Matt Barnes is super excited to be back in Golden State. The way that team is built and the way it's coached, Matt Barnes is going to fit right in. Everyone is writing GS off after suffering their first back to back losses since 2015 and losing Durant; BUT I think they're in a fine position. Adding Matt Barnes is definitely a plus, too. Old or not. Dude has heart, intensity and can ball.

The Atlanta Hawks are getting the unluckiest person who got hit with the ricochet of the KD injury; Jose Calderon. He was literally a Warrior and then had to get immediately dropped so they could sign Matt Barnes to replace Kevin Durant. The East is fun and I think the Cavs got some real competition this postseason. I really like that Celtics squad and I hope they're the ones repping the East this postseason. There is still Toronto and Washington. I'd rank them in that order, too. Cleveland, Boston, Toronto and then Washington.