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    Why is it that single parents are so freaking quick to announce they are single parents? You can't watch a reality show or a game show without someone announcing that they are a single parent. How they could really use the prize because they are a single parent. I seriously wonder how much an identity this takes on in the individual. Like, how many would have a hard time getting married to someone because they would have to give up the identity and badge of being a single parent. It's almost like a drinking game when you meet someone to see how fast they tell you that they are a single parent.

    And let's face the facts. Single parents are typically not as effective as two parent households. It's time we stop elevated single parents on a pedestal as some sort of venerable warriors. I don't think it's cool anymore to call single parents victims. But that's the only extra empathy they really deserve. They are victims but more so, the kids are the real victims. It's not noble to be a single parent. It should be something that people should be striving to fix. A two parent household is ideal. It's not hip to say but really a two parent household with one of each male and female is truly ideal.

    Almost every school shooter has been a child of a single parent household. Most often single moms. And the unfortunate truth and victim of many problems in the united states is the black community. Due to various situations the black community is often a fatherless society and the repercussions of the upbringing without fathers resonates hard in the black community.

    I believe wholeheartedly in being a positive role model for boys in society. I volunteer every Thursday for 2 hours a night to be a program leader in an organization for building leaders in the community. I work with a dozen 7th grade boys and have a co-leader that is a junior or senior in high school. I do this 22 weeks a year. I wish we would all do things like this to supplement what parents aren't doing. It's a christian organization but I don't even care despite me being an atheist. Because I believe in being part of the solution.
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    Default Re: Single Parents

    Relationships are a headache.

    Thank you Surrender!!!
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