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Thread: The 5th Annual NHL Team of the Season

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    Default The 5th Annual NHL Team of the Season

    Starting this a bit early this year to grab that NHL Playoff attention. The Conference Finals will be getting underway in a few days and shortly after that, the Stanley Cup will be raised once again, so it's time for the NA Sports Forum to pick their Team of the Season for 2017.

    The Facts
    Due Date: 72 hours after the Stanley Cup is raised.
    Method of submission: PM to RT any time after this is posted.

    The Requirements
    Anytime between now and the deadline, you will PM me your personal favourite top 3 players from each position. That's 3 players from each position (3 goalies, 3 defense, 3 LW, 3 RW, 3 C). I only need 3 defenders as I'll just take the top 2. Rank them from most favourite to least favourite in each position because points matter.

    Please do not send me any deviation from what I've asked if you can help it. Players that play more than one position are ok but if they are voted at separate positions by multiple people I'm going with whatever position they played the most. Please consider that when voting.

    The top vote-getters from each position will be the 2017 PW Hockey Hot Stove Team of the Season. The runners-up will warm the bench.

    I'll also need your top 3 players from any position ranked in order. 3 points for #1, 2 points for #2, 1 point for #3. The top 3 to receive points will be PW's 3 Stars of 2017.

    Here is a template of what I expect to receive. Feel free to copy and paste it when you submit your list:


    Whatever player gets the most points overall will be team captain.

    You can include the playoffs in your considerations if you want to, or just stick to regular season.

    Please consider all aspects of the game when making your list. We don't just need the team to be all the top points-getters in each position. That's no fun.

    Your 3 Stars don't have to be on your team list. You can vote however you feel (points total, overall performance, integral to their team's success, etc).

    Have fun!

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    Default Re: The 5th Annual NHL Team of the Season

    You know I'll get a list in.

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