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Thread: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

    I've never read Othello or watched a cinematic interpretation of it... nor have I ever bothered with the cliffnotes for Othello, so I don't know how loosely (or not) this angle ties to its source material, but I love it regardless. The only things I'm confused about are whether London or Kendrick was the face. I know I'm supposed to be conditioned by the current WWE product to assume that Kendrick is going to be the heel, but at the time... Kendrick was so much of a face in real life that I can't recall how you handled their dispositions in LSW. Personally, I'm not London's biggest fan... so I'm bitter about seeing Kendrick never getting to one-up his ungrateful, selfish partner.

    Man... This angle takes me back to the days of PIaul London and Brian KJendrick as the Hostile Cahoots.

    Anyways... Striker is up next, and I recall that everything you've ever had planned for this man is brilliant. He's one talented mo-fo with a lot of potential for really interesting storylines, and I know you didn't disappoint.

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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of Lonestar Wrestling

    I've not been around a lot lately. I don't have the greatest internet connection, but in a few weeks that should be fixed. Coming back and reading this is fantastic. I've been half-writing my RCW while I've been away but this thread is totally inspiring to stop my run-of-the-mill rubbish and actually spend some time putting together a quality fed.

    This i a great raed KJ, thanks for posting it. I love the fact that PI picked your roster. This is really great stuff.

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