Great discussion! I'm not sure where to place him but he's definitely one of the greats (especially for WWE).

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His best promos were from his ABA run, and those didn't come off like an angsty 13 year old's goth fan fic at all.

EDIT: To add to this topic though, I think 'Taker will end up being remembered like the Andre to Rock and Austin's Hogan. It's hard to readily tag a special feature attraction as the GOAT over business-transforming/business-transcending main event draws. That said, 'Taker holds a place over HHH, HBK, Savage, Warrior, Flair, Foley, and maybe even Bret (if I can put my markdom aside) in WWE GOAT rankings for me. The only guys I'd put ahead of his bedside the aforementioned Rock, Austin, and Hogan would be possibly Bruno, Cena, and Andre.

EDITē: just out of curiosity (and not wanting to work) decided to see what my personal WWE GOAT ranking might look like...

1. Hulk Hogan
2. Steve Austin
3. The Rock
4. Andre the Giant
5. The Undertaker
6. Bruno Sammartino
7. John Cena
8. Triple H
9. Bret Hart
10. Shawn Michaels
11. Randy Savage
12. Mick Foley
13. Ric Flair
14. Kurt Angle
15. Roddy Piper
16. Brock Lesnar
17. The Ultimate Warrior
18. Eddie Guerrero
19. Bob Backlund
20. ...

Work in progress, clearly
Great list! And I'm inclined to agree w/ his best promos coming from his ABA run. The goth fan fic made me chuckle also.