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Super Smash Bros: Brawl

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    Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

    :: The camera returned from commercial break to the locker room area. The Koopa Troopas were celebrating their win as they were cooling off with towels around their necks. They were confronted by ‘Team Sega’ who had just made it to the back. Knuckles stepped past his friends and got in the face of the lucky duo, but Sonic brought him back with a simple touch of the shoulder. ::

    Sonic: Relax man, these are small fishies. Our priority right now is to preserve ourselves for the ‘big one’, ya know? Don’t waste your time here.

    Tails: Seriously. I’d almost be willing to bet that they couldn’t beat me. Let alone all of us.

    :: DK and Pit walked into the scene and stood next to the Koopas. ::

    DK: Is that right? You guys are real tough when it’s three on one. But what happens when we’re actually facing you? No needles. No sneaking around. Don’t worry, you’ll get yours come the Supershow. As the future SSB Champion I will not allow this kinda crap to happen. Even if you somehow get past Mario, I’ll be waiting. I promise you.

    Tails: This has nothing to do…

    Sonic: Enough Miles. This was expected. Maybe another time Kong, I’m not getting my hands dirty.

    :: Sonic and co. left the area as the camera moved to the announcer’s booth. ::

    Bowser Jr.: Not a warm welcome to the new blood of Smash Bros.

    Toadsworth: Are you kidding me? Did you expect anything different? It’s not as if they were here for the spirit of competition.

    Bowser Jr.: They came here to prove a point. They’ll make enemies, but it might be for the best that they were cut off by DK.

    Toadsworth: Onto some happier news. We are about to have our first semi-final match for the SSB Championship. It will put two of Samus, Bowser and Captain Falcon in battle. Of course they never told us who was involved.

    Bowser Jr.: It’s like getting a toy in the cereal just by pouring a bowl… awesome surprise that you don’t see coming.


    :: Bowser’s theme song hit the speakers. He stepped through the curtain and began walking down the stage with a purpose. He stood up on the platform and threatened the referee who pointed to his shirt as Bowser shrugged his shoulders. The bell sounded as the announcer introduced Bowser. ::

    Toadsworth: Bowser looks focused and ready for battle. Who is his opponent?

    ***BLUE FALCON***

    :: Falcon’s F-Zero racer sped out the curtain and stopped at the edge of the ramp when he climbed out. He saluted to the audience before running down the aisle and climbing the ladder to the platform. ::

    Bowser Jr.: Oh man, a battle between two awesome forces. Bowser destroyed Zelda last week to advance. Falcon has also defeated both Mario Bros. back-to-back. Both technically undefeated, so we’ll see who advances and who loses their streak.

    Bowser vs. Captain Falcon

    Falcon and Bowser started out by tying up in a wrestling grapple. Bowser was clearly the stronger of the two and shoved Falcon away as he rolled across the platform on his back. He pulled himself up to one knee with a look of shock in his eyes. Bowser punched his chest and told him to charge. Falcon complied and came running at him, but Koopa easily swatted him down with a stiff fist to Falcon’s chest. Falcon began crawling away, but Bowser was on his tail and grabbed his leg. Falcon kicked off Bowser with his free leg and jumped to his feet. Falcon ran towards him for a second time and jumped up and kicked Bowser in the back twice before landing on the ground. Falcon brought his arm back and pushed it forward and drove a very stiff elbow into Koopa’s gut and sent him flying off the stage. Bowser jumped forward while flying away and twirling around in a circle using his Whirling Fortress maneuver and landed on the stage.

    Falcon walked towards him and pulled his arm back for another elbow shot. Bowser blocked it and head-butted Falcon back. He stumbled back across the stage as Bowser continued to push him back with several kicks and punches. Bowser pulled his head back and attempted another head-butt, but Falcon rolled to the side. Bowser narrowly missed the official, but got in his face anyway to intimidate him. While their backs were turned Falcon reached off the stage and picked up a Homerun Bat. He tossed it onto the platform and ignored it. Falcon went running towards Koopa and kicked behind his legs to trip him. Falcon jumped into the air and then performed the Falcon Kick to dive down into him. Bowser shoved Falcon away and roared in anger.

    Falcon hid behind the referee and began using him as a shield. He kicked up the bat and caused it to fly into the air. He then shoved the ref into Bowser who then shoved him down. Falcon jumped up and caught the bat. Falcon looked at Bowser and then at the recovering ref and decided to strike the official in the back with it. Falcon then tossed off the bat and taunted Koopa. Bowser blasted a fireball from his mouth and knocked the bat out of Falcon’s hand. He lifted it up and struck Falcon in the forehead with it. The referee wiped his eyes as he laid on his stomach and signaled for the bell after seeing Bowser holding the weapon, assuming he was the one who struck him with it originally.

    Winner: Captain Falcon via DQ
    :: Falcon holds his head and sneaks off the stage. He rushes back to his car as he pointed to his head, signaling he was smart. Bowser began fuming in rage and turned his attention to the ref. He grabbed him by the shirt collar and hoisted him up on his shoulders before falling on his back, crushing him underneath. Bowser then jumped up and landed on the ref to crush him even more. Bowser then saw that the damage was done and Falcon was gone, so he jumped off the stage and headed to the back.

    Bowser Jr.: Falcon advances to the finals! He managed to out-think Bowser.

    Toadsworth: It was clear that Bowser was the better fighter of the two. But Falcon cheated to gain a victory. He brought the bat in the match and even used it against the ref. The ref never saw Bowser hit Falcon with it, not that it was why he was DQ’d in the first place.

    Bowser Jr.: He was caught red-handed and you know it!

    Toadsworth: That’s not really the point. But that also means our other semi-final will put DK against the Samus. I assume it’ll happen next week. We must take a short break, so we’ll be right back after these messages.

    ::Commercial Break::


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      Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

      :: SSB Brawl returned with Wario and Waluigi rushing into Peach’s office. ::

      Wario: We gotta talk.

      Toadstool: About what might I ask? I am a very busy lady, so this had better be good.

      Wario: Fairness. So far we’ve only been in one match here on Brawl.

      Toadstool: And you lost. What’s your point?

      Wario: We want a rematch against those Koopas. And I’ve got another question. There’s an SSB Championship tournament going on now, but there are also plenty of teams fighting as well. Why is it we don’t get a title like the single’s gold?

      Toadstool: That’s where you’re wrong. Next week I will be unveiling the SSB Championship to the public, but also had a secret. This kinda ruins it, but I was gonna debut the new Tag Team Titles as well. I’ll tell you what, you guys might actually get an opportunity to win those titles. I’ll give you a match and if you win, I will grant you your rematch against the Koopas where the winner becomes the Tag Team Champions.

      Wario: Great. That’s just great. Who’s our opponents? Feel sorry for those suckers.

      Toadstool: A brand new team that has just signed a contract with me. But I think it’d be much sweeter if I left it up as a surprise. Don’t want you guys to be prepared. I like surprises and trust me… it’s a big one.

      :: Princess Peach then left her office to the disappointed looks on Wario and Waluigi. ::

      Toadsworth: Wow can you believe that? Tag Team Titles. And we finally get to see the SSB Championship belt.

      Bowser Jr.: Secret team… I wonder what she’d got up her sleeve. She said it would be a real surprise, so it means we won’t see it coming. I hate not knowing!

      Toadsworth: We’ve had Koopas, Fools and Viruses debut in our Tag Division. It could be basically anybody.

      :: A promo video began airing on the main screen. The picture was in black and white and showed the appearance of a round head without any bumps, almost balloon-like. The picture got brighter and the balloon turned from black to yellow until it was finally pink. The balloon-figure turned around and looked into the camera as the text “Kirby is Coming” appeared on the screen. ::

      Toadsworth: “Kirby is Coming” – seems to be the perfect fit here in SSB Brawl.

      ***THUNDER GOD***

      :: Pikachu’s music hit the speakers as he ran out to the stage. He hopped on the platform and called forth thunder from the ceiling. ::


      :: Ness’ music hit next as he stepped through the curtain. He punched his palm and raised his hands into the air as he made his way out. The crowd booed him as he was bad-mouthing all of them during his entrance. ::

      Toadsworth: Seems like it’s main-event time. Ness teams with Pikachu to take on DK and Pit. We have to take our last commercial break for the evening, but we’ll be right back!

      :: Commercial Break::


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        Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

        ***ANGEL’S WINGS***

        :: Pit’s music hit the arena speakers as he floated out on his wings down the aisle. The crowd showed their approval and he agreed with the response by shaking his head up and down. He stopped at the edge of the stage while his opponents begged him to come in. ::

        ***KONGO JUNGLE***

        :: DK made his way out next. He gave Pit a boost and tossed him on the stage before jumping up himself. ::

        Ness & Pikachu vs. Pit & DK

        Ness and Pikachu charged towards Pit and pushed him off the stage before the bell rang to start the match. As DK climbed up they both jumped on his back and began swinging their fists at him. DK powered out and knocked them both flying in opposite directions. Ness made his way to the platform and so Pikachu started out. He started out by kicking at the ground like a bull and charging forward. Pikachu jumped towards DK’s gut and zapped him slightly wth lightning before landing on his feet. He then stepped back before flying forward with a Skull Bash to Kong’s chest. DK still stood on his feet and unfazed by Pikachu’s attacks. Ness tried to run in and help, but Kong swiped him in the face with his arm and knocked him down. DK then lifted up both Pikachu and Ness and forced them to clonk heads. Ness was tossed back to his platform before DK went back to attack Pikachu. Pikachu hit him in the head with his tail before rolling to his corner.

        Ness tossed his hat to the side and demanded to be in the match by extending his arm for a tag. Pit started reaching out as well. DK asked him if he wanted in and he shook his head up and down, and so Kong tagged him in. Pikachu tagged in Ness and the crowd got hot in anticipation. Ness pointed to himself and Pit as if to say “you and me” before rushing back and tagging in Pikachu to the crowd’s disapproval. Pit got in a grapple with Pikachu and slammed him on the mat before Ness ran in and kicked him in the back. DK attempted to help him, but the ref got in his way and prevented it. During the confusion Pikachu held Pit in place as Ness took several shots before hitting him with his bat and sending him across the stage. DK went back to his platform and so the official tried to get Ness back. Pit flew back on the stage and tagged in Kong. The ref turned around and forced DK back as he didn’t see the tag.

        Pikachu zapped lightning on the stage and it nicked Pit in the knee and caused him to fall over. Pikachu punched him in the head and placed him on his shoulders. Ness jumped off his platform in an attempted clothsline, but Pit ducked the attack and Ness flew off the stage. Pikachu attempted to fall back, but Pit broke free and landed on his feet as Pikachu fell down. Pit lunged back and tagged in DK with the referee seeing it this time. The crowd erupted as Kong began knocking Pikachu down every time he sat up. Ness made it back on the stage and was pulled off his platform by DK. Pit dropkicked him back towards his partner. DK wound up and charged his DKO punch. Ness dropped to his knees and rolled off the stage and walked to the back to a round of boos. DK then tagged in Pit and he stood behind Pikachu. When he turned around Pit jumped into the air and performed a hurricanrana on him sending him flying towards DK who connected with the DKO to knock him out-of-bounds.

        Winners: Pit & DK
        :: The ref raised their hands in victory after the bell rung. Donkey Kong began beating his chest and signaling that he was gonna become the champion. ::

        Toadsworth: Pit and DK win. DK has a lot of momentum going into the tournament. He still has to win two more matches to become the champion though.

        Bowser Jr.: DK has been pushing his weight around lately. Showing up and telling off Sonic and now this. He’s a big bully, didn’t even wanna face Ness.

        Toadsworth: Hey it was Ness who was running away. Either way we thank you for joining us tonight and we hope you welcome us into your homes for the Supershow in three weeks. Thank you and good night!

        ***End Show***


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          Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

          Sweetness! Supershow will be roxor!


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            Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

            :: A recap video aired showing the Captain Falcon vs. Bowser semi-final match where Bowser was DQ’d for using a weapon and lost the bout. The usual fireworks and intro video were skipped this week and instead showing a highlight video of Metaknight and his sword-skills in action for his anticipated debut. ::

            Toadsworth: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we would like to thank you for welcoming us into your homes yet again. We are coming to you live from the Colliseum in Rosewood and have a stacked card tonight.

            Bowser Jr.: With the Supershow just two weeks away everyone is just ancy to make those last minute impressions. We do know that Captain Falcon will be in the main event for the SSB Championship, but who will his opponent be?

            Toadsworth: DK takes on Samus in our final championship tournament match to decide the finals. Also Princess Toadstool made an interesting match for the new Tag Championship. The Koopa Troopas have been on a roll lately and will meet the winner of the Goofballs vs. an unknown team tonight.


            :: A strange linear-shaped airship peeked out from the top of the stage curtain. A dark ball appeared on the top and the black cape in the front swung forward and appeared behind the figure in the form of two wings and revealed himself as Metaknight. He jumped off the ship and landed on the stage after numerous acrobatic flips on his fall. ::

            Toadsworth: Finally we get to see this guy. I have heard a lot about Metaknight.

            Bowser Jr.: He says he wants to face the best in the Nintendo Universe. He hand-picked tonight’s opponent, so we’ll see if he truly wants a challenge or simple recognition.

            ***SKY HIGH***

            :: An Arwing appeared above Metaknight’s ship and flew in the arena and made several laps around the base of the stage before flying upside down over the top as Fox McCloud ejected himself and landed on his feet following a parachute drop. ::

            Toadsworth: If this guy isn’t a challenge, I don’t know who is.

            Metaknight vs. Fox McCloud

            Metaknight pointed his yellow sword to the ground and zoomed across the stage in a lightning quick pace. As he made his way towards Fox he pulled his sword back and swung it forward. Fox leaned back and jumped to the side to narrowly avoid the assault. Fox jumped over Metaknight and zoomed to the side himself using the aide of his jetpack. Fox landed on the edge of the stage and hid his blaster rifle behind his leg and shot several laser beam blasts towards Metaknight. Folding his wings over his round body, Metaknight blocked the shots as they bounced off his body. Metaknight then peeked out his cape to judge the blasts and ducked slightly to avoid the attacks as they flew directly over his head. Fox put his gun away and jumped into the air. He charged his jetpack and zoomed towards his opponent in a fiery blast.

            Fox’s burning body touched Metaknight and knocked him backwards. He flew off the stage and started falling underneath the ledge. Metaknight’s left cape-wing zoomed out like a boomerang and caught the stage as he floated near it. He grabbed the stage and pulled himself up to see Fox standing on the side. Fox grabbed the wing before it recovered and elbowed Metaknight in the face. Fox then grabbed him and monkey-flipped Metaknight towards the middle of the stage. Metaknight did a flip in mid-air and performed the Final Cutter move by jumping backwards and slicing his sword into the ground and causes a backlash wave to fly into Fox. The attack hit McCloud in the back and sent him flying off the stage. Metaknight ran towards the edge and hopped off over Fox. He sliced him in the head with his sword and spiked him into the out-of-bounds area for the win.

            Winner: Metaknight
            :: Metaknight flew back on the stage and accepted the ref’s hand raise. Metaknight looked into the crowd to see their approval as they were cheering quite loudly for him. He placed his sword down and flew back towards his ship as it went back inside the curtain. ::

            Toadsworth: Do you believe the hype now? What a performance!

            Bowser Jr.: The guy definitely has some innovative techniques.

            Toadsworth: His cape can reassemble itself sorta like the Viruses body we saw last week. Of course his regeneration is a little slower.

            Bowser Jr.: I look forward to what this guy can bring to the table. Tell them what’s next. Tell em!

            Toadsworth: Big announcement time. Princess Toadstool is going to reveal the championship belts and has some news regarding the Supershow after the break!

            ::Commercial Break::


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              Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

              :: We return from the break with a shot of the backstage area. Metaknight is seen walking around after his debut match prior to the ad. He noticed Donkey Kong and Pit walking past and gathered their attention. ::

              Metaknight: You. What is your name?

              Pit: … Shouldn’t you introduce yourself before asking mine?

              Metaknight: My apologies. I have been studying both of your bodies of work here in Smash Bros. and I will say I have been nothing but impressed. My name is Metaknight and what is yours?

              Pit: My name is Pit. And this is Donkey Kong.

              Metaknight: I am well aware of his accomplishments here. I ask your name because if given another chance to pick my opponents, I want to know exactly who would give me the best competition. It would be an honor to face either of you in a contest.

              :: Diddy Kong who was eavesdropping in on the conversation around the corner walked in and interrupted. ::

              Diddy Kong: You probably wanna know my name too!

              Metaknight: I couldn’t care less.

              :: The three of them then walked away from a disgruntled Diddy. ::

              ***PRETTY IN PINK***

              :: Princess Toadstool’s music hit the speakers and the fans rose to their feet for her arrival. She walked through the curtain carrying two black briefcases as she made her way down. She placed both cases on the table set up on the stage as she requested the mic. ::

              Toadstool: I’d rather not take up too much time here. I feel that the action inside the stage is far more important than anything I have to say, but there are some important things I must discuss. First thing’s first… I want to finally reveal the championship belts that everyone will be fighting for.

              :: Princess Peach opened one of the brief cases and removed two championship belts. ::

              Toadstool: These are the tag titles that teams of two can fight for. Right now I have granted the Koopa Troopa’s the right to fight for them. I don’t see another team worthy and I don’t want to just hand them the gold. But to show that I’m not playing favorites I will have them in a match when I finish.

              :: She then opened the other briefcase and revealed a much larger belt. ::

              Toadstool: This is the Holy Grail of Smash Bros., the SSB Championship belt. At the Supershow Captain Falcon will take on the winner of tonight’s main event to be crowned the new champion of Brawl. But that’s not all. I have several other matches planned for that night. Ness and Pit have been getting on each other’s nerves lately, so I think it is time they finally got it on. Their match will take place at the Supershow, in addition to the match we all wanna see… Team Sega vs. the Mario Bros. Now I don’t wanna waste any more time, so will the Koopa’s please come on down for their match.

              ***FLY LIKE AN EAGLE***

              :: Koopa and Paratroopa came down to the stage as they were dressed to compete. Peach got ready to step down before she brought the mic to them. ::

              Toadstool: I know you guys are of few words, but I want you to pick your opponents. You can face anyone in the back. Who will it be?

              Koopa Troopa: Tails and Knuckles!

              :: Princess Toadstool shook her head and then left the stage. ::

              Bowser Jr.: Are they insane?

              Toadsworth: I think they just want people to take them seriously. Defeating them tonight would be the ultimate proof that they belong and deserve to be Tag Champs.

              Bowser Jr.: Knuckles is a beast. I feel sorry for them.

              Toadsworth: I guess we’ll get this match when we come back!

              ::Commercial Break::


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                Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                Toadsworth: If you’ve just joined us you have chosen the right time to tune in. We are mere seconds away from seeing the first match of Team Sega, where Tails and Knuckles are going to take on the Koopa’s.

                Bowser Jr.: They chose to face them too. So either they have a lot of guts… or a lack of a brain. I’m looking at the latter.


                :: The bitter music of the Sega representatives hit the arena speakers. Knuckles pulled open the curtain followed by Tails as they were greeted with a less-than acceptable response from the live crowd. Sonic was not seen accompanying them as they made their way out to the stage. ::

                Toadsworth: Where’s the leader? Sonic?

                Bowser Jr.: This is a tag match, not a handicap match like at the Supershow. He has no reason to come out. You probably expected him to come out here and cheat or something, eh? Ready to apologize?

                Toadsworth: Not yet…

                The Koopa Troopa’s vs. Knuckles & Tails

                The Koopas performed a set of rock, paper, scissors to decide who would start. Para won with rock over scissors. As he stood outside the tag platform Tails urged Knuckles to allow him inside, he got in Para’s face in a dual of flying animals. Para pulled his arm back and went to try and punch Tails. The fox ducked and then head-butted him in the chin. He then quickly flew to his corner and tagged in Knuckles as he pulled on his cheek and stuck his tongue out at him. Knuckles grabbed Para by the throat and raised him off his feet as he choked the life out of him before eventually dropping him on his back. He pulled his arms back and awaited his recovery in a Wolverine-esque stance. Para hid inside his shell as Knuckles started kicking it as he grew impatient. Para had actually rolled out of his shell and tagged in Koopa.

                Koopa hopped out of his own shell and kicked it across the stage. His green shell rolled into his partner’s red and blasted it into Knuckles' knees. The collision toppled the large echidna down. Koopa tossed Para’s shell back to him and he jumped inside his. Before he could react Knuckles exploded and speared Para out of his shell! He mounted him and started unloading a series of punches, which Koopa desperately tried to block. He picked him up and placed Koopa on his feet. Knuckles then punched him across his cheeks with both hands before clasping them together and giving him an uppercut in the chin. Knuckles pulled both as they started to glow before bringing them towards Koopa’s skull.

                Koopa narrowly dodged the deadly attack and rolled to his partner for the tag. Both Koopa’s stood near Knuckles as he patted his chest. They got a running start and attempted to knock him down, but he grabbed them by their throats. He lifted them off the ground, but they kicked him in the face. Koopa fell down to his back as Para grabbed his legs and swung him into Knuckles. Knuckles flew off the stage, but Tails used his power of flight to bring him back on. Knuckles began beating on the ground before making the tag. Knuckles shoved the referee to the side and went to attack the Koopa’s alongside his partner when both Mario Bros. jumped on the stage and attacked Knuckles.

                Winners: Knuckles & Tails via DQ
                Toadsworth: It’s the Mario Bros.! They’re back!!!

                Bowser Jr.: Look who cheated. They also seem to have given their opponents a huge win.

                Toadsworth: A win’s a win I guess, but they didn’t defeat the Koopa’s. Besides I don’t think they really care.

                :: Mario grabbed the heads of both Tails and Knuckles and clonked them together before tossing them off the stage. Sonic snuck on the stage and was holding a Beam Sword. Luigi pulled it away from him and tossed it to the side. He then peeked to the side and then dove off the stage and took out the recovering Tails and Knuckles. Mario waved at his face and told Sonic to bring it. ::

                Toadsworth: See? Mario ain’t afraid if it’s one-on-one. He’s telling Sonic to finish what’s he’s started. Get on the stage and do it!

                :: Sonic slid backwards and then hopped off the stage to a unison of boos. He looked back at Mario and waved off before walking through the crowd and escaping the confrontation. ::

                Toadsworth: What a coward! Without a surprise attack he’s nothing. Sure he’s big and bad when it comes to sneak attacks, but face-to-face? Forget about it.

                Bowser Jr.: He knows that in a matter of days he will get his hands on Mario. Why spill blood before the big event?

                ::Commercial Break::


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                  Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                  Team Sega vs. The Mario Bros. so soon? This is the biggest feud ever! I'm surprised that it's not gonna be built up more. Hopefully it feels like it's been built up enough for the Supershow. Ness vs. Pit & Falcon vs. DK/Samus (I'm guessing DK) look like they've been built up well, but Sega vs. Bros. seems like it had a slow build at first.


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                    Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                    Team Sega vs. Mario Bros. at the Supershow should be good. I think you should keep the belt on DK for a few PPV's and then let Sonic take it off of him and have Mario chase for the title.



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                      Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                      I have a feeling Mario Brothers/sWo will be more than one show. And of course, there's always the impending possible Luigi heel turn.


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                        Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                        Am i the only one that feels Diddy is not being used correctly?

                        I dont know, maybe its just my liking for Diddy that doesnt accept his attitude.

                        And i think that the Mario bros. vs Sega feud will continue after the supershow, im sure it will not disapoint.

                        And one last thing, Koopa troopas vs sWo match owned.
                        That's all, folks.


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                          Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                          :: SSB Brawl returns from the ad break to Navi, the show’s official backstage analyst. ::

                          Navi: I’m currently standing here with Pit, and I’ve gotta ask you a question. Who do you think is going to end up SSB Champion once the Supershow is all said and done?

                          Pit: I’ve been spending some time with DK lately. He’s taken me under his wing if you will. As much as I think he’s got it in the bag against Captain Falcon, I don’t know if he can even beat Samus. If he gets past her tonight, then I think he’ll have it in the bag. My money’s on the winner of tonight’s main event. I don’t think Falcon has a prayer.

                          And about the annou…

                          :: Navi was interrupted by a screaming sound as she flew out of the way. Ness charged past her and tackled Pit down to the ground. ::

                          Eeeeeeee! Somebody get some help quick! Pit is being assaulted!!!

                          :: Ness wrapped his yo-yo string around his neck and started choking the life out of him. ::

                          Ness: If anyone doesn’t have a prayer, it’s you Pit. Who cares about DK or the title? Your objective is surviving a match with me. I’m a real hero who has saved the planet from Darkness. Unlike you, I’ve actually done something! Stop taking me lightly!!!

                          :: Eventually several officials came onto the scene to break Ness away from Pit. Pit was holding his neck and staring a hole down Ness as he was being helped to his feet. Pit started coughing up blood when he wiped his mouth and went to attack Ness. The security held him restrained to protect him from further damage. Ness laughed and walked away. ::

                          Bowser Jr.: Priorities Kid Icarus. Priorities.

                          Toadsworth: He was attacked without just cause. I can’t wait until they get it on at the Supershow. Should be a sight to see.

                          Bowser Jr.: Ness can use that yo-yo in the match, so you never know. I’m a big a fan of a proper fight as the next guy, but I think Pit is out of his league here.

                          Toadsworth: We’ll see. Last week the Goofball Team of Wario and Waluigi demanded a rematch against the Koopa’s. She declined them, but offered an interesting challenge. If they agreed to face a new team this week, the winner would face the Koopa’s for the new Tag Team Championship belts. I have received word that the title match will in fact take place next week, just seven days before the Supershow. Sounds awesome!

                          Bowser Jr.: Still the question remains, who will their opponents be? Guess we’ll find out in a minute because that match is next!

                          ***DUMB AND DUMBER***

                          :: Both fighters zoomed out of the entrance-way in a Mario Kart and rammed into the stage’s support beam. After recovering from their spill they climbed up on top for their upcoming match. ::

                          Toadsworth: Quite the entrance?

                          Bowser Jr.: Dynamic Entry it was not…

                          ***FIRE EMBLEM***

                          :: Two figures stepped out carrying swords and entered the arena. They pointed their blades at Wario and Waluigi before running towards the stage. ::

                          Toadsworth: I know them. That’s Marth and Roy of Fire Emblem fame. Last I checked they were planning on expanding their Juuken Academy, but I guess they opted for Brawl Contracts? Works for me!

                          Bowser Jr.: Swords? Juuken? FIRE Emblem? This doesn’t bode well for the Goofballs.

                          The Goofballs vs. Marth & Roy

                          Wario grinned eagerly and engaged in combat with Roy. Roy side-stepped Wario’s charge for several feet before crouching down and tripped him down to the mat. Roy still lowered on the canvas brought his blade around and lightly sliced at Wario. This maneuver sent him flying onto his stomach. Roy approached him when Wario patted hit butt and farted in his face. Roy fell over holding his face in disgust as Wario laughed and tagged in Waluigi. Roy stood up to his feet and dashed across the platform at Waluigi. He started to viciously stab him with his blade before grabbed him by the arms and tossing him towards Marth. Marth jumped off his tag platform and sliced Waluigi down towards Roy. Roy extended his blade upwards and drove it straight into Waluigi’s backside with the flames an inferno engulfed inside. Roy jumped off the ground and landed on Marth’s hands. Marth tossed him into the air and when he was near Waluigi, Roy released his Flare Blade maneuver to launch a strong sword swipe in a fiery explosion to knock Waluigi out of bounds.

                          Winners: Marth & Roy
                          Bowser Jr.: Damn, they got smoked.

                          Toadsworth: Nice debut, so I can definitely say they lived up to the hype and Princess was right… we weren’t disappointed. Their Tag Title match should be great.

                          :: Marth and Roy began celebrating down the aisle when Navi came out with her “floating” microphone. ::

                          Navi: Congratulations boys on the victory tonight. Next week you will be challenging the impressive Koopa Troopa team for the Tag Team Championship. Thoughts?

                          Roy: We came to SSB Brawl to do what we do best and that’s fight. Never did I expect to achieve early success, but if it happens… it happens.

                          Marth: No disrespect to our opponents, but we didn’t exactly come here to lose. No hard feelings guys, but we like to consider ourselves beyond the opposition you’ve been facing so far. We’re used to battling for our lives, so this is going to be a cakewalk. See ya next week!

                          Navi: Well there you have it. These knights seem confident in their skills. Will they win the titles though?

                          Toadsworth: Doesn’t look like they lack any confidence. But considering their performance tonight, I can see why.

                          Bowser Jr.: I personally like it. Their styles are definitely gonna clash next week.

                          Toadsworth: Coming up next is our main event, which will decide the person to face Captain Falcon for the title at the Supershow. Will it be Samus Aran or Donkey Kong?

                          ::Commercial Break::


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                            Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                            Toadsworth: I hope everyone is comfortable because that was our last commercial break. We’re sticking with Starman TV until we have a winner. During the break Princess Peach informed us that this match would be contested under “Melee Rules”, which as we all know means no disqualification and weapons are provided. Last week when Captain Falcon cheated to defeat Bowser must’ve been the reason.

                            Bowser Jr.: Can’t really complain though. This isn’t ballroom dancing after all. But if Samus was my partner…

                            Toadsworth: Easy there killa…

                            ***BLUE FALCON***

                            Toadsworth: The hell? Why is Falcon’s music playing?

                            :: Captain Falcon’s theme played on the speakers as he made his way out to the stage. He was recklessly looking over his shoulder as he made his way past the stage and over to the announce booth. ::

                            Bowser Jr.: Stand up idiot, we’ve got a guest!

                            Toadsworth: Eh?

                            :: Bowser Jr. extended his hand and welcomed Captain Falcon to the stage. Toadsworth offered his hand, but it was ignored. ::

                            Bowser Jr.: Hafta excuse Toadsworth here. He has no class.

                            C. Falcon: Oh yes I understand, I’ve raced with Toads before. Quite the rude bunch.

                            Bowser Jr.: Tell me about it. What brings you out here champ? Or is that too premature?

                            Toadsworth: Butt kisser, much?

                            C. Falcon: Basically I’m out here to scout my competition. I’ll be facing one of these guys for the title, and what better way to study them then right up close and personal?

                            Toadsworth: Do you have a preference Falcon? Who you’d face at the Supershow?

                            Bowser Jr.: Toadsworth! Only his close and personal friends can call him “Falcon”. Sheesh!

                            C. Falcon: To be honest I don’t really care. This match is kinda funny really. There’s not gonna be a winner because whoever gets the victory is just gonna lose and be embarrassed on national television when I beat their ass anyway.

                            Toadsworth: Remains to be seen. DK has been on fire lately and you sir haven’t exactly beaten your foes without outside help.

                            C. Falcon: Absurd! I defeated Mario under Melee Rules. No disqualification. It’s not my fault he had issues with Sonic. Same with Luigi, who was feeling under the weather ha ha. And Bowser? I out-“foxed” him.

                            ***KONGO BONGO***

                            :: DK’s music hit the speakers shortly after Falcon’s chat at the booth and he made his way down the ramp. He headed to the table and started running his mouth at Falcon. ::

                            C. Falcon: Yeah just keep walking ape. Who does he think he is? I’m in the finals… you’re not here yet.

                            Toadsworth: Look a little worried Captain.

                            C. Falcon: Worried? Everyone knows the Falcon Punch smokes his DKO. I got the speed and the agility to take him on. I don’t even think his one attribute, strength, is all that great. I’m pretty built myself.

                            Toadsworth: I’m not denying you’re athletic ability, but DK is a monster.

                            ***INNER UNIVERSE***

                            :: Samus’ theme hit next as she strolled out wearing her Zero-Suit. She jogged to the stage and pulled herself on top of the platform using her Grapple Beam as the bell sounded for the match. ::

                            SSB CHAMPIONSHIP SEMI-FINALS
                            Melee Rules
                            Donkey Kong vs. Samus Aran

                            Samus started the bout by charging towards DK, but he crouched down and swiped at the bits to force her back. With DK’s giant swiping hand she was unable to make a striking attack. Samus began charging her Charge Beam through her rifle. She blasted out her attack, but DK soundly jumped over it. He landed on the stage and reached over for a falling item, but Samus used her Grapple Beam to snag it away from him. She tossed the capsule into DK and it bounced off his chest and landed near her. She picked up what came out and tossed it down. The item happened to be a pokeball and it opened up as a Charizard escaped. He started dashing his head to the side and breathing fire. Samus stood in the middle of the flames and once again charged her energy beam. DK ignored her protection and jumped over them both and then stepped on Samus before being knocked back from the Charizard.

                            Samus was knocked for a loop after seeing DK put his body at risk just to mount some offense. Samus launched her energy beam at about 65% and connected it into DK’s back. He was knocked for a loop and ejected off the stage. DK quickly spun his body around like a helicopter to land near the stage. Samus stood at DK’s feet and rolled under him in her Morph Ball form. As she was underneath his legs she rose up and struck him with her Screw Attack as she spun her body around. After landing on the platform she grabbed DK with her Grapple Beam and flung him off the right side of the stage. She jumped off the stage to try and knock DK completely away, but she missed her attack and used her Screw Attack to land back on.

                            DK grabbed the stage ledge after Samus dodged his body and pulled himself back up. Both Samus and DK then started charging their finishers. Samus ran to the side and blasted it towards DK, but he punched the beam with his DKO move. His punch fizzled out the energy beam, but he was stunned for a second. Samus ran to the side of the stage and picked up a Beam Sword. She ran towards DK and stabbed him in the gut. DK flinched at the assault and fell down to his knees. Samus went to swipe him again, but DK grabbed her by the throat. She dropped the sword and went limp. DK placed her on his shoulders and tossed her body aside.

                            Samus bounced into the air and she shot her Grapple Beam at the sword. DK grabbed the beam and pulled it towards him. Samus went flying and he clotheslined her. Her body spun around several times before she fell on her face. DK stood near her fallen body and hit her with a Headbutt which embedded her in the mat. DK ran towards the sword and tossed it at Samus. It clonked her in the head and sent her flying off the stage. DK picked up a nearby crate and walked towards the edge of the stage. Samus attempted to jump back up, but DK tossed the crate into her to knock her back. DK then jumped of the stage in one final leap and punched Samus down to eliminate her.

                            Winner: Donkey Kong
                            C. Falcon: Well that’s that. I guess I should greet my opposition.

                            Toadsworth: Hey where are you going?

                            :: Falcon left the booth after removing the headset and climbed on the stage as DK was celebrating his victory. Falcon started a solo clap as a sarcastic gesture to him. DK’s music stopped playing as the crowd looked onto their confrontation. Falcon got in DK’s face and extended his arm forward for a handshake. DK looked puzzled and stared into the crowd. He turned his head to the side and shrugged his shoulders before agreeing to the handshake. Falcon pulled his shoulder close so that he and DK were face-to-face. DK then tried to walk away, but Falcon refused to let go of his hand. ::

                            Bowser Jr.: Oh man! It’s on.

                            Toadsworth: I knew he was up to something.

                            :: DK broke free of Falcon’s hold and looked defensive. Falcon raised his arms and backed up slightly. DK slowly turned his back to Falcon and started heading off the stage. He quickly turned around and stuck up his foot and kicked Falcon in the face as he charged towards him. DK began winding up his fist and stalked Falcon as he struggled to his feet. Before DK could release his finisher Falcon rolled off the stage to a round of boos. Falcon walked towards the entrance backwards as he pointed to his wrist, signaling time was running out. The camera zoomed in on DK as he looked pissed and smirked a bit before the screen closed to black. ::

                            ***End Show***


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                              Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                              Supershow: In two weeks! WHOO!!


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                                Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                                :: The SSB intro video played over the big screen as the crowd rose to their feet. The lights appeared around the stage and the entrance ramp to start the show. ::

                                Toadsworth: We are coming to you live from chilly waters of Frappe Snowland and we are just seven days away from the Supershow.

                                Bowser Jr.: Next week is our big event, which means this will be our final show without a champion. We will be crowning a set tonight with our Tag Title match.

                                Toadsworth: Koopa Troopas vs. Marth & Roy, but that’s later tonight.


                                :: Metaknight’s music hit to a sound ovation from the crowd. His winged cape spread out as he flew off his ship onto the battle stage. The bell sounded as he prepared for his match. ::

                                Toadsworth: Last week we saw the fighting debut of one, Metaknight. He was impressive nonetheless showing knowledge in hand-to-hand combat and flight.

                                Bowser Jr.: Beginner’s luck is what I’d call it. He got lucky. We’ll see how he does this week. If he can win again, I might think about giving him credit.

                                ***STREET FIGHTER***

                                :: Sakura walked through the curtain and patted her fists together through her gloves and ran down the aisle. ::

                                Toadsworth: We saw this young lady a few weeks ago in our championship tournament. She lost in the opening round to Samus. She must be looking to regain her status, but it won’t be easy against Metaknight.

                                Metaknight vs. Sakura Kasugano

                                Sakura started the match by doing some leg stretching. Metaknight wasted little time when he dashed across the stage after her and swung his blade towards her neck. Sakura jumped to the side and pushed off his blade and flew back. She was floating back as her headband ribbon flowed behind her. She landed on the stage behind her opponent and did a premature victory pose. Metaknight resumed his attack and this time swung his blade at the opposite angle. Sakura tried to press off the dull side of his sword with her fighting gloves and shoved him back. Metaknight swung backhandedly to try and slice her in the face, but Sakura ducked and using his hands to balance on the stage kicked him into the air. While he was airborne Sakura jumped up and performed her mentor’s Tatsimaki Senpuukyaku maneuver, which resulted in her spinning with her leg extended forward for a quick combo. The crowd noticed the homage to Ryu and applauded.

                                Sakura landed on the soles of her feet and continued her attack with Metaknight still knocked around in the air. She floated up in a blazing uppercut in the means of her Shoryuken attack. The contact cracked Metaknight’s helmet slightly as he floated off the stage. Metaknight knocked off one of his cape wings and tossed it to the stage platform. As he was jerked back due to the “rope” Sakura grabbed the wing and pulled it back on the stage. As Metaknight went flying towards her she tried to finish him off with another Shoryuken, but he blocked it. Sakura pulled her arms towards the side and shouted Hadoken as she blasted a white fireball towards Metaknight. He jumped into the air and sliced at the ground to send a beam of energy in the form of Final Cutter to nullify the attack.

                                Sakura grew frustrated and lost her composure by rushing towards Metaknight and executing a series of punches and kicks. Metaknight used his blade’s edge to block each attack. Sakura brought up her knee, but Metaknight grabbed her in an awkward hug and flipped her onto the platform. Sakura bounced off the hard surface and rolled towards the edge of the stage. She pulled herself up and told Metaknight to bring it. Metaknight ran towards her and dove into the ground as his body was engulfed in flames as he slid towards her like a fireball. Sakura jumped over him, but he was playing possum and recovered from his fireball state and grabbed her ankles and yanked her off the stage. She was jerked for a loop and was quite far from the stage by time she tried to use her Shoryuken move to reach the stage. After falling short of the platform she fell completely out to secure Metaknight’s second victory.

                                Winner: Metaknight
                                :: Metaknight requested a microphone after the match and addressed the backstage area. ::

                                Metaknight: I applaud your effort Sakura, you gave me quite a struggle. So far I have had two excellent matches here in SSB. However, I want to have something more epic. A battle. Next week for the Supershow… I am holding an open challenge. Anyone else who feels the same as me, someone who is looking for a battle is welcome to show up and accept my challenge. I don’t care who it is, so long as they have the desire to be pushed to their limits. I look forward to anyone willing to try.

                                Bowser Jr.: So now he’s so full of himself that he’s classifying his own fights? This guy…

                                Toadsworth: He’s making a challenge, I see nothing wrong with that. Why don’t you take him up on his offer if you think he’s so full of it.

                                Bowser Jr.: Yeah, maybe some other time…

                                Toadsworth: I have just been informed that our main event for next week is going to be finalized in a contract signing between Falcon and DK. And that’s next!

                                ::Commercial Break::