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It is pretty much true, that same ones​ bitching about people being upset that people protest Trump also spent the last 8 years bitching because a black man was president.

I'm aware you were an Obama supporter before all of the sudden changing your​ stance (not sure if you still hate police and smoke weed on the regular as well), but you change gimmicks on this board more than a WWE wrestler that creative has nothing for. It's part of why I never take much of what you say serious.

At least I know that I'm now racist against my own race.
Nobody has a gimmick. I became an adult. But yes, I smoke pot still and still finds cops to be douchebags. But when the POTUS chooses thugs and criminals over first responders, then I am going to side with the right side. That being the police in the situation.

The fact you keep mentioning that Obama was a BLACK president shows how liberals can't get over themselves with their bullshit. Nobody gives a fuck Obama was black. He was just a shit president. You keep bringing it up because you have no other way of conversing without being a condescending D-bag.

Anyways, it's weird you've posted here for years and have nothing memorable. I'd rather be the "gimmick poster" then a random.