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    Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling Presents

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    <The Sacrifice video package begins with Raven helping Daniels defeat AJ Styles for the TNA title. Daniels is the Champion and his promo on him finally achieving his destiny is spliced with the evil deeds Raven and he did to get to the top. Then there is footage of Daniels ramming Styles into the cage at Lockdown and although a bloody mess holding up the gold as he walks out of the cage.

    Sting battles Raven, Raven attacks others and Sting makes the save. Sting finally defeats Raven at Lockdown and then on Impact. A voice over of Hart telling Sting he will be the man to bring the title back from the dark side.

    Quick sound bytes of Sting and Daniels promos about who will win at sacrifice…

    Wolfe and Tanahashi ploughing through teams to win the Super Tag Cup. They are disrespectful to Foley and Jarrett, they beat RVD and Hardy and then we see them pinning Speed Muscle and then AMW. The Machine Guns congratulate them only to have Hiroshi smash the giant trophy over Sabin’s head busting him open!

    Samoa Joe walking down the ramp. Sees Lesnar is the crowd as a special guest. They get in each other’s faces and suddenly explode into a huge brawl. They encounter each other two more times and it’s a huge brawl

    Lesnar: I’m gonna
    Joe: Joe’s gonna kill you… >

    And now... TNA Wrestling presents Sacrifice…

    The Sacrifice set is an amazing structure. The stage has a gigantic screen and the two giant pillars on either side of the TNATron, seem to be made up of bones and a top of them are big skulls. The superstar’s entrance tunnel starts from the top of the stage but it leads down the ramp to about halfway. The tunnel itself is designed to look like it is put together by human bones merged with technology. Not unlike thousands of skeltons of cyborgs from the future. Smoke pours out of the tunnel as pyrotechnics explode to mark the start of the TNA Sacrifice supercard. Huge spotlights line the ramp as Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to a huge night in por-wrestling history as tonight the world will see Samoa Joe clash with Brock Lesnar.

    The crowd is announced at 41,346 by Dave Penzer to a huge pop as the highest rating, and number 1 Pro-wrestling company in the world is a sell out for this huge event.

    Match #1
    Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss

    The roof blows off as Jeff Hardy’s music hits to start the ppv! Dave Penzer’s match announcement cannot be heard as Hardy pumps up the crowd with his hand banging entrance. Sliding into the ring he jumps on to four of the 6 corners of the ring and salutes the fans. Camera flashes light up the huge arena as forty thousand plus fans chant his name.

    < A replay of the last few weeks where Jeff Hardy has been protecting Sting from Abyss. Mitchell’s promo about how the man without fear will know Horror at the nahds of the monster. It came to a head two weeks ago when Hardy hit the swanton bomb off the stage to save Sting from being choked. Then last week Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on James Mitchell to play mind games with his Sacrifice opponent>

    Through the fires of Hell walks the Monster Abyss. The flames lick at his boots as his dark handler Father James Mitchell, points at Hardy and then pretends to click a button “Click, Doomsday, Now” and points again at the Charismatic Enigma. The Monster makes his way down the ramp as Hardy bounces up and down in the middle of the ring ready for a war. Abyss is getting last minute instructions from Mitchell when he is hit full force from a sommersault plancha from Hardy!!! Abyss hits the back of his head on the floor, as Hardy gets up and headbangs with the cheering fans. Mitchell steps away as he doesn’t want to get hit again by the Twist of Fate. Hardy drops a leg right across Abyss’ face and calls for the fans approval. Rolling back into the ring he climbs the turnbuckle to a huge ovation. Abyss gets to his feet, Mitchell is screaming at him but it’s too late and Hardy once again delivers a big time splash putting the monster down again!

    Finsih: Hardy has ht the Monster with everything he has, but the creature from hell is still standing. Hardy tried a Whisper in the Wind but was caught and hit in one movement with a big time backbreaker across the monster’s knee.Abyss gathers his senses as Mitchell directs traffic on the outside. He puts his giant hands into Hardy’s mouth and pulls him to his feet by his bottom jaw! He then unloads some big time right hands to Hardy’s temple. Hardy is spaghetti legged and can’t stand up staright and his smashed by the big boot. Abyss runs the ropes and drops down with all his weight onto Hardy’s chest. He sits there as the ref counts 1..2.. Hardy barely escapes at a 2 and a half…

    Abyss starts choking Hardy and the ref calls for the break…1..2..3..4.. Abyss releases it only to choke him again..1..2..3..4.. Abyss Chokeslams Hardy this time and makes the cover..1..2.. Hardy kicks out!

    Jeff is reaching for the ropes to try and get some room between him and the monster but Abyss is relentless and grabs the back of Jeff’s jeans and pulls him back up almost effortlessly. He lifts him up and goes for Shock Treatment, but Hardy struggles. Abyss holds him in place trying to execute the deadly backbreaker. Hardy finally goes around the world and delivers a big time DDT. Both men are down as the ref counts 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8 Both men stir and get to their feet. Hardy throws a big punch to Abyss’ face. Abyss doesn’t flinch and hits a punch of his own which sends Jeff flying into the corner. Abyss crosses his arms and then charges in crushing Hardy between his huge frame and the turnbuckles. He backs up and Hardy drops to his knees right in front of Abyss. Mitchell calls “Doomsday”. Abyss punches Hardy and then picks him up. He whips Hardy into the ropes looking for the Black Hole Slam, but Jeff is able to turn it into a leaping spinning lariat. The fans chant “Hardy” as Hardy ascends the turnbuckles SWANTON BOMB!

    Right into Abyss’ knees!! Hardy’s back bows up and the Monster gets to his feet and delivers another big boot. 1..2.. Hardy kicks out. Abyss is starting to get frustrated so grabs a table from under the ring and throws it in. He lifts it on the apron, but hardy drop kicks it into Abyss! The monster is caught between the ropes and the table. Hardy sets up the table and tires to supelx Abyss through the table as the ref tries to get some sort of order. Abyss reverses the suplex and Hardy goes flying out of the ring crashing to the floor. Abyss goes after Hardy by putting his head through the ropes but jeff leaps up and uppercuts the Monster. Abyss stumbles back into the ring tripping back onto the table. Hardy is up on the top and hits another Swanton! Abyss crashes through the table..1..2..3.

    Winner via pinfall Jeff Hardy at 15:32

    The fans go crazy as Jeff has won the opening bout here at Sacrifice tonight! The ref raises his arm as the battered and bruised body of Hardy salutes the fans as Mitchell cringes in the corner due to his monster losing. The fans celebrate with Hardy as Tenay and West play the highlight reel before sending it to the back to a very sexy Christy Hemme.
    Hemme: Thanks guys I’m here with Dana White the President of UFC Dana White and TNA Executive Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Welcome gentlemen. Firstly Mr. White, what are your thoughts on tonight’s main event?

    White: Tonight is going to be a big night for the UFC. Simply put TNA has taken us over in the ratings lately. So this is a big business deal for us to have our Champion defeat TNA’s top guy and show the world that UFC is the superior product. I can only see one outcome tonight and that is complete and utter domination of Samoa Joe by Brock Lesnar. Joe’s a big guy, but he’s no Brock Lesnar. This guy is an absolute force and nothing ever stands in his way. If you pro-wrestlers thought he was a bad ass in WWE or NJPW, then after all his improvements to get to where he is now. I’ve gotta say, I wouldn’t want to be Samoa Joe right about now.

    Hemme; Thanks Mr. White, Bret what are your thoughts going into this huge event for TNA?

    Hart: Christy, Brock Lensar is an amazing wrestler. The man is a beast and is probably the most powerful guys I have ever seen in my life. However his lack of knowledge of the 6 sided ring, will give Joe the advantage. Joe has beaten the very best wrestlers in the world. He has beaten Kurt Angle numerous amounts of times, the man is a killer and I think it’s Brock who has be afraid of what this guy can do.

    Hemme: Well there you have it. Some great insight from the Dna White and Bret Hart. Thank you very much gentlemen and back to you.

    Match #2
    Knockout Championship Match
    Champion Tara vs. Gail Kim

    <Replay of what has been happening on Knocked Out. Champion Tara wanted full control of the show as she was the Champion. Gail Kim didn’t agree with her and got attacked for her trouble. Tara on the next episode started booking matches including a handicap match of Awesome Kong and Hamada vs. Gail Kim. Kim was destroyed. Kim came out and attacked Tara the following week and Gail was given a title shot by the newly appointed Knock Out commissioner Dixie Carter. Gail pins Tara with her moonsault in a tag match of Tara and Kong vs. Gail and Sarita. Gail says she’ll defeat Tara and once again be Knock Out Champion…>

    Mike Tenay and Don West are happy to once again see the Knock Outs and are joined by the Knocked Out commentators Allison Danger and Medusa.

    Tara and Gail enter the ring as the fans now boo Tara but like always cheer Gail. They shoot each other a look before locking up. Tara tries to overpower her opponent but Gail slips around and gives Tara a Backdrop Driver, dropping Tara right on her head..1..2.. kickout! Gail almost won the title in the opening moments of this match!! Tara rolls out of the ring grasping the back of her head. She is almost in tears and drops a knee on the outside obviously in great pain. Gail shows no mercy and leaps off the apron with a drop kick slamming Tara into the guard rail in front of cheering fans.

    Finish: Tara sent Gail head first inot the steel ring post on the outside. The referee starts his ten at 9 Tara enters the ring, so the ref counts again. Gail reaches up and just at 9 rolls in only to be hit by stomps from the Champ. Tara launches Gail into the Widows Peak, only for Gail to slip out and deliver the Eat Defeat! 1..


    Tara kicksout! Gail can’t believe it and drags Tara to the corner. She goes for a moonsault, but tara hits her in the back with a forearm shot and then picks her up for a super back suplex. Cover 1..2.. Gail rolls the shoulder, as Tara almost pulls her hair out. She grabs Gail and lifting her to her feet delivers the Widows Peak! 1.2.. Gail kicks out!!!! The fans go crazy as Tara cannot believe someone kick out of her finisher. Gail looks to be out of it as Tara looks to finish. She grabs Gail, but suddenly is school girled.



    Tara kicks out, gets up and is hit with a huge roaring elbow strike. Tara fights back with a huge clothesline knocking down the challenger. Tara looks insane and is totally enraged and stes Gail for what looks like a powerbomb, she lifts her up. Quickly Gail reverses it with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors into an armbar. Tara is caught by surprise! The Flying Dragon is locked in, Tara reaches for the ropes but Gail hyper extends her elbow and she is forced to tap!!

    Winner via submission and NEW Knockout Champion Gail Kim at 8:12

    Balloons come down as Dixie Carter comes out and congratulates Gail on her victory. She hands her the title as Gail proudly displays it to the fans. Sarita and Roxxi run out to applaud her and lift her on their shoulders as Tara holding her elbow almost runs to the back. The fans applaud Gail’s win and she couldn’t be happier..
    < Video package of LAX reforming. Konnan reuniting Homicide and Hernandez and their path of destruction through the tag division. Footage of Hernandez destroying Eric Young and the World Elite as Cide turned on them and together LAX ran them out of TNA. Hernandez is the Global Champion. Anyone who has come up against him has been decimated by the big man. Voice over of Konnan saying Hernnadez’s era of violence has just begun and if anyone wants to step up to the plate if they dare. Out comes the former 2 time X Division Champion, The Pope, D’Angelo Dinero to answer the challenge. He takes Hernandez to his limit until Konnan has had enough and Homicide interferes. LAX brutally beat down The Pope. >

    Match #3
    Global Championship Match
    Champion Hernandez w/LAX vs. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

    Gunshots ring out and out comes LAX. Konnan trash talks the fans as they emerge from the tunnel. Hernandez has a huge chain around his neck that holds the Global title like a huge necklace. Cide and Konnan drape the ring in flags as the big Mexican bulldozer slingshots himself into the ring Cide and Konnan are like guard dogs, roaming ringside barking and threatening the fans as Pope music hits. The fans are on their feet as The Pope has returned. He thrills the fans as Pope money drops from the rafters pouring into the 40,000 plus crowd. Emerging from the tunnel he points at Hernandez and gives the sign of the belt as he is ready to get back at the men who put him on the shelf by taking the group’s collective title belt.

    The referee displays the championship to the fans as Pope removes his jacket and his sunglasses. Hernandez gets in his face, only to be slapped. Hernandez is in shock and turns in anger as Pope drops to his knees and hits a devastating uppercut “Pimpslap”! Pope removes his face mask and uses it to choke Hernandez. The ref tries to gain control, as Pope is out for revenge.

    Finish: Pope is slammed by a huge flying shoulder tackle! He bounces off the mat and hits hard into the ropes. Dez grabs him by his hair and beals him across the ring. Pope is in trouble as he grabs his back wincing in pain. Konnan directs traffic as Cide riles up the fans. A chorus of boos rain down as Hernandez sets up for a powerbomb. Pope puts a thumb in the Champ’s eye and comes down with an X factor variation, driving Dez’s face into the mat! Pope jiggles and jives and as Dez gets up hits a few Bionic elbows, a few left jabs to the jaw and then a winds up the fist and delivers a knockout blow! 1..2… Hernandez kicks out. He is dazed and tries to escape by crawling out to the floor. Pope has other ideas and hits the Coronoation! He ends up in the fans celebrating with them as the fans chant “Pope is Pimpin” as Hernandez grabs his throat and rolls back inot the centre of the ring. Dinero lepas back onto the apron and as the ref checks on the Champion’s throat, Homicide moves in. But only to get a face full of Dinero’s boot. Pope pulls down the knee pads and sprints in to finish the job with a DDExpress! But Hernandez turns and shoots out of the corner with a clothesline! Pope is then Border Tossed into the turnbuckles. He drops to a knee as Pope is down.

    The big man climbs the turnbuckle and flies off with a huge splash. Pope moves as Hernandez crashes and burns. Cover 1…


    Hernandez powers out. Homicide climbs up on the apron and gets the ref’s attention as Konnan gets up on the other side. But Pope is ready for him and drop kicks him off the apron crashing into the guard rail! The fans go crazy only to go silent as Hernadez hits a big time spear. Scoop lift sitout powerbomb. 1..2..Pope kicks out. Hernandez is livid as Pope desperately tries to get to his feet. Hernandez whips him into the ropes and Pope ducks a clothesline and comes back with his own high flying shoulder tackle! Hernandez is down and Pope gets the fans behind him, as he slaps his knees ready to finish this one.

    Hernandez gets up and Pope looks to turn his DDE into a Codebreaker and leaps up to deliver the move. Hernandez’s power turns it into a powerbomb! The Global Champion shakes off everything and hits another Border Toss.


    Winner and STILL Global Champion Hernandez at 12:07

    Hernandez is exhausted and quite battered. He accepts his belt back from the ref but stumbles backwards to rest ina corner. Pope stirs but Homicide is not happy about the boot in the face earlier. He grabs the Pope, and as the ref gets involved Konnan slaps him and throws him to the floor. Gringo Killah!!! Pope slumps to the mat. As Konnan kicks imaginary sand over him. Hernandez holds up his belt in victory as Konnan trash talks the fans as they rain down boos on the fearsome faction.
    Backstage Christy Hemme reports that Brock Lesnar has arrived and is warming up in his own separate locker room. <Footage is shown of Brock with wife Rena Mero walking into the building. Camera’s flashes go crazy as they and his entourage walk into the building. He is then met by Kurt Angle who ushers them all into a private locker room>

    Match #4
    X Division Championship Match
    Champion Petey Williams vs. Rob Van Dam

    <Video of Petey Williams’ attacks over the last year. He hits Canadian Destroyers on Eric Young, Kurt Angle, The Pope, Mistico and Jerry Lynn. Lynn is saved by RVD who says that he and Jerry had become friends over the years due to their classic matches and he is going after the X title. Williams and RVD battle in one match and then a Hardcore Match. Williasm has escaped with the belt every time. Then on Impact he knocked RVD out with a belt shot to the face>

    RVD: Tonight’s match with Petey Williams is not just about me and him. It’s not just about me and Jerry Lynn. It’s about TNA. For four months Christopher Daniels and Raven tried to burn this company down. I’m here because this is where the best wrestlers in the world are. And the best division and the most exciting is the X Division. Tonight I will win the X title. I will take TNA to greater heights and I will elevate the X Division Championship to another level. Because that’s what I do. I’m Mr. PPV and tonight live on ppv I’m going to kick ass, take names and show my fans just why they chant Rob.Van.Dam.

    “Walk hits over the loud speakers and the huge crowd goes ballistic. The Whole Dam Show leisurely walks out and great he’s fans all over ringside before leaping in and roundhouse kicking and throwing his hands up to show the fans he is ready. But then out walks the X Divison Champion. He has nothing but disdain on his face as he walks out with his hockey jersey on but unbuttoned revealing the X Division title around his waiste. He gets on the turnbuckles as boos from 40,000 people descend down on him. He waves it off and hands over the belt to the referee who displays it in the air to the fans. The bell rings and Williams dives out of the ring.

    RVD can’t ebelive how cowardly Petey is as the ref tries to get him in the ring. Williams keeps breaking the count by jumping in but then jumping out. RVD starts getting impatient as Williams keeps the mind games going. Rob has had enough and he launches himself over the top rope with a sommersault plancha but Williams was ready. RVD crashes and burns back first into the guardrail, and his head hitting the floor. Williams starts stomping away as Rob is extremely hurt.

    Finish: Petey is dominating the match as RVD is still trying to get into it after the hideous fall on the outside. He tries to get up but is hit by a leg lariat or a swinging neck breaker from the champ. Williams paintbrushes the top of Rob’s head and then places a knee into the centre of his back he grabs RVD’s ponytail with both hands and wrenches back! The ref gets in his face but Williams is not showing any mercy tonight. The ref starts counting and Williams with a smirk releases the hold. Rob’s face catapults into the mat and it looks like his nose may have been broken from that one!

    Williams dusts off his hands and then looks for the sharpshooter. Rob’s nose is bleeding but with his flexibility is able to turn Williams’ submission attempt into a body scoissors pin fall. 1.. Williams escapes, Rob tries to get up only to be dropkicked in the nose! Williams laughs as he starts hitting crossface forearms violently and relentlessly into Rob’s nose. Williams gives aleaping stomp to the side of the head and then taunts the fans. RVD starts crawling to a corner but as he gets there and starts pulling himself onto his feet, he is struck down by an explosive drop kick to the jaw!

    The X Division Champion looks to finish as he grabs RVD by the hair but Rob spins out and nails a Vandaminator! Willliams is down and the ref starts the ten count 1..2…3…4. Williams gets up and Rob hits clothesline, and then another when Petey jumps to his feet. Rob is trying to get back into this title match. Petey is whipped off the ropes and is knocked down by a roundhouse. Just as he gets up he is levelled by a Rob leaping off the middle rope and connecting with a thrust kick! Rolling Thunder!!!


    Petey Kicks out, only for Rob to hit a spinning leg drop and then a rolling splash.


    Petey rolls the shoulder and Rob drags Petey to a corner. Split legged Moonsault!!!

    Petey drapes his leg onto the ropes and the ref stops the count. Rob’s mouth is covered in blood and when he tries to pick up Williams with a scoop and a slam, Petey hits a palm thrust to RVD’s nose. RVD drops Petey as he eyes tear up and he can’t see and is hit with a Sitout belly to back wheelbarrow facebuster! Rob grabs his face, he is in trouble as Williams start zeroing in on the injury. Rob’s eyes don’t even seem to be open as Williams executes the Canadian Legsweep (Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown transitioned into a Russian legsweep). Champion with the cover 1..2.. Rob kicks out this time!

    Williams climbs the turnbuckles and Rob depserately tries to get to his feet. Wlliams attempts a hurricanrana but Rob catches him and turns his momentum into a flapjack! Then in the sme motion hits a standing moonsault..1…2… Williams just kicks out as the ref took a little longer to get into position as Rob’s move was out of nowehere! Rob picks up petey by the hair and throws him into the corner. He then rolls inot a monkey flip, but Williams kicks him in the gut and Rob hits the mat. Petey locks in his Inverted Facelock right on the bridge of Rob’s broken nose! RVD struggles to escape as Petey really pulls back to finish the match.

    Rob flips his body to the side and with his leg strength is amazingly able to stand up and Petey loses his leverage and then almost loses teeth, as Rob hits a roll through sabot kick to the face of the shorter man. The fans clap as both men are down. Rob out of instinct leaps to the turnbcukles and comes down hard with a 5 Star Frog Splash. With such force Rob hits Williams with he bounces off of him and lands a metre away. Rob crawls to the cover as the referee is in position.

    1..2..Petey pokes the ref in the eye!!! The ref stops the count and grabs his eye. Rob can’t believe it. The ref with his other hands shakes his hand in the air and the bell rings. The ring announcer comes over to the refree who is still hurt, as he gives the official decision.

    Winner via disqualification Rob Van Dam, but still X Division Champion Petey Williams at 16:33

    The ref is in severe pain, as a beaten and battered Williams looks for his belt, he goes over to the ring announcer and then the time keeper but he can’t see it. He is so exhausted he doesn’t even hear the huge ovation as he walks right into Jerry Lynn, holding the X Division title. Williams wants his belt, but Lynn shakes his finger at him and points for him to get back in the ring! Williams shakes his head as the crowd is almost in a frenzy. RVD grabs Williasm from behind as the fans go crazy. The ring announcer states that Jerry Lynn has reordered the match to restart the match no DQ! The 40,000 strong crowd pop huge, as Rob starts laying in some rapid fire kicks and then ends it with a spinning roundhouse kick! Williams goes down and tries to escape but Rob hits a snap suplex. The Champion is in trouble as he depserately crawls out of the ring, but RVD adjusts in mid air and leaps down and knocks down Williams on the outside! He then front suplexes Williams draping him hard over the guard rail. Leaping to the apron he stops and takes in the huge crowd and then gives the thumbs “Rob. Van Dam.” Rob executes a spinning leg lariat to the back of Petey’s head!!!! Rob high fives the fans, but Petey tries to escaspe this onslaught and walks right into the time keeper. Almost unconcious Petey fights through his daze and as Rob comes closer he is struck with a chair shot!

    Petey then hits a devastating DDT on the floor! Lynn watches on in horror as Williams rolls back in the ring and gathers his senses. Rob tries to pull himself onto the apron but is hit with a baseball slide. Petey jumps out of the ring and grabs the chair again and bashes Rob across the back! Williams has silnced the huge crowd and he loves it. He continues to try and shake off the beating he has had. He slides the chair into the ring and drags the almost dead weight of RVD into the middle. A new referee has arrived and slides in to see Petey set up Rob for the Destroyer standing over the steel chair….

    He goes for it, but Rob blocks it, he tries again, Rob drops to a knee. Petey bashes the back of RVD and again attempts the flip piledriver onto the steel chair, but Rob lifts him with his strength and back body drops him onto the chair! Petey’s back bows up and Rob leaps onto the top and comes down one more time with a 5 Star! Petey moves and Rob lands on the chair! Petey grabs Rob again for the Destroyer and..

    Rob escapes steps over and hits a sunset flip 1..2…Petey kicks out but is run over by a clothesline! Rob drags Petey inot the corner as he grabs the chair and sits in place as the fans know what’s coming. They erupt as he climbs the adjacent turnbuckle and goes coast to coast with his 5 star missile dropkick. VAN TERMINATOR!!

    The fans count with the ref 1.2.3

    Winner and NEW X Division Champion Rob Van Dam via pinfall at 23:06

    40,000 fans explode the roof off the building as Jerry Lynn enters the ring and presents RVD with the title! He holds it up as fireworks go off in the building as another new Champion has been crowned tonight. Rob celebrates in the ring and leaps onto all the top turnbuckles. Jeff Hardy and Mick Foley also join Jerry Lynn in applauding the new X Division Champion.
    Tenay and West run through the replays of the match as Williams slinks off to lick his wounds as Rob continues to keep the fans pumped with his thumbs!!

    Christy Hemme is in the back and with her is a very special guest. Dressed in t-shirt, jeans and a leather jacket is the former Champion of the World the Phenomenal One AJ Styles!

    Hemme: How are you AJ? What have you been up to? What brings you here tonight?

    Styles: Woah, slow down there Christy. Look I’ve been taking some time off to get my head on straight and to heal up, so that when I come back to the active roster I’m ready to pick up where I left off, in the main event. Now as to why I’m here, two reasons friends and TNA. You see Christy all I have ever done is gone out there and done my absolute best for this company, for TNA. Tonight I’m here to see Samoa Joe represent TNA and kick that WWE, UFC bully Brock Lensar’s head off. And then, Christy, watch my mentor, my friend my idol, the Stinger defeat that ex-best friend of mine, that snake, that two faced liar Christopher Daniels. And become TNA Champion and bring some respect back to the Championship I spent 8 months building up.

    Hemme; Well AJ I hope all your predictions come true and thank you so much for joining us. There you have the thoughts from the visiting former TNA Champion AJ Styles. Great to see him! Back to ringside with Don and Mike.

    Match #4
    World Tag Team Championship Match
    Champions The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) w/ Kevin Nash vs. Super TAG Cup winners Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi

    <Video replay of the Super TAG Cup, the winners the losers, the pinfalls, the submissions, the high spots, the pain, until one team left standing the Ace of the Universe and the Wolfe. Then Tanahashi takes the giant trophy presented to him by the Tag Champs and smashes it on Sabin’s head! Nash’s promo on how the Guns will get even…>

    Both teams get their big time entrances, and even though Shelley and Nash have been playing up lately the champs still get a huge ovation. Sabin has a small plaster on his head from the trophy shot. He looks across the ring intensely at his opponents as Shelley gets some tips from Nash. Hiroshi flips his hair at the fans as Desmond Wolfe is in the ring grinning at Sabin and rubbing his own forehead in jest. The bell rings and Sabin explodes out of the blocks. He tries an elbow smash but Wolfe rolls him up immediately (Artful Dodger) 1..Sabin kicks out but is hit with a short arm lariat! Sabin is down and Wolfe lays the boots in leading him towards his corner. Wolfe then does a top rope handstand followed by a double foot stomp. Sabin is in trouble and Tanahshi is tagged in to keep the momentum flowing.

    Finish: The pace has picked up as the Champs have fought back inot the match after being taken to school by the changing of styles by their opponents. Sabin holds Tanashashi in a fireman's carry while Shelley hits a diving double foot stomp followed by Sabin hitting a fireman's carry takeover onto Shelley's knees! Hiroshi grabs his back as the Guns deliver a Spinning sole kick by Sabin followed by a superkick from Shelley and then finished with a simultaneous jumping enzuigiri by Sabin / superkick by Shelley combination!!! The Ace of the Universe falls in a heap as Wolfe steps in to stop the double teams only to be hit by an inverted STF by Shelley followed by a running dropkick to the face by Sabin! Sabin throws Wolfe over the top rope to the floor right at the feet of Kevin Nash, leaving the legal man fair game to the Champs. The ref sees Nash move in and tells him to back up, Nash of course acts innocent and puts his hands up. Wolfe gets to his feet only to be hit by a missile dropkick right into the guard rail!

    Sabin roars, as Shelley grabs Hiroshi for the Sliced Bread #2, but Hiroshi powers out and Shelley is crotched on the top turnbuckle! Tanahashi drops to all fours in exhaustion and tries to see where his partner is and just dodges a punt kick from Sabin. Tana still on his knees trips up Sabin to the mat and as both men get to their feet, Hiroshi ducks a Sabin clothesline and hits the Kinkasan Suplex (Bridging high–angle German suplex). Sabin is dropped on his head. Shelley, holding his crotch, walks out of the corner and receives a Sling Blade. Hiroshi is on fire as he tags in Wolfe who runs the ropes and delivers a devastating JawBreaker Lariat on Sabin! 1.2. Shelley makes the save. Tanahashi hits a bridging dragon suplex on Sabin while Wolfe tosses Shelley out of the ring. 1..2.. Shelley has skinned the cat and made another save. He hits a superkick on Wolfe and then a mule kick to Hiroshi. He grabs Sabin and hits a Spinning leg sweep / spinning wheel kick combination on Wolfe and then hit a kneeling side slam by Sabin followed by a frog splash by Shelley on Hiroshi! 1..2.. Hiroshi barely kicks out.

    Shelley claps his hands at the ref to count faster as Sabin scoops up Wolfe and locks him inn the tree of woe. Baseball slide by Shelley followed by a Hesitation Dropkick by Sabin. Shelley though so proud of himself backs into a Bridging / Release / Rolling German suplex! Sabin though kicks Hiroshi straight in the mouth for that one, only to be arm dragged by a recovering Wolfe, crossed chopped to the throat and then headbutted into the corner. Wolfe then shoot kicks Sabin in the back and then follows up with a downward lariat to the neck!

    Wolfe gives the fans the forks and looks to finish by warming up his lariating arm. The referee is trying to get some order, but Nash reaches in for Wolfe’s leg. Wolfe yells at Nash, who again puts his innocent face on, only to be hit by the Dragon Rocket Suicide Dive from Tanahashi! Nash goes down but the destraction is enough for the Champs.

    Sabin kicks Wolfe in the gut and the Guns hit a Powerbomb onto a double knee backbreaker combination! 1.2.3.

    Winners via pinfall and STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions The motor City Machine Guns at 19:34

    The Guns celebrate another defence of the belts. They hold up the titles to the fans as Wolfe and Tanahashi regather themselves. The Guns then check on the big man Nash who took a suicide dive for the team. He doesn’t seem very happy about it though when the Champs help him up. But he sees they won the belts and slaps them on the back and pumps his fist.

    Wolfe walks over to Tanahsahi and pushes him and asking why he left him to be double teamed. Tanahshi rolls his eyes and looks any where but at Wolfe. He asks again this time jabbing his finger right into the Ace of the Universe’s chest. Hiroshi keeps looking anywhere but Wolfe and moving his head as if he was Stevie Wonder. Wolfe tries to grab Hiroshi’s jaw so he’d look him in the eye so he can explain himself to him as to why he lost. Wolfe yells “ I don’t lose ya here me!” but suddenly he is double clotheslined by the seven foot Nash, to the fans delight! The Guns music plays again as the Champs hold up their titles and Nash stands between them and holds up their hands in victory on the ramp.
    Backstage Christy is in Samoa Joe’s locker room. Joe has one iPod ear phone in as he warms up by smashing a kick bag with knees and kicks.
    Hemme: Joe, thank you for letting us in tonight. How is the preperation going for the match?

    Joe: Tonight Brock lensar steps into my world. A world he left behind because he couldn’t handle the pace and he knew guys like me would end his so called aura of invincability if we ever stepped in the ring with him. Lesnar tonight falls he can’t handle what I’ve got in store for him. Tonight, Joe’s gonna kill him.

    The UFC have not allowed any TNA interviewers into Brock’s locker room, however standing outside Lesnar’s room is Josh Rogan.

    Rogan: Tonight we find out just how “real” the UFC is and just how “real” Brock Lesnar is. This man is almost 300 pounds. He lightning fast, he has so much power that I don’t even see the overweight Joe lasting two minutes against Brock. This match is going to end fast and is going to end bloody. Sorry TNA your guy doesn’t shape up to the big man Lesnar.

    Co-Main Event
    World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Champion The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels vs. The Icon Sting

    <Video of Daniels being the evil mastermind behind the Raven Saga and winning the ttitle from AJ. The Hitman charging Sting to be the man to bring back the title now that he had defeated Raven. Sting and Daniels duel on the mics. Sting tells Daniels he may hold the title but he is no Champion. Daniels goads Sting inot showing him what a true champion is and dares him to put his titole shot on the line against Senshi. Senshi beats up Sting, but he wins. Abyss attacks Sting but Sting escapes. Sting vs. Daniels for the title…>

    The bell rings and JB stands in the middle of the ring. He says that welcome to the C-main event of the evening. The arena goes dark and the fans erupt as Slay Me plays as the fans welcome the arrival of the Icon. His shadow moves through the blinding light blasting from the entrance tunnel. Wearing his trenchcoat and his war paint he greets the crowd with a huge OOOOOOWHH! 40,000 fans call back to him and it shakes the building as they cheer and bow down to the man who Bret Hart has charged to bring back the World title from the dark side. Sting bows down to the fans as they bow to him and enters the ring again calling out to them as the heavy guitar riff keeps playing. The lights come back on and Sting stands ready for his greatest challenge.

    Smoke spews out of the entrance tunnel and lasers shoot out everywhere as fire shoots from the sides of the ramp, starting Wings of a Fallen Angel plays. as the Fallen Angel emerges he walks through the blue flames on either side. His giant black cloak is held together by the TNA World title. A shroud covers his face as he outstretches his arms showing his gun salute. He moves them up and to the side almost robotically before explosively removing the shroud covering his face revealing a very arrogant smile. The earth shattering boos do not phase him as he struts to the beat of his entrance theme down the ramp. He pats the title and looks at Sting sizing up no doubtley the Icon’s injuries. Daniels gets into the ring and spinns around and then steps into his corner with a giant smirk on his face. He hands the belt over to the referee and slaps it. The ref shows it to Sting who places his hand on it before the refere shows it to the 40,000 fans who again pop. JB does the formal introductions, as Sting removes his trench coat and Daniels removes his robe. Daniels clenches his fist and grabs his wrist. As the referee rings the bell and both men walks right into the middle of the ring to meet each other. There is a huge stare down. And the fans go crazy. Daniels though extends his hand for Sting to shake it. The Stinger looks down at it and then back at Daniels. Slicing through the stone look and the white make-up is a grin. The Stinger laughs at Daniels and so gets slapped across the face! Sting shoots a look back at Daniels and then grabs Daniels by the face and walks him back into the corner, Daniels slapps his arm away kicks Sting in the knee, runs back into the ropes only to be clotheslined by the Icon!

    The fans are on there feet as Daniels rolls out of the ring. Sting tries to follow but the ref tells him to back it up and calls the Champ back in the ring. Daniels now not impressed have all of the ringside fans getting in his face. He taunts them back before telling the referee to get the challenger back so he can re-enter the ring. Daniels slowly walks back up the steel steps and shakes his head and moves in to lock up. Sting uses his power and throws Daniels away.Daniels looks to lock up again and is again thrown away by Sting’s power. Sting flexes his muscles at Daniels and roars as the fans cheer again. Daniels smiles, gets up, circles and shoots in on Sting’s leg. Sting escapes spins but is hit with a right jab to the ribs. Sting immediatley drops his hands and Daniels hits an Enzuigiri. Sting staggers forward turns and is hit by an STO!

    Finish: Sting’s injuries although hidden from Daniels in the begginning of the match have been made obvious to the Champ after a side slam, an ex[ploder suplex and a Fall from Grace off the top. Sting fights back with all his got and his power and height advantage enables him to use his experience to keep his injuries away from Daniels. Daniels though keeps going after the ribs of the Icon and Sting barely escaped from a bear hug.

    Sting has a longer reach and is able to hit a chop to Daniels’ shoulder and then a kick to the gut, sprininging off the ropes delivers the one handed bulldog! Daniels hits hard and rolls to a the Icon sets for a Stinger Splash. Tenay and West on commentary can’t fathom why Sting would attempt such a move with possible broken ribs. But the Dark Avenger, the Sheriff of TNA launches himself and crushes the Champ with his signature move! Daniels is hurt but so too is the Icon and it seems he has done too much damage to himself. Both men are down.

    1.2.3. Daniels stirs Sting gets to a knee 8 9 both men are up and Daniels throws a punch. Sting blocks and hits one of his own. Daniels tries again, and again it’s blocked and the Stinger fires a big time right hand to Daniels’ jaw! It rocks the Champion and he falls back into the ropes and Sting hits a DDT. Cover 1.2. Daniels kicks out.

    The fans are counting along trying to will Sting the win over the evil mastermind. The Fallen Angel tires to get to his feet and Sting picks him up for a tombstone. But his ribs give way and Daniels overpowers him and reverses it into his own tombstone. But Sting folds Daniels up and gets his own tombstone and boom!



    Daniels kicks out! The fans let out a collective sigh as Sting was so close they all held their breathe! Sting goes to pick up Daniels but the Champ smacks him away and hits a Death Valley Driver! He drags Sting to the middle and executes perfectly the Best Monnsault Ever! Sting’s ribs crunch and all his breathe pushes out of his body. Blood even shoots from his mouth. Cover..



    Sting’s foot hits the bottom rope and the Champ can’t believe it!!
    Daniels picks up Sting by the hair. The ref yells at Daniels but he bad mouths him and tells him this is for HIS title. Sting pushes Daniels away and hits an inverted atmoic drop and then a bnig time standing dropkick! Daniels hits the mat but bounces up to be met by a clothesline. Daniels bounces up again but trips backwards into the corner. Sting drops to a knee his ribs are burning and he spits out blood from obvious internal injuries. He charges in but Daniels moves, hits the ropes and hits a running high knee. Sting drops and Daniels targets the ribs again with a split legged moonsault. 1.2. Sting grabs the ropes again..Daniels knows Sting can’t kick out and wants him in the middle of the ring. Blue Thunder Driver!!!!



    Sting rolls the shoulder, only just as Daniels wants blood he sets for Angels Wings, Sting blocks it, Daniels tries again, Stin hits a back body drop on the champ and then looks for the Scorpion Deathdrop… Daniels revereses and hits LAST RITES!!!!



    Sting kicks out!!!!!!! Sting kicks out!!!!!!

    The Champion is furious and as Sting gets up Daniels starts hitting rights and lefts into Sting’s mid section. Sting kicks Daniels down and forces him into the corner. He lifts him up and punches him in the face. He grabs Daniels and Superplex!! Sting floats over 1… 2… Daniels tiwsts his body and locks in the Koji Clutch submission move. Sting grabs the ropes, Daniels grabs Sting they try to get each other inot some sort of move when Sting hits a belly to back suplex. Sting calls out to the fans as they are all on their feet chanting Sting’s name. The Icon hits a spine buster but grabs his ribs and can’t make the cover. Both men are hurt and Daniels looks for another Enzaguri, but Sting dodges, Daniels lands on his back and Sting applies the Scorpion Deathlock!

    Daniels screams and struggles as the 40,000 strong crwod roar “TAP!, TAP!, TAP!” . Daniels scrambles reaching for the ropes, holding his head, Sting sits right down Daniels has tears in his eyes and he bashes on Sting’s ankle. Sting roars as his ribs are onbviously in pain and Daniels reaches back he twists his body but Sting has this locked in tight, there is no escape for The Fallen Angel…

    The evil mastermind, the corruptor of men rolls his head and turns his shoulders and bahses Sting’s ribs, Sting is sitting so far back that it connects and he releases the hold. Daniels crawls away but is holding his back. Daniels legs don’t seem to work as he pulls himself inot a corner. Sting holding his ribs knows he has done the damage to finish this and boots his enemy in the face.

    Senshi runs out to ringside he smiles at Sting. Sting’s injuries are from the brutal match with the Warrior two weeks earlier. Senshi tires to get on the apron, but down the ramp, ripping off his leather jacket is the former Champion of the World AJ Styles. The fans go insane as he crashes into Senshi stopping him getting on the apron and then unloads huge punches. Senshi hits some kicks but AJ is too pumped up and with one huge shot sends him into the fans! AJ then hits a sommersault plancha over the guardrail connecting with Senshi! Styles is in the fans and pumps up the crowd as Sting roars and the crowd roar with him. Chop, punch, chop, punch, he whips Daniels to the other corner. Stinger Splash!!! Daniels falls, Sting on adrenaline steps in Deathlock!!!!

    Daniels rolls him up



    Sting kicks out, ANGELS WINGS!!!



    Sting kicks out!! Sting kicks out!!!!

    Daniels has no idea what to do, Stiing roars, Daniels hits a huge open palm strike slap and then tries for an Hurricanrana, but Sting reverses it into a Styles Clash!! The fans go crazy, Sting covers



    Daniels rolls the shoulder, but Sting turns him lifts him and DEATHDROP!!!



    Daniels kicks out! Sting’s war paint has all but been rubbed from his face and the weary warrior, the veteran’s battle scars can be plainly seen. Steve Borden, the man called Sting knows that he needs to finish this now. Daniels is on dream street, kicking out, out of instinct alone and Sting climbs the turnbuckles. Super stinger splash off the top! Double knee gut buster!!! Sting lands directly into Daniels’ counter. Angels Wings!!!!!!




    Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels via pinfall at 23:51

    The fans can’t believe it, Sting was so close. The high risk move didn’t pay off as he put everything on the line to finish Daniels but paid the price. Daniels has his arm raised as he music plays and is presented with the World title. Styles runs into the ring to check on the Icon as Daniels stumbles and uses the ropes to hold him up. He embraces his title as Styles looks up at him. Daniels gives Styles a look as if to say “I will do anything for the title and not Styles or Sting will take it from him.”
    Daniels almost falls out of the ring and holds the belt up as he leaves in victory. Styles helps Sting up and the fans chant his name they give him a huge standing they knew he was injured and yet put it all on the line to try and take the title back for TNA. Styles raises Sting’s hand and the fans pop again, and Sting’s music plays as he exits the arena with the help of Styles. EMTs and others try to help him, but Sting only wants AJ to give him assistance. He salutes the fans as the corwd chant “Thank you Sting”.

    Mike Tenay and Don West run through the Tale of the Tape for the Co-Main Event

    Brock Lesnar
    Height 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
    Weight 265 lb (120 kg; 18.9 st)
    Reach 81.0 in (206 cm)
    Style Wrestling, Collegiate wrestling, Ground and Pound

    Samoa Joe
    Height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)[
    Weight 280 lb (130 kg)
    Reach 75.0 in (206 cm)[3]
    Style Submission, Strong Style, High Risk

    The fans are a buzz from the title match and get a small intermission with replays of what has happened on the pay per view so far. Then the Samoa Joe/Brock Lesnar cideo package plays.

    <Spike TV have asked TNA talent to appear on UFC shows and UFC talent to appear at TNA shows. Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Lyoto Machida, Tito Ortiz and Brock lesnar with his wife the former Sable, Rena Mero. Joe gets in Lesnar’s face. Obvious he doesn’t like him, and the two argue. Suddenly Brock snaps over something Joe says and he has jumped the guardrail and an atomic bomb goes off as these two behemoths drop bombs in the others’ face!
    Joe walks into Lesnar’s training camp and submit’s all of his students. Lesnar is livid and Joe tells the world that he thinks Lesnar is nthing as he only fights once a year. Joe says he was undefeated for 18 months fighting every night of the week. Lesnar is nothing. Joe destroys Lesnar’s friend Kurt Angle to send a message to Brock. Lesnar says he’ll destroy Joe. Bret Hart officially books the match. Dana White gets in Hart’s face and demands the match be for a TNA title shot, so when Brock beats Joe, he can go onto beating their “skinny” World Champion, take their belt and make the company look like shit compared to UFC.
    Joe interrupts and tells Brock, Joe is gonna kill him. Joe gets in Daniels’ face and Brock attacks Joe from behind, as he was thought to already have lkeft and the two brawl…..>

    Main Event
    Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar

    JB with official in ring introductions. Bret Hart and Dana White join the comentary team.

    Samoa Joe explodes out first. His towell around his shoulders he gets a deafening ovation from the TNA faithful. His music portays him well, like Goidzilla coming into to destroy everything in his path. He rolls his hands ready to fight as the fans give a “Joe!” chant.

    Then the UFC theme plays and fireworks goes off as from Kurt Angle’s elevator emerges Brock Lesnar. Brock roars as pyro explodes all around him as he shadow poxes to the ring. Following him out Kurt Angle and his coaches as they make their way to ringside. His entoruage proudly hold the UFC belt in theair as they come out of the cyborg skelton tunnel into the Impacxt Zone. The fans boo the UFC Champion profusely after his and White’s comments on Impact on Thursday night. Lesnar finally gets in the ring and stands in his corner. Joe stands in his. The arena is electric as the two titans get ready to clash. JB does the formal introductions. Then Senior Referee Rudy Charles says he wants a good clean match and that they both know and understand the rules and let the best man win.

    Brock and Joe never take their eyes off one another and back into their corners. Suddenly crowd slips inot a “Joe’s gonna kill you” chant as Brock snorts and Joe squints his eyes. Kurt screams out “Kill him Brock” and then the bell sounds.

    The Sting and Daniels match started with a stare down. But this begins with am explosion. Both men sprint at the other and crash into each other like two semi-trailers colliding head on! The fans are ear splitting as both men try to gain the upper hand with trying to grab the other. Joe has Lesnar is a side headlock, but Brock escapes turns and Joe connects with a vicious kick to Brock’s legs, but Lesnar explodes bullrushing Joe into the corner and driving him into the turnbuckles. Brock’s heads down and he eats knee strikes from Joe, but over powers him witgh a huge over head release suplex sending the almost 300 pound Samoan into the air and crashing down onto his head!

    The crowd goes ballistci as Joe roars getting up and hits a running knee strike into Brock’s face! Brock roars shakes it off and hits a decaptitation clothelsine! The fans are going mad..”This is Awesome!” chants start already as Joe gets to his feet and is blasted to the mat with a spinebuster. Brock looks down and knows to show no mercy and hits a powerbomb! And then amazingly hits another and then another from the mat!! The Triple Powerbomb puts Joe down..1..2.. Joe kicks away as Lesnar shows the world just how powerful he really is!

    Brock hits a scoop slam and then drops the knee on Joe’s forehead. Cover 1..2. Joe kicks away and gets onto his stomcah as he regathers himself. Brock though dives down with a front face lock and starts driving brutal knees into the head and shoulders of Joe. Joe tries cover up but he can’t and the top of his head splits open as blood strats to trickle down. Brock gets up and ion front of the fans wipes Joe’s blood across his chest as he roars. Kurt yells to stay on him. He picks Joe up and whips him into the ropes. Joe ducks a clothelsine runs the ropes again and hits a forearm smash! Another forearm and then sumo slaps to Brock’s face and body driving him into the corner. Joe has his back to Lesnar and while screaming delivers a Jumping twisting enzuigiri. Lesnar slumps in the corner and the fans go upas they know whgat’s coming. The face wash! Joe shoves his boot across the face of Lesnar several times before gainig speed and shooting in an explosive running big boot to Lesnar’s jaw!

    Lesnar slumps again and he dribbles over the top rope and falls to the floor. Joe wipes the blood from his brow and shakes off the pain. He roars again as Lesnar’s corner men try to get him to get up. But Joe has other ideas and executes a perfect Suicide Dive Elbow smash to Lesnar on the outside. The crowd chants Joe’s name as he scares away So Cal Val and grabs her steel chair. He sets it up in the corner of ringside and sits Lesnar on it. He lands several punches to ensure he stays put and backs up as the fans sing “Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole” and Joe sprinting in delivers a devastating Ole, Ole Kick in the corner! Brock’s head smashes into the guard rail and he is now busted open!

    The fans chant “Over here, over here!” Joe grabs the steel chair and directs Lensar to the other side of the arena. Joe moves in again, but this time he is hit with a clotheline from Brock. Angle tells Brock to get up. Joe is hurt and the ref starts the ten count on the inside. Joe and Brock both roll back into the ring and meet each other face to face while on all fours.

    Blood now starts flowing now as Brock shoots in and gets a single leg takedown, but Joe transitions and grabs an leg for a submisison, Brock kicks away and Joe spins up only to be caught by a knee lift and then a high lifting german suplex! Joe holds his head in pain as Brock catchees his breathe. Joe pulls himself up using the ropes and Lesnar moves in with a huge Superman punch. It connects and Joe falls to the ground. Lesnar pounces on Joe and starts delivering a ground and pound to the side of Joe’s head and then elbow strikes to Joe’s temple. Cover 1..2.. Joe kicks out!

    Finish: Joe fights out of the cover and Brock looks for a Brock Lock (over the shoulder single leg Boston crab), but Joe turns reverses it inot a Coquina Clutch. Brock escapes by ramming Joe into a corner. Joe though locks it in a gain, and Brock again has to slam Joe into the corner to release the hold. Lesnar turns and hits shoulder blocks in the corner to Joe, and then a huge belly to belly suplex! Joe’s body skims across the ring. Lesnar moves in for the kill and starts stomping on Joe’s head to open up the cut even more. The mat starts to stain with blood as Lesnar picks up Joe and again hits a belly to belly suplex. Joe is hurt, and Lesnar although exhausted is ready to finish the match. Joe gets to his knees and Lesnar starts to punch Joe repeatadly and the ref tells Brock to open his fist, this isn’t UFC! Brock then slaps Joe to the mat and looks for the F5, but Joe wriggles out of it and hits a jumping enzaguri.

    Both men are down
    9 both men are up and they exchange blows.and Joe hits a Inverted atomic drop followed by a running single leg dropkick and finished with a running senton! Cover 1..2.. Brock roll the shoulder. Joe grabs Brock but the UFC Champion scoops up and hits a runnng shoulder breaker. Both men are hurting and Brock starts kicking away at Joe and hits a snap suplex! Brock climbs the turnbuckles. Kurt tells Brock “No!?” But the big man stands atop the turnbuckles as the fans can’t believe what they are seeing! SHOOTING STAR PRESS CONNECTS!!!!



    Joe kicks out!!!

    Brock can’t believe it. Joe rolls into the ropes to escape. Brock reaches into the corner to pull Joe to the middle and lifts him up on his shoulders. F5-countered with knee stikes to Brock’s temple and Joe drops down and hits a superkick! Chimera-Plex] (German suplex followed into a Dragon suplex and finished with an X-Plex) with a bridge.. shoulders are down…



    Brock kicks away. He is on his knees and Joe starts punt kcking Lesnar’s huge chest. Each strike sounds like a gunshot as the fans feel every hit as they thunder through the arena. Brock falls. Joe covers.



    Brock rolls the shoulder and both men get to their feet. Joe pushes the back of Brock’s head down and starts kicking him coutless times. Brock shrugs the shots off and Joe again forces his head down and blasts the UFC star with kicks. He falls and Joe covers him 1..2.. Brock kicks out and starts punching the mat. Brock is angry but Joe kicks him the gut and hits a Powerbomb followed by a thigh–held single leg Boston crab. Lesnar reaches for the ropes. Joe drops down into an STF. Lesnar reaches with his spare hand and Joe transitions to a crossface locking his arm between his legs. Lesnar is freustrated and screams out in pain. The crowd chants “TAP!” but Brock is able to get his foot on the bottom rope. Joe releases the hold and stands up staright and surveys the damage.

    Samoa Joe scoops up Lesnar and looks for an Island Driver to finish, but the former WWE/IWGP Champion escapes, lands on his feet and hits the F5!!!!!



    Joe kicks out! Lesnar is stunned and lifts Joe up again but Joe escapes and slaps Borck, he pushes Lesnar into the corner and lifts him up. Muscle Buster!!!



    Brock kicks out, Joe locks in the rear-naked choke! Brock powers out and lifts Joe with a Wheelbarrow suplex!



    Joe grabs the ropes with his hand. Blood pours from both men’s faces as they start bashing one another with clothelsine and forearm shots. Joe grabs Brock and an Island Driver connects!



    Brock kicks out again. The fans are on their feet, they don’t know whol will win. Joe grabs an arm bar, Lesnar is in trouble. He is able to grab his hands and roll his body so Joe’s shoulders are down…



    Joe releases the arm bar and both men stand up Brock kicks Joe in the gut. Spinning powerbomb..



    Joe kicks out, Brock goes after Joe with a ground and pund attack. Both men are exhausted and Brock looks for the F5 one more time. Amazingly he lifts Joe up again on his shoulders but he drops down and locks in the Coquina Clutch. Brock backs Joe into the corners again to break it up, but Joe refuses to let go. Brock drops to one knee and Joe really locks it in. Joe roars as Brock wont give up. Samoa Joe’s eyes roll into the back of his head. The ref checks on Brock. He lifts his arm



    Brock lifts his arm, Joe roars and suplexes Brock on his head while still in the clutch! Cover…




    Winner via pinfall Samoa Joe at 32:12 and new #1 contender to the TNA World Championship

    The fans go insane. Pyro goes off as Joe’s music plays and Kurt can’t believe it. Dana White swears on commentary and Hart gives a little chuckle. Joe has his arm raised but he is on his back. Brock is out as the fans chant “Joe!, Joe! Joe!”

    What a night Sacrifice has been goodnight everybody!!!


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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    (P)roduct (I)nspection:
    *QUICK NOTE: I'll be returning to this review when I have more time to read the rest of your show and edit this post.
    -Your "Recap in Red" was perfect, IMO. It brought me up to speed on all of the important angles in Ultimate TNA 2010. Given the talent you've chosen to pit against each other and the details offered in the recap, I'm already in love with the three major storylines.
    -Your description of the set is almost a little too much. It's totally nerdy but admittedly awesome, so I'll let it slide.
    *Okay, I had less time this morning that I thought... I shall return!
    : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    I love that Daniels is finally holding the TNA Championship - even more so that he's got Raven on his side. Despite my dislike for Tanahashi in your early shows, I can certainly enjoy him teamed with Wolfe. I think they'll work well together. And of course the big one, that has gotten you a lot of attention lately: Brock vs Joe. Let's get to it~!

    - Exciting way to start the show; perfect way to use Jeff Hardy, IMO. I think PPV's deserve full matches - that'll be the last you see me mention it. I thought the match was good, but because of the reason I won't mention anymore it stopped it from being anything special. If the match had any kind of No DQ clause to it, though, you should've mentioned it because of that table spot.

    - Nice lil' build for the Main Event.

    - I've noticed that you're the 'champion' of women's wrestling lately and I think it's great that you and WMVP are working towards making it something interesting. It's a long way off for me, personally, but I can clearly see the effort being made. The match itself zoomed by and, even without my bias, did nothing for me.

    - Man, TNA really dropped the ball with LAX (although I suppose it was Konnan's fault in the end). They've got such an elaborate and unique act and, when combined with the charisma of Pope's moves, should've made for an exciting match. I don't think you gave this one the time it deserved. It felt very rushed. Give me a move... then give me feedback on it. As you know, with every action their is a reaction and that's what you're missing here. Just take your time, make me SEE what's happening because I try to picture it, but nothing's coming to me. Also, it might be a good idea to either add some youtube links for the unique moves that people (like I) might not know, or else give us the technical name in brackets.

    - Now see, this is where Van Dam will do nicely: the X-Division. Good to see someone use Petey. Brilliant match, it really was. Petey was fantastic, tons of moves, the broken nose added that little something. The big letdown was most of the times Van Dam gained control again. Considering his face was covered in blood, his eyes were closing, he was tearing up... he always came back. Not in a good way, but in an 'this is RVD and this is Petey Williams and RVD > Petey' way. I think, especially at the end, Williams looked like a chump compared to Hogan Van Dam. Soured a really great match.

    - AJ's hard to write promos for. The promo wasn't good, but hey - that means you nailed AJ's charisma perfectly!

    - I really like the Wolfe/Tanashi team. Their different styles is a great way to dominate the matches, since it's natural in tag team wrestling that a team would try the same things, have the same strategy only to be thrown out of the window when your opponent tags out and a completely different style of wrestler enters. The match itself I'm not hot on - same with the Global match, I couldn't picture it and you need to slow down. When I read back my matches, they usually lack moves - you on the otherhand, throw too many in. I think we could both do with finding a healthy medium. The problem is that, although the wrestlers perform so many moves on TV, it doesn't translate as well to Fan Fic. When it's reading, you have to engross the reader more in the story of the match, than the moves being done. Shame I've finally caught on with Tanahashi, only to have him and Nigel tease breaking up.

    - Joe wasn't really sounding 'main event superstar'. Lesnar's getting all this star treatment and it seems the UFC side of the feud is doing the best job of hyping up the match. I mean this is a BIG match - so big that people have pointed it out lately in piquing their interests. The problem, is that the pro wrasslin' side is making it sound like just another feud.

    - I thought it was just the abundance of moves, but I've realised that it's the grammar and punctuation as well. At times, the matches are actually difficult to read and follow, because things aren't where they're supposed to be. Sentences run on, etc. Obviously this isn't something you can just 'fix' in an instant, but I'd work on it because it detracts a LOT. I spent most of the time reading Daniels/Sting in confusion; it shouldn't be that hard to follow a match. I want the ability to picture every move as it's happening and never once have to analyse it in order to understand it. Now for the good; namely, Christopher Daniels. He's always bored me, but you went and put something in him that made him a good, evil character. Sting was great as the hero who would come and save the World, only to fall short. It was a nice story.

    - Main Event time. From the start, I can tell you've seen Joe/Kobashi, because some of the spots are very similar. I gotta' tell you, I LOVED the whole opening. I really would've loved the match to be under ten minutes; no-selling, big moves, powerhouse brawling. The match degenerated right when you went to the 'finish', though. As soon as I see those words, it's like walking in late and seeing the match in progress. You lost all the flow and the build-up from before, replaced with move after move after move. I actually didn't want you to slow down this time, but still it was messy.

    I'm not sure if I'm getting my point across properly or not, but I so badly want you to understand what I mean, because you're very talented. The words you use to describe things are great, it's just the way you describe things. Best match was RVD/Petey (until the ending).

    EDIT: You asked for my comments on whether or not I thought the right people won. In response, all I can say is that you put the people over, that you felt you had to, to advance your storylines. I don't think I'm in any position to pick the 'right' winner.
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    EPISODE 22

    <Impact Intro>

    <Still photo of the matches at Sacrifice are shown. New champs are crowned, the others retain and Samoa Joe pins Brock Lesnar....>

    The Hitman’s music hits and the crowd goes crazy as they welcome him to ringside. He walks out in his leather jacket and shakes his hands at them thanking them for their support. He grabs a mic, but a very loud “Bret” chant makes him pause.

    Hart: Thank you everyone. What an amazing show Sacrifice was. I am very proud of all the wrestlers who appeared on the super card and would like to congratulate the new Knockout Champion Gail Kim… she is Canadian after all… and the new X Division Champion, Rob.Van. Dam! Well done. I would even like to congratulate Christopher Daniels on his title defence….. he showed me and the world why he holds THE title. But at this time I would to introduce and the man who showed why TNA has the best wrestlers in the world. The number 1 contender to the World Championship, Samoa Joe!

    Joe’s music hits, the crowd explodes and a Joe Chant rocks the Impact zone. Wearing his latest TNA t-shirt and camo shorts, Joe moves slowly to the ring. Obviously still feeling the effects of his war with Brock Lesnar. Joe gets into the ring and So Cal Val hands him a microphone.

    Hart: Joe, congratulations on such a fine effort. You showed true fighting spirit and in the end you got the 1,2,3.

    Joe: Ya know what. I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I went out and beat that poser, that nobody and showed the world I am Samoa Joe, and this is TNA.

    A TNA chant goes up as Hart is about to say something when he is interrupted by the familiar music of Kurt Angle. The Olympic gold medallist walks out with his own mic and once again gets in the face of the Hitman.

    Angle: How many mistakes are you going to make Hart? How many? You almost got this company burned to the ground by Raven. Christopher Daniels holds the World title I almost get my neck broken by Petey Williams and now you put all your support behind Joe instead of Brock Lesnar who would probably wipe the floor with Daniels and become Champion and the ratings and buy rates would be through the roof. Have you any idea how to run a company? Just imagine what Brock Lesnar could do for this company as the dual UFC and TNA Champion. You are a fool Hart, and as for you..

    Joe slaps Kurt in the face. Kurt is stunned. Joe then hits a combo of strikes and slaps driving Angle into the corner. Joe has had enough of Angle’s mouth. Joe backs upon on Kurt and then hits his spinning, leaping enzaguri kick to the head. Joe starts stomping Angle. Hart tries to pull Joe off of Hart, Joe can’t believe Hart would stop him and pushes him off. Joe then turns into a low blow from Angle! Angle gets his wits about him and then he jumps on Joe and starts laying in body shots. Hart then grabs Kurt’s arm and the two push and shove until security comes in. Angle is moved to a corner by security. Joe slowly gets to his feet and tells Angle he wants him tonight!

    Angle tells him to bring it. Hart grabs a mic.

    Hart: You both want it. The fans want it, let’s do it! Tonight’s main event, Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe!

    Joe’s music hits as Angle shrugs off the security and walks to the back pointing at Joe and trash talks him. Joe nods his head and smirks.

    Backstage JB is with Jerry Lynn, the X Division Pioneer and the new X Division Champion of the World, Rob Van Dam.

    Lynn: I just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Rob on his stunning title win at Sacrifice. Well done Rob I know you will do a fantastic job at representing the X Division.

    RVD: Thanks Jerry, well dude you know it was you who restarted the match after Petey got himself intentionally disqualified. If you hadn’t stepped in I would have been robbed of my victory.

    Lynn: Well Rob, tonight the former champ has requested a tag team match where each man gets to pick his own partner, which I have booked for tonight. Williams also said that you can’t pick Jeff Hardy. Have you picked yours Rob?

    RVD: You know I have. My partner is very cool. Very cool indeed. Petey you be ready dude, because nothing is going to bring me down off this high now that the X Division Champion is Rob. Van. Dam!
    Match #1
    X Division Champion Rob Van Dam and ? vs. Petey Williams and ?

    Rob comes out first to a huge ovation he high fives the fans spins into the ring and holds his newly won belt high. He points to the ramp and the fans very much approve of his partner… The Pope! The fans are dancing in the aisles as Pope struts out to the ring. Dinero’s fall from the rafters as Pope soaks up the cheers and jumps into the ring and high fives RVD.

    The Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams walks down to ringside trying in vain to ignore the boos. He stands at the foot of the ring as RVD and Pope the two men he has battled over the X title in recent months stand ready to take him on. But gunshots ring out and from the Border entrance rocks the Latin American eXchange. The ring announcer states that Williams’ partner is Homicide! Konnan leads him and the Global Champion Hernandez out.

    X Division Champion Rob Van Dam and D’Angelo Dinero vs. Petey Williams and Homicide

    RVD and the Pope gel well as their high flying and high impact moves impress the fans and put down their opponents. Williams is intent on revenge after losing the title on Sacrifice and really tries to hurt Pope to taunt RVD and then really go after Rob viciously when he’s in the ring. His intensity is matched by Homicide’s ferocity as he wants to finish Pope after his partner Hernandez defeated him at Sacrifice.

    Cide and Petey work on Pope, but Petey wants to beat RVD, he already defeated Dinero, he wants Rob. Petey takes Rob to the outside but Van Dam’s too experience in a hardcore situation and starts to take control of the match. Cide though fights on the outside and brings in Rob but the Whole Dam Show reverses the Gringo Killah and hits the 5 Star Frog Splash. Rob goes for the cover but Hernandez attacks Rob and the ref has no choice but to ring the bell.

    Winners of the match via disqualification Rob Van Dam and D’Angelo Dinero at 8:31
    LAX attack RVD as a gang. They put him down with firstly the Border Toss and then the Gringo Killah! Rob slumps to the mat as Pope tries to make the save only to be destroyed by LAX also. LAX stand tall and laugh at the boos from the fans. Homicide then takes Rob’s X title and slings it over his shoulder and LAX walk off.


    Backstage JB runs up to an existing Latin American eXchange.

    JB: Homicide what are you doing taking the X Division title belt?

    Homicide: Possession’s nine tenths of the law biddah ha ha!

    Konnan: Go back to Bret Hart and tell him that the revolution continues tonight. We now have two titles. Next will be the tag titles and then the World title. Hell we’ll even take the Knockout title. LAX will rule TNA gringo now get outta here before we bust you up!

    LAX show off their gold before they walk into the parking garage and the door closes behind them.

    <In the commercial break Jerry Lynn led a team of EMTs out to check on his Division Champion. Rob is holding the back of his neck as Pope is helped to the back. >

    <Still photos of Sacrifice World Tag title match. The Champion Machine Guns retained against the team of Tanahashi and Wolfe. After the match the two men argued until Kevin Nash took them both out>

    Match #2
    Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley and Kevin Nash vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi w/ Desmond Wolfe

    The Ace of the Universe doesn’t seem too concerned with Sabin, but then again, he has the same attitude to all his opponents. Sabin though is raring to go, and Nash and Shelley talk to him through the ropes quickly before the bell sounds. Wolfe looks around and warns Nash that he will get even with him for last night. Now Nash is the one who doesn’t seem concerned.

    The two men are masters of high risk and technical wrestling. Tanahashi is surprised at Sabin’s ability even though only just faced him on Sunday night. Sabin keeps the upper hand, but Hiroshi has had enough and delivers some high impact offence in the form of Slingblades and a shining wizard. Sabin escapes the pinfall and fires back with a spin kick and a hesitation dropkick!

    Both men’s corner men distract the competitors. Shelley and Nash are masters of it, but so too is Wolfe. Sabin seems to be rattled but Hiroshi is too cocky to fall for it and keeps his focus, allowing him to hit a high bridging suplex and then a High Fly Flow! Hiroshi though is not satisfied with a pinfall victory and locks in the Texas Cloverleaf. Sabin struggles to escape and holds out for over a minute before succumbing to the pain.

    Winner via submission Hiroshi Tanahashi at 8:12

    Wolfe claps his hands and enters the ring and pats Tanahashi on the back while he rolls his eyes and raises his hands to the fans. Wolfe looks over at Sabin, but Shelley is with him and Nash steps over the top rope keeping an eye on the Englishman. Wolfe rips off his sunglasses and starts trash talking Nash, possibly telling him he’ll snap him as he does the movements with his hands and points at Nash and then his legs. Nash smiles as Shelley helps up his best friend. Tanahashi stands on the turnbuckles and even very cockily bows to the crowd showing off how good he is.

    Nash and Shelley help Sabin to the back when Wolfe grabs a mic.

    Wolfe: Hey Dandy Nash. Hey sunshine, next week I’ve gotta match with little Alex Shelley there. Ya know what I’ll beat him. Not only that I’m going to beat him really badly. So how bout instead of him, you fight me big boy? Ha whattya say?

    Nash: You can’t take Alex, Wolfe. But I tell you what if by somehow he slips on a banana peel and you have a very lucky day and you win. Then I’ll wrestle you.

    Wolfe: No worries Dandy Nash, you better find an extra large wheel chair because I’m gonna break them legs of yours. I’ll end ya….


    Match #3
    Scott Steiner vs. Monty Brown

    Steiner walks out and to no surprise to anyone has a microphone.

    Steiner: Looks like the greatest wrestler in this business, me, has been punished for helping Daniels become Champion. Jeff Jarrett, Bret Hart, you sonovabitches, how dare you bench me. You’re lucky my freaks stopped me from snappin’ or I would have ripped all your arms and legs off by now. So my suspension is over and I’m told to get my wrestlin’ boots on. Well ya know what I don’t feel like it. Stick it up your ass Bret Hart. No one tells the big bad booty daddy what to do.

    The Alpha Male’s music hits and out walks Monty.

    Brown: Steiner, you can’t fool me big man. You’re afraid of the Alpha Male. You thought you would walk back into TNA and get some sort of an easy match. News flash big man, there are no easy matches in TNA.

    Steiner: They are for me.

    Brown: Well let me show you how easy it is to beat you then when I hit you with the Poooooounce! Period.

    The bell rings and the two mountains of muscle exchange blows. Neither man can get an advantage as when Monty starts to take charge, Steiner hits an equally powerful move to get the upper hand and so on. Steiner’s ego though gets the better of him and after he hits a huge belly to belly suplex he taunts the huge crowd, only to step into the huge Pounce finisher! The veteran Steiner though rolls out of the ring and hits the floor. Brown hurt from the suplex looks around for Steiner and sees that he has disappeared. He looks around to find his opponent when suddenly he is hit with a huge spear by a mystery man! The ref rings the bell. Monty is out by the move as the man roars at the crowd.

    No contest at 6:48

    The fans soon realise who this man is, as they boo his return to the ring. He has a full black beard and an almost shaved head. He is wearing sunglasses like Cima does and is wearing black shorts trunks. Looking very different the Man Beast Rhino sets up a table on the outside and pulls Brown out to the apron. Rhino Driver!!! Rhino puts Monty through the table off the apron! But he isn’t done, and slides another table into the ring. Security starts coming out and Rhino starts taking them out one at a time with punches and clotheslines. He sets up the table in the corner and throws Brown in front of it. GORE!!! Brown is cut in half by the devastating finisher as he is driven through the table! Rhino pounds his chest and raises his hands. He is back and has smashed his first victim…

    Jeff Hardy’s music plays...


    Back from commercial Hardy is in the ring but Rhino walks off content with the level of destruction he has caused for one night. Hardy grabs a mic.

    Hardy: Rhino, is that you man? It’s been years. Why don’t you come back out here and try that on me. Or do you only attack guys after they’ve had a huge match?

    But it’s Abyss’ music that hits. The monster stomps down the ramp making a bee-line for Hardy. He wants retribution for Sacrifice and he steps onto the apron. Hardy launches with a flying forearm, Abyss is rocked but he has a firm grip on the top rope. He is holding his balance but Hardy comes again, he runs up the turnbuckles and uses his body as a missile and knocks down Abyss to the floor. James Mitchell has come out and distracts Hardy. Abyss throws a huge right hand and floors Hardy. Mitchell directs traffic and points to the table debris all over ringside. Abyss grabs it and starts to use it to cut and slice Hardy.

    The Charismatic Enigma is in trouble as Abyss digs at Hardy’s flesh. RVD runs out to help but he is caught with a big boot! RVD is still reeling from being attacked by LAX and he was put down easily by the monster. Mick Foley leads out security. Mitchell and Foley argue, the member of the Championship committee orders the Monster is stop. Mitchell laughs. Foley tells Abyss to stop. Abyss looks at Foley. The two men stare each other down. The monster tilts his head and explosively hits a Blackhole Slam on the concrete floor. Security then rushes the Monster as Mitchell laughs. Abyss pushes them off as Mitchell says “we are done here”. Bodies litter ringside as they leave. Hardy is bleeding, RVD is holding his head in pain and Foley is knocked out cold... Mitchell looks down on everyone and smiles, while in the background the monster is walking back into the tunnel.


    Main Event
    Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

    These two gladiators have faced each other several times here in TNA. Both men get huge ovations from the TNA faithful as they prepare for another war between these two men. Formal introductions by JB announce the competitors and the bell rings. The two men get dual chants from the fans, and they stare each other down for what feels like an eternity before they both move simultaneously.

    As always it is a war. Joe’s stiff kicks and strikes blast Angle. Normal men have tapped out due to the damage inflicted by these blows. But Angle fights on and uses his technical excellence to deliver picture perfect suplexes and mat wrestling to get back into the match. But Joe’s speed and power helps him rip into the Gold Medallist breaking him down. So Angle has to resort to high risk and hits a tumbleweed plancha on the outside.

    Joe comes back and roars with every forearm strike on the outside and Angle is forced to retreat back into the ring. Joe comes again with his knowledge of suplexes as hits three of a row, all different on Angle. Angle kicks out of the last one with a bridge and escapes to the outside. Joe although still hurting from the war with Lesnar only 3 days earlier, his strong fighting spirit goes full force for Angle. A twisting over the top rope plancha takes out Angle and now he has the advantage.

    Joe drives Angle’s body into guardrails and steel steps before throwing him back into the ring. Angle comes again and the two trade forearm shots and European uppercuts until they both fall to a knee. Joe looks to finish with a decapitation clothesline, but Angle ducks, and the ref is wiped out! The two men fight on but Joe hits a Muscle Buster!

    Daniels strikes! The Fallen Angel slides in, wearing a three piece suit he delivers a kick to Joe and executes Angels Wings on the 300 pounder! Daniels wakes up the ref and rolls Angle onto Joe. The dazed ref pounds the mat, not really knowing where he is, all he can see is two shoulders on the mat 1..............2......................3.

    Winner via pinfall Kurt Angle at 13:45

    Angle’s music plays but it stops almost immediately as Daniels hits Angels Wings on Kurt too! All three men are down, Joe, Kurt and the referee as the World Champion stands tall in the middle of the ring with a huge smile on his face as the fans boo him to close the show.


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    Episode 23

    Last week

    On Impact:

    LAX on a rampage. After a tag match RVD’s broken nose from Sacrifice is reopened and Homicide steals his X title…

    On Knocked Out:

    Knockout Champion Gail Kim and Sarita faced off against Hamada and Alyssa Flash. Gail Kim hits a head scissors on Hamada and sets herself to hit the Eat Defeet finisher, when LAX’s music hits! Led by Konnan, Homicide wearing the stolen X Division belt and Hernandez wearing the Global belt slowly walk up to the ring and scare the ladies. Flash quickly removes herself from the situation. As LAX have surrounded the front of the six sided ring. Gail stands ready not knowing what is going on, when from behind she is struck down! She is picked up by the hair and then hit with a Gringo Cuttah by the returning Salinas! The bell sounds as Sarita and Hamada put away their differences and get in the ring against Salinas, but Homicde and Hernandez leap into the ring and stare down the two Knockouts. Sarita and Hamada pause… they then attack the Latino revolutionary soldiers and they end up getting hit with a Gringo Killah and a Border Toss! LAX stand tall in the ring as Konnan with arms crossed looks with satisfaction as Hernandez and Homicide hold up their belts, as Salinas with her boot on The Knockout Champion’s temple holds up the Knockout Championship!

    On Impact:

    Joe and Angle face each once again. But it’s the World Champion who interferes and hits Angels Wings on the 300 pound #1 contender and then rolls Kurt on Joe for the victory. But before Kurt can even celebrate he too is hit by the Champion’s devastating finisher and the Fallen Angel stands tall….

    <Impact! Intro>

    TNA Impact explodes onto everyone’s screens again with Mike Tenay and Don West welcoming everyone again amongst the pyro to TNA Impact.

    Tenay: Tonight promises to be another great night of Total Non-Stop Action Don.

    West; That’s right Mike tonight Desmond Wolfe goes one on one with one half of the World tag team Champions Alex Shelley.

    Tenay: That’s right Don and the stipulation of that match is that if he wins that match, then next week live on Impact he gets Kevin Nash in the ring.

    West: I’m really not sure why Desmond would want to win a match in order to face a 7 foot tall, 300 pound master of the game in Kevin Nash. I guess ego over rides smarts.

    Tenay: Tonight also Mick Foley has taken it upon himself to find out what the actions of the new Rhino are all about.

    West: And what about LAX Mike, they continue to lay waste to anyone in their path, including the shock return of Salinas on Knocked Out, and just like Homicide stealing RVD’s X title, she stole Gail Kim’s Knockout title. What is…

    LAX’s music hits cutting off the commentators as from the Border entrance, scowling all the way is, the Latin American eXchange. Led by Konnan, each member, Hernandez, Homicide and Salinas are all wearing TNA Championship belts. They rile up the fans at ringside as the capacity crowd on hand boo them as they get into the ring in such a formation as if it were to protect their leader and mouth piece Konnan.

    Konnan: The revolution continues. The LAX era of violence will not stop wether any of you gringos like it or not. We take what we want and there is nothing Bret Hart, Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett or Jerry Lynn can do about it! Yo, yo, yo, I want all you fools to welcome back the beautiful and dangerous Latina Salinas. Salinas has the Knockout title. I want you all to bow down to the notorious 187 Homicide. He has the X Division title. And all you lowly dogs, get on your knees and praise Hernandez. He IS the Global Champion. Tonight we take it all Machine Guns we want those tag belts and Mr. Scary Christopher Daniels, shine up that World title because we are gonna own it vato. Lax will rule the wrestling world and….

    Konnan is suddenly cut off and the crowd goes insane as the Whole Dam Show’s music hits and out walks the real X Division Champion, Rob Van Dam. Although wearing the latest TNA RVD shirt, he is dressed and ready for a match.

    RVD: Hey Konnan, hey dude, I get it. I do, you and your boys want to be champions. The only problem is You’ve got to earn titles here in TNA not just steal them. But I tell you what. Since I’m the whole dam show. AND the X Division Champion, how about I put MY Championship on the line tonight against Homicide.

    Konnan: You know what Van Dam. You are as stupid as you look. Tonight, LAX, Homicide becomes the NEW X Division Champion. Ode lay ariba la raza…

    RVD: Oh no Konnan, tonight the belt is coming back to where it belongs. Right here around the waist of Rob. Van. Dam.

    RVD’s music hits as the crowd cheers for the X Champion!


    <Video of last week when Desmond Wolfe told Nash that if he beats Alex Shelley he gets him in the ring one on one.>

    Match #1
    Desmond Wolfe w/ Chelsea vs. Alex Shelley w/ Nash

    The cocky Shelley blows Chelsea kisses before locking up with Wolfe. But the very dangerous Englishman attempts to ground Shelley with his arm locks and methodical pace. But Shelley being the hybrid wrestler that he is, has studied the English style and is able to counter and then attack using his high flying and strong style approaches.

    Shelley goes to the air and uses his speed for quick attacks. Nash doesn’t help Wolfe’s concentration as “Big Sexy” many times during the match tries to seduce Chelsea. Wolfe tries to rip at Shelley’s arm trying to set up for the London Dungeon arm submission, when Shelley using elbow strikes uses a deep arm drag to escape and then a drop kick to set up for the Sliced Bread finisher. But Wolfe over powers the tag champ and send him crotch first into the turnbuckle and then instantly spins his body hitting the Tower of London!

    Winner via pinfall, Desmond Wolfe at 8:31

    Wolfe although holding his head after a back and forth match, stands in the ring as Chelsea puts his jacket on for him and as he zips it up and puts on his sunglasses, is then handed a mic.
    Wolfe: Hey Dandy Nash. You and me have got a date next week sweetheart. You want to screw me out of the tag titles. Well next week I’m gonna end ya!

    Wolfe’s music plays again as Chelsea takes his arm as Nash snarls and helps Shelley to the back.


    Back from commercial and in the back Kevin Nash, has the microphone.

    Nash: Wolfe you got lucky against Alex. You wont be so lucky against me. You see don’t let my jokes fool you big man, because this seven feet tall, ass kicking machine is going to roll over you and really screw you out of the tag titles. Because you wont make it to Hard Justice for your title match after I’m done with you. See you next week punk.

    <Video of the shock return of the new and improved Rhino and him taking out Monty Brown and then Jeff Hardy coming out to confront him.>

    Back out in the ring Rhino’s music hits and out walks out of the entrance tunnel is the new improved War Machine. With his full beard and almost shaved head, instead of running down to the ring he slowly makes his way down the ramp and steps through the ropes. His giant cima-like sunglasses cover his eyes and he wears a black leather jacket with the sleeves ripped off. So Cal Val reluctantly gives him a mic.

    Rhino: Mick Foley says he wants me to explain myself. Well I don’t see why, I mean if you haven’t figured it out then you are as dumb as dogsh_t. I mean, I’m the War Machine. I’m the ultimate bad ass. I gave my body to TNA, I burned the real ECW World Heavyweight title live on Impact all those years ago when Vince McMahon offered me triple what TNA was paying me at the time. And how does this company repay me? After an injury I’m left on the sidelines. Bret Hart gets signed to take TNA to new heights and what happens? I’m still on the sidelines. So when I saw that they brought back Monty Brown, I took it upon myself to send a message to TNA management. And I guess I finally got noticed….

    Mick Foley’s music hits and out walks the Hardcore Legend. He stands at the top of the stage looking down at Rhino and ready to take matters into his own hands.

    Foley: Hey Rhino, you look good buddy. The new look definitely suits you. I of all people understand where you are going with this new look of yours. Mrs. Foley little baby boy ha da few looks over the years. Last week you put Monty Brown on the shelf. I’ve been speaking with him and when he returns he wants his revenge. Are you up for that Rhino?

    Rhino: You’re damn right I am. I’ll take out this entire roster and I’ll show you Foley that I can beat anyone. ANYONE!

    Foley: Last week you went to the extreme and use tables to put down Monty. Tonight how about we take it to the extreme again. You’re in a match right now, against Jeff Hardy.

    Foley walks off stage as quickly as walked on as Hardy’s music pumps out of the speakers and the huge crowd explodes as the Charismatic Enigma with his hands behind his back rocks out on to stage. His pyro goes off as he dances down the ramp, while Rhino removes his jacket and big glasses. Hardy keeps one eye on Rhino while he leaps onto the turnbuckles saluting the fans.

    Match #2
    Rhino vs. Jeff Hardy

    The powerful and stocky Rhino doesn’t just try to out muscle Hardy but goes after his eyes with all his fingers and thumbs. When Rhino has Jeff down he really tries to hurt him with stomps to knee caps, to his temples and with chokes. Rhino really tries to push his fingers into Hardy’s throat. Hardy fights back showing Rhino that he will not go down to this bully.

    Rhino tries the devastating Gore but Hardy moves and Rhino ends up on the floor. Hardy flies off the top and takes down Rhino to the Impact Zone’s delight! But the frustrated Man-Beast has had enough and smashes Hardy’s head in with a chair shot after a failed flying elbow shot. The bell rings to disqualify the War Machine.

    Winner via disqualification, Jeff Hardy at 6:02
    Rhino whips up the ring apron looking under the ring for his weapon of choice. Finally after the third side he pulls out a folded table. Rhino lays the table on the ring apron and on the safety rail. He screams at the fans near it and scares them all away from it. He rolls Hardy into the ring and then again checks on table. Hardy gathers his senses slowly and as the fans chant his name he desperately tries to get to his feet. Rhino sees this and quickly gets in the ring but Hardy fights back. He hits Rhino with two right hands and then runs the ropes. But Rhino is ready and hits a huge back body drop with Hardy flying over the ropes.

    The capacity crowd let out a huge sigh as Hardy lands on his feet barely missing the table on the ring apron. Rhino turns and the two exchange blows Hardy slingshots himself back into the ring and knocks down Rhino with a big shoulder block. With the War Machine down, Hardy rips off his singlet to the shriek of the female fans and climbs the turnbuckles. Rhino rolls out to the apron and grabs at Hardy. Jeff tries to fight him off but eventually is caught and is pulled onto Rhino’s shoulders who then attempts to throw him through the set up table. The fans again hold their breathe but Hardy again escapes and lands on feet first on the apron. Both men hold onto the top rope as they throw punches at the other standing above imminent doom as the table is directly below them. Hardy finally drop kicks Rhino’s knees, slips off the apron and pulls the table off the safety rail. Rhino is livid that his plan has been foiled and goes after Hardy, but is hit by a drop toe hold and Rhino goes face first into the mat. He gets up only to see that Hardy has in his hands the steel chair from before. Rhino backs away right around the ring and walks to the backstage area as Jeff Hardy’s music hits and the fans celebrate Rhino’s retreat.

    Backstage JB is with Desmond Wolfe, Chelsea and Hiroshi Tanahashi

    JB: I am standing by right now with the 2010 Super Tag Cup tournament winners Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi. Desmond I’ve got to ask you, why do you want a match against the veteran Kevin Nash a few weeks out from your rematch for the Tag titles at Hard Justice?

    Wolfe: JB, it has been signed and I want the world to know. Next week I go mano-e-mano with Dandy Nash, and then at Hard Justice, Hiroshi and I will become the TNA Tag team Champions of the World. You want to know why I want a match against Nash a few weeks out from a bloody title match. I’ll tell ya JB, so you can sleep it night. It really is quite simple. At Sacrifice Nash knew his boys were no match for us. So he screwed us out of our chance. So next week, I’m going beat the living snot out of Dandy Nash, so come Hard Justice, the Machine Guns are gonna get their heads kicked in and we are going to take home the Tag titles and… Hiroshi what are you lookin’ at.

    Tanahashi: …. (rolls his eyes as he usually does and gives out a sigh and puts his hands in the pockets of his orange leather trench coat)

    Wolfe: This my girl, oi, get over ‘ere Chelsea. Hey sunshine you keep your eyes off my girl and keep ‘em on the prize alright. You want a girl, Hiroshi, go and get your own. Nash see you next week, Guns see you at Hard Justice. Shine those titles up boys because Chelsea here likes pretty things. Just like me….

    In the Impact Zone the speakers blare out the theme music of the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe.

    <Still photos of the Sacrifice main event appear on the screen as it shows Samoa Joe defeating the UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar 1.2.3>

    Down the ramp dressed for battle and wearing the latest Joe t-shirt, and a towel over his shoulders, Joe enters the ring and poses for the fans as they chant his name unanimously. It’s almost deafening as he holds up his hand and waits for the cheers to slow down.

    Joe: I’m a man of few words, but what I will say is this. I am the number one contender to the TNA World title. So Christopher Daniels, I’m calling you out. Get your ass out here.

    But it’s not the Fallen Angel’s music that blares through the speakers, but instead that of Kurt Angle. Angle is dressed in his new track suit and walks down the ramp with a sarcastic grin on his face. The response from the fans is mixed but huge all the same. He was Lesnar’s corner man at the ppv and Joe’s nemesis. He enters the ring and gets in Joe’s face, like he does to everyone.

    Angle: Joe, you did beat Lesnar and become #1 contender for the TNA title at Sacrifice. But just to remind you of what happened last week, I’ve got some footage for you.

    Angle points up at the TNATron video screen

    <Footage of last week’s Impact’s Main Event. The footage shows Angle pinning Joe 1.2.3>

    Angle smiles and asks for it to played again. As it does, Joe smirks and the crowd boos because they all know that Christopher Daniels interfered last week to cost Joe the match.

    Angle: So last week I beat the number one contender. Which means I am now the rightful owner of that World title shot. Not you. And Christopher Daniels knows it because watch what he does after I beat you.

    <Footage from last week that after Angle gets the pinfall, Daniels hits Angle with Angels Wings>

    Angle: So Joe get your ass to the back because I’m calling Daniels’ ass out right now.

    Joe’s smirk turns into an intense stare and just as he is about to talk into his microphone the TNA World Champion’s music hits and out walks Christopher Daniels. In a black three piece suit and morpheous sunglasses he laughs the whole way down to the bottom of the ramp. He unbuttons his suit jacket to reveal the TNA World title belt. He takes off his jacket and throws and tosses it at So Cal Val. His music still playing he rolls up his sleeves as Angle and Joe want him to step into the ring with them.

    Daniels places one foot on the first steel step leading to the ring and then he looks out at the fans and smirking shakes his finger in the air and steps back to the end of the ramp. Standing almost as still as a statue he waits until he is flanked on either side by Tomko and Giant Bernard. The giant tag team then get up on the ring apron and sit on the middle rope as Daniels enters the ring with now an even bigger smile on his face. Tomko and Bernard stand one step in front of Daniels making a buffer between their Champion and the two men already in the ring, Joe and Kurt.

    Daniels: Now you boys aren’t fighting over little ole’ me now are you? Ha ha, Joe, Angle you guys are good. I mean Kurt, you won an Olympic Gold medal with a broken freakin’ neck. And Joe, big boy, you just beat the UFC Champion. If I had a hat it would go off to you both, but you see no matter what you have accomplished there is a simple fact that remains. You two men are not in my league. Joe I used you as a stepping stone to this. (Daniels taps the title) And Kurt you take one more Angels Wings from me and let’s just say that broken freakin’ neck of yours, wont be able to be fixed again. At Sacrifice I beat Sting! The Icon charged with the holy mission by Bret Hart to save this company and the title from the big bad Fallen Angel. The only problem was that not even the Stinger can beat me. And if the Icon can’t take me and the Phenomenal AJ Styles cannot take me, do you really think that either of you stand a chance against God’s gift to pro-wrestling? You guys are not in my league, but don’t feel bad about it. No one is…

    Joe and Kurt have had enough and go after Daniels but the brick wall of Tomko and Bernard stop them. A brawl starts as Daniels slips away.


    Impact comes back from commercial and security are still trying to gain control of the brawl, when Bret Hart’s music hits.

    Hart: You boys want a fight, then let’s do this. Get me a referee let’s make this a tag team match.

    Match #3
    Tomko and Giant Bernard vs. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe

    Security move away from the men and Angle and Joe roll into the ring. Tomko and Bernard stall gathering huge amounts of heat from the crowd. They finally step into the ring, but now it’s Joe and Angle who begin to argue on who will start the match. This gives Bernard the opportunity to hit a double clothesline knocking both men down. But he looks confused as to which man he wants to beat up on, and decides to throw Kurt Angle to the floor and work on Joe.

    But this does not go to plan for as Bernard throws Angle out, Joe stands directly behind the big man. The crowd roars as Bernard with a smile on his face turns into a classic leaping kick to the head by the Samoan Submission Machine! Joe goes to work hitting a senton and then begins his ground and pound. After dishing out a lot of punishment Joe goes for the cover but Tomko breaks it up. He attacks Joe which brings in Angle. Joe and Angle start working together against the terrible two. Tomko and Bernard though know each other well and get the upper hand with quick tags and there huge power and size advantage.

    Bernard misses the pump kick and Joe hits a decapitation clothesline. He tags in Angle who hits the Olympic Slam on Tomko who enters the ring trying to make the save. Angle then waits for Bernard to get up and grabs the big man for a German and just before he delivers it, Joe helps with a superkick! 1.2. Bernard kicks out of the bridge pin, and Angle tags in Joe who locks on the Coquina clutch rear naked choke. Tomko comes to, only to see Bernard tap out.

    Winner via submission Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle at 7:57

    Joe’s music plays as he and Angle trade looks. They nod approvingly, but that is all and Angle hops down off the apron and walks off as Joe grabs a mic.
    Joe: Daniels! There’s no where to run. No where to hide. Joe’s gonna kill you!

    Joe’s music hits again as the fans chant his name, and he holds up his hand in victory…


    Match # 4
    Scott Steiner, Matt Morgan, Senshi and Abyss w/ Mitchell
    D’Angelo Dinero, The Amazing Red and America’s Most Wanted

    The 8 man tag match showcases some of TNA’s top talent as the returning Steiner, the powerhouse Morgan, the vicious Senshi and the rampaging Abyss are all out to secure their place at the top of the food chain. Surprisingly after the Super Tag Cup, AMW has been accepted by the fans and fighting along side the Pope and Amazing Red gets them huge cheers from the capacity crowd.

    Senshi goes after Red early and tries to injure him. The Pope takes offence and takes it to the Warrior. Steiner goes out to prove he should be in the top echelon of TNA and begins suplexing everyone in sight. But the double team work of AMW puts him down. Morgan cannot tag out as the multiple-time former tag champions keep him grounded and away from his team mates.

    The “faces” start to get on top with the combination of quick tags from AMW and the speed of Red and the fan fuelled antics of the Pope. But this is suddenly and viciously turned around when Abyss is tagged in. Mitchell can be heard screaming instructions as Abyss violently hits chokeslams and big boots. He squashes Red in the corner like a fly and when Pope comes in to help his punches don’t phase the psychotic monster. Senshi blindsides the Pope with a deadly kick to the head, leaving Red to almost collapse after he tags in Storm.

    Storm hits Abyss with a superkick, and then runs the ropes but Abyss is enraged and hits a Black Hole Slam! 1.2.3.

    Winners via pinfall Scott Steiner, Matt Morgan, Senshi and Abyss at 6:29
    In the back Konnan steals the microphone off JB at the interview position and Hernandez scares him off.

    Konnan: RVD, tonight you have put the X Division title on the line. It’s funny because the only person I see holding the strap is Homicide. We don’t care if it’s official or no, you see gringo the X title is on Homicide’s shoulder and that’s where it will stay. Van Dam, you’re just another white boy who thinks he can waltz into this company and take everything from us. Well you see vato, you’re wrong and tonight, LAX are going to show you gringo just who you’re messing with. Oda lay!

    Main Event

    X Division title match
    Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Homicide w/ LAX

    LAX drape the six sides with their flags as the crowd roars when RVD’s music hits. Van Dam is cautious and keeps an eye on LAX at ringside as JB gives the formal introductions. The referee asks Homicide for the belt, and at first he refuses to hand it over, slapping the ref’s hands away, and threatening to punch him. Finally he gives it up and the ref raises it above his head. The ref gives the belt to So Cal Val but just before the bell can ring and behind the ref’s back, the Notorious 187 strikes!

    ‘Cide hits RVD with heavy right hands and is eager to show RVD that the future is here and the Revolution has only begun. Rob covers up as he is overwhelmed by the speed of ‘Cide. Backed into a corner, RVD looks for an opening and throws an elbow out and it hits it’s mark. Homicide steps back giving enough room for Rob to turn and slingshot himself off the middle rope into a flying body press! Rob rolls off Cide waits for him to get up again uses the middle rope as a slingshot and hits his thrust kick! The fans go crazy as it hits Cide in the face and he tumbles out of the ring and to the floor!

    LAX come to his aid and give him some pointers as Rob ever the self promoter turns to the fans and puts up the thumbs for the fans to chant along, “R.V.D”! Cide is livid hitting his hands on the apron, kicking the steel steps. Salinas, moves her body close to his and soothes the savage beast inside. Konnan and Hernandez then move in for tactics, but sailing over the top rope is a huge plancha! RVD knocks all three men down as Salinas squeals and runs for cover. The fans again chant R.V.D. as Rob throws Cide back into the ring and he leaps onto the apron and then flips into the ring with a leg drop across his face! 1.2.. kickout!

    Rob grabs at Homicide put the smaller man hits an elbow to the gut and then a vicious uppercut to RVD’s throat! Rob clutches at his neck and Cide now has the advantage. After several punches RVD’s neck is put on the rope and Cide applies pressure by putting his leg on the back of Rob’s head. The ref warns Cide and he releases the hold, but Rob’s injured throat is still draped on the middle rope and Cide runs the ropes and hits a drop kick to the back of Rob’s head! Rob drops top the mat holding his head in absolute pain and then his instinctively his throat. LAX cheer on their man as the X Champion is in deep trouble.

    Homicide starts using his trademark attacks on RVD and begins to dominate. RVD tries to get to his feet but Cide hits a devastating Lariat. 1.2. Kick out! He then hits a briding Exploder Suplex. 1..2.. RVD kickout’s again. Cide’s blood boils as Konnan yells for him to “stay on him!”. Rob gets up againonly to be hit with a Shining Wizard! 1..2… Kickout! Homicide now is getting extremely frustrated. He pulls at Rob’s ponytail, and starts vicious knee strikes to RVD’s face. Homicide keeps trying to pin Rob but the X Champion keeps kicking out.

    Homicide climbs the turnbuckles and goes for a back splash to finish. But Rob moves out of the way at the last minute. Both men are down and the crowd begins to chant R.V.D. once again. As both competitors get to their feet they exchange punches. Rob tries a spin kick but Cide catches it, only to fall victim to a spinning step over kick to follow up! Homicide goes down and RVD hits the Rolling Thunder 1.2. Cide kicks out!

    Rob stands ready but Salinas gets on the apron, the ref is distracted and Hernandez flies into the ring with a huge flying shoulder tackle! He rolls out before the ref can see and RVD gets to his feet only to be hit by the Gringo Cutter!!!




    The fans pop, as Rob rolls the shoulder and Konnan is livid he orders Homicide to finish him and goes for the Gringo Killah- vertebreaker finisher. But Rob escapes, counters the move by landing on his feet and hits a round house! Rob drops a Discus leg drop on Cide and launches himself onto the top turnbuckle. Hernandez tries to grab his leg but Rob kicks him off. He hits the apron hard and falls to the floor, but gives Homiicde enough time to hit Rob in the face with a Ghetto slap, and then climb the turnbuckles for a superplex. Rob struggles and hits a huge sunsetflip powerbomb.



    Kickout! Homicide kicksout! And the fans can’t believe it. Rob still grabbing his throat sees Konnan jump up on the apron trying to distract everyone, but Rob punches him to the floor. Salinas has thrown the X title into Cide and lunges at the champion. Rob turns in time to duck, and hits a T-Bone suplex with a bridge on Homicide.



    Cide kicks out, but Rob puts the belt on Cide’s chest and leaps again to the top rope and comes crashing down instantly with the 5 Star Frog Splash! He grabs his chest in pain but eventually crawls over and hooks the leg.




    Winner and STILL X Division Champion Rob Van Dam! at 16:11
    The referee hands Van Dam his X Championship belt back and Konnan is absolutely livid! Rob celebrates with the fans, but the leader of LAX is not satisfied!

    Konnan: No! No! No! Van Dam! This is not over, the X Division title belongs to LAX gringo. The Revolution will not be stopped. Hernandez, bring LAX the X Division title.

    Rob jumps down from the turnbuckle as he was holding the belt up in victory showing the fans he had regained his property. Hernandez steps through the ropes and the two man stand eye to eye. ‘Dez rips off his Global title and throws it to Konnan, as the spokesman of LAX almost rabidly drools at the fact that Hernandez is going to attack Van Dam. Rob has his fists up ready to fight when Bret Hart’s music hits.

    Out onto the stage area walks Bret Hart and the X Division Pioneer (title of the Commissioner of the X Division) Jerry Lynn.

    Lynn: Woah there guys! Let’s cool things down there Konnan. First of all congratulations again Rob for regaining your X title. As Bret and I were wrestlers we appreciate that the TNA superstars settle their differences inside the ring instead of whining and crying to management. Now Hernandez and Rob we have a huge announcement for you.

    Hart: That’s right at Hard Justice it will be the Global Champion Hernandez versus the X Division Champion Rob Van Dam! Yes both titles will be on the line but not in a title vs. title match. It will be a Unification match!

    The crowd goes crazy, Rob is happy and Konnan and LAX are livid as TNA Impact goes off the air!

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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    RI, I only skimmed your most recent show... but I must say that I fucking love what you're doing with TNA. Everything just feels so perfect and right.

    -I'm assuming Lesnar's appearance was a one-time-only deal, and I'm therefore glad that you used it to give Joe such a huge rub. His transition into the title picture seems to be a fluid one, and I'm glad that Angle is sort of coming along for the ride. Daniels as the heel champion seems to be so great for TNA.
    -I love that you've re-paired Nash with MCMG (I'm assuming?), and I think that it's interesting that they're feuding with just Wolfe... but I think that it works. It makes Wolfe seem like a bad-ass, tough-as-nails motherfucker-of-a-face.
    -I felt that Rhino talked too much, but I guess you wanted to add some depth to his character. You need a catchier phrase than "the new and improved." Also, if he's new and improved, ditch his old nicknames of "War Machine" and "Manbeast." Actually come up with something new and improved. That's my only qualm. I think Rhyno's re-introduction to TNA is perfect, and it gives the guys who are big names but not in the title picture something to do (i.e. Jeff Hardy, Monty Brown, Abyss, etc.)
    -I have no clue who Hiroshi is, but I'll just assume that he works well as a fit with Wolfe. I'm digging it.
    -I'm loving the continued evolution of the Angle/Joe feud, and them being in a tag team match with Bernard/Tomko sounds like a wet dream. Daniels interjecting himself to add twists and turns only adds more fun to this whole dynamic. I can't comment on your writing per se since I'm skimming this... but I love your ideas/thinking/vision, etc.
    -The transition to the 8-man tag team match seems abrupt, but whatever. This match seems huge and like a clusterfuck, but it gives guys something to do on the show. It's not a bad clusterfuck feeling either. It's the kind of clusterfuck that is trademark of TNA. I'm interested in everyone involved and love the dynamics of the match.
    -The angle with RVD and LAX is neat... and I'm glad that it'll be ending on PPV in a title unification match. I'm surprised that you ended your show with this match/angle. I would've had Joe/Angle vs. Bernard/Tomko end it, I think.
    -I doubt I'll come back and read this word-for-word, but please know that I'll be coming back for future shows and to re-read old shows. I just love what you've done and are doing with TNA so much. So much fucking better than real life.
    : 04/02/11}:forever&always
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    Episode 24

    <iMPACT! iNTRO>

    Mike Tenay and Don West again welcome everyone to the latest episode of the highest rating pro-wrestling program in the world Thursday night, TNA Impact! Pyrotechnics go off as the enormous capacity crowd on hand cheer their lungs out to see the most loved and hated wrestling superstars in the world.

    The arena goes dark and smoke billows out of the entrance tunnel as to start the show the crowd is graced by the presence of the Heavyweight Champion of the World, the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. As always dressed in a three piece suit and the huge gold title belt cradled under his arm, the self proclaimed god’s gift to pro wrestling slowly makes his way to the ring. The boos roll into the ring like thunder as the Mastermind IS the most hated man in the industry.

    He poses on the apron before stepping through the ropes and holding up the title to incite even more verbal hatred from the massive sold out arena. He as always has a microphone. But he pauses at the huge boos coming his way but can hear the feint “Fallen Angel” chant coming from somewhere in the arena.

    Daniels: In amongst you all I can hear the feint cry of the Disciples. Those small few out there that understand why I committed the sins that had to be committed. Have you all not yet forgotten and forgiven me on what I had to do to obtain the World Championship. Impact Zone, don’t you know I did it for you?

    I did it for all of you. Was I to stand idly by and allow the next WWE off cast to come in here and take what belongs to TNA. Was I to stand idly by and let TNA management give opportunity after opportunity to everyone who had not built this company like AJ Styles and myself? Yes I made deals with James Mitchell and his monster, yes I made deals with Scott Steiner, Senshi, Petey Williams. Yes I did unleash Raven onto TNA. But I did this for you and I did this, for this. (He holds up the World title)

    Now at Hard Justice, the man who has earned a shot at me, and I do mean earned is Samoa Joe. I hate Joe, I always have but at least he has earned his shot and not been given blind opportunities over and over again like the men I targeted Sting, Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett. There was a time Joe that I could not defeat you. But that time is gone. You, just like everyone else in the back are not in my league. At Hard Justice I will defeat you and once again show the World who is the very best.

    Sirens sound and out walks Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner. The fans are confused as to why he is coming out as Daniels steps back knowing that he has made promises that he has not kept. Steiner is dressed in his wrestling gear and pumps up his peaks for the cameras before entering the ring and snatching the World Champion’s microphone.

    Steiner: Daniels you talk too much. You come out here and wave that belt around, but I think you forgot you owe me boy. I stabbed my friend of 20 years in the back, Jeff Jarrett for one reason. And that’s to get my title shot. Now are you gonna cough it up or do I have to trash you right now? I want what’s coming to me. I don’t care about Sloppy Joe, I want my title shot! Or I’ll stick my boot up your ass, you’ll be flossin’ with my shoelaces.

    Angle’s music hits and Steiner is not happy. Daniels is starting to feel a little exposed and starts to move right into the corner of the ring. As the crowd roars for Angle, Steiner rips off his sunglasses and refuses to give anyone the mic. Angle smirks and puts his hand out to So Cal Val, wh gives him one.

    Angle: Steiner, sorry to burst your bubble “Freakzilla” but two weeks ago I pinned the number one contender so if anyone is going to get a title shot it will be me. Besides you just came off suspension, do you really think you are going to get a title shot anytime soon? You’re dumber than you sound then! You’re way down the ladder Steiner learn to live with it.

    Steiner: I’m gonna friggin push your face through the back of your head you sonanvabitch.

    Steiner drops the mic and moves towards Angle, but everyone is stopped in their tracks when out walks Samoa Joe. The fans go crazy as Joe makes a beeline to the ring. Daniels is on the ring apron now as the Samoan Submission machine enters the ring and picks up Steiner’s microphone.

    Joe: I’m ready to come out here tonight and kill somebody. I don’t care if it’s you, you or you Daniels hiding over there in the corner. I’m the number one contender and at Hard Justice I become the two-time World Heavyweight Champion.

    Steiner attacks Joe, bashing him the back with a big forearm shot. Angle attacks Steiner and Daniels slithers in and hits a modified chokeslam on Joe. Angle has Steiner in a head lock when Daniels hits him with a flying knee. Angle releases the hold and Steiner hits a T-Bone suplex! Steiner and Daniels then stare at each other, when Joe has revived and knocks both men down with a double clothesline! The fans go crazy as Daniels and Steiner both roll out of the ring. Joe screams for them to get back in the ring and fight him, when Bret Hart’s music hits and out walks the head of the TNA Championship Committee.

    Hart: Looks like we’ve got ourselves a main event! Kurt and Joe since you worked so well together last week, you two we’ll team up against Scott Steiner and World Champion Christopher Daniels!


    Match #1
    Petey Williams vs. Jeff Hardy

    The man who almost ended Kurt Angle’s career steps into the ring and grabs a mic.

    Williams: Hardy you think you are extreme, leaping off 300 foot stages, 20 foot ladders crashing through tables. That’s nothing compared to being hit by the Canadian Destroyer!

    The roof blows off the building as Hardy dances out of the tunnel.

    <Video of last week Hardy versus Rhino, where Rhino got disqualified and Hardy foiled Rhino’s attempt to injure the Charismatic Enigma with a Rhino Driver through a table>

    Williams immediately goes after Hardy’s legs and lower back. Hardy valiantly fights the man who has ended careers with his infamous finishing move. Petey game plan seems to be to ground Hardy with mat wrestling techniques. Williams starts to work over Hardy’s back trying to stop Hardy using the Swanton Bomb. Hardy though almost gets a win with a quick inside cradle but Williams escapes and turns it into a Sharpshooter. Hardy’s back is compressed and although he finally fights his way for the rope break, the damage may have been done. Williams calls to finish with the Destroyer. But it is countered into a Twist of Fate! The crowd goes crazy as Jeff holding his back in pain rips off his shirt and throws it into the crowd. He turns to climb the turnbuckles but eats a devastating gore from out of nowhere by the new and improved Rhino!

    No contest at 5:43

    Rhino pulls Hardy to his feet, hits some knee strikes and screams at Williams to get up. Williams after the Twist of Fate is dazed but sees his opportunity and knows exactly what Rhino wants him to do. He sets Hardy for the Destroyer, as the fans all hold their breathe. But the silence in the building turns to a huge pop as “Walk” plays through the speakers and Hardy’s best friend, the X Division Champion RVD runs out to make the save. Williams runs off and Rhino stomps away at the sliding in RVD. Rhino picks up Rob and attempts a German suplex but Rob grapevines the leg blocking the move and while escaping hits a two feet mule kick! Rhino hits the mat but gets back up to be hit by a spin kick!

    RVD leaps onto the top turnbuckle and the fans cheer again as he sets for the 5 Star. But Homicide runs in and catches RVD in mid flight with a Gringo Cutter!!!!!!! Konnan, Salinas and Hernandez come out and surround Rob. Rhino has walked to the back and Jeff has been kicked out of the ring by Homicide. Rob’s broken nose is once again been smashed open and blood pours from it. LAX cheer on Hernandez as he swoops in and hits his Border Toss finisher on Rob into the turnbuckles!!! Rob is unconscious in a heap, slumped in the corner, covered in blood as LAX beat their chests and trash talk the capacity crowd. Popcorn and soda cups fly into the ring as the fans berate the actions of the vicious LAX stable.


    <Replay of the chaos that just happened as LAX stood tall and have fired the first shot towards the Unification match >

    Backstage Konnan and LAX are at the interview position.

    Konnan: Van Dam, you waltz around here like it’s a game. Now you know how real this is ese. That title belongs to LAX, and you wont be able to stop what’s coming odelay odelay, ariba la raza!

    Match # 2
    #1 Contendership match for the Tag Team Titles. The winner will face whoever wins the Tag Title match at Hard Justice.

    Neo-1-GT vs. Speed Muscle vs. Generation Me vs. The British Invasion

    It’s a fast and furious battle as all four teams hit the accelerator pedal to get an opportunity to become the World tag champions. London and Kendrick are the first to start using double team moves, to try and get the win, but like lightning Speed Muscle and Gen Me follow suit. Facebusters, slice breads and Shooting Star Presses are hit from not just the top rope but from the ring apron and even off the commentary position! The Brits use the technical prowess and ground and pound style to take it to the faster teams. The fans are blown away by the X style action they are witnessing tonight!

    London is caught in the tree of woe and Doi hits a cannonball followed by a brutal no brakes baseball slide by Yoshino. Max Buck though leaps in hitting a springboard x-factor on Doi only to turn into a leaping DDT by Kendrick. Brutus throws Kendrick out of the ring as Doug Williams unhooks London from the tree of woe and hits the Chaos Theory. 1.2.3

    Winners and new #1 contenders for the Tag titles after Hard Justice via pinfall, The British Invasion at 7:03

    The Brits celebrate as all over ringside looks like a car crash.

    Backstage Chelsea leads Desmond Wolfe out of his locker room as they walk towards the ring. Desmond Wolfe vs. Kevin Nash is next!


    <Video of Nash attacking Wolfe and Tanahashi after the Tag title match at Sacrifice. Wolfe demanding that if he beats Alex Shelley he gets Kevin Nash one on one. Wolfe beats Shelley and then a graphic of Wolfe vs. Nash>

    Backstage Christy Hemme is with the World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns and Kevin Nash.

    Shelley: Christy can you explain to me why Wolfe and Tanahashi get a rematch against us? We are the champs, we beat them. That’s it. No rematch, not even for the Super Tag cup winners. Did Wolfe’s girlfriend give Bret Hart a lap dance? Jiminy Crickets Christy tell me why!! Christy speaking of lap dances…

    Sabin: Boys we beat you last time and we’ll beat you again. We are the Champs and no one is better than us. Looks like you got your rematch by whining and complaining. That’s what we hear you Brits do the best Wolfe. Well at the ppv you’ll get some hard justice.

    Shelley: Get it Christy, HARD justice.. yeah

    Nash: Wolfe? More like a yapping little dog. Just like the one Paris Hilton keeps in her handbag. Well tonight I’m going to stuff you into your pretty little girlfriend’s handbag Wolfe. Hard Justice is going to be a night off for them, because I’m going to teach you some respect big man.

    Shelley: Respect. Belee dat Wolfey. He he. You’re right big man, do you need a massage before your match. I hear Christy’s great at them….

    Match #3

    Kevin Nash vs. Desmond Wolfe

    The commentators tell the audience that Bret Hart has banned the Machine Guns and Tanahashi from ringside during the match.

    Mist spews out of the entrance tunnel and a wolf howls as Desmond Wolfe is walked down the ramp by Chelsea. He gives everyone the forks but as Chelsea takes his long coat and sunglasses it is obvious that Wolfe is completely focused. The Led Zepplin influenced theme music of Kevin Nash plays and out slowly walks, checking his wrist bands, Kevin Nash. His hair is up in a ponytail and he too looks extremely serious.

    The bell sounds an Wolfe dances around the big man, maintaining space between them, until he shoots in and goes after the knees and legs. Nash’s power punishes Wolfe’s tunnel vision. He hammers down huge blows and uses his size and reach to inflict damage. The signature foot chokes, snake eyes, and the big time leg lifts all in the corner, has Wolfe extremely hurt and a look in his eyes of realisation. The realisation that this man, is no joke but a bulldozer in the ring.

    But Wolfe’s persistence starts to pay off and he continues to shoots on the knees and legs until he brings the big man down. The aggressive side of Wolfe comes out and he ravages the well documented surgically repaired knees of Nash. From technical Indian deathlocks and precision stomps, Nash cries out in pain as Wolfe shows the world his reputation is well deserved. On the outside Chelsea even has a sadistic smile on her face as she watches her man dismantle the former multi time World Champion.

    Wolfe goes for a cannon ball on the knees to try and tear the muscle from the bone but the huge legs of Nash kicks Wolfe over the top rope making him crash almost on his head down on the floor! Nash doesn’t seem to be able to get to his feet but tells the ref to call for a count out. The ref starts counting as Chelsea tries to get Wolfe’s senses together. Wolfe rolls back in before the ten count, but by this time, Nash is back to a vertical base and hits a huge big boot to the face. 1.2. Wolfe is too close to the ropes and drapes his leg over to break the count. Nash calls for the Jacknife powerbomb, but as he tries to hit it his knees buckle and he can’t lift his opponent. Wolfe runs the ropes and hits a huge chopblock and Nash drops to his knees.

    Nash clutches his left knee but looks up to see Wolfe looking down at him with a big smile on his face. Nash tries desperately to get up off his knees but he can’t and he has no choice but to watch as Wolfe rebounds through the middle rope. Jawbreaker Lariat!!!!!! 1.2.3.

    Winner via pinfall Desmond Wolfe at 9:04

    Wolfe looks down at one of the biggest names in pro wrestling, as Chelsea steps in and raises his arm to the fans. The Tag Champions run out to check on their friend as the commentators hype up what a huge win this was for Wolfe. But The Ace of the Universe Hiroshi Tanahashi runs down the ramp and takes the Guns out from behind with a double clothesline to the back of their heads! Wolfe joins the Ace and the two men throw the Champs into the guardrails. The champs grab the back of their heads as they roll around in pain on the floor. Wolfe and Tanahashi go back into the ring and grab Nash. With their combined strength they sit him on the top turnbuckle and Wolfe delivers the Tower of London!!! Wolfe gives the fans the forks and then points to Hiroshi as he crashes down on the prone Nash with the devastating High Fly Flow.

    The #1 contenders to the tag titles have left their mark as Chelsea dresses Wolfe in his jacket and sunglasses and Tanahashi smugly looks at the Guns as the two men walk up the ramp very, very satisfied with their work.


    Back from commercial and Christy Hemme states that Kevin Nash has been severely injured and that he is being put into an ambulance in order to get him to hospital as soon as possible

    Match #4
    The Pope D’Angelo Dinero vs. Senshi

    <Video of last week’s 8 man all star tag match shows on several occasions the two men going at it.>

    The Pope’s spectacular entrance, is a direct opposite to the seriousness of Senshi’s. Senshi has defeated Kurt Angle, broken Sting’s ribs and been on a tear in TNA. The Pope, now a former two-time X Division Champion knows how dangerous his opponent is and starts the match very cautiously.

    The Warrior takes it to the Pope with stiff kicks and lightning fast knee strikes. Pope fights back with his own super fast punching combos. The two men break the deadlock with high impact wrestling holds. Pope misses with the DDExpress and Senshi hits the Tidal Crush in the corner! Climbing the turnbuckles he comes down with a primal scream and the Warrior’s Way double stomp.

    But Pope moves and hits a clothesline of his own. 1.2. Senshi kicks out, and then applies a Dragon Sleeper in the centre of the ring. He turns Pope and the Dragon Sleeper turns more into a camel clutch combination submission, Senshi calls the Dragon’s Clutch. Pope has no choice and taps out!

    Winner via submission, Senshi at 10:21

    The bell sounds, Senshi’s music plays and he is announced the winner, but he refuses to releases the excruciatingly painful hold. The ref grabs Senshi’s arm but it does no good. Senshi wrenches back even more and Pope has seemed to have passed out from the pain, or worse. The commentators start talking about the fact that oxygen has now been cut off to Dinero for so long that brain damage or death could happen if Senshi does not let go. Other referees and even Mick Foley comes out to break up the hold. Foley has no choice and throws the Mandible Claw into Senshi’s mouth! Senshi releases the hold and slithers out of the ring backwards. Pope is out and EMTs run out with a stretcher...


    <Video of the EMTs taking Dinero to the back on a stretcher during the break>

    Backstage JB is with Kurt Angle

    Angle: I guess you want some comments on the main event tonight. I guess you want me to tell you how it has been tagging with my mortal enemy Samoa Joe. I guess you want me to tell you what my game plan is tonight. Well JB I wont be telling you any of that.

    How about we talk about how night after night, wrestlers in TNA keep getting put in the hospital. Let’s talk about how poorly Bret Hart values the health of the TNA locker room and how he should not be running this company. Bret Hart, how many trips to the hospital has it been tonight. Three? RVD, Kevin Nash and now the Pope. What’s going to make you happy Bret? When everyone is in a wheel chair so you can become Wolrd Champion again by default? Tonight I’m going into this match once again with one of the most dangerous men in the world as my tag team partner. How do I know he want stab me in the back? If that happens, I wont blame Joe. If my career is ended I wont blame Joe. I’ll blame you Hart. Oh it’s damn real.

    Elsewhere in the building, in the dark is James Mitchell, and in the cage behind him is his charge, The Monster Abyss.

    Mitchell: My six foot eight, weapon of mass destruction continues to turn TNA into his own personal slaughterhouse. No one can stop him, no one can contain him. He is fuelled by hellfire and powered by hate. The only thing left for him is the World title. Christopher Daniels are ties are severed. Our bond is broken. You have your prize, now Abyss wants his. Very soon, we will come for it. Have it ready Fallen Angel, Abyss is coming for you...Bwahahahahahahahahaha...........

    Main Event

    World Champion Christopher Daniels and Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner
    Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe and the Gold medallist Kurt Angle

    Kurt and Joe aren’t the only ones who have problems deciding who will start. Steiner believing he is the baddest and the biggest star tells Daniels to start. Daniels as Champion refuses to be told what to do. After the bell he tags Steiner in and drops to the floor. The ref ordrs Steiner into the ring, and Freakzilla is not impressed. Steiner and Angle lock it up to start the match. Angle and Joe execute quick tags, although they have always got one eye on each other. High impact moves on Steiner followed by pin covers are continuously broken up by Champion Daniels.

    Angle and Joe start hitting Steiner and trying one up each other with a stiff kick or a suplex. Daniels keeps breaking up the pins. Finally Joe and Kurt get on the same page as they look over to the opposite side of the ring. Daniels is in their sights and they both rush him and both strike him sending him flying off the apron onto the floor. They both slide out and attack him, as the fans go crazy. Daniels is double teamed on the outside and then rolled into the ring. Joe follows him in but Daniels rolls out the other side. Steiner gets to his feet and hits a double sledge to the unsuspecting Joe. Joe drops down, but Angle is back in and catches Steiner with an Olympic Slam! Ankle lock applied!!!! Steiner taps....

    Winners via submission Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe at 8:23

    Kurt’s music plays as Daniels grabs the World title from the commentary table running from a unsatisfied Samoan Submission Machine. Daniels is up on the ramp as Joe taps his wrist to say ‘time’s up’ and then gives the symbol of the belt...


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    Episode 25

    Impact opens with another amazing pyrotechnics display! Mike Tenay and Don West welcome the fans to this week’s Impact and announce tonight’s huge main event. LAX versus Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy! Bret Hart’s music hits and into the ring walks the Hitman. The adulation for the legend is astounding as they chant his name. Wearing his trademark leather jacket and jeans, the head of the TNA Championship Committee has a clipboard in his hand and looks to make an announcement.

    Hart: Welcome everybody here and the millions of people watching at home to Thursday night Impact! The most watched pro-wrestling show on the planet! Hard Justice is only two weeks away and tonight I would like to unveil the matches that will headline this supercard

    The man-beast Rhino has returned to TNA recently. It seems he has a problem with Jeff Hardy. He has tried to take him out using tables and chairs. So at Hard Justice, these two men will settle their differences in an Extreme Rules match!

    In a rematch for the World Tag Team Championships, it will be the Motor City Machine Guns defending the belts against Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi.

    Speaking of title belts, we will see Champion vs. Champion in a Unification match of the Global and X Division’s. Rob Van Dam will face Hernandez one on one, to crown a unified Champion. Now Konnan, if LAX interferes in this match there will be dire consequences.

    And of course for the Heavyweight Championship of the World, the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels will defend his title against the man who last month defeated Brock Lesnar to become the #1 contender, Samoa Joe. These men know each other very well and they last faced off in February, where Daniels got the victory. This time we just see some Hard Justice for all the pain Daniels has put this company thorough over the last few months!.

    Suddenly sirens sound and out walks Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner. He stomps down the ramp and demands a microphone from So Cal Val. She gives him one, he is about to get into the ring. But before he does he gives a double take to the beautiful red-head and flexes his muscles at her. She doesn’t seem too into it, but Steiner doesn’t care and blows her a kiss before getting into the ring with Hart.

    Steiner: Sh<beep>man, at the ppv, I want Kurt Angle! I don’t care if you’ve booked him already, you will give me a match with him or I’ll snap you in half old man. See this, these is the largest arms in the world, old man and I’ll use ‘em to pop your head like a grape. Now make the match.

    Before Hart can respond, Kurt Angle’s music hits and as he rises from his elevator onto the stage, the crowd gives a deafening cheer! Angle chants start up as the Olympic gold medallist steps into the ring with a smile on his face.

    Angle: Haha, Steiner, you want to wrestle me? That’s good, you see I can’t wait to snap your ankle. But let me tell you something Scotty, you want a match with me, then all you have to do is ask. Don’t go whining and crying to this poor excuse for a TNA executive in Bret Hart. The man can’t manage his socks. You want a match against me, the greatest wrestler of all time then all you have to do is ask me, and I’ll be happy to kick your ass! Don’t go to Hart like some coward, ask me face to fa….

    Steiner punches Angle right in the jaw using the microphone! Steiner’s power comes into play and he starts bashing Angle with his huge forearms and fists. Angle stumbles into the corner and is forced to cover up as Steiner unloads vicious right hands. Angle falls slightly and Steiner then starts stomping Angle.

    Steiner: You’re right Angle. I don’t ask permission from no one. I’ll see you at Hard Justice you sonavabitch.

    Steiner’s music plays, he drops the mic on Angle and leaves while Angle is left trying to gather his senses. Bret Hart walks over to Angle to help him up, but Angle refuses help from the Hitman and rolls out of the ring and limps to the back…


    Backstage Christy Hemme interviews Steiner as he walks in from ringside.

    Christy: Scott, Scott, do you have any comments about what just happened?

    Steiner: Kurt, you’re gonna find out that the man wif the largest arms in the world and the shortest fuse is the greatest wressler of all time, not you boy! At Hard Justice I’m gonna kick your ass, steal your wife and melt down those gold medals and sell him at a second hand shop. Now Christy I’ll see you in my dressing room in 15 minutes, don’t be late!

    Christy: Scott, I’m not going to your dressing room.

    Steiner: And bring some champagne, I’m thirsty…

    Christy: ahh, yeah… back to you Mike and Don…

    Match #1
    The Monster Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Senshi

    These two competitors seem to have no remorse, no empathy and a vile mean streak that has hospitalised their opponents over the last few months. Bret Hart seems to have booked these two guys against each other so they can each get a taste of their own medicine.

    The Monster stands over a foot taller than the Warrior and he looks down at his opponent with nothing but indifference. Senshi is crouched in a fighting stance awaiting the sound of the bell. It rings and Senshi lashes out with a lightning fast kick to Abyss knees! The monster roars, and reaches down for Senshi, but the Warrior rolls away, too fast for him. Senshi begins the hit and move attacks. His game plan seems to be to chop down the big man by attacking the legs and knees with vicious kicks.

    The tables are turned with one high impact move from Abyss and Senshi is stunned by a huge right hand. It clips the top of Senshi’s head, and it allows Abyss to catch him and hit a big body slam. Senshi’s back bows up and Abyss now takes charge by using his power to punish the faster man. Senshi like a caged animal tries to claw and kick his way out of the spot he is in. But Abyss keeps Senshi close, not allowing him to get any distance from him, and hits a side walk slam and a big time Shock Treatment back breaker! 1….2….Senshi kicks out of the pin attempt.

    A frustrated Abyss calls for the choke slam. Grabbing Senshi by the throat he lifts him up only for the elastic limbs of the Warrior hit a knee strike to Abyss’ jaw and then wrap themselves around Abyss’ throat. Senshi has a triangle choke and an arm bar on a standing Abyss!!! Senshi uses his weight and it brings the monster crashing down to the mat and wrenches back on the hold! Abyss flails around in pain trying to escape and after what seems like an eternity powers up, but Senshi like a pitbull refuses to release the hold. Abyss stumbles back into the ropes and the ref calls for the break. Senshi releases the hold and hits a spin kick to the face of Abyss. The Monster goes through the ropes and hits the floor hard! Mitchell runs over to check on his charge and the ref tells him to get away from him.

    In the ring, behind the ref’s back, The Pope strikes. He blasts Senshi with a punch and it knocks out the Warrior! He jumps down before the ref can see and as he walks to the back he shows the camera that in his hand was an “8” ball. The referee has gotten to an eight count before Abyss crawls in. He drops the leg and pins Senshi. 1.2.3.

    Winner via pinfall, Abyss at 9:25

    Abyss stands over Senshi and he looks to inflict more damage but Mitchell orders him to leave the “kindred” spirit alone. Abyss nods and the Monster exits as Pope is standing on the commentary table with a microphone. Still holding his throat from last week his voice is very croaky.

    Dinero: Senshi, the Warrior. Last week you tried to not only end the Pope’s career, but end his life. This sacrilege will not go unpunished. At Hard Justice, The Pope will get his! You will be cleansed of all your sins in two weeks when the Pope gets Hard Justice! Because Pope is Pimpin’


    Backstage the World Tag Team Champions, the Motor City Machine Guns are with JB.

    JB: Last week guys your friend and mentor Kevin Nash, was defeated by Desmond Wolfe in a classic on free television. Not only that but you guys were then taken out by Hiroshi Tanahashi and then both men sent Nash to the hospital after they hit the Tower of London and the High Fly Flow on him.

    Shelley: Yes JB we know what happened. We were forced to watch it from the floor, helpless to stop them take out a legend in this sport. Well, things just got real boys, you want to come after our belts? Hey we were happy to embarrass you guys again, with a quick game of catches, catch can. A match of human chess. Now you’ve done it. You’ve turned a title match into a title fight. You like to hurt people, well guess what? The Champs, Sabinator and I, Alex Shelley, are going to beat you down until you both go to the hospital. And when you are there, Big Kev is going to hit you with his full bed pan.

    Sabin: Wolfe, Tanahashi, we’ve got to give it to you. You sent a seven foot tall, former multi time World Heavyweight Champion to the hospital. Do you really think we are just going to pin you and walk out of Hard Justice with our belts. No, no, no, no, no. We are going to come down on you guys from the sky like a tonne of bricks. We are going to come at you like a wrecking ball. In two weeks the Motor City Machine Guns will be getting our Hard Justice with both barrels. Be seeing you…

    Match #2
    Generation Me (Max and Jeremy Buck) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi and Desmond Wolfe w/ Chelsea.

    Gen Me come out running and sliding into the ring pumping up the fans.

    <Video of Wolfe in a promo (from episode 23) telling the Guns that he and Hiroshi are coming for them, but then tells Hiroshi to keep his eyes on the prize and not on Chelsea. He tells his tag team partner to get his own girlfriend!>

    Wolfe makes his usual disrespectful entrance by giving the forks to the fans while Chelsea chuckles to herself. She leads him down the ramp and removes his sunglasses and his jacket before giving him a quick peck on the cheek. The high adrenaline music of Tanahashi then hits as the Ace of the Universe comes out but he then pauses at the top of the ramp. His music is then replaced by The Beautiful People’s music and they wrap themselves around Hiroshi before doing their naughtiest entrance yet with the Japanese Ace right in the middle of it. Don West refers to it as an “Ace Sandwich”! Generation Me are a little gob smacked at the beautiful ladies surrounding ringside for their match.

    The young high flyers are at their best to hit their fast combos and bring down the number one contenders to the tag belts. But the ferociousness of Wolfe and finesse of Tanahashi proves too much for them. Max flies off the ropes for a facebuster only to be caught by the non-legal man Tanahashi’s drop kick! Wolfe then hits a JawBreaker Lariat. He kicks Max out of the ring and awaits the legal man Jeremy to get back in and hits a big time European upper cut sending him flying into the corner. Wolfe runs to the opposite end of the ring steps off the middle rope and sprints in but is caught with a back elbow. Jeremy leaps up onto the top turnbuckle to hit Wolfe with a missile dropkick, but Hiroshi again makes the save pulling him down, crotching him on the top. Wolfe picks the bones with a Tower of London!!! Wolfe tags in Hiroshi who delivers the High Fly Flow. 1.2.3.

    Winners via pinfall Tanahashi and Wolfe at 5:43

    Chelsea enters the ring and puts Wolfe’s jacket back on him as he laughs at the fans. Hiroshi is once again given a small show Beautiful People style in the ring. Chelsea doesn’t seem to like their provocative moves and walks to Wolfe’s left arm away from them. Hiroshi then outstretches both arms and the Love and Sky take them as they walk up the ramp.

    But the music of the World Tag Champions hits and out of the tunnel right in front of them walks out the Machine Guns.

    Sabin: Move out of the way girls you don’t want any part of this.

    Shelley: What Sabin means, is ladies you don’t want any part of those guys and the beat down we are going to give them. But you DO want every part of us! Yeah…

    Sabin shakes his head again at his best friend. Shelley shrugs his shoulders and the two explode down the ramp.

    Chelsea, Velvet and Angelina run off as the Guns hit their challengers with punches and kicks. Hitting double team moves on the outside of the ring pushes Wolfe into the guard rail, while Hiroshi is thrown spine first into the steel steps! But Velvet and Angelina jump on the Guns’ backs and scratch at their eyes! Shelley and Sabin are blinded, and the Beautiful People kick the Champs in their groins!!!! The Champs go down and The Beautiful People high five each other and happily squeal! They help up their man Hiroshi while Chelsea helps Wolfe. The challengers hold the back of their heads and move to the back, not keen to get into anything right now…


    <Video footage of TNA Episode 8 where LAX faced off against RVD and Jeff Hardy. RVD and Hardy hadn’t tagged for a while as they were new to TNA at the time while LAX were back to their ferocious worst. Both men were put through tables on that night by LAX>
    Episode 8 is on page 1 of this thread

    Konnan: Tonight, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam you will get the full force of the revolution. Tonight you two gringos will put down like the dogs you are for trying to stop our revolution. There is no stopping the Latin American eXchange. Homicide and Hernandez are going to chew you up and spit you out, just like we did in February. Tonight these two militant thugs will go 5150 on your heads. And when it’s all said and done, you two gringos will have broken necks and we will be responsible for retiring you both! After tonight there will be no Champion vs Champion match at Hard Justice, because tonight we delete the X Champion once and for all. Odelay, Odelay, Ariba la Raza!!

    Out to the ring walks the X Division Pioneer, Jerry Lynn. The fans chant his name, bringing a smile to his face. He has a mic in his hand, as just like the head of the Championship Committee Bret Hart did earlier tonight. Lynn has an announcement.

    Lynn: Good evening everyone. There has been a lot of speculation and rumours surrounding the Unification match at Hard Justice. What is to happen to the two divisions? What will become of the title belts? There are a lot of questions being asked by fans and wrestlers. So tonight I’m here to answer them.

    To be unveiled and to be presented to the winner of the historic match will be a new Championship belt. The brand new X Division Champion will lead the division into its next era. The rules of the division will be as follows. One fall to a finish unless of course mentioned otherwise. There are no count outs but all falls or submissions must occur in the ring to win. The dq rule is in effect, however because this is all about bringing the “X” factor to TNA the rules will be relaxed. Wrestlers are expected to follow referee instructions and to adhere to rope breaks.

    I just want to take this opportunity to wish both Van Dam and Hernandez luck as they…

    Lynn is interrupted by the music of the master of the Canadian Destroyer and former four-time X Champion Petey Williams. Williams gets in the ring and laughs at Lynn and puts his hand out for Lynn to shake. Lynn who has been hit by the Destroyer, refuses to shake Williams’ hand and steps back. Williams shrugs his shoulders as the fans rain down boos.

    Williams: Oh shut up. You are all jealous that you all don’t have a body like mine, look at those abs.hahaha… Jerry! Looks like the X Division is entering a new era. Well let me tell you, I want my title back. Whoever wins out of Hernandez or RVD, it doesn’t matter to me because, like it or not, I will be X Division Champion for the fifth time. These people need a champion like me. A work horse, an athlete, a blue chipper. Not some hippy or a street thug. I am from Canada, which means I am the absolute definition of a wrestler. You know deep down that you need me to be Champion, you need me to lead the X Division into your so called new era Jerry. So make it official, Petey Williams is the number one contender to the Unified X Division title.

    Lynn: Well Petey, after Hard Justice, the new era begins and then it will be all up to you….

    Lynn walks out of the ring leaving Williams with a puzzled look on his face, as Lynn’s music plays.

    West and Tenay announce that after the break X Division action. Don’t go anywhere!!!


    Match #3
    Petey Williams, Aleksander Koslov and Jay Lethal
    Amazing Red, Mistico and Davey Richards

    An all out attack on the senses is this high flying match as the heroes and villains of the X Division try to prove why they should be in the new era of the TNA’s X Division. All six men use their signature moves as the fans go crazy and chant T.N.A. over and over.

    At one point Koslov is the only man standing and starts doing his Russian dance, only for Richards to hit him with a huge stiff kick to the chest! Richards then locks in the Texas Cloverleaf only to be hit with a flying DDT from Lethal to break up the submission. The very angry Lethal climbs the turnbuckles to hit a sky elbow, but he is caught on the top turnbuckle by Mistico hitting a super-Hurricanrana! Petey Williams grabs Mistico who has been slightly hurt from coming down from such a height and sets for the Destroyer. But Red kicks Williams in the back, frees Mistico and then delivers the Code Red (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb)! 1..2.. Koslov breaks it up at the last moment. Koslov hits the Soviet strike (superkick) to Red but then turns into a La Mistica from Mistico!!! Koslov taps!!!

    Winners via submission Amazing Red, Mistico and Davey Richards at 8:45

    The fans go crazy for the win and for the exciting match. Williams is livid with the loss as he walks off in disgust as the three winners celebrate with the fans.

    Backstage with Christy Hemme is Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy. Rob has a huge bandage on his nose, and Jeff is asking him if he wants some face paint to cover up the “mess”.

    RVD: Last time the two of us faced LAX we got hurt. Back then it wasn’t about titles or rivalries, it was about Raven and Daniels becoming Champion. This time it’s all about R.V.D. becoming the unified Global-X Champion and not LAX. They have attacked us time and time again, trying to take us out. Well Konnan your boys have done this for the last time. And tonight, we are going to show them what the Charismatic Enigma and the Whole Dam Show can do.

    Hardy: You know what Rob, I’ve still got a bit of a crick in my neck from the last time we faced LAX. Those guys were mean. I say we get meaner. I say we get extreme. And there is no one who knows extreme better than us. LAX , when Jeff Hardy and RVD come together and boys are going down! C’mon wit it!


    <Video of Christopher Daniels’ rise to power. On his way to the world title he called out Samoa Joe and said if he beats Joe he’ll move into the top contenders. Joe accepts the challenge. Daniels beats Joe at the Kingdom Come ppv in February, with the help of Abyss. Then Daniels defeats AJ Styles and holds up the belt in victory. Footage of Brock Lesnar and Joe battling to be the number one contender at Sacrifice. Joe wins. Joe vs. Daniels for the World title graphic flashes up…Hard Justice>

    Samoa Joe’s locker room. JB sits down next to him as he has one iPod ear phone in. Joe finishes taping up his wrists and punches his hand.

    JB: Joe in 2 weeks, you get your shot at becoming a two-time World Champion. What are your thoughts leading up to the big match with Daniels. Are you carrying any injuries from the match with Lesnar?

    Joe: JB as if I am going to tell you any of that. Tonight I asked Bret Hart for a warm up match. Why don’t you watch the match and let that answer your stupid questions.

    Match #4
    Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan

    Joe cracks his knuckles before the bell sounds. Morgan bounces on the spot, focused to not let Joe get on top of him. Morgan tires to get a cheap shot in by attempting the Carbon Footprint before the bell sounds. Joe steps out of the way and is livid at the sneak attack. Morgan has left himself open after coming down from the big move, and absorbs devastating leg strikes to the back of his calves. Morgan ends up on his back where Joe hits his trademark senton back splash and then starts working Morgan over with a series of submissions.

    Morgan’s large frame eventually allows him to get to the rope and escape the punishment he ahs been receiving at the hands of Joe. He fights back and uses his size and power to push Joe to his limits. But Joe sends Morgan over the top rope and although Morgan lands on his feet, Joe flies over the top rope with a spinning plancha knocking the big man down! Joe punishes Morgan on the outside with strikes before rolling him back into the ring.

    Morgan waits for Joe to get back in and hits a double sledge and then takes control with a clothesline and goes for his Hellavator. Joe blocks the move so Morgan pushes Joe off and once again goes for the Carbon Footprint. Joe ducks hits the ropes and flies back hittinga flying knee strike!!! Joe drags his thumb across his throat, sits Morgan on the top turnbuckle and hits the Muscle Buster!!!!! Joe stands up and walks over to the camera. “Daniels, this is how it is going to end” he says as he stalks a very dazed Morgan who has only just sat up and Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch, rear naked choke! Morgan can only tap as Joe pushes forward and lays all of his 300 pound frame onto the neck of the Blueprint.

    Winner via submission, Samoa Joe at 7:12


    Tenay and West run down the card so far for Hard Justice

    Senshi vs. D’Angelo Dinero
    • Extreme Rules - Jeff Hardy vs. Rhino
    • Knockout’s title match Champion Gail Kim vs. Salinas
    • World Tag Team re-match Champions the MCMGs vs. Wolfe and Tanahashi
    • Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner
    • Title Unification Match RVD vs. Hernandez
    • World Heavyweight Title match- Champion Daniels vs. Samoa Joe

    Main Event
    X Champion Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy
    LAX (Global Champion Hernandez and Homicide) w/ Konnan and Salinas

    <Video of RVD being attacked by LAX over the last few weeks>

    RVD wants to start the match and sizes up to Hernandez. The two men stare each other down but a split second before the bell sounds Homicide blindsides RVD and is the legal man. Konnan laughs as Hernadez steps on the apron as Cide attacks gaining the much needed advantage. LAX use quick tags and hit Rob with everything. But he keeps kicking out to their frustration. Hardy, a multi-time former Tag Champion breaks up many of the pin covers or submission attempts to keep his team in the match.

    Van Dam finally escapes the onslaught and Hardy flies in and cleans house. Hardy hits his high octane offence on both members of LAX as Konnan tries to direct traffic from the outside. Hardy looks for a Swanton, but konnan grabs his leg and Hardy is forced to kick him off. This however gives Hernandez and opening and delivers a brutal superplex! Cide the legal man slides in for the cover 1.2. RVD although hurt makes the save.

    The match goes into overdrive as RVD and Hardy combine to take it to LAX with firstly knocking them onto the floor and then following it up with syncronised dives! The four men brawl on the outside, and while the ref tries to get order Salinas hits Jeff with a low blow. But soaring out of the back is Gail Kim, the KnockOut’s Champion. She has come to reclaim her property, the Knockout Title belt! The two knockouts exchange right hands until Gail drop kicks Salinas into the guardrail. She rips off the belt and holds it up for the fans to cheer! RVD and Hernandez brawl up the ramp, the two Champions refuse to let the other win. Hardy and Homicide are the legal men and are in the ring, but as the ref tries to get RVD and Dez, back to the match, Rhino strikes! Gore, gore gore!!! Konnan yells at the referee to get back in the ring as Rhino disappears through the capacity crowd. 1.2.3.

    Winners via pinfall, LAX at 14:25.

    The bell has sounded and LAX’s music sounds but the two Champions still fight each other on the stage. Security runs out to separate the two, but they can’t and Rob and Dez fight them off, so they can get at each other. They collide again, but this time they both fly off the edge and plummet 3 metres and crash through wooden staging area! Both me are out as Impact fades to black…


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    Episode 26

    <Video of Christopher Daniels’ rise to power. On his way to the world title he called out Samoa Joe and said if he beats Joe he’ll move into the top contenders. Joe accepts the challenge. Daniels beats Joe at the Kingdom Come ppv in February, with the help of Abyss. Then Daniels defeats AJ Styles and holds up the belt in victory. Footage of Brock Lesnar and Joe battling to be the number one contender at Sacrifice. Joe wins. Joe vs. Daniels for the World title graphic flashes up…Hard Justice..this Sunday only on ppv>

    The Impact Zone is a buzz as this Sunday will be the Hard Justice supercard which will see the unification of the Global and X Division titles and Samoa Joe battle Christopher Daniels for the Heavyweight Championship of the World.

    The buzz turns into an explosive pop as out walks the legendary Bret the Hitman Hart. The fans go crazy as he walks out of the tunnel as his music pumps up the crowd to kick off this week’s episode of TNA Impact. With a smile on his face he extends his hands in the famous Bret Hart pose and the fans eat it up as he tells them to make some noise. Hart’s music stops and Jerry Lynn’s takes over as the X Division Pioneer joins Hart on the stage. The two men shake hands as Jerry has his hair in a ponytail and is wearing spectacles puts up the rock and roll sign to the fans as they chant “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!” Both men enter the ring proud to be apart of the number one pro wrestling company in the world right now.

    Hart: This Sunday at Hard Justice the landscape will change here in TNA as the Global Championship will merge with the X Division Championship to usher in a new era here in TNA wrestling. And I cannot wait!

    Lynn: I can’t wait either Bret! I am very proud of the X Division and am very proud that the TNA faithful refer to me as the X Division Pioneer. But this Sunday we will crown a new pioneer, as the man who wins the unified championship will take the TNA X division to new heights never seen before in this company. It’s going to be something really special. This Sunday the new Champion will be presented with the new X Division Championship and he …

    Gunshots ring out and LAX’s theme music blares out of the speakers interrupting Lynn’s announcement. Emerging from the “border” entrance, Konnan leads out his militant thugs, Salinas (still carrying the stolen Knockout’s title), Homicide and finally covering the back is the Global Champion, Hernandez. Like a pack of rabid dogs, they surround Lynn and Hart and try to intimidate the legends of the ring. They then separate and leading a path for Hernandez to stand in the middle of the ring with his massive arms crossed, standing like a statue while Konnan sparks up the mic.

    Konnan: Bret Hart, Jerry Lynn, you say you want a pioneer, well standing in front of you is a revolutionary. The Global Champion is going to destroy your gringo champion Van Dam and kill off your new white boy, white bread division. On Sunday night vatos, there wont be a new X Division Champion, there will be the first LAX Division Champion, ya feel me. Now shut your mouths, bow your heads because the Champ has something to say.

    Konnan stares down Hart and Lynn, then turns his back on him before handing the microphone to the statue-like Hernandez, who suddenly springs to life.

    Hernandez: Van Dam, you’ve only been here six months. Let me educate you on something. Around here people call me SuperMex. That tells you I’m faster than a Speed Muscle. Way more powerful than a Samoa Joe. And able to leap the six sided ring in a single bound. What being called Supermex doesn’t tell you, is that I’m the meanest dawg here. This Sunday I’m gonna rip you up hommes. Now you’ve been walking around here getting’ by on your reputation. Man, in the ring with me you aint got no rep. There aint no coasting on your name when you’re in the ring with me boi. I’m gonna rip you up, and I’m gonna be the Unified X Division Champion, Agusto or No!!

    He stares directly into the camera, stone faced, statue-like once more, until “Walk” hits the speakers, the fans go crazy and out walks the Whole Dam Show, Rob Van Dam. He shows no fear and gets in the ring with LAX. Not only that, he stands on the turnbuckles and puts his hands in the air. Flashes from all the cameras light up the arena. Rob jumps down, shakes Hart’s hand and high fives Jerry Lynn. He has two black eyes from his broken nose but he doesn’t seem to be able to stop smiling. Lynn gives him his mic, and Rob addresses, LAX.

    RVD: Hernandez, dude, I know how good you are in this ring. I also know how bad you and your boys are outside of it. All these RVD fans know this is going to be one of the best matches they have ever seen. Both of us can take a hit. We can both muscle up and we can both fly high. So I’m gonna ask you this right here and right now. You’ve held that Global title for over 5 months. Dude no one has been able to take that thing away from you. So why don’t we prove who the best man is, who the unified Champion is and make it just you and me dude. No tricks, no interference, just the two best in the biz beating the sh_t out of each other. Whattaya say?

    Konnan: Woah, woah, woah. Van Dam. You’re little tricks wont work on him be-atch. Cide and I will be ringside like we always are and we are going to make sure, the revolution continues.

    Hernandez: Van Dam. I don’t need anybody to kick your ass.

    The fans go crazy, Konnan’s eyes almost pop out of his head, and Bret Hart and Lynn smile and shake hands.

    Hernandez: I’ll show you why I’m the Global Champion and why I will be the Unified x Division Champion. I’m going to take that belt, I’m going to add to mine, and then I’m going to break your neck.

    LAX’s music hits and Hernandez walks out of the ring. Homicide and Konnan are left in the ring, but then chase after him yelling at him, but he ignores them and walks back through his border entrance as RVD nods his head and Lynn and Hart chat to him as Impact goes to a commercial.


    Match #1
    The Pope D’Angelo Dinero and Jeff Hardy vs. Rhino and Senshi

    The two intense, sadistic wrestling machine come out to separate entrances. The nod at each other both acknowledging the fact that they want to hurt their Hard Justice opponent. The crowd then goes batshit crazy as the dynamic duo rock and roll out. The crowd cheers just as loud for Pope as they do Hardy. Some of the fans are even laughing about Pope being Hardy’s supplier, but unsure what that means..

    Rhino and Senshi attack both men straight away turning the adulation into boos from the capacity crowd. The bell hasn’t rung yet and Rhino and Senshi bash their opponents all around the ring side area. The ref tries to get order as Senshi and Rhino use the steel steps and guard rails to their advantage.

    But the fight brings out the extreme in both Hardy and Dinero and they fight back. Dinero hits a big uppercut on Senshi and then runs over and hits Rhino with a big right hand. The two men roll Rhino back into the ring, the Pope follows him and starts stomping him as the ref finally rings the bell.

    Hardy and Pope use quick tags to keep the pressure on. Rhino over powers Pope and tags in Senshi who explodes with vicious strikes. Senshi pulls on Pope’s hair and drives him down with deadly elbows and knees. Escaping several pinfall attempts it is Senshi and Rhino who know tag in and out, trying put to injure their opposition. Rhino goes after Dinero’s throat, knowing it to be injured. Hardy breaks up the cover to keep the match alive, as the fans cheer for Hardy to get into the match. Rhino teases Pope making the tag, but beat him down with heavy forearm shots. Rhino and Senshi cut the ring off and dominate the match.

    But Pope is flung into the ropes and out of desperation launchers himself into a flying shoulder tackle! He crawls to the corner and tags in Hardy for the pop of the night as Jeff flies into the ring and takes down Rhino and then Senshi. He hits his signature moves and climbs the turnbuckles calling out the crowd before he launches himself. Swanton Bomb! 1.2. Rhino breaks up the pin! Rhino picks Hardy up for a Rhino-driver, Hardy reverses for a Twist of Fate.

    Rhino though pushes out of the move before it can be hit and bounces off the ropes to hit a Gore! Pope blind tags Hardy as the Charismatic Enigma leapfrogs over Rhino, and Senshi is cut in half! Rhino can’t believe it and Hardy clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. The Pope covers Senshi 1.2.3

    Winners via pinfall, D’Angelo Dinero and Jeff Hardy at 9:13

    As Pope’s music plays, Rhino is furious and runs back into the ring trying to attack Hardy from behind. Pope warns him in time and Rhino runs into the turnbuckle! Pope drops to all fours and Hardy uses him to hit the Poetry in Motion splash! Rhino is then tossed out of the ring and Hardy’s music plays as the huge crowd goes crazy for the fan favourites!

    Backstage Kurt Angle is shown walking towards the ring.


    The lights go dim in the arena, and the familiar screeching guitar riff hits as Kurt rises from his elevator in the stage and amongst a fiery pyro, the multi-time former Champion of the World walks into the ring and is dressed for battle.

    Angle: Steiner, I know you’re back there, I don’t think I can wait for Sunday. Why don’t you come out here now and let’s do this now.

    The fans go crazy as they get to see a ppv match right now, but it turns to disappointment when it’s Matt Morgan who answers the call.

    Morgan: Hey kid, I don’t think you are in a position to be calling anyone out around here. So how about I go and call you out. Call you out on the crap your trying to shovel to these people. Last week I kicked Samoa Joe’s ass, so I think it’s only fair that I kick yours as well. Whattya say kid?

    Morgan throws a cheap shot, but Angle ducks and spins behind Morgan and in a blink of an eye hits a German suplex dropping Morgan on his head!

    Angle: Get me a damn referee.

    Match #2
    Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan

    Angle dominates early as Morgan is trying to recover from the head drop. Angle beats him from pillar to post and jumps out of the ring and grabs Don West’s head set.

    Angle: Steiner, I hope you’re watching because this is just a taste of what I’m going to do to you!

    Angle drops the headset only to be hit by a huge Carbon Footprint (flying pump kick)! Angle crashes over the top of the commentary table, as Morgan gathers his senses from the brutal he had taken. Morgan though knows he needs to strike and going after Angle, pushes Don West to the floor to get to him. Morgan then throws Angle across the desk and starts stomping him on the outside. The ref starts counting as Morgan then flings Angle into the guardrail spine first! At the count of eight, Angle is rolled back in and Morgan dusts off his hands and steps over the top rope and resumes his attack. Angle is in trouble as he is hit with a side walk slam. Morgan calls for the finish with a big smile on his face as he lifts the gold medallist up in the Hellavator!

    But Angle shifts his weight and folds up himself and then Morgan into a school boy pin.1.2. Morgan kicks out only to stand up into a clothesline! Angle now has control and hits a variety of suplexes on the seven footer and then goes for the ankle lock submission hold. Morgan’s tall frame allows him to get to the ropes,. The ref makes Angle break up the hold and Morgan using his long legs to kick him in the face off of his back. Morgan gets to his feet and hits big time right hands and then goozles Angle for the chokeslam. But Angle smacks the arm away and hits the Olympic Slam! 1.2.

    Kickout by Morgan! Angle is impressed but never loses his focus as he grabs the Angle and grapevines the leg. Morgan taps out!!!!

    Winner via submission, Kurt Angle at 11:03

    Angle gets his arm raised as his music is cut off by the sirens of Scott Steiner’s. Angle is ready for him, but the Genetic Freak comes from out of the crowd and knocks down Angle from behind. He locks in the Steiner Recliner with his massive arms and Angle is screaming in pain. Steiner yells at him and keeps the pressure on. The ref tries to make Steiner break the hold but only gets punched in the face! Steiner locks the hold on again putting all his weight behind the submission hold! Steiner drops Angle’s face into the mat, spits on the back of his head and then flexes his giant biceps as the fans boo and his sirens blare out of the speakers!


    <A replay of what happened before the break, as Kurt calls out Steiner, only for Morgan to come out and fight Angle. After a gruelling match, Steiner came out of the crowd knocked down Kurt and put him in the Recliner>

    Steiner is backstage: Ha! Yeah that’s right Kurt, I was a amacha wresslin’ hero too!. You aint nothing compared to me you sonavabitch. I’ve got the largest arms in the world and you aint nothing to me boy. You got that. At Har’ Justiss I’m gonna pop your head like a pimple and then celebrate by sleepin’ with your wife.

    <Video of last week, Petey Williams confronted Jerry Lynn about being the first man to get a title shot against the new Unified X Division Champion. Lynn told him that after Hard Justice, the game changes. Williams then was forced to tap out to Mistico’s La Mistica (Around the World head scissors into a facebuster/arm bar) in a six man X Division tag match.>

    Match #3
    Petey Williams vs. Mistico

    Williams looks irate still after last week’s match. Mistico continues to get one of the biggest ovations from the fans, as he runs down to the ring and laps up the adulation on the top turnbuckle. But Petey doesn’t wait for the bell and attacks Mistico from behind. Williams uses closed fists, pokes to the eyes and boots to the head to “teach Mistico a lesson”. Mistico though uses his speed and the Luche star starts to really take it to Williams. Petey starts to get frustrated as Mistico keeps hitting moves and he cannot put on hand on the man.

    Mistico comes off the top rope but Petey catches him with a drop kick. Williams rushes into the Destroyer, only for Mistico to hit a back body drop to escape and then coming off the ropes hits La Mistica in the middle of the ring! Williams desperately struggles for the ropes but he is too far away. Petey taps out again!

    Winner via submission, Mistico at 7:49

    Holding his elbow, Williams rolls out of the ring as the referee raises Mistico’s hand. He is absolutely furious with losing again to the masked man, and kicks the steel steps on his way to the back. He says something to himself as he backs away watching Mistico celebrate with the fans.


    <Video of last week, the Guns attacked their challengers getting revenge for Kevin Nash>

    In the back Christy Hemme is with Desmond Wolfe with Chelsea and Hiroshi Tanahashi with The Beautiful People.

    Sky: Christy I don’t mean to alarm you but I think a raccoon is right now nesting in your hair.

    Love: My god Velvet, and it smells horrible too. Eww, Christy why don’t you go fix yourself right away before The Beautiful people are forced to give you a make over.

    Hemme tries to ignore them, as Wolfe snatches the microphone from her hand while she was distracted.

    Wolfe: You heard the ladies Hemme, piss off. Machine Guns, this Sunday you wont have your big body guard hanging ‘round ringside now, thanks to me. That dinosaur Nash wont be messing with us ever again. At Hard Justice, The Ace of the Yooniverse, Hiroshi Tanahashi and I are gonna end ya title reign, and quite possibly just like your big friend, end ya careers. It will be that easy. You are all looking at the next World Tag Team Champions.

    Match #4
    America’s Most Wanted vs. The British Invasion

    USA chants echo all over the Impact Zone as the two teams square off. The Brit’s two weeks ago had won a four team match to become the new #1 contenders to the tag belts after Hard Justice. Magnus are a combination of youth and experience, power and technical styles and they get on top of the multi-time former champions.

    But the Wildcat and the Cowboy fight back and use the crowd’s energy and double team moves behind the referee’s back to defeat the #1contender’s with the Death Sentence.

    Winner via pinfall, America’s Most Wanted at 6:33


    <Video of Samoa Joe defeating Brock Lensar. Bret hart announces Joe the number one contender. Images of Daniels pinning Styles, Styles again in the Lockdown steel cage, and then Sting. Then showing Daniels lift the belt in victory over and over again. Then all really close up of footage of Daniels hitting Angels wings, Joe hitting a Muscle Buster, Daniels hitting Last Rites, Joe hitting the Island Driver, Daniels making someone tap to the Koji Clutch, Joe making some tap to the Coquina clutch, Daniels hitting the Best Moonsault ever, Joe spinning out of the ring crashing down on three men. Daniels standing with the title over Sting. Joe standing over Brock Lesnar…>

    Out of the tunnel emerges the World Heavyweight Champion. Dressed in a three piece suit, the world title is over his shoulder he stands and poses on the stage. He outstretches his arms in his signature pose and pushes his hands down before walking to the ring. His music plays as the huge crowd on hand boos the Champ. Daniels looks serious. The last few weeks he has been laughing and smiling, three days before Hard Justice, he looks intense and extremely focussed. His music still plays as he places the belt onto the centre of the mat and kneels before it. He then rips off his sunglasses and tosses them on the ground. He rips off his tie, his suit jacket. He looks around at the fans as he tears off his vest and then his shirt. He orders So Cal Val to give him a microphone. He snatches it from her hand and with a tensed brow starts to talk.

    Daniels: This Sunday at Hard Justice it will be me, the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, God’s gift to professional wrestling, defending MY Heavyweight Championship of the World against Samoa Joe. Now I’m not out here to demean the accomplishments of the challenger. I’m not out here to boast about mine. I’m out here to simply re-state something that all of you and everyone in the back cannot accept. I said before I fought AJ Styles inside a steel cage. I said before the Icon Sting fought me and I will say it one last time toy you Joe, to Bret Hart and Dixie Carter, to Jeff Jarrett, to everyone in this arena and to the millions watching at home around the world.

    You all now what I am capable of. You all know the sins I committed to take this title. Know this; it was a drop in the ocean. It was a tear in the rain. It was a whisper in a hurricane compared to what lengths I will go to keep MY World Championship. At Hard Justice I will walk in and walk out the World Champion. And that’s the gospel according to the Fallen Angel. No, that's the gospel according to the Champion of the World.

    Samoa Joe’s music hits and out rolls the number one contender. The fans blow the roof of the arena as the 30, 000 strong Impact Zone chant Joe’s name over and over and over again. Joe does not blink as he walks into the ring. He steps through the ropes and walks towards the man who holds the title. Daniels though has already picked up the championship and has jumped out of the ring and heads towards the ramp. The fans change their Joe chants to boos directed towards Daniels.

    Joe: Woah Daniels, don’t worry Champ I’m not going to bloody fists on you tonight. No, no, no, no, I’m going to wait like a kid on Christmas until Sunday to rip you open like a present. Oh I’m going to savour it Daniels. The hell you’ve put this company through, the hell you’ve put me through, I’m going enjoy beating you up and taking your title.

    Daniels: You haven’t heard a damn word I said Joe.

    Joe: I heard what you said Daniels, I heard you will do anything to keep the belt. Well ya know what Champ? To me that sounds like the cry of a desperate man.

    Daniels: Then you’re a fool Joe. If that’s what you believe then you go into the title match blind and I’m going to beat you without breaking a sweat.

    Joe: No Daniels you’re the fool. You see only a fool would willingly stand in front of an on coming ten tonne truck. And that’s exactly what going to happen at Hard Justice as I run you over.

    (The fans start chanting Joe’s gonna kill you)

    No, Daniels don’t listen to these people. Because I’m not gonna kill you. That’s too good for you. For everything you have done, Joe’s going to beat you. For everything you have done to me, Joe’s gonna torture you. I’m going to punish, humiliate and humble you until it will be you Daniels, it will be you cry out ask me to kill you. You will be the one who begs me to kill you after the hard justice I put you through. And when I’m finished Joe’s gonna…be World Heavyweight Champion.

    Joe’s music plays as Daniels looks like a vein is going to pop in his head. Joe snarls at Daniels and then holds his fist in the air as the fans chant Joe’s name again. Daniels embraces the World title and backs away up the ramp angry and looking unsure of himself heading into Hard Justice super card…..


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    TNA Wrestling presents

    Official music theme for Hard Justice

    <Video of Christopher Daniels’ rise to power. On his way to the world title he called out Samoa Joe and said if he beats Joe he’ll move into the top contenders. Joe accepts the challenge. Daniels beats Joe at the Kingdom Come ppv in February, with the help of Abyss. Then Daniels defeats AJ Styles and holds up the belt in victory. Footage of Brock Lesnar and Joe battling to be the number one contender at Sacrifice. Joe wins. Joe vs. Daniels for the World title graphic flashes up…Hard Justice >

    Quick close ups of wrestler’s faces

    Bret Hart: Justice, to punish a break of a moral, ethical or lawful code.

    Dinero: I want…

    Hardy: I want…

    Steiner: I want…

    Senshi: I want…

    Angle: I want…

    Konnan: Justice!

    Wolfe: Justice!

    Sabin: Justice!

    Tanahashi: Justice!

    Shelley: Justice!

    Gail Kim: Justice!

    Hernandez: I want..

    RVD: Justice!

    Samoa Joe: HARD Justice!

    Daniels: You wont get it….

    Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom

    Mike Tenay and Don West welcome the millions of fans watching on television the internet and the 43,000 strong crowd to TNA Wrestling’s super card, Hard Justice live on pay per view. They run down tonight’s card, highlighting each one the reason behind each match, with recap videos. The amazing stage has a giant TNATron screen surrounded by a maximum prison type set. The entrance tunnel spews out smoke

    West; Huge matches here tonight Mike, especially with the game changing unification of the Global and X titles. Hernandez, can fly, he can brawl he can punch through a brick wall. But without LAX at ringside as he has stated, will he be able to beat the Whole Dam Show, Mr. PPV, Rob Van Dam?

    Tenay: And of course the big one Don, Folks, after the hell the Fallen Angel has dragged TNA Wrestling through over the last six months. Has he finally come to an end? Has he finally met his match as tonight he takes on the man how defeated Brock Lesnar to get this shot. Tonight the World Champion Christopher Daniels has to defend his championship against the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe!

    The crowd explodes as the commentators have obviously said enough and the Pope’s music kicks off the pay per view spectacular!

    Match #1

    The Pope D’Angelo Dinero vs. The Warrior Senshi

    < Senshi has been destroying his opponents for the last six months. He has defeated Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, broken Sting’s ribs and now almost ended the career of Dinero with the deadly DragonClutch submission. On Impact Senshi choked out Pope, and the ref called for the bell after Dinero could not raise his hand for the third time. Unconscious and trapped in the hold, Senshi refused to release the hold on Pope, and it was cutting the air off to Dinero’s brain. The referees tried desperately to make him break it as brain damage and even death was a possibility.

    The Pope was eventually freed, but over the next few weeks, he wanted retribution, he wanted revenge, he wanted justice. Attacking Senshi costing him a win over the Monster Abyss, Senshi has now fired back and the two men are keen to settle this. Pope pinned Senshi in a tag match on Impact. It’s one match a piece. Tonight one man will get his Hard Justice!>

    The fans are going crazy for Pope, as he circles Senshi. His usual bravado and confidence has been transformed into an intensity and true focus on his competitor. Senshi is more like a demon from the pits of hell. He shows no remorse for his actions, and sees Pope nothing more than his opportunity to move closer to the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Pope runs in for a tie up, but stops short and Senshi runs into a Pimpslap! The crowd goes crazy as Senshi, cannot believe what just happened. Pope is Pimpin’ chants are deafening as Pope keeps his focus and doesn’t take his eyes off the Warrior. Senshi cracks his first smile in TNA ever! But quickly turns into a frown. His eyes are ablaze with hate and he circles Pope. Dinero moves with him and goes in for the tie up. The two men jockey for position and spin each other around on the mat. One trying to push the other back, and trying get a good foot hold or a stronger leverage. Senshi gets under and pushes Dinero into the corner, he then releases the hold and lashes out with a huge elbow strike. But Dinero moves out of the way turning Senshi into the turnbuckle, and again delivers a big time Pimp Slap! Senshi is not impressed and shoots back a ferocious look, but Dinero is not finished this time and drops to a knee and hits an big time uppercut open palm thrust! The super Pimp Slap!!! Senshi is lifted off his feet and comes down on his knees. Dinero hits big time knee strikes, driving the right hand side of his body into Senshi’s face and upper body, causing Senshi to drop to the mat on his back. The crowd are going ballistic as Pope unleashes those big time pearly whit teeth of his and then to the fans delight he hits the White Smoke Elbow (turnbuckle handstand transitioned into a low-angle diving elbow drop to an opponent lying underneath the bottom turnbuckle)

    Pope is feeling it as the fans cheer him on. He bows to the fans and knows he is complete conttrol of this match. “Pope is Pimpin’” chants rain down from the enormous crowd as Senshi, grabbing his chest slowly gets to his feet. Dinero sprints to the corner and delivers the DDExpress. Senshi though spins his body in a somersault and blasts Dinero with a kick to the face! Pope hits the mat, as Senshi rolls up to his feet and looking around snorting roars and immediately follows up by pulling Pope to his feet by the hair and then shooting in the double Mongolian chops and then an explosive double dropkick firing Pope spine first into the corner. Dinero hits hard and falls hard. He rolls around in extreme pain as Senshi rubs his chest and quickly climbs the turnbuckle. Senshi with a primal scream comes down with everything he can with the Warrior’s Way double foot stomp!



    Rope break! Pope is too close to the ropes and is able to grab it with his left hand, just before the ref’s hand hit the mat for the third time. Senshi drags Pope to the middle of the ring and covers him again


    Pope kicks out, but Senshi transitions into the Dragon sleeper and then tries to turn it into the DragonClutch.. but Dinero has obviously been working on countering the move and has his hand in under his chin, and is bashing away on Senshi’s calf. Dinero snap mares the Warrior, who spins and delivers a vicious kick to Pope’s temple!



    Pope kicks out as the fans draw a sigh of relief. The Warrior grabs Dinero and goes for a suplex. Pope blocks and tries a suplex. Senshi blocks and tries and the two men keep the fans on the edge of their seats wondering who is going to hit the move.

    Pope hits the suplex and the fans go crazy! But is exhausted, and has to rest in the corner. Senshi grabbing his back stands up slowly only to be hit by the 4-UP punching combination to his mid section and then another super pimp slap sending the warrior’s throat draped over the middle rope. Coronation!!! The Pope ends up in the fans at ringside as Senshi grabs his throat in pain. Dinero grabs his own throat and after high five-ing the fans climbs the apron. Senshi though hits a flying kick and it sends the Pope crashing into the guardrail on the floor! Senshi grabs his throat and the ref starts a ten count. The crowd cheer Pope on to finally get back into the ring at an eight count!

    Senshi now goes to work on Dinero with strikes and kicks coming from all different directions. Pope is in trouble as Senshi is brutal and looks to be going out to not just win the match but injure the man. Pope throws a punch and Senshi catches it and takes advantage locking on the Iron Octopus submission (head scissors armbar). Pope is desperately looking for the ropes but he can’t find it. Still on his feet he drops to his knees sending Senshi crashing skull first on the mat!

    Pope looks to finish and pulls down his kneepads. He slaps them as Senshi is dazed and falls into a corner of the ring. Pope lines him up and delivers the finisher but Senshi jumps up and leapfrogs over the move. Senshi then again attempts the deadly DragonClutch, Pope spins around and hits a German Suplex! He has the move scouted and drops down for a pin.



    Senshi kicks out, but as he gets to his feet is hit with a flying shoulder tackle!



    Senshi escapes again lifting his shoulder at the last minute as the fans know what’s coming and Senshi is on dream street. DDEXpress once again!!! But the move is hit in the middle of the ring instead of the corner. Senshi is flung out of the ring and to the floor! The ref starts to count, but Pope wont accept a count out win and goes out after him. The two men brawl as the count is reset. Exchanging shots on the outside the two men pop the crowd as they hit chops and kicks right near the fans.

    Senshi is hit with a lifting sitout spinebuster on the floor! Pope then rolls Senshi in and makes the cover.



    Senshi kicks out again! Dinero, sets himself for one more DDEXpress as Senshi uses the corner to pull himself up. Pope explodes out of the blocks for a third time to finish the match and beat the man who almost killed him in the middle of the ring. Boom! Express connects and Senshi is rolled up



    Senshi flips out of the pin, turns his body, spinning Pope onto his back and applies an arm bar, Pope escapes it easily but opens himself up for the DragonClutch!!!!! It’s synched in tight and Pope can see the rope but he can not reach it. Senshi roars as he pulls back as Pope desperately reaches for salvation. It cannot come and knowing the effects of what the move can do he taps out!

    Winner via submission, Senshi at 13:27

    The bell rings but the Warrior again refuses to release the hold. Pope taps furiously screaming in pain, as the referee tries to pull Senshi’s arms away from Dinero’s throat. A primal scream is let out by Senshi as he moves to end Pope’s career.

    Suddenly the lights go out and the familiar guitar riff of ‘Slay Me’ hits and the roof blows off the building!!! From the rafters descends Sting!! Senshi drops Pope and leaps out of the ring as Sting hits the mat and the arena lights up simultaneously. Senshi backs away as the stone faced Sting points his black bat at the Warrior. Pope receives attention from the referees. The crowd has gone crazy for the return of the Stinger! Senshi snarls and is livid that his attack on the Pope has been interrupted. The fans give the crow call to Sting and then chant his name, but Sting helps the Pope to his feet and points at him. The fans start chanting “Pope, Pope, Pope”, as Dinero’s music hits and Sting walks off still pointing at Pope….

    The commentators are over the top excited about Sting’s return and the amazing opening bout they just witnessed! They put over the DragonClutch and speculate that Sting’s ribs must be healed after they were broken in a match with Senshi a week before the title match at Sacrifice with Christopher Daniels.

    <Video of LAX running wild. Led by Konnan, the Notorious 187 Homicide and the Global Champion Hernandez have been taking out the competition, be it in the tag team ranks, the X Division or the Heavyweight Division. Homicide takes out RVD and steals his X belt. Konnan shows off that LAX has two belts and are coming after the others! Then on Knocked Out, the Knockout Champion, Gail Kim is distracted by LAX and then is taken out by the returning Salinas!!! She steals the belt and LAX has all the belts. Gail wants her property back and Salinas each episode of KnockedOut is able to escape due to her LAX brothers>

    Match #2
    Knockout Championship Match
    Champion Gail Kim vs. Salinas w/Konnan

    Out to the ring walks the challenger, from the LAX stable, Salinas. She holds up the title but the fans boo her as they know she has not earned the belt. Konnan leads her out via the “Border” entrance and under his tutelage has become a fierce brawler. But the fans go up for their Knockout Champion as out walks Gail Kim. She tells the ref to keep an eye on Konnan as she explodes before the bell. She spears Salinas down and unloads with a series of right hands, ready to take back what belongs to her!

    The ref orders Gail to open her closed fists and when she yells at him, Salinas rolls quickly out of the ring to safety behind her commander Konnan. Konnan trash talks Gail, calling her a b*tch, only for Gail telling Konnan that he’s the b*tch! Konnan is furious by the statement and climbs up on the apron only to have Gail drop kick him off the apron! Konnan hits the floor hard and Salinas attends to him. But Gail climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off the top hitting a huge flying body press knocking down the knock out who stole her title!! The crowd are big time into this match as they want to see Gail get her slice of Hard Justice!

    Gail throws Salinas head first into the edge of the apron, hits a big chop to her enormous chest and then clotheslines her right on top of Konnan! The crowd are right behind the Champ! Salinas grabs the back of her head in pain as she is rolled back into the ring and followed in by Gail. But Gail is caught with a shoulder block to the mid section on the way through the ropes, and she topples down, catching her foot on the middle rope and lands directly on her head! Salinas still dazed sees she has Gail down and goes after her. She bashes Gail relentlessly with forearms into her back and then irish whips her into the guard rail! The referee starts the ten count, but in Spanish she yells at the ref telling him in a not so nice way that this is for the title. He slows down the count but continues it. Konan then gets in his face and tells him it’s for the title! This distraction leads to Gail being thrown into the steel steps back first!

    The ref tells Konnan to get off the ring apron but the damage has been done. Salinas rolls Gail into the ring and starts stomping away on her. The crowd boos her as she flips them off and drops a knee into Gail’s forehead!



    Gail kicks out. Gail is hurt and Konnan barks orders at Salinas to finish her. Salinas hits a leg drop and then pins her by sitting on her face with her knees pinning her arms. The fans are shocked at the pin



    Gail kicks out, as Salinas tells the fans “Looks like she wants some more!!”, and waits for Gail to get to her feet and she hits a big clothesline.



    Gail kicks out again, as the fans start chanting the Champion’s name “Gail, Gail, Gail” Salinas tells them to shut up and wants to finish it with a sleeper hold. Gail pumps up and with the help of the crowd escapes, sending The LAX member into the ropes. Gail nails her with a drop kick! Salinas gets to her feet but is knocked back down several times by Gail’s clotheslines!

    Gail climbs the turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick for the cover….



    Salinas lifts her shoulder but Gail steadies herself and looks to finish, but Konnan distracts the referee and Homicide runs into the ring. He goes for a decapitation clothesline on Gail, but he misses and is blasted with a reverse neckbreaker! Homicide is hurt and gets to his feet and is hit by a Hurricanrana sending him crashing into the referee distracting Konnan!!!! The crowd goes crazy as Salinas walks right into the Eat Defeet!!




    Winner via pinfall and STILL Knockout’s Champion Gail Kim, at 7:12

    The three LAX members are down as Gail is handed her title back and she climbs the turnbuckles as the fans rejoice for her. Konnan as always is furious and Cide pulls Salinas out of the ring and carries her to the back over his shoulder. Gail holds the belt up proudly as the fans applaud her champion performance.

    The commentators send it to the back where Christy Hemme and JB are standing by with tonight’s challenger to the World title, Samoa Joe. The crowd pops for Joe as the interview is shown on the giant TNATron

    Hemme: Joe thanks for joining us tonight. Only an hour or so away from your World title shot against the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels.

    Joe: Last month I went to war with Brock Lesnar. A monster of a man who has been WWE Champion, IWGP Champion and is the current UFC Champion. I choked him out and dropped him on his head to beat him and get my shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

    Christopher Daniels pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes and won the belt, but tonight he wont stop me. He will not be able to stop the beating I am about to serve up. And just like I said on Impact, I’m going to humble him, humiliate him and torture him until he begs me to kill him. He begs me to stop the pain.

    JB: Joe, Daniels has said that after everything he did to become champion, it is nothing compared to what he will do to keep it. Are you prepared for as Daniels may have up his sleeve?

    Joe: Daniels wont have anything up his sleeve JB, after I rip his goddamn arms off and beat him half to death with him! Tonight I will be the two time TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

    The interview with Joe has the enormous crowd buzzing with anticipation for the Main event later on tonight, but they soon jump to their feet with a deafening roar as Jeff Hardy’s music hits!!!!

    Match #3
    Extreme Rules Match
    Jeff Hardy vs. Rhino

    <Video package of their feud starts up on the screen. Rhino returns with a totally new look. With a number one crew cut all over and a full beard, he stormed back into TNA last month and destroyed Monty Brown. Hitting a Gore a Gore through a table and then a Rhino driver off the apron through a table on the floor! Jeff Hardy made the save sparking a feud. Rhino complained about Bret Hart and the TNA management bringing in guys like Hardy, RVD, Tanahashi, Mistico and bringing back Brown. Hardy and Rhino brawl and on several occasions Hardy escape serious injury from Rhino trying to do the same to him as what put Monty on the shelf…The match is announced an Extreme Rules match!>

    The new and improved War Machine explodes out of the tunnel and slides into the ring and attacks Hardy right away! Hardy is outgunned by Rhino’s punching power and is pushed through the ropes and out to the floor. The mayhem begins as Rhino throws the ring keeper to the floor, folds up his chair and starts swinging it wildly at Hardy. Hardy is able to dodge the weapon and dives back into the ring. Rhino chases after him but is hit by a Hardy drop kick! Hardy then goes after Rhino on the outside with a Whisper in the Wind off the apron! Rhino is crushed in the corner of the guardrail!! The fans go crazy as Hardy high fives them and then kicks Rhino in the gut and suplexes him forward draping him over the guardrail! Hardy then drop kicks the back of Rhino’s skull and he flips over back into ringside! Hardy then grabs a chair shows it to the fans for their approval and then throws it at Rhino’s face! Rhino drops to the floor in pain as Hardy is relishing this environment.

    Hardy then looks under the ring and finds a huge ladder. He pulls it out to another huge pop from the crowd as he sets it up on the outside near the entrance ramp. Rhino is back on his feet and attacks Hardy from behind with punches and sends him head first into the ladder. Knocking it down and making it land on top of the Charismatic Enigma. Rhino beats his chest and shouts to the crowd “Who’s the man?” which is answered by 43,000 boos! He gorilla presses Hardy over his head and slams him on top of the commentary table! West and Tenay scramble out of the way as the table doesn’t break but it cracks down the centre. Rhino then goes back to the ring and from underneath pulls out a table. He sets it up next to the commentary table and then steps up onto it and puts Hardy in the piledriver position. He points to the table saying he will put Hardy through it, as the fans boo him.

    But Hardy fights out of it and the two men exchange punches atop the table and Rhino is sent falling to the floor! Hardy then hits a small version of the Swanton Bomb! Rhino grabs his chest as Hardy picks him up and rolls him onto the setup table! Jeff then moves the giant ladder over to the table and climbs it all the way to the top. The fans go berserk as he stands on the very top, gives the signs of a gun and points to his head.

    BOOM!!!! Hardy flies off the ladder and crashes down on top of Rhino!!! The Man-Beast is out and Hardy is barely moving. Referees and EMTs run out to help. It’s a crazy scene as both men are being looked at. Hardy crawls slowly away from the mess and people are attending to both men as the crowd are still going crazy from the high risk move. There are people, everywhere as the commentary team can no longer see this match continuing, but as they are both being helped to the back, Rhino pushes the men helping him away and he knocks down Hardy from behind!!

    It looks like the match continues! Rhino holding his chest in absolute pain, looks for something to hit Jeff with and snatches an EMT’s medical kit from him. He bashes Hardy over the head with it, s scissors and bandages and all sorts of items fall out of it! Hardy is then punched in the face all the way back to the ring. Rhino pulls out another table and places it on the apron, but hardy drop kicks it into Rhino’s face!

    The EMTs and management and referees all surround the ring now as Hardy flies over the top coming down on Rhino. Hardy calls to the fans cheer as one for the daredevil. Hardy punches Rhino and then launches himself with a flying clothesline! The back of Rhino’s head hits the steel ramp and Hardy rips off his shirt and throws it into the crowd. The support staff follow the two as Hardy leads Rhino through the fans as they brawl throwing everything at each other. The go up into the cheap seats, all the way hitting each other with chairs, full beer cups and anything else they can get their hands on.

    But Rhino fights back and throws Hardy back into ringside. He rolls Hardy back into the ring and sets up the table in the corner and leans Hardy against it. The fans boo as they know that Hardy is only a Gore away from losing. Rhino charges but Hardy moves out of the way in time and drops to his knees! But Rhino is able to stop short, snarls and turns around, but he can’t believe his eyes.


    Rhino’s body goes crashing through the table due to a devastating Pounce from Monty Brown! The crowd goes nuts as the Alpha Male beats his chest and pulls the completely knocked out Rhino out of the carnage and over to another corner. Hardy climbs the turnbuckles and hits a Swanton Bomb!!




    Winner via pinfall, Jeff Hardy at 16:16

    The crowd cheers as Hardy is announced the winner. He is beaten and bruised but Monty Brown raises his hand to the fans as they were treated to an amazing hardcore match! So far tonight the fans have seen an amazing display of skill from the Pope and Senshi, the return of Sting, Gail Kim reclaiming her stolen Knockout’s title and now with the assist from a returning Monty Brown, Hardy defeating Rhino in an Extreme Rules Match! Hardy’s music continues to play as the commentary team send it to the back with Christy Hemme and Jeremy Borash.

    The two are standing outside the locker room of the World’s Champion Christopher Daniels.

    Hemme: Thanks guys. I’m sorry to say that at this time the World Champion has declined to comment to us, leading up to main event. We’ll see what we can do, but I don’t think he wants to talk to us tonight guys. Back to you at ringside.

    West and Tenay comment that that is a first that Daniels has refused to comment about anything…

    Match #4

    Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner

    <Kurt Angle, arguably the greatest wrestler of all time, has been at odds with Bret Hart ever since the Hitman arrived on January 4th. Angle is insulted that Bret hart is known as the best there ever will be and continues to try and discredit the TNA Championship Committee chairmen and his decisions. He was in the corner of his friend Brock Lesnar and believes that Hart should have gotten behind Lesnar as TNA Champion, acquiring his services. Then on the Impact directly after Joe defeated Brock, Angle pinned Joe due to Daniels’ interference. Kurt believed he therefore should be the number one contender at Hard Justice.

    Steiner disagrees as he says Daniels owes him a title shot after he helped him gain the belt. Angle then disagrees with Steiner. Shenanigans ensue! Last Impact, Angle is attacked from behind and put in the brutal Steiner Recliner submission. Due to Steiner’s enormous arms and Angle’s neck problems, it knocks Kurt unconscious and Steiner stands tall over his enemy>

    In the back Christy is with Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner

    Hemme: Scott, tonight you go one on one with Kurt Angle in what could be a match that catapults you into the title picture. What are yo…

    Steiner: Ya see Christy when the moon reaches its zenith, all ma’ freaks will howl my name. Kurt Angle tonight I’m going to make you my b*tch, and make your b*tch my freak. And when she enters nirvana, she’ll know what’s like to be with a real man. Tonight I’m gonna trash you Angle and get my title shot off whoever wins tonight, Sloppy Joe or Daniels. Look at that arm Christy, see that vein right there, that’s bigger than one of Daniel’s legs! See that ripped six pack, that’s something Joe will never see unless he goes to one of those mirror maze thingies. Any way what was I sayin’? Yeah, Angle tonight I’m going rip your freakin’ arms off and beat you to death with them. Because Big Poppa Pump is your hook up, and tonight Christy you and Kurt Angle’s wife is gonna holla!

    The fans chant Angle’s name as he appears from his elevator entrance. Although he has challenged Hart’s authority at every chance, he continues to be respected by the TNA faithful. In 2010 alone he has had a legendary series of matches against guys like Petey Williams, Senshi, Rob Van Dam, Samoa Joe, Raven and Christopher Daniels. He has recently been teaming with the number one contender Samoa Joe and the fans have been on his side in every bout! Today is no exception.

    Steiner walks out hulking up his huge arms to the cameras and bad mouthing the fans as he gets to the ring. Angle jumps on the spot ready for Steiner as the Big Bad Booty Daddy tells the ref to get Angle back so he can enter the ring. The bell sounds and Steiner jumps out of the ring.

    After what seems like ages Steiner eventually gets in the ring and demands a test of strength. He puts his hand in the air. Angle shakes his finger in the air as to say he wont be fooled by that. Steiner tells him, ‘come on’ and holds both his hands up. Angle rubs his nose as the fans are starting to get hyped up. He looks out to the capacity crowd as if to say, ‘should I?”. The fans eat it up and Angle and Steiner get in a Greco roman knuckle lock. The test of strength goes Steiner’s way. People tend to forget just how powerful Scott Steiner really is… and Angle pays for it.

    Steiner has Angle on his knees and looks to rip the gold medallist’s hands from his arms! But Kurt counters, he twists his wrists, brings them together and pushes the top of his head into Steiner’s chest. He escapes the left hold and slaps the right away and quickly transitions into a headlock and drags his body over his slamming Steiner to the mat, with the headlock intact. Angle squeezes Steiner’s head. People often forget due to his exact technique the immense pressure Angle can exert… and Steiner pays for it!

    Steiner yelps in pain as his head is in a vice and Angle laughs at Steiner’s pain. He starts turning Steiner’s head, twisting it beyond its normal bounds. Steiner jabs Angle in the ribs with a series of forearms and then pushes Angle to the ropes… but Angle hangs on the headlock and Steiner drops to a knee. Angle has not forgotten last Impact when Steiner locked the Recliner on him. Steiner tries to escape again, but Angle smiles and then quickly floats behind the big man and drops him on his head with a German Suplex!!! Angle with outstretched arms spins around and let’s out a “woooo” of excitement.

    Steiner rolls out of the ring and takes a knee on the outside, holding the back of his head. The fans at ringside are on to him, and he fires back with his own verbal abuse to them. Angle watches as the referee tries to get Big Poppa Pump back in the ring. Angle then has had enough, pushes the ref out of the way and starts brawling with Steiner on the outside. Steiner has no reply to Angle’s vicious European uppercuts. He rolls back into the ring where he counters with a double sledge to the back of Angle’s neck as he followed him in. Angle holds the back of his neck and Steiner stomps down on it. He stomps down again, and as Angle gets to his feet to try and get away from the blows, he is hit with a belly to belly suplex.

    Steiner laughs at the crowd for supporting Angle, and then hits a T-Bone suplex. Angle is extremely hurt and Steiner pulls him up and Angle tries to counter with a punch but Steiner catches him with a knee lift to the mid section and then a huge overhead release belly to belly suplex! Angle lands in the ropes and the ref runs over to him to check him. Angle refuses to give up, but Steiner does push ups right near his face, taunting him with every movement.

    He brings Angle to his feet again and this time hits a vertical suplex. Steiner holds him up in the air for a while to get the blood rushing to Angle’s head. But this back fires and Angle escapes and basically crawls down Steiner’s back, grabs Steiner’s leg and brings the big man down to the mat. He locks in the Ankle lock submission, only for Steiner to grabs the ropes very quickly. The ref counts to 4 before Kurt releases the hold as Steiner slides out of the ring under the bottom rope. Angle drops to a knee in the ring though and grabs the back of his neck. Steiner sees this and dives back in and hits a big time Steinerline! He drops an elbow and does more push ups before covering Angle.



    Angle kicks out! Steiner is irate and grabs the ref by the shirt and cocks his arm as if he is about to punch the man in stripes. But he is quickly rolled up and the ref makes a count



    Steiner kicks out but Angle transitions into a grape vined ankle lock. He holds the back of his head as he tears into Steiner’s foot, yanking it viciously. Steiner kicks Angle with his other leg wildly, and finally one of the shots knicks Angle’s knuckles and Angle releases the finisher. Steiner crawls away and with the help of the ropes gets to his feet, Angle though stalks him and looks for an Olympic Slam, but Steiner powers out and hits backdrop driver! Angle crashes onto his head and neck and Steiner makes the cover..



    Angle lifts his shoulder. Steiner is furious and mounts him and bashes down on him with closed fists. Angle covers up as the ref tries to stop him. Steiner pushes the ref away but this second distraction is enough for Angle to grab Steiner’s arm and lock in a triangle choke with his legs! He has him in the middle of the ring, flailing his arms, Angle leans back on the trapped arm and starts to hyper extend it! Steiner quickly rolls his body onto Angle and the ref counts Angle’s shoulders as down.



    Angle releases the hold, which enables him to lift his shoulder off the mat and Steiner staggers back into a corner. Angle gets to his feet and Steiner charges with a big Steinerline, Angle counters into an Olympic Slam!!!! Angle pulls down his straps and grabs the ankle lock again, grapevining the leg straight away. Steiner has no choice but to tap out!

    Winner via submission Kurt Angle at 16:31

    Angle’s music hits as the fans go up after witnessing another brilliant match from TNA and from Kurt Angle. Angle holds the back of his neck as he slowly makes his way out of the ring. He holds his arms up in victory and then gives the sign of the title around his waist as he backs up the ramp. “Angle, Angle, Angle, Angle”…

    Backstage JB is with Desmond Wolfe with Chelsea and Hiroshi Tanahashi with the Beautiful People.

    Wolfe: Last month at Sacrifice we were screwed out of the tag titles by Kevin Dandy Nash. Well Nash is sitting in a hospital bed right now wishing he never got in our bizness. Now those two wankers Sabin and Shelley think they have a chance against me and the Ace of the Yooniverse here, they’ve got another thing coming. Ya see in this match you’ve got the very best tag team in the world, and then you’ve got.. the Motor City Machine Guns. Two monkeys that jump around thinking they have a chance against us. Well tonight’s going to be all too easy.

    JB: Hiroshi, any words for your upcoming match?

    Sky: Sorry JB he doesn’t talk to losers. Hiroshi is a winner.

    Love: And tonight he and Desmond are going to become the champions of the world.

    Chelsea gives Angelina a dirty look as she licks her lips at Wolfe. Wolfe is lifts his eyebrow and stares at the Beautiful People, only to get an elbow in his ribs from Chelsea.

    Wolfe: Oof… That’s right ladies, tonight we bring home the gold and we end the Guns title run once and for all.

    JB sends it over to Christy Hemme who is standing by with the Tag Champions of the World. Sabin is shining up his belt while Shelley starts thrusting his and his hips in Christy’s direction.

    Hemme: Guys tonight you have to once again defend your titles against the winners of the Super TAG Cup Wolfe and Tanahashi. Do you think now that they have wrestled you before they have a solid game plan of winning the titles?

    Shelley: Uh, uh, uh, you know what Christy, uh, uh, uh, the only way these belts come off from around our waists, is if you and some of your friends come around to our place and take them off with your teeth. Gently though, not too much teeth.

    Sabin: What my champion tag partner is trying to say is that all game plans have gone out the window because of what they did to Big Kev, we are going to go all out to not just win this match, but take them out. Motor City style!

    Shelley: That’s right because we bite! Ya know with the whole teeth reference and ….

    Sabin: Come on Alex…

    Match #5
    World Tag Team Championship Match
    Champions The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)
    Desmond Wolfe w/ Chelsea and Hiroshi Tanahashi w/ The Beautiful People.

    <Video of Wolfe and Tanahashi winning the Super Tag Cup by defeating such teams as America’s Most Wanted and RVD and Jeff Hardy. They then took on the Guns at sacrifice only to fall short. Wolfe and Tanahashi leading up to Hard Justice won singles matches against the Tag Champions and then used it to get Kevin Nash in the ring. They destroyed Nash and sent him to the hospital. What started out being about the titles has now become personal…>

    The Beautiful People do their erotic entrance and they allow Hiroshi to look on. They stand either side of him and rip open his long jacket with a suggestive movement. The classy Chelsea walks out her man always making sure he is no where near Sky and Love. Wolfe and Tanahashi berate the fans as they chant for the tag champs.

    The Guns walk out of the tunnel and are ready for battle. They slowly walk into the ring as JB makes the official ring announcement for the title match. The ladies leave the ring and the Guns pounce. They beat down the challengers and throw them over the top rope to the floor. Shelley thrusts his crotch at the ladies and then stands on the bottom rope and stretches the middle rope. Sabin then flies through Shelley’s legs with a suicide dive and knocks down both men to the cheers of the fans!

    Shelley claps his hands and then sends himself over the top with a body press knocking the challengers down again! The Guns high five each other and then try and chat up the Beautiful People. Wolfe and Tanahashi try to attack them from behind but they turn and knock them out with a double clothesline! The Guns are on fire. The ref finally gets the teams in their corners and the bell sounds!

    Wolfe and Shelley look to start things off for their respective teams. They lock up and Wolfe back Shelley up into the corner before breaking somewhat cleanly. Another lock up and Wolfe backs Shelley up again. He tries to punch Shelley, but Shelley comes back with a flurry of offence of his own. Shelley hits an inverted atomic drop followed up with a headscissors and he turns his attention to Wolfe's arm. Wolfe is able to tag out to Tanahashi who comes in and works on Shelley's arm. Shelley makes the tag to Sabin who comes in and eats a couple of right hands from Tanahashi. Sabin hits a kick to the face, and the Guns use a blind tag to take both Wolfe and Tanahashi out to the floor. Sabin follows Tanahashi to the outside and rolls him back in for Shelley.

    Shelley goes to work on Tanahashi's arm before tagging in Sabin who double teams The Japanese Ace, still focusing on the arm. Sabin stomps away at Tanahashi's head, but he is able to make it back to his feet and tag out to Wolfe. Another blind tag for the Guns leads to another double team, and Shelley goes for the pin,



    Tanahashi comes in to break things up. Shelley sends Tanahashi to the floor, but then turns around into a big time European uppercut to the face from Wolfe. Tanahashi and Wolfe continue to make quick tags to work over Shelley and Wolfe locks in a rear chin lock. Shelley fights out but he's taken right down to the mat, and a double team suplex hurts him even more.

    Tanahashi beats on Shelley in the corner, and sends him corner to corner before hitting a big gut buster. Wolfe tags in and goes right back to work on the same area that his partner was focusing on. Shelley breaks the hold, and he's able to fight off both challengers and make the tag to Sabin who comes in and takes the fight to both men. Miscommunication leads to Wolfe elbow dropping Tanahashi. Sabin kicks Wolfe in the face and hits a big cross body to Tanahashi!



    Hiroshi kicks out only for the Guns to tag again and Shelley hits a standing sliced bread, and goes for the cover,



    Wolfe barely makes the save! The match starts to break down and Sabin is fighting against both men. Sabin hits a hurricarana on Wolfe, and he tries for one on Tanahashi, but Tanahashi catches him, and sets him up, allowing his partner to hit a Tower of London of Tanhashi’s shoulders!!!!.



    Shelley makes the desperation save at 2 and 9/10’s Tanahashi and Wolfe double team Shelley with a sick double knee drop, but it's not good enough for three. Tanahashi climbs the turnbuckle to hit a High Fly Flow, but the Guns see it coming and go to shove him off the top. But Wolfe comes from out of nowhere with a big clothesline taking out both members of the Guns. Tanahashi then hits the High Fly Flow on Sabin!



    Alex breaks it up, as the fans are going crazy and the Beautiful People are yelling at the Guns to give it up. The match is going at a furious pace as Wolfe throws Shelley out of the ring sensing that Sabin is the most injured. He goes for a huge Jawbreaker Lariat only to catch his partner instead!!! Wolfe can’t believe it and Sabin from underneath pulls him down in a schoolboy!



    Wolfe kicks out, only to back into the corner. Sabin charges and hits a huge boot to the face, while Shelley from behind hits the enzaguri at the same time! Hiroshi is still out on the mat as Wolfe staggers two steps out of the corner.

    A cross body/ddt combo from the Guns!!!!




    Winners via pinfall and STILL World Tag Team Champions, The Motor City Machine Guns at 18:55

    Sky and Love bury their heads and then blame and start bullying Chelsea, saying it was Wolfe’s fault for hitting that Lariat on Tanahashi! Chelsea backs away as The Guns grab their belts and then jump down and kiss The Beautiful People as the fans laugh out loud and then cheer for the Champs! Chelsea helps Wolfe to the back as The Guns celebrate with the fans!!!

    In the back Christy Hemme is with the Latin American eXchange.

    Hemme: Tonight Hernandez, you have the chance to become the Unified X Division Champion and become the new face of the division that put TNA on the map.

    Konnan: Listen up ho, Hernandez is da Global Champion puta, tonight LAX are going roll into ...

    Hernandez: No Konnan. Tonight I’m gonna go out there by myself and show the world that I am the most dangerous man in this business. I’m going to out power, out wrestle and out fly RVD and show the world he is nothing but a man running around ona name he made for himself ten years ago. I will show the world that Hernandez and LAX is the best.

    Konnan; That’s right RVD, LAX is coming for you dawg and..

    Hernandez: No Konnan, you’re not listening. Tonight I go out there by myself and become the Unified X Champ, Agusto Or No!

    The Global Champion walks off and Konnan is not happy. Homicide can’t believe his partner just spoke to Konnan like that. Both men look at each other and walk off screen as Christy sends it back to ringside.

    “Walk” hits and the fans erupt as one as out of the tunnel walks the X Division Champion Rob Van Dam! He high fives all the fans around ringside as they go crazy for him. He leaps inot the ring and does a spin kick to pump them up even more. He looks extremely confident with a big smile on his face.

    The gunshots go off and out of the border entrance by himself stomps Hernandez. He struts to the ring with a definite swagger to him, and puts his forearms together in his classic pose. After the promo they just witnessed the fans seem to have a bit of respect for him and may not be cheering him exactly are cheering as they look forward to the history making match..

    Match #6
    Co-Main Event
    Unification match Global and X Division titles
    Champion Hernandez vs. Champion Rob Van Dam

    No Disqualification rules- there must be a winner.

    This match gets the official introductions as Bret Hart and Jerry Lynn are in the ring. Hernandez begrudgingly gives the Global title to Hart and RVD gives his over to Lynn. Lynn then gives the X title to Hart and the Hitman walks out of the ring and So Cal Val gives Lynn a large briefcase. Then for all the world to see Lynn reveals the brand new X Championship belt. It has a red strap much like the global belt but as a TNA styled X in the middle. Lynn shakes the referees hand he then gives the belt to him and then offers a handshake to Hernandez. He refuses at first, but Lynn keeps his hand stretched out and finally the LAX member takes it. RVD high fives Lynn and the ref holds the bell high in the air as the fans cheer for what they are about to see.

    The bell rings and after a quick dance around, they lock up. RVD is immediately backed into a corner. Hernandez doesn't give a clean break and hits big time punches and kicks. Hernandez then demonstrates his enormous strength by gorilla pressing RVD to the floor! RVD gets up by Hernandez flies over the top crashing down on RVD in sense beating the Whole Dam Show at his own game! Hernandez then whips him spine first into the corner of the guard rail! Rob’s back is hurt and he slumps to the floor. Hernandez moves in quickly and shoves his boot right into Rob’s chin and forces Rob’s head into the steel and choking him at the same time. The ref gets in big Dez’s face but he reminds the ref it’s no dq and it’s for both titles!!

    This distraction allows RVD to start fighting back. RVD sends Hernandez into the apron with a shoulder tackle, then again. Hernandez’s spine collides with the apron and Rob front suplexes him over the guardrail. Rob then climbs the apron and reminds the fans of who he is with his thumbs “R.V.D.” and then unleashes a devastating spin kick to the back of the Global Champion’s head! Dez tries to regather himself and is down on one knee, holding the barrier. RVD flies over the barrier with a somersault crushing the big man’s back in to the rail, basically running over his face! RVD calls his letters, jumps onto the barrier and then drops a leg on Hernandez's back. Hernandez walks along the barrier trying to escape this flurry of offence but that’s when Rob grabs a steel folding chair!!

    RVD rushes Hernandez. RVD is sent over the barrier with a back body drop, does a handstand on the barrier in the middle, and then lands on his back. Hernandez goes over and starts throwing RVD into the wall. Hernandez then clotheslines him when he staggers out from the impact! RVD is dumped over the barrier and Hernandez is in control. The ref yells at Dez to get the match back in the ring, but he runs away after the big man intimidates him with his size and rage. Rob tries to crawl to safety, but Hernandez grabs him in a gut wrench and then wheelbarrow suplexes him head first into the guardrail!! Rob is rolled into the ring. Hernandez slingshots himself over the ropes and splashes Rob. Cover!!!!!!!!!!!



    Kickout at the last second by Mr PPV! Dez looks down at his oponent as LAX slowly walk out to ringside. They get a huge chorus of boos and they slink towards the commentary position. Konnan grabs a head set while Cide stands behind him as his enforcer. Konnan talks about how Hernandez is going to bring the Unified X title to LAX. Tenay and West try to stir the pot about Hernandez not wanting them out there, and right on cue, Hernandez yells at them to leave. Konan tells him to concentrate on the match! Hernandez turns only to be hit by a recovered RVD flying thrust kick!

    Punches back and forth are thrown between the two and Hernandez kicks RVD and sing his strength throws him into the corner! RVD is facing out in the corner and Hernandez hits a running big time splash, then rips off his singlet, wraps it around Rob’s neck and then tosses Rob from one side of the ring to the other!!! Dez quickly covers Rob



    Rob lifts the shoulder but looks very hurt. Hernandez implies to his LAX brothers to watch him do it all by himself, as he lifts RVD to his feet by his ponytail and sets him for the Border Toss finisher, but Rob counters with a back body drop with delight to the fans and a scrunch of the face from Konnan. Homicide pulls down his bandana from his face and trash talks his partner to win the match!

    RVD hits a spinning leg drop and then a rolling thunder.



    Hernandez kicks out with authority sending Rob flying over the ref’s head! Hernandez transitions quickly and applies a chin lock on RVD. Rob elbows out. They're exchanging punches again and RVD jumps and kicks Hernandez in the chest with the back of both feet. Punches to Hernandez, then a clothesline, then another. RVD nails a superkick. RVD calls his letters again. Rob hits the monkey flip and then leaps to the top for 5 star, but he sees LAX move towards the ring and tells the ref to get them back. Hernandez takes advantage and hits Rob with a Superplex!!!



    Rob pushes out. Hernandez jumps out of the ring and gets in Konnan and Cide’s faces. He screams for them to leave and the ref tries to get Dez back in the game. RVD launches himself over the top and knocks down all three men!! Rob rolls Dez back into the ring and the ref tells the LAX members they are banned from ringside!!! The fans go crazy as Rob hits a thrust kick to Hernandez. RVD hits a split leg moonsault on Hernandez! The ref is back in...



    Hernandez powers out again, the fans are a buzz as these two men start exchanging power moves and strikes. Bouncing off the ropes and smashing one another. Hernandez backs RVD into a corner and gains a bit of control. RVD spins out of the corner leaps off middle rope and hits a big kick to the jaw! Hernandez rolls out of the ring and as Rob follows him he didn’t see Dez pick up the steel chair from earlier in the match and smashes Rob in the face on the outside!!! Rob is out!

    A couple chair shots from Hernandez to the gut, one to the back, then one to the back of the leg using the edge of the chair! LAX come out again, and with the distraction Rob in a last desperate move explodes up and hits a VanDaminator!!! The fans go crazy as Dez is down. The ref tries to get both men back in the ring. When they finally climb back in RVD hits Rolling Thunder to Hernandez. RVD pins Dez’s shoulder’s



    Kickout!!! Rob is very hurt and cannot leap to the top turnbuckle, instead climbs very slowly, Hernandez rolls out of the ring away and drops at the feet of LAX. Konnan looks down at his team member and hands him another chair. Hernandez tells them he doesn’t want their help and shoves them away. They both end up on their asses as Rob baseball slides out and connects with Hernandez! And crashes again into his teammates!! He gets up and rolls back into the ring as RVD goes in after him. Konnan and Homicide are now irate and circle the ring like a pack of dogs.

    The ref warns them as Hernandez and RVD almost are back to back not knowing what Konnan has up his sleeve. RVD quickly rolls Hernandez up...



    Kickout! Hernandez rolls away and Rob hits a dropkick to his face. Konnan orders Cide to grab the chair and “destroy him”. Cide lines up Hernandez and BOOM!

    Rob Van Dam drops to the mat. Hernandez and Homicide embrace in the middle of the ring. Cide unfolds the chair and sets it sitting in the middle of the ring. The ref can do nothing as it is no DQ rules. BORDER TOSS ON THE CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!




    Winner via pinfall and NEW X Division Champion Hernandez at 15:44

    RVD is a limp crumpled up mess in the middle of the ring as Konnan shakes the new Champ’s hand and then hugs him. Homicide is going berserk jumping up and down on the ropes and giving the LAX gang sign. Salinas jumps up into Hernandez’s arms and gives him a big kiss and rubs her giant boobs in his face. Konnan rips the brand new X Division title belt out of the referee’s hands, piefaces him, and hands it Hernandez. The crowd boos as they cannot believe what just happened. Hernandez had tricked everyone who thought he would ever go alone without LAX.

    Jerry Lynn walks out of the tunnel onto the stage area, his head in his hands he looks at how his new division champion and can’t believe how it was just won. Konnan sees him and it a fit of laughter grabs a microphone.

    Konnan; What are you lookin’ at old man?! Haha, I’ll tell you are looking at the face of this company, the face of this business LAX runs TNA!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

    LAX’s music keeps playing as they chastise the fans at ringside still celebrating. Hernandez holds the X title up high as Konan threatens to hit anyone who gets in the way of his team walking back through the Border entrance...

    <Video of Samoa Joe defeating Brock Lensar. Bret Hart announces Joe the number one contender. Images of Daniels pinning Styles, Styles again in the Lockdown steel cage, and then Sting. Then showing Daniels lift the belt in victory over and over again. Then all really close up of footage of Daniels hitting Angels wings, Joe hitting a Muscle Buster, Daniels hitting Last Rites, Joe hitting the Island Driver, Daniels making someone tap to the Koji Clutch, Joe making some tap to the Coquina clutch, Daniels hitting the Best Moonsault ever, Joe spinning out of the ring crashing down on three men. Daniels standing with the title over Sting. Joe standing over Brock Lesnar…

    Video of Christopher Daniels’ rise to power. On his way to the world title he called out Samoa Joe and said if he beats Joe he’ll move into the top contenders. Joe accepts the challenge. Daniels beats Joe at the Kingdom Come ppv in February, with the help of Abyss. Then Daniels defeats AJ Styles and holds up the belt in victory. Footage of Brock Lesnar and Joe battling to be the number one contender at Sacrifice. Joe wins. Joe vs. Daniels for the World title graphic flashes up…Hard Justice>

    Main Event
    TNA World Heavyweight Championship Title Match
    Champion Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe

    Joe stomps out, Daniels glides to the ring. Both men look as confident as any wrestler has ever looked. Daniels climbs the turnbuckles declaring himself god’s gift to prowrestling! The crowd is 100% behind Joe and “Joe’s gonna kill you” chant is deafening. The official introductions are made, streamers erupt behind Joe and the ring is blanketed by red and black as Joe punches the mat and points to Daniels. The ref and others remove the streamers as Daniels is announced as Champion. The boos rock the building’s foundation as he holds the belt up to the 40,000 strong crowd. The referee asks Daniels for the belt, but he shoves the ref out of the way and in one motion takes the belt off and tosses it right at Joe’s face!!!

    The Joe is a little stunned and Daniels hits a big STO! The ref rings the bell as Daniels makes the cover


    Joe pushes Daniels off, spins to his knees and explodes off his heels with a huge shoulder tackle knocking Daniels off his feet and through the ropes! Daniels falls to the floor, as Joe is a rabid beast and goes after him with nothing but bad intentions. Daniels gets to his feet only to have Joe in his face and along ringside Joe roars and starts brutally beating Daniels with the stiffest kicks and elbow strikes. He roars with each shot and drives Daniels down the side of the ring. Joe moves in but the Champion drop toe holds Joe face first inot the steel steps! Joe is busted open only seconds into this match! Blood drips from a gapping gash in the side of his face as Daniels runs up the steps and leaping into the air drops a knee right to the back of Joe’s neck! Joe falls in a heap on the floor. Daniels quickly rolls into the ring and tells the ref to count.

    123456 blood pours from the wound but Joe with the help of the fans chants 789 rolls into the ring.



    Joe kicks away as Daniels watches the 300 pounder get to his feet, and hits a jawbreaker and then whips him into the corner and as Joe bounces out strikes with a leaping leg lariat!!!!!



    Joe lifts the shoulder as Daniels gets up and poses to the enormous crowd who have all come to see him lose his title tonight... and he laughs in all their faces. Daniels whips Joe into a corner and follows up with a leaping knee strike to the crimson mask of Joe. Joe falls like a tree and Daniels looks down laughing at him. He drops down and starts choking Joe, and when the ref tells him to stop, he grabs his forearm and rakes the open cut. Joe slaps Daniels away as he covers up holding his face in intense pain. Daniels laughs as he shows the blood on his hands..

    Joe pulls himself up in the corner as Daniels attacks again, running in, but is caught with a lifting slam! Daniels hits the mat hard, back first but Joe bleeding profusely drops to a knee and reaches for his towel and wipes his face, as Daniels attacks with a shot to the back. Daniels then goes for Angels Wings but Joe pushes away and starts slapping away at Daniels bashing him with open palm thrusts into a corner. Joe then backs Daniels into the corner and hits a spinning enzaguri kick to the face. Daniels slumps in the corner and the fans go crazy as the know the face wash is coming. Once, twice, thrice. Joe then explodes off the ropes with a super-facewash. Daniels’ face is almost ripped off and Joe wipes the blood off his face and starts driving fists into the top of Daniels’ skull. Daniels is then stuck in a front face lock and Joe starts bludgeoning him with heavy knee strikes. One after the other Joe opens the top of Daniels’ head open and as Joe gets to his feet Daniels has to come with him and crashes down with a suplex.

    Daniels now has blood streaming from his wound as both men are a bloody mess. Joe follows up the suplex with a back senton splash and then a chain of different submissions (boston crab, STFO, and a crossface). Daniels reaches the ropes and tries to escape by rolling out of the ring. But Joe sees this and does the same and stops him on the apron. Joe then grabs Daniels by both legs and swings him like a sack of potatoes head and shoulder first into the guardrail! Joe then grabs a chair and walks over to Daniels. The ref threatens to disqualify Joe, but the big man tells the ref to “relax”. Joe sets up the chair, sits Daniels down and with 40,000 fans singing “Ole, Ole,Ole, Ole”, Joe drives the heel of his boot into the side of the Champion’s head crushing it into the steel!

    Daniels is out and the guardrail actually rips from it’s steel hinges into the laps of the fans! Joe rolls Daniels inot the ring and looks down at him. Joe roars at the ref and says “ASK HIM!” The ref asks Daniels if he wants to quit. Daniels swats at the ref and the ref signals to the timekeeper the match continues. Underneath his bloody face, Joe smirks and then drops a knee into the back of Daniels’ head. “ASK HIM” he screams again and the ref again asks Daniels if he wishes to quit. The Champion crawls away trying to escape the beating he is receiving at the hands of his nemesis. Joe hits a kick that sounds like a gunshot, the fans as one recognise how much that would have hurt Daniels, and Joe makes the cover.



    Daniels left foot hits the ropes to break the count and Joe is not happy. He drags Daniels to his feet and humiliates Daniels by paint brushing his face with slaps trying to wake the man up. Joe sees Daniels’ eyes open and Joe smiles and runs the ropes to come off with a big time decapitation clothesline to finish the match. But Daniels ducks it and Joe runs into the ropes so hard he bounces off them and lands on the mat with a thud. Daniels sees his opportunity. Best Moonsault Ever!!!



    Joe kicks out. Daniels on his knees roars in frustration. Blue Thunder Driver!!!



    Joe kicks out again, as Daniels wipes the blood out of his eyes. Joe gets to his feet and Daniels hits the reverse STO inot the Koji Clutch in the centre of the ring. Joe is caught and Daniels applies the pressure to finish Joe. “TAP!!!” The Champion screams, but Joe is able to roll his heavier frame and Daniels ends up on his shoulders


    Daniels releases the hold quickly breaking the count and Daniels slowly gets up and kicks Joe to the back of the head. Daniels readies for Joe to get back up and starts peppering him with left jab rabbit punches. But Joe swats them away, roars and open palm strikes to Daniels forcing him in the corner. Joe roars again and unleashes a barrage of stomps! Joe then runs back and then charges in to crush Daniels in the corner. But the Champ has other ideas and out of desperation pulls the referee in between him and Joe! The ref is smashed and the referee goes down as Daniels then pokes Joe in the eye with his thumb. Joe grabs his eye in pain as the Fallen Angel dives out of the ring, and snatches the World title off the timekeeper’s table and slides back into the ring. The crowd screams trying to warn Joe, But Daniels has him lined up.

    Boom! Joe drops like a tree and Daniels grabs the ref and slaps him to wake him up. Cover!!!!!!!!!!!



    Joe kicks out!!! Joe kicks out!!! Daniels signals for the end and goes for Angles Wings! Counter!!! Joe escapes and turns it into a short arm clothesline. Both men are down and the fans are going crazy. They all clap to try and get Joe to his feet. The ref is dazed and is still on the ground, and then the fans crazy turns to eleven…

    Brock Lesnar jumps the guard rail and grabs Joe hitting the Verdict (F-5)!!!! The giant UFC Champion looks down at Joe and drags Daniels over to cover him. Brock laughs as he leaps out of the ring and walks up the ramp. Both men are down for what seems and age and then the ref comes to…



    Joe kicks out!!!

    Lesnar’s eyes almost pop out of his head as the roof blows off the building!!!!

    Daniels pins Joe’s shoulders again and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage.



    The ref sees it, breaks the count and the two men argue. Joe gets to his feet slowly and Brock jumps up on the apron. Joe sees him but he is struck flush in the jaw with a superman punch! Joe is out! Daniels pushes the ref out of the way and slides over




    Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels at 21:55

    Daniels drops to his knees as blood still streams from his head as it drips on the gold belt. Jeff Jarrett, Bret Hart, Mick Foley and security all come out and get in Brock’s face. They ask him if he realises what he has just done. And Brock answers with a big time “YES!”. The three men look over as a bloody Daniels in posing on the turnbuckles as the fans boo him profusely. Daniels’ eyes look through his crimson mask in an almost demon-ish way at the Championship Committee and smiles as Hard Justice goes off the air…………


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    Episode 27

    The crowd erupts as the legendary Bret The Hitman Hart walks out. Pink pyro shoots out as the TNA Championship Comittee chairman walks down the ramp. He has on the usual jeans and leather jacket but he is wearing a shirt and on it says...Slammiversary VIII. E enters the ring does his vintage pose to meet the fans and then grabs a microphone from So Cal Val...

    Hart: Last night during the TNA World title bout, Brock Lesnar came out of the crowd and attacked Samoa Joe, due to the referee being out of position at the time the World Champion Christopher Daniels took full advantage of the situation and is still the TNA Heavyweight Champion of the World…….

    In four weeks TNA will celebrate it’s eighth year with Slammiversary VIII! And nothing says Slammiversary more than the King of the Mountain match!

    My World” hits and out walks the King of the Mountain himself Jeff Jarrett With a big smile on his face he jumps inot the ring and shakes Bret’s hand.

    Jarrett: Bret, if you don’t mind, I would like to take it from here… Ladies and gentlemen, at Slammiversary the King of the Mountain ladder match will headline our eighth anniversary with the best of the best vying for the TNA World title. Christopher Daniels will defend that title and four other men will be involved in the match to try and take it from him!

    Three of those four men will compete in qualifying matches because the first spot already goes to Samoa Joe! Last night, Joe was screwed out of the title due to interference from UFC’s Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe automatically gets a spot in the…

    Jarrett is interrupted by the Samoan Submission Machine himself. The crowd erupts as he stomps down the ring, and he looks enraged. His forehead has a huge plaster strip on it due to the severe cut he got last night at the hands of the Champion Daniels.

    The fans chant Joe’s name as he snarls at the two members of the championship committee.

    Joe: Boys, it’s real simple, tonight I’m looking for a fight. Now I don’t care who it is, you will put me in a qualifying match, no one is going to hand me anything! When I become Champion again, it will be because I earned it. And God help whoever it is you put me up against tonight! Make the match!

    Hart: Joe spoken like a true Champion. Tonight you will be in a King of the Mountain qualifying match.

    Joe: Good…NOW! LESNAR! You want to mess with me?! I don’t think so! You can’t handle the fact that I beat you at Sacrifice. I know you’ve been talking shit about me to all the media. “You weren’t used to the six sided ring, you just came back from a life threatening illness.” Bullshit Lesnar. So here’s how it goes, you want to mess with me, you want a war. I’m going to give you one. UFC 117, I want your goddamn UFC title belt!

    Joe stares like a laser into the camera as his music hits. He slashes his throat with his thumb and leaves the ring as Hart and Jarrett are left wondering if that is even possible!!!


    Tenay and West have received word from the Championship Committee that the King of the Mountain Qualifying matches will be a mystery to the competitors. There will be two matches tonight and two matches next week. But what the TNA fans do know is tonight in the man event, Samoa Joe will be in action…

    The Wolfe howls and out to the ring accompanied by Chelsea is Desmond Wolfe. Wolfe gets into the ring and has a microphone.

    Wolfe: Tonight I’m going to beat the hell out of anyone who walks down this ramp and I am going to qualify for the King of the Mountain match! I just put Kevin Nash in the hospital; whoever Bret Hart has put up against me is going to get his teeth knocked out!

    He drops the mic and stands ready for whoever his opponent is. The mystery opponent’s music hits, Desmond cannot believe it, and the fans blow the roof off the building!!!!!

    Match #1
    Desmond Wolfe vs. AJ Styles

    The Phenomenal One has returned and did anyone ever doubt that he would miss Slammiversary! The TNA fans go absolutely berserk as their hero has returned! Wolfe is furious and shouts at Chelsea to get out of the ring as Styles poses to the Impact Zone!

    Wolfe attacks Styles before the bell, but AJ expected such a move and avoids the clothesline and hits the Pele! Styles gets in some high octane offence on Wolfe with high risk being the order of the day as the crowd eats up every second of it.

    Wolfe fights back with his own set of moves trying to ground AJ with his submission and shooting style. Styles fights back though and connects with a Spiral tap. Wolfe though takes control after a vicious Jawbreaker Lariat.

    Wolfe sense AJ is ripe for the picking and looks for a Tower of London, but Styles is able to counter with a float over into a neckbreaker! Styles Clash!!! 1 2 3!

    Winner via pinfall, AJ Styles at 11:27

    The Impact Zone is rocking as AJ Styles has returned and qualified for the King of the Mountain match by defeating the almost unbeaten in singles competition this year, Desmond Wolfe!

    Styles high fives all the fans at ringside as Chelsea comes in to check on her man Desmond. Wolfe shakes off the finisher and looks very dazed. She tries to help him up but he slides to the corner of the ring, not really knowing what happened. He looks over to see Styles celebrating with the fans and realises his head hurts. Puts his hand to his head he tries to stand up when Styles’ music stops.. and Kevin Nash’s starts!

    Out walks Big Daddy Cool Kevin Nash. He steps over the top rope and calls for Wolfe to get to his feet. Wolfe begs off and Chelsea gets in between them and she begs for Nash not to hurt her man. Nash gets impatient and so throws Chelsea over his shoulder and walks off with her! Wolfe still hurting can’t do anything (or doesn’t try) and Nash laughing takes a kicking and screaming Chelsea to the back with him…


    Christy Hemme is backstage with the returning former TNA Champion AJ Styles.

    Hemme: First of all welcome back AJ! And congratulations on becoming the first man to qualify for the King of the Mountain match. Desmond Wolfe has not really been beaten since this year began in singles competition, it must be a big victory for you to beat him tonight!

    AJ: Christy, can you feel the electricity. The Phenomenal One is back in TNA. Now come on you really didn’t think The Phenomenal One was going to miss Slammiversary, now did you? And at Slammiversary Eight, I now get a shot at the TNA World title, and get another chance at kicking that evil bastard Christopher Daniels’ ass back to the hell that spawned him! Daniels I hope you are watching buddy because I’m coming for you. Slammiversary, King of the Mountain, AJ Styles will become World Champion once again!

    The cameras quickly change to Desmond Wolfe frantically looking for Chelsea!

    Out to the ring comes the Alpha Male, Monty Brown. He walks out to the ring and is dressed for battle as he sniffs the ropes and grabs a microphone

    Brown: A few weeks ago, Rhino wanted to make a statement and attacked me from behind like a coward. He wants to be in the spotlight so at the pay per view I got me some Hard Justice when I hit him with the Poooouuunce! Well Rhino, I’m giving you the spotlight right now. Come out and fight me face to face!

    Music hits but it isn’t Rhino’s, it’s the Monster’s. Abyss follows out James Mitchell, who points to Brown and tells him to destroy him. Brown is not happy but jumps on the spot and removes his big coat, ready for a fight.

    Match #2
    Monty Brown vs. Abyss

    Monty tests his power against the six foot eight weapon of mass destruction. They exchange high impact moves as Brown shows he is back with a vengeance. He unloads with a series of punches and then knocking the big man down with clotheslines! Brown is fired up and he goes for an Alpha Bomb, but Abyss is too heavy and powers out and turns the tide of the match with a big boot.

    Abyss looks to finish as Mitchell screams instructions from ringside, and whips Brown into the ropes for a Black Hole Slam, but Monty counters with the Pounce! Abyss hits the mat hard, but rolls out of the ring. Brown gets back to his feet only to see Abyss’ huge body roll off the apron and onto the floor. The crowd are going crazy and Brown turns around only to be cut in half by a Gore!

    No contest declared at 5:49
    The new improved Rhino looks down at Brown who clutches at his mid section trying desperately to catch his breathe, only to cough up small amounts of blood in the process. Rhino puts his hands in the air and yells” Who’s the man” He leaves spitting on Brown as he walks off.

    In the back Jerry Lynn is with JB

    JB: Thanks for joining us Jerry. Last night we saw the unification of two Championships in TNA to create the new X Division. Now that the new title belt has been revealed and TNA has itself a unified X Division Champion, what can we expect from the Division?

    Lynn: JB that’s a great question and Petey Williams asked me the same thing a few weeks ago tonight I’m going to tell the world what TNA has in store!

    Gunshots ring out in the impact zone as LAX’s music blares through the speakers, enticing the huge crowd on hand tonight! Out of the Border entrance struts The Latin American eXchange. Konnan leads out his militant thugs consisting of Homicide, Salinas and the NEW X Division Champion of the World, Hernandez! They jump inot he ring, lay flags all over the ropes and stand around their champion. Konnan has a mic.

    Konnan: Odelay, you stupid gringos. Mr PPV huh? Mr. TNA huh? The Whole Dam Show Huh? Wrong, the whole damn fool more like it. LAX is familia, did you really think Van Dam that Hernandez would go into battle with out us. LAX is forever, odelay!

    Hernandez is now the X Division Champion of the World. And since the X Division is nothing but a well marketed name for Luche Libre, it deserves to be around the waist of the most devastating wrestler on the planet! RVD couldn’t stop him, no one can stop him. We will rule this company and there’s nothing you stupid gringos can do about it!

    Jerry Lynn music hits and he walks out onto the stage. He knows better than to get in the ring with the militant thugs.

    Lynn: Hernandez, congratulations. The stipulation for Hard Justice was no dq, you won the match according to the rules. But it doesn’t make it right! You told everyone it would be a fair fight. So as my first decision for the new unified division is that at Slammiversary you will be defending the X Division title inside the six sides of steel!!!! Your opponent will be the man who wins a fatal four-way between The Amazing Red, Petey Williams, Mistico and….Homicide. Let’s see familia in action Konnan. Oh and that match is next!

    Lynn’s music hits and although Hernandez stays stone faced, Konnan and Homicide are unimpressed and berate Lynn’s decision. Cide sneaks a look at the big gold belt around Hernandez’s waist.


    <Replay of the start of the show that Slammiversary’s King of the Mountain match competitors will be decided by four qualifying matches. Two this week, two next week. The returning AJ Styles is the first to qualify by defeating Desmond Wolfe. He is once again ready to go up against Christopher Daniels and be the one who will take the TNA title off of him.>

    Match #3
    Fatal four-way for the #1 contendership for the X Division Championship
    Amazing Red vs. Petey Williams vs. Mistico vs. Homicide

    Williams is devastating, Homicide is vicious, Red is amazing and Mistico is superb as these four X Division warriors put it all on the line for their chance to get a shot at the new Champion at Slammiversary!!! Red flies high bringing down Cide hard on his head, while Petey sends Mistico to the outside. He wants to hurt Mistico after tapping to him twice in the last two weeks! Cide though gouges the eyes of everyone he comes into contact with, as Konnan and Salinas cheer him on.

    The Champion Hernandez looks on, silent like a statue, his arms crossed watching to see which one of these four men will he face inside the six sides of steel in a few weeks time. Mistico hits La Mistica again on Williams, but the submission is broken up quickly by Red who comes flying off the ropes with a splash. Cide hits a Gringo Cutter on Red 1, 2, Williams desperately breaks it up, so the match can continue.

    Williams clears the ring and looks to take Mistico out with the Canadian Destroyer. The fans are on the edge of their seats, but Homicide hits a decapitation clothesline on Williams! He dances around trash talking the fans, but is suddenly rolled up by Mistico! 1,2,3!

    Winner via pinfall and new X Division #1 contender, Mistico at 9:37

    Mistico jumps out of the ring and the ref follows him out raising his hand in victory. The Impact Zone is going crazy for Mistico as Homicide can’t believe he was pinned. And Konnan and Salinas scream at the ref. Mistico backs up the ramp knowing what LAX are capable of and is happy to celebrate his new status up the ramp. Hernandez slightly nods and then walks off back through the border entrance tunnel. Cide has a tantrum in the ring as Impact goes to commercial.


    <Replay of The British Invasion winning the #1 contendership for the World tag titles last month>

    The British Invasion are backstage

    Magnus: Tonight we finally get our tag titles back. The Machine Guns went through hell and back with Wolfe and Tanahashi on Sunday. They won’t be 100per cent, and we’ll pick their bones and takes their titles.

    Williams: That’s right, tonight we bring a bit of class back to those titles when we out wrestle, out muscle and out think those American braggarts the Motor City Machine Guns. Tonight we take home the gold.

    Match #4
    World Tag Team Championship Match
    Champions the Motor City Machine Guns vs. the British Invasion

    <Still images of the amazing match at Hard Justice between the Guns and Wolfe/Tanahashi. The Guns once again coming out on top.>

    The Machine Guns indeed look banged up, but are as confident as always as they excite the crowd with their entrance. The fans are chanting “Guns!” over and over as they set to lock up with the hated heel British Invasion. The Guns seem a bit off their game and slower than usual. They miss double teams and the Brits capitalise. They dominate the Champs and start to really start punishing them with Williams especially stretching and grinding Sabin into the mat.

    The Brits use quick tags and the powerful Magnus starts hitting high impact sidewalk slams and belly to back suplexes. The fans start clapping to get the Champs back into it, but nothing seems to be working, as they are forced to keep making the save for the partner on a heap of covers by the former tag team champions. Sabin finally makes the tag to Shelley who dropkicks Williams to the outside and when Magnus runs in he is hit with a drop toe hold and then a baseball slide to the face. Shelley gets the crowd on their feet as he hits a Sliced Bread on Magnus and then suplexes the legal man Williams back into the ring. He tags Sabin back in and the hit the ASCS Rush[(Spinning sole kick by Sabin followed by a superkick from Shelley and then finished with a simultaneous jumping enzuigiri by Sabin / superkick by Shelley combination).

    The fans are on their feet as Williams staggers and Magnus is again kicked off the apron crashing into the guard rail! Made in Detroit!!!!! (Sitout powerbomb (Sabin) / Sliced Bread #2 (Shelley) combination) 1.2.3.

    Winners via pinfall and STILL World Tag Champions, The Motor City Machine Guns at 9.01
    The guns are handed their belts and they hold on to them like they never have before. The champs realise that they came very close to losing them twice in less than a week. They hold them up in victory, but leave ringside quickly as they are extremely banged up.

    In the back, with security and officials trying to talk him out of it, Wolfe kicks in Nash’s locker room door. Chelsea is sitting on a couch in the corner of the room. He runs in grab her only to be ambushed by the giant Nash. Chelsea screams as Nash beats down Wolfe with heavy blows. The officials and security flood the small room and try to break it up, Nash screams “You’re a deadman Wolfe! A friggin’ dead man!”. Security finally separates them as Chelsea checks on her man who has been laid out…


    Samoa Joe’s music hits and it’s time for the main event. Who will be his opponent tonight to qualify for the King of the Mountain match? Who has been booked by Jeff Jarrett to taken on this erupting volcano known as the Samoan Submission Machine..,

    Main event
    Samoa Joe vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

    The Ace of the Universe, walks out with the Beautiful People. Although the girls are brash as ever, Tanahashi knows the mindset Joe is in and doesn’t seem too eager to enter the ring. Joe roars to bring it, and Tanahashi motions for the ref to get Joe to back away from the ropes. The Beautiful people do their entrance but then as they step into the ring they dive scared shitless out of the ring as they popped up face to face with the enraged Joe!

    Tanahashi attacks Joe from behind with a clubbing forearm, but Joe doesn’t fall. He slowly stands up straight making the fans go crazy. He turns around into forearm shots to the face, but he no sells them and when Tanahashi sprints off the ropes, he is almost decapitated by a screaming Samoa Joe and a leaping huge knee strike!!!! Joe then takes command of the match by beating the living hell out of Hiroshi.

    The Japanese Ace though fights back as he took AJ Styles to the limit in his title match back at Kingdom Come. He hits Joe with his signature Slingblade and a series of Dragon suplexes! Joe though counters with an exploder suplex followed by vicious knee strikes. The two men go to the air as Joe hits a spinning body press over the top rope to the floor, while Tanahashi only a few minutes later gets back into the ring and hits his Dragon Rocket Suicide dive to Joe on the floor.

    Joe’s rage may have cost him as he has punched and kicked himself out as Hiroshi starts hitting some big time offence and covering Joe but the big man kicks out to the Ace’s frustration. “This is awesome!” chants are sung by the huge crowd on hand as two of the very best in the world continue their battle.

    Hiroshi looks to come off the top roe with a big time move, but vintage Joe he casually walks out of the way and the Ace misses him totally…. And hits the referee!!! Joe grabs Hiroshi by his big hair and picks him up for a Muscle Buster. But suddenly his leg is clipped and he hits the mat, he tries to see who it was and smiling at him is the World Champion Christopher Daniels. The camera zeroes in on Joe’s face, it is the look of knowing he cannot stop what is about to come. ANGELS WINGS!!!
    Hiroshi licking his lips, climbs the top turnbuckle again. Velvet Sky wakes the ref up with a kiss and slides out just as Tanahashi hits the High Fly Flow. 1,2,3.

    Winner and qualifying for the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary via pinfall, Hiroshi Tanahashi at 18:39
    Hiroshi’s music hits, he rolls out of the ring hitting the floor as the Beautiful People surround him and hug him for his win. The man is walking bruise as they try to get him to his feet. The referee tries to raise his hand while he is flat on his back on the floor. But Daniels slides back in looks down at his handy work. The fans cannot boo him enough as the Fallen Angel poses over the prone body of Samoa Joe as Impact goes off the air.

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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    I had planned on reviewing the Hard Justice Pay-Per-View, however, I didn’t read any of the build going into it so I just felt that it’d be easier to kick in following the Pay-Per-View where the feuds were either extended or starting fresh. Off the bat, I’ve seen a lot of people commenting on how great your show is and I’ve only read it in passing (usually for Power 10 purposes) but this will be my first thorough review of it. BTW, I love that you have already written 27 shows. That’s an amazing feat.

    I should note that I hate that they called it Slammiversary VIII, when it’s technically only the 6th Slammiversary, with the first two years of TNA not having one. That’s an error that would have been nice to see you change up instead of following their lead on. Your Samoa Joe is a total beast. I have in my mind what you should be doing here; for some reason I think you’ll go the other route, but I’ll see what you do first and then comment. I ABSOLUTELY love that Joe didn’t take the automatic entry and demanded a fight. Jeff Jarrett on the mic seems a bit robotic, minus any character. Nothing big to note about it, just something that if can be tweaked would be a nice addition. OK, forgive me for skipping to the end on this one, but in my mind what needed to happen was JOE/LESNAR outside of the King of the Mountain match, and that’s exactly what you did. Great call, good booking.

    You have a small coding error with the [*center] showing. Nothing big, just remember to proof read your work before you post it and skim it for coding errors once you have / or “PREVIEW POST” before you do to see what it’s going to look like. The first match leaves something to be desired. For as much emphasis as you put on every other detail in the show, I figured your matches would rock the house. However, they really are way too simplified. I understand the point of doing it, but some generalizations about how long the match went and who was on top and the comebacks and what have you would have added enough little spice to it. Here’s how I would have written your first match.

    The “Phenomenal One” has returned and did anyone ever doubt that he was going to miss Slammiversary? The TNA fans go absolutely berserk as their hero has returned to the six sided ring! Desmond Wolfe is furious and orders Chelsea out of the ring, while Styles is posing for the TNA iMPACT Zone! Wolfe has seen enough and attacks before the bell even rings. Styles expects such a move and ducks underneath a clothesline at the last possible second and hits the Pele! The fans strike up an AJ chant and the spirit in the arena is explosive. Styles delivers some quick offensive strikes that keep Wolfe mostly to the mat. Finally Wolfe has had enough and takes to the outside to get a breather. AJ’s not going to let him get away that easily and delivers a high octane attack over the top taking him and Wolfe both out of the game for a few moments. Styles rolls Desmond back into the ring and continues to battle him around the six sides with Wolfe on his heels trying to mount a defense that never comes. Finally Styles makes a miscalculated mistake and Wolfe is right there to take full advantage and now takes control of the match. Desmond slows down the entire pace of the match with a series of submissions and ground striking games and succeeds in taking the fans spirit away, thus taking AJ’s momentum out of play. A mistake gives AJ an opening to hit a beautiful hurricanrana and sets Desmond up and Styles goes to the top, connecting with Spiral Tap. Just short of getting the three count, AJ is going to try to finish this one off and irish-whips Wolfe into the ropes, but Desmond overpowers him and drives him into the mat with a devastating Jawbreaker Lariat. Wolfe senses that the time is right and sets Styles up for the Tower of London but Styles’ counters into a float over and nails a Neckbreaker! Styles grabs Wolfe by the head and pulls him to his feet and throws out his arms. The fans go absolute nuts as Styles hoists Wolfe upside down into the air and positions his legs… STYLES CLASH! He rolls over with Wolfe into a pinning combination. 1…………..2……………….3!
    I know it’s a different style of writing, but I feel that I get more out of it. Some more description, some more additives. That took me I think 8 minutes to write. And that’s counting the time I had to stop and look up some of Desmond Wolfe’s moves and even try to remember what Spiral Tap was. The reader doesn’t get THAT much more information, but they walk out of the match feeling fuller. This (for me) is about as good as it gets without writing an absolute second for second verbatim match. The Nash/Chelsea thing really has me scratching my head. Kidnapping?

    If you’re going to play on AJ Styles being the first man to beat Desmond Wolfe in singles competition, you CAN NOT .. I REPEAT YOU CAN NOT .. wait until after the match to point it out. It meant absolutely nothing that AJ Styles was the first to beat him in singles competition and to find out after it happened. You should have mentioned something about it beforehand. It’s part of the celebratory mode. If I’m reading and AJ wins, it makes the win feel even more important to know that he overcame that strife. Now, it just feels like it was added on after the fact. Not nearly as special. Before I forget, AJ Styles on the microphone was absolutely perfect. Spot on.

    The Monty Brown/Abyss match was going perfect. I mean, the match was still lacking like the first one, but I was enjoying it. I wish I could see that one written out in full and just make them beat the hell out of each other. I fully expected Rhino to make the attack and wasn’t let down. What I don’t get is how the match ended in a No Contest? If Monty Brown was attacked, shouldn’t he have won by disqualification? I’m pretty sure that’s how that rule works. BTW, if this is setting up for a Monster’s Ball, I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT!

    Konnan on the microphone makes me want to shoot myself. I’m not kidding. I hate listening to him, and even more so I hate reading him. I like your putting Homicide in a match where if he won he’d fight Hernandez in the six sides of steel. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense. If Homicide wins this, the match really should take place OUTSIDE of a stipulation match. The idea of a member of LAX fighting another member for the X-Division championship SELLS ITSELF. It doesn’t need a gimmick match and it absolutely doesn’t need a chance for Konnan and the goonies to not be able to interfere. However, I scrolled down and saw that he didn’t win anyways so it doesn’t matter. I’m glad you didn’t give that away already because Homicide vs. Hernandez would be a great way to kick off Hernandez as X-Division champion. I should say that I don’t know the slightest thing about Mistico and his name garners up connotations about that magic man that WWF had back in the 90’s. I wasn’t thrilled with him winning, but the real story here would have been Hernandez/Homicide anyways so I don’t think I would have been happy if Red/Williams would have won either.

    The Tag Team Title Match really interests me and it looks like you put some really good work into writing it. The one thing that I noted was that they hit both Made in Detroit and ASCS Rush. I always kind of felt that both of them in their own right should be a finishing move and that using both really detracted from ASCS Rush. I’d concentrate on trying to end a match of theirs using that move and skipping Made in Detroit. Remember, on weekly shows, it doesn’t have to be an all-out battle to the end. You can have someone get a win that may not need twenty finishers to get to. Save all that junk for Pay-Per-View matches.

    A note going into the main event is that I already know who wins and that’s because I think it’d be foolish to have Samoa Joe/Brock Lesnar thrown into the King of the Mountain match. But I have no friggin clue who Hiroshi Tanahashi is. OK, if Joe isn’t going to be part of the King of the Mountain match, why have Chris Daniels interfere? If you’re going the route of Joe/Lesnar, why not have Lesnar be the one to attack Joe? I really don’t understand this one. I understand that maybe Daniels would rather have Tanahashi in his title match than Joe, but for a booking stand point, it doesn’t do anything for Joe/Lesnar and even less for Tanahashi/Daniels as you’re pretty much saying that Tanahashi is not nearly as a much a threat to Chris as Joe is. Oh well, the end result is that I’m hoping for a King of the Mountain / LESNAR vs. Joe double main event and if so, this is going to be an amazing Slammiversary!

    Great job man. I can’t remember the last time that I was thoroughly impressed with a weekly show. The first half of your matches were awful and hard to read. As you progressed through the night they became a little more detailed and easier to read. I’d stick with that format, even for those easier matches as cutting them short is saying they’re not as important. You’ve got me hooked, I’ll keep reading. Very interested in Joe/Lesnar and seeing who else is going to fill King of the Mountain.
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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    First of all thank you very much for the review. I really do wish you read and hope you still will Hard Justice. I write the matches out in full for ppvs and had been for the weekly shows but I've moved towards the summary to speed things up a little for myself, and keep me writing. My whole plan is to write the entire 2010, and I think I can do this by the summaries.

    Secondly thank you very much again for re-writing the first match. I will no doubt learn so much from the 8 minutes you took out of your way to do so. Much appreciated.

    Wolfe has lost two tag matches in consecutive ppvs so I didn't think the loss should be too well documented but thanks for the pick up. Little things like this make moments I'm trying to portray bigger. Great point.

    Monster's Ball, I was hoping it wasn't too obvious, but the Slammiversary is all about TNA's tradition (what of it it has) and so I'm moving towards a couple of the TNA created gimmicks.

    Nash couldn't attack Wolfe as Chelsea got in his way. I used Nash's dirty old man ways to have him take the girl only to use it to ambush attack Wolfe later in the show. This is in retaliation for last month where Wolfe sent Nash to the hospital.

    The steel cage was to put to the point that Hernandez defeated RVD for the belt with interference... and for the fans to cheer against the dastardly heels.

    Mistico has been slowly built up over the last month and a half with wins over Petey Williams, the man who almost ended Kurt Angle's career. So the fact that he is now the #1 contender in my mind adds first of all that underdog type of face. And I'm leading up with something where Konnan will try to appeal to Mistico's mexican heritage.. it should be an interesting feud.

    The Guns needed both finisher's to win.. I know what you mean about over doing it on free tv.. I just felt to pushed the fact that is the Guns awesome run as Champs coming to an end? Have they pushed themselves too hard?

    By the way, it didn't come through in this episode, but for the last 3 months (12 episodes plus 3 ppvs,) I've been writing the Guns as Shelley as a heel and Sabin a face... however they are still best friends. They are not breaking up, bt I just always wanted to see a dynamic where these is this ying/yang.. I hope it's working. I think it was WMS who said that I made him hate the Guns, and he didn't think that was possible... where it came to Shelley being the arrogant heel I think I must have succeeded.

    Who is Horishi Tanhashi? He is the Ace of the Universe! He is the NJPW'S top babyface... he's one of the very best wrestlers in the world... he just like Wolfe has not lost a one on one match this year except for his title match with Styles back in the second ppv. I turned him heel in his feud with Hardy all the way back at the beginning of my fed. I wanted to show that Hiroshi is one of the best. But Joe is almost unbeatable, to derail his momentum without a dusty finish would be weird.

    Now why Daniels and not Lesnar.. a few reasons, Lesnar is saved for big time things. Lesnar screwed Joe out of the belt, but it's Daniels who hates Joe and is scared of losing the belt to him. He would have if it wasn't for Lesnar. Daniels is the ultimate villain and he doesn't want to face Joe again. Lesnar wasn't around to do his dirty work this time. He did it himself and stamped the fact that the is the top heel and took away the top babyface in the compay at the moment's almost guaranteer title shot gathers heat and the opportunity for Joe to go away and gather more momentum on the lead back to the belt.

    I hope that made a bit more sense for you so you don't have to go back and read 5 or 6 episodes of the show.

    As I said please read Hard Justice as just before every match I put in a recap of why these guys are wrestling on ppv...

    Thanks again for the review...
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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010


    News has broken that UFC President has contact TNA Wrestling’s Dixie Carter and Bret Hart.

    He has declared that he had nothing to do with Brock’s attack on Samoa Joe at the TNA Wrestling supercard Hard Justice 2010 and acknowledges the challenge Samoa Joe put to Brock Lensar to fight him at UFC 117 inside the octagon.

    Sources are saying that White is fearing a law suit from Joe’s management team for costing Joe the World title which brings with it a huge monetary purse, as well as TNA management for possibly ruining their event. White is a business man and can see a lot of money could be made if at UFC 117 Brock Lesnar was to defend the title against Samoa Joe, the man who beat him two months ago inside a wrestling ring.

    Sources close to White also say that he was embarrassed by the fact that a professional wrestler was able to beat his company’s Heavyweight Champion and top money draw, and is eager to have Brock defeat Joe to erase the loss.

    When contacted Samoa Joe said he does his fighting inside the ring, not in a courtroom. He then went on continuing his tirade of Lesnar saying that he is not on a professional wrestler’s level as he only fights once a year.

    Mr. Lesnar has not been available for comment.

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    Episode 28

    <Video from last week… Jeff Jarrett states Slammiversary is here and that means the King of the Mountain. Christopher Daniels will have four challengers, three of those challengers will have to win qualifying matches two tonight, one next week, Samoa Joe is automatically in the match due to interference by Brock Lesnar at Hard Justice. Samoa Joe says he wants to fight. Jarrett and Hart put him in a qualifying match against Tanahashi. AJ Styles returns and defeats Desmond Wolfe to advance, but Christopher Daniels interferes in Joe’s match and Tanahashi gets the pinfall…. Daniels poses standing over Joe…>

    <iMPACT! Intro>

    The World Champion’s music hits and smoke spews out of the entrance tunnel. It covers the entire ramp and out of the mist walks the World Heavyweight Champion. As always he is dressed in a three piece suit and sunglasses with the World title cradled in his right arm. Daniels poses to the huge capacity crowd on hand. He acknowledges the boos by holding up the greatest prize in the sport, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt. As always Daniels has something to say.

    Daniels: At Hard Justice, once again no one listened to me, no one thought I would do what I did. And the fact is who’s laughing now? You see it didn’t take money, it didn’t take persuasion, contract negotiations or a promise of a title shot. All it took, was a text message to Brock Lesnar and for me to leave the back door open. Joe’s own ego took care of the rest. He didn’t se it coming, and he didn’t think his actions would bring any retribution. Not only that, last week he was stupid enough to demand he qualify, when the Championship Committee just handed him a title rematch on a platter. I hope you learned a valuable lesson Joe. You all saw what I did to win this, I will continue to keep doing much more to keep it. I will be the greatest TNA Champion of all time, and that is the gospel according to the Fallen Angel.

    “My World” hits and out walks the King of the Mountain himself, Jeff Jarrett, he steps into the ring and looks at Daniels with disgust.

    Jarrett: You never cease to amaze me Daniels. Last week you screwed Joe out of his rightful title shot. But you’re not as smart as you think. You’ve put Tanahashi in the match now and don’t forget who came back last week, AJ Styles. Everyone in the world knows he can’t wait to get his hands on you! In all the years of the King of the Mountain match only once has the Champion retained. I don’t like your chances Daniels, you won’t sneak your way out of this one. Especially when you see who will be wrestling for those last two spots tonight…

    Sirens sound and out stomps Jarrett’s former friend and now worst enemy, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. He gets in the ring and snatches the microphone off of Jarrett, as Daniels leans back in the corner with a interested smirk on his face.

    Steiner: Jeff, I’ve been told in the back that I’m not in eiver ov dose qualifying matches. Which means you aint givin’ me my title shot. All the wrestlers know you are the one who runs King of the Mountain. So listen up you piece ov white trash. You will put me in one ov dose matches tonight, or I’m gonna trash you.

    Jarrett: I’m only going to say this once Scotty. At Hard Justice you lost to Kurt Angle. My answer is no.

    Steiner explodes and beats the absolute shit out of Jarrett as Daniels stands in the corner and laughs. Steiner rips Jarrett’s shirt off and continues the beat down. Daniels even starts clapping he is laughing so hard, when Joe’s music hits! Out runs Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. Daniels and Steiner both dive out as the submission experts clear the ring. Joe screams at Daniels while Angle points at his Hard Justice opponent Steiner, telling him to try it on him. Jarrett tries to get to his feet but he can only get to his knees. He grabs a mic that is laying on the mat.

    Jarrett: Scott, you want a fight. I’ll give you a fight. Tonight you and Daniels will take on me and Samoa Joe!!! Choke on that!

    The fans cheer for tonight's main event, as all four man stare each other down..


    Mike Tenay and Don West talk about Dana White, the President of UFC contacting Dixie Carter and Bret Hart earlier in the week, and how last week, Joe challenged Lesnar to a match at UFC 117. They also announce that tonight’s show is stacked as AMW will square off against Giant Bernard and Tomko for a tag team title shot at Slammiversary. The X Division takes centre stage. The last two spots for the King of the Mountain match will be decided, and in a huge main event Jarrett and Samoa Joe vs. Steiner and Daniels!

    Match #1
    King of the Mountain Qualifying match
    Rob Van Dam vs. Senshi

    <Rob lost the X Division title to Hernandez in the Unification match at Hard Justice. As the match was no disqualification there was nothing the ref could do to stop LAX interfering and costing the ref the match>

    Tenay states that RVD has been given a chance to be in the King of the Mountain by Jeff Jarrett due to LAX interfering and TNA management want to make it up to Rob. But Don West doesn’t know if that’s what they have done as the man he has to face is the Warrior Senshi. A man who has been tearing people apart for the last six months here in TNA. But just as he finishes saying that, they are joined at the broadcast table by none other than the Pope, D’Angelo Dinero, Senshi’s Hard Justice opponent.

    RVD and Senshi trade kicks and strikes. Rob knows he is not as fast as Senshi so tries to use his power by throwing the smaller man around the ring. Senshi though is explosive and strikes out with dropkicks and chops that forces Rob into the corner and unable to dodge leaping vicious strikes to the head and body. But Van Damn is nothing if resilient and rebounds with a series of moves taking Senshi down and he starts to dictate the pace. The crowd chant “R.V.D” as he fights his way back into the match. But Senshi fires back and Rob starts to realise he is still not one hundred percent from the brutal beating he took at Hard Justice. The fans sense that Rob is indeed extremely hurt and Senshi takes him to the outside where he inflicts even more damage on the Whole Dam Show.

    While on the outside though Senshi walks over to the commentary desk and gets in Pope’s face. Pope stands to attention and removes his headphones. Senshi takes a swat at Pope, but he dodges out of the way. But as Senshi turns back to his opponent Rob springs up with a chairless Van Daminator!! Rob rolls Senshi back into the ring and after a Rolling Thunder leaps to the top turnbuckle and delivers the 5 Star Frog splash! 1 2 3

    Winner and qualifying for the King of the Mountain match, Rob Van Dam at 8:29

    Rob can only do the thumbs with one arm, as he rolls out of the ring and limps to the back holding his ribs.

    A King of the Mountain graphic pops up on the screen, it has Daniels in the middle, AJ Styles, and Hiroshi Tanahashi on either side of them. On either side of them are two blank spots, but the one next to Tanahashi changes to show RVD… one spot left.


    Backstage Senshi is walking back from the ring, when JB runs up to him.

    JB; Senshi, great win at Hard Justice over D’Angelo Dinero, but tonight I guess he got some revenge tonight but distracting you, allowing RVD to advance to the King of the Mountain title match at Slammiv….

    Senshi knocks JB out with the stiffest kick to the head seen on TNA television. The camera man backs up as Senshi comes after him and he is seen running off but the camera hits the ground and lands on its side. The camera then shows a sideways angle of Senshi walking off.

    Out to the ring walks America’s Most Wanted.

    Harris: When I came back to TNA, I two goals. One reform America’s Most Wanted, the greatest tag team in TNA history and two, win back our tag team titles. Tonight we go through those bald headed bozos and go to Slammiversary and complete goal number two!

    Storm: Slammiversary is all about TNA and nothing represents TNA more than AMW. Bernard, Tomko, you boys are gonna get your asses whooped, haha. Boys we are TNA, and tonight we become the number one contenders. Sorry about your damn luck!

    Bernard and Tomko walk out next and look unimpressed. Their enormous size almost dwarfs the former 4x tag champs. Storm says he’ll start as Tomko strokes his beard and gets ready for the bell.

    Match #2
    #1 Contenders match for the World Tag Team Championships
    America’s Most Wanted vs. Giant Bernard and Tomko

    The World Tag Champions, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, accompanied by Kevin Nash are on commentary. Nash is talking about Wolfe, Sabin is talking about the two teams in the ring and Shelley is talking about… Chelsea.

    The tag division is wide open now and the Machine Guns need an opponent. The British Invasion were defeated last week, and the next two contenders for the straps square off. The former Champions target the bigger men’s legs. Storm and Harris concentrate on the legs and knees of Bernard after a early chop block from behind. Quick tags are used, and Tomo is forced to break up pin covers. But the twin terrors use their power to start inflicting damage. A huge sidewalk slam to Harris, gives the momentum back to them, and Tomko starts hitting clotheslines and pump handle slams to start dominating the match.

    But Storm and Harris have been in this situation before and after a desperation “Last Call” superkick to Tomko, Harris knocks Bernard out of the ring and after an Eye of the Storm, the two men hit the Death Sentence! 1…2…3!

    Winner and #1 contenders for Tag titles, America’s Most Wanted at 6:54

    Sabin and Shelley stand up for the cliché stare down to the challenger when Sabin is blindsided by Desmond Wolfe! Don West catches some of the attack and he hist the floor, as Sabin is thrown over the table for Wolfe to get at Nash. Tenay runs away as Wolfe has Nash caught in a corner unable to use his reach advantage. Shelley though runs to the other side of the desk and gets punches Wolfe in the back of his head to give Nash room. Nash throws out a big boot and Wolfe is bashed in the face.

    Wolfe hist the floor and tries to crawl away but Shelley dropkicks him, and Sabin picks him up and suplexes him onto the commentary table. Nash gets shakes off the attack and grabs Wolfe… JACKNIFE POWERBOMB!! Wolfe crashes through the table as the fans goes crazy! Nash puts his boot on Wolfe’s chest and holds up both arms with his wolfpack sign. The Machine Guns get in Wolfe’s (unconscious) face and give him a bit of trash talk. Harris and Storm randomly walk over to the carnage both drinking a beer… they laugh and walk off. Nash’s music hits, the Guns look at AMW and then each other as Impact goes to commercial.


    Gun shots ring out and from the Broder entrance storms LAX. They all get in the ring as Hernandez the X Division Champion of the World stands with his arms crossed. Konnan has a mic.

    Konnan: The Latin revolution continues, at Hard Justice Hernandez unified the Global and X Division Championships, to reign supreme over all you gringos! Now last week, in a fatal four way match Hernandez’s first challenger was decided, Mistico. Mistico my brother, you honour the mask and you honour Lucha Libre with your in ring skills. Please come out here and honour LAX with your presence.

    With a huge fan reception, Mistico walks out with his giant cape / robe on. He walks up to the ring and does his amazing flip into the ring entrance. The fans are firmly behind the high flyer. They chant his name as Konnan tries to reason with him.

    Konnan: Mistico, you fought well last week, and just like us, you deserve to be on top. We have spoken over the last week, and we want to extend our hand to you, and ask you to join us, join the Latino nation. We are tired of watching you my brother being held down by these gringos. You should be a big star, we saw you take Tanahashi apart earlier in the year and what happens you get nothing, no title shots, no main events. You deserve better. Join us brother.

    Konnan extends his hand while Homicide has a LAX t-shirt in his hand and Salinas strokes Mistico’s arm. Hernandez though stands like a statue awaiting the Lucha star’s answer.

    Mistico: Gracias amigo Konnan, you honour me with your offer. But I must decline as I want to become TNA X Division Champion.

    Konnan is silent. Homicide stares at him and Salinas has walked over to her LAX brothers. It’s an awkward moment as no one talks and the crowd buzzes unsure what is happening. Konnan finally shrugs his shoulders and he Homicide and Salinas walk out of Hernandez’s way. The stature explodes to life and lunges at the smaller man with a huge forearm smash! Mistico drops, and Hernandez goes berserk raining down huge shots to the masked superstar! Mistico’s white mask starts to turn red as Hernandez shows no mercy.

    Konnan directs traffic and Hernandez picks up the challenger and hits a vicious Border Toss from the inside of the ring to the floor!!!!! Mistico hots the floor with a thud, as Konnan without the microphone screams and rants at Mistico. Hernandez in almost a trance looks down at the damage he has done as EMTs run out to help the Lucha star. Hernandez then raises his hands and roars as the crowd boos him. No music plays for LAX as Jerry Lynn runs out with TNA officials and security trying to contain the scene. Mistico is out and his mask is almost completely red. Impact goes to commercial as Lynn looks up at his division’s violent and remorseless champion…


    <Video of during the break, Mistico is put on a stretcher and then taken to the ambulance. Lynn is distraught as he tells Bret Hart he will travel with Mistico…>

    Match #3
    Speed Muscle (Doi and Yoshino) and Amazing Red vs. NEO-1-GT (London and Kendrick) and Petey Williams

    Six man tag action as the X Division entertains the TNA fans with their blistering speed and high flying non-stop action. Yoshino is so fast he makes Red look slow! He comes off the ropes and hits a superfast dropkick to Kendrick! London fights back by going to the air, but Re catches him with a dropkick of his own. Petey Williams, desperate to get back into title contention starts brutally taking out his opponents and really synching in submission holds, taunting his opponents as he goes. But Yoshino is too fast for even the ref to stop him breaking the hold and Speed Muscle use their quick double team moves to gain the advantage. Williams is thrown out of the ring and London is caught with a cannonball in the corner.

    Kendrick tries to make the save only to be hit by a double clothesline and then an Infra Red by Amazing Red! 1..2…Red is kicked in the back of the head… by his own partners Speed Muscle!?!?! Red is tossed outside like yesterday’s garbage and Yoshino pins Kendrick. 1..2…3.

    Winners, Speed Muscle and Amazing Red at 6:57
    Yoshino and Doi high five each other and arrogantly ignore their partner as they walk off. West thinks that they wanted to be the ones to get the pin…

    Backstage, Scott Steiner is with Christy Hemme

    Hemme: Scott, tonight you team up again with Christopher Daniels, the World Champion, this time to face Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett. What do you expect going into this match?

    Steiner: Expeckt, expeckt! Christy let me show you something. See that, that’s the largest arms in da world, right there. I’m going to rip Jeff Jarrett’s arms off wif them and beat Sloppy Joe to deaf wif them, that’s what I expeckt. Jeff, you should have put me in the King off the Mountain match and now you’re gonna pay you sonovabitch. No one over looks Big Poppa Pump.


    [CENTER]Time for the final qualifying match for the King of the Mountain. The arena goes dark and its Kurt Angle’s music that hits! The fans go crazy as the former champion rises out of the elevator and his pyro ignites putting the lights back on. Angle chants are deafening as the Olympic Gold medallist, fresh off his win over Steiner at Hard Justice, confidently walks down the ramp and gets in the ring, draped in the U.S. flag. Cameras light up the arena as they all take photos of arguably the best in the world. His music stops and he hands the flag and his hoody to So Cal Val at ringside, awaiting his opponent. The roof blows off the building…

    Match #4
    King of the Mountain Qualifying match
    Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

    Hardy dances out as the fans go crazy. Two big names again will fight to be in the Slammiversary main event, and go after Christopher Daniels’ world title. The two men stare each other down as the atmosphere is electric. They finally lock up but Angle easily overpowers with his technique and gets a headlock. He grounds Hardy and drags him to the mat where he tries to pin him using different covers and stretches. Hardy escapes all of them, fights his way back to a vertical base and tries to pick up the pace.

    Each men try to dominate with their style, but Angle seems to be one step ahead of Hardy and grounds him. And then tries a submission or a pinfall. Hardy though escapes and hits a dropkick! Angle is hit with such force that he goes flying off his feet and the back of his head bashes into the turnbuckle. He grabs his head and Hardy tries to drag him, but Angle swats away him, trying to protect his neck. The ref tells Hardy to back away and he checks on Angle, then asks him if he wishes to continue. Angle also slaps the ref as he slowly gets to his feet. Angle rubs the back of his neck again and his eyes are ablaze. Hardy isn’t ready for Angle’s explosive speed and he is hit with a huge European uppercut as Angle seems to sprint off of his knees and connect with huge impact! Hardy leaves his feet this time and Angle like a rabid dog brutally shoves his forearm into the bridge of Hardy’s nose, and forehead.

    Angle then transitions into submissions trying to break Hardy’s arms and then legs. Hardy kicks away, but in doing so, Angle catches the leg and grapevines it wrenching in the dreaded Ankle Lock finisher submission. Hardy yelps in pain and desperately reaches for the ropes to escape the move. His flexibility allows him to get his fingertips to the bottom rope and the ref calls for Angle to release the hold. Hardy rolls out of the ring grasping at his ankle. When Angle follows him out, hardy fights back and although limping uses his body as a weapon.

    Back in the ring Angle is hit by a Whisper in the Wind 1..2… Angle kicks out only to be hit by a clothesline. Jeff takes off his singlet and throws it into the crowd, charges Angle only to be hit by the Olympic Slam! 1..2..kickout! A frustrated Angle grabs the back of his neck and seems to be thinking what he needs to do to put Hardy away. Hardy hops to his feet and Angle dives in shoulder first to shoulder charge Hardy’s mid section. The Charismatic Enigma quickly moves and Angle’s shoulder smashes into the ring post! Hardy drags Angle out from between the middle and top turnbuckle and then climbs them. Swanton Bomb!!!! 1..2..3!

    Winner and qualifying for the KotM, Jeff Hardy at 13:41
    The King of the Mountain graphic is up and the last blank position changes to Jeff Hardy! A huge win for Hardy over the Olympic Gold medallist! The fans celebrate with Jeff as he has beaten Kurt Angle. Angle starts coming around and sees Hardy celebrating and the fans dancing to his music and Kurt can’t believe it. He nods his head to acknowledge Hardy won and walks to the back disgusted with himself. He just lost his opportunity to regain the TNA title.


    <Video recap of the Samoa Joe / Christopher Daniels feud from over the last few years and especially last month. Then last week Daniels costing Joe a spot in the King of the Mountain Match…>

    Christy Hemme runs after Samoa Joe as he and Jarrett walk out of his dressing room.

    Hemme: Joe, Joe, can I get a quick word?

    Joe: It's quite simple, I am going to punish Daniels. Last week he screwed me out of the King of the Mountain match. So tonight.....Daniels.......Joe's gonna kill you![/CENTER]

    Main Event
    Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett vs. Christopher Daniels and Scott Steiner

    Joe and Jarrett are in the ring first and are ready to take it to their opponents. The sirens sound and Steiner walks out first flexing his giant biceps and trash talking “Sloppy Joe” and Jeff Jarrett. Out next is the World’s Champion. Daniels slowly walks out and stands next to Steiner. He has a huge smile on his face and looks at Joe. Samoa Joe looks like he is going to blow a blood vessel in his forehead. Daniels unbuttons his huge long black cloak and so Joe can see it, he reveals the giant gold World heavyweight title belt. Joe explodes and leaps over the ropes and crashes down with all of his weight onto the Champion!!!!

    Steiner dives into the ring and the two veterans exchange punches as the ref rings the bell. Joe rips into Daniels on the outside. Ole Ole kicks! Crushing Daniels’ skull between the guardrail and Joe’s boot. The ref orders Joe to the apron and he leaves Daniels knocked out on the outside. Jarrett and Joe double team beating up Steiner. Daniels finally makes his way to the apron and tags in and gets blasted again by Joe! The Champion is extremely hurt and tags in Steiner and rolls out to the floor. Steiner hits a few suplexes on Jarrett but he ahs no one to tag and Joe almost decapitates him with a clothesline! Daniels slowly gets to his feet, looks up and sees what is going on in the ring and declares he’s had enough. In a daze he grabs his belt and walks up the ramp. The fans boo him as he walks off. Joe screams out for Daniels to get back in the ring and face him.

    Daniels waves them off, he staggers up the ramp, obviously on dream street and gets almost to the tunnel when….. Get Ready To Fly! The fans go crazy as AJ Styles walks through the waterfall of sparks. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt he stands in the way of the Fallen Angel’s escape route. He points to the ring and walks down making the Champion back up. Daniels can’t believe it and moves towards the ring away from Styles. Caught between a Phenomenal One and a Submission Machine, Daniels decides to escape through the fans. The fans roar as they watch Daniels running scared. As he pathetically tries to jump the guardrail, “Slay Me” explodes out of the speakers, and the Icon Sting descends from the rafters landing in an aisle way! The fans erupt as the Stinger has blocked his alternative escape!

    Stopped in his tracks he doesn’t see Jarrett grab him from behind. The fans erupt again as the King of the Mountain rolls him into the ring and into the waiting arms of the Samoan Submission Machine. Jarrett then knocks down Steiner on the outside with a clothesline. Daniels gets to his feet only to be hit with a spinning enzaguri kick and then shoved into the corner. Joe lifts Daniels onto the turnbuckle and roars. Daniels with one last effort of defiance spits in Joe’s face!

    Joe blasts Daniels’ face with an open palm strike and then roars again. MUSCLE BUSTAAAAAAAH!!!


    Winners Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett at 10:46
    Joe has pinned the World Champion as AJ Styles and Sting enter the ring and raise Joe’s hands in victory as the fans go crazy. Jarrett on the outside stands over Steiner as Joe looks into the camera mouthing the words “Joe is gonna kill you Lesnar” ….

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    Run In

    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

    Episode 29

    TNA Narrator: The King of the Mountain... Every year at Slammiversary TNA Wrestling's best put their reputaions and the careers on the line for the greatest prize in professional wrestling today, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

    The Charismatic Enigma, the man without fear, arguable the brightest star of 2009, Jeff Hardy finally gets his opportunity at gold in a match that uses a ladder. The ladder has been Hardy's weapon of choice for the last ten years, will he be the one to climb to the top?

    The Whole Dam Show, Mr. Pay Per View, Rob Van Dam with all his hardcore and ladder match experience, will it be this man who not only steals the show, but steals the title by placing the title atop the ladder like a king does a crown?

    Hiroshi Tanahashi, the Ace of the Universe, the man who has only lost once in singles competition since his debut here in TNA and that was against the World Champion. Does he have what it takes to fly higher than all others add another World title to his resume?

    AJ Styles, the former Champion, the Phenomenal One has returned to a self imposed exile to return better than ever, and once again wants to take on his most hated rival, his nemesis, the Champion Daniels.

    All four men have beaten the world's best to be apart of this match that could see one or all of them crippled all for hat chance to become Champion of the World and the King of the Mountain...

    Daniels: Now more than ever I pose the question, can either of you believe in your heart of hearts that you are the men to curb my desire, my will, my spirit? At Slammiversary, The Fallen Angel will ascend to Heaven and tear down what is now my soul as I come back down to Earth, with my enemies slain and I still being Champion of the World!

    <Impact Intro>

    Sirens sound and Steiner walks out showing off his huge arms.

    <Video of last week, Steiner attacking Jarrett for not putting him into the King of the Mountain title match at Slammiversary. Then Jarrett and Steiner fighting in the main event tag match. Jarrett clotheslines Steiner on the outside knocking him down and standing over him..>

    Match #1
    Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Steiner

    Big Poppa Pump walks down the ramp flexing his huge arms when he is suddenly attacked from behind by Jarrett! Steiner rolls down the steel ramp to ringside and Jarrett immediately starts beating down his former best friend and now most hated enemy. Steiner tries to escape but Jarrett is relentless. The ref tries to get them into the ring, but Double J ignores him and pushes the time keeper off his chair, folds it and smashes Steiner in the spine!

    Jarrett clotheslines Steiner into the fans and starts brawling with all around the cheering people! They go crazy as Jarrett punches Steiner repeatedly and sends him crashing into concrete walls. The match assigned referee, grabs Jarrett’s arm, but accidentally is punched in the face by Jarrett. Jeff looks around to see it was the match official and is angry with himself. He turns back into a huge low blow from Steiner! The crowd felt that one! Steiner starts beating down Jarrett and hits him with a steel chair shot. Big Poppa Pump pushes the fans around grabbing their chairs or their beers and smashing Jeff with them.

    Jarrett is thrown over the guard rail, and the two men brawl at ringside. Another referee runs out rings the bell and security has to break these two men up…

    No contest

    The match never began and these two men are out of control. Security usher both men to the back as cameras follow them. Once they reach the backstage area, both men are separated and Steiner is forced down a left hand corridor, he is yelling out at Jarrett he is “gonna rip his head off and shit down his neck!”… Hart runs over to Jarrett.

    Hart: What the hell has gotten into you? Control yourself Jeff. You are meant to be setting an example around here! You hit a referee, you need to get this under control and fast eh. Get your head on straight brother…


    Out to the ring walks the World Heavyweight Champion, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. Wearing a shirt, tie and vest, he has the World title tucked under his arm as he looks over the crowd with his morpheus sunglasses attached to his face. Near the ring a giant ladder has been set up for Daniels.

    Daniels: So, my four challengers have been decided. Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Hiroshi Tanahashi and my old “friend” AJ Styles. I must say I am impressed, all four of them had to go through some big time opponents. All four men know how to use a ladder. I’ve got goose bumps, it’s very exciting. You see I can’t wait to put another notch on MY title belt as I will not only be the Fallen Angel, I will be the King of the Mountain! At Slammiversary I will show no quarter, I will show no remorse I will use that ladder bash my opponents into a lumpy paste and raise the belt high to etch my name onto the stone of TNA, and continue to fulfil the prophecy. And that is gospel ………..according to the World Champion.

    Suddenly the arena goes dark, lightning flashes and thunder strikes as “Slay Me” plays and out of the lit up entrance tunnel emerges a shadow. The Icon himself Sting! The arena gives him a standing ovation as the cheers are deafening for the Stinger. He walks into the arena and cannot talk due to the continued enormous ovation. It dies down enough for Sting to raise his microphone. Daniels backs up as he sees Sting is holding his signature baseball bat.

    Sting: Just like the snake you are Daniels, at Hard Justice you slithered your way out of another title match. Lesnar cheated Joe out of the title, but we all knew he could beat you. He pinned your shoulders last week to the mat.

    Daniels: Why don’t you get to the point Sting, because last time I saw you, you were flat on your back and looking up at he lights while I was holding this high in victory.

    The crowd boos the evil mastermind. Sting acknowledges the loss to Daniels with a nod of the head.

    Sting: Alright Daniels, alright I’ll get to the point. Bret Hart has a big announcement regarding Samoa Joe, so sent me out here to give this one. At King of the Mountain there will be a special guest enforcer. That man will be me!

    Daniels can’t believe it! The fans go crazy!

    Sting: I will make sure any man pinned goes into the penalty box. I will make sure, if anyone tries to interfere that they will get up close and personal to my friend here. (raises his bat) At Slammiversary, It’s showtime!

    Sting’s music hits and he walks out of the ring as the fans cheer, leaving Daniels in the ring rethinking if he has any chance now of retaining the title. He looks down at the belt as Impact goes to Mike Tenay and Don West.

    Tenay: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight on Impact we have a huge main event in store. The four challengers in the King of the Mountain match will pair up and have a tag team match. Jeff Hardy and RVD vs. AJ Styles and Hiroshi Tanahashi.

    West: Also tonight Rhino and Monty Brown will finally go one on one. Can’t wait for that one Mike!

    Tenay: And also later in the program, Bret Hart has a big announcement regarding the Samoa Joe situation. Now backstage is Christy Hemme with some special guests Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy!

    Hemme: Thanks guys, and thank you Rob and Jeff for joining me here. Tonight the four men who will compete against the World Champion will pair off and wrestle in a tag match tonight. You guys against AJ Styles and Hiroshi Tanahashi. What are your thoughts going into this match?

    RVD: Christy, Jeff and have been friends for years now, but we both know there can only be one Champion of the World. But tonight the two of us are going to go out there and smoke our opponents the only way we know how!

    Jeff: That’s right, AJ, we’ve got a lot of respect for you man, but tonight you are on the otherside of that ring from us and your partner is Tanahashi. You better watch your back tonight man, we feel for ya. Because you took Wolfe out of the King of the Mountain match. He might just want to stab you in the back. We don’t envy AJ tonight Christy…

    Match #2
    The Amazing Red vs. Masato Yoshino w/ Naruki Doi

    <Video of last week, Speed Muscle and Red tagged in a great fast paced X Division match up. But when Red got the cover, Speed Muscle resented this broke up the pin attacked their team mate and stole the win for themselves.>

    The bell rings and the pace of this match is unbelievable. The two fastest men in professional wrestling today go at it with all guns blazing. Red hits a Victory roll flipped forward into a modified wheelbarrow facebuster! Yoshino though fights back with a spinning headscissors takedown twisted into an octopus stretch. Red valiantly fights out of it and hits a jumping side slam twisted into a sitout side facebuster!

    The speed of these men is insane as they contiune to counter each other’s moves with high speed impact moves of their own. Much like a high speed car crash, these two men explode to and do not rest until the other is put down. Red hits a Red Star Press on a fallen Yoshino and goes to climb the ropes for an InfraRed (540&#176; corkscrew senton bomb) but Naruki Doi, distracts him only for a few seconds allowing his partner to hit his swinging leg hook fireman's carry slam off the top rope called the Lightning Spiral! 1..2..3!

    Winner Masato Yoshino at 6:33

    Doi gets in the ring and pushes away the ref, to raise his partner’s hand in victory. They both disrespectfully walk over Red as they exit the ring. They give the finger to the fans booing them.


    Backstage JB (who has a big black eye from Senshi’s attack last week) interviews LAX.

    Konnan: Last week we offered our hand to Mistico. We considered him a brother, a man who has been held down by these gringo bastards. But he spat in our faces when he wouldn’t accept our friendship. So we had to teach him a lesson. Mistcio, you want to fight Hernandez for the X Division Championship of the World. Well good luck to you amigo. You will live to regret your actions when this man right here destroys you inside the six sides of steel. You will no where to run. No where to hide ese, at Slammiversary you will see 5150, you will see why Hernandez is the most feared wrestler on the planet. Odelay!

    Match #3
    Rhino vs. Monty Brown

    <Video of Rhino retruning with his brand new look (crew cut hair style, full beard) and attacking Brown. Goring him through tables and then Rhino drivers through a table. Brown returns costing Rhino the match against Jeff Hardy. Two weks earlier Brown called out Rhino only for Abyss to take his place. Rhino gores Abyss by accident and Brown Pounces Rhino!!>

    The two men who define animal instinct in TNA finally are booked in a match. The two men circle. The two extremely powerful wrestlers lock up to try and beat the other with their biggest asset, their strength. Rhino misses the early Gore, but Brown misses the early Pounce. Both men have a stand off which brings the fans to their feet.

    They trade punches and stomps, as Brown tries to overpower Rhino and use his Alpha Bomb. But out of nowhere Rhino counters the move with a Hurricanrana!!!! No one can believe it, especially Monty and he turns into a vicious clothesline. Rhino then looks for a pile driver and hits it and stes for the Gore. Brown rolls out of the ring and Rhino follows him out. The two brawl on the outside and they are met by Abyss with a big boot Rhino’s temple and a huge punch to Brown’s temple. The ref throws the match out as Abyss starts attacking both men.

    No contest declared at 5:25

    The three men start fighting each other until “Bang, Bang!” Mick Foley walks out. He stands on the top of the stage, microphone in hand. The three monsters stop for a moment to look up at the Hardcore Legend. He gets a huge Foley chant, and it magnifies when he slings his signature barbed-wire baseball bat over his shoulder. With one of his cheeky grins and a thumbs up and talsk to the three men at ringside.

    Foley: This all looks strangely familiar to me. I’ve seen tapes of TNA many years ago in a bloody and brutal war that TNA calls, the Monster’s Ball. The competitors are locked in a room for 24 hours with no food, no sunlight no contact with the outside world, and then are unleashed onto their opponets… Since Slammiversary is all about tradition why don’t we add a Monster’s Ball to the card?!!? Whattya say TNA fans? Sounds like a yes. How about this. Why don’t we give the winne rof the match a TNA World title shot!

    Rhino and Brown nod their heads in a greement and blood smeared smiles appear on their faces. But a Wolf howls sounds and out walks Desmond wearing his sunglasses. He snatches the microphone off of Foley and gets in his face.

    Wolfe: Foley, if you’re throwing title shots out there the only man who deserves to be in that match is me, Desmond Wolfe. Ya got that sunshine.

    But Wolfe is blindsided by a huge double sledge to the side of the face from Kevin nash who has exploded out of the entrance tunnel. Wolfe drops to a knee and foolishly stands back up only to be smashed in the face with a big boot from the former World Champion. Wolfe rols down the steel ramp and stops at the bottom. Rhino and Brown have retruned to fighting each other, and Abyss grabs Wolfe and starts choking him. Nash picks up the microphone hands it back to Foley but has Mick raise it up to him.

    Nash: Monster’s Ball. Title shot. I get to beat up Wolfe. Count me in.

    Nash walks down and punches Abyss in the face. He then grabs Wolfe and chokeslams him on the concrete floor! But out runs Matt Morgan and he hits the Carbon Footprint pump kick on Nash! Morgan roars and goes after Nash. Foley watches on as ringside turns into a huge riot. Ths fans go crazy as The Pope’s music hits and out walks D’Angelo Dinero. The fans are lapping up all of this as Pope with a huge smile on his face, walks over to Foley.

    Dinero: Roley, poley, Foley. Pope wants to know one thing. Is the Pope in Monster’s Ball at Slammiversary. Because Mick Foley knows just like the congratgation knows that if the Pope is in that match, then Pope will win that match and become the number one contender daddy. Now Mick Foley is The pimp slappin’, toe tappin’….

    Senshi strikes with a primal scream and a vicous explosive elbow strike to the temple! Pope falls to all fours and Senshi attacks him with vicious kicks to the gut. Dinero tries to escape the brutal strikes from Senshi only to run into a big boot from Morgan. All eight men start brawling around ringside as Foley watches on. Security runs out of the tunnel but Foley tells them to not interfere.

    Foley: Woah ho ho! Looks like at Slammiversary we’ve got ourselves an eight man Monster’s Ball!!! And I think since the Stinger gets to be the special guest enforcer in the King of the Mountain I think it’s only fair that Mrs. Foley’s baby boy gets to be the special guest referee of this bad boy. Have a nice day!

    The eight man continue to fight each other in and around the ring into the comercial break.


    Impact retruns from the commercial with a video…

    <The screen is full of flames, there is a faint roar in the background…possibly digitally enhanced, as the flames grow larger and then form a shape it slowly changes into the flag of the USA. The flames make it flow in the wind and then another roar is heard and the flames cover the screen again and then burns out to a black screen. A slashing sound that changes into a hissing noise is heard and words appear in big white block letters underneath each other “Born in fire, baptised in blood, forged in combat….” Then they fade and one big word appears… “ENTER”>

    The arena lights come back on and the fans are not sure what to make of it. Miek Tenay and Don West are not sure what to make of it, but Slammiversary is discussed. But their and the fans puzzled looks turn to excitement as the Hitman’s music hits! Out walks the TNA Championship Committee chairman. He comes out with trademark leather jacket and sunglasses and with a big smile on his face laps up all the cheers before making his announcement in the middle of the six sided ring.

    Hart: Thank you everyone, thank you. I’m out here to make a huge announcement. Last week we were contacted by the Ultimate Fighting Championship President dana White. Myself and Ms Carter sat down with him the following day and have put together another first. At UFC 117, Brock lesnar will defend his UFC Heavyweight Championship against none other than the Samon Submission Machine, SAMOA JOE!!! Joe will prove once again that Pro-wrestling is the king of sports and show the world that TNA has the best action in the world.

    But Hart’s announcement is cut short by the all too familiar music of the Olympic Gold medallist. It seems that everytime Hart has come out over the last year, he has been interrupted by Kurt Angle. Kurt walks out shaking his head. Dressed in his wrestling gear and hoody he jumps in the ring and once again gets int Hart’s face. Bret can’t believe that once again, Kurt has to interrupt him.

    Hart: What is it this time Kurt?

    Angle: First of all you’ll address me as Mr. Angle. Secondly you fool, what the hell are you doing? Once again you are making the wrong decisoins for this company. What happens if Joe wins the UFC title? Have you thought that through? Joe one of the best wrestlers in this company will have to defend his new UFC title and we wont see him again here in TNA. Have you got rocks in your head? You have once again showed you have no idea what you are doing and you are going to be the end of this damn company, no matter what the high ratings and buy rates say…

    But Angle is this time interrupted by Samoa Joe’s music. Joe walks out draped in his towel, he has the latest Joe t-shirt (available at and he gets in between Angle and Hart.

    Joe: Angle, this is not about you. This is not about the UFC title. This is about ME kicking that poser Brock Lesnar’s ass all over his octogon so there is no more excuses. This is about him costing me the most important thing in the world to me, the TNA World title. WHEN I beat him inside the octogon, I’m not going to fight for UFC or that bullshit MMA sport. I’m going to hand the belt back to Dana White just to show him that a pro-wrestler doesn’t want that prop. I don’t fight once every year. I fight for honour and respect. I fight the best in the world, and I prove that I am the baddest man on the planet.

    Angle: So what your saying is if you beat Brock..

    Joe: When.

    Angle: Ahem..when you beat Brock Lesnar, you will just drop the UFC title, stop being a Champion and just come back to TNA?

    Joe: ………….. Samoa Joe IS professional wrestling.

    Angle: … Then I offer you my support. Because whether Bret Hart thinks it or not. I’m here for TNA and to be TNA Champion. We’ve never got along Joe, but one of the reasons I came to TNA was because I saw you as my greatest challenge, and you’ve never disappointed. So how about this at Slammiversary, to get you ready for the fight of your life inside the octogon, you wrestle Kurt Angle, one last time.

    Kurt extends his hand to Joe, who takes it and the crowd pops and Bret Hart announces the block buster match at Slammiversary. But once again an interruption. Gunshots ring out as from the border entrance walks LAX. Led by Konnan and Salinas, Homicide and the X Division Champion Hernadez walk out to confront the men in the ring.

    Konnan: You gringos are all wrong. You see this man here, is the Global Champion, the X Divioisn Champion and should be the one to become a triple crown winner by beating Brock lesnar for the UFC Championship. Hernandez is the most dangerous man in the world and Joe you want to talk bad. You’ve got no ide ese what bad is. We are LAX, militant thugs 365, and we bring an era of violence that you can only dream about. So how about Bret Hart you cancel Joe and put Hernandez in that match.

    Joe: Shut your damn mouth Konnan! And leave before I break you.

    Homicide darts out from Konnan’s right and hits Joe in the face with a elbow strike. Joe is surprised by the shot, but shakes it off and snarls at Cide.Konan jumps out of the ring as Joe goes for him and Hernandez springs into action but is caught by a belly to belly suplex by Kurt Angle! Joe and Kurt clear the ring as LAX are livid and surround ringside, trash talking the three men inside the six sides.

    Hart: Konnan, looks like your boys have come out here to fight. Well then get me a referee LAX you will be in a tag team match, right nwow against Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe!

    The fans go wild as Konnan can’t beleive it as Impact goes to commercial…


    Back form commercial

    Match #4
    Latin American eXchange vs. Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle

    Joe and Homicide exchange vicious attacks, but the bigger man starts using his power and throws Cide around the ring. He unleashes deadly facewashes and then goes for a Muscle Buster but is stopped by a Hernandez slingshot flying shoulder tackle! Joe drops down, Cide tags in Hernandez and the fans go crazy as the two big man go at it with brutal kicks and strikes. Hernandez bouncers off the ropes and barges Joe to the other side of the ring! Joe crashes onto the mat as ‘Dez attacks with stomps of his own. Hernandez’ power is unbeleivable as he rips off his singlet and chokes the Submisison Machine. Joe turns it around in an instant and hits a backdrop driver to tag in Kurt.

    Kurt comes in but is met by Homicide who is extremely fast and Kurt is hit with a Gringo cutter. 1..2.. Kurt kicks out and Cide starts forcing his fingers inot Kurt’s eye sockets. The two teams brutalise each other with big time clotheslines, but LAX’s double team moves start to dominate the match and Angle is seperated and caught in double team moves from the former tag team champions. The crowd gets behind Joe as he slaps the turnbuckle to get Kurt back in the match.

    Kurt finally hits a desperation German Suplex and tags in Joe who cleans house and looks for a rear naked choke on Herandez to win the match but Cide pulls a fork from his boot and drives it inot Joe’s forehead! Blood trickles from Joe and Cide looks to the Gringo Killah. But Joe is too heavy for the move and escapes but the three hundred pounder is turned inside out by a giant clothesline. The ref is trying to get control when Mistico flies from out of nowehere and hits a big time Hurrancanrana off the top rope on Hernandez! Dez’s head crashes stright into the mat, and Kurt belly to belly suplexes Cide inside of the ring to the floor! Joe shakes off the cobwebs and locks in the clutch on Herandez! The ref sees Dez is out and calls for the bell!

    Winner via referee stoppage Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle at 15:21
    Konnan drops his head into his hands as he looks over at Mistico who points at the LAX leader and shows the sign of the belt. Joe and Angle get their arms raised and the two men turn to each other and shake hands in the middle of the ring.


    <Quick replay of the last match events with Mistico costing Hernandez and Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle shaking hands and Tenay and West talking about the just announced Slammiversary match, Joe vs Angle one last time…>

    Backstage with Christy Hemme is AJ Styles and Hiroshi Tanahashi w/ The Beautiful People

    Hemme: Tonight guys you take on RVD and Jeff Hardy, a team that have tagged togther several times this year. Do you think you have a shot against them?

    AJ: Christy …

    Sky: that’s a stupid question. Of course they can beat those losers. Look at our man Tanahsahi, he is the Ace of the Universe, no one compares to him, especially not those guys!

    Hemme: AJ do you have any comment on what Jeff Hardy said earlier about watching your back tonight as you were the man to eliminate Hiroshi’s tag team partner Desmond Wolfe from the King of the Mountain match.

    AJ:… Christy..

    Love: How dare you make accusations against Hiroshi! Who do you think you are skank? Tonight Hiroshi could beat those two guys by himself he doesn’t even need Styles!

    AJ: Why don’t you both shut your big mouths! Hiroshi don’t even think about it. If you try and screw me….. I’ll getcha. Tonight I’m going out there tonight to fire the first shot at Christopher Daniels. Fallen Angel, I hope you’re watching tonight because AJ Styles coming for ya.

    Styles looks his tag partner up and down tonight and walks off, as Love and Sky pat the Japanese Ace’s hair and arms….

    Main Event
    Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles and Hiroshi Tanahashi

    The referee checks all four men in the match and is about to signal the time keeper to ring the bell, when The Fallen Angel’s music hits and out of the mist walks the World Champion, Christopher Daniels. He has taken off his jacket but is still wearing his shirt, tie and vest. His sleeves are rolled up and the World title is slung over his shoulder. RVD and Hrady throw their hands up, while Tanhashi rolls his eyes. But it is AJ Styles who stands firm in the ring watching him move down the ramp. Daniels walks over to the commentator’s table and sits in between Tenay and West. The ref gets the match started as Hardy and RVD high five while Hiroshi waves AJ into the ring to start. Styles shakes head and grins to himself and dnaces to the left of Rob who is starting the match off for his team.

    The crowd start duelling chants for R.V.D. and A.J., as the two men lock up and then exchange a blistering pace of moves and counter moves to get the fans pumped and then start chanting T.N.A.! Hardy wants in and the crowd roars when RVD high fives him. Tanhashi though waves off Styles to continue. Styles and Hardy then go at it with deep arm drags, drop kicks and high risk body blocks. Both men go down and they reach for their corner. Hiroshi refuses to tag in as RVD is tagged in and he unleashes a flurry of moves onto the former World Champion.

    Styles fights back but is caught in some spectacular double team moves from Rob and Jeff that thrill the crowd. They attempt a big time monkey flip into a Whisper in the Wind but Styles is able to drop to the mat and the two men collide! Suddenly tempers start to flare, and Rob and Jeff have relaised that in ten short days they will be fighting each other for the greatest prize in the sport, the TNA World Championship. Hardy and Van Dam have words, when they double bulldogged into the mat face first by Tanahashi!

    The crowd boos as he bows and the Beautiful people squeal and cheer him on. Hiroshi drags Styles to the corner, then tags him and starts hitting high impact moves on his opponents! Styles tries to roll out onto the apron as Hirsohi thorws Hardy out of the ring and then hits a Brain buster on RVD. Hiroshi then grabs AJ and hits a big time powerbomb on his own tag team partner!! The Ace of the Universe climbs the turnbuckles to deliver the High Fly Flow, but Hardy has pulled a ladder from out under the ring and set it up quickly. He sprints up it as the unsuspecting Tanahashi perches himself on the top turnbuckle. Hardy hits a Poetry in Motion variation off the side of the ladder and knocks the Japanese Ace flying off the top and crashing into the guard rail below! Hardy lands on his back in a corner of the ring. A dazed RVD, looks and sees a down AJ Styles and hits a Rolling Thunder and covers him. But the ref refuses the count as Styles is not the legal man.

    Rob than goes in and grabs the dead weight that is Tanahashi and tries to roll him in. He finally does but Styles tags Hirsohi and when Rob re-enters the ring he is caught with a leg drop through the ropes and Rob is smashed into the mat. He rolls into the ring and AJ leaps to the outside and hits his springboard 450 splash!


    Winners AJ Styles and Hiroshi Tanahashi at 13:37

    The Phenomenal One’s music hits as AJ stands tall in the ring. Daniels stands up at the booth as the two men stare each other down. AJ grabs the man who back stabbed him, Hiroshi Tanhashi and sends a message to Daniels.. STYLES CLASH! Styles music starts up again, and he dares Daniels to get in the ring with him. Daniels walks down to ringside waving the title belt around, saying “he’s the champ” and he teases getting in the ring with Styles but Hardy gets up and stands beside AJ and Rob grabbibg his mid-section also stands beside the Phenomenal One as Daniels backs away holding up the belt almost as he is looking at it for the last time and backs away as the three men back away from each other also as King of the Mountain is on the horizon….

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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*


    On the heels of Bret Hart’s blockbuster announcement this Thursday on Spike TV’s TNA Impact, Spike will be doing a special this Saturday night including the press conference for the huge UFC 117 Main Event, Lesnar vs. Joe, which will include Dana White, Bret Hart and Dixie Carter and then two men themselves Lesnar and Samoa Joe.

    The UFC Heavyweight title will be on the line in this huge match up that pits these two men agaist each other inside the octagon for the first time.

    Joe Rogan:

    Let me tell you, when Samoa Joe a damn pro-wrestler beat Brock Lesnar I couldn’t believe it. A lot of MMA fans around the world were angry as hell at the fact that Brock got beaten by that “other” sport. Lensar is a god damn animal and as tough as Joe looks I didn’t think anyone could beat Brock the way he has been fighting. But this 300 pound tough guy from TNA beat him.

    Personally I don’t think he can do it again. There are no ropes, there are no fancy flips or any of that shit that can be done in there. Joe is going to be out of his comfort zone while Lesnar has been improving since his first fight.

    Mike Tenay:

    Samoa Joe when he first came on the scene in TNA went 18 months without a loss. And unlike MMA, Joe was fighting just about every second night for those 18 months and the only guy who could bring that streak to an end was Kurt Angle. The Olympic Gold medallist, a man that has also beaten Brock Lesnar inside a wrestling ring. Lesnar and Joe at the TNA supercard Sacrifice put on one hell of a fight until Joe was able to drop the UFC Champ on his head and get the pinfall. Inside the octagon Joe will have to either knock Lesnar out or submit him.

    But we don’t call him the Samoan Submission Machine for nothing. The man is fluent in submissions and if my limited knowledge of UFC serves me, Lesnar’s one loss in UFC was due to submission. I think Joe can beat him and solidify TNA as the top organisation in not only wrestling but in all fighting sports.

    Dana White:

    Lesnar is a beast, the man is a powerhouse. He wasn’t used to the six sided ring like Samoa Joe and he hadn’t fought in a year. This time will be different, the UFC title isn’t going any where.

    Bret Hart:

    Samoa Joe is now the best in the world. Once he has got done with Brock Lesnar, I’m sure he’ll set his sights once again on the TNA World title and when he does he will finally beat Christopher Daniels’ reign, and usher in a new era for this company and for the sport. He is the best.

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    Episode 30

    King of the Mountain… TNA’s ultimate test for its Champion. Four challengers, four of the best in the world, wanting to climb the ladder and become the Champion of the World.

    <Images of the winners placing the title on the hook…. Jeff Jarrett, Raven, Jarrett again, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and last year Kurt Angle again…>

    This year the Icon Sting will be the special guest enforcer to ensure the rightful man becomes King... becomes Champion….

    Rob Van Dam. Jeff hardy. Hiroshi Tanahashi. AJ Styles. They are all coming for the greatest prize in professional wrestling today…the TNA Heavyweight Championship of the World, who is held by the most hated man in the sport today, the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels.

    Daniels: Those four men are the very best in the world right now, especially when it comes to bringing a ladder to the ring. But they are all still not in my league, I will show them what I am capable of, and hang MY title high and add one more accolade to my trophy case, I will be the TNA King of the Mountain. Slammiversary will be my finest hour, and that is the gospel according to the Fallen Angel…

    <Impact Intro>

    The pyro explodes as TNA is 3 days away from the Slammiversary supercard and the eighth anniversary of Total Non-stop Action Wrestling.

    Tenay: Tonight we have some blockbuster matches for the fans leading into the ppv this Sunday. The Monsters Ball has been split up tonight as Matt Morgan and Monty Brown collide head on with Rhino and Abyss.

    West: And then Mike, The Pope and Kevin Nash will team up against Desmond Wolfe and Senshi. These two matches will be explosive look at the skill and muscle being flexed in each of them!

    Tenay: It’s all about tag team matches tonight Don, because Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle who have a new found respect for each other will be teaming up tonight and have given out an open challenge.

    The commentators are interrupted as “Motorcity” plays and out walks the World Tag Team Champions, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, the Motor City Machine Guns! The fans love these guys as they run around the ring high fiving the fans and shining up their title belts. They leap into the ring with big smiles on their faces as they grab a microphone each and address the crowd. A huge “Guns” chant goes up as the Champs take it all in before telling them all about Slammiversary.

    Sabin: In three days we go into Slammiversary as the Tag Team Champions of the World. We have been defending these belts against the very best, and we have beaten the very best. I guess that makes us the best, right Alex. Now we find it quite fitting that at Slammiversary we are facing America’s Most Wanted. You see to us TNA’s tag team division equals AMW. It always has. So to us it’s quite the honour to be wrestling them for the titles. Slammiversary is all about TNA’s history and its tradition. So AMW we will be taking it you. Motor City style.

    Shelley: Well said my friend, but you see I’m just going to add to it a little bit. I’m going fill in the gaps so to speak. AMW, when people thought of the TNA tag division they USED to think of you guys. But now it’s the Guns. This is 2010 boys and the Machine Guns are the best in the world and have been proving it by beating everyone. You cowboys will be no different. In three days, we are going to solidify what everyone already knows. We are the best tag team in TNA history!

    “Guilty!” – Out walks the challengers, James Storm and Chris Harris, America’s Most Wanted. They can’t believe the disrespectful statements from Shelley, and it’s all over their faces. Harris even stops to talk to Tenay to say he thinks Shelley has a screw loose. They jump into the ring and stare down the champions.

    Harris: For little boys you sure do have big mouths. Hell, we’ve been watching you boys win time and time again. And you know somethin’? It doesn’t impress us.

    Storm: You know what boys, you guys look and wrestle like a coupla new fangled Japanese import race cars. Ya fast and ya fancy. But what happens when you collide with two big American made-a steel pick-up trucks. I’ll tell ya boys what will happen. Sorry about your damn luck. That’s what.

    AMW walk right into the Champs’ faces. Storm’s hat jabs Sabin’s forehead. They all stare down each other as the fans buzz with excitement. Suddenly the Champs react. But they are not on the same page. Shelley thinks his partner will dive out of the ring with him, while Sabin believes the opposite and hits a big forearm smash to the side of Storm’s temple. But this leaves him open to an attack from Harris. Storm shakes it off as Shelley looks for a way of helping his partner but he can’t see it.

    AMW then hit Sabin with a Death Sentence right in front of Shelley and then challenges him to get in the ring. Shelley is upset but realises if he gets in the ring he’ll be hurt. He yells at his ppv opponents as they laugh at him, and then give the sign of the title belt. AMW’s music hits and Harris dumps Sabin out of the ring like a piece of trash into a gutter. Shelley helps his partner to the back as AMW continue to celebrate getting one up on the Champions before the big title match on Sunday.


    In the back Christy Hemme is with Kevin Nash and D’Angelo Dinero.

    Hemme: Guys tonight you are in tag team action against Desmond Wolfe and Senshi, two of the most vicious competitors here in TNA. Are you concerned going into this match three days before probably the most dangerous match in TNA history, the Monsters Ball?

    Dinero: Christy, Christy do you really think the Pope worries about anythang. Ya see the Pope has got his sights firmly on Senshi and making that boy pay for trying to not just end Pope’s career, but end Pope’s life. Ya dig. So tonight with this seven foot pimp next to me, it’s those two cats who’ve got to be worried. Ya picking up what I’m puttin’ down sweet cheeks.

    Nash: The Pope’s right Christy, we are going to play this one Godfather style. Wolfe you put me in the hospital, so tonight I put you in the morgue. You aren’t making it to Monsters Ball “govner”. So have a cup of tea before you come out because it’ll be your last.

    Dinero: Now that’s Pimpin’

    Match #1
    Kevin Nash and D’Angelo Dinero vs. Desmond Wolfe w/ Chelsea and Senshi

    Pope and Senshi start the match, and it continues where these two men left off, with vicious exchanges. Nash talks to Chelsea trying to distract Desmond and it starts to work. The English beauty doesn’t seem to mind the attentions of the big man.

    Senshi drives brutal knees and kicks into the Pope’s mid section forcing him to tag in the big seven footer, but Nash gets his knees chopped from under him by a big time drop kick to the kneecap. Nash falls and Wolfe tags in and starts stretching the legend. Constant quick tags by Wolfe and Senshi have Nash in big trouble as they start punishing him with strong style shots.

    The fans chant for Pope to get in as Nash kicks out and then tries desperately to make the tag. Pope finally comes in and like a house of fire starts hitting uppercuts and stiff jabs to Wolfe and Senshi. Nash gets to his feet and hits a big boot on Senshi and Pope sets him up in the corner. Nash chokes the Warrior with his boot and then quickly pulls it away as Pope hits the DDE!! 1..2.. Wolfe breaks up the cover and throws Dinero to the outside. Nash goes after Wolfe but Desmond is too quick for the injured Nash and hits a Jawbreaker clothesline!!! Senshi follows it up with a Warriors Way double stomp right to Nash’s huge sterum! Wolfe covers 1..2..3.

    Winners Desmond Wolfe and Senshi at 8:46

    Chelsea walks in and raises both men’s arms in victory, as Wolfe smugly grins and gives his opponents the forks while Senshi roars with satisfaction.


    Backstage Christy Hemme waits in the arena’s secure car parking garage. A black limousine pulls in and the driver opens the back door for the World Champion who is on the phone. Christy tries to get a comment from him, but he screws up his face at her and then walks off as the driver grabs his bags and follows him in. Christy sends it back to the commentary position.

    Mike Tenay and Don West run through the Slammiversary card.

    Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Steiner

    Knockout’s Champion Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong vs. Tara

    World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns vs. America’s Most Wanted

    8 Man Monsters Ball
    Pope vs. Senshi vs. Rhino vs. Abyss vs. Morgan vs. Nash vs. Wolfe vs. Brown

    X Division Champion Hernandez vs. Mistico

    Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe


    The King of the Mountain
    Daniels vs. Styles vs. Tanahashi vs. Hardy vs. Van Dam

    Gunshots ring out as LAX roar out of their border entrance pushing fans out of the ay as they jump the rail and get into the ring. Led out by Konnan and Salinas, Homicide and the X Division Champion Hernandez roll out into the ring bombarded by jeers from the 30,000 strong fans!

    Konnan: Shut up you stoopid gringos. We are out here because we have something to say. Mistico in three days you got your title shot against Hernandez inside a steel cage. Wow boy, you have no idea what you have gotten yourself into vato. You see Jerry Lynn in all his wisdom has put the cage in place to keep us out. When all it has done is locked you inside with him. The champ, the most ferocious, violent man I all of wrestling. Hernandez is going to eat you alive, and there is nothing you can do about it. Odelay..

    But tonight if you are man enough, why don’t you come out here and try taking on the Notorious 187, Homicide, and see if you can compete with us Lucha thugs. C’mon big man what are you waiting for?

    Mistico’s music hits and the fans go crazy as the Lucha Libre star launches out of the tunnel and is pumped up tonight!

    Match #2
    Mistico vs. Homicide

    LAX jump out of the ring as the referee walks out and warns them to not interfere. He rings the bell, and the Cide comes out guns blazing. But Mistico is ready for him and leap frogs him and then hits a drop kick! The fans are behind the mysterious one, as he speeds up the pace with explosive moves. Cide gets frustrated and Konnan tries to get him back into the match.
    Homicide although known as a brawler is as fast as Mistico and explodes with moves of his own. He sends Mistico to the outside and hits his trademark Topé con Hilo (Somersault topé through the second and top ropes) smashing Mistico in the face. He follows it up with a Shining Wizard and then gets in the face of the fans. Mistico fights back with a desperation superkick and then a Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb!

    Konnan directs traffic getting Cide back into the match as Salinas distracts Mistico and behind the referee’s back, Hernandez trips up the high flyer. Cide takes advantage with brutal facewashes in the corner. Homicide then stes for the Gringo Killah, but Mitsico escapes and hits a deep arm drag. Cide quickly gets to his feet and sprints in for a decapitation clothesline only to be hit by a Tilt–a–whirl headscissors takedown transitioned into a single arm DDT floated over into a Fujiwara armbar… The LA MISTICA!!! Homicide taps out in the middle of the ring as Konnan is livid.

    Winner Mistico at 7:33

    The bell is rung and Hernadez jumps in to attack the challenger to his title, but he is too quick for the big man and rolls out of the ring. The referee follows him out and raises his arm in victory as LAX start ripping apart ringside. Hernandez picks up the steel steps and starts throwing them around. Mistico’s music continues to play as Konnan orders his troops back to the border.


    <The screen is full of flames, there is a faint roar in the background…possibly digitally enhanced, as the flames grow larger and then form a shape it slowly changes into the flag of the USA. The flames make it flow in the wind and then another roar is heard and the flames cover the screen again and then burns out to a black screen. A slashing sound that changes into a hissing noise is heard and words appear in big white block letters underneath each other “Born in fire, baptised in blood, forged in combat….” Then they fade and one big word appears… “ENTER”>

    Backstage JB has an exclusive with the two men who will face each other at Slammiversary for the very last time.

    Angle: JB, this man right here was the main reason I came to TNA. I just came off beating the Undertaker and I thought there was no one out there that could compete on my level. Then I saw this wrecking ball taking guys apart. And not just any guys. Joe was destroying super stars like Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Raven, Abyss and Sting. Wheer I was posed no challenge to me anymore and so I came here to TNA to face him.

    Over the years we have fought each other from over who was the best, to over all the Championships in TNA in one match. Cage matches, iron man matches it didn’t matter we just wanted to beat each other. But now we are going to do this one last time. Joe has a match against Brock Lesnar at UFC 117, so at Slammiversary we are going to fight one last time to get Joe ready for what he will face in the octogon. And Joe knows I will hold nothing back.

    Joe: Ya see JB, all I want to be is the World Champion, and I’ll destroy anyone who stands in my. When Kurt came here he stood in my way, and I wouldn’t stand for it. But now it is Lesnar who stands in my way. When I beat him at UFC 117, when I end his career at UFC 117, there will be no one standing in my way. Kurt and I have fought more times than we can count, but this time it will be our last at the ppv that stands for TNA tradiotion and there truly is no better tradition than Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle.
    So tonight we have thrown out an open challenge to any tag team who has got the guts to face us. Because tonight … everyone looks like Lesnar.

    Match #3
    Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle vs. Speed Muscle

    <A video of Speed Muscle betraying Amazing Red in their tag match two weeks earlier and then last week with the Speedstar Yoshino defeating Red in an amazing match>

    The cocky young stars from the Dragon Gate promotion in Japan have made a name for themselves here in TNA and have been gunning for the World tag titles since they arrived. Joe and Kurt walk out and are not surprised by the two men who have answered their challenge. They aren’t taking them lightly as Joe says that he wants to start. Naruki Doi, the “Muscle” of the team rubs his hands together, smacks his face and then locks up with the Samoan Submission Machine. They tussle and then Joe throws him aside. Doi tries it again but is hit by a huge kick from Joe. Doi’s leg buckles and he crawls back to tag in Yoshino. Kurt wants in and Joe tags him in.

    Joe and Kurt put on a clinic dominating with a slow methodical pace taking apart their opponents. Speed Muscle though finally get a lucky break and after a surprise arm drag to Angle, Yoshino strikes with a lightning quick dropsault. Speed Muscle fire up and the two start bombarding the two heavy hitters with high impact, high flying attacks. Joe and Angle are dropped by super quick tornado ddt’s and explosive flying neck breakers. Doi looking finish runs in for a clothesline but is caught in a release belly to belly suplex from Angle, that sends him flying out of the ring and onto the concrete floor!

    Yoshino then attacks but is bulldozed by a roaring Joe. Joe power bombs Yoshino and locks in a high held Boston Crab. Yoshino’s flexibility keeps him in the game but Joe quickly transitions to an STF. Yoshino screams in pain and looks to reach for the ropes. Joe pulls Yoshino’s arm back and locks in a cross face. Yoshino taps furiously!

    Winners Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe at 8:12

    Joe’s music hits and Kurt walks over to him and shakes his hand. The two stare at each other knowing that in three days they will be tearing into each other one last time at Slammiversary…


    Backstage Alex Shelley and Kevin Nash are talking, when Christy Hemme comes over to him for some words on what went on earlier tonight.

    Shelley: Look no comment alright Christy. If you want to come back to my dressing room and speak into my microphone then that’s fine, otherwise go do your hair or something, I’ve got a title match to prepare for on Sunday.

    “My World” plays and out walks Jeff Jarrett, the original King of the Mountain. With his signature guitar slung over his shoulder, he doesn’t look happy.

    Jarrett: Scotty, I’m out here tonight to tell you that at Slammiversary you and I are going to settle this once and for all. You see when you sided with Daniels and Raven and tired to destroy the company I built with my blood, my sweat and my tears, you stabbed me and you stabbed my family in the back. On Sunday we are going to finish this and I’m going to make sure you regret what you did.

    Sirens sound and out walks Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. He struts out in jeans and a t-shirt, wearing his sunglasses and flexes his muscles to the camera. He gets in the ring and strokes his beard as he looks Jarrett up and down and then scoffs at everything his former friend has said.

    Steiner: Jeff, you expect me to care about you or this company? Huh? I’m the biggest star in this company, I’m the man with the largest arms in the world, and I don’t give a damn about what happens unless I’m the Champion and I’m getting paid the big money that I deserve. You call yourself my friend, you aint my friend. Where was my title shots when I first came here. It was all about Planet Jarrett, I’m the one who saved your ass from Joe, who stopped AJ, who stopped Sting. I’m the one who carried your ass and carried your company. And what did I get? Nothin’ that’s what. Now it’s time I take what’s mine you sonavabitch.

    You decided not to give me a qualifyin’ match for King of the Mountain, you decided to suspend me earlier this year. You decided your fate when you messed wif me Jeff. And at Slamvers’ry, I’m going to trash you.

    Jarrett looks down, it seems Steiner’s words have rung true. He was selfish in TNA’s early days. But then he looks up at Steiner.

    Jarrett: I did what I did to make TNA bigger. I’ve got no excuses for what I did years ago, except at the time I thought it was the right thing to do. But Scotty, you’ve always done whatever suited you. And you tried to burn this company down alongside Raven, alongside Daniels and that cannot be forgiven. At Slammiversary I will show the world that TNA’s future is safe by taking you out of it.

    Jarrett swings his guitar and it connects! It splinters into a hundred pieces as it explodes over Steiner’s head. The hulking man mountain drops like a tree as Jarrett holds what is left of his trusty weapon to his side and then drops it on to the unconscious Steiner. Jarrett’s lip quivers as he is in some sort of trance as Impact goes to commercial…


    <A video of all the crazy shit that has occurred in the Monster’s Ball matches over the years…>

    Match #4
    Monty Brown and Matt Morgan vs. Abyss and Rhino

    Brown and Morgan look like they were made to be a tag team, while the sadistic Abyss and maniacal Rhino are led out by James Mitchell, who directs traffic to Abyss, but Rhino gets in his face explaining that he takes orders from no one.
    The match begins as Brown wants Rhino but Abyss starts the match. The two men try to out power the other and it’s almost a stalemate. Abyss backs Brown into the corner but with a blind tag, Morgan comes in and attacks Abyss. Rhino comes in to break it up and the ref tries to get control as these four powerhouses rip into each other.

    The high impact power moves come out as each man tries to take control by hitting big time power bombs, kicks, side slams and corner smashes. Rhino goes for a Gore on Brown, but is kicked in the side of the head by the Carbon Footprint! Abyss makes the save but is clotheslined by Brown to keep the match alive. Brown then looks to smash Abyss with the Pounce but as he comes off the ropes Abyss counters it into the Balckhole Slam! Morgan breaks it up only to be gored by Rhino. 1..2..3

    Winners Abyss and Rhino at 7:51

    Rhino rolls out and grabs a table and sets it up on the outside near the ring apron. Rhino grabs Brown and looks to put him through the table using the Rhino Driver, but Morgan makes the save with another Carbon Footprint knocking Rhino off the apron and crashing through the table. Morgan roars and trash talks the fallen Rhino, when he turns into vicious punch from Abyss, who’s fist is wrapped in his signature giant steel chain! Morgan drops to his knees and Abyss finishes the job with a big boot to the face. Abyss roars as Mitchell laughs as they survey the damage. Mitchell raises the Monster’s arm in victory.

    Backstage The World Champion Christopher Daniels walks out of his dressing room.


    Backstage Mitchell has his orderlies put the Monster Abyss back into his cage. JB walks up to Mitchell while all this is going on.

    JB: James, it looks like Abyss sent a message out there tonight to the other seven men he will face in Monster’s Ball on Sunday.

    Mitchell: Hahaha, JB you are certainly a man who states the obvious. Yes of course that’s what Abyss did tonight. My six foot eight, weapon of mass destruction, is going to turn the six sided ring into his own private slaughterhouse. This is his party after all, the Monster’s Ball is built for Abyss. He will hang each man up one by one and skin them alive until he is all that is left to get what he deserves, a shot at the holy grail itself. The World Championship! Hahahahahahaha…

    Mike Tenay and Don West again run through the Slammiversary card for this Sunday.

    Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Steiner

    Knockout’s Champion Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong vs. Tara

    World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns vs. America’s Most Wanted

    8 Man Monsters Ball
    Pope vs. Senshi vs. Rhino vs. Abyss vs. Morgan vs. Nash vs. Wolfe vs. Brown

    X Division Champion Hernandez vs. Mistico

    Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

    The King of the Mountain
    Daniels vs. Styles vs. Tanahashi vs. Hardy vs. Van Dam

    Out of the entrance tunnel emerges the World Champion, Christopher Daniels. He is wearing a suit, but the suit jacket is extremely long and he is wearing a long chain with the ankh symbol (which is tattooed on his chest) at the end of it. The World title is over shoulder as he walks slowly down the ramp posing before he enters. He spins around to let the fans see he is extremely confident going into Slammiversary.

    Daniels: … I stand in this ring asking questions to the four men who think they are coming to Slammiversary to take my title from me. What are you will to sacrifice? How high are you daring to fly? How far are you willing to fall? How low will you stoop to embrace this? I’ll tell all of you that none of you will go as far as me, none of you will go beyond the pain, beyond the suffering, beyond the limits of the body that I am. The man who holds that responsibility, who bears that burden, who carries that cross is me and me alone.

    “Get Ready to Fly!!”- From a shower of sparks walks out the former Champion of the World, the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles interrupting the Champion's monologue. Styles walks down the ramp to a standing ovation as the huge crowd go ballistic for him. He quickly gets in to the ring and stands face to face with his former best friend and greatest enemy.

    Styles: Daniels, I’m out here to put a stop to your sermons. Man you like to talk, I guess I never really noticed it before but you like to go on and on don’t you? Well guess what “Champ”? In three days I take back what is mine and I shut you up for good!

    “Modest” the fans erupt again as the arena goes dark and lasers fill the Impact Zone as the Charismatic Enigma walks out and he isn’t alone, he is with his greatest tag partner of all time…. a ladder! The fans dance along as he sets up the ladder right next to the ring and then climbs to sit atop it looking down at his opponents. The music stops and Jeff pulls a mic from his back pocket.

    Hardy: Hey AJ, not to rain on your sparkly parade, but ya see no one knows more about a ladder than me. Now you know I’ve got no love for Daniels, but it doesn’t matter who gets in my way, I will change the course of TNA history with a simple Twist of Fate. C’mon with it!

    “Walk”- The heavy metal theme song of the Whole Dam Show hits and out walks Rob Van Dam. Smiling as always he gets the fans to chant along with him his name as he points to himself and hops into the ring.

    RVD: Woah dudes, this is getting a bit heated. I understand why though, you are all know that the Whole Dam Show is going to steal the show and become World Champion. Hey Jeff, you aren’t the only guy who can use a ladder. Besides dude, have you ever beaten me? Hmm… don’t feel bad about it, it doesn’t make you a bad wrestler it just makes you like everybody else!

    Hardy looks at the fans and then in an insane move dives off the top of the ladder! He comes crashing down and takes out all three men in the ring! Hardy then drags RVD to the corner than calls out to the fans. He sets for his trademark Swanton Bomb, but is quickly pushed off the top by the fifth man in the match, Hiroshi Tanahashi!

    As AJ gets to his feet, Tanahashi then hits a Slingblade on him, and then looks to hit a High Fly Flow on Hardy, but Daniels smashes him in the face with the title belt! Tanahashi slumps to the mat off the top, and Daniels then rolls out of the ring. The four challengers are left laying in the ring all hurting with the Fallen Angel laughing on the outside with the title over his shoulder and his arms stretched out in his signature pose. But from the entrance tunnel walks a familiar shadow…

    “Slay Me” plays and out walks the Icon. Daniels turns to see the King of the Mountain special enforcer Sting, pointing a bat at him as Daniels steps away and Impact goes off the air!

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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

    Okay, Run-In. Here's that review I promised you. I probably should've went about it differently and read your full fic before reviewing so I was in-tune with it but for now, I'm diving right in.


    - From my point of view, three obvious choices in RVD, Styles and Hardy. I've heard of Tanahashi but never seen his work, I figure he's a big deal.
    - Never really been a fan of Christopher Daniels but it's a clean slate here. Nice promo, I liked that you had him show respect and say they were four of the best in the world instead of just saying he was gonna' win.
    - Good matches tonight, Monster Ball at Slammiversary? Two big matches already.

    - I liked this segment until the end. Never been a huge MCMG fan but they did well here, I like the whole idea of the veterans trying to keep their torch and the dialogue was good.
    - However, I just don't see MCMG ready to escape from the ring. I know, the idea was probably to cause tension ahead of Slammiversary but I don't see where you can build that tension further. If you had another weeks show, then maybe you could add more tension to the exsisting tension created there but it didn't really work for me.
    - It also makes the MCMG look really weak and scared. It wasn't like they were at a disadvantage or attacked from behind. It was two-on-two just like it'll be at the PPV. It makes them look like they think they can't take Beer Money, or Shelley can't anyway.

    - What exactly is DiNero's gimmick? I'm not sure about interviews like this, even with King Booker with the silly put-on accent and DiNero saying things like 'ya dig?' as part of his character. It's like Percy Watson in a way but I've seen DiNero's promos and Watson's and Watson's are more entertaining. Maybe I'm just imagining a TNA DiNero promo in my head and it's not translating well when you write it. There's nothing technically wrong with it, just not a fan of the character.

    Nash/Dinero vs. Senshi/Wolfe
    - Odd combinations for me just coming into it, but they look like they can work and are giving four guys TV time. I will say, you did well hyping the match at the interview.
    - I liked that, the right people won and it was a good finish, two big moves to finish off Nash. Is the Jawbreaker, Wolfe's finisher?
    - I liked the fact they pinned Nash rather than DiNero, Nash is just the bigger star.

    Nifty looking Slammiversary card. Oh, those tag participants are in an 8-man monsters ball? Insanity, in a good way.

    - Heard of Mistico, never heard of his work. I think keeping Konnan and Salinas is a good idea, I'd probably have only had one of them be the mouthpiece but hey, Salinas is eyecandy.
    - Good hype too having him face his partner, simple but effective.
    - It seemed that Homicide dominated until the end when Mistico got the win, really, out of nowhere. Hm... when you put it like that when Mistico's gonna face a much larger opponent in a cage, it's hard to envision a win.
    - Nevertheless, Mistico does get a win heading into Hernandez.

    What was that? That's... intriguing and definitely imaginative.

    - Joe fighting Lesnar at UFC 117? Really? Definitely new but I mean, it might be unrealistic if you have Joe win because Lesnar's fully-trained fighter completely focused on UFC. If you have Joe lose, then it makes Joe look bad.
    - Interesting that they seem on the same page for the PPV where they fight. That could and probably will change though.

    Tag Match
    - Okay, I was wrong, no tension.
    - Hey, I remember Doi from the World X Cup. He was fast, nice to see a Japanese speedy team get a shot in TNA. Sounds like something I'd enjoy.
    - The right team win but you definitely didn't short-change the Speeders.

    - You have me interested in this, I have to say. I mean, originally I thought Steiner/Jarrett ? But it works well given the backstory and I like how you have Steiner actually talk like he talks.

    Tag Match
    - 'Seem like they were forced to team?'... okay, fair enough but more explanation would've done.
    - The match was okay, Rhino/Abyss, the more experienced team I'm guessing, win.
    - Morgan looked like a beast for a little bit there but Abyss stands tall. Very unpredictable Monsters Ball a-coming.

    - I like the whole caged idea. Dunno if TNA ever did that before. But Abyss is rightfully a monster again because he really lost his way in TNA when he went with the white jacket.

    Final Hype for Slammiversary
    - I think you should've had the four more involved in the show rather than a little bit at the end. Sure, it hypes the rest of the show well and I guess KOTM doesn't need a lot of hype but just a little bit more.
    - The segment was great with Hardy leaping off, think Matt would take offense to his comments though.
    - You worked around Tanahashi's Japanese well too.
    - Sting appearing at the end really completing the segment but Daniels stands tall, meaning he loses the belt? I expect him to.

    - Can't complain about the majority of the show, good show, easy to read and shows why you are spotlighted. Couple of things I wasn't sure of but I did enjoy it. WRITE SLAMMIVERSARY NOW!

    2013 TBG Poster of the Year

    Scotland, Celtic and FC Basel

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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

    TNA Narrator: The King of the Mountain... Every year at Slammiversary TNA Wrestling's best put their reputaions and the careers on the line for the greatest prize in professional wrestling today, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

    The Charismatic Enigma, the man without fear, arguable the brightest star of 2009, Jeff Hardy finally gets his opportunity at gold in a match that uses a ladder. The ladder has been Hardy's weapon of choice for the last ten years, will he be the one to climb to the top?

    The Whole Dam Show, Mr. Pay Per View, Rob Van Dam with all his hardcore and ladder match experience, will it be this man who not only steals the show, but steals the title by placing the title atop the ladder like a king does a crown?

    Hiroshi Tanahashi, the Ace of the Universe, the man who has only lost once in singles competition since his debut here in TNA and that was against the World Champion. Does he have what it takes to fly higher than all others add another World title to his resume?

    AJ Styles, the former Champion, the Phenomenal One has returned to a self imposed exile to return better than ever, and once again wants to take on his most hated rival, his nemesis, the Champion Daniels.

    All four men have beaten the world's best to be apart of this match that could see one or all of them crippled all for hat chance to become Champion of the World and the King of the Mountain...

    Daniels: Now more than ever I pose the question, can either of you believe in your heart of hearts that you are the men to curb my desire, my will, my spirit? At Slammiversary, The Fallen Angel will ascend to Heaven and tear down what is now my soul as I come back down to Earth, with my enemies slain and I still being Champion of the World!

    The show opens as the biggest crowd in TNA history is announced over the loud speakers and it is met with an enormous cheer! 75,784 people have turned out to see the 8th anniversary of Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling in Slammiversary 2010!!!!!

    The massive stage area is one big video screen, as the huge 30 foot long ramp is lined with giant spotlights all the way down to ringside. A thunderous “TNA” chant roars through the arena as pryo explodes almost like internal fireworks! Mike Tenay and Don West are out of their seats as they are thrilled to be here for one of TNA’s biggest nights. In the commentary box all night tonight with them will be none other than Bret “The Hitman” Hart! They discuss the matches and what TNA has meant to so many people over the last eight years and how in only this short time they have become the biggest pro-wrestling company in the world today just as Bret Hart promised seven months earlier on the January 7 live Impact telecast!

    “My World” hits and the crowd goes crazy as what better way to kick off Slammiversary 2010 than by opening the night with the TNA Founder himself Jeff Jarrett!!!! Dressed in his trademark ring gear and his long flowing “JJ” sleeveless coat pyro explodes all over the arena as Jarrett’s guitar shoots out pyro as the Founder struts to the ring. Camera flashes go off as he stands on the turnbuckles holding up the guitar. He soaks in the huge cheers from the TNA faithful and asks for a microphone.

    Jarrett: Tonight is a celebration. A celebration of what can happen if you have a dream. What I see here tonight is the culmination of that dream. And right here tonight, I protect that dream. Scott Steiner, you want to try and rip down everything we have built, all of this. Not today, Come on out Scotty, because I’m about to show you what TNA is all about. So why don’t you choke on that…<the crowd finishes it off with a deafening “SLAPNUTS!”>

    Slammiversary Match #1
    King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett vs. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

    Sirens sound and out walks one of the most feared men in all of professional wrestling. Flexing his enormous muscles, Steiner looks ready to kill somebody.

    <Video of the history of these two men. They have been best friends for their entire careers. Until Steiner out of greed joined with Raven and Christopher Daniels to bring down TNA., Jarrett’s company. Jarrett and Steiner came to blows and finally after the smoke had settled and Sting had banished Raven, Steiner was suspended. On his return, Steiner vowed revenge and started beating up wrestlers. Steiner wants the title shot that Daniels promised him, but Jarrett blocked it. Then when Steiner lost to Angle at Hard Justice he was not applicable for a qualifying match for King of the Mountain, making him furious and attacked Jarrett… Jarrett has had enough and it’s now personal…>

    Steiner steps onto the apron and the referee checks both men. Steiner takes offence and gets in the ref’s face, but Jarrett jumps over the top of him with a right hand to explosively start the match. The crowd pop to see Jarrett defend the honour of TNA against the man who joined forces with Raven and try to bring the company to its knees at the start of the year.

    Jarrett is like a mad dog and is warned by the ref to open up his fists as he rained down blows onto the forehead of Steiner. The big man calls for a time out but he doesn’t get it and is kicked in the gut and then hit with a vertical suplex! Steiner quickly rolls out of the ring to escape as the fans go crazy for the TNA founder! Steiner composes himself by jaw-jacking with the fans. He takes the as much of the ten count to get back into the ring to the hate of the fans. He stand ready and the two men stare each other down.

    Steiner and Jarrett lock up, and Steiner turns it into a headlock. Jarrett sends Steiner into the ropes, and Steiner responds with a big shoulderblock. Jarrett is back up, and he takes Steiner off his feet with a headlock takeover. Steiner fights back up to his feet and pushes Jarrett into the corner, forcing the break. Steiner goes right for a punch, but Jarrett ducks it and goes to work with a couple of blows to the body. Steiner responds with a big blow to the back of Jarrett’s head before picking him up and slamming him in the corner. Steiner beats on Jarrett in the corner, slamming him with a big boot to the head.

    Steiner continues to work over Jarrett’s neck, clubbing away across Jarrett’s neck. Steiner tries for a suplex, but Jarrett blocks it and comes back with a suplex of his own. Jarrett beats on Steiner in the corner for a bit, and he hits a bull dog, cover..1…2… shoulders up! Jarrett looks for the Stroke, but Steiner fights it off, countering with a big DDT. Steiner rolls right into the cover…. 1…2….kickout!

    Steiner sits Jarrett up and hits a big kick to Jarrett’s face. Steiner looks for the Steiner Recleiner to end the match quickly, but Jarrett seeing it coming is able to slip out of itget onto his back and kick Steiner in the chest forcing him to the mat. Jarrett fights to his feet and the two men exchange right hands, with Steiner getting the upper hand with a neckbreaker. Steiner covers …1…..2…..Kickout to huge cheers from the fans!

    Jarrett is able to fight up to his feet, and suplexes Steiner. Steiner charges Jarrett in the corner, but gets a big boot instead. Jarrett hits a big shoulder block, a side belly to back suplex, but he ends up eating a huge belly to belly release overhead suplex!!!!

    Steiner calls for the finish, but Jarrett surprises him with a thumb to the eye! The fans erupt in laughter.

    Steiner puts Jarrett in the corner and buries his shoulder in Jarrett’s midsection before placing him on the top rope. Steiner goes for a superplex, but Jarrett fights it off. Steiner though will not be denied..FRANKENSTEINER!!!!!!!!!!!. Steiner takes a long time but finally covers the King of the Mountain..1….2… Jarrett kicks out and Steiner is shocked.

    Steiner is up on his feet, and he picks Jarrett up, trying for T-Bone suplex, but Jarrett counters into THE Stroke attempt. Steiner counters, and Jarrett counters again this time connecting with the Stroke! 1….2…Steiner kicks out! Steiner crawls to the ropes as he is in big trouble.

    Jarrett climbs up to the top turnbuckle, and he jumps off, right into a big Steinerline! Both men are down and the ref starts the ten count.
    Steiner gets to his feet and drags Jarrett to the middle of the ring and locks in the Recliner!!!! Jarrett looks for the ropes, the fans are with him and they are chanting ‘Double J” to help him not tap. Steiner’s bulging arms rip back on Jarrett’s neck, with so much force, Jarrett is blacking out. Steiner screams at the ref to “ask him”. Jarrett refuses to tap, and Steiner sits right back on Jarrett’s lower spine and roars as the veins in his arms look like they are going to explode, he has so much force on Jarrett’s neck and shoulders. The ref lifts Jarrett’s arm… it drops..


    The ref again lifts Jarrett’s arm.. it drops again…


    The ref for the third and final time lifts Jarrett’s arm …

    Jarrett clenches his fist! He pumps the air and grabs Steiner’s wrist. Steiner roars and releases the hold! The big man is exhausted from trying to finish the match. He is so angry and frustrated that Jarrett would not quit on the match and would not quit on the company. Steiner stomps the back of Jarrett’s head. He stomps it again and again. The ref tries to stop him, but Steiner wants to crack the skull of the man who only a few months ago was “Uncle Scotty” to his daughters. The ref checks on Jarrett and gets no response. The ref calls for the bell….

    Winner via ref stoppage at 13:56, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner.
    Sirens sound as the fans boo Steiner. He slumps into the corner exhausted. Bret Hart runs from the broadcast booth to check on his friend as Steiner pulls himself to his feet and has a stare down with the Hitman. Steiner walks away almost unable to lift his enormous arms in victory as the fans boo and jeer him. Steiner walks away victorious as Hart and now medical staff attend to the TNA founder.

    After a few minutes, Jarrett gets to his feet to a huge cheer and wants to walk under his own power to the back. Jarrett taps his heart to say he loves TNA and all its fans!

    JB and Christy Hemme run out to get a comment from Jarrett, but Hart tells them that it’s not the time, but Jarrett, disagrees. He looks at the camera and with the two microphones in place…

    Jarrett: I didn’t give up… TNA will never give up… Don’t ever give up!

    The fans go crazy as Hart tells the EMTs to get him to help straight away as the fans chant “TNA, TNA, TNA”….

    <Video of the events going on in KnockedOut! The Knockout’s own show. Gail Kim the Knockout’s Champion knows Slammiversary is here and says that she is pioneer of this division and is ready to fight all challengers to show that this is the top Woman’s title in all of pro wrestling. She is met met by two former champions, Kong and Tara. The monster Kong attacks, but Tara, who hates Gail due to her taking the title from her, surprisingly makes the save… only to hit the Widow’s Peak on the Champion herself…..>

    Slammiversary Match #2
    KnockOut Championship Match
    Champion Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong vs. Tara

    All three Knock Outs stare the other down as they prepare for war.

    Kong and Tara tried to corner Gail, who tried to keep her space while throwing a forearm at Kong and a kick at Tara. Gail went in and out of the ring, getting Tara to follow. Gail hit Kong with a clothesline, which had no effect so she turned and then knocked Tara out of the ring as she got in. Gail kicked Kong, then dropkicked Tara. Kong caught Gail with a huge shoulder block, and then the double team began with Tara and Kong stomping Gail down. Tara and Kong then grabbed Gail, then took turns holding her while the other punched the champ. Gail tried to fight back, but was given a double vertical suplex.

    Kong then hit a huge short arm clothesline to Tara. She stomped Tara and then looked for a powerbomb. Gail dropkicked Kong making her release the move and then using Tara as a step flew into Kong’s face with a huge elbow smash! Gail came out of the corner screaming and then moved back in only to be nailed with a clothesline. Kong hit Gail with another clothesline while Tara clipped Gail’s leg. Tara gave Gail a kneedrop, then went to climb the ropes. While she did that, Kong tried to make a cover. Tara broke it up, and the two argued. Tara amazingly threw Kong out of the ring and then tried to lock a suAMWssion on Gail. Kong slugged Tara to break up the suAMWssion and Tara responded by tackling Kong, and they rolled to the floor and brawled.

    Tara and Kong rolled back in and kept punching. Gail saw the opportunity and climbed the turnbuckles and flew off the top and came down crashing on both of the challengers! The fans erupt as Gail although hurting has knocked down the two biggest heavy hitters in the Knockout’s Division. Kong and Gail slugged it out on the floor, as Tara rolled back into the ring. Tara tried what Gail just did, but the champ moves and she lands on Kong! Tara gets up and walks right inot a DDT on the floor!!! The champ is on fire as she rolls back into the ring and when Kong gets to her feet, Gail calls for her to bring it on!

    Kong is livid and stomps into the ring and the two adversaries face off. TNA’s tradition continues as these two are once again facing each other with the title on the line! Kong charges, Gail hits a drop toe hold bringing the big woman down. Gail comes off the ropes and drop kicks Kong in the top of the head and then rolls the almost 300 pound frame over for a cover..1…2… Kong kicks out!! Gail sees Tara got on the apron and so she kicks her off Kong is up and attacks but Gail is ready and hits a deep arm drag sending the monster across the ring. As Kong gets up Gail is already in her face and she is hit with Gail’s new finisher, EAT DAFEET! Like a gunshot Kong’s head snaps back and her whole body flips onto her back. 1…2…3!!!

    Winner via pinfall at 9:23 and STILL Knockout’s Champion Gail Kim
    The fans go up as Gail has overcome two of the very best in the world to retain the title. She holds the belt up in victory as Tara is dazed from the DDT on the floor and then dropping on her head off the apron, while Kong is still out from Gail’s brutal finisher. Gail high fives the fans as she is over whelmed with emotion over such a big win. Traci Brooks, ODB, Roxxi, Sarita and Hamada walk out onto the stage and applaud the champion and her win. So too does Bret Hart at the commentary position clapping the efforts of a fallow Canadian athlete. Gail has retained at Slammiversary!!!

    Backstage with Christy Hemme is the World Tag Team Champions, the Motor City Machine Guns.

    Shelley: Tonight Christy is the anniversary of this great company. Tonight is all about tradition, it’s all about history. Well we are bringing in a whole new era of tag team glory. We are going to make history. The Machine Guns, that’s us, will defeat the team that everyone says is the best in TNA history and then there will be no more debate. The Motor City Machine Guns are the best in the world and the best in TNA history.

    Sabin: Christy you see, we are the future and the future is now. We don’t wear these belts because they were given to us, we earned these here, we are the very best now and America’s Most Wanted, you are the past and you will soon find out that around here you guys are number two.

    JB is with the challengers tonight for the tag titles, America’s Most Wanted

    Harris: You know when I came back, I cam back for one reason and that’s for me and my “brother” James Storm to reunite and once again become World Tag Team Champions. It has been a longer road than I thought, TNA’s tag division is the best in the world, but we are here and how fitting it is that we get our shot at Slammiversary. We are history, we are the company’s best ever and Machine Guns, you little punks you are going to find out how good we really are, I hope you shined those titles up real nice for us because we are putting them back where they rightfully belong.

    Storm: YeeeaaaHaw!!! Sorry about your damn luck!

    Slammiversary Match #3
    World Tag Team Championship Match
    Champions The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin vs. America’s Most Wanted (Cowboy James Storm and Wildcat Chris Harris)

    Storm and Shelley look to start things off for their respective teams. They lock up and Storm back Shelley up into the corner before breaking somewhat cleanly. Another lock up and Storm back Shelley up again. He tries to punch Shelley, but Shelley comes back with a flurry of offence of his own. Shelley hits an inverted atomic drop followed up with a headscissors and he turns his attention to Storm's arm. Storm is able to tag out to Harris who comes in and works on Shelley's arm. Shelley makes the tag to Sabin who comes in and eats a couple of right hands from Harris. Sabin hits a kick to the face, and the Guns use a blind tag to take both Storm and Harris out to the floor. Sabin follows Harris to the outside and rolls him back in for Shelley.

    Shelley goes to work on Harris's arm before tagging in Sabin who double teams Harris, still focusing on the arm. Sabin stomps away at Harris's head, but Harris is able to make it back to his feet and tag out to Storm. Another blind tag for the Guns leads to another double team, and Shelley goes for the pin, but Harris comes in to break things up. Shelley sends Harris to the floor, but then turns around into a punch to the face from Storm. Sabin is arguing with the ref, and it leads to Harris pulling Shelley down and crotching him against the ring post. Harris and Storm continue to make quick tags to work over Shelley and Storm lock in a rear chin lock. Shelley fights out but he's taken right down to the mat, and a double team suplex hurts him even more.

    Harris beats on Shelley in the corner, and sends him corner to corner before hitting a big gut buster. Harris grabs Shelley around the midsection and wrenches away at Shelley's midsection. Storm tags in and goes right back to work on the same area that his partner was focusing on, Shelley's midsection. Shelley breaks the hold, and he's able to fight off both members of AMW and make the tag to Sabin who comes in and takes the fight to both men. Miscommunication leads to Storm elbow dropping Harris. Sabin kicks Storm in the face and hits a big cross body to Harris. Cover 1…2… kickout!!!

    Shelley hits a standing sliced bread, and goes for the cover, but Harris breaks it up immediately. The match begins to break down and Sabin is fighting against both members of AMW. Sabin hits a hurricarana on Storm, and he tries for one on Harris, but Harris catches him, and sets him up, allowing his partner to hit the eye of the Storm. Harris and Storm double team Shelley with a sick double knee drop. 1…2…

    Kickout! AMW look for the Death Sentance, but the Guns see it coming and prevent it, but Storm comes from out of nowhere with a big clothesline taking out both members of the Guns. Shelley and Sabin continue to showcase their beautiful double team manoeuvres. A cross body/ddt combo!!!! 1…2…. Harris breaks up the cover at the last second!!

    Shelley and Harris fight it out in the ring, and Harris jumps over the ropes out on top of Sabin. Shelley returns the favour, leaping out on top of Harris. All four men roll back into the ring and in all the confusion Storm grabs his beer bottle…

    Storm tries to spit beer into Sabin's eyes, but it ends up in the eyes of the ref.

    Shelley sees this and quickly grabs a title belt and looks to knock Storm out, but Sabin stops him…

    The Champs argue and are then both knocked down by a vicious leaping double clothesline from the Wildcat! Harris covers Shelley but the ref is still blinded. Harris throws Shelley out of the ring and then grabs Sabin but is hit with a step up enzaguri. CRADLE SHOCK! Sabin looks for the ref but is caught with a big boot from Storm! Storm is then bashed in the back of the skull with the title belt! Storm drops like a tree. Shelley throws the belt out of the ring and helps the ref. Sabin crawls over and covers Storm.


    Winners via pinfall at 19:04 and STILL World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns!

    The fans are not sure whether to cheer or boo. In an amazing match the Guns have retained but Shelley has used a cheap way to win. The fans love both teams and they are a little shocked at Shelley’s cheating. Shelley picks up his tag partner who is still dazed by Storm’s boot to the face, and he realises that they have won! He celebrates by holding his jaw and hugging Alex… Sabin doesn’t know what happened. As the Guns walk off the victors at Slammiversary tonight!

    [CENTER]<Video of the previous Monster's Ball matches, women and children blood curddling screams are heard as close ups of deadly moves are hit

    Narrator: The most brutal, the most vicious, the most hoorible match in TNA returns. Eight men will compete in the most gruelling test of the human condition, all for the chance to win a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight title. Eight men are sequestered alone in a locked room without light, food or water for twenty-four hours before the match. Intended to induce extreme feelings of aggression in the competitors, the released wrestlers will fight one another in a match where the usage of weapons are not just allowed, they are encouraged. Victory to some would be simply surviving the carnage, but to others the chance at glory would be only one match away. Let the carnage, the chaos the horror commence!

    Replays of the Nash/Wolfe, Dinero/Senshi and Brown/Rhino feuds. Abyss’ path of destruction and Morgan’s wanting to be involved. Then a shot of the World title. And finally Mick Foley saying he will be the special guest referee>

    Slammiversary Match #4
    Monster’s Ball
    Kevin Nash vs. Desmond Wolfe vs. Abyss vs. Matt Morgan vs. D’Angelo Dinero vs. Senshi vs.Monty Brown vs. Rhino

    Out first is the Hardcore legend Mick Foley. He has a painted referee shirt on but the stripes look a lot like barbed wire. The crowd chant Foley’s name as he walks out ready to try and get a winner out of the chaos that is about to ensue.Each competitor gets a big time entrance as they all walk out. Wolfe is escorted to the top of the stage by Chelsea, but he then sends her to the back as she could very well get hurt in a match that has been likened to a plane crash… James Mitchell though wishes to be at ringside during the chaos.

    All eight men are in the ring standing by ready to unleash themselves on to the other seven men and win the title shot. The bell rings and like a bull rush Rhino, and Brown collide, almost knocking the other man out and the two crash out on to the outisde, Nash throws a big boot into Wolfe’s face, and Senshi leads with a knee strike into Pope’s face! Abyss starts throwing atomic bombs at anyone that gets close to him, and Morgan goes after Nash.

    The match spills out all over ring side as they start to fight up the ramp, on the stage, all around ringside and even in the fans. Camermen furiously try to capture all the different battles all over the arena.

    Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint to the side of Nash’s head knocking him over the top rope and onto the floor. Nash hits the ground hard, and Wolfe on the outside gets his wits about him, and starts bashing away on the big man with stomps and heavy forearms and when Nash gets to his feet, big time European uppercuts.

    • Dinero sends Senshi inot he fans with a big time boxing combo and then a big time “Pimp Slap” uppercut, sending over the guard rail and into the fans. Pope jumps the rail and starts attacking Senshi sending him into concrete walls and even throwing him off the one of the higher levels to the floor below onto security trying to protect fans!

    • Brown and Rhino continue to beat the hell out of each other, when Abyss interferes and clotheslines Brown onto the concrete floor! Rhino keeps an eye on Abyss who moves nto attacking Morgan, while Rhino pulls a tool box from underneath the ring and rams it inot the side of Brown’s skull. He then emties the contents and starts hitting Brown with screw drivers, wrenches and all sorts of blunt and sharp weapons!

    • Wolfe rolls Nash into the ring to get the pin, but Nash kicks out only to be hit with a Jawbreaker lariat! He goes for the cover but Abyss breaks up the pin.

    • Senshi and Pope are back from fighting in the fans and start brawling up the ramp. Senshi recovers with a snap suplex on the steel and then chops Pope onto the stage. The two fight fifteen feet above the concrete floor where each man tries to throw the other off. Pope smashes Senshi int part of the giant video screen. Senshi with blood streaming from his face hits a double bicycle kick sending Pope flying off the stage and crashing into tables below! Then when Pope starts to move and Senshi walks past him, the Warrior leaps off the stage at half way and delivers the double foot stomp totally destroying the Pope!!!!

    • Back in the ring and wrestlers are starting to get back to it as it is the only place where a pinfall will be counted. Morgan is hit by the Tower opf London from Wolfe. But then Wolfe himself walks into a BlackHole Slam from Abyss! Mitchell tosses him a bag and the Monster pours the hundreds of thunb tacks onto the mat.

    • Rhino throws a table into the ring distracting the monster, Rhino walks around and Abyss turns into Pounce from a very bloody Monty Brown! His face has been opened up by all the tools Rhino used on him. Brown’s forehead is dripping blood like an open tap, sets up the table in the corner as Rhino comes in and goes the Alpha Male through it!

    • EMTs are checking on Pope it doesn’t look good for him!

    • Nash gets back in the ring and hits a big boot on Rhino! Jacknife Powerbomb!!!!!! On to the tacks!!!!!!! Rhino screams in pain and rolls out of the ring in agony. Nash doesn’t get a chance to pin him. Senshi makes his way into the ring and starts teeing off on Nash’s infamously injured knees and legs. Nash crumples in a heap and Senshi starts punting the head of “Big Sexy”.
    • Pope shrugs off EMTs and crawls towards the ringside area.

    • Senshi goes for the pin cover and Wolfe desperately breaks it up. He is still hurt from the BlackHole Slam and Foley is the only one standing as the camera shows all the men down and in terrible pain.

    Suddenly music plays and from the stage walks Raven!!! He is flanked by Giant Bernard and Tomko and the three men walk down the ramp.laughing at all the fallen around ringside. Raven steals the microphone from the ring announcer and pie faces him into his chair. Tomko then boots him in the face knocking him out!!!

    Raven: Now, now TNA. What is a monster’s ball withoout the world’s greatest monster? I’m insulted that I wasn’t invited to this little party. Slammiversary huh? Eight years to build, I’ll burn this place down in eight days! Tomko, Bernard, destroy all of these men!

    Raven watches on as Bernard and Tomko start picking men up and powerbombing them through tables and onto steel steps! They are brutal as the weakened men are hit with big time impact moves, all except Abyss. Foley jumps into Raven’s face. Raven’s eyes widen and he outstretches his arms, but Foley just shoves his hand in Raven’s mouth and locks in the Mandible Claw!!!

    Tomko and Bernard see this and attcak Foley from behind. Then then double chokeslam Foley through the announce table, and then Raven DDT’s Bret Hart! The fans can’t ebelive what is ahppening and thunderous jeers ring out as Raven rips the “referee” shirt off of the Hardcore Legend. Bernard and Tomko set a table up in the middle of the ring and Raven holds the shirt up for everyone to see. He pours lighter fluid onto the tabel and lights the table on fire. As a symbol he tosses the referee shirt into the flames and it goes up. Then as quickly as they came in they start to leave. James Mitchell stands in Raven’s path and then nods to him. The three men walk off as Mitchell yells at Abyss “CLICK, DOOMSDAY, NOW!”

    Abyss grabs the closest man to him in the ring, Desmond Wolfe. The table is now covered in flames as Abyss sets Wolfe for a chokeslam straight to hell. Pope from out of nowehere has crawled his way back into the ring and pimp slaps Abyss! Abyss drops Wolfe and delivers a big boot to the Pope. This gives Wolfe a last desperation huge punt right between the goal posts! Abyss’ balls have been shattered! Wolfe runs the ropes and delivers a huge Jawbreaker Lariat knocking the Monster crashing through the flaming table!!! The monster quivers in pain and Wolfe hooks the leg.

    A referee runs down the ramp, runnng past Raven, Bernard and Tomko and counts….1



    Winner of a TNA World Heavyweight title shot at 18:02 Desmond Wolfe

    Raven looks back and sees Abyss didn’t win. He shakes his head but then tells his two giant soldiers to follow him to the back. Wolfe’s music plays as Chelsea runs out to check on her man as EMTs stream out of all different parts of the building to check on all the particpants. Tenay and West are checking on Bret and call for assistance. Chelsea helps Wolfe to the back, but he tells her to stop. She helps him turn around and he looks at Dinero as he is being looked at by a medical officer. He looks down at him and then at the smoking table in the ring where Abyss is. His music continues to play as Chelsea helps him through the carnage.

    <The giant stage screen suddenly is full of digital flames, there is a mighty roar in the background…digitally enhanced, as the flames grow larger and then quickly forms the shape of the United States flag. The flames make it flow in the “wind” and with each whip at the end sparks and flames fly off the end and then another even louder roar is heard as the flames cover the screen again and the flag is engulf but turns into giant devilish eyes, snake like eyes with yellow centres still all made of digital flame. The eyes move back to reveal a monster’s mouth with huge teeth and suddenly fire shoots out of the mouth burning the screen and turning it black. Huge white letters appear on the screen “Born in fire, baptised in blood, forged in combat….” Then they fade and one big word appears… “ENTER”>

    Mike Tenay and Don West are still talking about the carnage as the six sides of steel is being put up for the next match.

    <Video of Hernandez and LAX’s run this year. He has destroyed everyone in his path, and then last month at Hard Justice (with the help of LAX) defeated Rob Van Dam to unify the Global and X Division Championships! Jerry Lynn, says that LAX keep interefering so Hernandez’s first defence of the unified belt, it will be in a steel cage at Slammiversary… the six sides of steel! At first LAX are livid! Then in a brilliant X Division match Mistico becomes the #1 contender. As the Lucha Libre star is from Mexico, Konnan asks him to join LAX. Mistico refuses as he wants the World X title more. This starts a chain reaction of attacks and counter attacks.

    Konnan: You think this cage is going to keep us out… wrong you’ve just locked Mistico in a cage with the most dangerous wrestler alive today! You’ve sealed his fate Lynn!>

    Slammiversary Match #5
    Six Sides of Steel
    X Division Championship match
    (C) Hernandez w/ LAX vs. Mistico

    A huge entrance for Mistico as smoke fills the stage and appears almost flying out onto the stage. He is wearing his trademark long cloak and is met by a huge ovation from the fans, he really is a fan favourite. He checks the cage before giving his cloak to So Cal Val and enters the ring leaping over the top rope with a sommersault. Then Gun shots ring out and out walk the Militant thugs, the self named revolutionaries, the Latin American eXchange. They surround their champion as he walks from his border entrance amongst the fans. They still refuse to use anything the company has provided for them. Hernandez grabs the cage with his big hands and shakes it so hard it almost falls apart around Mistico. The referee asks for the belt, but he refuses to give it to him and instead puts it around Salinas’ tiny waist. Konnan and Homicide stand guard on Salinas and the title belt. Hernandez looks at Mistico like a wild dog looks at a rabbit. He gets in the ring and the referee calls for the bell as the cage door is locked behind him.

    Mistico shoots in straight away with an explosive drop kick sending Hernandez into the ropes, Mistico then hits a bulldog! The big man is stunned by the quick offence and tries to get to his feet but as he does he hit with head scissors sending him head first into the unforgiving steel! Mistico then hits a back drop to the back the big man’s head pushing his face into the steel again! Mistico runs the ropes and and hits a body press but he is caught! Hernandez’s strengtyh is on display as he throws Mistico in the air and catches him on his shoulders and executes a brutal sitout powerbomb! 1…2… Kickout! Hernandez rolls away and shakes off the first few minutes of the match, and then as Mistico gets to his feet he is hit with a clothesline that almost knocks the Lucha star out of his boots!

    1…2… Mistico kicks out again and rolls to a croner. Hernadez starts stomping down on Mistico and under Konnan’s screeching orders starts ripping at Mistico’s mask! Mistico kicks from underneath and grabbing Hernadez’s shorts forces him head first into a turnbuckle. Mistico stands up underneath the big man and has him in a fireman’s carry and then dumps him on his head. Mistico goes to the top rope and comes down with a twisting corkscrew splash!

    1…2.. Hernandez gets the shoulder up at two and a half as Mistico tries to get his head back in the game after being beaten on. Mistico waits and as Hernadez gets to his feet he is struck by the Tiger Feint Kick! 1..2.. Hernadez powers out again, and Mistico quickly rolls him over 1…2… kickout! Small package 1..2… kickout! Back slide 1…2… Hernadez kicks out again, but seems to be exhausted…

    Shinning Wizardo!!!!! 1…2.. Herandez kicks out again. LAX are screaming at Heranadez as he has never ben in this much trouble even from Rob Van Dam, Mistico’s game plan is working.

    Hernandez takes Mistico down with a shoulderblock, but Mistico catches him with an armdrag and a flying headscissors. Quickly getting to his feet Hernandez tries a German Suplex attempt, but Mistico counters, escapes, kicks the champ in his leg with a brutal strike and then hits the ropes. Hernandez though counters himself with a vicious overhead belly to belly suplex. Hernandez then charges but Mistico uses his momentum to send him head first inot the steel busting him open!

    Mistico amazingly walks the ropes and comes off with another flying headscissors sending Dez to the middle of the ring.. Mistico goes for a springboard something, but Hernandez moves and Mistico crashes into the mat, and Hernandez follows that up by flattening him with a clothesline. Hernandez goes for another suplex and Mistico reverses into a Tornado DDT!!! 1….2….Kickout!

    Mistico goes to the top rope again and gets a springboard DDT 1…2…. Power out! Mistico slams his hand on the mat frustrated. He looks for a superkick but Hernandez comes out of nowhere with a German Suplex! Mistico lands spine first into the turnbuckle behind him and his head crashes onto the mat! Herandez rips off his shirt and wraps it around Mistico’s throat he then uses it to whip him over his head to the other side of the ring. Blood starts to stream from the Champions head now as he goes for the cover 1…2…. Mitsico lifts the shoulder! Hernandez goes for the Border Toss, but Mistico slips out, hits a devastating superkick and as Dez drops to his knees gets a Shining Wizard and a really ugly kneeling Hurricanrana that drives Hernandez's head right into the mat.

    1….2….. kickout!!

    Mistico climbs the turnbuckles, but doesn’t stop there. He climbs the cage right to the top. Hernandez stirs slowly as the fans are going crazy for the masked superstar! Hernandez gets to his feet and Mistico launches himself, and he crashes down onto the Champion! The impact separates the men, and the fans are going crazy as Tenay and West replay the insane high flying move several times. Mistico crawls over to the Champion and what seemed like an eternity throws the arm over Dez’s chest. The 75,000 strong crowd count with the ref…



    shoulders up! The crowd can’t believe it, even though he’s wearing a mask you can almost see the disappointment on Mistico’s face! But he gathers himself and he wont be denied!

    SLINGSHOT CORKSCREW CROSSBODY!!! 1…2… Hernandez kicks out again! The Champion is in all sorts of trouble as Mistico moves in for his Leg Trap Sunset Flip Powerbomb, but the Champion counters with his enormous strength and gorilla presses the smaller man onto his shoulder flips him in mid air and drops to his knees delivering a brutal backbreaker. Mistico grabs his back in agony and Dez sets Mistico for the ride! BORDERTOSS into the steel cage!!!!!! But he catches Mistico on the way down with a spinning sitout powerbomb!


    Winner and STILL X Division Champion at 18:31 Hernandez

    Blood drips from the Champion’s forehead as he sits back on his feet. The outside referee unlocks the cage door and LAX push him out of the way. Lax congratulate their warrior Champion, and while Hernandez is still on the ground when seductively Salinas walks right into his face with the title belt. She slowly removes the title from her waist and places it over his shoulder. He gets up and gets slaps on the back from Konnan and Homicide. Mistico stirs and Cide looks to put the boots to him, but the X Division Champs stops him. Mistico had him in several pinning predicaments throughout the match.

    He acknowledges his fighting spirit and won’t allow LAX to do their usual post match beat down. Konan then leads the stable out of the cage. The crowd seemed to warm to Hernandez after the show of respect, even though they still boo the others. But just as Hernandez steps through the ropes, Konnan smiles and the hulking champion steps back into the ring and hits another Border Toss on his fallen challenger! The heat he gets is enormous as he grins at his cowardly act and LAX’s music hits again!

    Jerry Lynn walks out and gets in LAX’s face but Konnan just laughs at him, the referees help Mistico out of the cage as Hernandez holds up the belt in victory.

    Backstage with Christy Hemme.

    Hemme: Mike and Don, just letting you know that Bret Hart has been taken to the hospital as a precaution. It is well documented that Bret had a stroke several years ago and for him to be DDT’d by Raven is an extreme risk to his health. We will keep everyone up to date if we get further reports guys.

    Done and Mike then send to the back again with JB.

    JB: I have with me both men who will be competing against each for One Last Time.. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, welcome gentlemen. This is a first for you two to actually have an interview before any of your big time battles over the years. Kurt when Joe faced Brock you were in the UFC Champion’s corner. What has changed in the last two months?

    Angle: JB, I have always respected Joe. He is one of the main reasons I came to this company. I saw a man who could give me a challenge. I had just defeated all of the WWE roster, including the Undertaker. I was ready to retire. And then I saw this wrecking machine and knew I would be tested. Yes we have had wars over the last 4 years, but after teaming with him on several occasions I see what we can achieve together. Who knows maybe a World Tag Team title reign is in our future.

    Joe: Kurt you are the very best. So I had to destroy you. I had to break you down to show the world that no one just walks into my world and tries to take from me what I had worked so hard on. You have always been the bar, you have always been the ultimate test, and tonight I will show you no mercy, as I cannot afford to give you any. I will be ready for Brock Lesnar at UFC 117, and this match will prove it.

    Both men shake hands and then walk in separate directions as JB sends it to ringside.

    The fans are a buzz as ONE. LAST. TIME. shots up on the giant stage made entirely of a video screen. Out storms Samoa Joe, his towel over his shoulder, his mind completely focused. Then Angle emerges from his elevator, pyro explodes all over the arena as both men stand in the ring for official introductions. The crowd is alive with inticipation as the two best are about to collide one last time….

    Slammiversary Match #6
    One Last Time
    Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

    Again the two men shake hands in the middle of the ring, they back away slightly but then a roar moves through the crowd….

    The fans are all turning to look up into the stands as a spotlight is put on a giant man moving through the fans. When the huge crowd starts to realise who it is they start to go insane, but then it changes to boos as they realise this man is against their beloved TNA. Brock Lesnar with a big shit eating grin on his face moves through fans, elbowing them out of his way until he makes it to a seat about six rows back from the ring. Joe and Angle have watched the whole thing as Brock finally sits down and waves them on to tell them sarcastically to proceed with their match. Angle is livid at the disrespect shown from his friend Lesnar, while Joe has a look in his eye that sees an opportunity.

    The bell rings and Joe lashes out like a snake with a vicious kick to Angle’s thigh immediately! It echoes through the whole arena like a gun shot and the crowd go crazy as Angle looks hurt already. Joe sees Angle drop to his left and so comes straight at him with a big time elbow stike forcing him into the corner. Joe uses his massive frame and unloads with several jabs and then hits a spinning leaping enzaguri! Angle slumps to the mat as Joe looks up at Lesnar sending a message to his UFC 117 opponent.

    Angle though uses Joe’s lack of focus to his advantage and gets to his feet. He immediately backs Joe up into the corner, but he quickly breaks clean. Joe and Angle trade wristlocks and Joe takes Angle down with a shoulder block, but quickly falls victim to a hip toss and a couple of arm drags. Angle locks in a hammerlock, but Joe fights out and locks in one of his own with a facelock for good measure.

    Angle and Joe continue to trade submission holds. Angle's forehead ends up on the rope and Joe uses it as an opportunity to kick the rope and disorient Angle. Joe uses this time to his advantage, working over Angle's hand, but he's quickly taken down with a boot and a German suplex. Angle hits Joe with a European uppercut before burying his shoulder in Joe's midsection, but when Angle goes for a shoulder block in the corner Joe is able to avoid it and Angle's shoulder connects with the ring post. Joe goes after Angle with his vicious sequence of face washes in the corner. Joe picks the disorientated Angle up and hits a back drop driver and then shoots in like a rabid animal with vicious knee strikes to the top of Angle’s skull!

    Joe has Angle is a front face, almost a reverse front chancery and drives the knees continuously. The ref checks on Angle who is trying to protect himself. Joe quickly transitions to a sick arm submission, but Angle fights out and tries for the ankle lock. Joe is able to avoid the hold, and with a roar hits a big running European uppercut. Joe hits Angle with a forearm and he tries for another uppercut, but Angle hits him with a belly to belly suplex instead. Angle follows up with a trio of running clotheslines before connecting with a flying forearm. Angle ducks a clothesline from Joe and hits a German suplex! And then follows it up with four more in a row!!!!

    Angle tries for the Olympic Slam, but Joe counters with an arm drag. Joe connects with a vicious lariat!



    Angle kicks out and then Joe puts Angle on the top rope and he goes for the Muscle Buster, but Angle is able to fight out and hits another Olympic Slam!



    Joe wrenches Angle's arm and starts his series of submission moves trying to make the Olympian tap in all the different stages… but Angle is able to fight out and immediately lock in the ankle lock. Joe fights out of it, kicks away of Angle from the mat and then bulrushes Angle into the corner. He unloads with stomps and punches as he screams out, forcing Angle to the mat in a heap. Joe grabs Angle straight away and hits a huge overhead release belly to belly! Joe again looks over at Lensar who has his arms crossed as he watches on.

    Joe is able to set Angle up in the corner again MUSCLE BUSTER!!! Joe then locks in the Coquina Clutch. Angle struggles to escape. Amazingly he grabs Joe’s leg and miraculously turns it into the Ankle Lock! Joe grabs the ropes quickly to escape the submission. Angle releases the hold straight away out of sportsmanship but then awaits for Joe to get up to deliver an Olympic Slam. He tries but Joe flips over and with an arm drag and then delivers a standing side kick. 1…2… Angle gets his shoulder up and Joe hits the ropes and leaps in the air bringing his knee down right into Angle’s forehead!!!



    Kickout! Joe locks in the Clutch again, but Angle flips his body over and Joe’s shoulder’s are down!



    Joe releases the hold stopping the count and as he gets up Angle is there with a clothesline. 1…2… Joe kicksout and rolls out of the ring. Angle flies over the top rope with a Tumbleweed plancha!! Joe hits the ground hard and the two brawl on the outside. Joe delivers a kick to the gut and then sends Angle head first into the ring post. Joe quickly rolls into the ring, hits the ropes and with another great roar delivers a HeatSeeker (a diving elbow smash plancha)!!! Angle falls to the ground and right in front of Lesnar’s section, Joe shows the big man his fist and then drives it into the skull of Angle. The ref is trying to get the match back into the ring, but Joe for good measure shows Lesnar his fist again and drives it into Angle’s face!

    Joe rolls Angle into the ring and then steps on Angle’s throat as he gets back into the ring. The fans after going crazy the entire match can see that Angle is in a lot of trouble. Joe keeps looking out to Lesnar and drives knees into Angle’s temple. Then elbow strikes, then knees again. The ref checks on Angle who is on dream street! Joe pushes the ref away and stands Angle up, Joe comes off the ropes and hits a leaping knee strike.Angle hits the mat hard. He looks like he is completely out, but Joe blocks the ref’s vision. He throws Angle into the corner and then hits another leaping knee strike! Joe’s huge tree trunk sized legs connect viciously as Angle is dead weight. Joe throws Angle to the middle of the ring.The ref checks on him, but Joe again pushes him away.

    The crowd starts to sympathise with Angle, they want Joe to stop, but Joe refuses. He looks out again at Lesnar one more time, but Brock gets up, buttons his sports coat and starts to walk out. The crowd boo him, but Joe will not be denied. He jumps down out of the ring and walks over to the commentary position and grabs a microphone.

    Joe: LENSAR! Where do you think you’re going? Don’t you want to see your future? Don’t you want to see what I’m going to do to you in six days?!!!

    Lesnar doesn’t turn around he walks to the nearest exit and disappears. Joe walks back into the ring as Angle is getting to his knees. Joe picks Angle up TOMBSTONE!

    But Joe wont cover him… Joe then hits and Island Driver! But still wont cover him. Joe then picks Angle up with one arm….. MUSCLE BUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!


    Winner via pinfall at 14:22 Samoa Joe

    Joe at the end of the match has decimated the greatest wrestler of the modern era. Angle is out as Joe stares out at the exit Lesnar left through… Joe then helps Angle to his feet. Angle is a mess, and Joe helps him sit in a corner. Joe stands up and looks down at him. Angle is a mess, his face is completely bruised up. Joe’s music plays as he offers his hand to Kurt. Kurt take sit and Joe helps him up. Angle under his own power raises Joe’s arm, but Angle drops to the mat. Referees help Angle to the back as Joe soaks in his victory.

    The huge crowd just witnessed one of the most brutal, rock ‘em, sock ‘em, absolute classic matches of all time between the two best in the business…

    King of the Mountain… TNA’s ultimate test for its Champion. Four challengers, four of the best in the world, wanting to climb the ladder and become the Champion of the World.

    <Images of the winners placing the title on the hook…. Jeff Jarrett, Raven, Jarrett again, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and last year Kurt Angle again…>

    This year the Icon Sting will be the special guest enforcer to ensure the rightful man becomes King... becomes Champion….

    Rob Van Dam. Jeff Hardy. Hiroshi Tanahashi. AJ Styles. They are all coming for the greatest prize in professional wrestling today…the TNA Heavyweight Championship of the World, who is held by the most hated man in the sport today, the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels.

    Daniels: Those four men are the very best in the world right now, especially when it comes to bringing a ladder to the ring. But they are all still not in my league, I will show them what I am capable of, and hang MY title high and add one more accolade to my trophy case, I will be the TNA King of the Mountain. Slammiversary will be my finest hour, and that is the gospel according to the Fallen Angel…

    King of the Mountain
    The competitors in the match start out as "ineligible" to win. In order to become "eligible", a wrestler must score a pinfall or submission on an opponent. The opponent who submits or is pinned is forced to spend two minutes in the "penalty box" cage. More than one wrestler can be in the cage.

    Once "eligible", the wrestler may win the match by retrieving the belt and hanging it on the hook suspended above the ring with the aid of the ladder to win the match.

    The Icon Sting is the Special Guest Enforcer and will be in possession of the belt and will circle the ring. When a wrestler wishes to hang the belt, he must retrieve it from the Icon. Once the belt is in play, any other wrestler who is eligible may attempt to steal the belt and hang it to win King of the Mountain and become TNA World Champion….

    Slammiversary Main Event
    World Heavyweight Championship King of the Mountain Match
    (C) Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy

    Special Guest Enforcer Sting

    75,000 fans go insane as “Slay me” plays and out walks the man known as Sting!!! The arena shakes from the ovation as they all bow down to the Icon as he holds his signature black bat at op of the massive stage area. He is then flanked by two referees and they make their way to ringside.

    Once they are in position the five combatants come out to huge pyro and their own huge entrance sequences, Tanahashi has the Beautiful People with him in his pyro filled entry into the arena. Daniels as Champion comes out last. Dressed in his black and silver robe he makes his way through the smoke and fire with the giant gold belt wrapped around his waist. He disrobes and ignores everyone one of his challengers and gets in the face of Sting. Sting’s eyes drop to the title belt and then back to Daniels. The Fallen Angel take soff the belt and holds it up in Sting’s face taunting the legend. Sting cracks and evil smile and takes the belt gently from Daniels’ grasp. Daniels then moves to a vacant corner as official introductions and King of the Mountain rules are explained to the capacity crowd.

    The bell rings and Daniels dives out of the ring as Styles goes after him. He trash talsk with Daniels only to be hit from behind by Tanhashi. RVD and Hardy who have their arguments over the last month have decided they want to prove who is the better man. The four men square off as Daniels walks around watching the match evolve, he walks into Sting, who still has his evil smirk on his face. Daniels is scared by this and gets too close to the ring and Hardy and RVD have noticed him on the outside and let go of their rivalry to unleash a double baseball slide to the Champion sending him into the guard rail!!!

    RVD and Hardy then double teamed Daniels by throwing him face first into the steel penalty box! RVD then hit a spinning leg drop and Hardy a standing swanton splash. Daniels is thrown into the ring and they follow in after him. RVD ties to pin him to become eligible, but hardy pulls him off the cover. The two men argue again and Tanahashi takes both men out with a double leaping clothesline. Styles though who is down in the background follows suit and sends the Japanese Ace through the ropes to the floor with a drop kick.

    Styles attempts a Clash on Hardy but is back body dropped over the top rope to the floor also. Rob hits a spin wheel kick to Jeff’s face and then a vertical suplex. hE floats over for the cover 1..2.. Hardy kicks out Rob is dragged out by his feet to the outside landing flat on his chest, by Tanahashi and he jumps in and unloads punches to the face of the Charismatic Enigma. Hiroshi then looks for a High Fly Flow, but he pushed off by Styles, smashing his body into the side of the steel penalty box!

    Rob on the outside slides a ladder in but is hit in the back by Daniels with a steel chair. He taunts Rob screaming at him, “you like to get extreme dontcha Rob! Come on, let’s get extreme!” and with that bashes him again in the head with a steel chair. Rob looks to be out as Hardy leaps over the top rope with a sommersault plancha knocking down Daniels on the floor. The fans are going ballistic, as AJ Styles follows that up with his own Frosbury Flop flying attack!! Knocking Hardy down and almost landing on his feet, Styles grabs Daniels and goes after him with several brutal forearm smashes. Stylkes hatred for his enemy blinds him from a Slingblade from Tanahashi. Styles cracks his head on the floor as the matches dips into chaos.

    But it isn’t over yet and RVD leaps off the top with a huge splash knocking down Hiroshi. Van Dam then front suplexes the Ace onto the guard rail and then leaps onto the apron.” R.V.D.!” Rob flies off with a spinning leg drop smashing the back of Tanahashi’s head. He gets up doing the thumbs only to have a ladder driven deep inot his chest by Daniels baseball sliding it from the inside of the ring out! The Fallen Angel had gotten back into the ring without anyone noticing and now grabs Rob by his ponytail and rolls him inot the ring. Arabian Press… ANGELS WINGS!!!! 1.2.3

    Christopher Daniels has just pinned RVD to become eligible to hang the belt!

    The referee tries to scrape RVD off the mat and put him the penalty box, while Daniels walks up to Sting and snatches the belt off of him, “Give me MY belt!” he shouts as he turns into Twist of Fate from Hardy on the floor! Sting picks the belt up and Daniels is rolled into the ring. Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb on Daniels! 1..2… Styles makes the save! STYLES CLASH!!! 1..2..3

    Styles has pinned Jeff Hardy to become eligible.

    Sting hands Styles the belt, and he throws it over his shoulder and starts to set up the ladder in the middle of the ring. He climbs the ladder, but Tanahashi runs in and knocks it over sending Styles all the way out to the floor! Tanahashi then covers Daniels who is still in the ring, 1..2.. Daniels kicks out. Hiroshi locks in the Texas Cloverleaf submission. Daniels struggles but knows if he is hurt bad in this move his chance of retaining the belt is in jeaporady and so taps quickly…

    Tanhashi is eligible due to submitting Daniels

    In the penalty box, Hardy and RVD start talking, it suddenly gets heated and the two men start to fight inside the tiny cage!! RVD is the first man out and when they open it up both men spill out trying to hit the other. Sting comes in and seperates both men. Rob dives back into the ring while Sting tells Hardy he still has a few more seconds. Hardy is pissed but listens to the Icon.

    Rob explodes and attacks Hiroshi who now has the belt due to submitting Daniels. The referees order Daniels to the penalty box, but he refuses. Rob and Tanahashi battle using the ladder as a weapon. Sting gets in Daniels face, but the Fallen Angel spits in his… Sting kicks him in the gut and throws him into the steel box, while Hardy is free to return to the match! RVD hits Rolling Thunder on Tanahshi who has been placed on the folded up ladder. BOOM! Rob then drags him off to pin him, but hardy makes the save and then hits a Twist of Fate on Rob face first into the ladder! 1..2.. Rob kicks out!

    Hardy can’t believe it, so he lays Rob on the ladder and hts a Swanton bomb! 1..2.. Styles pulls him off the cover and they exchange punches. AJ hits an enzaguri and then runs the ropes backflipping into an inverted DDT onto the ladder!!! 1..2..3

    Styles pins Hardy again! Jeff is forced into the penalty box as Sting hands him the belt. The door opens and Daniels pushes it open and walks out as Hardy is put in, Daniels resists attacking Sting as he ahs to get back into this match. When he does, Styles is climbing the ladder as Daniels races up the other side and grabs the title. The two grab at it, as RVD leaps onto the turnbuckjle and hits a leaping side kick knocking both men into the ropes crashing down from ten feet in the air! It’s like a car crash as Rob hits a split legged monsault on Styles 1…2….3

    RVD is now eligible and Styles is put in the penalty box.

    Rob sets up the ladder again and grabs the belt. He clmibs quickly but Tanahashi bashes him in the back and then hits a powerbomb off the ladder to the mat below! Hiroshi grabs the belt and goes up the ladder, but as he does the Fallen Angel is already at the top of the ladder waiting for him. Daniels hits a sunset flip into a powerbomb and Hiroshi crashing to the mat! Daniels snatches the belt stomps both men, only to be hit by a returning Hardy to the match. Daniels and Hardy square off and they exchange blows. Hardy hits a whisper in the wind to knock down the reigning champion and then covers him 1..2.. Daniels kicks out!

    Rob grabs the chair Daniels used before throws it at Daniels who catches it and right in front of Hardy is smashed by the Van Daminator! Daniels is out and Hardy clotheslines Rob to the floor. Hardy needs a pinfall and climbs the ladder and Swanton Bombs Daniels from atop of the set up ladder!!! 1..2…3

    Hardy is now eligible after pinning Daniels

    Sting grabs Daniels and throws him into the Penalty Box like a sack of potatoes. Hardy has the belt but just as he attempts to climb from the out of the crowd attacks Tomko and Giant Bernard. They level Styles who has just come out of the box and RVD on the outside. Sting runs around the ring and with a swing of his bat connects with Bernard’s face! The big man drops to the floor unconscious! Tomko comes at the Icon next but has his knee cap smashed in and then a big boot to the face. Sting locks in the Deathlock on the floor as Raven is in the ring attacking Jeff Hardy! Sting releases the deadly hold and jumps in and in the middle of the ring Sting and Raven go at it again as the the roof blows off the building by the fans marking out!!!

    Sting beats Raven with punches and kicks sending the maniacal one through the ropes and to the floor. But his distraction has afforded Daniels his time and he is released at his 2 minute mark and grabs the belt from behind Sting’s back. Daniels climbs the ladder and Sting struggles with the fact that he is watching the Fallen Angel again retian his title. Does he or doesn’t he stop him???

    Daniels has the hook in hand is about to hang the belt is grabbed by Hardy who was still in the ring. He grabs Daniels and the two men fight until they both crash down to the mat. The other three men stir on the outside as the fans clap for someone to win the match. Sting drops down to the floor and urges on the fans to fire the men up.Sting then throws Bernard and Tomko into the penalty box so they cannot cause any more damage. Styles slides back in and grabs the belt. He climbs, Daniels follows the two men jockey for position, they both have a grasp on the greatest prize in the sport. RVD and Hardy climb the other side as Tanahashi grabs a steel chair. He bashes away on all four men, each man refusing to drop off the challenge. Tanahashi then climbs the closest turnbuckle and High Fly Flows the entire ladder and everyone crashes to the mat or spills out on to the floor.

    Tanahashi holding his ribs grabs the belt and climbs the ladder, Styles grabs him and the two men fight until AJ hits a Super Styles Clash off the top of the ladder!!!!!!! In an amazing spot that leaves both men out the crowd has not stopped going batshit insane. In the wreck of the two men, Daniels takes the belt, but is hit by a flying thrust kick from RVD. Rob grabs the belt and climbs the ladder and Hardy catches him just before he hangs the belt and the two best friends fight until Daniels pushes the ladder over knocking them both down. Daniels who is bleeding slightly form the VanDaminator folds up the ladder throws it on the mat and hits Angles Wings on RVD face first into the ladder! Rob is out! Daniels then grabs Hardy but Jeff fights him off, sets up the aldder in the corner and whips Daniels inot it! Hardy then grabs the chair and unfodsit and hits a Poetry in Motion squahing daniels again into the steel ladder.

    The fans chant ‘Hardy, Hardy, Hardy” as the master of the ladder match shoves it between the ropes and uses it as a catapult and leaping onto one side blasts the Champion in the face! Hardy then sets up the ladder and grabs the belt and starts to acsend. Styles is dazed from taking out Tanahashi tries to get to his feet but his back is hot and it seems he can’t walk. He sees Hardy get to the top and then he sees Daniels try to stop him. AJ knows he can’t stop Hardy from placing the title or even climbing the ladder. The Phenomenal One grabs the Fallen Angel’s leg out of desperation. Daniels looks down to see Styles smilling up at him. Daniels screams “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” as AJ locks his arms around the ankle of Daniels. The Fallen Angle stomps away at Styles to get free but all he can do is watch as the Charismatic Enigma hangs the title!

    Winner and NEW TNA Heavyweight Champion of the World at 29:50 The Charsimatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy
    The roof blows off the building as Daniels has lost the title. He drops to his knees and puts his head in his hands. Hardy sits on top of the ladder as the massive crowd cheers for the new champion. Pyro, streamers, and confetti shoot out of every where as Slammiversary has crowned a new Champion and his name is Jeff Hardy!


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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

    Been reading Ultimate TNA since the beginning, since it's painful to watch TNA as is, and this has been a good way to at least see how good TNA could have been.

    General notes: As generally just a WWE fan, I'm not very familiar with Daniels' work (just from TNA) or Tanahashi at all; but I like how you've portrayed them. All in all, amazing work, and please keep it going! Also, it seems that the matches are being written out in further detail from when the fed was started (or I'm just imagining things), but the matches are written out in just the right amount of detail, not too much where it's a pain to read, not too little where the majority is left to the imagination.

    Specifics to the PPV:

    Jarrett vs Steiner: Good brawl, with uses of finishers perhaps a little overblown. Generally, I thought kicking out of finishers is something that gets saved for the biggest show (Wrestlemania, maybe), and I think it might have been overdone a bit, but still, good use of Jarrett and his position within TNA as the babyface founder who doesn't ever give up. I think it was right to have Steiner win (since he's more credible in this fed as a threat then Jarrett), but have the ref call for the bell rather then Jarrett give up.

    Match 2: Knockouts
    It's hard seeing Gail apparently misused in WWE as is, and watching Awesome Kong get released. Anyway, good use of the triple threat, with all three competitors actually being involved rather then the "two fight in the ring while one person is knocked out on the floor" deal that usually happens. I like that Gail got the win, and good use of each wrestler's strengths (high flying moves, powerbomb attempts, etc)

    Match 3: Tag Team Championship
    Great match, with the teams actually working as *gasp* teams, rather then a pair of individual matches with random hot tags thrown in. I love the very slow burn tease of MCMG having differences via Nash's influence, and I love how they aren't complete idiots (heels will run in to stop a pinfall, faces won't...why??) Great finish with a good set up for the future, and not prematurely forcing the turn.

    Match 4: Monster's Ball match
    Wow, this match was chaotic, and kind of hard to follow, but with that many people going at it, it's to be expected, and it was written well enough that I got what was going on after a couple of read-throughs. Not sure if I like Wolfe winning, since it seemed out of nowhere, but I like how each person was accounted for throughout the match. The lariat through the flaming table was also ridiculously cool. Raven returning was a nice touch, and a good foreshadow for the main event. Wolfe stopping, turning around, and then going up with Chelsea was a great little touch to end the match.

    Match 5: X Division
    I'm a big fan of Hernandez, and I like the reformation of LAX throughout the story. They're not a dumb faction, they just jump people repeatedly and beat the hell out of everyone they can, like a heel faction should. I've never seen Mistico's work, so can't comment on that. Fast paced match, and seeing Hernandez work the power moves vs Mistico's full on speed moves was a good contrast in the cage. I like the touch at the end with LAX not initially putting the beatdown, but then coming back and doing it. That always generates way more heat then just a normal beatdown.

    Match 6: Angle vs Joe
    I'm surprised this isn't the Main Event, to be honest, since the UFC/TNA crossover would be huge. Nice touch with Lesnar around to watch the match. Great technical wrestling throughout the match, though it seemed pretty obvious Joe would win. The ending, with Joe calling out to Lesnar, and just absolutely DESTROYING Angle as a lesson was a great addition to the Lesnar/Joe feud. Joe stays face afterward by helping Angle up, and that seemed to stretch it a little bit, but Lesnar is definitely the heel, so Joe needs to keep up his face pop.

    The Finale: King of the Mountain
    First thing: I'm glad you explained the concept. I've never seen one of these before, so I would have been very confused by what the hell was going on had the explanation not been given. Kudos to that.

    That said, there was just sooo much going on in the match, it was hard to keep track of (which, to be fair, is kind of the point). A couple of little things could have been changed, sometimes it was hard to determine who was grappling who, or who was attacking who, but after a couple of read-throughs it makes sense. I was genuinely surprised that Hardy won, since Daniels had won through everything else. Raven interfering was well timed, and had me convinced that Daniels would retain in his typical underhanded way. Styles stopping Daniels from getting to Hardy was a nice touch at the end, and I'm intrigued to see how a Hardy/Wolfe feud will progress.

    All in all, great PPV, with just a touch bit too much chaos in the two multi-man matches. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say: Can't wait for the next installment.

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    Run In

    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

    Ladies and Gentlemen the NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW World Heavyweight Champion Jeeeeeeff Harrrrrrrrrdy!

    Out dances the Charismatic Enigma with the big gold TNA World title belt around his waist. His pyro explodes behind him as the Impact Zone goes crazy. He high fives all the fans around ringside and jumps on all six sides of the TNA ring standing up lifting his hands greeting the crowd. The ovation keeps getting louder and louder as Hardy chants replace the cheers.

    Hardy: Wow! Thank you! On Sunday I climbed the ladder and became the TNA World Heavyweight Champ E On! Come on wit it! Now I want everyone to know that I’m going to bring back honour and respect back to the title. And ....

    The Fallen Angel’s music hits and interrupts Hardy. Out of a wall of smoke emerges the former Champion, Christopher Daniels. Dressed as always in a suit he storms down to the ring and stands face to face with 2010’s King of the Mountain and the new World Champion. The boos rain down on the Fallen Angel as he pauses as he looks at Hardy with despise.

    Daniels: NO! NO! NO! You didn’t beat me, you didn’t beat me! All you did was climb a ladder. You want to call yourself a champion Jeff, you will face me for MY title right here tonight!

    Hardy: Daniels there would be nothing I would rather do than take you down, but you know Jarrett, Foley and Hart aren’t here to sanction a title match....

    Suddenly a bird caws and out from the tunnel walks Raven, flanked by Giant Bernard and Tomko. Bernard’s head is bandaged due to the baseball bat shot he took from Sting at Slammiversary. The three men walk to the ring. Hardy readies himself for an attack, but Daniels has a look of confusion on his face. He doesn’t know why Raven is out at ringside. Raven is stone faced and the three men who were under Daniels’ command only a few short months ago walk passed him and totally ignore him as they stand in the face of the new Champion.

    Raven: You are correct Hardy, Foley, Jarrett and Hart are all not here tonight. Which means TNA is ripe for the picking. I will continue what I started on the first Impact of the year and that is to burn Jarrett’s vision down. TNA will burn and tonight I start by taking out the thing most important to it, the Champion.

    Daniels: Woah, excuse me, what the hell are you doing out here? I didn’t tell you, you could come down here..

    SLAP! Daniels is backhanded by Raven and he stumbles backwards, in utter shock. He is speechless as he holds his cheek.

    Raven: You don’t tell me anything. You got what you wanted Daniels, you’re precious little title reign. You told me that when you became Champion you would bring TNA to its knees. You did not fulfil your promise to me. Now I’m in control, now I will do what must be done. Boys bring me Hardy...

    Bernard and Tomko grab at the Champ, but Jeff is too quick he kicks Tomko in the stomach and hits an elbow to Bernard’s injured head. He then comes off the ropes and with cheers from the crowd double clotheslines both of Raven’s lapdogs. But Raven attacks and beats down Hardy he has him on the mat and starts stomping away at him, and the other two get up and start a huge beat down. The fans erupt as Sting’s music plays and out races the Icon and Rob Van Dam. Raven, Bernard and Tomko scatter as they clear the ring. Somewhere in all the confusion Daniels has left ringside, as Raven and Sting once again stare each other down.

    Hardy: You want to do this Raven, then let’s do it tonight. No more games let’s finish this!

    Raven: Tonight TNA burns...

    <Impact Intro>

    Episode 31

    Tenay: Good evening and welcome to another broadcast of Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling, here in the wake of what was an amazing Slammiversary. I’m Mike Tenay and this is my broadcast colleague Don West and as you just saw Jeff Hardy is our new World Heavyweight Champion. But just before we get into that we would like to draw everyone’s attention to what went down last night with three out of the four Championship Committee members being absent here tonight. Firstly in his match with Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett was injured as he fought his heart out against his former best friend.

    West: Then Mike there was Mick Foley who through the terrible chaos of the Monster’s Ball match was taken out by Raven and then so too was Bret Hart with an Even flow DDT.

    Tenay: Ladies and Gentlemen, Bret Hart’s stroke from a few years ago is well documented to the fact that he was paralysed for some time after. The DDT has hurt Bret and he is not doing very well at the moment. We will give everyone further updates when they come to light. As for tonight the remaining Committee member Dixie Carter has put together tonight’s contests.

    West: And this just in folks, Tonight’s main event will be a 6 man tag match, Raven, Giant Bernard and Tomko vs. Rob Van Dam, the Icon Sting and the new World Champion Jeff Hardy!

    Suddenly sirens sound in the Impact Zone and out walks Big Poppa Pump. Smirking and flashing his giant biceps he has his chain mail head dress on and his eyes hidden behind silver sunglasses. He looks out into the huge crowd and has a microphone.

    Steiner: Heh! Look at that! Look at those peaks, and there is only one thing I care about more than them, and that’s my freaks. Heh, last Sunday night I beat the holy hell out of Jeff Jarrett, the man who wouldn’t give me a damn title shot. The man who said I didn’t win at Hard Justice and so I don’t even get a qualifyin’ match. Well guess what Jeff, you sonavabitch, you’re the loser now. I beat your ass and now I want what is mine. I don’t care about Wolfe winning a shot, I don’t care about Daniels getting’ a rematch, I want my shot and I want it n….

    But Steiner is interrupted by the fans going crazy for the Pope’s music!

    <Still photos of Sunday’s Slammiversary show where in the Monster’s Ball match Pope was thrown off the top of the stage by Senshi crashing onto tables below. Then the Warrior leapt off the top of the stage and crashed down with the double foot stomp right into the chest of the Pope. Pope was destroyed by the move. EMTs checked on him while the chaos of the match ensued, but to his credit he crawled back to the ring to distract Abyss long enough for Wolfe to get the win by hitting a jawbreaker Lariat on the Monster and putting him through a flaming table…>

    The Pope stands as his money rains from the sky down on him. He is holding his ribs and is limping slightly. Steiner is very pissed off, and cannot believe anyone would be foolish enough to interrupt the “Freakzilla”.

    Dinero: Scotty Stein-ey, Pope was in the back and heard you runnin’ your mouth about a title shot. Pope knows you are one bad dude my friend but Pope also knows that on Sunday the Congregation gave Pope the spirit and the will to carry on and help Roofy slay the monster and show just how tough he is by getting up from the most devastating move seen in pro wrestling. Pope is still standing Stein-ey and Pope wants you to shut up before Pope steals all your freaks and makes them all my business associates. Because Pope is pimpin’

    Steiner throws a big time right hand right into Pope’s sternum! Pope drops to a knee and Steiner goes crazy smashing Pope with his giant forearms. Pope holding his chest rolls out of the ring to escape the onslaught, but Steiner follows him out and rams him head first into the steel steps. Pope is hurt and Steiner locks on the Recliner, trying to rip Pope’s head off his shoulders. Referees and security run down and break up the hold. Steiner in a fit of rage pie faces a referee sending him on his back and then punching a security guard. Pope gets to his feet slowly and as the second security guard is knocked down Pope punches Steiner knocking him to his knees. More referees and security come from the back to get in between the two men, as Impact goes to commercial…


    Match #1
    Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner vs. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

    Steiner takes advantage of Pope’s injuries and just punches and kicks him down, dominating him. Pope fights through the pain and is able to hit some of his signature moves like the coronation and the flying shoulder tackle to bring the fans to their feet. A “Pope is Pimpin’ “ chant goes up as Steiner with one big time side slam sways the momentum back into his favour.

    Steiner taunts the crowd with “Here’s your Pope!” and follows it up with a kick to the head and then a pin cover. Steiner jumps off the cover at a two count and starts doing push ups! The referee tells Steiner to pin the man, but Steiner won’t have any of it and hits a devastating belly to belly exploder suplex! Pope is hurt and Steiner hits a kick and taunts Pope with push ups and trash talking. The fans boo Steiner as he is still pardon the pun, pumped from Sunday’s win over Jarrett. Steiner picks Pope up by his hair slaps him, and then looks for another suplex, but Dinero grapevines Steiner’s leg and rolls him up into a small package!!! 1…2…3!!!

    Winner via pinfall at 5:16, The Pope D’Angelo Dinero
    Steiner cannot believe what just happened. He grabs the referee by the scruff of his neck and the ref just barely dives out of the ring to escape his wrath. Steiner kicks the bottom rope and then goes straight after Dinero. He comes down hard on him with a double sledge and then mounts and rains down huge punches right into his face. Steiner then locks on the Recliner again as Pope passes out from the pain. Steiner then throws the Pope over the top rope in absolute disgust. Steiner is livid and walks off trash talking the fans and even Tenay and West…


    Backstage with JB is America’s Most Wanted’s James Storm and Chris Harris

    JB: At Slammiversary gentlemen you lost the tag title match in very controversial style.

    Storm: You’re damn right JB, we were robbed. We had those two pretty city boys right where we wanted them and then Alex Shelley comes and pops me one in the back of the head with the title belt. I tell ya what boys you can run but ya can’t hide.

    Harris: JB, we had that match won, and you would be standing here next to the six time World tag champions. Good for you Guns, you got one over on us. But now we are coming for you harder than ever and we want you to watch very closely to what we do to Speed Muscle tonight, because right now we are going to work out a little of our frustrations on them.

    Storm: Speed Muscle, boys, you are the ones we get to take our Slammiversary loss out on... Sorry about your damn luck!

    Match #2
    America’s Most Wanted vs. Speed Muscle

    AMW come out to a huge support from the fans. The former Champions have fire in their eyes as out comes their opponents who have been showing a mean streak lately by betraying Amazing Red and beating him last episode. Speed Muscle are very nonchalant in their approach and try to stall the start of the match which starts to get under the skin of the Wildcat and the Cowboy. Doi and Storm finally lock up, and they jockey for position when Yoshino flies in and hits a drop kick right on the Cowboy’s elbow hyper extending it! Doi tags in Yoshino and they go to work with lightning quick double teams. This brings in the big man Harris who comes over the top with a big right hand to Yoshino, but Doi hits a vicious side kick and then Speed Muscle take control with more double team moves!

    AMW find a way to fight back as the fans get behind them as they show why they are the best in TNA history. Doi is hit with an Eye of the Storm, but James is smashed by a superkick from Yoshino. The match starts to break down and the ref tries to get control. This in turn allows Yoshino to sneak a steel chair into the ring behind the ref’s back and smash Harris in the back of his head. The Speedster throws the chair out of the ring before the ref can turn around and Speed Muscle nails the Wildcat with a Powerbomb / Springboard diving clothesline combination! 1.2.3

    Winners via pinfall at 7:05 Speed Muscle
    AMW have now lost back to back matches by being hit by a foreign object. Storm is livid and grabs the chair and goes after the speedsters. He misses them and then throws the chair at them, which doesn’t connect. Speed Muscle’s music plays as they laugh and get their hands raised on the bottom of the ramp. Storm checks on his partner as he can’ believe they been screwed twice in a row!

    Backstage with JB is “TNA’s finest” The new World Champion Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam and the Icon Sting.

    RVD: Raven, I’ve known you a long time. I’ve always known what you were capable of and dude, you have gone right off the plantation man. Tonight, the three of us are going to finally put you down.

    Sting: Raven we have been doing this dance for over seven months now. When will you realise that we won’t let you do anymore damage here in TNA. You tried but you failed. And on Sunday we got Daniels out of the top spot and replaced him with this man. Now all is left is like RVD said is to put you down, this time for good.

    Hardy: Raven, it’s no secret I’m pretty good with a ladder. Now I’m the Champ, and you want to try and take me out. Wrong, tonight we get extreme on you guys and run you outta town. Sting, RVD and the Charismatic Enigma tonight we take TNA to new heights and close this chapter, and that’s being modest!

    <Video of King of the Mountain match… Tanahashi and Styles come off the top of the ladder in a horrific super styles clash! Exclusive video of Styles in the locker room after the match.

    Styles: The doctor says it’s not too bad. I lost feelings in my legs for a few minutes that’s why I grabbed Daniels’ legs instead of trying to win the title. I didn’t win the belt but we got the next best thing and that Daniels losing the strap. >

    The lights dim in the Impact Zone and the all too familiar theme song of the Olympic Gold medallist hits as the fans go nuts for the man who went to war with Samoa Joe on Sunday. Angle walks out in jeans and his latest t-shirt. His face is very bruised and he walks with a slight limp. He smiles at the ovation he is getting and even though he is obviously in pain he jumps on the turnbuckles to applaud the crowd support.

    Angle: You know I love TNA. I’m here because it is the very best company in the world. We have the very best wrestlers. Look at Slammiversary and see the talent we had on show. And especially at a man called Samoa Joe. The man is a killer. He is a living breathing wrecking ball and I want all you fans to support him this Saturday when TNA and UFC collide at UFC 117 when Samoa Joe takes on Brock Lesnar for the UFC Heavyweight title. After our match Joe and I talked. We talked for hours. We talked about our match, we talked about Brock Lesnar coming to Slammiversary and disrespecting both of us and how I will help him in any way I can in defeating Brock and bringing the UFC title to TNA!

    We also talked about what Joe wants to do when he gets back. He just like me wants the TNA World title and we both know there are two guaranteed title shots coming up. Daniels’ rematch clause and Desmond Wolfe’s Monster’s Ball title shot. So the two of us put our heads together and thought, in the interim, let’s go after the World Tag Team titles!

    You see we have won a few matches over the last month and so this week I put a petition into the Championship committee for a World tag title shot. I would have just ordered that imbecile Hart to give us one, but hey Joe likes to go through the right channels. Oh and Machine Guns, if we do get a title shot, and you pull that crap on us like you did with AMW on Sunday, I’ll snap both your freakin’ ankles, Oh it’s real it’s damn real!!!

    “Motor City” hits the speakers and out walks the World Tag Team Champions. An angry Alex Shelley leads the charge as Sabin follows behind looking a little confused. They both hop into the ring, but Sabin seems to be not impressed that Shelley has come out and gotten into Kurt’s face.

    Shelley: Hey Angle, we don’t take kindly to accusations my hair challenged friend. We are the best in the world and on Sunday we once again proved it by beating AMW. Who are you? Who are you and Joe to ask for a title shot against us? Who have you beaten?

    Angle: Ahem, Alex Shelley, just in case you didn’t know… I …I am Kurt Angle. I have won more championships then you two combined. And yes I know you guys are the Champions, that’s why it’s really bad luck for you that Joe and I want them.

    Shelley delivers a forearm shot to the side of Angle’s face, but Angle refuses to feel hurt. Shelley is shocked, and is hit with a big time European uppercut! Shelley gets dropped and Kurt lays in to him. Sabin stands by not sure what to do, and then reluctantly pulls Angle off of his partner. Kurt gets in Sabin’s face but is smashed in the back of the head by a Shelley superkick! Shelley gets in Sabin’s face asking him why he took so long to help him. Angle gets to his feet as Shelley hits a Codebreaker! Shelley then directs traffic and even though he looks like he doesn’t want to, Sabin joins in with a flurry of the Machine Guns’ double team moves on the gold medallist!

    Shelley smirks looking down at Kurt while Sabin isn’t happy and walks off. Shelley follows him and grabbing his arm spins him around and gets in his face. This time it’s Sabin’s turn to yell at Shelley. He dressed down his partner in front of the live crowd but the boos are too loud for anyone to hear what Sabin is saying. Sabin walks off in a huff as Shelley looks back to the ring where Kurt is slowly getting to his feet.


    After the break Sabin has his bag and is heading towards the parking garage when Christy Hemme runs up to him asking for a comment on what just happened.

    Sabin: You want a comment, fine here’s your comment. On Sunday the Motor City Machine Guns had a chance to prove to the world at Slammiversary no less, that we are the very best of all time by beating AMW. And what does Alex do, he screws the both of us by doing what he did. Sure we kept the belts, sure the record books will show that we won the match. But we didn’t prove a damn thing. Instead we showed that we can’t beat AMW by ourselves.

    Shelley runs into the interview.

    Shelley: Hey Chris what are you doing man? You don’t air Machine Gun business in public. You got a problem we talk it out and we settle it behind closed doors.

    Sabin: Don’t talk to me about dirty laundry Alex. You screwed us out of immortality by cheating on Sunday and now… damn it.. now you had me help you attack Kurt Angle. A man I respect. Don’t go talking to me about Machine Gun business. In fact, Christy you want a scoop, I’ll give a scoop.

    Kurt Angle, right now I’m endorsing your petition for a title shot against us.

    Shelley: WHAT?!?

    Sabin: The Motor City Machine Guns will put the titles on the line against you and Joe anyplace anytime.

    Shelley: No we don’t… no we don’t hey, Chris where are you going? What the hell is wrong with you…

    Shelley chases Sabin out to the parking garage as Sabin ignores him as he walks through the exit.

    Hemme: Mike and Don back to you guys.


    Tenay: Thanks Christy, what a blockbuster, Joe and Angle get a tag team title shot, what a big time match that will be!

    West: And Mike don’t forget, not that anyone can, this Saturday at UFC 117 it will be Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe!

    <Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe UFC 117 video package>

    Match #3
    Monty Brown vs. Senshi

    <Another still images package of what these two men did inside the Monster’s Ball. Senshi’s vicious double stomp off the 15 foot stage and Brown hitting the Pounce and sending men through tables>

    Both men looked banged up but are looking tonight to redeem themselves after not winning the title shot on Sunday. Brown’s size and power and Senshi’s speed and skill seem to cancel each other out as both men tear into each other. Brown hits an Alpha Bomb but it is reversed into a Hurricanrana! Senshi then follows it up with a kick to the Alpha Male’s temple. Brown unloads his rage and smashes the smaller man from one side of the ring to the other and then sets up for the Pounce.
    Senshi is able to dodge it with a baseball slide and come back with a double dropkick sending Brown crashing into the corner. WARRIOR’S WAY!!!

    Winner via pinfall at 5:23 Senshi

    Senshi snarls as he stands over his fallen opponent, the bigger Monty Brown. The vicious fighting machine refuses the ref raising his arm in victory, and instead he commando rolls out of the ring and roars at the fans. With a look of satisfaction the Warrior walks up the ramp. As he does Kevin Nash’s music hits and down walks the seven foot tall veteran. He looks at Senshi and the Warrior is not impressed by the big man’s arrogance. Senshi snorts and walks off as “Big Sexy” steps over the top rope and pulls a mic out of his back pocket.

    Nash: Matt Morgan, it looks like we’ve got ourselves a little problem. Ya see big man I went into the Monster’s Ball match to kick Desmond Wolfe’s ass. And then you stuck your big nose into my business boy. Well now you’ve got to pay the band. Get out here before I go backstage and bring the whole building down on you.

    The Blueprint’s music hits and as he walks out in jeans and a t-shirt a video of Morgan attacking Nash at Monster’s Ball and the few weeks leading up to it. Morgan just like Nash steps over the top rope and gets in the legend’s face.

    Morgan: You rang? Ha ha, What’s up Nash? What seems to be the issue? Wait a minute I know, I know. You don’t like me because I’m the new giant in this business. You don’t like me because I’m seven feet tall, I’m better looking than you, and I’m younger than you. Wait a minute, that can’t be it. Let’s see, how about I’m seven feet tall and I’m smarter than you, and I’m genetically stacked and jacked. No no, that’s not it either, even though this is all true. I know what the issue is, it’s because I’m seven feet tall and can actually wrestle.. that’s it.. ooofff!

    Nash punches Morgan in the face, and then drives him into the corner and unloads with some big time knee lifts. Nash then sizes him up and then flies in with a big elbow shot! Morgan drops to his knees and rolls out of the ring. The slower Nash follows him out only to be caught with the Carbon Footprint!!! Nash hits the floor hard and Morgan holding his jaw stomps away on Nash. “I’m better, than you Nash, I’m the new giant in town, it’s time I put you out to pasture you bastard. I’m the new giant you hear me!” Morgan stands over Nash and roars and flexes his muscles as Impact goes to commercial.


    < Back from commercial The TNATRON suddenly is full of digital flames, there is a mighty roar in the background…digitally enhanced, as the flames grow larger and then quickly forms the shape of the United States flag. The flames make it flow in the “wind” and with each whip at the end sparks and flames fly off the end and then another even louder roar is heard as the flames cover the screen again and the flag is engulf but turns into giant devilish eyes, snake like eyes with yellow centres still all made of digital flame. The eyes move back to reveal a monster’s mouth with huge teeth and suddenly fire shoots out of the mouth burning the screen and turning it black. Huge white letters appear on the screen “Born in fire, baptised in blood, forged in combat….” Then they fade and one big word appears… “ENTER”>

    Backstage with JB in a suit, no tie but wearing his sunglasses is Desmond Wolfe with Chelsea.

    JB: Desmond, on Sunday you went through hell and back, and seven other men, plus an outside attack from Raven to be the last man standing and win the Monster’s Ball. You now have a World title shot. Congratulations, when will you invoke your shot.

    Wolfe: JB I’m not going to beat around the bush, ya see look who’s Champion. Little ole’ Jeff Hardy. Let’s see here I remember a few months ago I near damn took his head clean off and pinned him in the middle of the ring. Hardy’s good, but I’m better and that weirdo knows just what he’s in for, and that is, a very short title reign. Because ya see Jeremy, at Unbreakable I want my shot and I’m going to take Hardy apart and become the Heavyweight Champion of the whole wide world. It’s that easy. Let’s go love.

    Wolfe escorts Chelsea out of camera shot as we go back to ringside
    Gunshots ring out and from the border entrance emerges the Latin American eXchange. Led by Konnan and Salinas, Homicide and the X Division Champion Hernandez walk out. They get into the ring and wave their flag around at the fans.

    <Still footage of Hernandez vs. Mistico inside a steel cage at Slammiversary with Hernandez getting the victory. And then delivering a post match beat down and putting the Lucha superstar on the shelf>

    Konnan: The revolution continues. We won’t be stopped, not even by betrayers from our own country. Mistico you want to steal from us? Huh, now you know what it mean to live and die in LAX. So Hart, Foley and Jarrett aren’t here, well then it looks like we get to call the shots, so if there is anyone in the back that have the kahonies to come and face us tag team style then come bring it ode lay.

    LAX don’t have to wait long as from the tunnel emerges NEO-1-GT, Paul London and Brian Kendrick. They walk down the ramp and the crowd are psyched for this one, it’s going to be a good match. But their music is stopped and then out comes Generation Me! They leap out of the tunnel and walk right beside GT. Konnan is confused to see two teams out here, two teams that LAX have beaten down previously. Then Gen Me’s music stops and changes as out walks Michael Bentley and Frankie Kazaraian, another team LAX beatdown... all three teams high five each other and then sprint to the ring! Cide tries to escape back through the border entrance but he is cut off, as four men swarm over Hernandez in the ring. A ref rings the bell and we have a four corners tag team match, or do we?

    Match #4
    LAX vs. Generation Me vs. NEO-1-GT vs. Bentley/Kazaraian

    Hernandez is sent over the top rope, and Cide is rolled back in and is hit by a dropsault from London, a standing moonsault from Max Buck and a flying guillotine leg drop from Kazarian! Konnan tries to direct traffic as it seems like half the tag team division has ganged up on LAX. The fans are enjoying LAX get their just desserts as the other team members are tagged in hitting their own three move combos!

    But the X Division Champion has had enough. He shakes off the initial beating and leaps into the ring, the ref tries to stop him but the big man is possessed! He tosses the ref aside like he was nothing and then blasts Kendrick and Jeremy Buck with a double clothesline. Bentley tries for a Superkick but is caught and Dez drags him back and hits a wheelbarrow facebuster. Kaz comes off the top and hits a drop kick to the big man’s face, but is then slugged by a chair shot to the head by Homicide! Konnan has some sort of small baton and jumps onto the apron and smashes heads with it left and right. Hernandez gets up and powerbombs everyone who he can get his hands on.

    No contest declared at 5:33
    LAX roar as they stand over six other guys they have decimated. Konnan screams out “no one can stop us, no one can stop the revolution viva la raza!!!”. Hernandez stands with arms crossed and his boot to London’s throat as Cide laughs and taunts all the other fallen in their wake.


    Back from commercial with Don West and Mike Tenay.

    Tenay: Tonight can be only described as chaos Don. We’ve had Raven return and threaten to burn down the company, Steiner attacked the Pope, AMW were screwed again, the tag champs seem to be falling apart, Nash was taken down by Morgan and now LAX has destroyed half the tag division.

    West: Mike all we can hope now is that Sting, RVD and our new Champion Jeff Hardy can put an end to Raven...

    Main Event
    Raven, Giant Bernard and Tomko
    Sting, Rob Van Dam and World Champion Jeff Hardy

    Sting stands ready to start the match to face Raven and bring this war to an end right here tonight on Impact, but new Champion Hardy taps the Icon on the shoulder and motions that he is the Champ and he needs to lead them into battle. Sting agrees and before standing back on the apron he points to Raven before the bell rings. Raven tags out immediately to the aptly named Giant Bernard. The tattooed monster towers over Hardy and licks his lips and cracks his knuckles. He throws a wicked right hand but connects only with air as the faster Hardy ducks it drop kicks the big man’s knee, comes off the ropes with a leaping clothesline dropping the big man hard! The fans go crazy as Hardy demands Raven get in the ring and face him.

    But Hardy’s bravado is his undoing and Bernard hits him in the back of the skull with a big time bicycle kick. Hardy is dropped and Bernard tags in Tomko who unloads vicious stomps onto the champion. Sting and RVD try to save him but only make it worse by distracting the referee and Raven and Bernard join in the beating. When the ref turns back Raven is in the ring and starts torturing Hardy.
    Hardy after minutes of beatings finally tags in to RVD who comes in a house of fire. He takes down both Bernard and Tomko and looks to finish with a 5 Star but is cut off by Raven. Rob is thrown to the mat hard and Raven drops elbows into Rob’s spine.

    Giant Bernard starts smashing Rob now, as the freaks are keeping the Stinger out of this one. RVD finally escapes with a step through thrust kick and rolls and tags in the Stinger as the fans blow the roof off! Sting chants light up the Impact Zone as the Icon goes to work taking down Bernard and Tomko and then attacks Raven. The fans are deafening as these two men exchange blows one more time as Hardy and RVD join the battle. Swanton Bombs, 5 Star Frog splashes and Stinger Splashes all come out as Raven and his soldiers are being taken apart. The ref tries to get control of the match and that’s when the Monster Abyss appears...

    Sting is struck in the face by the monster’s fist wrapped in a giant chain. Next is Van Dam and then the Champion Hardy. They all fall as Raven starts the beatdown the ref calls for the bell, but Raven just DDT’s him!

    Winner via disqualification at 15:37, Sting, RVD and Jeff Hardy
    James Mitchell slides chairs into the ring and Tomko sets them up. Then one by one starting with Van Dam, Raven hits the Evenflow DDT onto the steel. Next is Hardy, he reverses out of it, tries a Twist of Fate as the fans cheer him on, but he is put down by Raven’s men with punches and stomps. DDT! The Champion is out! Then the monsters throw Raven the Stinger. Raven has these blazing yellow contacts in and his wild wide eyes look down at his “prey”, the Icon and then looks out to the fans and then drives Sting into the steel!

    With outstretched arms Raven screams at the crowd as Giant Bernard, Tomko and Abyss stand behind him. Dixie is shown in the crowd with her hands over her face as Impact goes off the air...

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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

    From Ultimate Fighting Championship and TNA Wrestling websites

    Quote Originally Posted by

    UFC 117

    UFC Heavyweight Championship
    Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe

    Spike TV telecasts both Ultimate Fighting Championship and Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling programming. In a cross promotional activity for the network, stars of each company would appear on each other’s programs to push the Spike brand and to add something to each product and boost ratings for the network and for each program.

    The Mixed Martial Arts community have known to have a strong hatred for professional wrestling, where pro-wrestlers do not seem to care. This exclusive experiment was running well for four weeks until what have said the inevitable happened, especially when it came to the former pro-wrestler turned MMA fighter Brock Lesnar. Lesnar a friend of Kurt Angle was sitting in the second row at TNA Impact when during a Samoa Joe match, the Samoan Submission Machine let loose a verbal attack on the UFC Champion.

    Samoa Joe: What did I say? The thing is this guy left the business because he couldn’t handle it. And yet he goes around talking shit about the business I put my body on the line for nearly every single day. He couldn’t hack it and he wants to bad mouth us? What sort of bullshit is that? Then he walks around like he’s somebody when he only fights once a year in a sport where you get a rest every five minutes. The guy is a coward and a piece of shit and I told him so. Who’s he to sit and be a part of my world? I told him to get the f<beep> out of my building.

    Lesnar jumped the guardrail, something he knew all too well not to do from his time in pro-wrestling and ended up in a huge brawl with the former TNA Champion.

    Brock Lesnar: This guy wants to try and punk me out in front of my wife and on live tv in front of millions of people. Look at me, do you really think I would let anyone talk smack to me. Man I don’t care if you are God himself, I’ll knock you out.

    Samoa Joe walked into the UFC training facility in Las Vegas during the taping of the Spike Television production the Ultimate Fighter Series 11 Brock Lesnar / Anderson Silva. Joe challenged Lesnar to a match. Brock laughed at him and told him he couldn’t even beat his rookies. Samoa Joe then systematically submitted all four of Lesnar’s guys. Joe left telling Lesnar that Sacrifice was coming up and he’ll be there waiting for him.

    After a lot of contract negotiations and Dana White procuring a TNA World title shot for the match, Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar was booked for the TNA supercard SACRIFICE. In a war for the ages, Samoa Joe defeated Brock Lesnar via pinfall. UFC President White was furious that his UFC Champion was beaten by a pro-wrestler. Although his arrogance was his own undoing as he didn’t realise how good Joe was. Joe went two years as Ring of Honor Champion, he then went undefeated in TNA for 18 months until finally beaten by the Olympic Gold medallist Kurt Angle, who had beaten Brock on several occasions. Joe though a month later took back the win by defeating Angle and then later on became TNA World Champion.

    White wanted to quickly avenge the loss and wanted to show that his company had the superior fighters. Lesnar vs. Carwin was quickly changed to Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe at UFC 117. Lesnar was quoted as saying he had never competed inside a six sided ring before and hadn’t been in a pro-wrestling match in over 5 years. Samoa Joe scoffed at the UFC Champion’s remarks and said that he fights every night and Lesnar cannot beat him and his excuses are laughable.

    Last week at TNA Wrestling’s Slammiversary Samoa Joe defeated Kurt Angle while Brock Lesnar watched on in the crowd. However Lesnar refused to watch the ending of the match, and left the arena, as Joe decimated the man many people call the greatest of all time, Kurt Angle.

    Samoa Joe: At UFC 117, just like I did at Scarifice, I’m going to beat the hell out of Lesnar and become the UFC Champion. And then when I bash my way out of their stupid octagon, in front of all the MMA fans around the world and Dana White I’m going to throw the title in the trash where it belongs. Because MMA guys aren’t real fighters. I am. I wrestler five to six nights a week. I take it to the limit every single night. These guys are just there for a pay cheque. I do it to be the best. At UFC 117 I will retire Brock Lesnar and then I’ll show the world pro-wrestling is the superior sport by throwing down that piece of junk title belt.

    Brock Lesnar: Joe wants to step into the octagon with me, he’s a bigger idiot than I thought. I’m the baddest and toughest son of a bitch on the planet and I’m going to throw him into the cage and beat his god damn brains in. I can’t wait for UFC 117 when I show Joe he’s nothing but a fluke.

    Joe Rogan: Lesnar is going to take back some MMA pride when he beats this guy up.

    Don West: Haven’t you heard the phrase, “Joe’s gonna kill you”? MMA fans get ready because Joe’s gonna kill this guy.

    Joe Rogan: Brock is going to ground and pound Joe and there will be nothing he can do about it.

    Don West: It doesn’t matter to Joe, if it’s the ring, in a cage or on top of aldder for that matter. Joe’s done it all and beaten them all, including UFC’s poster boy Lesnar.

    Samoa Joe: I am Samoa Joe and I am pro-wrestling.

    Brock Lesnar: I’m going to crush Joe for what happened at Sacrifice, I’m going to rip his head off and put it on a pike for all the MMA fans to see.

    UFC 117- this Saturday only on pay per view…..

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    UFC 117

    Quote Originally Posted by

    A controversial unanimous decision awarded to Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar cost Samoa Joe the title at UFC 117 “Lesnar vs. Joe” on Saturday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The match was decided by points and the win went to Lesnar even though many people thought Joe was the aggressor and won almost all five rounds.

    Over the course of 25 minutes, Joe applied the perfect game plan and picked apart a man many believed to be invincible. Samoa Joe remained patient and stayed outside Lesnar’s reach before attacking with thumping kicks to the leg and the midsection, along with combinations of punches and kicks. He also used his wrestling skills to muscle the titleholder against the cage and work from the clinch.

    Commentators, journalists and 16,000 fans in attendance at the Staples Center expected the title to change hands after five rounds of highly tactical cage fighting. However, the judges inexplicably saw three rounds in favor of the defending champion. This was even more controversial due to the comments from Joe, stating that he would “throw the UFC title in the trash where it belongs”, and that MMA as a whole would suffer a blow if the TNA contracted professional wrestler Joe would become Champion in his first ever fight inside the octagon.

    This fight prompted further cries to revise the scoring criteria for MMA and caused UFC President Dana White to quickly defend the judges decisions. Many people in attendance booed Samoa Joe at the beginning of the bout, only to cheer him on at the end due to him taking Lesnar all the way to the end. Many expected Joe to get his arm raised, but instead Lesnar was given a unanimous decision win.

    When the announcement happened Joe and his corner man, Olympic Gold medallist Kurt Angle almost attacked White. They were both escorted out of the octagon, and were not interviewed after the fight. Lesnar stated that he proved the UFC and himself were superior.

    Many sports journalists made statements such as “I thought pro-wrestling was meant to be pre-determined, this is a joke.”

    Kurt Angle stated that he was extremely disappointed in Dana White and the UFC but was not surprised. “Joe beat Brock today, hands down. You can’t leave it up to the judges but Joe took Brock apart and beat him down in every round. For how fast Brock is, Joe is faster and his leg kicks and knees were brutal. Everyone thought Joe wouldn’t stand a chance, well he proved them all wrong. The UFC can say that the history books have Lesnar as the winner, but everyone who saw the fight knows Joe won the fight. If this is how White does business he can have it.”

    Samoa Joe was heard saying as he left the arena that “I guess in 2010, no one will be saying Vince screwed Bret anymore, it will be Dana screwed Joe, but hey, I walked in their busted him up and he knows it. The whole world knows it, and the UFC is a joke. Now all their winners by decision will come under suspicion. I showed that MMA is nothing and pro-wrestling is the king of sports.”

    Dana White at the post fight press conference stated that he might seek legal action against Joe and Angle for trying to put his company into disrepute and that Brock Lesnar was by what he saw the definitive winner on the night.

    “Those assholes can say what they want. Joe lost the fight after all his big talk and Brock Lesnar showed he and MMA are better. A better breed of fighter and a better sport.” White declared.

    Dixie Carter said she is happy Joe has no real injuries coming out of the fight and that he is back for TNA and wrestling for them and can’t wait to see him back inside the six sided ring. They need him now more than ever.

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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010 *Spotlight of the Month*

    I figured Joe would lose the UFC match because I figured/hoped you'd go 'even stevens' booking with this feud, but man... what a great story! Joe gets screwed in the "real sport" by real judges! I love it.

    Can't wait to see where this goes from here.

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