one!

                          Voice: Hey boys....

                          "The Game" & "Heartbreak Kid" turn around and it seems the woman they were talking about is on the bus they have "acquired".

                          Woman: Where you going??

                          HHH: We have business to attend to. Don't worry it shouldn't take too long. Just go make yourself comfortable.

                          Woman: But I want to make you comfortable...

                          HHH goes to walk back to the bus but HBK drags him back and they carry on walking.

                          HBK: You can be "R" Rated later...

                          HHH stops in his tracks and just looks at HBK.

                          HBK: Okay "X" Rated but we have to go beat the faeces out of Orton and his mystery friend.

                          HHH: I wonder if she sucks it......

                          HBK: It's not even nine o'clock...

                          DX enter through the arena door and the shot fades as we go to a commercial break.

                          ** COMMERCIAL BREAK **
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                            Re: JJs WWWE

                            **WWWE Monday Night Raw comes to you live from The ALLTEL Arena, North Little Rock. The Undertaker will be in action for the first time since his nemesis Sting was indefinately suspended. Anything can happen on Monday Nights!**

                            Cole: Welcome back to Heat and just before the commercial break, DX made an unusual entrance to the arena.

                            Vince: If you mean not funny then you would be correct Michael.

                            Cole: Well certainly the majority of the fans found them funny but the fun and games will be over come the main event as DX will take on Randy Orton and his mystery partner.

                            Vince: Randy has made a promise to finish DX and I'm not doubting him. We shall then see who is laughing!

                            Cole: What do you have against DX??

                            Vince: This show is only an hour long and we are half way through there isn't enough time to explain.

                            Cole: Coming up next we have a Battle of the Brits! Paul Burchill will be taking on the hard hitting veteran William Regal.

                            Vince: I hope Burchill has the paramedics at the ready for Regal is not going to show him any mercy despite him coming from Britain.

                            ** "LONDON CALLING" BY THE CLASH **

                            Paul Burchill makes his way out from the back of the arena to an okay reaction from the Oklahoman fans as he walks down the rampway rubbing his wrists.

                            *Making his way to the ring from Guildford, England weighing Two Hundred and Eighty One pounds, Paul Burchill!*

                            Burchill is wearing his Union Jack pants as he climbs up into the ring and he walks into the centre of the ring and he throws his arms up in the air and he still gets a mild reactions as he turns around to face the entrance way.

                            ** "PROMENADE" **

                            Regals music blares out of the speakers as he makes his way out from the back of the arena to a mixed reaction from the fans as Regal just holds his right clenched fist out in front of him.

                            *Making his way to the from Blackpool, England weighing Two Hundred and Forty Five pounds, William Regal!*

                            Regal is still holding his fist out in front of him as he walks up the steel steps and climbs into the ring and he looks on at Burchill and trash talks him as the two begin to stare each other down.

                            SINGLES MATCH
                            PAUL BURCHILL VS. WILLIAM REGAL

                            Summary: As to be expected Regal is using his experience to keep Burchill from gaining any momentum by any means necessary. Regal is using his technical expertise and well his cheating antics to keep Burchill subdued. Regal has got a close two call after an extremely harsh Neckbreaker on Burchill and we join the match with Burchill and Regal in the centre of the ring.

                            Ending: Regal and Burchill are tied up in the middle of the ring but Regal breaks the grapple and smashes Burchill with a European Uppercut and Burchill staggers backwards to the top ropes and Regal slowly walks up to him and Irish Whips him to the bottom ropes. Burchill comes back off the ropes and he runs right into raised knee from Regal. Regal backs away from Burchill and comes off the right hand ropes looking for the knee to the face but Burchill dodges out of the way at the last moment. Burchill grabs Regal from behind and return the Neckbreaker from earlier and regal goes rolling across the ring as Burchill slowly gets back up to his feet. Regal is using the ropes to get back up to his feet and Burchill charges at Regal but Regal gets his elbow up and Burchill runs right into it. Regal charges out of the corner and smashes Burchill with a Running Forearm Smash sending Burchill to the mat. Regal starts to stomp all over Burchill as the referee comes over and tells Regal to cut it out. Regal grabs hold of Burchill by the head and drags him back up to his feet. Regal backs Burchill into the left hand ropes before going for an Irish Whip but Burchill reverses it. Regal charges towards the right hand ropes but he grabs hold of them to stop himself moving anywhere. Burchill charges at Regal but Regal uses Burchillsí momentum to throw him over the ropes but unbeknown to Regal, Burchill has landed on the ring apron. Regal turns around into a Hangmanís and Regal staggers away. Burchill jumps up onto the ropes and bounces off them and Regal turns around into a Springboard Clothesline. Burchill hooks Regalsí leg for the pinfall 1...2.. Regal gets his shoulder up off the mat.

                            Cole: Paul Burchill surprising William Regal there with his Springboard Clothesline. Despite his stature he is well at home using flying moves.

                            Vince: Well he better keep moving because if William Regal lock in the Regal Stretch it wont take long for Burchill to submit.

                            Ending(Continued): Burchill stands back up to his feet and he grabs hold of William Regal and picks him back up to his feet. Burchill grabs Regal by the back of the head and charges him down into the bottom left hand corner and face first into the top turnbuckle. Burchill turns Regal around and Irish Whips him to the opposite corner. Regal smashes into the turnbuckles and staggers out of the corner and Burchill grabs hold of him for the C4 but Regal escapes with a few well aimed elbows to the head. Burchill turns around in a big left hand from Regal and Burchill falls backwards into the top right hand corner. Regal nails Burchill with a few more left hands and the referee warns Regal about the fists. This distraction allows Burchill to throws himself at Regal for a clothesline but Regal dodges out of the way and takes Burchillsí left leg out from underneath him. Regal grabs hold of Burchillsí legs and he twists them around into the STF position but Burchill crawls his way to ropes and grabs a hold of them. The referee then gives Regal a 5 count to break the hold 1...2...3...4.. Regal releases Burchill and stands above him smiling down at his opponent. Burchill rolls over onto his back and clambers back up to his feet and he stares Regal down. Regal raises his arm up for a grapple and Burchill slowly walks towards Regal and he throws his arms out and the grapple is on. Burchill uses his power advantage and breaks the grapple with a knee to Regalsí' gut. Burchill then lifts Regal off his feet with a Sidewalk Slam. Burchill charges off to the right hand ropes as Regalsí sits up but he receives a running knee to the face from Burchill. Burchill drops to the mat and covers Regal and the referee counts the pinfall 1...2... Regal kicks out at the last moment.

                            Cole: Paul Burchill so close to an impressive win over William Regal.

                            Vince: It will take more than a running knee to keep Regal down, he is a mans man.

                            Ending(Continued): Burchill looks a little miffed at not getting the three count. Burchill stands back up to his feet and he looks out at the fans and Burchill taunts the fans which gets a good cheer from them and he waits for Regal to stand back up to his feet. Regal slowly clambers back up to his feet and Burchill grabs hold of him in the Rock Bottom position but Regal escapes and quickly nails Burchill with the Regal Cutter. Burchill is down on the mat and Regal just smirks as he bends over and picks the Brit back up to his feet. Regal kicks Burchill in his gut and drags hold of him by both arms and lifts Burchill up and nails him with the Double Underhook Powerbomb. Regal then drops to the mat and hooks Burchillsí leg for the pinfall 1...2...3!

                            Winner by Pinfall........................................... .....William Regal!
                            Cole: William Regal picks up the win here but you must say Burchill was mightily impressive.

                            Vince: No he wasn't! If we was impressive, he would have won.

                            William Regal stands back up to his feet and he gets his hand raised in victory but Regal quickly pulls his arm down and walks across the ring and is demanding a mic from a worker. Quickly a worker produces a mic and hands it to Regal.

                            Regal: Now I don't want to stand here all day going on so I'm going to make this clear to you lad...

                            Regal has walked up to Burchill, who is just coming around on the mat.

                            Regal: I think you have unlimited potential but it can only take one person to harvest that and you are jolly well looking at that fellow.

                            Burchill is climbing back up to his feet.

                            Regal: What do you say?

                            Burchill looks on at Regal as Regal slowly extends his left hand... Burchill shakes it!

                            Regal: I thought you would see sense because you don't want another beating like what just happened to you!

                            Regal throws the mic down as Burchill and Regal are in the middle of the ring shaking hands....

                            Cole: Well it seems William Regal saw something good in Burchill.

                            Vince: He must need eye surgery.

                            Cole: Well Burchill has accepted Regalsí offer to take him under his wing, this should be interesting!

                            Regal and Burchill leave the ring together, then fans give them a mixed reaction obviously they didn't expect Regal nor Burchill to behave like that.
                            The Phenom of Fan Fiction.
                            Cheers to KustoM for the banner.

                            You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain...


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                              Re: JJs WWWE

                              ** BACKSTAGE **

                              We are backstage and we see the Tag Team Champions, MNM make their way down an corridor and they have the Tag Team belts slung over their shoulders. They look pretty focused as the cameras fade away.

                              Cole: There we have the Tag Team Champions, MNM who won the Tag Team Belts at Backlash but have been told to hand over the Tag Team Titles by JBL and Chris Masters, who they will face at Fully Loaded if they do not.

                              Vince: If MNM had any sense they will hand over those titles because you do not want to make JBL or "The Masterpiece" angry.

                              Cole: MNM have only just won the titles Vince, they arenít going to hand over the Tag Team Titles just like that.

                              Vince: Well they have no sense and a beating coming their way and it will be all their fault.

                              Cole: All their fault! They have pride in being the Tag Team Champions!

                              Vince: They wont have anything when JBL and Masters have finished with them.

                              ** LONGHORN **

                              The fans are already booing as the White Limo pulls out from the side of the rampway and slowly comes to a stop as the driver gets out of the car and makes his way to the back of the Limo and opens the door. Slowly out of the door appears JBL and his Tag Team Partner, Chris Masters. The fans are giving them serious heat as JBL just waves his hat at the fans and Masters just flexes his muscles. JBL and Masters make their way down the side of the rampway as some fans trash talk them as they walk past. JBL & Masters reach the ring and they climb up into it and Masters and JBL taunt the fans as they stand in the ring, where a table has been placed. JBL walks past the table and demands a mic from ringside and he is handed one as a chorus of boos ring out in the arena.

                              JBL: How about you all shut your traps and let a man wealthy enough to buy all your houses talk!

                              Of course this just gets the crowd more riled and they continue to boo JBL.

                              JBL: I bet those cardboard boxes are really comfortable but I'm not out here to talk to you lot of trailer park trash. I'm out here to save some lives. Those live happen to be those of the current Tag Team Champions, MNM!

                              A small cheer comes from the fans as JBL looks on and just shakes his head.

                              JBL: I said this past Monday Night that the only way MNM will survive is if they handed over the Tag Team Titles tonight and me and my partner will let them walk out of ring and they would be saved from a beating of a lifetime at Fully Loaded. Now that is crystal clear, so clear that you hicks sitting in this arena can actually understand it.

                              Again the fans continue to boo as Masters and JBL just laugh as JBL continues on.

                              JBL: MNM, I hope you have come to the right decision because if you haven't I'm afraid I might have to unleash The Masterpiece on you but not only that but you will anger a Wrestling God and that is one thing you do not want to do. You have heard all the stories about Gods being angry! How they crush and destroy and that will be your destiny if you don't hand over the Tag Team Titles!

                              A chant of "MNM" breaks out on the Oklahoman crowd as JBL is starting to get a little bit angry.

                              JBL: I had this table set up so MNM could place the Tag Team Titles upon on it and walk away and never bother us again. MNM your time is up, get your asses out here and give us those Tag Team Titles!

                              ** GLITZ & GLAMOUR **

                              The paparazzi make their way out from the back and the red carpet is rolled out as the Tag Team Champions MNM make their way out from the back of the arena. They are getting a alright response from the crowd as JBL & Masters look on from the ring. Nitro has the Tag Team Belt half way down his pants as Mercury has his on his shoulders. Melina stands in the middle of them as they reach the ring and Mercury and Nitro wait for Melina to do her trademark entrance. Melina does it and Mercury and Nitro follow here into the ring. Both teams are staring each other down as Nitro leans over and grabs the mic being offered up by the worker.

                              Nitro: You know we weren't around on Monday Night to see or hear your demand but are you that whacked out that just because you have beaten two potheads that you deserve these titles? I'm telling you man, you want these titles you fight for them.

                              Nitro hands over the mic to Mercury as Nitro is getting some cheers from the fans.

                              Mercury: Now I might just need reminding how we came to have these Tag Team Titles, didn't we win them in a TLC match?

                              Nitro nods his head as Melina rubs the back of Mercury.

                              Mercury: Then the follow night you two say we have to hand these title we put our lives on the line for over to you! Seriously I would expect something like this out of him..Mercury points at Masters, JBL holds Masters back. but JBL you are meant to be an intelligent man. I will make it clear to the both of you, you want the Tag Team Titles, you show your faces at Fully Loaded and you might just have a chance in getting them.

                              JBL: I'm a patient man as you all know but my good friend here isn't and I can only control him to an certain extent so I'm telling you, place those Tag Team Titles on the table and get your asses out of here!

                              Mercury: Maybe we aren't making ourselves clear enough to you! These titles aren't going anywhere. So you can pack up your little table and drive off in your limo and we shall see you at Fully Loaded! Is that clear enough for you!

                              JBL: Oh it's crystal but you just made the biggest mistake of your lives....

                              Masters throws the table out of the way and charges at Mercury with a forearm, knocking Mercury backwards but Nitro gets involved and attacks Masters from behind. Melina has scurried to the outside as JBL throws himself into the battle by blindsiding Nitro and throwing him over the ropes. Mercury tries to Irish Whip Masters to the left hand ropes but Masters reverses it. Mercury bounces off the left hand ropes and straight into the running JBL, who nearly knocks Mercurys' head off with the Clothesline from Hell!

                              Cole: This has predictably descended into chaos and the Tag Team Champions are being taken apart!

                              Vince: I told you they were stupid Michael.

                              JBL turns around and Johnny Nitro jumps off the top rope looking for the Crossbody but JBL catches him in the air. JBL then smashes Nitro with the Last Call and Nitro goes flying across the ring. Masters bends over and drags Nitro back up to his feet and slaps the Masterlock on him.

                              Cole: Oh come on!

                              Masters is throwing Nitro around as JBL picks up the Table which Masters threw out of the way earlier. JBL sets the table up in the middle of the ring as Masters throws Nitro to the floor. JBL is shouting at Masters and he goes to pick Nitro back up to his feet but Melina is shouting on the ring apron. Masters quickly grabs hold of here and flings her into the ring. Melina staggers back up to her feet bur she is sandwiched between JBL and Masters. Melina goes to slap JBL but he catches the hand and pushes her backwards into the Masterlock!

                              Cole: This has gone too far! The Masterlock is on Melina!

                              Vince: She shouldn't have got into the ring.

                              Cole: She was thrown in!

                              Masters is swinging Melina around as the fans are going rabid at JBL & Masters. JBL grabs hold of Melina by her legs...

                              Cole: No don't do this!

                              JBL and Masters throw Melina up and bring her down through the Table with the Full Nelson Powerbomb!!!!

                              Cole: Damn them to hell!

                              The fans are booing the hell out of JBL and Masters but they just smile at the destruction they have caused. JBL grabs a mic and he drops down to the mat near Joey Mercury...

                              JBL: A little out of breath. You have just signed your own death warrants! Come Fully Loaded, they will be signed, sealed and delivered because not only are we taking your titles, we are taking your careers!

                              JBL drops the mic onto the mat and he stands up to his feet and both Masters and himself raise their arms up in the air as the destroyed MNM lay below them. Sunday Night Heat goes to a commercial break.

                              ** COMMERCIAL BREAK **
                              The Phenom of Fan Fiction.
                              Cheers to KustoM for the banner.

                              You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain...


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                                Re: JJs WWWE

                                **His addiction is Wrestling not drugs nor alcohol. His one goal is to be the best in Wrestling. He is Straight Edge! He is...........C...........M...............PUNK!
                                Coming soon to the WWWE.....**

                                Cole: Welcome back to Heat and just before the commercial break, JBL and Chris Masters crossed the line when they put Melina of MNM through a Table. She was a defenceless women! Just take a look at this.

                                Originally posted by TV Replay
                                Melina staggers back up to her feet bur she is sandwiched between JBL and Masters. Melina goes to slap JBL but he catches the hand and pushes her backwards into the Masterlock!

                                Cole: This has gone too far! The Masterlock is on Melina!

                                Vince: She shouldn't have got into the ring.

                                Cole: She was thrown in!

                                Masters is swinging Melina around as the fans are going rabid at JBL & Masters. JBL grabs hold of Melina by her legs...

                                Cole: No don't do this!

                                JBL and Masters throw Melina up and bring her down through the Table with the Full Nelson Powerbomb!!!!

                                Cole: Damn them to hell!

                                Cole: JBL and Chris Masters should be punished for their actions!

                                Vince: I said it then and I will say it now, she should not have gotten into the ring!

                                Cole: There is no defence for JBL & Masters! Mick Foley must punish them for their actions.

                                Vince: Mick Foley has John Cena to worry about after his F-U on him earlier in the day!

                                Cole: That is true but ladies and gentlemen coming up now is the Main Event for Heat and we shall see DX take on Randy Orton and his mystery partner.

                                Vince: Randy Orton was supremely confident and that can only be a worrying sign for DX.

                                Cole: DX will be no pushovers Vince!

                                ** ARE YOU READY?? **

                                Those famous words reverberate out the arena as Michaels and HHH make their way out to a huge cheer from the crowd. HHH and HBK look around and nod their heads as they make their way down the rampway with the cheers still coming from the crowd.

                                *Making their way to the ring weighing a collective Four Hundred and Ninety Five pounds. Triple H and Shawn Michaels, Degeneration X!*

                                Triple H and Michaels reach the ring and they climb up into the ring and both men walk to the centre of the ring and they turn around to face the crowd. Both men raise their arms in the air before bringing them down in the X sign and the DX pyros explode behind them. Triple H walks across the ring and demands a mic from a worker and the worker hands the mic over.

                                Triple H: (Pats top of mic) This thing on??

                                The fans cheer and a chant of "DX" breaks out in the crowd.

                                Triple H: I'll take that as a yes, then I just have to ask you one thing................ ARE YOU READY???

                                The fans are still cheering Triple H and Michaels as...

                                Triple H: For the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home........ LETS GET READY TO....


                                Triple H is taken down with a huge kick to the back of the head and the camera focuses on the assailiant and its........................... GIANT BERNARD!!

                                Cole: Giant Bernard has just taken down Triple H can he be Randy Ortonsí mystery partner?

                                Vince: You really are dumb, it's right in front of you!

                                HBK charges at Bernard but he receives a Clothesline from his troubles from Bernard. HBK staggers back up to his feet and nearly gets his face kicked on with the Scissors Kick and HBK is down and out on the mat as Triple H is getting back up to his feet. Bernard grabs hold of Triple H and looks like the Train Wreck is coming but Bernard throws Triple H up and he comes down into an R..K..O from Orton, who has charged to the ring.

                                Cole: Orton with the R..K..O on Triple H, this was a set up all along!

                                Vince: Randy Orton outsmarted DX!

                                Randy Orton just looks down on Triple H and that smirk of his appears on his face as he looks up at Bernard and just nods his head. Orton picks up the mic which Triple H was using earlier.

                                Orton: Now forgive me if I'm wrong but this was meant to be a match so referee, ring that damn bell!

                                Bernard has walked right up to the referee and pretty much feeling intimidated by Bernard, the referee rings the bell.

                                TAG TEAM MATCH
                                DX VS. RANDY ORTON & GIANT BERNARD

                                Ending: Randy Orton places his boot on the chest of Triple H and Bernard barks at the referee to make the pinfall and the referee has no choice but to drop down onto the mat and make the three count 1...2...3!!!

                                Winners by Pinfall........................................... ... Randy Orton & Giant Bernard!
                                Cole: This was never a match, this was a damn set up!

                                Vince: The pinfall was recorded, it was a match Michael. A match DX lost!

                                Orton stands above Triple H and does the "Suck It" taunt above him which draws serious heat from the crowd. Orton turns around and he stares Giant Bernard down and Orton extends his arm and both men shakes hands as the fans are giving them serious heat and they lift their arms up in victory as HEAT goes off the air.

                                ** END OF SHOW **
                                The Phenom of Fan Fiction.
                                Cheers to KustoM for the banner.

                                You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain...