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Updated Rules, November 2012

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  • Updated Rules, November 2012


    1. The Warning/Infraction System

    At PW we have a three-tiered infraction system. Infractions can be given in any forum by any Moderator, Super-Moderator or Administrator. The first infraction is a slap on the wrist and will result in no further punishment. The second infraction will result in you being temporarily banned for a minimum of 4 days, and you will be advised of the duration of the banning period by the Moderator, Super-Moderator or Administrator who has banned you. Your third infraction is your final strike and will result in your account being permanently banned.

    If you decide to return to PW after being permanently banned (which may not be allowed, and if is allowed, cannot be done before two months have elapsed since your account was permanently banned) you will not receive any warnings/infractions for any subsequent breaking of the rules - instead, your new account will be banned without a warning being given as-and-when you break a rule. Continued breaking of the rules, re-signing up and further bannings will see you become ban-on-sight.

    We can also issue Warnings. These are similar to infractions, except they don't count towards your infraction total, and are simply an informal means for us to remind you of the rules if you have stepped out of line. Heed these alerts - they're designed to ensure banning is a last resort and to give you the chance to increase the likelihood of you staying here on PW.

    Here are the offences you can be warned or given infractions for:

    • Spam: This is making a post that adds nothing positive to the topic. For example, it may be a one-worded reply, or simply a smilie. It could also be talking about stuff entirely irrelevant to the topic, such as using the thread as an instant messenger conversation or posting arbitrary memes or YouTube videos. Light heartedness is encouraged, but always try and contribute positively to any thread you choose to post in.
    • Flaming: This is a direct attack on a poster. Whether you were provoked or not makes no difference to this. Flame-fests will not be tolerated, and you would be well served to ignore any perceived attempts to provoke you, or instead to make them known to a moderator of that forum.
    • Advertising: We will not allow threads to be created to advertise another site, product or service. You can advertise all you want in your signature (within the signature rules), but advertising is not allowed in existing or new threads, nor is it permissible in private messaging.
    • Altering/Multiple Accounts: Having more than one account at any one time is not allowed. You are not allowed different accounts where you're pretending to be somebody else on either account. If you have someone in the same household or location who also wishes to post on PW (i.e. across common IP addresses); PM an administrator or Super-Moderator and tell them before they sign up, and also include what name they intend to sign up with. The recipient Admin / Super-Mod will get back to you.

    Instant Bans: Breaking any one of these rules can result in an instant, permanent ban irrespective of previous misdemeanours:

    • Slurs: Using any racist, homophobic or xenophobic slurs may result in a permanent ban, irrespective of your previous warn-count. Keep in view that we are well aware that some discriminatory words can be used in a non-discriminatory way, and the moderating staff will use their judgement to determine if the slur was used in such a way. Our advice is to avoid them at all times to avoid any misinterpretation.
    • Porn: You are not allowed to post pornographic images on the boards, or have it in your profile.

      Posting of pornographic images is prohibited on PW. The minimum repercussion you will receive for posting porn is a warning, and if the images are deemed to be entirely unacceptable or vulgar - we can ban you permanently for doing so. This is a professional wrestling discussion forum - if you want to look at porn; there are enough other sites on the web for you to use!

    Signature Rules:

    We have set rules about your signature, and they must be followed. Failure to comply with these rules will result in your signature being edited with a reminder of the rules being issued. Constantly break these rules, and we will prevent you from editing your signature.

    The rules are as follows:

    • You can only have one image in your signature. (Smilies are also allowed, as long as they aren't enough to constitute being a second banner).
    • The maximum size for a banner is 500 by 230 pixels. You can't use multiple images to make it to this size. You can use the Arts and Graphics forum to request multiple images to be merged (in line with the A&G forum rules).
    • If you have an animated banner, it cannot have more than THREE frames.
    • You are only allowed SEVEN lines of text in your signature, and no large fonts. (Your signature doesn't equate to an additional line).
      -One spoiler box is counted as one line.
    • And a reminder that no porn is allowed.

    Posting of YouTube videos

    - YouTube (and other streaming video links) links are permitted to be posted on the forums, but under one condition...they must help support your post or thread, not be the sole point of the thread.

    This is to prevent "OMG LOL @ THIS" type posts - we want to encourage discussion, not endorse PW being a repository of videos.

    Be witty, be interesting, be entertaining, be enlightening - don't be a douche by posting stand-alone videos that add nothing.

    Reputation Points

    • How do I give reputation points?
      At the bottom of a post, in the same column as the avatar, you will find a star, click it, and follow the instructions.
    • Limits on giving out reputation points
      You are limited to give out TEN reputation points every 24 hours. You must give reputation to 10 different users before being able to rep someone you have previously repped in that period.
    • Red Reps and what they may contain
      From time to time, posters may hand out red reps with some pretty nasty pictures included. The reputation system is un-moderated (quite deliberately), and private - we don't want to go snooping around your private correspondences.

    - If you get such images sent to you, you can simply place the user on your Ignore List
    ( and the rep comment will disappear from your User CP.

    Private Messaging:

    • As the name suggests, this system is private, and thus the normal posting rules do not apply. So therefore, if you have a problem with a poster in a thread, please use the PM system to sort out any differences, rather than doing it in the thread and getting yourself warned.
    • However, whilst you can flame each other all you want in PM's, if someone asks you to stop with the PM's and you continue, we can warn you for harassment via PM's. Again - moderator discretion will determine what constitutes harassment, so be aware of this before you make your decision.
    • You cannot advertise via PM's, and you will be warned for doing so. If you receive an advertising PM; forward it to a moderator who will then do the necessary.
    • Note that visitor messages are moderated - they're public, so they fall under our other rules. Note that we don't read every message sent, but if we're alerted to any - we can and will take action with the requisite warnings and bannings. Keep in mind that they can be seen by anybody.

    Other Things:

    • The Report Function
      Use the report post function if you're unhappy with something that somebody has posted. There is a significant moderating staff here on PW, and that function should be used to inform them of perceived wrongdoings on the boards. Don't attempt to moderate the forum publicly, but by all means let the mods know where you believe the rules have been broken by using this feature.

    • Playing Moderator
      Taking it upon yourself to police the forums can be just as annoying as somebody breaking the other rules we have on PW. Typically a moderator will issue an warning for this, though an infraction may be also issued if done repeatedly.

    • Spoilers
      Be aware the there are certain rules in terms of not posting stories prematurely (spoilers). Pay attention to the appropriate spoiler / rules threads in the various forums on PW, they're all pretty straightforward and should be self-explanatory. If you do have any questions to clarify them, drop a PM to a mod of that forum.

    • The Front Desk
      Is a place to go when you have a new idea that you'd like to see implemented on PW. We will respond to your ideas there, and we can also answer any questions you may have where things are unclear.

      The Front Desk is not a place for threads whinging about decisions which have been taken, nor is it a place to ask why someone was (or was not) warned or banned – if they got warned or banned, it's because they broke the rules. If you believe a poster should have been warned; use the, 'report post' function documented above.

    • Responding to Threads
      If you think a thread is appalling; don't feel the need to post in it to say so. If you have nothing constructive to say in a thread, then don't post. We don’t need 20 posts saying that the thread is useless…by posting, you are keeping the thread current. Rubbish threads will drop off the forum's page if you don't post in them. If you feel that the thread breaks one of the rules above; let the moderating team know.

    Also, neither of the following is allowed throughout the forums:

    • Posting of copyrighted material.

    • Stream of consciousness threads - (this forum is not a social-media site, and it never will be. Using it as a substitute for Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr etc isn't allowed, and such threads are likely to be deleted.)

    - As a group, we are actively against (and discourage strongly) posts made to antagonise others, whether or not they're deemed to be a flame. We're looking for positive contributions to the discussions on PW. Looking to provoke others into attacking you or other posters is tantamount to spam - it adds nothing, and thus can be warned for. Such decisions will be made collectively by the moderating staff on PW.

    - The above may seem a lot, but we are simply trying to keep PW a great place for discussion, which is what it has been for significantly more than ten years. The moderators are here to help, each of us started as posters here on PW and care about this site a great deal. If you've any questions - do let us know.

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    Re: Updated Rules, November 2012

    Here's the new, up-to-date, list of rules.

    After discussion, a few tweaks here and there, it was overwhelmingly approved by the forum staff.

    If you have any concerns, please pm them to me.