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Thread: Fan Fiction Year End Awards - MVP

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    Default Fan Fiction Year End Awards - MVP

    2016 Fan Fiction Year End Awards

    No explanation necessary. Who was the MVP of Fan Fic in 2016?

    Vote for your favourite. Voting will remain open for one week.

    The Canadian Death Tour
    A very Canadian wrestling story by RT.
    Catch up now and stay tuned for "The Commonwealth Championship," coming soon.

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    Default Re: Fan Fiction Year End Awards - MVP

    This was a tough one for me to vote for. For me MVP goes beyond the quality or quantity of their fan fic work, but also just what you do for this community overall, posting feedback/reviews, participating in things like these awards, etc. WMS and RT would be first to come to mind, one of the reasons why I nominated them was because they do work to try to get this place going with some activity, managing the draft, taking the time to handle these awards, etc. Both guys should be voted for, with RT he also had a few different projects that were all top tier as far as writing goes. WMS is right up there for me for his support of my ECW 2002 fed through reps and other parts of the forum, the biggest supporter of that fed from start to finish. Both of these mods are extremely valuable to this forum.

    For me it came down to KJ and Big Evil. Both guys had great years and deserve to win, KJ probably has more of a presence here in the community where as Big Evil kind of drops in and out here and there. I think I'm going to throw my vote to Big Evil, he posted some feedback in my fed a few times and since I'm probably going to vote for KJ for fed of the year I figured I'd give Big Evil a nod here since I haven't voted for him in anything else, he deserves to win one of the major awards this year.

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