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Super Smash Bros: Brawl

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    Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

    Good Show, I like how Paratroopa & Koopa Troopa are in this one. (I don't think they were in the other one) and Ness being a heel is awesome.

    and Ha~! I know who those two cloaked figures are


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      Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

      Mario losing???

      Roy better be on this
      That's all, folks.


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        Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

        Wow, Mario lost.


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          Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

          Originally posted by SSB Brawl Recap
          The debut broadcast of Super Smash Bros. Brawl started off with a bang. Challenges were made, feuds were established and blood was spilled. Peach announced a company-wide tournament to determine the SSB Champion. Among the 8 finalists in the tourney, two of the four first round matches took place. DK advanced with a victory over Ness and in the main event Captain Falcon defeated the favorite in Mario thanks to help from some unknown cloaked figures.

          Match Results
          Pit def. Pikachu
          DK def. Ness in a Round I SSB Bout
          Koopa Troopa & Paratroopa def. Wario & Waluigi
          C. Falcon def. Mario in a Round I SSB Bout
          Originally posted by SSB Brawl Preview
          Coming off the heels of the debut show brings us the next round of Round I matches for the SSB Championship. Samus proclaimed she would be gunning for the title, so she is expected to participate. The other 3 fighters have yet to be revealed. Pit "Kid Icarus" is the talk of the town. Coming off his big victory how will he continue his path of success? Was it beginner's luck or is he for real? Diddy Kong requested a job with the General Manager Peach during the original broadcast. Giving him a chance he was granted a 'try out' match. Who will his opponent be? Also who are these mystery men that attacked Mario? How is he going to react to his loss? Is Mario in any state to appear? Tune in next SSB Brawl for all this and more!
          Show Two Expected Match-Ups
          Diddy Kong vs. ????
          Samus vs. ???? in a Round I Bout
          ???? vs. ???? in a Round I Bout

          ***Thanks for the feedback guys. I hope you continue to read***


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            Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

            :: The original theme music to the cult classic Super Smash Bros. music played over the speakers. A video plays showing the evolution of the various Nintendo consoles all the way until the Gamecube. What appears to be a memory card is ejected and it forms itself into a Wiimote. The Wiimote slashes at the screen and it goes black. The screen showed a video clip from last week's main event where Mario lost to Captain Falcon at the hands of masked individuals. ::

            Toadsworth: Welcome to Smash Bros. Brawl folks, we are coming to you live from Cerulean City emitting from the Kanto Arena.

            Bowser Jr.: And what a night it's sure to be. We will be finishing Round I of our SSB Championship tournament. It's been kinda hush-hush, but word is that Samus and Zelda will be taking part. Two women!

            ***BLUE FALCON***

            :: Captain's Falcon's theme music hit the speakers to the sounds of boos at the hands of the crowd. He appeared through the curtain on foot and raised his eyebrows to the audience before walking down the ramp on the stage. He demanded a microphone and raised it to his lips. ::

            Falcon: Mark your calendars. Make a note for future generations. You get to tell your grandkids that you saw the SSB Champion live in-person mere days before he became the biggest superstar in Nintendo History. Following my SPOTLESS victory over Mario...

            :: Falcon pointed to the big screen and showed a replay of his victory, where he clearly edited the scene where obvious interference was dealt to Mario. ::

            Falcon: Mario, the supposed franchise-player, was soundly defeated. Not that anyone should've had any doubts. I've put more energy out for lesser opponents. The question remains... who's next? I have the possibility of facing Donkey Kong or two others. But really it doesn't matter... I can beat anybody in that locker room. There isn't a damn thing you or anyone else can do about it!

            ***GREEN MISSILE***

            :: A remix of the Sewer Level music from Mario Bros. hit the arena and Luigi made his entrance with his own mic in hand as he stopped at the edge of the ramp. ::

            Luigi: Blah blah blah, Falcon would you please shut up! You didn't beat Mario on your own. But you bring up an interesting point. You said you could beat anybody. I haven't had a match yet, so how about you put your money where your mouth is and we go at it? Whatta say? Luigi vs. Falcon right here... right now!

            :: The crowd agrees with Luigi's proposal as he shakes his head in approval to their reaction. ::

            Falcon: Ya know I'd love to fight you and whip your ass... just not tonight. A match involving your future champion demands prestige and hype. Not to mention it certain makes for an important atmosphere. It deserves the main event, but why soil my legacy by performing in a crap town like this?

            :: The crowd hisses at Falcon's remarks and begins shouting a 'you suck' chant at him. ::

            Luigi: It's a shame really. I just had a talk with Princess Toadstool and she agrees with me. That say if you don't face me tonight... you will forfeit your place in the tournament...

            Falcon: She can't do that! Fine. Have it your way. Tonight it will be CAPTAIN DOUGLAS JAY FALCON vs. ... Luigi.

            :: Luigi's music hit and he shook his head up and down in approval, setting up his match-up later tonight with Falcon. A video of Diddy Kong pleading for a job with Brawl was shown with Peach stating he would get his try-out match the following week. The camera then showed Diddy Kong stretching in the back before his theme song hit. ::

            ***APE ESCAPE***

            :: Diddy came rushing out the curtain and jumped on the stage as he awaited his opponent. ::

            Toadsworth: Here's Diddy Kong making his debut, but it might be short lived if he doesn't win.

            Bowser Jr.: Diddy Kong is DK's superior newphew, so of course he'll win.

            Toadsworth: Remains to be seen, but we don't know WHO his opponent for tonight even is. I guess we'll find out next.

            ::Commercial Break::


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              Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

              ***RAINBOW ROAD***

              :: The tune from Super Mario World 2 hits the PA system as Yoshi steps forward, revealing himself as Diddy's opponent. ::

              Diddy Kong vs. Yoshi
              Diddy's Try-Out Match

              As Yoshi crawled on the stage Diddy Kong went on the attack and dropped an elbow into his back. Diddy then stood up and jumped up and down in celebration. He turned around to see Yoshi standing. Diddy stepped back and begged off him a bit. Diddy then threw a punch, but Yoshi blocked it and tossed one of his own. He began punching Diddy across the stage and then pushed him near the edge. Diddy wiggled his body to maintain balance, but he was sucked in by Yoshi who used his tongue to eat him. Yoshi began chewing on Diddy before spewing him off the stage. Diddy tossed his hat and it landed on Yoshi's eyes. Being unable to counter-attack Diddy flipped his body around and grabbed a hold of the stage's edge. He pulled himself up and grabbed his hat away from Yoshi. Yoshi wiped his eyes punched his palm showing that he was prepared.

              Diddy bent over and smacked his butt at Yoshi. Yoshi started chasing him and Diddy began running away on the stage. He reached into his shirt and pulled out a banana and dropped it behind himself. Yoshi stepped over the peel and started losing his balance. Diddy turned around and jumped into the air and hit Yoshi with a spinning kick. Yoshi went flying back off the stage, but using his feet he jumped back towards the stage. Diddy grabbed a tennis racket and pulled it back slightly and swung at the air mysteriously. Suddenly a rocket appeared below his feet and it zoomed into Yoshi and smashed into him and knocked him off the stage.

              Winner: Diddy Kong
              :: Diddy rolled off the stage and climbed down the ladder. He began shaking his head up and down as he made his way down the ramp. He stopped at the curtain and turned around to see Yoshi holding his neck and looked a little disappointed at his performance. Diddy looked at him and smirked before shrugging his shoulders into the air, showing a "meh" expression. ::

              Bowser Jr.: Told ya. Diddy is going places.

              Toadsworth: Perhaps this was just begninner's luck. After all, winning one match is nothing that out of the blue. I do remember a certain someone saying that last week.

              Bowser Jr.: I get what you're saying. Diddy vs. that un-named loser... the result is the same. Diddy is the winner. Jump on the bandwagon.

              Toadsworth: Maybe some other time. Right now we're being sent to our colleague Navi.


              :: The camera shows a tiny little dot zooming around the locker room area as a microphone seems to float next to it. ::

              Navi: Right now I'm standing by with Pit, who is currently undefeated in SSB Brawl. So tell us Pit, how does it feel?

              Pit: I tell ya it feels great. I know there's plenty of veterans in the back and it makes me feel a little nervous. But I know what I'm here to do and so far I'm really enjoying myself. I can't wait for my next match.

              Ness: Next match? Who cares about your next match?

              :: Ness joined the interview after pushing Navi aside. ::

              Pit: Who cares? I care. Unlike you Ness... I have actual won.

              Ness: That so? Maybe you'd like to see what you can do with a real star. Like me.

              Pit: A match? Hell yes. Let's do it. Right now.

              Ness: I would, but there's something I have to do first.

              Pit: What's that?

              :: Suddenly a crash was heard as Pit fell down. Pikachu had kicked him in the back and sent him falling. Pikachu then lifted Pit up and held him restrained as Ness clocked him in the gut a few times. ::

              Ness: Getting my partner ready of course. Your match is a tag team match against me and Pikachu. Good luck finding a partner, kid.

              ::Commercial Break::
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                Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                :: Metaknight appeared on the screen practicing swinging his sword before turning around to face the screen. ::

                Metaknight: I watched last week's broadcast in preparation for my debut. I saw many fighters who could challenge me. But I also saw a lot of deceit and betrayal. I had no idea there were those on this side of the galaxy with such low morals. I like it. My only regret is that I cannot make a proper entrance. In doing so I must have someone of my calibre to face off against. So far I have not found the proper adversary. But soon I shall debut and show the commoners among this community what it means to be a man of honor. I am Metaknight and my craving is elite competition. ::

                Toadsworth: Wow. We heard from Metaknight last week and now this week. He says he's looking for competition, well he's in the right place.

                Bowser Jr.: But I think that mask is cutting off the circulation to his brain. He claimed there is no one on his level. Look at who we've seen thus far. I think he needs to just end the hype and show us what he can do.

                Toadsworth: He'll make his debut when he's ready I suppose. I am definitley gonna look forward to it.

                ***TWILIGHT PRINCESS***

                :: A heavenly tune hit the sound system as three chimes sounded. Princess Zelda floated from the air and appeared in the center of the battle stage. ::

                Bowser Jr.: What is this? Princess Zelda is ready for a match.

                Toadsworth: She is participating in one of our two round I tournament matches. I have no clue who her opponent is.

                Bowser Jr.: Hmph, I have a pretty good idea... heh heh heh.

                Toadsworth: Ehhh? That's creepy... but what do you mean? Know something I don't?

                ***HEAVY VIOLENCE***

                :: Fire and lightning was heard in the background as suddenly some loud rock music played on the PA system. A scaly claw peeked through the middle of the curtain and pulled them apart and a spikey creature lurked from the shadow. When the camera panned to the beast the light went to his face and revealed his identity: Bowser. ::

                Toadsworth: Oh my God. It's King Koopa himself. He's in SSB?

                Bowser Jr.: You don't sound too pleased. He told me himself that this was the beginning of a new era in the Koopa Clan.

                Toadsworth: New era?

                Bowser Jr.: When was the last time my father was taken seriously as a main villain? Throughout the years he has been portrayed as this untrue baddie who serves as comic relief. I remember when he was last seen as a threat... maybe the Mario 3. But that adventure wasn't even about him. It was about those illigitimate children that a paternity test has yet to prove their status in the Koopa Klan. Either way it's been far too long since he was viewed as the true heir to evil that he was destined to be.

                Toadsworth: What are you getting at? I don't understand what you're telling me.

                Bowser Jr.: Basically Lord Bowser has come to SSB to remind everyone who he is and what he is capable. No longer will he be the secondary bad guy to a "stronger" force. This may be a shot at the title, but I think Dad just wants to inflict pain and punishment to as many souls as possible. Just be glad you're on this side of the announce table.

                :: Bowser mythotically walked down the ramp until he reached the stage. He dug his claws into the bars and climbed up like King Kong once did to the Empire State Building. Bowser jumped on top and caused the entire stage to rumble at his arrival. The ref signaled for the bell as Bowser roared. ::

                Zelda vs. Bowser

                Zelda panted a little put then extended her arms forward. She blasted out a flame and launched an attack towards Bowser in the form of Din's Fire. It charred him the face and blinded him in the face. Zelda charged forward and jumped ahead to punch him in the face. She pulled her arm back and struck again across his face before stepped to the side and driving his elbow into his gut. Bowser was unfazed and placed him palm over her face and shoved her back. Zelda fell back and landed near the center of the stage. Koopa ran down the stage and dove onto his stomach and slid across. He lowered his head and used his horns to knock Zelda high into the air. Bowser rose to his feet and caught zelda on his shoulders before falling back and driving his spikes into her. Bowser stood up and lifted Zelda up by the arms and dragged her across the stage. He set Zelda up on her feet and grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. Bowser lifted up his elbow and bashed it in her head. With Zelda on dream's streak Bowser pulled his head back and butted his horns into Zelda's body and launched her clear across the stage in record time.

                Winner: Bowser
                Bowser Jr.: Zelda got owned.

                Toadsworth: This was a mismatch from the start. Oh no, he's not done!

                :: Bowser lifted Zelda by the neck and tossed her off the stage. He hopped off the stage and crashed onto the ramp. He stomped his way back to the locker room as his slick hair flowed back. He flicked his claws across his scalp and smirked before disappearing through the curtain. ::

                ::Commercial Break::
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                  Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                  :: SSB Brawl returns from the break as a video of Bowser's domination over Zelda prior to the commercial break airs. The camera then zoomed to Peach's Office, marking her first appearance since the show began. ::

                  Peach: Yes, yes do come in.

                  Ness: You rang?

                  Peach: Who do you think you are? Since when did you have the authority to make matches?

                  Ness: I just...

                  Peach: You just nothing. You don't decide the card, I do. Your proposed tag match will not happen tonight. But since you're so ancy to fight Pit, I will grant you your wish. Next week the match happens. But I will pick his partner.

                  Ness: Sounds good to me.

                  Peach: Just one thing. His partner will be... Donkey Kong.

                  : Ness' eyes then opened wide as he stormed out of the room. ::

                  Toadsworth: I guess that makes it official. Next week it'll be Pit and DK to face Ness and Pikachu. Ness is going to have his work cut out for him.

                  Bowser Jr.: Peach is throwing her weight around again. She knows Ness was having issues with DK and she does this?

                  Toadsworth: Maybe Ness shouldn't have attacked Pit in the first place. Just a thought.

                  :: The camera leaves the announce table and takes us backstage to Luigi's locker room where he was pacing back and forth as he was on his cell phone. He was having bad reception so he walked out into the hallway. ::

                  Luigi: I can't seem to hear you, but don't worry about that tonight. I'm facing Captain Falcon in a few and I've got to get ready. This reception is awful, let me check my pocket for my charger.

                  :: Luigi set the cell phone on a nearby counter and began rummaging through his pants pocket. The lights went dim and a black glove slid on his shoulder and lightly touched him. He turned around to check on it and he saw nothing in the unlit area. He turned back around and went to get his phone when he yelled in pain and collapsed to the ground. The lights flickered back on and showed one of the cloaked figures kneeling over Luigi and holding a needle in his hand. The unknown assailant stood up and splashed Luigi in the face with water before disappearing from the scene. Luigi started to wake up and wiped his eyes as he felt exhausted from whatever had transpired in the dark. ::

                  Luigi: Huh? The he-

                  :: The camera left Luigi and went to the battle stage. The announcer gathered our attention by introducing the following match as the final first round match in determining our new SSB Champion. ::

                  ***INNER UNIVERSE***

                  :: An instrumental version of Origa's hit single hits the speakers. Samus Aran jumped through the curtain wearing her skin-tight Zero Suit, which the audience took appreciation for with their cheers and whistles. Samus smiled and jogged down to the stage and climbed on top before pointing a blaster at the crowd. ::

                  Toadsworth: Here's Samus. We heard from her last week and she's looking to win the title.

                  Bowser Jr.: Samus stole the 'show' at the Press Conference, so everybody is looking forward to what she can do. Interestingly enough she has abandoned her Chozo Suit. She's more mobile now sure, but that Charge Cannon sure helped her fight Metroids.

                  Toadsworth: Samus knows what she's doing, but who is her opponent?

                  ***STREET FIGHTER***

                  :: An oriental battle tune was heard. A short-haired female peeked her head through the curtain and then jumped out. She appeared wearing a traditional Japanese schoolgirl fuku uniform. She had a white headband wrapped over her forehead along with red gloves. She climbed on top of the stage and posed to the crowd and gave the peace sign as the usual notion of victory before stretching her leg muscles. ::

                  Toadsworth: Who is this girl?

                  Bowser Jr.: Her name is Sakura and she is from Street Fighter. I'm glad she decided to wear that uniform. God bless my job.

                  Toadsworth: I couldn't agree more.

                  Bowser Jr.: Stop, stop talking creepy old man!

                  Toadsworth: I guess I walked into that one. Here we go, the match is gonna start!

                  Samus Aran vs. Sakura Kasugano

                  Sakura extended her hand forward for a friendly handshake. Samus accepted her gesture and then quickly leaped back, anticipating a sneak attack. Samus pointed her blaster rifle at Sakura's feet and blasted a laser to the ground. Sakura backflipped away and avoided the attack. Sakura smirked and then ran forward. Samus shot several beams towards her. Sakura zigzagged side-to-side and jumped towards Samus. Samus stepped back as Sakura threw several punches at her. Sakura then jumped into the air and spun around and kicked Samus' rifle out of her hands. As she was stunned Sakura leapt towards Samus and monkey flipped her towards the center of the stage. Samus landed hard on her back and began holding the small of it. Sakura punched the air and charged after Samus again. She reached near Samus and performed a front kick. Samus turned into her morph ball form and rolled away and reached her blaster. Samus began charging it in the process of her former Charge Beam.

                  Sakura shook her head to the side in disbelief and went running towards Samus. She jumped into the air and performed a flying kick. Samus raised her forearm up and blocked it. Sakura flipped off Samus' forearm and while she was upside down began spinning her body around in a tornado. She knocked Samus back and caused her to dangle on the edge of the stage. Sakura landed on the ground and crouched down before flying into the air in a spinning uppercut as she made contact with Samus' chin and knocked her off the stage using Ryu's famous Shoryuken attack. Samus performed her Screw Attack and leapt back on the platform. Sakura pulled her arms back and attempted to force Samus off the stage. Samus turned into her morph ball and rolled between her feet and appeared at her back. Samus regained her former form and blasted Sakura in the back with her Charge Beam. Sakura yelled in pain and flew off the stage completely.

                  Winner: Samus
                  Toadsworth: There we have it, our final four. Samus, Bowser, DK and Captain Falcon. Quite an elite set of individuals if I do say so myself.

                  Bowser Jr.: Twas a hard-hitting match. Sakura took it to Samus despite only using hand-to-hand combat. It's obvious she's still a kid who doesn't know when to throw punches.

                  Toadsworth: But someone who does know how to throw punches is Luigi. Coming up next will be our main event, Luigi vs. Falcon.

                  Bowser Jr.: But what is Luigi's physical condition. Something happened to him in the backstage area.

                  Toadsworth: I have no idea, but the blame goes soley to that cloaked figure. What vendetta do they have against the Mario Bros.?

                  ::Commercial Break::


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                    Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                    ***BLUE FALCON***

                    :: SSB Brawl returns from the last commercial break to the tune of Captain Falcon's theme as he was already making his way down the aisle for his match. The bell sounded as Falcon began climbing on top. He posed for the fans by arrogantly saluting them. ::

                    Bowser Jr.: Main-event time, Falcon looks cocky as ever. And why shouldn't he?

                    Toadsworth: Because he was too chicken to have this match originally. He was threatened with his spot for the championship, he had no choice. Luigi cannot take his spot in the tourney, but if Falcon won the title and Luigi held a victory over him...

                    ***GREEN MISSILE***

                    :: A few seconds later Luigi stumbles through the curtain barley able to maintain his composure. He holds the back of his neck near his shoulder where he was attacked backstage earlier. ::

                    Captain Falcon vs. Luigi

                    Luigi shook the cobwebs out of his head by smacking himself in the face several times to wake himself up. Falcon came running at him with the start of the match. Luigi dodged several attempted attacks and kept his distance from him. Eventually he began to charge an attack and flew sideways into Falcon using his Green Missile manuever. He caught him in the gut as Falcon hunched over holding his gut. Luigi jumped forward and did a flip as his feet kicked Falcon high into the air. Luigi landed on the ground and jumped back up and spun around and knocked Falcon higher. When Luigi landed on the ground he dropped to his knees and held onto his neck tightly. He fell down to the mat with his face planted in the ground and began riving in pain. Falcon eventually crashed next to him and took a few seconds to recover.

                    He crept near Luigi and crouched down and pressed against the mat with his hands and kicked Luigi away. Luigi was completely helpless and took the move head-on and fell off the stage. He performed his Super Jump Punch to bounce up and land on the stage. Falcon rushed to him and grabbed him under the arms and flipped him onto the mat. Falcon stepped back and performed his Raptor Boost move to slide on the canvas and give Luigi a firey uppercut. Falcon jumped under Luigi and did a flip to kick him higher into the air. Falcon then lunged forward and used his Hyper Jump to springboard towards Luigi. He flew over him however, and helplessly fell down towards the mat. Luigi flipped his body around and gave Falcon a karate chop in the neck as they both fell down.

                    Luigi began shaking his fists in an adrenaline rush and grabbed Falcon by the waist. He headbutted him before tossing him towards the center of the stage. He ran towards him and sissy punched Falcon back. He pulled his arm back and attempted to stab Falcon in the back with a knife-edge chop. Falcon moved to the side and drove his elbow into Luigi before jumping back several times. Luigi flipped around and grabbed a hold of the ledge before picking himself back up. After he landed on the stage he fell to one knee and held his head again. Falcon wasted no time and performed the Falcon Kick as he was standing on the stage and slid across the platform and knocked Luigi off. Luigi simply flipped several times as he fell off the stage without any resistance.

                    Winner: Captain Falcon
                    Bowser Jr.: Falcon wins! Two straight weeks he has dominated the main event. Not only that, but defeating the Mario Bros.? Wow.

                    Toadsworth: He needed help both instances. With Luigi...

                    Bowser Jr.: Don't assume. We don't know if anything really happened to Luigi. Maybe he just admitted defeat and took the easy way out?

                    :: Luigi was leaning against the official's side as he was being helped to his feet. The referee signaled for help from the back and waved for someone to come out. Instead of the proper medical assistance the smaller druid flew from the crowd and landed on the stage. He shoved the official back and grabbed Luigi. Luigi shoved him away and fell to his back. The larger druid came out through the curtain and grabbed Luigi from behind and restrained his arms. ::

                    ***DO THE MARIO***

                    :: The crowd erupted when Mario's theme music hit. He stormed from the back and pointed at the attackers before rushing towards the stage. The druid shoved Luigi down and ordered the smaller one to leave. He started floating around the stage as a whirwind near his backside was visibly the cause of his flight. The flying druid tossed a pipe to his partner as he awaited Mario. Luigi grabbed the weapon from the druid in time for Mario to make it and tackle him down to the mat. The smaller one floated back towards the stage and pushed Luigi off before rescuing his partner and flying back towards the ramp. Mario requested a microphone and directed his words at the druids. ::

                    Mario: Damn it get back here. We're gonna settle this right now! You will not attack me and my family and get away with it. Let's do this!

                    :: Mario dropped the mic and signaled for them to come back. Holding onto his leader the small one began floating closer to the stage, but stopped several feet short of the platform. The crowd went berserk as a third druid appeared behind Mario. He was the same size as the leader druid and out through his sleeves appeared white gloves with spikes on the end. He punched Mario in the back with the spike and brought him down to his knees. The two druids began floating towards the stage. ::

                    Toadsworth: This isn't right. Somebody stop this assault.

                    :: Luigi's hand was shown near the edge of the stage as he began climbing back on. Seeing his brother in trouble he attempted to help. The new druid saw him charging at him and jumped over him before gliding towards him and driving both spikey fists into his back. The druid then held Luigi by the arms as the little one flew to him and began attacking him in the chest. The leader druid landed near the center of the stage and stood behind Mario as he was slowly recovering from the punch to the back. He pulled out the needle used on Luigi and drove it into Mario's neck. Mario rived in pain and fell to his back. The druid pulled him to the center of the stage and kneeled over him before grasping his cloaked mask and pulling it off. ::

                    Bowser Jr.: I don't believe this.

                    Toadsworth: That's... that's... he's-

                    :: The camera returned to the stage and the druid's identity was revealed. His body was blue and he had spikey hair. He stood up and showed his face to the crowd and they booed severely when it showed who he was: Sonic the Hedgehog. The other druids removed their masks and showed that they were Tails and Knuckles respectively. The trio still wearing cloaks placed Luigi next to Mario and stood over them with their hands raised into the air. The pro-Nintendo crowd showed their disapproval by booing them out the building. ::

                    Toadsworth: What is going on here? What are they doing attacking our heroes?

                    Bowser Jr.: I like it. You have to admit... they set them up. However, I would like to know why. Why now?

                    Toadsworth: So would I. But we are out of time. Hopefully we find their reason for doing this next week. I'm Toadsworth, for Bowser Jr., we'll see you next week for SSB Brawl here on Starman TV. This sickens me!

                    :: The Sega Trio continues to absorb the fan reaction as the SSB Brawl Logo appears on the screen and we fade to black. ::

                    ***END SHOW***


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                      Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                      The sWo is too sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.


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                        Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                        Best. Fanfic. Ever.


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                          Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                          Quick Results
                          Diddy Kong def. Yoshi
                          Bowser def. Zelda in a SSB Title Tournament Match
                          Samus def. Sakura in a SSB Title Tournament Match
                          C. Falcon def. Luigi

                          Originally posted by SSB Brawl Preview

                          The End of the Mario Bros.?

                          "Team Sega" revealed themselves as the culprits behind the assault on Mario and Luigi the past two weeks. Sonic alongside his pals Tails and Knuckles have arrived officially in SSB Brawl, and have hinted at the destruction of Nintendo's franchise players. Have they finally mixed the right ingredients to do what no other game mascot has managed to do? Are the Mario Bros. in any shape to respond? Will we hear from Team Sega next week?

                          Monster Main Event

                          Ness has been getting under Pit's skin since the debut broadcast. Following an altercation Pikachu proceeded to join forces with Ness to defeat a common enemy. A tag match with a partner of Pit's choosing was prematurely announced. Peach made the match for the following week, but chose Pit's partner and it was none other then the largest force in SSB Brawl: Donkey Kong. Can Pit recover in time and continue his lucky streak or will Ness and Pikachu slay the giant known as Kong?

                          Who Moves Onto the Finals?

                          The semi-finals have been announced for the SSB Championship Tournament. Captain Falcon, Bowser, Samus Aran and DK will compete. One Semi-final match will take place next week. DK is exempt since he will be competiting in another bout, but who will be lucky enough to duke it out? Will Bowser continue his dominance? Does Falcon have a third match in three weeks or will Samus plow through another opponent?

                          Find out the answers to these questions and more next week on SSB Brawl live on Starman TV!


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                            Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                            Sega World Order.

                            4 Life *echoes*


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                              Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                              :: The opening video displayed a scene from last week’s main event. After Captain Falcon was victorious over Luigi the assault at the hands of the druids was shown. It cut to the end with the unmasking of the trio and the revelation that Sonic and friends were behind the whole ordeal. The final scene showed all three standing in unison over the bodies of Mario and Luigi before the SSB Brawl opening video aired. The camera opened with a shot of the crowd before showing a view of the entrance ramp. ::

                              ***FLY LIKE AN EAGLE***

                              :: Koopa and Paratroopa’s music played as they made their way out the curtain. The bell sounded as the announcer introduced them making their way down for the opening tag contest. ::

                              Toadsworth: Welcome to this week’s broadcast ladies and gentleman. No chatter this week, we’re going to start the show off right with a match.

                              Bowser Jr.: Right now you’re looking at the only tag team with a spotless record here on Brawl. On our debut show they defeated those goofballs Wario and Waluigi.

                              Toadsworth: This won’t be the only tag match tonight. Our promised main event will fulfill our projected match last week of Pit and DK against Ness and Pikachu, but that’s later on tonight.

                              ***DOCTOR FEEL-GOOD***

                              :: As a new music score hit the arena speakers the fans stood on their feet to see who was entering. A magnifying glass was lowered and showed the three viruses from Dr. Mario. They were enlarged to regular size and made their way down the aisle. All three of them went past the crowd and slapped hands before making it towards the stage. ::

                              Bowser Jr.: There’s an interesting entrance.

                              Toadsworth: Look at the crowd, some of them are sneezing. I think those viruses gave them colds. Even though they’re a trio, only two of them will be joining in the match. I guess ol ‘red’ is gonna sit this one out.

                              Bowser Jr.: Shame really, he was always my favorite. I usually saved him for last.

                              Koopa Troopas vs. Viruses

                              Koopa Troopa and the Yellow Virus started out the match as their partners made it to their respective corners. Yellow started the match out by diving at Koopa’s legs. Koopa lifted his arm up and elbowed the guy in the top of the head. Koopa then lifted him up by the cheeks and tossed him across the stage. He got a little cocky and started parading around the stage as the Virus collected himself. Yellow grabbed a chunk of his side and pulled it off. He tossed it at Koopa, which caught him in the eyes and began covering his face. As he was struggling to remove the substance, Yellow walked over and tagged in the Blue Virus. Yellow pointed to Koopa Troopa and both ran towards him. Yellow ripped off the substance from his eyes and grabbed his arm and flung him towards his partner. Blue jumped into the air and gave Koopa Troopa a spin kick, which sent him crashing down. The referee then forced Yellow back to his platform.

                              Blue helped Koopa to his feet before slugging him in the head with a stiff forearm shot. Blue stepped back slightly and then lunged forward and gave Koopa a baseball slide which sent him across the stage. He grabbed a hold of the edge and pushed himself up. He turned around and clonked heads with the charging Blue. After a short wait Blue started to make it to his feet and crawled behind Koopa. He tripped him and then scooped his legs and flung him across the stage. Koopa flew towards his corner and managed to tag in his partner Paratroopa. Para flew across the stage and knocked Blue down. He floated behind him and awaited before giving him a kick to the gut, which sent him flying. Blue wripped and then tossed his arm across the stage and tagged in his partner before he was nearly eliminated.

                              The Red Virus then climbed on top of the stage and began waving his arms around. Koopa Troopa grabbed the Blue Virus and dragged him out of bounds. Paratroopa became distracted and started trading words with Red. Yellow stood behind Para and began kicking at the platform, signaling a finishing manuever. Para looked at the corner of his eyes and did a backflip to avoid the kick. Instead Yellow accidentally made contact with his partner-in-crime Red and knocked him down. Yellow looked quite embarrassed and turned around as Paratroopa came flying down towards him and clotheslined him off the stage completely.

                              Winners: Koopa Troopas
                              Toadsworth.: Go ahead and add another victory for this impressive team.

                              Bowser Jr.: I didn’t think it was very sportsman-like to attack the red one though.

                              ::Commercial Break::


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                                Re: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

                                :: SSB Brawl returns from the break with a shot of Metaknight inside the arena. ::

                                Metaknight: Last week I stated that I would not make my debut until I found the right opponent to face me. After looking through the ranks and witnessing a handful of matches I have made my decision. I have found the right opponent to quench my thirst for competition. It begins next week when I face this mystery opponent. I promise to not disappoint. I crave this elite competition and I believe starting next week, I will get my fix.

                                Toadsworth: Man, I cannot wait to see his match.

                                Bowser Jr.: I wonder who his opponent is going to be? What made his decision? A match?


                                :: The start of a song hit the arena speakers after several ring chimes were heard. The audience grew in anticipation for who was coming out. Suddenly a white glove peeked through the curtain and pulled it apart to reveal a combination of three: Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. They walked down the ramp side-by-side as they ignored the fan’s reaction and simply went down to the stage. ::

                                Bowser Jr.: Look who it is.

                                Toadsworth: Them. How dare they show their faces here. They are not welcome as far as I’m concerned.

                                :: Knuckles stood up with his arms crossed as Tails flew off the stage and grabbed a microphone from the announcer before handing it to Sonic. He lifted it to his lips, but the fans continually booed him and prevented his speech. Knuckles grew angry and shouted at the crowd to shut up. They refused to listen and yelled back as Sonic calmed his ‘muscle’ guy down. ::

                                Sonic: Enough. Why Sonic? Why? That’s probably what you’re demanding I answer right now, eh? I don’t owe any of you a response. But let me give you a little history lesson. The year was 1991 and it was the debut of a new character mascot, a new character who would rival the current trend-setter Mario. He had established himself as the icon among video games. No one touched his legacy until I arrived on the scene. I issued a challenge to Nintendo way back when. They declined as a wise choice. After all Sega was always the dominant brand. It’s clear that Nintendo sucks!

                                :: The crowd hissed at their comments. ::

                                Sonic: Hmph hmph, touchy crowd. At the time it didn’t matter to me. Our stock continued to climb. While Nintendo struggled to break free of their mold as a company stuck on Mario, we soared to new heights. We moved beyond video games. Sonic is quite possibly the greatest mascot to be featured in comics and anime itself. Mario has to resort to cheesy sports titles. But it suddenly occurred to me. At the end of the day no matter my success, fans will remember Mario as the top mascot due to his longevity behind a corporate juggernaut.

                                :: Sonic sighed to himself between his words. ::

                                Sonic: That’s where an opportunity struck itself. A lot of you might think I hijacked or invaded Nintendo last month, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Princess Peach gave me a call. She offered me a very exclusive contract to join SSB Brawl. My terms were simple. My best buds were given a job as well, but most importantly Mario had to be a part of it. After being hired I put my plan into motion: a simple reminder to Mario and his brother just who the hell I am and that their days of running things are over!

                                :: A video of the events between the ‘druids’ and Mario aired. ::

                                Sonic: It’s really simple. I wanted to make an impact. We showed the legendary Mario Bros. just how vulnerable they were. And he’s currently in the hospital recovering. Now that I’m here and Mario knows of my motives for joining, what do I want? A chance to settle it all. Something a decade in the making. A match. The dream match. Mario vs. Sonic. So that we can prove once and for all that Sega is better then Nintendo.

                                ***PRETTY IN PINK***

                                :: Princess Peach appeared on the giant screen as she interrupted Sonic. ::

                                Toadstool: I’d like to officially welcome you three to SSB Brawl, but do me a favor… please shut the hell up!

                                :: The crowd agreed with Peach and cheered her on. ::

                                Toadstool: I am going to grant you your wish. However, I think a one-on-one match is just impossible given the best circumstances. At least at this point. Had you come to me and asked, maybe things could be differently. But you guys snuck around and attacked them. I have to take that into consideration and realize that a fair match-up cannot occur. I know Tails and Knuckles will always be on your side, as will Luigi for his brother. So I’ve got an idea. How about a tag match? Team Sonic vs. the Mario Bros. Obviously this cannot happen tonight, but also makes a perfect selling point for the special I am working on.

                                :: The crowd seems confused and Sonic reacts accordingly by shrugging his shoulders. ::

                                Toadstool: In two and a half weeks time SSB Brawl will air for a bonus hour in celebration of our arrival on Starman TV. At the Supershow we will host the finals of the SSB Championship tournament and your sanctioned match will take place. I’m making it a 3-on-2 handicap match to avoid needless cheating on your part and for the simple fact that Mario has requested it. Good day to you gentleman, I look forward to your match at the Supershow.

                                :: Sonic dropped the mic and began huddling alongside his companions following the announcement. ::

                                ::Commercial Break::