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    Re: JJs WWWE

    We are backstage and into view comes Michael Cole, who gets a small pop for some reason and he has a smile on his face as standing next to him is the Legend Killer, Randy Orton! Orton gets heat from the fans but that can't remove the smug look from his face..

    Cole: The Legend Killer, Randy Orton in just a....

    Orton: Let me stop your right there Michael Cole, I know what you are going to say. Yeah there is going to be an Elimination Chamber match and there is going to be five other guys but why should I care?? I'm the Legend Killer! I'm Randy Orton and I'm going to be the next WWWE Champion, five other guys or not!

    Cole: As we all know, your entrance spots are drawn at random so obviously that could count against you??

    Orton: Are you not listening to me Cole, I'm I going to have to slap it into you like a little bitch. Whether I'm out first or last in the Elimination Chamber it is all elementary because Randy Orton is walking out of Backlash the new WWWE Champion!

    Cole: Triple H earlier tonight pretty much echoed your sentiments…

    Orton: Like I care about him, look at what happened at WWWE Wrestlemania I beat him one...two...three in the middle of the ring clean, his opinion means nothing!

    Cole: You won that match thanks to Batista!

    Orton: Yeah and look where he is today! Have you seen him tonight?

    Cole: No I haven't…

    Orton: What does that tell you then Cole, it tells you this company doesn't care about Batista? I mean think about it, he can't even get in the building never mind a match. I can tell you to go out there and interview those fans and they wouldn't know who Batista was, they probably wouldn't know what day it but I'm sure they can tell you that tonight is The Legend Killers night!

    The fans boo Orton as that smug smile is still on his face.

    Cole: Either way, good luck tonight Randy...

    Orton: I don't need luck, I'm Randy Orton!

    Randy Orton goes to walk away and he runs right into the Showstoppa, Shawn Michaels! The fans explode in cheers as Michaels just smiles and Orton just sneers.

    Orton: What do you want old man?

    Michaels: Old Man??

    Michaels just smiles before slapping the taste out of Ortons mouth. The fans cheer that as Orton brings his head back and just smiles.

    Orton: Did I get a nerve there Michaels.

    Michaels: You know what Orton, I'm sick of you. I'm sick of you walking around back here thinking that you own this place, thinking that you are better than everyone and tonight and I'm sure the fans will be glad of this, I'm looking forward to you swallowing your own front teeth.

    Orton: Does it look like I'm scared Michaels?? I'm I cowering in fear of you?? It doesn't look like it does it, so how about you walk along and I will pretend this never happened and you might just survive out there tonight!

    The fans continue to boo Orton as Michaels shakes his head.

    Michaels: You can talk all the trash talk you want Orton but you have done nothing in you career!

    Orton: Obviously you are going senile already Michaels but I was the youngest world champion!

    Michaels: Yeah you "were"...

    Orton: Whoa Whoa, before you give me all your crap Michaels let me interrupt you. I know what the people think of you, they think of you as a........Legend! Well I'm the Legend Killer and tonight I'm going to do something Triple H could never do, kill you!

    Michaels: I look forward to it!

    Orton and Michaels continue their little stare down before Orton slowly walks away from Michaels and Michaels just turns and looks at Orton departing the scene. The cameras return back to the announcers table.


    JR: Orton and Michaels nearly getting it on backstage King!

    King: It's the tension JR of who is going to be the WWWE Champion!

    JR: The title can do that King but the wait is over, it is time for the Elimination Chamber match!
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      Re: JJs WWWE

      The cameras look up to the arena as the Elimination Chamber is coming down from the roof along with the music they always play. The fans are cheering as the Chamber reaches the ground of the arena as the cameras pass back to JR and The King.

      JR: The Demonic Structure is now in place and we are moments away from our main event a six man Elimination Chamber match for the WWWE Title. This match will see Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Goldberg and Chris Jericho all fighting it out to be crowned the WWWE Champion.

      King: Five of those men have Elimination Chamber experience JR, Brock Lesnar doesn't but they will mean nothing to the Next Big Thing.

      JR: All six men have held either a World Title or a WWE Title and lets us not forget Shawn Michaels was the last reigning WWWE Champion!

      King: He won the WWWE Title from the late, great Eddie Guerrero on a RAW two weeks before a PPV!

      JR: Well folks we have now arrived at our main event! Six men are going to walk in but only one will walk out as the WWWE Champion.

      King: I'm laying all my cards on the table and saying it is going to be Randy Orton as the new WWWE Champion.

      JR: I was expecting something along those lines.

      King: Go on then JR, tell me who you think is going to win if you are so smart.

      JR: I can't pick King, all six men are great wrestlers all with an equal chance of walking out as the WWWE Champion.

      King: Great way to chicken out JR!

      JR: Just stop!


      ** INVASION **

      The chant is already up in the arena as the cameras are backstage and we see Goldberg come out of his locker-room and the camera follows him up the backstage and up onto the gorilla position. Goldberg comes out from the back of the arena to a huge cheer from the crowd as he stands in his pyros before walking down the rampway and throwing his boots and hands out as more pyros explode behind him.

      JR: The enigma what is Goldberg is making his way to the chamber but bad news for the rest of the competitors, he is not the first to compete.

      King: If his appearance is anything like his last Elimination Chamber, expect to see a mass of bodies JR!

      Goldberg walks into the Chamber and over to the top left hand cubicle and the referee locks him in as the fans continue to chant "Goldberg.... Goldberg.. Goldberg".


      Brock Lesnar is jumping up and down on the spot at the top of the entrance way as fans responds in boos and Lesnar starts walking down the rampway with somewhat of a purpose. He just focuses on the ring ignoring the fans chants of "Sell Out" as he reaches the steps into the ring.

      JR: Brock Lesnar showing no emotion whatsoever despite the fans chants about him.

      King: Well I know I wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of an angry Brock Lesnar!

      Lesnar walks into the ring and looks around the chamber before heading off to the top right hand corner cubicle and he gets locked in by the referee as Lesnar bounces up and down on the spot in the cubicle.

      ** "5...4...3...Y2J" KING OF MY WORLD" BY SALIVA **

      The countdown has reached zero and the pyros explode as the lights come back up and Jericho is facing the other way with his arms stretched out wide. Jericho turns around and he gets boos from the crowd and Jericho replies with trash talk as he walks down the rampway. Jericho starts taunting the fans on the way down the rampway and he reaches the ring and holds his arms out.

      JR: Chris Jericho will continue to tell you he was the first undisputed Champion and tonight he looks to win the big one for the second time!

      King: He will have to get past Randy Orton first!

      Chris Jericho then walks off down to the bottom right hand corner, still getting boos from the crowd.

      ** SEXY BOY *

      The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels makes his way out from the back of the ring and he gets a huge cheer from the fans. Michaels makes his way a little bit down the rampway before dropping down to his knees and throwing his arms up in the air and the red and white pyros explode from behind him. Michaels climbs back up to his feet and claps the hands of the fans as he makes his way down the rampway.

      JR: Shawn Michaels looking to regain his WWWE Title here tonight!

      King: Not if Randy Orton has anything to do with it!

      Michaels walks up the steel steps into the ring and he stares down Lesnar, who he lost to at WWWE Wrestlemania and Michaels walks away down to the bottom left hand corner and gets into his cubicle as the referee locks him in and Michaels claps the fans.


      Randy Orton’s new theme music blares out through the speakers as the Legend Killer makes his way out from the back of the arena position. Orton stands still and raises his arms up in the air and the golden pyros fall down from the Titantron as he stands in the middle of them. Orton then makes his way down the rampway with a cocky grin on his face as the fans give him heat.

      JR: This boy is cocky, conceited, and arrogant but he is good there is no doubt about that.

      King: You are talking about our next WWWE Champion there King!

      Orton walks into the Elimination Chamber and looks around before smiling to himself as he stands in the middle of the ring awaiting the arrival of his opponent for the next 5 minutes.


      The "King of Kings" Triple H makes his way out from the back of the arena to a big cheer and some boos from the crowd. Triple H looks around the arena before walking down the rampway. Orton just looks on from inside the chamber as HHH walks down the rampway.

      JR: Triple H looking to get back on his throne, a place he has been missing a long time!

      King: He sounded confident earlier tonight JR!

      HHH has his bottle of water in his hand as he reaches the steps into the ring and he takes a slip of water and throws it away into the crowd and spits the water out on the entrance way of the Chamber before slowly walking into the ring. Triple H stares The Legend Killer down as the referees behind Triple H starts closing the door on the Elimination Chamber.

      JR: The door is locked on the Chamber as this match is nearly on.

      The referee inside the Elimination Chamber rings the bell for the start of the match and the fans let off a cheer as Triple H and Orton continue to stare each other down. Orton and Triple H start circling around each other before throwing themselves at one another. Orton and Triple H start fighting for the dominant position and Triple H wins it. HHH gets Orton in a Headlock and starts putting pressure around Ortons Neck but Orton pushes Triple H away and into the top ropes. Triple H comes off the ropes and nails Orton with a Clothesline and Orton hits the mat. Triple H stands in the middle of the ring with a smile on his face as Randy Orton climbs back up to his feet. Orton stares HHH down again and they throw arms at each other and start to grapple again. Triple H manages to get the upper hand again and manages to push Orton back into the bottom right hand corner and HHH breaks the hold and smashes Orton with an Uppercut. Orton staggers away as Triple H grabs hold of him and whips him to the top ropes. Orton comes back off the ropes and he runs straight into a High Knee from HHH. Triple H backs away from Orton and bounces off the left hand ropes and drops a Harley Race Knee right to Ortons head before covering him for the pinfall 1...2. Orton kicks out. Triple H stands back up to his feet and he grabs hold of Orton and pulls him back up to his feet and HHH grabs Orton by the back of his head and Triple H throws Orton face first into the top turnbuckle in the top left hand corner. Triple H then follows it up with a reverse elbow to the face and Orton staggers out of the corner but Triple H charges him back in with a Shoulder Charge. Triple H then nails Orton with an Uppercut and Orton falls down in the corner.

      JR: Well King it looks like Randy Orton is having a hard time of it already!

      King: Triple H shouldn't get too cocky JR, look what happened to him at Wrestlemania!

      Triple H starts choking out Orton with his boot as the referee tells him to cut it out but Triple H doesn't listen as he can't get disqualified. Triple H grabs hold of Orton and pulls him back up to his feet and Triple H Irish Whips Orton hard into the opposite corner and Orton smashes into the turnbuckles and staggers out of the corner into a Back Body Drop from Triple H. Orton slowly starts climbing back up to his feet and Triple H grabs hold of him and nails him with a Facebuster. Triple H then follows that up with a boot to the gut and Triple H prepares for the Pedigree but Orton reverses it into a Back Body Drop and HHH hits the mat. HHH stands back up to his feet at the left hand ropes and Orton charges at HHH but HHH low bridges the ropes and Orton goes flying over them and he smacks onto the steel surrounding the ring. The fans cheer as Triple H climbs over the ropes and grabs hold of the clambering Orton by the back of the head and he goes to scrape Ortons head along the Steel Chains but Orton grabs hold of the chains and nails HHH in the gut with an elbow. Orton then grabs hold of the "King of Kings" and tries to smash his face into the chains but Triple H holds out and returns the elbow to the gut. Orton staggers away as Triple H turns around and grabs hold of The Legend Killer by the head and lifts him up for the Vertical Suplex but Orton escapes and lands behind HHH. Orton then pushes Triple H straight into the Steel Chains. Randy Orton backs away from HHH and lifts his arm up in the air as Triple H turns around and Orton tries for the R..K..O but HHH pushes him away into the ropes and Orton comes back off the ropes and into an Uppercut from HHH. Triple H pulls Orton back up to his feet and grabs by the back of his head and throws Orton over the ropes and Orton lands back in the ring.

      JR: Despite going into the Steel Chains, Triple H still continues to have the better of Randy Orton.

      King: I've got to admit Triple H is giving Randy Orton a beating.

      Triple H climbs back into the ring as Randy Orton starts climbing back up to his feet and Triple H turns him around and nails him with a few right hands before whipping him to the right hand ropes. Orton comes back off the ropes but he telegraphs Triple Hs attack and boots him in the gut. Triple H staggers backwards as Orton charges at HHH and takes HHH down with a Clothesline. Orton then rests up against the right hand ropes as HHH gets back up to his feet and Orton grabs hold of him and whips him into the top right hand corner. Orton runs at HHH but HHH gets his boot up and Orton runs right into it. Orton staggers backwards and HHH grabs hold of him and whips him hard back into the corner and Orton smashes into the turnbuckles and back out into a Back Suplex from Triple H. Triple H then drops down to the mat and covers Orton for the pinfall 1...2. Orton kicks out again as Triple H grabs hold of Orton around the throat and starts choking him out. The referee once again can't do anything as Triple H stands back up and drops another knee to the head of Orton. Orton rolls away as the fans are giving HHH a good reaction as he walks to Orton and pulls him back up to his feet. Triple H nails Orton in the gut with a knee and Irish Whips him to the right hand ropes. Orton comes off the ropes and flings him at HHH and nails him with a Crossbody, Orton stands back up to his feet as does Triple H and Orton hits him with a European Uppercut. Orton nails HHH with another European Uppercut before hitting Triple H with a Drop Toe Hold and HHH hits the mat. Orton grabs Triple H around the head and starts nailing punches into HHHs head as HHH tries to climb back up to his feet and the countdown begins to a new competitor entering the ring 10...9....8...7...6...5...4...3...2....1...0!!

      The lights go out and the spotlight starts flicking around the cubicles and finally the light settles down and onto the cubicle of................... GOLDBERG!!

      JR: Goldberg is the third person into the Elimination Chamber!

      King: I wouldn't like to be in Triple Hs shoes right now JR!

      Goldberg gets released by the referee and he steps into the ring as Orton still as HHH in a headlock but Triple H pushes Orton straight into a Clothesline from Goldberg. Triple H runs at Goldberg and receives the same treatment as Orton. Randy Orton is climbing back up to his feet and Goldberg grabs hold of him and whips him to the left hand ropes and Orton comes back off the ropes and into a Shoulder Block from Goldberg. Triple H tries to attack Da Man from behind and HHH turns Goldberg around and goes to Irish Whip him to the right hand ropes but Goldberg reverses it and sends HHH to the ropes. HHH comes back off the ropes and into a Back Body Drop from Goldberg. Orton is back on his feet and he gets Irish Whipped into the top right hand corner and Goldberg follows it up with a big Clothesline. Triple H runs at Goldberg but he sidesteps him and Triple H runs right into Orton. Both men stagger out of the corner and Goldberg takes them down to the mat with a Double Clothesline. He grabs hold of Orton and picks him back up to his feet and he lifts Orton up off his feet and slams him back down to the mat with a Scoop Slam. Triple H gets back up to his feet and receives a couple of knees to the gut before being whipped down to the bottom ropes. HHH comes back off the ropes and Goldberg lifts Triple H up in the air and slams him back down to the mat as the fans cheer Goldberg. Orton is back up is feet and Goldberg lifts Orton up off his feet and charges him down into the turnbuckles in the bottom left hand corner. Goldberg shoulder charges Orton a couple of times but Orton jumps up and sunsets flips Goldberg and the referee counts the pinfall 1.. Goldberg powers his way out. Goldberg tries to catch Orton with a Clothesline but Orton ducks down to the mat. Orton stands back up and again Goldberg misses with the Clothesline and runs right into a Spinebuster from Triple H!

      JR: Goldberg was on fire until Triple H caught with an Arn Anderson type Spinebuster!

      King: Triple H and Orton were getting dominated up to that point.

      Triple H and Randy Orton start to stomp all over Goldberg, who is still down on the mat before the two former Evolution partners pick him back up to his feet. Both men grab hold of Goldberg behind the head and runs him across the ring and throws him over the right hand ropes and Goldberg lands on the Steel Surround. Orton and Triple H stare each other down for a moment before both look to Goldberg, who is climbing back up to his feet. Orton and Triple H climb through the ropes and they grabs hold of Da Man and pull him closer to the Steel Chain and they grabs hold of him by the arms and they fling him face first into the chains. Orton and HHH keep hold of Goldberg by the arms and throw him face first into the Steel Chains face first again as they fans are booing Orton and HHH. Goldberg slumps down as Orton and Triple H pull Goldberg back up to his feet and for the third time throw him face first into the Steel Chains and let Da Man drop down to the steel floor. Orton and Triple H then turns around and face each other as Goldberg slowly starts crawling away but both men bend down and pick him back up to his feet. They deliver a double boot to Goldberg’s Chest and they grab him around the head and lift him up in the air and deliver a Double Suplex onto the Steel on Goldberg! The fans are booing the former Evolution members more as Goldberg is down on the steel and Triple H goes to walk away but Randy Orton turns him around and nails HHH with the R..K..O on the steel!

      JR: Randy Orton with the R..K..O out of nowhere!

      King: Randy Orton just used Triple H to get rid of Goldberg and then turn on him, classic!

      Triple H is down on the steel as Randy Orton grabs hold of him by the head and pulls him back up to his feet and throws him back into the ring. Triple H is still down on the mat as Orton covers him for the pinfall 1...2... Triple H throws his shoulder up off the mat at the last moment as Orton hooks Triples leg again 1...2... Triple H again gets his shoulder up. Orton is getting pissed off with the referee as he gives him grief and stands back up to his feet. Orton bends over and starts pulling Triple H back up to his feet but Triple H drops down and nails Orton with a Low Blow! Orton collapses to the mat holding his nether regions as Triple H stands above Orton and gives him a Crotch Chop! The fans explode in cheers as Triple H grabs hold of Orton and pulls him back up to his feet and boots him in the gut and goes for the Pedigree but Goldberg Clothesline Triple H out of it. Triple H staggers back up to his feet and Goldberg whips him down to the bottom left hand corner and HHH staggers out of the corner and he gets nailed with a Mule Kick right to the head of Triple H. HHH hits the deck as Goldberg gets rolled up from behind by Orton 1...2. Goldberg kicks out. Orton quickly gets back up to his feet as he starts nailing Goldberg on back as he climbs back up to his feet but Goldberg lifts Orton up off his feet and slams him onto the mat. Goldberg grabs hold of Orton and pulls him back up to his feet and he Irish Whips Orton to the right hand ropes and Orton comes off the ropes and Goldberg lifts him up into the air and brings him down with a Military Slam. Goldberg stands back up to his feet and starts spitting and snarling as Orton is crawling away from Goldberg and Triple H is down on the mat still. Goldberg stands waiting for Orton to get back up to his feet ad the countdown begins for the forth entrant into the chamber 10..9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1....0!!

      The lights flicker around the cubicles again as the remaining three men are standing there, waiting for their chance. Finally the light picks their man and it’s.... CHRIS JERICHO!

      JR: The former Undisputed Champion, "Y2J" Chris Jericho is next into the Elimination Chamber!

      King: Jericho has issues with all these people JR!

      Randy Orton has stepped back up to his feet and Goldberg charges at Orton and nearly snaps him in half with the Spear! Jericho is hanging outside of the ring as Goldberg points up in the air before grabbing hold of the prostrate Orton and lifting him back up to his feet. Goldberg grabs Orton around the head and lifts him up in the air but Jericho out of nowhere hammers Goldberg with a Low Blow! Goldberg drops Orton as Jericho bounces back off the left hand ropes and nails Goldberg with a Bulldog. Jericho climbs back up to his feet and again runs back to the left hand ropes and bounces up off them and nails Da Man with a Lionsault. Jericho doesn't cover Goldberg instead he grabs hold of him by the legs and turns him over for the Walls of Jericho! The fans are booing Jericho as Goldberg is stuck in The Walls. Goldberg isn't moving anywhere as the referee is checking on him but Goldberg is refusing to submit. Goldberg starts crawling to the ropes and he flings his arms out for the ropes but Jericho pulls him back into the centre of the ring. Triple H though nails Chris Jericho right in the head with a hard punch and Jericho lets go. Triple H throws the right hands at Y2J before grabbing him around the head and nails him with a Vertical Suplex. Triple H climbs back up to his feet as Jericho is getting back up to his near the left hand ropes and Triple H Clothesline him over onto steel. Triple H climbs over the ropes and grabs hold of Jericho by the head and runs him straight into the Steel Chains. Triple H then starts to drag Jericho’s face over the steel as the fans cheer him for that. Triple H then throws Jericho into the side of the Top Left Cubicle of the Chamber before nailing him with right hand. Triple H backs away from Jericho and charges back at him but Y2J drops down and Drop Toe Holds Triple H into the Glass Sheeting. Jericho stands back up to his feet as Triple H rolls away holding his face but Jericho is taken through the Glass Sheeting with a Spear by Goldberg!!

      JR: Good God Almighty Goldberg has gone through the glass and taken Jericho with him!

      King: Never mind Goldberg JR, Jericho took the full force of that!

      Triple H, Y2J and Goldberg are all down on the left hand side of the Elimination Chamber as Randy Orton is clambering back up to his feet in the middle of the ring. He sees the carnage and just smiles as he staggers over to the left hand side of the ring and grabs hold of Triple H by his leg and pulls him back into the ring. Orton drops down to the mat and covers HHH for the pinfall 1...2... Triple H throws his shoulder up off the mat! Orton slams the mat in frustration before standing back up to his feet and grabbing hold of Triple H. Orton pulls The Game back up to his feet and throws him in the top left hand corner. Orton climbs up in the corner and starts nailing Triple H with punches to the head as the fans just boo The Legend Killer. Triple H though lifts Orton up and brings him down onto an Inverted Atomic Drop and Orton staggers around the ring. Triple H goes for a clothesline but Randy Orton ducks it and grabs hold of Triple H from behind and nails him with an Over The Shoulder Backbreaker. Orton stands back up to his feet and swaggers down to the bottom right hand corner and climbs up the turnbuckles and crouches on the top turnbuckle. Triple H slowly staggers back up to his feet as Orton prepares himself and throws himself off the top turnbuckle and nails Triple H with a Crossbody. Orton hooks Triple Hs leg and the referee counts the pinfall 1...2... Triple H gets his shoulder off the mat again as the fans cheer him. Orton looks pissed off as he stands back up to his feet and he looks around the arena which is booing The Legend Killer and Orton slowly raises his arm up in the air as Triple H clambers back up to his feet. Orton jumps up and nails The Game with the R..K..O!! The fans are giving Orton serious heat as he covers Triple H for the pinfall 1...2...3!!

      Eliminated: Triple H (Randy Orton)

      JR: Randy Orton keeps up his winning streak against The Game and eliminates him from the Elimination Chamber!

      King: So much for Triple H walking out of here WWWE Champion Haha! Come on Randy!

      Randy Orton stands back up to his feet as Goldberg has emerged from the wreckage of the cubicle and he has been lacerated down his arms and legs from his spear as Orton walks over to Goldberg, who’s has reaches the ropes to the ring and Orton grabs him around the head and tries to lift him up for the Suplex but Goldberg fights it and tries to lift Orton up in the air but Orton starts wiggling around and as Goldberg drops Orton, Orton Hangmans Goldberg off the ropes. Orton composes himself before he climbs out onto the steel and knees Goldberg while he is trying to get back up to his feet. Orton then follows it up with a boot to the gut knocking Goldberg over onto his back. Orton sits atop of Goldberg and starts planting him with right hands but Goldberg rolls over and plants Orton with his own right hands. Goldberg stands back up to his feet and Orton quickly gets back up to his and Goldberg Shoulder Charges Orton into the Steel Chains. Goldberg nails Orton repeatedly in the gut with knees, each one knocking the breath out of Orton before Goldberg whips him to the ropes and Orton bounces back off them and into a Clothesline from Goldberg. Goldberg though gets blindsided by Jericho, who like Goldberg has blood running down his back. Jericho smashes Goldberg’s head into HBKs cubicle as HBK and Jericho trade trash talk before Jericho pulls Goldberg away and grabs him around the head, Jericho looks like he is about to DDT Goldberg onto the Steel but Goldberg powers out of it and lifts Jericho up in the air before throwing him onto the ropes and Jericho bounces back into the ring. Orton is climbing back up to his feet as Goldberg grabs hold of him and lifts him over his head and Goldberg turns around as Jericho is getting back up to his feet and Goldberg launches Orton over the ropes and straight into Jericho!! The countdown begins again as Goldberg climbs back into the ring 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0

      The lights go out once again in the arena as the light has to pick between either Brock Lesnar or Shawn Michaels and finally the light comes to a stop and we are getting......................................... "HBK" Shawn Michaels!

      JR: The last WWWE Champion Shawn Michaels is entering the fray and we have Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Goldberg and now HBK in the ring.

      King: But no Triple H, he is long gone JR!

      Michaels steps into the ring but into an elbow from Goldberg, who gets boos from the crowd for that. Goldberg grabs hold of Michaels and Irish Whips him to the top right hand corner. Michaels hit the turnbuckles and Goldberg runs at him but HBK out of the corner nails Goldberg with the Sweet Chin Music! Y2J is climbing back up to his feet and HBK lifts him up off his feet and Scoop Slams him onto the mat. HBK then climbs up to the top turnbuckle but Randy Orton runs into the ropes and HBK crotch drops the turnbuckle. Orton wanders over to HBK and climbs up to the second turnbuckle and tries to Superplex HBK but HBK hooks his leg around the rope as Orton lets go and nails him with an Uppercut. HBK sways on the top turnbuckle as Y2J appears in the corner and he climbs up to the second turnbuckle and both he and Orton grab hold of HBK. They lift HBK up off the turnbuckles and nail him with a Double Superplex, a move which the impact echoes all around the arena. Orton and Jericho stagger back up to their feet and they stare each other down and smile to each other and Jericho points to the floored Goldberg. Orton nods his head as Jericho picks Goldberg back up to his feet and kicks him in the gut and Orton and Jericho grabs hold of Da Man and Irish Whip him down to the bottom ropes. Da Man comes back off the ropes and is hurtling back towards Y2J and The Legend Killer and they lift him up in the air and Flapjack him straight onto the mat and Goldberg rolls away to the top left hand corner and starts clambering back up to his feet using the ropes. Jericho kicks Goldberg in the gut and grabs him by the head and throws him between the ropes and Goldberg lands on the steel. Jericho though is blindsided by Orton and is rolled up 1...2. Orton’s feet are on the ropes ...3!!

      Eliminated: Chris Jericho (Randy Orton)

      JR: Well that partnership didn't last long as Randy Orton eliminates Chris Jericho!

      King: The Legend Killer in eliminating them one by one JR!

      Orton stands back up to his feet and just smiles as both Shawn Michaels and Goldberg are down. Orton walks over to Michaels but Jericho attacks him from behind and starts hammering down on Orton as the referee tries to force Jericho out of the ring. Finally Jericho walks away from Orton not before spitting on his though he gets cheers from the fans but Jericho gives them the bird. Orton clambers back up to his feet and shakes off Jericho’s attack as Michaels is staggering back up to his feet and Orton grabs hold of HBK but HBKs breaks the grapple and nails Orton with a few right hands but Orton gets a thumb to the eyes and Irish Whips Michaels down to the bottom ropes. HBK comes back off the ropes and ducks underneath Ortons attempted Clothesline and bounces off the top ropes and Orton turns around into a Flying Forearm from HBK. HBK nips back up to his feet to cheers from the crowd as Orton staggers back up to his feet and Michaels lifts him up off his feet and gives him an Inverted Atomic Drop and The Legend Killer staggers around into a Clothesline from Michaels. Michaels grabs hold of Orton and whips him down to the bottom right hand corner and HBK runs at Orton but HBK runs right into an Elbow from Orton and HBK staggers out. Orton turns Michaels around and lifts him up into the air and he Back Suplex HBK onto the steel on the bottom part of the chamber. HBK rolls around on the steel as Orton leans up against the ropes breathing heavily. Orton climbs out onto the steel as he bends down and picks Shawn Michaels back up to his feet and grabs him by the back of the head and charges him straight into the Steel Chains! Orton then starts dragging Michaels head down the steel chains as Orton also nails him with clubbing blows to Michaels forehead before flinging his head into the steel. Orton then starts pushing HBKs head into the Steel as HBK screams in agony and the fans respond in boos.

      JR: Randy Orton is taking Shawn Michaels apart!

      King: The end is near for HBK JR.

      Orton moves away from Michaels and the camera zooms in on HBK and the blood is running down his forehead as Orton walks back to his back picks him back up to his feet. Orton grabs Michaels by the back of the head and runs him across the steel and throws him back into the ring. HBK crawls away to the top left hand corner and starts using the ropes to climb back up to his feet as the blood continues to run down his head. Orton walks across to HBK and nails him in the gut a couple of times with a couple of knees and Michaels falls down in the corner. Orton bends over and nails HBK repeatedly in the head with punches as Goldberg has started to climb back into the ring. Orton backs away and nails Goldberg with a boot to the gut and Orton goes to Irish Whip Goldberg to the right hand ropes but Goldberg reverses it and sends Orton to the ropes. Orton comes back off the ropes and runs straight into a Shoulder Block from Goldberg. Orton quickly clambers back up to his feet and Goldberg turns Orton around and grabs hold of him in a Full Nelson and lifts Orton up and plants him with a Full Nelson Slam. Goldberg then crouches over as Orton crawls away to the bottom right hand corner and starts climbing back up to his feet and he comes away from the corner as Goldberg charges at him but Orton dodges the bullet. Goldberg stops himself and turns around as Orton tries for the R..K..O but Goldberg throws Orton off onto the mat. Orton climbs back up to his feet and Goldberg whips Orton hard into the bottom right hand corner and Orton smashes into the turnbuckles and staggers out into a Clothesline to the back of the head as Goldberg pulls Orton away from the ropes and covers him for the pinfall 1...2... Orton kicks out of the pinfall.

      JR: Goldberg turns the tables on Orton and it is now Orton who is getting the beating!

      King: It is just a matter of time before Orton turns it back JR!

      The countdown begins again 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0!

      We have to go through the little thing again even though we know Brock Lesnar is the next person to enter. Finally the lights stop on Lesnar Cubicle as he shouts at the referee to open the cubicle.

      JR: Brock Lesnar wants in and this could spell trouble for the rest of them!

      King: He looks like a man possessed JR!

      Lesnar gets out of his cubicle and climbs into the ring and Goldberg and him stare each other down. Memories of Wrestlemania 20 obviously still in mind as both men get right up to each others face. HBK and Orton are down on the mat as Lesnar strikes Goldberg with right hands, staggering Da Man. Lesnar forces Goldberg back to the left hand ropes before whipping him to the right hand ropes. Lesnar walks into the middle of the ring as Goldberg comes back off the ropes and Lesnar bends down and lifts Goldberg onto his shoulder but Goldberg slips down Lesnars back. Lesnar turns around and Goldberg grabs him around the head but Lesnar nails Goldberg in the gut repeatedly with punches. Goldberg staggers away and Lesnar charges at him and nails him with a Clothesline, which takes him over the ropes. Goldberg staggers back up to his feet as Lesnar goes through the ropes and charges himself at Goldberg and smashes Da Man into the steel chains. Lesnar nails Goldberg with a couple of knees to the gut and Goldberg falls down to the steel flooring. Lesnar turns around and HBK flings himself off the top rope but Lesnar catches HBK in mid air. Lesnar throws HBK onto his shoulder and swings him around but Michaels reverses it into a Tornado DDT. Lesnar head smashes into the steel as HBK clambers up to his feet and he looks up at the Chamber roof and he staggers to the Steel Chains. Michaels slowly starts to climb up the steel chains as the fans don't know what the hell he is doing. Michaels is along way up the chains as he looks backwards at Lesnar.

      JR: Don't do it Shawn! It's not worth it!

      King: He is going to kill himself JR!

      Michaels again looks back before throwing himself off the chains and he plummets back down to the steel and nails Lesnar with an Elbow Drop which probably did the same about as damage to HBK!

      JR: Shawn Michaels could be broken in half!

      King: Every bone in his body could be broken JR, never mind broken in half.

      Michaels and Lesnar haven't moved as Goldberg slowly clambers back up to his feet and he makes his way over to HBK and picks him up and throws him back into the ring and he does the same with Lesnar. Goldberg climbs back into the ring and he covers Shawn Michaels for the pinfall 1...2...3!!

      Eliminated: Shawn Michaels (Goldberg)

      JR: HBK has been eliminated after his death drop from the top of the Elimination Chamber!

      King: All that effort for nothing Haha!

      The fans are booing Goldberg as Michaels is still laying down on the mat with the blood running down his face. The referee orders the door open for Michaels to get out of the ring as the referee rolls him through the ropes and another referee comes in the chamber and pulls HBK out. The referee puts HBK onto his feet but Michaels responds with a punch to the referee face. The referee goes down as Michaels staggers around as another referee tries to pacify him but Michaels knocks him out. HBK staggers back to the chamber as running down the rampway is Triple H!

      JR: What the hell is going on here! Why is Triple H out here and not only that...

      King: He has a Sledgehammer with him!

      Triple H comes running down the rampway and he gets into the Chamber along with HBK and both men climb back into the Chamber. They climb into the ring as Goldberg stares them down and slowly approaches them and Michaels starts nailing Goldberg with right hands but Goldberg responds with a knee to the gut and Triple H nails Da Man in the gut with a Sledgehammer! Goldberg staggers around and he receives the same treatment from Triple H only this time to the head. Goldberg hits the mat as Orton climbs back up to his feet and he receives a Sledgehammer shot to the chest and HHH throws the Sledgy down and he grabs hold of Orton and plants him onto the mat with a Pedigree. The fans are cheering HHH and Michaels as Lesnar is getting back up to his feet as HHH picks up his Sledgehammer and nails Lesnar in the gut with it and HBK follows up with some Sweet Chin Music! The referee orders them out of the ring as HBK and HHH back off from the ring as HHH throws the Sledgehammer out of the ring chamber. HBK and HHH look at each other and they turn back to the ring and they give the Crotch Chop.

      King: DX JR, DX!

      JR: DX is back and they have run wild on this Elimination Chamber!

      HHH and HBK leave the ring to cheers from the crowd as HHH picks his Sledgehammer back up and they make their way back up the rampway not before doing a few more crotch chops. Back in the ring as the referee checks on the three men left but he can't do anything as all three are down. Goldberg seemly has been busted open by the Sledgehammer shot to the head as the referee just checks the damage done by the return of DX. Slowly all three men begin to crawl to different parts of the ring as the fans just sit and wait for the next action in the ring. Orton is climbing up the ropes at the bottom of the ring as Goldberg is using the ropes at the top of the ring and Lesnar the ones on the left hand side. They all manage to reach their feet and they stagger towards the centre of the ring. All three men start trading right hands with one another not before Lesnar nails Orton with an elbow and he follows that up with the same treatment for Goldberg. Orton flings himself at Lesnar though but Lesnar dodges out of the way and Orton turns around into a Belly to Belly Suplex from Lesnar. Lesnar stands back up and Goldberg grabs him from behind but Lesnar nails Da Man in the forehead with elbows and Lesnar turns around and grabs hold of Goldberg and hits him with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Lesnar then stands back up to his feet and he grabs hold of Orton and pulls him back up to his feet but Orton drops down to his knees. Lesnar pulls Orton back up and positions him for a Powerbomb and Lesnar lifts Orton up but Orton nails him in the head with repeated punches and he drops the Legend Killer back down to his feet. Orton nails Lesnar in the gut with a knee and follows it up with a European Uppercut and Lesnar is forces backwards into the top right hand corner.

      JR: Randy Orton has been in this match since the beginning yet he still fights on.

      King: That is because he is about to become our WWWE Champion JR!

      Orton nails Lesnar with more right hands and he grabs hold of Lesnar and pulls him back out of the corner, Orton boots Lesnar on the knee and Orton grabs Lesnar around the head and Ortons DDTs Lesnar to the mat. Orton rolls Lesnar over and covers him for the pinfall 1...2... Lesnar kicks out of the pinfall. Orton grabs hold of Lesnar and pulls him back up to his feet but Lesnar Shoulder Charges Orton back into the corner. Lesnar pulls his shoulder out and repeats the Shoulder Charge on Orton. Lesnar then nails Orton with an elbow to the head and Orton staggers away and Goldberg charges at Orton but Orton throws himself out of the way and Goldberg nails Lesnar with the Spear. Goldberg covers Lesnar for the pinfall 1...2...3!!

      Eliminated: Brock Lesnar (Goldberg)

      JR: Goldberg eliminates Brock Lesnar after Randy Orton dodges the bullet!

      King: Destiny is on his side JR, I can feel it and so can this crowd.

      The fans are actually cheering Goldberg for this as he stands back up to his feet and Orton out of nowhere tries the R..K..O but Goldberg throws him off and Orton smacks into the mat. Orton staggers back up to his feet and Goldberg charges at him and nearly snaps him in half with the Spear. Goldberg climbs back up to his feet and throws his arm up in the air as the fans are firmly behind him now. Goldberg grabs hold of Orton and pulls him back up to his feet, he has Orton around the head and he lifts him up in the air in the middle of the ring and leaves him hanging in the middle of the air and brings him down with the Jackhammer! Goldberg hooks Orton’s leg and the referee counts the pinfall 1...2...3!!

      Eliminated: Randy Orton (Goldberg)

      Winner and New WWWE Champion.................. Goldberg!!

      JR: Goldberg has done it! He is the new WWWE Champion!

      King: No No No, Randy was meant to be the WWWE Champion!

      The door to the chamber has been opened as a referee passes the WWWE Title to the referee inside the chamber and he passes it to Goldberg who raises the title above his head as the fans cheer him and confetti starts falling down from the roof. Goldberg walks over to the top right hand corner and he climbs up the turnbuckles and shows off his WWWE Title as Orton is down in the middle of the ring. Goldberg climbs down from the turnbuckle and he looks around the Chamber and holds the WWWE Title up in the air again as the PPV finally goes off air.
      The Phenom of Fan Fiction.
      Cheers to KustoM for the banner.

      You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain...


      • #18
        Re: JJs WWWE

        -JBL and Chris Masters will beat Rhyno and Booker T. I like their combination; it offers a lot of potential in terms of gimmick and promos and I could definitely buy them as an old school heel team, like Hansen/Brody or the Andersons. I don’t know the history between Rhyno and Booker T but they seem to be one of those teams that are quickly thrown together because you didn’t know what else to do with them.

        -Kane VS Chris Benoit is a tough one. If you need a monster, Kane should be the winner but you’ve already got The Undertaker, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar as monsters (I assume). I hope Chris Benoit wins but that’s just because he’s one of my all-time favourite wrestlers. If he does, it should be well-booked to keep Kane strong seeing as he lost their last encounter as well.

        -The Cruiserweight match should be amazing. Not because both competitors can really bring it in the ring, but also because they share a long history. It’ll probably be a match full of hot exchanges, counters and countered counters. London will win because he only just beat Johnny Blaze for it.

        -I think Kurt Angle will win. Everyone wants to see Edge finally win the big one in real life and I assume it’s the same thing in Fan Fiction. But if Edge wins now and he beats the champion at the next Pay-Per-View, it will make the other champion look bad because he loses the title after just a month. Angle will win and put on a good match against the champion while Edge works his way up with another high-level program.

        -Kennedy VS Christian will be a very fun match. Not good, fun. Two very charismatic heels facing each other is bound to be entertaining. Kennedy will win because you love him and he was on the brink of becoming the next big thing in Fan Fiction last time around.

        -Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin, another team that looks like it was quickly slapped together, will win because you need a face team to counter the old school heel team of JBL and Masters.

        -I really don’t care about Sting and The Undertaker. Sting is overrated so I’m rooting for the Dead Man.

        -I think Randy Orton will leave the Elimination Chamber as the champion. He was the champion last time but that federation went under before you could have proven that you can make him a credible ace. You’ll probably want to show that now. Although if Orton wins and Kennedy does too, it’ll make your two biggest champions arrogant heels. You’ll have to tweak Orton’s character a bit to keep him interesting in that case.

        Now, onto the show!


        JBL/Masters VS Rhyno/Booker T
        • A minor annoyance to start off with: “true” tag teams should come out together as a symbol of their unity. Yeah, it’s nothing big but I just thought I’d say that.
        • Masters is whipped into the ropes by Rhyno but he is the one who nails his opponent with a Double Axehandle. Rhyno is a wrestling veteran. Why didn’t he have a move “prepared” when he launched Masters? What’s the point of Irish whipping someone if you don’t know what you’re going to do when your opponent comes back?
        • Saying what corner a team is in really helps. Don’t say “his team’s corner”, at least not when you want to say that for the first time. Say which corner his partner is in. It’ll be easier to visualize the match.
        • Booker T telegraphs Masters’ attack... which was? I assume it was a Back Body Drop but you should clarify that for the same reason as clarifying the team’s corner.
        • Masters runs in to help JBL after a Jumping Crescent Kick and does it again a few moments later after a simple Knee Drop. He doesn’t have much faith in JBL’s damage-absorption capabilities, does he? Here’s the thing: there used to be heel tag teams who didn’t cheat or cheated just a very little bit to make the crowd hate them. Just think of legendary teams like the Andersons, Hansen and Brody or Hansen and Vader. What made them so dangerous and hated was not that they cheated to win but it was because they were sadistic, merciless ass-kickers. Now here you’ve got a team that could be as good as them and you’re ruining it already – alright, ruining is a bit much but you know what I mean – by showing weaknesses: lack of trust and, more importantly, making one of the guys look very weak by trying to help him (and failing, at that!) for the very least of dangers. Please don’t fuck this up. You’ve got a golden opportunity here.
        • JBL hangs Booker T over the rope and boots him out, and follows that up with a good rammin’ into the steel post. That’s what I’m talking out! Brutality!
        • JBL attacks Rhyno on the outside. That would have been the perfect cue to show some good teamwork by the heels. Booker T was obviously in a world of pain after the Big Boot/Drop to the outside/Ring post smash: only one half of their opponents was still in good condition. Masters should have joined in on a short joint assault to take Rhyno out and then help JBL with disposing of Booker T. Smart brutality should be the main theme of JBL/Masters. The way JBL quickly blindsided Rhyno was rather counterproductive: it didn’t really hurt Rhyno. It only pissed him off so he would be that much more enraged and wild when he finally gets his chance to get revenge.
        • Random note: A great double-team finisher for Masters and JBL would obviously be a Master Lock / Clothesline From Hell combination. The one thing that you’d have to keep in mind would be not to have the target duck out of the way so JBL hits Masters: normally it’s nearly impossible to break his Full Nelson but now suddenly the guy can duck out of the way like it’s nothing. If you’re going to use that move, remember that.
        • It’s a Side Slam, not a Sidewalk Slam. A Sidewalk Slam is a Rock Bottom. JR is demented.
        • Oh no, JBL got Back Body Dropped! Don’t worry, Masters is here! ... And he gets nailed as well. Bah! Honestly, this team is losing credibility steam during its debut match. How bad is that?
        • Booker T breaks up the pinfall attempt after a Double Suplex on Rhyno. How many times has a guy kicked out in this match? I think only once.
        • After Booker T Drop Toe Holds Masters into JBL and JBL counters Booker’s Irish whip, it would have been an ideal moment for Masters to plough through Booker with a clothesline or a stiff Double Axehandle. It would have seemed like it was just a reversed Irish Whip when [I]wham![/B], Masters knocks Booker’s lights out from absolutely nowhere. Quick, well-timed brutality.
        • The finish came very abrupt. There wasn’t even a finishing stretch. Now I wouldn’t mind that if Masters and JBL had been ferocious throughout and had really manhandled their opponents... but that hasn’t happened. Very anticlimactic finish, especially because there were very few big moves that really made an impact.

        I didn’t care one bit about that promo. It barely added anything besides some useless heel work from an interviewer – who should get as little airtime as possible, I might add, because interviewers don’t add anything to storylines – and the mystery of the General Manager. Why does everyone use a General Manager? I think I gave you a scenario about a new General Manager a time ago, JJ. It’d be great if you worked that out. As for JW: I still hate him. He gets X-Pac heat from me, not in the least because he adds nothing as well, just some completely unrelated stuff about fucking women.

        Kane VS Benoit
        • Why is a grudge match between two main eventers so low on the card?
        • The match has gone on long enough without a snide remark from me, so I’ll nitpick: Benoit Dropkicks Kane in the knee and attempts a Snap Suplex. Where’s the logic in (semi-)grounding a guy before trying to lift him over your head? A regular Dropkick (or any other move) that staggers Kane but not knock him down would have been better: he isn’t down on the mat with all his weight (like he would be when kneeling after the Kneecap Dropkick) and he’s momentarily staggering and thus easier to lift. But this is a very minor point. I just wanted to break my own silence one paragraph into the match. :tongue:
        • A good thing I’ll point out is that Benoit isn’t trying to ground Kane with his technical skills. A grudge match equals hatred and hatred equals brawling, not calculated wrestling... of course Benoit could be the exception to this because he’s got an ice-cold killer character.
        • Side Slam!
        • Benoit spins Kane around with the... Dragon Whip? I assume you mean Dragon Screw?
        • Finally, the first pinfall attempt of the match comes after an eternity of boring brawling. I can understand that they’re too busy beating each other up to go for a cover, but that would require the match to have been wild until now... and it wasn’t. The only somewhat entertaining part was Benoit’s comeback. I know it’s difficult to make brawling interesting, but you should be able to, JJ.
        • God, I hate the lame German Suplexes from WWE. The German Suplex used to be a killer move – and it still is outside the WWE – and now it’s devalued. I hate it.
        • Kane suddenly turns around and boots Benoit in the face after eating three German Suplexes and a Swandive Headbutt... Right. Yeah, I get it: Kane can shrug off offensive but to suddenly surprise Benoit like that... that doesn’t fit his character. I could buy faking an injury by a sneaky heel like Jake Roberts but not a monster.
        • Kane pins Benoit after a Chokeslam. I know I said that the previous match ended very abruptly, but this was even worse. When I see two main eventers battling it out, especially in a grudge match, I expect to see a hot finishing stretch. There wasn’t even a faint hint of a finishing stretch here. The match was boring and had almost no big spots, plus a vast lack of close near-falls. To make it worse, all the focusing on Benoit’s nose didn’t lead to anything. If it was a face-first Chokeslam, I could have bought it a little bit. Even if it was a modified Face Buster. Why does everyone rely on one or two finishing moves? Very, very disappointing.

        London VS Spanky
        I can’t I’m interested in Spanky/London (that, and I’m tired) so I’m just going to read the last two paragraphs. Again, there was no finishing stretch, nor any real effort, it seems, to put the other man away. The action was, although fast, rather boring near the end. At least from what I’ve read. Like the two previous matches, the finish came very sudden but the speed of the sequences near the end slightly makes up for it. Still, disappointing end. I liked the aftermath, though. No cheap shot or lame heel turn, but true friendship. I liked that.

        The Angle/Edge promo was okay. It built up the coming encounter and that’s all it needed to do. No shenanigans or stupid humour, just simple build-up. The talks about Angle being a Wrestling Machine make me curious to see how you’re going to show that. The ideal ending to showcase his deadly wrestling skills would, in my opinion, be Angle winning with a submission hold that isn’t the Ankle Lock. And, of course, working on the body part throughout the match. Angle and Edge can have a good match and you’re a very capable match writer but I have been disappointed thus far. Let’s hope this will be better.

        Angle VS Edge
        • You know what could have made the match hot(ter) from the start? When Angle evaded the clothesline, he should have thrown Edge across the ring with a release German Suplex (either a WWE one or a real one). Edge would roll quickly outside to regroup while Angle taunts him. Or to emphasize the Wrestling Machine gimmick, have him try to apply some sort of submission hold (doesn’t even have to be the Ankle Lock).
        • I spoke too soon. Angle shows his lethal wrestling skills with the Ankle Lock, nice.
        • Ankle Lock, Arm Lock, punches to the head and shoulder thrusts to the ribs. What exactly is Angle targeting?
        • I expect something better than a standard Front Face Lock and a Side Head Lock from a wrestling machine. Or at least I expect them to be executed better than your average wrestler.
        • The German Suplex was completely out of place. Angle builds up a lot of speed by running the ropes two times and what does he do with it? He stops and German Suplexes his opponent, hence losing all momentum built up with the running. The only logical thing to do was use his speed for a move, probably a strike, with more impact than when you do it while standing still (Kneecap Dropkick, leaping Forearm, whatever. It doesn’t even have to be one of “his” moves).
        • Angle smashes his arm against the ringpost. It’ll be very interesting to see Edge’s reaction to that and the result, if any, it has on applying and synching in a submission hold.
        • Edge is right on par with focused attacks on the arm and some heel shenanigans. Almost perfect play by him in this part of the match with the exception that Edge should have tried a submission hold by now (the end of the paragraph).
        • When Angle suplexes Edge, you should have added more description. He should have yelled in agony when he used his arm to throw Edge over him and stay down for a few moments, clutching his arm and breathing through his teeth in pain. More details to drive the point home of how badly he’s hurt.
        • Not a bad note but I just imagined how cool it would be if Edge grabbed Angle by the wrist and starts laying in vicious elbows or punches into his injured arm.
        • Fujiwara Arm Bar! Well, I suspect it’s that one. *marks out*
        • Again with the INCREDIBLY LAME WWE German Suplexes: more detail about Angle’s arm would have been more than welcome. I find it rather unrealistic for Angle to hit three but I guess it’s normal if you’re rusted in the inane WWE system.
        • Instead of Angle clotheslining Edge with his injured arm, couldn’t he have used his other arm but make it a clothesline/tackle combination to make up for the fewer power in his “bad” arm? You’d think he’s smart enough not to injure his injured arm any further.
        • Ah yes, the very logical move of following up a slam that targets the back with a submission hold that targets the foot.
        • I predicted it: Angle’s arm is suddenly good enough to keep the hold locked on tightly. The Ankle Lock should have been broken to emphasize Angle’s hurt arm instead of escaping it with a roll-through.
        • Topé!
        • Why does Edge stomp “all over” Angle instead of just his arm?
        • Angle clotheslines the referee (sigh) and he doesn’t feel any pain anymore in his arm. I guess referees are all fluffy and soft.
        • Referee bump leads into interference, of course. I guess I won’t mind the run-in because it fits Edge.
        • And all the arm work is completely ignored with that finish. Bah.
        • The match was better than the previous ones. Edge showed good psychology by targeting the arm but he forgot it later on, much to my dismay. Angle didn’t really stand out; only that he didn’t sell the arm well enough. The overbooked finish didn’t really hurt the match because it was kinda expected. The finish, however, was pretty nonsensical. Not only would it have been logical to make Angle submit due to his arm, it would have provided a good subplot: Edge could brag about him having outwrestled Angle. A missed opportunity.

        The Reflections Of Perfection promo sounded a bit old school which I liked, although the MNM humour fell flat on its face. Nothing special. The same can be said about the MNM promo. The Hardy/Benjamin team, which I don’t buy at all but they will probably win this, was short but energetic. All the promos until now have been pretty standard ones: they get the point across but they’re rather boring.

        Tables, Ladders And Chairs
        • I’m not interested in this match either. I’ll just skim through it.
        • From what I read, it was a very fun spotfest, which was needed after the previous boring matches. If you’re planning to push JBL/Masters (I hope you will), it’ll be hard to start a program with heel MNM, though, unless MNM play faces for once. We’ll see what happens. Fun match either way.

        A short but intense promo by Triple H. Better than the previous ones although still nothing “good”.

        Christian VS Kennedy
        • You have to reinvent Kennedy soon because his gimmick will grow stale soon.
        • “He telegraphs Christian’s attack”. What attack? Again, I assume it’s a Back Body Drop.
        • Fast action in the early going. I didn’t expect that from these two but I like it.
        • Kennedy pausing to yell his name was a nice touch.
        • What is it with all the Back Body Drops?
        • Something that really strikes me as weird is that you have very little pinfall attempts in your matches. How come?
        • I like the combination of the Airplane Spin and Dropkick. It confuses the opponent, making him more vulnerable to any attack, and then knocks him down with a larger impact than when he would be fully prepared for it.
        • Front Suplex onto the top rope followed by a strike to knock him to the outside. Where have I seen that before on this very same show...?
        • Fan interaction rules, and Kennedy does it like a champ (which he will be soon~!).
        • The Inverted DDT would have given Christian a time to catch his breath. Don’t you think he would have needed it after being on the receiving end for so long? He seems to have shaken it off very quickly.
        • “Nearly all the fans thought it was over!” How do we know? You didn’t say they were on their feet or cheering or screaming or whatever.
        • For once I’d like to see someone counter Christian’s Unprettier into a Verteabreaker.
        • Urange? Uranage?
        • A ringside worker just happens to have an apple with him... Right.
        • One light shove can knock a referee down for ages, but a beatdown has him up right away?
        • Definitely the most fun “normal” match thus far (that I’ve read), but the ending detracted a lot from it. Kennedy was pure gold at times and I can see him go very far in your capable hands. Your Kennedy is still my pick as next big Fan Fiction star. I have to say that I like Carlito in the fold: three very charismatic superstars in a feud. If there’s a Triple Threat match, I’m definitely reading that one. The promos should be awesome in this program.

        The Sting promo was the best of the night. There was real aggression and hate. Very nice, indeed.

        Sting VS The Undertaker
        • I’m not going to read this match. Not interested at all.
        • Forbidden Crypts by Midnight Syndicate. I wonder how you know that song.
        • I read that The Undertaker was in the Scorpion Deathlock three times. Still, he can hit the Last Ride with ease despite his injured back. A modicum of selling wouldn’t have been bad, even if it’s Deadman ‘Taker. Seemed like it was a hard-hitting match, but I don’t care about it.

        Randy Orton says it’s all elementary in the meaning of “not important”. Doesn’t elementary mean that it’s the foundation of something? Not that it really matters but I’m genuinely curious. Other than that, the promo was okay but it picked up when Michaels joined in. Hopefully a Michaels/Orton program will result from this. That could be fun. Now, onto the Elimination Chamber.

        Elimination Chamber
        • No promos from Lesnar, Goldberg or Jericho? That doesn’t bode well for them at all, nor does it help the excitement and unpredictability.
        • Reading the first paragraph and the first few lines of the second one already gives me the impression that this match was written quickly and that you wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. It’s very lacklustre. Triple H just seems to go through his moves without a story behind them or between the two fighters.
        • Orton is whipped into the ropes on the outside but Triple H gives him an Uppercut instead of smashing him against the steel chains or onto the UNFORGIVING, COLD STEEL PAINTED BLACK. With all his experience he should have realized the opportunity to hurt Orton with more than just an Uppercut. A Back Body Drop would have been ten times as effective here. Nothing much of note, but the match is so boring until now that I thought I’d mention it.
        • Goldberg lifts HHH up in the air and slams him back down to the mat. This falls into the “telegraphs the attack” category. What kind of slam? His Gorilla Press into a Powerslam move? Describe it. It’s been a boring match, but Goldberg’s fiery performance raised it from “very boring” so it’s an improvement, I guess.
        • Smart psychology by Orton and HHH, putting their differences aside to gang up on the obviously much more dangerous threat.
        • I understand you want to show Orton’s guile but Triple H would never turn his back to an opponent. He should have attacked Triple H in the split second that he was looking at the injured Goldberg to see whether he would stay down or whether he needed more double-team punishment.
        • Goldberg is up already? That’s fast, even for him. And why would he prevent Triple H from Pedigreeing Orton? That would have been an opponent less.
        • Jericho as well?! God, that’s some of the worst psychology ever.
        • ... and Triple H. *sigh*
        • A rather anti-climatic elimination for Triple H, as have been all your finishes until now, but because it’s not the last one I’ll let it slide.
        • I like the visual of Goldberg bleeding from his arms and legs, but I don’t really see how that’s possible seeing as the glass itself doesn’t shatter but it’s taken out of its frame instead. Well, it was like that in the real Elimination Chambers. If it isn’t like that here, you should have clarified it better. Still, nice visual. It makes him look more vicious than normal.
        • At least Jericho’s elimination wasn’t so anti-climatic.
        • Jericho stays in-character with a healthy “fuck you”. Reminds me of his WCW goodbye. Nice.
        • The Back Suplex to the outside was a cool bump.
        • Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Tonight Show! I’m Jay Leno and we’re LIVE from Lesnar Cubicle! ... What? It sounded good.
        • No move to finish Michaels off for good? Eh... That sucks. Seriously.
        • Degeneration-X’s reunion is the best part about this match and I don’t even like them that much. It’s just that the match has been rather dull.
        • I don’t get the reunion, though. Did Triple H and Michaels say before the match “Alright, when we are eliminated, we’ll beat the rest up”? Did they want to lose so they could return in, eh, style?
        • Lesnar is eliminated with just a Spear? Makes him look rather weak in my opinion.
        • Spear, Jackhammer, pinfall! What the hell?! Goldberg wins! Goldberg wins! Goldberg wins! I certainly didn’t see that one coming. Goldberg, Lesnar and Jericho were barely mentioned earlier in the show so I was sure that they wouldn’t win. I thought Orton would be the sure winner, especially when he outlasted four other men. This definitely took me by surprise. I love it! I’ve wanted to see Goldberg as champion in Fan Fiction for a long time. Let the Goldberg era begin!
        • Apart from the shocking finish, this match started off extremely boring. It picked up later and it was mediocre but most of the eliminations were too sudden to be good. The match just wasn’t main event-worthy.

        The promos were never better than “okay” and the matches all suffered from the same problem: bad finishes with no finishing stretch whatsoever. You should really work on making your matches more entertaining. They just don’t captivate me. The best parts? Goldberg winning and the potential of JBL/Masters.

        Here’s to a long, prosperous and entertaining fed, JJ.

        ... Kennedy!


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          Re: JJs WWWE

          Well, I must say that it's been a long time since I've read a fed. Over 3 months I'd say. Not only have I not read, but obviously I have not reviewed. And what better way to start then with a PPV that should take long to review and probably get me in the writing mood a little bit more. So without further ado... SHOW NO FEAR, THE KID IS HERE~!

          The first match of the night is a rather interesting mixture of Tag Teams and I barely really remember much from 3 months ago so I don't know how this got started, but these teams are pretty weird. The whole match, I just saw that Booker T and Rhyno stood no chance. I was actually thinking Rhyno was going to turn on Booker T and join forces with JBL & Masters, but I was wrong. Masters, although he locked in the Master Lock, to me, it seemed like throughout the match, he was the weakest one on the team. You did a great job portraiyng JBL so I'll give you that much, but everything else was bleh. I'm not too excited about the ending of the match, either. The end scenario was pretty interested as people were getting knocked out left and right and the last man standing is the matches MVP... JBL.

          A rather interesting promo in the back with Coach interviewing JW. I liked the part with Coach saying how popular he really is when it's all a lie, anyways. And JW says that the General Manager of RAW is in the arena, tonight and running things. Very fucken interesitng and I'm really curious as to who it is. I'm guessing... Eric Bischoff. And I'm probably way off, but just in case I'm right... I really did just guess. I didn't like how you tried portraying JW as a pimp and it's just way too much like Vince McMahon in the KWF so boo to that one. Sorry.

          Before the WWE really did, I would never want to see Kane lose to someone like Benoit and I'd really hate to see it in Fan Fic unless Benoit was really pushed to the moon before that (like in my fed, and I'm not trying to say anything bad) but I really don't remember you doing anything too amazing with Benoit, so I really am hoping that The Big Red Machine is going to be really winning this one. Benoit misses the flying headbutt and that's become very usual in my opinion, but this time, he busted his shit open. Very good with that, a bloody Benoit is a cool Benoit in my books. But still, I don't want him to win this match. The crossface is applied and the monster is screaming in agony. Tisk, tisk, tisk. He should be a monster, don't make him scream in agony, make him scream like the monster he is, like trying to put power in. Kane wins, but damn that was a gay ass ending. A flying clothesline and automatically to a chokeslam. That's not a PPV-like match ending. That's good for like a regular show, but not for a PPV. Although Kane won, that ending just really stunk up the place. Kane laughing at the top of the ramp was cool. I just wish he would've done more damage because Benoit missing the headbutt is what cost the nose to bleed, not Kane.

          That Benoit leaving to the back, waving at the fans, getting an ovation thing was just plain gay. Why bother even doing something gay like that? Lol, I don't really know why you would. I'm like really laughing at how gay it was.

          Aww, how cute. London and Spanky shake hands before the match. I really liked that, though, because they are friends and former Tag Team partners and that's what they should do. I just have a feeling that this match will not have a clean ending. It should, but it wont. Either someone interferes and fucks up both of them OR one of them turns, my thinking is going to London turning. Although, a Spanky heel turn would be pretty fucken cool. Some great counters throughout the whole match and at the end, Spanky finally hits the Sliced Break #2 (whatever that is) after London escaped it a couple of times. Spanky wins the match and that shocked me. Spanky always seemed to me to be the weak one out of the two, for some reason. I don't know why, but whatever. And they shake hands and everything I predicted for this match was wrong. And unpredictability is a good thing.

          Edge is being interviewed by Cole and he trash talks and it interests me that Lita's not there tonight. Something fishy is going on and my prediction (probably wrong, again) is that she's going to be joining sides with Angle and surprise Edge. I just had another freaky idea that she will be the GM of RAW. God, I hope not. You do like shocking people, let's hope against this one. Angle comes and makes a promise that he'll make Edge tap out and I predict him making Edge tap out. Hopefully in the match and not after the match.

          Edge and Angle is up next and I have a feeling Edge wins, but I'll be cheering on Angle and hoping for him to live up to his words and make Edge tap out. Lita has to play a part in this match, she just has to. What looks to be an entertaining, hard fought match lets my hype down as I was expecting something interesting with Lita instead of her coming out (surprise, surprise) and screwing Angle, instead. Bleh. The R Rated era has begun and Edge is the number one contender now. I'm not impressed with the ending of that match and Angle is surely going to want revenge. I sense a triple threat match for the WWWE title. Champ vs Edge vs Angle. Now that would actually be great considering who the champ is. Let's hope you do something good like that. Don't just make Angle forget about this little fucken screwjob right here. Bret Hart never did.

          Cade & Jindrak were great in the interview. I loved the MNM question to Jindrak and him saying that chocolate would ruin his physique. At least they're not worried about there looks going into this type of match. But, that's good. MNM and Melina were bleh. Nothing really to say about them. That was just bad. Hardy & Benjamin weren't that great, either. I'm going to say that MNM wins the titles tonight. I just have a feeling that little skank, Melina has something to do with the match and screws everyone except MNM.

          We are going to my second favorite kind of match (favorite being a royal rumble match) and we are at the TLC match. The main event of all spot fests if you ask me and this should be exciting except for the fact that only Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin are really the only two guys that could do really anything entertaining using those weapons. I don't really know much about what MNM could do, but I don't think Cade or Jindrak can do anything. Everyone is just getting destroyed and I didn't get the ladder being pulled into the nuts of Matt Hardy, that was rather weird. The ending wasn't that good. Not too many tables to end that match. I'm going to be writing a TLC match very soon and I'm pretty fucken excited about it. But the ending has the surviving team win it. The whole team is always climbing the ladder together and Melina is excited and my prediction was unfortunately correct. Eh, I didn't see anything interesting in MNM in the before match promo so I don't know what to really say about this title run that's coming. Hopefully it's going to be something to look forward to. Let's keep our fingers crossed for you, JJ.

          Fully Loaded will be your next PPV, interesting PPV. I don't think the WWE does that PPV anymore, but let's see what'll main event that PPV. Hopefully a triple threat match. *repeats self*

          Triple H promo and it was bleh. Triple H can do a lot better then that and to me, that was just beyond horribly terrible. Man, words combined can't even describe how bad that was. Hunter is a God on the mic and that was just... extremely disgustingly, terribly, horribly bad. Eh, I tried explaining it in words.

          Ken Kennedy comes out and rawks the mic. Kennedy will win this match, just for the pure fact that you didn't have Christian have a promo before the match and that's weak, because Christian is great on the microphone. Kennedy calling Christian the King of the boyscouts was fucken hilariously great. Another made up statement by me. I should be with JR & King and make up words like that. I'd be pretty fucken cool. Kennedy better win, but I'm starting to have weird feelings. This could actually go either way in your mind, but in my books, Kennedy was great on the mic and deserves to win this match. Christian didn't do shit to impress me before the match so yeah. Neither man wins the match as Carlito makes his way from the back and attacks both men. A no contest ending and Christian retains the title. Carlito/Kennedy/Christian would be fucken amazing if you can do the amazingly great possibilities of promos for us. Please do, please do. That would be two triple threat matches I would love to see at Fully Loaded. But I'm guessing we'll only see one.

          Sting with a rather interesting promo. He started off amazing, but then once Bearer started questioning him, Sting started sounding pretty retarted. The only thing that saved the crappy middle was the great ending with Sting smashing the bat right into the gut of Bearer. I think Sting will pick up the victory in this match since he did lose last to The Undertaker @ WM, so yeah, I just see it happening. It makes sense. Why would Undertaker win, again? This was my favorite feud between these two, in your fed, so it better continue well.

          Sting & Taker go at it and the baseball bat is bought into the ring and Sting uses it to destroy Taker and Taker shows no quit in him and refuses to stay down for the 3 count. The match continues and Taker continues showing no quit, but Sting holds his own, as well. The last move of the match is The Last Ride...?! NO! He should've made Sting REST IN PEACE with the tombstone. Damn. Another bad ending. C'mon JJ! Endings of matches make them unforgettable. These matches in this PPV, no matter the potential are forgettable and that's a shame. Taker wins and I'm shocked and stunned, but that's all great. I like Taker, I just thought you'd bring some credibility to Sting. I guess not.

          Interesting promo between Orton & Michaels in the back. Orton by himself was just him bragging about himself. Not a bad promo, but not a really good one, either. Orton saying that he's going to kill the legend of the Heart Break Kid gets me thinking... maybe a fatal four match! Orton vs Michaels vs Angle vs Edge. It could be very interesting, but I doubt neither of these two walk out of the elimination chamber as the winner.

          King & JR before the match was funny. King predicting Orton as the winner and JR saying that all 6 men have an equal chance of winning. Being the typical JR. That was pretty good, rather humerous too with King calling him a chicken. Well, not calling him "a chicken" but saying that he chickened out. Man, you know what I mean, why am I explaining it? Anyways, I want Michaels to win, but I have a strange feeling Lesnar's going to win. Lesnar/Angle/Edge sounds very fucken good.

          Orton & Triple H are starting the match off and they fight it out. Former Evolution members and Orton did say in the back that Triple H could never kill Shawn Michaels. That's very interesting, too. They go at it for a bit and then Goldberg makes his way out as the #3 entry. Goldberg comes out like Goldberg and dominates Hunter and Orton and we then have ourselves Triple H knocking the momentum out of Goldberg pretty quickly. I'm pretty sure Goldberg's still pissed about that Elimination Chamber he lost in the WWE because he was screwed by The Game. Could he want some revenge tonight? Could or will he get it? Stay tuned to find out~! Chris Jericho is next out and shortly after that, we have ourselves our first elimination and what a fucken shocker! SO EARLY! Orton hits Triple H with the RKO and that easily and quickly, he is eliminated. Wow, I'm stunned and annoyed. That was just too soon for The Game, at least. I could understand for someone else, but The Game being taken out. Damn. So early for him. I'm shocked. I guess it's too much WWE for me and I'm just used to him being dominant. But damn, that was shocking and early. HBK comes out next and shortly after, another elimination. Orton's on fire. He rolls Jericho up with his feet on the ropes and gets the pin for his 2nd elimination of the match. Oh man, it would own so much if it's down to him and Michaels and Michaels just gives him the Sweet Chin Music taking him out after all those eliminations. Man, that would make me jizz myself so hard.

          Back into the match, to make it neat, I go to a new paragraph. Orton is really owning HBK so far and it just has to be the ending I want with Michaels taking out Orton. It just has to be. The last man, Brock Lesnar (my pick to win) comes out and I didn't know Lesnar would come out last and that makes me start thinking he has no chance in winning this so dammit, I hope for Michaels PWning Orton at the end. Michaels climbs the steel chains and comes flying off with the elbow drop and instead of him pinning and eliminating Lesnar and making me happy, he's too hurt to do anything and Goldberg eliminates him! NO! ASSHOLE! HBK GONE, KID ANGRY! VERY ANGRY~!

          New paragraph, I need to let go of that anger right now. Everyone seems to want to bring D-X back now as you have Triple H and Shawn Michaels show signs of it. Pfft. When I bought D-X back for a few shows, everyone started yelling @ me and telling me it was played out. A hundred months later, it's the cool in-thing now. I'm mad, don't ask. Goldberg hits the spear on Lesnar and eliminates him. Lesnar's a strong man, he should've been hit with the jackhammer, too. Orton should win this match and...

          ... I'm wrong. Goldberg destroys Orton with the spear and then finishes him off with the jackhammer and we haven't seen a successful Goldberg in Fan Fic, yet. Well, not one that I cared about. Not even my own. Goldberg takes the win and Edge vs Goldberg... vs Angle, maybe. Lol, I don't know. Doesn't sound too good to me. Maybe just Edge vs Goldberg, Goldberg wins... Angle/Edge feud for awhile. Who knows?

          Well, we had some unpredictable things happen, but the endings to most of the matches was just so lame for a PPV. It really wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Spanky/London match has to be the match of the night for me, because it really surprised me with the clean ending and the shaking of the hands. That was good. Some matches just are very forgettable like Benoit/Kane and the Tag Team match to start off the show. If I was watching, Taker/Sting would've stole the show. The TLC match didn't go to it's expectations and the chamber was pretty fun to see. Orton sure had it, but got owned at the end. Goldberg didn't even promo so it shocks me, but I don't know if I should feel good or bad about it. Since it's my first review in awhile, I'll give you an extra 5 points from the original grade I was going to give you and I hope you continue with this fed for awhile. There aint no JJ without the WWWE. And wait... what the fuck!? Who was the RAW General Manager?! Did I miss it or something? Boo, minus 2. 73/100


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            Re: JJs WWWE

            The Charismatic Review

            JJ’s WWWE Backlash

            It’s been too long since a WWWE show, and although I only caught the back end of its previous run (Wrestlemania and beyond) in detail, but it seems you have updated the roster for the better. Kennedy and MNM seem worthwhile additions, and I said in my predictions that JBL/Masters could be an intriguing tag team. In fact, I’m going to as far to say that all three will win their matches on this pay per view event.

            The tag team match is up first, and we get a nice energetic start with the faces taking it to the heels straight away. That’s a nice way to wake everyone up as the show starts. --- It would have been nice to know how exactly the referee took control of the match as it seemed pretty hectic before he magically sorted things out. --- The four man brawl on the outside of the ring all seemed a little sudden. I’m all for some dirty heel tactics, but there wasn’t quite enough animosity between the two teams for the match to descend into chaos already --- I’m a bit surprised that Rhyno didn’t pin JBL straight after the spine buster, instead of tagging Booker in, who then does a weaker move, and tries to pin him. Or maybe that’s just a reflection on Rhyno? --- That was some nice stuff with the big boot over the ropes, followed up with the Irish whip into the steel post. That’s what JBL is all about! It would be nice if you gave the crowd reaction for spots like this, maybe to help us as readers visualise the match more? --- I somehow doubt that after the beating he’s taken, Booker T could reverse a powerbomb, and then still have the energy to hit two Book-ends. That was a little careless --- Wahay, we have a double suplex. We are near the end of the match and that must be the first instance of any sort of real teamwork in the match. If you’re going to make JBL/Masters a proper team, you should work on a few double team combos or sequences which you can integrate on their matches. So far this match was very much like 2 thrown together tag teams, which I guess it was really --- It was a bit weird how Booker did the Spinaroonie after a near fall. Usually he does that when he has a whole lot of momentum going his way --- The finish kind of came out of nowhere, and that was the problem with this match. There was no real finishing stretch which got everyone all excited, and how exactly did Rhyno not hit Booker T with the gore when he was in the Masterlock? A bit more detail there would have been nice. But the end result is that JBL and Masters win. That seems like a good idea to me, as they definitely have great potential as a tag team, as long as you weld them into a team, rather than just two singles guys thrown together.

            The segment with the Coach and JW basically established that we have a new General Manager for RAW. We know it won’t be Coach, which might be a shame actually, as I’ve always thought Coach was wasted as an announcer of interviewer, and he should have a bigger role on screen. JW was a little bland. The only thing I picked up about his character from that segment was that he likes groping women. All that does is remind me of Vince McMahon, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing…

            I liked the start of the Benoit/Kane match, with each man staying true to their character, although I did feel that Kane didn’t dominate as much as I would have thought he would, and I was surprised when Benoit gave him a scoop slam so early on. But then again, this is Benoit --- I liked Kane’s counter to the early crossface attempt with a clothesline. I don’t know whether you meant it or not, but I imagined that as a really vicious move --- Kane sat up right after a German Suplex? I know he’s a monster, but the German Suplex is surely a high impact desperation move. Maybe you meant there to be little gap in between Benoit hitting the move and Kane sitting up, which would have been fine, but it didn’t come across this way. In fact, I don’t think you put enough emotion into your matches. You kind of just describe what’s going on. Now that’s fine for some people, and I may be the exception here, but I feel a match becomes more enjoyable to read if you add some emotion and details of the wrestlers facial expressions and the atmosphere of the crowd and really hype up the big spots. For example here, a chokeslam counter which ended up into the German Suplex was kind of just there, it didn’t really jump out of the page like it would stand out in a match that someone was watching. This is nothing against you or the match itself, it’s just the way I like to read and visualise matches --- The Swandive Headbutt spot was better in that regard. I felt that one more --- The match is a little turgid in places though, and there are no sequences building up to some big spots, which I would expect in a PPV match. Saying that though, we just had a good moment where Benoit dropkicked Kane when he was coming off the turnbuckle. That’s quite a commonly used spot recently. That’s not a reflection on you, and in fact, I’ve probably done that about 3 times already in my show in progress, so I should probably fix that! --- How can the first pin fall of a match be closer to the end than the beginning? I know this is a grudge match, and therefore isn’t all about technical pinning sequences, but come on --- In the end, the ending of the match was quite enjoyable, but to be honest, that was a really difficult match to read, and wasn’t one of your best I don’t think. A lot happened that didn’t really go anywhere. This obviously wasn’t meant to be a technical mat-based match, but it wasn’t that exciting as a brawl either. Could do, and surely have done, better.

            I don’t want to sound like a complete prick, but I do need a pick-me-up after that last match, and Paul London and Spanky fighting it out sounds like a great way to do so --- Very nice high paced start which ended in the customary face off with a whole load of cheering from the crowd. I was thinking it might have been nice to introduce a friendly rivalry ‘anything you can do, I can do better’ type dynamic here, from which you could have branched out, but it’s all friendly between the two opponents so far --- I’m just wondering whether Spanky’s move at the end of the second paragraph was like Cena’s ‘throwback’, which seems to have been consigned to history? --- Very nice counter from Spanky when he hurricanrana-ed London when he was being pulled out of the ring. Innovative stuff, and that added to a very good match so far --- King saying ‘What kind of name is Spanky’ was a little weird as the match has been going on for a while and doubtless Spanky has been said many times up until then. Sounds like you couldn’t think of anything else for him to say! --- And we have our first attempt at selling about half way through the match…..fair enough! --- It was an interesting ending to the match as it kind of came out of nowhere. At no point in the match did it slow down, it was just fast paced action straight through. That may be slightly unrealistic and again there was no real obvious set up for the finish. I also thought it was interesting to note that the ‘Left Turn to Albuquerque’ was I think the only turnbuckle move of note, which was unexpected. I would have expected a London’s Calling attempt. --- The after match events were nice. It’s not often you see two men shaking each others’ hands after a match in a WWE style fed. I guess they’ll be no feud between the two. Or not yet at least!

            The Edge/Angle segment gave us some nice hype for their upcoming match. You obviously have a lot of high card talent on your roster and it’s a shame you couldn’t find room for either man in the Elimination Chamber. But I’m certainly not complaining about a singles match between the two. I wonder whether Lita not being here was a purely innocent comment, or maybe there could be something more going on in that respect. So apart from Angle’s last line, which was a bit weak for a send-off comment, this was a nice promo which sets us up for their match.

            I found it interesting to read that in the first couple of paragraphs of the match, when Kurt eventually got into his ‘Wrestling Machine’ self after a bit of brawling to begin with, he applied facelocks, arm locks, and there was an attempt for an Ankle lock as well. Yeah, it’s good that he’s wrestling technically, but I would have expected him to focus on one area more --- The next part of the match was entertaining. The sequence which ended in a German suplex was especially good. This match is flowing well, unlike one or two of the previous ones --- I might have made more of Edge trying to leave the match, like having him make one or two ‘I’ve had enough’ gestures back at Angle, and really having the crowd and commentators rip into him for doing so. But if that’s not your style of writing, then that’s fine --- You do like having people go into the steel steps in your matches, don’t you! How about using the steel ring posts, announcer’s table or security barricades for a bit of variety? --- Edge targeting Angle’s arm was all very well done, from the way it was injured in the first place, to the range of moves Edge has used since to further injure it. This is good heel wrestling. Best part of the match, no question --- Angle then just about hits a belly to belly suplex. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on that one. I would have expected that they would have stayed down for a bit longer after that move, rather than pretty much getting straight back up --- At least the three German suplexes kept Angle down this time. I don’t think Angle sold that enough though. He’s got a busted arm and just sent down a belly to belly and three German suplexes. If that was me I’d be screaming for a doctor! Wrestling Machine or not, he should be hurting --- For everything I’ve just said, replace the names of the moves with an Angle Slam --- Okay, he puts on the Ankle Lock, despite not having done anything to Edge’s ankles in the whole match!!! It’s just as well Edge escaped reasonably quickly --- I have to say I didn’t see the ref bump coming. I thought this would be a match with a clean finish. I did say earlier that I thought there was something fishy about Lita not being here, but I had forgotten about here, so it was a surprise when she got involved --- What on earth was Kurt doing on the turnbuckles though? --- And Edge wins the Spear. This was the most enjoyable match so far, although I was getting infuriated how Angle kept pretty much no-selling the arm, and that was the only real fault for me. The show is picking up big time.

            It’s good to see you giving promo time to all three teams in the TLC match, as it retains the feel of unpredictability in the match. Well….not really, I still think MNM are winning this. I’ve never quite got why so many people like Jindrak and Cade, they always seemed very boring to me, and I don’t see them winning a TLC match. Hardy and Benjamin sounds like a team which was just thrown together because they’re both athletic and we can buy any crazy spots you have them doing in the upcoming match. MNM are the only winners for me. As for their promo, I think you so almost caught them correctly. In my opinion, they should be doing the cocky humour that Edge & Christian used to do so well, but just without the goofiness and gimmicks attached to it. I think you so almost captured it with the little dig at Matt Hardy, but there was something not quite right about it.

            And I’m in the mood for a TLC match now, as I just watched the disappointing Christian/Abyss from Sacrifice, so I’m looking forward to this one --- The ladders have come out very early! I usually like to see a bit more spotty action inside the ring first, but it’s your call --- I have to say I’m a little tired of these ‘drop toe hold into foreign object’ spots which have been littered about the PPV. We’ve had them into turnbuckles, chairs, steel steps, ladders, and even into other people. It would be nice if one of them led to something. Say for example, someone gave a drop toe hold on to the chair, and then the attacker followed it up with a crazy leg drop on to the chair or something similar --- Awesome spot with Shelton Benjamin, first with the super German suplex and then the missed plancha after running up the ladder --- Ouch! That ultimate low blow was nasty. I can almost feel the pain just from reading it. Urgh… --- Wow, Shelton Benjamin got up again. I swear he (and most of the other guys in this match) should be down for good by now. That Con-Chair-To he received from MNM was so understated it was almost ridiculous. That was the climax of the match, and I felt no emotion from it whatsoever. Again, it just kind of happened. --- So MNM win, and that was the right choice really, as the RoP are stale and Hardy/Benjamin shouldn’t really beat an established tag team, TLC match or not --- Entertaining TLC match with plenty of spots, as is expected. Sometimes it was a bit hard to follow, and a tad repetitive, but that’s unavoidable in a match such as this. I look forward to seeing who MNM will feud with, as I’m guessing it won’t be Masters/JBL….will it?

            I wasn’t a huge fan of the Triple H promo. He just kind of rolled out his catchphrases and left. I wonder if it was necessary at all to give Triple H the promo time. It seems whatever match he is in, he will always be considered a threat, whereas there are some others in that match like Orton and Jericho who aren’t, and could benefit more from some air time.

            Ken Kennedy was entertaining when introducing himself and Christian, and although others may not think so, Kennedy is still pretty fresh for me, seeing as he’s been off TV for a while, so his announcing gimmick still works for me --- I’m very interested in how you write Kennedy in this match, because I have plans for the man myself, but have found it quite hard to write matches with him in. So I’m paying attention to this one --- Was Christian always face? I thought he was heel for some reason. Not that it matters to be honest --- Kennedy stopping to shout his own name in the middle of his attack was awesome. I’m liking this and the match itself so far. Very even, and quite lively as well --- Kennedy throwing a beer cup back at a fan was even better, even if it would get you a nice lawsuit! I hope it had beer in it! --- There is a slight sense of no selling here by Christian during his first little comeback after taking a pretty sustained beating for the whole of rest of the match, where Christian seemed to have a lot of energy left somehow. I’m starting to think this is more due your match writing style, rather than you being careless, so I won’t harp on about it. --- As it turns out, this was actually a very fun match, if not the most innovative, and I was kind of disappointed when Carlito turned up and got involved. It seems as if you are going for a Christian/Carlito feud, maybe with a third party (Kennedy) involved as well………This means war!

            I loved the Sting promo. A maniacal heel Sting isn’t something I’ve seen done much, if at all, and his insanity and desperation came across very well. The jury’s still out on him kidnapping Paul Bearer, as firstly there was no explanation as to how it happened, or no previous segment detailing this in some sort of way, and so it rather came out of the blue if you know what I mean, and secondly, it’s been done to death, so it’s lost its effectiveness a touch. But it has given me interest in the next match, and so has served its purpose well.

            It was a little odd that right after re-establishing Sting as a psychotic character, he got little to no offence in the first portion of the match. I realise he’s facing the Undertaker, and perhaps that makes it a little more excusable, but I would still expect the beginning of the match to be far more even --- When Sting finally did get some measure of control, there was a perfect opportunity to sell the offence he took early in the match after the flying shoulder charge, so I was surprised in the way that Sting just carried on with some energetic offence without any sort of rest at all, especially as he is the heel in this match. This does seem to be a common trait in a lot of your matches --- Undertaker sat up right after a Stinger Splash and Scorpion Death Drop? Are you kidding me? I don’t care how early in the match it is, or whether it’s the Undertaker or not, there has to at least be a decent length of time between the move being hit and Taker sitting up. It’s common sense --- The no selling that followed that little sequence was fine by me, and I didn’t mind it too much. It would have made a lot more sense if Sting had hit weaker moves rather than 2 of his 3 finishers just beforehand --- Sting rubbing Undertaker’s blood on his wrestling attire was a nice, albeit slightly disturbing, touch! --- I really thought Sting had that with the second Scorpion Death Lock followed by the third Death Drop. I feel that would have been a perfect point to end, except for the fact I hate to see Undertaker tap out, so on second thoughts, that would have been a very awkward way to finish. Unless you now pull a swerve though, this now means Undertaker is surely winning --- He went a bit American Bad Ass at the end with the Angle-style pulling down of the straps, and the hand in air signal for the Last Ride, but in the end Undertaker won anyway --- That was actually a very enjoyable match. I usually hate it when wrestlers use about 3 of their finishers, and then steal another 3 of their opponent’s finishers, and yet their opponent still kicks out, but it didn’t bother me this time around. I really got into the second half of the match. I don’t know whether this rivalry is over or not, considering Sting still has Paul Bearer, but I for one wouldn’t mind it to continue a little longer, maybe to give Sting a win at some point.

            The Orton/Michaels promo was very good in my opinion. Your promos seem to have gotten better each time. I especially liked Orton, who was very in character, and you wrote well. I’m a bit surprised we haven’t heard from all of the competitors in the Chamber, as you did for the TLC match, and it makes me wonder: Are you trying to lead us on or away from the eventual winner? Hmm….

            And it’s time for the Main Event of the evening, the Elimination Chamber. I’m not as hyped as I might have been, because obviously there hasn’t been a month’s worth of shows building up to it. But saying that, JR and King did a good job in their little back and forth banter as the Chamber was coming down. Just having JR say ‘demonic’ pretty much did it for me anyway! --- Trips and Orton are the first two into the match, and I somehow doubt either of them will do their best Superman impersonation and win the thing. And although we haven’t heard from Goldberg or Lesnar all night, you can never ever count either of them out. Having Goldberg come from backstage like he used to in WCW was a cool touch, but I miss having the security accompanying him to the ring. You should go back to having that happen too --- Triple dominated very early on, and it’s funny how Orton can’t do anything about most of Triple H’s moves which he took in the match, and as soon as the Pedigree comes along, he is magically able to counter it. I’ll take your word for it --- Goldberg comes out and causes carnage as he should, and then interestingly, Triple H and Orton seem to team up on him. That has added a degree of a story to this match, which seemed to be lacking when Orton and Trips were going at it, which was a little sad , as there is so much history to be played on --- Woah, crotch chop! Does this mean what I think it does? --- It seems Goldberg came back into the match out of nowhere. It would have been awesome if you’d had Orton take out Triple H with a big move, and stand celebrating, then look over to see Goldberg getting up, looking incredibly pissed off. That would have been great. --- What’s with everyone breaking up each other’s finishing moves? Surely it would be to their advantage not to do so? --- Glad to see Jericho being Speared through the glass. You can’t have an Elimination Chamber with Goldberg in without that happening! --- I didn’t expect Triple H to be gone so early at all, so that surprised me, which I guess is a good thing. The manner of his elimination didn’t quite do it for me at all. An RKO out of nowhere would have been more effective than a sequence of three of his best moves --- Shawn Michaels is next in, which means Lesnar is last. His chances of winning have suddenly sky-rocketed --- Jericho’s out. I’d rather a face had eliminated him, but Orton is now on a roll big time. Forget what I said earlier. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Orton do his best John Cena impression! --- Lesnar is like a man possessed going after Goldberg, and it’s good that you’re playing on past history three --- I loved the way Michaels was eliminated, apart from the fact that it was Goldberg who did it. If Orton had been the one who had just sneaked over and covered Michaels, it would have been perfect. You should have had Goldberg eliminate Jericho and Orton eliminate HBK. Then we would be talking --- And DX are back! I am so interested to see how you’ll handle them, although you’ll always have people comparing what you are doing to what the WWE are doing, so let’s hope people view yours more favourably (well not really, as I’d obviously rather watch the better one on TV, but you know what I mean) --- Lesnar’s surprise elimination went down well with me, and just like that Goldberg wins! Wow! I never would have expected that at the beginning of the show, but I like it.

            And that’s a rap for Backlash! A pretty good first show back for you JJ if you ask me. It certainly ended on a good note, and I’ll remember this PPV for the return of DX and Goldberg’s win. Goldberg winning is something new and different and handling his title run will be something to keep an eye on. I’m also very interested on how you’ll handle DX returning. As I said earlier, people will measure that up against what WWE are doing, and at the moment WWE are winning, because they are slowly building it up and teasing us, and that anticipation and excitement will always beat a sudden twist with no build up, which happened here. But I look forward to the reign of the De-generates in the WWWE. So apart from all that, the PPV was solid in most parts. I seem to remember getting lost in the TLC math at times, and Kane/Benoit was certainly not a favourite of mine. But everything else, especially the Angle/Edge match, was great, and this was a good return for the WWWE, and already some angles have been set up for the future. I don’t know whether to give you a score or not, because I never feel like I’m giving anyone the right score. I prefer to let my comments do the talking, and not the final score. So instead, I’ll finish with congratulations and a to the return of the WWWE!


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              Re: JJs WWWE

              Tom's Break the Show Down

              Well, this is sure to be an excellent PPV JJ. I see you have the most motivation when writing the WWWE, so it's good you went back to it. Let me just give my predictions before I go through, as I'm sure they were lost with the crash.
              Team Team Match
              JBL/Chris Masters vs Booker T/Rhyno

              Grudge Match
              Kane vs Chris Benoit

              Cruiserweight Championship
              Spanky vs Paul London

              WWE Title #1 Contender's Match
              Kurt Angle vs Edge

              Intercontinental Championship
              Ken Kennedy vs Christian

              TLC Match for the Tag Team Titles
              Reflection of Perfection vs MNM vs Matt Hardy/Shelton Benjamin

              Grudge Match
              Undertaker vs Sting

              Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title
              Goldberg vs Triple H vs Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels vs Brock Lesnar
              Now for the show....

              Short little opening package to introduce people to the WWWE and it was effective. JR and King talk about the show a little bit, and we're kicking things off with the Tag Team Match. I'm not a big fan of Chris Masters, but we'll see what you do with him.

              Fast paced start to the match, with a nice little brawl. Some good action to start things off, with a lot of fighting, instead of wrestling. You've made Masters look alright, although he is still very bland to me. Some nice heel work, with JBL keeping Booker from tagging in his partner. Nice comeback from Booker, and he makes the hot tag to Rhyno. (Just a note, I like Rhino so much better than Rhyno.) Rhyno cleans house, and tags Booker back in. Now, I would have had Rhyno do a little more, as he tagged Booker back in a little too quickly. Anyway, it doesn't take too long before the heels regain control, in a very heelish manner, sending Booker into the ring post on the outside of the ring. JBL and Masters then keep Booker isolated in the ring, wearing him down. Good comeback from Booker, hitting two Book-Ends. Rhyno is in the match, but it's not long before the heels regain control. And man, Masters sure does love the Double Axehandle. Rhyno and Booker get a nice comeback, and Booker does the Spin-a-roonie! Whoa, a little later, the heels come back and JBL finishes Booker off with the Powerbomb!? Not too sure about a Powerbomb winning matches, as it's too much of a normal move. Whatever.

              Now it's time for an interview with the owner of the WWWE, JW, and the Coach. JW insinuates that he will be choosing a General Manager for Monday Night Raw, and I wonder who it's gonna be.

              Now, time for Chris Benoit vs Kane! This should be a fun one.

              Some good work to start off the match, with Benoit trying what he can to take down the big man. Good strategy with Benoit going for Kane's legs to take him down. Cool counter to the Crippler Crossface, with Kane clotheslining Benoit with his free arm. That was different, and I liked it. Hm, not too sure about the whole chokeslam, German, sit up sequence, as it seemed too.....not-dramatic I guess. Maybe capitalize some words or something to make it stand out a little more? Anyway, Benoit fights Kane off the top rope with some headbutts, that's classic Benoit right there. The Diving Headbutt spot was better than the chokeslam/German spot earlier, as it felt more dramatic. It's good to make those big spots and counters seem important....One thing you do well, is have each man hit moves that they would always hit, and keep them "in character" during matches......back to the match, some good work from Kane, keeping Benoit on the defensive, although it seems a little bland thus far. Nice dropkick spot, and good way for Benoit to fight back....wait, first pinfall? Wonder why this has been a bit bland. Benoit gets a nice German sequence, adding some needed excitement to this match. Kane takes control again and gets a chair, and I think this match is coming to a close. Kane sure is brutalizing Benoit here, which is a good way to get over his "monster" character. Wow, surprisingly clean ending, with Kane getting the pinfall after a chokeslam! (Well, overall, that was a decent, yet unspectacular match. Until the end, it seemed bland and was lacking excitement.)

              Well, time for our Cruiserweight Championship match! This one looks like a good one.

              From the opening handshake, I have a feeling London's going heel here. I just have that feeling. We'll see what happens. Anyway, nice quick counters and moves that normally open a cruiser match, and we get the stand off that we usually get in a friend vs friend match. Some more quick, high flying action, and this has been a fun match so far. My only complaint is the action seems too choppy. Maybe have some transition sentences to break things up a little? Spanky hits some nice moves here, and you seem to be very familiar with his work, which is good....another criticism is the lack of selling here. Spanky and London are great sellers, so maybe having them sell the moves a big more would be nice. But hey, it's a fast paced cruiser match, what can I expect? A Tornado DDT finally stalls the action for a moment. And wait a sec, wouldn't King's line "What kind of name is Spanky", be more suited for the beginning of the match? Seems kind of out of place there. Anyway, Spanky continues to dictate this match, and you seem more comfortable with him in control, rather than London. The Sliced Bread #2 seems to be the move to hit in this match, as Spanky can't seem to get it off. Yeah, the Sliced Bread wins the match for Spanky. But it seems I was wrong with the heel turn as they shake hands. But I'm still predicting that London goes heel in the future. Good match there, and was exciting to read.

              Good set-up for the #1 Contender's match with Edge and Angle. I have a feeling this is a one-off match and we won't be seeing an extended feud with the two.

              Good start to the match, with a nice heelish slap by Edge to the face of Angle. I like how Edge is playing the heel well here. Well, there seemed to be little reason for why Angle went from a front-facelock, then an armbar, and then just totally dropped that. I would have the "Wrestling Machine" focus on one body part like a real "Wrestling Machine" would. But that's the only problem so far, as I really like how Angle is in control of the match, but Edge uses little heelish things to throw Angle off. Now Edge takes control of Angle, and just hits him with whatever move he's got.....ah, you seem to emphasize that Angle hit his arm into the steps, so I think the rest of the match will revolve around that arm. This is getting good now, as Edge is aiming his offense at Angle's arm, which I like. Angle fights back a little, but Edge goes right back to the arm. This is good stuff. Now, Angle is fighting back nicely, and if this were real, I could visualize the crowd getting solidly behind Kurt Angle. Oh boy, ref goes down, I have a feeling someone's interfering here.....I was right, it's Lita! SPEAR! And Edge pins Angle! Great match there JJ, and it really has rejuvenated your show.

              Time for Tables, Ladders, and Chairs! I personally am not the biggest fan of the Reflection of Perfection, but we'll see what they can do in TLC.

              Man, ladders are out right in the beginning of this match! I have a feeling Hardy and Benjamin will be involved in most of the spots in this match. And so far, the Reflection of Perfection is being used correctly, and thank god they ain't jumping off of ladders and stuff like that. Hm, you are almost making MNM faces, and I hope you don't make them faces, as I can see that failing already. Some cool spots so far, and what you would expect in a TLC match. Surprisingly, there have been no big ladder spots yet, but I see you're building up to them.....Flipping German by Benjamin on Mercury! Wow, that's a cool spot. And Benjamin effectively takes himself out of the match with that Senton Spot I presume. Anyway, nice Superplex spot with Hardy and Cade, and I presume Hardy's out of the match too. Wait a sec, Benjamin is up? Come on now, that was good spot to get him out of the match. The ULTIMATE LOW-BLOW! Ouch, that sucks. Hm, Con-chair-to from MNM and they win. Kind of anti-climactic, wouldn't you say? Anyway....make sure MNM are heels!

              The Triple H promo seemed almost unecessary. It was short, and really didn't accomplish anything.

              I'm not the biggest Ken Kennedy fan, but you seem to really like him, so whatever. I am, however, a big Christian fan, so I do hope he wins this, although I don't really expect that to happen as you can see in my predictions. Kennedy vs Christian should be interesting.

              Back and forth action to kick things off, and that's cool, I like that in the beginning of a match. I'm curious to see what you have Kennedy do, as he did very little in his little run before he got injured. You seem to have Kennedy in control now, and he is doing simple moves like suplexes and axe-handles, so you seem to be taking the "safe" route with him. Ha! I liked that little confrontation with Kennedy and that fan, and you're giving Kennedy a nice heel aura. And from what's going on, I assume you're going for a "comeback" story, as I assume Christian will try to mount a comeback here. Now I wish Christian's comeback would have been a little more "dramatic", but that's just being picky. Nice Frog Splash from Christian, although I believe a Frog Splash should always end a match, no matter who does it. Nice Texas Cloverleaf from Christian and I wish he would use that again in real life. Wait a minute.....Carlito gets involved, attacking everybody, and making the match a no-contest! So, it seems we have ourselves a three-way feud. Christian (face) vs Carlito (tweener) vs Kennedy (heel).

              A heel Sting is very interesting, and I guess he was heel in your fed, although I really don't remember him from what I read of your old WWWE. I love Sting's actions here, and this is easily your most effective promo of the night.

              Surprising start to Sting vs Undertaker, as Undertaker just dominates the early going. I would have preferred Sting dominate the early going with some maniacal stuff, but whatever. Man, Sting gets in virtually no offense so far, with Taker even hitting the Leg Drop on the apron already! Finally, Sting fights back against Taker, pretty much blowing off the early portion of the match. And now, Sting pretty much controls the match. I wish there would be a little more long-term selling, as Sting just shook off your first two paragraphs of the match! Wait a minute....what? Sting hits the Stinger Splash and Death Drop, and Taker sits right up? Man, that's a little extreme as that's two of Sting's finishers there! A little more with Sting dominating and we have the Scorpion Deathlock, and Taker easily gets to the ropes. Taker fights back from here, which is good storytelling, as it's always exciting when a face gets to the ropes in a submission, and then fights back. Some cheating from Sting, and Sting locks Taker in the Deathlock. Now, in a normal match, I would say this would be a good heelish ending, but Deadman Taker probably isn't going to tap. Some nice, sick stuff from Sting, and now we're seeing his maniacal side. Damn! Sting kicks out of the Tombstone Piledriver! That was definitely surprising. And man, has this match picked up. Nice ending as well, as we see some ABA tendencies, with the straps off and the Last Ride ending. Nice match, and it really got good about halfway through.

              Well, I liked the Michaels/Orton interaction. Very good stuff, and it creates some veteran vs rookie tension and sets up the Elimination Chamber well.

              Time for our MAAAIIINNNN EVVVEENNNTT~! The ELIMINATION CHAMBER~! One thing I'm already disappointed about though, is Goldberg, Lesnar, and Jericho didn't get any mic time what-so-ever, so I hope that doesn't mean they have no chance of winning. Well, it looks like Orton and Triple H are starting, so let's see what happens. Triple H dominates Orton in the early portion, although I have a feeling Orton will make it far, knowing how much you like Orton. Well, it looks like it's time for GOLDBERG, but man, did Orton get owned in the opening portion of this match. And like JR said, Goldberg was on fire until getting caught in that Spinebuster! Now, Triple H and Orton are teaming up....RKO on the steel! That's crazy. Crotch chop!!! Is that a sign for DX coming back....I don't know....It's time for Jericho to come into the match, let's see what he does. And he gets speared through the glass of a chamber by Goldberg. Man, it seems like Jericho may end up being fodder for Goldberg, but I hope he does more. DAMN! Triple H is eliminated first with an RKO. That was a very surprising clean win for Orton, and from what has happened, and I'm curious to see if Orton and Triple H feud. And man, does Goldberg continue to look strong here. Time for 'ol HBK! Lesnar's last, and I doubt he wins for some reason.....Jericho partners up with Orton, and Orton ends up eliminating him. Boo. Jericho seemed so un-important in this match, and I didn't like it. Well, you've made it clear to me now. Goldberg and Orton are going far, as they've looked the strongest. Lesnar's in and he does some damage before getting hit by a big time elbow drop by Shawn Michaels off the Chamber! And it costs him, as Goldberg pins him afterwards....BAH GAWD! DX is back! Should be interesting to see what you do with them. Lesnar is eliminated by Goldberg, with a quick spear. Lesnar seemed un-important in this match also, and it seems like 2/3 men who didn't get mic time, did virtually nothing in this match. And a clean win for Goldberg, who pins Orton with the Jackhammer!

              Overall- 83/100- Now, my main criticism of the whole PPV, is the seemingly bland ending sequences. The matches just kind of ended, and it seems like the climax wasn't the ending, as it should be. My favorite match was probably Sting/Undertaker, and the Elimination Chamber followed that. Benoit/Kane could have been SO much better, and the opening tag was kind of bland compared to some other matches on the PPV. But anyway, I look foward to DX in the WWWE, and everything should be interesting from here on out.


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                Re: JJs WWWE

                WWWE. COM UPDATE
                Following the sucessful return of the WWWE last night at Backlash, the chairman of the WWWE, JW has released the following Pay Per View list which the company will be following over the next year. Since we are now entering the month of May, the next WWWE Pay Per View will be WWWE: Fully Loaded!

                January: Royal Rumble
                February: No Way Out
                March: Wrestlemania
                April: Backlash
                May: Fully Loaded
                June: King of The Ring
                July: Vengeance
                August: Summerslam
                September: Bad Blood
                October: Taboo Tuesday
                November: Survivor Series
                December: Armageddon

                The King of the Ring Pay Per View makes a welcome return our screens in the month of June, the history of the King of The Ring is well know as it has launched many of present and former WWWE Superstars careers such as Triple H, The Rock, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Edge and Brock Lesnar. Taboo Tuesday also make its debut on WWWE Pay Per View Television. Also alongside those Pay Per View Additions, Saturday Night Main Event also returns to our screens! Three Saturday Night Main Event are schelduled to take place over the year, one the week before the King of The Ring, another is schelduled before Survivor Series and another before Wrestlemania.

                Last nights Backlash PPV is being regarded as a good return for the WWWE, as mentioned in the broadcast and earlier in out report the next WWWE Pay Per View is WWWE: Fully Loaded. Here are the results from last nights Pay Per View which was live from the Pepsi Arena, Denver, Colorado.
                • John Bradshaw Layfield & Chris Masters beat Rhyno and Booker T by pinfall after JBL nailed Booker T with a Powerbomb.
                • Kane beat Chris Benoit by pinfall after a Chokeslam.
                • Spanky beat Paul London to win the vacant Cruiserweight Title. Spanky won by Pinfall after the Sliced Bread #2.
                • Edge beat Kurt Angle by pinfall after a Spear to become Number One Contender to the WWWE Title.
                • MNM beat The Reflections of Perfection and Matt Hardy & Shelton Benjamin to a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match to win the vacant WWWE Tag Team Titles.
                • Mr. Ken Kennedy and Christian went to a No Contest in a match for the Intercontinental Title after Carlito interfered and beat both men down and after spitting on both men.
                • The Undertaker beat Sting by pinfall after a Last Ride.
                • Goldberg outlasted Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho & Triple H in an Elimination Chamber match to win the WWWE Title. Goldberg won with a Jackhammer over Randy Orton.


                As we heard last night at Backlash, JW will be at Monday Night RAW to announce the new general manager of RAW. Nothing is know on the identity of the new general manager although a few people backstage thought Paul Heyman would be making a return due to the good work he did before the WWWE shut down earlier in the year. JW was unavailable to comment when WWWE.Com approached him last night


                The new WWWE Champion Goldberg is schelduled to be at Ford Centre, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma tomorrow night for Monday Night RAW and rumours coming from the WWWE show that Goldberg will also be in action tomorrow night. After his impressive return to the WWWE last night, what is in store tomorrow night for Da Man?

                ARE YOU READY...........................................

                Those famous words are ready to blare out from speakers around the country as the most famous stable in wrestling history, Degeneration X returns to our screens on Monday Night! Shawn Michaels and Triple H are back together and already they have made an impact in the WWWE. Despite both HBK and HHH being eliminated from the Elimination Chamber, they returned to lay waste to Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar and the eventual winner Goldberg. DX are famous for their escapedes, just what will go down this Monday Night at the Ford Centre!

                RAW is schelduled to take place from the Ford Centre, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and just remember anything can happen on RAW!
                The Phenom of Fan Fiction.
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                  Re: JJs WWWE

                  The Cool Review

                  Great to see this fed back, JJ. This was one of my favorites when it was around last time around, so it is surely going to be a fed that I will pop into every time a post is made in it.

                  First up JBL and Chris Masters vs. Rhino and Booker T. Masters and JBL sounds like a good team, but I have never understood the team of Rhino and Booker, I just don’t think they fit as team. JBL beats Booker with a power bomb, bit of a change, I haven’t seen him win with that move in quite some time.

                  JW is really boring, IMO. You try to make him more entertaining with the girls in the back, but it doesn’t. I wonder who the GM is going to be, though. I don’t think it will be either Paul Heyman or Stephanie McMahon

                  I kind of remember this feud that you had going with Kane and Chris Benoit. I believe that Benoit won there last encounter. Wow, that finish kind of came out of the blue, very bland finish, you need to do something about that.

                  Spanky beats Paul London, and I am shocked, I really thought that Paul London would be walking out as the Cruiserweight Champion. Nice after match as well, you rarely see that kind of after match these days.

                  Extremely boring segment there from Kurt Angle and Edge, Edge more so than Angle, but that’s only because Angle only had to say like two lines. You haven’t built this match very well, IMO. I am not all that interested anyways. Also, it’s the Rated “R” Superstar.

                  Edge wins! I don’t care all that much because you didn’t build the match very well like I have already said before. Edge in a WWE Title feud will be good to see, though.

                  Pretty decent segment from The Reflections Of Perfections. I actually thought that the MNM comment was pretty good. It went well with there cocky characters. --- MNM’s comments were equally as good, but who the hell is Matthews? Did you mean Mercury? --- Boring from Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin, but I wouldn’t expect anything different from these guys when there speaking.

                  A Con-Chair to shouldn’t have been used, IMO. That’s Edge and Christians trademark move, it shouldn’t be used for another team. I had a feeling that MNM would win, they were the new team on the block, the only other team that had any chance was The Reflections Of Perfections. I guess that’s 0-4 for Matt Hardy.

                  You should have had Triple H go on talking a little bit longer than he did. I always thought that you’re weak point was writing promo’s. I grade a lot higher if the promos are top notch, and the matches aren’t up to scratch, then vice versa.

                  Man, just when I said that, the thing with Mr. Kennedy introducing himself and then Christian was great. I think that last time you were trying to push Mr. Kennedy, so I expect him to win this one. Wooo! Carlito comes out and the match is declared a no contest. A feud between these three men could be fucking great. But, which one is going to play the face. You have three cocky heels here.

                  Wow! Two great segments in a row, Sting and The Undertaker was the feud that you based you’re fed around if I can remember correctly. This Sting promo was excellent. I think that he will be walking out victorious tonight.

                  Well, it has been confirmed I know absolutely nothing, The Undertaker wins again. I forgot you were an Undertaker mark. I wonder if you’re going to continue this feud for another month. I feel that Sting has to go over at least once in this feud.

                  Another boring segment there from Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels. All that Orton was basically saying in every sentence is that he is going to walk out of Backlash as the champion; I personally don’t think that he will, though.

                  Wow, Lesnar, Jericho and Goldberg didn’t even get a segment, very bad booking there JJ. Triple H and Randy Orton start thing off, and third in is Goldberg. I am expecting Goldberg to make quite an impact in this match, but just come up short to possibly Triple H. Chris Jericho’s next out, wow, Triple H has been eliminated, well I didn’t expect that to happen at all. Shawn Michaels if fifth out of his chamber, Chris Jericho has now been eliminated by Randy Orton. I know that I said that I thought that Orton wouldn’t win, but now I have changed my mind, because you are booking him very strong in this chamber match. You should have bolded the bit when Brock Lesnar was going to enter, I didn’t think he was in the match until I went looking for it. Shawn Michaels has now been eliminated, I was starting to think that it would be Orton and Michaels as the last two, but obviously now it will have to be Orton and somebody else. Very bad way to bring back DX, you needed to build that up more; it came out of the blue, not good booking there. Goldberg eliminates Lesnar and now there’s only Goldberg and Orton. Goldberg wins~! Very shocking since he didn’t get a mention all evening. I haven’t witnessed a Goldberg reign before in Fan Fic I believe, so I am hoping that this could be really good.

                  Final Thoughts

                  A lot of the promos were not that good; the only two that were the exception were Mr. Kennedy’s and Sting’s. The Elimination Chamber was defiantly not build up enough, when it came to the match to be quite honest I didn’t really care what happened. The DX reunion should have been built up, it came out of the blue and I for one didn’t enjoy it. The real bright spark from this show is that you might start a feud involving Mr. Kennedy, Christian and Carltio, that will be feud worth reading.

                  Overall: 70/100
                  Thanks too Fresh Prince


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                    Re: JJs WWWE

                    * We see highlights of last nights Backlash Pay Per View! JBL and Masters picking up their first win as a tag team over Rhyno and Booker T, Kane finishing off Benoit with a Chokeslam, Spanky catching London unaware with the Sliced Bread #2, Edge picking up a tainted win over Kurt Angle thanks to Lita, MNM picking up a hard fought victory in the Tables, Ladders & Chairs match to win the Tag Team Titles, Carlito destroying both Christian & Ken Kennedy and leaving them laying, Undertaker second victory over Sting and finally Goldberg’s unexpected win in the Elimination Chamber and walking out as WWWE Champion!*

                    ** "Across the Nation" by Union Underground blares out of the speakers and the fireworks explode around the Ford Centre, Oklahoma as the fans lets off a huge cheer as we go live across the USA. The cameras start panning around the arena as we see signs from the fans as "EC F'n W", "Da Man is Da Champ" & "Alter Killer Tour 2006". Finally the cameras settle down and we are seeing on the TV Screen the faces of Monday Night RAW, "Good Ol' JR" Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler.**

                    JR: Welcome to Monday Night RAW and we are live from my home state of Oklahoma and we are at the Ford Centre in Oklahoma City and King after last nights events at Backlash, what can we expect here tonight?

                    King: We can expect out new WWWE Champion Goldberg JR! Not only that but we will have a new general manager as well! It is all going down tonight JR.

                    JR: Hopefully it will be a better return to my home state than the last few times I have been here.

                    King: Well there is no sign of Vince McMahon’s backside JR so I think you are safe!

                    JR: Thank goodness for that but back to the show King, last night we witnessed the return of none other than Degeneration X!

                    King: Oh man JR they definitely stamped their mark on the Elimination Chamber they destroyed everybody left inside it!

                    JR: They were Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and Randy Orton. On a side note Randy Orton has not been seen all day after he stormed out after last night’s event.

                    King: Despite all the hype around DXs return last night it true that they cost Randy Orton the WWWE title last night. If I was him I would be far from happy!

                    JR: Hopefully he will stop sulking for more than an hour and actually make an appearance after all but we shall see.

                    King: I'm detecting some hostility towards The Legend Killer JR!

                    JR: Life doesn't always go your way doesn't mean you go home and cry about it.

                    King: He was screwed last night JR and everybody knows that.

                    JR: Enough about him King have you noticed we have a spare seat next to us?

                    King: I have noticed it JR but I have no idea why it is here! Maybe JW can give us an idea.

                    ** "T.N.T" BY AC/DC **

                    Please welcome to the ring, the owner of the WWWE, JW!

                    JR: We aren't going to have to wait long King because here comes the boss.

                    King: Oh great! Hopefully he won't be out here long.

                    JW makes his way out from the back of the arena to a good reaction from the crowd as he is wearing his usual black designer suit as he makes his way down the rampway. JW claps the hands of the fans before he reaches the ring. He climbs up the steel steps and climbs into the ring and he walks across the ring and is handed a mic by a ring worker. JW walks back into the centre of the ring and he has a smile on his face. JW begins to talk into the mic.

                    JW: Thank you and may I welcome you all to Monday Night RAW!

                    The fans of course give JW his cheap pop as JW just smiles and continues on.

                    JW: Last night at Backlash I promised you that I would be out here tonight to appoint a new general manager to RAW and I'm going to do that bit not just yet because I have business I need to report on and announce to you all. First off all as you can see over by the announcers table there is a spare seat next to JR and The King. Last time the WWWE was around we had a few colour commentators on RAW, first we had The King with who I had a minor fallout with but that’s all sorted. Next up was Tazz, who was the moved back into a wrestling spot by former GM Paul Heyman and then we had Vince McMahon...

                    Vince's name gets boos from the crowd as JW raises his eyebrow and just smiles.

                    JW: Well you aren't going to like this then are you because many people thought he did a fantastic job and I did as well so welcome back to the RAW announce team, Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

                    ** "NO CHANCE" **

                    The fans are off their seats and are booing VKM pretty hard as he walks out from the back with his usual swagger. Vince walks down the rampway as he still gets heat from the crowd and Vince motions to JW before he walks around to the announcers table. Vince sits down in the spare seat at the announcers table and puts his headset on.

                    Vince: JR, King, I hope this work out for us all.

                    King: I can't believe I'm sat next to Vince McMahon!

                    JR: I can't believe JW has brought him back.

                    The cameras move away from the announcers table and back to the owner JW standing in the middle of the ring.

                    JW: Now onto something more important that Vince McMahon, WWWE television. You saw the earlier report from WWWE.Com that Saturday Night Main Event is coming back as of next month but that is not the only TV program what is returning...

                    JR: A new WWWE program!

                    Vince: Saturday Night Main Event was my creation and JW is taking credit for it!

                    King: That’s just like JW.

                    JW: You see on Sunday Night here on the USA Network, WWWE Sunday Night Heat will make its debut.

                    The fans cheer as JW starts to walk around the ring again looking rather pleased with himself.

                    JW: We have many great talents here in the WWWE and just having RAW to showcase all of them is just not possible. With the creation of Heat it will give us that chance to do that. The show will only run for one hour but I have the choice to extend that at any giving time thanks to my contract with the USA Network. I'm going to try make Heat as unpredictable as RAW, I'm going to make it must see TV and for that you have my word. Now onto my final piece of business and that is appointing the General Manager of RAW!

                    This gets a cheer from the crowd...

                    JW: I've thought of many people for the job, I thought of Paul Heyman who did a fantastic job beforehand and hell I even offered him the job but he turned me down. So I moved on and found somebody who did want the job, he is a former GM of WWWE a long time ago and he is back! Please welcome the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley~!

                    ** CAR CRASH..... GUITAR RIFT **

                    JR: Did you hear that! Mick Foley is the new GM of RAW!

                    King: Oh great, all we are going to get is cheap pops.

                    Vince: He picked that man?

                    Again the fans are off their seats as Mick Foley makes his way down from the back and he is wearing his usual sweatpants and flannel jacket as he claps the hands of the fans before he reaches the ring and rolls into it. He raises his fist in the air as he walks across the ring and he is handed a mic by the ring worker.

                    Foley: I would like to thank JW for the chance to manage RAW and now I would like him to get the hell out of my ring!

                    The crowd starts to laugh as Foley has a smile on his face as JW just smirks.

                    Foley: All jokes aside I'm here to take RAW back to the pinnacle of success and with the roster behind me I can do just that. I bet you all saw the report earlier about Goldberg being here tonight and I'm declaring now he will be in action in tonight’s main event.......................... right here in Oklahoma City!

                    Foley gets his cheap pop he was looking for.

                    King: Foley always with the cheap pop.

                    Vince: That’s because he is a cheap man.

                    King: Haha!

                    Foley: He will be taking on "Y2J" Chris Jericho! That’s not all because here tonight we are going to have a Cruiserweight Battle Royal to figure out who will be going to Fully Loaded to face Spanky for his Cruiserweight Title! Thats not all because right here, right now I'm making a rematch from last night and you will see Edge taking on Kurt Angle and thats final!

                    Foley puts a thumb up and smiles to the camera as the fans cheer him.

                    Foley: Now with all that done let’s get on with the show and one more thing............... Have a Nice Day!

                    Foley drops his mic and rolls out of the ring as JW hands his mic back and climbs out of the ring as RAW goes to its first commercial break of the evening.

                    ** COMMERCIAL BREAK **
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                      Re: JJs WWWE

                      ** WWWE: Fully Loaded comes to you live from the Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana! WWWE Champion, Goldberg will defend his WWWE Title in the Main Event. Other superstars expect at Fully Loaded are DX, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Edge & Kurt Angle! Don’t miss out on this spectacular event, order now!**

                      JR: Welcome back to RAW and we have a new General Manager in the form of Mick Foley!

                      Vince: JW picks that slob over me. JW is definitely not the business man of the year

                      King: Aren’t you enjoying being with us Vince?

                      Vince: In a word, no.

                      JR: Well during the break we had another match signed and its coming up right now and it’s going to be a Tag Team Number One Contenders match and it’s going to be between JBL and Chris Masters and they will be going up against Rob Van Dam and a mystery opponent!

                      King: A mystery opponent?

                      JR: That’s what I said.

                      Vince: We are just making sure JR we are aware of your senile moments.

                      JR: How about you shut up and let me concentrate on the job.

                      ** LONGHORN **

                      The Bullhorned Limo starts to make its way out from the side of the rampway as the fans are already giving JBL & Masters heat. The limo finally comes to a halt as the driver gets out and he open the door as out of the door comes JBL and "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters. JBL lifts his hat up and salutes the fans as Masters just flexes his muscles. JBL and Masters walks down the side of the rampway as the fans are leaning over the barrier giving them abuse.

                      *Making their way to the ring weighing a collective Five Hundred and Sixty Five Pounds, John Bradshaw Layfield and "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters!*

                      JBL and Masters have got into the ring and Masters is again showing off his muscles as JBL stands in the middle of the ring grinning to himself.

                      ** "FURY OF THE STORM" **

                      RVDs new theme tune blares out of the speakers as Mr. Monday Night makes his way out from the back of the arena. RVD is getting a huge cheer from the crowd as he makes his way down the rampway...

                      *Making his way to the ring from Battle Creek, Michigan weighing in a Two Hundred and Thirty Five Pounds, Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam.*

                      RVD has just done his R--V--D thing to his ring announcement before he continues down the rampway and he rolls into the ring. RVD climbs up the turnbuckles in the top right hand corner and he gets cheers from the crowd as JBL & Masters just look on.

                      JR: Well RVD is in the ring we are moments away from find out his mystery partner!

                      ** LIGHTS GO OUT........ "HUKA BLUES" **

                      The lights come back on and crouching down pointing to the heavens is Sabu!

                      JR: It’s the Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Sabu!

                      Vince: Where did they scrape him up from?

                      King: The scrapyard by the looks of him!

                      RVD nods his head as Sabu looks around the ring shiftily before slowly starting to back away from JBL & Masters as JBL seems to be laughing and Masters looks far from impressed. RVD says something to Sabu and Sabu nods his head as RVD makes his way into the centre of the ring and Masters makes his way there as well.

                      RVD & SABU VS. JBL & CHRIS MASTERS

                      Summary: RVD and Sabu are using their high flying tactics and overall pace advantage over JBL & Masters. They have hit their stereo Springboard Leg Drop and Rolling Thunder on Masters which was broken up at two by JBL. RVD has tried for the Five Star Frog Splash but JBL pushed the referee into the ropes which got him a severe telling off. RVD has been the one JBL and Masters have focused on using any tactic to wear him as we join the match with RVD stuck in his opponents corner.

                      Ending(Continued): Masters repeatedly shoulder charges RVD in the chest as RVD is trapped in the corner. Masters stands back up and tags JBL back into the ring and JBL slowly climbs back into the ring with a smile on his face. JBL pulls RVD out of the corner and Irish Whips RVD to the top ropes. RVD comes back off the ropes as JBL throws an arm out for a Clothesline but RVD ducks it and runs down to the bottom ropes and Springboards off the ropes looking for a Crossbody but JBL catches him. JBL slowly starts walking around the ring while he still has hold of RVD but he throws RVD away with the Last Call. RVD ends up rolling out of the ring as JBL slides out of the ring himself. JBL grabs hold of RVD and starts pulling him back up to his feet but out of nowhere Sabu comes flying off the apron and smashes into both men. The referee is leaning over the ropes and his count is up to 4 as Sabu starts climbing back up to his feet. He grabs hold of JBL and rolls him back into the ring as he jumps back up onto the apron. RVD slowly climbs back up to his feet as the referee is up to 7 and RVD rolls back into the ring but immediately he is attacked from behind by JBL. RVD is up against the ropes as JBL smashes him with a few right hands before Irish Whipping him to the left hand ropes. RVD smashes into the ropes as JBL tries for a Back Body Drop but RVD rolls along JBLs back and sweeps JBLs legs out from under him. RVD staggers away from JBL and to the top right hand corner where he tags in Sabu. Sabu jumps over the ropes as JBL gets to his feet and Sabu runs to the left hand ropes and bounces off them and takes "The Wrestling God" off his feet with a Spinning Heel Kick.

                      JR: "The Wrestling God" isn't fairing too well against the high flying pair of RVD and Sabu!

                      King: It’s called luck JR and it will soon turn on them!

                      Vince: I'm surprised Sabu has all his limbs, infact it wouldn't surprise me if his leg fell off on his next move.

                      Sabu waits until JBL starts climbing back up to his feet before he runs of to the left hand ropes again but Masters smashes Sabu on his back with an Axehandle and Sabu staggers into a Spinebuster! JBL covers Sabu for the pinfall 1...2... RVD breaks it up with a boot to the head on JBL. JBL immediately gets up and goes after RVD but the referee gets in the way and orders RVD out of the ring. Sabu is climbing back up to his feet but JBL charges back at him and takes him down with a knee to the temple. JBL walks over to his corner and tags "The Masterpiece" into the match and that gets boos from the crowd. Masters climbs into the ring as Sabu is still feeling the effects of that knee. Masters grabs hold of Sabu but Sabu tries fighting out of it by hitting furious punches to the stomach of Masters and Masters has the wind knocked out of him. Sabu runs back to the bottom ropes and charges back at Masters but Masters lifts him up and throws him off him and Sabu lands on the ropes chest first. Masters then runs to the ropes and bounces Sabu off the apron and Sabu smashes into the Security Barrier. RVD tries to get a cheap shot in but Masters takes him down with a Spinning Axehandle right to RVDs face. RVD rolls around on the mat as "The Wrestling God" climbs into the ring. Masters grabs hold of RVD and so does JBL and they Irish Whip "Mr. Monday Night" to the top ropes. RVD comes back off the ropes and Masters and JBL grabs hold of RVD by his legs and lift him up in the air and bring him down full force right onto his chest and face! RVD rolls around in agony as both big men turn around and Sabu is flying towards them but they duck out of the way and Sabu lands on his feet.

                      JR: Sabu showing great agility to land on his feet.

                      King: Well great agility hasn't helped RVD has it JR?

                      Vince: It’s only a matter of time!

                      Ending(Continued): Sabu runs back at Masters and JBL but they scoop his legs out from underneath him. They grab hold of him by his legs and lift him up in the air and bring him back down with some force. The referee is ordering JBL out of the ring but as RVD stands back up to his feet he gives RVD a huge Big Boot sending RVD through the ropes to the outside. JBL laughs as he climbs out of the ring and Masters throws his arms up in the air waiting for Sabu to fall into the Masterlock.

                      JR: The end could be near for Sabu!

                      King: Nobody escapes the Masterlock JR!

                      Vince: Sabu wants to be a rag doll, he is about to get his wish,

                      Ending(Continued): Sabu slowly climbs back up to his feet and Masters clasps his arms around Sabus and slaps the Masterlock on him. Masters is swinging Sabu around like a rag doll as the referee checks on him. Masters continues to throw Sabu around as the referee checks on more time and rings the bell as Sabu is out of it!

                      Winners by Submission and Number One Contenders...........................JBL & Chris Masters!
                      Masters is not letting go of the Masterlock as he continues to swing Sabu around as JBL climbs into the ring and shouts something at Masters. Masters keeps the Masterlock on Sabu as JBL grabs hold of Sabus leg and lifts him up in the air and Masters & JBL give Sabu a Double Powerbomb as the fans give them serious heat!

                      JR: Enough is Enough!

                      King: That’s a show of authority JR!

                      Vince: Nobody could do authority like me.

                      Masters and JBL raise their hands in victory as Sabu and RVD are down and out as the fans continue to give both big men serious heat. Finally the cameras change to the backstage area

                      ** BACKSTAGE **
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                        Re: JJs WWWE

                        We are backstage in the Ford Centre as we see The Coach come into view and immediately he gets booed by the crowd. Coach has standing with him the former World Heavyweight Champion, Batista! Batista gets a huge pop from the fans as Coach begins to question him.

                        Coach: Batista last night at Backlash you were nowhere to be seen, you weren't even involved in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWWE Title! Now how does that feel??

                        Batista: Well I know I don't like being reminded constantly about that and what’s happened has happened and there is no point dwelling in the past.

                        Coach: Surely as a former Heavyweight Champion you should have been at Backlash last night?

                        Batista: I told you that was done with and I'm here tonight to do what I do best and that is destroy people!

                        Batista shrugs his shoulders as the fans cheer him. Coach goes to question Batista but Batista grabs the mic away from him which draws more cheers from the fans.

                        Batista: Thats why tonight I'm issuing an open challenge to anybody backstage to a match here tonight and I'm going to show the world that the Animal has been Unleashed again!

                        Batista throws the mic down on the concrete floor and the sound goes all through the arena as Batista storms off and Coach bends over and picks his mic up.

                        Coach: Batista obviously a man of few words....

                        Into the scene comes the Next Big Thing, Brock Lesnar who is laughing to himself.

                        Lesnar: The Animal Unleashed....... What a load of bullcrap..

                        Coach: Brock, can I asked you about last night in the Elimination Chamber??

                        Lesnar: No Comment..

                        Brock walks away from Coach as Lesnar gets boos from the crowd. Coach seems really pissed off..

                        Coach: You know what! I'm sick of this! I'm here to do an interview and nobody will give me more than a few sentences. I'm going to find somebody who will give me an interview..

                        Coach heads off through the backstage area as the cameras follow him. We see many backstage workers of the WWWE as finally The Coach comes up to a locker-room and he knocks the door and slowly the door opens and we see........... JBL & Chris Masters, who are celebrating their victory over RVD & Sabu.

                        Coach: Guys, can I ask you a few questions??

                        JBL: Boy you come in here and interrupt us while we are celebrating a major win! I should slap the taste out of your mouth..

                        Coach backs away from JBL as Masters joins up with JBL..

                        JBL: But you are lucky I'm in a good mood! Come on then get on with it.

                        Coach: Well moments ago you beat RVD & Sabu to become Number One Contenders to the Tag Team Titles..

                        JBL: Damn right we did and who ever the tag team champion are, who are they?

                        Coach: MNM.

                        JBL: This is no time for Chocolate we are doing an interview boy!

                        The fans boo JBL as he has a blank expression on his face and Masters just stands behind JBL with a smirk on his face.

                        Coach: I wasn't offering you Chocolate, I was saying that the Tag Team Champions are MNM.

                        JBL: Were they the ones who were doing all that jumping about last night and all for nothing because come Fully Loaded you will be looking at your new Tag Team Champions, The Wrestling God and The Masterpiece! We are undefeatable in the ring, nobody can stop us! I'm sending a message out to MNM. If you guys have any guts then turn up at Fully Loaded but get ready for a beating of a lifetime.

                        The fans give JBL heat as JBL looks a little bit pissed off.

                        JBL: Boo all you want but you know its true but I'll give MNM a lifeline, you see on Sunday Night we will walk down to the ring and we will make it easy for you. If you hand over those Tag Team Titles we will forget all about Fully Loaded and that means you live to fight another day. If you decline then you will only postpone your fate until Fully Loaded. The choice is yours MNM, make sure it's the right one because you do not want to anger the Wrestling God and The Masterpiece!

                        Again the fans continue to boo The Wrestling God as he has gone red in anger as behind him, The Masterpiece just flexes his muscles.

                        JBL: There you got your interview! Now get the hell out of here before I set him loose on you.

                        Coach quickly bails out of the Lockeroom as the cameras change back to the Announcers Table.

                        ** ANNOUNCERS TABLE **
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                          Re: JJs WWWE

                          JR: Well JBL and Chris Masters showing the new Tag Team Champions, MNM no respect!

                          King: It’s called confidence JR and having witnessed what they did to RVD and Sabu earlier I'm not surprised they are demanding MNM to turn over those Tag Team Titles this Sunday!

                          Vince: You heard JBL say if they had sense they would do that but they are more interested in the paparazzi that follow them around then their careers and the wrong decision on Sunday could end their careers. I suggest they think about it.

                          JR: There is nothing to think about, they surely are not going to give up those Tag Team Titles they fought for last night in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match just because somebody is demanding they do. Two people who have no power whatsoever I must add.

                          Vince: Well we shall see this Sunday won't we JR.

                          JR: Yeah when we see MNM tell JBL & Masters what do with they are ultimatum!

                          King: Then get their hands smashed in, I'm telling you JR we have seen our new Tag Team Champions already tonight.

                          JR: That remains to be seen but coming up next we have the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair taking on Booker T. Booker T will have a point to prove after losing last night with Rhyno against JBL and Chris Masters,

                          Vince: Why on earth do they digging up Ric Flair!

                          JR: Same reason you kept digging up Hulk Hogan!

                          King: It's a good job I'm sat between you two.

                          JR: You're no big man now Vince, you just a commentator now!

                          ** WOOO! ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA **

                          "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair makes his way out from the back of the arena to cheers from the fans as he is decked out in his usual glittery robe. Flair makes his way down the rampway occasionally stopping to let off a "WOO" as the fans respond in kind.

                          *Making his way to the ring from Charlotte, North Carolina weighing Two Hundred and Forty Three Pounds, the 16 Time World Champion, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair!*

                          Flair walks around to the steel steps and climbs up into the ring and he starts to remove his robe before he throws it to a ring worker. Flair then runs to the left hand ropes and bounces off them before stopping still in the middle of the ring.

                          JR: Ric looking focused on his job here tonight.

                          King: I'm surprised he has a job.

                          JR: Will you stop.

                          ** CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKKKAA! **

                          Booker T makes his way out from the back of the arena to a good cheer from the fans and he stops at the top of the rampway and sets off his pyros.

                          *Making his way to the ring from Houston, Texas weighing Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds, Booker T!*

                          Booker T walks down the rampway nodding his head as the fans reach out to touch him as he walks down the centre of the rampway. Booker climbs up onto the apron and then into the ring as Flair just look on at him.

                          SINGLES MATCH
                          RIC FLAIR VS. BOOKER T

                          Summary: Booker T is using his pace advantage over the "Nature Boy" although Ric has been using some of his dirty tactics to try even the game up. Booker T tried for his Book End but Flair countered it with elbows to the side of the head. Flairs Figure Four Leglock was reversed into a roll up by the 5 Time WCW Champion as we join the match with both in a grapple in the centre of the ring.

                          Booker T and Flair are locked up in the centre of the ring but Booker breaks the grapple and smashes Ric across the chest with a Knife Edge Chop, Booker continues smashing Flair on the chest with his chops forcing Flair back to the top ropes. Booker grabs hold of Flair and Irish Whips him down to the bottom ropes and Flair comes off the ropes and he ducks underneath Booker Ts attack. Booker T turns around and gets taken off his feet with a big Knife Edge Chop from Flair. The "WOO"s are flowing from the fans as Flair runs to the left hand ropes and bounces back off them and drops a knee to Booker Ts head before hooking his leg for the pinfall 1...2.. Booker T throws his shoulder up off the mat. Flair grabs Booker by the head and pulls him back up to his feet. Flair nails Booker T with a couple of closed fists which the referee warns him about. Flair then grabs Booker T around the head and tries to Suplex Booker T but Booker wiggles about and lands back on his feet and smashes Flair again with a Knife Edge Chop. Booker grabs hold of Flair and Irish Whips Flair hard to the top right hand corner and Flairs back smashes into the turnbuckles and he staggers out into a Back Body Drop from Booker. Flair clambers back up to his feet and Booker T goes to grab hold of him but Flair pokes him in the eye with his thumb. Booker T staggers around and gets another Knife Edge Chop from Flair sending him to the mat. Flair walks down to the bottom ropes and he climbs out onto the apron and starts to climb up the turnbuckles. Booker though is back on his feet and goes to throw Flair off the top rope but Flair responds with another thumb to the eye and Booker T staggers away.

                          JR: Ric Flair showing why he is the dirtiest player in the game!

                          King: The referee showing himself to be an idiot, he should disqualify Flair!

                          Vince: Flair thinks he is about thirty years old by climbing that turnbuckle

                          Ending(Continued): Flair steadies himself before jumping off the turnbuckle looking for a Double Axe Handle but Booker T nails him with a Dropkick on the way down and both men hit the mat. Booker T rolls onto his chest and starts climbing back up to his feet as Flair is still down. Booker bends over and pulls Flair back up to his feet. Booker grabs hold of Flairs arm and pulls it out before delivering a Reverse Kick right to Flairs head sending him tumbling down to the mat. Booker T then comes off the ropes and delivers a Knee Drop to Flairs head and Booker T stands back up to his feet nodding his head. Flair starts clambering back up to his feet and is staggering around the ring as Booker T takes him off his feet with a Spinebuster and hooks the Nature Boys leg for the pinfall 1...2... Flair gets his shoulder up. Booker looks at the referee, who just shows him his two count. Booker T again grabs hold of Flair and pulls him back up to his feet. Booker Irish Whips Flair to the right hand ropes and Flair comes off the ropes into a Jumping High Kick from Booker T and Flair rolls away in pain as Booker T drops down to one knee and starts looking at his hand...

                          JR: Booker T is feeling the end of Ric Flair!

                          King: Hopefully it will be the end of his career.

                          Vince: Hopefully I won't ever have to witness a match like this again, this is RAW, and it is meant be unpredictable!

                          Booker T is shaking is hand before he throws it out to the side and does his Spin-a-Roonie much to the delight of the crowd. Booker T stand back up to his feet as Flair is clambering back and Booker T boots "The Nature Boy" in the gut and Booker T back away. Booker comes flying back at Flair but Flair dodges out of the way and takes Booker T down to the mat with a Chop Block. Flair grabs hold of Booker Ts left leg and starts dancing around it as the fans give him a cheer. Flair spins around on Booker Ts leg and straight into an R..K..O!!!

                          JR: What the hell!

                          King: It’s the Legend Killer JR!

                          Vince: Finally somebody has put me out of my misery

                          The referee has no choice but to disqualify Booker T as Orton stands with a huge smile on his face as the fans give him tremendous heat.

                          Winner by Disqualification.................................. .....Ric Flair
                          Booker T is climbing back up to his feet and Orton turns around and Booker gets the same fate at Ric Flair with the R..K..O!

                          JR: Why is Randy Orton out here!

                          Orton is still getting heat from the fans as he walks across the ring and demands a mic from a ring worker who quickly hands Orton one.

                          Orton: You see this exact same thing what you have just witnessed happened to me last night!

                          The fans cheer for this as Orton just sneers at them.

                          Orton: DX thought they were big and clever by ruining....... hell taking my WWWE Title away from me last night because they wanted all the glory for themselves! What made you decide to get back together? Was it the fact you are both fading superstars and you couldn't handle my star grows bigger and bigger by the day. I mean come on Triple H is this the only way you can beat me? By having another man help you?

                          The fans are booing Orton continually as he raises his eyebrow and a smirk appears on his face.

                          Orton: Your booing is not going to change the fact that DX are nothing more than a couple of washed up has been trying to recapture what they never had in the first place. They are yesterday’s news, nobody cared about them then and it is still the same today. That’s why I have taken it upon myself to rid this company of them. I'm going to destroy DX!

                          The fans are giving Orton even more heat as a chant of "DX" starts up.

                          Orton: Go on chant the name its not going to make one bit of difference because just everybody who comes into contact with the Legend Killer end up looking at the ceiling and its the goddamn truth. DX I'm calling you out this Sunday! Tag Team match and let’s see if you can hang with The Legend Killer!

                          Orton throws his mic and does his pose as the fans continue to give him heat.

                          JR: Randy Orton has called DX out for a Tag Team Match this Sunday!

                          King: Who is going to be Randy’s partner?

                          Vince: He doesn't need a partner, Randy doesn't need help!

                          Orton is still taunting in the ring as we go to a Commercial Break!

                          ** COMMERCIAL BREAK **
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                            Re: JJs WWWE

                            ** WWWE: Fully Loaded is sponsored by PW Off Topic: Go Eat A Cock! Fully Loaded is coming to you live from Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana! The Official Theme Tune for Fully Loaded is Seether's "Remedy". Don't miss out on this fantastic event, order now! **

                            JR: Welcome back to RAW and just before the break Randy Orton called out DX for a Tag Team Match this Sunday!

                            King: Why does Randy needs a partner he could take out DX single handed!

                            Vince: I'm in agreement with King on this one.

                            King: You are?

                            Vince: Indeed I ‘am King, you are making astute observations.

                            JR: I think hell just froze over!

                            ** "I WALK ALONE" BY SALIVA **

                            JR: Batista made an open challenge earlier tonight and here comes The Animal!

                            Batista makes his way out from the back of the arena as the fans are off their feet and giving The Animal a huge ovation as he walks around the entrance way. Batista makes his way back to the centre of entrance way and throws his fist downwards and the pyros explode behind him!

                            *Making his way to the ring from Washington, D.C weighing in at Three Hundred and Seventeen Pounds, "The Animal" Batista!

                            Batista strides down the rampway as the fans continue to cheer for him and he jogs up the steel steps and climbs into the ring and he walks to the centre of the ring and he has a smile on his face.

                            JR: I wonder who accepted Batista’s challenge.

                            ** DELIRIOUS **

                            Mark Jindrak and Lance Cade make their way out from the back of the arena to boos from the crowd. Jindrak is pointing to himself....

                            King: The Reflection of Perfection himself has taken up Batista’s challenge!

                            JR: Is that wise after going through a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match last night?.

                            Vince: Do you have to question everything?

                            *Making his way to the ring accompanied by Lance Cade, he is from Phoenix, Arizona weighing Two Hundred and Seventy One Pounds, "The Reflection of Perfection" Mark Jindrak!

                            Cade and Jindrak are looking confident as both men reach the ring and they slide into it as immediately Jindrak gets into the face of The Animal. Cade is backing Jindrak up but the referee orders him out of the ring. Cade leaves the ring but not before giving the referee some trash talk.

                            SINGLES MATCH
                            BATISTA VS. MARK JINDRAK

                            Summary: As to be expected Batista is controlling the match although Lance Cade is making Batista work a little bit more with his constant interference. Batista has hit his Spinebuster but that only resulted in a two count which Lance Cade broke up when he pulled the referee out of the ring. This has resulted in Cade being sent from ringside. We join the match as Jindrak is down on the mat after a Strong Knee to the gut from Batista.

                            Ending: Jindrak staggers back up to his feet as Batista grabs hold of him and Irish Whips him down into the bottom left hand corner with force. Jindrak smashes into the turnbuckles and staggers out only to be charged back at the turnbuckle by Batista and Jindrak falls down in the corner. Batista starts to push his boot into the throat of Jindrak as the referee comes over and gives "The Animal" a 5 count to break the illegal hold 1...2...3...4... Batista steps away from Jindrak and looks pleased with himself. Jindrak starts using the ropes to get back up to his feet as Batista stands in the middle of the ring just flexing his muscles. Jindrak walks out of the corner shaking his head as he signals for as grapple from Batista. Batista throws his arms out and both men begin to grapple but Jindrak breaks the grapple and rakes Batista’s eyes. Batista is rubbing his eyes as Jindrak draws back his left hand ready for that big punch and Jindrak throws it Batista but Batista catches the fist! Jindrak looks in shock as Batista looks enraged. Batista pulls Jindrak towards him and delivers a huge knee to the gut on Jindrak and Jindrak falls down to his knees. Batista charges to the right hand ropes and bounces back off them and delivers a huge kick right to the face of Jindrak and Jindrak goes rolling out of the ring holding his face. Jindrak leans up against the security barrier still holding his face as Batista rolls out of the ring. Batista grabs hold of Jindrak and Batista lifts Jindrak off his feet and turns him around and charges him straight into the ring apron. Jindrak falls down to the mat as the referee orders Batista to get back into the ring.

                            JR: Batista showing us what we missed out on last night at Backlash!

                            King: This is unfair, "The Reflection of Perfection" was in a TLC match last night.

                            JR: Well he did accept the challenge.

                            Ending(Continued): Batista picks Jindrak back up to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. Batista climbs back into the ring and as Jindrak is trying to climb back up to his feet Batista does his thumbs up, thumbs down taunt! The fans are cheering wildly as Jindrak climbs up to his feet and he turns around into a boot to the gut from Batista. Batista grabs Jindrak around the gut and he lifts him up and drops him to the mat with a devastating Demon Bomb. Batista hooks the leg on Jindrak 1...2...3!

                            Winner by Pinfall........................................... .............. Batista!
                            JR: Batista with a powerful win here on RAW!

                            Vince: Impressive indeed but let see him do it against a hundred per cent fit wrestler.

                            JR: There aren't many guys who can hang with Batista.

                            Batista throws his arm up in celebration but it is quikcly cut off by Lance Cade who blindsides "The Animal". Cade starts throwing right hands at Batista but he backs off and throws a Superkick at Batista but Batista catches the leg and spins Cade around and into a head destroying Clothesline. Cade is rolling around the ring holding head as Batista looks pissed. He grabs hold of the ropes and starts shaking the ropes as Lance Cade slowly staggers back up to his feet and Batista boots Cade in the gut and follows that up with another devastating Demon Bomb! Batista climbs back up to his feet and starts shouting as the fans respond with cheers!

                            JR: Batista has taken out The Reflections of Perfection!

                            Vince: Again the health of Cade and Jindrak has to be brought into question!

                            King: Come on JR even you have to admit RoP were not at one hundred percent!

                            JR: They accepted the challenge and they got beat fair and square.

                            ** BACKSTAGE **

                            We are backstage in a Lockeroom and we are seeing Brock Lesnar who has been looking at the monitor in his lockeroom and just seen the destruction of RoP by Batista.

                            Lesnar: Hmmmmmmm

                            Lesnar then leaves the scene as the cameras return back to the announce table.

                            ** ANNOUNCERS TABLE **

                            JR: What was all that about??

                            King: I don't think Brock was impressed with Batista.

                            Vince: Why should he be?

                            JR: He obviously has high standards but onto more important things and tonight’s main event we see our WWWE Champion, Goldberg take on Chris Jericho!
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                              Re: JJs WWWE

                              ** BACKSTAGE **

                              We are backstage in the Ford Centre and we are seeing Michael Cole’s face and the camera slowly backs away and standing next to him is....................DX! The crowd nearly take the roof off the arena we their cheers as Michael Cole begins questioning the two.

                              Cole: Degeneration X, you shocked the world last night when you reformed during the Elimination Chamber match

                              HHH: Hell anybody can shock the world Cole. Infact you are doing right now with that shirt you are wearing.

                              The camera focuses on Cole's rather bright yellow shirt.

                              HBK: Yeah it's a bit gruesome.

                              Cole: Well my wife picked it out.

                              HHH: You have a wife? Seriously?

                              The fans are laughing as a small chant of "Cole is Gay" breaks up in the crowd.

                              Cole: I'm being serious.

                              HHH: I’ am as well, you seriously have a wife?

                              HBK: Hunter, leave the poor man alone and let him do his job.

                              HHH: Fine but I think he is lying to us, nobody would dare wear that shirt if they didn't have tendencies.....

                              HBK: Leave it!

                              Cole: Thanks HBK but if you have not seen Randy Orton has challenged both of you to a Tag Team match this Sunday night on Heat.

                              HBK: Ooo Hunter what are we going to do, The Legend Killer has challenged us to a match on Sunday.

                              HHH: I'll tell you what we are going to do..... Party!

                              The cheers go up from the fans as HBK shrugs his shoulders and just smiles.

                              HBK: Come on now we can't party every night!

                              HHH: Fine okay I'll make it simple for Orton, DX will be there Sunday Night and there will be no party for you only a good old fashioned ass kicking. Bring whoever you want, bring your boyfriend, bring your cousin, hell bring your hall of fame dad we don't care because the result will be the same. The only problem is next week will have to put up with Orton moaning was again that he was screwed once again.

                              HBK: Randy Orton last night you got right up in my face and called me an old man, well this old man has been there, done that and bought the t-shirt and not a t-shirt from where Michael Cole got his from! Anyway you might think you are great because you won the big one two years ago but that means jack unless you can back it up. You are all talk and no action Orton and this Sunday we are going to shut your trap for the last time. We heard everything what was said and how you are going to kill DX but nobody can kill DX!

                              HHH: DX is here to stay and if you aren't down with that with have two words for ya....................

                              The crowd are about to chant those famous words!

                              Both: SUCK IT~!

                              The fans are cheering wildly for DX has Michael Cole shakes his head as Triple H and Shawn Michaels start to leave the scene but HBK comes back.

                              HBK: Seriously get rid of the shirt!

                              HBK leaves to laughs from the crowd as Cole looks bemused.

                              Cole: There’s nothing wrong with this shirt!

                              ** ANNOUNCERS TABLE **

                              JR: DX are definitely back in their ways and poor Michael Cole took the brunt of it.

                              King: I'm not surprised wearing that shirt.

                              Vince: I don't see why these people find DX funny, they are far from it.

                              JR: Whatever the people’s opinion on them, they are here to stay and on Sunday Night Heat it will be DX taking on Randy Orton and his partner. Coming up after the commercial break we have the Cruiserweight Battle Royal to decide the number one contender to Spanky's Cruiserweight Title!

                              ** COMMERCIAL BREAK **
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                                Re: JJs WWWE

                                **WWWE Television welcomes to out screen this Sunday night, WWWE Sunday Night Heat live on the USA Network from 8PM. The Main Event has been signed and we shall see Randy Orton with a Partner of his choice take on the newly reformed Degeneration X! Live this Sunday!**

                                JR: Welcome back to RAW and standing in the middle of the ring are the eight cruiserweights that are fighting for a chance to face Spanky at Fully Loaded for Spanky's Cruiserweight Title!

                                King: Paul London is in there somewhere JR, I bet he is looking for revenge on last night.

                                JR: Well London and Spanky shook hands last night, I think they are friends King.

                                Vince: When there are no friends when it comes to titles, they will do anything to hold the gold.

                                JR: Here comes the Cruiserweight Action!

                                NO.1 CONTENDERS CRUISERWEIGHT BATTLE ROYAL

                                Order of Eliminations:

                                1st: Kid Kash. Kid Kash tried to eliminate Tajiri by Clotheslining him over the topes but Tajiri used Kash’s own momentum to Back Body Drop Kash over the ropes but Kash landed on the apron only for Tajiri to nail him with a Reverse Kick sending him flying from the apron to the mat below.

                                2nd: Chavo Guerrero. Chavo was double teamed by Helms & Noble. Chavo was nailing both Noble & Helms with right hands before he ran off to the right hand ropes and came back off them only for Helms & Noble to lift Chavo up and rush him across the ring and throw him over the top rope and onto the floor below.

                                3rd: Jamie Noble: Noble was trash talking the recently eliminated Chavo Guerrero, he should have concentrated on Helms who backstabbed his so called partner in the match and threw him over the top rope. Noble tried to get back in and go for Helms but the referees dragged him back out of the ring.

                                4th: Tajiri: Super Crazy and Tajiri were duking it out and Tajiri got the upperhand with his furious kicks all over Super Crazy, knocking the Insane Luchadore back to the top ropes. Tajiri grabs hold of Super Crazy and Irish Whips him down to the bottom ropes. As Super Crazy charges back at Tajiri, Tajiri low bridges the ropes and Super Crazy goes over them and somehow holds onto the ropes. Super Crazy then sticks his head through the ropes and lifts Tajiri up off his feet and over the top ropes to the floor below.

                                We join the match with four Cruiserweights remaining, Super Crazy, Gregory Helms, Paul London and Billy Kidman.

                                Ending: Paul London has Gregory Helms trapped in the bottom left hand corner and he Irish Whips Helms across the ring and Helms hits the turnbuckles in the top right hand corner as London runs at him but Helms uses the ropes and throws his boots up and London runs into the boot face first. London staggers backwards as Helms comes out of the corner and he lifts London up onto his shoulders for a Fireman’s Carry. Helms then spins London around right onto his knee and London rolls away holding his face after that Face Smash. Helms shouts abuse at London as Billy Kidman is trying to lift Super Crazy over the ropes but Crazy is holding on. Crazy manages to throw a couple of forearms at Kidman and Kidman drops SC back to the mat. Kidman quickly recovers and Irish Whips Crazy across the ring and Super comes back off the ropes and Kidman throws SC up in the air and brings him down face first onto the mat. Kidman stands back up to his feet as the fans boo him and he grabs hold of Super and lifts him back up to his feet. Kidman grabs Crazy by the back of the head and runs him across the ring and tries to throw him out of the ring but Crazy gets his boot up against the ropes. Crazy then smashes Kidman in the face a couple of times with some elbows. Kidman staggers backwards as Super Crazy Springboards off the ropes and nails Kidman with a Spinning Heel Kick. Super Crazy then runs down to the bottom left hand corner and jumps off the bottom turnbuckle and nails Kidman with a Moonsault. Crazy gets back up to his feet and runs back to the corner and comes off the second turnbuckle with another Moonsault which smashes straight into Kidman. Crazy is up on his feet for the third time and he runs back to the corner and jumps up to the third turnbuckle and goes flying off but out of the ring! Helms has just shoved him off!

                                5th Elimination: Super Crazy

                                JR: Gregory Helms has been very opportunistic in this match, he has eliminated two people from behind.

                                King: They shouldn't have turned their back on him.

                                Vince: For once you can't argue with Kings logic.

                                Ending(Continued): Helms just laughs as he turns around and sees Billy Kidman on fours and starts climbing up to his feet as Helms charges across the ring and tries for the Shining Wizard but Kidman rolls out of way at the last time and Helms goes flying across the ring. Kidman clambers back up to his feet but he receives a forearm to the face from London. London grabs hold of Kidman and Irish Whips him to the top ropes. Kidman comes back off the ropes as London goes for a Back Body Drop but Kidman manages to land on his feet behind London. Kidman grabs hold of London from behind and charges him across the ring and tries to throw London out of the ring but London grabs hold of the ropes and rolls backwards away from Kidman. London is quikcly back up to his feet and Kidman turns around into a Dropkick from London which takes Kidman tumbling backwards and over the ropes to the floor below. Kidman is out!

                                6th Elimination: Billy Kidman

                                JR: Billy Kidman has been eliminated and we are down to the final two Paul London and Gregory Helms.

                                King: The loser from last night and the dominator here tonight, there is going to only one winner here JR.

                                Vince: Yeah and it is not Paul London.

                                Ending(Continued): Helms is back on his feet and is staring down London as London is returning the favour as the fans are behind London as chants of "Lets Go London" fill the arena. Helms charges at the former Cruiserweight Champion but London jumps up and over the running Helms and lands back on his feet, Helms turns around and runs back at London but London takes Helms down to the mat with a Drop Toe Hold, London follows that up with a slap to the back of Helms head which gets a cheer from the crowd. Helms climbs back up to his feet and is furious as London just has a smirk on his face. Helms throws his arms out and he grabs hold of London in a grapple and quikcly spins around the back of London with a Reverse Wrist Lock. Helms quikcly breaks the hold and smashes London with a couple of forearms in the back before turning him around and delivering a knee to the gut. Helms then Irish Whips London to the right hand ropes and as London comes back off the ropes, Helms uses Londons own momentum to try throw him over the ropes but London hangs onto the ropes and lands on the apron. London buts Helms in the gut with his head and uses the ropes to flip over and hit London with a Sunset Flip. Helms rolls through though and smashes London right in the face with a Dropkick and London rolls under the bottom ropes and drops to the mat. Helms climbs out through the middle ropes as London is trying to get back up to his feet and Helms drags him back up. Helms turns London around and throws him shoulder first into the Steel Steps as the referees are telling Helms to get back into the ring. Helms pulls London back up to his feet and rolls him back into the ring.

                                JR: Gregory Helms showing an aggression I have never seen in him before.

                                King: He has turned over a new leaf for the better JR.

                                Vince: I like it.

                                Ending(Continued): Helms slides back into the ring as the camera start focusing on the entrance way and standing there is the Cruiserweight Champion, Spanky! Spanky is getting a good cheer from the fans as back in the ring, Helms has brought London back up to his feet. Helms is trash talking London as Helms grabs London but London responds with right hands to the face of Helms and London runs off to the left hand ropes and he jumps off the ropes with a Springboard and he nails Helms with a Crossbody. London rolls off Helms and clambers back up to his feet as Helms staggers back up to his. London grabs hold of Helms and Irish Whips him down to the bottom right hand corner. London charges at Helms but Helms uses Londons momentum to lift him up and over the top rope but London lands on the apron and quickly slides back in under the bottom rope. London as he is getting back up to his feet though gets smashed right in the head with a Shining Wizard! London is flat out on his back as Helms stands up laughing to himself. He pulls London back up to his feet and Helms turns around and trash talks Spanky, who is on the rampway before throwing London over the top rope.

                                7th Elimination: Paul London

                                Winner and New Number One Contender to the Cruiserweight Title................................. Gregory Helms!
                                JR: Gregory Helms will be going to Fully Loaded to challenge Spanky for his Cruiserweight Title.

                                King: Spanky just got a view of what awaits him at Fully Loaded and I bet he is quaking in his boots!

                                Vince: I'm going to say Spanky isn't going to have that title for much longer.

                                Helms is still trash talking Spanky while he stands in the ring and is signalling that the Cruiserweight Title is his. Spanky just taps his Cruiserweight Title before he turns around and heads off backstage. Back on the floor, Paul London is smashing the mat in frustration before he climbs back up to his feet and stares Helms down as Helms trash talks London.

                                JR: It just wasn't going to be Paul Londons day.

                                Vince: It never will be on tonight’s performance.
                                The Phenom of Fan Fiction.
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