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Super Smash Bros: Brawl

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  • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

    Awesome as always mate, one question though, is Mario truly gone for good?

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    • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

      Originally posted by sky_queen3
      Awesome as always mate, one question though, is Mario truly gone for good?
      I'd hate to give an answer to this. Hate because I wouldn't wanna say yes and then have him back in three shows like every wrestler who ever retired. But I don't wanna say no and then have anyone who follows expect a return, or at the least call it. So as of right now he is going to remain retired, but like anything in wrestling I will answer with never say never.

      Thanks for following guys. Appreciate it.


      • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

        Originally posted by Ness
        I'd hate to give an answer to this. Hate because I wouldn't wanna say yes and then have him back in three shows like every wrestler who ever retired. But I don't wanna say no and then have anyone who follows expect a return, or at the least call it. So as of right now he is going to remain retired, but like anything in wrestling I will answer with never say never.

        Thanks for following guys. Appreciate it.
        I see, I just see it's almost physically imposable to have a mostly Nintendo based fed without Mr. Nintendo.

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        • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl


          Style: Long-Range
          Status: Tweener
          Debut: 1996
          Hometown: Viridian Forest
          Signature Moves: Thundershock
          Notable Feuds: Ike, Donkey Kong

          Formerly known as Pikachu, Raichu has gone through an emotional roller coaster in Smash Brothers. He began his season out as a lackey for various fighters who utilized his willingness to help to their advantage. Achieving minimal success under the tutilage of Captain Falcon and Ness, Pikachu looked to be at an stand-still in Brawl. That was until the sWo approached him and offered him a second-chance. Pikachu was encouraged to not trust the group, but he eventually ignored the advice and helped them win the Tag Team Championship. In exchange for his services he was awarded the Thunder Stone, which allowed him to evolve into Raichu.

          The transformation improved all of his stats and he has begun to dominate the Brawl locker room and not even the sWo is quite sure of his allegience. Using a variety of tricks including quickness, agility and lightning-based attacks, Raichu is seen by many as the fastest-rising star on the Brawl roster. The question remains though, did the Thunder Stone improve Raichu's attributes or did it simply give him the courage to reach the potential that laid dormant inside? Only time will tell.

          Raichu can be seen along with other top Nintendo stars in Super Smash Brothers Brawl.


          • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

            Ooo, nice touch, character bios.

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            • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

              WOW, I have finally caught up to the last episode. Let me first off just say that this is maybe the most creative fan fic fed I have ever read man.


              I am not addicted. Expect a full review next episode man. WOW...creative man. Also, love seeing Sonic as a heel.


              • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                ***EPISODE 13***

                :: Super Smash Brothers Brawl opens the show with Luigi standing in front of the camera with a bandage wrapped around the top of his head. ::

                Luigi: As you can clearly see I have several scars showcasing the after-effects of my battle with Sonic last week. But I came out on top. I am not here to take time off to heal injuries because I am not about to let this momentum go to waste. After defeating Sonic there is really only one thing on my mind and that is the SSB Championship. Unfortunately defeating him did not earn the shot. I draw my attention to our young up-and-comer, Lucas. Lucas, you have two points. I have two points. What do you say we do battle tonight and decide which one of us walks away with three points and the title shot? I'll leave it up to you.

                :: The camera faded into Luigi's face before transistioning to the battle stage. ::

                ***KONGO BONGO***

                :: Donkey Kong's theme hit the arena speakers as the crowd rose to their feet for his entrance. He came out along with newcomer, Lucario. ::

                Toadsworth: Good evening everyone and welcome to another edition of Smash Brothers Brawl. I am your host Toadsworth, alongside my collegue Bowser Jr., and we are set for tag team action.

                Bowser Jr.: Lucario made his debut last week and made an impressive showing taking Raichu to the limit. Well maybe half-way.

                Toadsworth: Make no mistake about it, Raichu is in another league these days. But Lucario definitely impressed DK enough to warrant tonight's partnership.

                Bowser Jr.: After the way Raichu smacked him, he's gonna need all the help he can get!

                ***THUNDER GOD***

                :: Raichu's theme played over the speakers next and he made his way out alongside Diddy Kong. ::

                Toadsworth: Interesting partner choice.

                Bowser Jr.: I'll say. All men have a connection more or less.

                1-Stock Tag Team Match
                Donkey Kong & Lucario vs. Raichu & Diddy Kong
                10-Minute Time Limit

                Raichu and Donkey Kong started the match out. They began circling each other until DK tossed the first punch. Raichu used his quick speed to jump into the air and hop off DK's head and tag in Diddy. Diddy looked puzzled and hopped off the platform. He continued to look at his partner, but Raichu told him to pay attention to the match. Diddy engaged DK and jumped towards his head and attempted to kick him, but DK pulled his massive bicep up and blocked the shot. He grabbed Diddy by the arms using his other arm and lifted him off the ground. Raichu illegally left the platform and kicked DK in the gut to release his hold on Diddy. Diddy tripped DK to the mat using his tail as Raichu looked to zap him with a bolt of lightning. DK used his power to break free and knock both of his opponents back to their edge of the stage. Raichu tagged back in and told DK to tag in Lucario. Lucario extended his hand and requested his entrance into the match. DK shook his head to the side before tagging.

                Raichu signaled with his fingers for Lucario to "come on" and so he did. He dashed forward and Raichu jumped over him effortlessly and taunted DK. DK stormed out of his platform, which caused the referee to intervene. Raichu waved to Diddy and so they began to attack Lucario. Diddy pulled out his Peanut Popgun and began to annoyily shoot Lucario with a barrage of pellets. Raichu struck him in the back before jumping into the air and drilling his head into Lucario's body. Raichu rolled behind Lucario and grabbed him in a waistlock. He shocked him with an electrical jolt before spinning him around and tossing Lucario off the stage. Lucario stopped in the air and dashed to the stage using Exteme Speed. Raichu was not paying attention and Lucario ran past him towards DK.

                Diddy jumped off the stage and distracted the referee when Lucario dove in for the tag. DK entered the stage, but the referee would have none of it. Raichu dragged Lucario back towards the center of the stage and sat on his back. He grabbed his wrist and waved it at DK, clearly mimicking the tag. DK stepped off the platform without entering the stage towards Raichu and Lucario. Everyone looked on confused and DK began pounding on the ground using Hand Slap. He created tremors that caused all particpants to bounce into the air, including the referee. With the ref off the ground DK used that moment to enter the match and chase Raichu towards his side. DK teased hitting Raichu with the DKO which caused the Pokemon to tag in Diddy and jump off the stage.

                DK jumped off the stage and followed him. Diddy climbed into the battle and watched as they ran towards the back. He turned around into a wounded Lucario and used that moment to go on the attack. Diddy crouched down and kicked him hard off the stage. Lucario rolled with the attack and jumped back towards the stage. Diddy attempted to kick him off again, but Lucario dodged the attack and stomped him into the mat. He jumped behind Diddy and shoved him off the stage. Lucario bean charging his Aura Sphere and stood near the edge of the stage. Diddy used Rocketbarrel Boost to fly towards the stage and save his life. He landed right in front of Lucario, who then launched his attack in his face to KO him.

                Winners: Donkey Kong & Lucario @ 3:57
                :: Lucario's hand was raised in victory as he struggled to stand up from all the punishment he took in the match. ::

                Toadsworth: Does Raichu value his life? I understand he is more powerful then before, but does he really think he's stronger then DK?

                Bowser Jr.: Clearly he's finally doing what so few do when in battle. Using his head. He played DK in that whole match.

                Toadsworth: I have to agree. I don't think he ever cared about the victory. He just wanted to get under DK's skin and he probably figured Diddy would take care of Lucario.

                Bowser Jr.: Raichu knows what he's doing. I think...

                ::Commercial Break::


                • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                  ***PEACH'S OFFICE***

                  :: Brawl return to the broadcast with the camera inside of the General Manager's Office as she was filing some paperwork. ::

                  Sonic: I heard you wanted to see me.

                  Toadstool: Indeed. I'm going to have to ask you to take the night off.

                  Sonic: What? That's comical. First you complain that I demand things without earning them and now I can't even earn them? You know I deserve a shot at the title, but how am I supposed to prove that if you won't even let me have a friggin' match?

                  Toadstool: Are you through?

                  Sonic: What are you getting at?

                  Toadstool: Stop being coy. You and I both know what's at stake tonight. Luigi is taking on Lucas for a shot at the championship. Now am I supposed to believe you'll leave it be? That you've moved on and are focused on building up your points? I've seen your work. So you're done for tonight. No reason to be in the building. Cool your head. And believe me when I say this, if you or your buddies interfere in the match... I will fire you. Besides in addition to that match we have that 2/3 Falls match in the main event. There simply isn't enough time for another match. Your boys should stay and watch because they will be defending their titles against the winner. Don't worry though, since you're so eager for competition I will have a match for you next week. You will go one-on-one with Pit. Now let yourself out.

                  Sonic: You're making a mistake.

                  Toadstool: What was that?

                  Sonic: Nothing. I'm gone.

                  :: The camera fades to black as it moves to the battle stage. ::

                  Toadsworth: Well you heard it. Next week Sonic takes on Pit.

                  Bowser Jr.: She sounds like she has an axe to grind or something. Clear favortism.

                  Toadsworth: Come off it. She's just protecting the integrity of the contender's match.

                  Bowser Jr.: Of what? If Sonic hit Luigi in a match, he wins by DQ. In fact, both Luigi and Lucas have a point that was award because of a DQ! But we gotta upload the integrity of wins that weren't earned, gotcha.


                  :: Ike's theme song played over the arena speakers. He raised his sword into the air like He-Man and then charged to the stage. ::

                  Toadsworth: Let's move on as it's time for our second match.

                  Bowser Jr.: Ignoring the obvious gimmick-infringement, Ike seems to be looking for action.

                  Toadsworth: He debuted several months ago, but hasn't had too much success. The only way to do that is with wins, so who is his opponent?


                  :: Metaknight stepped through the curtain and he began floating down the aisle, looking all business. ::

                  Bowser Jr.: Metaknight, eh?

                  Toadsworth: Like Ike, he hasn't had much success lately. After losing his title opportunity and the 4-way against Pit a few weeks ago... he needs a win to gain some momentum as well. Both guys need to start raking 'em up.

                  Bowser Jr.: Well they're in luck because one of them HAS to win.

                  Toadsworth: Very astute.

                  Bowser Jr.: It's why I'm here.

                  1-Stock Singles Match
                  Metaknight vs. Ike
                  10-Minute Time Limit

                  Ike pulled his blade back and began charging his big swing, which informed Metaknight that he should back up some. Metaknight performed Dimensional Cape and suddenly appeared behind Ike. He sliced him several times before grabbing him by the leg and slamming him into the mat before stomping on his body. Ike shoved him off and jumped back and began charging his Quick Draw. He dashed across the stage and struck Metaknight with his blade. He pulled it back as he did at the start of the match, but before he could execute the attack Fox and Kirby stormed the stage and attacked both participants.

                  No Contest @ 0:45
                  :: Fox and Kirby began running to the back after their attack when Ike reached over for the a mic. ::

                  Ike: Not sure what that was all about, but it seems you two are looking for a fight. You already ruined our match, so what say we continue this tag team style?

                  :: Fox looked to respond and then waved it off and began walking to the back with Kirby. The Ice Climbers stepped through the curtain and blocked their path. Fox and Kirby turned around as Metaknight and Ike dragged them back to the stage as the impromptu match began. ::

                  1-Stock Tag Team Match
                  Metaknight & Ike vs. Fox & Kirby
                  10-Minute Time Limit

                  Metaknight used Mach Tornado and spun around rapidly and knocked Fox high into the air. He jumped off his own tag platform to get higher into the air before flying and sliced Fox several times before landing on his feet. Metaknight stepped back and used Drill Rush and attempted to spike Fox in the back with his spinning blade. Fox jumped over it pointed his rifle at Ike and blasted him several times. Metaknight turned around and went back on the attack. Fox tried to leapfrog over his head, but he was caught by Metaknight's blade. Metaknight jumped into the air and grabbed a hold of Fox's back. Fox wiggled free of the hold by removing his jacket and running in for the tag to Kirby. Kirby opened his mouth and sucked in Metaknight using his Inhale move. Kirby spat him out towards his end of the stage rather then stealing a power as he was known to do.

                  Metaknight tagged in Ike. Ike jogged over to the other side and took a swing at Kirby. Kirby ducked the attack and rolled behind him. Kirby then jumped into the air and gave a double-kick to Ike's back. Fox jumped off his platform and began kicking at Ike "Chun-Li" style. This drew the attention of Metaknight who took a swing at Kirby, but he blocked the attack and tripped Metaknight. Kirby then turned into a stone using his Stone manuever. Fox stopped kicking Ike and pushed him in the chest and caused him to tumble over Stoned Kirby, Schoolyard Style.

                  Metaknight was growing frustrated with their tactics and stood in the middle of everyone and performed Shuttle Loop to uppercut everyone with his sword. He dragged Ike back to his end and tagged himself in. He lifted Kirby into the air and kicked him to the side. Metaknight began flying into the air and attempted to slice at Kirby's feet. Kirby turned into a stone again and tried to smash him. Metaknight quick changed his flight direction to avoid the attack. Kirby rolled across the stage and tagged in Fox. Fox leapt off the platform and began blindly shooting his Blast hoping to get a shot in. He continued to hold Metaknight at bay with his annoying shots. Ike left the tag platform and jumped over his partner and cracked his sword over Fox's skull.

                  Ike pulled the sword back and smashed it over Fox's head again and sent him flying off the stage. Kirby dove off after him and kicked him to the side and back on the stage. Fox bounced off the central platform and crashed on his face. Kirby began flying back towards the action and consumed Ike, only this time stealing his power. He began dancing and arrogantly using Ike's move. This drew his attention and he began chasing Kirby about the stage. Metaknight lifted Fox's prone body into the air and piledrove him into the mat. Fox bounced off the canvas and flew into the air. Metaknight began flying towards him with the intent of using Mach Tornado again. Fox halted his flight by charging Fire Fox and used his Rocket to launch himself to the right near his tag platform. Metaknight followed him and used Drill Rush in the direction, but Fox jumped over the attack. Fox stood behind Metaknight and did the splits near the edge of the stage to knock him all to the way to the right. Metaknight attempted to fly back, but Fox repeatidly shot lasers with his Blaster to prevent that and was KO'd.

                  Winners: Fox & Kirby @ 4:32
                  :: Fox began climbing down the stage ladder before collapsing on the matted floors below. ::

                  Toadsworth: Say what you will about their tactics, but they know how to work as a unit.

                  Bowser Jr.: Something Metaknight and Ike clearly don't. Just because you're good alone doesn't mean you can automatically be great together.

                  Toadsworth: If they keep stacking tag team wins, they have to be favorites in title contention. Things are certainly heating up in that regard.

                  :: The camera shows Zelda walking backstage towards the entrance curtain before fading. ::

                  ::Commercial Break::


                  • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                    ***INNER UNIVERSE***

                    :: Samus came walking through the curtain in her Zero Suit. She walked past fans who extended their hands and kept lifting her hand into the air to threaten to smack a few who tried touching her. She climbed onto the stage and then posed for the cameras. ::

                    Toadsworth: Last week Samus said she would only give Zelda her rematch if she could defeat her in Tag Team action, which she did.

                    Bowser Jr.: Winning a tag match with a partner is not the same as winning a single's match. And this won't be any match, but Melee Rules. And we all know what that means.

                    Toadsworth: Indeed, weapons allowed.

                    Bowser Jr.: Allowed? No. They aren't just allowed, they're encouraged and provided!

                    Toadsworth: Zelda wants revenge and unlike in their previous encounter, she knows what Samus is willing to do to win!

                    ***TWILIGHT PRINCESS***

                    :: Zelda walked down the aisle next and looked focused on Samus the entire time. She climbed the ladder, but stopped near the top with Samus standing over her. She could not climb up because Samus would obviously attack her. Eventually the referee pulled her back to her dismay. ::

                    Toadsworth: Samus does not want anything to do with Zelda. Can't blame her for what she did.

                    Bowser Jr.: She already proved her dominance. Samus doesn't have to prove anything anymore. It's in Zelda's court now.

                    Toadsworth: Given a fair match is all she wanted.

                    Bowser Jr.: Fair match that includes weapons...

                    1-Stock Singles Match
                    MELEE RULES(~!)
                    Samus vs. Zelda
                    10-Minute Time Limit

                    Samus extended her hand out and offered the handshake to her opponent. Zelda kicked it away and attacked her to start the match. Zelda crouched near Samus and spun her body around and knock her silly. Zelda then lifted her hand into the air and waved it around and damaged Samus with some magic damage. Before Zelda could continue her assault Samus escaped by doing a backflip in the air by way of her Flip Jump manuever. She landed on her feet and ran towards Zelda and kicked her back. Samus jumped back and aimed her rifle at Zelda before firing Paralyzer. The element bullet made contact with Zelda and stunned her in place. Samus walked in front of her and pulled her arm back and smashed her in the chest with her whip. The attack knocked Zelda flying backwards and off the stage. Samus knew the attack would not TKO her, so she began looking for a weapon and allowed her to recovery at her will.

                    She noticed a Hothead and picked it up. Samus then jumped into the air and tossed the fireball into the central platform where it began circling the stage. Zelda was knocked into the air by the fireball and so she jumped onto one of the tag platforms for safety. Samus stayed on the central platform and looked for another item. After the fireball passed her Zelda took a chance and jumped off the tag platform. She grabbed Samus from behind and tossed her to the side. Zelda then used Transform to turn into Sheik. After she did the Hothead disappeared. Sheik dashed across the stage at lightning-fast speed. Samus jumped onto a tag platform, but Sheik followed and kicked her to the side. Sheik then jumped off the platform and clasped her hands together before knocking Samus off the stage with them.

                    Sheik found a purple item called a Unira and tossed it towards the edge of the stage. Samus used her whip to grab the stage ledge by way of Plasma Wire. She attempted to pull herself up, but the Unira grew spikes and knocked her down. Samus jumped to the side and used Flip Jump to avoid the Unira and land on the stage. She turned her back to Sheik an kicked the item away before turning around. Sheik had been laying in wait and tugged on her Chain, which she had tied around Samus' ankles. She pulled her forward and slammed her into the mat. Sheik jumped into the air and attempted to drive her knees into the fallen Samus, but a Blast Box had appeared and took the blow. Luckily for Sheik it did not. Samus rolled back and blasted the box with her Paralyzer and caused it to explode!

                    The explosion knocked Sheik into the air and she came crashed down in the middle of the stage. A Smash Ball began floating about, which drew Samus' attention. She jumped into the air and used her Plasma Whip to hit it several times, but it did not break. Sheik had recovered at this point and jumped on Samus' head for leverage and smashed the Smash Ball with a kick. She landed on her feet, but Samus grabbed her with her Plasma Whip before she could bother to use it. The whip tugger her in and Samus tossed her into the air. Samus jumped after her and elbowed her in the back to break loose the Smash Ball. Sheik tried to jump after it, but Samus grabbed a hold of her legs and held her in place. A Poison Mushroom fell from the sky and began scrolling across the platform. Samus jumped over it after letting go of Sheik's legs and it caused her to become tiny. Samus landed behind her and clocked her in the back of the head with Plasma Whip for the KO.

                    Winner: Samus @ 4:00
                    :: Samus rolled off the stage and began walking to the back. She stopped at the entrance curtain and looked back at Zelda who was sitting on the edge of the stage holding her head. ::

                    Toadsworth: Zelda looks hurt. She may have a concussion considering the blow she took in chibi-size.

                    ***sWo LOCKEROOM***

                    :: The camera shifted backstage where the sWo were having another meeting. ::

                    Tails: Well, Sonic has been told to go home. I don't know where he is.

                    Knuckles: Yeah well, we gotta focus on these belts.

                    Tails: I know, we haven't lately.

                    Knuckles: Should we be worried?

                    Tails: Seriously? Look who we're fighting. Either the Goofballs or Koopa's. We took the titles from those guys originally and who did we beat to earn the shot? Not to mention they have to win two times tonight to qualify! By time we have the match... there's no way they'll be 100%. It's a cake-walk, but don't take them lightly. Look what happened to Sonic last week...

                    :: Sonic suddenly walked in on them talking. ::

                    Sonic: What are you guys talking about?

                    Tails: Heh heh, nothing much.

                    ::Commercial Break::


                    • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                      Announcer: Every once in a while there comes a time when the Super Smash Bros. need more time to settle their differences. Restricting their actions within the confines of commercialized television just isn't enough. Sometimes their encounters can only be seen in a special environment. That being the SSB Supershow. In the past we witnessed the crowning of our first SSB Champion. We even said good-bye to long-time Nintendo Icon, Mario. The third Supershow will be returning to Pay-Per-View in a manner of weeks. What exciting events will unfold for the show? Will we crown a new SSB Champion? Winners will be crowned and losers lick their wounds. And there's only one place to see it... Starman PPV.

                      :: Lucas is seen prepping for the upcoming match next to Ness. ::

                      Ness: Alright man, this is the biggest match of your life. Not only is this a chance to battle for the title, but all eyes will be on you. You're one of the new guys and you'll be rubbing elbows with the main-eventers. Impress everyone and we could be looking at the next big breakout star. Are you ready?

                      Lucas: Yes!

                      Ness: Good to hear. No one will look down on you if you fail.

                      Lucas: I'm not going to. I'm not so easy. You never beat me.

                      Ness: Heh, and you never beat me either. Go out there and give him hell.

                      :: Lucas began walking to the entrance curtain as Ness watched him leave. ::

                      ***GREEN MISSILE***

                      :: Luigi stepped through the curtain first and began walking down the aisle. He began jumping in place at the bottom of the ramp before climbing onto the stage. ::

                      Toadsworth: We just saw Ness encouraging Lucas on and Luigi is already out here and ready for the match.

                      Bowser Jr.: And here you were questioning his motives. Everything he said was right. He's challenging not just for a shot at the gold, but for a shot at being someone.

                      Toadsworth: Lucas came here to win and make a name for himself. If your main goal isn't to hold the prize, what is?


                      :: Lucas walked out following his theme song and clapped hands with several fans who extended their arms. He climbed up and stood near the edge of the stage and admired the hot crowd. ::

                      Toadsworth: Lucas looks a little nervous out there.

                      Bowser Jr.: It's his first taste of the limelight. It's now or never kid.

                      Toadsworth: He certainly has been on a roll, and caught Luigi's attention. If he wins he truly will be a star to look out for.

                      ***BLUE FALCON***

                      :: Captain Falcon's theme song suddenly played. He stepped through the curtain holding the title and made his way down to commentary. He placed a chair in front of the booth and sat down to get a view of the action. ::

                      1-Stock Singles Match
                      Luigi vs. Lucas
                      10-Minute Time Limit

                      Luigi and Lucas shook hands in good sportsmanship to start out. Luigi turned his back to Lucas and started walking away. Lucas attempted to shove him, but Luigi jumped over it and chopped him in the back of the neck. He landed behind Lucas and grabbed him. He head-butted him twice before tossing him into the air. Luigi jumped towards him and attempted to kick him higher, but Lucas rolled with the attack and crossed his arms to block the shot. Lucas jerked his body towards the ground and rolled backwards. Luigi landed a few seconds later and shot numerous Fireballs at his opponent. Lucas countered by using PSI Magnet to absorb the attack. Luigi ran towards Lucas as he was healing from the attack and sissy-punched him towards the left edge of the stage.

                      Luigi held his arm back and attempted to throw a charged knife-edged chop into Lucas, but the newcomer rolled behind him to avoid it. Lucas grabbed Luigi with his snake pal and tossed him off the stage. He then rolled back and charged PK Freeze to send an ice cloud off the stage towards Luigi. The cloud connected with Luigi and turned him into a block of ice. Luigi began falling down, but he eventually broke free and used Super Jump Punch to lift his body up and grab the ledge. Lucas waited near the edge and when Luigi climbed back up he shot him with PK Fire. The fire knocked Luigi back and caused him to fall back off the stage. Lucas looked to the crowd, who were cheering him on, and decided to not let Luigi recover. He jumped off the stage and attempted to step on Luigi's head to spike him, but he missed. Lucas began falling and so he had to use PK Thunder into his own body to fly back towards the stage.

                      Luigi had already recovered and was standing on the left tag platform. As Lucas fell towards him he bent his neck back and then hit him with a giant head-butt. The attack damaged Lucas badly and knocked him straight up. Lucas flipped his body down and tried to fall softly back to the stage. Luigi jumped into the air after him and attempted to chop Lucas. Lucas kicked towards Luigi and sent him back down towards the platform. Lucas landed hard on his feet and kept on his attack. He jumped behind Luigi and kicked him in the back of the head. The attack knocked Luigi across the stage and almost completely off, but he maintained his balance on the edge.

                      Lucas went running towards him and attempted the same push he tried at the beginning of the match. Luigi saw it coming and jumped into the air and performed Luigi Cylone to spin his body around and knock Lucas into the air. Luigi jumped onto the right tag platform and towards Lucas and performed the Super Jump Punch on Lucas to TKO him for the win.

                      Winner: Luigi @ 3:18
                      :: Luigi had his hands raised in victory as Lucas struggled to climb back on the stage. Captain Falcon left his chair and walked towards Luigi. He pushed Lucas away and got in Luigi's face as he held the title into the air. They traded words that could not be picked up due to Luigi's theme playing over the speakers. Captain Falcon backed up and flipped the title over his shoulder as he left the stage. ::

                      Toadsworth: There you have it. Luigi is the second person to earn 3-points under our new system. Looks like Captain Falcon is ready for the match whenever it happens.

                      Bowser Jr.: I don't know what he said to Luigi, but it probably was something along the lines of "Anytime... Anyplace".

                      Toadsworth: He's been a fighting champion thus far in his reign. But Luigi is at the top of his game right now. It will be a match to look out for, that's for sure.

                      ::Commercial Break::


                      • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                        :: SSB Brawl returns from the break with Raichu standing in a room with the Brawl Logo on the wall. ::

                        Raichu: People have been questioning my sanity as of late. Why am I singling out Donkey Kong? He never did anything to me. Explain your actions. I don't owe anyone an explanation, but I would like to send a message to you Mr. Kong. I can summarize everything in the form of a question. Where have you been the past two months? You see Kong, a lot has happened since you left. Brawl moved on. Your absence did not hinder the show one bit. And yet you come back and expect a hero's welcome. You probably figured you'd come back, extract your revenge on Diddy and then go right back where you left. In the SSB Title Hunt. Right? Since you've been gone a lot of people have stepped up. You think you can just resume everything in your old spot? That's just not possible because you have been passed by. I'm not a selfish guy DK. All I ask is that you know your place. You are at the back of the line as far as the SSB Championship goes. That belt belongs to me. And unless you can prove me otherwise... you are in no position to expect a future title shot. I don't care if you have three points or three hundred... you will never and I mean never touch that belt. You will not touch what is mine. You have two points right now. You need one more to qualify for a shot. Next week... let's have a match. You versus me. It will be then where I crush all your championship contention hopes and bring myself one step closer to taking what is rightfully mine. DK you're used to being the big fish in our pond. You were this big intimidating animal that would defeat anyone who stepped up. You were an animal, no doubt about it. However, that's where you and I differ. You may be an animal... but I'm a monster.

                        :: The camera faded into Raichu's eyes before moving to the battle stage. ::

                        Toadsworth: I got chills. Raichu is possessed.

                        Bowser Jr.: He does make some interesting points. In DK's absence he has been destroying people left and right. He has a right as any to the title.

                        Toadsworth: That match... wow, can't wait. But that's then, right now it's time to focus on our main event. That was our last commercial ladies and gentlement, so we will be with you until we have a winner. We have been given permission with Starman TV to air the match in its entirety should it go over the normal 10-minute match time-allotted.

                        ***FLY LIKE AN EAGLE***

                        :: The Koopa Troopa's stepped through the curtain and began walking towards the ramp when suddenly Wario and Waluigi drove past them on their motorcycles and beat them to the stage for the match. ::

                        Toadsworth: What the heck? That doesn't count as a fall guys.

                        Bowser Jr.: Oh relax, just one-upping them I would think. No reason to waste energy walking to the stage. This is 2/3 Falls, so they need to conserve it.

                        Toadsworth: This match could go up to a half-hour if need be. The winner will accumulate two points and a Tag Team Championship opportunity against Tails & Knuckles, who have got to be watching closely.

                        Bowser Jr.: They both have one point, but the loser goes home with none. They have everything to gain and everything to lose. Let's get it on!

                        2-Stock Tag Team Match
                        The Goofballs vs. The Koopa Troopa's
                        30-Minute Time Limit

                        Wario began the match by jogging towards Koopa Troopa and throwing a shoulder tackle in his direction. Koopa jumped into the air and kicked Wario in the forehead. He did a backflip using the momentum gained from the kick and then dive-bombed Wario in the gut. Koopa landed on his feet and then tripped Wario onto the mat. He reached in and tagged Paratroopa and they began to pound away on Wario. Waluigi left his platform and pulled Koopa away. Waluigi head-butted him before tossing him off the stage. He clipped Paratroopa in the back before placing him on his shoulders. Wario stood up and jumped off the Koopa's tag platform and drilled his head into Paratroopa. Waluigi walked back to his end of the stage and reached for the tag. Wario extended his hand and traded spots with him.

                        Waluigi grabbed Paratroopa and tossed him off the stage. Paratroopa began flapping his wings and started flying back towards the action. Koopa snuck behind Waluigi and kicked him in the back of the head. Waluigi turned around and grabbed him by the throat. Koopa wiggled free and then bit him in the knee. He grabbed his leg in pain as Paratroopa jumped inside his shell and ran into Waluigi. Paratroopa then tagged in Koopa and swapped spots. Waluigi began hopping towards his end, but Koopa grabbed his leg. Waluigi flipped his body around and kicked himself free using the other leg and tagged in Wario. Wario jumped into the match and chopped Koopa in the head. He pulled his arm back and punched Koopa in the head and knocked him across the stage.

                        Koopa tried to reach and tag in his partner as he flew back, but he missed. Koopa managed to grab the ledge and held on, but Wario jumped on his Bike and drove across the stage and over Koopa's hand. When the tire made contact with his fingers on the ledge he was forced to let go and fell to his doom.

                        First Fall: The Goofballs @ 2:34

                        With Koopa out Paratroopa jumped into the match and kicked Wario off the bike. He then lifted it onto his back and began carrying towards the other end of the stage. He tossed it Waluigi, who then caught it himself. Koopa climbed back up during the tossing and then jumped off Paratroopa's shoulders and kicked the bike into Waluigi's face. Wario jumped underneath Koopa and used his Corkscrew manuever to drill his body into him. Paratroopa jumped after his partner and kicked him to their end of the stage. Waluigi climbed back and jumped onto Wario's shoulders as they chased Paratroopa around the stage. Waluigi hopped off his partner's shoulders and stepped on Paratroopa and back to his platform, thus making Paratroopa a standard Koopa Troopa.

                        The real Koopa reached into his shell and pulled out an object. He tossed it to the side and distracted the referee and dove onto the stage and pushed the panicky Paratroopa to his corner. The referee turned around and saw a standard Koopa and didn't notice the switch. Wario slid across the stage and attempted to bump into Koopa, but the turtle jumped over him. Koopa then turned his body upside down and drilled his body into Wario. He damaged him slightly before jumping off and grabbed his legs. Koopa began dragging him towards the edge before tossing him off. Waluigi jumped off his platform and tackled Koopa out of his shell. He began crawling away in his naked form to as to not be damaged by Waluigi. Waluigi picked up the shell and tossed it at him. Koopa jumped over it and the shell made contact with a recovering Wario and knocked him completely out of bounds.

                        Second Fall: The Koopa Troopa's @ 5:58

                        Koopa immediately tagged in his partner as he was now missing his shell and extra weak. Waluigi looked quite angry and jumped into the mix following his partner's KO. Waluigi jumped towards Paratroopa and grabbed him by the neck and tossed him into the air. He jumped up and punched him higher into the air. Waluigi then ran towards Koopa and kicked him off the platform. He went back to Paratroopa, but was met with a series of kicks as the turtle fell from the sky. Wario climbed back onto the stage and was holding onto Koopa's shell. He tossed it at Paratroopa, but he stepped on it and kicked it back. Wario jumped over it and entered the match. The referee attempted to stop him, but he used Waft on him and farted in his face. Wario then ran past him to help his partner.

                        Waluigi held him in place and allowed Wario to Bite Paratroopa several times before spitting him out. Koopa tried to help, but Waluigi kicked him away quite easily. Waluigi and Wario surrounded Paratroopa and began stomping and punching at him in their sandwiched position. Wario walked back to his side and tagged in Waluigi as the ref was recovering from the fart incident. Wario crouched down and spun his body about and knocked Paratroopa off the stage. Paratroopa jumped and extended his hands to reach the ledge. Koopa extended his own arms and helped his buddy up. Waluigi left the platform and tried to push them both off, but Paratroopa ducked and survived the attack. Waluigi fell off as he took the shell-less Koopa Troopa with him.

                        Wario snuck behind Paratroopa and grabbed him by the waist and hip-blocked him to the center of the stage. Wario jumped off the tag platform and attempted to drill his head into Paratroopa, but he moved to the side and went inside his shell. Wario pulled himself up and punched the shell and knocked it across the stage. Paratroopa popped out of the hole and jumped onto the top of the spinning shell. He forced it to go in the opposite direction and began surfing across the main platform towards Wario. Wario jumped over it as they surfed in his direction, but Paratroopa jumped off the shell and kicked Wario in the back of the head and sent him flying off the stage. Wario used Corkscrew to try and jump back on the stage, but he did not make the ledge and was KO'd.

                        Third Fall: The Koopa Troopa's @ 9:21
                        :: Paratroopa climbed down the stage and located his partner. They climbed on the Goofballs' bikes and drove them to the back to celebrate their victory. ::

                        ***END SHOW***


                        • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                          CHARACTER PROFILE: PIT

                          Style: High Flyer
                          Status: Face
                          Debut: 1986
                          Hometown: Angel Land
                          Signature Moves: Cosmic Arrows
                          Notable Feuds: Ness, Diddy Kong

                          Despite being the Captain of Palutena's Army and the leader of her esteemed Royal Bodyguard, Pit is regarded as a "newbie" to the Super Smash World. Pit has remained a forgotten hero, having spent about two decades in seclusion from the Video Game Industry. He was one of the top signings in the early parts of the Fighting Federation. He signed on to prove he still had something to give and to make a name for himself again.

                          Pit has had moderate success and has been on the cusp of a Main Event push for quite some time, but never quite reaching that plateau. Pit can seemingly do it all. His bow allows for long-range attacks, his mastery of hand-to-hand combat from his days in the armed forces combined with his ability to pretty much return from any attack thanks in part to his wings makes Pit possibly one of the most unpredictable members of the Brawl roster. The question remains, does his comeback also include championship gold?

                          Pit can be seen along with other top Nintendo stars in Super Smash Brothers Brawl.


                          • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                            Nice work Ness, I'm loving the Zelda/Samus feud at the moment.

                            I'm getting a little tiresome of having Cpt Falcon as the champion, as great of a champion as he is, I think it's time for a change.

                            Keep up the great work


                            • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                              As always, awesome Brawl! (If ya need some extra characters, Banjo-Kazooie, Plusle and Minun, Mewtwo and Lucario are waiting in the wings )

                              Banner and Avi: Mine


                              • Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                                Quick Results
                                DK & Lucario def. Raichu & Diddy
                                Fox & Kirby def. Metaknight & Ike
                                Samus def. Zelda in a Melee Rules Match
                                Luigi def. Lucas
                                Koopa Troopa's def. The Goofballs in a 2/3 Falls Match


                                Things are heating up in Super Smash Bros. as we head towards Supershow III. After earning 3-points Luigi has cashed in a championship opportunity and it has been signed for the Supershow. What will he do to tide himself over between now and then and will Captain Falcon put any roadblocks in his path to the gold?

                                Speaking of gold, we won't have to wait for the Supershow to see a title match. After winning a grueling 2/3 Falls Match, the Koopa Troopa's have also cashed in their chips for a title match. Unfortunately for the sWo duo they will have to do it earlier then expected as Princess Toadstool has signed it for next week. The Koopa Troopa's have never beaten the sWo duo and they remain as the only team the sneaky turtles have never defeated. Will they go into the Supershow with the gold or will the sWo's deathgrip continue?

                                Raichu made his declaration to destroy DK before the main event and has made it known that he will not allow Kong to challenge for the championship. DK with 2-points needs just one more victory to earn a shot at a later date, but only if he can get through Raichu. Raichu, who has been on a roll as of late is looking to make an example out of DK. The match takes place next week as we enter a Battle of the Bulls of Brawl.

                                Be sure to tune into Brawl next week to see these matches and much more as the road to the Supershow continues.