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Super Smash Bros: Brawl

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  • Super Smash Bros: Brawl

    Rogueport Review: Breaking News

    Princess Peach to Start Fighting Federation!
    In the latest developments discovered from our interview with the happenings at the Choco Mountain Fair we have learned that Princess Toadstool will be sponsoring her own fighting style company featuring contracted Nintendo Franchise characters. The exact specs of this new sports entertainment empire are unknown, but it will debut very soon on Starman TV. All we were able to squeeze out of her servants was that this fighting brand would be called Super Smash Bros: Brawl.

    The servants we spoke to were very skeptical in leaking any information. Ms. Toadstool is keeping it quite hush-hush, but we were able to get a few hints as far as some of the roster goes.

    The Mario Bros. are assured to be part of the brand. We also noticed several personalities meeting with Peach in her castle. We managed to catch a few faces including: Bowser's Children, various pokemon and the legendary Pac Man himself. We'll keep you posted as more information is gathered and the initial broadcast date is revealed!

    - Toadette,
    Sports Editor

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    Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

    The longest-running (screw you, Kid <_<) fed in Fan Fic returns~! ...well, it's basically the same thing, right?

    Hitmonlee & Hitmonchan, as a tag team!


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      Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

      Yeah, screw Kid, I'll be reading this and probably reviewing it (For real this time ). Sonic better "invade" nWo style and start a Sega revolution.


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        Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

        Dude, I'm SO happy this is coming back! I believe Snake is in this new game, so I expect him to kick ass in this fed. I'll be reading and reviewing, mark my words. Good luck man, I know you'll do great.


        Originally posted by RT
        "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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          Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

          I've been waiting for this day~!
          Follower of Christ.


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            Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

            the very first fed I read in fanfic returns.... go ness~!




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              Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

              Yes, I remember the last fan fic of this, good luck ness. Hopefully, Meta Knight rules all!


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                Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                Princess "Peach" Toadstool held the following Press Conference to promote her new show.

                Originally posted by Toadstool
                Ladies and gentlemen I would like to welcome you to this conference. There have been many rumors concerning the leak that occured in the Rogueport Review and I would like to confirm the truth. It was announced that I was starting a fighting federation. That is true, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is my new project. Now I know there are many questions, when is it... when does it air... who is involved... etc. etc. Tonight I will take a few questions and have a few of my contracted fighters speak on their own behalf. Let's get started.
                ::Several reports asked questions concerning SSB Brawl. Peach neglected being too forward and answered them freely.::

                Originally posted by Toadstool
                I have talked with the executives at Starman TV and I have secured a Monday Night timeslot for my show. It will debut next Monday at 8:00 P.M. Eastern and will play live each and every Monday night. Those of you who have participated in the Mario Party games may remember such events as "Treadmill Grill", "Bounce n' Trounce", among others... that is the basic premise for the sanctioned battles. I will be saving some of the more intricate details of the matches for our debut. But first I'd like to introduce some of the agents I have signed.
                ::The press applauds as several people join Peach on the table.::

                Originally posted by Toadstool
                Please welcome a man who needs no introduction, the savior of Mushroom Kingdom: Mario!
                ::Mario stood on the podium and greeted those in the audience.::

                Originally posted by Mario
                When Princess Toadstool approached me concerning sanctioned fights I have to admit I was a little skeptical. But there was no way I could turn her down. How would it make me look if I declined something as big as this. I could not be taken seriously if I turned chicken to something like SSB Brawl. I'm looking forward to getting on the stage and taking on some of the toughest fighters around. I have doubt it will be a challenge, but I'm ready for the chance to defend my title as Mr. Nintendo. Thank you.
                ::Mario thanked Peach and took his seat. Up next to the booth was Pit. He stood in awe as a mixed reaction from the crowd took him by surprise.::

                Originally posted by Pit
                Wow... just wow. I feel like I've been melted after being cryogenically frozen for years. As far as the gaming world goes... that might as well be the truth. For those of you who don't remember me, I was the star of Kid Icarus and the kid who beat Medusa. I have waited for this moment, the moment when I would finally return to action. I can say that this was the perfect opportunity for me. I would like to thank Princess Toadstool for this chance and I promise to my patient fans... you will not be disappointed. I know she'll probably have my head for this... but I will be duking it out with an unknown opponent next Monday. Thanks again everyone for the continued support.
                :it quite emotional bowed out and walked to his seat. The latest guest was Samus Aran. She walked to the stand and removed her helmet.::

                Originally posted by Samus
                Bounty Hunting is a strange line of work. It's not constant. But every once in a while you get interesting job assignments, but recently I was hired to kill a man who was participating in a Deathtoll Tournament. The experience was amazing. Super Smash Bros. Brawl promises to be that and more. I plan to compete and perform at my absolute best. I just hope the competition can provide adequate training for when I get my next job assignment. Course... I don't think my usual Chozo Suit is needed.
                ::Samus then removed her usual armory body suit and revealed that she was now wearing her blue Zero Suit, perfect for non-bulky fighting. Suddenly before she could conclude her piece Ridley started flying overhead the audience. The media started screaming and going crazy. Ridley opened his mouth and blasted a fireball towards the podium. Samus jumped to the side and pushed Peach to safety. Mario and Pit stared at each other before diving to the stands. Mario jumped towards Ridley and grabbed a hold of his legs to bring him down towards the ground. Pit distracted Ridley again by blasting him with several arrows thanks to his bow. Samus then jumped into the air and shot Ridley in the chest with her blaster rifle, which caused him to disintegrate to dust.::

                Originally posted by Toadstool
                Well, I am sure glad I hired you guys...
                ::The crowd stood up after the performance and gave them a round of applause.

                SUPER SMASH BROS: BRAWL
                LIVE THIS MONDAY!


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                  Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                  *Marks out*

                  Ness, this is gonna own. Big time. I look forward to the first show, in great anticipation.


                  Originally posted by RT
                  "Will is so British, I don't even believe he is British. He just fits the stereotype so well, it's ridiculous."


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                    Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                    :: The original theme music to the cult classic Super Smash Bros. music played over the speakers. A video plays showing the evolution of the various Nintendo consoles all the way until the Gamecube. What appears to be a memory card is ejected and it forms itself into a Wiimote. The Wiimote slashes at the screen and it goes black. The picture comes back with a live image of the crowd. The camera pans through the seatings and shows various groups of screaming fans ranging from Toads to Goombas. ::

                    Toadsworth: Sweet Capn' Crunch! Welcome to the very first broadcast of Smash Bros. Brawl folks. I am your humble host Toadsworth alongside my colleague Bowser Jr. We are live from the Peach Beach Arena is what is promising to be an explosive night.

                    Bowser Jr.: I still don't know what this is all about. Super Smash Bros.? All I know is Mama Peach asked me to join you on commentary. It's a good thing she did, I hear Toads can be quite biased...

                    ***PRETTY IN PINK***

                    :: A familiar theme hits the arena speakers. Noted on the big screens located around the stage was a video showing Peach in her various appearances throughout the local Mushroom Kingdom Centers as she promoted SSB Brawl. The crowd still wild off the opening video was jumping on end for Princess Peach. She stepped through the curtain and smiled as the crowd cheered her on. She made her way down the aisle and stood up on the central platform. ::

                    Peach: Welcome everyone to the new Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This is going to be a new wave of sports entertainment brought to you by all your favorite Nintendo stars. Now what exactly is Brawl? After a rousing game of Mario Party with some friends I was named the victor and the Millennium Star awarded me with one wish. That wish was to entertain my loyal subjects in a new and unique way. I was looking at the fun throughout the land we had racing and playing various sports games such as Tennis and Golf. But then it got a little boring. We need more action, more suspense. Dare I say it... more blood!

                    :: The crowd stands on their feet and applaud Peach. ::

                    Peach: Thank you. But I need to explain more. This stage I am standing on will be the foundation for our fighters. This will not be unlike what you might see in a boxing or wrestling ring... except it will not be staged. Those involved will be fighting it out in a "King of the Mountain" type fashion. The object of these matches is to knock your opponents off of the stage completely. Only then will you be victorious. Now I know what you're thinking. So what? But that's where it will get interesting. Prestige and awards will be handed out to the absolute best. Such as? Being announced the Super Smash Bros. Champion and having the privilege of wearing the championship gold, made from the same material as my crown.

                    :: The crowd has calmed down from their screams and seems to be paying attention to Peach word for word. ::

                    Peach: Now then how will we crown our very first champion? Of all those currently contracted with SSB Brawl I have chosen an elite set of eight fighters. I feel they have done the most promising work for the Nintendo Community and deserve this shot. Through the next couple of weeks they will duke it out in a tournament where the winner will be crowned our new champion. Don't fret if you are not chosen in the tournament because the champion will have to defend the title if he truly wants to be called the top dog here in SSB. Tonight we will have our first two tournament matches. In a size compromise we will see the famous ape Donkey Kong do battle with Ness. We also certainly cannot do this without everyone's favorite plumber. So with that in mind tonight's main event will see Mario in action against the elusive and quick Captain Falcon of F-Zero fame as the other match.

                    ***BLUE FALCON***

                    :: The crowd is hushed by the music interrupting Peach. A speeding air racer blasts through the curtain and stops at the edge of the stage. The side door pops open and Captain Falcon jumps out and hops on top of the stage. ::

                    Peach: A little premature I would say. I did promise you first dibs at Mario as your request, but I don't like you coming out during the middle of my speech. What can I do for you?

                    Falcon: Blah blah blah I did request a match against Mario. Last month during the third annual Double Dash Races I was screwed out of the trophy thanks to him. I have craved revenge on Mario for the longest time and knew I could get him here, but I no longer wish to face him. Not like this. Not with the championship on the line. He screwed me out of the gold once before, I'm not gonna let him do it again. Change my opponent.

                    Peach: I don't like being interrupted and I sure don't like being told what to do. As for your request... I will have to deny it. As the General Manager of SSB Brawl I call the shots. I offered you this chance because I knew you were a hot free agent on the Galactic Racing Circuit, but if you don't face Mario tonight... I will replace you. There are tons of fighters who would kill for this chance. Now go prepare for this match. It won't be as easy as a simple race let me assure you.

                    ***PRETTY IN PINK***

                    :: Peach's music hits the PA system as she makes her way down the stage towards the back. Falcon scowls and looked severely disappointed at Peach's decision. The camera pans on him as he leaves the stage back to his Racer. ::

                    Toadsworth: Great Ceasar's Ghost... what a way to open our first show. I can't wait...

                    Bowser Jr.: ... to see that cheating Mario get beat! Took the words outta of my mouth.

                    Toadsworth: Either way coming up next will be the very first Super Smash Bros. Brawl match. But we must take a commercial break, we'll be right back!

                    ::Commercial Break::


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                      Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                      Toadsworth: Well that was quick. Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to Brawl. Before we stopped for a commercial break Peach went over the basics for SSB Brawl and that we will be crowning a champion through an 8-man tournament.

                      Bowser Jr.: Can you believe her forcing Captain Falcon into the first championship determining bout against Mario? That's not fair. Where's the prep time?

                      Toadsworth: Bah! What did he expect he was gonna be doing here... playing chess? The main event will be interesting to say the least, but up first we have our debut contest!

                      ***ANGEL'S WINGS***

                      :: A greek anthem played through the PA system as Pit, making good on his promise, appeared within the arena. Pit appears wearing a white tunic and he zoomed down the aisle as his wings flap behind him. He slaps a few hands from the crowd and floats onto the stage. The fans cheer for him and he soaks it in until it is interrupted for... ::

                      ***THUNDER GOD***

                      :: A thunderous storm is heard throughout the arena. Out pops Pikachu through the curtain. He runs down the aisle quickly on all fours before climbing up the ladder and onto the stage, ignoring the crowd's reaction and appearing to be focused on his encounter. Pikachu sways his neck to the side to loosen his muscles. The referee signals for the bell and it sounds for the opening contest. ::

                      Pit vs. Pikachu

                      Pit started out by putting up his dukes and encircling Pikachu. They made several rings around the stage without attacking, mostly feeling each other out. Pit seemed a little nervous on his SSB-debut, being he was quite pressured due to his absense for nearly two decades. Pit tossed his right leg forward in a kicking motion. Pikachu seeing the attack moved to the side. Pit then dove down and swept Pikachu from behind his ankles and he fell on his face. Pit jumped into the air and with his hands clasped tried to give Pikachu a stiff shot to the back. Pikachu rolled to the side and used his hind legs to kick Pit away. Pit rolled across the stage until he stopped on his back looking into the lights. Pit realized what he was getting into kipped up and pulled out his Heavenly Bow.

                      Before Pit could attempt to use his weapon Pikachu shouted his name and spit out a lightning bolt to the ground. It started crawling towards Pit, which caused him to jump back to avoid it. Pikachu used that moment to jump into the air and within seconds launched himself over Pit. Pikachu used his front legs as a landing pad and kicked Pit in the back with his strong hind legs. Pit flew over and landed on his face. Pikachu grinned a bit, confident with his actions and began punching the air to tease his oppponent.

                      Pit placed his bow on his back and ignored worrying about it. Instead he ran towards Pikachu with his fist wailing in the air. Pikachu moved to the right and swung his tail lightly at him to push him off the stage. Pit reacted by backhanding Pikachu's tail before turning around at his adversary. Pikachu got a little ticked and pulled his head back before bringing it forward for a Skull Bash. Pit jumped back off the stage and floated vertically after flapping his wings. Pikachu wiped his cheek from Pit's earlier attack and walked below him and called forth a thunderbolt from the skies.

                      Pit zoomed to the side and swiftly avoided the attack. He landed on the stage and ran towards Pikachu who was still in the middle of his 'calling' and he shoved him off the stage. Pit rolled back to make sure he was not near the edge. Pikachu flipped his body around and performed his Quick Attack as he did earlier to zoom across the arena back towards the stage. As he was helplessly landing near the platform, Pit ran towards the edge and jumped up with his foot extended forward. Pit connected into Pikachu's face and kicked him off the stage. Before Pikachu could attempt another rebound he was knocked out of bounds.

                      Winner: Pit
                      Toadsworth: Cripes... that was one swift kick. Pit starts off Brawl in the right way with a victory.

                      Bowser Jr.: Pikachu made several mistakes assuming his quickness gave him an advantage. Pit lives in the clouds, so he knows how lighting works. That kick had to hurt.

                      Toadsworth: Quite the way to debut I'd say. I see big things for Pit in the future. Look out for him.

                      Bowser Jr.: Don't jump on his bandwagon yet. He still needs to prove it wasn't beginner's luck, but I'll be watching this kid.


                      :: The camera zooms in on the hallway between lockers. Mario had just arrived and was setting his bags down when Falcon approached him. ::

                      Falcon: Well if it isn't Mario. The Man. The Myth... the Thief.

                      Mario: Excuse me?

                      Falcon: You heard me. I don't know what kinda relationship you have with Peach, but it won't stop me from beating your ass from here to Hyrule.

                      Mario: Wouldn't have it any other way. I welcome it.

                      Falcon: Don't get snooty with me. I've been waiting a long time for this moment. It's a shame you're going to be defeated in your first match. I guess you can call me the 'dream killer' because all the little Mario fans are about to go home very... VERY disappointed.

                      Mario: I don't make excuses. If I lose I lose. If I win, then I won. Let's save it for the match.

                      :: Falcon not taking kindly to Mario's comments slapped him across the face. Mario wiped his stinging cheek and then dove into Falcon and pushed him into the wall. He started throwing punches at him until several security officials broke them up. Falcon broke free and started yelling before leaving. ::


                      :: The camera zoomed to a new picture as a round figure wearing a cloak with his back to the screen appeared. He turned around revealing a silver helmet with yellow eyes exposed. He placed his sword in his side holster and looked at the center of the camera. ::

                      ?????: I have traveled the galaxy, everywhere from the Milky Way to Popstar. I was raised of noble blood and I seek something deeper. Something I have yet to find. True competition. I have come to Super Smash Bros. in search of elite competition. I was promised it was here. Those who can compete with me on my level. It is here that I will do what I was born to do... battle. I've looked at the various parties involved in this company and I believe I have found the right place. I crave combat. Soon enough I will get my fix. Who am I? Metaknight.

                      :: Metaknight then turned to the side and his cape flew into the camera as the screen went to black. ::

                      ::Commercial Break::


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                        Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                        :: The camera resumes from the commercial and shows the backstage area. A loud noise is heard and it is revealed to be Pit, celebrating his victory over Pikachu. He looked very excited as he ran through the hallway hot off his debut. A little Toad was waiting in wing and asked for his autograph, Pit grabbed the child's pen when Ness walked into the scene and pushed the kid away. ::

                        Pit: That's uncalled for, he's just a kid.

                        Ness: Hmph. You must think you're pretty slick, eh? Victory off the bat?

                        Pit: I didn't dominate Pikachu, he gave me a run for my money. But I'm gonna do my best each week.

                        Ness: Stop it. You got lucky, I'll give you that. But there's a clear difference between you and I. While you were forgotten, Nintendo embraced me. I may not be a game whore on the level of Mario, but they knew were to use me. You "Kid Icarus" are just fad. Peach saw a quick buck in bringing you back due to the oldschool fans who might remember you. Truth is, nobody cares about you. You're nothing.

                        Pit: Pfft... talk big smack for someone who hasn't shown a thing in SSB Brawl.

                        Ness: See that's where we differ. While you opened the show for a useless match, I was chosen as one of the elite 8 for the SSB Championship. I am about to go and win a match, which no longer will make you special. And then I will be one step closer to being the top dog. Once I'm champion I won't even acknowledge the existence of flies like yourself. I'll let you know if we need a water boy.

                        :: Ness walked away from the backstage area towards his match as Pit's celebrated expression turned to a frown. ::

                        Bowser Jr.: Ha ha Ness put him in his place. I can't wait to see Ness in action.

                        Toadsworth: Ness had no business talking down to Pit like that. Ness was acting like he's some kind of veteran. Pit was here before him for Pete's sake.

                        Bowser Jr.: Wake up call Toady. Can't just go around with an inflated ego...

                        Toadsworth: Ness is the one with the ego problem. But he'll have to put up or shut up as he's facing one hell of a giant: Donkey Kong.

                        Bowser Jr.: I'm sure Ness has a plan, you know what they say about big guys. The bigger they are?

                        Toadsworth: The harder they fall?

                        Bowser Jr.: No, the harder they hit. You seen DK lately?

                        ***KONGO BONGO***

                        :: A jungle beat hits the PA system and Donkey Kong appears on the stage. He stands on his legs and walks to the stage and the audience admires his size. DK climbs aboard the stage and pounds on the platform to show he is ready for the bout. ::

                        ***EARTHBOUND MISFIT***

                        :: Smoke surrounds the entrance area and Ness zaps himself through it. He raises his hands and he stares down at the ground and walks out. Ness began walking down when he saw a pro-DK sign. He grabbed the fan's artwork and ripped it in half before running towards the stage. He backed to the corner as the ref got between him and DK and signaled for the bell. ::

                        Donkey Kong vs. Ness

                        Ness walked close to DK and only came up to his chest. Ness stepped back several feet and threw a punch into Kong's gut. Ness turned around and raised his hand up in celebration. He turned around to see DK unaffected and his eyes opened up wide in shock. He stepped back and fell down on his butt. He then started scooting back away from DK as his hands waved forward pleading with him. DK walked towards him and so Ness pushed off the platform with his hands and gave DK a double-kick to the stomach. With DK hunched over Ness jumped up and grabbed him in a headlock. He raised one arm and yelled as the crowd booed him. Ness then ran forward and jumped up in an attempt to give DK a bulldog. he landed on the side and brought DK's head crashing into the mat below.

                        Ness stood next to DK's body and placed one foot on his chest and celebrated. DK grabbed Ness' throat and stood up to his knees. Ness poked him in the eye and escaped. Ness then proceeded to grab DK by the leg, but he was too powerful and kicked him away. DK wiped his damaged eyes and jumped up to his feet. Ness came charging at him and placed his hands forward to try and push him off the stage. DK moved to the left and then kicked Ness in the back. The attack caused him to bounce into the air. DK jumped up and punched Ness back into the ground. DK began winding up his arm until he was fully ready to punch Ness' lights out.

                        Ness was staggering to his feet with his back towards DK. DK signaled to the fans that he was going to punch him and they jumped to their feet. DK got ancy and staretd shaking as Ness was getting up. When Ness finally stood up DK unleashed the DKO punch, but Ness jumped back twice to barley avoid it. While he was airborne Ness pointed his hands down and zapped DK with PK Fire. The attack touched DK's feet and a string of fire caught him in place as he burned. Ness landed on the stage and took out his Homerun Bat and cracked it across DK's knee. DK went flying across the stage until he landed near the edge.

                        Ness touched his head and used his mind to start his PK FLASH attack. He made a yellow cloud leave his body and float towards DK. DK jumped up and began running towards Ness. Knowing he couldn't hit him in time, Ness stopped the attack and regained his senses. Ness tossed a kick at the incoming DK, but he jumped over Ness and then crushed him with his feet. Ness bounced up over DK's head and so Kong brought his arms over and clapped his palms into Ness' falling body to crush him like a pancake. The impact knocked Ness straight up into the air until he was instantly knocked out at the ref's judgement.

                        Winner: DK
                        Bowser Jr.: WHAT?!?

                        Toadsworth: DK wins the match, he moves onto the final four in determining our first champion. DK really brought it and seemed focused, I am impressed.

                        Bowser Jr.: Again... what was that? I demand a rematch.

                        Toadsworth: All that smack talk did Ness anything but good. Who's the nobody now?

                        Bowser Jr.: Don't make me tell Ness what you said. I'm on his Myspace Friends List, ya know!


                        :: The camera pans to Peach's Office. She is seen talking on the phone at her desk. ::

                        Toadstool: Yes yes it's going quite smoothly. I fully expect a huge turnaround next week. Please tune in for the main event. Hold on, I'll call you back.

                        :: Peach hung up the phone and turned her chair around as Diddy Kong entered. ::

                        Toadstool: Can I help you?

                        Diddy: Yes you can. I seek employment. I want to work here.

                        Toadstool: Even though we're new, I have quite the roster. And usually you don't just walk into a place demanding a position like this. What do you have to offer?

                        Diddy: I'm crazy. I've been training with my grandpa Cranky and he says I can take on anyone in the Nintendo Community.

                        Toadstool: Is that right? Tell ya what, we'll have us a 'tryout match'. If you win, you're hired. If you lose, you never show your face here again.

                        Diddy: Deal. Who's my opponent?

                        Toadstool: It's a secret. But not tonight. Next week you'll open versus a mystery opponent with a job on the line.

                        :: Diddy then walked out and Peach got back on the phone. ::

                        Toadstool: I'm changing plans for tonight's main event. I just learned that there was an incident involving Mario and Jay. I was hoping they'd save it for the match... but this brings the perfect chance to test out a match type. Mario vs. Captain Falcon will be contested under 'Melee Rules'. No disqualifcations for the use of weapons.

                        ::Commercial Break::
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                          Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                          Toadsworth: Welcome back to Smash Bros. everyone. Hopefully you didn't just tune in because you missed a heck of a match.

                          Bowser Jr.: Only if you're a fan of cheating apes. DK is a big red cheater!

                          :: A replay of the finish between DK vs. Ness was shown with Kong earning the victory. ::

                          Bowser Jr.: I think he used ether. That's what made Ness so groggy. Mmmhmm.



                          :: Samus was shown standing in front of the camera in her Zero Suit. ::

                          Samus: I have been playing several roles all my life. Orphan, hunter, hunted, victim, oppresser, tool. All my life I have perserveared through all the odds. But if there was one thing I never achieved... it was recognition. I never really etched my legacy into stone. It has always been the things of legend. But one thing is for certain... I can do that here in SSB. I have already saved hundreds of lives by shattered the glimmer in Ridley's eyes. Next week I will do the same as I battle it out for my shot at the SSB Championship.

                          Toadsworth: Coming up next we will have a first in SSB... a tag team match. Unlike traditional King of the Mountain 'team' encounters where you're allowed to both be inside... it will not work that way. Here you have to tag in your partner, who will be suspended on a platform.

                          Bowser Jr.: Course they're not really suspended, they can get off when they want.

                          Toadsworth: And risk disqualification from the ref.

                          Bowser Jr.: Hey it's only cheating if you get caught.

                          ***DUMB AND DUMBER***

                          :: A clownish circus theme hits the speakers as the first team contest goes underway. Wario came out running through the curtain and was followed by Waluigi who hopped on his back as he carried him piggyback style. Wario tossed Waluigi to the stage and slowly climbed up himself. ::

                          ***FLY LIKE AN EAGLE***

                          :: Koopa the Quick's old theme from Mario 64 sounded as fellow Koopas used their opponent's entrance to make their own. Paratroopa was gliding over the ground as his partner Koopa held onto his legs. Koopa did a flip and landed on the stage as Para slowly made his dismount. The ref sounded for the bell as Koopa and Wario went to their platforms awaiting a tag. ::

                          Wario & Waluigi vs. Koopa Troopa & Paratroopa

                          Waluigi brought his arms to the side and formed a wrestling stance. Paratroopa flapped his wings and hopped backwards giving him some distance. Waluigi jumped forward and did a flip in the air and landed on his hands, forming a handstand. He then pushed off the stage and kicked Paratroopa in the skull. He flew off the stage, but not before flying back on. Waluigi crouched down and then uppercutted Para off the stage again. Waluigi ran to his side of the stage and tagged in Wario as Para was returning. Wario punched his palm and walked over to attack Paratroopa. Wario swung his arm in a big haymaker, but Para slid underneath his legs and appeared behind him. Wario turned around as Para smacked him as far as he could reach, in the throat. Para attempted the attack again, but this time Wario bit his hand.

                          Para yelled in pain and flailed his body around. Wario grabbed Para's arms and flung him high into the air. He jumped into the air and grabbed Para's legs and knocked him into the ground. He bounced off the stage and appeared woozy. Wario jumped on Para's head and turned him into a basic Koopa Troopa! The real Koopa Troopa left his platform and tripped Waluigi. This caught the referee's attention and he demanded Koopa return to his post. Waluigi was a bit ticked and left his platform and chased Koopa Troopa across the stage. Koopa Troopa grabbed his former Paratroopa friend inside his shell and tossed him at Waluigi. He caught the shell and tossed it back, but Koopa ducked and it hit Wario in the chest. The referee demanded they both return and started counting to 5.

                          Koopa went to throw a cheap punch at Waluigi, but the ref restrained him. He pointed to his platform and 'Koopa Troopa' was sitting there breatheless, obviously the original Paratroopa. The ref okayed it and made Waluigi return. Koopa Troopa returned to Wario and punched him the the gut. With him hunched over he jumped out of his shell and kicked it into his shins, knocking him off the stage. His large body was unable to jump back.

                          Winners: Paratroopa & Koopa Troopa

                          :: Ness was walking to his locker room following a shower as he was wiping his head with a towel. Pit was standing outside leaning against the wall with a big grin on his face. Ness wiped across his mouth with a shit-stain smile as well before walking into his room and slamming the door shut. ::

                          Bowser Jr.: He's awfully cocky. I'd say he should face DK and then smile like that.

                          Toadsworth: What a show we've had tonight. Lots of battling, but I think the next match will take the cake. It's our main event.

                          Bowser Jr.: No disqualification and weapons are supplied and encouraged. This doesn't spill to well.

                          Toadsworth: I think this is what Princess Toadstool was getting at when she meant 'more blood'. Ughs, not gonna be pretty. But it will decide one half of the final four for the SSB Championship. And it's next!

                          ::Commercial Break::
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                            Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                            :: The show returned with a view inside of a locker room. When Mario was shown the crowd cheered in approval. Saving your life several dozen times tends to make people like you. He was pacing back and forth inside his room as he was punching the air preparing for his bout. Luigi opened the door and stepped inside soon after. ::

                            Luigi: Hey.

                            Mario: Hey.

                            Luigi: So I just wanted to wish you good luck in tonight's match. No disqualifcation.

                            Mario: I've been in tough messes before. This is what SSB Brawl is all about. No DQ works both ways. I normally would not use them to my advantage, but if it happens... I'm all for it. And no matter what happens. No matter what occurs in the match... please do not help me. I need to do this on my own.

                            Luigi: I see, but it's your call. Most of the locker room is backing you on this. You can do it.

                            Toadsworth: That's classy, Luigi showed real respect to his brother there.

                            Bowser Jr.: So sweet. But it's not gonna matter. Captain Falcon is a bounty hunter. He knows how to get it done, especially in chaotic enviroments. People think he's just an F-Zero racer. Couldn't be more wrong.

                            Toadsworth: I see you're bringing your 'inside scoops' to the table. I'll try and keep up.

                            Bowser Jr.: I'll slow down so you can catch a break.

                            ***BLUE FALCON***

                            :: Captain Falcon's theme music heard earlier in the night hit the speakers. This time he stood outside the curtain on foot. He looked to the crowd and smirked before raising his arms into the air to a sound of boos. He then trotted down the aiasle with a smile on his face as the announcer introduced him. Falcon stood on the stage and stomped to the ground as he yelled that Mario was gonna bleed. ::

                            ***DO THE MARIO***

                            :: The classic Mario Bros. theme hit the arena to a thunderous ovation. Mario opened the curtain and appeared as the crowd buzzed at his appearance. He taunted everyone by growing large and then shrinking down to size. Mario turned his attention to Falcon and walked down the aisle. He climbed on the stage and got in Falcon's face. ::

                            Toadsworth: What a reaction. The crowd is on their feet. This arena hates Falcon and loves Mario. I don't think a single person wasn't cheering Mario on.

                            Bowser Jr.: Did you see that kid?

                            Toadsworth: Which one? There were too many jumping and cheering.

                            Bowser Jr.: The one in the middle. He's a Falcon Fan. Look at him... he's sticking his tongue out ha ha!

                            Toadsworth: There's the bell. It's on!!!

                            SSB CHAMPIONSHIP QUARTER FINALS
                            Melee Rules
                            Captain Falcon vs. Mario

                            Falcon stepped back slightly and looked into the crowd before throwing a downward punch at Mario. Mario brought his arm forward and blocked it and knocked Falcon in the head with his forearm. The move knocked him down and he stood back up. Mario again knocked him down to the mat. Mario helped him back up to the mat and hooked his arm and slammed him back to the mat. Falcon bounced off the stage and rolled near the edge. Falcon stood up and waved Mario off, as if to say he quits. Mario refused to take that for an answer and ran towards him and dove into the ground for a baseball slide. Falcon jumped over him and landed near the opening behind Mario. Falcon crouched down and gave Mario a kick off the stage. Mario hopped up and jumped back on the stage. While Mario was recovering Falcon ran to the side and grabbed a falling capsule. He tossed it at Mario and knocked him off the stage. Out popped a Homerun Bat, which Falcon picked up.

                            He stood near the edge and swung it into Mario's gut. Mario fell to his knees and held his stomach. Falcon pulled the bat back and attempted to smash it into him, but Mario fell flat on his face to avoid it. Falcon lifted the bat up and went to slice it down to Mario's back, but he narrowly rolled to the side. Mario crawled to his feet and then jumped forward and headbutted him in the gut, which caused him to drop the weapon. Mario picked it up and signaled to the crowd that he was gonna strike Falcon. Falcon began crawling away until he collapsed on his back. A bo-bomb fell to the ground and Mario came charging at Falcon with the bat. Falcon begged him off, but Mario pointed the baseball bat forward and drove it into Falcon. The bat made contact with the bo-bomb and it exploded sending both Mario and Falcon flying in opposite directions to the awesome visual seen by the crowd.

                            Falcon landed on the edge of the mat, but Mario flew way out. He used his Spin Attack to halt his fall and then performed a Super Jump Punch to fly into the air and fall on the platform. Falcon slowly made his way to his feet when he noticed Mario extra groggy from the explosion. Falcon noticed a crate and picked it up and carried it on his back towards Mario. He decided against his former plan and tossed it to the side, breaking it and spilling the contents. Falcon then ran at Mario and dove into the air driving his knee forward. The move caught Mario for a loop and knocked him back. Falcon hopped straight up and used his Falcon Kick at an angle to fly downward and attack Mario. Falcon and Mario then used their respective jumps to grab the ledge. Mario pulled back his fist and uppercutted Falcon back on the stage.

                            Mario climbed up and shot Falcon in the back with several fireballs before grabbed him by the legs and slamming him into the mat. Falcon bounced into the air and upon his fall Mario tilted his head back and gave him a massive headbutt to the delight of the crowd. Mario ran to the spot where the crate exploded and picked up a Ray Gun. He pointed it at Falcon and shot him with a laser. Falcon jumped over it and so Mario went on the attack with several blasts. Falcon kept dodging it using his quick speed and finally touched the ground and blocked it with a sheild bubble. The ray bounced back and hit Mario in the chest, knocking him back. Falcon ran at Mario and shoved him off the stage. Mario flipped his body around and whipped Falcon in the head with his cape as he flew back. Upon Falcon's damage, Mario jumped back on the stage.

                            Mario grabbed the remaining item from the crate and tossed the capsule into the ground. Out popped a pokeball, which he attempted to lift. Falcon ran at him and elbowed him in the head. Mario held his cheek in pain as Falcon tossed the pokeball down, out popped Hitmonlee. The pokemon jumped towards Mario and kicked him to the center of the stage. Mario stood up and started shaking as he was woozy. Falcon walked up to him and charged his Falcon Punch, but backed away. He grabbed Mario's hat and taunted the crowd by putting it on his own head. He went back to try his finisher again, but Mario had recovered and gave Falcon a stiff punch of his own. Suddenly a shadowy figure wearing a black cloak appeared on the stage. He jumped on Mario's head and did a backflip before flying into Mario covered in fire. He grabbed Mr. Nintendo and tossed him into the air. Another cloaked figure floated past Mario and tossed him towards Falcon. Captain Falcon jumped towards Mario and conncted with his Hyper Jump and grabbed him in thin-air and flung him across the stage for the KO.

                            Winner: Captain Falcon
                            Bowser Jr.: It's over, Captain Douglas Jay Falcon advances!

                            Toadsworth: What just happened here? Are my elderly eyes deceiving me? Was Mario the victim of some satanic cult attack? I don't understand what has transpired. This makes me sick.

                            Bowser Jr.: No disqualification on both sides. Falcon did nothing wrong. I don't know who these cloaked figures are, but I assume Mario made them very angry.

                            Toadsworth: Quite the match, could have gone either way. Falcon had it won, but he got cocky and then Mario was gonna win if not for those druids.

                            :: Falcon began jumping for joy on his way down to the entrance curtain. He posed as he did earlier to the crowd's dismay. The camera turned to the two cloaked figures who stood above Mario's exhausted body. Their faces were covered in hoods, but it was clear as day that they were wearing white gloves. The camera zoomed in on the shorter one and a orange tail was clearly visible, which disappeared inside his cloak when he noticed the TV lens on him. The shorter figure flew the taller one away as the credits of the show rolled and the screen went to black. ::

                            ***END SHOW***


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                              Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                              DK beats Ness!

                              Your Peach banner did suck!

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