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    Re: Noooooooooooooooooooo

    Originally posted by ShinobiMusashi View Post
    I have a lot of the codes memorized from writing so much fan fiction here. I memorized the codes because it was faster to just type them out instead of moving one hand away from the keyboard and clicking stuff with the mouse.

    [b] is bold
    [u] is underline
    [center] is center
    [i] is italics

    ^close each of those with a /, for example if I want to center something I'd wrap it with [center][/centerr] without the extra r, I just put that there so it would show up in this post.

    Colors I know would be #B22222 is red, #000080 is blue, #000000 is black, you have to put that in quotation marks in the [COLOR="insert number here"] code and then close it with [/COLORR] without the extra R.

    For bullet points it's[list] then use[*] for your bullets then close it with [/lisst] without the extra s I put in there.

    Originally posted by Ness View Post
    Just put the name of the color in the code instead of the weird numbers. I remember that from fan fic editing!
    Thanks guys! :

    Originally posted by ShinobiMusashi View Post
    Damn that's weird, it's not doing that to me.

    I checked PW out on my phone last week and it looked different and there were no pop ups. That plus the new improved logo made me happy to see that somebody out there that owns this forum actually cares about it a little. Hopefully they can fix these problems soon
    I test it out and you have to type from the beginning [color=insert color]insert text[/color] the beginning of the code you just type whatever color say you want red just type testing and it should work.