Edit: I recognize that I am asking for a book cover and did not spell "book" correctly in my thread title. Have a giggle.

hey there champs, hopefully a few of y'all remember me.

I'm writing a book called "Stop eating like a Sith: The nerd's guide to healthy living"

It's an indictment of binary food thinking (because the Sith deal in absolutes), complete with a D&D style food alignment chart. I also talk about how stress is toxic for your brain. And other shit. It's almost done, so, I need a cover for it soon. I photoshop pretty good myself, but I'm not really good with this slick stuff (particularly font work), so I figured I'd ask some folks here for some drafts.

I'd like the title and subtitle on there, title font is artist's choice, subtitle must be this: http://www.dafont.com/joy-like-sunsh...indowpane.font

Below that, I need a pile of white foods on one side, black foods on the other, some gray can be used for shading.

White foods: Apple, broccoli, a box of "100% organic granola", and a diet soda

Black foods: Eggs, butter, candy (something generic), and a bottle of beer labeled "homebrew"

I think that about covers it. 625 pixels wide, 1000 pixels tall. If I use your cover, I'll make you something for free. Thanks in advance.