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    Zap and WP thanks for your comments. I can say that I have two answers to your concerns.... and maybe a comment aswell.

    1/ I'm coming near the end and although promised by a thousand people to review BFG and I got 2 and half. So now that I'm writing the end of the fed in a very summarised way I'm not expecting any reviews whats so ever. I feel the same way as everyone around here probably feels about my fed. It's gone on way too long and they are over it, and so am I. I've asked the both of you if you could build me a new banner for the fed and you couldn't do it due to being too busy. I understand that, hell I'm a marketing manager for the state government, and coming into this busy period where everyone wants to find out what we've been doing all year I've had to produce 2 presentaions per day for thelast two weeks. I'm tired, and can't wait for the few days off at Christmas I get. I'm just completing a promise I gave myself and just want to get it finished. Yes the show lacks alot of things and is a bit lazy but that leads into my second point..

    2/ At this stage in the game, I'm not going to spoon feed the readers. Why is Steiner attacking Bryan?? Well go back and read the episode before it, or the episode before that. I spend hours as all ff writers do on each episode. If you don't understand what's happening this episode because you can't get invested in their characters, why should I spend another hour filling in gaps that I already wrote 3 hours about the previous episode. Am I a lazy writer.. at this stage in the game maybe, but is the information in the thread? It sure is and it could be there are lazy readers. In saying that no one is making us write this and no one is making anyone read it. So thank you for reading it Zap and WP but if you want to read the latest episode well of course it wont make sense if you are starting at page 48 of 50 page book...

    and my comment.. I'm writing this now for me. Like I said I got 2 and half reviews for my BFG. Is that a big deal? No is it a little disapointing..yeah. But for me, Ultimate TNA is for me. And I understand what's going on because I remember the previous episode.

    Now in saying all this I will take what you guys have said and will make my next show better. I find it interesting that people seem to tune in on one of my laziest shows. It always seem to happen. I always think to myself.."why did you have to read that particular show? Why didn't you read two shows earlier!!!" Such is life. As I said I'm writing TNA for me now and I just want to get it finished. Once it's done I can sit back and think about what to do in the new year.

    Thanks again for reading and caring to write to me, it is appreciated.

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    Episode 49

    Out to the ring flanked by James Mitchell and Abyss is the World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy. Soaking up the thunderous boos from the crowd, the Champion laughs at them and tells them that he will indeed defeat Samoa Joe, like he did their other favourite AJ Styles. Hardy talks about his addiction to the Championship and to hurting people and he will get a high from hearing Joe’s ribs snap when he delivers the Swanton Bomb, and seeing him cough up his own heart.

    Out walks The Olympic Gold medallist Kurt Angle! He stand on the stage and is so angry he doesn’t seem to be able to get the words out. Last week he was attacked after his victory in a tag match main event. He was hit by Hardy riding a motorcycle and then finished off with a belt shot to the face. Hardy looks surprised to see Kurt is even here tonight. Kurt finally tells Hardy he’s a sonovabitch. And that he attacked him because he was friends with Samoa Joe. Kurt says that out of respect, Joe has allowed him to come out and confront the Champion man to man. Angle then says that Bret Hart has an announcement for Hardy. Out walks the Hitman and he shakes Angle’s hand. Kurt looks like he is getting ready for a match when he hands Hart his mic. Hart looks at hardy and tells him that due to his heinous actions last week, tonight it will be Jeff hardy vs. Kurt Angle…. For the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!!!!!!!!!

    Hardy, Mitchell and Abyss can’t believe it as the crowd erupts and the two men shake again as Angle roars his approval and tells Hardy he’ll see him in the main event!!!

    Mike Tenay and Don West run down the final card of Ultimate TNA 2010 for the year -
    Final Resolution

    World Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe

    Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle

    AJ Styles vs. Desmond Wolfe

    The winner will become the interim World tag team champion
    Robert Roode vs. Chris Harris vs. James Storm

    RVD and Sabu vs. LAX #1 contenders for tag titles – no dq

    Scott Steiner vs. Bryan Danielson

    But all this could now change due to the blockbuster announcement. If Kurt defeats Hardy tonight will it mean Hardy gets a rematch or will it be Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle for the title??

    Tenay and West then tell everyone NJPW wrestlers have come across the sea to take on TNA talent tonight on Impact in special match ups!!!

    Match #1
    Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bryan Danielson

    In an amazing hard hitting battle, the former IWGP Champion drilled Danielson with kicks and strikes to put down the self proclaimed Best Wrestler in the World. Nakamura refused to tap to the Cattle Mutilation but was in such a weakened state that he could defend himself against the Dragon Elbow Strikes to the temple! Shot after shot after shot, Nakamura could not cover up and Danielson pins him for the victory and remain undefeated in TNA.

    Winner at 17:44 The American Dragon Bryan Danielson
    Danielson exhausted by the match celebrates with the fans, but is once again set upon by Scott Steiner! Steiner suplexes him on the floor and his back hits the concrete hard! Steiner stomps away at him and then grabs a microphone. He tells Danielson that at Final Resolution he is going to teach him some respect. He then grabs him and in a horrifying move release german suplexes Danielson head and neck first inot the steel steps!!! The crowd is silenced by the move as Steiner is happy with his efforts as EMTs rush down to help Danielson.

    After the commercial Steiner is seen walking to the backstage area where standing in his way is the Samoan Submission Machine. Joe has his arms crossed and tells Steiner he’s a piece of shit and that his dance card is free tonight. Steiner tells Joe to get out of his way, but Joe refuses and Steiner takes a swing. The two men brawl and finally have to be separated by security. They are both shouting at each other that they will see the other in the ring later on in the night…

    Promo video about Desmond Wolfe vs. AJ Styles at the ppv. Styles says Wolfe is ana mazing athlete but he isn't Phenomenal there is only one of those. Wolfe says he's going to break the former World Champion's jaw, beat him 1.2.3. and show that he is next in line for the title.

    Match #2
    Six -man X Division #1 contenders match
    Alex Shelley vs. Kenny Omega vs. Amazing Red vs. Petey Williams vs. Davey Richards vs. Chris Sabin

    Jerry Lynn and Mistico watch on to see who will face Mistico at Final Resolution. Shelley and Sabin are in the same match as Shelley wants the title shot. When Sabin and Shelley finally get at each other they fight all over ringside. Shelley tries to escape but Sabin keeps bringing him back and hitting him high risk offence.

    The others put on a high flying spectacle but it’s Richards who misses his Shooting Star Press and is hit by the Canadian Destroyer!! . Sabin and Shelley took themselves out of contention due to their no stop fighting.

    Winner and #1 contender for the X Division Championship at 12:01 Petey Williams
    Williams who has had a long feud with Lynn gets in his face about the victory. He slaps Mistico and Mistico fires back with punches of his own and Petey escapes trash talking Mistico as he leaves the arena as Impact goes to commercial.

    Back from commercial a livid Shelley tells Sabin that if he wants a match, he’s got it. At Final Resolution he will end Sabin’s career!

    Out to the ring walks Hiroshi Tanahashi with the Beautiful People. Two weeks ago Sky and Love demanded a title match for the Japanese Ace and he received it in Japan at the Global Impact show where he fell short due to Abyss’ interference. The Beautiful people challenge Abyss right now.

    Mitchell is not impressed that women have called out his monster. Tanahashi is fired up and Abyss slams his fist into his hand wanting to take out some frustration from earlier tonight when their leader was told he had to defend his title against Kurt Angle.

    Match #3
    Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. The Monster Abyss

    Tanahashi starts the match off with a dropkick to bring the monster down and goes to work on him. Abyss fights back with his power advantage and takes the quicker man down. The fans are behind Hiroshi as he comes back with a flurry of attacks. He is about to finish off Abyss with the High Fly Flow when Mitchell distracts him, by going after Velvet and Angelina. Abyss takes advantage and slams him off the top! Abyss then follows it up with the Blackhole Slam and gets the victory.

    Winner at 15:26 The Monster Abyss

    Abyss roars, Mitchell claps and the girls check on their man. Mitchell is satisfied with the win but the Beautiful people aren’t and Velvet slaps the shit eating grin off of Mitchell’s face! Mitchell can’t believe it and Abyss goes after her. He swings but Angelina ducks under him and hits the Botox Injection superkick into Mitchell’s face! Mitchell drops to the mat as Hiroshi rolls out of the ring and the Beautiful People hassen a quick getaway as Abyss over turns tables and equipment in a fit of rage as his handler has been injured.

    A video package plays about the very complicated situation the World Tag Team titles are in. Storm, Harris and Roode. Who will be the interim Champion? Who will he choose to stand along side him when they fgace the #1 contenders on the following Impact? Will Harris or Roode pick the other man if they win? If Storm wins who will he choose? The answer at Final Resolution.

    Backstage the Pope cuts a promo on the NJPW guys and how they aren’t up to scratch with the TNA talent. He says he is happy he gets an opportunity tonight as he wasn’t able to make the trip to Japan. The Pope then makes fun of Yuji Nagata’s name and says that tonight he’ll hit a DDExpress heard all the way back in Japan, when he beats one of their best.

    Match #4
    The Pope D’Angelo Dinero vs. Yuji Nagata

    Nagata defeated Desmond Wolfe at Global Impact in a hard hitting smash mouth encounter. The Pope though is a different competitor to Wolfe and applies all his tricks to get under the skin of Nagata.

    But Nagata is ruthless with his kicks and strikes trying to take down Pope and his “typical American flashiness”. But in an mazing turn of fortune, Pope scores one of the biggest victories of his career when he hits the Codebreaker for a two count and then a follow up DDExpress for the pinfall.

    Winner at 16:33 The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

    Nagata kicks out at 3 ½ and gets to his feet as Pope rolls out. Nagata kicks the bottom rope annoyed that the American defeated him. Pope celebrates but form behind the hulking Nakanishi and Togi Makabe grabs him and throws him into Nagata so the Leader of the Blue Justice Army can get some revenge. But from the back runs Sabu and Rob Van Dam. They clear the ring and the NJPW guys back away as Pope plays up his victory over Nagata.

    Backstage Konnan laughs at RVD and Sabu trying to be the good guys and at Final Resolution LAX will destroy them and become the #1 contenders and then on the following Impact will become four time tag team champions of the world.

    Match #5
    Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner

    These two bulls go right after each other before the bell sounds. They get into the ring and the match begins as they start suplexing each other all over the ring. Steiner drills Joe with a forearm shot, But Joe roars and starts delivering an unmerciless beat down with kicks and strikes.

    Danielson limps out distracting Steiner and Joe hits a jumping spin enzaguri. Muscle Buster and this one’s over.

    Winner at 7:30 Samoa Joe.

    Joe gives the sign of the title as Danielson smiles at Steiner’s loss on the outside.

    Jeff Hardy is interviewed and says that he will defeat Kurt Angle tonight, just to show all those who think Joe will take his title on Sunday are sadly mistaken. Besides feeding his addiction with such a trophy as Kurt Angle will give him the ultimate of fixes.

    Main Event
    TNA World Championship title match
    Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

    With a big fight feel there is a buzz in the air that title very well may change hands. Hardy comes to the ring alone due to the incident Mitchell and Abyss were in earlier. Angle is ready to become Champion again and he tries to out wrestle Hardy get him down on the mat. But The Champion is out show he is the best in the company and to get himself into the King of the Mountain match 6 months earlier actually defeated Kurt.

    Angle pours on the pressure and looks for the submission, but hardy is a vicious champion and uses his body as a weapon to bring down his challenger. Hardy misses a Swanton and Kurt looks to capitalise with an Ankle Lock. Hardy just barely gets to the ropes to break the hold as Hardy slithers out of the ring. Kurt goes after him and chases him around ringside to get back into the ring. Hardy almost knocks the ref over as he tries to get as much distance from Kurt as he can.

    This distracts the referee and Daniels comes from out of nowhere and hits Angle with a jumping knee strike! The back and Angles’ head hits the ring apron and he slumps to the floor! Hardy rolls Kurt back in and then hits the Swanton for the victory.

    Winner and STILL TNA World Champion at 13:54 Jeff Hardy

    Joe runs out but Daniels smirks and retreats through the crowd. Hardy holds the belt high in the air taunting Joe as he stands over Kurt. Joe gets in the ring as hrday rolls away hurting from his battle with Kurt, but on a high from his victory... An enraged Joe trash talsk him and gives the sign of the belt as in 3 days TNA gets it's Final Resolution for the year.


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    I think it's cool that Jeff is aligned with Abyss and James Mitchell. I never saw him as anything other than the high-risk fan favourite, but when TNA turned him it was like a new World was opened up for me. I wondered why it hadn't been done sooner, because he really works as an evil guy. I wonder, did you or TNA turn him first? I like Kurt getting his revenge in the form of a title match; which has it's stakes upped since it's the week before the PPV. Looking back, some of the coolest moments on RAW or Smackdown was when a big match was announced - something you weren't expecting to ever happen on free TV - and this adds well to the hype for the PPV as well.

    I'll put in my predictions now, seeing as the card is there, splayed out in front of me:

    Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe
    Christopher Daniels vs Kurt Angle
    AJ Styles vs Desmond Wolfe
    Robert Roode vs Chris Harris vs James Storm
    RVD and Sabu vs LAX
    Scott Steiner vs Bryan Danielson
    (looking ahead) Mistico vs Petey Williams
    Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin

    Not sure how I feel about the special NJPW matches a week from your PPV. It takes away from the show that should be, from top to bottom, built as the last stop. This feels out of place.

    Of course I love the idea of Steiner/Danielson matched up, mainly because I think Steiner is a really cool and unterutilized character in fan fiction, but I'm a stickler for reality and that german suplex onto the ring steps seems pretty fucking out there.

    Nice to see Joe get a match tonight. With Kurt wrapped up with Jeff, I was worried the real contender for the title would be getting the afterthought treatment, as I believe he did last week. I imagine Bryan will show his FIGHTINGU SPIRITU~! and interfere in the match.

    Wish you had included more information in the 6-man match. You obviously know how I feel about details, summaries, etc, but it is SO essential in multi-man matches to give them all some lines to explain what their part in the match was. Sabin and Shelley had their thing going on, that's them ticked off, but Petey Williams is the winner and I'm not getting any info about how he fared. Did he dominate? Did he get lucky with the missed SSP? I want to know what kind of a contender he'll be for Mistico.

    Don't have a comment on the Beautiful People/Abyss segment, but I do like the irony of the Beautiful People against the ugly 'monster'.

    Pope made fun of Nagata's name. Okay. So what did he say? It's one thing to summarise a promo, but it's a whole 'nother ballgame to write something like that. I'm looking at Yuji's name and I honestly can't think of something to make fun of. It sounds sorta like... Inna gadda da vida by Iron Butterfly.

    Yup, Danielson intervened. It's incredibly hard to comment on a lot of stuff on your shows, because of the lack of... well, mostly everything. I should've been finished a long time ago, but I just keep sitting here WANTING to comment on every segment, but there's hardly anything to say. There's no natural explanation of who's heel or face, nor their characters, match psychology, how they rank up against others on the roster... I need more. Some people call it padding, but I disagree. I'm staring at the computer blankly because I can't get absorbed in anything that's happening.

    I think you missed an opportunity in the main event to grab your readers, and that was when Jeff Hardy escaped the ring after having had the ankle lock applied. It would've been great selling and very interesting to see how you would've handled it, if Kurt could easily catch up to him because of the hurt ankle. I wanted to see if Angle 'played with his food' like a wolf, just silently stalking Jeff as he moved at half-pace. Or maybe Hardy would be resourceful and prove why he's the #1 guy in the company by out-smarting Angle.

    But anyway, here it is. You've got one show left until you reach your goal, and that is amazing. I could only dream of accomplishing what you have. Of course I've 'come to the party' too late and most of my words will deservedly fall on deaf ears; you've said it yourself, Ultimate TNA is dragging on for you and nobody could expect you to change your style now. But maybe you'll take my reviews on board for your next fed and, with recharged batteries and renewed enthusiasm, write a fed that's even bigger and better than this fed has.

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    Final –


    1. pertaining to or coming at the end; last in place, order, or time: the final meeting of the year.
    2. ultimate: The final goal is….
    3. conclusive or decisive: a final decision.
    4. constituting the end or purpose: a final result.
    5. pertaining to or expressing the end or purpose

    Resolution –


    1. a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.
    2. the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.
    3. the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose.
    4. the act or process of resolving or separating into constituent or elementary parts.

    Samoa Joe: I’ve destroyed everyone in my path for one reason… that belt you wear over your shoulder Hardy. Nothing is going to get in my way! Nothing is going to stop me from tearing you apart. And there’s nothing you can do to stop what’s coming.

    Jeff Hardy: The combination of the sound of the bell, the voices in the crowd, the gold on the title and the adrenaline of beating a man into unconsciousness ..heh...sends me into a world of colours and weightlessness. The Champions of the past all speak to me, bowing to me and worshipping my greatness. Kissing my feet and singing my name. I sit on a thrown made of their broken bodies and see the future in a six sided diamond. Samoa Joe, you think you are some dragon come to attack my castle. But all you do in my visions time and time again, is fall upon my sword. You have no chance against me Joe. You have already lost, Final Resolution has already happened, the Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling has foreseen it. You, just like Styles, just like Sting will become a part of my throne. Will become a apart of my legacy. This is final…

    Samoa Joe: Final Resolution is here Hardy. You won’t escape. You won’t survive. Because Joe’s gonna kill you…

    Ultimate TNA Final Resolution 2010

    Welcome to the final pay per view of TNA for 2010…. Tonight’s main event will see the two-time TNA Champion Jeff Hardy defending the title against the Samoan Submission Machine. Both men have had a blockbuster year and arguably the two best wrestlers in the world will square off to see who will be the Champion rolling into the year 2011.

    Jeff Hardy rejoined TNA on the very first show of the year as AJ Styles the World Champion wanted to debut the year with a big time main event. He wanted to defend the title against two former World Champions to try and push TNA to the next level on the very first episode of Impact for 2010. In a war, Jeff Hardy was only a second away from becoming Champion that night as he almost pinned Hiroshi Tanahashi the former 4 time IWGP Champion. Styles retained that night, but Hardy knew that he was only a second from becoming the top man in the business once again.

    He defeated all comers during the year on Impact and on pay per view. He was unstoppable and took out the monster Abyss and Kurt Angle to get himself a spot in the definition of TNA, the Slammiversary King of the Mountain match. It was this match that saw Jeff Hardy unseat Christopher Daniels as Champion. A power play by Daniels’ former partner in crime Raven, to remove Daniels from the head of the table and replace him with the Charismatic Enigma! Hardy ruled TNA as it defeated all in his path with his devastating Swanton Bomb and with his ruthless manager Raven ensuring victory. Hardy was even able to overcome a set back at Bound For Glory when he lost the title to AJ Styles, only to recapture it due to his new alliance with James Mitchell and the Monster Abyss. Hardy defeated the Icon Sting and the Olympic Gold medallist Kurt Angle to prove his Champion status and to move into tonight’s match ready for the challenger….

    Samoa Joe has bulldozed his way through each and every man put in front of him. He has had one focus to once again hold the TNA World Championship. But along the way a man stood in this path…the UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. But just like all of Joe’s obstacles, he didn’t go around him, he went through him. It didn’t matter if it was the lightning fast strikes of Senshi, the smash mouth lariats of Wolfe, the brute power of Lesnar or the technical genius of Angle; Joe defeated them all and tonight will stand across the ring from the self proclaimed Anti-Christ of Pro wrestling. Joe has prepared all year for this match, can he once again be Champion, or will the tricks of James Mitchell or the nightmarish hate of Abyss cost him everything?

    Tonight, there will be a Final Resolution… Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe… Championship of the World….

    Match #1
    Four way match for the #1 contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship
    Matt Morgan vs. The Pope vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Senshi


    The magnificent entrance of Tanahashi with the Beautiful People starts the ppv off with a “bang”. The Pope keeps the party atmosphere pimpin’ as he walks out to a huge ovation while Morgan and Senshi’s entrance send a shudder through the arena as these two obviously mean business. A title shot is on the line to open the ppv and all four men are focused on the goal at hand. Four of the very best not just in TNA but the World kick start Final Resolution!!!!

    Morgan dominates the opening stanza of the match. He is the giant of TNA and throws his weight and his power around by tossing each man out of the ring with ease. Senshi comes at him with flying knees to put him down while TBP check on their man on the outside.

    The Pope comes back in and trades blows with Senshi before the giant gets back to his feet and almost takes Senshi’s head off with a Carbon Footprint. But this has left himself open to a big time pimp slap! Morgan staggers into the corner and is hit full force by a DDExpress.

    Pope goes for the cover but the Japanese Ace breaks it up almost immediately. He drags Pope off of Morgan with a high ended German suplex which drops the Caddy of prowrestling on the back of his head. Hiroshi holds the bridge in place keeping Pope’s shoulders on the mat. But before he can get a three count Senshi barely makes the save. He looks to have a broken nose from the Carbon footprint and staggers to the ropes to hold himself up.

    When Tanahashi comes at him to even the score, Senshi drops down and with him the top rope. Hiroshi spills on to the floor landing on his shoulder. When Pope gets up he is kicked in the temple by the Warrior! Senshi then goes to the top rope to finish him with a Warrior Way, but Morgan is to his feet and looks for a chokeslam but Senshi leaps over the top of him, rolls to the corner and then comes back with a Tidal Krush! Morgan falls in the corner and Senshi attacks again with a spinning kick to the face.

    Pope quickly grabs Senshi in a full nelson and delivers a overhead suplex. Pope calls out to the crowd as he now stands to seal the title shot. He drags the big man out of the corner and looks for a pinfall, but Morgan kicks out at two! A frustrated Pope gets to his feet only top be hit by the SlingBlade! 1..2.. Pope kicks out at the last moment and Hiroshi steadies himself for when Morgan gets up. The Ace of the Universe hits a dropkick right to the front of Morgan’s knee! The big man screams in pain and he crumbles to the mat as Hiroshi then punts him in the head.

    Senshi lashes out with a kick but Hiroshi ducks it and hits a leg sweep, and then sommersault splashes him for two!! Pope gets involved and the three high flyers go to the air and on top of the ropes to try and finish the other off. They battle at ringside and even try to put each other through the announcer’s desk! But Morgan comes out and takes down all three men with kicks, sideslams and a Hellavator to Pope who goes through the table!

    But Morgan turns into a flying kick from Senshi and he rolls onto the ramp. The ref tries to get everyone back in the ring as EMTS check on Pope. Tanahashi leaps off the stage and double clotheslines Senshi and Morgan off the ramp and onto the concrete floor. The fans go ballistic as Velvet Sky and Angelina Love give their man a big French kiss each live on ppv!!!

    Hiroshi then superkicks Morgan and then drags Senshi back inot the ring to finish the match. But Senshi recovers and gives Hiroshi hell with a flurry of vicious kicks that puts him down 1…2… The Pope pulls Senshi off of him at the final second which enrages the Warrior he looks to hurt the Pope. Dinero is holding his ribs from going through the table minutes earlier and retreats from Senshi trying to set him up for something. Seshi’s tunnel vision costs him as he is struck by a baseball slide from inside the ring sending him to the guard rails!

    Tanhashi soaks up the adulation from the crowd on that move just before Pope sets upon him with a combo of rights and lefts. Hiroshi manages to block most of them and rolls back into the ring to get a better position. Pope leaps back up and runs the ropes delivering the flying shoulder tackle!! Then the coronation!!! But as he does he is struck by a Carbon Footprint! Morgan jumps back into the ring and chokeslams Tanahashi! 1..2… He kicks out barely as Morgan hits another Carbon Footprint! Hellavator!!!


    Winner at 14:32 and #1 contender to the TNA World title the Blueprint Matt Morgan

    The giant roars as he stands over the Japanese Ace. Ringside looks like a train wreck as three of the best in TNA are sprawled all over. Morgan is hurting but with a smirk he raises his hands in the air and makes the sign of the title around his waist. The man who ended Kevin Nash’s career and believes he is the best big man in the business has now just earned himself a shot at the title.

    JB runs out to interview the big man.

    Morgan: You know what JB, am I happy? Let me tell you something, no I’m not. Because I should have gotten a title shot a long time ago! That being said you are all looking at the next World Champion because ….size matters!

    Christy Hemme is backstage with the challenger to the X Division Championship Petey Williams.

    Williams: This year I have crippled Kurt Angle, become the X Champion twice to become a four time champion and yet I have gotten no respect from TNA management especially Jerry Lynn. Lynn I want you to watch as I humiliate Mistico and become Champion for the fifth time. And then you will be forced to stand and acknowledge the greatness of the Canadian Destroyer…

    Match #2
    X Division Championship match
    Champion Mistico vs. Petey Williams


    Williams does some grandstanding to the crowd, trying to get people to sing the Canadian national anthem but Mistico dropkicks him from behind. He muscles Williams down and grabs a side headlock. Williams shoots Mistico into the ropes but Mistico punches him in the face and work him over with elbows and power moves. Williams slips out of a full nelson and uses a headscissors takedown sending Mistico to the apron. Williams went for a forearm but Mistico flips him to the floor and into the guard rail, then quickly explodes by dropping Williams across the apron again.

    Williams rolls back into the ring, unnerved by this new aggressive side of the X Division Champion that has shown up tonight to face him! Mistico continued to work over Williams, who tried to fire back but was blasted with dropkick for a two count. Fans began chanting Mistico’s name as Williams tried to fire back and escape but was caught in a sleeper and then spun around and sent flying. Mistico nailed a senton splash for a two count, then locked in a body scissors.

    Mistico continued to work over Williams, who finally made it to the ropes. Williams held onto the ropes to escape being whipped for a backdrop. Williams fought back and came off the top with a flying hurancanrana. He went to the top and nailed an headscissors to the outside on Mistico sending the Champion crashing inot the guard rail. Mistico grabs his arm in pain as Williams tosses him back into the ring, then hits a springboard missile dropkick. Mistico goes down. But he pops straight back up only to be hit by a spinning DDT for a two count. Mistico began attempting power moves and a suplex but Williams fought his way out and grabbed an Octopus style submission. Mistico struggles to escape as Williams laughs at the Champion and taunts him as he applies the pressure. Mistico desperately drops to his knees in a stunner type variation to escape the hold. Both men are down as the ref starts the ten count.

    They fight to get to their feet as the fans get behind the champion. Mistico missed a charge in the corner, allowing Williams to nail a big backbreaker for a two count. Williams pulls the “invisible rope” to set Mistico up for the Canadian Destroyer but Mistico overpowers him and powerbombs him in the corner! He grabs Williams and flung him backwards with an inverted bomb!!



    Petey kicks out as the fans can’t believe it, and neither can the Champ!
    Mistico measures Williams and almost kills him with a running clothesline in the corner. He sets up Williams for a superplex but Williams fought him off. Williams comes off the ropes looking for an Ace Crusher but was caught by Mistico on his shoulders and pulled to the ropes but Williams fought his way out of it. He climbs the ropes looking for another attack but with amazing speed Mistico catches him and nails a top rope death valley driver!!!!!!




    Winner and STILL X Division Champion at 17:22 Mistico

    The referee raises Mitsico’s hand in victory as the fans have seen once again what the X Division is all about and why it put TNA on the map. And now even in 2010 it is as strong as ever! Williams is being checked on by EMTs and the referee. He is very groggy and is helped to the back as Mistico enjoys the win with the fans!

    After several replays of the X title match we go backstage where Rob Van Dam and Sabu are standing by with Christy Hemme.

    RVD: Hey JB, what a year it’s been but you know what RVD hasn’t seen enough gold this year and tonight I.. er.. we intend on becoming the #1 contenders to the World Tag Team Championships tonight. LAX you guys continue to try and take everyone out, but you know what Homicide, Hernmandez, you boys have bitten off more than you can chew. Sabu and R.V.D. were born in the land of extreme, and tonight’s no dq match suits us just fine. Konnan, we dare you to get involved because we will enjoy smashing your face with a Van Daminator. LAX tonight you are going to find out why we are the Whole Dam Show.

    Elsewhere with JB is Konnan and LAX

    Konnan: Tonight, LAX is going to rip your damn hearts out. No Disqualification, you two stupid gringos are walking into a gun fight with only a knife. LAX 5150, 365, are going to enjoy humbling you two jabrones and sending you both to the hospital so they can try and reattach fingers and eyes and reset bones just so you can breathe again. This is wrestling for you. For us this is a revolution. Odelay odelay ariba la raza!!!

    Match #3
    No Disqualification for the #1 Contendership to the World Tag Team Championships
    Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs. L.A.X.


    For weeks these two teams have been trying to beat the other. But when L.A.X pushed, RVD and Sabu pushed back. There was no quarter given as both teams ripped into each other to become the team that will face the interim World Tag Team Champions.

    RVD and Sabu come out first to a huge ovation from the fans. Everyone is on their feet as they high five the fans at ringside. They jump in the ring and get up on the turnbuckles as cameras flash from all points in the arena. Gunshots ring out and LAXs music hits. They come out of their border entrance and walk through the fans. Konan as always leading the way and playing to the camera running his mouth. But this time his charges are attacked by two flying men!!! RVD and Sabu have launched themselves off the top turnbuckles and onto Cide and Dez in the fans as the crowd explode in a huge pop of shock and awe!!!

    Sabu and RVD get to their feet and start brawling with LAX through the fans as the camera men dash to try and catch the action. Both teams start hiting the other with everything it’s got to try and get an advantage. Trash cans, fan’s prosthetic leg, crutches, water bottles chairs, are all used by the combatants as they try to kill each other. Sabu runs inot the cheap seats and moonsaults off the top onto Hernandez!!! RVD launches himself off the top with a huge spinning dropkick sending Homicide crashing through a concessions stand!!! R…V…D…

    Finally the two teams get back into the ring where tables, chairs, ladders and anything that isn’t bolted down is used to try and get the win. Homicide finds a ring crew’s tool kit and stabs Sabu in the forehead with a screwdriver to turn the tide of the match! 1..2.. Sabu kicks out as Cide drags him to the middle of the ring and looks to hit the Gringo Killah, but Sabu escapes with a backflip and delivers a drop kick to the Notorious 187’s knee! RVD drives Dez’s ribs into the guardrail and then takes a fan’s chair and throws it to the big man. He catches it and is smashed with the Vandaminator!!!!

    RVD rolls into the ring so he and a crimson masked Sabu can finished Homicide, when Konnan enters with some sort of slap jack but he is hit with a double superkick and Sabu puts him on a table. Sabu and RVD climb the turnbuckles and at the same time come down on Konnan with a leg drop, grog splash combo!!! Konnan is crushed as the table turns to splinters!!

    Salinas slides a tequila bottle into Cide and he smashes it in Sabu’s face!! Taquila and glass goes everywhere as Sabu grabs his face in agony. RVD clotheslines Cide and he slithers to the outside and runs away as Rob chases him… right into a devastating flying clothesline off the steel steps by Herandez!! Cide slides back in, and hits the Gringo Killah on a very, very bloody Sabu!!


    Winners at 12:30 The Latin American eXchange

    Ringisde looks like a plane crashed in the Impact Zone as Salinas checks on Konnan who is unconscious, Cide and Herandez get their arms raised but as they drag Konnan to the back they look as hurt as Rob and Sabu. The fans boo them for using the tequila bottle as Salinas curses at them as they leave ringside.

    A video package plays about the current status of the World Tag Team Championships. At Bound For Glory, Alex Shelley shortarmed his Championship partner to allow Sabin to be pinned by James Storm, one half of America’s Most Wanted. But when Storm got the pin, it wasn’t Chris Harris that stood in his corner, it was Robert Roode, his former partner from Beer Money Inc. Roode immediately after the match took one half of the Tag Team title belts and declared that it was Beer Money who were Champions not AMW.

    Harris looked to recover his championship but seemed to get no support from Storm who didn’t want to get involved. This in the end cost him, because at Turning point in a match between Roode and Harris for the belt, James Storm was the special guest referee… and he was attacked by both men! Harris and Roode declared they were now the tag team champions after Roode pinned Storm while Harris counted. The match was thrown out but no one really knew what the staus of the Championship had become. With no real answer a match at Final Resolution has been set, a three way dance where the winner will be declared the interim World Tag Team Champions and must choose a tag partner tonight! And on Thursday night they will face LAX to be declared undisputed TNA World Tag Team Champions.

    Match #4
    Three way dance to decide the interim TNA World Tag Team Champions
    James Storm vs. Chris Harris vs. Robert Roode

    VS. VS.

    All three men enter the ring separately. There is a lot of history here. Harris and Roode betrayed Storm because they both have betrayed by him. They stood firm as Champions but now that the stipulations of the match have been made, Roode and Harris seem to see this as an opportunity to cut all ties. Neither man stands with any other and they square off reaching out after the bell sounds.

    But Roode and Harris suddenly rush Storm and hit him with a clothesline and then a northern suplex bomb! With Storm down, Harris attacked Roode. Roode tried to whip Harris into the ropes but Harris sat down to avoid it. Harris came back with a running elbow that sent Roode to the floor and then nailed a running dive over the top to the floor. As Harris returned, Storm nailed him with a kick and nailed several arm drags. Harris ducked under a leapfrog but was caught with a kick and an elbow that sent him to the floor. Roode attacked Storm and caught him as Storm went for a dive. Roode slammed him and covered Storm for a two count.

    Roode whipped Storm in the corner, then chopped and kicked away at him. Harris turned his attention to Storm and locked him into a unique submission but Storm chopped his way out of the attack of two men to the cheers of the crowd.

    Roode nailed a dropkick in the corner to Storm's leg. Roode dropped an elbow on the leg, then cinched in a leg lock to wear down his former partner. Harris clotheslines Roode to gain control of the ring. Storm tried to grab a cross arm breaker but Roode broke it and drilled Storm with a kick in the back. Harris returned and nailed Roode with a kick to the back and dispatched him from the ring. Harris locked up Storm in an ankle lock submission but Storm fought his way to the ropes!

    Harris nailed a shin breaker and locked on a figure four leglock. Roode watched as the submission move took it’s toll, and then just before tap out could occur he struck Harris with an elbow drop! Roode charged and knocked Harris off the apron. Storm nailed him, then hit a springboard missile dropkick. Storm held his leg in pain and knew that both men had been working on it to stop his Last Call superkick..

    Storm took out Roode's legs and hit a standing moonsault for a two count which brought the fans to their feet as Storm even had a smile on his face!! Roode went for a German suplex but Storm escaped and hit a back kick. He shot Roode into the ropes then into the air but Roode came down with his knees full force on Storm, slamming him backwards onto the mat and scoring a two count before Harris broke up the pin.

    Harris chopped at Roode but was caught with a kick. Roode came back with a back suplex and a kick to the head. He brought Harris to the corner for a swinging DDT but Harris fought him off and nailed a big time lariat 1…2… Storm breaks it up at the last moment!

    Harris nailed the Catatonic (swinging side slam) finisher but Storm broke it up. Storm nailed the Last Call!!!! But he isn’t able to capitalise on it as he holds his leg again in pain. Roode pulled him over into a pinning situation and then cinched in another anklelock. Storm escaped and drilled Harris with a series of punches. He looks for his beer bottle underneath the ropes, but Roode hits a German Suplex on him when he neds down to try and grab it! 1..2…Harris breaks it up as the fans are on their feet wondering who will win this. Roode nailed a German suplex off the ropes for a two count. Storm landed on his feet out of an attempted German and lashed out with another Last Call but Roode grabbed it and but on a knee bar. Storm taps before Harris can break it up!!!

    Winner at 14:41 Robert Roode!

    Roode rolls out of the ring and looks over at Storm and Harris, he grows a smile as JB runs over to him to interview him in front of the live crowd.

    JB: Congratulations Robert on you r victory. As the stipulation now stands you must name a tag team partner to face LAX on Impact next week for the World Tag Team Championships. Who will it be? Will you reform Beer Money or will you and Chris Harris join forces like you have since Turning Point?

    Roode: Neither! You see JB my revenge is complete, I have now successfully by myself taken the Tag titles from both Harris and Storm. And now I will choose my own partner. A man who will always have my back and will help me defeat LAX to become a 5 time World Tag Team Champion! And that man is …. My Canadian brother the former leader of World Elite, the man that was brutally injured 11 months ago at the hands of LAX, my partner is Eric Young!

    World Elite’s music hits and out walks EY in a suit with a very smug look on his face. Harris is pissed off as he thought Roode would choose him because of their alliance. And the fans can’t believe that Young has returned as he was last seen being brutalised by Homicide when LAX reformed and destroyed World Elite in the process! Young and Roode shake hands as the ref raises the hands of both men to signify they are now the interim World tag team champions until Thursday when they will face LAX.

    Young: 11 months. 11 long months I’ve been away. Konnan, Homicide, Hernandez. You three men are feel all the pain, all the suffering I went through this past year, this Thursday on Impact when I not only crush your dreams of being tag team champs again. But when I crush your spines, and we become the new World Tag Team Champions.
    Roode holds Young’s arm up in victory once again as Harris and Storm look at each other and they start brawling but then they stop. They nod to each other and leave the ring. As Final Resolution continues…

    Match #5
    Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner vs. The American Dragon Bryan Danielson


    Steiner hates everybody, but right now it is Danielson he ahtes most of all. The American Dragon listed him as a mna he defeated on his way to becoming the “best wrestler in the world”. A title he received after defeating Kurt Angle at Victory Road this year. But Steiner saw that a DQ victory didn’t count and attacked Danielson saying he was a puny nobody and will rip Danielson’s head off. Last week on Impact Steiner suplexed Danielson onto the steel steps which split open his forehead. Dragon took him on and the two men have now come to pay per view for a Final Resolution.

    Danielson has a small bandage above his right eye which looks like a bullseye to Steiner who on seeing it can’t help but grin. They circle each other to start, tie-up, Steiner overpowers Danielson into the corner immediately. He scoffs at Danielson and flexes his huge muscles and then trash talks the crowd telling them “he ain’t shit!” They circle each other again, this time Danielson tries to push Steiner into the corner but he can’t so he quickly breaks the hold ducks moves behind Steiner and drop kicks him in the back of the head! Steiner tumbles through the ropes, and out onto the floor! Danielson puts his hands in the air facing the crowd as they laugh at Steiner and chant for Dragon.

    Big Poppa Pump returns to the ring after regrouping, livid with what just happed. “No one embarrasses me” he says in the Steiner slur and looks to tie-up again. The big man switches it to a side headlock takedown and he twists on Danielson's arm. Wristlock by Steiner into a hammerlock back into an armbar, and Steiner pushes Danielson back to the mat. Danielson struggles back up but Steiner continues twisting on his arm. Steiner drops Danielson back to the mat and puts his knee into Danielson's arm while pulling back on it, he pulls Danielson back up and applies an arm wringer. Steiner yells out, “I can wrestle too boy!!”

    Danielson pushes Steiner into the ropes to get the submission broken, but Steiner elbows Danielson in the head before twisting his arm in the ropes. Danielson escapes and rolls out of the ring, but he quickly returns. Arm wringer by Steiner but Danielson hits a side headlock takedown. Steiner rolls to the ropes to break up the hold and both men return to their feet again. The crowd applaud what they have just seen and in true TNA fashion they start chanting “This is wrestling”….

    Tie-up, Irish whip by Steiner who shoulder blocks Dragon down. Dropkick by Danielson and he hits a second one, sending Steiner out of the ring. Danielson goes up to the top turnbuckle and unleashes a body pres on the outside hitting its mark, and knocking down the man mountain! The fans go crazy as Danielson roars and looks to follow up. He rolls Steiner back into the ring. AmDrag applies a headlock takedown and he keeps the hold applied on the mat. Steiner powers back up and pushes Danielson into the ropes, forcing a break. Chops by Steiner in the corner and he punches Danielson right in his bandaged forehead.

    Steiner rams Danielson into the turnbuckle and punches him in the forehead a few more times. More punches by Steiner in the corner and he stomps on Danielson's leg. Snapmare by Steiner, cover, and gets a two count. Steiner applies a bear hug to Danielson, but Danielson rolls to the ropes to force a break. Danielson returns to his feet, chops by Steiner in the corner but Danielson fights back with big forearm shots.

    Danielson kicks Steiner in the corner, Irish whip, and Steiner hits the ropes and comes off with a devastating Steinerline!!! Danielson flips inside out and all the way across the ring landing on his neck! He is deadweight and Steiner has trouble trying to pick him up for another move. He decides to pin him instead



    Kickout by Danielson!!! Steiner laughs to himself shaking his head and brutally delivers a belly to belly suplex and gets another two count. Steiner doesn’t laugh this time and Steiner calls for the end and sets up the Recliner, but Danielson out of instinct is able to escape the hold and tries a triangle choke from off his back!

    Steiner breaks away and Danielson rolls out of the ring to shake off the last few minutes. Steiner follows him but is hit by a dropkick by Danielson! Dragon goes up to the top turnbuckle but Steiner moves out of the way of the missile dropkick and hits the mat hard.. Steiner quickly slaps on the Recliner! Danielson struggles to escape but the bulging arms of Big Poppa Pump look to pop his head like a pimple. Dragon’s face goes red and his eyes start to roll back into his head. But the ref calls for the break and Steiner raises his hands in victory… but the Danielson made it to the ropes by reversing up and getting his foot on the bottom one, unknown to Steiner.

    Steiner is told by the ref what happened and that the match is to continue and loses his mind and grabs the ref by the scruff of the neck and threatens to punch him. Danielson slaps himself back into it and kicks Steiner in the knee over and over again. He drops the ref and turns, holding his knee, right into a double bicycle kick to the chest knocking the big man down like a tree. Danielson then drops a knee onto Steiner's injured leg. And then moves to lock in the Full Windsor Knot (Labell Lock). Steiner scrambles for an escape as Dragon sits back trying to rip Steiner’s shoulder from it’s socket. But with absolute brute power Steiner picks up Danielson, looking to slam him. The smaller man quickly flips over and looks for a sunset flipand because Steiner;’s leg is hurt, he buckles 1…2… kickout!!

    Danielson and Steiner trade blows, but Danielson gets the better of it by kicking the knee. Shinning Wizard!!! 1…2.. Steiner kicks out again!! Snap suplex by Danielson and then floats over looking for the Dragon Elbow Strikes… but Steiner covers up not letting him rain down the blows, so Danielson transitions to a cross face chickenwing. But Stiner’s too big and he escapes and pushes Danielson away, almost frightened of what Danielson can do to him now. Danielson comes at him but Steiner attacks the cut, and Dragon is blinded by the blood as it gushes out of his head. Steiner like a shark in the water goes straight at it with closed fists and smashes the cut and tries to knock Danielson out. The ref cautions Steiner but he intimidates the ref to jumping out of the ring in fear.

    Steiner punches Danielson rapidly in the head, opening up the cut even more. More punches by Steiner as Danielson begins wearing the crimson mask. Steiner lets Danielson get up but gives him another series of jabs, cover, ..1….2…but Danielson kicks out at two. Another cover but it still gets a two count. Steiner pulls Danielson to the middle of the ring and with all the blood loss looks for another Recliner. Danielson back elbows Steiner as he knows if this is locked in he’s finished. Steiner can’t get the recliner and so from off the mat hits a wheelbarrow suplex and Danielson’s head and neck compact with a vicious thud! Backdrop suplex by Steiner and he drops down and does push ups as Danielson is now wearing the crimson mask.

    As Danielson lies on the mat, bleeding and clutching his neck, Steiner picks him up and looks for a gut wrench but Danielson reverses it into a small package for a two count!!!! Irish whip by Steiner, he goes for a hiptoss but Danielson reverses it into a backslide for a two count. Steiner picks up Danielson, Irish whip, but Danielson again applies a small package for a two count. Steiner drags up Danielson, Irish whip, and he delivers a Steinerline, but Danielson ducks the blow hits the ropes and roars coming off with a big forearm strike.

    Steiner doesn’t fall so Danielson hits the ropes again and hits another. He then clinches the back of Steiner’s head and hits strike after strike and starts to busty open Steiner now. The crowd are behind him as the crimson mask of Danielson roars again and he hits a huge European uppercut knocking Steiner to his knees! He delivers a back bodydrop! Backdrop suplex by Danielson! He goes up to the top turnbuckle and nails the Flying Headbutt!!. Full Windsor Knot…. Steiner taps!!!

    Winner at 19:38 The American Dragon Bryan Danielson

    The referee raises Bryan’s hand in victory as he tries to wipe the claret out of his eyes and face. He raises his finger to say “still number 1” as he holds his neck in pain. He rolls out of the ring as Steiner clutches at his shoulder. EMTs rush out to check on him, but he refuses help as he walks to the back with a huge ovation from the crowd. Danielson is still undefeated and quite possibly is the best wrestler in the world….

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    Run In

    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    Backstage the former tag champion Chris Sabin is with JB

    Sabin: Tonight it is Final Resolution and I get mine now that Alex has finally got himself a set of balls and decided to face me. Alex, I still don’t get it. We were Champions we were unbeatable. The money, the prestige, we were the best, and you threw it all away because you were upset that I wanted us to become even better? You stabbed me in the back Alex and now you’re going to pay. See you in the ring be-atch.

    But Christy Hemme has Alex Shelley standing by,

    Shelley: You know what Christy, nice dress by the way, it really brings out your inner slut. Chris Sabin can talk all the smack he wants but the both of us know that I’m going to systematically take him apart piece by piece until he begs me to stop. Or more accurately begs the ref to stop me from hurting him. Sabinator, bang bang your dead old friend. Call me Christy …

    Match #6
    Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley


    The Battle of the Machine Guns

    Hail Sabin plays as the betrayed former Champion makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation. The Machine Guns fans are firmly behind him, and hate Shelley when he walks out next. Shelley taunts the crowd as several toilet paper rolls are thrown at Shelley and he is not impressed. Sabin allows himself a smile for the first time in two months as he checks the tape on his wrists.

    The two lock up and the crowd chant “Let’s go Sabin” as he synchs in a headlock. Shelley looks to escape but Sabin won’t let him. Sabin looks for a German suplex but Shelley grapevines the leg, quickly gets a go behind and brings Sabin down, twisting over his back and locking in a headlock of his own. Sabin tries to roll out of it but Shelley transitions to an armbar, but Sabin escapes quickly, slaps Shelley’s hand and delivers a devastating drop kick that sends Shelley crashing throw the ropes and hitting the floor!

    Sabin decides not to go out after him, instead taunts Shelley and tells him to get back in. Shelley kicks the steel steps and gets through almost the entire ten count before getting back into the ring. He rushes Sabin and this time gets a side headlock. Sabin Irish whips out of it and they collide with neither man going down. Sabin goes off the ropes, Shelley goes for a leapfrog but Sabin catches him and slams him to the mat. Dropkick by Sabin and Shelley alls out of the ring again!!

    The referee starts the count, but Shelley returns at 7. Tie-up, side headlock by Sabin this time, and it’s Shelley with an Irish whip to escape and he delivers a dropkick before clotheslining Sabin out of the ring. Shelley then gets a running start and sails out of the ring onto Sabin. Shelley slides Sabin back in the ring and comes off the top turnbuckle with a diving lariat. Cover by Shelley but it gets a two count. Shelley grabs Sabin's leg and applies a single leg crab hold, but Sabin makes it to the ropes. Kicks to the leg by Shelley and he applies the single leg crab hold again, but again Sabin gets a hand onto the ropes.

    Shelley kicks Sabin in the leg again, he trips him up and yanks back onto Sabin's left leg on the mat. Sabin gets out of it and chops Shelley in the corner, body slam by Sabin but when he goes off the ropes Shelley dropkicks him in the knee. Shelley goes back to the leg but Sabin crawls to the ropes to force a break. Shelley picks up Sabin and slams him to the mat, he then goes up to the top turnbuckle and goes for a diving body press, but Sabin gets his knees up. The fans cheer and Sabin is able to get a break from Shelley’s onslaught. Sabin slaps his leg trying to get it moving

    Shelley from out of nowhere goes for sliced bread but Sabin pushes him off sternum first into the turnbuckles. Sabin chops Shelley in the corner, Irish whip, and he follows it up with the running big boot in the corner!!! Was that a tooth?!? Sabin drags Shelley out of the corner with another Irish whip, and Sabin delivers a dropkick. Cover, but Shelley gets a shoulder up at two. Irish whip by Sabin and he hits a powerslam, cover, but again it gets a two count. Frustrated, Sabin picks up his former partner, Irish whip, reversed, and Shelley hits a modified backdrop suplex. Sabin is up first, he picks up Shelley and hits a backdrop suplex of his own. Cover, but it only gets a two count. Sabin looks for the Cradle Shock, but Shelley scrambles atop his shoulders and is able to grab the ropes.

    Sabin is angry and so pushes Shelley over the top rope but Alex hangs on and lands on the apron. Sabin though drop kicks his legs out from under him and he hits his chin on the apron on the way down. Sabin then like a cat leaps out on to the apron and delivers a running cannonball splash!!! The crowd is pumped and Sabin rolls in Shelley and springboards over the top rope with a back senton. Cover 1..2.. Shelley manages to get a shoulder up.
    Sabin picks up Shelley but Shelley grabs him and slams him to the mat. Shelley goes off the ropes but is hit by a signature springboard tornado DDT, cover, 1……2……. Kickout!!!

    Shelley goes off the ropes and hits a face crusher, he rolls over Sabin and covers him but its a two count. Motor City Stretch applied!!!! Sabin fights and fights looking for an escape, when he finally is able to stretch out with his foot. onto the ropes and he forces the break. Shelley drags him to the middle of the ring and applies it again, but Sabin fights his way towards the ropes with the crowd's support and finally makes it. Shelley goes up to the top turnbuckle and hits a diving body press, cover, but Sabin quickly catches him in a Cradle Shock from out of nowhere!!!!!




    Winner at 17:52 Chris Sabin

    Sabin looks down at his former partner and the fans go crazy as he gets his hand raised by the ref. Sabin has the look of complete satisfaction on his face as he has gotten his revenge and a Final Resolution…

    JB is backstage with Father James Mitchell.

    Mitchell: No JB, you are not worthy of having an audience with the Champion of the World. Jeff Hardy is on another plain to all of you peasants and if he has any comments he will filter them down through me. And what he has to say does not bode well for Samoa Joe. Joe you are a blockheaded brawler who is too stupid to realise when you’ve already lost. Jeff Hardy will be three steps ahead of you in that ring at all times. You will try everything in your little play book, and it will count for nothing as The Champion, will counter your kicks with a Side Effect. Will reverse your punches with a Twist of Fate. And before you can even think about a rear naked choke, you will have your ribs smashed by the Swanton Bomb.

    Tonight Jeff Hardy will close out the year Champion and go on to cement his legacy as the greatest of all time. Joe you are nothing but a speed bump on his journey.

    <Into screen walks a snorting Monster Abyss, with tangled wet hair punching his hand>

    You will believe Joe, the anti-Christ of professional wrestling will make a believer out of everyone tonight. Ha hahahahahahahahahaha

    Match #7
    AJ Styles vs. Desmond Wolfe


    Backstage Christy Hemme is with Wolfe and Chelsea. Wolfe with a big smile on his face looks Christy up and down and then raises his eyebrows at Chelsea as if to say that Alex Shelley’s earlier comment was right on..

    Wolfe: Listen up darlin’ at Turning Point I had a hiccup when I lost to Samoa Joe. Hey no harm in that, coz ya see it’s only made me better. I know how to beat Joe now, just like I lost to Mr Styles earlier in the year, which has been one of my only losses this entire year I might add. Styles I know how to beat you now. I’m gonna take your head off <sniff> and give your pretty little jacket to Chelsea. You may have been the best wrestler in the world for a long time. But now I’m here. I took you too lightly last time. This time… I’ll end ya.

    Get Ready to Fly!

    Styles emerges through the waterfall of sparks as the fans blow the roof off. His face hidden by his hooded vest he lifts it up and the fans go berserk as he jumps into the ring as confident as ever. Slapping his chest and outstretching his arms. His heated rivalry with Wolfe is about to come to an end and the former four-time World Champion is ready to fly.

    Wolfe enters ringside with Chelsea amongst blue mist and a chorus of boos. He flips them off as he gets into the ring as the ever so lovely Chelsea removes his jacket and his glasses. Wolfe smirks as if he knows something AJ doesn’t as he puts his elbow in place. The ref checks both men as Chelsea blows her man a kiss. AJ circles Wolfe as the bell sounds and we are off.

    AJ backs Wolfe up immediately into the ropes. Wolfe and AJ lock up in a test of strength, and Wolfe comes out on top with a keylock. AJ counters with a go behind take down into a front headlock. Wolfe comes out into an armbar and he also wrenches away at AJ's neck. AJ fights out with a single leg takedown and he scissors the leg to put pressure on Wolfe. Wolfe gets out with a well placed kick.

    Wolfe locks in a modified front face lock and he slams AJ down to the mat, but AJ rolls through into a hammer lock. Wolfe gets out of it with a snapmare but AJ is right back into a hammer lock. Wolfe hits another snap mare, but AJ rolls right back into another hammer lock. Wolfe fights out with an elbow, and a quick throat chop.

    Wolfe hits a giant European uppercut and he tries for a quick series of pinfalls but AJ will not stay down for three. Wolfe tries for a knee drop but AJ avoids it and AJ goes to work on the knee stomping at it. Wolfe pokes AJ in the eye before taking him down with a headlock takedown. Wolfe hits another headlock takedown, just trying to wear AJ down.

    AJ is able to fight out of the hold, but he's taken down by a shoulder block. AJ comes back with a hip toss and a quick suplex, but he gets hit with another elbow. AJ leaps onto the ropes and delivers his flying reverse DDT! 1..2.. Wolfe kicks out! Wolfe gets to his feet and AJ hits his flying armbar, falling to the canvas.

    Wolfe rolls his body out of it, but Styles quickly school boys him! 1..2.. Wolfe kickss out and slams AJ's hand and arm down into the canvas. Desmond goes right back to work with another modified front face lock. AJ fights his way out of the submission and ducks a lariat only to hit a flying forearm of his own!! He follws it up with a belly to back suplex. AJ looks for the springboard 450, but Wolfe rolls out opf the ring avoiding the move. Styles runs around the six sided ring and catches Wolfe with another super-flying forearm smashing him completely into the guard rail!!! The fans go crazy as Styles celebrates with the fans. AJ kicks Wolfe in the gut and tells Cheslea to “step off” but the distraction worked long enough for Wolfe to grab Styles’ hand and pull him into the steel steps… Wolfe rolls AJ into the ring. The former champ is holding his arm and his ribs.

    Wolfe tries for a lariat, but AJ counters with dropping down to the mat, Wolfe hits the ropes steps over AJ hits them again, only to be smashed by the AJ Styles signature dropkick!! Chelsea puts her head in her hands as Wolfe hits hard and Styles shakes off the damage dealt out on the steps. AJ goes up to the top turnbuckle, but Wolfe knocks him down and attempts the Tower of London. AJ wriggles to escape, holding onto the ropes. Desmond realises he wont let go so turns and delivers another cross chop and then a super-plex!!!

    Both men are down, but Wolfe floats over for a pin 1..2.. Kick out from AJ! Wolfe hits a big lariat! 1..2.. AJ kicks out again, but looks to be on dream street! Wolfe works over AJ's arm, stretching his shoulders, but AJ rolls over and goes right into the figure four. Wolfe struggles for a bit but he's eventually able to make it to the ropes to force a break. Wolfe locks in a modified gogoplata before floating over into a top wrist lock. AJ tries to fight out of it, but Wolfe puts him down with an arm drag while maintaining the submission. Wolfe hits another arm drag, and he goes back to the modified gogoplata. AJ works out of Wolfe's submission directly into the the Styles-Clash… Wolfe escapes and back body drops Styles. He gets up but Styles hits a lariat of his own. 1…2… Wolfe kicks out and rolls inot the corner.

    The ref tells AJ to back up and Styles isn’t having any of this and while the two men are tangled Wolfe hits a punt right between the Styles uprights! AJ goes down and Wolfe locks in the London Dungeon! Wolfe roars and demands Styles to tap. Styles desperately reaches for the ropes, but Wolfe pulls him back to the centre of the ring. Styles refuses to tap and punches at the ankle of Wolfe. Wolfe is forced to change the deadly submission inot a pin which AJ kicks out of…

    Wolfe then delivers stiff Euro uppercuts forcing AJ into the corner. He runs to the opposite end, jumps up on the first rope for extra speed and sprints with a brutal devastating Euro uppercut!!! AJ slumps to the mat and Wolfe drags him out of the corner and pins him..1..2.. Styles kicks out on what looks like instinct. Wolfe sets him up and winds up for the Jawbreaker Lariat finisher but AJ ducks it! PELE!!!!!! From out of nowhere! Elbow strike, elbow strike, clothesline, clothesline. The fans feed AJ the energy he needs. He roars and Desmond tries again for a Jawbreaker but AJ has his arms up blocking it, quickly counters with a fireman’s carry, and then a jumping knee strike right to Wolfe’s head! Wolfe gets to his feet and AJ delivers the kick to the stomach. STYLES CLASH!!! The fans count but the ref is nowhere to be seen?!

    Chelsea has jumped up on the apron and the ref is distracted. Styles is livid and grabs the ref as Chelsea drops back down to the floor. Styles pins Wolfe again, but he quickly counters it into an armbreaker. Styles though has amazing strength and lifts Desmond up and slams him on the back of his head. AJ stumbles into the corner, his energy spent, he looks as Wolfe slowly gets to his feet holding the back of his head. AJ hits his fireman’s carry neckbreaker and then climbs the turnbuckles for possibly the Spiral Tap. But he’s caught! TOWER OF LONDON!!!




    Winner at 21:40 Desmond Wolfe

    In what many may consider an upset, AJ Styles has been defeated! Wolfe with wide eyes and a huge smile he is over the moon and flips the fans off with the forks. Chelsea jumps on him and kisses him and she wraps her legs around him as he jumps up and down. Wolfe puts her down holding his back, as Wolfe smugly walks to the back flipping everyone off as he “told everyone so” that he could beat Styles. Every dog has its day and today belonged to the Wolfe.

    Backstage JB is with The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

    Daniels: That’s right I have had a big year. The biggest of my career in fact. But I’m not satisfied. I am not the TNA World Champion. Jeff Hardy stole the belt from me and all of TNA helped him. And now look at them all. Trying desperately to take it off him. He played you all like a bunch of fools. I guess he learned from the best. Me. So tonight I intend to end the year on a good note. I’m not going to defeat Kurt Angle. No I can do that in my sleep. Tonight I’m going to demoralise him. I’m going to humiliate him. Tonight I’m going to teach a wrestling gold medallist how to wrestle. Because I am God s Gift to Pro-wrestling, and I will take him apart piece by piece. Body part by body part until there is nothing left of his over-hyped ass. And that’s Gospel according to the Fallen Angel.

    Match #8
    Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels


    The fans go ballistic as the former multi-time World Champion rises from his elevator. He walks into the ring and grabs a microphone.

    Angle: Ha Ha, did everyone in the impact zone tonight just hear what Daniels said? Does he even know who Kurt Angle is? Daniels get your ass out here and we’ll see exactly who takes who apart!

    Out walks the Fallen Angel amongst black smoke, he walks out with his face covered and his arms outstretched. He gets to the bottom of the ramp and slowly reveals his face….laughing. He takes off his long black and silver robe continues to laugh at Kurt. Angle isn’t impressed and calls him into the ring. Daniels tells the ref to get him back so he can step in, but Angle rushes him and all the ref can do is ring the bell. Angle rains down heavy handed blows right into the side of Daniels’ head. Kurt Irish whips Daniels inot the ropes and Daniels grabs them and slides out of the ring. The fans boo him as he holds his jaw and his head, and watches out for Kurt. Angle follows him out and walks right into a huge open palm strike. Kurt staggers back, but is now pissed off and as he turns, Daniels has already slithered into the ring. Angle follows him again, and Daniels catches him with a rockbottom variation inot a backbreaker over his knee! Kurt writhes in pain on the mat as Daniels rests on the ropes before stomping away at Kurt’s neck.

    Daniels ties up Angle's arm and he gloats, calling himself the next world champion. Daniels takes Angle down with an arm drag, but he fights out with a headscissors. Daniels floats over into another arm bar and continues to work on Kurt, trying to wear him down. Angle fights out and locks in a rear chin lock, but Daniels fights out, though he quickly falls victim to a shoulder block. Daniels knocks Angle over and goes right back to work on the arm.

    Daniels hits a pretty inventive flying arm drag, but when he goes for a dropkick, Kurt avoids it, slapping his feet away and he lands hard allowing Angle to pounce. Kurt grabs the ankle and looks to finish this early. Daniels though, not worked down enough is able to roll through forcing Angle inot the turnbuckles! Daniels then waits for Kurt to bounce out and he hits him with an Olympic Slam!!! The crowd boo Daniels using Kurt’s own move against him. Daniels laughs and peppers Angle’s head with humilitaing little kicks. Kurt smacks his kicks away as Daniels sadistc grin grows wider. He locks in a front facelock and then rips back on it. Lkurt though powers to his feet and pushes Daniels off sending him into the ropes. Daniels comes off them with a forearm shot! Angle goes down again, and Daniels sprints to the corner leaping up the ropes he delivers the perfect Best Moonsault Ever!!!



    Angle kicks out!! Daniels looks down at the Olympic Gold medallist and scoffs at his attempt to not lose the match. Daniels brings Kurt to his feet and then lands some rights and lefts and then a discus lariat for another 2 count. Kurt reaches for the ropes as Daniels locks in the ankle lock! Kurt can’t believe Daniels is trying to beat him with his own finishers. Daniels laughs as he rips back on the ankle. Kurt though being the master of the hold is able to escape it twisting his body, and using his other leg to kick Daniels hands to break the hold. He then rolls to a corner and when Daniels comes at him delivers a brutal exploding Euro uppercut! Daniels drops and Kurt flips over him with a cover 1..2… Daniels bashes Kurt’s ribs and is able to roll the shoulder at two.

    Angle tries for a spinning back kick, but Daniels sends him out to the apron. Angle is back in the ring and he surprises Daniels with a beautiful dropkick. Kurt slams Daniels head into the corner and beats on him for a bit before hitting the Olympic Slam! 1..2… Daniels kicks out!

    The crowd seems to be spilt with duelling “Angle” and “Fallen Angel” chants. .Daniels goes for the flying knee strike, but Kurt rolls out of the way and throws him over the top rope! Kurt gets up on the apron, and as Daniels slowly walks towards the ring, Kurt jumps off the apron and hits Daniels with a Harlem Hangover!!! Both men are down on the outside as the ref counts. Kurt finally gets in the ring and Daniels makes it back to the apron at 8, but Kurt wants to win this his way and grabs him and suplexes Daniels into the ring. Cover by Kurt but only gets a two count. Kurt sets for a big move and waits for Daniels to get to his feet. Daniels is caught and Kurt looks for a German suplex, but the Fallen Angel grapevines the leg, escapes and no has Kurt. But Kurt counters again, and this time delivers a German Suplex!

    Daniels is dropped on the back of his head, as the crowd know what is coming and begin counting. Suplex after suplex, Daniels is dropped onto his neck and head, compressing his spine. 2,3,4,5,6, the crowd counts as Kurt goes for another. Seven!!! Kurt is exhausted but pulls down the straps stomps his feet on the mat and locks in the Ankle Lock!

    Daniels scrambles for the ropes but he is too far from them, he tries to twist his body to escape, but Angle drops down and grapevines the leg! Daniels has no where to go and Kurt roars. …. Daniels has his head in his hands and puts his hand out, but he refuses to tap and twists his body and kicks away at Kurt’s leg. He aims for the knee and with one last blast he is free!
    Kurt mounts Daniels and punches him over and over in the face until the ref can finally stop him. Kurt puts his straps back up and then stomps his feet again and pulls them down…. he delivers a leg drop, drags Daniels to his feet and delivers the Olympic Slam, but Daniels counters it into a float over Tornado DDT!!!

    Both men are down as Daniels holds his ankle, he tries to stand but can only do so by using the ropes. Kurt looks to be out as the DDT did serious damage to his previously broken neck. Daniels picks up Kurt and he hits a shoulder breaker, he then places Kurt on the top turnbuckle very slowly (really favouring his left foot) and after a huge open palm strike brings Kurt down to the mat with a Fall From Grace (Modified cross-armed iconoclasm). Cover…



    Kurt kicks out. Daniels calls for Last Rites but Kurt is able to avoid it, delivers a kick to the gut and hits a gut wrench suplex! Kurt is exhausted and extremely hurt and crawls away from Daniels in the corner as Daniels rolls to the floor to catch his breathe, as it was just all forced out of him. Kurt looks for Daniels but can’t see him and gets to his feet to try and see where he went. Daniels limps to the other side behind Kurt and tries to sneak up on him, but Kurt is ready and catches him with a belly to belly suplex! Then a butterfly suplex! The crowd are behind both men as neither wishes to stay down. Kurt looks for another suplex, but Daniels head butts his way out of it and sweeps Kurt’s legs. He looks for another BME, but he can’t do it as he leg gives out on him. Kurt grabs him and school boys him for a 2 count. Both men get to their feet and Daniels smashes Kurt with the STOI!

    The Fallen Angel hits the Blue Thunder Driver, 1…2…. Kurt lifts his shoulder again. Daniels kicks away at the body of Kurt and gets to his feet and as Kurt gets up he kicks him in the gut … Angles Wings!!!!

    No , reversed into a back body drop!!! Olympic Slam!!!!! Ankle Lock!!!!

    Daniels spins his body and kicks Angle off but as he gets to his feet has his head almost taken off by a big time clothesline! Angle looks again to the ankle lock but Daniels escapes rolls away and as Kurt comes for him he hit s reverse STO, straight into the Koji Clutch!
    Angle now is locked in the submission hold and he desperately tries to escape. The fans are on their feet as Kurt reaches for the bottom rope. He gets there… Daniels refuses to release the hold and it takes almost the entire ref’s 5 count to drop it.

    Daniels still limping hits a leg lariat and then calls again for Angels Wings, Kurt though kicks him in the gut first and delivers a power bomb into the turnbuckles! Daniels is hurt and Kurt pulls him out of the corner into a huge overhead release belly to belly suplex!!! Daniels lands clear across the ring and Kurt wiping the sweat off his head calls to finish. Angle delivers punches to the midsection, but Daniels roars and fights back with shots of his own. He targets and attacks Kurt’s back with knees and a body slam. Daniels does a springboard splitleg moonsault on Angle‘s back and locks in a rear chin lock, but Kurt is able to grab the ropes to force a break. Daniels slams Angle down to the mat and he goes for a lionsault. Angle moves and Daniels lands on his feet. Angle surprises Daniels with a hammer lock back suplex and both men are down.

    The ref again counts to ten and at the 8 mark both men are up, staring at each other only inches away from the other man. Angle beats on Daniels in the corner with Euro uppercuts. The action spills to the outside, Daniels tries for a hurricarana over the top rope to the floor but Angle counters with a huge powerbomb. Kurt then sends Daniels shoulder first into the steel ring post. Kurt pounds on Daniels and rolls him back in the ring where he tries to beg off. Kurt wont have it and kicks him in the face. Kurt looks for another suplex but Daniels wont allow him to hit him with it. Kurt bashes Daniels in the back of the head and neck and then tries again, but Daniels still wont let him hit him with it. Angle then pushes him inot the turnbuckles again head first. Daniels bounces out of the corner in pain and is then hit by the Olympic Slam!!




    Kurt can’t believe it and questions the ref asking if it was three or not. He looks for the ankle but Daniels kicks him off, Enzaguri connects and is followed by a Death Valley Driver! ANGLES WINGS!!!



    Kickout!! Kurt Kicked-out!!! Daniels canbnot believe it! No one has ever kicked out of that move! Daniels head is almost about to burst he is so angry and stomps Kurt in the jaw. BEST MOONSAULT EVER!


    Winner at 24:50 The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

    Kurt kicked out but it was just after the three count. Daniels rolls to the floor holding his ankle and demands the ref raise his hand in victory. He looks more proud of himself than happy, but he is the winner, and Kurt lays on the mat extremely exhausted and slaps the mat hard, knowing he lost this night. Daniels limps up the ramp as he is booed and cheered and outstretches his hands in victory and poses, looking to the heavens and then to the crowd before disapperaing satisfied with his win over Angle.

    Mike Tenay and Don West talk about what a big year Daniels has had and he continues his run tonight. But now it’s time for the main event. The World Champion Jeff Hardy defends against the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe. A video package plays showing what both men have achieved in 2010. Hardy hitting his Swanton, Joe hitting the Muscle Buster, Hardy winning the World title in the King of the Mountain match, Joe getting his hand raised after his war with Lesnar, Hardy defeating Styles to win back the World title, Joe choking out Senshi, Wolfe and Abyss.

    Hardy pinning Sting, Joe pinning Lesnar… Hardy vs. Joe…..

    Final Resolution Main Event
    TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe


    Out first is Samoa Joe, the fans explode as he makes his way into the ring. He looks focused and he rips the towel off his shoulders and raises it into the air, before setting himself to get ready to fight Hardy. Hardy’s music hits and he is booed so loudly it is almost deafening. The most hated man in pro-wrestling, the Enigma walks out with the title belt slung over his shoulder. His face painted like a skull, he makes his way to the ring very slowly. He gets into the ring and hands the belt to the referee. The official raises it up and shows it to the crowd to signify that the match is indded for the Championship of the world.

    The bell sounds and Joe has his hands up and moves in to engage Hardy. The Champion dances backwards and forwards. He steps in and out of Joe’s reach before spitting in Joe’s face!

    Joe can’t believe it and he turns right into a big time slap from hardy who quickly jumps out of the ring. He taps his head as Joe is livid. He goes for Hardy, but the referee tells him to step back. Joe pushes him aside and almost gets himself dq’d. The ref reminds him this is for the belt and top step back and allow Hardy to re-enter the ring. Hardy is laughing as he taunts Joe by slowly stomping up the steps. He gets back in but stays in the ropes. The ref calls for Hardy to come out of the corner and to lock up, but hardy tells Joe to get back. Joe comes at him again but the ref gets in between them. He pushes Joe again and calls for Hardy to come out of the corner.

    Hardy snorts and finally dances out of the corner and moves to his left cricling Joe. Joe stes himself again, and Hardy asks for a test of strength. The crowd almost laughs at him as does Joe, but Joe with a small smile puts his hand up to bring hardy down. But Hardy lashes out with a kick… but Joe was ready for this and catches it. He hits a devastating dragon screw leg whip on Hardy almost etaring all the msucles in his knee! Hardy drops to the mat hurt as Joe now has Hardy exactly where he wants him. He pounces on him with huge knees strikes to the skull of Hardy. Joe is out for blood and drives them in hard, Jeff escapes by rolling out of the ring but he is dazed and cannot get away from a high flying, spinning plancha from Samoa Joe!!!

    Joe connects and Hardy is crushed between Joe and the guard rail. The fans go up as Joe roars. He doesn’t let up and face washes Hardy in the corner and then grabs a chair setting up the Ole Ole kick. It connects and Hardy’s face paint has been scrapped off by Joe’s boot. Hardy is like a flailing doll, as Joe continues his toital dominant beat down on the Champion. He rolls Hardy back into the ring and coems back in under the bottom rope but is hit by a leg drop to the back of his head. Both men are down as Hardy is hurting. Joe gets on all fours but hardy double dropkicks him in the face. Joe rolls over and Hardy hits a double leg drop to the abdomen of Joe. Joe is now the one in trouble as Hardy stomps away on Joe. He roars as he does and targets the temple of the big man.

    Joe fighst his way to his feet only to be hit by a Poetry in Motion crushing him in the corner. Hardy shakes off the beating he took, and now starts to punch and kick at Joe. He pulls Joe out by the neck and looks for the Twist of Fate but joe holds onot the ropes and pushes Hardy off, Hardy turns to bash Joe but he explodes out of the corner with a decaptitation lariat. Joe drops an elbow to the back of Hrady’s head and then brings him to his feet smashing him with knee strikes to the body and then forearm shots. Joe goes beserk and beats Hardy into the corner and then hits an exploder suplex! 1…2… Hardy kicks out, saving the title, as Joe is quick to follow up, he hits a jumping knee to the forhead, a kick otthe back, then the front then a backj senton splash. Joe then goes inot his train of submissions. Hardy is about to escsape from the boston crab, when Joe changes it to an STF, then a cross face, then the rings of saturn then an arm breaker, before Hardy is able to get his foot on the ropes to break the excrutiating sequence.

    Joe smacks the mat, but is ready to follow up with a german suplex. Hardy is real trouble and Joe starts very stiffly kicking away at him. The Champ is punished by this brutal kicks to the body and head as Jeff tries to get to his feet he can’t and only last punt sends him backwards through the ropes and crashing onto the floor. Hardy is hurt and grabs his chest almost crying in pain when he is hit by an elbow suicida! Hardy flies and rolls up the entrance ramp! The “Joe” chant changes to “Joe is gonna kill you”, as Hrady is face down on the steel ramp. Joe stomps away at Hardy and then throws him with authority back into the ring. Hardy begs off as Joe comes at him and tries to crawl to safety but Joe grabs his pants and drgas him back looking for the Rear-naked Choke to finish, but hardy sees the ref’s vision is blocked and delivers a mule kick to Joe’s groin. The Submission machine drops to his knees as Hardy holds his throat. He drops kicks Joe in the head and hits the ropes but Joe quickly hits the snap scoop powerslam…1…2… Hardy kicks out!
    Joe still holding his nuts gets to his feet but Hardy punches away at Joe and hits a mule kick. He looks to hit the Swanton and starts climbing the turnbuckles but Joe catches him with a leaping CCS enzaguri!! Hardy is crotched on the top turnbuckle and Joe hits the Muscle Buster!!!



    Hardy kicks out! Joe turns and is enraged and delivers devaststing knee shots to the skull of Hardy. As he connects the crowd yell “Owwh!” with every blow. Suddenly Mitchell is on the ramp and he calls for Abyss, as the Monster stomps down the ramp Joe stops the attacks and turns to see Abyss coming down the ramp. But the roof comes off the building as out of nowehere Abyss is struck in the throat by the black baseball bat of Sting!! The fans go crazy as the Stinger smashes Abyss in the gut and then on the end of the ramp drops him with the Scorpion Deathdrop!!

    Hardy uses the destraction though and bashes Joe in the back of the head forcing him into the turnbuckles. Hardy then chopblocks him behind the knee, and Joe falls to the mat. The Champion then hits the Hardyac Arrest in the corner and drags Joe out 1…2… Joe kicks out. Hardy then hits the compactor..1…2… Joe kicks out again!

    Joe gets back to his feet and Hardy hits the sitout jawbreaker and then clmbs the turnbuckles and hits a Whisper in the Wind.


    Sting yells at Joe to kickout


    Joe lifts the shoulder!! Hardy stomps on Joe and goes for the Swanton Bomb, but Joe rolls away, so Hardy jumps down and moves to a closer of the six corners, to deliver the finisher, but Joe gets the knees up, and Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch. Hardy flips his body ontop of Joe;’s shoulders and the big man is pinned..



    Joe releases the choke and escapes the pinfall, but Hardy doesn’t escape a big time lariat that turns him inside out. Mitchell tries to help his Champion but is knocked out cold by a punch from Sting to the fand delight!
    Joe drops the knee strikes into Hardy’s head one more time and then goes for the Muscle Buster.. Hardy escapes kicks Joe in the gut… TWIST OF FATE!!!



    Joe kicks out! Hardy goes up top to finish Joe with the Swanton… Joe catches him on the top… huge punch to the face… Super top turnbuckle Muscle Bustaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Winner and NEW TNA World Heavyweight Cahmpion of the World at 18:38 Samoa Joe!!!!

    Pyro shoots out of the ring posts and confetti falls from the ceiling. The referee raises Joe’s hand as he accepts the title belt. Sting applauds him as he walks away as Joe is now Champion of thre World!

    Thank you everyone good night…

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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    System's Semantics

    - I’d post my opening thoughts on BFG like you ask, but for the most part it was just on the format of the fed and I thought there shouldn’t be a promo like there was at the start of a show like that. I really didn’t like the huge pictures (that weren’t the same size) was the only noteworthy thing I jotted down. Oh, and I noted the dive into the crowd, and blood (although arguably ‘non-kayfabe’ within the fan gic) was too much for a first match IMO.
    Now onto Final Resolution:

    - The dictionary intro thing was cool.
    - Samoa Joe’s clip of a promo was pretty average, but what can you do with Joe. However Jeff Hardy’s was much better, I’ve enjoyed his new persona from what I have seen so hopefully it rubs off for me in this fed.
    - Big fan of the recap before the PPV starts.

    Fatal Fourway:

    - Would look more organized if the pictures were all the same size (which can be a painr resizing), but it’s a big improvement over the huge pictures (and the odd “VS” to the side) at BFG.
    - Tanahashi with the beautiful people, sounds interesting .
    - Action has been very back and forth, a little chaotic to read but that’s expected.
    - ROFL at Tanahashi getting a kiss after his spot.
    - Ending was well done, very enjoyable opener. Hopefully the rest of the card follows suit.

    Mistico Vs Petey Williams:

    - This should be a great X-Division style match, first person I’ve seen use Mistico from memory.
    - Very fast paced match, flowed very well. Glad to see Mistico get the in. A Top rope death valley driver would be fucking insane.
    - That was odd. Wouldn’t you generally use the EMT’s after a heel gets a big win or does a massive beatdown, to garner sympathy for the babyface? Unless you were just trying to put over how big that finish was.

    L.A.X Vs RVD/Sabu:

    - Little interview segments did their job.
    - That was a bit of a clusterfuck, but a match like that from those guys would be expected. Just not what I was expecting in this match up.

    Match 4:

    - Oh Wow, very interesting match up lined up here. I’ll refrain from any Brandon Walker jokes.
    - Was that a ploy all along (They are going to team this entire match?) or just some tactics in the early going, I suppose I shall see.
    - “but on a knee bar” say whut? Lol.
    - Interesting match, cool idea to have a fued between the trio.
    - spacing error with “your” underneath the match, just a little typo.
    - Lol, no surprise that is was Eric young, as his picture is standing out in the middle of the page. The pic looks cool though (how it blends in)
    - Interested to see where the EY alliance goes.

    Steiner Vs Bryan Danielson:

    - I don’t think you pick more polar opposites in a match up, so this could be fantastic.
    - Thought you would go that route, which is cool (Steiner calling Byran a puny nobody. Etc). Curious to see how believable Danielson is in this match up.
    - Loving the powerplay in the early going.
    - A headlock wouldn’t be the most effective move for Danielson, to use.
    - Can’t have a Steiner match without belly to back suplexes, lol. Curious to see what the ending is, as the way you wrote that it sounding like that was the ending.
    - I don’t understand how Steiner thought this was finished? Did he think Danielson was K.O’d? Lost.
    - Fantastic match up, loved the in ring psychology and you took a very simple angle (Big heel vs small face) and made a very entertaining match.

    Match 6:

    - At least you didn’t break up Team 3D.
    - Rofl at the inner slut line.
    - Don’t have too much to say about this match, was good nothing spectacular. Not use to reading these guys in singles action.
    - Aww, was rooting for Shelley.

    - James Mitchell is Hardy’s manager, sweet!. Lol, bit of a Freudian slip there with a Hardy promo then Abyss snorting.

    Desmond Wolfe Vs AJ Styles

    - !, This should be fantastic, was very impressed by Wolfe when he debuted.
    - I’ve never seen the use of Chelsea, hasn’t done anything to make Wolfe anymore interesting than he already was in TNA.
    - You already would be out of a front facelock, if you were in position to deliver a snapmare.
    - Some of the move choices just seem really out of place, like why would Desmond wolfe poke a guy in the eye, then grapple.. Rotate his arm around, then kneel to get a side headlock takedown. A quick ddt or something of that nature seems much more suited and heelish. out of the ring” (Small ‘opf” typo).
    - Ah, Chelsea does have a part to play in this match.
    - Classic heel ending, enjoyable match up.

    Match 8:

    - 9 matches, just seems odd to me. Most cards seem to have 8 (Typical show: 4 matches, intermission. 4 matches) But its nothing to be concerned about lol.
    - The interviews between matches hype the (upcoming) matches quite well.
    - peppers Angle with little kicks, is an odd description.
    - Sorry, if I didn’t go in depth with this match up. Excited for the mainevent, an I don’t have anything bad to say about it. Good back and forth bout.


    - Major typo with what I’m guessing should be “Intended” in the opening part, just letting you know.
    - Haha, very nice opening. I Don’t know what exactly Joe did to almost get himself Dq’d (Unless the bell hadn’t rung, and match had started…which in that case he couldn’t have got Dq’d) lol.
    - I’m sensing by Joe’s huge shine here, that Jeff is going to screw him over big time at the end.
    - Samoa Joe’s offense in this match has been pretty brutal.
    - Oh fuck off (Mitchell/Abyss/Sting)
    - Seems I was wrong then.
    - Good match up, didn’t like the ending. Just a personal preference.


    - Very enjoyable show, matches were all of a good – excellent quality. Format looks a lot better than those huge pics at BFG, though pics uniformed and the same size would be nice. Steiner Vs Danielson was the MOTN for me, with LaX Vs RVD/Sabu being the only match I didn’t like. Some silly mistakes and typo’s, but that didn’t bring down the show by any large margin. Keep it up, looking forward to your next project.
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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    Haven't read your latest show in it's entirity but I noticed Joe has won the belt which makes me really happy. If that's the conclusion to your fed than it's a great one. Joe's been on the hunt the entire time and now he's finally done it. He is without doubt my vote for the Character of the Year.
    Man of the world.

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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    Episode 50
    Season Finale

    Pyro shoots into the air as Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to the final episode of TNA Impact for 2010.

    Tenay: Welcome everyone to the 3 hour, last Impact of the year, Merry Christmas and we all hope you have a safe and happy new year.

    West; Mike what a year we had, I mean on the very first show of the year, it was announced that Bret Hart would be the new head of the Championship Committee, working alongside, Jeff Jarrett, Mick Foley and Dixie Carter to bring everyone total non-stop wrestling action.

    Tenay: Don, it was a game changer because Impact became the highest rating show on Spike TV and the highest rating pro-wrestling program in the U.S. overtaking the WWE in March, and we’ve never looked back.

    West: It’s been a rollercoaster of a year Mike with Raven trying to destroy everything and then finding out it was all so Daniels could become Champion. Shocker and then Raven went crazy and tried to kill the Hitman in a steel cage and even tried to hurt people by blowing up AJ Styles’ car near the fans!

    Tenay: No kidding, and then we had Raven influence Jeff Hardy, who we all thought was our saviour defeating Daniels at Slammiversary, when in fact it became even worse.

    West: But that’s all done now because last night at Final Resolution, Samoa Joe, became the 2 time TNA World Champion!!!

    Suddenly Joe’s music hits and the roof blows off the building. Fire shoots into the sky as emerging from the smoke and flames is the Samoan Submission Machine. With the gold belt on his shoulder he gets a roaring reception as the fans chant his name, and he nods his head and for the first time in a long time, has a big smile on his face. Triumphant he stops and yells out to the fans that he is the baddest mofo on the planet. He is the Champ and he is here.

    With his trademark towel over his shoulder and his latest t-shirt the Champion soaks up the cheers as they don’t seem to be ending. He climbs the turnbuckles raising his fists and it pumps the fans up even more. For almost three or four minutes the cheers increase, getting louder and louder until finally Joe grabs a microphone and calms them down.. the best he can.

    Joe: Hello Impact Zone!!!! I am Samoa Joe, I am pro-wrestling and I am the T.N.A. World Heavyweight Champiooooooooooooooooon!!!

    I told Hardy, I told everybody, that nothing was going to stand in my way. Nobody was going to stop me and at Final Resolution, I got mine, and TNA got theirs. So right now I’m going to tell everyone in the world. I don’t care how good you are, or where you come from, if you think you are good enough, then come and face me, come and try to take what is mine. I best Kojima the IWGP Champion in his home country in front of his home fans. I destroyed Brock Lesnar in his own little cage over in UFC, and I crushed Jeff Hardy in the middle of the six sided ring.

    You all want to see a fighting Champion? I said do you want to see a fighting Champion?!! Well that’s what you’re gonna get. I make this decree, I make this vow. I will fight anyone who deserves a shot, I will fight anyone who thinks they can try and beat me. I will fight everyone who thinks they can even last five minutes in the ring with me. You guys want a new beginning, I AM the NEW BEGINNING!!!

    Joe’s music plays as he holds the belt high in the air the fans chant his name as he waves to them and is about to leave when his music is interrupted by the Blueprint’s. The DNA of TNA, the seven foot Matt Morgan walks out onto the stage clapping his hands. He is dressed for battle and he has a microphone.

    Morgan: Nice speech Joe. Congrats on becoming Champion. But you and your management team should know by now, I mean it is Thursday, that Matt Morgan is the number one contender, after beating Tanahashi, the Pope and Senshi this Sunday. You see you’re not the only one guy who won. And you know what I’m here to collect.

    You see a coupla months ago, I retired Kevin Nash. The biggest, the smartest wrestler of this generation. And you know what Joe? I’m gonna do the same to you. But this time the stakes are higher, because not only do I get to take you out of the sport, it means I become Champion of the Whole Wide World. So…

    Joe: You want to fight me Morgan. No problem. I just got finished saying I’ll fight all comers. And since this is the last Impact of the year. How about we give the fans a big time fight. I’ll put the belt on the line, and you put your ass on the line. Tonight Joe’s gonna kill you!

    Joe’s music hits and Morgan seems a bit uneasy, as if he has bitten off more than he can chew… He nods his head trying to portray a strong front but he does look nervous.. as Tenay and West talk about the results of Final Resolution taking Impact to a commercial.

    Match #1
    X Division Champion Mistico vs. Kenny Omega
    Non-title match

    Jerry Lynn walks out and introduces the combatants. He says it’s been a great year for the X Division and he is proud of the current Champion who defended his belt once again this time against Petey Williams. The Canadian Destroyer comes out and gets in the face of Lynn, but Mistico’s music hits and he makes the save. But Omega slides in and starts the match with an attack from behind.

    What a match as these two men showcase the X Division in all its glory as Omega is out to defeat the Champion and get himself a title shot. Omega hits a Croyt’s Wrath (electric chair turned in mid air into a German suplex) off the middle rope!!! But Mistico lands out of the ring. Omega follows it up with high flying offence. Mistico is in trouble but is able to hit La Mistica when Omega makes a mistake and pick up the victory!

    Winner at 8:47 The X Division Champion Mistico

    Williams though jumps the champ, and Omega helps him with the beat down. But from the back Chris Sabin races in, slides underneath the bottom rope and cleans house to a huge pop from the fans! Sabin clotheslines both men over the top rope knocking them to the floor and he is pumped up. The energy from the fans fires him up and Sabin grabs a mic.

    Sabin: You want some action tonight Petey? Why don’t you jump in this ring right now and take me on?

    Williams, laughs at Sabin and dismisses him at first, but then looks at the crowd and then rips his shirt off and jumps into the ring. The two men start brawling as the fans go crazy and Jerry Lynn is shown talking to the ring announcer and he declares this match official.

    Match #2
    Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams

    The two men hit each other with everything they’ve got as they fight above the ring with some spectacular high risk moves. Williams hits a hurricanarana sending Sabin to the outside and the two brawl all over ringside. The two fight each other on the apron, and Sabin some how hangs Petey in a tree of woe on the outside of the ropes! The fans blow the roof off when Sabin hits the sickest hesitation drop kick ever seen!!! Williams falls from the top rope to the floor in a mess, and Sabin soaks up the praise from the fans in the middle of the ring as the ref counts to ten and Sabin is declared the winner!

    Winner at 5:29 Chris Sabin

    “Hail Sabin” chants began as Sabin celebrates with the fans as Impact goes to commercial.

    Backstage Bret Hart, Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett, welcome special guests Ricky Steamboat and Keji Mutoh to TNA. Hart thanks them for coming tonight and let’s them know that he has just signed a title match for the main event. Both men approve and can’t wait for that. Steamboat and Mutoh seem to be both big Joe fans and helps them to their seats.

    JB is with Eric Young and Robert Roode the Interim World Tag Team Champions.

    Roode: At Final Resolution I got my revenge on both Storm and Harris and tonight the former leader of World Elite and I will become undisputed Tag Team Champions.

    Young: I’ve been waiting for this moment for an entire year JB. Tonight I’m going relish beating the holy hell out of LAX.

    Christy Hemme is with LAX, Salinas snatches the microphone away from her and chest bumps her out of screen. She hands Konnan the mic and he is happy to give his thoughts.

    Konnan: We don’t care who we are facing tonight. The tag titles will be ours once again. Hernandez the most dominant wrestler of 2010. Global Champion, X Division Champion, no one could beat him. And then there’s the Notorious 187. Who everyone fears to step into the ring with. We are militant thugs 365 and we will be Tag team champions. Ode lay, Ode lay, Ariba La Raza…

    Match #3
    World Tag Team Championship Match
    Robert Roode and Eric Young vs. L.A.X

    EY wants to start, he has his sights set on Hernandez who put him out after he defeated him for the Global title earlier in the year. The powerhouse throws him around the ring and Roode tags in to try and negate it but he doesn’t have much luck either. The two teams though use their different skill sets to take control of the match, but there’s a ref bump!!! It looks like America’s Most Wanted have reformed and they attack Roode on the outside. When LAX try to use chairs to take out their opponents, RVD and Sabu come down and take the chairs off of them and deliver a few thrust kicks and Arabian facebusters while they are out there!

    Young take advantage and hits the Piledriver but Salinas makes the save, and Homicide hits Roode with a Gringo Killah for the victory.

    Winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions at 13:55 The Latin American eXchange

    Konnan grabs the belts from the referee and hands them to his guys. Hernandez again wears gold as Homicide kicks Roode and Young out of the ring. AMW then come out again and attack Roode as RVD and Sabu come out and attack the new Champions. Chaos breaks out until security get involved and L.A.X. move back through the crowd to their border entrance for cover. RVD and Sabu stand on the turnbuckles trash talking them, but LAX (although hurting and exhausted) hold up the belts in victory and then retreat to the back…
    Backstage the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels stands by with Christy Hemme.

    Daniels: At Final Resolution, the Fallen Angel once again showed the World he is the very best. It doesn’t matter if your name is AJ Styles, Kurt Angle or even the Icon Sting. I am on a level never attained before in this sport. I am untouchable and Samoa Joe, very, very soon, it will be I that you face, and mark my words you will fall at my feet. I will take back what belongs to me. Your new beginning is a dream for I am the way. And that’s Gospel according to the Fallen Angel.

    But in walks Bryan Danielson, he stands almost nose to nose with Daniels staring intensely at him. He doesn’t speak for what seems like an eternity, when…

    Danielson: Christopher Daniels, the Fallen Angel, long time no see. How have you been?

    Daniels: Champion of the World Danielson. You? Oh wait you got fired by that second rate wrestling company for being too violent. And now you’re here, in my world.

    Danielson: That’s right Chris, it’s been a long time since you and I have been in the ring together. So how about tonight, on the final Impact of the year, we face each other for the first time one on one inn a six sided ring, whattya say?

    Daniels: Hrmph, you’ve been here five minutes, beat a few guys and think you are worthy of stepping in the ring with me? Danielson I think you forget your place. 8 years ago I made you the American Dragon in a baptism of hellfire on the Indy circuit. I forged you with my heavenly abilities into the man you are today. I can easily break you. Do you really want that? Do you want to throw it all the way by facing me tonight?

    Danielson: Your damn right I do!

    Daniels: Then I’ll see you soon … boy.

    Daniels walks off and a very confident Dragon is left with a concerned Christy Hemme.

    Out to the ring to a deafening chorus of boos is the former World Champion Jeff Hardy with James Mitchell. Mitchell sits on the ropes to give Hardy room to walk straight into the ring. The hatred for this man knows no bounds as he betrayed everyone, including all his young fans, all because of his “addiction”. He can’t get a word out as the fans boo him continuously. Hardy gives the microphone to Mitchell and walks into the corner disgusted with the greeting.

    Mitchell: How dare you! How dare all of you, this man is the second coming and this is how you receive him?

    The boos get even louder if that is possible as Mitchell shakes his head.

    Mitchell: You people bow down to the anti-christ of prowrestling, the Enigma Jeff Hardy.. bow down I say! Fine you wont listen. Then let’s go Champ.

    Mitchell and Hardy move to leave when some real Pimpin’ music hits the speakers and crowd goes crazy as out walks D’Angelo Dinero!

    Dinero; Woah there Hardy. Where do you think you’re going? Listen up partnah, the Pope’s got a sermon for ya. Ya see Pope thinks you’re a sonavabitch. And the Pope wants to get him some of that sonavabitch tonight! You walked around here for months, stealing victories, holding this company to ransom, well guess what daddy, you ain’t the man no more, and the Caddy of TNA is going to put his boot in your ass! Because Pope is pimpin’

    Hardy: You wanna fight me? Ya know somethin’ Pope. I’ve was persecuted last night and betrayed three times before my belt was taken from me. And I’ve got the shakes brother. I need to inflict some pain. I need to transfer this pain I’ve got goin’ on inside of me right now. And it looks like you just volunteered punk. Let’s go!

    Match #4
    Jeff Hardy w/ James Mitchell vs. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

    Pope come sat Hardy quick and devastating. He brings Hardy down over and over. The Enigma tries to escape this beating but the Pope is fire tonight! After a pimp slap and a Coronation, the Pope was ready to finish Hardy with the DDExpress, but Abyss runs out and spoils the party. He attacks Pope, but Dinero fights back sending the big man crashing over the top rope.

    Winner via Disqualification at 6:51 The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

    The crowd booed the interference and the saving of Hardy, but it cheered Pope taking out Abyss! Hardy trash talks Pope as Mitchell begs him to retreat as Pope stands tall in the ring with his music playing and the fans cheering….

    In a skybox The Championship committee and their special guests applaud Hardy being humiliated and are very excited about the next couple of matches, when in walks Kurt Angle. He shakes everyone’s hand and a lot of cameras catch the meeting of everyone. Kurt then challenges Keji Mutoh to a match. Hart is very excited and Mutoh accepts the challenge. Angle says he is honoured and can’t wait to face him. Mutoh, without releasing the handshake, looks into Kurt’s eyes and tells Angle he’ll crush him like he did Sting all those years ago! Angle can’t believe what Mutoh just said and the two start to push and shove until Foley and Jarrett gain control. Kurt leaves as Hart tries to calm him down. Mutoh smirks as Impact goes to commercial.

    Get Ready to Fly! The roof blows off as out walks Mr TNA, AJ Styles! The Phenomenal One steps into the ring and says that at Final Resolution he lost to Desmond Wolfe, so he wants a rematch tonight. Out walks Desmond with Chelsea.

    Wolfe: Listen up sunshine, I beat you in the middle of the ring. I finished wit ya. The next stop for me is Joe. Ya see, just like I told you at Final Resolution. I knew how to beat ya, and I know how to beat Joe. And hey, if Morgan beats Joe tonight, I’ve beaten him so many times I’ve lost count. So why don’t you piss off.

    But out walks Hiroshi Tanahashi and the Beautiful People to their raunchy entrance.

    Sky: Wait a minute Wolfe honey. Hiroshi thinks he can beat Joe, so how about you and him take each other on tonight? Huh? I mean Angelina and I would love to see that!

    Chelsea gets in the Beautiful people’s faces and there’s an argument going on when Kurt Angle’s music plays and he stomps his way out.

    Angle: I’m not in the best of moods right now. I lost to that freak Daniels and just now Keji Mutoh just tried to punk me out. How about all three of you step in the ring with me, and I suplex all of you! …Oh it’s real Desmond, it’s damn real..

    Match #5
    AJ Styles vs. Desmond Wolfe vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kurt Angle

    Wolfe takes a swing at Kurt, all four men start to brawl, a ref runs out and rings the bell and we have an impromptu 4 way dance. All four men pull out all the stops to try and prove who’s the best. Finishing moves are hit from everywhere as Kurt looks to get a win under his belt, while AJ goes after Wolfe. He takes himself and Wolfe out with an amazing frosby flop to the outside knocking down Desmond, leaving Kurt to catch Hiroshi coming off the top rope into an Olympic Slam!!! 1..2..3

    Winner at 15:35 Kurt Angle

    Styles and Desmond brawl on the outside until they hear the bell and look up to see Kurt’s arm raised. Both men are angry at this, and Wolfe and Chelsea leave ringside. AJ nods in approval of Kurt’s win and berates himself for allowing Wolfe to let him get under his skin.
    Kurt looks into the camera and tells Mutoh he will kick his ass.

    Match #6
    Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson

    The American Dragon is undefeated in TNA thus far and has defeated guys like Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner and Senshi. Daniels has had a stellar year as he fooled the entire company and became Champion for 6 months ruling with an iron fist. He was never pinned or submitted to lose the title and now is on a quest to take it back.

    In an amazing match both men try to target a body part. Danielson looks for the submission with different moves every time trying to surprise the Fallen Angel. Daniels though looks for the knockout blow with his many different finishers such as Last Rites, BME or Angles Wings. Danielson is able to counter them all and Daniels must reach the ropes to escape a certain tap out. Duelling chants are thunderous as finally the American Dragon’s winning streak comes to an end after a Full Windsor Knot is reversed into a small package and he is pinned.

    Winner at 17:33 Christopher Daniels

    Danielson can’t believe it, while Daniels sits in the corner with a very big smile on his face. He taps his head and rolls out of the ring with his hands held high. Danielson receives his first loss in TNA in a classic match that could have gone either way. Danielson slaps the mat but almost seems relieved that the loss is out of the way. He has his hands on his hips but he gets a standing ovation from the fans. Daniels gives the sign of the belt before he leaves still happy about his victory. Danielson high fives some fans on the way to the back only to be super kicked in the face!!! The fans boo the man who stands over him with a huge smile… Alex Shelley. Alex looks into the camera and sarcastically says “oooh why Alex, why? HAHAHA!” as Impact goes to commercial.

    Back from commercial and out to the ring walks the Icon Sting. Sting bows down to the fans as they give him a huge ovation. In his warpaint and leather coat he swings his black bat and looks very excited.

    Sting: OOOOOOOWWWHHHH!!! Thank you very much. It has been a very long ride for the Stinger. I’ve been fighting the good fight for thirty years. In that time I’ve faced them all, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Rick Rude, Jake Roberts, The Macho Man, Scott Steiner, Lex Luger, Sid Vicious, Goldberg, Big Van Vader, Rick Steamboat, MUTA! AJ, Daniels, Joe, Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy just to name a few.

    Well the Stinger loves all you guys, loves all the TNA fans and all the little Stingers, and I would like to announce something. I would like to announce that I want to give back as much as I got out of wrestling. So starting next week o the very first episode of TNA Impact 2011, it will begin the Final Showtime tour.

    Ya see folks, the Stinger’s got to hang up the boots sometime, and so I’m going to around one more time, and I’m going to wrestle everyone I haven’t had a chance to. So to the Alex Shelleys, Chris Sabins, Bryan Danielsons, Brutus Magnus’, Desmond Wolfes, I want to take you on. I want to step in the ring with each and every one of you and say thank you to the fans who have given me this wonderful life, because without you we wouldn’t be here. So boys in the back and to all the fans here and watching around the world, the Final Showtime Tour starts next week and will end at Bound For Glory 2011. So until then, it’s Showtime folks!

    The Stinger’s music hits, the fans go crazy and we have just witnessed Sting stating that he will be retiring. There is a standing ovation from the fans and from the Championship Committee in the skybox. Sting is about to give the fans a series of matches that will blow all our minds all the way upto BFG 6

    Matt Morgan is with JB at the go position.

    Morgan: JB, Samoa Joe is a fool. Only days after winning the title he wants to try and take me on, the genetically stacked, best big man in the business. Does he not remember I just retired Kevin Nash to now be known as the most dominant wrestler in the business? Joe shine that belt up because tonight, I become TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

    Main Event
    World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Champion Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan

    Both men get big time entrances as the fans boo Morgan and cheer for Joe. “Joe’s gonna kill you” chants ring out as a huge big fight feel fills the sold out 16,000 strong sold out crowd. Both men try to intimidate the other with their power as Morgan tries to out muscle Joe, but Joe counters with deadly strikes and kicks.

    Morgan knocks Joe down with the devastating Carbon Footprint, getting a 2 count. The two gladiators pour it on and Joe tries to chop the big man down with shots to the legs and knees. Joe brings Morgan down to the mat and ruthlessly uses stretches and submission to rip and tear at him. Morgan fights back but Joe counters and starts to beat on the big man mercilessly. He drives knees into the head and temple of Morgan and the Blueprint can’t defend himself. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch and the ref calls for the bell!

    Winner at 13:11 and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe

    Joe raises his hands in victory as Morgan is unconscious on the mat. The new beginning is here and its name is Samoa Joe.

    Thank you everyone from Ultimate TNA 2010 this is the


    Ultimate TNA 2010 has been a Run In Production

    Thank you for all of your support over the year I hope you enjoyed the final episode and would love to get comments, reviews and feedback.

    Regards and thanks,

    Run In

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    Run In

    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by WP
    2010 Year End Awards



    1. RunIn's Ultimate TNA 2010 (10 VOTES)
    2. Wrestling MVP's WWE: The Draft Changes Everything (2 VOTES)


    1. Run In's Ultimate TNA 2010 & WMS' Ring of Honor: Revisited (4 VOTES EACH)
    2. Joey's World Wrestling Federation (3 VOTES)


    1. RunIn's Bound for Glory (4 VOTES)
    2. Zap's Featured Attraction (3 VOTES)
    3. Zap's EPW: Code Red (2 VOTES)
    3. PB's Final ECW of Legacy (1 VOTE)


    1. RunIn's Samoa Joe (3 VOTES)
    2. PB's CM Punk (2 VOTES)
    3. Zap's Don Callis (1 VOTE)
    3. RunIn's Brock Lesnar (1 VOTE)
    3. WP's The Brian Kendrick (1 VOTE)
    3. Ness' Link (1 VOTE)
    3. RunIn's Daniels (1 VOTE)


    1. RunIn's Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe (9 VOTES)
    2. Kid's Chris Jericho vs Lance Storm (1 VOTE)
    2. Kid's The Rock vs Shawn Michaels (1 VOTE)



    1. RunIn (9 VOTES)


    I have had a really fun year writing Ultimate TNA 2010. As I've said numerous times, I didn't set out to write a fan fiction exactly, I wrote the show to prove to a friend and my brother that I could do a better job than Russo could. Now with all these awards I think I can safely say that I accomplished my goal. I'm not a very good match writer, but then again, I wasn't out to prove I could write fan fic just try and be a better booker than the people that are running TNA right now.

    I guess I kind of cheated by having Bret Hart instead of Hulk Hogan and Bischoff, but some might say in terms of drawing power I may have put my own fed at a disadvantage, I don't know... after watching my favourite wrestling company die a slow death through the year, I guess I was continally motivated by how bad they were going and how I could make it better.

    I don't think I did anything innovating, or groundbreaking in my shows, I just came up with a reason for two guys to fight on every show. And I had fun doing it. I did get burned out after awhile and had to switch to a more summarised style near the end, but I guess that was ok...

    So Ultimate TNA 2010 contained 50 episodes of Impact, 2 Global Impacts, 12 pay per views, and 3 episodes of eXplosion. All up I did 67 shows in one year. I think I kept up with Russo/TNA creative and I think I did a good job of pushing and making top guys out of several wrestlers such as Christopher Daniels.

    It was funny how I brought Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam into TNA before they did, and turned Hardy into the company's top heel before they did. My goal was to push everyone. I make everyone look as if they were the top guy. From Petey Williams almost crippling Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels taking over the entire company, Raven rising up and becoming the most evil bastard on the planet, to even Hernandez being this violent and unbeatable champion.

    So after 67 shows, I would like to thank all the guys that reviewed my work:

    System x2: Your first review help me so much, just formatting advice alone helped me write a better show.

    Killer X2
    Greywolf x2
    WMS x4
    Zap x7
    PI X2
    Wrestling MVP
    Josh x2
    Bird Kid

    I also got comments from Mike, Havok, WP, jTj, Kid and PI and a lot of praise in the fed threads during the year.

    I'm very happy with what I've achieved and looking back on a few things I would have done some a bit different, but mostly the major storylines worked well.

    Once again I can't beleive all theawards I won today, it really is humbling and amazing at the same time you guys thought I did a great job. I'm over the moon and have made a few friends down here in FF and I log on every day to see what everyone is upto.

    Many, many thanks.

    Run In.

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