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Thread: Paige Banner Request

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    Mr. Victorino

    Default Paige Banner Request

    I'm looking for someone who can do a paige banner for me with the words "The Anti-Diva" on it. Let your creative mind run wild because I ain't picky !!! This banner I have is ok but not really what I'm looking for....please help me anyone if you can. Thanks much in advance.

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    Mr. Victorino

    Default Re: Paige Banner Request

    Looks like I won't get any takers for that banner request. lol
    It's ok I still love hanging with all you posters at these prowrestling forums, Can I atleast trouble somebody to flash this with my banner I have now ? I suck at this kind of stuff.

    Damn those words for being so hard to see though so please remove them if you can except "Paige" and ofcourse done in more bold letter form
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