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    Sure he was a journalist, but like Louis Theroux his journalism was only really designed as a form of lighter entertainment. No matter where you fall on his views he does have a freedom of speech and while that has not been legally encroached upon he has been censored to some odd extent of the word. He definitely provokes thought on both sides of the spectrum who listen to or hear him.

    Personally, I liken him to a stand up comedian / the ultimate troll. Even in his most recent controversy his verbiage and delivery has been repeated flawlessly over the main interview in question and his interview with Joe Rogan. It's a shtick, it's a work. It's his gimmick. He says what he says to get a reaction, to be inflammatory. Sure, like any performer, there is a kernel of background and truth in what he says and does. But at the end of the day I think it is more of a practiced work than anything that should ignite a firestorm.

    I find it fascinating that what he says incenses people so much. It would seem clear that he would have limited influence right? Or maybe not? Are people who celebrate him being shut up in one way or another thinking that this Howard Stern type character has stroke? Like homophobic people who stay away from gay guys people stay away from Milo... why? what are his words really going to do? What is worst case scenario if his book gets published? Or people see his twitter feed?

    But lets look at this in another light. He was touched as a child. In many ways he may be what many would say, damaged goods. He has issues he hasn't coped with. He needs help. Is shunning him, hating him, cursing him or insulting him the type of people we have become? Is this the way we handle his issues?

    This could be a great time to rise up and show him the help he needs. To give him his Britney moment and cheer him on from stabbing a car with an umbrella and shaved head to mom with a vegas show.

    This is a great time to honestly look into the mind of madness. Milo could become the ultimate public case study of this type of mind. What should really scare us is how much more common his mind is, than isn't. He was touched inappropriately as a child. His behaviors reflect that he hasn't dealt with all of this in a healthy and productive way. Maybe this is a good time to look at others. Look at pedophilia, look at homosexuality. Maybe, sometimes, not just look at homosexuality as just something that someone is born with but as a symptom of untreated depression from being touched as a child. Not as a whole, but for some.

    As I have mentioned before I volunteer in leadership working with 7th grade boys. The program itself works with boys and girls from 5th grade to graduation. One of the former leaders is gay. He was out to people with in the organization but never to the kids and parents. And not out to his own parents. When he came out to me he told me of two stories of kids who he had lead found out later in life that he was gay and were disappointed that he wasn't out to them earlier. They wished that they had someone that was like them to seek out to when they were younger. In this respect I can sort of see the warped sense Milo speaks of. His basis may have some grounds but it quickly gets twisted. Some out of truth, some out of himself being damaged, some out of shock factor which also may be reflection of his damage. What this really could help is having more openly gay people working with kids. So that way, last year when I had a 12 yr old in my group say he was bi sexual he could have someone safe and similar to go to. Sadly, due to the size of Milo's megaphone both sides will step back from this.

    Shame really. People who consider themselves open minded and accepting are shunning a broken, abused man. When they should strive to help him and our world. But they took the bait and have shown themselves to be shameful
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