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PW Survivor Series: The After Party

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  • PW Survivor Series: The After Party

    With another PW event in the books, the after party was held in the Nerdery with non-alcholic beers and Zimas on the house.

    To everyone's surprise Mad Dog Smith showed up pretty early in the evening and made a short speech explaining his actions at Survivor Series and a little bit about why he was away for so long.

    *Mad Dog grabs the mic from the party's MC, DJ Stephanie Tanner ...

    So ... everyone knows that I've suffered a lot of set backs in my life recently. Obviously I lost the IC belt to Ness a while back. And then I had that blow up with my mWo partners.

    And then the bank foreclosed on the mWo video library and merchandise rights ...

    The mWo reunion tour went bankrupt and I lost my homes in West Hollywood and Fire Island ...

    Then there was that sex tape. Candidly ... That's on me. I thought the iCloud was secure and mixed up what was legal in Cambodia with what was legal in Mongolia ...

    And all that's on top of being on the wrong side of thirty. I have a bad back, I have bad knees. I can't date girls in their early twenties anymore. There's just no way I can keep up.

    When I came to PW I was already nearly done as a wrestler. This is gonna seem out of character but it's true and I wanna say this on record ...


    And only the best wrestle here. The highlight of my career is winning the IC title and I have a lot of people here on P Dubya to thank for it.

    But if that's true? Then every thing else I've said here is true too. My days in the Coliseum are nearly done. I might have one or two matches left, but then again, I may not. It depends what the doctors say and the doctors say I need a backyotomy.

    So at Survivor Series ... I dropkicked Ness out of the ring and he landed on his ass. And after that he probably went back to the Wrestling Forum and had Headliner kiss it for him and try to make it all better ...

    But don't get it twisted P-Dubya ... I didn't do that to make a point. I'm not gonna lie and say I did it out of some kind of noble reason ... I did that because ... I just really hate Ness.

    But the sad fact is ...

    Over the last few months, I've lost a lot of things. And one of the things I've lost is my smile.

    And I know it doesn't mean a lot to everyone else. But it means a lot to me. And I have to go and fix myself and take care of myself and find my smile ...

    Because somewhere along the line, I lost it.

    and I don't care if it's unpopular and people want to make fun of me for being an emotional guy.

    Plus, I also got a full body wax recently and that always puts me on the shelf for a couple of days ...

    So I'm gonna go back to Tibet where I've been living for the last few months and keep working on all those things. I got a good situation where I'm sharing a studio apartment with my man servant Toshi.

    Rent is high in Tibet.

    And I don't know when I'll see this Coliseum again ....

    But I wanted to come here in person, explain where I've been these last few months and ask a small favor ...

    The next time ya'll get Ness in the ring ... kick his ass extra hard for me.

    Thanks, everyone.