Last year, the the hip-hop thread was brought back after a few year break. Thankfully the year was one of the best of the decade for the genre. I spent most of January going back to listen to releases I loved. Most of the major hip-hop artists put out releases, but I'm sure the plethora of new artists can make up for that. You never know there may be some surprises too. Here's a link to the 2016 thread too.

Here's some of my favorite of the year two months in:

Sampha - Process (Known for his features with Kanye, Drake, Chance, and others. I have feeling this will be on most AOTY lists)
Migos - Culture (They've always been a lot of fun, Culture has become so much more. Nonstop bangers on this.)
Kelhani - SWEETSEXYSAVAGE (She's going to be the queen of R&B)
Syd - Fin (Half of the Internet and former Odd Future member. It's a great debut for her.)
Chief Keef - Two Zero One Seven (THE KING IS BACK)