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Thread: President Blindy (c) vs. LS - Intercontinental Championship: PW Royal Rumble 2017

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    Default Re: President Blindy (c) vs. LS - Intercontinental Championship: PW Royal Rumble 2017

    *A cut, bloodied President Blindy is being helped off the stage by his personal secret service with a shock of silence as ShinobiMusashi was revealed as the masked assiliant who has assisted with LS over the past 2 PPVs as PW's backstage interviewer was able to get in a word with the President*

    Interviewer: What just happened out there Blindy? Are you ok?

    Blindy: Vengeance will be coming.....your president has taken worse lumps than that. Shinobi, I thought you were better than that but as you just showed in these past 2 PPVs, you can't do jack to me when you're staring down at me face to face so you resort to some run ins to get the better of me. This was your own doing, just remember these words. You may have got me twice now but men like me always get the last laugh!

    : But you're bleeding and your partn....vice president was unconscious for several minutes!

    Blindy(Holding his head in a daze): think I don't get that? I just had a extreme nutjob just come out there and try and haunt all of the families in this arena but you know what I say to that....

    Haha(With a clearly apparent grimace while laughing)

    These two titles beside me validates what we are fighting for. You see this ain't just a is representation of hard work and dedication. This very Cabinet, this very establishment are 2/2 tonight in fighting the good fight and we still have the Royal Rumble looming near and one of us are coming out of this with the title. We got a loyalist to the very end in Lony at Number 30 and we have many capable people working hard to capture this very dream that we have going on right about now.

    Interviewer: You're covered in blood, how are you even in shape to compete in the Royal Rumble?

    Blindy(Coughing): You the old saying goes, when there's a will.....there's a way. Ness, no this entire Cabinet will be there when the chips go down. We stand for these people and stand united as one and mark my words, one of us are taking home the glory and we are going to face one of the truest men in the industry today in Aaron in a PW Wrestlemania event that generations will be buzzing for decades to come. I've climbed through the highest mountains, scrapped with eagles and bears in the wilderness, this attack from a deranged "Extreme" lunatic ain't nothing.

    Secret Service: Last question, the president needs to have his wounds treated!

    Interviewer: What is to come now as one of half of the tag team title holders and the Intercontinental Belt?

    Blindy(Dazed): Let me say this much out there, my words out there towards LS are words I mean. I am dedicated to the people and will always be dedicated to the people. I may look like crap and maybe I might regret this but I am issuing out an open invitation to the man or woman who best presents their case to go toe to toe with me for the Intercontinental title after tonight. and because I am the man of the people and I believe that everybody should have a chance to shine and get a taste of opportunity, the person who presents the best case is getting a shot with me.

    (Blindy wipes blood off his forehead)

    Blindy: Doesn't matter if it's a member of the Cabinet, a member backstage or any single fan. I want this match to steal the show, I want this match to show PW that anyone and everyone should get a shot at an opportunity. Heck if the people want to see me destroy ShinobiMusashi in a match, that's what they're going to get but I will take on anyone who is willing to put their leg out. This is my payback to you all!

    (Blindy's personal staff shuts the treating room door behind as the camera fades to black and to a Slim Jim commercial)
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    Default Re: President Blindy (c) vs. LS - Intercontinental Championship: PW Royal Rumble 2017

    Last year's Rumble Team MANSPREADING made a clean sweep and the President's Cabinet is looking to do the same. But it might be tough to win the Rumble because of me. I have to apologize to the President. It's true... this is my doing. Seems I can never truly vanquish foes for long. Lony bypassed his banning by making nice with the Authority. Emperor is still hanging out backstage despite being DELETED and now the deceased Nobi returns from the grave.

    Seems a potential Junior title shot will not be taking place for me at the event. How convenient. And to make matters worse Lony is coming in at #30 for some reason. Some might see that as a win for the campaign since he's a supporter of the President. Well, there's a reason I'm the Vice. I got the President's back and he's too forgiving. Not me. I trust, but verify. Lony revealed a Team MANSPREADING shirt in a previous event and has been more friend than foe in the coming months. And yet part of me can't help but wonder if this is the closing moments of the long con. Finally able to extract revenge. It's always gonna be in the back of my mind. But if he can do what milopo did for me last year for the President... maybe I'll believe he's on board.

    I had a goal of making sure I or Blindy wins the Rumble. No more. After the actions of Nobi my goal is to make sure the President challenges Aaron and to stop the senseless violence once and for all. Say what you want about me, but I've never done something so vile. To take Ajleeguy's face and peel it off and wear as a mask... that is unforgivable. You've made a permanent enemy out of me Nobi. If it's a match at PW WM you want, well you didn't have to attack us from within. All you had to do was ask. Be careful what you wish for Mr. Mushashi because I'm gonna be eyeing you like a feminist eyes a Little Debbie snackcake.

    Now that I know you're here and you aren't hiding behind ajleeguy's boyish good looks it won't be easy getting the jump on me. Since "losing" the IC Championship the title has ceased to be what it was in the past. I made it the hardcore title. The President hasn't been getting his hands tainted in that regard. But you and me... we aren't so squeamish. So if you want a match than lets make it Extreme. Hell, I'll let you pick the stip. Wanna do it in the Pit? Scaffold above a ring full of HIV-filled syringes? Loser has to review Jake's latest Fan Fic? I can take whatever pain you're willing to dish out. Nobody gets in the way of progress!

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    Default Re: President Blindy (c) vs. LS - Intercontinental Championship: PW Royal Rumble 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Ness View Post
    Seems a potential Junior title shot will not be taking place for me at the event. How convenient.
    What's going on here? Ness used to be the first one in line to have 2, 3, maybe even 4 matches per event!

    Oh, how far you've fallen... I guess everything I said about you in the promo thread was true.

    Whether or not @ShinobiMusashi wants to answer your challenge at WrestleMania and return the favor to you, using that baseball bat again and putting you on the shelf before you even make it to your match with me...that's up to Shinobi. But it would actually be VERY familiar for you to lose a championship match by way of you no-showing, Ness.

    We learned it at SummerSlam: when the going gets too tough for Ness, when the pressure of multiple championship matches in one night got to be a little too much to handle, when you no longer had Team Manspreading helping you fight your battles...Ness cowered.

    Remember, when they call you the "Showstopper", it's not a compliment, it's in reference to the fact that you will attempt to stop a match the minute you feel a semblance of weakness.

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