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    EPISODE 10

    Last week on Impact!.... Capture the Flag… 5on 5, no disqualification, the only way to win is to pin or submit the team Captain, Sting or Raven. What a war…. Sting tells AJ “We have to talk”… bodies are everywhere, Tomko and RVD brawl in the crowd, Hardy uses his body as a missile taking out Team 3D. Carnage everywhere….

    Wolfe is down, Joe is down, Angle is hurt. Daniels like a vulture preys on Angle and hits Angels Wings… Daniels is the new #1 Contender…

    AJ says “ Sting made me promise not to get involved in tonight’s capture the flag”

    Capture the Flag madness, chair shots, tables turn to splinters. High risk moves and finally Raven strikes and attacks Sting. Chair shot. Chair shot. Chair shot. Sting is pinned. Raven licking his lips beats on Sting… The World Champion runs out and agrees to a title match……

    Get Ready To Fly!
    The flaming waterfall cascades down the entrance tunnel as the World Champion, emerges through the sparks dressed for battle. Whipping his hood back he walks with a purpose to the ring. Sailing into the ring he bashes his chest letting the fans know his heart has six sides. The beautiful So Cal Val hands the Phenomenal One a microphone.

    Styles: Tonight I do something I should have done a long time ago. And that’s to take the fight to you Raven. I’m going to meet you head on no matter what Sting or Bret Hart say. If I am the Champion, if I truly have the company on my shoulders then it will be me who finishes this once and for all.

    Raven’s music hits and out onto the stage from thick dark mist emerges the maniacal one. His suit white, his eyes blazing yellow, glare down to the ring as he steadies himself with his cane. He lifts a microphone to his crooked smile.

    Raven: So the Champion of the World is willing to risk it all just to get his hands on me? You see golden one, when Chaos’ fire was bestowed upon me, I was charged with the duty of tearing down the walls with my rusty serrated talons. He never prophesised I would be rewarded with gold. I am the vessel of Chaos and I will eclipse your bright star Styles, as I extinguish your flame and sear the gold from your flesh. Quote the Raven, nevermo….

    Styles: You won’t be quoted ever again Raven, because I’m going to take you out, once and for all. And you can quote me on that!

    The World Champion’s music sounds as he stares up at his opponent while Raven almost starts laughing before he once again disappears in the mist from where he came.


    Tenay and West talk about tonight for the World Heavyweight Championship, AJ Styles will go one on one with Raven. Earlier in the week Bret Hart and the rest of the TNA Championship Committee held a press conference stating that due to the Champion’s insistence and though Raven has not earned a title shot the match has been signed. But all rules will apply and the match official senior referee Rudy Charles is under strict instructions to throw the match out immediately if there is any foul play.

    Match #1
    Ultimate X Qualifier
    The Amazing Red vs. Senshi

    A brutal match. Red gives it everything he has against “the Warrior”. Both men like two wild west gunfighters hit everything they have.

    Finish: Senshi sets for the Warriors Way- the double foot stomp off the top turnbuckle when Kurt Angle’s music hits. Senshi jumps down as the elevator slowly reveals Kurt Angle in street clothes. Suddenly Red drop kicks Senshi in the back ramming him into the turnbuckles and then rolls him up. 1.2.3

    Winner via pinfall Amazing Red at 5:51

    Red scampers out of the ring. Senshi is in disbelief, as Angle walks down the ramp. Senshi looking around he turns his attention to Angle and drops down to meet him. Blocking a strike from Senshi, Angle unloads three heavy European Uppercuts. This sends Senshi’s spine crashing into the apron. Angle’s speed is deceiving and before Senshi realises what is happening an Olympic Slam connects on the floor! Senshi bows up his back in agony. Angle standing next to him, looks down and without any emotion walks back up the ramp, gets back on the elevator and is lowered backstage.
    Backstage JB is with Jeff Jarrett at the interview station.

    JB: Last week Jeff you and Scott Steiner met in the middle of the ring seemingly no longer friends. Then in the Capture the Flag match he attacked you, taking you out of the match, which meant Sting was left unprotected.

    Jarrett: JB, Scott Steiner has chosen his side. Last week he attacked me and made it clear that he wants to tear down everything that I have worked for. So Scotty if that’s how you want to play it. Then at Destination X you and I will be on opposite ends of the ring and I’m going find out who is behind all of this, because I’m going to beat it out of you.

    Camera changes quickly Christy Hemme and her camera crew chasing after Kurt Angle, getting into his car.

    Hemme: Kurt! Kurt! Why did you interfere in the Ultimate X Qualifier tonight?

    Angle: Why? Hrmph. It seems everyone around here has forgotten just exactly who I am, and what I am capable of. I am a former 12 time World Champion and Olympic Gold medallist. I was the Godfather of the Main Event Mafia. Petey Williams wants to jump me. Senshi now wants to try me. It looks like I had to remind him and everyone in this company that I am Kurt Angle and I am for real. Damn real. Oh and Bret Hart, I’ve got my eye on you. If you really are the guy pulling Raven’s strings, this Chaos guy. I’ll snap your ankle so fast you won’t even realise it when I kick your ass out of TNA.

    Match #2
    Giant Bernard and Tomko vs. Beer Money Inc.

    The two towers of destruction stand over Beer Money. Roode and Storm although came to the ring confident, looking up at their opponents seem to have changed their outlook. They come at them with everything, but they are put down by nothing but brute force.

    Finish: Storm is thrown into the corner and Roode makes the save by pulling him away as Bernard crashes sternum first. Roode tags himself in and starts punching the big man and looks hits a clothesline. Bernard doesn’t fall, so he runs the ropes and tries again. But Chris Harris from out of nowhere trips Roode and he runs straight into a Baldo(sitout power)Bomb. Storm is conflicted whether to make the save or go after Harris. By the time he makes his decision 1.2.3.

    Winners via pinfall Tomko and Giant Bernard at 6:32

    Harris runs off, Storm checks on Roode as the big men celebrate their debut TNA tag match.
    Mike Tenay and Don West play a video package of the reformation of LAX and their path of destruction and the Machine Guns title win and their title reign thus far and the two teams’ feud capped off with Konnan’s promo last week.

    JB is with the World Tag Team Champions the Motor City Machine Guns

    Shelley: Last week Konnan had some pretty strong words for us. He said something like they are going to take our tacos…

    Sabin: No dude he said he wants to take our titles.

    Shelley: Oh.. that explains it, I thought he wanted savoury Mexican snacks. It makes sense now because we don’t really eat tacos.. what is your muscle to body fat percentage now Sabinator? Er.. anyway OK, now I get it. Can we start the promo again JB?

    JB: We’re kind of live here guys.

    Shelley: Gotcha wink wink. <Ahem> LAX the only thing that frightens us is your hygiene. We weren’t ducking you we just couldn’t stand the smell. You’re combined bad breathe and body odour would probably make us tap out.

    Sabin: Yes so I think we should have a stipulation in the title match, that each LAX member has 2 showers before the match, before we even consider getting in the ring with you at Destination X.

    Shelley: And breathe mints, don’t forget those. We want this to be a CLEAN fight boys so remember to wash behind your ears.

    Sabin: Tacos.. you’re an idiot

    Shelley: Whatever…..

    Match #3
    Matt Morgan vs. The Pope DiAngelo Dinero

    Morgan has a mic: Hardy you got in my way. Kind of like when a bug gets in the way of a windshield. Now the bug wants to pick a fight with a mack truck. So I’m going to say this slowly so you can understand me. I don’t care where you came from. I don’t care what accolades you won in the past. You’re in TNA now. And I’m the DNA of TNA. At Destination X I’m going to pick my teeth with your bones.

    Pope walks out as Morgan looks down at the former X Division Champion and smiles. Pope looks up and smiles flashing his whiter than white, flashy smile. But suddenly stops and gives Morgan a low blow! Morgan falls in a heap, as the ref who was busy ringing the bell didn’t see a thing. Pope stomps on the big man’s head.

    Finish: Morgan crawls trying to protect his head but can’t move as he grabs his groin. Pope shoots in left jabs to the body, until Morgan gets to his feet. Pope pulls down his knee pads and delivers the DDE! He covers Morgan and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage. 1.2.3. Morgan kicks out after the 3 count but….

    Winner by pinfall The Pope DiAngelo Dinero at 1:04

    Pope celebrates and boogies up the ramp as Jeff Hardy walks out and he high fives Pope. Hardy is laughing as Pope grabs a mic.
    Pope: Petey pie eatey… Pope is comin for ya and I will get my title back. Ultimate X Pope is going to fly like an angel and take back his crown. Pope has spoken.

    Morgan is still on the mat as Hardy and Dinero point and laugh as Pope’s music plays.

    Back from commercial and out to the ring walks dressed in his suit Desmond Wolfe.

    Wolfe: Last week Daniels pinned Mr. Mangled. Now at Destination X he gets a title shot. That’s fine, I can live with that, but what I want to know is, when do I get my bloody shot. I wasn’t pinned, and now Raven gets a shot before everyone. Maybe I should start blowing up a few things around here and beat up AJ’s daddy Sting and then I’ll get my shot. So Bret Hart I think you should start thinking about giving me a shot real soon because if ya don’t…

    RVD’s music hits and out come the Whole Dam Show. He plays to the crowd. He high fives the fans as he finally gets in the ring and stands face to face with Wolfe.

    RVD: What’s with all the hostility dude. You need to chill out. You see The Champ’s got a big match tonight. And it could turn into a nightmare for the boss man Bret Hart if Raven wins the belt. The Hitman hasn’t got any time for you right now. But I tell you what. My dance card’s free and a win over you would get me right back into title contention. I made one mistake against AJ and it cost me. I won’t do it again, when I get my next title shot.

    Wolfe: Listen here sunshine. No one is going to get a shot by beating me. Ya hear. You get in my way, I’ll…

    Tanahashi’s music hits and out comes the Ace of the Universe. He gets in the ring with a mic. He stares both men in the face and with one quick movement he bashes RVD in the face with the microphone, and then hits a roaring elbow on Wolfe! He runs up the ropes and delivers a High Fly Flow on Wolfe! But RVD delivers a kick to Tanahshi. RVD delivers a Rolling Thunder! The Japanese ace rolls out of the ring. As RVD celebrates in the ring out walks Mick Foley. Bang! Bang!

    Foley: You know what RVD, you’re right the Hitman is just a little busy right now, but not too busy to make a match. Destination X, Desmond Wolfe vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. R.V.D. Have a nice day.

    Rob continues to celebrate as Tenay and West play for the fans another montage of the Raven Saga and how it has lead to the World title match tonight.

    Backstage The Knockout Champion Tara is with JB

    JB: Right now with me I’m with the beautiful but deadly Knockout Champion Tara. Just announced at Destination X will be your defence of the Knockout title against Daffney. The word is that you wanted this match.

    Tara: JB the rumours are true. You see Daffney is part of Raven’s crew and I was inspired to take on anyone who wants to bring down TNA. So last time due to my injuries from Awesome Kong, I wasn’t able to give Daffney much of a fight. But I still beat her. At Destination X I’m going to dominate her.

    Suddenly Daffney strikes! Tara is blindsided by Raven's psychotic female disciple. Tara tries to fight back but Daffney has Raven's silver skull cane. Tara puts her hands up. JB yells for help. Daffney screams and leaves leaving the Knockout Champion holding her head in pain.

    Tenay: What a brutal attack from Daffney.

    West: Daffney is ready for battle, I'm sure Raven has been getting her ready. Raven is insane but he is extremely intelligent and obviously anticipated this move from the Champion.

    Tenay and West run down the matches so far signed for Destination X.

    • Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan
    • Knockout Champion Tara defends against Daffney
    • The World Tag Champions the Motor City Machine Guns vs. LAX
    • Desmond Wolfe vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Rob Van Dam
    • Beer Money Inc. vs. Chris Harris and a mystery partner
    • Former friends collide - Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Steiner
    • Ultimate X for the TNA x Division Championship Petey Williams defends against the former Champion Pope and Amazing Red and Mistico
    • And however wins tonight will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

    Main Event
    World Heavyweight Championship match
    Champion AJ Styles vs. Raven

    The challenger comes out first. Dressed in his warrior kilt with the Ankh symbol painted over his left eye. He is accompanied to the ring by James Mitchell, the Monster Abyss, Dr. Stevie and Daffney and Team 3D..

    Then the Champion who is accompanied by Bret Hart , Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley.

    JB is in the ring for the formal instructions. And the bell sounds.

    AJ launches himself at Raven. He unloads punches sending raven into the corner. The ref tries to stop AJ and get him to open his hand and then to stop as Raven is in the ropes. Raven’s lip is already been split open. AJ moves back as Raven licks the blood from his lip, and circles the champ. AJ locks up with Raven only to be put in a headlock. AJ tries to escape but as he does it hit with a discuss lariat!

    Raven looks down. His experience has given him the advantage, as he starts stomping on AJ’s knees. AJ rolls away quickly and gets to his feet but is caught with a right and a left. AJ stumbles, but ducks a huge swinging right runs the ropes and as Raven turns around is smashed by a huge flipping dropkick! Styles after such a move usually poses to the crowd but not this time. He mounts Raven and unloads more punches into Raven’s jaw. The ref tries to stop him and once again asks for an open fist from the Champ.

    Raven hides in the corner and slowly gets to his feet. Styles looking confident, moves in quickly going for a single leg takedown. Raven blocks it and delivers a vicious knee lift. It sends AJ off his feet as he comes crashing down on the mat. Raven leaps on Styles’ back and locks in a camel clutch. Styles tries to escape and with amazing strength turns it into an electric chair! Raven crashes down landing on the back of his neck. Raven’s corner tries to direct traffics as the Champions offer encouragement. Styles scrambles to his feet and covers Raven. 1.2.. Raven kicks out, but as he does he quickly gets to his feet and hits a vicious bulldog on the champ. He laughs as he drives Styles’ face into the mat. He makes a cover 1.2. Styles kicks out

    The Champ is in trouble and rolls to the outside. But Raven is even more dangerous out there and follows him out. Styles turns and Raven punches him in the jaw and then executes a perfect Russian leg sweep sending Styles’ spine straight into the guardrail! The referee has started counting but Raven throws Styles back in. Cover 1.2..

    Styles kicks out. Raven laughs as he starts choking Styles on the mat. The ref counts the obligatory 5 count but Raven stops just before he is dq’d.. Styles is being dominated and is crawling to escape but Raven locks in the camel clutch again. Styles is caught reaching for the ropes.

    Finish: Styles has been in the clutch for several minutes and seems to have passed out. The ref raises his arm for it to drop to the mat. He raises it again as it drops for the second time. Rudy Charles raises it again and it drops

    Only for Styles to recover in time. Styles’ corner men jump higher than the fans in joy as Styles is still alive in this match. Raven can’t believe it and tries to hold on but AJ moves Raven and gets to the ropes! The ref makes Raven break the hold. Raven frustrated now picks up the Champ and hits a huge neck breaker. 1.2. Styles lifts the shoulder.

    Raven sets for the Raven Effect DDT, but Styles reverses it and hits a discuss lariat of his own! Both men are down and the ref counts Both men stir 9. Styles is up and chops Raven. He whips Raven off the ropes and hits another big time clothesline. Raven rolls out f the ring to escape. The ref yells at Raven’s corner men to move away from the action. But over the top of the ref’s head flies Styles with a diving somersault plancha. He connects with Raven and the rest of his crew! Styles roars and throws the maniacal one back in to the ring.

    Raven slowly gets to his feet, but Styles springboards off the top rope and delivers a huge flying forearm smash!!! Raven is down. Styles delivers a German suplex followed into a belly to back wheelbarrow facebuster. Styles covers 1..2..
    Raven lifts the shoulder and tries to get to his feet while swinging wildly. Styles delivers the pele kick! Don West goes crazy on commentary “PELE, PELE, PELE out of nowhere!!!”

    Styles calls for the Styles clash, but Abyss has gotten to his feet on the outside and moves onto the apron. Jarrett jumps up and knocks him down. Mick Foley runs up the steel steps across the ring apron and delivers a big elbow on the monster! Stevie superkicks Foley. The ref is distracted as Father Mitchell throws into Raven his steel hook and chain. Raven grabs it and knocks out Styles! The ref tries to regain order outside of the ring as Raven covers Styles……

    Bret Hart grabs a steel chair to settle down Team 3D. From the back slides in Christopher Daniels. Underhooks the arms and hits Angels Wings……on Raven!!!
    He looks down at what he has just done and poses to the crowd. Laughing he rolls Styles on top of Raven and jumps out. The ref turns to see Raven’s shoulders down…1.2.3.

    Winner and STILL Heavyweight Champion of the World AJ Styles at 17:30
    Mitchell can’t believe it as the Championship Committee race into the ring to celebrate with Styles. The Champ has a trickle of blood rolling down the side of his face from where he was hit by the steel hook. Daniels stands on the ramp looking down on the scene. Hart raises Styles’ hand in victory as the Champion looks up to see his former friend looking back at him. They both nod acknowledging each other. Daniels walks off as the celebration continues. Raven is quickly moved to the back by his entourage.


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    EPISODE 11

    Raven's evil deeds are replayed. World Champion AJ Styles steps up and challenges Raven. Raven behind the refs back hits Styles with a giant hook and chain. But Daniels slides in and hits Angels Wings saving TNA from Raven as World Champion. Styles and Daniels exchange looks as the Championship Committee of TNA celebrate in the background

    The Hitman’s music and out walks TNA’s partner Bret Hart. He gets into the ring and poses to the crowd as they roar. Impact! Has become the highest rating pro-wrestling show and the Impact Zone was moved to a new location. The arena is filled by about 15000 fans as Hart raises his microphone to welcome everyone to Thursday night Impact.

    Hart: Welcome everyone to the new and improved Impact Zone. We had fans calling us from all over as they couldn’t get in to watch their favourite wrestling show. So we had to upgrade! We changed to a fifteen thousand seating capacity and we are still sold out! Thank you to everyone. Now all this couldn’t have been possible without what happened last week. And that was the TNA World Champion defeating Raven and sending him packing! This Sunday TNA proudly presents on pay per view the Destination X supercard which of course showcases the most death defying, and gravity defying match in professional wrestling, Ultimate X!

    Now last week when all the chaos was going on, I looked up to see AJ pin Raven, but I reviewed the tape and due to interference by my guest at this time, TNA would have been in chaos. Show the tape <a clip of Daniels hitting Angle Wings on Raven last week> Please put your hands together for the challenger to the TNA title, the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels.

    The Fallen Angel’s music hits and out walking slowly onto the ramp, is Daniels. Wearing a suit and sunglasses he looks out into the crowd. He gets a mixed reaction as before last week he was selfish, but by the end of the show he saved the day.

    Daniels gets into the ring and poses on the apron his hands spread out. He whips off his sunglasses and leaps through the middle rope snatching Hart’s mic off him! He pauses as a Fallen Angel chant starts up.

    Daniels: Let’s get one thing clear here. I didn’t save AJ Styles. I didn’t save TNA. I saved the Fallen Angel from getting screwed by you and the golden boy if Raven won. You see I have earned my shot ten times over in this company, and yet Raven gets a shot before me. RVD, Angle, Tanahshi, Jeff Hardy. How many more times was I going to be passed over. You Bret Hart have given these title shots because it brings in these big crowds of idiots, these big ratings and buy rates. They have earned nothing. I am T.N.A.

    I could see into my crystal ball and if AJ Styles lost, at Destination X he would get a rematch and Christopher Daniels would be put out in the cold like always! I was not going to let that happen. This Sunday I beat your golden boy AJ Styles and become Champion of the World

    Get ready to Fly!-Out walks the Champion. He is shaking his head and smiling to himself.

    Styles: Chris, I should have known. For a week I was thinking to myself, wow, Daniels does care about the company. He really wants to see TNA go to great heights and doesn’t want someone like Raven tearing it down. But you haven’t changed. You’re the same old selfish bastard you have always been. I look forward to shutting your mouth this Sunday.

    Daniels: Selfish…hahaha, selfish. There is only one World Championship. There is only one best in the world here in this company. I don’t know what they do in other companies but here there can be only one. And it is my time. I will not let you, Samoa Joe, Abyss or Hart or even Raven stand in my way of fulfilling my destiny. You, golden boy have gotten every opportunity, I was not about to be cheated out of mine. I’ll see you at Destination-X.

    Daniels drops the mic and brushes past Styles. He is on the apron when Hart asks for AJ’s mic.

    Hart: Not so fast Daniels. Tonight I’m going to keep putting on huge main events. Impact will remain number one. So tonight in a 6 man tag it will be Tanahashi, Desmond Wolfe and you vs. the team of Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy and the Champ, AJ Styles!

    Daniels can’t believe he is in a match three days from the biggest match of his life. He is livid as the 15000 strong crowd pop for the match they will see tonight in the main event

    <Video of the return of Gail Kim to TNA, and Awesome Kong’s hatred of the Knockout.>

    Match #1
    Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

    Finish: Gail fights through the pain. Kong looks for the implant bustah but Gail counters, escapes and hits elbow strikes to Kong’s face. Kong is rocked and hits a spinning backfist. Gail drops like a rock and Kong grabs her and lifts her up for the Awesome Bomb. Gail counters again into a hurricanrana. Kong rolls into the turnbuckles dazed and Gail flies in with a shoulder block. She tries again but is hit with a big boot.

    Kong grabs Gail by the hair lifting her off her feet. The ref tells her to stop but she is intent on destroying her rival. She goes again for her finisher but just before Kong can deliver the killing blow, Gail drops out of the awesome bomb and on the way down hits the Eat Defeat!!! 1.2.3.

    Winner via pinfall Gail Kim at 7:05

    Gail Kim celebrates the huge win over her rival the monster Kong. Although hurting she stands on the turnbuckles victorious as the fans celebrate with her.
    Backstage Christy Hemme is with Generation Me backstage

    Christy: Guys you have a win over the former World Champion team NEO-1-GT, you have a bit of momentum. Tonight you have Speed Muscle.

    Jeremy: Christy we have been on a roll since we’ve been here in TNA and we want to keep on rollin’ baby. Tonight we’ve got Speed Muscle, these guys are super tough and super fast. We’ve got our work cut out for us.

    Max: But we are up for the challenge. Tonight, Speed Muscle you come face to face with our generation!

    Match #2
    Generation Me vs. Speed Muscle

    Finish: These two teams have not stopped to catch a breathe. They have exploded inside the ring. Doi hits a titla whirl back breaker on Max only to have Yoshino sprint in with a drop kick to Max's exposed head. Doi then someersault splashes on Max, as Doi comes off the ropes witha sliding clothesline! Jeremy leaps back into the action over the top rope delivering an xfactor to the speedstar Yoshino!

    Doi runs in with a knee strike, as Max bulldogs him onto his partner! Gen me hit a moonsault and a spinning leg drop at the same time and then a Rolling fireman's carry slam by Max followed by a 450° splash by Jeremy followed by a moonsault by Max. 1.2.3.

    Winners via pinfall Generation Me at 5:16

    Another win from the exciting new tag team in TNA
    JB is backstage with the Olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle

    JB: Kurt tonight you have requested a match for Impact tonight against the dangerous X Division competitor Davey Richards. Kurt at Destination X you have a match against Senshi. Are you 100% and should you be wrestling tonight if you are wrestling such a dangerous man as the Warrior?

    Kurt: JB, Davey Richards is a compact, very quick bulldozer with extremely dangerous kicks and strikes. Just like Senshi. Tonight I prepare myself for my big match this Sunday. And by doing so send a message to Senshi and the rest of the roster to remind them all exactly who Kurt Angle is. That message goes out to you too Bret Hart. You see I’m watching you. If you are the man behind Raven I’ll snap your ankle and kick your ass out of this company. It’s real.

    Match #3
    Davey Richards vs. Kurt Angle

    Finish: Angle is not the only one who wishes to send a message tonight. Richards has taken the fight to the Gold Medallist and refuses to be some sort of example. Richards hits a huge kick to Angle’s chest, Angle drops to his knnes holding his chest. Richards comes down behind the neck of Angle with a leaping elbow! Angle rolls out of the ring holding the back of his neck and head as the ref counts. But Richards goes out after Angle like a shark smelling blood.

    Angle backs away trying to protect himself, but Richards lashes out with more deadly kicks sending Angle crashing into the steel steps. Angle is rolled into the ring and Richards calls to finish. He grabs Angle to lock in the cloverleaf, only for Angle to reverse the hold, roll under Richards and lock in the ankle lock and drops down immediately into grape vining the leg. Richards scrambles for the ropes, reaching out in vain and has to tap out.

    Winner via submission Kurt Angle at 6:32

    Angle holds the back of his neck as the referee raises his hand. But Angle’s music is cut short as Senshi’s plays over the top. Out walks the Warrior and he has a mic.

    Senshi: Well done Kurt, you’re ankle lock is a very dangerous weapon. But I know you are still injured. I know you are still hurting. You are not 100% and when I beat the great Kurt Angle, I will move up the ladder and be in range for a title shot. See you Sunday Kurt.
    Tenay: Senshi looks very confident Don.

    West: And Kurt, well I think it is fair to say that he isn’t 100%. He has still got to be injured by the Canadian Destroyer last month.

    Backstage JB is with the evil Father James Mitchell

    JB: James Mitchell you have asked for this time to put out a challenge sir. Go ahead.

    Mitchell: Bret Hart and the rest of Dixie Carter’s help, seemed to have marked last week as some sort of independence day for TNA because AJ Styles defeated Raven. Well he did no such thing. Christopher Daniels I don’t care what your motivations are, you robbed Chaos’ vessel, Raven from becoming World Champion and leading us all into darkness. This isn’t the first time you have interfered Daniels. It appears you are a serial meddler. Because you got in the Monster Abyss’ way when he sort his revenge on Samoa Joe for Genesis. Congratulations Daniels you have just made it to number 2 on Abyss’ list. But you see number 1 is still Samoa Joe. So Joe rest up, because the Monster doesn’t want to fight you at Destination X. He wants to murder you at Lockdown. Joe get ready as you will be locked in a cage with Abyss and Abyss is going to kill you..hahahahahahahahahahahahaha….

    Mike Tenay and Don West in the ring and run down the Destination X super card for Sunday.

    • Two former friends go to war. It’s Steiner vs Jarrett
    • For the Knockout Championship Tara defends against Raven’s concubine Daffney
    • The Extreme Enigma Jeff Hardy goes one on one with the Blueprint Matt Morgan
    • Is his neck 100% or will the Olympian fall to the Warrior. It’s Angle vs. Senshi.
    • The World Tag Champions are up for grabs and its all business for both teams. MCMGs vs. LAX
    • 3 Way dance for bragging rights. Desmond Wolfe vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Rob Van Dam
    • The sinature match of Destination X, the highflying daredevils risk everything on a tight rope for the X Division Championship. Williams vs. Pope vs. Red vs. Mistico
    • And the Main Event – old friends, older enemies, the rivalry that has defined TNA for the last seven years. Champion AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
    <Video of Jarrett bringing in Steiner to TNA. They stood together. Now Steiner has joined Raven to tear down everything Jarrett has built.>

    In the ring the Ultimate X is set up and out walks the X Division Champion Petey Williams. He still has a slight limp from his match with Kurt Angle but looks as smug as ever as he looks up at where the ropes cross.

    Williams: on Sunday my belt will hang from the cables and three other men will try and take it from me. These three men are willing to put their lives on the line to become Champion. And no I don’t mean because the Ultimate X match is so dangerous, they put their lives on the line because they are all going to be in the ring with me. Ask Eric Young, ask Kurt Angle hell ask the World Champion AJ Styles. I will end their careers one by one and simply climb up and like an apple from a tree pick my title and put it back where it belongs around my well chiselled waist.

    Pope’s music hits!! And here comes the Pope…. Dinero walks towards the ring mic in hand.

    Dinero: Petey Pie Eatey. You don’t really think you are going to win? Petey please… I mean you stole Pope’s title and now Pope is going to pimp slap you for your transgressions and take back what his his ya dig? Pope’s going climb faster, hit harder and fly higher, and when it’s all said and done, when the smoke has cleared and when the Pope’s hos jiggle their bootay’s Pope will be the two time X Division Champion.

    Pope is standing now face to face with Williams. They stare each other down. Pope then gives Petey a big wide smile. Williams is not happy and slaps Pope’s sunglasses right off his face. Dinnero is now all business. He comes out firing! Petey is thrown into the ropes Pope celebrates, and grabs Petey but is mule kicked in the groin! He then delivers a kick to the stomach and Petey sets for the Canadian Destroyer!

    But from the back out runs Mistico! He makes the save and running up Pope’s back bicycle kicks Petey in the face sending him to the floor! Mistico jumps on the turnbuckle celebrating as Amazing Red flies out quickly runs up the turnbuckles and delivers an Infra Red to the man who beat him for the X title in Januray, Dinero! Red and Mistico meet in the middle but back away from each other cautious of the other. Petey on the outside is livid and grabs his belt and leaves holding his jaw, as Pope is holding his ribs in the ring. The Impact Zone is going crazy….

    Backstage the World Champion is with Christy Hemme

    Styles: This Sunday once again it will be the Phenomenal One vs. The Fallen Angel. And all I’ve got to say is this. Chris Daniels you are a broken record. How many times do I have to hear you whine and cry? This Sunday it ends. No more tales of how you have been kept down. We finish this once and for all. As for tonight, well I’m going to go out there and do what I do best and put on a show the likes no one will believe. See you out there Daniels.

    Main Event
    AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam vs.
    Christopher Daniels, Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi

    Finish: The six men have gone all out to show who will be victorious at Destination X. But Daniels has made this match personal and he and Styles are brawling all around ring side. Wolfe hits a huge lariat to Hardy sending him to the floor. RVD is now by himself as Tanahashi hits a slingblade and Wolfe goes to work on his arm. Hardy gets to his feet and shakes off the shot only for Matt Morgan to hit a huge Carbon Footprint! Morgan being so tall, easily walks over the guard rail and disappears into the crowd before the ref can see.

    Styles and Daniels are up at the top of the ramp now, still trading blows. Referees come out ot separate them and tell them both to get back into the scheduled match. The camera spots Sting watching from the rafters.

    Wolfe and Tanahashi tag in and out hitting move after move on the Whole Dam Show and going for the cover. But each man wants to make the cover. The three men who will compete in the three way dance at the PPV are the only ones in the ring. Hiroshi and Wolfe start arguing and RVD takes advantage coming off the ropes with a dual drop kick. He hits rolling thunder on Tanahashi and then climbs the turnbuckle to finish with a 5 star frog splash!

    Outside the ring half way up the ramp amongst a sea of security and referees Daniels and AJ still wont go back to the ring as they try to attack each other. RVD is suddenly caught by Wolfe and is hit with a Tower of London!! Tanahashi then hits the High Fly Flow on RVD. 1.2.3.

    Winners by pinfall Christopher Daniels, Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi at 9:07

    Tanahashi celebrates as he was the one to make the pin, Wolfe though hits a lariat and he then stands tall. Hardy is still down on the outside, as Daniels screams at AJ, “I will be Champion!!”

  3. #28
    Run In

    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling


    A camera pans up the steel structure connected to the six sided ring. It continues to rise and rise until it finally gets on top to show how high the Ultimate X really is….

    Suddenly Smashing pumpkins Doomsday Clock plays with quick edits of previous Ultimate X matches are thrown at the screen as the camera shot of how high it is above the ring gets higher and higher until the screen goes black. Slow motion of superstars like AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, Daniels, Lowki, Homicide all falling from the great height….Sudden quick edits to the men who won the Ultimate X match and then it shows Petey Williams finisher, Pope hitting the DDE, Red hitting the infra-red and Mistico the La Mistica….

    In black and white, edits of promos Daniels has cut since he turned heel on AJ after Turning Point last year when AJ “stole” the win in the triple threat match last November… Styles saying he will finally finish <edited clip of his win over Raven after Daniels’ interference> this feud once and for all….


    Pyro erupts as Mike Tenay and Don West standing at ringside amongst over fifteen thousand screaming fans welcome everyone to Destination X. They mention the huge rivalry between Styles and Daniels and tonight Daniels vows to be Champion and Styles vows to end this feud once and for all. They preview the other matches and can’t wait for the opening bout.

    Quick video of wrestlers arriving at different times of the day. Fans screaming for their heroes as Tara gets pictures with fans, Jeff Hardy high fives fans calling his name and Daniels arriving but ignoring everyone as he quickly enters the building. In contrast the Champion of the World is happy to get his photo taken and shake hands with the hundreds of people trying to see the Phenomenal One.

    Tenay: the big question on everyone’s lips though Don, is will Raven be here tonight?

    West: Mike he has caused some much damage over the last three months. I’m sure he’ll want some sort of revenge against everyone involved from two weeks ago. Especially the two men in the main event, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.

    Tenay: Well Bret Hart has security every where and if what we saw on Thursday was any indication, Sting will be watching. It’s time Don for our opening contest!

    Match #1
    King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett vs. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

    <Video of Steiner joining Raven, betraying Jarrett and attacking Jarrett. Steiner says he doesn’t answer to Raven, but there is someone else behind the “Raven Saga”. Jarrett promises to beat the name of the mastermind out of Steiner at Destination X>

    The former friends don’t wait for the bell as Jarrett attacks the man mountain Steiner. Steiner begs off from the attacks, but Jarrett wont fall for it and kicks him in the face. Jarrett being the TNA founder has had the fans behind him during all of Raven’s terrorist attacks and chant his name as he goes after Steiner. But this huge adulation from the crowd distracts Jarrett and as he panders to the fans Steiner’s huge clothesline levels him! Steiner takes control of the match.

    Finish: Jarrett regains control after a suplex and Steiner lands fac first on the bottom rope. Jarrett stomps on the back of Steiner’s head, which also chokes the genetic freak. Jarrett puts both feet on Steiner’s head and chokes the big man yelling out” Tell me! Tell me who it is!!”

    The ref gives Jarrett a 5 count, but the TNA founder doesn’t care he wants a name and is showing a violent side never seen before. He shrugs off the ref and goes for his guitar laying near the steel steps as Steiner grabs his throat, coughing and breathing hard to get oxygen. Jarrett holds the guitar up to the fans and as he turns the ref tells him to get rid of the weapon. Steiner comes over the top in desperation he squashes the ref and Jarrett simultaneously into the corner.

    Steiner grabs his breathe and smashes the guitar over Jarrett’s head! Jarrett has been opened up and Steiner drags him to the middle of the ring. “You want a name?! Huh?!? I’ll give you a name?!” Steiner has the Recleiner locked in and is trying to rip Jarrett’s unconscious head off! Two referees run down calling for the bell.

    Winner via disqualification Jeff Jarrett at 6:04

    Steiner refuses to let go as he tears at Jarrett. He lets go only to strike out with big cross face forearm shots. He then locks in the Recleiner again as the refs again beg him to stop. He drops Jarrett’s head on to the mat and runs after the refs. They scramble to escape as Steiner drops down to his knees and flexes his huge “peaks” to the crowd. The new giant Impact Zone boo him as he walks off leaving his former friend in a pool of his own blood.

    Referees and security all check on Jarrett and he cannot leave ringside under his own power he is helped all the way to the back. Just as he reaches backstage, Steiner attacks again. His huge clubbing fists pound down on Jarrett and security try to stop the big man. Steiner swats them away like flies and throws the TNA founder into "his" fans. He jaw jacks with the fans as we walks off backstage, security don't want anymore of the gentic freak.
    Backstage Christy Hemme is with Knockout Champion Tara

    Tara: Tonight I asked for this match because it’s about time we got rid of the cancer that is Raven. And that includes his knockout Daffney.

    Into the picture walks Sarita, Roxxi, Gail Kim and ODB.

    This is TNA and the Knockouts aren’t going to let that she-devil bring it down. Not while we are here. Let’s go girls.

    Match #2
    Knockout Championship Match
    Champion Tara vs. Daffney

    Daffney enters first but the Champion is flanked by four Knockouts. Daffney for once actually looks concerned. The match starts and as violent and crazy Daffney is, the amazon-like Tara is too much for her.

    Finish: Daffney has been pummelled but in desperation has lashed out at Tara’s knee brace. Tara grasps her knee and Daffney goes to work on it. She licks her lips much like Raven does and stomps down on the knees before trying to hit the Lobotomy finisher. Tara escapes the move as her cheerleaders rally the fans. Daffney though hits elbow shots to Tara’s temple.

    Tara drops to the mat and Daffney hits a boot to the face. Daffney mounts the Champ and rains down punch after punch. Tara though fights out of it and delivers a suplex. Tara then shimmies and hits a standing moonsault. 1.2..Daffney kicks out..

    Tara’s knee is still obviously hurting but she pulls Daffney by the hair, looks her in the eye and delivers a kick to the gut, Tara finishes the match with the Widow’s Peak!

    Winner and STILL Knockout Champion Tara at 5:23

    Gail, Roxxi, Sarita and ODB all celebrate in the ring as Tara stands over Raven’s concubine.

    Match #3
    Beer Money Inc. vs. Chris Harris and ?

    <Video of Chris Harris’ return to TNA. His arguments with James Storm, his attacks on Robert Roode, and him cheating Beer Money out of wins. Beer Money wants Harris and tonight he unveils his mystery tag partner to finally destroy Beer Money>

    Tenay: Chris Harris has boasted that he is bringing in a multi-time tag team champion. The tag team specialist will easily destroy Beer Money.

    West: Who do you think it is Mike? Rick Steiner? Booker T? Road Warrior Animal? It could be anyone!

    Tenay: Well Don we are about to find out.

    Beer Money Inc. enter the ring first.

    Roode: Wildcat Chris Harris, a lot of things have changed since you’ve been gone. For example Beer Money is the best tag team in the business and it doesn’t matter who you bring in as your partner . We are going to send you back to the unemployment line!

    Out walks Chris Harris. He gets in the ring by himself as Roode laughs at him.

    Roode: HaHa, just as I thought no one would want to tag with you. Where’s your “mystery” partner Harris?

    Harris: He’s already here!

    Roode is superkicked by James Storm! Harris tells the ref to ring the damn bell.

    Finish: 1.2.3

    Winner via pinfall Chris Harris at 0.06

    America’s Most Wanted’s music plays and Harris raises Storm’s hand! Storm drinks a beer and spits it all over Roode. Harris drags Roode to the corner and handcuffs him as the reformed AMW stomp away on his head and body! The ref tries to stop the beat down, but AMW don’t listen. They let Roode get to his feet taunting him. He lashes out with no strength behind his kicks as he is hardly conscious. Harris distracts him and Roode smashes his beer bottle over Roode’s head! Roode falls in a heap as America’s Most Wanted stand in the ring victorious.

    Match #4
    Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan

    <Video of Morgan losing control due to his inability to defeat Desmond Wolfe. He goes after Wolfe and by doing so inadvertently strikes down Hardy. On Impact Hardy calls out Morgan, but Morgan doesn’t apologise and tells Hardy he is a bug compasabin to his Mack Truck, and the carbon footprint is his windshield. Hardy isn’t impressed. Pope defeats Morgan which enrages Morgan even more and Morgan goes crazy attacking hardy in every match leading up to the PPV>

    Morgan walks into the ring and demands a microphone.

    Morgan: Jeff Hardy who dod you think you are? I am seven feet tall. I am the perfect human being in every way. You are a genetic mistake. Tonight I will show you what a genetically stacked giant will do to you.

    Hardy’s music hits and the crowd goes insane. He enters the ring and poses on the turnbuckles. The ref keeps Morgan at bay for as log as he can but Hardy sees him coming and staright away hits a whisper in the wind! 1..2…

    Morgan kicks out only just, as Hardy comes off the ropes and delvers a double feet drop kick to his face. 1…2…. Morgan kicks out again. Morgan rolls out of the ring as Hardy poses for the fans.

    Finish: Morgan regathesabin his senses and started the match again trying to control the pace and keep Hardy grounded. He looks for the footprint several times but hardy is too quick and is able to use bring the big man down by chopping at his legs. Hardy sees an opening and quickly climbs the turnbuckles and flies off only for Morgan this time to connect with a huge Carbon Footprint in mid air!!! Hardy’s body goes flying, spinning out of control crashing into the ropes. Morgan drags his body into the middle of the ring and makes the cover. 1…2….

    Hardy kicks out! Morgan can’t believe it and calls for the Hellavator. Hardy goes up but is able to slip out and drop kick Morgan into the turnbuckles sternum first. Morgan bounces off slowly and Hardy runs past him runs up the turnbuckles and hits another Whisper in the Wind! He then climbs another corner and delivers the Swanton Bomb!!! 1.2.3.

    Winner via pinfall Jeff Hardy at 8:09

    Hardy celebrates with the huge crowd as Morgan starts to stir. He looks up to see Jeff on the turnbuckles and falls back on his face. Hardy sings his theme song with the fans as he jumps into the crowd to celebrate.
    Backstage JB is with Kurt Angle.

    Angle: A lot of people think I’m not one hundred percent. A lot of people think I’m vulnerable. Ripe for the picking you might say. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing is more dangerous in this world than a wounded animal. The fact is, I’ll never be one hundsabin percent again after I won the Olympic gold with a broken neck. But that hasn’t stopped me from winning the World title 12 times. That hasn’t stopped me from putting on the greatest matches ever seen and beating the best in this business.

    Senshi I think you are underestimating me. Which is really quite funny because I am the greatest wrestler in the world. I’m going to enjoy snapping your ankle. And sending you back to the man who is behind Raven’s attacks. And I don’t need to get beaten up by Scott Steiner to know that it is you Bret Hart. You’ve gotten your ratings, congratulations, but you tried to take me out by sicking Petey Williams your Canadian brother on me and now Senshi because you are jealous of the fact that being the best is not enough when you compare yourself to Kurt Angle. Tonight I remind Bret Hart and TNA who exactly Kurt Angle is by breaking Senshi’s ankle. And that’s damn real.

    Match #5
    Kurt Angle vs. Senshi

    The bell rings and the two men circle each other. Angle reaching out Senshi using his ‘educated’ feet to swat away Angle’s advances. Angle shoots in looking for a leg, but Senshi escapes. Both men are extremely quick on the mat. And they circle again, Angle looks for an opening, and again shoots in only to be hit with a huge kick to the face!!! Angle’s nose is busted and blood pours out of it as Senshi mounts and delvers brutal elbow strikes. Angle covers up and pops out spinning behind Senshi locking his arms, but Senshi counters into a hammerlock, only for Angle to reverse and grab and arm. Senshi’s flexibility enables him to kick Angle’s shoulder and escape his grasp. Angle’s face is covesabin in blood as Senshi smiles looking at the damage.

    Angle doesn’t seem too concerned with the broken nose and wipes the blood from his mouth. Senshi inches closer and the two lock up, only for Senshi to delivera head butt to the nose and gain an advantage. He slips down under Angle and and delivers the double Mongolian chop to Angle’s neck. He then runs the ropes and with a primal scream hits a devastating bicycle double foot kick sending Angle off his feet crashing into the turnbuckles! Senshi stalks his prey and delivers brutal stiff kicks to Angle’s body and face! Angle fights back and goes for an Olympuc Slam but Senshi counters only to walk into a belly to belly overhead suplex!

    Finish: Angle rolls on the mat to escape Senshi. But the Warrior keeps coming. Angle though is able to use his upper body strength to escape and powerbomb Senshi into the corner! Angle delivers a shoulder block and then a belly to belly suplex! Senshi ends up on the other side of the ring! Angle now stomps the mat pulling down the straps. Senshi himself rolls to escape Kurt’s grasp and deliver palm thrusts to Angle’s nose and face, working on the damage. Angle’s eyes swell and tear up, he can’t see and Senshi starts delivering strikes to the back of Angle’s notoriously injusabin neck. Senshi has Angle down and keeps attacking the neck. Angle shifts and counters almost blindly and delivers a german suplex. In desperation he delivers another and another and another and another. Senshi although powerful, is not a smaller guy and Angle throws him around with ease, crashing the back of his head into the mat trying to knock him out.

    He covers Senshi, 1..2… Senshi rolls the shoulder, and in a daze rolls to the outside. Angle wipes the blood and tears from his eyes and face, only to be kicked in the back and then put in the infamous Dragon’s Bite (Senshi’s dragon sleeper with leg scissor combination). It rips back on Angle’s injured neck fiercely and he can’t breathe. Angle starts to lose consciousness. The ref asks Kurt but he refuses to quit. Kurt reaches for the ropes and with his weight advantage gets to them with his last ounce of strength.

    The ref calls for Senshi to release the hold. Senshi does so but like a spider monkey climbs the turnbuckles and with another scream delivers the deadly Warriors Way double foot stomp. 1….2…..


    Winner via pinfall Senshi at 17:17

    Senshi’s arm is raised as Angle lies in the middle of the ring in pain.
    Tenay: What an upset, Senshi obviously came in with a game plan and took it Kurt as we see in the replays.

    West: Senshi was just vicious tonight and targeted Angle’s well documented injusabin neck. I hope Kurt is ok, he looks in bad shape. Senshi moves to another level with such a win!

    Backstage Christy is with Konnan and LAX

    Konnan: Hold the microphone still be-atch. Machine Guns, you guys think this some sort of video game. Well tonight you gringos are going to find out just how real LAX are. Tonight we will bring a new definition of violence and take back our tag team titles. You gringos have no cahones and we’ll make you cry for mercy before you pass out from the pain. LAX 5150 militant thugs 365, odelay, odelay, ariba la raza!

    JB is with the World champs

    Shelley: Hey Konnan.. we got a surprise for you

    Sabin: BIG surprise

    Shelley: Huge surprise.. you're not getting your hands on our tacos!

    Sabin: Titles Alex...titles...

    Shelley: ..... agreed....

    Match #6
    World Tag Team Championship Match
    Champions Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin vs.
    LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) with Konnan

    <Video of the Guns retaining at Kingdom Come, LAX destroying tag teams and wanting their shot. Shelley and Sabin telling jokes, Konnan being serious leading to the title match>

    LAX emerge from their special side entrance first as they are the challengers, the heat on LAX is enormous as Konnan riles them up and gets his team ready for battle.. Then out walks the Machine Guns. They tap the Tag belts and jump into the ring posing for the crowd as the 15,000 strong crowd goes crazy for the Champs.

    The bell sounds and its Sabin and Homicide to start. Sabin scores a quick kick to Homicide's midsection, but quickly falls to a shoulder block. Sabin hits an arm drag and a quick dropkick and Homicide bails to the floor, where he's caught with a hurricanrana from the apron from Sabin. Sabin rolls Homicide back into the ring and hits a quick cross body 1…2…. Cide kicks out as Konnan directs traffic on the outside.

    Sabin hits a monkey flip but Homicide lands on his feet. Sabin hits a hurricanrana, but Homicide recovers quickly and hits a nasty lariat. Cide bites at Sabin's face, but he fights out of a belly to back suplex and hits a couple of kicks before a sliding clothesline. Sabin falls victim to a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Homicide. 1…2…

    Cide tags in the hulking Hernandez who goes after Sabin who is holding his back.Hernandez ties Sabin up in the ropes and hits a spinning back elbow and uses his boot to choke Sabin, taking advantage of the five count. Hernandez takes off his singlet and launches Sabin across the ring and goes for the pin but Sabin kicks out again.

    Sabin starts to fight back with a couple of right hands but Hernandez puts him right down with a big right of his own. The big man tags in Homicide and he locks in a modified bow and arrow, but Sabin doesn't look like he's quitting.

    Finish: Shelley breaks up the bow and arrow and drags his partner into the corner and tags himself in. Shelley hits an enzugiri out of nowhere. Hernandez runs in but is caught in the mid section by a spinning kick and a drop toe hold and a quick arm drag on Cide. Hernadez though shakes off the kick and takes Shelley down with a backbreaker only to be taken off his feet by a flying clothesline by Sabin!

    Cide and Shelley chop away at each other in the middle of the ring. Shelley brings Cide to the outside where Sabin uses the time to kick him in the chest. Shelley tags in Sabin who comes in with a slingshot senton. Homicide grabs Sabin around the throat before climbing to the top. Sabin fights out and sends Homicide to the mat and he jumps off with an arm drag. Sabin hits a dropkick in the corner before connecting with an explosive DDT 1….2….. Hernandez makes the save.

    Konnan gets on the apron and has some sort of slapjack he smashes Sabin in the back of the skull sending him straight into a gringo cutta from Cide. 1…2….

    Shelley makes the save. Shelley goes for sliced bread on Cide and runs up Hernadeaz and delivers the move! Hernandez tries to break up the cover but Shelley moves and Cide is struck by Dez’s clubbing blow. Shelley then tries a sliced bread on Dez, but the big man throws Shelley all the way out of the ring crashing down on the outside.

    Konnan goes to beat up Shelley on the outside as Hernandez goes for the Brorder Toss. But the ref is distracted by Konnan’s advances and tells him to get away, but over the top rope steps Kevin Nash! Nash hits a big boot on Hernandez!!!

    Sabin musters his strength and hits the Cradleshock.!! The ref turns in time to see Nash on the outside cheering and Sabin with the cover. 1.2.3.

    Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns at 14:10

    Konnan can’t believe it as the Nash throws the Tag titles to his ‘boys’ as they pretend to shoot LAX while they back up the ramp. Konnan is livid and starts throwing anything that isn’t nailed down. Referees try to stop him but he screams at Nash who smugly smiles and celebrates with the Champs!
    West: Kevin Nash is back Mike and has made an impact straight away! He just helped his old friends the Motor City Machine Guns retain their titles.

    Tenay: The big man has indeed made an impact Don, but I wonder if he is going to regret crossing Konnan’s LAX?

    West: One things for sure Mike, Konnan wont forget this, he wants those tag championships and I hope Nash knows what he ahs gotten himself into. Let’s send it to Christy who has Desmond Wolfe standing by.

    Backstage Christy Hemme is with Desmond Wolfe and his lovely valet Chelsea

    Wolfe: Tonight live on pay per view I step into the ring with some would say the very best wrestler from Japan and even the world. Tonight I step into the ring with the Whole Dam Show. I say they are both full of hot air. Ya see tonight I’m going to humble them just like I have Mr. Mangled, just like I have that seven foot giant Morgan, and just like I have Jeff Hardy. Ya see I’m on my way to da top. And these two geezers are standing in my way.. Yeah Chelsea, you’re right, OUR way to fame and fortune. So Robby, Hiroshi, tonight I’m gonna end ya.

    JB is with Rob Van Dam

    RVD: JB what a night its been. Man.. but the best is yet to come, because Mr Pay Per View, that’s me, Rob Van Dam, is going to put on a show you wont believe. Hey JB who’s you favourite wrestler? That’s right the Whole Dam Show Rob Van Dam. Hey, tonight I’ve got a 3 way match against Tanahashi and Wolfe, but you see they’re not RVD. So RVD fans out there get ready because it’s almost 4:20 and no one gets higher than Rob… c’mon JB sing along Rob. Van. Dam…. Cool…

    Match #7
    Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Desmond Wolfe vs. Rob Van Dam

    Out to the ring first walks Hiroshi Tanahashi, he stands ready as Wolfe is accompanied to the ring by Chelsea and finally to the ovation of the night, Mr. Pay Per View, RVD.

    Rob plays with the crowd as he points his thumbs. Tanahashi doesn’t appreciate this and delivers an elbow strike to his jaw. Rob drops to a knee and looks up at the Japanese Ace. Wolfe relaxes in the corner as Tanahashi scrunches up his face and rolls his eyes, before delivering a stiff kick to Rob’s temple! He goes for the cover, Wolfe though has to react and pulls Tanashi off before the ref can count to the three. Tanahshi and Wolfe get into a pushing match until Wolfe slaps the taste out Tanahashi’s mouth! Tanahashi looks at Wolfe and the camera closes up to see him checking his teeth are all there. Wolfe points his finger at Hiroshi, only for him to put his hands up and allow Wolfe to walk past so he can get to RVD.

    Wolfe stomps on Rob and then pulling him up by his ponytail delivers a European uppercut. Rob is holding his jaw as Hiroshi walks pushes past Wolfe and hits the ropes and delivers a sliding clothesline to RVD! Rob is being double teamed by two of the most dangerous competitors in the world. Rob tries to get to his feet but is hit with a jawbreaker lariat! Wolfe then tells Hiroshi to do better. Hiroshi climbs the turnbuckle, but Wolfe throws him off to the floor and quickly covers Van Dam. 1.2.. Rob kicks out. Tanahashi on the outside holds his shoulder as he slowly gets up as Wolfe whips Rob into the corner. He steps off the bottom turnbuckle to give him more speed and charges at RVD. But Rob although hurt raises his foot straight into Wolfe’s face! Rob then quickly lepas off the middle turnbuckle and delivers a thrust kick. 1…2… Tanahashi from the outside pulls Rob off Wolfe by his feet. Tanahashi gets back into the ring and Rob rubs his jaw, he then quickly throws punches at the Japanese Ace to gain control.

    Finish: The match has seen many covers and many saves from the three men as they battle to prove they are the very best in TNA. Wolfe has been vicious really working on body parts, RVD has hit high impact moves in and around the ring, while Tanahashi has done both to inflict punishment.

    RVD quickly hits a spilt-legged moonsault on Wolfe but Tanahshi breaks up the cover with a kick to the head. The Ace of the Universe drags Wolfe to the centre and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. Rob sees Wolfe looking for an escape and possibly tapping, quickly leaps from the mat into a VanDaminator spinning kick almost knocking Tanahashi out and has him relese the submission hold. Rob then hits rolling thunder on the hurt Wolfe and goes for the cover. 1..2… Wolfe kicks out and immediately transitions Rob’s arm into a keylock submission. Rob is caught and looks for the ropes. His “educated” feet find the bottom rope and the ref asks for the break. Wolfe refuses but both men are hit by a High Fly Flow from Tanahashi!! RVD is dragged off and Wolfe is covered but RVD out of desperation breaks it up.

    Tanahashi is not impressed, Rob slowly gets to his feet and Hiroshi unleashes a barrage of elbow strikes to his temple. Rob falls into a corner, and receives stiff kicks. Tanahshi lands knee strikes and turns for a roaring elbow but walks right into a Jawbreaker Lariat from Wolfe. Wolfe locks in the London Dungeon. RVD leaps up onto the top turnbuckle but Wolfe releases the submission and crotches Rob. Tower of London!! 1.2… Tanahashi makes the save!

    Wolfe hits eurpoean uppercuts and then the double throat jab. He irish whips Tanahashi, but is hit with a slingblade! 1..2… Wolfe kicks out. Tanahshi turns his attentions back to RVD who had just been hit by a finisher. RVD throws a kick but it is too slow and Hiroshi catches it, but Rob steps over and hits a spinning kick. Wolfe is back up and RVD hits a sunset flip on him 1.2. Wolfe kicks out only to turn into a flying cross body off the middle rope. RVD ascends the turnbuckle and hits the 5 Star Frog Splash on Tanahashi. 1..2…3

    Winner via pinfall Rob Van Dam at 17:51

    The crowd explodes as Rob wins in spectacular fashion. Chelsea on the outside is visibly upset as Rob high fives the fans at ringside. Big win for RVD!
    <Video of the Ultimate X matches of the past and the death defying moves from the X division guys>

    Match #8
    Ultimate X match for the TNA X Division Championship
    Champion Petey Williams vs. DiAngelo Dinero vs. Amazing red vs. Mistico

    The belt hangs high above the ring as the challengers walk out each getting huge pops. Then out comes the Champion to a chorus of boos. The Canadian Destroyer looks up and then threatens every one with a broken neck. All three challengers pounce on him and attack him firstly with fists and kicks and then they each perform a finisher on him. First the DDE, then La Mistica and finally the Infra Red. Pope though smartly performed his first and is already on the cables trying to get to the belt. Mistico brings him down and hits a hurricanrana, while Red delivers a spinning leg lariat. He quickly climbs the turnbuckles but Pope delvers a flying shoulder tackle to his knees and Red crashes down to the floor! Mistico follows it up with a springboard sitout reverse DDT!! Pope is down and Mistico goes for the cables.

    Finish: Williams rentered the match and started to dominate. He hit a hurricanrana to Pope on the outside to the floor and then a ‘Canadian’ Legsweep to Red! But Mistico would not fall for it and both men went around the world on each other until finally Williams ended up in a flying arm bar! Williams taps but Red climbs the cables and Mistico must go after him. Williams’ arm is damaged and the commentary team speculates that he wont be able to climb with a hyper-extended elbow.

    Mistico rushes up the steel supports but goes past the cables and tight rope walks and just as Red puts his hands on the belt, Mistico hits a moonsault coming down and knocking Red all the way to the mat! Mistico holds on to the ropes for dear life, as Pope scrambles up and the two fight in mid air. Williams sprigboards off the top rope and delivers a drop kick to the back of Mistico’s head and both men drop. Canadian Destroyer on Mistico! But a Coronation by Pope! Pope climbs and reaches the belt. Williams follows and tries to hit a Destroyer from up in the cables. Both men jockey for position trying fight it off until Williams is hit with a huge pimp slap open palm thrust and he falls to the mat below. Pope unbuckles the X belt!

    Winner and NEW X Division Champion, The Pope DiAngelo Dinero at 20.10

    Pope climbs into the steel structure above the cables and stands over the Impact Zone holding up the X title for all to see!!!
    <Video of package of the seven year rivalry/friendship of AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. AJ’s title wins, Daniels firing. AJ title wins, Daniels’ return. Styles wins the world title, Daniels is by his side celebrating. Styles wins in the triple threat, Styles defeats Daniels in December 2009. Daniels promo on Jan 7 2010 “I want my title shot. I am the devil and no one will see me coming” Styles pins Hardy, RVD, Tanahashi. Daniels beats Joe pins Styles in an Impact Tag match. Raven vs. Styles, Daniels hits the Angels wings and rolls Styles over for Styles to retain the title. “I will not let anyone get the way of my destiny, not Bret Hart, not Raven, not AJ Styles” Styles says “ This is it Daniels I will finish this once and for all”….>

    Main Event
    TNA World Heavyweight Championship match
    Champion AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

    Out first for tonight's main event is the challenger, Daniels. We see AJ Styles backstage getting ready to make his entrance. The music hits and out comes the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles to a nice pop. Daniels and AJ have words as AJ enters the ring. JB is in the ring for the formal ring introductions.

    AJ and Daniels jaw at each other before the match starts as the referee displays the TNA World Championship belt. Daniels and AJ stare each other down at the ring bell, and both men are slow to make a move. When they do, they tussle around the ring in a collar and elbow tie up. AJ backs Daniels up into a corner, but Daniels slaps him across the face when Styles breaks. Styles backs him up into another corner and teases hitting him, but ultimately doesn't. Daniels comes right back out and ties up Styles' arm.

    Daniels ties up AJ's arm and he gloats, calling himself the next world champion. Daniels takes AJ down with an arm drag, but Styles fights out with a headscissors. Daniels floats over into another arm bar and continues to work on AJ, trying to wear him down. AJ fights out and locks in a rear chin lock, but Daniels fights out, though he quickly falls victim to a shoulder block. Daniels knocks AJ over and goes right back to work on AJ's arm.

    Daniels hits an inventive flying arm drag, but when he goes for a dropkick, AJ avoids it. AJ tries for a spinning back kick, but Daniels sends him out to the apron. AJ is back in the ring and he surprises Daniels with a beautiful dropkick. AJ slams Daniels head into the corner and beats on him for a bit before hitting a kick between Daniels' shoulder blades.

    AJ hits a quick headscissors takedown which he follows up with a crisp snap suplex. AJ chops at Daniels' chest but Daniels bails to the floor. AJ follows out with a beautiful flipping senton directly on top of Daniels. AJ sends Daniels back into the ring, following in with a slingshot dive and hitting a discus lariat. AJ locks in a rear chin lock, but Daniels fights out of it, hitting a monkey flip sending Styles into the turnbuckle.

    Daniels sends Styles to the floor where he lands straight on top of his head. Daniels grabs a chair and he sits Styles in it, he grabs another and goes to hit Styles but the ref takes it away. While the ref has his back turned, Daniels picks up Styles and puts him through the chair with a uranage. Daniels sends Styles back into the ring and he tries for the pin but Styles kicks out. Daniels hits a big side slam 1…2… the Champ rolls the shoulder.

    Finish: AJ hits a headscissors out of nowhere and he goes to work on Daniels in the corner with a couple of forearms. AJ goes for a springboard move but Daniels punches him in the back. Daniels hits a crazy back suplex slamming AJ straight down into the top turnbuckle. Daniels goes for the pin 1…2… kickout!.

    AJ tries to fight back with punches to the midsection, but Daniels continues to work over AJ's back with knees and a body slam. Daniels does a springboard splitleg moonsault on AJ's back and locks in a rear chin lock, but AJ is able to grab the ropes to force a break. Daniels slams AJ down to the mat and he goes for a lionsault. AJ moves and Daniels lands on his feet. AJ surprises Daniels with a hammer lock back suplex and both men are down.

    The ref makes a count 1….2….3….4….5…..6……



    Styles is up first and hits Daniels with a big spin kick. The action spills to the outside, Daniels tries for a hurricarana over the top rope to the floor but AJ counters with a huge powerbomb. AJ sends Daniels shoulder first into the steel ring post. AJ pounds on Daniels and Daniels rolls back in the ring where he tries to beg off.

    Suddenly Raven appears and attacks the World Champ. Styles fights back as Daniels grabs the referee’s shirt distracting him from the action on the outside. Raven sends Styles into the guard rail head first. Daniels backs away into a corner as Raven looks at him like a cat trying to find its way inot a bird cage. Raven pulls out a the huge hook steel hook and chain as Daniels tells the ref to keep him away.

    Suddenly Sting’s music hits and out runs the Icon! Raven and Sting trade blows on the outside. Sting throws Raven into a guard rail. He then leaps up onto the commentary table and leaping off delivers a huge Stinger Splash! Raven’s spine is crushed between steel and Sting! Tomko and Bernard run out. Sting grabs a steel chair and bashes both men.

    Back inside the ring, Daniels rolls Styles in. 1…2… Styles kicks out!!!

    Daniels puts Styles on the top turnbuckle, but AJ tries to fight him off. Daniels hits AJ with a huge thrusting right hand. Daniels hits a big hurricarana off the top rope and follows it up with a shining wizard



    AJ kicks out again!!! Out of desperation Styles blocks a suplex and hits a big brainbuster!

    Styles hits a springboard clothesline 1…2…. Daniels gets his foot on the rope to end the pin attempt.

    Sting has Tomko down but Giant Bernard keeps coming. Sting jumps back up on the announce table and with the height delivers a Scorpion Deathdrop through the table!

    Back in the ring, Styles calls for the Styles clash but Daniels falls out. Styles hits the Pele. Styles tries for the Styles clash again but Daniels grabs onto the ropes and fight out of it. BAM Raven strikes again. This time with the steel hook.

    Daniels puts Styles down and hits the BME. Sting gets up out of the wreckage of the table and sees what is happening. Daniels has Styles set. Sting tries to make the save, but Raven blindsides him and grabs the chain and puts it around Sting’s throat, and all Sting can do is watch as Daniels’ eyes widen, he snorts and hits a huge Angels Wings!!!

    Sting being choked by Raven closes his eyes as the ref counts 1.2.3.

    Winner and NEW Champion, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels at 22:17

    Raven releases the chain and Sting slumps in front of the ring. Raven jumps into the ring and as the referee raises the new Champion’s hand in victory the maniacal terrorist kneels before Daniels. Daniels puts his left hand on Raven’s bowed head, the heel of his boot into Styles’ chin and with his right raises the TNA World Heavyweight Championship high.
    Daniels laughs as he is revealed as the mastermind behind the entire Raven Saga!!!
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    Ultimate Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling 2010
    Divisional Rankings


    Champion- Christopher Daniels

    1. AJ Styles
    2. Samoa Joe
    3. Desmond Wolfe
    4. Samoa Joe
    5. Global Champion Hernandez
    6. Abyss
    7. Rob Van Dam
    8. Hiroshi Tanahashi
    9. Senshi
    10. Kurt Angle


    Champion- DiAngelo Dinero

    1. Petey Williams
    2. Mistico
    3. Amazing Red
    4. Jay Lethal
    5. Senshi
    6. Davey Richards
    7. Frankie Kazarian
    8. Alexander Koslov
    9. Shark Boy
    10. Matt Bentley

    Tag Team

    Champions- Motor City Machine Guns

    1. LAX
    2. Beer Money Inc.- <disbanded>
    3. Generation Me
    4. Team 3D
    5. NEO-1-GT
    6. Britsh Invasion
    7. Speed Muscle
    8. Tomko and Giant Bernard
    9. Jeff Hardy & RVD -<not official>
    10. Kazarian/ Bentley


    Champion- Tara

    1. Gail Kim
    2. Awesome Kong
    3. Hamada
    4. Alissa Flash
    5. Angelina Love
    6. ODB
    7. Roxxi
    8. Daffney
    9. Sarita
    10. Traci Brooks
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    EPISODE 12

    Slow motion....

    The Phenomenal One and the Fallen Angel, they circle each other both focused, powered by hate, jealousy, the will to be the best...

    The bell rings and the two men explode in only these two man can. The exchange of impact moves, the mat wrestling, the counters the high flying the signature weapons of both these athletes until... Raven. He strikes, AJ falls. Sting tries to make the save but it is Daniels who has masterminded the last 3 months... it is Daniels who has fooled the world. It is Daniels.... NEW Heavyweight Champion of the World.

    “I am the devil... and no one will see me coming....”

    <TNA Intro>

    “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the NEEEEEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion, the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels!!!

    As the smoke pours out of the tunnel the devilish music hits and out walks covered head to foot in his black and silver robe, the new Champion. A top his head is his black shroud as he walks to the ring arms and fingers outstretched as hate rains down on him from the 15000 plus fans in attendance. Leaping up onto the apron he slowly reveals his face and his Cheshire cat smile running almost ear from ear. His eyes still hidden behind his morpheous sunglasses, not giving anyone the satisfaction of seeing his black soul. He takes off his fallen angel robe to reveal a suit underneath. He slowly unbuttons the suit jacket revealing the TNA World Heavyweight title.

    Daniels: It was me…… All this time, the attacks, the blowing up of AJ’s car, the attacks on Sting, Angle, Bret Hart, Joe, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Jarrett it was all me. And now you all know it. And there isn’t anything you can do about it.

    It all started the night of Final Resolution. You see when I lost, again to AJ Styles I knew it would be a very long time before I got another title shot, if ever again!. Hell in seven years this was my third title shot ever. So I had an epiphany. I had to devise a plan to get me the World Championship. And yes some of you are asking I unleashed hell on TNA, I asked Raven to do the things he did, and destroy TNA all just to become World Champion. Just.. JUST! There is no “just” when it comes to wearing this belt. I am now as Bret Hart likes to say, the very best in the world because I hold this title. No one is better than me.

    You see I never wanted to burn TNA down. I love TNA, I’ve bled for TNA, I’ve broken bones for TNA. Match of the year candidates every year. But what has TNA ever done for me? When they needed someone I was always there. But was I ever rewarded? Jeff Jarrett was I ever REWARDED!

    <Ahem> No I wasn’t, it was always AJ Styles. My best friend. The Phenomenal One. The man who built TNA. Total Non Stop Action Wrestling. The house that AJ Styles built. I BUILT AJ STYLES. I was the one who put him on the map. I was the one who built the X Division. I was the one who created Samoa Joe. I am the FIRE that moulded and shaped this company and all the faces in it. I have been here since day one and I continued to get no respect. You know who else doesn’t get respect? Raven. Do you know how much he hates Jarrett? More than I do. It wasn’t hard to convince Raven to do the things he did. The man enjoyed and savoured every single evil deed. All in the name of misdirection.

    You see I had an epiphany. Like I said on January 7th, I said no one will see me coming. No one will notice me, just like they had done for the last seven years. All misdirection. So when Raven was blowing up cars and destroying buildings, I was pinning Samoa Joe. When Sting was falling from the rafters and trying to put out fires and saving Bret Hart, I was moving up the ladder. Even I couldn’t resist hitting angels wings on AJ during the chaos I created that one Impact when I handed the keys to Raven to run Impact. I even had Raven make everyone believe Hart was behind it all. Misdirection.

    I took out guys like Kurt Angle because he has always gotten title shots. He would have eventually got one before me. That’s why I got Raven to contact Petey Williams because I knew Petey Williams’ finisher would be the one true threat to Kurt Angle. I had to take out guys like Sting who whether he wanted them or not, the company gave him title shots because he was ratings and buyrates. New guys like RVD, Jeff Hardy, Tanahashi, all just waltzing in here and getting title shots before me. Disgusting. I was sick of it.

    I engineered it all as I knew it was only a matter of time that AJ would be ripe for me to swoop in and take what is mine. So at Destination X, I took it all, I beat AJ Styles, I spilled his blood and took what rightfully should have been mine years ago.

    All good things come to those who wait… and I have waited so very long. Tonight marks the beginning of the Reign of the Fallen Angel. And. That. Is. Gospel.

    Get Ready to Fly!
    Out walks the former Champion. He steps into the ring he seems very banged, and has a bruise under his left eye and on his cheek bone. He has a mic and stares at Daniels.

    Styles: So this is what is was all about. Raven almost killing people has been about people looking the other way so you could win the World title.... Congratulations mastermind, ya did it. You are finally the Champion of the World. And you only had to let a madman loose, put thousands of fans in danger, seriously injure the boys in the back and start an intercompany war to do it. You may have that belt Chris, but you are no Champion. Take those damn glasses off when I’m talking to you!!

    You are now the most hated and targeted Champion in the history of this business. What you did to get the belt is beyond sick, and so at Lockdown it will be me and you one more time inside the sadistic six sides of steel and I will go beyond Phenomenal to beat you. I’m going to come at you with all my love for TNA, all my hate for you, everything I’ve got and take back the World title.

    AJ’s music hits as Daniels slinks out of the ring, while the former Champion fists at his sides watches the snake of a man back away, holding the belt up, but not as high as he did on Sunday night...

    JB and Christy are both standing outside Bret Hart’s office, both wanting the scoop on the Hitman’s reaction to Daniels being the mastermind.

    Match #1
    Speed Muscle vs. NEO-1-GT vs. The British Invasion vs. Generation Me

    Finish: The TNA tag team division explodes in this four corners match as the four teams at first tagged in and out but the referee start to lose control as the match is wrestled “above the ring” instead of in it. The Brits being the biggest guys try to slow the pace down bt they are blitzed by the speed of the others. Kendrick hits a sliced bread but Max hits a moonsault for a cover but is drop kicked by Yoshino only for him to be verticle suplex- spinning powerbombed onto Doug as London hits a shooting star press. Magnus is hurricanaranaed to the outside by Jeremy who is then face bustered by Doi. The ref tries to gain control by getting the illegal men out of the ring, only for LAX to strike!

    Winners: No Contest at 7:32

    Konnan directs traffic while he’s on the mic as Hernandez shoulder tackles everyone down allowing Homicide to pick the bones by eith a Gringo Cuttah or Killah. Hernandea Border Tosses Williams onto those laying around ringside. Konnan lays a few boots in while they are on the ground and jumps inot the ring with his blood brothers.
    Konnan: Nash! You want to get in my business?! You want to mess with me?! I’ll rip out your intestines and strangle your little boyfriends with them. Those were our tag titles and you have just made the biggest mistake of your life!

    The Machine Guns music hits and out walks the World Tag Team Champions and Kevin Nash.

    Shelley: Cool your jets Konnan, the Motor City Machine Guns are just too talented for your boys to keep up with us. Tell him Sabinator.

    Sabin: Konnan I can understand your anger and your frustration, I mean last night I was overcome by your dominant and powerful... body odour. I got a little mad myself. Lucky for us Big Kev came down to the ring with a big old can of deodorant.

    Nash: Hey K-Dogg, don’t get hot at me man, I only did what you would have done, actually what you were about to do. Don’t make it personal man, it’s strictly business man you know that.

    Konnan: You don’t call me Dawg, I’m not your dawg. And when it comes to you and me Nash, it has always been personal. You kicked me out of the Wolf Pac because I was more over than you, and you couldn’t stand it, so you kicked me out so your merchandise and your main event status wasn’t jeopardised.

    This is 2010 “dawg” I will not be screwed by you, you have no power here in TNA. LAX has all the power. Oh this is personal, I hate you Nash and I’m going to enjoy taking the belts from your boys and making sure you can’t walk anymore.

    Nash: Konnan you always did take everything so personally man. The fact of the matter is you lost. The Machine Guns don’t have to wrestle you again. They want “fresh, exciting and new” opponents to keep that big money machine rolling in. So say good bye to the gold belts you wont be seeing them for quite sometime.

    The Machine Guns music plays and Konnan and LAX are livid.


    JB and Christy are backstage and tell the audience and Mike and Don that they have been told that at the top of the hour Bret Hart will address the “Raven Saga” and Daniels being the mastermind and winning the title.

    Match #2
    ODB vs. Alissa Flash

    Finish: The powerhouse ODB has come out firing but slowly as the match has progressed Flash has started to dissect the former 2 time Knockout Champion. ODB hits a clothesline and sits up on the top turnbuckle but Flash catches her with a huge slap. Flash climbs the ropes and delivers side kicks to the temple of ODB, forcing her crashing down to the mat. Flash locks in an armbar submission which ODB quickly escapes by getting to the ropes. Flash quickly delivers a forward thrust kick to the enormous bust of ODB and then swings under her hits the Air raid Crash.1.2.3

    Winner via pinfall Alissa Flash at 4:01

    The Future Legend zips up her jacket paintbrushes ODB’s forehead with the heel of her boot and walks off.
    <Video recap of the last 3 months- Raven Saga with the culmination at Destination X and it’s final image of Daniels winning the World title, Raven kneeling before Daniels while his boot is embedded into Styles’ throat>

    To the ring walks Bret “The Hitman” Hart

    Hart: Daniels is right. He is the devil and no one saw him coming. But it was my job to, and I didn’t. He engineered it all down to every last detail, the attack on Kurt Angle from Petey Williams, destroying Jeff and Scott’s friendship, the attacks on Sting, RVD and myself. His arrogance knew no bounds as all throughout 2010 he has made reference to it. And we never picked up on it. He was right no one did listen to him, no one did pay attention until it was too late. Daniels your actions were irreprehensible all to be called the World Champion. Well Mr. Daniels, AJ Styles is right you are no Champion. Now do I have the power to over turn the decision? To make things right and strip you of the Championship after all the twisted, demented and absolutely dangerous things you and Raven committed over the last three months. Unfortunately no. You not only have set yourself up inside this ring bt with your lawyers outside of it to. It’s a done deal, you are the TNA World Champion, but it wont be for long, because at Lockdown AJ Styles will beat you and take back the Championship.

    Suddenly Kurt Angle’s music hits and out walks the Olympic Gold Medallist.

    Angle: I should have known you weren’t the man behind these attacks on his own company. For what I said about you, I apologise. You weren’t the mastermind it was Daniels.

    I was in fact right the first time, when I said you were an incompetent fool who couldn’t keep TNA under control. You dropped the ball Hitman you are the best at nothing but being played. This company was crumbling down around your ears while your top talent, namely me, was being attacked and almost paralysed while you sat on your hands. You’re a failure Hart. I now know you had nothing to do with Petey Williams trying to break my neck, but the fact that you couldn’t stop it makes you almost as bad as Petey, Raven and Daniels. You might as well have pile driven me yourself!

    NOW! You will do something right for once. And I’m not asking, I’m telling you. Tonight in this ring, you are going to put me in a wrestling match against that sonovabitch Christopher Daniels who ordered to put me out. Do it now!

    Hart: You want Daniels? You got him. I can’t make it a title match Kurt but I can make it a no disqualification match. Do your worst.

    Hart walks off almost disgraced. He had no argument for Kurt’s words as Angle shakes his head at a demoralised Hart and then looks into the camera and tells Daniels he is going to snap his ankle tonight.

    Match #3
    Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy vs. Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi

    Finish: Hardy and RVD double-arm tossed Wolfe across the ring right into Tanahashi knocking both men down! RVD climbs the turnbuckles but Wolfe pushes him over sending Rob down all the way to the floor! Hardy hits a whisper in the wind to back of Wolfe. But Tanahashi awesome-bombed Hardy as the ref tries to get order.

    Tanahashi tags Wolfe in who starts to stomp on Hardy and then locks in the London Dungeon, but RVD makes the save by quickly climbing back up and delivering thrust kick to Wolfe’s face. Tanahashi sprints back in and as RVD gets to his feet is hit by a slingblade! Tanahashi wants to finish the match with a High Fly Flow, but Hardy quickly runs up the turnbuckles and delivers a facebuster bomb from the top turnbuckle!!!!

    Tanahashi is sent face first from ten feet into the air crashing down onto the mat apron and then to the mat. The crowd erupts as Hardy has fallen back into the ring and seems spent. Wolfe and RVD are both getting up slowly, Wolfe goes for a Jawbreaker Lariat but Rob does the splits dodging the impact and then hits a roundhouse kick. Rolling Thunder! Rob “wakes up” Hardy and they both hit their signature 5 Star and Swanton. 1.2.3

    Winners via pinfall Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy at 10:23

    The two fan favourites celebrate with the fans as Tenay and West roll the highlight reel. They then plug the manin event, the newly crowned World Champ Chris Daniels to go one on one with Kurt Angle!
    A video from Destination X after the humiliating betrayal by James Storm and the destruction of Beer Money and the reformation of America’s Most Wanted.

    Roode: <gasping> James, you want to stab me in the back. You want to break up the best tag team in the world? I’m not going to ask why, I don’t care. I’m coming for you and I’ll get my own mystery partner and you and Harris are going to find out why it pays, to be rude.


    To the ring walks the new 2 time X Division Pope DiAngelo Dinero!

    Pope: To all my congregation, Pope is once again the most exciting, most titillating, most pimptastic division in pro-wrestling. Two-time X Champion of the World daddy, Pope is pimpin’ I want to say well done to Red and Mistico you boys brought you’re a game and if you boys want a shot you deserve it. As for you Petey pie eatey, Pope knows you tried to take him out, but Pope declares he enjoyed pimp slappin’ you all the way back to Canada.

    But it’s Raven’s music that interrupts Dinero’s promo. Flanked by Tomko and Giant Bernard and Team 3D, Raven walks into the ring.

    Raven: Dinero, I like your shiny belt. The “X” on it sings to me. It screams melodies of tearing flesh and breaking bones. “X” to me hums the word extreme and it tells me to take this X Division and transform it from it’s caterpillar into a butterfly of violence. Give me the belt.

    Pope: Man whatever you are trippin on Pope wants nothing of it. You don’t scare Pope now get out before you all get pimp slapped.

    Raven: Tomko, Bernard bring me the belt.

    But Sting’s music hits and Raven turns and Pope launches himself throwing out right hooks and left jabs that won the Pope the golden gloves all those years ago. The Stinger appears and with his bat clears the ring as Raven escapes angry at Sting’s intrusion. Team 3D come again, and out of nowhere Petey Williams attacks the Pope, but Dinero is ready for him and gives him a big time flying sholder tackle. Sting and Pope stand tall as Raven's Gathering assemble at the base of the ramp way...

    Sting demands a mic.

    Sting: Raven, it’s time we finished this once and for all! Your team of five versus my team of five and we end this war inside Lethal Lockdown!!!

    Raven: I’ll make a coat from your skin Icon! I’ll see you at Lethal Lockdown and it will be BIBLICAL!

    Sting and Pope stand tall in the ring as Raven is like a rabid dog on the outside growling at his nemesis as Team 3D direct him to retreat for now. Sting crows to the fans as they call back to him as Pope

    Tenay: Whoa! Looks like Lockdown is going to be a war Don. First we have Daniels vs Styles the rematch inside the 6 sides of steel and now Sting and Raven to finish their war inside Lethal Lockdown.

    West: Mike Lethal Lockdown might be the most dangerous match in TNA. If the six sides weren’t enough it has a roof, contains ten men and has weapons everywhere. Sting and Raven to finish it inside the cage.

    Backstage with Christy Hemme is Samoa Joe

    Joe: Daniels, I didn’t think you had it in you. I guess just like everyone here I underestimated what you are capable of. You used me as a stepping stone to get where you are, of course your whole argument with Mitchell and Abyss was a ruse to beat me. Well as far as Lockdown goes, Abyss your damn right I accept your challenge. I’m going to destroy the monster, and then Daniels I’m coming after the devil. Joe’s gonna kill you.

    Main Event
    Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle

    Daniels does his entrance and grabs a mc.

    Daniels: Kurt, do you really want to wrestle me? Come on now, be smart. I had Petey Williams break your neck, I had Senshi break your ribs, imagine what I will do to you. I am the Champion of the World.

    Angle’s music hits and he makes a bee-line for the ring. Daniels isn’t ready it seems and Angle unloads three months of anger on the Fallen Angel. Daniels tries to escape as he is blitz with European uppercuts. Angle looks for a submission early but Daniels slithers out of the ring. He grabs his belt and wants to leave, he has had enough but from the back walks Bret Hart, Mick Foley and AJ Styles. Daniels doesn’t even see Kurt sprint from the ring and hit a he clothesline from behind!

    Finish: Kurt has dominated Daniels all over ringside he beats on the new Champ and really wants to punish him. The ref begs Kurt to bring it back into the ring but he pushes him away knowing the no dq rule is in effect. But so does Daniels and out of desperation hits a huge low blow! Daniels tries to shake off the beating and goes for a chair. Angle tries desperately to get to his feet but Daniels unloads steel chairshot after steel chairshot! Angle is down and Daniels rolls him into the ring. Daniels although still reeling from early bludgeoning from Kurt looks over at Foley, Hart and Styles and grins.

    Angle gets up again but is hit again with a vicious chairshot. Daniels sets up the chair and calls for Angels Wings. But to his surprise Angle back body drops Daniels onto the steel chair! Daniels is in severe pain. Angle is on one knee but pulls the straps down and zeroes in. But Senshi from out of the crowd hits a devastating kick to Angle’s temple. Styles tries to run in but Senshi knows the plan, and comes over the top and smashes into Styles. Steiner then waltzes into the ring and hits an overhead belly to belly tbone suplex! Steiner then jumps down and trades blows with Foley as the Hardcore Legend wants revenge for his friend Jarrett who took a beating at the hands of Steiner at the ppv.

    Daniels looks into Hart’s eyes and hits Angels Wings on Angle. 1.2.3

    Winner via pinfall Christopher Daniels at 9:47
    Daniels snatches his World title as Hart is forced to watch the Champion get his hand raised again…

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    EPISODE 13

    <TNA Intro>

    To the ring walks the Champion of the World Christopher Daniels. The Fallen Angel is wearing another one of his trademark suits and his morpheas sunglasses. The Championship belt is folded nicely and is held tightly underneath his arm. The crowd’s hate for him is deafening and yet there is still a faint “Fallen Angel” chant amongst the hate. However as the Champion’s music stops, the 20 000 string fans start chanting “@$$hole, @$$hole”. Daniels begins to laugh, he laughs grows until he almost has tears in his eyes. This almost silences the huge crowd.

    Daniels: Now you understand. Now you realise my greatness. Now you all know I am superior. I am... God’s gift to wrestling. Bret Hart, I humbled you with my intellect.. AJ Styles I humbled you with my skill. And last week, I humbled Kurt Angle with my resolve. You will all bear witness to the greatest Champion the sport has ever seen. You have just seen what I am capable of doing to win the World Championship. But believe me when I say no one will be prepared for what I am capable of to KEEP it!

    At Lockdown AJ Styles, you think you can beat me. You truly think that after everything I have done, the sins I have committed that I will not walk out of the six sides of steel still Champion? You are a fool AJ, but then again you have always been the simple one. Black and white. If I were you AJ I would be afraid. Because inside the six sides of steel, in front of millions of people I will send a message heard round the world to anyone who tries to take the World Championship from me. The message will be written on this canvas and it with your blood. And that is gospel.

    To the ring walks Bret Hart. Last week hart looked like a beaten man. Tonight, he walks a little quicker and more confident. He grabs a mic. Daniels still wearing his sunglasses does not move and stays firmly planted in the dead centre of the ring, as if to say no one shares his spotlight.

    Hart: Mr. Daniels, Lockdown comes very soon. It is only two weeks away and believe me when I say I have never seen a man more focused in my life. That man is not you, it is AJ Styles. Now like I said last week, I can’t strip you of the title, even after all the things you did to get it. I can’t even suspend you because you are the TNA Champion. But what I can do is book you in a match. I can book you in match right here tonight. You see if you refuse, then you are in breach of contract, and if you breach the contract, then I can strip you of that title.

    Daniels: Why would I refuse a match? After everything I have done, you still underestimate me? There is no one in TNA that is in my league.

    Hart: Well, since Raven is, as usual, no where to be found, tonight in the main event it will be the TNA Champion, the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels versus the Icon Sting!

    Daniels can’t believe it. Hart smiles. Daniels rips off his glasses and glares at the Hitman. The Champion seems to have been outwitted this time…

    West: Can you believe it Mike, what a main event. The evil mastermind that almost destroyed TNA will go one on one with our saviour!

    Tenay: Sting is going to come out guns a blazing tonight Don. What a match the fans will see tonight, right here in the main event! Tonight we have even more in store for the fans. Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner has been signed.

    West: What about this one, Senshi versus Samoa Joe, that is going to be incredible. Senshi coming off his big win against Kurt Angle and Joe is fired up ready to go up against Abyss at lockdown and even said he has set his sights on Christopher Daniels.

    Tenay: Also Don America’s Most Wanted’s first match since they tore apart Beer Money and their first opponent will be Robert Roode and his mystery partner. It seems two can play at that game Don.

    West: What a night we have in store.

    Match #1
    Generation Me vs. LAX w/ Konnan

    < Video of the “young bucks” looking very close to winning the four corners match, before LAX attacked last week. Gen Me have been on a roll with wins over NEO-1-GT , and Speed Muscle >

    Finish: Gen Me use their double team moves to their advantage. They focus all their energy on Homicide, and do everything they can to keep Hernandez out of the ring. But ‘Cide is a veteran, and is able to quickly turn a match ferociously. He tags in Hernandez and the Latino bulldozer smashes the youngsters with brute strength.

    Jeremy tries a dropkick but is caught by the legs and is turned into a sitout facebuster power bomb! Cide drops an elbow and Hernandez lays his heels on Jeremy’s shoulders. 1.2.3

    Winners by pinfall LAX at 6:53

    But LAX isn’t finished. Hernandez starts beating down on Jeremy. Max tries to make the save but is blindsided and hit with a Gringo Cutter Hernandez then Border Tosses him spine first into the turnbuckles.
    Konnan has a mic.

    Konnan: Guns, you will give us a title shot, because soon, there will be no one left to wrestle but us.

    In the back JB is with the X-Pioneer Jerry Lynn and the X Division Champion DiAngelo Dinero.

    JB: Tonight the X-Pioneer has a major announcement for the Lockdown pay per view.

    Lynn: Thank you JB, tonight I would like to announce that at Lockdown we will see the X Division in full flight as the Xcape the Cage will once again feature the greatest X Division action possible with the winner getting a future title shot at the X title. As for this man, and we both agree, The X Division Championship will be defended against Petey Williams.

    Dinero: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Pope thanks you Jerry Lynn. Petey Pie Eatey, you are the former Champion, so you do get a rematch. But Pope is so looking forward to getting “locked down” with you and busting you up real good. The cage will be Pope’s church and Pope will deliver a sermon that will end in one.Two.Three. Pope has spoken.

    Match #2
    America’s Most Wanted (James Storm and Chris Harris) vs. Robert Roode and ?

    Harris: Roode, you are pretty damn stupid. I mean you mustn’t have any brothers, because even though brothers fight, they are still blood. Storm and I will always be brothers, and you well, you are some rich kid who wanted to buy us beers so you could be cool. Once the money runs out Bobby, so do you.

    Storm: Bobby, I don’t have to justify anything to you. It doesn’t matter who you have as your partner, no one is better than Chris Harris as a partner, and no team is better than America’s Most Wanted. Sorry about your damn luck.

    Out walks Roode, he points at the stage for his partner, but from out of the crowd runs the Alpha Male Monty Brown! He Pounces Harris! Storm can’t believe it and goes for a Last Call superkick, but Monty catches it and turns it into an Alpha Bomb! Roode jumps up on the apron and the referee rings the bell.

    Finish: Brown tags in Roode and he lays out Storm with brutal right hands. Harris tries to get onto the apron but he can’t even stand. Monty walks over to him and while the ref is busy trying to stop Roode’s closed fists, the Alpha Male delivers another Pounce! This time Harris’ body is sent crashing into the steel guard rail. Roode tags in Monty and he throws Storm around. He tags Roode back in and he delivers the Pay Off. 1.2.3.

    Winners via pinfall Robert Roode and Monty Brown at 3:49

    Roode raises Monty’s arm as the Alpha Male has returned to Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling.
    Tenay: Monty Brown has returned and he is at his devastating best.

    West: He is such a force. Not even the reformation of America’s Most Wanted to stop him. The TNA locker room better be ready because the Alpha Male is back.

    Tenay: I’m told that we are going to play a video that was delivered to our office this morning as it from Raven

    Raven is down in a boiler room, he is dressed in his white suit and has his yellow contacts in. He doesn’t blink and looks directly into the camera.

    Raven: Chaos has been revealed and I bowed to him because he is the only man to be even smarter than I. But his genius was not to control me, it was to simply unleash me. The Fallen Angel simply set loose the personification of all four horsemen. And I gave TNA its apocalypse. But the battlefield of Armageddon lies inside Lethal Lockdown. I am a demon and I will rise up from hell’s flames and engulf the dark wings of the archangel Sting. My Horde will shred the flesh off your holy soldiers that you will bring with you Icon. Lockdown will be the final battle and it will be BIBLICAL!! Quote the Raven. Nevermore.


    Backstage JB is with Kurt Angle

    JB: Kurt last week you had words with Bret Hart. Ever since he walked into the company you seem to have butted heads with him.

    Angle: JB, Bret Hart is an imbecile. He has allowed Christopher Daniels and Raven get away with almost murder around here. And if it wasn’t for Senshi and Scott Steiner, I would have done what Hart is incapable of doing and that is taking out Daniels once and for all. So Scott Steiner, you have gotten in my business. I don’t know what Daniels has promised you, but whatever it is it’s not worth it, because tonight I’m going to put you through so much pain, you’ll wish Jarrett was still your friend so he could stop the beating. It’s real, It’s damn real!

    Match #3
    Scott Steiner vs. Kurt Angle

    <Video replay of Destination X as Steiner took out Jeff Jarrett and of last week, as Kurt is about to defeat Daniels but he is hit by Senshi, and then Scott Steiner casually steps into the ring and hits a huge suplex..>

    Finish: The match as expected is both men using their arsenal of suplexes to try and defeats the other. Steiner is in great shape and is moving very quickly. Angle goes for the ankle lock and Steiner reaches the ropes but Kurt refuses to release the submission. The ref gives him a five count but Kurt still refuses. The referee counts again, this time Kurt drops the hold and stomps away on Steiner’s ankle. He drags Steiner out but right in front of the referee Steiner hits a huge low blow.

    Winner via disqualification, Kurt Angle at 7:21

    Steiner hops into position and locks in the Steiner Recliner. Angle’s eyes roll back into his head as the gigantic arms yank back on his neck. Mick Foley’s music hits and out comes the Hardcore Legend. Steiner hops out of the ring as Foley is wielding his barbed-wire baseball bat. Steiner yells obscenities at Foley who stands in between him and Angle as Foley’s music plays.


    Backstage Christy is with Samoa Joe

    Joe: Tonight I show Abyss what he has got in store for him at Lockdown when I take apart Senshi, Abyss, Petey, Mitchell, Raven, you are all sheep and one by one, you get in between me and Daniels, Joe is gonna kill you.

    Match #4
    Samoa Joe vs. Senshi

    The bell sounds and the two men stand like statues in the ring. Neither man moves as they look each other up and down. They both know that the other is one of the most dangerous athletes in the world. The ferociousness of Senshi, the brutality of Joe. The fans erupt as finally they circle each other. Both men burn holes in the other, as they zero in. Joe moves in for the tie up, Senshi allows it but slips under, goes behind and delivers a blasting kick to Joe’s quad muscle that would have brought down a brick wall. Joe turns to face his opponent and is hit again on the other leg. Joe backs away, as Senshi comes forward. Joe throws a right hand, Senshi ducks under delivers a chop to the chest, and then another kick. The Warrior’s confidence grows as he moves in on the bigger man. But Joe explodes throwing all his weight into a huge clothesline knocking down Senshi. Joe starts delivering kicks of his own.

    Finish: This match has been unlike anything seen inside the six sides. Both men have delivered kick after kick after strike. Both men have put on submission moves and have tried to kill each other with aerial moves in and outside the ring. Joe kicks Senshi full force after a huge run up straight through the ropes and to the floor. Joe is hobbling as the strikes to his legs are taking their toll. Senshi slowly gets to his feet as Joe comes over the top rope with a spinning plancha! Joe grabs a chair and sets it up for an ole ole kick. But Senshi leaps onto it and delivers a jumping bicycle kick! Senshi rolls back into the ring with Joe following but as Joe lowers his head through the ropes Senshi grabs the back of it and delivers rapid fire kicks to his forehead.

    Joe crumples in a heap and Senshi covers…1…2….Joe kicks out. He stands in the corner and Senshi delvers a chop, but Joe roars and spins Senshi into the corner and explodes hitting lefts and rights and kicks and stomps until Senshi is on the mat. Joe roars again and grabs the back of Senshi’s head and does the same to him. Kicks to the forehead of Senshi this time. Cover…1….2…. Senshi is in the ropes.

    Joe picks him up with pure strength for the Musclebuster, Senshi is able to escape it, commando rolls to one side of the ring and as Joe turns with a primal shriek a flying double foot stomp sends Joe into the turnbuckles. Senshi sprints with another attack but Joe hits the side slam. Senshi is on his back and Joe drops to his hands and knees. Joe throws the shoulder over 1…2… Senshi kicks out! Joe drags Senshi into the corner and delivers three face washes! And then goes back for a running face wash when a cane trips him! James Mitchell has tripped Joe up using his walking stick, Joe turns and for the first time in the match has taken his eyes off Senshi. Tidal Krush in the corner!!!! Joe falls on his back, Senshi climbs the turnbuckle and hits the Warrior’s Way, Double Foot Stomp!!!! 1..2…3

    Winner via pinfall, Senshi at 14:47

    Joe is holding his chest as Senshi’s music is stopped as Abyss’ music starts. The Monster comes down as Senshi continues to celebrate. The Monster walks into the ring and looks at Senshi. The Warrior stands aside as Abyss attacks the fallen Joe. Mitchell slaps Senshi on the back as he walks off. Abyss poses over Joe as referees ask Abyss to leave, Mitchell laughing instructs the Monster to return to the back…


    Main Event
    Non-title match

    TNA World Champion Christopher Daniels vs. the Icon Sting

    Daniels walks out first. He makes sure the entire world sees the gold belt wrapped around his waist. Then to a deafening ovation walks out the Icon.

    Finish: Sting unloads another Stinger Splash on Daniels in the corner. The crowd goes crazy as Daniels drops to his knees. Sting leaps in the air delivering a huge back elbow to Daniels’ spine. Sting flips him over and steps into the Scorpion Deathlock. Daniels’ frantically gets to the ropes. Daniels rakes the eyes and off the ropes delivers a leaping neckbreaker! Daniels taunts the fans as he stomps on Sting and as Sting gets up he hits a leaping knee strike into Sting’s temple!

    The World Champion has taken control and hits open handed palm thrusts and then drop kicks Sting’s knee. The Stinger drops to the mat and Daniels locks in the Koji Clutch. Sting reaches for the ropes. Daniels yells at the ref to “ask him” The ref checks Sting, he refuses to quit and moves Daniels closer to the ropes. Daniels pulls back on the hold to make Sting tap. The veteran realises he cannot reach the ropes and shifts his weight turning Daniels over into a pin. 1…2…. Daniels realises what is happening and to escape the pin releases the submission…

    Daniels is frustrated but impressed by Sting’s counter. He paint brushes Sting with humiliating slaps. But this is a mistake as it fires up the Stinger and he explodes hitting strike after kick after strike. Sting hits a vertical suplex and this time locks in the Scorpion Deathlock. He sits down as Daniels screams in pain. Daniels is in the middle of the ring, but it is Raven who breaks the hold.

    Winner, via disqualification, Sting at 8:33

    Raven has had enough of Sting and unloads punches into the forehead of Sting. The white war paint starts turning red as Raven has opened up the Icon’s forehead. Daniels holding his back boots Sting in the face! Daniels watches as Raven drops elbow strikes into Sting’s temple. Daniels slides a chair into Raven who holds it up for everyone to see.
    From the back runs AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy. Raven and Daniels dive out of the ring as the three men sail in.

    Raven screams the word “biblical” at Sting as Daniels holding his World title laughs to himself. Hardy and RVD help Sting get to his feet and he and Raven stare at each other. Raven keeps screaming “BIBLICAL!!”, while Daniels taps the World title to infuriate AJ. Team 3D walk out to escort Raven, and Tomko and Giant Bernard do the same and escort the World Champion to the back. Hardy and RVD raise Sting’s hands to infer they are part of the Stinger’s team at Lockdown…..


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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    Starting from the beginning...


    - Don't tell me what Jarrett's saying - SHOW me. Summarised promos are one of the worst things you could do to your fed, as you can't build up a character in 'em. I like Bret Hart in your TNA, if only because it's nice to pretend he never went to the WWE. Unfortunately in this alternative universe, we still have the 6-sided ring.

    - Great group of talent in the tag division - don't waste 'em. Need more detail in the matches; not contest-wise, but for explanations. For example, Max did a somersault onto Kendrick, from the apron... was Brian outside the ring, or inside? Eddie Guerrero used to do a somersault from the outside, in, so I'm unsure. Hard to figure out what's happening in these type of matches, so be sure to make them very rare occurances. I was a lil' afraid that Kendrick and London would win, so I'm glad they're not getting wins right away, as it would devalue the guys already in TNA.

    Also a note at this time: I don't know anything about the teams so far, when it comes to being in your fed. Who's face? Who's heel? How do they look? How do they come out? What's their music? All important stuff to mention from time to time, so people can envision what's happening. If you read a good book, the author makes sure that you can imagine the scene. Or else it's just text.

    - Thank christ we can revert to a time, where AJ Styles wasn't paired up with Ric Flair. Summarised promo... making me want to skip it. Don't care about Tanahashi. So he was brought in for a 'dream' match one time and didn't make any sort of impact what-so-ever; I'm guessing that's why you've got him here. Jeff Hardy I can take or leave. I love him on a tag with his brother, or in the hardcore division, but... well, I'll give you a chance here. His promo was the drizzling shits; "I'm back TNA!" For a lil' positivity: I do like a 'special' 3-way for the Title. Makes the show stand out as bigger than the normal ones. BTW, might want to actually give us something about who the hell Tanahashi is. He's some Japanese guy at the moment.

    - I like the build-up of Bret, instead of just bringing him out.

    - Glad Red lose his title, because I don't like him without his doo-rag. He was awesome on the weekly PPV's, but now he's just... there. Not to say that I like Dinero, though - but that's neither here, nor there.

    - I did like the Knockout's having a scrag fight on the outside. It's easy to forget about them as extras. Unsure about the lack of DQ because of the Beautiful People ENTERING the ring and attacking a participant. Not the idea of the match.

    - British Invasion can go suck a dick. We've got Brutus, who is boring. The roided guy who looks interesting, but will go nowhere and poor Doug Williams, who is brilliant but ultimately stuck with these guys. I want them to defend their titles, if only to lose them.

    - 'Mick foley comes to the ring and introduces Bret 'The Hitman' Hart!' Wow... not a great way to make it sound exciting. It's not everyday that Bret Hart joins your wrestling company, y'know. Bret doesn't have any personality, so it'll be hard to ever give you a negative review of what he says. REALLY like Bret and Kurt Angle getting into something. Like, really. I enjoyed their exchange a lot, and it gives me the first nod that you've got some talent. RVD debuting is cool. Not a big fan, but him and Kurt should be fun.

    - Beer Money could be one of the biggest teams in history, if booked right. They could either be massive faces, or heels. Didn't expect them to win, especially with the earlier title change. I'd like to see the technical name of finisher in brackets, because I don't watch TNA and can't visualise the action.

    - Forget Desmond... Nigel McGuinness all the way, baby. I just can't stand the James Bond knockoff. I don't see any potential in Matt Morgan, so you can already see where this is going. BIG surprise with Wolfe winning; I guess you'll be giving him a fair shot, which is a plus. Clearly you were trying to put the match across as a tough contest, but lack of detail kept it from being believable. If you wrote about their toughness, their weariness, their pride, will to win, etc. then it would came across a lot better.

    - Hart giving AJ a rub is good. Doesn't stop them from sounding like robots, though.

    - Raven is probably my favourite character in wrestling. He fuckin' RULES! But this was an absolutely paint-by-numbers Raven promo. He's depressed, chaos, anarchy, etc. I'm really looking forward to what you do with him, though, so don't take this as a reeeeal negative. BTW, drop everyone he's associated with. Especially Stevie. Christ, he sucks.

    - When Steiner talks, it can ONLY be funny. Although it was just a sentence, that was EXACTLY how he talks. Him frankly telling Christopher Daniels that he was starting the match was brilliant. BTW, Steiner and Daniels on a tag makes zero sense. SO bizarre. I like James Mitchell, but despise the whole LOLZ CLICK IT R DOOMSDAY gimmick. It just seems so cartoony. I wish Abyss was just a mute monster, like old days. I guess Daniels is going to join Abyss and Mitchell, which could be interesting.

    - Hate World Elite. Love LAX reforming. Love Hernandez winning the title, but it should be temporary so that LAX can go for the Tag Titles. LOOOOOVE Eric Young starting something with Bret Hart. I think if you kind of weave Bret into multiple storylines, it would enhance the show as a whole. Kind of like Hogan's involvement at the moment, where everything's tied in, except... you know... try not to make it crap.

    - Hardy receives 'countless' elbows to the head, yet seconds later positions AJ for the Twist of Fate? Anyway, glad AJ retained... not interested at all in Tanahashi and high chances that I never will be. Jeff is much in the same boat.

    First impressions are... not good, with strong potential. First, the format is ugly and disorganised. The show seemed like a lot of shit thrown against the wall, with some potential gold amongst it, hidden by the feces. If you can manage to scrape it off, and I hope in the future shows it turns out you DID manage to turn it right around, then that'd be great. So here's to the second show!


    - Bret does a good job of sounding official, grateful and just genuinely nice. I hope if he ends up turning heel, it's going to be a LONG time in the future, because this is a great change of pace. Angle comes to the ring, which of course is good for me because I see massive possibilities with this feud. Hart turning Angle's complaints back on him was interesting but asking him if he respects himself, well... that was weird. I think it was just a slip, though, so I'll choose to ignore it.

    - I'd probably get rid of commentators altogether. I don't mean DON'T HAVE THEM... just don't write any lines for them. If you need them to add something to a situation, give us a summarised version of what they discuss. Most commentary is just plain awful, with it being crowbar'd in regardless of the flow of the show. No offense, but you're not good at writing them, either.

    - I'm a fan of Lynn, and have long since waited for him to get a proper chance to shine in Fan Fic. I'd do it, but unfortunately there's a LONG line of people that are more interesting than him - so that will be the hurdle you'll need to jump, to make him work. He sounded very goofy. Like when a Father tries to act cool around his Son and friends, but everyone just thinks he's lame. Lynn says it all starts now... 'Now' asks Borash? 'NOW!' replies Jerry. Except NOTHING happens now.

    - Davey Richards is one of those untapped resources in Fan Fic. A couple of years ago, I had big ideas for CM Punk and Samoa Joe - but I left it too long, and now everyone uses Punk, and a lot use Joe. The ideas that would've been brilliant then, are suddenly cookie cutter. Take Davey and make him one of the guys people remember you for. Petey Williams... despite using him myself, he's definitely a 'hit the Canadian Destroyer and fuck off' kind of guy. Senshi is awesome, although I do hate the name. And Mistico... wow. I don't understand the point of bringing him, or ANY of the AAA guys in. What does Mistico add? Yes, he's legendary for being able to do pointless things, such as rotate 4 billion times before executing a headscissors, but he's a waste of space. You won't be able to do anything with him at all and he's hopelessly generic, like all those pure luchadors.

    - Pope's Pimpin' Party could be good, or embarrasing.

    - Although I was pleased that on the first show, you managed to make the Knockouts seem like they've got something going on... I just realised I really don't care. I'm one of those assholes, who think women should stick to managerial duties only.

    - Add commercials to your shows. Put them in specific spots, to not only prevent it from looking all mushed together, but also to give it the feel of it being a legit show.

    - I like Petey sticking up for Bret, and hopefully this traps World Elite in a midcard storyline. I hate 'em, but at least this way they can't do too much damage to me. BTW, Petey talking about Canadians being the best in the World doesn't work when you just lost a match.

    - Konnan managed to not really say anything. Like Beer Money, LAX have limitless potential so long as you handle 'em right.

    - The Tag match seemed like an afterthought, like you'd finished writing your show and forgot to advance their characters, so decided to just chuck 'em in there. London and Kendrick are going to need some characters, because right now they're just 'the team that consists of Paul London and Brian Kendrick'. BTW, you need to explain their tag team name.

    - The RVD promo worked. I don't like 'pulling back the curtains' by saying that other companies he worked in wouldn't let him do what he wants. Kayfabe, he can do ANYTHING he wants, within the rules of the match.

    - Hopefully Chris Harris only came back to be fed to Abyss. If he's not in America's Most Wanted, he should be shown the curb.

    - Rookie mistake: Matt Morgan was NOT pinned by Desmond Wolfe... he was forced to submit. The DNA of TNA sounds sexual. Perhaps a lil' nasty.

    - As expected, the Pope's party was a complete failure. First off, Jay Lethal without the Macho Man gimmick = I'M GOING TO BED. Honestly, he was boring as shit in ROH and wouldn't have gotten over, if it wasn't for Samoa Joe. I don't want to see Lethal with OR without the Macho gimmick, personally, but it was a nice way to setup a match at Genesis. I'm left confused by 'Jerry Lynn gave you a title shot'. Did I miss something here? Is Jerry Lynn in charge of the X Division, or will he be wrestling? If he's a sort of 'division manager', well that's actually REALLY cool and original.

    - Even Steiner talking couldn't fix that lump of crud. Honestly, Daniels, haven't you given up on TNA figuring out the OBVIOUS way to use you yet? Instead you're teamed up with Scott Steiner, which doesn't even BEGIN to make sense, in a completely random tag match against two guys who have already went from being in the Main Event challenging for the TNA World Title, to... this. Wow.

    - Honestly, every single one of your matches have been confusing. You MUST give me the positioning of all men, at all times. Hit as many moves as you want, I CANNOT follow it if I don't know where people are situated. Tanahashi steals the pin from his partner, which will hopefully lead to a 'Both participants will be Fired, regardless of the outcome' match.

    - Raven was better this week, but it still feels like by-the-books Raven, instead of REAL emotion.

    - Check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. The format is bad enough, but the lack of those things really makes your fed look amateurish.

    - WTF? Kurt has the Ankle Lock slapped on and the referee counts to NINE all up?! Rob Van Dam has a legitimate complaint, if he wanted to bring it up. Incorporate selling into your matches, it adds a tremendous amount of depth to your matches, characters and storylines. The ending sucked a fat one... it's not really a 5* with Kurt underneath - it's Angle falling back, with RVD landing on top. Yeah, it'll knock the wind out of you and I believe it to be a good enough excuse for Rob to win the match, but it's absolutely not worth the aftermath you describe. Despite receiving an overhead belly-to-belly from the top rope, it's a splash on Kurt Angle that that causes them both to be knocked unconscious?

    The show was... not better than last week. But I did see a ton of small changes, that lead me to believe the shows will get much better, at least when it comes to presentation.

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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010


    - I enjoyed the concept of the opening segment. Bret Hart really gives an honest, earnest wrestling angle to the fed and seems genuine. The 'getting high' line you keep sneaking into RVD's promos is already getting old. Kurt again, stole the show. I really like what you're doing with him, and hope to see a lot more. I get the feeling that AJ's going heel. In a previous review, I think I mentioned that I'd like to see him remain as a face, but I'm doing a complete 180 right now. In a segment involving guys like Bret, Foley, Angle and Van Dam... there's just no room for a small guy with a Southern accent. He doesn't have a personality right now.

    - Interested in Chris Harris involving himself with Beer Money. It could be a cool storyline. I can picture some Harris hanging out with Storm and Roode, creating some humorous 'three's a crowd' type situations, before Storm feels pressured into choosing one over the other.

    - Did you make a mistake here? The referee checks on Lethal, then Pope runs in and attacks Lethal - was that meant to be Red that the referee was checking on? Anyway, I prefer Red over boring Jay, so I'm pleased with the result. I don't see the Pope character doing a run in, to screw someone out of the No.1 Contender shot, though.

    - Wolfe's promo was great. I'd love to see him find a way out of the match, just to really give the middle finger to Matt Morgan.

    - I'm unsure about whether to give the KO's a chance, or follow my gut and skip over it. I read the match, but I just don't like female wrestlers in general.

    - LAX promo was... pointless. Bizarre. I don't know why Konnan wants Eric Young to lick his ass.

    - If LAX's dominance leads to the demise of World Elite, then I'm in full support. I didn't like the suggestion that the fans felt sympathy because of the beatdown, though. Unless something happened in the end, where LAX turned heel and Bashir turned face, the only purpose it served was... well, none.

    - Commentators are annoying me again. They basically tell us exactly what just happened, then announce that we're going backstage to watch another interview. Again and again.

    - Okay, so I laughed at Kurt's joke. Sue me.

    - I like 'don't fuck with me' Samoa Joe, but that whole segment was such a clusterfuck. It was a series of things that didn't really make sense. First, if Joe was SO hostile towards the two, why bother taking James Mitchell from backstage all the way into the Impact Zone? Why is he focusing more on the Sinister Minister, than Abyss? I don't think he's done anything, except push down on a gimmick box. Also, if you're playing Joe up as clouded by his anger, as he relentlessly punishes James Mitchell, suggesting out loud to the crowd, that Mitchell wants some more just doesn't fit. Could you imagine the scene? It would just be odd.

    - You don't need to give EVERYONE on the show a promo. Just little details during matches, can help to get the people over without having another pointless promo. What does a single sentence do for them, anyway? Unless it's a strong, silent type, it just seems like filler. So are Hardy and Tanahashi a permanent team now? I hope they lose a 'losers leave TNA' match. Now. Scott Steiner teamed with Wolfe now? What happened to Daniels? Is there any backstory to this match, or you couldn't decide how else to continue their respective storylines? Again, Steiner stole the show with his speech. The random 'heh' was the icing on the cake. Matt Morgan's interference was predictable, but that's not a complaint by any means. It did it's job of giving Desmond a reason to have that rematch at Genesis.

    - Looking at the PPV card, I see that Team 3D are involved in the Tag Title match. Err... did I miss a whole storyline? I honestly can't remember reading anything of them in this fed so far, so how did they manage to earn themselves a shot? Oh I see now, they're the Champions. The point still remains, where have they been? Or are they not the Chamions? I'm confused. Add a little (c) next to the Champions and format it better, so it's easy to read and easy to UNDERSTAND.

    - Again, Raven's getting better... but still unsure. Stevie and Daffney make him a lil' goofy. I know he's always had the Flock, but I see him as a lonesome guy, who doesn't want any attention on him. If you walk around with characters like Dr. Stevie and crazy Daffney, you can't help but get attention. Can't knock you down for it, though, as it's all opinion and you ARE taking what TNA already has/had going. Raven constantly mentioning 'Icon' is beginning to remind me of RAW's either before a Cyber Sunday, or Taboo Tuesday where EVERY WEEK Ric Flair would come and just scream about 20 times, "STEEL CAGE! WOO! PUT US IN A STEEL CAGE! WOO! WOO!"

    - I really liked Daniels being the surprise partner, because it was an interesting dynamie, having Daniels know AJ SO WELL that he can counter him at every step. This of course left RVD open to Kurt Angle, which really just worked out brilliantly. I don't understand Kurt's line of thinking though, when he says that breaking the No.1 Contender's ankle is suddenly going to make HIM the No.1 Contender. Although he was in the match, purposely breaking an ankle would more likely get you punished, methinks.

    Honestly, I think the show got worse again. It's still a mixed bag, but nothing's grabbing me by MY bag and making me eager to read on.


    - The format is absolutely improving as I advance through your backlog of shows. I'd like to see the match and JUST the match in quote, to help 'em stand out and seperate them from the rest. I kind of liked the entrances of the wrestlers. I think the Abyss entrance helped his character a LOT, but the idea of AJ Styles arriving and having cameras going off and people going nuts just seems ridiculous. Nobody here is John Cena, afterall.

    - I don't mean to push my own fed here, but I think adding in a little 'backstory' paragraph before matches would be great. It would probably take the place of commentators recapping the feud, as they just go over what we've already read anyway.

    - Last review, I was confused with the Tag Team division. I didn't know who the Champions were, why Team 3D was involved in ANYTHING and I was just a mess. Now, looking at the card, I understand. I think it's important for you to either focus on a few teams and build them up, or give everyone a chance to put over their characters. Speed Muscle, London and Kendrick and probably more, just seem like cool tag teams, but I don't know REALLY know who they are. Anyway, the whole opening match was a mess. I didn't understand where people were, where the tables were, why the need to bring out not only a table, but TWO of them (thus diluting the gimmick, for when you can really make it an important part of a storyline or match). I just have a difficult time figuring out what's happening in your matches. Place the people, so I can visualize. No surprise with... Neo... G1... erm, whatever the name of the team is, winning. Team 3D are still a great team if used in the correct way; Speed Muscle could be good, but are ultimately faceless guys right now; so Londrick was the safe choice.

    - Sick ending to the X-Division match, but I have NO CLUE how that move worked. Really, it sounds like it requires the most amazing luck and timing and even more luck to work. Personal preference here, but I feel the Lethal bit could've been saved for next show. Give your storylines a slow burn, so that when they peak, the reader will (hopefully) be engrossed in what you've written.

    - I'll pretend that RVD promo never happened. :err:

    - I don't know if it's your intention, but I feel very sympathetic for Eric Young. Not only has his backup been taken out, but he's getting destroyed by these brazen thugs. On the flipside, Hernandez can't beat Eric by himself? He's a massive guy, so it's odd that he requires both Konnan and Homicide to interfere just for him to win. And then Petey Williams looks like an asshole, for hitting the Canadian Destroyer.

    - Another finish I can't picture. You didn't say Jawbreaker Lariat, so I assume it's just the normal type. He'd come off the ropes... Morgan would -TRY- to leapfrog him and the two tumble to the ring apron? Only way I could see that, is if they look like they completely fucked the move up and even THAT is a stretch.

    - Blah. Bret coming to the ring seemed like an excuse to set-up the Canadian Destroyer on the concrete. I'm thinking that Petey and Bret will do a whole Team Canada schtick, but really all I wanted to see was Petey and Young in a midcard feud, Bret Hart remains as the earnest, babyface Authority Figure and Kurt Angle feuding with him.

    - Happy for MCMG holding the titles, but still more confusion. When Sabin did the dropkick, did he climb onto the apron? Did he then illegally enter the ring to double-team? Lack of understanding is really dragging it down for me.

    - Yet another finish I need to really forget common sense to believe. I like that you've got an 'epic' match on the card, but Jeff Hardy just doesn't belong in them. He needs something quick, unless it involves ladders. Interesting move adding Matt's moveset to Jeff. Glad Tanahashi won, as he certainly came across as more interesting in the match.

    - Now see, bringing the hardcore element into Joe vs Abyss just doesn't make any sense to me. Yes, Abyss used the chain. But when was this match made? And when was it explained that Mick Foley would be the Special Referee? And why did you need to use GLASS?! IMO, you devalued the rest of the hardcore implements by bypassing them to the VERY, VERY EXTREME use of GLASS. If this storyline continues, I don't see how they could top glass. Honestly, it does feel like a TNA decision... but then again, they love throwing gimmick matches in every spot available. Also, I feel that the summarised match hurt this one. Gimmick matches are very fun for the writer, because it's a change of pace. You could've challenged yourself to tell a great story in this environment, IMO.

    - ANOTHER confusing finish, where I have to suspend disbelief. Not every match needs to end with a big, crazy move! With the introduction of finishing moves, nobody believes now that normal wrestling moves could end the match. If you need to do some SUPER DUPER MEGA MOVE OF DOOM to pin someone, nobody's gonna' expect the finisher to end it. Example: Any Kurt Angle match I see these days, he uses the ankle lock multiples times. He busted out the grapevine to beat Benoit at the Rumble, but that was after the move became credible. Now if he pulls down the straps, I don't expect the match to end. The match itself seemed very fun. Perhaps a bit over the top with the second jump into the crowd, but I did enjoy the crowd dive - just like the ol' days. Very happy AJ won and their were no shenanigans.

    - Complete mayhem to enter the show. I'll do a bit of a checklist on what I liked and disliked.

    * Raven setting the ring ropes on fire. Adds a whole 'nother dimension.
    * Sting coming from the rafters and going into it; no teasing, just fighting.
    * Raven being SO pleased that Sting had answered the call.
    * The general 'complete chaos' feel to it.
    * Raven being run off and NEARLY caught, only to live to fight another day.

    * Team 3D being involed in this storyline.
    * Team 3D holding back Jarrett, Foley and HALF THE LOCKER-ROOM.
    * Bret Hart coming down and completely going against everything he's about, to throw a gimmicked guitar and barbed wire baseball bat to his partners.

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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    EPISODE 14

    Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to the latest episode of Total Non-Stop Wrestling Impact! The 20 000 strong crowd are deafening as pyro explodes signalling the start of the show. Suddenly the arena goes black and Slay me plays as the Impact tunnel lights up and out walks the shadow of an Icon. The arena lights burst back on as Sting walks down the ramp to ringside. He calls out to the people, and in unison they call back to him. The front three rows all bow down to him and he does the same as he almost floast into the ring with his trench coat flapping as he ascends the turnbuckles and calls again to the legions of TNA fans. He grabs a microphone, but the ovation from crowd delay him from what he came out to say. Finally he has to push through and make his announcement.

    Sting: Welcome to 2010 everybody! What a year it has been so far, especially for the Stinger. I haven’t done this for awhile so bear with me. When Bret Hart arrived in TNA I personally met with him and told him I would do everything in my power to ensure we become the top Pro-wrestling” company in the World! We have the best wrestlers in the world here right now and I am proud to be apart of it. But of course there is the down side. There is the new World Heavyweight Champion, Christopher Daniels and his pitbull Raven. Daniels you have unleashed hell on to TNA and just like AJ Styles said, you are no Champion.

    So at Lockdown, I am going to walk the path of the righteous and with my soldiers I will destroy the cancer that is Raven as you watch, right before AJ defeats you and takes back the World title.

    Now TNA fans, do you want to meet those soldiers?!!!!

    One by One Sting introduces them, complete with their music and pyro…

    Rob Van Dam!

    Jeff Hardy!

    Jeff Jarrett!


    Kurt Angle!

    Sting: Raven, at Lethal Lockdown, you will fall as we are here for TNA, and will all work together to cut out the cancer once and for all!

    But Raven’s music hits and out of the mist emerges the white suit and the blazing yellow eyes of Raven. His mouth and nose are covered by a horrific leather mask. He looks down at Sting and stares. His music fades out as the crowd boos him with such venom, that cups of cola and packets of popcorn randomly fly from the crowd at the ramp, even though the maniacal one is too high for them to hit. But the boos grow louder as Raven continues his silence and one by one out of the ever growing mist and smoke emerges his team. Tomko, Giant Bernard, Senshi and Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. The mist dies down to fully reveal the evil on the stage. They are all dressed for battle as Raven finally removes the mask and Tomko hands him a microphone.

    Raven: Lethal Lockdown will be Armageddon for you Icon. I will make a coat out of your skin and wear your face as a hat. My army of demons will crush your bones to make their bread and deliver TNA into the darkness that I promised all along. Lethal Lockdown will be biblical!!!

    Steiner unimpressed by Raven’s “sermon” snatches the mic out of his hand.

    Steiner: Jeez you talk a lot. Let me make this simple Sting, you piece of trash. I’m gonna kick your @$$ all over this arena., you stupid white trash. How about tonight you and me wrestle in the ring you sonavabitch. Because you can’t shine my shoes, because I’ve got the largest arms in the world, and I’ll take you out.

    Sting: I have no idea what you just said Scotty. But it sounded like you wanted to fight me tonight.

    Steiner: Your damn right that’s what I said you sonavabitch.

    Sting: Then let’s do it right now! And if Raven isn’t too scared, why don’t we make it a lumberjack match.

    Match #1
    Lumberjack Match
    Sting vs. Scott Steiner

    Steiner runs down the ramp and Sting catches him coming in with a kick to the gut and a punch to the face. As Raven’s unholy soldiers slowly get into position on their side of the ring, Sting’s soldiers all leap out watching their team captain go to work on Big Poppa Pump. A fe runs out and the bell sounds.

    Finish: Sting is thrown out of the ring, and he is attacked viciously by Raven, Tomko, Senshi and Bernard. Hardy and RVD run over to try and stop it but it sparks an all in brawl. While the red’s back is turned Kurt runs into the ring and grabbing Steiner he hits a German suplex, dropping the genetic freak on his head! Angle then leaps over the ref and drops down onto the other lumberjacks. Jarrett gets Sting back in the ring. The Icon sees Steiner down and steps over and applies the Scorpion Deathlock.

    Winner via submission, Sting at 7:33

    Sting’s music plays which brings the brawl on the outside to an end as both teams have realised it is over. Tomko and Bernard drag Steiner out of the ring as Raven backs away up the ramp still shouting “Biblical” at Sting as the Icon is joined by his team. They all congratulate him apart from Angle who is still on the mat staring at Senshi and Steiner…
    Back from commercial Tenay and West recap the explosive opening to Impact. The run down what total non stop action will be on the program tonight.

    Tenay: The X Division is in action tonight as some of the participants in the Lockdown X scape match will be in an eight man tag.

    West: The Alpha Male who made his big return last week as Robert Roode’s mystery partner, tonight goes one on one with the Blueprint Matt Morgan.

    Tenay: Also the Knockouts are in action as Gail Kim takes on Alissa Flash.

    West: And what about our huge main event Mike, the Monster Abyss will team up with the World Heavyweight Champion Christopher Daniels to take on Samoa Joe and the Phenomenal AJ Styles.

    Match #2
    Gail Kim vs. Alissa Flash

    Finish: Gail head scissors Alissa to the mat. Gail pumps her fists as she then executes a perfect monkey flip! She climbs the turnbuckles and comes off the top with a splash. 1..2.. Flash kicks out. She rolls away and as she catches her breathe she zips up her jacket. Gail comes again, but this time is caught by a big boot flush in the chest. Gail is thrown back, and Flash runs and delivers a shoulder block right in the corner. She hits another and then stands up, unzips her jacket a little and then slaps Kim across her face.

    Flash then leaps onto the middle rope and as Gail is on her knees she thrusts her boot heel right into the original knockout’s temple! Gail’s head bounces off the corner rope and Flash viciously hits another and another! Gail slumps to the mat. Aliss looks out to the crowd and zips up her jacket with a smirk and turns back to Gail to finish her off. Gail is on dream street but out of instinct fires off sdome forearm shots. Alissa is reeling and Gail calls out to the fans for them to help her but Flash is deadly and executes her Leg hook sitout scoop slam piledriver!!!!


    Winner via pinfall. Alissa Flash at 5:22

    Flash has her arm raised and she demands a microphone.
    Flash: Hey Knockout Champ. I want a title shot. You’ve been ducking me long enough bitch. Give it to me.

    Out walks to a big ovation the Knockout Champion of the World Tara. She looks down at Flash nodding her head.

    Tara: That was impressive Alissa. Only a few weeks ago Gail Kim defeated Awesome Kong one on one. And tonight you beat her. It seems every week in the Knockout divison, someone steps up. Hamada, Kong, Daffney, Gail…

    Flash: Cut the crap bitch and give me my title shot.

    Tara: …. You want a title shot. I’m going to give you one, and a little extra. I’m going to teach you some manners Flash. And after I’m done, you will respect me.


    Backstage Christy Hemme is with Robert Roode

    Roode: In two weeks it will be Lockdown, and I’m throwing out the challenge to you Storm to face me inside the six sides of steel. You see that way, you can’t stab me in the back or at least get Chris Harris to do it for you. If you’ve got the guts boy, I’m going to show you just how wrong your decision was to quit Beer Money and reform AMW. You are going to see, that it pays…to be rude.

    Match #3
    The Alpha Male Monty Brown vs. The Blueprint Matt Morgan

    The familiar music of Monty Browns starts up and the fans cheer as out comes the man from the Sarenghetti! The giant Morgan doesn’t look impressed as he walks out. He looks down at Brown and even compares heights with him. Brown than flexes which gets a big cheer from the fans. Morgan attempts his own only to be booed. Monty calls out to the fans if they want to see it again, and answers their cheers with another, but Morgan kicks Monty in the face with his Carbon Footprint!

    The match never starts as Morgan unloads on Monty. He throws him over the top rope and waits for him to get up. But as he readies himself for another boot, the crowd yells at Brown to look out!! Monty explodes and as Morgan comes in he is hit with the POUNCE!! The crowd goes crazy as Monty mounts Morgan and punches away. But out runs America’s Most Wanted. They beat down Monty after what he did last week.

    No contest declared

    Roode runs out to make the save but a dazed Morgan sees him coming and delivers a Footprint! Morgan and AMW taunt the fans as the ref tries to stop the assault. Morgan pushes the ref away like he is now infamous for. Morgan laughs at Brown as he flexes to continue the fans booing him all the way to the back, .as he is very happy with himself.
    James Storm grabs a mic and tells Roode challenge accepted, as AMW hit the Death Sentence on Roode as TNA goes to commercial.
    Tenay and West say that during the commercial break, Monty Brown made it to the back on his own power with not much help from EMT staff. The fans clapped him as they send it to the back.

    JB is with Kurt Angle

    Angle: Tonight I showed that incompetent Bret Hart just how to take care of scum like Raven and his goons, when I dropped Steiner on his big fat head and basically won the match for Sting. I’m here to win championships and prove that I am the greatest wrestler of all time. So at Lockdown I accepted Sting’s invitation to join his team. But of course Sting would offer me a spot, he knows whatever team I’m in, will always be the winning team.

    But of course JB it goes deeper than that doesn’t it. Daniels wanted me taken out because he knows I’m the man around here. I’m the man that in a blink of an eye take away his title. And that’s why he got Petey Williams to attack me. So Daniels I hope you are watching lethal Lockdown, because I’m going to wipe the floor with your team and then if you beat AJ Styles, hell even if you don’t I’m still going to break your ankle and end your career. Oh it’s real. It’s damn real.

    Back in the Impact Zone Mike Tenay and Don West have just been given some information.

    Tenay: We have just been informed by Bret Hart that due to Matt Morgan and AMW forcing a match to not take place they have been fined several thousands of dollars at this time. Also due to them taking away a match from the fans Hart has booked a top of the ladder clash between Britain’s best Desmond Wolfe and Japan’s Ace Hiroshi Tanahashi for later this evening.

    West: That is going to be a blockbuster Mike, on free tv, what a match the Hitman has set up for the fans tonight on Impact.

    Match #4
    Mistico, Amazing Red and Generation Me vs. Jay Lethal, Davey Richards and Speed Muscle

    Jerry Lynn is at the commentary box talking up the great athletes in the X Division and how this match is just a taste of what the fans will see at Lockdown in the Xscape Match.

    Finish: In an entertaining spot fest where every single man gets to leap out of the ring and onto their opponents with their own signature dive, Amazing red is able to hit the Code Red (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb) on Richards 1..2…3

    Winners via pinfall Mistico, Red, and Generation Me at 6:05

    The winners celebrate as the losers can’t believe it. Gen Me put Red on their shoulders as he celebrates with the crowd after such daredevil moves. Gen Me put him down as they and Mistico high five the fans on their way out. But as Red turns to leave he stands face to face with Petey Williams. Petey kicks Red in the gut and sets for the Canadian Destroyer, but Jerry Lynn jumps out from behind the commentary desk and stops Williams from hitting the move. Petey kicks Lynn in the gut and hits the devastating sick piledriver!!! Petey grabs a mic from the commentary table where Lynn was just sitting. Tenay and West look at him in disgust
    Williams: Pope, did you see what I just did. I end careers. You want to be in a cage with me. I’m going to splatter your brains all over the mat!!! I will be the X Division Champion again!

    Mistico and Gen Me run back out to help Red and Lynn, as Williams walks off dusting his hands off and brushing his abs giving the sign of the title.


    The arena erupts as the tag team champions music hits! Out walks, “shooting” the fans the Motor City Machine Guns, followed by former World Champion Kevin Nash..
    All three men grab a mic as they take in the huge chants of “Motor City”.

    Shelley: Lockdown is fast approaching and the Hitman and Mick Foley sat down with us during the week talking about rankings and who we should defend these bad boys (pointing at the tag titles) against. Now being who we are.. you’re favourite tag team. We know what it’s like to scratch and claw and fight to get to the top and become champions. We wanted to give an opportunity to a team that deserved it and give them an opportunity. But, the Hitman, god bless his soul, a man of honour and respect reminded us that Big Kev did “step in it”.

    Sabin: “It” being Hernandez’s face.

    Shelley: He kinda put his “foot in it”

    Sabin: Hernadez’s face.

    Shelley: So because that “event” happened.

    Sabin: I didn’t see anything. Did you see anything Kev? He didn’t see anything.

    Shelley: OK..Because of this freak accident, that I’m not even sure happened. At Lockdown, Konnan we are going to defend the titles against your guys LAX. But believe this when I say it. WHEN we win, you guys and your body odour go away. Capiche.

    LAX’s music hits and from their special border entrance out comes the Latin American eXchange, snarling and spitting. They jump into the ring with the Champs and Nash.. Konnan has a mic.

    Konnan: Your damn right your gonna give us our title shot at Lockdown. Like you gringos had a choice. Inside the cage, this is LAX territory. Gringos have been putting up borders and fences to keep us out for years. Well now the fences are going to keep you in and we are going to make you cry for your mommys. We are going to beat you like the dogs that you are pretty boys and you will be the ones who are gone.

    Nash: You keep talking abig game Konnan, but the Machine Guns aren’t the champs because they cheap shotted teams from behind like you guys. They earned those belts. You keep on underestimating the Guns because come Lockdown, when they are kicking in Homicide and Hernadez’s faces, you will be the one who leave empty handed.

    The way I see it is The Guns can still make some money slapping you guys around. And that’s why we are all here. So at Lockdown the pay day comes to the Guns and you guys can go back to washing cars and mowing lawns.

    Konnan is enraged but he tells his men to back down this time. They have their title shot and walk away as The Machine Guns theme blasts through the arena speakers.

    Match #5
    Desmond Wolfe vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

    Wolfe is introduced and he and Chelsea walk out. Then its Tanahashi. Wolfe is dressed in a suit while Tanhashi has a very bright red leather jacket on and jeans. Wolfe arm in arm with his girlfriend grabs the mic.

    Wolfe: Now listen up all you wankers. I’m not some little doggie you can just tell to fetch. I’m Mr Wolfe. I’m the best wrestler in the world. I dismantled Kurt Angle, I destroy anyone who dares step in the ring with me. I’m an athlete of the highest calibre. I don’t wrestle at the drop of a hat sunshine. I am told far ahead of schedule so I can prepare and ensure my win / loss record is flawless. Same goes for Mr. Tanahashi here. Both of us have agreed that this is bullocks and we aren’t wrestlin’ for nobody. Not you stupid fans and not for you Hitman.

    Out walks Bret Hart. He looks very agitated and frustrated with what is happening right now. He is probably thinking that Kurt Angle is laughing at him and how he can’t control the boys and the company.

    Hart: So you guys want preparation time? You are athletes, you are the very best, that’s why I wanted you both to show the fans what TNA is all about. But this certainly isn’t what TNA is. But I’ll tell you what is TNA. A match called Monster’s Ball. That’s TNA. And never done before inside six sides of steel.

    So I have an idea. You want preparation time. Sounds good, you are both suspended till Lockdown. And at Lockdown, you will both be in a six sides of steel monster’s ball match. Tanahashi vs. Wolfe vs. Matt Morgan vs. the Alpha Male Monty Brown. Start preparing, security escort this gentlemen out of my ring.

    Wolfe and Tanahashi are not happy, security come down, and Wolfe makes sure no one touches him. Tanahashi rolls his eyes and walks off, he is not happy he has to be in what will be a combination of the two most dangerous matches in TNA.
    Mike Tenay and Don West run down the matches already announced for Lockdown only two weeks away.

    • The Tag titles are on the line with MCMGs vs LAX 2
    • Robert Roode wants revenge on his former tag partner James Storm.
    • The high flying spectacle the Xscape Match, Mistico vs. Amazing Red vs. Genertaion Me. Vs. Davey Richards, vs. Jay Lethal vs. NEO-1-GT vs. Speed Muscle
    • The X title is on the line as Petey Williams gets his rematch to reclaim the title from Pope Diangelo Dinero
    • Just announced Lockdown Monster’s Ball, Morgan vs. Tanahashi vs. Wolfe vs. Monty Brown!
    • Samoa Joe vs The Monster Abyss will be an absolute war
    • Armaggeddon comes to TNA. Lethal Lockdown, Team Sting vs. Team Raven, and according to Raven, it will biblical.
    • And the World title is on the line. New Champion Christopher Daniels will defend against former Champion AJ Styles in not just a battle for the belt but for the conscience of the company.

    Main Event
    World Champion Christopher Daniels and the Monster Abyss
    The Phenomenal AJ Styles and the Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe

    Styles and Joe are out first, and they seem to not be able to wait to get their hands on their opponents tonight. Out walks Abyss led by Father James Mitchell. They stand at the end of the ramp to await their partner and Champion, the Fallen Angel. Daniels walks out and Mitchell helps him remove his cloak. Daniels and Mitchell seem to talk strategy for a few seconds before he hands the title to the Monster’s handler.

    The bell sounds and before Abyss and Daniels can blink Styles frosbury flops and Joe spinning planchas over the top rope together knocking down their enemies!!! Joe lands on his feet while Styles rolls up on to the ramp and the two men high five. Joe goes on the attack on Abyss while Styles slams Daniels into the guard rail.

    Finish: Daniels and Abyss have fought back from being dominated in the first few minutes by swapping their targets. Daniels strategy made the bigger stronger Abyss to put down Styles, while his quicker style negated any of Joe’s attacks. Daniels hits an STO on Joe. Daniels looks for a Koji Clutch but Joe is able to block it and roll to a corner, only to be hit by a jumping knee strike to the temple. Daniels then tags in Abyss who charges and crushes Joe in the corner. Mitchell is loving every minute of this as the crowd tries to rally behind Joe.

    Styles begging for a tag watches on as Abyss tags back in the Champion who right in front of Styles hits a vertical suplex on the 300 pounder! Daniels covers 1..2… Styles runs in and breaks up the count. Daniels roars at the ref telling him to “do his job” all the while Abyss has come in and started stomping on Joe. Daniels claps his hands to make the sound of a tag and walks out of the ring. The ref turns to see Abyss putting Joe in a camel clutch. Daniels screams at the ref “Ask him!”.

    Styles has had enough and springboards off the apron and over the ref’s head hitting a flying forearm strike! Abyss falls and Joe inches towards his corner. Daniels is livid, Mitchell yells at the ref. But Styles is back in his corner and reaches out for the tag. Joe makes the tag and Styles explodes. He beats down both men. The crowd goes crazy as the former Champion delivers a suplex to Daniels and then a leaping reverse DDT to Abyss. Daniels comes again, and Styles drop kicks him and as Abyss gets up, he is hit with the PELE! Styles climbs the turnbuckles to finish off Abyss, but Daniels trips him right into a brutal Death Valley Driver.

    Joe is back in and clotheslines Daniels but turns into a Blackhole Slam from Abyss. 1…2… Daniels kicks Abyss in the back of the head to break the count?!?!?!

    Abyss apologises, and picks Joe up and chokeslams him. Daniels then directs Abyss to take out Styles. The monster throws Styles to the outside. Daniels hits the BME. 1…2…3

    Winners via pinfall TNA Champion Christopher Daniels and The Monster Abyss at 10:12

    The referee raises the winner’s arms. Daniels is happy, but then turns to Abyss and slaps him. Mitchell walks in the ring and points a finger at Abyss, disciplining him for trying to take the pinfall instead of allowing the mastermind to win the match. Abyss nods as Daniels holds the belt high for Styles to see, as AJ checks on Joe.
    Daniels poses on the ramp as Mitchell puts the belt on the Champion….

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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    :: A Wanker's Review - Run In's Ultimate TNA 2010 Impact Episode 14 ::

    -You’ve done brilliantly to reach 14 episodes. Don’t be down heartened at the lack of reviews, remember what I mentioned in my PM buddy/

    -I haven’t been a regular reader, I liked what I read when I reviewed before, so bear with me.

    -Christopher Daniels as champ? I have missed a lot! That’s a decision I like by the way.

    -The opening segment between Sting and Raven/Steiner was a very enjoyable war of words. Steiner’s part was hilarious. I remember from the previous show I reviewed that you were very good at writing promos and such.

    -Sting/Steiner was a good solid short match, I told you to work on your summaries before and you have definitely improved. That was much better than what you did previous where you’d only write the finish.

    -I don’t care at all for Women’s Wrestling but I admire that you’re making an effort with their matches and storylines. Browsing the Flash/Kim match it was a decent enough read.

    -I’m glad to have seen AMW reform. After Lockdown, Roode should be pushed to the top and AMW should be a focus of the Tag Division.

    -Monty Brown huh? Nice to see some old faces back in TNA.

    -Match was good enough, I liked the no contest ruling but the aftermatch was a bit of a clusterfuck. So Roode is face? Baffling decision. He’s much better suited as heel with AMW being faces for the time being. That’s my opinion anyway.

    -Angles promo was quite good, rambled on at times but still he got his point across in the end.

    -I was pumped to see an X-Division match but it was far too short. I’d have liked a bit extra before the finish in addition to a much more in depth finish. I was disappointed to see it wasn’t in depth. You’ve got some good names in that X-Division so longer matches would really make me want to read more because a good X-Division appeals to me greatly.

    -I like that you’re giving Petey Williams a good push. I remember when he was getting pushed in TNA ages ago, he was great.

    -I liked MCMG/LAX’s confrontation. MCMG own and I’m very pleased that they are the centre piece of your tag division. Wise choice. I’d be a little careful and stay away from any Mexican stereotypes as some people can judge it as racism which is a bannable offense. An LAX/MCMG feud is a great choice to headline your Tag Division by the way.

    -I liked Wolfe’s promo a lot but I‘m confused why they aren’t wrestling. Hart’s decision to book a monsters ball match was random as fuck also. I didn’t like that at all. Wasn’t much logic in the choices to be in the match.

    -Lockdown looks a stacked card in fairness. I will certainly give that a read.

    -The main event match was the best of the night by far. The effort you put into the finish is what you need to put into the other matches and then you will progress. If you write that much for the other matches then I’ll enjoy the show a whole lot more for sure. I didn’t like the ending however, Abyss apologizing after getting kicked in the head? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    -Overall, it was a good show, nothing special but you deserve a lot more credit for your work. Not many people are reviewing lately so I wouldn’t get down about it. You’ve got a very entertaining fic going on and you’re slowly but surely getting credit for it. Keep up the good work, it’s paying off for sure.

    Man of the world.

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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    The Wrestling Observer has learned that Spike TV Television Executives in a ploy to increase ratings for their two flag ship brands, Ultimate Fighting Championship and Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling, members of each roster will be attending live shows to build ratings and audience attendance. TNA representatives, Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett are in full support of the idea as is Dana White of UFC.

    Over the coming months expect to see guys like Lyoto Machida, Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz and others in TNA crowds over the coming months.

    Spike TV is very pleased with TNA Wrestling’s Impact rating on the Thursday nights as it continues to grow an audience with their latest episode peaking at 5.6 million viewers.

    Big names like Kurt Angle, Sting, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam and TNA Champion Chris Daniels to appear at UFC events also in the coming months.

    Spike TV say this will be a great way to “advertise” both shows by “product placement” of the great talent that each company has during their shows.

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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    EPISODE 15

    The final Impact before Lockdown and only 3 days away from armaggeddon, inside the Lethal Lockdown match. Good versus evil. Sting versus Raven. The battle for the soul of TNA will be fought inside six sides of flesh tearing steel. The ten soldiers will have weapons to destroy their enemies. Will TNA be saved or will it burn….

    The mastermind, the master of misdirection. The man who would not just put his body on the line for glory but would put an entire arena filled to capacity in danger for the World Championship. The best trick the Fallen Angel ever pulled was convincing the wrestling world he didn’t exist, until it was too late. AJ Styles, the enemy of Daniels, until Destination X seemed unbeatable. He had taken on the world, and come out with the gold. His matches legendary, his courage unquestioned, his technique phenomenal. What could beat this man? What could sway his focus from the gold belt? Raven unleashed…. His mentor attacked, the Hitman almost killed, the Impact Zone itself destroyed by exploding the champion’s own car as it was thrown through the TNAtron. Chaos all around him and with the company on his shoulders his focus shattered, the Fallen Angel struck.

    Inside the deadly six sides of steel, Styles will fight to get the World title back, not just for himself but for the entire TNA locker room….

    <TNA Intro>

    Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to the final episode of TNA Impact! before the Lockdown super card this Sunday.

    West: Tonight’s main event will decide the very important man advantage for the Lethal Lockdown match this Sunday.

    Tenay: That’s right Don, the winner of tonight’s huge main event will get their team the extra man advantage in the Lethal Lockdown cage match. The rules for Lethal Lockdown are that after the first five minute period, another man will enter the cage. Tonight we will find out who gets that advantage.

    West: That’s right Mike and it will be in a tag team ladder match!!! Tonight Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy of Team Sting will face Senshi and Tomko of Team Raven.

    Tenay: The first team to pull down the contract will indeed get the advantage for their team. What a match that will be, right here on Impact!

    Get Ready to Fly!!!

    To the ring walks the former Champion of the World AJ Styles. Wearing t-shirt and jeans, the Phenomenal One leaps into the ring. The look of determination on his face as he stands facing the stage.

    Styles: Christopher Daniels get out here now, I’ve got something to say and I want to say it to your face.

    The World Champion’s music hits, and as mist and smoke spew out of the tunnel, out emerges Tomko and Giant Bernard and the Fallen Angel. Tomko and Bernard are dressed for battle while Daniels is in his best suit and his morpheaus sunglasses. The World title tightly folded underneath his arm, Bernard and Tomko sit on the middle rope to allow the champion to enter the ring. Bernard snarls at So Cal Val who hands him a microphone, in which he passes on to his Champion. Daniels breathes in soaking up the deafening heckling from the huge crowd before finally acknowledging his opponent this Sunday Lockdown.

    Daniels: You’ve got something to say to me AJ. You’ve got something to say to me face to face AJ. Let me guess I’m going to beat you. I’m going take back “my” title. You’re an a$$h@le. Well AJ quite frankly I don’t want to hear it. I don’t care. This is my time now, I am the Champion, I am Mr. TNA. I am the very best in the world because I have this. At Lockdown I am going to take your very best in the palm of my hand and crumple it like I would a piece of paper….and throw it away. I am god’s gift to pro wrestling. And I will show the millions watching all over the world that my dynasty will be written in your blood.

    Styles: Daniels once again your arrogance makes you think you know everything. What I wanted to say to you, old friend. Is this.

    I’m sorry.

    I want you to give this message to your wife and your kids Chris. I want you to tell your children in advance that Uncle AJ is sorry to what he is going to do to their daddy. That is if you are still talking to them. They are as disgusted and disappointed with your actions as I am Chris.

    So to them I’m sorry, because inside that cage I am going to hurt you. I’m going to carve you up. You see you think you know AJ Styles. You think you know the flashy high risk style that I am going to bring. You’re wrong. I’m going to walk into that steel cage and I’m going to rip you to shreds old friend. This Sunday I’m going to have blood on my hands because at Lockdown I will finish this once and for all.

    AJ’s music hits as the two mortal enemies, former best friends stare at each other until, Daniels tells his entourage to leave the ring.

    Mike Tenay and Don West cheer on AJ as they run down the final card for Sunday’s Lockdown pay per view extravaganza.

    • X Div Xscape match 10 competitors to escape the cage
    • Knockout Champ Tara vs. Alissa Flash
    • Robert Roode vs. James Storm
    • Monster’s Ball Match- Tanhashi vs. Wolfe vs. Morgan vs. Monty Brown
    • Abyss vs. Samoa Joe
    • X Champion Pope vs. Petey Williams
    • World Tag Team Champions MCMGs vs. LAX 2
    • Lethal Lockdown- Team Sting vs. Team Raven
    • World title match Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

    <Video of Morgan attacking Brown. And then of Tanahashi and Wolfe refusing to wrestle, forcing Bret Hart to book a monster’s ball match at Lockdown>

    Match #1
    Saranghetti open invitational match

    Out to the ring walks the Alpha Male Monty Brown. Wearing his red trunks and his animal print jacket he sniffs the rig ropes before taking the mic.

    Brown: Welcome back to the Saranghetti! The Alpha Male is back in TNA and I’m here to say that at Lockdown in the Monster’s Ball match, it will be this lion who mauls the other three guys in there with me. Like a caged animal I will destroy everyone on my way to the top of this company.

    Tonight I’ve got an open challenge for anyone who wants to test their mettle against the Alpha Male. But just remember if you do, you’ll get the Pooouuuunce. Period.

    Monty waits rubbing his hands together and calling for someone to “bring it on”. Slapping his face he gets his answer when very familiar music plays throughout the Impact Zone. The 20,000 strong crowd cheer at the match they are about to see.

    Monty Brown vs. Samoa Joe

    Towel swung over his shoulder the Samoan Submission Machine walks down the ramp but he has a mic.

    Joe: Welcome back Monty. You have been gone a while, so let me tell you something you that already knew when you first left. I… am Samoa Joe. And I…. am still the baddest man here in TNA. Today is not your lucky day Monty to throw down, because you see, I wanted a warm up match for my war with Abyss inside the six sides of steel this Sunday, and I guess you’re my bunny. After the beating I gave you last time you were here you were right to leave. Tonight I remind you why you left, because you knew while I was around, everyone else is number two.

    Joe drops the mic, the ref bends down to pick it up and Joe throws in a jab to Brown’s face. Monty reels back into a corner and Joe roars and unleashes a devastating jumping knee strike right to the Alpha Male’s jaw!!

    The ref rings the bell and Joe throws his towel to the outside and starts delivering strikes and stomps putting Brown into the mat.. The Samoan Submission machine sees only Abyss and delivers several face washes to humiliate and inflcity more damage to returning big man.

    Finish: Monty has fought back into this match and delivers a huge Alpha Bomb to the 300 pounder. But his energy seems to be spent as he tries to shake off the beating he received in the first couple of minutes of the match. He sets for the Pounce but Joe rolls out of the ring. Monty follows him only to be reversed whipped into steel steps.

    Joe unloads more kicks to the temple and rolls Brown back in. The ref check son Brown but Abyss strikes from behind and the ref is forced to ring the bell.

    No Contest declared at 5:14

    Abyss has a chain wrapped around his fist and he goes for Joe’s head. Joe drops like a tree. As Mitchell directs traffic and calls for the Monster to choke Joe. Monty is livid the match has been thrown out and rolls out of the ring and delivers heavy strikes to Abyss making him drop the chain. Joe holds his throat as Abyss delivers a knee lift and then a big boot to Brown, who is still hurting from the beating Joe gave him only minutes ago.

    The Monster’s music plays as he stands tall at ringside standing over both Joe and Brown.
    Backstage Christy Hemme is with the members of Team Sting and in particular the participants in tonight’s tag team ladder match RVD and Jeff Hardy

    Hemme: So guys tonight’s match is very important as it will determine which team gets the advantage at Lethal Lockdown.

    RVD: Yeah Christy you’re right tonight is important. I mean 3 days before a dangerous cage match, we are in a ladder match. Dude that’s brutal. But every RVD fan out there knows that Mr PPV, will gain the advantage for the Stinger and make sure we come out on top isn’t that right Jeff.

    Hardy: Tonight Christy, the creatures of the night are going to watch RVD and I do what we do best and that is using a ladder. Senshi, Tomko, you guys are in for a long night because when it comes to ladders no one knows them better than Jeff Hardy and…

    RVD: R…V….D…

    Sting: Tonight Raven marks the beginning of the surgery for removing the cancer of TNA. It’s showtime folks.

    Match #2
    America’s Most Wanted vs. Generation Me.

    Gen me sprint towards the ring, sliding in and flipping off the turnbuckles to pump up the fans. They dive out again and start giving the ringside fans high fives as their music stops and AMW walk out to their old theme.

    The dark cowboys are back as Harris holds the handcuffs and Storm drives down on the ramp on his boozer cruiser. Both men with their signature black trench coats get in the ring. Storm finishes his beer and puts the bottle underneath a bottom turnbuckle. Gen Me know all about the former six time World tag champions and ready themselves for their biggest challenge to date.

    Finish: AMW have used their size and power to slow the match down to their pace and work on the knees of the young daredevils. However as the match progresses, Robert Roode has come out to commentary with Tenay and West to give AMW a serve and hype up what he will do to Storm at Lockdown.

    Storm looks over to see Roode and he starts trash talking him. Harris has Jeremy by the hair and reaches out for a quick tag, but Storm is distracted. Max sees this and hits a basball slide dropkick to Harris! Harris drops to one knee and as the referee tries to get Storm’s attention, Gen me have started to double team the Wildcat. They synchronise their kicks and then Harris is hit with a back breaker while Jeremy standing moonsaults him. 1….2…. Harris kicks out. Storm sees what is going on and calls out for a tag as Harris is dazed and gets up holding his back he is hit with a springboard facebuster! Storm reaches for the tag but Roode quickly leaves the broadcast table and trips Storm and he lands face first on the apron! Gen Me hit More Bang for your Buck. 1..2…3

    Winners via pinfall Generation Me at 5:37

    Storm is livid. Roode delivers a boot to Storm. He rolls up his business shirt sleeves and grabbing Storm by the hair unloads some stiff punches. Harris holding his mid section rolls out of the ring only for Roode to clothesline him! He turns back to Storm, only to be hit by a desperation superkick! Storm and Harris both very hurt, try to shake off the pain and then see their target. Harris grabs a steel chair as Storm mounts Roode and unloads several punches. He sthen stands up Roode as Harris smashes him with a chair!

    AMW roll Roode in as a trickle of blood comes from Roode’s temple. Security come out but it is too late as AMW hit the Death Sentence! Storm grabs his beer and pours it on Roode’s face as America’s Most Wanted walk off very happy with themselves.
    Backstage JB is with Team Raven

    Giant Bernard rips the mic off of JB and Tomko moves in on the interviewer. JB runs off as Bernard and Tomko snort at his direction. Daffney laughs, Senshi actually almost smiles and Steiner is on his cell phone in the background. Bernard gives Raven the mic.

    Raven: The Hitman tonight booked a ladder tag match to determine what team will gain advantage at Armageddon. Hart, just like everyone you still don’t understand. Inside a steel cage, where there is no escape with weapons, Sting has no advantage. Team Sting will bleed. Team Sting will fall and TNA will burn.

    Van Dam and Hardy are talking about how skilful they are with a ladder and they are a sure thing to win the match. They are fools. Senshi and Tomko have no intention of “winning” the match. They will get an advantage for Team Raven MY way. By breaking their spines and at Lockdown it will be 5 on 2. Advantage us.. Quote the Raven. Nevermore.

    Team Raven walk off, Steiner is left in the background on the phone.

    Steiner: What do you mean she can’t come over tonight? I don’t care if she’s got another appointment. That’s CRAP! Don’t make me come down there and trash you. You tell her to get her @$$ over to my place and bring some friends…. Hello…HELLO!?

    <Video of last week, Alissa Flash defeating the highly ranked Gail Kim and demanding a title match. Tara walks out and tells Flash that she has got a title match. And when it is said and done. She will respect the KO Champ>

    Match #3
    KO Champion Tara, Hamada and Gail Kim vs. Alissa Flash and the Beautiful People

    Finish: Tara and Flash have exchanged looks all match as Love has brought Gail to her knees several times with hammerlocks and drop kicks. Hamada is tagged in cleaning house as Velvet and Love are both sent over the top rope.

    Hamada poses for the fans but is violently clotheslined to the back of the skull by Flash. Alissa powerbombs Hamada right in front of Tara. She non chanlantly covers Hamada looking at Tara the whole time. 1.2… Hamada kicks out! Flash sets for her finisher but tara explodes out and hits a clothesline of her own. Flash rolls out holding her jaw. Hamada legally tags in Tara and she grabs the legal knockout Angelina and hits the Widow’s Peak. 1.2.3

    Winners via pinfall the team of KO ChampTara, Gail and Hamada. at 4:33

    Tara looks down at Flash who walks off still holding her jaw. Tara has her arm raised in victory and the camera picks up her saying “You will respect me”.

    <Video package (with Uprising by Muse) of Raven Saga and of Daniels revealed as it’s mastermind winning the Championship. AJ ready to take back the title at Lockdown. The history of the two men and how Daniels has fooled everyone. Lockdown Daniels vs. AJ for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship>

    Tenay and West once again run down the card for Lockdown this Sunday on pay per view.

    <Video of Petey Williams taking out World Elite, almost crippling Kurt Angle, winning the X title from Pope and then losing it at Destination X. Williams then takes out X Pioneer Jerry Lynn>

    To the ring struts the 2 time X Division Champion, Pope D’Angelo Dinero. The ovation is huge as money falls from the ceiling. He’s wearing his most pimping-est vest and very seductively takes the mic from So Cal Val. Leaping into the ring, Pope soaks in the adulation before addressing the Impact Zone.

    Dinero: Welcome, welcome to all of Pope’s congregation. This Sunday, the Pope’s sacred day, on ppv, Petey Pie Eatey is going to step into the steel cage at Lockdown and he will go through the many stages of the cross my brothers and sisters. You see Petey Pie Eatey ya pissed Pope off . You attacked Jerry Lynn, a close personal friend and now it’s time to pay penance. You see Petey Pie, Pope is going to come at ya, guns a blazin’, swords a swingin’ and bombs a droppin’ and you will be nailed to my cross, the X Division. Pope has spoken.

    Petey Williams’ music hits and out walks the former 3 time X Division Champion. He is wearing street clothes, he takes his sunglasses off and looks at Pope’s title before finally looking at Dinero.

    Williams: …..

    Suddenly Williams kicks Pope in the gut and sets for the Canadian Destroyer. He reaches underneath, but Pope pushes him off. Williams lashes out with a clothesline, only for it to miss and Pope hits a leaping neckbreaker! Williams rolls out of the ring holding the back of his head and neck as Pope’s music hits and he stands tall holding up the X belt! Williams screams at him that he’ll win at Lockdown, but Pope standing on the turnbuckles celebrates with his congregation.


    Match #4
    Global Championship match
    Champion Hernandez vs. Chris Sabin

    Nash and Shelley walk out with Sabin. Sabin leaps in the ring but he is purposely wearing his World Tag Team title to taunt LAX. Gunshots ring out and out walks LAX. Led out by Konnan and Homicide, the Global Champion walks out with his belt. The hulkish Hernandez leaps over the top rope and stares at Sabin. Sabin taps his tag title in front of Hernandez, and then circles him tapping it again for Cide and Konnan. The ref asks for the Global title as Sabin still dances around the ring with his title belt firmly around his waist. The ref holds the belt up signifying a title match, he shows it to Sabin who snatches it out of the ref’s hands and holds it just above the tag belt. Hernandez lunges for Sabin, but the quicker challenger dives out of the ring.

    The referee calls for Sabin to get back into the ring, but Sabin tells the ref to get Hernandez back so he can do so. Sabin throws the Global title over the top rope for it land with a thud in the middle of the ring. Sabin is stalling for time as he gets last second instructions from Nash and Shelley. Shelley takes the Tag title off Sabin and gives it to Nash. Nash has both titles in his hands now and holds them up for all of LAX to see. The Machine Guns’ mind games seemed to be having the desired effect!!!

    Sabin finally enters the ring and the ref rings the bell. Hernandez comes at him in a rage but Sabin quickly dodges him. Hernandez turns and gets slapped. Now livid he attacks Sabin only to run sternum first into the turnbuckle, Sabin hits an enzaguri kick to the back of the big man’s skull. Hernadez walks backwards and falls straight into a quick roll up. 1..2…

    Dez kicks out but receives a kick to the face , a leg drop to the head and then a flying knee drop to the top of the skull!!! Sabin is on fire as Hernandez is in trouble. The big man pulls himself up to his feet in the corner but Sabin delivers a running kick! Hernandez falls to the mat and Sabin climbs the turnbuckles and when Dez gets to his feet again is smashed by a tornado DDT! 1..2… Kickout again!!

    Sabin stalks Dez and lifts him up for the Cradleshock, but Dez is too powerful and fights out of it. Sabin rache back and tries a sunset flip, but Hernandez catches him and with immense power lifts him effortlessly into a sit out powerbomb! 1..2.. Sabin kicksout this time. Dez shakes off the shots to the head and sets himself and delivers a huge shoulder tackle sending Sabin flying to the other side of the six sided ring. Herndez removes his singlet and throws it around the neck of the tag champion. The ref counts 1.2.3 but Dez delivers an over head beel using the singlet. Sabin comes crashing down again.

    Finish: Sabin and Hernandez have gone back and forth until finally Nash trips up Dez, Homicide takes offence and flies off the apron to attack Nash only to be caught by a drop kick from Shelley. Konnan throws a chair into the ring to distract the ref, Nash hits a big boot to Konnan!! The ref kicks the chair out of the ring and Sabin is hit by clothesline! Hernandez then hits the Border Toss but he sends Sabin over the top rope crashing into Shelley and Nash!!! The Guns are down, and as the ref tries to get order, Hernadez planchas over the top rope taking everyone out!

    Cide hits a chair shot on Sabin and Hernandez over head belly to belly suplexes Shelley on the concrete floor! The ref calls for the bell

    Winner via disqualification Chris Sabin. But Still Global Champion Hernandez at 7:04

    Konnan holding his eye directs traffic “Bring me Nash!!” Hernadez punches Nash viciously and throws him at Konnan’s feet. Nash looks up only to have Konnan’s boot smash his face! “ODALE!”

    Konnan orders Cide to steal the tag belts and LAX spit on the champions as they leave with the Guns’ TNA World Tag Team Titles.

    After the commercial break at ringside with Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme is UFC star The Iceman Chuck Liddell

    JB: We have a very special guest at this time. As we move into our own all cage super card Lockdown we have with us a man who knows all about cages. The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion the Iceman Chuck Liddell.

    Liddell: Well Jeremy, our cage has 8 sides as you would know but I know that this Sunday is just going to be as brutal when the guys of TNA go all out inside the six sides. Lockdown is going to be a great night for TNA. I can’t wait to watch it.

    Hemme: Do you have any predictions for Sunday?

    Liddell: Well inside of a cage I think the Tag Championships are going to switch hands. Those LAX boys are mean, tough and have the power advantage over the current champs. As for the World title, man that’s a tough one. I think all sports be it wrestling, mixed martial arts or even basketball, it’s all about momentum. I think the current champ Daniels is on a roll right now. He looks really comfortable as champ. But then again AJ is a world beater. Too close to call. I think it will come down to one mistake.

    JB: Thanks so much Chuck for joining us tonight, and you can see Chuck on the new season on the Ultimate Fighter seen right here on Spike TV. Over to David Penzer…

    Dvaid Penzer is in the ring and gives the stipulation for the ladder match and how the winner will gain their team the man advantage at Lethal Lockdown this Sunday.

    Main Event
    Ladder Match
    Winner gains the man advantage for the Lethal Lockdown match at Lockdown

    Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy vs. Senshi and Tomko

    There are two ladders set up either side of the end of the ramp way. Each team checks it and enters the ring. The ref calls for the bell as both teams seem to have a strategy. Raven’s team let’s theirs known quickly. Tomko explodes out of his corner and double clotheslines both RVD and Hardy, while Senshi jumps out of the ring and grabs a ladder. The biggest man in the match, Tomko, picks up Hardy by the throat and delivers a suplex! RVD is up but is hit by a big boot! Senshi throws the ladder into Tomko who sets it up and then clotheslines Hardy over the top rope, and then runs back to RVD and beats him up with kicks and punches.

    Senshi secures the ladder and scrambles up to grab the contract. But RVD has fought back sending Tomko crashing backwards into the ladder forcing it and Senshi to topple over! RVD then leaps off the middle rope and delivers a leg drop of Tomko’s head which is resting on the back of the downed ladder!!! Hardy has recovered and throws a chair into Rob who skateboards it into Senshi’s face! Hardy climbs the turnbuckle and delivers a Swanton to Tomko! RVD sets up the ladder and starts his ascent. Senshi shakes off the shot and in desperation bicycle kicks the ladder sending Rob crashing to the mat. Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate, but Senshi reverses it and delivers stiff blazing kicks to Hardy’s legs. They buckle under him and Senshi has free reign on Hardy’s head! Hardy falls to the mat, as Tomko picks up the ladder. He suplexes it onto Hardy! Senshi then climbs the turnbuckles and delivers the double foot stomp onto the ladder with hardy under it!!!

    Hardy thrashes around in excruciating pain. RVD is back up and delivers a thrust kick to Tomko. Senshi then delivers a leaping bicycle kick to RVD sending him flying into the turnbuckles! Senshi sets himself and unloads vicious kicks on Rob’s body. Rob has no answer and is hurt badly. Senshi then tries to wake up Tomko and starts setting up the ladder.

    Finish: Both teams have tried in vain to climb the ladder. Each time they have come crashing down. Hardy has grabbed the other ladder and has used it as a catapult smashing Tomko’s face with it! RVD has put a ladder across the two corner ropes, laid Senshi across it and delivered a split legged moonsault!! Tomko has used it as a battering ram to take out his opponets and now climbs ifor victory.

    Rob leaps up to the top turnbuckle and delivers a huge roundhouse flying kick to send Tomko crashing down again! Rob sets up the other ladder. Raven runs out with his giant hook and chain. This distracts Rob. He looks down at Raven and then looks back up at the contract hanging from the wire.

    But Sting’s music hits and the fans go crazy as the Icon falls from the rafters!!! He disconnects himself and then leaps onto Raven with a huge cross body! Sting calls out to the fans and then throws Raven over the guard rail and fights him in the fans.

    Through all the commotion, Senshi races up the ladder. He attacks RVD atop the ladder hitting the other with crazy kicks that gymnasts would scratch their heads at. Tomko climbs under Senshi to put him on his shoulders to lift him, while Hardy races up the other side and sunset flip powerbombs both men from seven feet in the air!!!!

    Rob on top of the ladder looks down, shrugs his shoulders and hits the 5 Star Frog splash!!! Hardy climbs the ladder and brings down the contract!

    Winners and holders of the man advantage at Lethal lockdown, Team Sting’s Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy at 13:45

    Sting walks back and enters the ring holding up his guys’ hands in victory. Raven snarling watches from the fans as Steiner and Giant Bernard walk out and drag the almost lifeless bodies of Tomko and Senshi from the ring apron. Bernard helps Tomko and Steiner helps Senshi, Raven once again can be seen saying “Biblical” as Sting points his bat at Raven…..


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    Armageddon., the final battle, the cataclysm that will end all things. Lethal Lockdown , the battlefield where two warriors will finally end their war.

    The demon Raven. It would be too easy to label this man psychotic. A darkness has devoured his soul and he has unleashed hell onto TNA. Unable to be reasoned with, his hate burns inside him and he wishes to tear down everything set before him. The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels has unleashed this beast onto the world for nothing but the gain of glory and to be recognised as the world’s best. But even he can no longer put Raven back into the box now that it has been opened.

    Sting, an Icon of the sport. Fuelled by morality, powered by faith. Over his illustrious career he has been attacked and betrayed so many times due to jealousy and personal gain that he carved into his own soul two scars. One of justice, one of vengence. Sting has fought the forces of evil before and won. His mettle has been tested time and time again, and he wears his war paint proudly to ensure the innocent do not suffer from the mat wars.

    Raven’s first action was to destroy Sting. For if there is no sherriff, there is no law. Raven seeks lawlessness, chaos and destruction. Sting will do anything to stop him. The cage door will close. The ceiling will fall, and the weapons will drop until there is one winner…. Will it be justice or will it be chaos?


    To the ring walks Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Mic in hand he seems more confident than he has in recent weeks. The enormous crowd on hand for the Lockdown super show chants his name in unison.

    Hart: Welcome everyone to Lockdown! Tonight the company’s very future hangs in the balance as Sting and his soldiers take on Raven marauders inside Lethal Lockdown. The mastermind of all of this chaos, The Fallen Angel and current World Champion <the 20,000 strong crowd boo his name> Christopher Daniels will defend the title against the Phenomenal One AJ Styles <the fans explode at the mention of his name.> Tonight is the most important night in TNA history…

    Hart is interrupted by the dreaded music of the TNA Champion of the World as he slowly walks out on to the stage. The fans are livid to see him as he very slowly walks down the ramp. The chorus of boos and chants rain down on the Champion as he waltzes down the steel entrance ramp. His black suit and black tie highlight the giant gold belt he has tucked under his arm even more. He snatches a mic from So Cal Val and walks into the ring standing face to face with the Hitman. He snaps off his sunglasses, glaring at Hart until, he slowly breaks out into a smile.

    Daniels: Bret, Bret, Bret, Bret. I’m sorry to have to break this to you, but tonight will be the greatest moment of my life because Raven is going to wipe clean from the face of TNA, Sting, Jeff Hardy, RVD, Jarrett and Kurt Angle all in one match. So after I take care of AJ Styles there will be no one left to oppose me. Face facts Hitman, I will be Champion for a very, very long time. My dynasty will transcend the sport. I am the power here, I am the Champion. Nothing will stop me from becoming the sports greatest of all time. I am God’s gift to pro-wrestling.

    Get ready To Fly!!!

    AJ Styles walks out as the fans go crazy for AJ’s arrival. They chant his name as he walks down the ring. But Daniels shakes his head and begins to leave. He walks out of the ring and meets AJ half way up the ramp.

    Daniels: Get out of my way Styles, I have nothing to say to you. I’ll see you in the main event.

    Styles: You don’t get it Chris, I will always be in your way!

    Daniels: No, YOU don’t get it. Save your bravado AJ, because you are going to need it after I break your spine inside that cage. You will need all the courage you can muster when you are learning to walk again.

    He brushes past Styles and punches the world title wildly, rips off his tie and walks back down the tunnel. Styles and Hart meet at ringside as Tenay and West run through the Lockdown card

    They also show footage of the wrestlers arriving today. A black hummer pulled in and all of Team Sting got out except for Kurt Angle who arrived minutes later in his Mercedes.

    <Video of Petey Williams taking out Jerry Lynn, the X Division Pioneer, the man who runs the Division. Lynn cuts a recorded promo: Tonight’s Xscape the cage match will determine the next #1 contender to the X Division title!>

    Match #1
    The TNA Lockdown X Division Xscape Match
    Winner becomes #1 contender to the X Division title
    Mistico vs. Amazing Red vs. Jay Lethal vs. Generation Me vs. Speed Muscle vs. NEO-1-GT vs. Davey Richards

    The cage door is locked behind ten X division warriors and they all run for the nearest corner to escape the cage. But as soon as this happens they are hit from behind and hit with flying neckbreakers, cutters or superplexes!!! The tag teams explode Speed Muscle, Kendrick and London and Generation Me all use their double team moves to rip into the opposition.

    Red and Mistico exchange and Red sends Mistico into the cage with headscissors. London leaps off the top rope with a shooting star press taking out Lethal. Richards though hits a huge punt kick right between London’s eyes!. Richards hits Red with blazing kicks before delivering elbow strikes to Kendrick. Gen Me, not to be outdone, dives from the apron over to hit a face buster onto the Doi. Red leaps at Mistico catches him, Red instead hits a top rope hurricarana that sends Mistico into all the other competitors bowling them over like ten pins.

    Red climbs the cage, but Gen Me catch him and use a giant swing/dropkick combo to take Red out. London tries to the climb the cage while Mistico gets wrapped up with double teams from Gen Me. London gets almost the entire way to the top before Richards does a springboard jump to pull London down to the mat with a huge uranage slam.

    Finish: Gen Me continue to use their double team advantage, hitting Mistico with a doomsday missile dropkick. Red tries to climb, but he too falls victim to Gen Me when they hit their rolling fireman's carry slam by Max followed by a 450° splash by Jeremy followed by a moonsault by Max combo. Doi and Yoshino cannonball Kendrick in the corner and then come face to face slapping and hitting drop kicks to Gen Me. Red revives and is able to fight his way out with a hurricarana on Lethal. Richards hits a kick to Red and leaps up the ropes to climb the cage. London also starts to climbthe steel structure, but Mistico pulls him down by the foot, straight into a Death Valley Driver. Red is almost at the top, but he changes his mind when he sees Mistico coming closer. Red looks to climb down the other side but Mistico grabs him and the two jockey for position 15 feet in the air.

    All the other competitors rush the cage and race to try and stop the two men. Mistico makes his way toward the corner of the cage and executes a suplex to Red but holds on to stay at the top. Red crashes down on top of the other men! Gen Me scamper up to stop Mistico but he leaps to victory!

    Winner: Mistico by escaping the cage at 7:46

    Mistico landed with a thud on the outside and is holding shoulder, but raises his arm in victory to the fans as they dance to his luche music. Tenay and West replay the crazy highlights of the clusterfu@# that everyone just witnessed.
    Backstage Christy is with the KO Champion Tara

    Tara: Tonight I teach that little upstart Alissa Flash some respect. We have the very best women’s wrestlers in the world and she wants to jump the line. Well as Champion I'll put her in her place and show her she has a lot to learn.

    Match #2
    TNA Knockouts Title Match: Tara vs. Alissa Flash

    The Future Legend Alissa Flash, the challenger walks out first. Out next is the TNA Knockouts Champion, Tara who has a huge home town advantage with the fans firmly behind the Champion.

    Flash tries to attack Tara as soon as she enters the steel cage, but Tara commando rolls out of the way and as Flash turns, is hit with a spear! Flash is down and Tara covers her 1..2... kick out by the challenger. Tara looks down at Flash and yells “you will respect me!”

    Tara picks up Flash and locks in the tarantula and then drops the stretch and follows up with a slingshot legdrop. Tara tries for a powerbomb but Flash fights out. Tara hits a slap, but Flash is able to fight back with a knee, and she jams Tara's head into the turnbuckle.

    Finish: Flash hits a shoulderbreaker on Tara, and screams “screw you bitch” then baseball slides into the Champ’s temple! Cover 1...2... near fall. She beats down on Tara, and she unzips her jacket slightly andhits a boot to the chest. Alissa chokes Tara between the ropes and she follows it up with an inverted DDT. Tara tries to fight back, but Flash puts her right back down with a knee and a big fall away slam.

    Flash taunts Tara, but Tara takes her down with a quick roll up 1...2... kick out!. Flash is quick to retaliate with a couple of quick stomps and she ties Tara's arm up in the ropes, pulling back on her wrist. Tara kicks away at Flash’s mid section and she's able to score a couple of quick chops and punches. Tara slaps Flash and kicks her in the stomach, following it up with a few more slaps. Tara hits a hot shot in the middle of the ring before hitting a snap suplex. Tara hits a standing moonsault, cover 1...2... Flash kicks out.

    Flash gets to her feet only for Tara to hit the Widow’s Peak!!! 1.2.3

    Winner via pinfall and Still TNA Knockouts Champion Tara at 5:47

    Tara holds her belt high looking down at her beaten opponent. Flash stirs and Tara looks at her again and then offers her hand to help her up. Flash at first does not take her hand, but Tara shows she has found respect for Alissa inside the cage tonight. Flash takes Tara’s hand as the fans applaud. And Tara raises Flash’s arm. Tara pats her on the back and Flash returns the favour by doing the same to the champ. Tara has achieved what she set out to do get Alissa’s respect.... BAM kick to the gut! Air Raid Craaaaaaaaaash!!!! Flash has struck. She holds up the belt and then throws it onto Tara. Flash leaves ringside to a chorus of boos as the referees help Tara.

    Backstage JB is with America’s Most Wanted

    Storm; You know what JB tonight the heel of my boot is going to push Bobby’s face right through to the back of his head. Ya see America’s Most Wanted are back together and threes a crowd. And I’m sick of carrying that nobody to tag gold, I need someone who I can cont on and that’s the Wild cat Chris Harris, so Bobby sorry about your damn luck.

    Christy is with Robert Roode

    Roode: Tonight James I’m going to show you why you drunk you can’t even shine my boots you redneck hick. I’m going to enjoy having you inside the six sides of steel, because then I know your life partner Harris wont interfere. Tonight it will Pay to be Rude!

    Match #3
    Grudge Match
    Robert Roode vs. James Storm.

    The bell rings and we're ready to kick this one off. The crowd is solidly behind Roode. Roode looks down at The Wildcat Chris Harris who is smugly taunting Roode. The cage door closes and Roode rushes Storm. He picks him up and drives him into the ropes smasjhing the back of his head into the cage door!. Roode then picks Storm up and hits a suplex. He sets for another suplex but this time places him in between the ropes and the cage. Roode capitalises and hits a drop kick to his trapped ex partner. Roode delivers a huge slap to the face. The crowd are with Roode and he winds up and delivers a second even worse than the first. Storm’s lip seems to be busted as Roode runs the ropes and delivers a forearm shot! Roode poses to the crowd and taunts Harris as Storm drops to the arpon and rolls into the ring. Roode stomps away on Storm and pulling him up by the hair and goes for the Pay Off but Storm catches Roode with a kick, but Roode shrugs it off, and connects with a headlock takedown on Storm, taking him to the mat and holding on. Storm fights up to his feet, but quickly falls victim to a shoulderblock, and another side headlock.

    Storm is finally able to fight out with a couple of big blows to Roode's back. Storm chokes Roode with his boot, but that fires up Roode who responds with a back body drop and a snap suplex, cover 1…2.. kickout!. Roode takes Storm to the corner, and he hits exactly 10 punches before backing off, and whipping Storm into the other corner. Roode charges Storm in the corner, but Storm moves and Roode connects with the ring post.

    Storm punches away at him in the corner, but Roode fights back, only to walk into a big DDT. Storm goes for the pin 1…2… shoulder goes up to continue the match.. Storm stomps away at Roode and locks in a rear chin lock, wrenching away.

    Finish: Roode is able to fight his way up to his feet and out of the hold, with a series of elbows and right hands. Roode takes Storm down with a couple of clotheslines, and a vertical suplex. Roode tries for the cover 1…2…kickout again by the Tennessee Cowboy. Roode is whipped into the corner, but he explodes out with a big lariat that's good for another near fall. Roode hits a big release German suplex! Roode tries for the Pay Off, but he can't get it. Storm connects with a superkick!!, 1….2…. Roode kicksout!

    Roode tries a sleeper but Storm lifts the back leg hittinga low blow! Storm uses this to his advantage and hits the Eye of the Storm! 1…2… Roode kicks out! He crawls to the corner and Harris snaps on the handcuffs. Roode is trapped and Storm hits a the LAST Call superkick! Roode slumps to the mat and Harris throws the key in. The ref is livid but knows it’s no DQ at Lockdown and Storm drags Roode to the middle of the ring. 1…2…. Roode somehow kicks out. Harris kicks the guardrail, as Storm pulls up the man he stabbed in the back by his hair. Roode spits in his face and Storm delivers another Last Call! 1…2…3

    Winner via pinfall James Storm at 7:42

    Wildcat Chris Harris helps his partner out of the ring as Storm's music plays and then is remixed into the AMW theme....

    The camera shows in the SkyBox Dixie Carter and sitting next to her are her guests UFC stars Randy Couture and Chuck Lidell and UFC President Dana White.

    Tenay and West replay what happened earlier tonight between the Champion Daniels and challenger Styles on the ramp way.

    Match #4
    Monster’s Ball Match
    Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Desmond Wolfe vs. Monty Brown vs. Matt Morgan

    Once all four men have entered the cage, they all zero in on Monty Brown. Brown realises it and tells them to bring it on and sets himself for a huge onslaught. Morgan attacks, but Wolfe leans back in the corner and Tanahashi climbs up the turnbuckle and stands there watching on. Morgan and Brown exchange blows. Morgan whips Brown off the ropes but is hit by The Pounce! Morgan is flung across the ring smashing into the ropes and steel cage. Brown breathing hard sees Wolfe leaning back and Tanahashi on the top rope. Brown moves towards Wolfe only to be hit by a Sling Blade off the top! Hiroshi looks at Wolfe dusting off his hands. Wolfe smiles and runs the ropes and as Monty gets up hits a jawbreaker lariat! Wolfe covers 1..2.. The Japanese Ace pulls Wolfe from the cover.

    The two men start to argue but are hit by a double clothesline from the seven feet tall Morgan. He is still shaking off the Pounce when he pulls Tanahashi up by his hair and drops him with a side slam. Morgan then goes after Wolfe and slams his head into the side of the cage. Tanahashi is on his feet and he is smashed by a Carbon Footprint from the Blueprint! Morgan roars as everyone is laid out. He picks up Wolfe for the Hellavator, but is superkicked by Hiroshi. The Ace of the Universe smugly smiles and comes off the top with a High Fly Flow on Morgan 1..2.. Brown desperately makes the save. Brown hits the Alpha Bomb on Tanahashi, only for him to be hit again by the Jawbreaker Lariat. Morgan kicks Wolfe in the gut and goes for a vertical suplex, Wolfe escapes runs up the turnbuckle and sprints back hitting a European Uppercut. Wolfe then hits the cross throat thrust and then delivers a suplex of his own. He sets for another Jawbreaker to finish but is hit from out of nowhere by a Pounce!!!

    Finish: Tanahashi is up and delivers elbow strikes to Brown and then a discuss lariat. He leaps in the air and comes down with a double stomp and then poses only to be double sledged from behind by Morgan. Morgan whips him and goes for another big boot, but Tanahashi baseball slides under it and delivers a dropkick. He leaps onto the turnbuckle but is crotched by Wolfe. Tower of London!!!! 1…2…3!

    Winner via pinfall Desmond Wolfe at 7:35

    Wolfe staggers to the door and bashes at it to open. The refs quickly open the door, and Wolfe falls to his knees on the outside. The other three men stir as Wolfe’s music plays over the speakers.
    Backstage Christy is with the X Division Champion Pope D’Angelo Dinero.

    Dinero: My goodness Christy you are looking fine tonight. Almost pretty as Pope. Tonight inside the steel cage the X Division title will be on the line my sister and Petey Pie Eatey, your time has come. Pope is going to dazzle, he is going to delight and he is going to fire up Lockdown with a series of moves so fast, so quick, so fantastic... that Mr. Canada will roll on back north with his tail between his legs and maple leaf up his ass. But Christy <Pope takes off his sunglasses> Pope is about to get real for a second. Williams ya took out Jerry Lynn, bad move brother. Pope is going to do the same to you ya feel me? Pope has spoken.

    Match #5
    X Division title match
    D'Angelo Dinero vs. Petey Williams

    The bell rings, and both men circle each other. Pope is getting huge chants. Pope and Williams chain wrestle to start the match, but Williams pushes Dinero into the ropes, causes a break, and cheap shots him with an elbow. Williams tries to lock in an interesting submission, but Pope quickly reverses. Williams fights out, but neither man can gain an advantage. Williams hits a big European uppercut, but he walks right into a series of elbows and a big forearm from Pope. Williams comes back with a shoulderblock, but quickly falls victim to a flying forearm. Williams tosses Pope head first into the steel cage and then catches him by surprise, with a hurricanrana. Petey stamps his feet looking to set for the Destroyer. But Pope is aware and hits a spinning discuss lariat.

    Pope attacks with a couple of chops, but Williams responds with a quick DDT 1…2… Williams lifts the shoulder at the last micro second.. Pope hits a slam, but Williams locks on and hangs on to a cravat. Pope eventually fights out, but Williams catches him with a superkick Dinero is down and Williams distracts the ref and pulls a turnbuckle pad off exposing the steel bolt. This gives Dinero time to recover and he comes right back with a series of forearms, and an inverted atomic drop. A flying forearm drops Williams, and when he gets up, he walks into a pimp slap. Pope hits the Coronation (steel cage style) ramming Williams’ face into the cage, and then goes to the top rope. Pope hits a flying cross body 1…2… Petey kicks out..

    Finish: Williams catches Dinero on the top rope and hits a superplex. Williams hits a sliding clothesline and goes for the pin 1…2…. Williams looks to be getting frustrated. Williams goes for the Destroyer, but Dinero fights out of it and catches him with a roll up 1…2… Williams kicks out, livid that he was almost caught and chops away at Pope in the corner, but when he charges him, Pope moves, and Dinero hits a rope assisted neck breaker. Pope pulls down the knee pads, slaps his thighs and sprints in to deliver the DDE. Williams though leaps in the airand Pope hits the turnbuckles and ends up slamming his back on the mat and getting hit by a leg drop from Williams all in one motion! Pope is dragged to his feet and is hit with a back breaker. Williams then smashes Pope’s face into the cage using it like a cheeses grater and then drop kicks Dinero in the back of the skull. Pope gets off his knees swinging and Williams bulldogs Pope into the exposed steel turnbuckle bolt!!!

    Canadian Destroyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.2.3. this one is over.

    Winner and NEW X Division Champion Petey Williams at 9:37

    Williams grabs the title from the referee and climbs to the top of the cage and shows off his newly won X gold! Boos rain down as dismisses the crowd and pats the title behind climbing down the outside of the cage and trash talking the fans and taunting them with the title...
    <Video of their feud, Nash costing LAX the titles at Destination X, LAX going on a rampage destroying tag teams to get another shot. Nash and Konnan have a verbal war. Sabin vs.Hernandez for the Global belt only for LAX to attack the Guns after the match and steal their Tag title belts.>

    JB is with Nash, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin

    Sabin: No jokes, no one liners, just this LAX. You stole our belts. You know how much harder it is pick up without them. Man all the girls want to do is touch them. You really have pissed us off. So tonight you are going to see what Detroit is all about.

    Shelley: Yeah, ya jerks...

    Match #6
    TNA Tag Team Title Match: Motor City Machineguns vs. The LAX

    Gunshots sound out and from the special border entrance emerges the fierce #1 contenders the Latin American Exchange. Led out by Konnan, the vicious team jump into the cage and lay flags on the ropes as Konnan bad mouths the fans. They are wearing the MCMG’s title belts. Tenay ensures viewers that The Guns are still the champs.

    The crowd erupts as the Champs have arrived! They pose back to back on the top of the ramp way in time with their music as the giant Kevin Nash stands behind them with his own invisible bazooka! The crowd laugh as the big man grins at Konnan as all three men strut down the ramp. Nash keeps Konnan away from the door, as Sabin and Shelley grab the fencing of the cage and remove their jackets. LAX don’t wait for the bell and explode attacking the Champs straight away. Hernandez dives through the door crushing both men as Homicide waits for them to get up and he does the same with a tope con helo through the middle rope knocking down the champs. LAX throw their adversaries into the ring and go for the cover as the ref locks the cage door behind them. 1..2.. Sabin kicks out.

    Homicide puts Sabin down with a hammerlock, but Sabin fights out with an arm drag and gets the quick tag. Shelley comes and continues to work over the arm, but it doesn't last long as Homicide is able to take Shelley down with a drop toe hold and tag in Hernandez, who comes in and works over Shelley's arm.

    Shelley is able to fight back with an enzugiri, but when he comes off the ropes he's caught by Hernandez. Shelley counters a suplex with an arm bar and makes the tag to Sabin. Shelley and Sabin hit stereo kicks to Hernandez, and then to Homicide. LAX are dazed as the Guns climb the turnbuckles and take them out with Stereo dives from the top rope.

    Back in the ring, Shelley falls victim to some double team work from LAX, followed by a huge belly to belly by Hernandez. Hernandez tags in Homicide who gets Shelley in a headscissors and drives him head first into the canvas repeatedly. Shelley fights back with a couple of punches, but Homicide gets Shelley in a Gory special position and slams him into the corner. Homicide tries for a superplex, but Shelley pushes him off and hits a big crossbody 1…2… kickout!

    Hernandez hits Shelley with a huge shoulder tackle and Homicide is back in. Homicide locks in a modified front face lock and the crowd is popping huge for the guns. Shelley fights out of the hold and drops Homicide with a crazy double knee backbreaker. Hernandez prevents Shelley from making the tag, and tags in Homicide, allowing the continued dominance over the Guns. Hernandez locks in a full nelson but Shelley breaks the hold . Shelley tries for a cross body but Hernandez catches him with a body slam instead. Hernandez goes for a splash but Shelley gets his knees up and he's finally able to make the tag. Sabin comes in and cleans house on both members of the LAX!

    Sabin tries for the cradle shock, but Homicide fights out and makes the tag to Hernandez. Sabin makes the tag and Shelley comes in with a top rope thrust kick to Hernandez. Shelley hits an STO into the corner, and he fights off Homicide with a kick to the back. Sabin dives between the legs of his partner to the floor on top of Homicide. Shelley hits Hernandez with a superkick and the Sliced Bread #2, cover 1..2.. Hernandez kicks out with authority!

    Shelley slams Hernandez down and goes up top but he misses the double stomp and falls victim to an exploder from Homicide. Hernandez hits a modified DVD on Sabin.

    Finish: Shelley and Hernandez square off and Hernandez gets the upperhand with basic power. Short arm clothesline. Sends Shelley to the mat. Sabin jumps in and hits an enzugiri, The Guns hit a double team move and follow it up with stereo superkicks, 1…2…. Homicide makes the save. Sabin hits a cutter on Homicide. Shelley and Sabin hit kicks to the head of Big Dez in the corner and follow it up with a big cross body, cover..1….2… but it's still not enough to finish off Hernandez.

    The Guns try for another double team but Homicide breaks it up. LAX hit a doomsday European uppercut 1…2.. Shelley saves Sabin. Hernandez climbs the cage and dives off destroying Sabin! Leaving Shelley and Cide to chain pin each other. Hernandez gets up and breaks up one of the pins, but he is still groggy from the jump leap. Homiicide climbs the cage and and looks to hita cutter on Shelley but he misses and Shelley puts his feet on the ropes pinning Cide’s shoulders 1..2.. kickout! The Notorious 187 rfuses to lose as Konnan and Nash cheer on their teams.

    Shelley helps up Sabin and they both hit a drop kick on the big man, while Cide hits his gringo cutter! Sabin spins and hits a kick to the gut and hits the CradleShock! 1..2… Hernandez breaks up the cover. He hits a sit out powerbomb 1…2 Sabin rolls the shoulder, but Cide grabs him and hits the GringoKillah!!!!
    1…2… Shelley off the top rope with a knee drop breaking the count . Sabin is extremely hurt and Shelley drop toe holds Hernandez face first into a turnbuckle. Nash yells at Sabin to get up, as Cide and Shelley exchange elbow strikes. Sabin with a surge of adrenaline gets to his feet screaming and with Shelley hit Made in Detroit – a sitout powerbomb (Sabin) / Sliced Bread #2 (Shelley) combination!!!!


    Winners and still World Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns at 9:33

    The champs get their belts back Nash helps them to the back as they obviously very banged up!

    <Video of the war between the Samoan Submission Machine and the Monster. Genesis, Foley turned the match into a street fight, tacks, broken glass, chair shots, through the crowd. These two killers destroyed each other for the win. Joe came out on top. Mitchell says his monster wants revenge, Joe accepts the challenge. Abyss is affiliated with Daniels and Raven. Daniels defeats Joe with Abyss’ help to move up to be number 1 contender. Abyss and Joe battle on Impact but it becomes a DQ after Joe uses a chair. The war ends tonight>

    Match #7
    Samoa Joe vs. the Monster Abyss

    Samoa Joe’s music hits and out walks the Samoan Submission Machine. Towel swung over his shoulder he makes his way down the ramp, but is suddenly attacked from behind by the Monster Abyss!!! Abyss continues to hit Joe with kicks and stomps on the steel ramp way. He brings him to the top of the ramp as the two Lockdown referees usher them to move it into the cage. Abyss hits a huge chokeslam on the steel!

    Father Mitchell directs traffic and Abyss then starts climbing up a steel truss on the entrance set. Abyss leaps off the and crashes down on Joe sending both men through the floor of the entrance set! Both men crawl out of the hole and start exchanging heavy shots to each other’s head’s. Mitchell hands Abyss a steel chair and the monster smashes Joe splitting him open. Abyss grabs Joe by the scruff of his neck and walks him towards the ring and throws him into the cage. Joe shakes off the attack and runs the ropes. As Abyss walks up the steel steps to climb into the cage, Joe hits a huge suicide dive spear!!! Abyss crashes spine first on the steel steps as Joe flops on to the floor on the outside.

    The ref tries to get both men into the cage, as Joe gets up and delivers devastating kicks to Abyss’ body. Joe Throws Abyss head first into the steel steps and then hits an Ole Ole kick smashing Abyss’ skull into the steps.

    Joe roars and lifts the Monster into the ring and the match officially starts as the door is locked and the bell sounds. Joe goes after Abyss withseveral kicks and then hits a big time senton back splash. 1…2…. Abyss raises the shoulder. Joe still dazed tries to wipe the blood out of his face as it pours out all over the mat.

    Finish: Joe grabs Abyss by his hair bringing him up and delivers striking jabs sending Abyss to one corner of the cage. Joe then smashes Abyss’ face continuously into the steel. Blood starts to pour from the Monster’s face now as Joe then runs the ropes and delivers a high knee strike!. Abyss falls into the corner and Joe lands heavy face washes. Joe picks Abyss up by the hair again, but the monster knee lifts Joe in the mid section. The Monster then turns Joe into the corner unloads deadly left handed strikes and then runs from one side of the ring to the other crushing Joe under his weight with a running splash. Joe bounces out of the corner and Abyss hits a chokeslam for the second time tonight. 1..2… Joe kicks out and roars while doing it. The blood is all over his face now and he clenches his fists as he turns into a big boot from Abyss. 1…2.. kickout! Abyss picks Joe up onto his shoulders.. Shock Treatment!!! 1…2… Joe kicks out again.

    Abyss pounds the mat in frustration and whips Joe into the ropes to set up the Blackhole Slam but Joe comes off the ropes with a huge leaping bicycle kick. Joe dives onto the fallen Abyss with a crossface. He wrenches back on the hold but Abyss refuses to tap, Joe quickly transitions into an arm bar, but Abyss slips out of it with a rake of the eyes. Abyss lands blow after blow onto Joe’s face and he is now wearing the crimson mask. Abyss whips Joe again for a Blackhole slam but Joe counters it, lands on his feet and hits a leaping enzaguri! Joe locks in the rea-naked choke. The ref watches as Abyss slowly fades. The monster screams and violently kicks and claws trying toescape Joe’s grip. Blood pours out all over the mat. Joe realises Abyss wont submit. He releases the hold and covers him, 1…2… Abyss raises his shoulder. Joe front face locks Abyss on the mat and drives knee after knee after knee into the top of Abyss’ skull. Joe covers Abyss in a pool of both men’s blood 1…2…3

    Winner via pinfall Samoa Joe at 16:09

    The cage door opens and EMT’s rush the cage. Both emn’s face’s are wiped of the blood as the EMTs check each man.. Mitchell is almost weeping as his monster looks extremely hurt. The referees and security and the EMTs help both men to the back. The crowd roars inn appreciation of the war they have just witnessed.

    <Video of the Raven Saga. All the chaos Raven has caused, and Sting doing everything to stop him. Finally the Lethal Lockdown is announced and Sting introduces his team, Raven does the same. RVD and Jeff Hardy win the man advantage in a ladder match on impact! Good vs. Evil. Justice vs. Chaos. Team Sting vs. Taem Raven. Lethal Lockdown>

    Co-Main Event
    Lethal Lockdown

    Team Sting
    Sting, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle

    Team Raven
    Raven, Tomko, Giant Bernard, Senshi and Scott Steiner

    The match starts with the first two competitors in the ring for 5 minutes. Then after that every two minutes a new man will enter the ring. The man advantage has gone to Team Sting.

    Sting as team captain starts the match vs. Senshi. The two men fight for the five minutes. Senshi unloads vicious kicks, while Sting’s experience and size advantage helps him take down Senshi with gorilla press slams into the side of the cage and then with big time Stinger Splashes. Team Sting’s man advantage starts and its RVD! He comes down the ramp ready to enter the cage when… BAM!!! RVD is smashed in the back by a steel chair. It’s Sabu! The Suicidal, Homicidal,Genocidal, hardcore warrior has taken out Van Dam. He hits an Arabian facebuster using the steel chair. He goes to work on Rob, as Foley and security run out to try and stop him.

    Two minutes have passed and Tomko runs through the chaos and enters the cage and it’s a two on one advantage for Raven’s team! Sting is attacked but he fights his way out, but the number’s game is too much. Jeff Hardy’s music hits and out comes Jeff, he hits a running forearm shot to a restrained Sabu, and then quickly runs in to help Sting. It is now two on two and Hardy and Sting work well together as Giant Bernard walks out and as RVD is almost at the cage door, he Baldo Bombs him on the concrete floor! Bernard makes it three on two and starts hitting bi impact moves on Hardy and Sting.

    This then brings out Kurt Angle, he enters the cage and starts suplexing Senshi, Tomko, Bernard. He is a house of fire! Olympic Slam to Senshi as The sirens sound and out runs Big Poppa Pump. He gives Angle a bit of his own medicine with suplexes and Frankensteiners! Jeff Jarrett runs out and tries to help RVD get in the cage. He sees Steiner wreaking havoc and goes after him with right hands. Finally it is Raven’s musci that hits and out comes the maniacal one. He carries trash cans filled with weapons with him. He throws them into the cage and starts beating up everyone in it, especially Sting. RVD crawls into the cage, and sparks fly as the ceiling lowers and now pinfalls and submissions are now in effect!

    It’s a hardcore brawl as all ten men rip into each other. Hardy climbs the turnbuckles and throws his team mates weapons, he hits swantons on anyone laying on the ground as RVD has shaken off Sabu’s attack finally and starts unleashing Van Daminators on his opponents. Raven has escaped onto the roof, RVD follows him out. But Raven has other plns and lights the entire roof on fire!!!!! The flames engulf the roof section of the Lethal Lockdown and the wrestlers inside the cage duck for cover. Raven is heard laughing as the fire is between himself and RVD. Pincovers are being broken up all over the place as steel chairs, hockey sticks, trash cans, baseball bats, guitars are all being used to hurt their enemies AS THE FIRE RAGES ABOVE THEM. The ref is unsure to keep the match going or not as Raven climbs down the side of the cage. Giant Bernard and Tomko kick the door open and move the fight to the outside Raven joins them looking up at the trapped Rob Van Dam as flames lick his boots....

    Finish: Through the flames.....RVD 5 star frog splashes off the 20 feet high roof of the cage destroying Raven and laying out Bernard and Tomko!!! Hardy has grabbed a fire extinguisher off a security guard and starts putting out the fire on the roof. Sting follows Tomko out and has splashed and gorilla pressed him onto the announce table! Hardy looks down, points to his head giving the loco sign and flies off the roof with a 20 foot Swanton Bomb!! Tomko goes through the table! It’s a car wreck all over the Impact Zone.

    Sting grabs Raven by the hair and tosses him back inside the cage. Jarrett takes out Bernard with a guitar shot. And it leaves Sting and Raven left exchanging punches. Raven tries for the Evenflow DDT on a steel chair, Sting counters into the Deathdrop, but Raven counters, calls out for the finish, but Sting counters again. SCORPION DEATHDROP!!!! Raven’s skull bounces off the steel chair. 1…2…3

    Winners via pinfall Team Sting at 29:50

    Sting and his warriors all get their arms raised as the Impact Zone’s cheers are deafening. In an extreme war, Raven has been finally defeated. Bret Hart and Mick Foley walk up to Sting applauding their win. Sting and Hart embrace as do Foley and Jarrett. Hart and Foley raise each man’s hand to the fans who cheer even louder. Angle of course doesn’t want Hart’s approval and walks to the back first. The other four men are battered and bruised but they are victorious.

    Main Event
    TNA World Heavyweight Title Match
    Champion Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

    The camera follows each man entering the arena from the back.. AJ Styles emerges from the waterfall of fire, while The Champion appears from a huge cloud of smoke Jeremy Borash does formal introductions inside the ring and the two former friends now hated rivals get ready to go. The cage door is locked and the bell rings.

    Daniels takes a shot at AJ right off the bat as they square off. AJ takes Daniels down with a shoulder block before burying his knee into his midsection and hitting a big flying forearm. AJ decks Daniels with a huge forearm, but he falls victim to an STO from the chmp. Daniels chops AJ's back before kicking his chest and then gets hit with a leg lariat. Daniels and AJ chain wrestle, but AJ misses one dropkick, (Daniels taps his head to show how smart he is, only to get right back up and hit another on Daniels, then another.

    AJ locks in a side headlock, but Daniels makes his way back to his feet. AJ kicks off of the turnbuckles and part of the cage and sends Daniels back to the ground. Daniels fights out again, connects with a reverse STO face planting Styles. Daniels goes to work with rapid fire blows in the corner before punting AJ in the ribs and hitting a running high knee. AJ kicks away at Daniels' leg before rolling into a leg bar. Daniels reverses the submission in the Koji Clutch!!!

    AJ reaches for the ropes and grabs them, but the cage is no dq and Daniels refuses to break the hold. Styles turns his body and Daniels’ shoulders are on the mat 1…2… Daniels is forced to release the submission and both men get to their feet. AJ tries for a suplex but the Champion blocks it . Daniels tries for one of his own, but AJ comes back down and uses the leverage to suplex Daniels. AJ hits an elbow to the back of the Fallen Angel’s head and he locks in an inverted indian death lock with a chin bridge, but Daniels is able to break it up by rolling his body forward. He quickly gets to his feet and catches Styles with a drop toe hold and drives his knee into the back of Styles' head. Daniels hits a neckbreaker and locks in a rear chin lock.

    Styles uses his strength and Daniels is caught on the end of being lifted up on Styles’ shoulders and then plummeting to the mat with an electric chair! Styles catches Daniels with a low dropkick which he follows up by climbing the turnbuckles. Daniels climbs up to and the two men brawl on the top turnbuckle several feet in the air bashing each other’s faces into the steel.

    Daniels is split open, as is Styles. Blood trickles into AJ’s eyes and Daniels from the top hits a super-blue thunder driver!!! 1…


    Styles kicks out…

    it seems from instinct alone!!

    Daniels is in disbelief and mounts Styles and pounds away on his former best friends face. The Champion’s fists are covered in blood. He roars and keeps pounding, as the ref tries to stop him. Daniels covers Styles again 1…2… Styles kicks out.

    Styles is dead weight as Daniels slowly drags him up and hits a death valley driver. He then hits a BME and covers AJ



    AJ kicks out again!

    Daniels goes to lock in a Koji Clutch but Styles slides out of it and hits a desperation clothesline. Both emn are down for what seems like an age. They both stir as AJ tries for the cover on Daniels, but Daniels rolls the shoulder at 1.

    Daniels is up and tries to grab Styles but the former champion explodes and a laid out position connects with a snap head scissors. AJ sends Daniels down and uses him as a platform to launch himself onto the top turnbuckle. . AJ then connects with a Spiral Tap!!!!!!



    Daniels foot hits the ropes. The match continues! Daniels is back up and grabs AJ but Styles counters a suplex from Daniels into a suplex/neckbreaker type move. AJ climbs the cage. He sits up on top looking down on the the man that tried to destroy his beloved TNA and stole the World title from him. He launches himself with a huge splash from fifteen feet in the air!!!!

    Both men are down, the ref doesn’t count as ithere are no count outs at Lockdown.Both men finally get to their feet, staggering they trade blows, until Daniels misses and PELE!!!! Out of nowhere.

    Styles sets for the Styles clash but Daniels hits a step up enzugiri. Daniels tries for the Last Rites but both men end up countering out of each others holds. AJ and Styles tease each others finishers, but counter out and Daniels thirows Styles face into the steel cage. Styles bounces off blood flying everywhere and is hit with Angels Wings!!!



    Styles kicks out!!!

    Daniels calls for the finisher again. He hits it but Styles reverses it with a back body drop with a bridge. Daniels shoulders are down!!



    Daniels lifts up swings his hips turning Styles back into another Angels Wings!


    Winner and STILL TNA Heavyweight Champion of the World, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels
    The Fallen Angel demands the cage door be opened. The ref can’t unlock it quick enough as Daniels kicks it open and almost hops out of the ring. The outside ref has the World title and Daniels grabs the belt with one hand and with huge force pie faces the ref to the floor. Daniels holds up the belt to the crowd, he wipes the blood off the top of his head and wipes it onto the gold belt.... Styles crawls out of the ring as Daniels taunts him with it and walks up the ramp to deafening boos from the crowd. Once he disappears they give AJ a standing ovation and a “Thank you AJ” as the Lockdown finishes.


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    EXPLOSION- Recap of the first quarter of the year special - The Raven Saga

    At Final Resolution 2009 The World Champion AJ Styles defeated his former best friend Christopher Daniels in a high octane match. Styles had proved that he was the best wrestler in the world and proclaimed that he wanted to take TNA to the next level.

    Dixie Carter announced to the world that non other than Bret “The Hitman” Hart would be joining the TNA Wrestling family to steer the company in a new direction and ensure that it would be the best professional wrestling federation n the world. Hart, Carter and Styles then brokered with other wrestling organisations and use their talent in TNA. AJ Styles on the first and special episode of TNA Impact! for 2010 featured a three way best in the world match for the TNA heavyweight Championship as Styles defended the belt against The best from Japan and 4 time IWGP Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi and former WWE World Champion Jeff Hardy. Styles retained the title in a high octane match that would showcase to the world just what TNA Wrestling was going to produce over the course of the year and beyond.

    The January 7th show did more than give the fans the ultimate match. It saw the debut of Rob Van Dam. It gave an eerie and foreboding sight of things to come as Raven told the world he would destroy Sting and burn TNA to the ground. It also saw Christopher Daniels tell the world that no one would see him coming.

    From the day Bret Hart walked into TNA he has been butting heads with the Olympic Gold medallist Kurt Angle. The self proclaimed best there is, was and ever will be didn’t sit right with self proclaimed greatest wrestler of all time, and Hart’s authority has been questioned by Angle. Angle has been almost paralysed by Williams who lied and said that he was working for Hart, and then also under the guise of Hart’s leadership was attacked by Senshi.

    World Champion Styles put his title on the line in gruelling, big time dream matches against Rob Van Dam and Hiroshi Tanahashi before he got caught up into the Raven Saga.. Raven attacked Styles at every turn to taunt the well known mentor of Champion, the Icon Sting. Sting took the war to Raven but even in his wildest dreams could he be prepared for what insanity was unleashed upon TNA Wrestling.

    Raven set out to injure, main and torture everyone His puppeteer told him to. Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle. All were taken out in order to clear the way for the mastermind behind all the attacks to get his title shot. The maniacal one set the ring ropes on fire and attacked Styles to finally set up the war with Sting. Raven drove the Champion’s car through the TNA-Tron and blew up the stage in an act of terrorism. Almost injuring fans and wrestlers alike the Impact Zone was a war zone.

    Bret hart wanting to stop Raven agreed to meet him one on one for a meeting inside a steel cage. Once the door was locked Raven was given the only key and he locked the door behind him. Hart tried to talk sense to the psychotic but to no avail, as hidden in Raven’s cane was a steel railroad spike. He tried to stab Hart but from the rafters and into the cage came the Icon. Sting rescued the Hitman but Raven was able to escape.
    In different matches Sting and Raven waged war. Raven of course would never come alone and defeated Sting and the entire championship committee of Hart, Foley, and Jarrett. One Impact was completely controlled by Raven where he had his marauders attack the men on his “master’s” hit list. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe stepped up to bring down Raven, and held the fought until the Championship Committee could reclaim TNA from the madman.

    All the chess pieces were in place as the mastermind set into motion the final plan. To win the World Heavyweight Championship. And that’s exactly what the mastermind did. At Destination X it was revealed that all the attacks on TNA were in fact all a plan MADE BY Christopher Daniels to defeat Styles and become champion of the world!

    Just like he stated, even though he left clues, no one saw it coming. Raven had interfered in the match costing Styles the title he so valiantly defended since September 2009. Daniels was now Champion but Styles had a rematch and was going to do everything in his power to take back the title from what many people believed the Devil himself, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels.

    But Raven was not done, although Daniels unleashed Raven, he couldn’t control him. And although Daniels’ plan the entire time was to use Raven to get people out of the way so he becomes Champion, Raven’s ideas went further. He really did want to burn TNA to the ground, and Sting inside the Lethal lockdown cage with his soldiers had to put the rabid animal down once and for all. Inside a steel cage with weapons Sting and Raven’s armies fought the final battle until Sting finally defeated Raven.

    However Daniels, through distractions, through misdirection, through stress and through attacks was able to beat Styles in the rematch retaining the title and still being the Champion of TNA. Things will never be the same and TNA has been changed forever…

    TNA Explosion would like to now play and exclusive interview of AJ Styles in the locker room directly after the Lockdown main event just before Styles received 13 stitches to his face and 27 stitches to his arm.

    Styles has an ice pack behind his head and a bloody towel on his shoulder. His face is smeared with dry blood as he is mentally and physically drained. Camera’s flash all around him as Bret Hart walks in to the room, he shakes Styles’ hand and says “hell of a match kid. You left it all out there, we are all proud of you.”. Hart sees he wants to be alone and walks out of camera range as Mike Tenay asks him a question.

    Tenay: What’s going on in your mind right now?

    Styles: Tonight I gave it everything I had. My heart, my soul, my blood, everything. It just wasn’t enough. I’ve been defending the belt since September against the very best in the business. Daniels had Raven and his goons attack me and my friends all the time He knew he was going to wear me down eventually. He knew I was spent that bastard. He knows me better than I know myself sometimes.

    So he’ll know this isn’t the end. I’m going to rest up and I’m going to come back and get back what is mine and what is TNA’s Daniels. You haven’t seen the last of me. I’ve let so many people down tonight…. But….. yeah, I’m going to come back with a clear mind and prove what Champions truly are Daniels. You are no Champion, you are a monster….I...I'll get my head clear and I'm going to be gunning for you Chris. I'm going to be gunning for you...

    The doctor comes in and asks people to please give Mr. Styles some room, he needs to look at his injuries. But before he can do it, a bloody Sting walks in and lays a hand on Styles’ shoulder. Sting says nothing but it speaks volumes to the former Champion. Sting walks off only to be intercepted by Bret Hart and the two talk off camera. The doctor goes to work on Styles, as the camera stops rolling.

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    EPISODE 16

    TNA Impact fades from black to a video starting with this music-

    Voice over: The smoke has cleared and the blood has washed away. The steel has been torn down but still a shadow hangs over the gold.

    Video of pyro and fire in reverse going back into the stage area, and the post surrounding the ring. Close up of blood in reverse dripping up the steel fencing of the Lockdown cage. Blood smeared on the World title as it in slow motion moves across the screen on the shoulder of Daniels, (even though his chin is all you can see of his face, but the camera passes by his chest tattoo).

    (Now quick edits of moments in 2010 of TNA they fade to black before the next scene)

    Bret Hart arrives in TNA
    RVD’s debut
    Tanahashi and Hardy stare down at AJ’s title
    They circle him.
    Raven walks to the ring
    Konnan reforms LAX
    London and Kendrick debut as NEO-1-GT
    Speed Muscle
    Generation Me
    Motor City Machine Guns
    Angle gets in Hart’s face
    Samoa Joe
    Desmond Wolfe
    Angle gets in Hart’s face again, only to be hit by the Canadian Destroyer
    Raven sets the ring on fire
    Sting comes for the save
    AJ vs. Tanahashi and Hardy
    AJ vs. RVD
    Joe vs. Abyss- broken glass
    RVD vs. Angle
    LAX destroying tag teams one after the other
    Matt Morgan going ballistic
    Wolfe jawbreaker lariating everyone
    Guns win the Tag belts
    Muscle buster
    Angles Wings
    Styles Clash
    Pope wins Ultimate X for the X title
    Raven tries to kill Bret Hart with a railroad spike in a steel cage
    -Shot of Daniels with title moving across the screen-
    The stage explodes as a ford mustang crashes through it!
    AJ vs. Tanahashi
    Sting vs. Raven
    AMW reform
    The war between Sting and Raven and their teams
    With Raven’s help Daniels defeats Styles for the World title
    Lockdown matches- Williams beats Pope for the title, Guns beat LAX,
    -Shot of Daniels with title moving across the screen-
    Raven sets the Lethal Lockdown cage on fire!
    Hardy Swantons off the roof1
    RVD frog splashes through the flames off the roof!
    Daniels vs. Styles
    -Shot of Daniels with title moving across the screen-
    Daniels vs. Styles
    Sting pins Raven
    Daniels pins Styles
    --Full screen shot of Daniels with title-

    <TNA Impact Intro>

    To the ring walks the Heavyweight Champion of the World Christopher Daniels. The World title safely cradled under his arm as if it were his first born child, the Fallen Angel is in a three piece suit and wearing sunglasses. The suit jacket itself is quite long and Daniels poses on the ring apron before entering the ring. He soaks up the deafening boos from the fans as he continues to smile from ear to ear.

    Daniels: Inside a steel cage I ended AJ Styles. Inside of a steel cage I put down the one man who years ago I named my son after. Inside of a steel cage I spilled his blood and my own to ensure that I am STILL World Champion. Nothing else matters to me. Nothing!

    I proved to everyone out there without a shadow of a doubt, I am the best wrestler in the world today. Now that TNA’s golden boy is out of the way and his blood has been cleansed from my hands. The Dynasty of the Fallen Angel can now properly commence. Because when the history books recount the achievements of the Fallen Angel it won’t be that in 2010 he was the best wrestler in the world. Oh no. It will recount that I was the greatest wrestler of all time. I will beat whoever the TNA Championship Committee throws at me. I will stain the mat with their blood, sweat and tears as I stand higher and higher on my fallen opponents until I touch the heavens from which god sent me. Because I am God’s gift to Prowrestling And that’s the gospel according to the Falle…

    Suddenly “Slay Me” plays and the arena goes dark as the fans erupt and out from the light at the end of the tunnel, emerges the Icon! He roars to the ring like a lion, king of the jungle as he calls to the fans and they call back. The lights go back on as the Stinger is standing face to face with the Champion.

    Sting: I have unfinished business with you Christopher Daniels. You see you are the one who unleashed the evils onto TNA. You are the one who set Raven loose to destroy, hurt and in some cases seriously injure wrestlers and fans. At Lockdown, along with the help of Jeff Hardy, RVD, Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle, I put Raven down like the rabid dog that he is.

    And now I look at you Daniels. I understand why you did what you did. That gold belt has tempted far lesser men. But to the extreme that you took it.? No one has gone that far for glory before and now you have to pay the piper.

    You used Williams to take out Kurt and used Raven to take me out. Well now Bret Hart is going to use me to take you out. (Huge pop from the crowd)

    At Lockdown Bret hart asked me he had one more job for me, one more dragon to slay. I told him I have nothing left to prove. But he told me Daniels that it wasn’t about proving anything, it was about being…a Champion. Something you don’t know anything about. Around AJ Styles’ waist that belt symbolised honour and respect. Now it means nothing but pain, deception and selfishness. So Daniels I’m out here right now to tell you that at Sacrifice….. I … am the challenger to the World Championship. It’s Showtime…

    Slay me plays again, Daniels rips off his glasses and he is speechless. Sting simply dismisses Daniels and hops out of the ring and walks to the back. His back to the Champion the entire time. The World belt is no longer folded but has almost hit the floor as the Fallen Angel contemplates facing the Icon in four weeks at Sacrifice….


    In the crowd is UFC superstars Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida and Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva they pose with their fists up with big smiles to the camera as Impact continues with…

    Match #1
    Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner

    Joe’s music hits first and the fans are in a frenzy. He cracks his knuckles and places his towel on the ring post. Then sirens sound and out walks Big Poppa Pump, he has a microphone.

    Steiner: Heh, cut the music, “Sloppy Joe” you fat sonavabitch, I’m going to kick your teeth down your throat boy. And then you’ll haf to eat your cheeseburgers through a straw, Heh..Oh and tell your wife to stop calling me…

    An enraged Joe strikes with a roar and a brutal elbow strike that hits Steiner in the face so hard it breaks the big man’s sunglasses in two! Steiner drops to the mat and the ref rings the opening bell as Joe starts punting Steiner in the face and body! Steiner is in the ropes and the ref tries to calm Joe down as Steiner is kicked out of the ring and drops to the outside. Joe goes after him, but Steiner is able to grab Joe’s trunks and force him head first into the steel steps.

    Finish: Joe has been ruthless. Steiner has tried to keep up, but Joe just seems to be on another level. Steiner cannot get any momentum, and Joe is dismantling the Genetic Freak. A leaping knee strike and then followed up by a face wash in the corner has Steiner battling to stay conscience. Joe drags Steiner out and locks in an STF. Steiner hollers in pain and grabs a rope for the ref to break up.

    Steiner gets to his feet and Joe comes off the ropes but Steiner hits a release over head belly to belly and Joe’s neck and back smash into the middle turnbuckle! Both men are down as the ref counts to ten but Steiner shakes off the cobwebs and lifts Joe up to seat him on the top turnbuckle. Steiner moves into position and goes to hit a Franken Steiner. “It’s over jack!”

    Joe though grabs Steiner’s ankle. Steiner tries to fight off Joe, but he can’t escape his grip and with a fore arm shot, Joe is able to stand up and turn the Frankensteiner into a top rope-inverted Island Driver!!!!


    Winner via pinfall Samoa Joe at 8:21

    Joe wipes the sweat off his brow and holds up his “shaka sign” as the ref raises his other arm in victory. Joe’s music plays as Tenay and West replay the highlights. The crowd roars, “Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe” as the Samoan Submission Machine looks into the camera following him and tells Daniels he’s coming for him…

    The arena blasts out “Motorcity” as out to the ring explodes the World Tag Team Champions and Kevin Nash. The Motor City Machine Guns strut down to the ring. Shelley slides into the ring pointing out where Detroit is as he climbs the turnbuckles as Sabin high fives everyone at ringside before jumping in and showing his “guns”.

    Shelley: Last Sunday at Lockdown we proved we are the best tag team in the world when we defeated LAX inside a steel cage. Now not many people gave us a chance inside a steel cage as it is LAX’s speciality. You all know who you are. But not even those guys can keep up with us. The way I see it, the Machine Guns are just getting started. We are going to rock every Impact Zone in the country, rock every tag team who thinks they can beat us and then rock your girlfriends.. yeah I said it.

    Sabin: Ah..yeah..anyway. We have been talking a lot lately about giving the hard working teams an opportunity to face us for the belts. An opportunity we were never given and we had to fight, scratch and claw to get. Generation Me you have been on a roll lately. So right here tonight, we challenge you guys and we are putting up the tag titles!!!

    Shelley: Annnnd after we beat you we’ll take your girlfriend’s out for a steak dinner…

    Nash laughs in the background and gives Alex a high five as Sabin looks strangely at his partner before taking off his jacket and starts to stretch. Gen Me’s music hits and out they come.

    Match #2
    World Tag Title Match
    Champions MCMGs vs. Generation me.

    Sabin and Jeremy lock up as both teams are master of the quick tag and the double team moves try to up the other in a display of speed and innovation.

    Finish: Shelley has Max down and while he flexes his muscles to the fans he has his left shin across the Gen Me member’s throat! The ref sees this and tells him to stop. Nash claps his hands laughing at Shelley’s antics. The World Champs are extremely confident as Shelley tags in Sabin and he hits a dropkick on Jeremy on the ring apron. Sabin comes back with a drop kick on the slowly getting up Max. Sabin grabs Max and hits a tornado DDT 1…2… Max kicks out and Sabin tags in Shelley. Sabin launches himself over the top rope taking out any assistance Jeremy may have for his partner and Shelley locks in the Border City Stretch. He rips back and Max taps out!!

    Winner via submission and STILL World Tag Champions- The Motor City Machine Guns at 7:21.

    Shelley doesn’t release the hold even the match is won. The ref tells him to stop put Alex pulls back a couple more times before letting go. Alex messes Max’s hair before standing up and getting his arm raised in victory. Sabin is still on the outside and notices the seven foot Kevin Nash walking slowly towards Jeremy Buck. Sabin looks at “Big Sexy” and Nash smiles at Sabin and turns his attention to applauding Shelley. Sabin jumps back into the ring and the referee presents both men with their title belts and raise their hands. Shelley jumps on Sabin’s back quickly to celebrate and then jumps down and high fives Nash.

    Sabin high fives the fans as Shelley and Nash walk up the ramp talking and showing off the tag belt.
    Backstage JB is with the New X Division Champion Petey Williams.

    JB: Congratulations on winning back the X title. We have received word that Pope has suffered a concussion from the Canadian Destroyer pile driver and won’t be here tonight.

    Williams: I hope everyone was watching at Lockdown, because I’m going to take the X division to a whole new level. Pope you weren’t good enough, and .. oh look who it is ….

    Jerry Lynn the X Division Pioneer (the title Bret Hart gave the Division’s commissioner) walks up to Williams.

    Lynn: Petey I’m still hurt from when you hit the Canadian Destroyer on me two weeks ago. The first person to call me when I was in the hospital besides Bret Hart and my wife was my good friend and long time nemesis, The Whole Dam Show, Rob Van Dam. He has asked me to book him in a match with the X Division Champion Petey Williams. And I of course, said yes.

    Williams: You can’t do this. He hasn’t earned a title shot!

    Lynn: Who said anything about a title shot. He just wants to kick your ass! So next week on Impact it will be Petey Williams vs. Rob.. Van… Dam… I always wanted to do that hehe..

    <Video of Raven Saga and the Lethal Lockdown match which finally saw Sting defeat Raven>

    To the ring walks The Championship Committee, Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley. They all look very happy as the address the fans about finally ending Raven’s reign of terror over TNA.

    Hart: Yes you heard correctly, at Sacrifice The Icon Sting! Will challenge for the World Championship against Chris Daniels. And as for tonight We have a huge main event for you. As tonight Team Sting ties up loose ends. Tomko, Giant Bernard and Senshi will face RVD, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle! In a 6 man elimination tag match! Now Kurt may not like me, but I have full confidence in him kicking what is left of Team Raven’s butts all over the Impact Zone!!

    When I arrived in TNA in January I had a vision to make TNA Wrestling the best pro-wrestling company in the world. And despite Raven’s best efforts, we have succeeded. With the help of these two men, Dixie Carter and at the time the World Champion AJ Styles we set in motion a plan to take TNA to the top. TNA now has the very best wrestlers from all over the world, Mexico, Japan, Great Britain, Canada and of course right here in the U.S. Today we have forged a new day here in TNA…

    A wolf howls and out walks Desmond Wolfe. In a suit and sunglasses he gives the fans the forks and enters the ring with a look of discontent on his face.

    Wolfe: Your damn right you’ve got the best wrestlers in the world here in TNA. Your damn right TNA is the top company in the world. But as it pays me to say this, I agree with MR. Mangled, you couldn’t be more wrong Bret Hart. Two weeks ago, you fined me and suspended me for standing up for my rights and not wrestling with no notice or warm up. I’m an athlete you wanker. I’m not a performing seal. I was not going to go into the ring unprepared against the best from Japan and possibly injure myself just to please these stupid wanker fans. You geezers have no idea.

    Then you put me in a combination of the most dangerous match in TNA: The Monster’s Ball Match and the most dangerous match in the sport: a steel cage match at Lockdown. Now sunshine, because I am the best I beat Morgan, Tanahashi and Brown so I want a title shot against Daniels. Or there is gonna be trouble.

    Hart: Desmond, you let the fans down, you let TNA down and you want a title shot? No. You haven’t earned the right to…

    Wolfe slaps the taste out of Hart’s mouth so hard the Hitman’s leg’s buckle and he drops to his knees. Foley and Jarrett go and grab Wolfe. Wolfe slaps their hands off his suit and kicks Foley in the gut and cross chops Jarrett’s throat. He bounces off the ropes and as almost decapitates Foley with the Jawbreaker Lariat!!! Wolfe looks down at the Hardcore Legend and smiles. Jarrett gets to his feet and Wolfe jumps out of the ring. Double J grabs one of the mics that are on the mat. Wolfe shouts out “You gibe me a title shot you ‘ere me!”

    Jarrett: Wolfe! Don’t think about going anywhere. Go put your gear on because tonight you are going one on one with the King of the Mountain right here tonight!

    Hart is helping Foley as Jarrett’s music plays and he checks on his friend as Wolfe starts unbuttoning his shirt as he backs up the ramp.

    Backstage Christy Hemme is with The Knockout Champion Tara.

    Hemme: Tara TNA management has allowed you to make a huge announcement on their behalf and on behalf of the Knockouts.

    Tara: That’s right Christy. Starting this week, on Friday nights TNA’s brand new show KnockOuts! will air, and it will be an all Knockout program. This our chance to up the ante and show what hitting like a girl really means.. we are going to Knock you out!

    Into the interview walks the Beautiful People, Velvet and Angelina.

    Love: Guess what Tara, you maybe Champion but the show will be all about the Beautiful People. So I’m challenging you to a match. On the first ever KnockOut’s broadcast I want a title shot!

    Tara: You want it you got it….


    Tenay and West return from commercial to say that the Knock Outs now have their own program and for fans to watch on Friday’s. They may appear on impact from time tot time but all Knock Out matches will be on KnockOuts!

    Match #3

    America’s Most Wanted (Storm and Harris) vs. NEO-1-GT (London and Kendrick)

    The Cowboys pose on the apron but are dropkicked in the back by the explosive Kendrick and London. Both men then to perfect dual dives over the ropes and smash AMW! London and Kendrick rip the trench coats off of their opponents and then throw Storm into the ring, while hip tossing Harris on the floor.

    Finish: Kendrick climbs high to deliver a high risk move but is crotched on the top turnbuckle. London is superkicked as he tries to enter the ropes to help his partner and Storm hits the Eye of the Storm on Kendrick! Harris holding his shoulder gets into the ring and Holds Kendrick and Storm comes off the top delivering the Death Sentence! 1.2.3

    Winners via pinfall America’s Most Wanted at 2:12

    It’s a squash as the Former six time Tag Champions of the World are back to their ruthless best as they rolled over their opponents. They give the sign of the belt as they grab their stuff and bad mouth Tenay and West on the way back to the locker room.
    Backstage JB is with Kurt Angle, RVD and Hardy

    Angle: Tonight we finish this. Tonight we take out the garbage. You see last night Sting led us into battle. I don’t like Sting as much as I don’t like Hart, but at least he is a leader. Hart I hope you are watching tonight because tonight just like last night I’ll show you what being the best.. no what being the greatest is all about..

    Kurt walks off, leaving Hardy and RVD who obviously don’t agree with Angle.

    RVD: Dude he needs to chill. But tonight, Jeff Hardy and R.V.D. are going to go out there back up Kurt and finally end Team Raven.

    Hardy: It will be a breeeeeze. Yeow come on wit it!


    Match #4
    Jeff Jarrett vs. Desmond Wolfe

    The smug Wolfe walks out strutting his way down the ramp. He flips off the fans as he makes his way towards the ring. But Jarrett doesn’t wait for his entrance and attacks Wolfe from behind with a double sledge to the spine. Wolfe is sent rolling down the ramp and hits the concrete floor. Jarrett grabs Wolfe and throws him into the guardrail as the fans cheer. Jarrett then throws him into the other guardrail for the fans. Jarrett puts the boots to Wolfe, and does the Double J strut He slams Wolfe’s head on the steel steps and then reaches for a steel chair to the delight of the fans. He raises it above his head but Wolfe drop toe holds Jarrett head first into the steel steps. This move changes the game…

    Finish: Wolfe has worked on Jarrett’s arm and several times locked in the London Dungeon across the ropes to damage Jarrett’s arm that helps deliver the Stroke finisher. Wolfe double cross chops Jarrett in the throat and whips him into the adjacent corner. Wolfe delivers a thundering European Uppercut and once again uses submissions to work on the injured arm.

    Jarrett gets to the ropes for a rope break and then puts a thumb in Wolfe’s eye that brings a pop from the crowd. Jarrett drop kicks Wolfe and favouring his arm and elbow looks for a figure four, but Wolfe turns the attempt into a schoolboy pin..1…2..

    Jarrett escapes, only to be turned inside out by a Jawbreaker Lariat!!! 1…2…. Jarrett’s foot hits the rope and Wolfe can’t believe it.. He sets Jarrett up for the Tower of London but Jarrett grabs Wolfe and with the leverage of sitting on the top turnbuckle has the Englishman in a sleeper hold. Wolfe tries to fight it off but the TNA Founder has it synched in, Wolfe fades. Out walks Hiroshi Tanahashi music and all for the Ace of the Universe. He stomps down to the ring flipping his long hair back and posing to the fans. Jarrett from the distraction seems to have loosened his grip slightly from the entrance happening behind him and… Tower of London connects!!!!!

    Wolfe extremely dazed floats over 1..2…3!

    Winner via pinfall Desmond Wolfe at 7:13

    Wolfe has his hand raised but he stumbles backwards into a corner to rest as Tanahashi waltzed into the ring and poses for the fans. He rips off his long jacket and leaps up to the top turnbuckle pointing to the down Jarrett. But Foley’s music hits and the Hardcore Legend runs down and Tanahashi jumps down. Foley rolls into the ring but as he gets up is hit with a Sling Blade! The Japanese Ace smiles as Wolfe grins and the two men roll out of the ring.

    JB is with a showered Samoa Joe. He has one ipod ear phone in and he has his bag with him ready to go.

    JB: Thanks for joining us quickly Joe before you leave tonight. Just wanted to get your comments on how you dismantled a former World Champion Scott Steiner tonight.

    Joe: JB at Lockdown I put down Abyss. And proved to the World that in TNA I am a monster, I am a killer and I am coming for the TNA World title. You see Daniels played his games and has revealed his hand. He has no more tricks up his sleeve, he needed them all just to beat AJ. Well I’m coming for him, with or without the World title. You see he used me as a stepping stone to get to where he is and I won’t stand for that. Daniels I’m coming for you. As for Sting, he and I don’t see eye to eye, well that’s fine, he shows compassion, he shows mercy. I don’t. So Sting if you beat Daniels for the belt, I’ll be seeing you soon too. But if Daniels keeps the belt, well I can kill two fallen angels with one stone. Daniels, Joe’s gonna kill you.

    Main Event
    Elimination 6 man tag match.
    Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam vs. Senshi, Tomko and Giant Bernard

    Angle ensures he starts the match and shows disdain for RVD and Hardy. Giant Bernard walks up to Kurt before the bell rings and puts his chest into Kurt’s face. The big man is almost a foot taller than the Olympic gold medallist, but Kurt grins and waits for the bell. As it sounds like a shot Kurt with lightning speed shoots behind Bernard and hits a huge German suplex! Angle looks down at Bernard and then looks at Senshi and Tomko. As Bernard starts to stir Angle pounces on him and wrenches in a front face lock. Angle releases the hold but almost simultaneously RVD hits a 5 Star Frog Splash! Bernard hits the mat so hard he bounces off the mat and spins onto his back. Angle covers the big man 1.2.3 Tomko and Senshi can’t believe what just happened.

    Senshi walks in and Angle tags in Hardy. These two go at it with the vicious Senshi chopping down Hardy and delivering brutal kicks to the Charismatic Enigma. Tomko is tagged in and he hits power moves on Hardy but he kicks out at every turn. Tomko gets frustrated and uses quick tags with Senshi to even up the score.

    Finish: RVD comes off the turnbuckle with a flying thrust kick to Senshi! The Warrior is sent through the ropes and to the floor. Tomko rushes up to clothesline Rob, but he does the splits and walks into a kick to the gut from Hardy and then a Twist of Fate. Rob hits another 5 Star Frog Splash and Hardy covers Tomko 1…2…3

    It is Senshi left as Angle roars at Hardy to tag him in. Angle and Senshi square off. Angle orders Hardy and RVD to drop off the apron. They comply and Senshi squints his eyes like a wild west gun fighter and then explodes shooting off his six guns in the form of thunderous kicks to Angle’s thighs. Senshi comes off the ropes with a bicycle kick sending Angle flying into the turnbuckles. Angle’s nemesis over the last few month’s locks in a dragon sleeper, but Angle is quickly able to reverse it with a snapmare and then with extraordinary strength hit a release German suplex from one side of the ring to the other!!! Senshi is hurt and Angle looks to finish. He hits another belly to belly release. Angle shows no mercy as he wants to finish off the man who beat him at Destination X.

    Senshi tries to crawl out of the ring but RVD stops him. He looks back but it’s too late and Angle hits the Olympic Slam!!! Angle orders Hardy and RVD to hit their finishers.
    5 STAR!

    Kurt covers. 1.2.3 The crowd erupts as Team Sting has defeated the left over of Raven’s army finally.

    Winners via pinfall Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam at 13:57

    Jeff and Rob ascend the turnbuckles to celebrate while Angle stands in the ring, breathing heavy standing over Senshi. The ref raises Angle’s hand but he pulls away from him and grabs Senshi’s Ankle. Hardy and RVD jump down to see Angle try and rip Senshi’s ankle to shreds with the ankle lock. The ref tries in vain to unlock the Olympic grip of Angle. Jeff and Rob both try to convince Kurt but he simply drops down into the grapevine. Senshi awakens and is screaming in pain. Kurt releases the hold and gets in Hardy and Rob’s face. He then jumps out of the ring and walks back up the ramp.
    Has Angle snapped?

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    Run In

    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    EPISODE 17

    <Impact Intro>

    Pyro goes off as the 25, 000 fans are welcomed to TNA Impact by Mike Tenay and Don West and with them at the commentary position is Jerry Lynn the X Pioneer as suddenly…

    “Walk” erupts over the loud speakers, the crowd does too, and out of the tunnel struts the Whole Dam Show, as Rob Van Dam kicks off Impact!

    <Video of last week, Jerry Lynn telling the X Division Champion that he will be facing R..V…D…>

    Match #1
    Non-title match
    X Division Champion Petey Williams vs. Rob Van Dam

    Rob high fives all the fans around ring side and leaps into the ring he pumps them up as the crowd chants “Whole Dam Show, Whole Dam Show…” Out walks very slowly the X Divison Champion, Petey Williams. The X belt firmly around his waist he makes his way down the ramp telling the ref to get Van Dam back. RVD, always has been a very cocky and confident wrestler doesn’t seem phased by Williams.

    <Video of Williams defeating Pope with the Canadian Destroyer at Lockdown and winning the X title>

    The bell rings and the two men circle. RVD is quick but the smaller Williams is quicker and he shoots and grabs a leg. Rob though leaps puts his leg on Williams’ knee and kicks away flipping. Backwards landing on his feet. Williams counters with a clothesline knocking down The Whole Dam Show! Petey leaps to the middle rope and hits a leg drop. 1… RVD kicks away from the cover attempt as Petey sets for the Destroyer early. Rob gets to his feet and is hit with a kick to the gut for the setup, but Rob pushes away and hits a spinning heel kick knocking Petey down! The X Champion rolls out of the ring out of frustration.

    RVD doesn’t wait for him to get back in and hits a sommersault plancha!! RVD hit front suplexes Williams onto the guard rail and climbs the apron and of course fires up the crowd with an R…V…D… Leaping Spinning Legdrop to the back of Williams’ head!

    Finish: The X Champ is in trouble as the two have brawled around ringside and Rob rolls him into the ring and jumps to the top turnbuckle to finish the match, but Petey rolls out again. Rob watches as Petey demands his title. He snatches it off So Cal Val and walks up the ramp. He yells at Van Dam and then at Lynn as he backs up the ramp pointing to his title and bad mouthing the fans. But from behind runs the Pope! Dinero grabs him by his trunks and gives him a huge wedgie!!! Petey’s eyes almost pop out of his head as Pope runs Williams into the ring, into the waiting arms of RVD. Rob whips Williams into the ropes and hits a leg lariat. He then hits a rolling thunder! Williams is then hit by a split legged moonsault. 1…2 kickout. Williams falls out of the ring grabbing his chest. Rob follows out after him, but blindly walks right into a chair shot!

    Williams had quickly grabbed one when Rob tussled with the ref and the match is over.

    Winner via dq Rob Van Dam at 5:22

    Rob drops to a knee and Petey goes to smash him again but Pope stops him. William grabs his belt, jumps into the fans holding his chest in pain, as Pope helps up Rob.
    Rob calls So Cal Val over for a mic.

    RVD: Hey Petey, looks like you want to get extreme. How about next week you and me we get extreme brother.

    Lynn: Sounds like a good idea Rob, next week, it will be Petey Williams vs. RVD in an extreme rules match. However, Petey, Rob technically now has a victory over you, therefore next week will be for the X Division title!!!

    Petey is livid! He kicks over a fan, he knocks a beer out of another one as security has to come in and move him to the back. He screams at Lynn as “Walk” again breaks out over the speakers….

    Tenay: Welcome to Impact everybody and what a night we have had so far. So next week it will be an X Division title match Williams vs. Rob Van Dam. But tonight we have some amazing matches.

    Don: You’re not wrong Mike, we have got a great line-up tonight as because Bret Hart has given Sting a title shot he wants to reward Samoa Joe and tonight Joe will face the Global Champion Hernandez for the gold!

    Tenay: Wow! Those two power houses going ehad to head will be epic! Both can fly, both have huge striking power. What a match!

    West: That’s not all Mike, what about this, Kurt Angle vs. Senshi in a submission match! Sesnhi has a win over Angle from Destination X, Angle is wanting to even the score right here tonight where the only way you can win is by submission.

    Tenay: And what about our main event. Sting and Jeff Hardy vs Abyss and World Champion Christopher Daniels.

    West: Sting is coming for Daniels at Sacrifice and tonight we get a little preview as the two men will be in the same ring together. What a blockbuster match! We now have JB standing by with our very, very special guest here tonight.

    JB is standing out in the fans near the VIP seating area with the current UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar and his wife Rena.

    JB: Thanks guys I have with me at this time the UFC Champion Brock Lesnar. Thank you for joining us tonight Brock, what do you think of the show so far.

    Lesnar: It’s been my pleasure so far JB. It’s been a great night here so far and RVD really brought it to the X Champion. I’ve been in the ring with Rob and he is one tough guy.

    JB: What are you looking forward to most tonight?

    Lesnar: That’s a no brainer JB, my big brother Kurt Angle in a submission match against Senshi is going to be an amazing match, I can’t wait for this one.

    JB: Senshi defeated Kurt two months ago at Destination X, Brock, do you think that will play on Kurt’s mind or fire him up. You might know what goes on that competitive mind of his.

    Lesnar: It will fire up Kurt no doubt. He might be a bit wary of Senshi moves, but he’ll be wanting to even the score.

    JB: And when is your next title defence, can we ask?

    Lesnar: You’ll have to ask Dana on that one. I’m ready to go, I’m a hundred per cent and willing to take on anyone.

    JB: Thank you Mr Lesnar for your time, congratulations on all your success and I believe coming up after the break it will be Kurt Angle/Senshi 2 Submission match! Stay tuned .


    Match #2
    Submission Match
    Kurt Angle vs. Senshi

    Senshi comes down to the ring. The Warrior looks intense as he snorts awaiting his prey, the Olympic gold medallist that he ahs already defeated, and wishes to do so again. The arena darkens and “My Quest” plays, and emerging from the one of a kind elevator entrance is Kurt Angle. The pyro goes off and he stomps down the ramp roaring and pointing at Senshi as he arrives at ringside. He sees his friend and the fans make way for the giant Lesnar shake Kurt’s hand, gives him a word of encouragement and even cheers like a fan as Kurt runs up the steps and spins in the ring to the huge crowd. The camera shows Brock and Rena clapping as Kurt turns right into a brutal rushing double sledge attack from Senshi. Angle’s music stops as Senshi rains down stomps and kicks right to the face and jaw. Senshi roars and waits patiently for Angle to sit up and delivers a vicious kick to the skull!

    Senshi tell the ref to check Angle. The ref asks Angle if he wants to give up but Angle pushes the ref away and Senshi delivers a double Mongolian chop and then a srop kick to the face of Angle! He tells the ref to check him. Angle refuses to give up. Sesnhi almost cracks a smile. Picks Angle up and delivers a brain buster!!!

    Angle refuses to give up and Senshi smiles and says” looks like he wants more..” Angle gets to his feet and Senshi delivers devastating knife edge chops. They ring out like gunshots as Angle to bashed into the corner. Senshi hits the Krush Kombo (Two shoot kicks to the chest followed by a high speed roundhouse kick to the head of a kneeling opponent). The ref asks Angle but he psuhes him away again and gets to his feet only to see Senshi cartwheeling towards him for the Tidal Krush, but Angle catches him in mid move and hits a belly to belly over head release suplex!!! Senshi crashes into the turnbuckles. The ref checks on Senshi but he refuses and both men are trying to shake the cobwebs out. Angle shoots straight for the ankle. But Senshi is in the ropes…

    Finish: Both men have exchanged submissions in a spectacular display of submission and counter submission moves. Bite of the Dragon is turned into a triangle choke, which is turned into an Iron Octopus which is then countered into an Olympic Slam. Angle locks in the ankle lock, but Senshi refuses to tap and tries desperatley to get to the ropes. Angle senses that Senshi wont break, releases the hold and and delivers a big time European uppercut and then hits a German suplex. And then another and then another. The fans count with him as he drops Senshi on his head over and over again. The fans get to ten, and as exhausted as Kurt is he hits another one. The crowd count eleven!

    Kurt looks to go again, but Senshi taps… and the fans go crazy.

    Winner via submission Kurt Angle at 11:02

    A totally exhausted Kurt has his hand raised as he returns to the back in victory.
    Tenay and West show the highlights of Kurt evening the score with Senshi here tonight on Impact.

    Backstage The Championship Committee, Bret hart, Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett are seen walking towards the ring.


    “Hitman in the house” plays and out walks the Championship Committee. Hart has a piece of paper in his hand as all three men enter the ring. Hart says he has an announcement to make and would like the World Tag Team Champions to join him.

    To a huge crowd reaction “Motor City” plays as The Tag Champions of the World walk out with their gigantic special advisor Kevin Nash. They enter the ring. Sabin shakes the Committee’s hand, while Shelley and Nash stand back a bit and cross their arms.

    Nash: Now just before you say anything Bret, I want to say that I’ve known all three of you guys along time. I’ve fought with you, I’ve fought against you. I don’t want any funny business when it comes to the Champs. They are the ‘best’..Bret…and I wont have you trying to derail them.

    Foley and Jarrett are insulted by Nash’s comment. Hart calms them down and tells Nash to cool down.

    Hart: Who said anything about derailing them? This is a big announcement and I wanted them to be apart of it. We are all out here right now to announce starting next week, will be the TNA Super TAG Cup.It will be an elimination style tournament and the winner will receive a title shot at Sacrifice to face the Guns.

    Sabin: Sounds cool, we are all about opportunities Bret, and giving the best teams title shots, right guys?

    Shelley: Hmmm, let me get this straight. You are holding a tournament to decide who gets to face us for OUR tag Team Championships? I don’t like it!

    Nash smiles

    Shelley: First of all, we decide who we face next. We decide who is worthy. I don’t want to waste my time wrestling someone we have already beaten. Second of all, we are the champs, so the Super Tag Cup, uh uh. It should be Super Machine Gun Invitational specialty wrestling Tournament.. or something similar to that.. and then …..

    A wolf howls out in the arena and out walks Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi. Both men look the tag titles up and down, but pay no heed to the men holding them. Instead they turn their attention to the Championship Committee and specifically Bret Hart. The Hitman this time physically has to calm down Jarrett and Foley this time as Wolfe with a cheeky grin has a microphone.

    Wolfe: Well number one contender tournament for World tag championships. Sounds good. We’re in. You know what else sounds good we move into the semi finals by kicking broken down old Foley and the Queen of the hill Jarrett’s arse all over the impact zone. Whaddaya say?

    Hart: The brackets have already been drawn up Desmond.

    Wolfe: Well undrawn ‘em Bret. We want those belts and I want to go through those two geezers to get ‘em.

    The Hardcore Legend gestures for Hart’s mic and the Hitman hands it over.

    Foley: The tournament starts next week. You want to be in it, then you have to beat us tonight. We’ll see you later on in the show, and Desmond we will make sure you DON’T have a nice day..BANG BANG!

    Wolfe and Tanahashi smile and walk off. They brush past Shelley and Sabin as Hart, Jarrett and Foley all seem to argue about what just happened.

    Backstage JB is with Konnan and LAX

    Konnan: Tonight Samoa Joe comes into our world and Hernandez, the Global Champion will show him he is a militant thug and LAX is 5150, 365. Hernandez is too powerful for you Joe, you aint upto our level of violence. You think you’re bad, you’re not. Tonight the Champ breaks your arms and legs and this company is going to use that towel you bring with you to wipe up all that’s left of you. Ariba la raza.


    Match #3
    Global Championship Match
    Champion Hernandez w/ Konnan and Homicide vs. Samoa Joe

    Gun shots ring out and from the border entrance roaring out like bulldozers, the Latin American eXchange rush the ring. Konnan pushes fans aside as Gomicide leaps into the ring, Konnan stands on the rope and allows his Global Champion Hernandez to enter. The big man who has held the belt since January when he crushed Eric Young stands tall and awaits his challenger. The Samoan Submission Machine stomps out of the tunnel. He looks out into the crowd quickly before focusing on who stands in the ring. He makes his way to ringside just keeping an eye on the very dangerous partners of the Global Champion before throwing his towel from his shoulders and roars at the fans.

    His music plays as he looks through the fans though and something has caught his eye. He mutters something which due to the huge fan reaction cannot be picked up by the camera’s microphone, but it seems the person it was intended for has head it. Suddenly Samoa Joe is face to face with Brock Lesnar iwht only a guard rail between them. One side of Joe’s lip curls up in an evil grin as Lesnar yells at him to “Say it again”. The fans are riled up, there is a huge buzz in the air as these two men stare at each other. LAX are taken back a little but Konnan points at his Champion to make the first move due to this distraction.

    But he doesn’t have time to get out of the ring as Joe drops his word again…”pussy”

    An atomic bomb goes off in the Impact Zone as 25,000 TNA fans bear witness to Lesnar and Samoa Joe throwing rapid fire punches ito the other man’s face!!!!! Joe is pushed back and before Sable can grab her man’s arm, he has leaped from a standing position over the guardrail and has set upon Joe. Suddenly a sea of black security shirts pours out of the backstage area, Joe kicks Lesnar away and drives him into the guardrail. The steel hinges snap and the whole front row of fans has a steel rail on their laps. Joe and Lesnar roll around on the steel and then fnally get to a verticle base as the fans are going ballistic. Security get between them and try to separate these two mastadons as LAX leave Hernandez shows the Global belt to the fans but in all the commotion no one notices them leave.

    Joe scratches and claws to get at the UFC Heavyweight Champion and starts beating up security. Lesnar picks up anyone in his way and tosses them six feet in the air as the two men collide again as the impact and the noise of the fans shake the building. Bret Hart, Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett are all out trying to get order as just to the left of the screen Dixie Carter is seen helping Sable move away from the chaos. Hart gets in the middle of the two wrestling machines to try and stop it as Foley grabs Joe’s arm and Jarrett grabs Lesnar’s. Security surround ringside and the two men are ushered off, Joe screams out for blood as Hart gets in his face and screams at him to stop. Lesnar tears away from security and tells them to get off of him. He moves towards an exit, his shirt all ripped up he picks up a chair and throws it at the TNA stage and ramp. Hart tells Foley and Jarrett to get Joe under control, as Hart follows Lesnar to the backstage area. The fans are still buzzing as Impact goes to commercial.


    Mike Tenay and Don West replay what just transpired as Joe and Lesnar attacked each other. They say that JB took a camera crew backstage and got this footage…

    Hart: Brock, Brock, what happened man?

    Lesnar: I’m gonna kill that sonavabitch!

    Hart: Brock, what happened? This must be some sort of misunderstanding surely. Joe is a wrestler you know how it all works.

    Lesnar: Well shit just got real Hart. Do you know who I am? Huh? I’m Brock Lesnar I eat “wrestlers” for lunch, and that includes you mutha fBEEEPr. Where’s Rena, I’m outta here. FBEEEPK!! sBEEPt, You’ll be hearing from Dana on this Hart.

    Angle: Brock… look at this Hart. Man you can’t do anything right! Are you alright Brock. Goddamnit Hart, I extend an invitation to my best friend and you let this happen. Joe and I are enemies Brock, he’s doing this to get at me, or something. Hart makes this right damn it you moron!!

    Tenay: What an explosive situation TNA has Don.

    West: Right now it is anyone’s guess what is going to happen in this situation. I think we are going to take another commercial break. This is just insane…


    Match #4
    Winner advances to the Super TAG Cup Tournament
    Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley vs Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi

    Wolfe and Tanahashi smirk as they look across the ring at the veterans. Jarrett piercing eyes realise that the youngsters have underestimated them, but that is nothing new to these two men. They have been underestimated their whole careers, and they will show these two just how brutal they can be.

    Finish: Wolfe and Tanahashi’s speed is blistering and they hit and run on Foley. The Hardcore Legend’s ability to absorb punishment has served him well as he is able to tag Jarrett in who cleans house. But even the King of the Mountain seemsis no match for a Wolfe Jawbreaker Lariat! Last week it took Jarrett down and it does the same again.

    Wolfe tags in Tanahashi who comes off the top with a High Fly Flow. 1...2... Foley breaks up the pin with a huge elbow smash of his own. Wolfe whips Foley inot the ropes and hits a Jawbreaker! He rolls Foley out of the ring as Tanahashi body slams Jarrett and goes again for the finisher. Jarrett though by some miracle gets to his feet and catches Hiroshi on the top and executes a perfect superplex! Desmond turns into a picture perfect drop kick by the TNA Founder, as Foley rises from the floor and pulls Desmond to the outside. He unloads vicious punches to the eye of Wolfe and drives him into the concrete floor with a double arm DDT! Jarrett calls for Tanahashi to get up kicks the Ace of the Universe in the gut and rolls him into the STROKE 1..2.. Tanahashi kicks out. Jarrett can’t beelive it and almost rips out his golden locks.

    Foley joins Jarrett and the two double team Hiroshi and double clothesline him down. Foley reaches into his pants and pulls out SOCKO! A split open Wolfe climbs back in and turns Foley around only for him to get the mandible claw! The ref tells Foley he is the illegal man and tries to get him out of the ring. Tanahashi low blows Jarrett behind the ref’s back... Jarrett drops to one knee, Tanahashi runs off the ropes and hits a Slingblade. 1...2... kick out!!! Jarrett kicks out at 2 and half as Wolfe and Foley spill out to the floor.

    The claw is released slightly and Wolfe grabs Foley’s arm and spins him with huge velocity sending the big man skull first into the concrete floor! Tanahashi goes to finish Jarrett again but Double J crotches him and tries to set him up for a Super-Stroke off the second rope. But Desmond has quickly enetered the ring and stepping off the middle rope sprints into Jarrett with a huge European Uppercut! Hiroshi kicks Jarrett off and Desmond grabs him. Tower of London connects!!!!


    Winners via pinfall Hiroshi Tanahashi and Desmond Wolfe at 11:15

    Wolfe wipes the blood trickle from his forehead as the ref raises both men’s hands. Wolfe screams in both men’s ears “It was THAT eeaaaassssy!” as he walks back up the ramp. Hiroshi flicks his long hair at them as both men give the signal of the title belts.

    Tenay and West again replay the chaos earlier in the broadcast of Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar exploding like two weapons of mass destruction in the middle of the Impact Zone.

    Christy Hemme is with Father James Mitchell, the Monster Abyss and the World Heavyweight Champion Christopher Daniels

    Daniels: Tonight Bret Hart has booked a tag match between Abyss and I against Jeff hardy and Sting. Well the result will be simple, it will be the referee raising my arm as I destroy the Icon and his new found friend Jeff Hardy just like it will be at Sacrifice.

    I took care of AJ Styles, do you really think I’m even slightly afraid of Jeff hardy or Sting? At least AJ had a back bone. Tonight we find out if you two do, because I’m going to have the 6 foot 8 Monster Abyss break your spines....

    Main Event
    Christopher Daniels and Abyss vs. Sting and Jeff Hardy

    Hardy and Sting get huge ovations. The roof almost blows off the building for the second time tonight as the Icon and the Charismatic Enigma ready to do battle. As Mitchell laughs he directs traffic for Abyss as next almost floating walks the Fallen Angel, the Champion of the World, Daniels to the ring.

    Sting wants to start the match. The bell rings and Daniels immediately tags in Abyss. The crowd boos Daniels’ cowardice but Daniels laughs and taps his head as the monster is now in with his old foe Sting. Sting has been in many wars with Abyss before and knows what he needs to do.

    Finish: In a back and forth match, Hardy scoops up Daniels and slams him in the nearest corner. He climbs the turnbuckle but the Monster runs over and sends him crashing into the guardrail below! Sting jumps in and pushes the referee out of the way and punches Abyss off the apron. Sting then goes after Abyss bt the Champion grabs hold of Sting’s leg. Sting is trapped and Abyss hits the Stinger with a huge boot to the face! Sting slumps in between the ropes and Abyss pulls him out and on the floor hits a Shock Treatment! Hardy crawls back into the ring and Daniels is ready for him. He hits a big right hand and then as Hardy falls inside the ropes Daniels hits an Arabian Press, triple rope moonsault. 1..2.. Hardy kicks out as Daniels slaps the mat. Abyss wants in and the Champion tags him as Abyss charges Hardy but gets a face full of boot. Abyss ties again, but this time walks into a Whisper in the Wind! Daniels attacks but is caught by a reverse sling blade Hardy style! Hardy rips off his singlet and throws it to the nearest female fan and climbs the turnbuckle. Swanton Bomb on the champ! 1..2..

    Abyss just breaks it up. Hardy holding his head gets to his feet and ducks Abyss’ deadly clothesline. Hardy tries a Twist of Fate but it is reversed into a Blackhole Slam. 1..2.. Sting makes the save for Jeff and grabs Abyss- Scorpion Deathdrop!!! 1..2.. Daniels breaks up the count as the ref seems to have lost control of the match.

    Sting fires back at Daniels and the Champ is caught by a Twist of Fate! Sting kicks Abyss out of the ring as Jeff hits the Swanton. Sting then steps into the Deathlock. Daniels can only tap...

    Winners by submission Sting and Jeff Hardy at 10:45

    The crowd goes beserk again as Sting has made the Champion tap out! The mastermind of the Raven saga sqirms to the floor as Mitchell helps him to the back.. Daniels is livid that he had to tap, as the Monster staggers back with his master. Sting and Jeff celebrate with the fans as Daniels swears vengeance for tonight’s humiliation!!!


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    Default Re: Ultimate TNA 2010

    From Spike This has also been reported all over the sporting world and websites.

    Spike TV Update

    TNA iMPACT! live drew a record breaking rating for the network and for TNA Wrestling programming of 8.3 due to an incident which happend at the top of the first hour between TNA wrestler Samoa Joe and UFC Heavyweight Champion Broick Lensnar

    After the shocking events that occurred during the live broadcast of TNA Impact! last night, Dana White has pulled all UFC superstars from attending anymore Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling events. Mr. White was quoted as say “What the -censored- kind of –censored- is Dixie Carter running over there? They ring in Bret Hart and yeah their ratings are through the roof, but man, my heavyweight Champion could have been seriously injured. I might sue them for this.”

    After Mr. Dana White’s press conference, Bret Hart, TNA Wrestling Executive replied to the comments and the actions of removing UFC stars from TNA shows. “Dana White is lucky we don’t take legal action against him and Mr. Lesnar over what transpired on Thursday night. Mr. Lesnar jumped over the safety rail and into the TNA place of work and put himself in harms way. Not only that but he attacked one of my talent, who happens to be a very dangerous man. What did anyone think was going to happen! I should sue them for interrupting my broadcast and interrupting an advertised main event of Samoa Joe vs. Hernandez. Joe lost his opportunity at being a title holder due to Mr. Lesnar’s actions, and Joe could very well sue him too. Dana White has no leverage in this event, and if tries anything Dixie Carter will own Ultimate Fighting Championship.

    During the taping of the Spike TV reality program The Ultimate Fighter: Season 12 Team Lesnar vs. Team Silva, Samoa Joe walked into the Las Vegas UFC Training centre and verbally challenged Lesnar to a match, knowing Lesnar’s pro-wrestling background. Lesnar told Joe to leave but Samoa Joe told him that he is a coward and that MMA guys cannot compete with pro-wrestlers. Samoa Joe also stated on camera that Pro wrestlers fight 5 times a week, and sometimes twice or three times a night and that MMA guys fight once every six months and in Brock’s case once a year.

    Lensar asked Joe to spar with Lesnar’s top pick David Lockyer who Joe submitted in under 30 seconds via armbar. Samoa Joe then went on to submit one by one Lesnar’s MMA students with various submissions such as Kimoras and rear-naked chokes.

    Joe left the training facility laughing at Lesnar. It is unclear whether UFC will air the events of today.

    Bret Hart has issued a challenge to Dana White to help him promote at the May TNA supercard, Sacrifice, Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar and then a rematch at supercard UFC 115. No response has been issued from the Zuffa or UFC office’s.

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    EPISODE 18

    For Mike

    The Super TAG Cup begins tonight. 8 teams will fight for the right to face the TNA World Tag Team Champions, The Motor City Machine Guns.

    The participants:

    Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi
    Giant Bernard and Tomko
    Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam
    Generation Me
    Speed Muscle
    The British Invasion
    America’s Most Wanted

    8 teams, 1 winner, tag team wrestling at it’s finest…
    Total Non-Stop Action
    We are Wrestling

    <Impact Intro>

    Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to TNA Impact!

    <A video from last week of Brock Lesnar leaping over the guard rail and attacking Samoa Joe. Joe fighting back and a huge brawl explodes in the middle of the Impact Zone>

    Tenay: There has been a lot of new coverage by all the major news channels, internet, everyone is tuning to see what happened on Impact last week. Bret hart has released a statement saying at this time TNA management do not plan on any legal proceedings against UFC, Zuffa or Brock Lesnar however Bret Hart has challenged Brock Lesnar to step into a TNA ring and take on Samoa Joe one on one at Sacrifice.

    West: My gawd, imagine if Brock and Joe fight, I’d give you the biggest high five of your life!!!

    Tenay: Tonight sees the start of the Super TAG Tournament which was announced last week by Bret Hart. Alex Shelley didn’t seem to like the idea but Chris Sabin was all for it. It could be Kevin Nash getting in Alex’s ear that we have seen of late.

    West: Well let’s kick things off with the first tournament match, wait a minute, that’s the World Champion’s music….

    Emerging from the tunnel walks the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. The World title is on his shoulder and he is not wearing a three piece suit like usual. Daniels has a vest and shirt on and power walks into the ring and he impatiently demands a microphone. His music stops and the huge crowd on hand shout “You tapped out, You tapped out!”

    Daniels: Sting, you have no idea what you have done. Last week you locked me in the Scorpion Deathlock. SHUT UP! Yes I tapped do you think I would jeopardise my health and THIS belt for the sake of a tag match. Now where was I? Sting get out here because you have just unleashed the devil.. You of all people know what Fallen Angel means. I am the devil Sting, I am the man who made everyone think I didn’t exist until it was too late and became World Champion. Come out now, I’m ordering you to…

    Sting’s music hits and the fans go crazy as the Icon Sting emerges from the darkness. He is dressed for battle, his war paint is fresh and he is armed with his baseball bat. The crowd bow to him as he makes his way towards his opponent, the World Champion at Sacrifice. But he doesn’t make it.

    From out of nowhere, the psychotic Raven has returned!!! From behind he hits Sting with his giant metal hook and chain. He bashes the back of Sting’s skull and rolls the Icon into the ring. Daniels steps back and only wants to watch as Raven dives in and wraps the chain around Sting’s throat. He then places the steel hook into Sting’s mouth and yanks back with all he’s got! Sting cries out in pain, but it can’t be heard over Raven’s primal scream as he pulls back on the fishhook in Sting’s mouth! Daniels looks down at Sting and just watches. The crowd can’t believe what they are seeing

    Jeff Hardy’s music hits! The crowd are back on their feet as the Charismatic Enigma races down to help his friend but he runs into a brick wall by the name of Abyss! Lying in wait on the side of the ring Abyss explodes from out behind the guardrail and hits a big shoulder block to Hardy, blind siding him and sending him smashing into the guard rail on the other side! Daniels smiles as his plan has worked. Mitchell walks out and starts directing traffic, Abyss picks up Hardy and throws him chest first across the steel steps. Raven demands a steel chair from Mitchell. Blood starts to pour out of Sting’s mouth. Raven releases the giant fish hook, and sets up the chair. Daniels relaxes in the corner as he watches it all unfold.

    Abyss continues his beatdown on Hardy on the outside, as Raven sets Sting for the Evenflow DDT. But RVD’s music hits and out runs the Whole Dam Show. Daniels and Raven leap out of the ring as RVD stands in the ring. Abyss, Raven and Daniels all back up the ramp very, very satisfied.

    Daniels: Welcome to Hell Stinger. You want me, you want this belt, then you have to go through Raven to get it.

    RVD helps up Sting, he then jumps down to check on his tag team partner Hardy. The Icon has a mic and wipes the blood from his mouth. He stands shakily, trying not to let his enemies see how hurt he really is.

    Sting: Then that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Tonight in this ring finally, one on one we finish this Raven, once and for all.

    Raven: I’ve been waiting along time for this Sting. Tonight I end your career and then I will be the Icon! Tonight I end your career.

    Sting: It’s Showtime…. OOOOOOOHWWWWW!!!


    Backstage Christy Hemme is with the former 6 time tag champions of the World and newly reformed AMW.

    Harris: The greatest tag team in TNA history is AMW, and will always be AMW. Tonight we go out there and whoop those British @$$holes and show that there is no one better than us, right James?

    Storm: British Invasion, you drew the short straw, your first match is against us…Well boys, quite simply, SORRY, about your damn luck.

    Match #1
    First Round Super TAG Cup
    America’s Most Wanted (James Storm and Chris Harris) vs. The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams)

    Out to the ring walk the British Invasion. Magnus and Doug have brought mics with them and as they remove their long jackets they look out into the huge crowd .

    Magnus: No, no, no, my dear chap James Storm. It is you who have the bad luck. You see Douglas Williams and myself, Brutus Magnus are here for those tag team Championships and tonight we will go through you too uncouth rednecks to get them.

    Williams: AMW, you guys think just because you won a few titles back in the old days of TNA when all you had were backyard wrestlers and weekend warriors that they actually mean something. When we were the Champions we beat Team 3D, we pinned Scott Steiner and Booker T, we are the real deal. You chaps are not in our league. Now get out here, we haven’t got all night.

    Out walks AMW who actually receive a good U.S.A chant.

    Finish: Brutus hits the big boot to Harris’ face. He tags in Doug and he swoops down and locks in an arm bar submission while Brutus knocks Storm off the apron. The ref asks Harris if he wants to quit, but he refuses as he tries to kick out of the hold. Williams doesn’t let go but Harris has tried to “kick out” three times which gets himself into the ropes.

    Williams is told to release the hold. Doug does so and stomps on the arm and elbow. He pulls Harris to the centre of the ring by the hair and delivers some lifting knee shots to the Wildcat’s face. Williams hits an inverted Atomic Drop and then a short arm clothesline. He grabs his forearm and psoes to the crowd who are booing the Brits out of the building. He tags in Brutus who calls for the finish. He picks up Harris on his shoulders for the European Doomsday Device, but Storm hits the Last Call superkick to Brutus’ jaw!

    This in turn makes Williams miss and he crashes and burns. Both Brits are down as the ref screams at Storm to get out of the ring. Harris floats over for the cover 1…2… Magnus kicks out. Harris reaches out in desperation and makes the hot tag to Storm. He comes in a house of fire and hits the eye of the storm on Doug throwing him on top of Brutus! Harris is back up and clotheslines Doug to the floor and grabs Brutus and sets him up for the DEATH SENTENCE!!! 1…2…3

    Winners via pinfall and advancing in the Super TAG Cup America’s Most Wanted at 7:01

    The crowd pops for the cowboys even though they were booing them last week. The British Invasion are indeed a hated team. AMW even though very hurt from their encounter celebrate and give the sign of the belts as Tenay and West show the highlights and then move it to the back where JB is standing by.
    JB: Thanks guys. Well we’ve all heard the news, Samoa Joe during the week walked into the Ultimate Fighting Training Facility in Las Vegas, during the filming of The Ultimate Fighter reality TV Show series 12 Team Lesnar vs. Team Silva and challenged the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Heavyweight Champion Brock Lensar to a match. When Brock told Joe to leave, Joe systematically submitted Brock’s fighters one by one. I’m standing out the front of Joe’s locker room and after the break Joe will be coming out to the ring to address his actions.


    <Video replay of the chaos from last week as Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar brawled all over ringside.>

    The impact zone erupts as his music hits and out walks the Samoan Submission Machine! Dressed for battle but wearing the latest Samoa Joe t-shirt, Joe jumps into the ring as the fans chant his name.

    Joe: Last week on Impact I came out here to do what I do best. Destroy anything and everything in my path. Lucky for the Global Champion my target changed. You see Brock Lesnar couldn’t hack pro-wrestling. Oh yeah, he’s one tough dude, for that one fight he does per year. But you see I’m Samoa Joe. I go out into this ring every night and I bulldoze my opponents. Lesnar can’t keep up with me. He’s exactly what I said he is, a pussy. So Brock, if you’ve got the guts I challenge you to a match at Sacrifice, And Brock, you don’t even have to put up your UFC belt, I don’t want that worthless piece of shit anyway. A belt isn’t worth anything if it’s holder doesn’t even defend it for a year. Come into my world Brock, I’ll show you ground and pound, I’ll show you pain, I’ll break down this myth you have got and show the world Samoa Joe is the ultimate fighter, Samoa Joe is the best in the world. And if you don’t show up at Sacrifice, if you don’t face me. Then you are exactly what I say you are.

    But just as Joe finishes his last word, the unmistakable music of Kurt Angle hits. Down walks the Olympic Gold Medallist to get in the face of arguably his greatest rival.

    Angle: Are you finished? What is all this about Joe? Huh? Is this a way of taunting me? Huh? Is this a way of getting back at me for beating you all the time by calling out my friend who doesn’t wrestle anymore? Huh? Is that it? Did Bret hart put you up to this? Is this another one of his ratings schemes? Is he the one behind this to insult me, to make me look bad? Huh? Answer me!

    Joe: …ha, Oh Kurt. Your egoMANIAC. This has nothing to do with you. You think this entire business revolves around you. You think that Bret Hart wants you fail so he can still be known as the best. You’re a fool Kurt. In fact you have always been a paranoid, egotistical fool. This isn’t about you. This is about me. This is about the world knowing that Samoa Joe is the most vicious competitor on the planet and no one can stop me. Not Brock Lesnar, not Christopher Daniels and especially not you.

    Angle: Those are big boy words Joe. And it seems just like everyone else in that locker room you have forgotten who I am. You of all people should know exactly who I am inside these ropes. But, I got my answer. I looked you in the eye and asked you if this is to do with me and you’ve said it isn’t. Well that’s good enough for me Joe.

    So then I’ve got a message for you. Live on Impact next week, you’ll get your answer. Brock Lesnar will be here! Oh it’s real, It’s damn real!

    The crowd goes crazy at the announcement. Joe goes to say something but the fans are deafening. He pauses until the cheers die down slightly.

    Joe: That’s great Kurt. So here’s a message you can give to Brock..

    Joe drives a huge sabot kick right into Angle’s skull! The unmerciful killer picks up Angle and sits him on the top turnbuckle. Angle is out but Joe hits a leaping enzaguri, pulls Angle’s head onto his shoulder and walks out to the middle of the ring. He roars “LESNAR!!” and drops Angle right on the back of his head and neck with the Muscle Buster! Angle is out as Joe’s music plays. EMTs run out to help Angle. Hart walks out with them. Joe walks passed him, ignoring the Hitman as he walks to the back. He roars out to the crowd again as Joe has sent a message to the Ultimate Fighting Champion Brock Lesnar and the world tonight…


    Mike Tenay and Don West replay what happened before the break with Joe and Kurt’s confrontation. They then show what happened during the break as Kurt is stretchered out of the arena.

    Tenay: This doesn’t look good for Kurt and with Petey Williams attack, and then Senshi’s attack, Kurt is continuously putting himself in the firing line of these younger guys who want nothing but to step on anyone to get to the top of the sport.

    West: You’re right Mike, Kurt is such a decorated Champion, that he will continue to be a target. But I think tonight he stuck his nose in the Samoan Submission Machine’s business and he paid the price.

    Tenay: The Super TAG CUP tournament continues tonight with our next match

    Match #2
    NEO-1-GT (Paul London and Brian Kendrick) vs. Giant Bernard and Tyson Tomko

    The big tattooed monsters walk out to the ring. The fans at ringside seem to shy away from these extremely scary guys. They dwarf anyone standing next to them as they enter the ring, Bernard steps over the top rope. Their opponetns explode from the tunnel. They sprint to the ring and slide in right between the giants’ legs! They bounce off the ropes and deliver quick as a hiccup drop kicks to the big men’s backs! London and Kendrick then run up the ropes and deliver synchronised splashes. They fire up the crowd as Tomko and Bernard are shocked by what has just happened to them. They kick the guard rail in anger as London and Kendrick laugh at them…

    Finish: London baseball slides into Bernard’s knee. The big man drops down and Kendrick comes off the ropes with a drop kick. Bernard falls to his back. As London sets for the Shooting Star Press. Tomo though hits a big boot to London, crotching him on the top. Tomko grabs him and hits a superplex! Kendrick hits kicks to Tomko’s legs to take him down, but is smashed in the side of his head by a gigantic bicycle kick! Kendrick is hit with such force that he spins head over feet and spirals all the way out to the floor! Kendrick is done. Bernard hits the devastating sit out Baldo Bomb on London. 1…2…3

    Winners via pinfall and advancing in the Super TAG Cup, Giant Bernard and Tomko at 6:45

    The big men have devastated their opposition tonight. Bernard lets out a roaring laugh as Tomko holding his eye nods at his partner’s apparent joy. Both men love inflicting pain on anyone they feel is stupid enough to get into the ring with them.
    Backstage Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi is with Christy Hemme

    Wolfe: Tonight the drunk rednecks and those big bald headed tattooed freaks advanced into the tag tournament. I’ve got to say I’m not impressed. You see Christy after you stop checking out my friend Hiroshi Tanahashi’s arse, you just like the rest of TNA will see that none of these teams poses any threat to us. We are going to win this tournament, we are going to Sacrifice and we are gonna win the tag belts from the Water Pistols, Shelley and Sabin, It’s a forgone conclusion in my book love.

    Christy: You do know who you are facing next week in your first match?

    Into the camera shot walks their opponents.

    RVD: ROB. VAN . DAM….

    Hardy: …and the Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy, C’Mon wit it!

    RVD: See you next week guys…

    Wolfe and Tanahashi are speechless.


    <Video replay of what happened last week. RVD vs. Petey Williams. Williams gets himself disqualified, and Jerry Lynn the X Division Pioneer states that now that Rob has technically defeated the X Division Champion, he is now the #1 contender and next week he will get his title shot in an extreme rules match!>

    Match #3
    X Division Title match
    Champion Petey Williams vs. Rob Van Dam

    The challenger’s music hits first and the crowd is on their feet. Rob high fives everyone else at ringside as he awaits the arrival of the Champion. But from the tunnel walks Williams.

    Wiliams: Cut the damn music. This is a conspiracy against me. I am the Champion I cannot be treated this way! Not only do I have to wrestle Van Dam for the title with only a week’s notice it’s an extreme rules match. If that’s how Jerry wants to play this. That’s fine. But to all you losers in the crowd don’t blame me when you don’t get to see RVD wrestle anymore. I didn’t put him in this match with me. Jerry Lynn did. I’ll break your neck Van Dam, I’ll end your career. And you can blame your good friend Jerry.

    Williams deos everything to stall the match from starting. He jumps out of the ring, back in, constantly stalling, playing mind games with the challenger. Petey gets out of the ring again, but this time RVD has had enough and flies over the top rope and hits Williams with a sommersault plancha!

    Williams is sprawled out on the floor as RVD bows to the crowd. He picks up Williams and with a front suplex smashes him gut first on the guard rail. Williams can do nothing but await the inevitable. RVD gets the fans to chant with him on the ring apron as he points his thumbs at himself , Rob.Van.Dam. RVD unleashes his leaping roudhouse kick, connecting with the back of Williams’ head! The Whole Dam Show is very happy with himself.

    Finish: Rob has hit many of his moves on Williams all over the Impact Zone. The ref tries in vain to get both men back into the ring as Rob keeps trying to use every weapon in his arsenal. Williams though fights back and is able to hit a huricanrana on the floor to gain an advantage. He comes at Rob, but walks right into a kip up spinning Van Daminator!

    The chair smashes into Petey’s face and he looks to be out. Rob uses all his strength to get the dead weight of Williams rolled inside the ring. 1…2… Petey kicks out at 2 and a half. Rob drags Williams to the corner and executes a picture perfect split legged moonsault, only to land into the point of the X Champion’s knees! Williams drop kicks the staggering Rob and then hits a middle rope leg drop. 1…2… Rob kicks out. Williams goes under the ring and pulls out… a ladder!

    He throws the ladder into the ring and betas on Rob to ensure that he can deliver the finishing blow. He sets the ladder up in the corner and leaps on it crashing it with all his weight behind it onto RVD’s body. Williams covers…1…2… Rob kicks out again!

    Williams drives the ladder into the ribs of RVD and then sets to deliver the Canadian Destroyer on the ladder itself. But Rob backbody drops Petey onto the ladder back first! Petey writhes in pain but Rob with a quick Rolling Thunder crushes him again with the steel! Rob puts the ladder on top of Petey and hits another Rolling Thunder! Williams is hurt and so too is Rob but the Whole Dam Show sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and climbs it looking to deliver an enormous 6 Star Frog Splash! But Wolfe and Tanahashi run out. Wolfe hits Rob in the back, and Tanhashi hits a SlingBlade to him off the top of the ladder!! Rob comes crashing down to the mat, extremely hurt. Wolfe suplexes Rob onto the ladder and then twist him so he can deliver a devastating Tower of London!! Wolfe and Tanahashi are laughing as the referee yells at them to get out of the ring. . But Jeff Hardy’s music hits for the chorus of boos turn to crazy fans as Rob’s tag partner explodes and attacks the Ace of the Universe with shots and a drop kick and then pushes the ladder into Wolfe’s face! Hardy clotheslines both men out of the ring, and then sentons over the top taking them both out!

    But back in the ring Williams staggers and grabs the prone body of RVD. Canadian Destroyer!!!! 1…



    Winner and STILL X Division Champion Petey Williams at 12:33

    The referee gives the limping and hurting Champion his belt as he almost has to crawl to the backstage area in triumph. Hardy checks on Van Dam in the ring. The fans cheer a great title match as Hardy finally gets RVD on his feet and then raises his hand and points to him as the crowd are cheering. But Suddenly Tanahashi and Wolfe silent the crowd with another attack from behind.

    Tanahashi holds each man up and Wolfe hits his Jawbreaker Lariat! Then Wolfe lays both men on each other and Hiroshi hits his High Fly Flow finisher.

    Wolfe and Tanahashi stand tall in the ring.

    <Video of Raven Saga, and all the events that have led up tonight’s Main Event, Sting vs. Raven is advertised for tonight!>


    Backstage Christy Hemme is with the World Tag Team Champions the Motor City Machine Guns and Kevin Nash

    Hemme: I'm standing by with the World tag Champs the Machine Guns. Hi guys so far there have been two matches in the Super TAG Cup and we just saw a brawl between Wolfe/Tanahshi and RVD/Hardy who will face off next week. This tournament is surely heating up.

    Shelley: Christy I’m still not too impressed by Bret Hart’s little name he’s given the tournament, I mean we are the Champs, shouldn’t we get some say into this thing. In any case AMW and the giants winning doesn’t worry us, we can take those guys out as easily as we took their girlfriends out last weekend, am I right big Kev?

    Nash: Christy the Motor City Machine Guns are the World Champs. The work hard they play hard and they haven’t seen anything that is going to worry them come Sacrifice. At the end of the day, it’s just going to be another “W” for the home team and another big fat pay cheque.

    Sabin: The reason we have these belts is because we are the best tag team in the world today. Whoever it is that will face us at Sacrifice we’ll be ready.

    Shelley: Yep, super duper ready. Because we are made in Detroit and no one can beat us, except for maybe your girlfriends.

    Nash: You didn’t just say that.

    Shelley: I didn’t just say it Big Kev, I meant it.

    Christy: Gross

    <Video of Raven Saga. Raven calling out Sting, setting the ring on fire attacking AJ, Sting coming from the rafters to save the day. Raven doing unspeakable acts and the Stinger comes to stop Raven… Sting from earlier tonight… “we finish this Raven, once and for all…it’s showtime oooowwwhh!!”>

    Main Event
    Sting vs. Raven

    Smoke spews out of the TNA entrance tunnel and as Raven’s music plays the maniacal one emerges for this huge ppv quality main event match up on Impact! Wearing his warrior kilt, Raven outstretches his arms before making his way slowly to the ring. He ignores the crowd and slumps into the corner awaiting his dreaded nemesis. Suddenly the guitar solo screeches out of the speakers the arena goes dark and the crowd explodes as the Icon walsk a beeline to the ring. But raven does not wait for the bell, and attacks Sting on the ramp way. But Sting is ready for him and unloads right hands, chops and kicks to the Fallen Angel’s sick and twisted monster. Sting rolls Raven into the ring and come sin after him, but Raven shrugs off any pain and like a pitbull goes after Sting with a huge clubbing elbow strike and then stomps and kicks to the face and chest.

    Finish: Raven chokes Sting with camera cable on the outside as the ref tries to gain some control. Raven goes to slap the ref but Sting grabs both his thumbs and drives them into Raven’s eyes! Sting unwraps the cable from his throat but walks right into a signature Raven discuss lariat! Raven throws a chair into the ring and then rolls the Icon in after it. Sting getting to his feet is hit with rights and left clubbing blows which force him into the corner. Raven puts Sting in a headlock and goes for the bulldog out of the corner, but Sting hooks the ropes and Raven lands on his back!

    Sting catches his breathe and then then backs up the turnbuckle and hits a Stinger Splash on the mat. 1…2… Raven kicks out Sting clotheslines Raven and as Raven keeps getting up he is knocked back down but Sting who then calls out to the fans “ooooooowwwhhh!!!” and then looks for the Deathdrop, Raven reverses and hits the EVENFLOW DDT!!



    Sting kicksout! Raven can’t believe it and the fans are on the edge of their seats. Raven grabs Sting and Irish Whips him, only for Sting to reverse it and Raven ends up in the corner. Stinger Splash! Another Stinger Splash! Sting pushes the back of Raven’s head into the mat and then steps into the Deathlock, only for Raven to grab the ropes and pull himself to the outside. Sting follows him out and the ref tries to keep with the action but is unable to see Raven hits Sting with a chair. By the time the ref comes to the back of tring side Raven has Sting by the hair and walks him all around to the broadcast table and slams his head into it.

    Raven grabs Don West’s headset

    Raven: Icon, this table will be your tombstone, you have lost. It’s a pity I have to end this, I was having so much fun.”

    He throws off the headset and pulling Sting onto the table he calls for the Evenflow!


    Scorpion Deathdrop!!!!!!

    The back of Raven’s head goes straight through the table cutting it in half! Tenay and West run in opposite directions as Sting has put down Raven. The ref calls for Sting to bring the match back into the ring. Sting nods his head and rolls Raven into the ring. The steel chair is still in the ring and Raven reaches for it. But Sting stomps his boot onto it and kicks it away. Raven looks up at the almost demonic eyes of the Icon. Half his war paint has been rubbed away and yet to Raven, Sting has never looked so ferocious. Raven begs off but is hit in the face with a big boot. The Deathlock is applied. Raven scrambles trying to escape the pain. He reaches out but can do nothing but scream as Sting sits back until Raven’s spine almost snaps.

    Raven taps! Raven taps!

    Winner via submission the Icon Sting at 10:25

    Sting’s music plays and the referee raises the Icon’s arm in victory. Exhausted he has finally defeated Raven one on one. Sting drapes his arms over the ropes looking down at his vanquished enemy.

    West: He’s done it Mike, Sting has defeated Raven. Now can take the World title from Daniels?

    Tenay: Sting vs Daniels the Heavyweight title at stake. You bet Sting is ready Don. Thanks everyone and goodnight.

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    EPISODE 19

    Global Champion Hernandez versus the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe. “What’s going on? Joe is getting in the face of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar..... OH MY GOD!!!!”

    Joe and Lesnar brawl all over ringside.

    Fade to black

    Kurt Angle gets in Joe’s face...”I’ve got a message for you from Brock Lesnar”.....

    Joe kicks Angle in the gut and picks him up with the Muscle Buster..”I’ve got a message for Brock...” Boom Muscle Buster! Boom Muscle Buster, Boom Muscle Buster!!!! Samoa Joe stands over the prone body of Kurt Angle...

    <TNA Intro>

    The familiar guitar riff of “Slay Me” has the fans explode into a frenzy as the lights dim and the tunnel lights up as starting off Impact is the Icon, Sting. He is met by a 20 thousand strong crowd screaming his name and cheering for him as the front rows all bow to him. Sting, himself bows to the fans as he walks into the ring leaps onto the middle rope and calls out to them Stinger style “OOOOOOOOWWWHHHH!!!”

    Sting: Last week on Impact The World title holder, I refuse to call him Champion. The World title holder sent his rapid dog Raven after me one last time. Christopher Daniels right from the beginning you have failed to do anything yourself. And last week is no exception. You sent Raven after me to try and take me out, so I couldn’t face you at Sacrifice. Bad mistake Daniels, because you see I’m still standing. And not only that, in this very ring, I took care of Raven once and for all. So now Daniels there is only you and me. At Sacrifice it is down to you and me, and Fallen Angel, it’s Showtime.

    But the stage dims and it glows red as the horror movie inspired theme music of the Abyss hits as out walks the Monster and his minder walk out. Father James Mitchell has a mic and Abyss points and roars as Sting.

    Mitchell: Stinger, you are wrong. You see this six foot eight, three hundred and fifty pound weapon on mass destruction will not allow you to come between the Fallen Angel and the World Heavyweight Championship. He will break you in half Sting, he will drink to your bones and he will do it right… now!

    Abyss makes his way down to the ring, but Sting catapult’s himself over the top rope and hits a modified Stinger Splash on Abyss! Mitchell tries to interfere but he easily scared off as he gets within a few metres from the veteran Sting.

    Match #1
    Sting vs Abyss w/ James Mitchell

    A ref appears and rings the bell as Sting rams Abyss ribs first into the steel guardrail. Sting punches and kicks Abyss and whips him into the corner of the security guard rail. Before Abyss can move he is hit by another Stinger Splash. The crowd goes insane as Sting calls out to the crowd “OOOOHHHHWWWW!!!”

    Finish: Abyss’ ability to withstand punishment is legendary in TNA and he has done so and has put Sting down with a big boot. He gained control and hit several high impact moves on Sting including a side-walk slam, a choke-slam and even the shock treatment. Each time Sting has kicked out of a pin cover at the count of two. Sting is in real trouble.

    Abyss bashes onto the forehead of Sting wiping away his war paint with every blow of his gigantic fist. Sting falls to one knee, and Abyss delivers another big boot. Cover..1…2.. Sting kicks out again! Abyss begins to get frustrated and jumps out to ringside scares the time keeper and steals his steel chair. Sting slowly gets to his feet as Abyss re-enters the ring with the chair. The referee, gets in between the two competitors as Abyss raises the chair to strike. The ref tries to take the chair from the Monster but Abyss tosses the ref away, only to have Sting drop kick the steel right into the masked man’s face!!!
    Abyss staggers and Sting capitalises. Scorpion Deathdrop!!!! 1…2….3.

    Winner via pinfall Sting at 8:09

    The referee raises Sting’s arm in victory, but the Icon looks very hurt from the brutal beating at the hands of the Monster.
    Mike Tenay and Don West comment on the explosive start to this week’s episode of Impact and how Sting may have won the match but has Raven last week and Abyss tonight gone and done exactly what Daniels has wanted them to do, and that’s hurt the Icon….


    Match #2
    First round Super TAG Cup tournament match
    Generation Me. vs. Speed Muscle

    Finish: The two teams start in sixth gear! It’s a senses shattering, high flying, high speed collision of the two fastest teams in TNA. Gen Me use multiple double teams to get the advantage while Speed Muscle use explosive speed to take control back.

    Yoshino runs the ropes almost faster than the eye and delivers an elbow shot to Max which turns him inside out! Doi hits a leaping drop kick to Jeremy sending him to the outside. The ref tries to get control of the match, but Doi and Yoshino hit a high/low double team and then hit their Powerbomb / Springboard diving clothesline combination. 1..2...3

    Winners and advancing in the tournament Speed Muscle at 5:27

    Gen Me holding their heads walk off but they get a great ovation. The fans though chant Speed Muscle, Speed Muscle. They like what they are hearing and sort of head bang along with the chants.
    But suddenly they are set upon by Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi! Both me hit double sledges to the back of Doi and Yoshino’s head. Then Wolfe drills Doi with the Jawbreaker Lariat!!! Tanahashi leans in the corner yawning as Yoshio tries to fight back and sprints off the ropes and goes after Wolfe. But the Ace of the Universe blindsides Yoshino with the Sling Blade! Both men are down and this two men demolition team go to take out their possible opponents next week, but Jeff Hardy’s music hits and out flies Hardy and RVD for the save. Wolfe and Tanahashi peel out of the ring.

    RVD: Wolfe, Tanahashi, you dudes are good. You are so good you have to attack Speed Muscle from behind after they have just had a huge match. Well boys tonight in the main event you are going to have to be that good to take on Jeff Hardy and me Rob Van Dam.

    Hardy: Ya know what Rob, if that’s all they got tonight is gonna be a breeeeeeeeeze!

    Hardy’s music hits again as Wolfe and Tanahashi trash talk as they back away...


    Gunshots ring out and from the border roars LAX. Konnan leads out Homicide and the Global Champion Hernandez. Cide jumps up and down on the ropes letting everyone know who LAX are. They stand in the middle of the ring as the crowd boo the most destructive team in TNA.

    Konnan: Odelay.odelay... Welcome to the Revolution. One thing I want to get clear is that Hernandez is the Global Champion, that means the Champions of the Globe is the Latino Nation! Now we aint finished with the Machine Guns, oh no, you two hoes you get ready for us because we are coming back at you. This company is full of racism, why aren’t we in the Super Tag tornament? I’ll tell you why, because it’s a conspiracy against us and this company wants to keep us down. Well tonight we are going to bring the violence, LAX violence like you’ve never seen before.

    If there is anyone in the back who has the cahones to face the most powerful man in this or any company. The Global Champion Hernandez, then step up and he’ll put the title on the line. And with it he’ll bash your brains in. Come out any of you hoes and we’ll show you what 5150 is all about. Odelay, odelay ariba la raza!!!

    LAX stand firm awaiting anyone brave enough to answer their challenge.

    Music hits the arena and Don West goes crazy!

    West: He’s back Mike! It’s the Pope!!!

    Back from his injury at the hands of the Canadian Destroyer, DiAngelo Dinero gets a standing ovation as dollar bills fall from the ceiling as the Pope almost dances down the ramp to face LAX. Konnan looks in disbelief at how the man has returned and has come to answer his challenge.

    Konnan: Dinero, what are you doing man. Don’t let the haters that run this company win. We don’t want to fight you dawg. We are here to rip apart those who have kept us down dawg.

    Dinero: Kept “us” down. Konnan, no one keeps Pope down. Pope is too flashy, too good looking, too damn good for anyone to keep him down. Pope’s got the look, Pope’s got the talent. And shortly, Pope’s gonna have the Global title. Because Pope is pimpin’

    Homicide attacks but Pope ducks as the Notorious 187 misses and is hit with a neckbreaker! Konnan steps back as Hernandez grabs Pope but he shrugs off his big mits, hits a right and left jab combo and hits a spinning roaring elbow to knock the big man down!

    The referee rings the bell as Konnan is ordered to the outside. Pope challenges them all to come and get some as the Hernandez tries to regroup on the floor...
    Match #3
    Global Championship Match
    Champion Hernandez w/LAX vs. Pope D’Angelo Dinero

    Finish: Pope has shown why he was the 2 time X champion. Hernandez though is just as fast and doubly strong. Pope hits the flying shoulder block knocking down the Champion. The crowd goes wild as Pope uses their energy as Hernandez gets up and gets a kick in the gut and then a leg trip. Pope proceeds to do a handstand on the top turnbuckle and holds it so the fans can cheer him, and then he drops down with a huge elbow!

    He bows to the fans as Konnan and Homicide are livid on the outside telling the fans to shut up. Pope pulls down his knee pads and waits for Hernandez to get up. The crowd gets louder and louder as Pope runs in to hit the DDExpress!

    Homicide runs in and knocks down Dinero, the ref has no choice but to ring the bell.

    Winner via DQ D’Angelo Dinero at 6:57, but Still Global Champion Hernandez

    The beat down begins. Cide starts stomping down Pope, and then Hernandez, and then Konnan. Each time a ref tries to stop them, one of the three LAX members throws them out of the ring. Konnan holds him on his knees and Cide and Dez take turns in running the ropes and kicking Pope in the face. But Pope refuses to fall. He shouts at them to bring it on, and they do. Jarrett and Foley finally come out with a big security squad. Pope’s mouth is full of blood, as LAX put their hands up and leave as The Hardcore Legend and the King of the Mountain enter the 6 sided ring.
    Konnan laughs as Homicide yells “Bdddya Bdddya” and Hernandez holds up the Global belt as security and EMTs check on Dinero.


    Backstage the X Pioneer, Jerry Lynn is with JB.

    Lynn: I am here to announce that next week the winner of the Lockdown Xscape the Cage match, Mistico will face Petey Williams for the X Division Championship. Williams prepare yourself because the Lucha Libre superstar is ready to fly higher than ever before to bring the gold back home to his country of Mexico. Good luck Williams, you are going to need it, boy.

    Main Event
    First round Super TAG Cup Match
    Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam vs. Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi

    First out are the Tag Team Champions the Machine Guns with Kevin Nash as they join West and Tenay on commentary. The four main eventers are ready to do battle to make it to the next round to face the Tag Champs who are watching intently to see who will move on to face Speed Muscle next week.

    Tanahashi and Hardy start off. These two men faced each other at Genesis and Hardy still remembers losing due to Hiroshi hitting the low blow. Hardy looks to even the score tonight and comes out firing!

    Finish: RVD hits a leaping thrust kick to the chest of Wolfe. Desmond falls to the mat. RVD looks for Rolling Thunder, but Tanahashi grabs Rob’s ponytail and the back of his head smashes on the mat. Hardy gets into the ring but the ref holds him back, allowing the Japanese Ace to get Rob to his feet and delivers elbow strikes. Strike after strike to each temple RVD drops down and then bouncing off the ropes delivers a Sling Blade! Wolfe starts working on RVD’s arms and legs with stretches and stomps.

    RVD reaches out for a tag but quick tags don’t allow him. Rob somehow is able to kick Wolfe in the head with his amazing flexibility, and launch himself and tag in Hardy. The hot tag delivers a fired-up Jeff Hardy as he goes to town on Wolfe and Tanahashi. Face buster reverse suplex. Whisper in the Wind, Hardy-iac Arrest.

    Hardy rips his shirt off and climbs the turnbuckles to deliver the Swanton Bomb. But Tanahashi has other ideas and in a last gasp effort runs up the ropes and hits an over head suplex –sommersault into a High Fly Flow!!!!!

    Wolfe the legal man pins Hardy 1..


    RVD breaks up the count. Rob grabs Hiroshi and throws him shoulder first into Wolfe and then roundhouse kicks him to the mat. He then leaps atop the turnbuckle for the 5 star. Suddenly Wolfe crotches RVD. Tower of London!!!!




    Winners via pinfall and advance to the semi final round Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi at 16:36

    Wolfe and Tanahashi, are extremely hurt but make their way to the back victorious. They walk past the smart mouthed Champions on commentary but as Nash stands up they back away as they are too beaten up to do anything further tonight.
    Eventually Hardy and RVD get to their feet and get a standing ovation from the fans.

    They stagger but they high five everyone at ringside as they make their way to the back...

    Samoa Joe’s music hits.

    Out stomps the Samoan Submission Machine, he rips down the ramp past RVD and Hardy and he has a microphone.

    Joe: LESNAAAARRR!! I know you’re here! Come out and face me and give me, give these people what we all want to hear... I wont wait any longer....

    This music hits..

    The crowd goes crazy as it seems like an age before emerging from the tunnel is the Ultimate Fighting Champion Brock Lesnar. The crowd has gone beserk as Joe drops his mic and Lesnar walks slowly to the ring. Both men have not stopped staring at each other. From a standing position Lesnar leaps onto the apron and watching Joe he gets only inches from him. He raises his microphone as the fans stand on the edge of their seat now with dual chants “Lesnar, Joe, Lesnar, Joe.”

    Lesnar: You’re gonna get knocked out.

    Joe strikes! Brock fights back! The Impact Zone explodes!!!

    Each man tries to get on top of the other, spinning , stretching, throwing atom bomb type fists into the other man. Joe throws a huge kick into Lesnar’s thigh. Lesnar launches himself with a superman punch! Both men fall, and a sea of TNA security break it up as both men try to get at the other.

    Bret “The Hitman” Hart walks out mic in hand.

    Hart: So it is settled at Sacrifice it will be Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar!!!!!!

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    You're definitely in contention for one of the hardest working members of Fan Fic' right now; up against Kid and Greywolf. That's a heckuvan achievement.

    I haven't had the opportunity to go through a lot of your Fed. I was interested in the Brock Lesnar/Samoa Joe call-out so I skimmed through, but it got my interest in a few other things while I was doing so (who says shameless advertisement doesn't work?) What I really wanted to say though was that I recognize how hard you're working on this and keep it up and I'll put you at the top of my list of people to review when I get the time to do so.
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    EPISODE 20

    Black and white replay of footage from last week. Slow motion Joe walking down the ramp. Slow motion Joe in the ring calling out for Lesnar (voice is distorted sounds like a monster). The replay switches to colour as Brock Lesnar walks out and says to Joe’s face “ You’re gonna get knocked out!” Then the brawl. Security cannot keep them apart and finally as they still claw and scratch to get at one another Bret Hart announces at Sacrifice Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar….

    <TNA Intro>

    The arena goes dark and the fans erupt to the music of the Olympic Gold medallist. Emerging from the one of a kind elevator entrance, his pyro lights up the Impact Zone as 25,000 fans chant, ‘Angle, Angle, Angle’. Dressed for battle he steps into the ring and looks extremely angry.

    Angle: Samoa Joe two weeks ago you used me, ME, Kurt Angle to send a message. No one does that to me. NO ONE! Joe I want you in a match tonight! Bret Hart, are you hearing me? I order you to make this happen! No one does that to me!!!

    The ominous music of Samoa Joe hits as he stomps down to the ring with a wry smile across his face. The fans chant ‘Joe, Joe ,Joe!’ as he steps onto the apron. Angle’s eyes fixed on Joe waiting for Joe to lower his head while passing through the ropes so he can strike. Joe stops and doesn’t dare enter the ring.

    Joe: Cut my music. Angle, you don’t need Bret Hart to order a match between you and me. I’m eager to send you back to Brock in pieces because both of you obviously didn’t get the message. Don’t F@*% with Joe!

    The production truck guys are able to censor Joe however the live audience hear it loud and clear and they go crazy! Joe’s eyes are ablaze as he stares down Angle, who may have underestimated Samoa Joe’s intensity. The crowd begin another Joe chant, as the two gunslingers stand ready for the other to make the first move.

    Angle: Bret Hart is going to have to cancel your match at Sacrifice because I’m going to snap your ankle, oh it’s real, it’s damn real Joe.

    Angle throws down his microphone and motions for Joe to bring it on. Joe jaw quivers and his licks his chops.

    Joe: Get me a referee let’s do this now!

    Joe drops the mic and slingshots his 300 pound frame into the ring only for Kurt to kick him below the belt. Kurt mounts Joe and rains down vicious shots to Joe’s head.

    A referee runs in and tries to get Kurt off of Joe so that he can start the match clean. Kurt refuses to do so and the ref won’t ring the bell. Kurt gets into the face of the ref as Joe rolls out of the ring to safety. He takes a knee and tries to shake off Kurt’s blows.

    Angle pushes the ref aside and goes out to Joe but walks into a decapitation clothesline! Joe drops again to a knee still hurting as Kurt looks to be out as the back of his skull bounced off the concrete. The ref checks on Angle but Joe pushes him away. The ref gets in Joe’s face but he ignores him as he throws the time keeper off his chair and Joe sits Angle down. He throws a haymaker into Angle’s jaw and then runs across to the other side of the ring. The crowd is going berserk as Joe lines up Angle and sprints delivering a vicious Ole Ole Kick to Angle’s temple! Angle’s body crashes into the guardrail and the steel hinges break. Angle is out. Joe is seething as he looks down at his unconscious nemesis. A Joe chant breaks out as he looks into the camera, “Brock, Joe’s gonna kill you!”.

    Joe’s music hits and EMTs rush down to look after Angle. Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley all walk out as well. They ask Joe, “What is wrong with him?” and “What are you doing?” but he ignores them and walks off up the ramp with his arms raised. A frustrated Hart looks at an unconscious Angle and shakes his head before asking the medical team about Kurt’s condition.

    Joe’s music continues top play as Tenay and West talk about what just happened in front of their very eyes. They then run down tonight’s matches. The semi-finals of the Super TAG Cup Tournament

    Tenay: AMW vs. Giant Bernard and Tyson Tomko, and then Speed Muscle will take on the team of Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi.

    West: Also tonight it will be the X Division Champion Petey Williams putting the title on the line against the Mexican Sensation, Mistico!

    Backstage Christy Hemme is with the Latin American eXchange

    Konnan: Shut your mouth be-atch we have something to say. The revolution continues and last week, The Pope thought he could beat the Global Champion, Hernandez and take his title. Uh uh, not only did that not happen, Pope is now wishing he was never born after the beat down we gave him. I’m going to break it down like this, you see Hernandez is a killer, he is a militant thug 24/7 365 and no one is going to take the belt from him. So Bret Hart you racist, you better start drawing up those World title contracts because Hernandez wants to wrestle your white champion Christopher Daniels so we can unify these belts and revolutionise this industry. Odelay, Odelay, ariba la raza.

    Hemme: Konnan, Bret Hart has already made a title match for Hernandez at Sacrifice.

    Konnan: What do you mean? Whatchya talking about fire crotch?

    Hemme: Just moments ago he got a call from The Pope and said that he wants Hernandez at Sacrifice for the Global title.

    Konnan: Is that so. Looks like Dinero is a bigger idiot than we thought boys. Easy win for you vato. Pope if you are listening then I suggest you change your mind because The Global Champion’s era of violence has only just begun…


    Footage of a skybox is shown and the Motor City Machine Guns are in there with Kevin Nash. Nash and Shelley laughing as they have a few imported beers while Sabin seems to be watching the monitors closely. Their Tag titles are sitting on the couch behind them as Nash tells a very attractive waitress to get him another Heiney… and a beer…

    Match #1
    Super TAG Cup Tournament semi-final
    America’s Most Wanted vs. Giant Bernard and Tyson Tomko

    The fans seem to have started to get behind the former tag champions for some reason. Harris holds up his hand cuffs as of they were brass knucks as out of the tunnel speeds Storm on his boozer cruiser. Harris gets in Tenay and West’s face as Storm finishes off his beer. Their shenanigans tough are brought to a halt as the two monsters roll down the ramp ready to inflict as much pain as possible on TNA’s legendary tag team.
    Finish: AMW use quick double team moves to put down their giant opponents. However it only takes one huge move from one of them to swing the momentum back their way. And it’s a leaping pump kick from Bernard that puts down Storm.

    Tomko is tagged in and he goes straight for an elbow drop on the mat. But Storm moves. Tomko hurt his elbow but Storm is still on the mat so he delivers another. But Storm rolls away again. Tomko is livid and goes for a third, Storm moves but Tomko is wise to it and drops a knee into Storm’s forehead. He tags Giant Bernard back in who grabs Storm and sets him up for a Baldo Bomb, but Storm fights his way out of it, runs the ropes and hits a clothesline on Bernard. Unfortunately for Storm it hits the big man across the chest and bounces off. Bernard looks at him, smirks and delivers a short arm clothesline of his own which almost takes the Tennessee Cowboy’s head off! Harris gets the fans into the match as he claps his hands and reaches out for a tag.

    Storm reaches out but Giant Bernard grabs his leg and then his throat. He then picks him up over his head and gorilla press slams him on the mat. He signals for then end and tags in Tomko for a double team finisher, but Harris jumps into the ring and clotheslines down Tomko. Bernard bicycle kicks Harris, but turns back into desperation the Last Call Superkick from Storm!

    All four men are down as the ref starts the ten count. 1…2….3….4….5….6….7…8…Tomko and Harris are up and they exchange punches the ref is trying to get the other two men out of the ring and Harris using the handcuffs as brass knucks knocks out Tomko!

    The ref turns around to see the Wildcat making the cover.1..2..3. The crowd pops as the ring announcer says..

    Winners via pinfall and advancing to the final of the Super TAG Cup Tournament, America’s Most Wanted at 7:41

    Storm and Harris both roll out of the ring. They are extremely sore from the beating they have endured but they have won and they order the ref to raise their hands down on the floor.

    Up in the skybox, Sabin has an intense look on his face while Nash and Shelley continue to joke around.


    <Replay of the start of the show where Kurt called out Joe and Joe destroyed him>

    JB is with Bret Hart backstage

    JB: Bret can you give us all an update on Kurt Angle’s condition?
    Hart: Jeremy, surprisingly Kurt is not as bad as first thought. I mean as soon as he came around, and saw I was in the room he started verbally abusing me like always so he is going to be ok.

    JB: What about Joe’s match with Lesnar, will his actions here tonight endanger that match going ahead at Sacrifice?

    Hart: No, Joe’s behaviour is something I will deal with in private. The man will be wrestling at Sacrifice against Brock Lesnar in 2 and a half weeks at our Sacrifice supercard. Nothing is going to derail the co-main event. So for once I am going to say no to Kurt Angle. I gave him his match against Petey Williams even though the doctors told him he can’t wrestle. I did the same when he wanted to face Senshi. He wanted a match with Joe for next week. The answer is no.

    Regardless of what he says he is no condition to wrestle and I will not jeopardise the biggest marketed match in TNA history Joe vs. Brock. Kurt will have to accept for once in his life that as great as he is, he is only a man, and there a limitations to the human body. For once in his life he will have to watch from the outside. I only want the best for him, whether he believes it or not. He is like he says the greatest wrestler in the world and I want him fit and healthy so he can continue to put on great matches for TNA. Now if you’ll excuse me JB…

    The skybox is again shown as the World Tag Team champions watch the next semi-final tag team match

    Match #2
    Super TAG Cup Tournament semi-final
    Speed Muscle vs. Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi

    <A replay of last week is shown with after Speed Muscle defeated Gen Me, Wolfe and Tanahashi attacked Speed Muscle.>

    Wolfe and Tanahashi pose to the fans but Speed Muscle sprint down the ramp and launch themselves at their opponents, gaining an upper hand.

    Finish: These two teams have ripped into each other and the fans have been on their feet. Doi and Yoshino have tore Wolfe and Tanahashi apart with their blistering speed. Hiroshi tries to gain an advantage but Speed Muscle’s experienced team work and chemistry continue to put down anything they attempt.

    Wolfe is picked up and instead of slammed into the mat is placed into the tree of woe. He then is hit several times but numerous drop kicks to the face, gut and chest by both men. Tanahshi is able to blindside Doi with a clothesline, but Yoshino is too quick and drop kicks the Japanese Ace’s shins spinning him in the air and crashing onto the mat.

    Wolfe untangles himself but is tripped with a drop toe hold and then a snap leg drop to the back of his head. Yoshino even stops for a moment to kick imaginary sand into Wolfe’s face before sprinting of again hitting the ropes and then delivering a cannonball somersault to his spine!

    The crowd are firmly behind the speedsters as Wolfe and Tanahashi can’t even get out of the ring to regroup. Wolfe is picked up into a flapjack and Yoshino comes over the top turning it into a bulldog! 1..2… kickout!

    Wolfe gets to his feet but staggers as he has no idea where he is, Yoshino sprints off the ropes back and forth bouncing off of them as Wolfe is almost tripping over himself in the middle of the ring. Yoshino has built up an amazing pace and flies at Wolfe but runs into a Jawbreaker LARIAT!!!!!!

    1..2..Doi makes the save with a double sledge and grabs Wolfe but Wolfe reverses it and with a hammerlock throws him head first into the mat. HIGH FLY FLOW! Tanahashi bounces off of Doi and Wolfe covers him.


    Winners via pinfall and advancing to the final of the Super TAG Cup Tournament, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Desmond Wolfe at 9:03

    Wolfe and Tanahashi slump in separate corners of the ring. Although they won the match they were taken to school of the speedsters. Wolfe and Tanahashi catch their breathe but they look at each other and realise they have been embarrassed and nod their heads to acknowledge that their opponents need a post match beat down…
    They move in to teach Speed Muscle a lesson but Jeff Hardy’s music hits and out runs Hardy and RVD. They slide in the ring and end up in between the two teams. Hardy and RVD stand in their way as Speed Muscle are able to roll out of the ring. The re is a stare down until Mick Foley’s music hits and out walks the Hardcore Legend and the King of the Mountain.

    Foley: Don’t even think about it boys. Wolfe, Tanahashi, you won the match, congratulations. Now get out of here. You’re finished for the night.

    Desmond and Hiroshi crack a smile and roll out of the ring as RVD and Hardy watch as they walk up the ramp towards Foley and Jarrett. They stop at the top of the ramp looking and Wolfe motions for the microphone. Foley reluctantly gives it over.

    Wolfe: What’s wrong Foley? Are you a little bit upset? I mean I think Jethro and Roberto are a bit upset too. Why? Is it because we beat you geezers? Is it because we beat Roberto and Jethro? Listen up sunshine and listen good, next week we’ll beat those redneck cowboys and then at Sacrifice we’ll beat you wankers up there in the Skybox. Make no mistake about it Yours truly Mr Wolfe and the Ace of the Yooniverse Hiroshi Tanahashi are the next World Tag Team Champions. It’s that eaaasssy!

    Wolfe puts the mic back in Foley’s hand and barges through the middle of both Foley and Jarrett. Hiroshi rolls his eyes at them before also walking through them to the back.


    JB is with The X Division Champion Petey Williams

    Williams: Tonight I face Mistico for my title because he won the Escape the Cage match at Lockdown. Well congratulations Mistico because Jerry Lynn just signed your retirement papers, because when, and I do mean when I hit you with the Destroyer your career is over. I am the Champion, I want some damn respect and yet Lynn keeps booking me week after week to defend my X Division Championship. Well Jerry ….

    Into the frame walks the X Pioneer Jerry Lynn and he’s wearing a black hoody.

    Lynn: How are you feeling today sparky? Good I hope because tonight <He unzips his hoody to reveal a referee shirt> I’m going to make sure this match is called right down the middle.

    Williams is speechless and walks off

    Lynn: Seeya out there…

    Match #3
    X Division Championship Match
    Champion Petey Williams vs. Mistico

    Finish: Williams climbs the turnbuckle but Mistico catches him with an arm drag from the top rope and has Williasm crashes down he is then hit with a tilt–a–whirl headscissors takedown into a flash pin…1…2…

    Williams kicks out franticly, but only to walk into a Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb! 1…2.. Williams escapes again. He cowers into the corner and as Mistico moves in he puts a quick thumb in his eye. Mistico grabs his eye and drops to a knee as Williams holding his lower back realises he needs to do some danage and hits the Canadian Legsweep (Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown transitioned into a Russian legsweep) He covers Mistico but only gets one…

    Williams looks to finish by applying the sharpshooter. Mistcio fights it off and slides his body to the ropes. Williams stomps Mistico in the mid section and Jerry gets in his face. Williams laughs at him and moves in but Jerry gets in between them and says that he is in the ropes. Williams pushes him. Lynn pushes him back and Williams gets in his face yelling at him only to be blindsided with a superkick!!!



    Kickout! Williams kicksout with desperation as he tries to get to his feet. Mistico flies up the turnbuckles and Williams turns into a Slingshot corkscrew crossbody! 1…2… Williams rolls the shoulder and gets on all fours and tries to crawl out of the ring, but Mistico grabs him by his trunks and pulls him back in with a roll up 1..2.. Williams rolls through and steps over locking in the Sharpshooter this time. Mistico struggles as Williams sits down placing immense pressure on the Luchador’s back. The Mexican Sensation reaches for the ropes but Williams reaches back to finish the match with the legendary submission finisher.

    Mistico claws his way to the ropes and grabs them. Lynn taps Williams on the shoulder and he releases the hold and puts his arms up in victory. Lynn gets in his face and kicks the rope to indicate the match continues. Williams argues the fact and once again referee and champion squabble in the middle of the ring. Mistico gets slowly to his feet and Williams kciks him in the mid section and sets for the Destroyer. Mistico back body drops Williams, escaping the devastating move and runs the ropes and flies off them looking for LaMistica!! He executes the first part of the finisher but Williams pushes him off, he lands feet first and looks for his Tiger Kick, only to have Williams hit a sitout jawbreaker and a snap swinging neck breaker combo! Canadian Destroyer!!!!!

    Williams covers Mistico and Lynn drops down to count, he hesitates but knows he must count the fall. Williams laughs at him as 1..2..3

    Winner via pinfall and STILL X Division Champion Petey Williams at 11:05

    Williams gets up as Lynn checks on Mistico. He paintbrushes the back of Lynn’s head and tells him to raise his hand. Lynn ignores him and continues to check on Mistico but Williams pulls him to his feet and taps his wrist. Lynn reluctantly raises Williams arm quickly but Williams delivers a short arm clothesline. Williams then sets him for a Destroyer, but RVD’s music plays and for the second time tonight the Whole Damn Show runs out to make the save. The X Division Champion dives out of the ring and looks for his title. He snatches it off So Cal Val and snatches a mic also. RVD also asks for a mic.

    RVD: You know what dude, I just about had enough of you trying to put guys out. Why don’t you try that on me?

    Williams: You’ve had enough!? Let me tell you something Rob, I am sick and tired of being disresepcted around here, I’m the damn Champ. I am the Champion of the most exciting division not just in TNA but the world, and all I get from the likes of Bret Hart, you and Jerry Lynn is disrespect. I’m going to continue to put skulls through mats until I get what I deserve.

    RVD: What you deserve Petey is a 5 Star Frog Splash! So how about this, you and me brother at Sacrifice.

    Williams: You’re on! And I’ll tell you why RVD. When I was aksed to take out the American Hero Kurt Angle by Christopher Daniel, I jumped at the chance. You see it was my chance to show the world the superior wrestlers came from Canada. I did that, I took him out. But you Rob, you’re no American Hero. You are the poster child for America. You walk around in a cloud of smoke, not caring about anyone, egotistcal and lazy. Look at me, look at how hard I work, I am ripped, I win, I’m the Champ, and these loser fans boo me?!?! What’s more they cheer you!?! What a joke, so Rob at Sacrifice I’ll take pleasure in driving your skull into the mat and putting you on the shelf for good!

    Williams’ music plays as West and Tenay turn it to Christy Hemme who is in the Sky Box with the World Tag Team Champions the Motor City Machine Guns.

    The Guns and Nash are sitting to the front of the box and Christy has to lean over them to get an interview. She directs the questions to Sabin , while Shelley and Nash are drunk and checking her out…

    Hemme: Thanks guys, next week the final of the Super TAG Cup will be held between AMW and Wolfe and Tanhashi. Is there a team you prefer to face?

    Sabin: Christy it doesn’t really matter who we face…

    Shelley: Actually that’s not true we would love to face you Christy pfftthahahahaha…

    Sabin; Ahem, sorry about that they have been.. enjoying the beer.. we’ll beat AMW or Wolfe and Tanahashi..

    Shelley: I’ll let you beat me Christy pffftbwahahahahaha

    Sabin: er.. yeah, AMW, Wolfe, Tanahashi. It doesn’t matter which one of you win, because we are made in Detroit and we are the best tag team going today..

    Nash: that’s what the Beautiful People said anyway..bwahahaha

    Hemme: stop it Kevin, back to you guys at ringside, Alex…don’t.. argh…stop you guys...

    Tenay and West say that last week the TNA World Champion Christopher Daniels was on a promotional tour of Japan and visiting our brother promotion New Japan Pro Wrestling.

    <Video of Daniels walking out on an NJPW show with the TNA title slung over his shoulder getting in the face of the IWGP Champion Nakamura. Nakamura slaps Daniels and the two men brawl. Daniels hits the Best Moonsault Ever and trash talks the IWGP Champion before leaving…>

    Tenay: Christopher Daniels continues his reign of terror not just here in the states but all over the world Don.

    West: He wasn’t here last week but it was obvious he left strict instructions for Abyss to try and take out the #1 contender Sting. <Replay of Sting vs. Abyss from last week> But Sting overcome the odds and after the break Sting will confront Daniels in the ring.


    Tenay and West welcome the fans back to Impact and run down the matches for Sacrifice booked so far…

    • Tara vs. Gail Kim – since the Knockout’s went to their own show Knocked Out Tara has gone insane becoming it’s sole ruler and gail Kim has taken offence. Gail faces tara for the title at Sacrifice
    • The Global title is on the line as Hernandez faces the Pope
    • The World tag team champions th Motor City Machine Guns put their belts on the line against the winner of the Super Tag Cup, will it be AMW or Wolfe/Tanahashi
    • The one the world has been talking about the current UFC and former WWE and IWGP Champion Brock Lesnar goes one on one with former TNA Champion Samoa Joe!
    • And of course for the World Heavyweight Championship. Fallen Angle Christopher Daniels defends against the Icon Sting!

    Smoke pours out of the entrance ramp as the ominous music of the World Champion brings the fans to their knees. Some TNA fans still chant ‘Fallen Angel’ but the majority of 25,000 fans drown this out with a chorus of hate. Wearing athree piece suit and the the TNA title cradled under his arm, the Champion of the World slowly makes his way to the ring. His suit has a long coat and Daniels ignores the crowd using sunglasses. He gets into the ring and politely asks for a microphone.

    He tries to wait for a break in the deafening boos but it doesn’t seem to come so he talsk anyway. But when he utters his first word, the crowd boos even more loudly. He tries again, but this time the boos turn into an ‘@$$hole’chant.

    Daniels: Last week I couldn’t be here because I was on a promotional tour of the orient all in the name of TNA. That’s right, believe it or not, I love this company. My heart has six sides and it beats T.N.A. T.N.A. I did what I did to become World Champion, because let’s face it, this company was not going to allow me, the greatest performer of this generation to get a title shot. It was always HANDED to the Golden boy AJ Styles, or the newest big acquisition, Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy. Or just like clock work my opponent at Sacrifice, The Icon Sting.

    The original guys of this company who had worked their asses off to get TNA to where it is today have gotten nothing, while the so called superstars have swooped in and reaped the benefits. Have gotten rich off of the back of our hard work, off MY hard work! I did what I did for the good of the boyts for the good of TNA. I unleashed Raven onto this company to become Champion of the company I have broken bones, and bled for, and if you hate me for it than that’s just too damn bad. I…

    ‘Slay Me’ explodes out of the speakers and the fans leap off their seats as the Icon Sting has interrupted the Champion’s speech. They bow down to the legend of the sport as he makes his way towards his opponent at Sacrifice, the World’s Champion. He has a mic but before he uses it he leaps up on the turnbuckle to Daniels’ disgust and calls out to the fans ‘OOOOOOOOWWWHHH’

    Sting: Daniels, don’t even go there, don’t even say for one second that what you did was for the good of TNA. Raven almost singlehandley destroyed the company, and what would have you been the title holder of then? A pile of ashes. Well the guys that you mentioned, the AJ Styles’, the Kurt Angles, the Jeff Hardys, The RVDs, they were the ones who fought for this company, while you tried to burn it down. Five years ago Jeff Jarrett asked me to join TNA because he belived in it. Today Bret Hart has partnered with Jeff and Dixie because they believe in it. You have brought nothing but deceit and dishonour to the Wolrd title, and at Sacrifice I will take the title and make it a Championship once again.

    Daniels: …. You self riteous sonovabitch. How dare you speak to me of being the saviour of this company. I built this company. While you were winning titles I was Curryman and Suicide, putting my own title aspirations aside for the good of the company. I simply had enough of the politics and the favourtism.

    Sting: I’ll do anything for TNA and I’ll do anything to bring honour, repect and integrity back to the Championship Daniels and..

    Daniels: Anything….anything? Interesting. Then I’ve got a challenge for you Sting. You say you’ll do anything for this company. You are here to elevate TNA to the next level. Then I’ve got a challenge for you. There is a man back there who has beaten Samoa Joe, who has beaten AJ Styles, who has beaten Kurt Angle, who one time or another has beaten me. And yet he cannot get a title shot, just like I could not. I challenge you right now to wrestle this man, put him on the map and put your Sacrifice title shot on the line. Show me what being a champion is all about Stinger.

    Sting: In almost 30 years I have never turned a challenge down, I’ll take your match Daniels. Who is this wrestler who has beaten the best and has not receieved a title shot?

    Daniels: SENSHI!!!

    The crowd gives a collective ‘ooohhh” as Senshi’s music hits and from the smoke emerges the Warrior.


    Crouched down he makes his way out to ringside. He walks with authority, never taking his eyes off of Sting as leaps into the ring. The World’s Champion stands tall watching Senshi circle Sting. The Icon doesn’t move as Senshi moves in and out looking for an opening in Sting’s armour. Senshi’s musci has stopped but the crowd starts chanting Sting’s name. Sting removes his trench coat and the crowd goes ballistic as a referee runs out and Daniels slowly slips away. He deosn’t look back as he makes his way back to the locker rooms. Sting extends a hand, but it is blasted away but a lightning quick kick! The bell rings and the two men lock up.

    Main Event
    #1 Contendership on the line
    Sting vs. Senshi

    Senshi breaks away from and delivers a brutal kick to the Sting’s calf! Sting’s leg almost buckles and he tries to walk away as Senshi comes again and hits the same spot doing severe damage to the Icon. Senshi looks again and Sting tries to move but Senshi is too quick and too smart and follows up with a forearm smash to Sting’s face! Sting slumps back into the corner and Senshi comes again this time wit a double drop bicycle kick to Sting’s mid section. Sting double’s over and Senshi using his incredible flexibility grabs the front of his foot and like a slingshots lets it come down on the back of Sting’s head! Sting flies face first into the mat as Senshi snorts and roars at the fans. The crowd is stunned as Senshi looks to inflict more damage.

    Finish: Senshi has Sting on his knees and starts delivering vicious kicks to his chest. One, two, Thr.. Sting catches the third and with his height advantage he gets to his feet and uses a move his old adversary the Great Muta perfected, the Dragon Screw Leg Whip! Senshi flies across the ring holding his knee in pain as Sting drapes over the top rope and coughs up blood. He turns around as Senshi crawls into the corner and Sting knows it’s now or never and delivers the Stinger Splash! Senshi is crushed and falls to the mat. Sting grabs Senshi but the Warrior chops him out of desperation, but Sting after countless wars with Ric Flair feels nothing so Senshi comes out guns a blazing with kicks, chops and punches.

    Sting’s power has always been legendary. He has power slammed the Giant (Big Show) and Big Van Vader in his time. Although he has lost a step or two the veteran grabs Senshi and gorilla presses him over his head and like skimming a stone over a pond he throws the Warrior across the ring, bouncing once and then crashing into the turnbuckles on the other side of the ring! The fans go crazy as a badly hurt Sting looks at Senshi now entangled in ropes and steel. Sting grabs the back of Senshi’s head and hits the Deathdrop. The crowd counts along with the ref in unison.


    Winner via pinfall and STILL #1 contender to the World Title, Sting at 8:29

    Sting’s theme plays as the referee raises his hand. Sting holds his ribs as Bret Hart, Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett walk out. They help the Icon to the back as even though Senshi lost, the damage has been done. Sting starts to stagger as it looks like he is putting almost all his weight onto Foley. The crowd cheers him but from the side of the stage strikes Abyss!

    He knocks down Foley and Jarrett with his big shot punches. Abyss then goes for Sting. He throws Sting into the side of the stage and starts to hit him with big right hands! The fans boo the Monster as he is like a rabid animal. When Foley and Jarrett come again, he kicks them away. Abyss grabs Sting by the throat and starts to choke him. Sting drops to his knees and Abyss looks as if he is going to kill the Icon.

    Suddenly from off the ramp crashing down on top of Abyss is a Swanton Bomb! Abyss releases the hold as his body smashes into the side of the TNA Impact set. Jeff Hardy tells them to “get Sting outta here”. The Monster comes after Hardy but Jeff kicks him in the mid section and drops him with a Twist of Fate!

    The fans go crazy as Foley and Jarrett get Sting to safety as Hardy’s music plays as the Charismatic Enigma stands over the Monster as Impact goes off the air……

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    Double Post.. See above for EP20

    EP 21 Coming soon...

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    I just wanked before this review Review by WMS

    -Sorry, I’ve owed you this for a while. The combination of meeting final coursework deadlines and being ill are the reason for the wait. Anyway......
    -20th episode. Big landmark, a great achievement in Fan Fiction. The most I’ve written on one project was 15 I think with my ECW project. Longevity is so hard but you can do it, most definitely.

    -Love the Joe/Lesnar thing. If TNA were to that in real life, maybe even using Angle/Lesnar, that would draw big I reckon.

    -I like how Angle’s sided with Lesnar, I wasn’t into him moaning but we get Joe versus Angle to start things off which is a great way to kick a show off and grab the attention of the reader.

    -Oh well, no match, just a brawl but still a good way to start the show. Joe’s preoccupied with two feuds of sorts at the moment so it kicks ass to see you linking these things.

    -I like that Joe’s snapped. He should be neither face of heel, just a man who lets his fists do the talking.

    -‘Fire Crotch?’ I don’t get it. I liked LAX, but they came across as bland, ‘we want titles’ there. Perhaps you could work on them a little? I don’t think some random Mexican phrases interjected into their promos make them interesting. A bit more character would be cool.

    -MCMG are living it VIP style. NICCEEEE [/borat]

    -Tag match did nothing for me, it’s hard enough to write a tag match in the first place but this match just didn’t flow for me, perhaps it was the two teams in the match? Formatting was a little careless here too. You should preview your post beforehand, a little suggestion. I liked AMW getting the win as I care nothing for Bernard and Tomko. Also, this shows I haven’t read lately but I can’t remember Storm and Harris reconciling. I must have missed a show.

    -I’d have liked more description and even dialogue for the MCMG skybox scene. You could come up with some great stuff.

    -I liked Bret’s interview with JB. You’ve got your authority figure spot on. Bret’s rarely used as authority in Fan Fiction so that’s a bonus also.

    -I hate that Wolfe’s stuck in the tag division. He deserves so much better. I always thought he’d make a good guns for hire, I tried to give him that gimmick in CWC, playing off Winston Wolfe in Pulp Fiction.

    -Straight to the finish? Laziness on your part there man. A sentence for the rest of the match is poor. At least the finish was good, got into it more than the other tag match, might be because I like these four guys. Wolfe and Tanahashi advance. Wolfe needs a singles push. Now!

    -I’m all for Wolfe using a few colloquial expressions but geezers didn’t fit into it really there. Wolfe calling Foley sunshine is perfect however. Wankers really wouldn’t be getting used, as it’s inappropriate really. Hit and miss from that segment after that match.

    -‘Sparky?’ I don’t get it, again. Lynn as special guest referee is a plus.

    -Williams wins clean. Impressive, this was your best match thus far, I got the impression you had a blast writing this one where the others were a bit of a task. Williams X-Division title reign has been impressive, having a strong champion really adds prestige to the division also. Lynn being involved helps tons too.

    -RVD makes the save again. Is he TNA’s guardian angel?

    -RVD vs Williams is amazing. Gives Williams and the title a huge rub. I like it.

    -Why is Alex Shelley annoying the fuck out of me. That isn’t a good sign.

    -That segment was rubbish. Apologies man, but that made me hate MCMG which is nearly impossible for me to do.

    -I liked the line about Daniels’ reign of terror.

    -Sacrifice looks stacked.

    -The Sting/Daniels stuff was fantastic as it has been throughout. Your writing with Daniels is a big strong point of yours for sure.

    -Senshi challenging Sting for the number one contendership was a nice rub for Shi, and the match was good enough while it lasted. Sting obviously getting the win, but it helped build things up nicely.

    -A frantic turn of events end the show. It read aright, I always like a frantic ending as long as its not a clusterfuck.

    -Right, overall this show disappointed me really. There was stuff I liked of course but there were a lot of things that I hated. I wouldn’t be discouraged as I’ve loved all your other shows. Maybe you need to slow down a little? Anyway, keep up the hard work. It’s paying off.
    Man of the world.

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    EPISODE 21

    Replay of last week… Joe destroys Kurt Angle mercilessly. Angle is hit with an Ole Ole kick and Joe tells the world he is ready for Brock.

    Daniels calls out Sting and challenges him to go one on one and put his title shot on the line against Senshi. Sting accepts. Senshi beats Sting pillar to post. Replays of the brutal shots Sting’s body takes from thunderous kicks and strikes.

    Sting out smarts Senshi and hits the Deathdrop for the win. But it seems he has internal injuries. He cannot make it to the back under his own power. Then in slow motion Abyss attacks. He fights off Jarrett and Foley and then begins to choke the life out of Sting.

    Jeff Hardy saves the day by leaping off the top of the stage all the way to the floor below with a swanton taking down Abyss, Sting is quickly whisked away as Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and stands over the monster….

    <TNA Intro>

    Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to the final episode of TNA Impact before Sacrifice this Sunday, Live on PPV. Sitting beside them is an almost six foot tall trophy with a tag team sitting on the top. It is an amazing trophy and it will be awarded to the winner of the Tag Team that wins the Super TAG Cup tonight in the final. Will it be America’s Most Wanted or Wolfe and Tanahashi? But then they turn there attention to the ramp as TNA is proudly going to introduce some special guests tonight.

    Adrenaline Rush begins to play and out walks Bret Hart and under his arm is TNA President Dixie Carter. Although Dixie has his arm, Hart is still able to make his trademark arm gestures to the fans. The 20,000 strong Chicago crowd go crazy as following behind them is the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley, who of course goes ‘Bang.Bang” as he passes the camera and then Jeff Jarrett. He raises his trademark guitar and pyro shoots from it as the Championship Committee make their way into the ring. Hart steps on the bottom rope to let Dixie get in as they all salute the fans as they continue their huge ovation.

    Hart: Thank you, thank you everyone. We are only days away from the TNA supercard Sacrifice, live this Sunday on ppv, and what a show we will have lined up. Later in the show when we find out the winner of that beautiful trophy sitting beside Don and Mike over there, we will announce the final card.

    But right now we are out here to welcome our very special guests, from the Ultimate Fighting Championship, President Dana White and the Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar!!!

    The UFC them plays and from out of the tunnel walks Dana White. He is wearing a t-shirt and jeans with a suit jacket over the top. He doesn’t have a very happy look on his face as the crowd goes berserk when a suited up Brock Lesnar and wife Rena Mero emerge from the tunnel. He is surrounded by his corner men and trainers in a huge entourage. There are many media outlets and photographers all over ringside tonight as they take photos and film the “Team UFC” walk into the ring. Dixie extends her hand to Dana. He shakes her hand but seems to refuse to shake anyone else’s. The crowd is deafenening as “Brock” chants echo all over the building, but a few seconds later they become duelling chants as “Joe, Joe, Joe” boom out. Foley with a big cheesy grin and a big thumbs up shakes Brock’s hand, kisses Rena’s hand and gives both Dana and Brock a microphone each.

    White: Thank you for your hospitality here tonight Ms Carter, you are as smart as you are beautiful. As we are both all about business, I realise what a fight of this magnitude is going to generate in the box office and over the last few weeks, we have put together a fantastic package for UFC and for Brock to take this fight. So thank you for that.

    But Brock’s been educating me about the Pro-wrestling business over the last few weeks, and it seems there are few things missing from the contract. “Stipulations” you might say around here. So before we go ahead and make it official, and it will only be official if this stipulation is met.

    If Brock Lesnar wins, which I’m sure he will. If Brock Lesnar defeats Samoa Joe, then he gets a TNA World Heavyweight title shot!

    So then when Brock beats your fat piece of crap MMA wannabe Joe and then devours your skinny little champion Daniels… the world will see UFC is the best company in the world… and tear the heart out of this piece of shit sport…

    The boos from the fans are ear-splitting. The loyal TNA fans are livid with the UFC President’s comments. Brock’s entourage start getting nervous as the fans start really cursing out the “special” guests! Dixie is insulted. Jarrett and Foley are not happy as Brock begins to laugh. He bellows as Dana White steps back from the angry wrestlers. Brock steps forward into Bret Hart’s face.

    Lesnar: Joe stepped into my world Hart, and tried to embarrass me. I’m here to kill that mother and show the World that Brock Lesnar is the greatest of all time. I am the UFC Champion, I was WWE, IWGP and NCAA Champion. You will give me a World title shot after I swear Samoa Joe all over this damn mat….

    “Crush you up” hits and power walking to the ring comes the Samoan Submission Machine. He walks around the ring and rolls in at Dixie’s feet and stands directly up in Lesnar’s face. Lesnar’s entourage don’t know whether to get in between the two men or step away from a fire up killer like Joe. Joe snatches Hart’s mic and looks directly into Lesnar’s eyes.

    Joe: Hart. I like Brock’s idea. Except I want in on it too. Make it a #1 contender’s match so when after I’m done wiping the floor with this pretender, I get what I deserve, my shot at the title.

    Hart: Then it’s official, at sacrifice not only will we see Brock Lensar vs. Samoa Joe it will be for a World title shot!

    Brock: You’re going down Joe, it’s been a while since I’ve used the F5, I’m looking forward to dismantling you and then putting you in hospital with my old finisher.

    Joe: Brock, you can’t compete in my world anymore son. Who are you anymore? I’ll tell you, you’re a man who fights once a year and expects people to respect him. You’re nothing but a quitter and a cry baby bitch Brock. You quit WWE, you quit Football, and hell you fight once a year for this bald headed @$$hole…. You whine and cry when the fans don’t like you. I’ll make you quit again, when I choke you out!

    The fans are going crazy for Joe! Foley and Jarrett can’t hide the smiles on their faces as Brock is a little speechless. Dixie looks as if she is proud of her employee.

    Brock:…I’ll see you in the ring on Sunday Joe. No more talk. I’ll bring the pain…

    “Team UFC” leave the ring. The fans give a thunderous “TNA” chant as the walk up the ramp. Just as they are about to disappear down the tunnel Joe interrupts them one last time.

    Joe: Hey Brock… Joe’s gonna kill you!!!

    Joe’s music hits, the crowd explodes again and Joe steps on to the turnbuckle to salute the fans. “Joe, Joe, Joe” echoes throughout the building as the Championship Committee applaud the Samoan Submission Machine…


    During the break…
    “Team UFC are in the parking garage and are extremely angry. Brock’s trainers and coaches are telling him he can take Joe, this bullshit. Dana tells them to shut up and get in the car! They all get into 2 stretched limos as a black 2010 Chevrolet Corvette rolls in. Out gets the World Heavyweight Champion Christopher Daniels and he walks past the limos and enters the building…

    Match #1
    The King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett vs. The Warrior Senshi

    Tenay and West comment on how Jeff jarrett looked after Sting last week, and wants to get a little payback for the man who is obviously working with the evil mastermind Christopher Daniels and who tried to take out Sting before his title match this Sunday. Jarrett wants to show Senshi exactly what TNA means to him.

    Finish: Jarrett tries to cover up but Senshi’s kicks are bashing Jeff through his arms and connecting. Jarrett is forced into a corner and looks for an opening and tries a short armed clothesline, swinging wildly. Senshi ducks and delivers a kick to unprotected ribs. Jarrett’s eyes almost pop out of his head as he grabs his side. Senshi hits the ropes and delivers a bicycle double drop kick! Jarrett goes flying back and lands almost into the other corner of the ring. He tries to get up but is hit with a Shining Wizard!. Senshi roars to the crowd as he looks to finish the TNA Founder.

    Jarrett holds his sides but he seems to be coughing up blood. The ref checks on him and looks to call for the bell, but Jarrett tells him “No!” As the words leave his lips Senshi hits a knife edged chop to Jarrett’s face! Double J screams out in pain, as Senshi moves in jarrett trips backwards into the corner as Foley runs out from the backstage area. Foley yells at the ref to stop the match. Senshi grabs Jarrett’s hair and sets him up in the tree of woe. Foley orders the ref to call for the bell. Senshi climbs the turnbuckle. Foley tries to get up on the apron but it’s too late… Warrior’s Way Double foot stomp!!!!!! Senshi comes down sommersaulting to the other side of the ring and sitting on one knee he roars to the crowd. Jarrett is lifeless as he hangs by one foot.

    Foley entera the ring and the ref gets in his face. Foley punches the ref! And then helps his friend Jeff untangle his leg fom the turnbuckle. Another ref comes out and calls for the bell.

    Winner via disqualification Senshi at 5:52

    The ref gets in Foley’s face and he gets punched for his trouble too. Senshi stands at the other corner. Mick looks to help Jeff and EMTs come out to check on Jarrett. The fans are stunned at what has happened to the Founder. Jarrett is surrounded by medical staff and another ref who tells Foley to get away. Foley is extremely stressed and apologises but had to stop the match.
    Foley is struck flush in the temple!!!!!! Foley drops like a sack of potatotes by a vicious roundhouse kick by the Warrior. The ref backs up Senshi and he flashes him a look and the ref dives out of the ring to escape anything that may have come his way. Senshi in his crouched position punches the mat and then somersaults out of the ring. The fans are still in shock as the Warrior makes his way out of the arena….


    Tenay and West replay the chaos that has occurred before the commercial break…. Jarrett and Foley were both stretchered out of the Impact Zone.

    They update the fans and tell them that Sting’s condition is still unknown after the man who just took out both Jarrett and Foley, Senshi, did some serious damage to the Icon last week… It is uncertain if Sting will be able to compete on Sunday. They send it to the back to JB.

    JB: I’m standing here with Father James Mitchell and the very frightening Monster Abyss.

    Mitchell: Last week, Jeff Hardy showed just how extreme he is by getting in the Monster Abyss’ business. Well at Sacrifice it will be MY six foot eight, weapon of mass destruction taking on Jeff Hardy, and he will show no mercy. He will eviscerate you Hardy, and show the world that the Charismatic Enigma, the man without fear will finally know terror. He will finally know what it feels to fear. Abyss will open up his eyes to horror. Hardy on Sunday, you will be Sacrificed. Hahahahahahahaha!

    Match #2
    The Monster Abyss vs. Paul London w/ Brian Kendrick

    Tenay and West explain that Mitchell asked for a match with either London or Kendrick to show Jeff Hardy just will happen to the daredevil at Sacrifice.

    The fans are pumped to see NEO-1-GT as they run out to show they will be no one’s example. But they both spin around when they hear the Monster’s music and both flinch when the fires of hell lick his boots as he stomps out followed by his dark handler.

    Abyss steps into the ring and London immediately attacks with a dropsault! Abyss hits the mat hard and London swings him arm in a huge circle awaiting Abyss to get back up and delivers a perfect superkick right to Abyss’ jaw. Abyss again goes down and London hits a standing moonsault. Cover...1..Abyss kicks out with authority!!

    Finish: London’s speed keeps the Monster guessing. The faster man keeps attacking the big man’s legs, trying to take out his wheels. London hits the ropes and hits a flying forearm! Abyss hits the mat again and rolls out to the floor. Abyss is dazed and he walks right into a running off the apron shooting star press! London high fives the fans and then Kendrick as the Monster is yelled at by Mitchell. London climbs the ropes and looks to finish beast. Abyss though rolls in and London has to change his stance on the tope rope. As he does Abyss catches him with a thunderous right hand.

    London almost falls off the top but Abyss catches him puts him on his shoulders and hits Shock Treatment! London’s back bows up and Kendrick winces as the Monster now has control. He military press London into a flapjack. London seems to be out while Abyss sits silently in the middle of the ring staring into to his own huge hands. London stirs and the Monster screams and grabs London by the hair and pulls him up with a huge chokeslam! He goes for the cover but as the ref slides into position Kendrick leaps up onto the apron. Abyss goes over to the ropes swinging wildly. Kendrick taunts Abyss calling him a ‘retarded freak’. London sees the opportunity and although extremely hurt from the high impact slam he gathers one last blast of energy and hits the ropes springing at Abyss with everything he’s got.

    Only to be embraced by the demon and engulfed by the Black Hole Slam! 1.2.3.

    Winner via pinfall, The Monster Abyss at 6:54

    Mitchell directs traffic on the outisde and Abyss shrugs off the referee raising his hand. He goes after London dragging him up by his hair. Kendrick wont allow his tag partner any more pain and flies in only to be goozled himself. The Monster double chokeslams both men! Mitchell laughs until the Charismatic Enigma’s music plays. Abyss watches as out of the Impact tunnel emerging from smoke Jeff Hardy dances to his to his own theme music. He skips and moves down the ramp as the fans cheer and dance with him. He high fives fans as he comes down, however doesn’t take his eyes off of the monster. The fans are all mesmerised by his presecence as he dances and head bangs to his song. He inches closer and closer to the ring high fiving the fans at ringside as they all cheer for him.

    Hardy does this at a slow pace as the Monster moves slightly just to keep Hardy in his sights. However Mitchell still tyring to direct Abyss’ actions doesn’t realise how close Jeff is getting. Suddenly Hardy kicks the monster’s dark handler in the gut and sets him for a Twist of Fate. Abyss’ roar almost sounds as if he’s begging Hardy but it’s not enough. Hardy drives Mitchell into the ringside floor to the fans delight. Abyss tangles himself in the ropes to get to his manager. Hardy’s music plays again and he backs up the ramp showing his ‘gun shoot” fingers to Abyss as the monster sits on the floor and cradles his unconcious master… Hardy saltutes the fans as impact goes to commercial.


    Tenay and West welcome everyone back to a huge episode of Impact. They replay the earlier events of Brock and Joe’s confrontation and Bret Hart upping the ante of the match making it a #1 contender’s match.

    They then show Senshi destroying Jarrett and then after the match attacking Foley, they cross to Christy Hemme who is in the parking garage.

    Hemme: The EMTs are too concerned about the TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett’s injuries and they are now loading him into the ambulance to take him to the hospital. I am going to head there and update you and the viewers if anything comes to light.

    Tenay: Thank you Christy. Jeff Jarrett is in a load of trouble Don.

    West: And not only that we still don’t know the status of the Icon. Will he be ready for Sacrifice?

    Match #3
    Amazing Red and Generation Me vs. Davey Richards and Speed Muscle

    Jerry Lynn the X Pioneer joins the commentary team saying that the X Division is not just Petey Williams. It is the most exciting Division with the most exciting athletes in all of wrestling and tonight this six man tag will prove it.

    Finish: It’s an explosive match as all six men are faster than a hiccup! Double team moves are continuously hit at a break neck pace as Amazing Red hits an Infra Red on Doi! 1..2.. Yoshino breaks it up with the faster baseball slide ever seen in a wrestling ring! Jeremy then hits a leaping X-Factor on Yoshino 1..2.. Richards stomps the young bucks head to break the count. Davey grabs Jeremy by the hair lifting him up by Max hits a superkick to the jaw. Sunset flip 1..2.. Doi who was still on the mat stretches out to break the count. The ref tries to get control as the fans chant “This is awesome”.

    The two teams gather themselves and they all have the look of determination on their faces as if they were about to shoot out of the blocks for a hundred metre sprint. Richards roars as he unloads deadly kicks into the Buck brothers. Yoshino sprints into Red but the Amazing One leap frogs him hits a back kick and then hits a leg lariat on Richards. Gen Me realise they need to finish this and grab Doi. Rolling fireman's carry slam by Max followed by a 450° splash by Jeremy followed by a moonsault by Max. 1..2.. Richards breaks it up as the fans can’t believe it and neither can the commentary team, Jerry Lynn and Gen Me.

    The Amazing Red grabs Richards, but he pushes him away and hits an STO. Gen Me come after him but Yoshino explodes with a lightning fast double clothesline turning both men inside out. Red gets to his feet but Richards hits a kick to the gut. TIGER DRIVER!!! 1..2.. Red kicks out! Red kicks out! Richards locks in the Kimora with body scissors. Red struggles, he reaches for help but has to tap out.

    Winners via submission Davey Richards and Speed Muscle at 9:29

    Tenay and West replay the total non-stop action of the match with Lynn’s thoughts and amazement at such a fast paced spectacle ended in a submission... the X Division just keeps you guessing...
    But out walks the X Division Champion. Richards, Doi and Yoshino jump out of the ring as Williams enters and sizes up the Amazing Red. Lynn quickly tries to untangle himself from the head phones, but Williams has already set up the former Champion in the Destroyer. Williams points at Lynn snorts and... “WALK” hits the speakers and out runs the Whole Dam Show. RVD slides into the ring but is met by boots to the head and back. RVD tries to shrug off the blows but Williams quickly hits a Northern Lights Suplex. Williams then grabs the title and as Rob gets to his feet he is run over with a belt shot to the face! Lynn gets to the ring but as the fans boo Williams stands over RVD and holds up the title for the Impact Zone and X Pioneer to see...


    <Video replay of the Super TAG Cup, the matches leading up to tonight. Bret hart’s announcement and the tomfoolery of the World Tag Champions the Motor City Machine Guns.>


    Harris: I came back to TNA for one reason to be once again join with James Storm reform AMW to show the world who is the greatest tag team of all time. Tonight we win this tournament and on Sunday we win back what rightfully belongs to us. The World Tag Team Championships.

    Storm: That’s right. Wolfe, Tanahashi, you guys have been running around here thinking your the big men on campus. Well this is TNA, and America’s Most Wanted are going to show you just why we are the former 6 time champions. You have messed with our friend Jeff Jarrett, who put this company on the map. You disrespected him. So tonight while he is in hospital we are going to beat some respect into you. Sorry about your damn luck.

    Elsewhere backstage...

    Wolfe: Tonight we are going to walk down that ramp. Beat the living hell out of those rednecks and get our title shot. It’s that easy.

    Tanahashi: Time for talks is over. AMW, you will see why they call me Ace of Universe.

    Main Event
    Final of Super TAG Cup Tournament

    The World Tag Champions the Motor City Machine Guns’ music hits and followed out by Kevin Nash they make their way to the commentary table. Nash though has a steel chair in each hand. He stands at the commentary box and Tenay and West don’t know what to think. He hands them to the Guns and they stare down Tenay and West and then... unfold them on either side of table and sit down. They put their feet up on the desk and tell Tenay and West to continue. They stare at their own titles as AMW’s music hits and the Impact Zone are firmly behind them. They walk past the giant trophy, pausing only slightly to look at it before hitting the ring. The Wolfe howls and out walks Desmond and he waits for the electronic theme of Tanahashi and the two men walk down the ramp.

    The fans have rallied behind AMW as they face off against the top guns. Both teams received formal introductions from JB and then this one is underway.
    Wolfe and Harris stand in the middle of the ring. The fans chant “AMW” which brings a smile to the Wildcat’s face. But it is quickly wiped away by a bitchslap from Desmond. Harris holds his mouth as Desmond now smiles. Harris retaliates with a huge slap of his own, staggering the Englishman, and he then is cut in half by a spear! Harris mounts Wolfe and shoots down right hands until he gets off him calls out to the crowd and the fans go crazy. He stands ready for Wolfe to get up and he then hits a big time clothesline before tagging in his partner to continue the advantage they have.

    Finish: The two teams have taken each other to their limits. The absolute brilliance of Wolfe and Tanahashi has been negated by the tag team experience of the former Champions. Tanahashi throws an elbow strike to Storm’s temple. The cowboy staggers and falls into a knee strike and then a roaring elbow. 1..2.. Harris makes the save, Wolfe comes in and clotheslines the Wildcat over the top rope, but his own momentum makes him also hit the floor. Tanahashi grabs Storm but his grip is slapped away and he hits a desperation superkick to the Japanese Ace.

    The ref starts his ten count and the fans start clapping to get AMW home. The Machine Guns have actually left their seats and are standing closer and closer to ringside, ditching the bravado and scouting who their opponent will be.

    ...6...7 ... both men get to their feet and in almost complete exhaustion start lashing out with punches and chops. Hiroshi gets the better of Storm with a spinning back fist and then a snap leg drop. 1..2.. Storm kicks out.

    Harris is back on the apron and is reaching out for a tag. He slaps the turnbuckle and the fans are right behind AMW. Tanahashi arrogantly spits in Harris’ face, making the Wildcat swing and then try to enter the ring. The ref stops him from jumping in and Wolfe has slid in and hit a European Uppercut, Storm flies off the blow and right into a superkick from Tanahashi! Hiroshi claps his hands and exits the ring. The ref turns to see Wolfe now in the ring, he questions him, but he continues to disassemble Storm’s arm. Harris yells at Storm to tag him, and Wolfe cunningly steps backwards towards Harris and then spins into a forearm shot. Harris flies off the apron and lands head first into the guardrail. His is split open and blood starts to trickle from the side of his head. But a the ref looks down Storm has given Wolfe a low blow!!!

    Wolfe drops holding his crotch as the ref looks back in the ring to once again see both men down. The crowd get AMW back into it, and a bloody Harris feeds off the fans’ energy and he gets back onto the apron and yells for the tag. Storm and Wolfe both crawl to their corners. Wolfe in pain slaps his partner’s hand but just as Tanahashi comes in Storm leaps with everything he has left and Harris explodes as does the fans. He unloads punch after punch and then a suplex. He drops the leg and then gets all fired up. Tanahashi gets up but is put back down with a high impact spinning spine buster! The fans are going insane as he sets to finish.

    Wolfe double sledges Harris in the back from out of nowhere. The ref calls for him to get out of the ring. Storm comes in and knocks down Wolfe to the floor. Harris and Storm take down Tanahashi and set for the Death Sentence. Storm climbs the top turnbuckle, and is about to hit the move. But Tomko has popped up and pulls Storm down crotching him! Tomko and Bernard back up the ramp smiling. Harris drops the Ace of the Universe only to be hit with a jawbreaker lariat from a re-enetered Wolfe. Harris all bloody, amazingly gets up roaring and pumps his fists to take out Wolfe but Tanahashi blindsides him with an elbow strike right to where the head injury is. Harris falls in a heap. Wolfe sees the opportunity and grabs Storm still perched on the turnbuckle. TOWER OF LONDON!!!


    Winners of the Super TAG Cup and the NEW #1 contneders for the TNA World Tag Team Titles Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi at 15:33

    Wolfe bad mouths AMW as he and his partner get their hands raised in victory. The Tag Champs walk into the ring and after slight hesitation present the giant trophy and plaques to the new winners. The Machine Guns hold out their hands to congratulate the winners. There is a moment of reluctance but they do shake hands. Suddenly Tanahashi smashes the huge trophy over the head of Chris Sabin! Nash and Shelley are in shock and go after the Super TAG Cup winners but they have already slithered out of the ring. Wolfe is heard saying “We’ll see you Sund’y Machine Guns” Hiroshi runs his fingers through his hair and flicks sweat at them as the back up the ramp laughing as one half of the tag Champions has been laid out!



    Nash: You boys want to play it that way. Good you haven’t seen what the Machine Guns are capable of. Tanahashi, Alex Shelley is going stretch you until your head pops off and Wolfe Sabin is going to kick your head in. You have no idea what you have done. The Tag Champs are going to make you guys wish you never won tonight. See you boys at Sacrifice.

    Tenay and West rundown the Sacrifice card now that the Super TAG Cup has been won.

    • Knockout Champion Tara vs. Gail Kim
    • Global Champion Hernandez vs. The Pope
    • Tag Champions MCMGs vs. Wolfe and Tanahashi
    • Grudge Match Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss
    • X Champion Petey Williams vs. Rob Van Dam
    • Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar
    • World Champion Christopher Daniels vs. Sting

    Out to the ring walks The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Wearing a black three piece suit he cradles the belt under his arm and almost glides into the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring absorbing the thunderous boos from the huge crowd. His music continues to play as he looks around the building and begins to smirk.

    Daniels: Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and girls. Welcome to the future. No longer will you be forced to watch old men trying to hold onto their spots. No longer will you bear witness to the tradgedies of great wrestlers being held down by politics when they should be champions. I am the shining light, I am the way and I have brought you all on this journey to the future and I will take you beyond. You may hate me now for the deeds I have done to bring you all here. The sins I had to portray, the evils I had to unleash. But to me the ends justifies the means. Ladies and gentlemen you all stand on the edge of a new world, a world where Iam your saviour, Iam your Champion, and I will show you a world not even you all could imagine.

    < We want Sting chant starts up>

    Now last week we all witnessed the future when The Icon Sting came face to face with the future. He was taken apart, he was disassembled, demoralised and destroyed by the Warrior Senshi. No one has heard a word from him. Now I know a thing or two about not letting my opponent know if I have any weaknesess, but Stinger we all saw what was left of you even before the monster Abyss took it upon himself to wipe you from TNA. You are a broken man Sting, and you should admit it. You are the past Sting, and there is no place for you here. So Bret Hart I implore you come out now and raise my hand in victory because we all know Sting will not face me at Sacrifice his injuries to his body are too severe and the injuries to his confidence and heart were fatal.

    Daniels’ speech is stopped by music we have already heard tonight, that of the Samoan Submission Machine. Out stomps Samoa Joe as he makes his way to the ring. The hatred between these two men are legendary and he wants the World title just as much as he wants Lesnar’s head. Almost breathing fire he walks right up to the Champion of the World.

    Joe: Daniels if Sting can’t make it, I’d be happy to do double duty and after I destroy Lesnar I’ll take the championship.

    Daniels: Hrmph, Joe, I wouldn’t worry about me. I’d be more worried about what Brock Lesnar is going to do to you. In fact this Sunday is going to be the greatest night of my career as I will beat Sting and I get to watch Brock lensar rip you limb from limb. In fact I’ll be the first man in line to buy the Sacrifice 2010 DVD and have it on loop on my big screen tv at my house running day and night.

    Joe grabs Daniels by his suit collar and drives him into the corner. The fans go up as the two men exchange curses, but they then explode when from out of the crowd and into the ring at almost a blink of an eye is the giant Lensar! He double sledges Joe to the back of the head. He starts pounding away with his huge fists as Joe covers up. He lifts Joe as the crowd roar in anticipation for the F5. Joe escapes and hits a side sabot kick. Brock staggers backwards and Joe bulldozers him into the corner and tries for a Musckle Buster. The huge crowd are with Joe’s big move but Lesnar kicks him away and they then move in for a huge brawl. The two men drive elbows and punches into each man until they fall through the ropes and onto the floor.

    From every conceivable pore in the Impact Zone runs countless security team members. It’s a sea of humanity trying to break up these two gladiators right in front of the entrance ramp. A sea of black shirts divide the ring and the ramp as these two behemoths are almost impossible to separate. Daniels is still in the ring watching the chaos unfold and he can’t help but chuckle to himself. The fans are almost deafeneing as each man tries desperately to hurt the other. Suddenly the fans cheers are ear splitting as Sting’s theme plays!!!

    From the top of the ramp out walks the Icon Sting. He seems to be leaning a little to the left and not moving well, but as hard as he tries, he can’t seem to hide his injuries.

    Sting: Fallen Angel, this Sunday at Sacrifice your reign of terror here in TNA is over! I don’t care if I’m 100% or 1% I will fight to the death to bring back honour to the World Championship.

    Sting’s music plays again as the two men lock eyes over the sea of chaos going on between them as Impact goes off the air….


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    Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling Presents

    Sponsored by ZAP -Click the banner for the official theme song.

    <The Sacrifice video package begins with Raven helping Daniels defeat AJ Styles for the TNA title. Daniels is the Champion and his promo on him finally achieving his destiny is spliced with the evil deeds Raven and he did to get to the top. Then there is footage of Daniels ramming Styles into the cage at Lockdown and although a bloody mess holding up the gold as he walks out of the cage.

    Sting battles Raven, Raven attacks others and Sting makes the save. Sting finally defeats Raven at Lockdown and then on Impact. A voice over of Hart telling Sting he will be the man to bring the title back from the dark side.

    Quick sound bytes of Sting and Daniels promos about who will win at sacrifice…

    Wolfe and Tanahashi ploughing through teams to win the Super Tag Cup. They are disrespectful to Foley and Jarrett, they beat RVD and Hardy and then we see them pinning Speed Muscle and then AMW. The Machine Guns congratulate them only to have Hiroshi smash the giant trophy over Sabin’s head busting him open!

    Samoa Joe walking down the ramp. Sees Lesnar is the crowd as a special guest. They get in each other’s faces and suddenly explode into a huge brawl. They encounter each other two more times and it’s a huge brawl

    Lesnar: I’m gonna
    Joe: Joe’s gonna kill you… >

    And now... TNA Wrestling presents Sacrifice…

    The Sacrifice set is an amazing structure. The stage has a gigantic screen and the two giant pillars on either side of the TNATron, seem to be made up of bones and a top of them are big skulls. The superstar’s entrance tunnel starts from the top of the stage but it leads down the ramp to about halfway. The tunnel itself is designed to look like it is put together by human bones merged with technology. Not unlike thousands of skeltons of cyborgs from the future. Smoke pours out of the tunnel as pyrotechnics explode to mark the start of the TNA Sacrifice supercard. Huge spotlights line the ramp as Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to a huge night in por-wrestling history as tonight the world will see Samoa Joe clash with Brock Lesnar.

    The crowd is announced at 41,346 by Dave Penzer to a huge pop as the highest rating, and number 1 Pro-wrestling company in the world is a sell out for this huge event.

    Match #1
    Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss

    The roof blows off as Jeff Hardy’s music hits to start the ppv! Dave Penzer’s match announcement cannot be heard as Hardy pumps up the crowd with his hand banging entrance. Sliding into the ring he jumps on to four of the 6 corners of the ring and salutes the fans. Camera flashes light up the huge arena as forty thousand plus fans chant his name.

    < A replay of the last few weeks where Jeff Hardy has been protecting Sting from Abyss. Mitchell’s promo about how the man without fear will know Horror at the nahds of the monster. It came to a head two weeks ago when Hardy hit the swanton bomb off the stage to save Sting from being choked. Then last week Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on James Mitchell to play mind games with his Sacrifice opponent>

    Through the fires of Hell walks the Monster Abyss. The flames lick at his boots as his dark handler Father James Mitchell, points at Hardy and then pretends to click a button “Click, Doomsday, Now” and points again at the Charismatic Enigma. The Monster makes his way down the ramp as Hardy bounces up and down in the middle of the ring ready for a war. Abyss is getting last minute instructions from Mitchell when he is hit full force from a sommersault plancha from Hardy!!! Abyss hits the back of his head on the floor, as Hardy gets up and headbangs with the cheering fans. Mitchell steps away as he doesn’t want to get hit again by the Twist of Fate. Hardy drops a leg right across Abyss’ face and calls for the fans approval. Rolling back into the ring he climbs the turnbuckle to a huge ovation. Abyss gets to his feet, Mitchell is screaming at him but it’s too late and Hardy once again delivers a big time splash putting the monster down again!

    Finsih: Hardy has ht the Monster with everything he has, but the creature from hell is still standing. Hardy tried a Whisper in the Wind but was caught and hit in one movement with a big time backbreaker across the monster’s knee.Abyss gathers his senses as Mitchell directs traffic on the outside. He puts his giant hands into Hardy’s mouth and pulls him to his feet by his bottom jaw! He then unloads some big time right hands to Hardy’s temple. Hardy is spaghetti legged and can’t stand up staright and his smashed by the big boot. Abyss runs the ropes and drops down with all his weight onto Hardy’s chest. He sits there as the ref counts 1..2.. Hardy barely escapes at a 2 and a half…

    Abyss starts choking Hardy and the ref calls for the break…1..2..3..4.. Abyss releases it only to choke him again..1..2..3..4.. Abyss Chokeslams Hardy this time and makes the cover..1..2.. Hardy kicks out!

    Jeff is reaching for the ropes to try and get some room between him and the monster but Abyss is relentless and grabs the back of Jeff’s jeans and pulls him back up almost effortlessly. He lifts him up and goes for Shock Treatment, but Hardy struggles. Abyss holds him in place trying to execute the deadly backbreaker. Hardy finally goes around the world and delivers a big time DDT. Both men are down as the ref counts 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8 Both men stir and get to their feet. Hardy throws a big punch to Abyss’ face. Abyss doesn’t flinch and hits a punch of his own which sends Jeff flying into the corner. Abyss crosses his arms and then charges in crushing Hardy between his huge frame and the turnbuckles. He backs up and Hardy drops to his knees right in front of Abyss. Mitchell calls “Doomsday”. Abyss punches Hardy and then picks him up. He whips Hardy into the ropes looking for the Black Hole Slam, but Jeff is able to turn it into a leaping spinning lariat. The fans chant “Hardy” as Hardy ascends the turnbuckles SWANTON BOMB!

    Right into Abyss’ knees!! Hardy’s back bows up and the Monster gets to his feet and delivers another big boot. 1..2.. Hardy kicks out. Abyss is starting to get frustrated so grabs a table from under the ring and throws it in. He lifts it on the apron, but hardy drop kicks it into Abyss! The monster is caught between the ropes and the table. Hardy sets up the table and tires to supelx Abyss through the table as the ref tries to get some sort of order. Abyss reverses the suplex and Hardy goes flying out of the ring crashing to the floor. Abyss goes after Hardy by putting his head through the ropes but jeff leaps up and uppercuts the Monster. Abyss stumbles back into the ring tripping back onto the table. Hardy is up on the top and hits another Swanton! Abyss crashes through the table..1..2..3.

    Winner via pinfall Jeff Hardy at 15:32

    The fans go crazy as Jeff has won the opening bout here at Sacrifice tonight! The ref raises his arm as the battered and bruised body of Hardy salutes the fans as Mitchell cringes in the corner due to his monster losing. The fans celebrate with Hardy as Tenay and West play the highlight reel before sending it to the back to a very sexy Christy Hemme.
    Hemme: Thanks guys I’m here with Dana White the President of UFC Dana White and TNA Executive Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Welcome gentlemen. Firstly Mr. White, what are your thoughts on tonight’s main event?

    White: Tonight is going to be a big night for the UFC. Simply put TNA has taken us over in the ratings lately. So this is a big business deal for us to have our Champion defeat TNA’s top guy and show the world that UFC is the superior product. I can only see one outcome tonight and that is complete and utter domination of Samoa Joe by Brock Lesnar. Joe’s a big guy, but he’s no Brock Lesnar. This guy is an absolute force and nothing ever stands in his way. If you pro-wrestlers thought he was a bad ass in WWE or NJPW, then after all his improvements to get to where he is now. I’ve gotta say, I wouldn’t want to be Samoa Joe right about now.

    Hemme; Thanks Mr. White, Bret what are your thoughts going into this huge event for TNA?

    Hart: Christy, Brock Lensar is an amazing wrestler. The man is a beast and is probably the most powerful guys I have ever seen in my life. However his lack of knowledge of the 6 sided ring, will give Joe the advantage. Joe has beaten the very best wrestlers in the world. He has beaten Kurt Angle numerous amounts of times, the man is a killer and I think it’s Brock who has be afraid of what this guy can do.

    Hemme: Well there you have it. Some great insight from the Dna White and Bret Hart. Thank you very much gentlemen and back to you.

    Match #2
    Knockout Championship Match
    Champion Tara vs. Gail Kim

    <Replay of what has been happening on Knocked Out. Champion Tara wanted full control of the show as she was the Champion. Gail Kim didn’t agree with her and got attacked for her trouble. Tara on the next episode started booking matches including a handicap match of Awesome Kong and Hamada vs. Gail Kim. Kim was destroyed. Kim came out and attacked Tara the following week and Gail was given a title shot by the newly appointed Knock Out commissioner Dixie Carter. Gail pins Tara with her moonsault in a tag match of Tara and Kong vs. Gail and Sarita. Gail says she’ll defeat Tara and once again be Knock Out Champion…>

    Mike Tenay and Don West are happy to once again see the Knock Outs and are joined by the Knocked Out commentators Allison Danger and Medusa.

    Tara and Gail enter the ring as the fans now boo Tara but like always cheer Gail. They shoot each other a look before locking up. Tara tries to overpower her opponent but Gail slips around and gives Tara a Backdrop Driver, dropping Tara right on her head..1..2.. kickout! Gail almost won the title in the opening moments of this match!! Tara rolls out of the ring grasping the back of her head. She is almost in tears and drops a knee on the outside obviously in great pain. Gail shows no mercy and leaps off the apron with a drop kick slamming Tara into the guard rail in front of cheering fans.

    Finish: Tara sent Gail head first inot the steel ring post on the outside. The referee starts his ten at 9 Tara enters the ring, so the ref counts again. Gail reaches up and just at 9 rolls in only to be hit by stomps from the Champ. Tara launches Gail into the Widows Peak, only for Gail to slip out and deliver the Eat Defeat! 1..


    Tara kicksout! Gail can’t believe it and drags Tara to the corner. She goes for a moonsault, but tara hits her in the back with a forearm shot and then picks her up for a super back suplex. Cover 1..2.. Gail rolls the shoulder, as Tara almost pulls her hair out. She grabs Gail and lifting her to her feet delivers the Widows Peak! 1.2.. Gail kicks out!!!! The fans go crazy as Tara cannot believe someone kick out of her finisher. Gail looks to be out of it as Tara looks to finish. She grabs Gail, but suddenly is school girled.



    Tara kicks out, gets up and is hit with a huge roaring elbow strike. Tara fights back with a huge clothesline knocking down the challenger. Tara looks insane and is totally enraged and stes Gail for what looks like a powerbomb, she lifts her up. Quickly Gail reverses it with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors into an armbar. Tara is caught by surprise! The Flying Dragon is locked in, Tara reaches for the ropes but Gail hyper extends her elbow and she is forced to tap!!

    Winner via submission and NEW Knockout Champion Gail Kim at 8:12

    Balloons come down as Dixie Carter comes out and congratulates Gail on her victory. She hands her the title as Gail proudly displays it to the fans. Sarita and Roxxi run out to applaud her and lift her on their shoulders as Tara holding her elbow almost runs to the back. The fans applaud Gail’s win and she couldn’t be happier..
    < Video package of LAX reforming. Konnan reuniting Homicide and Hernandez and their path of destruction through the tag division. Footage of Hernandez destroying Eric Young and the World Elite as Cide turned on them and together LAX ran them out of TNA. Hernandez is the Global Champion. Anyone who has come up against him has been decimated by the big man. Voice over of Konnan saying Hernnadez’s era of violence has just begun and if anyone wants to step up to the plate if they dare. Out comes the former 2 time X Division Champion, The Pope, D’Angelo Dinero to answer the challenge. He takes Hernandez to his limit until Konnan has had enough and Homicide interferes. LAX brutally beat down The Pope. >

    Match #3
    Global Championship Match
    Champion Hernandez w/LAX vs. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

    Gunshots ring out and out comes LAX. Konnan trash talks the fans as they emerge from the tunnel. Hernandez has a huge chain around his neck that holds the Global title like a huge necklace. Cide and Konnan drape the ring in flags as the big Mexican bulldozer slingshots himself into the ring Cide and Konnan are like guard dogs, roaming ringside barking and threatening the fans as Pope music hits. The fans are on their feet as The Pope has returned. He thrills the fans as Pope money drops from the rafters pouring into the 40,000 plus crowd. Emerging from the tunnel he points at Hernandez and gives the sign of the belt as he is ready to get back at the men who put him on the shelf by taking the group’s collective title belt.

    The referee displays the championship to the fans as Pope removes his jacket and his sunglasses. Hernandez gets in his face, only to be slapped. Hernandez is in shock and turns in anger as Pope drops to his knees and hits a devastating uppercut “Pimpslap”! Pope removes his face mask and uses it to choke Hernandez. The ref tries to gain control, as Pope is out for revenge.

    Finish: Pope is slammed by a huge flying shoulder tackle! He bounces off the mat and hits hard into the ropes. Dez grabs him by his hair and beals him across the ring. Pope is in trouble as he grabs his back wincing in pain. Konnan directs traffic as Cide riles up the fans. A chorus of boos rain down as Hernandez sets up for a powerbomb. Pope puts a thumb in the Champ’s eye and comes down with an X factor variation, driving Dez’s face into the mat! Pope jiggles and jives and as Dez gets up hits a few Bionic elbows, a few left jabs to the jaw and then a winds up the fist and delivers a knockout blow! 1..2… Hernandez kicks out. He is dazed and tries to escape by crawling out to the floor. Pope has other ideas and hits the Coronoation! He ends up in the fans celebrating with them as the fans chant “Pope is Pimpin” as Hernandez grabs his throat and rolls back inot the centre of the ring. Dinero lepas back onto the apron and as the ref checks on the Champion’s throat, Homicide moves in. But only to get a face full of Dinero’s boot. Pope pulls down the knee pads and sprints in to finish the job with a DDExpress! But Hernandez turns and shoots out of the corner with a clothesline! Pope is then Border Tossed into the turnbuckles. He drops to a knee as Pope is down.

    The big man climbs the turnbuckle and flies off with a huge splash. Pope moves as Hernandez crashes and burns. Cover 1…


    Hernandez powers out. Homicide climbs up on the apron and gets the ref’s attention as Konnan gets up on the other side. But Pope is ready for him and drop kicks him off the apron crashing into the guard rail! The fans go crazy only to go silent as Hernadez hits a big time spear. Scoop lift sitout powerbomb. 1..2..Pope kicks out. Hernandez is livid as Pope desperately tries to get to his feet. Hernandez whips him into the ropes and Pope ducks a clothesline and comes back with his own high flying shoulder tackle! Hernandez is down and Pope gets the fans behind him, as he slaps his knees ready to finish this one.

    Hernandez gets up and Pope looks to turn his DDE into a Codebreaker and leaps up to deliver the move. Hernandez’s power turns it into a powerbomb! The Global Champion shakes off everything and hits another Border Toss.


    Winner and STILL Global Champion Hernandez at 12:07

    Hernandez is exhausted and quite battered. He accepts his belt back from the ref but stumbles backwards to rest ina corner. Pope stirs but Homicide is not happy about the boot in the face earlier. He grabs the Pope, and as the ref gets involved Konnan slaps him and throws him to the floor. Gringo Killah!!! Pope slumps to the mat. As Konnan kicks imaginary sand over him. Hernandez holds up his belt in victory as Konnan trash talks the fans as they rain down boos on the fearsome faction.
    Backstage Christy Hemme reports that Brock Lesnar has arrived and is warming up in his own separate locker room. <Footage is shown of Brock with wife Rena Mero walking into the building. Camera’s flashes go crazy as they and his entourage walk into the building. He is then met by Kurt Angle who ushers them all into a private locker room>

    Match #4
    X Division Championship Match
    Champion Petey Williams vs. Rob Van Dam

    <Video of Petey Williams’ attacks over the last year. He hits Canadian Destroyers on Eric Young, Kurt Angle, The Pope, Mistico and Jerry Lynn. Lynn is saved by RVD who says that he and Jerry had become friends over the years due to their classic matches and he is going after the X title. Williams and RVD battle in one match and then a Hardcore Match. Williasm has escaped with the belt every time. Then on Impact he knocked RVD out with a belt shot to the face>

    RVD: Tonight’s match with Petey Williams is not just about me and him. It’s not just about me and Jerry Lynn. It’s about TNA. For four months Christopher Daniels and Raven tried to burn this company down. I’m here because this is where the best wrestlers in the world are. And the best division and the most exciting is the X Division. Tonight I will win the X title. I will take TNA to greater heights and I will elevate the X Division Championship to another level. Because that’s what I do. I’m Mr. PPV and tonight live on ppv I’m going to kick ass, take names and show my fans just why they chant Rob.Van.Dam.

    “Walk hits over the loud speakers and the huge crowd goes ballistic. The Whole Dam Show leisurely walks out and great he’s fans all over ringside before leaping in and roundhouse kicking and throwing his hands up to show the fans he is ready. But then out walks the X Divison Champion. He has nothing but disdain on his face as he walks out with his hockey jersey on but unbuttoned revealing the X Division title around his waiste. He gets on the turnbuckles as boos from 40,000 people descend down on him. He waves it off and hands over the belt to the referee who displays it in the air to the fans. The bell rings and Williams dives out of the ring.

    RVD can’t ebelive how cowardly Petey is as the ref tries to get him in the ring. Williams keeps breaking the count by jumping in but then jumping out. RVD starts getting impatient as Williams keeps the mind games going. Rob has had enough and he launches himself over the top rope with a sommersault plancha but Williams was ready. RVD crashes and burns back first into the guardrail, and his head hitting the floor. Williams starts stomping away as Rob is extremely hurt.

    Finish: Petey is dominating the match as RVD is still trying to get into it after the hideous fall on the outside. He tries to get up but is hit by a leg lariat or a swinging neck breaker from the champ. Williams paintbrushes the top of Rob’s head and then places a knee into the centre of his back he grabs RVD’s ponytail with both hands and wrenches back! The ref gets in his face but Williams is not showing any mercy tonight. The ref starts counting and Williams with a smirk releases the hold. Rob’s face catapults into the mat and it looks like his nose may have been broken from that one!

    Williams dusts off his hands and then looks for the sharpshooter. Rob’s nose is bleeding but with his flexibility is able to turn Williams’ submission attempt into a body scoissors pin fall. 1.. Williams escapes, Rob tries to get up only to be dropkicked in the nose! Williams laughs as he starts hitting crossface forearms violently and relentlessly into Rob’s nose. Williams gives aleaping stomp to the side of the head and then taunts the fans. RVD starts crawling to a corner but as he gets there and starts pulling himself onto his feet, he is struck down by an explosive drop kick to the jaw!

    The X Division Champion looks to finish as he grabs RVD by the hair but Rob spins out and nails a Vandaminator! Willliams is down and the ref starts the ten count 1..2…3…4. Williams gets up and Rob hits clothesline, and then another when Petey jumps to his feet. Rob is trying to get back into this title match. Petey is whipped off the ropes and is knocked down by a roundhouse. Just as he gets up he is levelled by a Rob leaping off the middle rope and connecting with a thrust kick! Rolling Thunder!!!


    Petey Kicks out, only for Rob to hit a spinning leg drop and then a rolling splash.


    Petey rolls the shoulder and Rob drags Petey to a corner. Split legged Moonsault!!!

    Petey drapes his leg onto the ropes and the ref stops the count. Rob’s mouth is covered in blood and when he tries to pick up Williams with a scoop and a slam, Petey hits a palm thrust to RVD’s nose. RVD drops Petey as he eyes tear up and he can’t see and is hit with a Sitout belly to back wheelbarrow facebuster! Rob grabs his face, he is in trouble as Williams start zeroing in on the injury. Rob’s eyes don’t even seem to be open as Williams executes the Canadian Legsweep (Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown transitioned into a Russian legsweep). Champion with the cover 1..2.. Rob kicks out this time!

    Williams climbs the turnbuckles and Rob depserately tries to get to his feet. Wlliams attempts a hurricanrana but Rob catches him and turns his momentum into a flapjack! Then in the sme motion hits a standing moonsault..1…2… Williams just kicks out as the ref took a little longer to get into position as Rob’s move was out of nowehere! Rob picks up petey by the hair and throws him into the corner. He then rolls inot a monkey flip, but Williams kicks him in the gut and Rob hits the mat. Petey locks in his Inverted Facelock right on the bridge of Rob’s broken nose! RVD struggles to escape as Petey really pulls back to finish the match.

    Rob flips his body to the side and with his leg strength is amazingly able to stand up and Petey loses his leverage and then almost loses teeth, as Rob hits a roll through sabot kick to the face of the shorter man. The fans clap as both men are down. Rob out of instinct leaps to the turnbcukles and comes down hard with a 5 Star Frog Splash. With such force Rob hits Williams with he bounces off of him and lands a metre away. Rob crawls to the cover as the referee is in position.

    1..2..Petey pokes the ref in the eye!!! The ref stops the count and grabs his eye. Rob can’t believe it. The ref with his other hands shakes his hand in the air and the bell rings. The ring announcer comes over to the refree who is still hurt, as he gives the official decision.

    Winner via disqualification Rob Van Dam, but still X Division Champion Petey Williams at 16:33

    The ref is in severe pain, as a beaten and battered Williams looks for his belt, he goes over to the ring announcer and then the time keeper but he can’t see it. He is so exhausted he doesn’t even hear the huge ovation as he walks right into Jerry Lynn, holding the X Division title. Williams wants his belt, but Lynn shakes his finger at him and points for him to get back in the ring! Williams shakes his head as the crowd is almost in a frenzy. RVD grabs Williasm from behind as the fans go crazy. The ring announcer states that Jerry Lynn has reordered the match to restart the match no DQ! The 40,000 strong crowd pop huge, as Rob starts laying in some rapid fire kicks and then ends it with a spinning roundhouse kick! Williams goes down and tries to escape but Rob hits a snap suplex. The Champion is in trouble as he depserately crawls out of the ring, but RVD adjusts in mid air and leaps down and knocks down Williams on the outside! He then front suplexes Williams draping him hard over the guard rail. Leaping to the apron he stops and takes in the huge crowd and then gives the thumbs “Rob. Van Dam.” Rob executes a spinning leg lariat to the back of Petey’s head!!!! Rob high fives the fans, but Petey tries to escaspe this onslaught and walks right into the time keeper. Almost unconcious Petey fights through his daze and as Rob comes closer he is struck with a chair shot!

    Petey then hits a devastating DDT on the floor! Lynn watches on in horror as Williams rolls back in the ring and gathers his senses. Rob tries to pull himself onto the apron but is hit with a baseball slide. Petey jumps out of the ring and grabs the chair again and bashes Rob across the back! Williams has silnced the huge crowd and he loves it. He continues to try and shake off the beating he has had. He slides the chair into the ring and drags the almost dead weight of RVD into the middle. A new referee has arrived and slides in to see Petey set up Rob for the Destroyer standing over the steel chair….

    He goes for it, but Rob blocks it, he tries again, Rob drops to a knee. Petey bashes the back of RVD and again attempts the flip piledriver onto the steel chair, but Rob lifts him with his strength and back body drops him onto the chair! Petey’s back bows up and Rob leaps onto the top and comes down one more time with a 5 Star! Petey moves and Rob lands on the chair! Petey grabs Rob again for the Destroyer and..

    Rob escapes steps over and hits a sunset flip 1..2…Petey kicks out but is run over by a clothesline! Rob drags Petey inot the corner as he grabs the chair and sits in place as the fans know what’s coming. They erupt as he climbs the adjacent turnbuckle and goes coast to coast with his 5 star missile dropkick. VAN TERMINATOR!!

    The fans count with the ref 1.2.3

    Winner and NEW X Division Champion Rob Van Dam via pinfall at 23:06

    40,000 fans explode the roof off the building as Jerry Lynn enters the ring and presents RVD with the title! He holds it up as fireworks go off in the building as another new Champion has been crowned tonight. Rob celebrates in the ring and leaps onto all the top turnbuckles. Jeff Hardy and Mick Foley also join Jerry Lynn in applauding the new X Division Champion.
    Tenay and West run through the replays of the match as Williams slinks off to lick his wounds as Rob continues to keep the fans pumped with his thumbs!!

    Christy Hemme is in the back and with her is a very special guest. Dressed in t-shirt, jeans and a leather jacket is the former Champion of the World the Phenomenal One AJ Styles!

    Hemme: How are you AJ? What have you been up to? What brings you here tonight?

    Styles: Woah, slow down there Christy. Look I’ve been taking some time off to get my head on straight and to heal up, so that when I come back to the active roster I’m ready to pick up where I left off, in the main event. Now as to why I’m here, two reasons friends and TNA. You see Christy all I have ever done is gone out there and done my absolute best for this company, for TNA. Tonight I’m here to see Samoa Joe represent TNA and kick that WWE, UFC bully Brock Lensar’s head off. And then, Christy, watch my mentor, my friend my idol, the Stinger defeat that ex-best friend of mine, that snake, that two faced liar Christopher Daniels. And become TNA Champion and bring some respect back to the Championship I spent 8 months building up.

    Hemme; Well AJ I hope all your predictions come true and thank you so much for joining us. There you have the thoughts from the visiting former TNA Champion AJ Styles. Great to see him! Back to ringside with Don and Mike.

    Match #4
    World Tag Team Championship Match
    Champions The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) w/ Kevin Nash vs. Super TAG Cup winners Desmond Wolfe and Hiroshi Tanahashi

    <Video replay of the Super TAG Cup, the winners the losers, the pinfalls, the submissions, the high spots, the pain, until one team left standing the Ace of the Universe and the Wolfe. Then Tanahashi takes the giant trophy presented to him by the Tag Champs and smashes it on Sabin’s head! Nash’s promo on how the Guns will get even…>

    Both teams get their big time entrances, and even though Shelley and Nash have been playing up lately the champs still get a huge ovation. Sabin has a small plaster on his head from the trophy shot. He looks across the ring intensely at his opponents as Shelley gets some tips from Nash. Hiroshi flips his hair at the fans as Desmond Wolfe is in the ring grinning at Sabin and rubbing his own forehead in jest. The bell rings and Sabin explodes out of the blocks. He tries an elbow smash but Wolfe rolls him up immediately (Artful Dodger) 1..Sabin kicks out but is hit with a short arm lariat! Sabin is down and Wolfe lays the boots in leading him towards his corner. Wolfe then does a top rope handstand followed by a double foot stomp. Sabin is in trouble and Tanahshi is tagged in to keep the momentum flowing.

    Finish: The pace has picked up as the Champs have fought back inot the match after being taken to school by the changing of styles by their opponents. Sabin holds Tanashashi in a fireman's carry while Shelley hits a diving double foot stomp followed by Sabin hitting a fireman's carry takeover onto Shelley's knees! Hiroshi grabs his back as the Guns deliver a Spinning sole kick by Sabin followed by a superkick from Shelley and then finished with a simultaneous jumping enzuigiri by Sabin / superkick by Shelley combination!!! The Ace of the Universe falls in a heap as Wolfe steps in to stop the double teams only to be hit by an inverted STF by Shelley followed by a running dropkick to the face by Sabin! Sabin throws Wolfe over the top rope to the floor right at the feet of Kevin Nash, leaving the legal man fair game to the Champs. The ref sees Nash move in and tells him to back up, Nash of course acts innocent and puts his hands up. Wolfe gets to his feet only to be hit by a missile dropkick right into the guard rail!

    Sabin roars, as Shelley grabs Hiroshi for the Sliced Bread #2, but Hiroshi powers out and Shelley is crotched on the top turnbuckle! Tanahashi drops to all fours in exhaustion and tries to see where his partner is and just dodges a punt kick from Sabin. Tana still on his knees trips up Sabin to the mat and as both men get to their feet, Hiroshi ducks a Sabin clothesline and hits the Kinkasan Suplex (Bridging high–angle German suplex). Sabin is dropped on his head. Shelley, holding his crotch, walks out of the corner and receives a Sling Blade. Hiroshi is on fire as he tags in Wolfe who runs the ropes and delivers a devastating JawBreaker Lariat on Sabin! 1.2. Shelley makes the save. Tanahashi hits a bridging dragon suplex on Sabin while Wolfe tosses Shelley out of the ring. 1..2.. Shelley has skinned the cat and made another save. He hits a superkick on Wolfe and then a mule kick to Hiroshi. He grabs Sabin and hits a Spinning leg sweep / spinning wheel kick combination on Wolfe and then hit a kneeling side slam by Sabin followed by a frog splash by Shelley on Hiroshi! 1..2.. Hiroshi barely kicks out.

    Shelley claps his hands at the ref to count faster as Sabin scoops up Wolfe and locks him inn the tree of woe. Baseball slide by Shelley followed by a Hesitation Dropkick by Sabin. Shelley though so proud of himself backs into a Bridging / Release / Rolling German suplex! Sabin though kicks Hiroshi straight in the mouth for that one, only to be arm dragged by a recovering Wolfe, crossed chopped to the throat and then headbutted into the corner. Wolfe then shoot kicks Sabin in the back and then follows up with a downward lariat to the neck!

    Wolfe gives the fans the forks and looks to finish by warming up his lariating arm. The referee is trying to get some order, but Nash reaches in for Wolfe’s leg. Wolfe yells at Nash, who again puts his innocent face on, only to be hit by the Dragon Rocket Suicide Dive from Tanahashi! Nash goes down but the destraction is enough for the Champs.

    Sabin kicks Wolfe in the gut and the Guns hit a Powerbomb onto a double knee backbreaker combination! 1.2.3.

    Winners via pinfall and STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions The motor City Machine Guns at 19:34

    The Guns celebrate another defence of the belts. They hold up the titles to the fans as Wolfe and Tanahashi regather themselves. The Guns then check on the big man Nash who took a suicide dive for the team. He doesn’t seem very happy about it though when the Champs help him up. But he sees they won the belts and slaps them on the back and pumps his fist.

    Wolfe walks over to Tanahsahi and pushes him and asking why he left him to be double teamed. Tanahshi rolls his eyes and looks any where but at Wolfe. He asks again this time jabbing his finger right into the Ace of the Universe’s chest. Hiroshi keeps looking anywhere but Wolfe and moving his head as if he was Stevie Wonder. Wolfe tries to grab Hiroshi’s jaw so he’d look him in the eye so he can explain himself to him as to why he lost. Wolfe yells “ I don’t lose ya here me!” but suddenly he is double clotheslined by the seven foot Nash, to the fans delight! The Guns music plays again as the Champs hold up their titles and Nash stands between them and holds up their hands in victory on the ramp.
    Backstage Christy is in Samoa Joe’s locker room. Joe has one iPod ear phone in as he warms up by smashing a kick bag with knees and kicks.
    Hemme: Joe, thank you for letting us in tonight. How is the preperation going for the match?

    Joe: Tonight Brock lensar steps into my world. A world he left behind because he couldn’t handle the pace and he knew guys like me would end his so called aura of invincability if we ever stepped in the ring with him. Lesnar tonight falls he can’t handle what I’ve got in store for him. Tonight, Joe’s gonna kill him.

    The UFC have not allowed any TNA interviewers into Brock’s locker room, however standing outside Lesnar’s room is Josh Rogan.

    Rogan: Tonight we find out just how “real” the UFC is and just how “real” Brock Lesnar is. This man is almost 300 pounds. He lightning fast, he has so much power that I don’t even see the overweight Joe lasting two minutes against Brock. This match is going to end fast and is going to end bloody. Sorry TNA your guy doesn’t shape up to the big man Lesnar.

    Co-Main Event
    World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Champion The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels vs. The Icon Sting

    <Video of Daniels being the evil mastermind behind the Raven Saga and winning the ttitle from AJ. The Hitman charging Sting to be the man to bring back the title now that he had defeated Raven. Sting and Daniels duel on the mics. Sting tells Daniels he may hold the title but he is no Champion. Daniels goads Sting inot showing him what a true champion is and dares him to put his titole shot on the line against Senshi. Senshi beats up Sting, but he wins. Abyss attacks Sting but Sting escapes. Sting vs. Daniels for the title…>

    The bell rings and JB stands in the middle of the ring. He says that welcome to the C-main event of the evening. The arena goes dark and the fans erupt as Slay Me plays as the fans welcome the arrival of the Icon. His shadow moves through the blinding light blasting from the entrance tunnel. Wearing his trenchcoat and his war paint he greets the crowd with a huge OOOOOOWHH! 40,000 fans call back to him and it shakes the building as they cheer and bow down to the man who Bret Hart has charged to bring back the World title from the dark side. Sting bows down to the fans as they bow to him and enters the ring again calling out to them as the heavy guitar riff keeps playing. The lights come back on and Sting stands ready for his greatest challenge.

    Smoke spews out of the entrance tunnel and lasers shoot out everywhere as fire shoots from the sides of the ramp, starting Wings of a Fallen Angel plays. as the Fallen Angel emerges he walks through the blue flames on either side. His giant black cloak is held together by the TNA World title. A shroud covers his face as he outstretches his arms showing his gun salute. He moves them up and to the side almost robotically before explosively removing the shroud covering his face revealing a very arrogant smile. The earth shattering boos do not phase him as he struts to the beat of his entrance theme down the ramp. He pats the title and looks at Sting sizing up no doubtley the Icon’s injuries. Daniels gets into the ring and spinns around and then steps into his corner with a giant smirk on his face. He hands the belt over to the referee and slaps it. The ref shows it to Sting who places his hand on it before the refere shows it to the 40,000 fans who again pop. JB does the formal introductions, as Sting removes his trench coat and Daniels removes his robe. Daniels clenches his fist and grabs his wrist. As the referee rings the bell and both men walks right into the middle of the ring to meet each other. There is a huge stare down. And the fans go crazy. Daniels though extends his hand for Sting to shake it. The Stinger looks down at it and then back at Daniels. Slicing through the stone look and the white make-up is a grin. The Stinger laughs at Daniels and so gets slapped across the face! Sting shoots a look back at Daniels and then grabs Daniels by the face and walks him back into the corner, Daniels slapps his arm away kicks Sting in the knee, runs back into the ropes only to be clotheslined by the Icon!

    The fans are on there feet as Daniels rolls out of the ring. Sting tries to follow but the ref tells him to back it up and calls the Champ back in the ring. Daniels now not impressed have all of the ringside fans getting in his face. He taunts them back before telling the referee to get the challenger back so he can re-enter the ring. Daniels slowly walks back up the steel steps and shakes his head and moves in to lock up. Sting uses his power and throws Daniels away.Daniels looks to lock up again and is again thrown away by Sting’s power. Sting flexes his muscles at Daniels and roars as the fans cheer again. Daniels smiles, gets up, circles and shoots in on Sting’s leg. Sting escapes spins but is hit with a right jab to the ribs. Sting immediatley drops his hands and Daniels hits an Enzuigiri. Sting staggers forward turns and is hit by an STO!

    Finish: Sting’s injuries although hidden from Daniels in the begginning of the match have been made obvious to the Champ after a side slam, an ex[ploder suplex and a Fall from Grace off the top. Sting fights back with all his got and his power and height advantage enables him to use his experience to keep his injuries away from Daniels. Daniels though keeps going after the ribs of the Icon and Sting barely escaped from a bear hug.

    Sting has a longer reach and is able to hit a chop to Daniels’ shoulder and then a kick to the gut, sprininging off the ropes delivers the one handed bulldog! Daniels hits hard and rolls to a the Icon sets for a Stinger Splash. Tenay and West on commentary can’t fathom why Sting would attempt such a move with possible broken ribs. But the Dark Avenger, the Sheriff of TNA launches himself and crushes the Champ with his signature move! Daniels is hurt but so too is the Icon and it seems he has done too much damage to himself. Both men are down.

    1.2.3. Daniels stirs Sting gets to a knee 8 9 both men are up and Daniels throws a punch. Sting blocks and hits one of his own. Daniels tries again, and again it’s blocked and the Stinger fires a big time right hand to Daniels’ jaw! It rocks the Champion and he falls back into the ropes and Sting hits a DDT. Cover 1.2. Daniels kicks out.

    The fans are counting along trying to will Sting the win over the evil mastermind. The Fallen Angel tires to get to his feet and Sting picks him up for a tombstone. But his ribs give way and Daniels overpowers him and reverses it into his own tombstone. But Sting folds Daniels up and gets his own tombstone and boom!



    Daniels kicks out! The fans let out a collective sigh as Sting was so close they all held their breathe! Sting goes to pick up Daniels but the Champ smacks him away and hits a Death Valley Driver! He drags Sting to the middle and executes perfectly the Best Monnsault Ever! Sting’s ribs crunch and all his breathe pushes out of his body. Blood even shoots from his mouth. Cover..



    Sting’s foot hits the bottom rope and the Champ can’t believe it!!
    Daniels picks up Sting by the hair. The ref yells at Daniels but he bad mouths him and tells him this is for HIS title. Sting pushes Daniels away and hits an inverted atmoic drop and then a bnig time standing dropkick! Daniels hits the mat but bounces up to be met by a clothesline. Daniels bounces up again but trips backwards into the corner. Sting drops to a knee his ribs are burning and he spits out blood from obvious internal injuries. He charges in but Daniels moves, hits the ropes and hits a running high knee. Sting drops and Daniels targets the ribs again with a split legged moonsault. 1.2. Sting grabs the ropes again..Daniels knows Sting can’t kick out and wants him in the middle of the ring. Blue Thunder Driver!!!!



    Sting rolls the shoulder, only just as Daniels wants blood he sets for Angels Wings, Sting blocks it, Daniels tries again, Stin hits a back body drop on the champ and then looks for the Scorpion Deathdrop… Daniels revereses and hits LAST RITES!!!!



    Sting kicks out!!!!!!! Sting kicks out!!!!!!

    The Champion is furious and as Sting gets up Daniels starts hitting rights and lefts into Sting’s mid section. Sting kicks Daniels down and forces him into the corner. He lifts him up and punches him in the face. He grabs Daniels and Superplex!! Sting floats over 1… 2… Daniels tiwsts his body and locks in the Koji Clutch submission move. Sting grabs the ropes, Daniels grabs Sting they try to get each other inot some sort of move when Sting hits a belly to back suplex. Sting calls out to the fans as they are all on their feet chanting Sting’s name. The Icon hits a spine buster but grabs his ribs and can’t make the cover. Both men are hurt and Daniels looks for another Enzaguri, but Sting dodges, Daniels lands on his back and Sting applies the Scorpion Deathlock!

    Daniels screams and struggles as the 40,000 strong crwod roar “TAP!, TAP!, TAP!” . Daniels scrambles reaching for the ropes, holding his head, Sting sits right down Daniels has tears in his eyes and he bashes on Sting’s ankle. Sting roars as his ribs are onbviously in pain and Daniels reaches back he twists his body but Sting has this locked in tight, there is no escape for The Fallen Angel…

    The evil mastermind, the corruptor of men rolls his head and turns his shoulders and bahses Sting’s ribs, Sting is sitting so far back that it connects and he releases the hold. Daniels crawls away but is holding his back. Daniels legs don’t seem to work as he pulls himself inot a corner. Sting holding his ribs knows he has done the damage to finish this and boots his enemy in the face.

    Senshi runs out to ringside he smiles at Sting. Sting’s injuries are from the brutal match with the Warrior two weeks earlier. Senshi tires to get on the apron, but down the ramp, ripping off his leather jacket is the former Champion of the World AJ Styles. The fans go insane as he crashes into Senshi stopping him getting on the apron and then unloads huge punches. Senshi hits some kicks but AJ is too pumped up and with one huge shot sends him into the fans! AJ then hits a sommersault plancha over the guardrail connecting with Senshi! Styles is in the fans and pumps up the crowd as Sting roars and the crowd roar with him. Chop, punch, chop, punch, he whips Daniels to the other corner. Stinger Splash!!! Daniels falls, Sting on adrenaline steps in Deathlock!!!!

    Daniels rolls him up



    Sting kicks out, ANGELS WINGS!!!



    Sting kicks out!! Sting kicks out!!!!

    Daniels has no idea what to do, Stiing roars, Daniels hits a huge open palm strike slap and then tries for an Hurricanrana, but Sting reverses it into a Styles Clash!! The fans go crazy, Sting covers



    Daniels rolls the shoulder, but Sting turns him lifts him and DEATHDROP!!!



    Daniels kicks out! Sting’s war paint has all but been rubbed from his face and the weary warrior, the veteran’s battle scars can be plainly seen. Steve Borden, the man called Sting knows that he needs to finish this now. Daniels is on dream street, kicking out, out of instinct alone and Sting climbs the turnbuckles. Super stinger splash off the top! Double knee gut buster!!! Sting lands directly into Daniels’ counter. Angels Wings!!!!!!




    Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels via pinfall at 23:51

    The fans can’t believe it, Sting was so close. The high risk move didn’t pay off as he put everything on the line to finish Daniels but paid the price. Daniels has his arm raised as he music plays and is presented with the World title. Styles runs into the ring to check on the Icon as Daniels stumbles and uses the ropes to hold him up. He embraces his title as Styles looks up at him. Daniels gives Styles a look as if to say “I will do anything for the title and not Styles or Sting will take it from him.”
    Daniels almost falls out of the ring and holds the belt up as he leaves in victory. Styles helps Sting up and the fans chant his name they give him a huge standing they knew he was injured and yet put it all on the line to try and take the title back for TNA. Styles raises Sting’s hand and the fans pop again, and Sting’s music plays as he exits the arena with the help of Styles. EMTs and others try to help him, but Sting only wants AJ to give him assistance. He salutes the fans as the corwd chant “Thank you Sting”.

    Mike Tenay and Don West run through the Tale of the Tape for the Co-Main Event

    Brock Lesnar
    Height 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
    Weight 265 lb (120 kg; 18.9 st)
    Reach 81.0 in (206 cm)
    Style Wrestling, Collegiate wrestling, Ground and Pound

    Samoa Joe
    Height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)[
    Weight 280 lb (130 kg)
    Reach 75.0 in (206 cm)[3]
    Style Submission, Strong Style, High Risk

    The fans are a buzz from the title match and get a small intermission with replays of what has happened on the pay per view so far. Then the Samoa Joe/Brock Lesnar cideo package plays.

    <Spike TV have asked TNA talent to appear on UFC shows and UFC talent to appear at TNA shows. Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Lyoto Machida, Tito Ortiz and Brock lesnar with his wife the former Sable, Rena Mero. Joe gets in Lesnar’s face. Obvious he doesn’t like him, and the two argue. Suddenly Brock snaps over something Joe says and he has jumped the guardrail and an atomic bomb goes off as these two behemoths drop bombs in the others’ face!
    Joe walks into Lesnar’s training camp and submit’s all of his students. Lesnar is livid and Joe tells the world that he thinks Lesnar is nthing as he only fights once a year. Joe says he was undefeated for 18 months fighting every night of the week. Lesnar is nothing. Joe destroys Lesnar’s friend Kurt Angle to send a message to Brock. Lesnar says he’ll destroy Joe. Bret Hart officially books the match. Dana White gets in Hart’s face and demands the match be for a TNA title shot, so when Brock beats Joe, he can go onto beating their “skinny” World Champion, take their belt and make the company look like shit compared to UFC.
    Joe interrupts and tells Brock, Joe is gonna kill him. Joe gets in Daniels’ face and Brock attacks Joe from behind, as he was thought to already have lkeft and the two brawl…..>

    Main Event
    Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar

    JB with official in ring introductions. Bret Hart and Dana White join the comentary team.

    Samoa Joe explodes out first. His towell around his shoulders he gets a deafening ovation from the TNA faithful. His music portays him well, like Goidzilla coming into to destroy everything in his path. He rolls his hands ready to fight as the fans give a “Joe!” chant.

    Then the UFC theme plays and fireworks goes off as from Kurt Angle’s elevator emerges Brock Lesnar. Brock roars as pyro explodes all around him as he shadow poxes to the ring. Following him out Kurt Angle and his coaches as they make their way to ringside. His entoruage proudly hold the UFC belt in theair as they come out of the cyborg skelton tunnel into the Impacxt Zone. The fans boo the UFC Champion profusely after his and White’s comments on Impact on Thursday night. Lesnar finally gets in the ring and stands in his corner. Joe stands in his. The arena is electric as the two titans get ready to clash. JB does the formal introductions. Then Senior Referee Rudy Charles says he wants a good clean match and that they both know and understand the rules and let the best man win.

    Brock and Joe never take their eyes off one another and back into their corners. Suddenly crowd slips inot a “Joe’s gonna kill you” chant as Brock snorts and Joe squints his eyes. Kurt screams out “Kill him Brock” and then the bell sounds.

    The Sting and Daniels match started with a stare down. But this begins with am explosion. Both men sprint at the other and crash into each other like two semi-trailers colliding head on! The fans are ear splitting as both men try to gain the upper hand with trying to grab the other. Joe has Lesnar is a side headlock, but Brock escapes turns and Joe connects with a vicious kick to Brock’s legs, but Lesnar explodes bullrushing Joe into the corner and driving him into the turnbuckles. Brock’s heads down and he eats knee strikes from Joe, but over powers him witgh a huge over head release suplex sending the almost 300 pound Samoan into the air and crashing down onto his head!

    The crowd goes ballistci as Joe roars getting up and hits a running knee strike into Brock’s face! Brock roars shakes it off and hits a decaptitation clothelsine! The fans are going mad..”This is Awesome!” chants start already as Joe gets to his feet and is blasted to the mat with a spinebuster. Brock looks down and knows to show no mercy and hits a powerbomb! And then amazingly hits another and then another from the mat!! The Triple Powerbomb puts Joe down..1..2.. Joe kicks away as Lesnar shows the world just how powerful he really is!

    Brock hits a scoop slam and then drops the knee on Joe’s forehead. Cover 1..2. Joe kicks away and gets onto his stomcah as he regathers himself. Brock though dives down with a front face lock and starts driving brutal knees into the head and shoulders of Joe. Joe tries cover up but he can’t and the top of his head splits open as blood strats to trickle down. Brock gets up and ion front of the fans wipes Joe’s blood across his chest as he roars. Kurt yells to stay on him. He picks Joe up and whips him into the ropes. Joe ducks a clothelsine runs the ropes again and hits a forearm smash! Another forearm and then sumo slaps to Brock’s face and body driving him into the corner. Joe has his back to Lesnar and while screaming delivers a Jumping twisting enzuigiri. Lesnar slumps in the corner and the fans go upas they know whgat’s coming. The face wash! Joe shoves his boot across the face of Lesnar several times before gainig speed and shooting in an explosive running big boot to Lesnar’s jaw!

    Lesnar slumps again and he dribbles over the top rope and falls to the floor. Joe wipes the blood from his brow and shakes off the pain. He roars again as Lesnar’s corner men try to get him to get up. But Joe has other ideas and executes a perfect Suicide Dive Elbow smash to Lesnar on the outside. The crowd chants Joe’s name as he scares away So Cal Val and grabs her steel chair. He sets it up in the corner of ringside and sits Lesnar on it. He lands several punches to ensure he stays put and backs up as the fans sing “Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole” and Joe sprinting in delivers a devastating Ole, Ole Kick in the corner! Brock’s head smashes into the guard rail and he is now busted open!

    The fans chant “Over here, over here!” Joe grabs the steel chair and directs Lensar to the other side of the arena. Joe moves in again, but this time he is hit with a clotheline from Brock. Angle tells Brock to get up. Joe is hurt and the ref starts the ten count on the inside. Joe and Brock both roll back into the ring and meet each other face to face while on all fours.

    Blood now starts flowing now as Brock shoots in and gets a single leg takedown, but Joe transitions and grabs an leg for a submisison, Brock kicks away and Joe spins up only to be caught by a knee lift and then a high lifting german suplex! Joe holds his head in pain as Brock catchees his breathe. Joe pulls himself up using the ropes and Lesnar moves in with a huge Superman punch. It connects and Joe falls to the ground. Lesnar pounces on Joe and starts delivering a ground and pound to the side of Joe’s head and then elbow strikes to Joe’s temple. Cover 1..2.. Joe kicks out!

    Finish: Joe fights out of the cover and Brock looks for a Brock Lock (over the shoulder single leg Boston crab), but Joe turns reverses it inot a Coquina Clutch. Brock escapes by ramming Joe into a corner. Joe though locks it in a gain, and Brock again has to slam Joe into the corner to release the hold. Lesnar turns and hits shoulder blocks in the corner to Joe, and then a huge belly to belly suplex! Joe’s body skims across the ring. Lesnar moves in for the kill and starts stomping on Joe’s head to open up the cut even more. The mat starts to stain with blood as Lesnar picks up Joe and again hits a belly to belly suplex. Joe is hurt, and Lesnar although exhausted is ready to finish the match. Joe gets to his knees and Lesnar starts to punch Joe repeatadly and the ref tells Brock to open his fist, this isn’t UFC! Brock then slaps Joe to the mat and looks for the F5, but Joe wriggles out of it and hits a jumping enzaguri.

    Both men are down
    9 both men are up and they exchange blows.and Joe hits a Inverted atomic drop followed by a running single leg dropkick and finished with a running senton! Cover 1..2.. Brock roll the shoulder. Joe grabs Brock but the UFC Champion scoops up and hits a runnng shoulder breaker. Both men are hurting and Brock starts kicking away at Joe and hits a snap suplex! Brock climbs the turnbuckles. Kurt tells Brock “No!?” But the big man stands atop the turnbuckles as the fans can’t believe what they are seeing! SHOOTING STAR PRESS CONNECTS!!!!



    Joe kicks out!!!

    Brock can’t believe it. Joe rolls into the ropes to escape. Brock reaches into the corner to pull Joe to the middle and lifts him up on his shoulders. F5-countered with knee stikes to Brock’s temple and Joe drops down and hits a superkick! Chimera-Plex] (German suplex followed into a Dragon suplex and finished with an X-Plex) with a bridge.. shoulders are down…



    Brock kicks away. He is on his knees and Joe starts punt kcking Lesnar’s huge chest. Each strike sounds like a gunshot as the fans feel every hit as they thunder through the arena. Brock falls. Joe covers.



    Brock rolls the shoulder and both men get to their feet. Joe pushes the back of Brock’s head down and starts kicking him coutless times. Brock shrugs the shots off and Joe again forces his head down and blasts the UFC star with kicks. He falls and Joe covers him 1..2.. Brock kicks out and starts punching the mat. Brock is angry but Joe kicks him the gut and hits a Powerbomb followed by a thigh–held single leg Boston crab. Lesnar reaches for the ropes. Joe drops down into an STF. Lesnar reaches with his spare hand and Joe transitions to a crossface locking his arm between his legs. Lesnar is freustrated and screams out in pain. The crowd chants “TAP!” but Brock is able to get his foot on the bottom rope. Joe releases the hold and stands up staright and surveys the damage.

    Samoa Joe scoops up Lesnar and looks for an Island Driver to finish, but the former WWE/IWGP Champion escapes, lands on his feet and hits the F5!!!!!



    Joe kicks out! Lesnar is stunned and lifts Joe up again but Joe escapes and slaps Borck, he pushes Lesnar into the corner and lifts him up. Muscle Buster!!!



    Brock kicks out, Joe locks in the rear-naked choke! Brock powers out and lifts Joe with a Wheelbarrow suplex!



    Joe grabs the ropes with his hand. Blood pours from both men’s faces as they start bashing one another with clothelsine and forearm shots. Joe grabs Brock and an Island Driver connects!



    Brock kicks out again. The fans are on their feet, they don’t know whol will win. Joe grabs an arm bar, Lesnar is in trouble. He is able to grab his hands and roll his body so Joe’s shoulders are down…



    Joe releases the arm bar and both men stand up Brock kicks Joe in the gut. Spinning powerbomb..



    Joe kicks out, Brock goes after Joe with a ground and pund attack. Both men are exhausted and Brock looks for the F5 one more time. Amazingly he lifts Joe up again on his shoulders but he drops down and locks in the Coquina Clutch. Brock backs Joe into the corners again to break it up, but Joe refuses to let go. Brock drops to one knee and Joe really locks it in. Joe roars as Brock wont give up. Samoa Joe’s eyes roll into the back of his head. The ref checks on Brock. He lifts his arm



    Brock lifts his arm, Joe roars and suplexes Brock on his head while still in the clutch! Cover…




    Winner via pinfall Samoa Joe at 32:12 and new #1 contender to the TNA World Championship

    The fans go insane. Pyro goes off as Joe’s music plays and Kurt can’t believe it. Dana White swears on commentary and Hart gives a little chuckle. Joe has his arm raised but he is on his back. Brock is out as the fans chant “Joe!, Joe! Joe!”

    What a night Sacrifice has been goodnight everybody!!!


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