Fan Fiction Rules & Guidelines


-There will be no flaming (insulting), spamming (making stupid, inane posts) and flame-baiting (luring someone into flaming you).

-You can't use deceased wrestlers. The only exception to this rule is if you're doing a federation that takes place in the 80s or something similar.

-Keep everything regarding your federation in one thread.

-There are three places where you can advertise a federation: in the thread of that federation, in your signature and in the Fed Thread. Nowhere else, if we find any advertising elsewhere, you will receive a warning for SPAM.

-Don't expect to get reviews from other people if you don't give reviews yourself. If you don't want any feedback to your shows, fine.

-Don't give feedback in the middle of a show. Posting in the middle of a show will result in deletion of your post and a warning for spam.

-You are not expected to leave a full on review of the show (though you can if you like). All you are required to do is to write a few comments with some substance behind them. This in no way shape or form means you can post one line reviews, they will be deleted and warned. So don’t post something like "Wow, great show! 9/10!".

-Even though it is creative writing, due to board rules we cannot allow racial and/or homophobic slurs/insults/etc. in your feds. This type of language will be warned immediately. And please note - racism is an automatic ban.

-Don't get mad when someone rips your show to pieces. Use the criticism in a positive way and use it to increase the quality of your federation. When someone insults you instead of giving good feedback, report that post to the Moderators.

-Don't bump your thread to the top if you've written nothing new in days. It just pushes other threads that are active down.

-If you're going to write a federation, put some effort in it. Stuff with horrendous grammar and spelling and no punctuation will be deleted. So will posts that only have ten or so sentences. They are regarded as spam. If you don't put effort into writing, don't even bother.

-If you're tired of your current federation and want to start a new one or return to an older federation, your current one must have at least four regular shows and a Pay-Per-View. This is done to prevent threads that have one or two posts in it. If you don't follow this rule, you'll be forbidden to start a new federation or return to an old federation for two weeks. If you make a fed within two weeks of the first one closing or return to an old fed, will we lock your thread, and it will not be opened for ANOTHER two weeks. For example, if you leave your thread on the 1st of the month and then make another one on the 10th, we will lock your new thread until the 24th. Two weeks from the opening of your new thread, remember that folks! For those whos fed follow the 'DVD Format' your fed must have contained at least four chapters in order to bypass the two week rule.

- Posters are now allowed a second fed, providing they have proven their commitment to their first fed. Permission to start a second fed will be granted from the moderating team. We will not consider anyone whose fed has not lasted at least two pay-per-views, however, this does not guarantee we will say yes.

- Two feds at a time Max.

- If you have two running at the same time, both must be updated a minimum of every 30 days. If this is not maintained without valid reason, one will be closed (poster's choice as to which is closed).

- If you abandon a fed/fed gets closed/etc., then you must wait until gaining permission again to start another second fed.

-You can also have one additional non-Fed related story in addition to your federation. This non-Fed has a two week rule, meaning you wait two weeks from the last post to post a new one.

-You do not need to contact WMS or RT to close a thread for you if you're moving on to a new project. Just let it drop to the bottom. We will also no longer be cleaning old threads for you -- start a new thread. Also, we do NOT delete threads. We keep them around for historical value.

-Spotlight of the Month: this is currently decided by the Power 10 Rankings. The winner is given the dubious honor of being the Spotlight of the Month. That Fed will be stickied for the entire month with the added extension “Spotlight of the Month” added to the end of their Fed Title.

-No more "I'll be starting a fed soon" or "more to come soon". Start your fed with substance or it will be deleted. And then you’ll have to wait two weeks to start another one.

-Plagiarizing is a serious offence and anyone caught doing so will be banned without warning.

-Multi-Participation Threads are banned for the time being, they descend into chaos too quick and quite frankly too much time is spent modding them.

-DO NOT post reviews of reviews, arguing with every person who reviews you. If you would like, after a substantial period of time, to reply to all reviews together, fine. Mindless bumps will not be accepted.

-Please note that all your shows and PPVs must take place in your thread not on a website elsewhere. Everybody else can write it here, so can you.

- The 20 Questions thread is a Question and Answer interview-like thread for the members of Fan Fiction. The “next” person to participate in the thread is chosen by the current person being interviewed. Please do not post asking to be next. The person before you makes that decision.

- Please do not post "get on AIM/MSN/Yahoo." If you want them to do so, send them a Private Message or Rep asking so. There is no need to waste a post doing so.

- General Discussion is banned from Fan Fiction. It was great while it lasted, but it was abused too many times.


Finally, a harsh reality for people: WMS and RT are the last word on a subject in FF. If we ask you, or tell you, to do something, it isn't a debate. At least not on the forum. If you have a problem, IM or PM one of us, and we will gladly sort it out.

Thank you.
The Fan Fiction Moderating Team,
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Tournament Championship Wrestling

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  • Tournament Championship Wrestling

    In an alternate reality......

    1st January 2017

    We open to a press conference setting, and an unknown gentlemen dressed in a suit strolls up to the podium with a small on his face. He acknowledges the dozens of cameras flashing with a small smile and a nod before taking his place behind the sole microphone in the room.

    ????: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Joe Mac and I am here to announce what we hope to be one of the most revolutionary developments in professional wrestling history.

    The man speaks with a pronounced Irish accent and there is an air of confusion in the room for this relative unknown in the world of professional wrestling. Undeterred, the slim man presses on.

    Joe Mac: Tournaments in wrestling have always brought with them a guarantee for excitement, unpredictability and a sense of must see action with every match. We, as fans of the product, look back fondly upon memorable multi man tournaments such as the Cruiserweight Classic of 2016, the King of the deathmatch of 1995 and numerous memorable King of the Rings and many, many more. That is a concept that we at Tournament Championship Wrestling have placed at the core of our product.

    Joe pauses, taking a breath as he allows the media to process his information.

    Joe Mac: Later in the month, 4 weeks from now to be precise, we will begin a 20 man tournament to crown the inaugural TCW World Heavyweight Champion. The tournament will consist of 4 Preliminary matches occurring on the 29th January, our opening show. The competitors will be announced in due course and today we will be revealing the first of these 20 men to give you all an idea of the caliber of talent we are dealing with. We here at TCW hope that this championship tournament will help kickstart our brand for the years to come. I thank you all very much for your time and please look towards the big screen behind you as we announce our very first competitor in the TCW World Championship Tournament....

    Joe Mac walks off to the side of the stage and all attention pans towards the giant screen behind him which flickers to show our mystery first entrant's most memorable accolades.





    A massive reaction to this final bolded sentence as it is revealed that KURT ANGLE will be taking part in this memorable 20 man tournament. With that, the stage lights fade away and the hundreds of fans and media members are left with perhaps more questions than they even had coming into this much hyped press conference. One thing is for sure though, there is a huge buzz in the air as TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING is unveiled.

    OOC:: As the first sentence states, this is a complete alternate reality based on absolutely no form of realism..these 20 men could be anyone from anywhere in professional wrestling. Over the next couple of weeks, they will be revealed. Enjoy!

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    Re: Tournament Championship Wrestling

    This sounds interesting man. Well written opening. I'm a mark for tournaments and I like Kurt Angle so you are already winning with post 1. Let's see what you got!


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      Re: Tournament Championship Wrestling

      This sounds interesting man. Well written opening. I'm a mark for tournaments and I like Kurt Angle so you are already winning with post 1. Let's see what you got!