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    The Summer Return of Phenom's MWF (2004)

    Quote Originally Posted by Phenom
    Well folks, Phenom here and I have decided that this summer there will be a new season of MWF. It will culminate with SuperSlam 2 in August.

    If you remember, there was the storyline with the Splices vs. the Normals. Splices are wrestlers who really believe that they are their gimmick. Vince McMahon hated Splices because he thought that they were the reason WWE went out of business.

    The Undertaker and Paul Bearer told Triple H, who had turned into a complete sledgehammer weilding psycho, that he needed to win the World Title from the Rock in order to lead Splices to glory. But Vince made the stipulation that if Trips won the belt, Stephanie McMahon, the women he loved, would have to leave MWF.

    Triple H choose Honor over love, and told Steph that he'd get her back into MWF one day, one way or the other.

    Here is the roster:

    Triple H - current World Champion; cherishes a sledgehammer given to him by Vince McMahon in which Triple H changed the signature on it so that it said "Stephanie" McMahon

    EDIT! READ THIS! : Oh I forgot, this sledgehammer given to him by Vince McMahon was burned by Vince, Shane McMAhon and the Rock. But during his title match with the Rock, Stephanie gave him a NEW custom sledgehammer. That hammer has her actual signature on it. He carries that around now.

    The Rock - left for dead by his own group, the Unholy Apocalypse

    Stone Cold - just defeated Edge to remain U.S Champ

    Edge - is Normal but Pro-Splice

    The Undertaker - leader of the Dark Souls, a group of Splices
    Paul Bearer- ^^ manager

    Goldberg - part of the Unholy Apocalypse with a mission to destroy the Undertaker

    Kane Version 1 - the Kane that betrayed Matt Hardy and turned out to be Glen Jacobs

    Kane - The real Kane; the one that was missing for weeks, and has aligned with Kane V.1

    Matt Hardy - tends to be in EVERYONE'S business

    Kurt Angle - has been screwed over a ton since joining MWF; wants the U.S Title badly; Pro-Splice

    RVD - missed out on the chance to join the Unholy Apocalypse, so will do anything to join; Anti-Splice

    Chris Benoit - has feuded with Triple H for a while; his attention is currently on Chris Jericho, but he still hates Triple H...Benoit is also Anti-Splice

    Chris Jericho - is pro-splice just to spite Benoit, Austin and The Rock

    Booker T- does not know who's side he wants to be on; currently feuding with Benoit and Jericho

    Sting - has been a mentor to Jeff Hardy as part of the Dark Souls

    Jeff Hardy - looks up to Sting so much that he dresses like him (Crow look)

    Batista and Scott Steiner - a tag team in the Unholy Apocalypse; current Tag Champs

    Eddie G. and Chavo G - also work as a team

    Hardcore Holly and Billy Kidman - work as a team; called Thunder and Lightning

    Rey Mysterio - is hunted by the Normals because he's considered a splice as long as he wears his mask

    Brock Lesnar- in the Unholy Apocalypse; a bully indeed

    Tajiri- hates Vince McMahon

    There are the characters in MWF. This, my friends, may DRASTICALLY change with the first episode of the new season I write. If you're new to this whole thing, don't worry because I'll be writing the new stuff with some new slants so that you didn't have to have read all of my old stuff. You'll see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    A video montage showing highlights from SuperSlam is shown. The video package ends with the following words in white letters against a black screen: “Season 2: STARTS NOW”

    We are live in Detroit, Michigan, for Episode 1 of Season 2! It’s MWF: Wrestleblast!

    Opening Theme: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
    MWF: Wrestleblast!

    The pyros explode and we are LIVE with JR and Tazz for MWF Wrestleblast!

    JR: Welcome to Season 2 folks! The world has shaken from the results of Superslam!
    Tazz: That’s right…we have a new World Champion, Triple H!

    JR: And he will be HERE tonight for an interview!
    Tazz: And that’s not all! How about the BOILER ROOM BRAWL between

    The Dark Soul’s Undertaker

    and the Unholy Apocalypse’s Goldberg!

    JR: We promised this match, and dammit, you’re gonna get it!

    IF YA SMELL!!!!


    The crowd gives him a mixed reaction.

    JR: Oh man, when we last saw the Rock, he lost the World Championship to Triple H, and the Unholy Apocalypse left him instead of helping him up to the back!

    The Rock gets in the ring. He looks a little bit upset. He puts the mic to his mouth.

    ROCK: FINALLY! The Rock, has come BACK, to DEEE… DEEEEE….to DEEEFEAT Triple H to get his damn title back!

    Crowd Boos loudly

    Rock: "You see, at SuperSlam, Triple H was able to get the fluke 1-2-3 over the Rock. But all of you candyasses know damn well, that if it wasn’t for the damn building collapsing during that match, The Rock was going to win! So Triple H, when you get here, I want you to answer this challenge: Me. You. Next Week on Wrestleblast. One on One. The biggest rematch of ALL TIME! For the WORLD TITLE!"

    Crowd Pops and a Triple H chant starts. Then the Rock seems to be thinking about something.

    Rock: "But there’s something else that has been on my mind. After that match, I was down. I was beaten. I was out for the count. AND NONE of my own group members, NONE of the Unholy Apocalypse helped me! I’m the leader of the group, DAMMIT! The jabroni beatin’….et cetera, et cetera. I DEMAND that every one in the UA come out here…RIGHT NOW!"

    The Rock waits in the ring as the crowd gets restless.

    THE GLASS BREAKS and heerrreee comes the U.S Champion, Stone Cold, as he leads the ENTIRE UA out there: Goldberg, Batista, Scott Steiner, Brock Lesnar, and Shane McMahon!


    The UA gets in the ring, and they all stand on one side, as The Rock stands tall on the other side of the ring. Stone Cold has a mic, and he steps up and meets the Rock in the middle of the ring.

    Austin: You wanted to see us…leader?
    Rock: Yes I did-

    Austin: WHAT?!

    Crowd pops

    Rock: Know your role, and SHUT YOUR MOUTH Austin, THAT’s what!

    Austin looks like he is about to clobber the Rock.

    Rock: The Rock is PISSED, because at SuperSlam, you guys, my very own group…my compadres…mi amigos LEFT ME FOR DEAD! The Rock was CRAWLING, BEGGING for help, and you all left me!

    Austin: That’s because you couldn’t get the DAMN JOB DONE! I won my title match, Batista and Steiner won their title match…but YOU, our so called LEADER, couldn’t beat a LOVE STRUCK PSYCHO!

    There is a lot of tension in the ring right now…

    Rock: You all know it was a FLUKE! Dammit, everything was falling apart in that building! The Rock can’t wrestle under such conditions! That’s why next week, if Triple H accepts my challenge, there will be count outs and everything! It will be a straight up, one on one, IN RING contest!

    All of a sudden, Brock Lesnar steps up and looks mighty upset at the Rock

    He grabs the mic from Austin and says:

    Brock: Rock! You failed us last time! You were NEVER a great competitor in my eyes! I beat you when WWE was in business! I would’ve become BIGGER than you if I hadn’t left for the NFL! As far as I’m concerned, this group needs ME going after the World Title! You are WASHED UP! Ever since you started doing movies, you’ve become a shadow of yourself! You’re nothing but a FAILURE!!!!!

    Brock smiles smugly. The Rock is SO pissed that he SLAPS Brock Lesnar in the face!

    Crowd: OOOOOOOOHHHH!!!

    The entire UA now is upset, and they all are about to gang up on the Rock! The Rock backs up, and gets ready to defend himself….

    NO CHANCE!!!

    Vince’s theme hits, the crowd boos loudly, and here comes VINCE MCMAHON!

    Vince has a mic.


    Everyone in the ring stops and looks at Vince.

    VINCE: We should be WORKING AS A TEAM, DAMMIT! We need to make the lives of all of the Splices a LIVING HELL! And we need to do it together!!! So get your asses into shape…RIGHT NOW!

    After a few seconds of silence, the Rock speaks.

    ROCK: I’m not getting anything into shape, unless these CANDYASSES apologize to me!

    Rock looks at the group. The group looks at Vince. Vince gives them a very stern look.

    Austin raises the mic to his mouth and reluctantly says, “We’re sorry.”

    The Rock smiles. His music plays and he proceeds to leave the ring as all of the UA still in the ring gives him dirty looks behind his back.

    JR: Oh my! Tension in the Unholy Apocalypse!
    Tazz: Hopefully they can work it out!

    JR: Well folks, coming up after the break, Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam!



    It’s Chris Jericho! He comes down to a huge pop.

    JR: Jericho is coming off of that huge win over Booker T and Chris Benoit at SuperSlam.
    Tazz: I wonder if Booker T has chosen a side yet?

    One of a KIND!

    Here comes RVD

    JR: RVD couldn’t get the job done against Kurt Angle at SuperSlam
    Tazz: But didn’t Shane McMahon say that he knows how to get RVD back on track?

    Match 1: Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam NOTE: I only do full matches for PPV and Main event matches.

    SYNOPSIS: Jericho and RVD display many athletic moves and such. Nice back and forth match.

    FINISH: Jericho is down, and RVD has gone up to the top rope to go for a FIVE STAR! He jumps off …

    AND JERICHO MOVES! RVD is hurt! He struggles to his feet, and Jericho runs off the ropes and hits the face plant on RVD. RVD is down, so Jericho runs off the ropes; jumps on them and off…and HITS THE LIONSAULT! Cover! 1…………2………….3!!! Jericho wins!

    Winner: Chris Jericho

    Jericho starts to celebrate when OUT OF NOWHERE Chris Benoit runs into the ring and starts beating Jericho down! He puts Jericho in the crossface! Jericho is screaming in pain!


    The crowd goes nuts as Booker T comes running down to the ring. He gets in and immediately starts beating on Benoit. The two trade blows…Booker ducks one of the punches, and hits a spinning roundhouse kick right in Benoit’s face! Benoit rolls out of the ring as Booker T is truly on fire!

    Jericho gets up and thanks Booker T


    Crowd boos!

    RVD, who was hiding in the corner this whole time, looks at Booker T. With Jericho down, Booker goes over to RVD, and whispers something in his ear. Then Booker leaves the ring as RVD looks confused. RVD starts to leave the ring, but then he stomps Jericho a few times, then he leaves.

    JR: What did Booker T whisper in RVD’s ear?!
    Tazz: Why hasn’t he picked a side yet?!

    Commercial Break

    We come back from the break, and we see RVD backstage. He is walking down a hall when suddenly Shane McMahon gets in his way.

    RVD: Whaddya want?! I know…I know…I’m still not in the Unholy Alliance
    SHANE: You’re right buddy. But there’s still hope. You just have to prove yourself. And I have brought back the person who I think can help you do that.

    Shane points to someone off screen. We can’t see who it is, but RVD’s eyes grow very wide

    And then the camera cuts back to the arena.

    JR: Who was it, Tazz?!
    Tazz: Who knows?! I don’t have any idea who Shane thinks can lead RVD to new heights
    JR: But what did Booker T whisper to RVD??
    Tazz: Stop asking so many damn questions!

    It’s Los Guerreros! Even though they didn’t win the tag titles at SuperSlam, they are hungry to get a title shot.

    Then Thunder & Lightning, Hardcore Holly and Billy Kidman, come down to a small pop.

    Match 2: Los Guerreros vs. T&L

    SYNOPSIS: Los Guerreros cheat a lot to keep the upper hand throughout the match. Midway through, Batista and Scott Steiner came out to ringside, wearing their tag belts, and sat outside of the ring.

    FINISH: Hardcore Holly has Chavo set up for a powerbomb. Eddie distracts the referree, and Chavo low blows Holly! Kidman comes in to take out Eddie G, but Holly is on the ground in pain. Chavo goes to the top rope and hits a frog splash on Holly. He covers Holly, and gets the 1-2-3!

    Winners: Los Guerreros

    Los Guerreros runs out of the ring, victorious. Billy Kidman checks on his fallen partner, Hardcore. Outside of the ring, Batista and Steiner look at each other, then they invade the ring. They start to BRUTALLY beat down on Kidman and Holly, with Batista hitting power bombs galore, and Steiner punching and kicking the crap out of the two. As T&L laid on the ground unconscious, Batista and Steiner held up their tag belts for all of the crowd to see. The crowd boos them as they leave the ring.

    JR: They’re nothing but a couple of bullies!
    Tazz: Ha but Billy’s nothing but a kid, man!

    JR gives Tazz a dirty look.

    A promo plays for the next MWF PPV: MWF: Reloaded, which will be in 3 weeks.

    We cut back to the arena. The ring is clear. The crowd is quiet.


    THE CROWD GOES ABSOLUTELY NUTS as The Game, The MWF Champion Triple H comes out!!

    He’s headed to the ring! Will he accept the Rock's challenge in his first interview since becoming the MWF Champion? And guaranteed, this interview will CHANGE the foundation of this federation!!! CHECK BACK TOMORROW (I think) as MWF: Wrestleblast continues!


    Triple H enters the ring and he has the World Title on his shoulder, and his custom sledgehammer in one hand. He gets a mic and stands in the ring as the crowd starts a loud “TRIPLE H” chant.

    TRIPS: You know, at SuperSlam, I proved to the world, that I AM the game, and I AM that damn good!

    Crowd pops

    TRIPS: I did what I was supposed to do. I walked in to that ring. I BEAT the Rock’s ass. I pinned him 1….2…3, and I became the MWF World Champion!

    Crowd pops again

    TRIPS: And I WILL lead the Splices to glory! Undertaker told me that I, as a splice, can do it by being the World Champion…by being the moneymaker of MWF. And that’s what I plan to do. And to start off, lets talk about NEXT WEEK.

    The crowd starts getting antsy, anticipating his answer to the Rock’s challenge.

    TRIPS: Rock…ya just can’t leave well enough alone, can you? Well, you want a World Title shot next week? A regular one on one match?

    Crowd gets more antsy…

    TRIPS: NO!

    The crowd starts booing

    TRIPS: I don’t want a regular, one on one match against you Rock. Last time we did that, the damn match went all over the place; the stage props fell on me and everything. So NO regular match. Instead… NEXT WEEK…it will be The Rock, vs. Triple H

    Crowd pops

    TRIPS: For the MWF Championship, IN A CAGE MATCH!

    Crowd goes BANANAS!

    Triple H stands in the ring smiling. He then stops smiling, and looks at his custom sledgehammer.

    TRIPS: But you know, all is not well in the world. I lost Stephanie McMahon. The women who meant the most to me. She meant everything to me. I chose honor over love, and…and…every night I wake up, I wonder if I chose the right thing.

    Triple H stares at his sledgehammer with an ice cold stare. He starts to look really angry and crazy as he continues to look at it. He starts shaking a little until suddenly, he takes the sledgehammer and angrily hits one of the turnbuckles with it! The turnbuckle breaks off completely!

    TRIPS: BUT DAMMIT! And everyone listen to these words carefully…I WILL GET STEPHANIE BACK!

    The crowd pops wildly when suddenly...

    HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE SHOOTS out of the turnbuckles! The organ music plays!

    It’s the TWO KANES! Kane V1 (Glen Jacobs), without his mask

    And the Original Kane

    JR: My goodness! The last time we saw these two, they burned Matt Hardy in a casket!
    Tazz: And they said that “Splices are too nice, and NORMALS MUST PAY!”
    JR: Why are they out here?! What are they going to do to Triple H?!

    Find out TOMORROW (for real this time ) as MWF: Wrestleblast Continues!


    The Kanes enter slowly enter the ring, and Triple H backs up against the ropes, holding his custom sledgehammer, ready to use it. Kane V1 (From now on referred to as Glen Jacobs) has a mic.

    GLEN: Triple H…Triple H... Triple H. Look at you. You’re a psychotic freak! And who did this to you? Vince McMahon! A normal! He made that stipulation that if you won the World Title at SuperSlam, Stephanie would have to leave. HE FORCED MISERY UNTO YOUR LIFE.

    TRIPS: What the hell is your point?! What do you want?!

    GLEN: Listen to me, Triple H. For just about all my wrestling career, I’ve been a splice! Having to believe that I was really a damn dentist...really Diesel. But then this Kane's kind of the same, but COMPLETELY different.


    GLEN You want to know why me and Kane have joined together?

    Triple H stands there waiting.

    Glen: Kane was FIRED by Vince McMahon, all because Vince was actually SCARED of Kane, and thought that he was too weird…too different for his company! No one ever knew this, though! Not the fans, not the other wrestlers, not PW.Com…BUT I DID. When Vince fired Kane shortly before SummerSlam 1999. he ordered ME, Glen Jacobs, to play the role of Kane, simply because the character was still very popular. That is why Kane’s attire changed and you SAW NO BURNS on him! That’s why Kane started talking without a voice box…it’s because it was ME!

    Everyone in the arena is shocked, to say the least…

    GLEN: Either way, over time the Kane gimmick became a PART of me, Triple H. Just like your Psycho gimmick became a PART OF YOU. I woke up truly BELIEVING that I was this...this...KANE monster! So me and you are both the same, Triple H!

    GLEN Once the gimmick became a part of me, I started HATING normals. I started to actually be JEALOUS that they could live a normal life, while I had to live the life of a freak!

    GLEN Even still, when Vince started up MWF, I jumped at the opportunity to join. But then I got beat down by the Apocalypse- a bunch of NORMALS- and NO ONE helped me! This was the last straw! I ended up DESPISING normals even more, and even despising the Dark Souls and other Splices for being so damn nice to Normals! So I disappeared to recover, and along the way, I met with the real Kane. We both hate Normals…I hate them because they have tormented me for all my career, and I can never be a normal again, because this “Kane” gimmick has become a part of me. He hates normals because he can never be normal, always hiding behind a mask, his skin burned to many ashes…and because Vince fired him because he wasn’t normal!

    GLEN We both think that Normals must be brutalized! And the SPLICES must do it! No more Mr. Nice Guy. Basically Triple H, we know that you are supposed to lead the Splices to glory. Well, the only way to do that is to eliminate the Normals. We CANNOT co-exist with them! We must show that we are the SUPERIOR BEINGS! We know what side we are on, but what about you? Join us! Lead the Splices to the right place! To a land where we can brutally eliminate every normal in this federation! If you join, I think we may have a way of getting Stephanie back…

    Triple H just stood there, stunned.

    GLEN: You don’t have to answer now…we’ll give you as much time to think about it as you need. But just remember, you’re either with us, or against us. And if you’re not with us…

    The real Kane put the voice box to his neck


    Both Kanes then lifted their arms, and thrusted them down to make the pyros explode again. Kane V1 started evilly laughing as he and Kane walked out of the ring to their music, and Triple H stood there, absolutely shocked.


    JR: My goodness Tazz, The Kanes are out for blood!
    Tazz: This can’t be good for Normals. And oh man, Triple H is in some hot water now!

    We switch to the Dark Lair (an area backstage where the Dark Souls stay), where Sting, the Undertaker and Paul Bearer are standing, looking at a television monitor.

    STING: Man I wish Jeff was here instead of visiting Matt in the hospital! He’d take a bat to those damn Kanes!

    TAKER: I’m afraid that both Kanes are splices gone bad. My brother…

    Taker holds his head down. Sting pats him on the back.

    TAKER: My brother and that FRAUD must realize that we as Splices are not out to harm…we are out to co-exist

    STING: Don’t worry Taker…I’m sure we can win them over soon enough. But you better get prepared for your match with Goldberg later.

    Taker nodded his head, and we cut from this scene to a commercial.


    The GLASS BREAKS and here comes Stone Cold! He comes down with the tag champs, Batista and Steiner. He grabs a mic.

    AUSTIN: Look here…them damn Kane’s don’t scare me! Long as I got these two watching my back!

    He points at Steiner and Batista.

    AUSTIN: Now I came here to whip a man’s ass, and dammit, that’s what I’m gonna do. SO bring out my damn opponent!

    We hear chimes blare and we find out that Austin’s facing Tajiri! Tajiri comes down and he’s ready to go!

    JR: Tajiri is very pro-splice because his buddy, Rey Mysterio is considered a splice by the normals
    Tazz: Yeah, too bad Rey Rey is in the hospital recovering tonight after his beatdown from Lesnar at Superslam

    P.S. That turnbuckle that Triple H broke with his sledgehammer is...still broke.

    Match 3: Non-Title: Stone Cold vs. Tajiri

    SYNOPSIS: Austin doesn’t take Tajiri seriously at all, and this allows the Japanese buzzsaw to get in a lot of quick offense.

    FINISH: Tajiri puts Austin in the tarantula and the crowd is going nuts! Batista goes around to where they are and CLOCKS Tajiri with his tag team belt. Tajiri falls on the ring apron, releasing the hold off of Austin. Austin quickly recovers, drags Tajiri in the ring, picks him up and STUNS him! Cover! 1….2….3!

    Winner: Stone Cold

    After the match, the tag champs and Stone Cold start to beat down on Tajiri when...


    IT’s EDGE! He comes blazing down the trail and goes after Austin, but the three goons start beating him down too!

    THE OLYMPIC THEME then plays

    …and here comes Kurt Angle!!

    He comes down and helps out, and he and Edge along with Tajiri clear out the ring along!

    Austin is mad as hell, and he gets a mic as he backpeddals towards backstage.

    AUSTIN: You two make me sick! Angle thinks he deserves a title shot…Edge thinks he deserves a both suck! Neither one of you’s is getting anything!

    Austin walks all the way up to the entrance when he stops, as though he has an idea. He turns around and starts talking again.

    AUSTIN: You know what…maybe you two DO deserve a title shot. And since Vince gave me booking power, I’m going to make a match. Next week, it’s going to be Kurt Angle….vs EDGE…with the winner to get a U.S Title shot at Reloaded. And I’M going to be the special guest referee!!!

    Crowd: Boooooooo!

    Austin, Batista and Steiner go to the back. Edge and Angle stare at each other. You can see Edge mouth the words “That’s my title”…and Angle mouth “Stay in your place, boy!” The two get in each other’s faces, and start to bump each other. Suddenly, they start pushing each other and they’re about to fight! Tajiri gets in between them and break them up, but there is a lot of bad blood going on over that U.S Title!

    JR: Austin thinks he’s soooo smart!
    Tazz: With a big head like that, he HAS to be!


    Backstage we see Triple H walking about to leave the building…and he bumps into the Undertaker. They look at each other, concerned.

    TRIPS: What’s this business the Kanes talking about?

    TAKER: Both Kanes believe that Normals are the enemy…they believe we should not co-exist with them, but rather we should reign supreme over them. They think that all Splices should just brutalize normals and prove that we are superior.

    TRIPS: But that’s not how it should be, right Taker?

    TAKER: Correct. We need to co-exist. Never have I believed that we should wipe out Normals. I’ve always thought that one day, we can co-exist again.

    Taker looks a bit distraught.

    TRIPS: What do they mean…they might be able to get back Stephanie?

    TAKER: I’m not sure, Triple H. But it may just all be a trap to lure you into helping them. Be careful.

    TRIPS: Alright. I’m going to get out of here…my mind…I just need-

    TAKER: I know. These past few days without Stephanie have been hard for you. Go home, relax your mind and rest. Get ready for the big World Title Match next week against The Rock.

    Triple H looks at the Undertaker with admiration, and embraces him.

    TRIPS: Good luck tonight, man. Kick Goldberg’s ass!

    And Triple H then leaves the building, while the Undertaker heads to the boiler room.

    JR: OH MY, here we go! The main event! It’s

    The Undertaker

    vs. Goldberg!

    The rematch from SuperSlam…In a Boiler Room Brawl! NEXT!


    We return backstage to see the Undertaker headed towards the boiler room.

    JR: This is it folks…the Undertaker’s urn is in the ring right now…the first person to make it to the ring and grab the urn wins
    Tazz: This is going to be brutal…

    Taker slowly heads to the door of the boiler room, and opens the door. He enters the dimly lit BR (boiler room) and shuts the door behind him. He stands at the door and looks around…he can’t see-

    OH MY GOODNESS Goldberg comes from out of NOWHERE and SPEARS Taker THROUGH THE DOOR!

    Main Event: Undertaker vs. Goldberg – Boiler Room Brawl

    The two have crashed through the door, breaking it completely down, and both men are on the floor. The Undertaker is in great pain, while Goldberg is able to get up and picks up Taker and takes him further into the BR.

    Tazz: Goldberg could probably WIN the match now!
    JR: But remember, Goldberg has been ordered to HURT Taker!

    Goldberg drags Taker deep into the boiler room and bodyslams him hard to the concrete floor in there. He then sees a 2X4 lying around. He picks it up, and as Taker rolls over to his back, Goldberg CRACKS him in the back with the 2X4, breaking it in half!

    Taker SCREAMS in pain as Goldberg picks him up by his head and slams his head into a nearby gas pipe. Taker stumbles around and we can see that he is already BLEEDING. Goldberg looks around as Taker is groggy…Goldie finds a LADDER and he picks it up. He goes a short distance away from Taker and runs at him, ladder first…AND CRACKS TAKER IN THE CHEST WITH THE LADDER!

    With Taker down, Goldberg lifts the ladder over his head and REPEATEDLY hits Taker in the chest with the head of the ladder. Goldberg is in complete control! He sets up the ladder near the Undertaker. He then grabs a big wooden desk-like thing that is back there and places it behind the ladder. Goldberg manhandles Taker up to his shoulder, giving him a few brutal punches along the way. He takes Taker TO THE TOP OF THE LADDER!

    Goldberg has Taker at the very top of the ladder…he looks like he is going to bodyslam Taker on to that desk…HE IS! BUT

    Taker is fighting back! Punches to Goldberg’s dome! Goldberg fights back with punches of his own! They are both punching each other at the top of the ladder…but SUDDENLY Taker grabs Goldberg’s throat…AND CHOKESLAMS GOLDBERG off the ladder ONTO THAT DESK!

    Goldberg lands hard and the desk nearly breaks. It doesn't though, and Goldberg lays on it back first, writhing in pain. Taker climbs to the very top of the ladder, and JUMPS OFF and HITS A FLYING LEGDROP on Goldberg, BREAKING THE DESK into pieces!

    Both men lay there, hurting. After a while, Goldberg slowly gets to his feet, but the Undertaker SITS UP, deadman style, with blood running down his face! He gets up all the way, and the two trade brutal punches. Back and forth, Taker starts to get the upper hand…and irish whips Goldberg into a big metal heat generator not too far from them. Goldberg bounces off of it slightly while growling in pain and Taker hits him with a big boot right to the kisser!

    Taker doesn’t lay off as he quickly picks up Goldberg for what seems like a bodyslam. But he holds him and rams his back into a big gas pipe that runs from the ground. He then rams his back into it three more times. The pipe looks a little shaky…

    Taker then hits a rib breaker on Goldberg, holds on and then bodyslams him onto that ladder from earlier. After doing so, Taker looks tired and groggy…the loss of blood looks like it is getting to him. He decides to try to leave. He starts walking away but Goldberg grabs his foot. Taker stomps him off of him and starts walking again. He seems to be on his way out…

    WHEN BROCK LESNAR COMES FROM OUT OF NOWHERE and clotheslines the CRAP out of Undertaker! Undertaker falls off of his feet, and Lesnar helps Goldberg up to his. Goldberg picks up Taker, and starts punching him. Taker tries to fight back, but Goldberg irish whips him…


    The PIPE BURSTS as Taker hits it, and HOT GAS shoots out of it all onto the Undertaker!

    Taker starts rolling around frantically on the ground in pain, and Goldberg and Lesnar start high-tailing it out of the BR. They leave the room, and Lesnar shouts at Goldberg to go! Lesnar himself leaves, presumably back to his locker room. Goldberg slowly takes the long path down the halls leading to the arena! He doesn’t look back at all as all he cares about is getting that urn. He makes it to the ring entrance; he’s in the arena, and he’s on his way to the ring!

    Will this injustice go all the way through?! Is Goldberg going to win this match?!

    Goldberg has entered the arena, and he is slowly walking to the ring!

    JR: I can’t believe Goldberg’s gonna win this match after that screwjob!
    Tazz: It’s called teamwork, JR. Its what the UA’s all about!

    Goldberg is just outside of the ring…it doesn’t look good…he’s so close!!

    STING! Sting’s music plays and here he comes! Goldberg turns around and the two immediately start brawling at ring side! Sting gets the upper hand, and starts WAILING away on Goldie!

    OH NO!

    Here comes Brock Lesnar again!

    He comes down and starts brawling with Sting. Goldberg gets up and soon, he and Lesnar are beating Sting down. Lesnar picks up Sting and hits an F5 on the arena floor on him! Sting lands HARD on his head! He’s out! They beat him down to the ground, and Goldberg once again looks like he is going to enter the ring to get the urn!


    The Undertaker is back! He appears at the entrance, still bleeding badly, and storms down the aisle. Lesnar goes after him first, but Taker wipes him out with a POWERFUL clothesline that sends Brock to the ground.

    Goldberg is on the ring apron and about to enter the ring, but Taker grabs Goldberg’s leg and pulls him down! The two starts trading punches, and Goldberg knees Taker in the stomach. He’s SETTING HIM UP FOR THE JACHAMMER! He picks Taker up…

    But Taker wrestles out of it

    And HE picks Goldberg up



    Crowd: YEEAAAHHH!!

    Taker is up to his feet at ringside…he looks like he’s about to go get the urn!

    Lesnar is BACK UP! He comes after Taker…but Taker immediately grabs him by the arm and throws him HARD into the ringside steps! Brock goes flipping over, HE’S OUT!

    Taker looks in the ring…THE DAMN COAST IS FINALLY CLEAR!!!!

    Taker gets onto the ring apron…this is it!

    JR: Do it Undertaker! Get the urn!
    Tazz: Where’s the UA when you need them?!

    Taker is about to enter the ring when…


    It’s KANEEEE!!

    Taker looks back and is stunned to see his brother coming down the ramp, but Taker decides to grab the urn before anything else happens. He enters the ring…

    But out from UNDER the ring comes GLEN JACOBS! He gets in the ring and meets Taker in the middle before Taker can get the urn.

    Taker and Glen start going at it! They brawl, and Taker is holding his own until KANE enters the ring and then both Kanes start beating the crap out of the Undertaker! They beat Taker to an even bloodier pulp. The crowd is booing loudly as Glen takes Taker and TOMBSTONES him, and then Kane picks up Taker and TOMBSTONES him as well! Taker is lying next to his urn, bloody and beaten. Glen grabs a mic and starts yelling at Taker, as though the guy was conscious.

    GLEN: TAKER! You of all people should be ready and willing to join us. I mean, we ARE your…BROTHERS!

    And he starts laughing.

    GLEN: Taker…you and Paul (Bearer) have an OBLIGATION to join us, since you're family! Blood is THICKER than ANYTHING ELSE! We’ll give you time to think about it, but we’re not going to be as easy on you as we are with Triple H. At SuperSlam, Matt Hardy was just an example. We're giving it time before we strike again.

    And Glen angrily looks at Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, who are hiding behind the ring on the other side. Then he looks back at the Undertaker.

    GLEN: And we plan on striking- whether all the Splices are with us or not! But remember, if you're not with us, you're against us! So make the right decision-

    And Kane puts the voicebox to his neck


    Glen laughs evilly as he and Kane leave the bloody Undertaker in the ring. On the way to the back, the Kanes angrily look at Brock Lesnar and Goldberg again. Once the Kanes completely leave, Goldberg QUICKLY ROLLS INTO THE RING and the crowd starts booing loudly and moaning, knowing what's coming next.

    JR: NO! After all this! NO!


    Winner: Goldberg

    Goldberg holds the urn high and laughs. Brock enters the ring as well and joyously hugs Goldberg. Then Goldberg throws the urn into the Undertaker’s stomach, and he and Lesnar start stomping on Taker.

    Sting slowly crawls into the ring and crawls over to Taker, shielding him as much as he can, as Lesnar and Goldberg stomp on both of them. Finally they stop, and they both end it off by SPITTING on the Undertaker and Sting!

    The crowd boos very loudly as Goldberg and Lesnar leave. You could see them mouth the words, "Freaks" as they walk to the back. The camera switches to a shot in the ring of Sting still covering up the bloody Undertaker, and desparately yelling back towards the entrance for someone, ANYONE to send help.

    Fade to black.

    End of show.


    The first Wrestleblast of Season 2 is in the books, and as always, there are many questions:

    The Kanes are out to destroy the Normals. But it seems that they want to get all of the Splices on their side first. What does Triple H think about the proposition given to him from the Kanes? Can they really get Stephanie back for him?

    Will the Undertaker and Paul Bearer feel an obligation to help out the Kanes in their quest to wipe out normals, since the original Kane is family? (and Glen is so wacko that he thinks he’s family, too)

    Who is the man that Shane has brought in to lead RVD to new heights?

    What did Booker T whisper in RVD’s ear?

    Does the UA still respect the Rock as a leader? Or is the dissention in the group bigger than we think?

    What is the condition of Matt Hardy? He was burned in a casket by the Kanes and we haven’t heard from him since. Will Jeff Hardy return to get revenge for his brother?

    Two things we do know, is that next week’s Wrestleblast may be the biggest one ever.

    The World Title is on the line, in the biggest rematch in MWF history, as Triple H defends against The Rock in a Steel Cage Match!

    Also, the No. 1 Contendor for the U.S Title will be decided, as Edge goes up against Kurt Angle, with Stone Cold as the Special Guest referee!

    All this and more, as the Summer continues to get hotter, right here on MWF: Wrestleblast!
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    Default Re: Phenom's MWF

    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    MWF Biographies Vol 2, #1:

    Triple H

    The MWF World Champion, Triple H came into the MWF with his usual "I am the game" gimmick. Vince McMahon wanted Triple H to join his original group with The Rock and Stone Cold (the Unholy ALLIANCE) to make the most powerful group ever. To help bribe him into doing so, Vince gave him a custom sledgehammer with his signature on it.

    During this time, Triple H tried to refresh his character by doing a "psychotic" gimmick. However, not too long after starting the gimmick, he started REALLY being psycho, to the point where he couldn't control it.
    It was found out that Triple H scratched off "Vince" on the signature on the sledgehammer and etched in, "Stephanie." Triple H's was really crazy! His madness was all because he missed his ex-wife, Stephanie McMahon!

    Although Triple H terribly missed being with her, Vince would not allow the Psychotic Game to get back with her. And to spite him for not joining his group, Vince threw all types of obstacles at Trips, including a hellacious feud with Chris Benoit.

    Triple H was able to become the No. 1 contender for the MWF Title by winning the Lord of the Ring tournament (newbies, I'll explain later ) thanks to help from an arriving Undertaker. Taker told Triple H that he had to win the MWF Title to lead Splices (wrestlers who believe they really are their gimmick) to glory.

    Vince tried to counter this by saying that if Triple H won the title at SuperSlam over the Rock, Stephanie would have to leave MWF and Trips could NEVER see her again. But if Triple H lost to the Rock, she could stay in MWF and he would be able to date Stephanie again. Trips went through weeks trying to decide whether to choose love or honor. What made it worse, the only thing he had to "represent" Stephanie, his custom sledgehammer, was burned by the super group, the Unholy Alliance.

    But thanks to motivation by Stephanie McMahon during his Title match, and also thanks to a NEW custom sledgehammer given to him by her during the match (this one actually has her signature on it) Triple H was able to overcome the odds and chose to win the MWF Title. Although he lost the love of his life, he promised he would get Steph back.

    Now as champ, Triple H must continue to prosper in order to lead the Splices to glory...but now, a couple of Splices gone bad think that there's another, more BRUTAL way to lead Splices to glory...
    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    Stephanie McMahon

    She is, without a doubt, the princess of the McMahon family. When she found out that Triple H was still in love with her after all these years of them being divorced, she originally acted like she wasn't still in love with him. That was mainly because her father, Vince, pretty much wasn't going to ALLOW her to love him.

    For weeks, Steph never got the chance to say how she felt about Triple H. But indeed, Vince made the Love or Honor stipulation for Triple H's title match against the Rock. No one was sure what to expect from Triple H or Steph, but everyone knew that Steph hated her father for basically mentally torturing Triple H for so long.

    During that title match, Triple H was down and out, and many thought he couldn't continue. But Stephanie came out, told him that he must continue the match, and told him to do so because she loved him. She wanted him to make what she thought would be the right choice, the choice of honor. This motivated Triple H to get his 2nd wind in that match; Steph gave him a new custom sledgehammer with her signature on it, and Trips used it to get through the Unholy Apocalypse who tried to stop him from continuing the match. Once he got through them, he continued his match with the Rock and Triple H went on to win the MWF Title.

    After the match, Trips and Stephanie, and Triple H told her that he would get her back in the MWF. Now all of a sudden, the Kanes are saying that THEY might have a way of getting her back to the MWF if Triple H heeds their words. We're not sure if anyone can realy get her back. Was SuperSlam the last we've ever seen of Stephanie McMahon?
    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    MWF Biographies 3

    The Rock

    The Rock was the first ever MWF World Champion, and he did so by screwing over Kurt Angle in the first MWF PPV, Starfest. He was able to do this by joining forces with Stone Cold and Vince McMahon, forming the Unholy ALLIANCE. Not too long after this group formed, they joined forces with the Apocalypse (Steiner, Batista, Goldberg, Lesnar) to create the UNHOLY APOCALYSPE, a group set out to destroy Splices.

    The Rock and Stone Cold are actually considered Splices. But Vince only sides with them because they are arguably two of the biggest draws in wrestling history, and wants them on his side.

    The Rock only sided with Vince in order to be the World Champion (feeding his ego) - nothing else. And he was hell bent on keeping the belt, but lost it to Triple H at SuperSlam. After this match, the UA left him pretty much for dead.

    Now that the Rock is no longer champ, the only thing he has to feed his ego is the fact that he is the supposed "leader" of the Unholy Apocalypse. He wants the MWF Title back, and he wants his group to be more supportive of him. But alas, the Rock really has no passion in his alliance with the Normals...he's not a normal...and the UA seems to grow tired of him everyday. What does the future hold for the Brahma bull?
    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    The Undertaker

    The Undertaker made his much anticipated arrival to the MWF at the Lord of the Ring PPV. He helped Triple H win the tournament, which enabled the Psychotic Game to get the World Title Shot at SuperSlam.

    Taker revealed that he is at the forefront of the war between Splices and Normals. He was a splice in WWF for most of his years as a deadman, but pressure from Vince McMahon (who hates Splices) forced Undertaker into his infamous "Biker" gimmick. He was always miserable as that biker guy...

    He came to MWF to try to right the wrong; show that Splices are NOT inferior to normals as Vince thinks, and that they can co-exist with the Normals. He leads the darkest splices, Sting and Jeff Hardy, in a group called the Dark Souls. He has also been the guiding light for Triple H through all of his troubles, influencing the game enough so that Trips was able to choose honor over love on the path to leading the Splices to glory.

    However, Taker's days seem to have dark clouds in their future. His brother Kane, along with Glen Jacobs, the man who portrayed Kane for many years, are out to ELIMINATE the Normals, not co-exist with them. This goes against what Taker is fighting for, as it further proves Vince's opinion that Splices are not good for the company (MWF).

    The Kanes however, do not want to hear any of Taker's philosophical talk; they want blood. And they feel that Taker and Paul Bearer (his manager) have an OBLIGATION, as the family of the real Kane, to help them out. The Undertaker now finds himself in a perplexing dilemma. Now it is HE who must struggle with making a difficult choice. What will he choose?
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    Default Re: Phenom's MWF

    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    MWF Wrestleblast: Season 2, Episode 1

    We do not get a recap of last week or anything…

    Instead, we are backstage, where a bunch of security guards are lined up in a hallway, protecting the door to an office. Two security guards are in the front.

    Guard 1: Yo man…we’ve been here all night! Ain’t nobody coming to get Vince!
    Guard 2: Listen ya yutz…ever since Vince got that threatening note at his house, he’s been a little edgy. He wants us to protect him until the show is over. Is that too much to ask?

    All of the other Guards: Not as long as he pays us!

    All of the guards start laughing

    Guard 1: I’m still bored. I’m going to look ahead so I can walk around and stretch a little.

    The Guard starts walking down that hall…he reaches the end, scratches his ass (which was the real reason he walked away), stretched a little and looked. The coast was clear.


    A figure came running from out of NOWHERE and DROPKICKED THE GUARD! The figure was not tall at all, kind of stocky, and had a black “cat burgler” mask on! He had on colorful tights and a longsleeved, tight black shirt.

    Guard 2: HEY! HEY YOU!

    Guard 2 runs down the hallway after the masked man and tries to hit him with a club he has…the masked man ducks and low blows Guard 2! Here come the rest of the guards!

    They all go after the Masked Man but one by one they fall to his amazing feats! Dropkicks! A hurricanrana! Down they go!

    There’s ONE Guard left! He comes at the MM (masked man) and the MM kicks him in the gut…then he picks him up for a SUPLEX! But he HOLDS ON…and HITS ANOTHER SUPLEX…BUT HE STILL HOLDS ON… AND HITS ANOTHER SUPLEX!!

    He finally lets go…all of the guards are DOWN AND OUT! The MM grabs one of the Guard’s nightstick and runs down the hall to the door. It says “Vince McMahon” big as day on it. He tries to open the door…it’s LOCKED! The MM viciously kicks the door handle…and it breaks off! The MM busts through the door!

    Inside, Vince looks at the door and looks like he’s seen a ghost!


    The MM quickly runs and tackles McMahon down to the ground, and Vince’s head busts on a nearby lamp, breaking it to pieces! The MM has Vince down on the ground, and he raises the nightstick in the air! He’s gonna BLAST VINCE with it!


    The MM looks towards the door…IT’S GOLDBERG!

    Goldberg comes running at the MM but the MM is too quick; he is able to dodge Goldberg, get around him, and scurry out of the office.

    Goldberg thinks about going after the MM, but instead he looks at Vince and goes over to see if he’s okay. Vince lays there, petrified…


    New Opening Theme:
    Till I Collapse by Eminem
    MWF: Wrestleblast!

    The pyros go off and we are LIVE in Phoenix, Arizona for MWF Wrestleblast!

    JR: OH MY GOODNESS Tazz, who was that masked man who attacked Vince?
    Tazz: I don’t know…he was fast, very agile, and used a…triple suplex?!

    JR: What a start to what should be a big Wrestleblast, because tonight, the World Title is on the line, as

    The Rock

    faces the World Champion,

    Triple H


    The crowd is quiet.

    Uh oh, here we go…it’s STONE COLD! He’s coming down to be the special guest referee of the Number 1 contender's match! He’s dragging the U.S Title with him.

    Stone Cold gets in the ring and goes to each turnbuckle, giving the crowd the middle finger as they boo him. He gives his title to the ringside announced, and then he waits in the ring.


    Edge comes out to a good pop and he comes to the ring and slides in. Austin immediately gets in his face, and the two look VERY close to coming to blows. Austin warns him that he’ll “disqualify his ass”…

    The Olympic Theme plays…

    here comes KURT ANGLE!

    He gets a good pop as well. He gets in the ring, and Edge immediately gets in his face! The two stare at each other, and then they both look at Austin.

    Who gives them both the middle finger.

    He tells the time keeper to ring the bell…and the match is on!

    Winner gets U.S Title Shot at MWF: Reloaded…Kurt Angle vs. Edge (Austin as referee)

    SYNOPSIS: A very fast paced, back and forth match, with Austin actually being a fair referee.

    MIDWAY THROUGH: Both Edge and Angle are down, having clotheslined each other to the mat. Austin is doing the count.


    Both men start to get up, and they meet in the center of the ring. They start trading punches, and Edge gets the upper hand. He backs Angle up to a corner, and grabs him for the Irish whip and whips him into the other corner. Angle bounces off that turnbuckle slightly, and Edge charges at him; but Angle meets him on the way, wraps his arms around him, and hits him with a belly to belly suplex!

    Angle is extremely hype now, and he pulls down his straps…he’s going for the ANKLE LOCK!

    He tries to get it on, but Edge struggles to stay out of it. Finally, Edge kicks Angle off of him, and Angle goes flying back first –


    Austin falls to the mat, but Angle stays on his feet. He looks at Austin and laughs. Angle turns around, and Edge quickly grabs him, hoists him in the air by one of his legs, and hits the one-legged flap jack on him.

    With Angle down, Edge goes to one of the corners, and signals that he’s ready to hit a spear!

    Angle groggily gets up, and Edge is ready…

    Austin gets up…

    Edge starts running…


    Angle is still groggy, and he walks over to Austin…who quickly kicks him in the gut, and STUNS HIM TOO!

    Austin then tells the timekeeper to ring the bell and screams: NO CONTEST!

    Winner: No Contest

    Austin throws both middle fingers at the two guys, and leaves the ring. He grabs his U.S Title, then heads to the back, celebrating the whole way!

    JR: What the hell?! Who’s the number one contender?!


    We come from back from the commercial…

    No Chance!

    It’s Vince McMahon! He’s coming down to the ring! And boy does he look mad!

    He has a big bandage on the back of his head. He wobbles into the ring, and grabs a mic. An “asshole” chant starts from the crowd, and Vince looks pissed!


    The crowd gets even more rowdy and starts booing him badly. Vince starts storming around the ring, his face getting red.

    VINCE: You all need to shut up! Look at the back of my head! This isn’t funny!

    Some of the crowd starts laughing at Vince.

    VINCE: Oh you think THAT’S funny? Ha, you’ve seen your FOOTBALL team lately?! HUH?!

    The crowd starts booing again. Vince is still mad, but he cracks a small smile.

    VINCE: First of all…I wanted to thank Goldberg for saving me back there in my office. Since he did that, and he beat the Undertaker last week, I’m going to reward him with a World Title shot against whoever the Champion is at RELOADED! Even if it is The Rock!

    Crowd gasps…some moan…a few people chant “Goldberg Sucks”

    Vince’s face gets very red again. He puts the mic down for a second and he looks at the crowd angrily. He looks like he may snap soon.

    He puts the mic back to his mouth and speaks again.

    VINCE: NOW…dammit! I was brutally attacked back there! I got blood on the back of my head! Who the hell is responsible for this?! Whoever it is…you think you’re so big and bad? HUH? You think you can send threatening notes to my house…and wear masks…and take out VINCENT K. MCMAHON?! Well how about this…I’m asking you…NO… I’M ORDERING YOU…whoever it is…to come out…RIGHT NO-


    OH NO!!!

    IT'S THE KANES!!!!!

    JR: By GAWD, they’re headed towards the ring!!!!
    Tazz: They want to wipe out the Normals-
    JR: And Vince is the SUPREME Normal here!

    The Kanes are headed to the ring!! Vince is in trouble!!

    The Kanes enter the ring, and Vince is so PETRIFIED that he’s not moving at all! Glen gets a mic, looks at Vince, and laughs.

    GLEN: Vince…oh Viiiiinnnncccee…are you there?

    Vince just remains silent.

    GLEN: I know you heard me last week…right? You heard what I said about normals?

    Vince looks at the two. Kane is just standing right behind Glen, looking as intimidating as ever.


    Vince is taken aback by that comment and his eyes get wide from surprise.

    GLEN: WE BOTH HATE NORMALS, VINCE! And pretty soon…all of you normals will PAY, just like Matt Hardy did at SuperSlam!

    Glen calmed down a little bit before continuing

    GLEN: But we figured…since we have you in this ring…right now…and you “lead” the Normals…and we hate YOU most of all, (Glen is looking really demented now)... for all you’ve PUT US THROUGH…maybe we should continue proving our point…RIGHT…NOW!

    Vince is scared as hell and tries to run out of the ring, but Kane quickly gets in his way! Vince is surrounded, and the Kanes are drawing in closer to him! Vince has no where to go!! The crowd is getting restless!

    Bring me to life by Evanescence plays…it’s the theme of…


    He comes down looking like Sting with the facepaint and the trenchcoat, and he has TWO bats with him! Also coming down with him is the ACTUAL STING, who has two bats as well!

    The Kanes look at these two coming down to the ring, and instead of fighting, they slowly leave the ring, just as Sting and Jeff enter it!

    Crowd: BOOOOOOO!!!!

    The two Kanes backtrack to the top of the ramp, with Glen smiling the whole way up

    Jeff tries to go after them by leaving the ring, but Sting holds him and keeps him from leaving. The Kanes reach the top of the ramp and stand there, and Sting points the bat at them, warning them to take heed.

    Jeff and Sting slowly turn around and look at Vince with the deadliest of stares. The crowd goes nuts! Chants of “Kick his ass!” run through the arena. Vince looks back at them almost begging for them not to hurt him. Back up top at the ramp, the Kanes are yelling “DO IT!!”

    Jeff and Sting start slowly walking towards Vince and you can tell they TRULY hate him. Vince hurriedly speaks on the mic.

    VINCE: Hold up- wait…hold on…you-you- you know the Undertaker wouldn’t condone this! Wait-wait! I- I …I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!

    Sting and Jeff Hardy stop walking at Vince and listen.

    VINCE: You…you WANT SOME MATCHES! And dammit, I’m gonna give it to you! STING! I know you want revenge from last week on Brock Lesnar for giving you that big F5. So right here…next week… it’s going to be…STING vs. Brock Lesnar!

    Crowd pops. Sting nods in approval.

    VINCE: And Jeff… I know you want revenge on the Kanes…you too Sting for what they did to the Undertaker...and dammit, you’re gonna get the chance! At Reloaded, for the first time EVER, it’s going to be…JEFF HARDY and STING…in a tag match…against…THE KANES!!

    Crowd pops HUGE!

    At the top of the ramp, the Kanes start nodding, with Glen smiling. In the ring, Sting and Jeff start smiling, with semi-evil smiles on their faces. But then Jeff stops smiling and quickly walks up to Vince, who is scared as shit!

    Jeff grabs the mic, and turns his attention up towards the Kanes.

    JEFF: KANES! There’s an odd feeling running through my veins right now…it’s called HATE. I haven’t used this feeling much before, but...but I think I decided that it was time to use it, the minute after you burned my brother in that casket. And I think...I kind of LIKE the feeling!

    Jeff’s face gets REALLY serious.

    JEFF: I will not be happy…I will not rest…until I AVENGE my brother…with the BLOOD of both of you!

    Jeff quickly turns his head at McMahon.

    JEFF: Make the match a FIRST BLOOD match…and you have a deal.

    Crowd pops!

    VINCE: You got it!! You got it!!

    Jeff drops the mic, and “Bring me to Life” plays again as he and Sting stare the Kanes down. Finally the Kanes head to the back, and then Sting and Jeff leave the ring.

    JR: OH what an encounter its going to be at Reloaded! Sting and Jeff Hardy vs. The Kanes in a first blood, tag team match!
    Tazz: And what a main event for next week…Sting vs. Brock Lesnar!

    JR: I can't believe that Jeff Hardy and Sting actually SAVED Vince McMahon!
    Tazz: I think they were so hell bent on trying to get their hands on the Kanes, that they didn't even care that they saved Vince!

    JR: Oh what a night so far, but we still got a whole lot more coming folks…coming up next, Booker T vs. Chavo Guerrero!


    Backstage, we see Michael Cole with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    COLE: Austin, first of all, why didn’t you go out there to help Vince against the Kanes? He was saved by a couple of splices, ya know.

    Austin looks at Cole with buggy eyes.


    COLE: Matter of fact, NONE of the UA came out to help Vince. Are you all…scared of the Kanes?

    AUSTIN: Scared of the Kanes? I ain’t scared of the big red jackasses!

    Cole sees that he isn’t getting anywhere, so he changes the subject.

    COLE: Austin, earlier tonight, you stunned both Edge and Angle, and we weren’t able to get a winner to their match. So Austin…who is the number 1 contend-

    AUSTIN: SHUT UP! You want to know who’s the number one contendor? It doesn’t matter! I’ll whip Kojak and that grease monkey any time, any where! But I have something for them…Stone Cold Steve Austin wouldn’t mind facing BOTH men at Reloaded, in a Triple Threat Match!

    Crowd can be heard cheering.


    Crowd can be heard booing

    AUSTIN: Next week, they can both win in the match that I will have them participating in.

    COLE: And what’s that?

    AUSTIN: You’ll find out NEXT WEEK, jackass! And that’s the bottom liiiine…because Stone Cold, said so!

    We go back to the arena.

    Can you dig it …SUCKAAAA?!

    It’s Booker T! He comes down to a medium pop and he’s ready for his match.

    Viva La Raza!

    A mixed reaction from the crowd as Chavo comes out, and Eddie has come out with him as well! Chavo gets in the ring, and he's ready to go and the match is on.

    Match 2: Booker T vs. Chavo Guerrero

    SYNOPSIS: Chavo uses his speed and agile moves to combat Booker T’s quickness and power.

    FINISH: Booker T throws Chavo into the ropes…Chavo comes off and Booker T backbody drops him! He immediately picks Chavo up, and goes for a suplex…but Chavo blocks it…Booker goes for another suplex…Chavo blocks again…and Chavo reverses the suplex into a suplex of his own! Both men are down


    BATISTA and SCOTT STEINER come down towards the ring! And…VINCE MCMAHON is right behind them! And there are a bunch of COPS behind Vince!

    VINCE has a mic, and he starts barking, “There he is! Arrest that man! He did it! It was him!”

    Eddie Guerrero turns around to see Batista and Steiner there, so Eddie starts fighting them. But they are too strong and they hold down Eddie Guerrero, as the cops come around and get on top of Eddie as well! They put handcuffs on him!

    Batista and Steiner hold Eddie and drag him to the back as the cops and Vince McMahon follow. In the ring, Chavo is up, and he can’t believe what he’s seeing. His Uncle is taken to the back by Batista, Steiner, and a bunch of cops. EDDIE is continuously screaming, “I didn’t do it, holmes!”

    Chavo quickly leaves the ring and goes after all of them!

    We switch to backstage, where Eddie is still being dragged back, and he’s screaming, “LET ME GO ESSE!” and “I didn’t do it!”

    CHAVO screams at Vince: What are you doing! Get off of him!

    VINCE: This man attacked me and a bunch of guards earlier! He’s a liabillity to this company!

    CHAVO: Let him go! He didn’t do it!


    Eddie is dragged all the way back to a cop car, and Batista and Steiner throw him in. A cop gets in the driver seat. Chavo tries to get to the car, but Batista and Steiner get in the way.

    VINCE: This’ll teach him! I hope they throw the BOOK at him!

    And we see the cop car ride away, as Chavo can do nothing but watch.

    Back in the ring, Booker T is still in there, and lo and behold, since Chavo left, Booker T won the match by countout!

    Winner by Countout: Booker T

    Booker T is standing alone in the ring now, and he has a mic.

    BOOK: Now I know RVD ain’t here tonight…

    Mixed reaction from the crowd…

    BOOK: But there’s a lot of people asking what did I whisper in his ear last week. Well-

    The COUNTDOWN appears on the Titantron.


    It’s Chris Jericho! The crowd goes wild as Y2J appears at the top of the ramp with a microphone.

    What does he have to say to Booker T?!

    JERICHO: Book, book, book. Last week, you gave me a nasty little kick to the ol’ noggin. That’s not how you treat Y2J! That’s not how you treat the SEXY BEAST!

    *Crowd pops*

    JERICHO: You know…this thing between you, me, and Benoit ain’t going away anytime soon. So why don’t we have the triple threat rematch EVERYBODY’S waiting for? Booker T…vs Chris Benoit…vs Chris Jericho... next week on Wrestleblast!

    *Crowd pops*

    Booker T smiles.

    BOOK: Oh it’s on SUCKA! Next week-

    From out of NOWHERE, CHRIS BENOIT hits the ring! He came from out of the stands! He clobbers Booker T from behind, sending him to the ground! He then picks him up, and german suplexes him across the ring!

    The crowd boos, and Jericho just looks on, as Benoit grabs the mic and smiles his toothless smile.

    BENOIT: I accept!

    Benoit’s music plays, and Jericho looks on with an intense face.

    Tazz: WOW! Another main event for next week!
    JR: Benoit vs. Jericho vs Booker T! Another big rematch from SuperSlam!


    We head backstage and we see The Coach running after…Vince McMahon! Yep, he's on camera again! Vince is walking and the Coach finally catches up to him.

    COACH: Vince! Vince!

    Vince stops and turns around and looks at the coach, annoyed.

    VINCE: What?
    COACH: Vince, everyone wants to know, why did you have Eddie Guerrero arrested?

    VINCE: Why? Why? I’ll tell you why! Because we looked at the tape! That’s right, our cameramen were back there when that masked man attacked those guards and attacked me, so I asked for the tape. Me, Batista, Steiner, and those cops looked at it. It was a short guy, stocky, and he DID A TRIPLE SUPLEX! Who else you know fits the description and does that?!

    COACH: So what’s going to happen to Eddie? He said he didn't do it-
    VINCE: I don't care what he said! I hope they throw the book at him! He’s always been a liability with his drinking problems and his bad temper! He should be kissing my feet for letting him keep his job all these years-

    All of a sudden, TAJIRI pops into the picture!

    VINCE: What do you want?!
    TAJIRI: I want match…against the UA!

    VINCE: No Tajiri! We have one more match tonight, and next week, everyone’s busy! Scram!
    TAJIRI: The…tag team champs not busy! And…REY MYSTERIO returns NEXT WEEK!

    *Crowd can be heard cheering*

    VINCE: Awww…you want a tag title match next week?

    Tajiri nods.

    VINCE: NO! But you know what…you and the big, bad, Rey Mysterio WILL be in tag action next week…AGAINST THE KANES!

    *Crowd can be heard gasping*

    Tajiri looks shocked. He starts cursing at Vince in japanese, and he storms away.

    Vince tells Coach to go away, and then he walks a little bit more backstage, where he meets up with

    The Rock.

    VINCE: Well…are you ready?
    ROCK: Ready? Ready? The Rock was BORN ready! Triple H ain’t gonna kno what HIT HIM!
    VINCE: That’s good Rock. You…do know that, you BETTER succeed tonight, right?

    Rock’s face gets real serious.

    ROCK: Wh- what do you mean, Vince?
    VINCE: I’m just saying Rock, you already lost the big one…and if you lose this-
    ROCK: The Rock ain’t losin! Triple H ain’t nothin’! I told you, his win over me last time was a fluke! The Rock’s gonna’ get his World Title back, and then the UA, led by the BRAHMA BULL, is gonna party ALL NIGHT LONG!

    The Rock leaves to head toward the ring.

    Vince just stares and says “You better…or else…”

    JR: Folks, coming up, after the break, the biggest rematch thus far in MWF History:

    Triple H vs. The Rock

    One on one, in a Steel Cage, for the MWF Title. It’s live…and it’s NEXT!


    We come back to a shot of the ring, and a steel cage is being lowered over it. It comes completely down and we are ready for the cage match!

    JR: Remember folks, you can only win this match by LEAVING the cage through the door or climbing out.
    Tazz: Pinfalls will NOT cut it!


    It’s the Rock! The crowd boos as he saunters down to the ring, confident and cool. But in his eyes, you can see a little bit of urgency. He comes through the door and into the ring, climbs up a turnbuckle, and raises his arm. He stands there and soaks in the electricity. Once again, you can see the urgency in his eyes.

    He gets down. And he waits.


    The crowd stands to their feet and goes wild as "My time" plays and the psychotic game, the MWF Champion, Triple H makes his way to the ring!

    He comes down, looking intense, and climbs through the door of the cage, into the ring. He doesn’t spit water or anything…he stares RIGHT AT the Rock, who stares at him back. Triple H gives his belt to the ref, and walks up to the middle of the ring. An outside ref shuts the door. The Rock meets Triple H in the middle of the ring. The intense staredown lasts for a few seconds, until

    The Rock SLAPS Triple H.

    The crowd boos…Triple H looks a bit phased….and SUDDENLY, he starts wailing away on the Rock with right hands galore!

    Steel Cage for the MWF Title: Triple H vs. The Rock

    Triple H punches Rock all the way back into the corner…he starts kicking Rock in the gut numerous times, and then grabs him for the Irish whip…Rock reverses it and throws Trips into corner…Trips bounces off as the Rock comes at him…Triple H is able to CLOBBER Rock with a furious clothesline!

    Rock falls to the ground, and Trips stomps him a few times, and then he picks the Rock up. He pulls him by the head over to a turnbuckle, and starts ramming his head into the top one!


    Trips lets go before a tenth one, and the Rock stumbles around in the ring, until Trips clotheslines him to the ground again!

    JR: Triple H is dominating, Tazz!
    Tazz: I'm not sure if the Rock was ready for this!

    JR: What’s Triple H gonna do now…
    Tazz: Oh my…don’t tell me he’s going to throw him into the cage! Here it COMES...
    JR: OH Rock reverses and throws Triple H into the cage, head first!
    Tazz: OW!

    JR: Triple H staggering around…kick to the gut from Rock…DDT!
    Tazz: Rock’s being relentless…he’s picking Trips back up and pounding on him with those heavy right hands…
    JR: Rock throws Triple H into the ropes…OH samoan drop!

    Tazz: Look at Rock…he’s a smart man…he’s trying to get the hell out of that cage!
    JR: Rock is climbing, he’s near the top!
    Tazz: Oh man, Trips is getting up!

    JR: Rock is at the top!
    Tazz: Triple H is there! He’s going up to meet the Rock!
    JR: Oh my! Back and forth punches between the two at the top of the cage!
    Tazz: Just drop Rock! Drop!
    JR: Oh – oh my…Trips got him…he’s not going for a-
    Tazz: SUPERPLEX!

    JR: BOTH MEN DOWN in the middle of the ring!
    Tazz: HEY LOOK!
    JR: GOLDBERG?! What the hell is he doing down here?
    Tazz: He got a chair, JR!

    JR: Both wrestlers in the ring are up…oh look at them trade punches!
    Tazz: Get em Rock!
    JR: Triple H ducks- he has Rock by the back of the head…OH MY he just LAUNCHED Rock into the cage!
    Tazz: That’s not all! He’s throwing him into the other side!
    JR: Oh my, and the other side!
    Tazz: Rock’s bleeding!
    JR: Look at Rock…he’s dazed, leaning against the ropes!
    Tazz: Trips is going for the door! He’s almost out!

    But as Triple H is halfway out the door, Goldberg pushes the outside ref out of the way and hits him in the side with the chair he had! Triple H staggers back into the ring in pain, and the bloody Rock comes over…AND ROCK BOTTOMS the game!

    Tazz: Rock’s too weak to capitalize!

    The Rock slowly gets to his feet, and starts headed towards the door. He’s almost there, but Triple H slides across the ring far enough to be able to grab the Rock’s foot. Rock tries to kick him off, but Trips holds on. Trips makes his way to his feet while holding Rock’s foot. He trips the other foot, making Rock fall to the ground. Triple H has both of Rock’s legs, and he SLINGSHOTS Rock into the cage!

    JR: Rock’s down! Go for it, Triple H!
    Tazz: This is a robbery!
    JR: Triple H is going to try to climb out!
    Tazz: Oh he’s halfway up…here comes the Rock!

    JR: Rock meets Triple H halfway up the cage
    Tazz: Woa look at the hard punches flyin’!
    JR: Uh oh Rock has Triple H…BACK SUPLEX OFF THE CAGE!

    Both men are down yet again, but the Rock starts to get to his feet. Goldberg pushes the outside ref again, opens the door and slides the chair into the ring, and the Rock grabs it, as Triple H slowly gets to his own feet.

    JR: No! It can’t end like this!
    Tazz: Oh yes it can, and it’s gonna happen…get him Rock!

    JR: HERE IT IS – NO! Trips with a kick to the gut!

    Rock drops the chair


    The Rock is down and out. Triple H is a bit groggy but now is his chance. He starts to climb up the cage!

    JR: Do it Triple H!
    Tazz: UH OH here comes Goldberg!
    JR: The Game at the top of the cage…Goldberg is right there as well!
    Tazz: Look at THEM trade punches!

    JR: Nothing can stop the Game now!
    Tazz: The Rock is coming!

    JR: Triple H is almost OVER…
    Tazz: Get him Rock!
    JR: CAN HE DO IT?!!?!? YESSSSSS!!! TRIPLE H hits the floor!! The Game wins!!!

    Winner and STILL MWF World Champion, Triple H!

    He did it! The crowd goes wild as Triple H gets up to his feet. The outside ref gives him his belt. Trips starts walking…along the way, he stomps on the fallen Goldberg’s head – right where he bit him at. He goes all the way to the top of the ramp, and celebrates as the crowd goes nuts!
    He then heads to the back.

    Meanwhile, the cage has been lifted, and in the ring, we see the Rock. He’s sitting in the ring, distraught. All of a sudden…


    It’s Brock Lesnar! He comes down to a loud chorus of boos and goes through the door into the ring. He offers his hand to help up the Rock. The Rock accepts. Lesnar helps Rock to his feet-


    The crowd gasps as Lesnar angrily stands over the Rock.

    He then starts beating the bloody hell out of the Rock with stomps galore! He picks up Rock, and F5’s him! Goldberg finally gets in the ring-


    Lesnar stands Rock up…Goldberg comes running…and SPEARS The Rock!!

    OH NO!

    Here comes the rest of the Unholy Apocalypse…Stone Cold, Batista, Scott Steiner, and Shane McMahon! (No Vince though)

    They all get into the ring and start beating down the Rock, bigtime! Mammoth suplexes from Steiner…Powerbombs from Batista…stunner from Stone Cold…an elbow drop off the top rope from Shane McMahon

    Tazz: The Rock doesn’t deserve this!

    The UA stand over the fallen body of the Rock, and BROCK bends over him and yells “I TOLD YOU!! YOU’RE A FAILURE!!!”

    He keeps yelling this until finally Goldberg pulls him up. Lesnar is so irate, he SPITS ON the Rock just like he spit on the Undertaker last week! The UA stands tall as the Rock lies bloody and beaten. They all give the Rock one more look of disgust, and then they finally leave the ring as the crowd throws trash at them.

    And we are left with an image of the battered and bruised Dwayne “Rock” Johnson, lying in his own blood.

    Fade to black.

    End of show.


    We’re done with another edition of Wrestleblast. 2 more shows until MWF: Reloaded!

    The Unholy Apocalypse have betrayed their leader, the Rock, and have beaten him down severely. Will we ever see the Rock again?

    No Undertaker this week…what will he have to say about the Kane situation?

    Did Eddie Guerrero do it? Did he attack Vince McMahon and a bunch of guards while wearing a mask? Or did Vince have the wrong guy arrested?

    We still don’t know what Booker whispered to RVD. And we still don’t know who will “lead RVD to new heights”. Will we find all this out next week?

    It will now be Triple H vs. Goldberg at Reloaded for the MWF Title. What does the road to Reloaded have in store for these men?

    What kind of matches will Stone Cold put Edge and Kurt Angle in next week for them to qualify for a triple threat U.S Title match at Reloaded? Whatever it is, they BOTH must win, or NEITHER one gets a title shot!

    We DO know about THREE big matches for next week: Sting vs. Brock Lesnar, a returning Rey Mysterio teaming up with Tajiri to face the Kanes, and the big triple threat rematch between Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and Booker T.

    Things are getting crazy around here, so stay tuned, and come back for next week’s edition of MWF: Wrestleblast!
    Man of the world.

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    Default Re: Phenom's MWF

    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    Footage is shown from last week, where a masked man attacked Vince McMahon but Goldberg came to the rescue…when The Rock and Triple H fought in a cage and the Rock lost and got beat down by the Unholy Apocalypse…

    MWF: Wrestleblast Show 3 - 6.22.04
    (shows will be on Tuesdays)

    Opening Theme: Til I Collapse by Eminem

    The pyros go off and we are LIVE in San Diego, California for a big Wrestleblast!

    JR: What a night it’s gonna be, Tazz!
    Tazz: Yeah, tonight, it’s going to be

    Brock Lesnar vs. Sting!

    JR: And the RETURN of Rey Mysterio!

    Tazz: In his HOME STATE no less!
    JR: He teams up with Tajiri against the Kanes!
    Tazz: Oh boy…what kind of homecoming is that?!

    JR: And Tazz, you’ll never believe this, but Paul Bearer is here…and he’s hosting


    Tazz: Oh man, glory days of the 90’s!
    JR: And his guest is his protégé, the man no one has heard from in 2 weeks:
    The Undertaker!

    Tazz: Hopefully he’ll address this Kanes situation. Make the right choice, Taker!

    Y2J appears in big letters on the Titantron



    It’s Chris Jericho! The fans are already rowdy, but now they are even crazier as Y2J saunters down to the ring. He gets in there and waits.

    Can you dig it? Suckaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    Here comes Booker T, and he looks focused. He pretty much zooms to the ring, and he and Jericho immediately come to blows!

    Match 1: Triple Threat: Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit vs. Booker T

    Jericho and Book trade vicious punches at each other until Booker T gets the upper hand…he backs Jericho into the ropes and irish whips him across the ring…Jericho bounces off the ropes and ducks a clothesline from Book…Jericho runs into the other ropes and bounces off but Booker T his a flying side kick to the head of Jericho! Booker T drops down and starts punching Y2J hard in the head…

    “Whatever” HITS!

    It's Chris Benoit! He starts making his way down to the ring, but he sees Booker T beating down Y2J, so Benoit stands at ringside, smiling and watching.

    In the ring, Booker T picks up Jericho and hits a suplex on him…then he bounces off the ropes and methodically drops a heavy knee in Jericho’s face. He stands up and runs to the ropes opposite of the side Benoit is on…and hops over Jericho

    AND BASEBALL SLIDES into the unsuspecting Benoit! Benoit falls to the floor and Booker T goes outside of the ring. He picks up Benoit and tries to throw him into the ringside steps…but Benoit reverses and tosses Book in to the steps hard!

    OH MY

    Benoit doesn’t know that Jericho is up and climbing up the turnbuckle…Jericho flies…and hits a devastating dropkick on Benoit! With Benoit down, and Booker T trying to regain himself against the steps, Jericho grabs Benoit’s legs to try to get Benoit in the WALLS! Benoit fights it off, so Jericho SLINGSHOTS Benoit

    INTO BOOKER T who goes crashing back into the steps!

    Benoit is groggy and Jericho grabs him and throws him into the ring. Jericho gets in and Benoit is stumbling around on his feet. Jericho puts him in a corner and hits a HARD chop!

    Crowd: Whooooooo!

    Another chop!

    Crowd: Whooooo!

    One more chop!

    TAZZ: Whooooooo!

    Jericho then grabs Benoit’s arm and throws him into the diagonally opposite turnbuckle. Benoit goes in back first, and Jericho comes charging at him, but Benoit lifts his boot up and kicks Y2J in the face. Y2J stumbles back, and Benoit charges at him…but Jericho COUNTERS with a BIG powerslam! Booker T is crawling into the ring…

    Cover by Y2J!


    Booker T dives across and breaks up the count by hitting Jericho! Jericho rolls over and gathers himself...the three men slowly get up to their feet…Benoit is in between them, and he quickly runs to the ropes…he tries to clothesline Book and Y2J but they duck…Benoit goes bouncing off the other ropes…and Book and Y2J pick him up for a FLAP JACK, SLAMMING Benoit hard, face first into the mat! Y2J quickly suckerpunches Book, and throws him into the ropes…he back body drops Book, who ends up doing enough of a flip where he is able to hit a LEG DROP on the fallen Benoit! Book is sitting up, and Jericho runs off the ropes and dropkicks the back of Booker T’s head! With Book rolling around in pain, Jericho goes to the top rope, and waits for someone to get up

    Book gets up but stumbles in to the ropes! Jericho falls on his unmentionables on the top turnbuckle!

    Chris Benoit is finally getting up and he and Booker T come to blows…Benoit is able to duck a punch…and grabs Book from behind…and hits


    He holds on


    He holds on


    Benoit gets up, and looks at the crowd, who boo him. Then he does the cut-throat signal!

    Benoit looks around and sees that Y2J is starting to get himself back up to the top rope again, so Benoit scurries over there, and meets Jericho at the top! The two start exchanging blows, until Benoit hits a head butt on Y2J, dizzying him a bit. Benoit climbs to the very top, and hooks Jericho up for a BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Jericho struggles to get out…

    BUT Benoit LIFTS Jericho in the air, and hits the butterfly suplex, LANDING JERICHO RIGHT ON TOP, BACK FIRST, of BOOKER T!

    Jericho bounces off of Book and he’s down! Booker T is down! The suplex took a lot out of Benoit, so HE’S down. Finally, after a few seconds, Benoit crawls over to Jericho for the cover!



    Jericho kicks out! Benoit just rolls over, frustrated. Booker T starts to get up, and so does Benoit. Uh oh Jericho is struggling to his feet as well. Benoit and Booker T now go to blows, and Book gets the upper hand, and tries to hit a side scissor kick on Benoit – but Benoit ducks, and Book hits JERICHO, knocking him down! Book staggers a bit from the momentum, and this gives Benoit enough time to


    Benoit has Book locked in the move in the center of the ring!! The ref looks at Book…Booker T is desparately fighting to get out, but the pain is excruciating! Jericho, lying on the mat, starts crawling over, to try to make it over and break up the hold but


    BOOKER T TAPS!! Booker T taps out!! Benoit wins!!!

    Winner via submission: Chris Benoit!

    Benoit’s music plays as he lets go of the crossface and the crowd boos him loudly. He stands up, raises his arm, and gets out of the ring. Jericho stands up and looks at Benoit walking up the ramp in disgust. Benoit is almost to the back as he smiles and laughs away, and then does the arm signal for “F*ck you” at Jericho! Jericho is very upset with this and he leaves the ring and starts to go after Benoit! They both disappear in the back.

    Meanwhile, Booker T is lying on the mat in pain, holding his shoulder, when…


    Oh man, it’s RVD! He has a chair in his hand! And he’s coming down to the ring with –


    Oh my, the whistle blowing, rat-faced weasel who used to manage RVD in ECW is accompanying his former protégé to the ring. HE’s blowing his whistle away and ordering RVD to get in the ring and destroy Booker T!

    RVD gets in, and Booker is struggling to his feet.


    RVD cracks Book in the bad arm with the chair! Booker T falls back to the ground in pain, as RVD continues to beat him down with stomps galore to that injured arm, and Bill Alfonso blows his whistle and keeps yelling random shit at Book!

    The crowd is booing heavily, and finally RVD stops beating down Booker T, and gets a mic. He gives it to Bill Alfonso.

    Bill starts talking in his very raspy voice. The whole time he’s talking, he doesn’t stop moving!

    BILL: This is it! This is my man RVD! And I’m back, baby! I’m here to lead RVD to new heights, ain’t nothin gonna stop us, cause RVD is where its at baby!

    Bill kicks Booker T in the stomach for good measure.

    BILL: You all thought I was gone forever, but I’m here, and its time to teach everyone that RVD is the man, he’s the main event, and it don’t get no better than this baby!

    He starts blowing the whistle hard and RVD takes the mic.

    RVD: Book, ey dude, sorry for kickin ur ass-

    He gives Booker a stiff kick to the shoulder...Book screams in pain

    RVD: But I got somethin’ to prove, man! I can’t take your offer of being in a neutral rebel group-

    THAT’S WHAT BOOKER T whispered to him…

    RVD: -because the Unholy Apocalypse wants me yeoooo…and Shane said that I’m in the group if I can beat you at Reloaded, one-on-one.

    RVD kicks Booker T again, this time in the head.

    RVD: And how can I go wrong now? With Bill at my side, things are gonna be a bit different around here…and pretty soon, the UA is gonna have not just a piece of the show…but the WHOLE FUCKIN SHOW… ROB….VAN…DAM!

    And RVD gives Booker T one more kick to the head as he drops the mic and he and Bill leave the ring.

    JR: Bill Alfonso? In the MWF?!
    Tazz: Oh man I never thought I’d see him again! Remember, he was RVD’s manager when Rob had a ONE YEAR TV Title reign. He was almost unstoppable back then!
    JR: Booker T wanted to form a neutral rebel group? So he doesn’t want to be on the side of the Normals OR the Splices?
    Tazz: That’s what it seems. But he better get recuperated, because it’s him vs. RVD at Reloaded!

    We go to the back and we see Edge, kneeling over and lacing his boots up. The crowd can be heard cheering (and PW.Com says he ain't over ). Suddenly a black boot comes into the picture. Edge looks up and the camera zooms out.

    It’s Stone Cold.

    The crowd can be heard giving a mixed reaction and Edge stands up and stares Austin in the face. Austin’s head is shaking as though a rumble pak was in his brain. His eyes get all buggy

    Austin: What? (asked in a calm, normal manner).
    Edge: What do you-
    Austin: WHAT?! (said in the obnoxious Austin manner )

    Edge just shakes his head in disgust as Austin inches his face at him.

    AUSTIN: What you wanna do? You wanna punch me?
    EDGE: What?
    AUSTIN: Shut up! I can get in your face all I want…if you OR Angle touch me, from now until Reloaded, NEITHER ONE OF YOU get a title shot. That’s if you two can even win your matches tonight!
    EDGE: I don’t even know who I’m facing!
    AUSTIN: That’s the point JACKASS! Now get out there!

    Edge gives Austin a very angry look, but Austin just smiles and chuckles at him. Edge shakes it off and heads to the ring.



    The crowd pops nicely as Edge trudges his way out!

    He gets to the ring and slides in, and he’s ready for his match. He waits in the ring.


    It’s one half of the World Tag Champs, Scott Steiner! He comes down to the ring and kisses his muscles on his arms. Once he finally gets in the ring, the match starts.

    Match 2: Edge vs. Scott Steiner

    SYNOPSIS: In this match, Steiner uses his strength, while Edge uses stick-and-move offense. Steiner controls most of the match, however.

    FINISH: Edge has been propped on the top rope by Steiner…Steiner climbs up the ropes, and looks like he wants to set Edge up for some sort of suplex. But Edge fights back, and hits Steiner with enough hard punches to knock Steiner off of the top rope. Steiner falls back on to the mat and rolls back a bit. He gets up and runs back towards the turnbuckle but Edge jumps off and hits a flying SPEAR on Steiner! Holy cow! Cover by Edge! 1……………2……………3!!!

    Winner: Edge

    Edge's music plays and the ref raises his arm as he groggily gets up and celebrates.

    JR: Edge has held up his half of the bargain! Now it’s up to Kurt Angle!
    Tazz: Oooh I don’t think Austin’s gonna like this!

    JR: Well folks, he's been put in an improbable situation, and hopefully now, he will get to address it. I'm talking about Paul Bearer. And for the first time in years, Paul Bearer hosts


    And his guest will be the man no one has seen in two weeks,
    The Undertaker!



    We return to the ring, and there is a red carpet over it, and 2 caskets in the ring; one lying on the mat closed and another one standing up opened. There are a couple of tombstones lying around. A weird organ symphony is playing somewhere in the background. We look towards the entrance and Paul Bearer makes his way down to the ring, holding the urn, and looking very concerned. The crowd claps for him as he steps into the ring. On top of the closed casket is a mic, and Paul picks it up, and speaks.

    PAUL: Ohhhhhh yessssssss!! Welcome to my FUNERAL PARLOR!

    Crowd pops.

    PAUL: 2 weeks ago, my Undertaker was put into a tough position. My son (Paul looks disgusted) Kane, and that…that FRAUD Glen Jacobs want myself and Taker to join them to wipe out the Normalllls. But that’s not what we’ve come to doooo! We must co-exist with the Normalllls!

    Crowd pops again.

    PAUL: Also 2 weeks ago, those HEATHENS Goldberg and Brock Lesnar beat my Undertaker to the ground. He didn’t want me to come out at alllll during that Boiler room brawlll, so I had to watch. And they did quite a number on him. He went to the hospital and I haven’t seen him since. But he called me the other day...and he made me do this tonight! He wants to speak his mind! He’s HERE!

    Crowd pops

    PAUL: And I must know where he stands in this Kane situation! So without further adooo…the UNDERTAKERRRRRRR!!!




    The lights go out. Here he comes! The UNDERTAKER!

    Undertaker slowly strolls his way down to the ring as fog is everywhere. He makes it to the ringside steps, climbs up them, and waits. He slowly lifts his arms in the air, and light comes back to the arena.

    The crowd is going ape!

    Undertaker slowly steps in the ring, and walks up to Paul Bearer. They stand very close, and Paul Bearer eyes droop as he talks.

    PAUL: My Undertaker...

    Paul is talking in a very serious and partially saddened tone…

    PAUL: Taker, I need to know. The worrrrlllld needs to know. What side do you stand on? Do you want to stay on the path we wanted all this time…to work hard until Normals and Splices can co-exist? Or are you changing your path…do you want to side with your brother…and wipe the Normalllls out?

    Paul holds the mic to Taker’s mouth and he looks like he is really struggling to figure out what to say and do. He just holds his head down. Paul looks very concerned, and he takes the mic away and speaks with a very flat, understanding tone.

    PAUL: Whatever decision you make…I will follow. I will follow you all the way Undertaker. But I need to know…what is the decision?

    The crowd and everyone waits anxiously for an answer as Paul holds the mic to Takers mouth again. Taker keeps his head down…everyone wants an answer...

    TAKER: I…I…My brother…


    Oh my!! It’s the PSYCHOTIC GAME! The crowd pops heavy as the World Champ briskly walks his way to the ring with his title upon his shoulder.

    What does Triple H have to say to the Undertaker?

    Triple H enters the ring, championship belt in hand, and takes the mic away from Paul Bearer

    TRIPS: Undertaker! What the hell are you doing?! This shouldn’t even be an issue! Say no! You don’t want to align with the Kanes! Why are you having so much trouble making that decision?!

    Taker just stares at Triple H.

    TRIPS: Weren’t you the same guy that told me what decision to make in those weeks before SuperSlam? Weren’t you the one that told me what to fight for…leading the Splices to glory? Leading them towards a company where Splices and Normals could co-exist?!

    Taker holds his head down again.

    TRIPS: Why throw that all away now?! I got the belt, Taker! We have the chance! We can succeed! Forget your brother! Say NO!

    Triple H is about to hand Taker the mic again when-


    IT’s Brock Lesnar! The crowd boos as he comes out to the top of the ramp and has a mic.

    BROCK: Hahaha…isn’t it cute! You two are like a married couple!

    No one laughs. Crowd boos.

    BROCK: Well I just came out here to make a few things clear. First of all (Brock looks towards the crowd), last week, the Rock got what was coming to him! He wasn’t fit to be our leader…how could he lose twice, (Looks back at the ring) to YOU? (points at Triple H). Either way, we won’t be seeing him for a LOOONG time. Now it’s time for me to prove that I should’ve been leader all along! And that’s why I’ve come out here to challenge YOU, Undertaker, to a MATCH, at MWF: Reloaded!

    Crowd pops. Taker looks dead ahead at Brock. His face still looks distraught.

    TRIPS: HE ACCEPTS! Now get outta here!

    Taker looks at Triple H, who just accepted the match for him!

    Lesnar smiles.

    BROCK: Ah keep your panties on, Trips! So it’s Taker vs. Lesnar! (Brock chuckles). Just like I did in WWE, I’m gonna whip your ass at Reloaded! You will, FEEL THE PAIN!

    And with that, Lesnar’s music hits again and he leaves.

    After a few seconds, Lesnar’s music cuts off, and Triple H redirects his attention back at Taker.

    TRIPS: So what’s it gonna be, Taker?

    He holds the mic out for Taker. Taker once again looks down. The crowd is antsy…what will Taker say?!

    TAKER: I….I….I don’t…know…

    And Taker just starts leaving the ring! Paul Bearer follows him. The crowd boos, and Triple H is IRATE!


    Taker ignores Triple H and just keeps walking to the back with Paul Bearer at his side. Triple H continues screaming at Taker, to no avail. Taker heads to the back, with his head down.

    Triple H stays in the ring, and is disappointed.


    Goldberg has snuck into the ring from the crowd, and he’s setting up for a spear!

    Triple H turns around


    Goldberg hits the spear on Triple H as the crowd boos! Goldberg starts growling at the crowd, and then picks up the World Title and raises it above his head! He then throws it down on the fallen game, and leaves the ring, happy as hell!


    We are now backstage and we see Chavo Guerrero at Vince McMahon's office door. He busts through and Vince is sitting at his desk.

    VINCE: What the hell do you want!
    CHAVO: Where the hell is my uncle!
    VINCE: I suspended his ass! I’ll fire him soon as the cops are COMPLETELY sure he attacked me!
    CHAVO: It wasn’t him, holmes! Me and him were steali- I mean, we were…eating tacos when it happened esse!
    VINCE: Get out of my office before I suspend your ass too!

    Chavo angrily walked out of the door, but looked back in.

    CHAVO: You and your stupid little muscled freaks are gonna pay, holmes!

    And Chavo leaves Vince’s office as Vince looks mad.

    We switch and we see Kurt Angle headed towards the ring…and all of a sudden, Stone Cold pops in his way.

    Angle: What do you want?!
    Austin: Just wanted to wish you luck out there.
    Angle: What?
    Angle: Look Austin…your little mind games are really getting old. Just like you holding on to that title! I am going to win my match tonight, and the triple threat will be on!

    Austin just looks at Angle.

    AUSTIN: Wanna hit me?

    Crowd laughs

    Angle: NO! I was watching the monitors…I know I can’t touch you until Reloaded
    AUSTIN: IF you win your match tonight
    ANGLE: WHEN I win my match tonight

    Angle disgustedly leaves as Austin starts chuckling at him.

    Back in the arena, we hear some grunge rock music play, and BATISTA is coming to the ring.

    He has his tag title and he flexes and poses as he heads to the ring. Once he gets there, he waits.


    Here comes Kurt Angle! He makes his way to the ring and Batista immediately goes after him! The match is on!

    Kurt Angle vs. Batista

    SYNOPSIS: Very similar to the Edge/Steiner match. Batista uses his strength, Angle focuses on Batista’s ankle, keeping the big man grounded as much as he can.

    FINISH: Angle tries to put Batista in the ankle lock, but Batista kicks Angle so hard off of him, that Angle goes flying outside through the ropes! Angle falls to the floor with a thud, and Batista limps outside after him. As Angle tries to get up, Batista hits him with a big forearm across his back, knocking him down.

    CHAVO Guerrero is coming down to the ring! He comes down and goes over to the ring side steps. Batista sees him and forgets about Angle and limps after Chavo. Chavo picks up the steps…Batista thinks Chavo is going to throw them at his head so he covers his head…


    Batista starts hopping around in extreme pain, as Chavo helps Angle up and tells him to finish Batista off! Angle throws Batista in the ring…gets in…and puts Batista in the ANKLE LOCK!

    He has it on in the middle of the ring, and Batista is in SO MUCH PAIN, he has no choice but to tap!

    Winner via submission: Kurt Angle!

    Angle celebrates in the ring as Batista rolls out of the ring in pain. Chavo starts walking towards the back.

    OH NO! Herrrrrrre’s AUSTIN!

    Austin walks out to the top of the ramp with a mic, and he’s mad as hell!

    AUSTIN: CHAVO! What the hell are you doing?! You balding little mexican! Don’t meddle in my business just because your Uncle’s a jailbird! And just for meddlin’, I’m gonna whoop your ass next week…one on one…NOOOOOO disqualification!

    Crowd boos…Chavo looks angry.

    AUSTIN: And as for you Angle…yea, you and Edge will get me in a Triple Threat at Reloaded…but first, next week, Batista and Steiner are gonna get some revenge, when they face you two, in a match that will motivate them more to kick your asses - a tag title match!

    Crowd pops

    AUSTIN: And you two think you’re so tough…you think you’ve pinned Stone Cold against the wall….EH-ENGH!

    AUSTIN: Here’s two things for ya: first of all, remember that you STILL can’t touch me until Reloaded or you lose your shot. Second of all, if the match goes on at Reloaded…you and Edge can ONLY win the match by pinning ME, while I can win the match by pinnin’ either one of yas!

    Crowd boos.

    AUSTIN: And here’s two more things for yas!

    Austin puts up both middle fingers at Angle.

    AUSTIN: And that’s the bottom liiiiiineee….cause Stone Cold, said so!

    And Austin’s music plays and he angrily leaves to the back.

    JR: Austin’s stacking the deck against Edge and Kurt Angle!
    Tazz: How about that title shot he’s giving them next week against Steiner and Batista?!
    JR: And Austin himself is taking on Chavo Guerrero…no disqualification!

    We head to the back and we see Jericho and Benoit fighting! They are beating each other down badly, knocking down all kinds of equipment back there! Finally, some officials come around and break it up. But the two keep clawing and trying to get at each other. They spit out all kinds of profanities at each other! Oh the bad blood between these two!

    We switch to another area backstage, and RVD and Bill Alfonso are walking to the parking lot. Alfonso is carrying RVD’s bag and they reach their car.

    BILL: I –TOLD-YOU…MWF will never be the same again baby! This fed is ours!

    RVD looks at Alfonso.

    RVD: You’re right. And dude…Booker T’s gonna be the first victim…and I’m going to be in the UA! And after that…only greatness awaits Bill Alfonso and Rob…Van…Dam!

    And the two get into their car and leave.

    We switch to a locker room and we see Tajiri in there, lacing his boots up. In comes- Rey Mysterio! The California crowd pops HUGE for the hometown kid.

    TAJIRI: Mysterio!
    Rey: What’s up man!

    Rey slaps Tajiri’s hand.

    REY: Hey man, tonight…is the night. We have the biggest match of our lives… the main event against the Kanes! Everyone thinks we're just gonna get run over by those guys. But we gotta prove a point…we have to SHOCK the world! Are you ready!

    Tajiri grunts and nods his head a lot. The two slap hands again.

    We switch off of them and we see STING making his way to the ring! And Jeff Hardy is right next to him!

    JR: Sting looks ready! He’ll be facing Brock Lesnar…


    Cue Dramatic Music

    One's a wreckless beast

    JR: Goldberg is a ruthless individual!

    The other, the psychotic World Champion

    Tazz: He's a crazy man, JR!

    Their past - well noted.

    JR from WWE: They're gonna tear each other apart!


    The Psychotic Game, Triple H defending the Splices

    The Dangerous Goldberg, fighting for the Normals

    One on one for the MWF: Title!


    JR: Folks, we’ve just learned that due to the boiling heat between them, another match has been signed for Reloaded!
    Tazz: One on one, it will be Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit!


    Sting comes down to the ring, and Jeff Hardy, looking just like him, is right behind him as the crowd gives them a big pop. Sting gets in the ring, and then


    Tazz: comes the pain!

    Brock Lesnar comes down to the ring, and this is actually his first match since SuperSlam. Once he gets in, he starts staring at Jeff with the evil eye, and this gives Sting a chance to attack him from behind!

    Sting vs. Brock Lesnar

    SYNOPSIS: A very even match. A lot of hatred is shown in this match as the Splice and the Normal go at it to and fro.

    FINISH: Brock has Sting down, and Brock looks at Jeff intensely. All of a sudden, Brock SPITS on Hardy!

    JR: What going with Brock! He’s spitting on everybody! He doesn’t respect a damn thing!

    Jeff is so irate about this that he jumps into the ring and starts wailing away on Brock to the approval of the crowd! Sting gets disqualified!

    Winner by disqualification: Brock Lesnar

    Jeff and Brock go at it with back and forth punches until

    GOLDBERG comes running down to the ring and attacks Jeff! Jeff goes down and Brock wails on him, while Goldberg wails on Sting! Advantage: Normals! Until:

    Triple H comes running down to the ring! He goes straight after Goldberg and the two go at it, but Brock quickly interferes and he and Goldberg get the upper hand on Trips, and Sting and Jeff are already down!



    And he has…

    Triple H’s sledgehammer!!! (Triple H leaves it in the Dark Lair when he’s not using it).

    Taker looks MAD AND EVIL as ever as he makes it to the ring…Goldberg and Lesnar see that Taker has that hammer, so just as he hits the ring, they start leaving. Goldberg is out, and Lesnar is leaving the ring…Taker, in the ring now, takes a VICIOUS SWING at LESNAR’S HEAD with the hammer!

    Lesnar JUST BARELY avoided getting hit in the head as he was able to jump down to the floor just in time!

    Lesnar looks shocked and a bit rattled that the Undertaker, of all people, actually tried to hit him in the HEAD with a sledgehammer! He and Goldberg backtrack up the ramp and go to the back.

    Triple H, Jeff and Sting were down when this happened, but they all saw it! They slowly get to their feet and look at the Undertaker with confused faces. Taker just stands there with the sledgehammer in hand, looking upset, angry, and torn at the same time. Triple H slowly reaches for his hammer and grabs it, but Taker doesn’t let it go! Triple H tries to pull it away again, but Taker doesn’t let it go again!

    Triple H is very wary of doing it again, but he tries to get his hammer, and this time, Taker lets go. Triple H immediately leaves the ring, and Sting and Jeff Hardy just look at Undertaker, who holds his head down again.

    JR: What’s going on with the Undertaker?!

    We switch backstage and we see the Kanes. They are in a very dark room that only has a small spotlight in it. There’s a desk in there, and a monitor. Glen laughs, as they just saw what Taker did.

    GLEN: It’s just a matter of time Kane…he will join us!

    Kane slowly nods his head.

    GLEN: It’s time for our match…They talk about shocking the world tonight. Well we have a shock of our own to unveil, isn’t that right!
    Kane nods again, and he and Glen leave The Pit () and head to the ring.

    JR: SHOCK THE WORLD? How are they going to do that?
    Tazz: I don’t know…but coming up next…Rey Mysterio and Tajiri vs. The Kanes!

    Can Rey Rey help his team get the big upset win in his hometown?!

    JR: It’s live
    Tazz: And it’s NEXT!

    *Cue Dramatic Music*


    It's been there before.

    Now, we've


    *Music gets faster*

    JR: Are you ready Tazz!

    The Carnage of MWF



    *Music abruptly stops*


    We come back to the arena.

    JR: Folks we have just gotten word of another big match made for next week
    Tazz: Yeah this is HUGE! It will be Triple H and The Undertaker vs. Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar!
    JR: Does Triple H even want to be Taker’s partner? Taker is a liability, JR!

    And we hear the shingles…


    The crowd pops HUGE as Rey Mysterio shoots out of the top of the ramp!

    JR: He’s back! And the crowd loves it!

    Rey moves out of the way…and Tajiri shoots out of the ramps as well!! The crowd is on their feet as these two make their way down to the ring. Once they get in there though…

    HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE shoots out of the turnbuckles and here comes the KANES!

    The crowd boos the crap out of them...throwing garbage at them and everything, as they slowly walk their way down to the ring, and then they get in.

    JR: This is their first match…since FACING each other at SuperSlam!

    Glen will start the match off against Tajiri.

    Main Event: The Kanes vs. Rey Mysterio and Tajiri...Can the underdogs do it?

    Tajiri stares at Glen and Glen starts laughing. Suddenly, Tajiri runs at Glen and Glen tries to clothesline him…Tajiri ducks the clothesline and bounces off the ropes off and flies off with a dropkick to Glen’s back…Tajiri quickly gets up and starts hitting and kicking Glen furiously and quickly…but Glen just shoves Tajiri away and Tajiri falls to the mat…

    Tajiri quickly gets back up and kicks and punches Glen quickly again…and Glen pushes Tajiri again to the mat…Tajiri jumps back up and comes at Glen but Glen hits a BIG boot to the face of Tajiri!

    Tajiri falls flat on his back, but Glen quickly picks up Tajiri by the neck with both hands…he picks him up in the air and throws him into the corner…he then charges at Tajiri and hits a brutal splash/clothesline, crushing Tajiri! Tajiri slouches against the turnbuckle as he is hurt, and Glen goes over and tags-


    The crowd gets incredibly hype as the original Big Red Machine comes into the ring…he goes over to Tajiri and throws him into the diagonally opposite corner…then Kane comes charging through and rams his elbow into Tajiri’s head! Kane backs up and Tajiri stumbles over to him…Kane picks up Tajiri and hits a sidewalk slam on him!

    Cover by Kane…1……….2……..NO! Tajiri kicks out and Kane quickly gets up. For some reason, Kane looks at Rey and then looks at Glen. Glen yells “Keep hurting him!” So Kane starts stomping Tajiri. Kane picks up Tajiri and irish whips him into the ropes…Tajiri bounces off…Kane goes for a clothesline…Tajiri ducks it and run off the other ropes…Kane goes for a big boot…Tajiri ducks it, does a handstand onto the other ropes, flips back to his feet, and throws the flying back-elbow at Kane who was just turning around!

    Kane stumbles back…Tajiri is facing Kane now…Kane comes charging for a big punch…Tajiri ducks,


    and throws a stiff back kick that knocks Kane right in the head! Kane falls to his knees, and Tajiri jumps to his corner-

    and tags in Mysterio!

    The crowd goes NUTS as Mysterio hops onto the top set of ropes…Kane comes walking over…Rey jumps off and lands on Kanes shoulders…but Kane has a grip on Mysterio…Rey starts punching Kane…and hits a HURRICANRANA on the Big Red Machine! Cover by Rey! 1………..

    Kane THROWS Rey off of him…Rey goes running into the other set of ropes, bounces off, and dropkicks the fallen Kane right in the head! Rey’s looks over at Glen for some reason, and Glen just looks back at him angrily. Rey goes to the top rope and waits up there as Kane starts to get up…

    Kane is up…Rey flies off for a cross body-


    Kane falls on top of Rey for a vicious slam! Cover! 1…………2……..NO!

    Kane gets up and looks a bit confused for some reason, he looks over at Glen who is begging him to tag him in. Kane goes over and tags in Glen, the crowd boos, and in comes that “other” Big Red Machine.

    Glen comes in and runs after Rey, who was slowly getting up. Rey is able to drop toehold Kane into the middle ropes! Rey gets up and everyone knows it’s time for a 619!!

    Rey runs to the other ropes…bounces off…and comes back-

    619 on Glen!!

    Glen goes tumbling backwards falling on his knees and struggling to his feet. Rey jumps on the top set of ropes again…Kane is stumbling over…Rey jumps off…BUT GLEN CATCHES HIM by the throat! He’s gonna chokeslam him!

    Glen raises Rey up in the air, but Rey fights it…and reverses it into a mexican armdrag on the way down! Glen goes flying across the ring!

    Rey goes over and quickly tags in Tajiri!

    With Glen standing up, Tajiri starts hitting lightning punches…furious kicks…he throws Glen into the ropes…ducks a clothesline…and kicks GLEN in the back of the head! Glen is groggy and turns around to face Tajiri, who kicks him in the stomach, forcing Glen to double over…Tajiri puts his hands together to draw strength, and kicks Glen in the side of his head with impact! Glen falls down to the ground!
    Tajiri is hype!

    JR: They're gonna do it Tazz! I can feel it!

    Uh oh Kane comes charging into the ring! Tajiri hits a great kick to the side of Kane and then brings him near the ropes…

    And puts him in the tarantula!

    Meanwhile, Glen sits up, deadman style! Rey comes in the ring and goes over to Glen as he stands up…and he starts punching Glen…but then…Glen starts telling him to stop. What? Rey looks a bit confused…

    Meanwhile, Tajiri lets Kane out of the tarantula, and Kane gets up and slouches in the corner behind Rey and opposite of Glen.

    Glen has held his hand out to Rey and it sounds like he said, “You’ve proven yourself”


    Tajiri runs over to Glen, thinking that he’s hurting Rey, and starts wailing on him with punches in the corner, and Rey is behind him. Glen doesn’t punch Tajiri back…instead, he almost ignores him as he nods at Rey while Tajiri punches him.


    Rey comes from behind and punches Tajiri in the BACK OF HIS HEAD, knocking Tajiri into Glen! Mysterio’s hometown crowd is STUNNED!

    Glen immediately grabs Tajiri by the throat, and drags him to the center of the ring-


    Glen then points at Tajiri, and yells something at Rey. Rey…covers Tajiri?!

    Glen looks at the referee and barks at him to make the count. The referee, confused and scared as hell, drops to the ground and makes the count.


    Winner: Um…Rey Mysterio? Oh I don’t know…

    The crowd is booing their brains out, feeling betrayed by someone who was like their own son, as Kane and Glen raise the hands of little Rey Mysterio in victory! Then the three start beating down Tajiri!

    They stomp the crap out of him, with Rey getting in the most stomps. Then Rey goes to the outside and looks under the ring for something…

    THE NIGHTSTICK! The same one from…

    Don’t tell me!

    Rey Mysterio holds it in the air for all to see as he comes back into the ring. He then goes over to the fallen Tajiri and starts pounding him all over his body with the nightstick!

    Glen laughs evily and Kane stands tall as Mysterio unveils a mean streak never seen before from the man! He keeps pounding on Tajiri until Kane motions for him to stop. Kane then picks up Tajiri, and Glen watches, smiling, as Rey takes the nightstick, and CLUBS Tajiri right in the face with it! Tajiri falls to the ground, busted open, as the crowd starts throwing stuff into the ring, angry as hell that one of the favorite wrestlers had just done this!

    Glen goes over to get a mic. He breathes heavy and huffs and puffs as he speaks.

    GLEN: Y’see Vince…you normals aren’t that smart at all. All it took was a triple suplex to make you accuse the wrong person…to make you accuse one OF YOUR OWN…to show you HOW WEAK YOU NORMALS ARE! You can’t even trust each other!

    He pauses and laughs. Rey stands next to Kane.

    GLEN: See everyone…Rey Mysterio here is a splice like we are, all because of his mask. But the Normals don’t want to accept that! He was put out of action by a NORMAL! And Tajiri-

    Glen looks down at Tajiri.

    GLEN: You were too weak to keep it from happening! Or did you just not care enough to keep it from happening?! You didn’t care did you?! You didn’t care if a SPLICE got put out of action, did you?! You didn’t call Mysterio…you didn’t visit him to see if he was okayin the hospital…but WE DID.

    Glen looks at Kane, who nods. Glen is smiling that evil smile of his.

    GLEN: And we made sure that Mysterio knew that we wanted to see what he was made of. We wanted to make sure he was RUTHLESS enough to join us. So HE concocted the plot to attack McMahon. HE called you and made sure you thought he was still your friend. He fought us well tonight, proving that he was more than worthy! And not only that, he showed that he’s 10 times smarter than you normals as well!

    GLEN: You proved to Rey Mysterio that NORMALS ARE WEAK, and at the same time, Rey found out that Normals don’t really give a DAMN about splices! And now, he has joined with the splices who are superior! Rey Mysterio…like us…hates NORMALS now! Like us, Rey Mysterio thinks that all Normals should

    And Glen puts the mic to Rey’s mouth.


    And Glen drops the mic on Tajiri and the crowd continues to boo as the Kanes and Mysterio hold their arms in the air in triumph.

    Can you believe that this man has turned to evil?

    Fade to Black.
    End of Show.


    Yet another Wrestleblast in the books.
    Rey Mysterio was the masked man who attacked Vince. What will Vince have to say about this? Will Tajiri be able to respond to this attack next week?

    What about the man Mysterio framed…Eddie Guerrero? Will we see him next week?

    What’s wrong with the Undertaker? He literally tried to behead Brock Lesnar…an overly violent act that Taker is not known for and doesn’t support… Is he giving in to pressure? Does he plan on joining the Kanes to wipe out Normals?

    RVD is now with Bill Alfonso again. Can Bill lead RVD to new heights? Will Booker T respond to the beatdown he received from RVD?

    Speaking of Booker, RVD didn’t want to join with Booker to form a rebel group against Pro and Anti-Splices. Does this leave Booker by himself?

    Can Edge and Angle keep their hands off of the annoying Stone Cold until Reloaded? Can they coexist, and possibly do the impossible by winning the tag titles over Batista and Steiner next week?

    How angry is Chavo now about his uncle getting arrested now that Eddie has been proven innocent? Will he take it all out on Austin in the No DQ match next week and be able to pull off the upset?

    And finally, with the Undertaker acting strange, can he and Triple H coexist next week when they Goldberg and Batista?

    Find out all of this and more on the last show before MWF: Reloaded, next week on MWF: Wrestleblast!
    Man of the world.

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    Default Re: Phenom's MWF

    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    MWF Wrestleblast: Show 4

    Before our opening theme, we are backstage and we see Kurt Angle. He’s walking down a hallway, and he meets up with


    The two look at each other and stare. There is a lot of tension between the two of them.

    Kurt: So…
    Edge: So…

    They start eyeing each other.

    Kurt: I just wanted you to know that I’m only your partner…TONIGHT. Come Reloaded, all bets are off!
    Edge: Fine by me. All I need from you is to watch my back out there. Can we just get through this tag title match with out any problems?

    Angle nods his head and he and Edge are about to shake hands when-

    Stone Cold appears between them! He’s laughing and smiling away, while Edge and Angle just look at him.

    Austin: Fellas, fellas. Big match tonight, eh? Are you guys ready?
    Angle: Well actually-
    Austin: WHAT?!

    Angle is about to whack Austin but Edge holds Kurt.

    Edge: You can’t touch him or we BOTH lose the title shot!

    Angle calms down and Austin smiles.

    Austin: Hey I just wanted to wish you guys luck, seriously. Tag team title match! That’s huge! Kurt Angle and Edge can be the champs!

    Angle and Edge start smiling and nodding.

    Austin: Of course…you two ARE fighting me at Reloaded for the U.S Title…and uh, you guys can only win by pinning me…shoot if I was one of you, I would probably try to get an advantage over the other guy…if I was Edge WHAM I’d hit Angle with a thunderous spear. If I was Angle SNAP I’d lock on that devestating ankle lock. Especially since he cut your hair off in WWE…

    Edge and Angle start looking at each other with the tension between them once again. Angle looks mad as hell as he feels his bald head, almost as if to remind himself that he’s bald

    Austin: Yeah, but that’s me. Neither one of you guys would do that at all…not with the other guy’s back turned or nothing. Nope. Not at all.

    By now, Edge and Angle are about to punch each other.

    Austin: WELL, good luck!

    Austin pats both men on the back and leaves, laughing. Edge and Angle continue staring at each other.

    MWF: Wrestleblast Show 4 - 6.26.04

    Opening Theme: Til I Collapse by Eminem

    The pyros go off and we are LIVE in Minneapolis, Minnesota the last Wrestleblast before the PPV, MWF Reloaded!

    JR: We are just a few days away from Reloaded!
    Tazz: And this show will take us there! And what a rocketbuster main event we have:
    JR: That’s right, it will be

    Triple H and The Undertaker vs. Goldberg and Brock Lesnar!

    You think you know me..

    It’s Edge! The crowd gives him a nice pop as he makes his way to the ring, ready to go.

    The Olympic Theme!

    Here comes Kurt Angle. He doesn’t look too happy and he feels his bald head again on the way to the ring. Once he gets in there, he and Edge get in each other’s face.

    Holler, if you hear me!

    Well here comes the tag champs, Steiner and Batista! They flex all the way down to the ring.

    JR: This is their first title defense since winning the titles at SuperSlam.
    Tazz: Austin just made this a tag title match to motivate Batista and Steiner to beat Edge and Angle down!

    Steiner and Edge start out the match

    Opening Bout: Tag Title Match: Batista and Steiner © vs. Edge and Kurt Angle

    SYNOPSIS: An even match throughout, but then Batista and Steiner gain control, and they are really upset that they lost to these two in singles matches last week.

    We join the match midway through:
    Batista has Edge in a headlock that is wearing the Canadian down…Batista has driven it all the way down to the mat, and the referee holds up Edge’s hand

    It drops.


    The ref picks it up again

    It drops again.


    The ref picks it up again…the crowd is restless…



    Winners of this match: Bat-

    WAIT! NO! It didn’t drop! Edge is still in it, and he’s pumping his arm, trying to break out of the hold…they both are on their feet now, and Edge rams an elbow into Batista’s stomach once…he rams it again…and again and Batista has broken up the hold…Edge quickly goes running off the ropes and ducks an attempted clothesline by Batista, bounces off the other ropes and hits a flying spin kick on Batista! Both men down as the ref counts


    Both men start to get up, with Batista up fully before Edge…Batista goes over hit Edge, but Edge kicks him in the gut –

    And hits an Edgecution!

    Both men down again, and Edge is too weak to cover. After a few seconds, Edge crawls over to his corner to try and tag Angle…he crawls…

    And he makes the tag! Angle comes blazing in and starts putting a whippin’ on Batista with kicks and punches galore…Steiner comes in and Angle immediately grabs him and hits an overhead suplex…here comes Batista again and he goes for a punch…Angle ducks…and hits a german suplex on Batista! Angle gets up and he’s feeling it! He starts yelling and pulls down the straps to his singlet and goes after Batista’s ankle for an ankle lock! But Batista continues to struggle out of it and kicks Angle off…Angle goes stumbling back a bit, and Steiner is going over to try and hurt him…

    Edge is back in the ring and is setting up for a SPEAR on Steiner…

    Steiner turns around

    Edge is coming


    Spear on –


    Steiner moved out of the way and Edge ended up spearing Angle! Edge is shocked and suddenly Steiner clotheslines Edge out of the ring…Batista meanwhile, capitalizes by setting up Angle for a powerbomb…

    And hitting a DEVASTATING sit down powerbomb on him!

    Cover by Batista! 1…………2………..3!

    Winners and STILL MWF Tag Champs: Steiner and Batista

    The two get their tag belts and walk to the back, celebrating. Angle is rolling around in the ring, and Edge gets in there. He walks over to Angle and slowly helps him up.

    We can see Edge saying "my fault", but Angle isn’t having it…he pushes Edge away!

    Edge starts walking back over to Angle and pushes Kurt! Kurt stumbles back then runs at Edge and unexpectedly takes him down by the legs and tries to apply the ankle lock! Edge desperately wiggles around to stay out of the move until he kicks Angle off of him. Angle goes stumbling back so far and hard that he falls to the mat…Edge rolls backwards up to his feet…Angle comes charging at Edge…Edge runs at Angle…They BOTH jump in the air


    They crash RIGHT into each other and both fall onto the mat, knocking each other out! Oh goodness!

    JR: This is just what Austin wanted! He wants these two to tear each other apart!
    Tazz: I told you before, Austin is a smart man, especially when it comes to keeping gold
    JR: Well he’s in for a fight later on when he takes on Chavo Guerrero in a No Disqualification match!

    We go backstage and we see a bunch of guards outside of an office – Vince McMahon’s office. Suddenly, Tajiri comes walking up to them. His head has some bruises on it from the attack last week. He looks PISSED! Some guards get in his face, but he just grunts at them. They let him through and he opens the door.

    In there, sitting down and looking very serious, is Vince McMahon. And he has on…his wrestling gear?!

    Tajiri: What…you want?!
    Vince: Tajiri! I saw what Rey Mysterio did to you last week. On top of that, HE was the masked man that tried to attack me! Now, I know that you and I have never seen eye to eye, but you have to agree now that Splices are NOT good for our company, and they MUST pay!

    Tajiri thinks for a second…and then he nods!

    Vince: I’m giving you a chance to get BOTH of us some revenge. At Reloaded, it’s going to be, one on one, Tajiri vs…REY MYSTERIO!

    Crowd can be heard cheering. Tajiri smiles and nods.

    Vince: And also, I’m asking you to be at my side tonight. Because I’m going to go down to that ring…and I’m going to call out Mysterio! He wants to attack me…then why don’t he do it FACE TO FACE!

    And Tajiri smiles and nods some more as Vince smiles as well.

    JR: Is Vince insane?! Doesn’t he know that with Rey Mysterio, you’re going to get the KANES as well?
    Tazz: You still aren't sure if Vince is crazy or not? What, have you NOT watched this guy the past few years?
    JR: Either way folks, coming up next, RVD wanted a rematch with Chris Jericho, And he’s going to get it…NEXT!


    One of a Kind!

    Here comes RVD and he has Bill Alfonso at his side. RVD looks as cocky as ever, as he makes his way to the ring.

    Break the Walls DOOOOOOWNNN!!!

    Here comes Y2J! The crowd pops heavy as Y2J starts making his way down the ramp. But midway down –

    CHRIS BENOIT comes from behind and attacks Y2J! He starts pounding on Jericho, and punches him all the way back towards the entrance. Then he takes Y2J and throws him into the stage set up, and then continues to beat him down. Jericho falls to the ground, and Benoit puts him in the crossface! Officials rush out to break up the beatdown!

    Meanwhile, in the ring, RVD is looking a bit upset that his match seems to have been “cancelled” when suddenly BOOKER T rushes into the ring from the crowd and starts attacking RVD from behind! Book actually has a SLING on his right shoulder, the one that RVD beat on with a chair after Benoit made Booker tap with the crossface.

    RVD gathers himself and he starts fighting back, but Booker has the upperhand when

    Bill Alfonso comes from behind and hits a LOW BLOW on Booker T! RVD takes advantage and punches Book down to the ground! Then RVD takes the sling off of Book’s shoulder and starts to stomp away on it. Some of the officials that tried to break up the Jericho/Benoit fight run to the ring and grab RVD to stop him. Rob leaves the ring, smiling as Alfonso blows his whistle, and Booker T lies in the ring in pain.

    We go backstage and we see Eddie Guerrero! He’s walking to Vince McMahon’s office! The guards are there, and Eddie just walks through them as if they don’t exist. Eddie gets to the door and goes in the office, and Vince is in there stretching, getting ready for his confrontation with Rey Mysterio it seems.

    Eddie: Well... you wanted me holmes?

    Eddie sounds like he’s kinda mad.

    Vince stops stretching and walks over to Eddie.

    Vince: First of all Eddie, I wanted to say that I’m sorry for wrongly accusing you.

    Eddie just continues looking mad.

    Vince: And to make it up to you, I’m going to give you and your tag partner Chavo an opportunity for the MWF Tag Titles at Reloaded against Batista and Steiner!

    Eddie starts to smile at that one.

    Eddie: Eyy Chavo’s somewhere by himself really getting red-e for his match against Austin…I can’t wait to tell him the news, eh?

    Vince: Yeah...And I know what else you want! You want some revenge on Rey Mysterio for framing you! So listen to this: I’m about to go out there and call out Mysterio, and I need people by my side. Tajiri’s already coming with me. Do you want to join us?

    Eddie thinks about it for a second.

    Eddie: If that meeeens I can get my hands on that botos locos Rey Mysterioooo, man…than count me in, holmes!

    And Vince nods and smiles.

    Vince: Let’s go!

    And they leave the office to head to the ring.

    ************************************************** *******

    We switch to another area backstage to see


    He’s walking to


    He knocks on the door of it with a seemingly special knock. The doors opens…it’s Sting!

    Sting: Oh, Triple H. What’s up man?
    Sting: Well he’s in –

    Triple H doesn’t wait for Sting to answer…instead he busts in to the Dark Lair. He sees Jeff Hardy in one spot…looks over in another spot and sees Paul Bearer and The Undertaker. He walks over and gets in Taker’s face.

    Trips: Taker! We got a tag match tonight and I haven’t heard one thing from you! C’mon man, where’s your head at?

    Taker just looks at Triple H and Taker looks kind of angry that the Game is in his face like this.

    Trips: Look, Taker. At least tell me what decision you’ve come to?! I mean, I can’t stay alongside someone who isn’t fighting for what I’m fighting for! Tell me!

    Taker keeps looking at Triple H angrily.

    Trips is frustrated.

    Trips: Have you even come to a decision?!

    Taker stares Trips in the eyes and says, “That's none of your damn business!”

    And he storms off, as Paul Bearer follows. He doesn’t look at Sting or Jeff Hardy either. He just exits the Dark Lair.

    Sting and Jeff are upset and they angrily look at Triple H, who just stands there, stunned.

    ************************************************** *

    We switch to a shot of another area backstage and HARDCORE HOLLY is laying in a pool of his own BLOOD! He is hurt BADLY, and his left arm looks broken! The camera zooms out –

    And we see Rey Mysterio throw down a chair! And standing behind him are the KANES, with Glen evilly laughing!

    GLEN: And Vince wants to call you out? HA! Our elimination of the Normals has begun. The Overlord will be proud.

    The Overlord?

    The three leave the scene, and more importantly, leave Hardcore Holly in his own blood...

    JR: Those…those VILE men have just slaughtered Hardcore Holly!
    Tazz: This is kind of scary JR…Glen said –
    JR: I know Tazz. I know. I just fear for Vince McMahon. Why is he going to call out Rey Mysterio?
    Tazz: I don’t know.
    JR: And what do they mean by, "Overlord?"
    Tazz: I just don't can never tell with-


    OOOOOOOHHHH Boy here comes Vince McMahon in his wrestling gear!

    The crowd boos Vince. We see that Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri are coming down behind him! He’s going to call out Rey Mysterio!




    Vince McMahon enters the ring, and Eddie and Tajiri stand by his side…an unlikely alliance if I’ve ever seen one. Vince has a mic, and he’s a struttin’ around in the ring, looking mad as hell.

    Vince: I came out here tonight with a PURPOSE! Dammit, it was Rey Mysterio who tried to hurt me. He did it by surprise…I can expect that from a no-good splice!

    Vince rolls his eyes

    Vince: Well Rey…I ain’t come out here to talk…I’m a callin you out! If you want to hurt me so bad, do it FACE TO FACE!

    Crowd pops

    Vince: Tajiri…Eddie…get out of the ring…because I’m gonna whip Mysterio’s ass right now, allllll by myself!

    Eddie and Tajiri leave the ring and go over and stand next to the time keeper.

    Vince: Alright Mysterio…GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!

    Vince waits until…

    We can hear a record scratching and then 619 hits (minus the “Who’s that jumping out the sky” part) and Rey Mysterio walks out onto the ramp! The crowd is booing the mess out of him. Tajiri and Eddie both look very angry.

    Rey Mysterio actually has a microphone!

    Rey: Vince…I just wanted to say that I wish I was able to CRACK you over the head with the nightstick two weeks ago! And now that you’re giving me the opportunity once again…

    Rey bends down under his pants leg…and pulls out a nightstick!

    Rey: I don’t think I’m gonna miss out this time. I’m sure the Kanes and our Overlord will be proud of what I’m about to do to you…

    Who the hell is this Overlord?

    Rey drops the mic and starts headed to the ring! The crowd is restless…Vince McMahon is ready…Rey gets in!

    Confrontation: Vince McMahon vs. Rey Mysterio (who the hell ever saw this coming?)

    As soon as Rey gets in, Vince starts wailing away on Mysterio with right hands causing Rey to drop his nightstick, and the crowd actually cheers on Vince! Vince is puttin’ a small hurtin’ on the small splice! Suddenly, Vince kicks Rey in the gut-

    And goes for a STUNNER

    The crowd goes NUTS but Rey gets out of Vince’s grasp… Vince, unphased, grabs Rey and throws him into the ropes for an irish whip…he tries to clothesline Mysterio but Rey ducks and bounces off the next set of ropes and DROPKICKS Vince right in the face!

    Crowd boos…

    Rey then proceeds to punch the lights out of Vince repeatedly on the ground…he then picks up his nightstick…Vince is on his knees, trying to get up


    Rey hits Vince in the back of the head with the nightstick! Rey then goes on to pummel Vince even more with the nightstick.

    Tajiri and Eddie finally have had enough and they storm the ring to attack Rey! They double team Mysterio, causing him to drop his nightstick again, until


    Here comes the KANES!

    They storm the ring and go after Eddie and Tajiri, with Vince still fallen on the mat. The three splices gain the upper hand over Eddie and Tajiri until…


    Yes! It’s Jeff Hardy and Sting! They run down to the ring with ball bats…the Kanes and Mysterio see this, and as soon as Sting and Jeff make it to the ring, they leave the ring!

    The Kanes and Mysterio backtrack up the ramp as Sting and Jeff Hardy look at them angrily from inside the ring once again.

    In the ring, Vince is starting to get up, and Jeff and Sting turn around to see a semi-groggy Eddie G. and Tajiri looking at them weirdly and with much disdain.

    There seems to be a lot of tension in the ring…

    Suddenly, Sting and Jeff start brawling with Eddie and Tajiri!

    Vince is up now and he grabs the mic he had earlier from the mat.

    Vince: Stop it! Stop it dammit! Ugh…

    He’s still feeling pain from the beatdown…

    Vince: STOP IT!

    The four men finally stop brawling and look at Vince. Vince looks irate and he stares a hole in Sting and Jeff Hardy.

    Vince: You good for nothing splices! I hate splices! You all are nothing but a cancer to my company!

    Crowd starts booing heavily

    Jeff and Sting look very mad now, and inch closer to Vince.

    Vince: Jeff and Sting…Get out of my ring dammit! Get out of this building! Go home! Or I’ll get security to drag your asses out!

    JR: Why is Vince kicking them out? They just saved the day!
    Tazz: Simple…Vince hates splices, and he damn sure doesn’t want to mess with the Kanes or Rey Mysterio, so he’s gonna take it out on the “good” splices that probably won’t kill him!

    Jeff and Sting look at Vince, then they look at each other. They pick up their bats-

    The crowd is getting excited…

    They then start to leave the ring without trouble, and the crowd moans in disappointment. Vince screams at them from the ring:

    Vince: I hope you two and the Kanes KILL EACH OTHER at Reloaded!

    Hardy and Sting just keep walking to the back, apparently to leave the building.

    JR: I just don’t get it, Tazz
    Tazz: It’s like High School…you always took your frustrations out on the member of the group that would do the least damage to you…I’m telling ya, Vince is damn scared of the Kanes!
    JR: I mean, who wouldn’t be…look what they did to Hardcore Holly
    Tazz: And you notice how the UA has not confronted the Kanes yet? They’re ALL scared, JR!

    We go backstage to see Stone Cold walking towards the arena for his match…suddenly he looks down and sees the bloody and broken Hardcore Holly, still lying there…no one has helped the guy yet! Austin looks absolutely disgusted.

    Austin: Eww man…what the hell happened to you?

    He’s unconscious, Austin.

    Austin starts kicking at Holly to see what happens. Holly moans and flinches a little. Austin yells “We need some medical help here!” Austin kneels down

    Austin: Are you okay?!
    Holly: *moans*
    Austin: WHAT?!
    Holly *moans*
    Austin: WHAT?!

    Austin stands back up and yells “Someone help Spark Plug! I got a match!”

    Austin walks away, and Holly is still left laying in his own blood.

    JR: Oh how compassionate of Stone Cold
    Tazz: Austin vs. Chavo…non-title, but NO DQ…NEXT!


    Cue Dramatic Music

    One's a wreckless beast

    JR: Goldberg is a ruthless individual!

    The other, the psychotic World Champion

    Tazz: He's a crazy man, JR!

    Their past - well noted

    JR from WWE: They're gonna tear each other apart!


    The Psychotic Game, Triple H defending the Splices

    The Dangerous Goldberg, fighting for the Normals

    One on one for the MWF: Title!


    The glass breaks and here comes the U.S Champion, Stone Cold! The crowd gives him a mixed reaction again and he gets in the ring and does his usual stuff.

    Oooooh Chavo!

    Well here comes Chavo Guerrero. Now, over the course of ONE week he’s been turned into a face and the crowd gives him a nice reaction. He looks intense.

    He gets in the ring and Stone Cold immediately starts wailing on him!

    Non-Title: Stone Cold vs. Chavo Guerrero (No Disqualification)

    SYNOPSIS: Austin controls most of the match, Chavo gets in some offense at times but Austin dominates

    FINISH: Austin has brought a steel chair in the ring and Chavo is down in the middle of it…

    Suddenly Kurt Angle starts making his way down to the ring, and Austin sees him and gives him the middle finger. Angle doesn’t get in the ring…he goes to the side of it

    Then Edge comes down to ringside as well, and Austin puts his middle fingers up at both men. Edge gives Austin the middle finger right back and smiles that evil little grin of his...Austin is pissed that the greaseball disrespected him like that...he's also completely distracted...

    From behind, Chavo hits a standing dropkick which knocks Austin towards the ropes, and the chair bounces off the ropes in Austin’s hands and partially hits him in the head! He is woozy and stumbles backwards, and Chavo rolls him up with a school boy…


    Angle and Edge get in the ring and get on top of Chavo, helping him hold down Austin without touching Stone Cold (hey, it IS no dq!)



    Oh my goodness what an upset!

    Winner: Chavo Guerrero

    The crowd is going bonkers as Edge and Angle get up, and Chavo bounces off and jumps around merrily. He runs out of the ring and heads backstage.

    Edge and Angle leave the ring as Austin gets up, IRATE as all can be! He starts jumping up and down angrily as Edge and Angle backtrack up the ramp, laughing at Stone Cold, as Austin yells profanties galore at the two.

    JR: HA it looks like Austin has been outsmarted tonight!
    Tazz: But it ain’t gonna be that way at Reloaded!

    Backstage, we once again see the fallen Hardcore Holly, and now finally some security have found the guy, and they start calling for medical help for the poor guy.

    ************************************************** ***

    We switch over to see Chavo Guerrero running backstage and he’s met by Eddie G. who is very happy.

    Chavo: You see that holmes! I just beat Stone Cold!
    Eddie: Yeah esse! That’s what I’m talking about man. It’s a sign of things to come…cause Sundaayyy, we got a tag title match against Batista and Steiner!
    Chavo: Yea!

    The two celebrate some more until

    Batista and Steiner come blazing from out of nowhere and attack the two! They stomp and kick away at Eddie and Chavo, knocking them out senseless! Once they finally stop, Steiner says, “Oh, and thanks for helping our boss, Eddie.”

    And he and Steiner laugh as they walk away and Batista says, “See you at Reloaded!”

    ************************************************** ****

    We switch over to see the World Champ, the psychotic game, Triple H! He’s headed towards the ring, but he sure looks concerned...

    JR: The last match before Reloaded!
    Tazz: The main event, Triple H and the Undertaker vs. Golberg and Brock Lesnar


    Well actually, SOON!

    ONE SELF?! Is this on?

    The crowd gets on their feet wildly and here comes the World Champion, Triple H! He comes down to the ring, does his usual water spitting and poses in one corner. He waits intently for…


    Lights go out.

    Crowd: YEAH!!


    Here he is…the UNDERTAKER! And he’s with Paul Bearer, and they slowly make their way to the ring. Taker goes up the steps…lifts his arms…and makes the lights come back on. He steps in the ring where Bearer helps him take off his coat, then he takes off his hat and stares a hole in Triple H, who just kind of tries to ignore him.


    Tazz: Well, here comes the pain!

    Here comes Brock Lesnar to the ring…he bounces around a little bit at the top, then walks halfway down the ramp before we start hearing the drums blare..

    And here comes Goldberg!

    The two men come down to the ring together. Triple H will start the match for his team…he points at Goldberg, saying he wants him, but instead, Brock will start against him.

    Main Event: Triple H and The Undertaker vs. Goldberg and Brock Lesnar

    The two start off with a collar elbow tie up and Brock Lesnar throws Triple H to the ground. Triple H quickly gets up and they lock up again…this time Trips armdrags Brock, sending him flying across the ring…Brock quickly gets up and they lock up again…Trips gets behind Brock and takes him down with a front face slam, then rolls off of him and drops an elbow to Brock’s back… cover by the Game!


    Lesnar quickly kicks out and Triple H picks him up and irish whips him into the corner…Trips goes after Brock but Brock lifts his leg up and kicks Trips in the face…Trips stumbles backwards and Brock runs after him


    Triple H is able to catch Brock and hit him with a devastating spinebuster! Cover!


    Brock kicks out again. Triple H stands on his feet and looks at Undertaker, and the crowd goes nuts, as they want Taker to get Brock! Triple H goes over and tags in Taker! Brock sees this and QUICKLY rushes to his corner and tags in Goldberg.

    Crowd boos

    In comes Goldberg, and he and Taker stand there, staring at each other from a short distance

    JR: So much history between these two in MWF…

    Suddenly the two erupt into a hellafied brawl in the middle of the ring, exchanging punches back and forth…Goldberg gets the upper and throws Taker into the ropes, Taker bounces off and ducks an attempted clothesline by Goldberg…Taker bounces off the other ropes and hits a FLYING clothesline! With Goldberg down, Taker kneels over him and starts throwing VICIOUS right hands in his face! The ref tries to break it up and Taker stands up as if he’s going to beat up the ref and the ref runs out of the ring…

    Taker picks up Goldberg and twists his arm and holds on…he’s going for old school! Taker goes to the top rope and starts walking on the ropes…

    But Brock RUSHES into the ring and throws Taker off with a bodyslam! Triple H comes into the ring and he and Lesnar go at it and they fall out of the ring onto the arena floor…

    Meanwhile in the ring, Goldberg has momentum…he hits Taker with punches, suplexes, and shoulder drives in the corner of the ring…he covers Taker twice but both times Taker kicks out at 2…Lesnar and Triple H have finally stopped fighting and are back to their corners…Goldberg tags in Lesnar!

    Lesnar smiles evilly as he pounces on the fallen Undertaker with many stomps…Lesnar stops to pose at the crowd.


    Undertaker SITS UP! And he looks mad as hell!

    Lesnar sees this and frantically tries to stomp Taker but it does nothing to him as he raises to his feet and starts punching the crap out of Lesnar…he scoops Brock for a suplex, and hits it! Goldberg tries to get in but the referee stops him…with the ref distracted, Undertaker goes to a turnbuckle and starts removing the padding from the top one!

    Triple H goes over to try to stop him…and Undertaker just PUSHES Trips off of the apron and Trips goes flying and crashing into the guard rail! He’s temporarily out…

    Meanwhile, Lesnar has tagged in Goldberg and he’s attempting a spear on Taker, waiting for him to turn around…Taker turns around…Goldberg comes…Taker moves and Goldberg goes flying shoulder first into the middle turnbuckle! Goldberg falls to the ground…and Undertaker signals for a chokeslam!

    Meanwhile, outside of the ring, Brock Lesnar has the steel steps! He’s going to hit Paul Bearer with them! Bearer turns around


    Lesnar absolutely CREAMS Bearer with the steps in his head, and Bearer starts bleeding PROFUSELY!

    Goldberg sees Taker setting up for a chokeslam and he rolls out of the ring to avoid it altogether, and then he sees Bearer getting beat down so he runs over to the fallen Paul Bearer and starts stomping him along with Brock!

    Taker finally sees what has happened to Bearer and he’s shocked as hell! He storms outside and Goldberg and Lesnar quickly run away from the situation as Taker kneels over the fallen Bearer…

    Taker starts SCREAMING for some medical help for Bearer, who is bleeding VERY badly! But no help is coming!

    JR: I think the medical help is too busy with Hardcore Holly, Tazz!

    So no one comes, until –

    THE KANES and REY MYSTERIO start walking down the ramp! They genuinely look concerned, and Undertaker looks at them, confused.

    They walk over to Taker and Bearer and Kane (masked) looks down at Bearer.

    He then actually picks up Paul in his arms, and covers the cut on Paul’s head with his gloved hand. The three “bad” splices then turn around, and start walking back up to the entrance with Bearer. And the Undertaker FOLLOWS THEM, leaving Triple H by himself!

    Meanwhile, in the ring, Triple H has recovered and he’s punching Brock…then Goldberg…then Brock…he then sees Undertaker leaving and starts yelling for him to get his ass back to the ring! The referree comes over and asks Triple H if he wants to continue…Triple H says yes and thens goes back to yelling at Taker…LITTLE DOES HE KNOW


    Triple H finally gives up and turns around


    Goldberg hits the spear on Trips! Then Lesnar comes over and picks up the World Champ for an F5…


    He hits the F5 on Triple H! Both men cover the Game! The ref looks confused but he counts anyway…


    Winners: Goldberg and Brock Lesnar!

    The crowd is booing their brains out as Goldberg and Brock get to their feet and raise their hands in the air in triumph. Then Goldberg goes outside and grabs the World Title from ringside…

    He goes back in the ring and poses with the belt, as if he’s already the champion! His final pose is him standing over the World Champion, with the belt in the air!

    JR: Goldberg is on a roll! Is this a sign of things to come? BY GAWD, WE’ll FIND OUT AT RELOADED!!

    Fade to Black.
    End of Show.


    The final Wrestleblast before MWF Reloaded is complete, and things are beyond heating up – they’re on fire!

    Was that COMPASSION that the Kanes and Rey Mysterio showed to Paul Bearer?! Taker went along with them…is he with them now?

    What exactly is up with Taker? He is starting to become the exact opposite of what he believes Splices should be. He pushed Triple H into a guard rail, and left him alone to take on Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg for goodness sakes! What’s going on in the mind of this man?

    Who is the “Overlord” that The Kanes and Rey Mysterio are talking about?

    Will Kurt Angle and Edge tear each other apart in trying to get Austin’s U.S Title?

    Will Booker T even be close to 100% at Reloaded?

    What is the physical condition of Hardcore Holly? How about the Rock? Or Matt Hardy?

    So many questions…perhaps one place to find the answers…we will see you all next week, for: MWF RELOADED!
    Man of the world.

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    Default Re: Phenom's MWF

    That Austin/Holly segment made me laugh. This fed still rules.



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    Default Re: Phenom's MWF


    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    Triple H vs. Goldberg (World Title)
    Jeff Hardy and Sting vs. The Kanes (First Blood Tag Match...a team only has to make ONE of the guys on the other team bleed in order for their team to win)
    Stone Cold (c) vs. Edge vs. Kurt Angle (U.S Title)
    Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar
    Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit
    Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri
    Booker T vs. RVD
    Los Guerreros vs. Batista and Steiner (c) (Tag Title)
    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    Main Event: MWF Title: Triple H (c) vs. Goldberg

    These two have a frenzied past where they constantly beat down each other in WWE. Goldberg was not on the original MWF roster, but he came later down the line and has made a tremendous impact. He is definitely on a roll, having beaten the Undertaker in a Boiler Room Brawl, and having pinned Triple H himself in a tag match.

    The Psychotic Game, as always, has a million things on his mind, including whether the Undertaker - pretty much his mentor - is going to side with the Kanes in trying to wipe out the Normals. Triple H was offered to join the Kanes, and they said that they know a way to get Stephanie McMahon back. Though the Game has successfully defended the MWF Title against the Rock, many are saying that his mind is not focused enough on his task at hand- defending the title against Goldberg.

    With the Rock having failed to bring the gold back to the Unholy Apocalypse, can Goldberg make Vince and co. proud? Or does the Psychotic Game have what it takes to retain yet again, and continue to try to lead the splices to glory- the right way?


    U.S Title Match: Stone Cold (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Edge
    Rules: Austin can pin either Edge or Angle to retain the title, while Edge or Angle must pin HIM in order to win the title

    Edge was the first ever MWF U.S Champion, but lost it to the Rock in a title vs. title match at the Lord of the Ring PPV. It was then decided that Austin and Chris Jericho had to fight over the U.S Title, and Austin won, and has been champ ever since. Austin defeated Edge at SuperSlam to retain in a very close match, and Edge has been clamoring for another shot ever since.

    Kurt Angle has been the most screwed over wrestler in MWF. He was screwed out of the MWF Championship in the first ever MWF PPV: Starfest, by Stone Cold. He and Austin have been enemies ever since, and Angle is hell bent on owning some gold in MWF and thwarting Austin.

    Stone Cold, while in the Unholy Apocalypse, has really had his hands full as of late with these two and has been on his own for the past few weeks. Using the booking power given to him by Vince McMahon, he made Angle and Edge fight each other for a title shot, then fight seperate matches for a title shot, then fight as a tag team before Reloaded - all the while tellling them that if one of them touched him before the PPV, neither one could get a title shot. Well, they went through all the obstacles, and now Austin has also stated that Angle or Edge can only win the belt by pinning him, but he can retain the title by pinning either one of them.

    Is Austin's days as U.S Champ finally up? Or will the savvy stipulations he's put in to this match work in his favor?


    First Blood Match: The Kanes (Kane and Glen Jacobs) vs. Sting and Jeff Hardy
    Rules: A team has to make one member of the other team bleed in order to win

    When Kane was beat down by the Apocalypse and disappeared, nobody knew that such chaos was upon the MWF.

    Kane returned a few weeks later as Matt Hardy's bodyguard. But shortly after that, Paul Bearer accused this Kane as being a fraud, and said that the real Kane would return at SuperSlam. Lo and behold, at Superslam, a Kane looking like the original Kane (full body suit and all) appeared, and beat Matt Hardy's Kane in a Loser Leaves Town Casket Match. Before winning, however, the Original Kane unmasked Matt Hardy's Kane to reveal that it was GLEN JACOBS. After the match, the two then attacked Hardy, threw him in the casket, and set it on fire. They were later quoted as saying that "Normals must pay" and "Splices are too nice".

    It turns out that the two Kanes agenda is to lead the Splices to glory in a different way than the Undertaker envisioned - by brutally wiping Normals out. Matt Hardy was just their first example.

    Jeff Hardy takes exception to this.

    Although he and Matt were not too fond of each other at the time, that still was his brother that the Kanes set on fire, and Jeff is hell bent on getting revenge. Sting, Jeff's mentor and the one that Jeff copies, will follow wherever Jeff's heart takes them -

    Even if it's to the bloody bowels of hell.


    The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

    The Undertaker is in, shall we say, a dilemma. He came to MWF to work on building a wrestling company where Splices and Normals can co-exist. He preached that the way to do this included two things: Triple H winning the MWF Title, and Splices being successful in matches and popularity. Although Triple H has won the title, being successful in matches has been hard, as Normals have pulled all kind of tricks to keep the Splices down.

    The most successful Splices thus far have seemed to be none other than the Kanes, and they have been successful by straight up using brutality on extreme levels. So when they told Taker that he must join them in leading Splices to glory in THEIR way (brutally wiping out Normals), Taker never rejected the offer. Not only might the Kanes way be the only way to go, but also, Glen used the whole "family" thing against Taker, saying that he owes it to his brother (Kane) and Paul Bearer owes it to his son (Kane) to join them.

    Lately, Taker has been acting very strange and a little And this cannot mean good things for the brash Brock Lesnar.

    Lesnar has enjoyed much success in MWF and he believes that it is HE who should be leading the Unholy Apocalypse. This was his motive behind leading the beatdown of the former leader, the Rock. Now Lesnar has challenged the Undertaker, believing that beating him will show that he means business. Lesnar has even gone as far as to beating down (with the help of Goldberg) Taker's manager, Paul Bearer, to a bloody pulp.

    Who will come out on top - or maybe more appropriately, who will come out of this match still being able to walk?


    Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri

    This match will be a liiiittle bit different from all the other Rey Mysterio/Tajiri matches. This one could get ugly.

    Tajiri befriended Rey Mysterio, even though Tajiri is a Normal and Mysterio is a splice. Mysterio was put out of action by Brock Lesnar, but when he returned, he made it seemed like all was still well between the two.

    This was not the case.

    Little to Tajiri's knowledge, Mysterio had aligned with the Kanes, and all three of them subsequently went on to beat Tajiri down during a tag match. Tajiri now hates Splices, and wants revenge because he has been betrayed - and you do NOT betray a Japanese buzzsaw.

    On the other hand, Mysterio's mind has been completely manipulated by the Kanes. He hates Normals now, has turned completely evil, and he has even gone as far as to brutally beating down Hardcore Holly with a steel chair backstage (causing him to bleed VERY badly and possibly breaking his arm). He has also spoken of an "Overlord" that he and the Kanes are working for. Who is this Overlord? Will the Overlord make an appearance during this match or during the PPV?

    Mysterio vs. Tajiri. A rematch from many other feds. But this time, it's personal.


    Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

    These two know each other like the backs of their hands.
    Doesn't mean a damn thing.

    Benoit was hell bent on eliminating Triple H from the Lord of the Ring Rumble they were in, but instead, Jericho eliminated Benoit. Ever since, Benoit has hated Jericho's guts and wants to destroy him. These two were involved in 2 triple threats with Booker T, with Jericho winning the first one (at SuperSlam) and Benoit winning the next one (on a Wrestleblast). Now, these two finally go one on one in MWF, and it won't be pretty.

    Jericho wants to get back into the title picture, as does Benoit, and it is safe to say that the winner of this match will definitely be in great shape as far as going after the U.S Title or maybe even the MWF Title. The two men know what's at stake here, but title shots and whatnot may not be what these two care about. This whole thing boils down to one thing: Pride.


    Booker T vs. RVD

    Booker T has had a problem deciding whether he would be Pro-Splice or Anti-Splice (he is a normal). So for weeks, everyone asked him whose side was he on.

    RVD had a chance to be in the Unholy Apocalypse...but he's so laid back, he didn't jump on the offer, and Shane McMahon quickly denied him access. RVD desperately wants to be in the group, so Shane has given him one last chance to join:

    If he can beat Booker T.

    To help him with this, Shane enlisted the services of Bill Alfonso for him. Bill used to manage RVD when he was his most successful - in ECW as the TV Champion for a whole year. Now Bill is trying to bring out the mean streak in RVD that he knows that the guy has.

    Booker T finally decided to form his own neutral, rebel group instead of choosing a side, and asked RVD to be in it. But RVD refused and chose to beat him up instead. Now, Booker T is by himself, the lone vigilante of the federation, and on top of that, he comes into this match with an injured right arm. Can Booker T pull this off? Or will RVD finally get his wish - a spot in the Unholy Apocalypse?


    Tag Team Title Match: Batista and Steiner (c) vs. Los Guerreros

    Batista and Steiner are the only MWF Tag Champs in history, but Eddie and Chavo would like to change that.

    They have the chance to, thanks, actually, to Rey Mysterio. A masked man attacked Vince McMahon in his office one Wrestleblast after going through several guards. The moves that the man made looked like moves that Eddie Guerrero uses, so Vince accused Eddie and had him arrested. It was found out that the masked man was Rey Mysterio, who PURPOSELY did Eddie Guerrero-like moves just to show how much Normals don't even trust each other (because he knew Vince would accuse Eddie).

    To make up for his mistake, Vince granted Eddie and his nephew Chavo a tag title shot at Reloaded. Can the latinos bring enough heat to melt the title reign of Batista and Steiner? Or are 2 Goliaths to much for a couple of Davids?
    Man of the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    The Following Program is an MWF Presentation, 2004.


    The pyros explode, and we are live in Hartford, Connecticut for MWF: Reloaded!

    JR: What a spectacular night this is going to be…our first PPV since SuperSlam!
    Tazz: Oh yeah JR, and so many questions that need to be answered!
    JR: How about the World Title match, between Triple H and Goldberg?
    Tazz: Goldberg’s been on a roll, but Triple H is the game…who will come out on top?
    JR: And has the Undertaker come to a decision yet?
    Tazz: I don’t know, but the Dark Souls are all in for some tough matches tonight!

    The crowd is quiet. Suddenly

    Viva La Raza!

    The crowd gives a nice pop as we see a low rider come from the back. It drives down the ramp leading to the ring, and it’s Eddie and Chavo Guerrero! Eddie makes the car bounce a few times to the delight of the fans. Then he and Chavo bounce out of the car and head to the ring, ready to go.

    They get in and pose in opposite corners.

    Shortly after this…


    The crowd starts booing loudly as the MWF Tag Champions, Batista and Steiner, come flexing down to the ring. Once they get in, they pose some more, until finally Steiner leaves the ring, leaving Batista and Eddie to go at it.

    Opening Bout: MWF Tag Championship: Batista and Steiner © vs. Los Guerreros

    Batista charges at Eddie but Eddie ducks…Batista turns around and Eddie starts kicking Batista in the gut multiple times…he takes Batista and tries to Irish whip him but Batista reverses it by pulling Eddie back to him and clotheslining him… Eddie falls to the mat but Batista quickly picks him up and throws him into a corner…he drives his shoulders into Eddie's midsection multiple times, then grabs his arm and throws him into the opposite corner…Batista goes running at Eddie but Eddie lifts his boot up and kicks Batista in the face…Eddie hops on the top rope and hits a flying dropkick to the back of Batista’s head. Eddie with a cover...


    Batista throws Eddie off of him. Eddie just gets up and tags in Chavo. Chavo runs in and starts kicking and stomping Batista, who gets to his feet and pushes Chavo away…Chavo comes running at Batista and Batista hits him with a mighty clothesline, flooring Chavo. He stands there looking big and bad for a second...

    Then he goes over and tags in Steiner.

    For the next few minutes, Steiner controls…elbow drops, body slams, and belly to belly suplexes…he is in complete control and he then tags Batista back in…Batista comes in and immediately puts Chavo in a headlock…A “Batista sucks” chant starts up…

    Batista has Chavo down to the mat, but then Eddie runs in and dropkicks Batista off of his nephew…the ref makes Eddie go back to the corner…Batista gets up and picks up Chavo off the ground and throws him into the ropes…Chavo goes bouncing off…Batista picks him up for a sidewalk slam but Chavo reverses into a hurricanrana! Batista quickly gets up and goes after Chavo by kicking him in the gut and setting him up for a powerbomb…he picks Chavo up…

    Chavo starts punching Batista in his head while he’s up there…Chavo is able to swing himself around up there and land a devastating bulldog on Batista! Both men down!

    Chavo starts crawling over to Eddie…Batista goes over to Steiner…Batista tags in Steiner-

    And Chavo...

    tags in Eddie!

    Latino heat comes in and he is on FIRE! Blows to Steiner…Batista comes back in the ring…blows to Batista from Eddie as well! Chavo comes in the ring and clotheslines Batista to the outside…Eddie meanwhile kicks Steiner in the gut and goes for the three amigos!

    One suplex!

    Eddie picks him up…

    Two suplexes!

    Eddie picks him up –no, Steiner reverses it into a small package!




    Eddie kicks out! Eddie quickly gets up and runs off the ropes…Steiner is up and he bends down…Eddie flips over him and tries to roll him up for a pin…Steiner doesn’t fall down and he reaches back and grabs Eddie’s legs for another cover!



    Broken up by Chavo, who came in the ring just in time! Chavo starts punching Steiner and Scott punches back…Eddie gets up behind Steiner and clubs him in the back, and Chavo and Eddie grab Steiner for a tag-team suplex on Steiner…they pick him up


    They hit the suplex! Eddie with a cover!




    Batista got back in the ring just in time to break up the count! Chavo runs at Batista and Batista just grabs him and throws him out of the ring, leaving Eddie, Steiner and Batista in there.

    Batista picks up Steiner and tells him that they have to finish Eddie off…

    Chavo, on the outside, grabs one of the tag team titles…

    Steiner goes over to pick up Eddie…Chavo throws the tag title belt into the ring, near Batista…Batista picks it up and the referree goes over to him to take the belt from him



    Eddie hits Steiner with a low blow! Steiner is in pain and Eddie kicks him in the gut and suplexes him to the middle of the ring…Chavo is back in the ring now, and runs at Batista, who is near the ropes and being scolded by the referee…Chavo flies at Batista and splashes into him and they both go flying over the ropes to the outside!

    This leaves only Eddie G. and the fallen Scott Steiner in the ring! Eddie looks at the crowd and they’re going nuts! Eddie slaps his chest with his hand a couple of times, then heads outside of the ring and climbs to the top rope…once there, he smiles at the crowd, because the end MIGHT be near!

    he’s going for a frog splash…he jumps off and….

    HE HITS IT!!! Cover on Steiner!!!!



    2 1/2................

    3!!!!!! Los Guerreros wins!!!!

    Winners and NEWWW Tag Team Champions: Los Guerreros

    The crowd pops huge as Eddie gets up and starts celebrating…Chavo enters the ring with the two tag belts, and hands one to Eddie, and the two hug in the middle of the ring as the crowd cheers them on. They hold the belts up for the crowd to see, and the audience gives them a standing ovation…they finally leave the ring when they see Batista, mad as hell coming back into it... Batista checks on his fallen teammate as Los Guerreros head to the back, victorious, and the NEW MWF Tag Champions!


    We go backstage and we see the GAME Triple H! He looks PISSED. He is walking in the darkest part of the backstage hallways for some reason...they are dimly lit...he walks until he reaches a door...he knocks a special knock on it...this room must be the Dark Lair. Triple H waits for someone to answer.

    The door suddenly opens, and Sting stands appears in the doorway.

    Triple H: WHERE is Undertaker!
    Sting: Damn you Triple H! You're gonna stop busting in here like you own the place!

    Triple H: Undertaker left me out there alone last week! Where the hell is he?! And where's my sledgehammer?!

    Suddenly, Jeff Hardy comes to the door.

    Jeff: I don't know where Undertaker is, but it seems like we've already lost him...thanks to you!

    Triple H is taken aback

    Trips: What are you talking about?!
    Jeff: You're supposed to be the guy that leads Splices to glory aren't you?! Well, if you would've been doing your job, Taker wouldn't even be thinking about joining with the Kanes to lead splices to glory the wrong way!

    Trips: What?!
    Jeff: You're so stuck on that damn Stephanie McMahon -

    Triple H looks like he is about to punch Jeff but Sting quickly breaks it up.

    Sting: BOTH of you, stop it!

    Jeff and Triple H just stare a hole in each other

    Sting: Jeff, Triple H is trying as hard as he can (Sting looks at Triple H) ...right?

    Sting looks at Triple H. Triple H is appalled that Sting can even ask such a question, so he just starts walking away when -

    he bumps into The UNDERTAKER! Triple H is shocked, and then his shock quickly turns into anger.

    Trips: TAKER! Why the hell did you leave me last week?!

    Taker looks calm as he says "Paul Bearer needed me. He was bleeding Triple H. And NO MEDICAL HELP CAME OUT for him. Why? Tell me why the only people that came out to help Paul Bearer were all Splices? As a matter of fact, all of the "bad" splices at that! Tell me why the medics, who are ALWAYS helping wrestlers around here, couldn't come out and help Paul Bearer?

    Triple H: What are you saying?

    Taker: The Normals don't give a DAMN about us...they don't care about our well being - there have been countless times where we've needed medical help and no one has come. I've known that they don't care about us, but this is getting out of hand...I'm starting to doubt whether coexisting with them is even POSSIBLE, let alone the right thing to do...

    Triple H can't believe his ears.

    Trips: No...Taker, you can't -

    Taker just puts up his hand to make Triple H stop talking.

    Taker: Triple H...I said that you are the one who will lead us to glory...I...don't know if that's possible any more in this kind of environment. I...I...I have some thinking to do...

    And Taker walks off as Triple H, Jeff Hardy and Sting look on. Then Trips looks at Hardy and Sting and sees that they're staring at him angrily...



    The crowd starts booing as Rob Van Dam comes out, along with Bill Alfonso. He walks down the ramp and stops near ringside to do his “R…V…D” pose…then he gets in the ring and does it again.

    JR: Remember folks, RVD needs to win this match to be in the Unholy Apocalypse
    Tazz: He looks mighty confident…and with Alfonso at his side, how can he go wrong?

    Can You Dig It? Suckaassssssss!

    Here comes Booker T… he comes down to the middle of the ramp and he pauses…then jumps up…and raises only his left arm as the fiery pyros explode behind him.

    Tazz: It looks like Booker T’s right arm is still bothering him, JR
    JR: Let’s just hope that Booker T can get through this match

    Booker T walks to ringside and RVD COMES FLYING OVER THE ROPES and hits a splash on Booker T! Well, I guess this match has started…

    Match 2: Booker T vs. RVD

    RVD and Booker crash to the ground, and RVD immediately starts hitting Book with some punches to the face…he picks Book up and tries to throw him into the steel steps…but Book reverses and tosses RVD into the steps


    RVD runs into the steps hard and falls to the floor…Booker T immediately goes over, picks RVD up and throws him into the ring…

    Booker gets in and the bell finally rings…RVD is struggling to his feet and Booker T stomps him in the back a couple of times before picking him up and irish whipping him into the ropes…Booker T ducks down and RVD just backflips over Book’s back…Booker T turns around and is greeted by a stiff heel kick from RVD, knocking him down…RVD quickly runs to the ropes…bounces off…rolls…

    And hits a rolling thunder on Booker T! Cover!



    NO! Book kicks out.

    RVD gets up and goes outside of the ring and climbs to the top…he points to himself conceitedly as he waits for Book to get up

    Booker T starts getting up and once he is fully up RVD jumps off and tries to hit a flying single legged kick on Book, but Book dodges the kick…RVD lands on his feet and turns around…and is greeted by a side kick from Booker T which knocks RVD all the way into a corner…

    Booker T comes charging at RVD and splash–clotheslines him with his left arm…RVD stumbles around groggily, and now Booker T goes outside to the top rope…Booker T gets up there, and RVD turns around… Book jumps off and hits a body splash on RVD, and turns it into a cover!



    NO! RVD kicks out barely…Booker gets up again and he’s hype now...

    he waits for RVD to get up, then he kicks him in the gut and grabs him for a suplex…Book tries to execute but Rob won’t let him pick him up…Rob grabs hold of Booker by the midsection…and reverses their position so that Rob’s back is against the ropes…and Rob OVERHEAD SUPLEXES Booker T to the outside of the ring! And Book lands HARD on his right arm!

    Rob then distracts the referee as Bill Alfonso comes over with the timekeeper bell and hits Booker in the bad shoulder with the wooden side…Booker screams in pain and Alfonso picks him up and throws him back in the ring…

    Rob quickly covers Book




    Book kicks out…Rob is frustrated…he drags Book over to a corner and it looks like he’s going for a split leg… Rob jumps up for the split legged moonsault…flips over…but Booker T moves! Rob lands on his face on the mat! Both men down!


    Booker starts getting up, and RVD is getting up as well…Booker T is heavily favoring his right arm…RVD confronts Booker and punches him…Booker responds with a vicious left hook…punch from RVD…punch from Booker…Booker then grabs RVD with his left arm and throws him into the ropes…RVD bounces off…Booker tries to hit him with a spin kick…RVD ducks and runs off the other ropes…Booker T catches him for a


    He hits it on RVD! But Booker T landed weird on his already injured right arm, so he’s struggling to make it over to RVD to make the pin…finally, he makes it…COVER!



    2 ½………………………………..

    2 ¾………………………………..


    Bill Alfonso had put RVD’s foot on the bottom rope and yelled for the ref, and the ref saw this at the last moment, so he stopped the count!

    The crowd is booing crazily, and Booker T looks very frustrated…he gets up in the middle of the ring and starts looking at his left hand…his eyes are buggy…the crowd is getting rowdy…

    RVD is finally up and he goes at Book who kicks him in the gut…Book then looks at the crowd and runs off the ropes…he going to go for his patented scissor kick!

    He goes for it…

    RVD moves out of the way of the kick and shoots behind Booker…and puts him in…


    RVD has it locked on Booker’s right arm, and Book is howling in pain!

    They fall to the mat and RVD locks it in by wrapping his legs around Booker! Booker is howling badly and he has no choice-

    BUT TO TAP OUT! RVD wins!

    Winner by submission: Rob Van Dam
    Although RVD won, he keeps it locked on Booker T, injuring the hurt shoulder even more, as Bill Alfonso (now in the ring) blows his whistle and jumps around. Finally, RVD lets go and gets up. He starts celebrating with Alfonso- he’s now in the Unholy Apocalypse…finally.

    JR: You just have to wonder how this match would have went if Booker T's arm wasn't hurt!
    Tazz: Who cares?! Fact is, RVD is in the UA, baby!

    RVD and Bill leave the ring as RVD smiles and celebrates the whole way through. Meanwhile, in the ring, Booker T is rolling around, his arm in much pain…


    We go backstage and Michael Cole is with Chris Jericho!

    Cole: Chris have a match against a familiar foe, Chris do you feel?

    Jericho looks at Cole weirdly.

    Jericho: How do I feel? What kind of question is that? You sound like you're interviewing Miss America or something...start over, jerky!

    Cole looks perplexed but is but decides to ask the question differently.

    Cole: How-

    Jericho: Will you please just shut...the hell...up!

    Cole looks kinda mad...

    Jericho: Well let's's Jericho vs. Benoit, round 2 million, 3 thousand, 4 hundred and forty two! Benoit (Jericho's voice gets serious)...I remember way back when going against you in the MWF...isn't it so true that the more things change, the more they stay the same? (he still sounds serious). I'm still a sexy beast and you STILL don't have that tooth...
    Either way, I hear that this match is winner takes all, baby! The winner may rise to title contention! Benoit - I mean- the loser, takes his ball and goes home. So at the end of the evening Benoit...neither YOU...NOR MWF...will EEEEVVEEEEERRR be the same...again!

    And Jericho heads to the entrance.

    We cut back to the arena.



    The lights go down and then pyros explode as Chris Jericho appears at the top of the ramp with his arms outstretched. The crowd pops huge and Jericho turns around and pumps his fist, and strolls to the ring.

    "Whatever" Hits...

    Here comes Chris Benoit. He looks angry as usual, and stomps his way down to the ring. Soon as he gets in, Jericho attacks him! The match is on!

    Match Three: Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

    Jericho wails away with furious punches to Benoit’s face as the crowd goes wild…Jericho punches Benoit into a corner, and then proceeds to chop him

    ONE Chop

    Crowd: WOOOO!

    TWO Chops

    Crowd: WOOOO!

    Benoit reverses from out of nowhere, and puts Jericho in the corner, and chops him!

    ONE Chop

    Crowd: WOOOO!

    TWO Chops

    Crowd: WOOO!

    Benoit then grabs Jericho’s arm and irish whips him into the diagonally opposite corner…Jericho flies over there back first…Benoit comes at him with a running splash/clothesline, but Jericho lifts his foot and kicks Benoit in the face…Benoit stumbles around and Jericho goes to the top rope quickly. Benoit turns around…


    Jericho hits Benoit with a flying dropkick from the top rope! Cover!



    No! Benoit kicks out, and Jericho flips Benoit on his stomach, runs off the ropes and drops an elbow into Benoit’s back…Jericho runs off the ropes again and hits another elbow to Benoit’s back…Jericho then stomps on Benoit’s back as Benoit crawls and gets to a corner. Benoit lifts himself up at this corner and Jericho proceeds to ram his shoulder into Benoit’s back several times. Then he turns Benoit around, and irish whips him HARD into the opposite corner!


    Benoit goes crashing down to the ground after hitting that turnbuckle…Jericho continues the assault by dropping a knee to Benoit’s back, and Benoit is grimacing in pain…Jericho picks up Benoit and throws him into the corner…Jericho goes for a running tackle in that corner but Benoit moves, and Jericho hits his right shoulder on the middle turnbuckle!

    Uh Oh.

    Jericho staggers around holding his arm in pain when Benoit catches him and hits an atomic drop on Y2J! Jericho staggers…then Benoit grabs Jericho’s right arm and wrenches it a couple of times, then drives his own shoulder into Y2J’s shoulder, and snaps it a couple of times.

    Benoit continues to focus on the arm with many shoulder drives and arm wrenches…Jericho is in pain as Benoit irish whips him by that right arm but holds on, sending Jericho snapping back towards Benoit and falling to the ground, almost snapping Jericho’s arm out of the socket!

    Benoit then locks on a leg scissor to the right arm and holds it and wrenches it around. Jericho is screaming in pain as Benoit keeps the move in tight…the referee asks Jericho if he wants to give up and he says “No you son of a bitch!”

    Benoit finally releases the move and stomps on Jericho’s injured shoulder…he then picks Y2J up and throws him to the ropes…he goes for a clothesline but Jericho ducks…Jericho bounces off the other ropes and flies off with a flying left forearm that connects to Benoit’s head! Cover!



    No! Benoit kicks out, and Jericho is pumped now, although his right arm still hurts… Benoit is getting up and Jericho clotheslines him to the ground…Benoit gets up again and Jericho clothesline him once more…Jericho then grabs Benoit and throws him into the corner…Benoit bounces off (hurting his already hurt back) and Jericho hits a front face bulldog on Benoit! Then Jericho looks at the crowd and runs to the ropes and jumps off the middle one for a LIONSAULT but Benoit moves…Jericho lands on his feet…Benoit comes storming over at Jericho, who grabs his legs-


    Benoit is screaming BADLY and his back has got to be in flames! Jericho wrenches the hold on, and the crowd is on their feet…Benoit is howling and desperately trying to reach the ropes…Benoit is crawling over… he’s close…

    Jericho pulls Benoit back to the middle of the ring! He has the hold on tight!

    Benoit starts howling even more and he raises his arm, about to tap…he…he

    Doesn’t tap! He starts crawling back to the ropes…he’s trying to reach themmmm-

    He grabs them!

    Jericho releases the hold angrily…he starts stomping on Benoit’s back yet again, and Benoit crawls over to the corner and picks himself up as much as he can…Jericho chops Benoit in the chest once

    Crowd: Woooooo!


    Crowd: Woooooo!

    Before he can go for a third chop, Benoit pushes him away…Jericho comes back over and tries to punch Benoit…Benoit ducks and shoots behind Jericho and grabs him for-

    A German suplex!


    He holds on and hits another one…


    He holds on and hits one more defining one!


    Benoit stands up while holding his back and looks at the crowd as they boo…he then does the cutthroat signal!

    Benoit goes to the top rope…very slowly since his back is hurting…he leaps off…


    Benoit hits the flying head butt on Jericho! Benoit hurts his head and his back as well, and can’t cover immediately…he crawls over to Jericho and covers him….



    2 ½ …………

    NO! Jericho kicks out! Benoit just rolls over, flustered and hurt. Benoit then gets up and Jericho starts to get up as well… Benoit kicks Jericho in his right arm as he gets up…Jericho chops back with his left arm…Jericho tries to throw Benoit into the ropes… Benoit stalls it, pulls Jericho to him, and thrusts Jericho into the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE from out of nowhere!

    Benoit has it locked in! Jericho is in MUCH pain…Benoit wrenches it in really good…Jericho might tap! He raises his arm…

    But he starts crawling over to the ropes! Jericho is dragging and pulling…he…he..


    Benoit has to release the hold, and he’s flustered as well, and stays on the ground, trying to get some breath back…Benoit gets up and he’s going to go to the top rope again…Jericho gets up…

    Benoit is at the top, and he’s waiting for Jericho to come over…Jericho is over now…Benoit jumps off the rope…

    Jericho catches Benoit by his legs! Benoit lands on his hurt back again…Jericho has the chance to put him in the Walls again! Jericho tries, but Benoit fights wildly to keep him from doing so…finally, Jericho just decides to flip over while holding Benoit’s legs for the pin attempt!



    THREE!!!! Jericho squeaks the victory!

    Winner by pinfall: Chris Jericho!

    Jericho springs off of Benoit and his music hits…Jericho has snuck the victory over Benoit! Jericho quickly leaves the ring and backpedals up the ramp with his arm in the air as Benoit looks at him angry as all can be…

    JR: You gotta think that Jericho is in the running for some kind of title shot now...
    Tazz: That's if Benoit doesn't get to him and rip him apart first!


    We go backstage to see TWO paremedics knocked out...and laying next to them is BOOKER T! And Booker T is bloodied and beaten down to an aboslute pulp, unconscious to the world around him... the camera zooms out and we see...

    A MASKED MAN?!? The masked man is short and looks to be about the same build as Rey Mysteiro! He has on colorful tights and a longsleeved black shirt. The masked man puts down the steel chair that he used to wipe out Booker T and the medics, and he quickly runs off...


    We switch over to another area backstage to see The Kanes and Mysterio! Mysterio is getting ready for his match against Tajiri.

    Glen: Now you go out there...and you show that Normal what being a splice is all about! Make the Overlord proud.

    Rey: Will the Overlord be here tonight?

    Glen: We'll see...we'll go!

    Rey then starts walking his way towards the arena...


    We hear the chimes and then the japanese tune as Tajiri makes his way to the ring! He looks very angry, and very focused, and the crowd gives him a small pop.

    We hear a record scratching…the lights dim as the big mask appears on the titantron...the lights stay off for a while...and then “619” hits, the lights come on, and Rey Mysterio starts walking his way to the ring. No fancy entrance or anything, he justs strolls down to the ring …but Tajiri comes storming down the run way and attacks Mysterio!

    Match Four: Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri

    The two trade blow for blow in the middle of the ramp…Tajiri gets the upper hand, grabs Mysterio’s arm and hiptosses him down the ramp! Mysterio lands hard and tumbles a little bit, and Tajiri follows him and stomps him a couple of times…he then picks Mysterio up and locks him for a suplex…and hits a SNAP suplex on the ramp, and Mysterio howls in pain… Tajiri doesn’t let up…he picks Rey up by the head and walks him over to a ring post…and rams Rey’s head into the post! Rey is flopping all around the place, and Tajiri throws him into the ring…Tajiri gets in as well and FINALLY the bell rings…

    Rey is crawling around and Tajiri is kicking him all over with well placed kicks…Tajiri then picks up Rey and places him in a corner…he tries to irish whip him but Rey reverses…and throws Tajiri into the corner…Rey comes running at Tajiri but Tajiri gets his foot up and kicks Rey in the face…then he goes for a tarantula! Mysterio quickly gets out of that and runs to the middle of the ring…Tajiri quickly gets back in the ring, runs at Mysterio, and hits a flying spin kick to Mysterio’s dome…COVER!



    No! Mysterio kicks out…Tajiri stands up and he puts his hands together, signaling that he’s going for his big kick…he winds up and kicks…Mysterio catches Tajiri’s foot and kicks him in the ribs while holding his leg…he then whips Tajiri to the other side of the ring by his leg…Tajiri crumbles hard and tries to regroup himself in the corner…Rey takes advantage of this and runs at him and hits a BRONCO BUSTER on Tajiri…once Rey lets go, he goes to the top rope as Tajiri is fallen flat on the ground…Rey jumps off and drops a thunderous leg drop right on Tajiri’s neck! Cover!



    NO! Tajiri kicks out. Rey looks down at Tajiri and starts slapping him in the face as the crowd boos…Rey stands up and pretty much taunts Tajiri as he kicks him sporadically...he is picking his spots...

    …just when it looks like Tajiri is going to get up, Rey runs off the ropes and hits a dropkicks to Tajiri’s face…Rey quickly goes for the cover



    NO! Tajiri kicks out…Rey picks up Tajiri and throws him to the ropes and tries to backbody drop him but Tajiri reverses it into a roll up!



    Rey reverses by picking his upper torso off the ground while flattening Tajiri’s upper torso and holding it down with his legs-



    Tajiri reverses it back into the roll up!



    Rey kicks out…both men stand up and Tajiri goes for a punch…Rey ducks and grabs Tajiri from behind for a back suplex attempt…Tajiri completely flips out of it until he's behind Rey and then he hops onto Rey’s shoulders and rolls him over frontwards from there for a pin



    Rey kicks out again…he quickly gets up and Tajiri runs at him…Rey counters by grabbing Tajiri and slingshotting him into the ropes! Tajiri’s midsection hits off of the ropes and he flops to the ground…Rey is a bit tired but he decides to go to the top ropes…he’s taking a bit of time and he finally makes it up there and Tajiri is up, holding his ribs…Tajiri goes up there to meet Rey and the two start punching it out…Tajiri gets the upper hand


    And hits a HURRICANRANA from the top rope! My goodness!

    Tajiri however, hurts himself in the process, and can’t make the pin right away…he crawls over to the fallen Mysterio…slowly but surely…he gets over there and puts his arm over him for the cover!




    Mysterio BARELY kicks out, and Tajiri is looking frustrated…

    he now decides to go to the top to do some kind of move…he goes up the ropes backwards…he’s going to try for a moonsault it seems…but Mysterio gets up…and he meets Tajiri at the top and hooks him up for a back suplex.


    Mysterio hits the back suplex from the top rope on Tajiri, but Mysterio is too hurt as well to make the cover! He crawls over….he puts his arm over Tajiri for the cover!





    NO! Tajiri kicks out by the SKIN OF HIS TEETH! Mysterio gets up and starts jumping up and down, angry that he can’t put Tajiri away…Mysterio goes outside of the ring, and he’s waiting to perform a West Coast Hop…Tajiri slowly gets up…Mysterio hops on the top rope and jumps on to Tajiri’s shoulders, but Tajiri catches him…and POWERBOMBS him onto the mat…Tajiri falls back down! Both men are down! The ref makes the count

    1………………….2…………….3…………..4…………..5………………6…………..7…………… …….8

    Tajiri is up to his feet…Mysterio is stumbling around on his feet…Tajiri punches Mysterio…Mysterio punches back…Tajiri punch Mysterio again…Mysterio grabs Tajiri and irish whips him into the ropes…Tajiri does a handstand to the ropes, then flips back and throws a flying backwards elbow at Mysterio! Mysterio bounces backwards to the ropes and bounces off the ropes…Tajiri takes advantage by drop toe-holding Mysterio until he is caught between the middle ropes…and Tajiri starts looking at the crowd…the crowd is getting antsy…he’s going for a …619?!

    Tajiri runs off the ropes…comes back


    He hits a 619 on Mysterio! Oh the irony! Tajiri is standing outside of the ring…he’s going to go for his OWN West Coast Hop…He’s setting up…

    But somebody has come from under the ring and is holding onto Tajiri’s foot!

    It’s the MASKED MAN!

    Tajiri is thoroughly distracted, and the ref can’t quite see the masked man…Mysterio quickly comes over and grabs Tajiri as if to suplex him…he picks him up and holds the suplex, carrying him into the ring… he has Tajiri up


    He lands a helluva implant DDT on Tajiri, driving him head first into the mat! Tajiri is down…Rey is down…the masked man is hiding at ringside…this should do it if Rey can make the cover ! Rey covers Tajiri!




    Tajiri kicks out! For the love of mankind, Tajiri kicked out! Rey absolutely CAN’T BELIEVE IT! He drags Tajiri to the middle of the ring, and then goes to a corner and goes to the top rop….he then hits a 450 SPLASH on Tajiri! MY G*D!!!

    COVER by Mysterio!



    THREE! Yes, it’s over!

    Winner: Rey Mysterio
    Mysterio’s music plays and he is DOG tired on the mat, and the masked man comes into the ring and helps him up to his feet…Mysterio is REALLY tired, and Tajiri is down and out…the masked man is ecstatic…he looks at the crowd, and pulls off his mask…


    He and Mysterio start yukking it up in the ring, as the crowd boos heavily…then Dragon looks at Tajiri as if he wants to beat Tajiri down…he is about to …but Rey stops him! Rey tells him no and says that now is not the time or the place…oooh what does that mean?!

    Rey and Dragon leave the ring to the back…

    JR: You can bet this feud ain’t over yet Tazz!
    Tazz: Yea but this match is! Ha!
    JR: Can you believe it? Ultimo Dragon is in the MWF!
    Tazz: Yea but who in the world signed him to a contract? Vince HATES Splices...


    Here comes the pain!

    Tazz: Well, here comes the pain!
    JR: Oh my...I've been waiting for this match all night!

    The fans boo as Brock Lesnar makes his way to the top of the entrance ramp and starts jumping around a little bit, pumping himself up for the match. He walks down to the ring and he quite honestly doesn’t look as cocky as he has been the past few weeks. He gets into the ring and he waits.

    And the lights go out.

    Crowd: Yeah!


    Crowd: YEAH!


    Here he comes…it’s...

    The Undertaker!

    He has appeared at the top of the ramp by himself, and he slowly walks his way down through the now fog-filled runway. He stops at ringside then turns and heads up the steps. Once he reaches the top, he stares a hole at Brock Lesnar, rolls his eyes to the back of his head, and raises his arms and the lights come back on. He looks ready and focused…and a tad bit evil…

    He gets into the ring, …and STORMS AFTER Brock Lesnar with lightning punches!

    Match 5: The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

    Taker is beating down Brock Lesnar in the corner brutally…a vicious mean streak is coming out in Taker like never before…he starts choking Lesnar and the referee tells him to break it up…Taker just turns and stares at the ref and the ref backs off…Lesnar runs at the distracted Undertaker but Taker catches him for a mighty powerslam!

    Now on the ground, Undertaker starts punching away at Lesnar until he picks the big guy up and irish whips him…Lesnar bounces off the ropes…Taker goes for a big boot…Lesnar ducks and grabs Taker from behind, going for a german suplex…Taker elbows him once…twice…goes for a third elbow but misses and turns around because of his momentum…and Lesnar grabs him again by the midsection and hurls him over his head for a nice overhead suplex!

    Lesnar goes over to the ropes and is wheezing already…he looks at the Undertaker…who SITS UP, deadman style! Lesnar can't believe it.

    The crowd pops and Lesnar starts cursing…

    Lesnar goes over to the Undertaker, who is standing up, and starts kicking him hard…Taker gets all the way up anyway…Lesnar takes his arm and irish whips him into the ropes again…Taker bounces off…Lesnar bends down in an attempt to back body drop Taker, but Taker stops right in front of Lesnar, and grabs him by the head…and signals for a LAST RIDE! He is about to set up Lesnar…

    But Lesnar DOES end up backdropping Taker…all the way out of the ring! Taker almost lands on his head…

    Lesnar immediately goes outside and starts wailing away on the groggy Undertaker…Lesnar then picks up Taker as if for a bodyslam, but lands Taker on the guard rail right on his ribs! Taker howls in pain as Lesnar quickly picks him up again and lands him on his ribs again on the guard rail…Lesnar then picks up Undertaker and throws him back into the ring…

    Lesnar then waits in a corner as Undertaker groggily tries to get to his feet…once he’s on his feet, Lesnar comes over and puts him in a gut wrenching BEARHUG! Lesnar is wrenching away at the midsection of the Undertaker and Taker looks like he is losing energy…Lesnar holds the bearhug, and Taker looks like he is passed out! The referee lifts Taker’s arm


    Arm Drops…



    Arm drops again


    One more time….

    And the arm….



    Taker keeps his arm up this time, and the crowd goes crazy! Taker starts punching Lesnar…slow at first…then it gets faster, and Lesnar has no choice but to relieve the hold…Taker continues punching Brock with fierce right hands…Brock counters by punching back, and the two go blow for blow…Taker gets the upper hand, however, and grabs Lesnar for an irish whip…Lesnar bounces off the ropes…Taker tries a clothesline, and Lesnar ducks it…soon as Taker turns around to face Brock, Lesnar kicks him in the gut


    He has Taker up…

    But Taker is fighting out of it…and he gets out of Brock’s grasp…Taker falls behind Brock and as soon as Brock turns around to face him


    Taker has hold of Brock’s neck! He’s going for a chokeslam! He lifts Brock in the air…

    Brock somehow fights out of it and lands behind Taker and grabs him and executes a gutwrench suplex with force! Lesnar is tired, but he goes over to cover the Undertaker!




    Taker kicks out! Lesnar starts cursing again and he’s VERY frustrated!

    Lesnar gets up and then picks up Undertaker...he tries to irish whip the Deadman…Taker reverses, sending Brock to the ropes…Brock bounces off…Taker catches him for a VICIOUS, Arn Anderson-like spine buster! Cover by Taker!





    Lesnar just BARELY kicks out, and now Taker looks frustrated! He stands up and looks at the crowd…everyone is rowdy…Taker does the cut throat signal! He’s going to go for a TOMBSTONE!

    Lesnar gets up as Taker waits…and Taker picks him up for the tombstone…but Lesnar is fighting it… Taker is trying to tombstone him, but Lesnar fights it enough to REVERSE it…and now HE has Undertaker set up for a tombstone! Lesnar tries to tombstone Taker…but Taker fights it…Lesnar's so inexperience with the tombstone that Taker easily reverses it, and now HE has Lesnar up for a tombstone! But Lesnar FIGHTS IT…and…REVERSES IT ….now HE has Taker up for a tombstone!

    Taker continues fighting it….Lesnar says “F*ck it” and he hoists Taker onto his shoulders, setting up for an F5! Taker fights and wiggles…and manages to get out of it and land on his feet…kick to Lesnar’s gut…DDT!!

    Taker is exhausted! Lesnar is down! All ya gotta do is cover him Taker! Undertaker rolls over and covers Lesnar!





    Lesnar just BARELY, BARELY kicked out! Undertaker is frustrated beyond belief, and he gets up and rests on the ropes as he starts looking backstage. And oh my goodness, look who is coming down to the ring!



    Paul’s has stitches in his head from when he got hit with the steel steps last week, but here he is! And he’s smiling an evil smile as he holds the sledgehammer with both hands…Taker smiles evilly back at Paul, as Bearer makes it to ringside, and HANDS UNDERTAKER THE HAMMER!

    Lesnar, meanwhile, is struggling to his feet, and Taker now is waiting for him to get up, sledgehammer in hand and all…Lesnar is up fully…the ref is begging Undertaker not to do it…Taker aims…


    Taker hits Lesnar in the KNEECAP with the hammer! He didn’t get a full shot in because Lesnar dodged the shot partially, but he got enough of it to make Lesnar fall to the mat and scream in pain! The referee tells the time keeper to ring the bell. Lesnar has won by dq!

    Winner via disqualification: Brock Lesnar
    Lesnar is on the mat screaming and rolling around, holding his left kneecap…The Undertaker looks insanely evil right now, and Paul Bearer is standing on the outside yelling “Oh yessss…”

    Taker is about to hit Lesnar again with the sledgehammer, but the referee gets in his way, telling him to stop…Taker ends up whacking HIM with the sledgehammer RIGHT IN THE FACE!

    Now, no one is in Taker’s way…he’s going to hit the fallen Brock Lesnar in the BACK with the hammer…

    He raises it….



    A bunch of referees and officials come down and surround Taker in the ring and block him from hitting Brock with the hammer… all of the refs surround him like he was some kind of common criminal, and any time one of them got close, Taker threatened to hit them with the hammer

    Meanwhile…Shane McMahon has dashed down to the ring, and pulled Lesnar out of it (while Taker was distracted with the officials)…Shane helps Brock limp to the back and on the way, they give Paul Bearer (who’s just laughing at them) the middle finger.

    As for Undertaker, he’s still in the ring with the ring full of referees surrounding him…finally, under his own accord, Taker leaves the ring…he and Paul Bearere slowly walk to the back, looking very demented, and carrying a very dangerous weapon…


    We go backstage and we see Shane helping Brock limp off to presumably an ambulance or something...suddenly, RVD and Bill Alfonso appear in the picture! RVD looks at Shane

    RVD: Yeeoooo dude! (RVD looks at Lesnar, who is in pain) Woa...what happened to YOU bro-

    Shane: What the hell do you want, Rob?!

    RVD: I just wanted to make sure I was en da UA, maaan...I mean, I DID beat Booker Tee

    Shane was pissed already...but now he's REALLY pissed

    Shane: You know what're in...and you wanna know what your first task as a UA member is going to be?

    RVD just looks on

    Shane: At the next'll go one on one...with THE UNDERTAKER!


    Rob looks like his heart just dropped

    Shane: Now get out of our way!

    Shane helps Lesnar limp away

    RVD looks at Bill, who just looks at him back and shakes his head...


    We come back to the arena...

    JR: I can't believe the Undertaker...he's changing right before our eyes, Tazz!
    Tazz: I just feel sorry for RVD...he gotta face the guy at the next Wrestleblast!

    HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE shoots out of the tunrbuckles and the entrance stage…here comes


    They slowly walk down the aisle as people in the crowd throw trash at them the whole way…the Kanes enter the ring and face each other in the middle, looking like they’re going to fight…instead, they both raise their arms in the air and thrust them down, making fiery pyros shoot out of the turnbuckles.

    JR: Remember folks, there are no dq's, and the object of this match is to make a member of the other team bleed first!

    The Kanes stand in the ring and wait…


    Bring Me to Life by Evanescence plays…the crowd is restless, and the Kanes are looking towards the entrance ramp, waiting for Jeff Hardy and Sting to come down…but

    They’re not coming?!

    What’s going on-

    OH MY GOODNESS Hardy and Sting are flying down from the top of the arena, attached to separate cables! They land in the ring behind the Kanes…unstrap the harnesses that were holding them…and pull baseball bats out of their trenchcoats…

    The Kanes turn around…


    Match Six: Tag Team First Blood Match: The Kanes vs. Jeff Hardy and Sting

    Jeff hits Kane, and Sting hits Glen in the face with the bats! Glen was able to partially block Jeff’s hit, but Sting made full contact with Kane’s face (which is protected by that mask, btw). Both of their bats break.

    JR: How the hell are they supposed to make the masked Kane bleed?
    Tazz: C’mon JR he has that arm all out for the world to see!

    Both Kanes are down on one knee and Sting starts clobbering on Glen and throws him out of the ring…meanwhile, Jeff is punching Kane with as many hard punches as he can…Kane is groggy yet on his feet and stumbles over to a corner as Jeff continues to pound on him…finally Kane grabs a hold of Jeff and throws him into that corner, and HE starts wailing away on Jeff with all kinds of punches...

    Meanwhile, Sting is now standing at his corner, and Glen is trying to get to his…

    In the ring, Kane has Jeff now and he irish whips him to the other corner…Jeff runs towards it and hops onto the top rope as Kane comes running after him…Jeff quickly hits a corkscrew moonsault on Kane, knocking him down! Jeff then throws punches at Kane’s face and tries to rip his MASK OFF!! Kane fights him off of him though…Jeff goes over and tags in Sting

    The crowd pops as Sting comes in and he lets out a “WOOOOOO!” for the first time since being in MWF…

    Kane is trying to get up to his feet but Sting goes over and starts stomping him…he then picks him up and takes him over to a corner and starts ramming Kane’s head into the turnbuckle!


    Sting lets go after nine and Kane stumbles backwards…Stings comes at him and cracks him with the 10th punch, sending Kane to the ground again…Sting then looks at Jeff Hardy, who drops down to the arena floor and looks under the ring…he pulls out


    Jeff gets back on the apron with the 2 by four in hand and Sting tags him in…Kane is struggling to his feet again… Jeff raises the board above his head…


    He cracks Kane right in the back! Kane falls flat to the mat.

    Glen has had enough and he storms into the ring and blasts Jeff with a big boot right in the face! This causes Jeff to drop the 2X4 to the mat. The referee comes in to tell Glen to leave the ring…Glen gets mad…and CHOKESLAMS the referee! (Hey, it’s no DQ!)

    Sting runs into the ring and Glen catches him in his grasp…

    And he hits Sting with a chokeslam!

    My goodness Glen is the only one standing in the ring! Glen helps Kane up and Kane goes over to his corner, seemingly making Glen the legal man for the Kanes…

    then Glen goes over, picks up Sting and tosses him out of the ring…after that, Glen picks up Jeff Hardy…lifts him up, and hits a sidewalk slam…then he runs off the ropes and drops a BIG elbow on Hardy… Glen then gets up and looks at the 2X4…then at the crowd…and the crowd boos as Glen goes over and picks the 2 by 4 up…

    Little does Kane know that on the outside, Sting has reached under the ring and has pulled out

    A kendo stick!

    But in the ring, Glen has the 2 by 4 and he’s waiting for Jeff to get up so he can hit him in the face…

    Sting gets in the ring…

    Jeff is up…Glen swings at Jeff who ducks…and then Sting swings at Glen from out of nowhere and hits Glen RIGHT IN THE FOREHEAD with the kendo stick! Glen falls to the ground and covers his head. Is he bleeding?

    IS he?



    NOT bleeding, but his head sure does have a welt on his head. Sting continues hitting Glen in the bareback with the kendo stick…Kane comes into the ring to try and stop Sting, but Jeff gets in his way...however, Kane quickly grabs Jeff and CHOKESLAMS him! The force cause Jeff to fall out of the ring to the arena floor...

    Meanwhile, the referee is finally getting up…

    Sting sees that Kane has chokeslammed Jeff and Sting goes after Kane with the kendo stick…he swings…and Kane CATCHES it…and pulls it towards him, bringing Sting along with it and clotheslining the crap out of Sting!

    So Jeff is out on the outside, Sting is down on the inside, Kane is standing in the ring and Glen is starting to get up...Kane grabs Glen and points to the outside…Glen looks nd understands what Kane means. Glen nods and goes outside and reaches under the ring…he pulls out..

    A TABLE.

    He sets up the table at ringside…

    In the ring, Kane picks up Sting and picks him up over his head…he’s gonna toss Sting over the top rope and through the table! Kane walks over close to the table with Sting above his head…but Sting wiggles out of it and lands in the ring on his feet…he then grabs Kane and sets him up for the SCORPION DEATH DROP! But Glen quickly gets back in the ring, and he, along with Kane, flip Sting (frontwards) over the top rope and out of the ring and THROUGH THE DAMN TABLE…STING LANDS HEAD FIRST!

    Glen and Kane laugh as Sting lies motionless within the scraps of the table! Jeff Hardy comes into the ring and now he has a CHAIR! He’s behind the Kanes…


    He hits Glen with the chair in the back of his head! Glen falls to the mat…Kane turns around as Jeff tries to hit him…Kane grabs the chair before it connects, and he and Jeff struggle…Kane gets the upper hand and pushes Jeff to the mat and causing Jeff to drop the chair…Kane then picks up the chair to hit Jeff with it, but Jeff hops to his feet, and dropkicks the chair into Kane’s face, knocking the big red monster to the mat! Kane is down! Glen is down!

    Jeff realizes now what has happened to Sting, and paramedics are actually coming down to ringside to help Sting out…Jeff is stunned that paramedics are actually coming to help, and he is about to go see if Sting is ok..

    But behind Jeff


    They stand up and quickly attack Jeff from behind before he can go check on Sting (Sting is carried to the back on a stretcher by paramedics) . The two Kanes start to beat Jeff Hardy down…the end looks near for the young man…


    OH MY G*D! It’s MATT HARDY!!!!

    The crowd goes bonkers as Matt makes his way down to the ring and he goes right after his former protégé – GLEN!

    He’s giving Glen plenty of blows to the noggin when Kane steps in and attacks Matt, and now he and Glen double team Matt Hardy…

    But then Jeff gets up…and he helps Matt…and the two get the upper hand on the Kanes, with Matt clotheslining Glen out of the ring (Matt falls out as well). These two continue fighting outside…

    Jeff and Kane are in the ring alone and they are trading blows…

    Oh my goodness!

    Look who’s coming down the aisle now!

    The Undertaker and PAUL BEARER!

    aker is carrying Triple H’s sledgehammer again! (sorry it's not in the pic ) Oh no! What is he going to do?!

    JR: Maybe Undertaker has had a change of heart since normal paramedics actually helped out Sting!

    Tazz: I don't know but someone needs to get that damn sledgehammer away from him!

    On the outside, Glen throws Matt HARD into the steel steps, knocking Matt out…Glen sees the Undertaker heading towards the ring so Glen gets inside of the ring…

    Undertaker enters the ring (Jeff and Kane are still fighting in there as well) and Glen confronts Taker with punches galore! Taker and Glen go at it and Taker drops the sledgehammer!

    While they go at it, Jeff has actually knocked down Kane partially, and he sees the sledgehammer on the mat, and he picks it up!

    Meanwhile, the Undertaker gets the upper hand on Glen and chokeslams him!

    Jeff has the sledgehammer… Kane is getting up…Jeff raises the hammer over his head…

    But the Undertaker GRABS the hammer from behind from Jeff and takes it from him! Jeff turns around and starts cursing at Taker, who says he can’t let Jeff do it…Jeff gets all in Taker’s face

    Meanwhile, Kane grabs the chair that was in ring…

    Jeff is ALL in Taker’s face and Taker punches him so hard that Jeff spins around



    Kane absolutely CRACKS Jeff in the head with the chair, leaving a dent in the steel, and knocking Jeff IMMEDIATELY down to the mat and unconscious!

    Is he bleeding:?









    The Kanes win!

    Winners: The Kanes
    Kane throws down the chair and looks at the Undertaker face to face…Glen sits up deadman style and he gets in Taker’s face as well…Taker just leaves the ring and joins up with Paul Bearer…the Kanes follow…

    JR: What the hell is going on here?!

    Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy is starting to move around but he’s bleeding badly…Matt Hardy has finally gained consciousness on the outside and he gets in the ring and checks on Jeff…Matt takes off his shirt and starts wiping the blood off of Jeff, as he angrily looks at the Undertaker and the Kanes walking to the back.


    A video package highlighting all of the events that have happened in the previous weeks between Austin, Kurt Angle and Edge is shown. It shows them beating up Austin when he was fighting Tajiri...then it shows him making the match between the two with him as shows him stunning both of them in that match and then booking them in seperate one on one shows Edge and Angle succeeding...then it shows Edge and Angle costing each other the tag titles...then it shows Edge and Angle costing Austin his match with Chavo...then it shows all three on split screen, posing in victory.

    Who will come out as the U.S Champ?

    Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen…the following contest, is scheduled for one fall…and is a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH, for the MWF United States Championship!

    Crowd pops

    You think you know me?

    The crowd gets on their feet and cheer as Edge makes his way to the entrance! He goes to the sides of the stage and pumps the crowd up, then makes his way to the ring. He slides in and he looks very focused on getting the U.S Title back.

    JR: Remember folks...Edge and Angle can only pin Stone Cold to win the match and the title, while Austin can pin either one of them to retain the title. A bit unfair-
    Tazz: Nope, sounds all good to me!

    The Olympic Theme!

    Medals plays as Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring…he stops halfway down the ramp and points to the sky and red, white and blue fireworks go off behind him. He then continues down to the ring and gets in…Edge immediately gets in his face…they look like they’re about to come to blows…


    Ohhh boy here comes the U.S Champ, Stone Cold! He is dragging the belt around, and he slowly makes his way down to the ring…he doesn’t look too excited to be going through with this match…before he gets in the ring, he takes off his vest and drops the SOON as he gets in Edge and Angle go after him but Austin quickly puts his palms up, telling them to stop, and saying that they can’t hit him until the match starts! Austin then turns his outsretched palms into raised middle fingers at both Edge and Angle.

    And the ref rings the bell.

    This is to the surprise of Austin and Edge and Angle start attacking the mess out of him!

    Match 7: Triple Threat U.S Title Match: Stone Cold vs. Kurt Angle vs. Edge

    Angle and Edge absolutely obliterate Austin with punches and kicks…Angle gets behind a wobbly Austin and hits an olympic slam on him! Edge then picks Austin up and hits an Edgecution on him! Austin’s out for the count. One of these two can win the title!

    With Austin down, Edge and Angle look at each other. We can see Angle saying “Just like we agreed, right?” And Edge answers back, “I get the first title shot, right?” Angle nods his head! Oh man they’re gonna screw Austin!

    Angle goes over to Austin and covers him!




    Winner of this match and newwwwww U.S Champion, Kurt A-


    Edge pulled Angle off of Austin by his foot! Angle gets up and yells “What are you doing?!” Edge answers, “How can I trust your bald ass?!” Angle yells “Trust me!” and he covers Austin again.



    NO! Edge pulls Angle off again and Angle gets up and this time he punches Edge in the face! Edge feels his jaw where Angle punched it and looks mad…so he clocks Angle with a punch of his own! The two start trading punches in the ring…Edge gets the upper hand and backs Angle up to a corner…Edge drives his shoulder into Angle’s midsection multiple times…then he tries to throw Angle to the other corner…Angle reverses and throws Edge to the corner…and Angle just tries to pin the still fallen Austin!



    Edge quickly comes over and breaks it up by diving and hitting Angle in the back with a double ax handle…Edge gets up, picks Angle up and hits an atomic drop on him before clotheslining him to the ground. Edge looks at the situation and decides to shove Austin out of the ring to the arena floor

    Tazz: Edge wants to get Austin out of there so Angle can’t sneak a pinfall…good move

    With Austin on the floor, Edge tries to turn around…but before he could do so, Angle grabs him from behind and hits a thunderous German suplex on him, sending him flying across the ring…Angle gets up and starts stomping on Edge…he picks Edge up and irish whips him to the ropes…Edge bounces off…Angle tries to clothesline him…Edge ducks and keeps running, while Angle runs off the other ropes…they run at each other…and clothesline each other in the middle of the ring! They’re both down!

    And ohhhh my, Austin is getting up! He looks into the ring and sees both men down and he rolls in their…Edge is getting up and Austin immediately goes after him with punches to the cranium…he beats Edge all the way down to the corner and he starts stomping a mudhole in him!


    Crowd: What!

    Austin stops to look at the crowd.


    Crowd: What!


    Crowd: What! What! What!

    Austin is going berserk on Edge, who is so beat down that he is slouched in the corner…Angle is getting up and he attacks Austin from behind…Austin turns around and he and Angle start brawling…Austin gets the upper hand and throws Angle into the ropes…he tries to clothesline Angle but Angle ducks, keeps running and Austin goes to run off the other ropes…they meet in the middle and-


    Austin hits the press and throws lightning right hands at Angle! Austin then gets up and bounces off the ropes and hits a frontwards elbow drop on Angle. He covers Kurt!



    Edge breaks it up by kicking Austin in the head…Austin immediately get up and Edge meets him with a vicious chop to the chest

    Crowd: Wooooo!

    Another chop!

    Crowd: Wooooo!

    Edge then pushes Austin to the corner and takes his head and rams it against the top turnbuckle:


    Austin is so beat he just continues leaning into that turnbuckle

    Meanwhile, Angle is getting up… Edge catches this in the corner of his eye and starts running at Angle and


    He spears Angle so hard that Kurt goes FLYING out of the ring through the middle rope! Ohhhh doctor!

    Edge looks at Austin and runs at him to try to spear him in the corner –

    But Austin moves!

    Luckily, Edge stops himself at the corner before he hits it, but when he turns around

    Austin kicks him in the gut and goes for a STUNNER!

    But Edge blocks it by punching Austin in the ribs a few times, then picking him up as if he was going for a back suplex…but he puts Austin on the top rope! Now Edge goes up there…


    Edge hits a SUPER back suplex on Austin! Edge partially hurts himself as well, so he can’t capitalize right away! The crowd is restless as Edge crawls over to Austin and covers him!



    2 ½ …………..

    NO! Austin kicked out!

    Edge looks a bit flustered and tired…he uses the corner to get up.

    He decides to go to the top rope! He gets up there, and waits for Austin to get up…

    SUDDENLY, Angle comes in to the ring, and BLAZES over to the corner Edge is going up, and jumps up there and hits a butterfly suplex from the top rope on Edge! All three men are down now…

    And AUSTIN is the first one to get up! He crawls over to Edge, and puts his arm on top of him for the cover!




    No! Angle breaks it up by diving over and knocking Austin’s hand off of Edge! Austin looks up at Angle and gives him the finger…Austin gets up and so does Angle…they trade blows in the middle of the ring, and the action is really getting intense now…Angle gets the upper hand and knees Austin in the gut…he then sets up Austin for a gutwrench suplex…Austin struggles to prevent it…Edge is up now and he grabs Angle, and hits him with an inverted DDT!

    Edge quickly gets back to his feet and Austin is already on his as well…Austin runs at Edge and Edge hits a single legged flapjack from out of nowhere! He gets up and grabs both of Austin’s legs…drags Austin towards the middle of the ring… and looks like he’s going to put him in a sharpshooter! No, he turns it into a modified Indian Death Lock, and Austin is HOWLING in pain!


    Austin tries to grab the ropes, but he is too far away! Edge has the move locked in tight! Austin’s gonna tap! He's in so much pain!

    Austin raises his arm



    AND HE


    NO HE DOESN’T! Because Angle came over and punched Edge off of him, then grabbed Edge and hit him with an Olympic Slam! Angle then shoves Edge out of the ring, leaving Angle and Austin in there…Austin hobbles to his feet, and tries to limp over to Angle…who tosses him with a nice arm drag, sending Austin flying…Austin gets up and limps over again…Angle with another arm drag! Austin groggily gets up…Angle runs off the ropes at Austin…who counters by hitting Angle with a MONSTROUS SPINE BUSTER!

    Austin grabs his right leg and falls to the mat, so he can’t make the pin right away! This is his chance! Austin crawls over to Angle, and covers him!





    NO! Angle kicks out! Austin can’t BELIEVE it! He gets up and he’s flailing his arms around, desperately wanting Angle to get up…Angle slowly gets up…the crowd is restless…Austin is getting ready to hit a stunner…Angle is to his feet…Austin comes over…

    KICK to the gut!

    No! Angle grabs Austin’s foot, give him the middle finger, sweeps the other foot from under Austin, and locks Austin in the ANKLE LOCK!!!!

    Austin is howling in pain once again, and Angle has the lock locked in like never before!

    Austin CRAWLS over to the ropes, desperately trying to grab something – ANYTHING to break the hold…Angle has it locked in…Austin can’t reach any closer to the ropes! He raises his hand…..and



    IS he going to tap?!


    Goes to tap!

    BUT EDGE, from outside of the ring, puts his hand under Austin’s, so Austin’s hand hits Edge’s hand, and NOT the mat! Edge then pulls on Austin’s arms and puts them on the ropes, and Angle has to break the hold! Angle reluctantly lets go…Edge gets in the ring… Angle immediately goes after Edge…Edge gets to his feet, and the two trade punch for punch, and chop for chop…Edge tries to throw Angle to the ropes, but Angle reverses it…Edge comes off the ropes…and hits ANOTHER SPEAR on Angle! Angle is laid out FLAT! Edge COVERS HIM!




    The referee looks at Edge and tells him that he can’t make the count! Edge has to pin Austin! Edge can’t believe it as he gets up

    And Austin is limping to his feet as well…

    Edge gets all the way up to go after Austin…

    KICK TO THE GUT by Austin to Edge!

    STUNNER!! G*D DAMMIT! A Stunner on one injured leg by the rattlesnake! Edge goes flying across the ring due to the force of the Stunner! Austin’s so beat down that he just flops on top of Angle, who was closer!




    NO! Angle barely kicks out! Austin is so desperate that he just crawls over to Edge and tries to pin him!




    NO! Edge barely kicks out as well! He must have kicked out purely on instinct, because he doesn’t even look like he has much consciousness left! Austin shouldn’t have taken so long to pin him! Austin is cursing everything out by now, and he uses the ropes to help himself limp to his feet…on one good foot, Austin waits for ONE of the two to get up…Angle is getting to his feet, and he looks very groggy…Angle wobbles all the way up…Austin limps over…



    Austin hits the stunner on Angle! Austin looks at Edge and sees that Edge is still down and groggy! This is Austin’s chance! He covers Angle!



    2 ½ ……………….


    Austin retains!

    Winner and STILL MWF U.S Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin!
    Austin's music plays again as Stone Cold gets his belt from the refs and celebrates while hobbling around in the ring...he then hobbles out of the ring and heads to the back...victorious, and STILL the United States Champion...


    A video promo for the next MWF PPV, Lord of the Ring is shown.

    Then a video package highlighting the past and recent occurrences between Goldberg and Triple H is shown. Folks, we are ready

    or the Main Event.

    Announcer: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall…and is for the Maniac Wrestling Federation, Heavyweight Title!

    Crowd pops!

    We hear the drummers drumming…the marchers marching…everyone is waiting for the arrival of the challenger…we head to a view backstage of a locker room that says, “Goldberg” on it…suddenly, the door breaks down as we see that Goldberg has KICKED it down and he’s on his way to the arena! He walks down the long hallways…a random guy goes up to him to wish him luck and Goldberg pushes the guy to the floor without even stopping! He makes his way to the entrance…

    We cut back to the arena and we see the pyros going off at the entrance…here he is…


    He stands there and inhales the smoke from the pyros…then he starts going into a fury of punches and kicks as the pyros crackle heavily and he marches his way down to the ring. A lot of “Goldberg sucks” chants fill the arena. Once he gets into the ring…he waits.

    The arena falls silent.


    The crowd erupts as “My time” hits…and here comes the World Champion, Triple H! He stands at the stage and sprays water over himself…then he shakes it off and heads to the ring…he stops at ringside then goes around gets on the apron…he walks to the middle and looks around and then spits the water in the air as the crowd pops heavy.

    He then goes to pose on the top rope, but Goldberg gets in his! He goes to pose on the other rope but Goldberg gets in his way again! Triple H then calmly hands his belt to the ringside announcer, then starts punching Goldberg! The match is on!

    Main Event: MWF Title: Triple H vs. Goldberg

    Goldberg fires back with punches of his own…but Triple H has the upper hand and backs Goldie into a corner…Goldberg uses his strength to push Triple H away to the ground…Trips immediately gets up and he and Goldberg lock in a collar elbow tie-up in the middle of the ring…Goldberg once again uses his strength and this time hip tosses the Game to the ground…he holds on to Trip’s arm and puts it in an armbar…he wrenches it in deeply and the game is in a bit of pain…he manages to struggle up to his feet and throws a punch to Goldberg and follows with another…Goldberg just counters by bringing Trips into him and clotheslining him hard to the ground! Goldberg quickly follows by dropping an elbow on Triple H, and then wrapping a leg scissors around the game while holding a headlock on him…

    Tazz: Goldberg getting technical, JR!

    Then Goldberg hits Triple with a crossarm punch to the head while holding the leg scissors on him

    Tazz: Never mind…

    Goldberg finally releases the hold and picks up Triple H…he sets him up for a suplex…and hits it! Cover!



    Triple H kicks out…Goldberg gets up and stands menacingly over the Game.

    He picks up the Game…and he hoists Triple H above his head for a gorilla press slam…but Trips wiggles out of it and falls behind Goldberg…Goldie turns around and Triple H picks him up and hits an atomic drop! Goldberg stumbles around and Triple H sizes him up…and hits a vicious clothesline on Goldberg that makes him stumble backwards…Triple H can’t believe the guy didn’t fall so he bounces off the ropes and hits Goldie with another clothesline…Goldberg just stumbles…Triple H bounces off the ropes again and runs at Goldie…Goldberg attempts to clothesline the Game but Trips ducks and bounces off the other ropes…he comes off and Goldberg catches him for a mighty powerslam! Cover!



    2 ½

    No! That was close! Goldberg gets up and he’s wheezing a bit…the longer this match go, the more it favors Triple H…Goldberg says “F*ck it” and he goes to a corner and sets up for a SPEAR!

    Triple H is slowly getting up…here comes GOLDBERG!


    Triple H dives out of the way by using the referee’s body as a catapault of sorts, and at the same time, moved the referee in front of Goldberg’s spear!


    Goldberg spears the referee into an oblivion! The ref is out forever!

    Goldberg looks at the referree and meanwhile, Triple H is taking the padding off of a turnbuckle on the other side…he then rests in the corner as if he’s too hurt to move…Goldberg turns around and sees this and tries to splash clothesline Trips in the corner…Trips dives out the way, and Goldberg goes CHEST FIRST into the exposed turnbuckle! He stumbles backwards and howls in pain and turns around to meet Triple H who grabs him and hits him with an arn anderson-like spinebuster!

    Triple H doesn’t let up – he picks Goldberg up off the ground immediately and throws him into the ropes…Goldberg runs at him with a clothesline but misses…they both run off the opposite ropes…Trips hits a flying knee on Goldberg, which knocks him to the ground! Triple H then immediately picks up Goldberg again, and tries to suplex him…Goldberg holds on and prevents him from doing so…Trips tries again…no avail…Goldberg reverses it into a suplex of his own on the Game! Goldberg gets up and sees that the ref is knocked out forever and starts thinking about something

    He decides to go out of the ring and he gets a steel chair! Goldberg brings the chair in the ring…Triple H is slowly getting up…Goldberg raises the chair –

    But Trips kicks Goldberg in the gut (causing Goldberg to drop the chair) and hits A PEDIGREE on Goldberg!

    WOA! Goldberg is down! Triple H covers him! But there’s no referee! Oh man, here comes a referee from the back! He rushes down to the ring and makes the count!



    2 ½…………….

    THREE!! The Game wins!

    Winner: Triple –

    NOOOOO!!! Goldberg kicked out! Triple H can’t believe it! The crowd can’t either…Triple H gets up and kicks the chair out of the ring…he grabs both of Goldberg’s legs but Goldberg kicks Triple H off of him and Trips goes BACK FIRST into that exposed turnbuckle! Triple H stumbles around in pain…Goldberg gets up…and grabs Trips and hits a belly to belly suplex! PAIN to the back! Goldberg with a cover!



    NO! Triple H kicks out…Goldberg is upset…he picks up Triple H and goes to throw him off the ropes…Trips reverses…Goldberg reverses THAT back the other way and Trips goes flying into the second referee, crushing him in the corner…Goldberg runs at that corner to crush The Game but Trips moves and Goldberg ends up crushing the referee! 2 refs knocked out forever!

    Goldberg turns around and Triple H meets him with another kick to the gut…and goes for another pedigree…but Goldberg reverse it into a back body drop…Goldberg then goes outside of the ring and gets that chair from earlier…he gets in the ring…Triple H is slowly getting up…


    Goldberg hits Triple H in the head with the chair! Trips is OUT! Goldberg crumbles to his knees because he is very tired…he finally goes over and makes the cover…but there is no ref!

    UH OH!

    Look who’s coming down to the ring!


    He takes off his jacket outside of the ring and then slides in…HE’S GONNA MAKE THE COUNT!!!



    2 ½………………..

    2 ¾ …………………..


    NO! Triple H BARELY…BARELY gets out! Vince can’t believe it! Goldberg can’t believe it! The fans can’t believe!

    JR: I can’t believe it!

    Tazz: Shut up!

    Vince is yelling at Goldberg to finish the job! Goldberg goes in the corner to set up for another spear…Triple H is crawling around with his back turned to Goldberg…little does Goldberg or Vince know, Triple H has a hold of that chair that’s still in the ring!

    Triple H gets up with his back still to Goldberg…Goldberg is ready…Triple H turns around…Goldberg runs at him


    Triple H WALLOPS Goldberg in the head with the chair as he tried to spear him! Goldberg falls FLAT to the ground!

    Trips stumbles around to near the ropes and for some reason, Vince McMahon is charging at him…Trips sees this and back body drops Vince out of the ring! Triple H then looks around at the crowd…the crowd is pumped and everyone is on their feet…Trips raises his arm in the air…he’s going to go for another PEDIGREE!

    The monster Goldberg is very slowly getting up…Trips waits…once Goldberg is groggily on his feet –



    Trips hits another pedigree on Goldberg! He covers the monster!

    The original ref is semi-conscious now and he crawls over to make the slow count…



    2 ½…………………………………………

    THREEE!!!! Triple H wins!!

    Winner and STILL MWF Champion, Triple H!
    Triple H gets up and raises his arm in the air in victory. The ringside announcer hands him his belt and he celebrates to the joy of the crowd! Vince McMahon looks into the ring from outside and he’s PISSED! After a bit of celebration, Triple H leaves to the back.

    Vince McMahon goes into the ring to check on the fallen Goldberg.

    JR: Well folks, thank you very much for tuning in to MWF: Reloaded!
    Tazz: Yes, and the next PPV is MWF: Lord of the Ring!
    JR: Well for Tazz, this is JR, saying good-

    HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE erupts from the corners! OH MY G*D, it’s the KANES!!!

    They start coming down to the ring and Vince is scared silly! He tries to wake up Goldberg but to no avail! Vince then decides that he needs to bail and he’s going to leave through the crowd…but before he leaves the ring, he sees ULTIMO DRAGON and REY MYSTERIO coming from the crowd to the ring! Vince is TRAPPED!

    The Kanes get into the ring and Mysterio and Dragon do as well. Mysterio has his nightstick and he hits the fallen Goldberg in the head with it, and then he and Dragon shove Goldberg out of the ring!


    The crowd is getting restless…someone HELP VINCE MCMAHON!!




    The crowd goes absolutely nuts! Here he is again…THE UNDERTAKER!!

    He’s coming down to the ring with Paul Bearer, and he looks confused…he has a microphone, and he stands at ringside, as the bad splices keep Vince trapped in the ring.

    Taker: Vince! I…I have tried to fight for an environment where normals and splices could co-exist...but now I know – that it cannot be that way.

    Crowd gasps!

    Taker: Co-existence is no longer possible…and one instance of normals helping Sting is not going to change that...if there is a splice that can find out a way to co-existence, they can be my guest. But I…I no longer can live such lies. I have no options Vince. It must be this way now...

    With that, Taker raises his palm and closes it into a fist, and the Kanes, Mysterio, and Dragon start BRUTALLY beating down Vince McMahon! Mysterio hits him with his nightstick multiple times…Dragon hits him with all kinds of kicks…the Kanes beat him down with punches galore, causing him to bleed…they stop beating him down and drag his blood body over to the ropes so his barely conscious self can see Taker talking to him and see down the entrance ramp.

    Taker looks half disturbed, and half satisfied over what they did to Vince, and he talks again.

    Taker: Vince…all you had to do was accept us from the beginning. Now, things have to go the hard way…but I only made this decision because it was the one who has more power than YOU that actually told me that it must be this way…our OVERLORD!

    Taker points down to the entrance and the bloody Vince looks on as a figure draped in a cloak (like the Grim Reaper) comes walking down to ringside. A grim symphony is playing as the Overlord walks down. We cannot see this person’s face as the hood of the cloak covers it. The Overlord walks slowly all the way down to ringside, and is only a few feet away from Vince’s face, when this person takes off the cloak, and reveals to all the identity of the Overlord.


    Everyone in the arena gasps at this revelation; Vince, with the last ounce of energy he has, starts cursing at Linda…Taker gives Linda the microphone

    Linda: Sorry Vince…it just has to be this way (she sounds as though she has NO remorse at all). Damnation is in the ring…Damnation is behind me (she points at Taker)…and most of all…Damnation is now UPON the M...W…F!

    And with that, Undertaker then goes into the ring and all of these Bad Splices (Damnation, eh?) beat the living CRAP out of Vince McMahon. They cause Vince to bleed even worse, and really, really beat him down bad, as Linda McMahon just smiles on and watches. Every time Goldberg attempts to help, he gets knocked back down to the ground.

    JR: Vince needs help dammit!
    Tazz: Everyone is either injured or too scared of this - this monstrous group!

    Finally, the episode ends with Glen giving Vince a tombstone, then Kane giving Vince a tombstone, and then FINALLY the Undertaker giving him a tommbstone! Linda gets in the ring and stands over her fallen husband as the crowd jeers heavily and throws trash in the ring. She stares at Damnation…and every one of them drop to one knee before her, with Taker, Glen and Kane also holding their hands out in their typical salute poses…

    And we are left with the scene of Linda McMahon over her bloody, beaten, and battered husband as she is saluted like the Overlord she has become.

    All hell has broken loose in MWF.

    The Overlord has been revealed.

    Fade to Black.

    End of Show.


    Questions are abound with MWF: Reloaded finally over:

    Linda McMahon has been revealed as the Overlord of the group: Damnation. It seems that this group of Splices want to brutally wipe out Normals, and with the beatdowns of Booker T and Vince McMahon, their list of accomplishments is getting longer. Who is next on this group's list?

    Will we ever see Vince McMahon again?

    Why did Linda have this done to her husband? Why has she formed this group?

    Who ON EARTH can stop these guys?!

    Is there bad blood brewing between Triple H and Jeff Hardy/Sting? Have they lost faith in the Game's ability to lead splices to glory?

    Is it even possible for Triple H to lead splices to glory, seeing as though Triple H was trying to do it the way the Undertaker told him to, but now the Undertaker has totally gone against those ways and is now trying to do it the "harsh" way? Triple H now has the support of only TWO splices, and barely their support at that! How can one man fight for a cause that is hardly there anymore?

    Matt Hardy is back...what will he have to say about the fact that he was made an example by splices, yet his brother has recently become a splice?

    Will Booker T be alright after the beatdown HE got?

    And is RVD walking into a deathtrap? He faces THE UNDERTAKER on the next WRESTLEBLAST!

    My oh my...anarchy is upon the MWF...join us next week as things pick up with MWF: Wrestleblast!
    Man of the world.

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    Default Re: Phenom's MWF

    Linda: It's me Vince! It was me all along, Vince!

    Bahahahaha, love it.



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    Default Re: Phenom's MWF

    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    MWF: Wrestleblast Show 5 - 7.8.04

    Opening Theme: Til I Collapse by Eminem

    The pyros go off and we are LIVE in Boston, Massachusetts for the backlash from's MWF Wrestleblast!

    JR: Tonight, we’ll witness the fallout of MWF: Reloaded!
    Tazz: That’s right and we are just a few weeks away from the next PPV, MWF: Lord of the Ring!
    JR: But it all begins tonight, and my oh my, we already have two matches signed for tonight!
    Tazz: Poor poor RVD…tonight, he goes one on one with THE UNDERTAKER!
    JR: And someone has booked a match for tonight involving Sting and Kane!
    Tazz: Sting suffered a concussion at Reloaded…will he even be ready to go?!

    azz: And also tonight, we'll have an interview with the NEW Tag Team Champions, Los Guerreros! Viva la raza!

    The lights go out.


    Kanes pyros go off, but without the music…then -


    Mixed reaction from the crowd.


    And we can see now that at the top of the ramp we have DAMNATION! The Undertaker, The Kanes, Rey Mysterio, and Ultimo Dragon! They then stand to the sides of the entrance, and LINDA MCMAHON comes through between them. She smiles and start laughing as she spreads her arms out in wonder at this mega-group, and the crowd gives her mega-heat. She then starts walking to the ring and the rest of the group follows. Once they get to the ring, Ultimo Dragon holds the ropes so that Linda can easily get in. Once they all get to the ring, Linda stands in one corner, and the rest of the group gets on their knees in praise of her, with Taker and the Kanes holding out their hands.

    JR: Why in the world are they praising her like this…
    Tazz: We’ll we’re about to get some answers…

    VERRRRY Important! Pay Close attention!

    Linda gets a microphone. The crowd is giving the entire group a TON of heat, and an “asshole” chant starts against Linda. She is appalled.

    Linda: How dare you call me an asshole!

    Crowd: BOOOOO!!

    Linda: This just goes to show that you people are nothing but idiots and morons…you should be CHEERING me!

    Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Linda looks around at her group and they tell her not to listen to the crowd. She then speaks again.

    Linda: The whole world wants to know why. Why am I leading this group? Why did I have them beatdown Vince? Well it's all very simple. Vince McMahon blames splices for ruining WWE and causing our business to go bankrupt…when the REAL person to blame was none other than VINCE HIMSELF!

    Crowd: Boooooooo!!

    Linda: Vince ran all the splices out of the company…made everyone Normal. And THAT’S when business went down for WWE. THAT’S when we had to sell the business, because he wanted to push NORMALS like Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin. How can a company succeed with that?!

    Linda soaks in the boos some more.

    Linda: Vince has such blind hatred of splices that he fails to realize how much they bring to the company. Look at this talent…Undertaker! One of the most popular wrestlers of all time…the Kanes! They were ALWAYS over even though Vince tried to hold them down in WWE….Rey Mysterio! He’s the reason small people had any success in WWE….Ultimo Dragon…a LEGEND in Japan that Vince held down. Vince needs to know that it is the SPLICES that will keep MWF alive! There is no more room for Normals…they bring nothing to this company!

    Linda then looks at the crowd some more, and her face gets very scrunched up in an angry ball

    Linda: But there is one bigger reason why I’ve spited Vince. A big reason that validates all the harm Damnation caused to him at Reloaded. You see, Vince himself used to be a SPLICE! And it was when he was a splice that our marriage was at its best! When he was the commentator Vince, the nice guy who did interviews, he truly started believing that he was this nice person, and he acted that way at home. This persona kept him from doing the things he was really about. Every now and then it snuck out, like when he cheated on me, but for the most part, his on air person as a nice guy commentator flowed through to his life at home, and you could barely tell that he was “Vince McMahon”

    Then came the attitude era. And the real Vince McMahon came out. He brought it out on screen because it brought ratings, and so at home too, his real side came out. Everything you saw him do on TV from 98 –on was the real Vince McMahon. Him sleeping around with dirty sluts, him acting like he was larger than life. I hated him. I HATED HIM!

    Linda is very emotional now and Mysterio goes over and calms her down. Once she’s calm, she continues.

    Linda: Either way, I only stayed with him for the good of the WWE. I thought that being CEO of the biggest wrestling company in the world was enough to make me tolerate the “real” Vince. It was enough to keep me happy. It was enough to keep my…sane. But then, his hate for Splices caused WWE to crumble! My lone reason for happiness VANISHED, thanks to Vince’s STUPIDITY!

    Linda is damn near screaming now, and the crowd continues to give her huge heat... once she calms down again, she continues:

    Linda: Well I’m here to say that isn’t going to happen again. As Vince’s wife, I have joint ownership over anything he owns…which includes MWF! And since he’s out of commission for now (she chuckles), this means I’M running the show. DAMNATION is running the show. And since Normals have been the root of my problems and my unhappiness for years now -Normal wrestlers driving away the fans...normal Vince McMahon making my life miserable - they shall be ELIMINATED one by one by the people who will really lead MWF to glory, the SPLICES!

    The crowd boos

    Linda: Slowly but surely Vince, this company will be my dream. It will be my haven to happiness...all because it will be YOUR nightmare. My goal is to turn MWF into everything you stand goal is to make your life as miserable as you have made mine. And judging by the look on your face at Reloaded (she chuckles) I'm on...the right...track.

    Linda chuckles some more and she is done giving her emotionally-laden speech, and she hands Undertaker the microphone. The crowd jeers him immediately.

    Taker: Shut up! All of you!

    The crowd boos even louder.

    Taker: You do not know how it feels to be discriminated on just because of who you believe you are! Finally, I get the chance to lead splices to glory, and you boo me?!

    Crowd boos louder.

    Taker: Linda will lead us to glory. Even if this is all just part of her plan to get back to will still get us an environment where we can prosper and not worry about being held down and discriminated against! It has to be this way. And NOTHING is going to stop us!


    The crowd goes NUTS and oh my goodness…HERE COMES THE PSYCHOTIC GAME,

    What does the Game have to say about all of this?

    Triple H stands at the top of the ramp and has a microphone. A “Triple H” chant starts up. Once it stops, he speaks.

    Triple H: UNDERTAKER! (Trips looks mad as hell) Why the hell have you resorted to this?! You told me to win the MWF Title…you said that would help lead Splices to glory. (spit is flying from his mouth as he angrily teethes the words) You preached to me about leading Splices to glory the “right” way. You said you wanted co-existence! You made me choose honor and defending splices, over Stephanie, dammit! And now…now you’re throwing it all away?! What happened to your faith in me? You told me I could lead Splices to glory, made me give up everything, and now you’ve basically given up on me?!

    The Undertaker is in the ring and he looks a little disturbed. Linda grabs the mic from him.

    Linda: Damn you, Triple H! You can’t lead anything to glory! In WWE, all you were concerned about was yourself, and being in the spotlight! If you would’ve cared one bit about the company, maybe it would still be in business! If you didn't always hog the championships...always stick your big nose on camera...if you wouldn't have been such a glory hog then, WWE would still be around today, and I'd still be happy! And now look at you…your head isn’t even in anything you do! All you think about is my daughter! You’re weak! How can anyone expect you to be a savior?!

    Trips: Shut up, BITCH!

    Crowd pops at the use of profanity. Linda looks shocked. Triple H is starting to look CRAZY.

    Trips: I am NOT weak! I’ll come down and whip all OF YOUR ASSES!

    Crowd is going nuts!

    Undertaker takes the mic from Linda, who is still shocked.

    Taker: Triple H –

    Trips: SHUT UP! (Triple H looks like he’s about to explode) Dammit Taker…you better tell this hag that I’ll lead splices to glory! Break up Damnation – you don’t need it! You know I can do it – you told me I could! Tell her right now!

    Taker looks at Triple H. Then he looks at Damnation. Then at the crowd, who is cheering and telling him to listen to Triple H. He slowly puts the mic to his mouth.

    Taker: I…can’t.

    Crowd boos! Triple H can’t believe it.

    Taker: The fact is, Triple H…you can’t be relied on to lead Splices to glory...

    Crowd boos even more.

    Taker: No one believes in you, Triple H. None of us. You are stuck on love, and that makes you weak. Even though you have become a splice, you are still a normal at heart, and the main weakness that normals possess are their emotions. Their compassion. Their feelings of love. These weaknesses shone all through you. When you should've been weilding that sledgehammer at Goldberg's head, you settle for a simple pinfall victory, and that's it. You're too nice, Triple H. You care too much about your fellow man. We cannot condone that. And on top of that, your undying love for Stephanie McMahon has, and always will make you a weak person. At any given point, we feared that you would give up anything just for the hand of Stephanie McMahon! And for that, none of us…not Damnation…not me…not even Jeff Hardy or Sting…think you can lead Splices to glory anymore.

    Triple H is so stunned that he can’t say anything. Undertaker makes a rock hard look and looks as though he has no remorse for what he said.

    Linda McMahon takes the mic from Taker again.

    Linda: That’s right Triple H. Soak it all in. You are WEAK. You can NEVER lead Splices to glory. And you know what…you think I’m such a BITCH, then wait until you hear this announcement.

    The crowd waits anxiously.

    Linda: Since I’m the new boss in town, I can do whatever I want. And basically, I’m going to tell you, Triple H, that tonight, you have a VERY IMPORTANT decision to make.

    Crowd listens. Triple H quickly snaps out of his stunned state.

    Triple H: What the hell are you talking about?!

    Linda: This is a new era, Triple H. You won the MWF Title not even for yourself…you won it FOR THE SPLICES. And now, the Splices aren’t even behind you. So I’ll give you two choices.

    Triple H listens intently

    Linda: You can either keep the World Title and continue to fight us, and the rest of your MWF Career will be a living hell. Or you can keep the World Title and JOIN US -

    Triple H: I ain’t joining a damn thing!

    Crowd pops

    Triple H: I – I

    Triple H looks like he is about to explode

    Triple H: I can’t trust ANYONE ANYMORE! So take your little group and SHOVE IT!

    Linda looks a bit surprised, then she says: Very well then…I’ll give you a different option. Either keep the title and become our permanent enemy…or FORFEIT the title TONIGHT, and…it will be on the line, with the winner of the Lord of the Ring tournament becoming the new champion!

    Crowd gasps. Triple H is stunned by that ultimatum

    Linda: Why keep the title, Triple H? You won it for the Splices…now no one is even on your side. And you know what- (Linda’s eyes light up) – if you forfeit the title tonight…I'll even throw in a little bonus...I will allow Stephanie McMahon to come back into the company!

    Crowd is confused. Triple H is really confused. This could be what it takes for him to get Stephanie back...but is this the way he wanted to do it?

    Linda: But we must move fast, because Lord of the Ring is only 3 weeks away. You have until the end of this show to make your decision. Before it was Love or Honor…this time, it’s love…or horror. Have a pleasantly beautiful day.

    And with that, Linda drops the mic and Damnation stares a hole at the Game, who just stares back.

    JR: My gawd! Triple H has another crucial decision to make!
    Tazz: And he has to make it by tonight…Love? Or HORROR!
    JR: That’s a really cheesy saying –
    Tazz: Shut up!
    JR: YOU shut up!
    Tazz: No! You!
    JR: Oh to hell with you...coming up next, Edge takes on Chris Benoit!


    You think you know me?!

    The crowd pops and here comes Edge!

    JR: Edge was in that hellacious Triple Threat match and came so close to winning the gold
    Tazz: Ya have to think that he wants another shot, and fast!

    Edge is in the ring and he waits for his opponent…

    "Whatever" hits

    Here comes Chris Benoit! He storms down to the ring, angry as hell, and goes right after Edge!

    Opening Match: Edge vs. Chris Benoit

    SYNOPSIS: A very well balanced match with plenty of reversals…Benoit is more vicious than ever due to his loss to Jericho

    FINISH: Edge is setting up for a spear after having hit a thunderous ddt on Benoit…Benoit groggily gets up…Edge comes charging…and Benoit reverses the spear by catching Edge in the crippler crossface! Edge is thriving in pain as he tries to reach the ropes…he can’t make it so he tries to power his way out…he can’t, but he IS ABLE to flip over so that he’s on TOP of Benoit, and actually in a cover! Benoit is so intent on holding the crossface, that he doesn’t even know! 1………..2…………..3!!!!

    Winner: Edge

    Benoit rolls the move back over and just keeps the crossface locked in. He’s gonna break the damn arm!

    Oh wait…here comes Kurt Angle!

    He rushes to the ring…what is he going to do…he attacks Chris Benoit and kicks and stomps the guy all over the ring!

    Benoit gets to his feet against the ropes and Angle clotheslines him out of the ring!

    The crowd is in a frenzy and Angle is pumped up as Edge gets to his feet. The two meet in the middle of the ring and have a staredown. They look like they are about to go at it when-

    Angle extends his right hand for a handshake. Edge looks at it for a second and thinks…then he extends his right hand as well, and the two shake each other’s hands as show of respect!

    JR: Now you don’t see that much anymore these days!
    Tazz: Yea…makes me sick!

    We go backstage and we see Stone Cold Steve Austin walking around…he runs into Billy Kidman of all people.

    Kidman: Austin, I know you got booking power around here, so I want to know why I didn’t have a match at Reloaded!

    Austin looks at Kidman like he is crazy. And he starts walking away from Billy.

    Kidman: Hey! Did you hear me?! I want some recognition! My partner’s out indefinitely and I want some spotlight-
    Austin: WHAT?!

    Kidman kicks the ground in frustration.

    Austin: You want some spotlight? You know what time it is?!

    Austin puts his ear to his wrist…

    Kidman: You don’t even have a watch on-
    Austin: Shut up, JACKASS! It ain’t my fault that Spark Plug nearly died! You want a match so bad, go to the ring and call somebody out right now, because you’re pissing me off!

    Kidman then just hustles his way to the arena. Austin keeps walking down the hallway, muttering angrily, until he looks up and notices –

    That DAMNATION is surrounding him! (Everyone except Linda)

    Austin: What the hell are you all lookin’ at!

    Damnation immediately starts beating down Austin! Austin fights back but there are too many forces against him! Suddenly, a bunch of security guards come by and save the day for Austin by spraying FIRE EXTINGUISHERS at Damnation! Damnation all slowly walk away and the guards check on Austin…


    We return from break to see that Billy Kidman is in the ring with a microphone.

    Kidman: I have come out here because it’s time for Billy Kidman to start making a name for himself! So I’m calling out anybody in the back to a match, RIGHT NOW!

    We wait a bit…



    The crowd goes nuts as Y2J appears on the stage! He turns around and makes his way to the ring…

    JR: Y2J defeated Chris Benoit at Reloaded and says he’s ready to contend for some gold…
    Tazz: He better be ready to contend with the irate Billy Kidman first!

    Y2J vs. Billy Kidman

    SYNOPSIS: Although Kidman tries to use his speedy offensive arsenal, Jericho handles him pretty easily…

    FINISH: Kidman has momentarily knocked Jericho to the mat…Kidman decides to go the top rope as Jericho is getting up…Kidman jumps off the ropes seemingly for a drop kick but Jericho grabs his legs and sets him up for the Walls! Kidman desperately tries to get out of it, but Jericho is able to lock it in, and after a few seconds, Kidman taps!

    Winner by Submission: Chris Jericho

    The fans pop for Jericho as he starts celebrating on the top ropes. He puts his hands near his waist enthusiastically symbolizing that he is going after some gold.

    JR: Jericho is on a roll!
    Tazz: C'mon Kidman! I thought you were tougher than that!
    JR: He seems lost without his partner, Hardcore Holly.
    Tazz: No...he just seems lost, JR

    Jericho leaves and Kidman is slowly getting up to his feet. The crowd is laughing at him, and Kidman is sort of pouting. He demands a mic from ringside and the announcer gives it to him.

    Kidman: Shut up! This is my time, dammit! My time to shine! Jericho, get back out here! Face me again! It’s all about ME! Me me me –


    Uh oh…herrrrrreeeee’s Austin!

    And he’s PISSED AS HELL.

    He makes his way to the ring and Kidman is not budging…Austin angrily stomps into the ring and tries to grab the mic from Kidman

    Kidman doesn’t let it go…

    Austin tries to grab it again…

    Kidman still doesn’t let it go…Austin is pissed and can’t believe Kidman isn’t letting it go…

    Austin then points to somewhere in the stands behind Kidman…Kidman looks…Austin rips the mic away, then hits a KICK TO THE GUT...AND A STUNNER! Kidman goes flopping around as Austin stomps all around the ring.

    Austin: Now Stone Cold Steve Austin hasn’t been getting in this Splice/Normal business too much...but them sonbitch Damnation freaks attacked me backstage, and olllll’ Stone Cold ain’t takin’ this lying down!

    Crowd pops

    Austin looks at the camera: You think you just gon’ walk around MWF and keep injuring everybody like you did to Booker T, Vince McMahon, and Spark Plug? ENGH ENGH! Stone Cold may be a splice, but I’m fighting for the normals – somebody give me a damn beer!

    Some random person throws Austin a beer and he catches it and cracks it open..

    Austin: Let it be known, that as of this day, July 8th, 2004, on MWF Wrestleblast, Stone Cold and the Normals, declare war on Damnation!

    Austin pours the beer in a straight line through the middle of the ring…then looks back up at the crowd

    Austin: The battle lines have been drawn, and asses will be whipped! And that’s the BOTTOM LIIIIIIIINNE, because Stone Cold, said so!

    Austin’s music plays again and he is in a frenzy! He calls for more beer and some random person keeps throwing him some as he toasts all over the place and guzzles…Kidman is groggily starting to get up behind Austin…Austin notices, but calls for another beer anyway…when the person throws the beer, Austin misses the beer on purpose and it hits Billy Kidman in the head, knocking him back down! Oh my… Austin continues to celebrate his declaration of war with beer guzzling…

    JR: Of all the people to declare a war on Splices, it was done by a splice himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin!
    Tazz: Yeah but Austin has aligned himself with the Normals for so long that I’m sure he feels that he really is a normal!
    JR: Oh my...what's gonna come out of this?!

    We head backstage to the Dark Lair and Sting and Jeff Hardy are in there watching what just happened in the ring on a monitor and they're shaking their heads at the fact that Stone Cold just declared a war.

    Sting: I can't believe it's come down to this...
    Jeff: It wasn't supposed to be this way...

    There's a solemn pause. Sting decides to break the silence and change the subject.

    Sting: still haven't told is your brother doing?
    Jeff: He’s okay…

    There’s an awkward pause

    Sting: Well, what did you two talk about after the tag match?
    Jeff: Oh…nothin…

    Another pause.

    Sting: Hey, I’m sorry I couldn’t finish the match at Superslam-
    Jeff: I know…the concussion…it’s okay
    Sting: Yeah…but how about that damn Linda McMahon? She’s booked me to fight Kane tonight

    Jeff makes a semi-worried face but doesn’t say anything.

    Sting: Are you alright?

    Before Jeff can answer, the special knock is heard on the door. Sting goes to answer it, and once again, it’s Triple H.

    Sting: What?
    Triple H: Man, you got the monitors in here…I know you saw what Taker said earlier
    Sting: What…about you being too weak to lead us to glory?
    Triple H: And how you guys don’t believe I can do it…I know that isn’t true

    Sting remains poker faced.

    Triple H: Is it?

    Before Sting can answer, Jeff pops in the picture.

    Jeff: Won’t you just go somewhere, Triple H? Everything has gone wrong ever since you won the title. You haven’t done a damn thing to stop it! What did running out of a steel cage against the Rock do? What did pinning Goldberg do? Nothing! You should've been DESTROYING these people! You should’ve been-

    Sting: Jeff!

    Jeff: No! Taker promised that you would do so much…you were supposed to be this great big savior, and you haven’t saved a damn thing! Look at everything...everything has gotten WORSE since you've won the title, and you haven't done ANYTHING to stop it. Taker has left us behind because he's lost faith in you, and now he's with those HEATHENS in Damnation. Stone Cold is now talking about a war! Everything's getting worse, Triple H.

    Jeff is so riled up that he has to pause for a moment to get his composure back.

    Jeff: You don't care about us...all you care about is getting Stephanie McMahon back! You didn't win that title for won it because you're the same glory hog like back in WWE! You've never been able to lead anybody to prosperity but yourself, and I can't believe we even had an ounce of faith in the first place! Linda and Taker were right...You're too weak to lead anything but yourself to glory!

    Jeff is in Triple H’s face and Triple H stares back. Triple H just turns and looks at Sting.

    Triple H: Is this how you feel? (he asks to Sting in a serious tone).

    Sting looks at Triple H and just holds his head down. Trips can’t believe it. He just turns around and angrily storms away. Jeff and Sting stay in the Dark Lair and just look at each other.



    The crowd stands on their feet and some confetti starts falling down as Los Guerreros comes out with their brand new Tag Team Titles!

    As they walk to the ring, confetti and balloons start to drop. When they get in, more confetti and whatnot drops as this is the celebration of them winning the tag titles at Reloaded. After posing for a while in the corners, they get down, and Chavo grabs the mic.

    Chavo: Odele muchachos!

    Crowd pops…most of them don’t even know what he said…

    Chavo: Hey holmes…Los Guerreros went into Reloaded, beat down those batos locos Batista and Stinerrr, and we won the tag team championchips odole hombres!!

    Crowd pops again!

    Eddie gets the mic from Chavo and smiles at the crowd before yelling “Viva laaaa raaazzzaaaa!!!”

    Crowd pops. They’ll pop for anything at this moment.

    Eddie: Ya know what Chavito…I’ve been thinking…since we are. The tag. Team. Champeeeons, and we got the confetteee dropping, and the balloons poppin, why don’t we have ourrrrselves….A FIESTA, holmes!

    Crowd pops

    Chavo nods merrily.

    Eddie: And all of Boston, Massachusetts is INVITED!! Hit the musac!

    Viva La Raza!

    The crowd pops and suddenly all of these random dudes and females (mostly mexican, spanish, and puerto rican ) start making their way to the ring! They all get in and everyone’s a dancin’ and celebrating with Los Guerreros. What a good time! Until –

    The Viva La Raza track scratches and goes off. It’s replaced by the dj mix of “619” and Rey Mysterio comes out to a darker sounder version of his song along with Ultimo Dragon! They slowly walk their way down to the ring until they are in. All of the fans in the ring are scared silly and back up away from the action. Rey and Ultimo get all in Eddie and Chavo’s face, with Rey in Eddie’s. Rey grabs the mic that Eddie had.

    Rey: Eddie…Eddie…Eddie…have you not been watching MWF lately? Have you not seen that what us splices are doing, is making this a fed where the Normal CAN’T party? Or are you really just that STUPID?!

    Eddie looks a little p’od…the crowd says “Ooooh”…Chavo looks angry as hell

    Rey: You know…I joined Damnation because it’s normals like you that I can’t stand! I remember back in WWE, I was working my ass off so that small wrestlers could have a chance in that company. Then all of a sudden, here comes the “hero” Eddie Guerrero. He beats Brock Lesnar and becomes Champion. OH MY GOODNESS he’s paving the way for small wrestlers in the WWE to succeed. WHAT ABOUT ME?!

    Rey is yelling and spit is flying from his mask to Eddie’s face. Eddie remains poker-faced.

    Rey: No one gave me the credit I deserved, all because I was a splice…but you know what, it’s not gonna be like that anymore, because me and Dragon are gonna’ take away your tag titles soon enough, and end your careers soon after that! There will be NO Eddie Guerrero to overshadow Rey Mysterio’s career. You heard your own guy...the war has started. THe only reason we're not going to DESTROY you now is because all of these stupid fans are in the ring. But rest assured, soon enough, you and your little nephew are going to have the pleasure of hearing your own bones SNAP. That’s not a threat…it’s a promise!

    Rey just looks at Eddie

    Rey: Nothing to say, huh?

    Rey puts the mic to Eddie’s mouth, and he grabs it from him. Chavo is ready to strike at any minute.

    Eddie: Rey…what has happened to you, man? You were one of my best friends in WWE, holmes. You were like a little brother to meee. We’ve had our matches in the past but they were always about the thrill of competition. We never wanted to hurt each other, esse. But now look at you…you’ve become some sort of monster, holmes. Those Kanes are corrupting your miiind. Things don’t have to be this way, Rey. Come on our side and we’ll take care of you.

    Rey just keeps on looking, not saying a word. The fans in the ring are intently watching.

    Eddie looks visibly upset about the situation…

    Eddie: Rey, you want to hurt me…you want to hurt Chavo…I said before, our fights have always been about competition…and if you’re out to hurt me or Chavito…then we’ll be forced to be out to hurt YOU TWO as well…and for that reason…

    Crowd waits…

    Eddie: I can’t accept your challenge.

    Crowd BOOOS!!

    Rey snatches the mic back from Eddie.

    Rey: Ha...just like Triple are WEAK!

    Crowd boos.

    Rey: It’s like the Kanes and Linda McMahon have told me. You normals let your emotions get in the way of business! Love and Compassion will be the demise of all of you! The only emotion that there is room for in this world is HATE! Contempt! Envy! All of these compassionate emotions are NOT AN OPTION. All of the Splices are filled with hate right now, and that is why we will prevail. But you know what Eddie….you’re right. We were like friends back then…I did look up to you… but now I realize that that was when I was blind. Now I realize the truth-

    Crowd is silent.

    Rey: I HATE - YOUR - GUTS...and I hope you BURN...IN...HELL.

    And Rey lifts his mask up over his mouth and spits at Eddie’s face! Eddie just stands there…Chavo goes after Mysterio but Dragon hits Chavo with a STIFF kick to the head that knocks him down. Eddie just continues to stand there in shock. Mysterio does the Italian sign for “F you” at the fans in the ring, and he and Dragon leave. Eddie wipes the spit off of his face and checks on Chavo as the fans gather around Los Guerreros to console them, and Mysterio and Dragon just leave to the back.


    We go backstage and we see Linda McMahon and a bunch of security guards who are...

    ESCORTING STONE COLD out of the building!

    Linda: You can take your war elsewhere, because your ass is outta here tonight!

    Austin while being dragged away by security guards: WHAT?!

    As they reach the parking lot, Linda tells the guards to just stand Austin up and hold him. Linda gets in Austin's face.

    Linda: You can cry for war all you want...matter of fact I encourage it...because one by one you all will fall...NOTHING will stop me from reaching my goal and DESTROYING Vince's dreams!

    Austin: Ohhhh you bet the war is on next week! We'll whip your old ass too if you try to get involved!

    Linda SLAPS the taste out of Austin's mouth!

    Austin just looks at Linda and his head shakes like he has that rumble pack in his brain again.

    Austin: Thank you

    Linda: Take him away, boys!

    The guards drag Austin into the parking lot and Linda smiles away.

    JR: Linda McMahon may have kicked out Austin for now, but next week what is she going to do?
    Tazz: Run and hide if she's smart!

    JR: Well folks, when we come back from intermission, it will be Undertaker vs. RVD!
    Tazz: If I'm I REALLY want to come out here...I mean, he's the only member of the UA that is still left here tonight!

    JR: Well, we'll see what he'll do. Don't forget, we still have our main event coming of Sting versus Kane. Plus, later on, Triple H has to make that decision!
    Tazz: Give up the belt and get Stephanie McMahon back...or keep the belts and be an enemy of the Splices?!

    JR: Oh much still to come on Wrestleblast!

    We come back from break and the crowd is silent.


    Here comes Rob Van Dam to the ring with Bill Alfonso blowing the whistle hard to his side. Rob does the usual thumbs pose, but looks a bit concerned about what may happen to him. When Alfonso's not blowing the whistle, he keeps reminding RVD that he is the whole "F'n show"... RVD gets into the ring and waits.

    And the lights go out.


    Mixed reaction from the crowd...


    Here he comes...the Undertaker! He comes by himself and slowly drags himself to the ring. Eventually, he brings the lights back on, rolls his eyes back in his head way too many times, and takes his overcoat off. He stares a deafening hole at RVD...

    Undertaker vs. RVD

    SYNOPSIS: The Undertaker controls most of the match

    Middle to Finish: Taker has RVD down on the ground and he goes to drop a big legdrop but Rob moves! Taker immediately gets up and tries to hit an elbow drop but RVD moves again! Rob gets to his feet and Taker goes after him…Rob counters with a stiff kick to the side…another kick…then a stiff kick right to the head of Undertaker, knocking him backwards…Rob then bounces off the ropes and flies at Taker with spin kick that connect perfectly! Cover! 1………2………..

    Taker kicks out, and Rob immediately goes back on offense by bodyslamming Taker and then hitting a rolling thunder! Cover: 1…………2…….

    Taker kicks out again and RVD picks him up and starts punching him in the head a couple of times…he throws Taker into the ropes and bounces off the other ones…he runs at Taker who tries to hit a big boot but Rob ducks and runs off the other ropes…Taker catches Rob and sets him up for a CHOKESLAM!

    Taker hoists Rob up…

    Rob somehow gets out of it and ends up behind Taker –


    JR: Oh my! RVD has really put that in his arsenal!
    Tazz: Can he make the Undertaker of all people tap?!

    Taker tries to fight it but Rob keeps it locked on tight…they fall to the ground and now Rob has his legs wrapped around Taker…Rob is really wrenching it in…



    Look who’s coming down to ringside! It’s Paul Bearer – with Triple H’s sledgehammer!

    Taker sees this and gets a JOLT of energy as he struggles to his feet and THROWS RVD off of him…Bearer makes it to ringside and is about to throw the hammer in the ring –

    All of a sudden TRIPLE H comes storming down to the ring…just as he reaches Paul Bearer, Paul tosses the hammer in the ring…Triple H tries to get in the ring, and Paul tries to hold him back…Trips justs pushes his fat ass off of him onto the ground, and the crowd pops…

    Meanwhile, in the ring, Taker has grabbed the sledgehammer and swings wildly at RVD’s HEAD…Rob avoided it and immediately ran out of the ring…the referee said that’s merit for a disqualification and Taker tries to hit HIM with the hammer and the ref runs out of the ring (and tells the time keeper to ring the bell)

    Winner by Dq: Rob Van Dam

    Triple H is now in the ring and he’s going to get his hammer…Taker turns around, sees the Game…



    This was not a partial shot like the one he got on Brock Lesnar at Reloaded…this was DAMN NEAR a FULL shot right on the quad Triple H injured years ago! The Game immediately goes down! Taker looks at what he has done and first looks like he’s upset but then his face changes into a look lacking remorse, and he leaves the ring as the crowd truly boos him for the first time. He picks up Paul Bearer and the two head to the back.

    Meanwhile, in the ring, Triple H is howling in pain and rolling around…he is screaming for help but no one is coming down!

    JR: Why is no one helping Triple H?!
    Tazz: I’m going to guess that the paramedics don’t want anything to do with splices!
    JR: But Triple H isn’t like those other splices!
    Tazz: Doesn’t matter…they all get grouped together in the eyes of those who are different
    JR: Then why won't any splices help him?
    Tazz: Are you stupid? Damnation damn sure ain't gonna help him, and Sting and Jeff Hardy pretty much hate his guts!

    Triple H is in A LOT of pain and he’s trying to get to his feet so that he can get out of the ring and to the back. It’s absolutely awful…in a shocking move, a couple of fans come out of the audience and start helping Triple H out of the ring…they help roll him out, and then they support his weight as they help him limp to the back. The crowd gives the Game a standing ovation as he painfully heads backstage.


    We return from break and backstage we see the fans still helping Triple H hobble around. Triple H starts screaming, "WHERE'S THE DAMN MEDICAL HELP?!" The fans try to console the Game...

    Triple H to the fans: Thank you...but...please go now...

    Fan One: Are you sure...we can call the hospital

    Triple H: It's okay...just go...I have to stay here...I have a decision I have to make...

    Fan Two: Okay Triple H...Get better

    Fan Three: Yea, get better, Triple H

    Fan One: We love you, Trips!

    The fans leave and Triple H just sits against a wall. He looks contemplative, angry, and miserable all at once, as time is running out before he has to make perhaps the biggest decisions of his life...

    JR: I feel so damn sorry for the Game...why won't anyone except those fans help him
    Tazz: I don't know but it really is a, what decision is he going to make tonight?

    JR: Well I'm not sure, but folks before we go to the main event we have a couple of announcements.
    Tazz: Yeah next week a few rocketbuster matches.
    JR: Chavo Guerrero will go one on one with Ultimo Dragon!

    Tazz: Oh the emotion there will be at a high pitch after what happened tonight

    JR: And how about this…a true rivalry restored –
    Chris Benoit goes one on one with Kurt Angle!

    Tazz: Well obviously Benoit took offense to Angle getting involved with his deals with Edge, so Benoit will look for revenge next week.

    JR: And three men will return on the show next week: Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and Shane McMahon...and I'm pretty sure Batista and Steiner will be here next week as well.
    Tazz: And I actually talked to Shane on the phone earlier…he told me to tell the world that next week, he will CONFRONT his mother, Linda McMahon, right here on Wrestleblast!

    JR: Oh my that is huge…also, participants for the Lord of the Ring Tournament will be named!
    Tazz: But the question is, is the tournament going to be for the World Title?
    JR: We’ll find that out tonight!

    Tazz: And don’t forget, Stone Cold has promised to start a war against the Normals starting next week!
    JR: Oh my what a Wrestleblast it’s going to be!


    Here comes the KANES!

    It’s Kane Version 1 and Glen Jacobs making their way to the ring. They get in and they face each other; they both raise their arms in the air and thrust them down, causing the fiery pyros to go off. Then Glen leaves the ring and Kane waits.


    Here comes Sting! He’s by himself…although he had that concussion at Reloaded, he looks very focused and he storms to the ring and goes blow for blow with Kane!

    Main Event: Sting vs. Kane

    The two trade punches but Sting is so mad at the world that he gets the upper hand and starts pounding on Kane in the corner…he then runs to the other corner and runs at Kane…

    And hits a STINGER SPLASH on the Big Red Machine! Kane starts stumbling around in the ring and Sting goes after him with more punches and kicks…he irish whips Kane to the ropes…Kane bounces off and ducks an attempted clothesline by Sting…Kane runs off the other ropes and Sting hits him with a vicious dropkick! Cover!



    No! Kane kicks out and pretty much HEAVES Sting off of him…Sting immediately gets up and now he’s going to the top rope…Sting waits as Kane gets to his feet…Sting flies off for a crossbody but Kane catches him and hits a bigtime rib breaker…holds on…hits another rib breaker….then bodyslams Sting out of the ring!

    Kane then goes over to the ref and scares the bejesus out of him…meanwhile, Glen on the outside takes Sting and throws him into the steel steps! Afterwards, Glen throws Sting back in the ring and Kane just goes over for a cover



    No! Sting kicked out…Kane slowly gets up and starts stomping on the Stinger…Sting struggles to his feet by using the ropes and Kane grabs Sting by the head and rams his head into the top turnbuckle…he then starts choking Sting with his boot and the ref counts to 4 before Kane breaks it up…Kane then throws Sting to the corner and runs at him and splash clotheslines the Stinger…he throws him to the other corner and does the same thing…Sting falls to the mat and Kane heads to the outside to get to the top ropes…he waits…Sting gets up…


    Kane hits a flying clothesline on Sting! Kane then gets up and does the cut throat signal!

    He picks up Sting and this looks like the end! He’s actually going to go for a tombstone! He hoists Sting up…AND….

    Sting wobbles and fights to try to get out of it…he manages to actually REVERSE the tombstone into a tombstone of his own (must have been watching that Taker/Lesnar match )

    Sting has Kane up


    Sting tombstones Kane! But Sting is too worn out to make the cover! Finally, after a few seconds he covers Kane!



    2 ½ ………..

    No! Kane kicks barely kicks out! Sting just rolls over and starts to get up…Kane gets to his feet…Sting bounce off the ropes…


    Hits Kane with a clothesline that knocks the Big Red Machine backwards! Sting runs off the other ropes…


    Makes Kane wobble some more…Sting then runs over to the ropes again…Kane tries to hit a big boot…Sting ducks it…Sting bounces off the other ropes and


    Hits a flying shoulder block on Kane that makes the Big Red guy fall to the mat! Sting with a cover!



    NO! Kane kicks out…Sting is a bit frustrated…he gets up and he looks like he wants to finish this damn thing!

    and picks Kane up by the head and starts punching Kane…he punches Kane all the way into the corner…he then tries to throw Kane into the other corner but Kane reverses…but Sting reverses that! Kane goes back first into the corner…Sting runs in…


    ANOTHER Stinger Splash! Kane wobbles forward…Sting shoots behind Kane and locks him up for a SCORPION DEATH DROP! But Kane fights out of it…Sting then grabs Kanes legs and take them out from underneath him…he’s going for a SCORPION DEATH LOCK! He almost has it locked in as the crowd goes nuts…

    And GLEN STORMS INTO THE RING and CLOBBERS Sting with a powerful clothesline! Man, these splices don’t seem to even care if they win matches anymore! The ref signals for the bell!

    Winner: Sting by DQ

    Glen starts to beat down Sting, and pretty soon, Kane gets up and joins in the beating…they stomp Sting and start yelling at him to join them…

    Suddenly, JEFF HARDY starts coming down the aisle! He’s coming down but he’s not running…his eyes are focused on the ring –

    Voice: JEFF!

    Jeff stops and turns around and we all see who it was.

    It was MATT HARDY! He is at the top of the ramp with a microphone. The Kanes stop beating on Sting to see what Matt is going to say.

    Matt: Jeff…don’t help Sting! He’s a damn splice! You saw what splices can do to people…you saw what those Kanes did to me at SuperSlam! Splices are nothing but MONSTERS, Jeff! And you’re not a monster! You’re my brother!

    Jeff keeps looking back and forth between the ring and his brother. Sting has managed to crawl out of the ring without the Kanes stopping him. He is now crawling up the ramp towards Jeff.

    Matt: C’mon Jeff. Let’s go back to the good ol’ days. Team Extreme. The Hardy Boys! None of this Splice crap! None of this Sting as your mentor crap! Just me and you…living life as NORMALS, the way it should be!

    Jeff now looks back at Sting who is crawling to him and is almost to his feet. Then he looks back at Matt.

    Matt: C’MON JEFF! We don’t have all day! The Splices are MONSTERS. They BURNED YOUR OWN BROTHER IN A CASKET! And Sting – he’s just one of them, too! He could turn his back on you –just like Undertaker did – at ANY minute! Who’s more important here…who can you trust? A freak who paints his face black and white, or your own flesh and blood?!

    At this point, the beaten down Sting is at Jeff’s feet and holds his hand in the air…desperately asking for Jeff to help him up…Jeff looks down at Sting…then at Matt…then back at Sting…and his eyes start to water. He continues to look down at Sting and then says, “I’m sorry.”

    Jeff turns his back on Sting and walks towards Matt, and joins him at the top of the stage. The two embrace, with Matt looking happy, and Jeff looking miserable… the two then walk to the back.

    Meanwhile, in the ring, Glen looks pissed as hell and Kane looks as intimidating as ever. They get out of the ring and they go up the ramp to Sting…Kane actually tries to help Sting up, but Sting snatches himself away…Glen then says, “You have no choice now… JOIN US!”

    And the two Kanes then just leave to the back, leaving Sting on the ramp to help himself up. After a while, he does get up, and the fans give him an ovation as he solemnly walks to the back.

    JR: I…I can’t believe that Jeff just turned his back on the man who took him under his wing
    Tazz: Hey man they say that blood is thicker than anything else, and Matt just used that to his advantage
    JR: I’m absolutely stunned…but folks, we still have one more thing left for tonight
    Tazz: Yes…what is Triple H’s decision?
    JR: His time has run out…his decision is NEXT.

    Promo for Lord of the Ring is shown


    One Self? Is this on?!

    The crowd is actually all silent and stand on their feet…they are anxiously awaiting Triple H’s decision.

    Here comes the game, and he is hobbling BADLY to the ring…he grimaces in pain with every limp... no one could get the guy some crutches?!

    He has the World Title around his waist, and he looks horrible as he makes his way to the ring, grimacing in pain the whole way. Once he gets to ringside, he rolls into the ring. He hobbles back to his feet, and the ring announcer gives him a microphone, and Triple H takes it and looks pissed as hell at the guy.

    Triple H struggles to stand in the middle of the ring, and he looks at the crowd. They start a “Triple H!” chant, and then it changes to “Keep the gold…keep the gold!”

    After a while, he finally puts the mic to his mouth and speaks.

    Triple H: It all started at Lord of the Ring. The Undertaker helped me win the tournament. He then told me that I had to win the World Title... that in order for Splices like myself to prosper, it had to all begin with me winning the MWF Heavyweight Championship. Winning the gold meant I had to lose the one person who meant the world to me –Stephanie McMahon. But I did it. I defied the odds…I beat the Rock, I chose Honor over Love. I sacrificed my own happiness for the Splices.


    Crowd boos!

    Triple H: I sacrificed myself for splices, and now they don’t even believe in me. They think I'm too WEAK. Too weak to lead anyone but myself to prosperity. They don't even think I won the belt for them...they think I just won the belt to have the spotlight.

    Triple H makes a very angry look after saying this and then he continues...

    Trips: Now the Splices don’t even want to fight for what Taker told me we were fighting for. Taker, you told me that we had to co-exist with the Normals. That was what I was fighting for. Now you’ve changed. Everything has changed. How can I fight for something when no one believes I can do it? How can I fight for something when the cause isn’t there anymore? Splices don’t want to co-exist; they now want to dominate and eliminate normals. If that’s what you want to do, fine. But I can’t fight for that cause.

    Triple H starts taking off the World Title, and the fans are booing.

    Triple H: If the cause I was fighting for is no longer there…I do not see a reason why I should keep fighting. I do not see why I should come out here and get hit with my own sledgehammer. I do not see why I should bleed and sacrifice week in and week out fighting for something that isn't there anymore. And with the way no one from MWF helped me just now after this quad injury…no normals because I’m a splice…no splice from Damnation because you hate me for not joining your group…no Sting or Jeff Hardy because you’ve lost faith in me…with NONE OF YOU helping me, I see no more reason why I should try to help anyone else in this company.

    Triple H holds the belt in one hand…

    Triple H: I am looking to make myself happy now…and with that, Stephanie McMahon WILL be coming back to MWF

    The crowd cheers and boos because they now know of Triple H’s decision…

    Trips: But I won’t.

    The crowd is stunned!

    JR and Tazz: What?

    Trips: It’s over. There is nothing left for me to fight for. I said I’d get Stephanie back, and here it is. But there is nothing left for me. The only people that care are the everyday citizens like the fans that helped me tonight. If those are the only people that care...if they are the only people that won't turn their backs on me...or hit me with slegehammers...or won't leave me injured in the middle of the is time that I joined them. I cannot go on like this. Others can fight…but it won’t be me.

    I am done, with the MWF.

    And with that, Triple H lays the World Title on the ground, and everyone in the arena, and I mean EVERYONE is absolutely stunned. The Game then looks at the crowd, and hobbles out of the ring. He hobbles up the ramp, and once he makes it to the top of the ramp, he looks back at the crowd one last time, and hobbles to the back, forever gone from the company that he once was on top of.

    Game. Over.

    Fade to Black.

    End of Show.


    WHERE THE HELL do we go from here with the MWF?!

    Triple H has left the MWF forever! The MWF Title is now vacant, and the winner of the Lord of the Ring Tournament will be crowned the champion. We will find out who the participants are next week!

    Triple H's decision now allows Stephanie McMahon to come back to MWF! What will she have to say about everything, from Triple H's departure to her mother trying to make her father miserable?!

    Shane McMahon can't be anywhere near happy that his mother had his father taken out of commission...What will happen when he CONFRONTS Linda McMahon?!

    Stone Cold has declared war on the Splices, and with the entire Unholy Apocalypse returning next week, there will be PANDEMONIUM for sure!

    Jeff Hardy has left behind his mentor in order to reunite with his brother. What does Sting have to say about this? Will Jeff tell us exactly why he left Sting behind?

    Eddie Guerrero refuses to fight Rey with the intention of hurting him because they have so much history. But Rey seems intent on hurting Eddie and Chavo. What will happen next week, when Chavo Guerrero goes one on one with Rey's partner, Ultimo Dragon?!

    And why did Rey make Dragon let up when he could've beaten down Tajiri at Reloaded? Although JR didn't say it Tajiri WILL be at Wrestleblast next week!

    And what about this match: Kurt Angle one on one with Chris Benoit! Oh my!

    Tune in next week for answers on MWF: Wrestleblast!
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    Default Re: Phenom's MWF

    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    MWF Biographies: Volume 5

    Stone Cold Steve Austin

    The beer drinking, hell raising rattlesnake originally came into MWF and aligned himself with Vince McMahon by screwing over Kurt Angle in the first MWF Championship match against the Rock at the first MWF PPV, Starfest (old timers remember, Austin was the surprise referee for that match). Austin revealed that he aligned with Vince and The Rock (to make the original Unholy ALLIANCE) because Vince was paying the man a lot of cash, bottom line.

    It was later revealed how Stone Cold AND The Rock are splices, which almost threw a wrench at everything once Vince revealed how much he hate splices. Vince says that the only reason he aligns with The Rock and Stone Cold is because they are two of the biggest draws of all time, and MWF needs them to get popular and become mainstream.

    Austin won the vacant U.S Title by beating Chris Jericho, and has held the title ever since. Even though he has faced stiff competition from the likes of Edge and Kurt Angle, Austin still holds the belt.

    But Austin's mind may not be on defending the title anymore...because he was attacked by the splice super-group, Damnation, Austin has decided to take this Normal/Splice confrontation into his own hands by declaring war against the Splices. Rumors are already running rampant about how trustworthy the rattlesnake is... he is a splice himself, yet he is going to align with the Normals in this war against other Splices? Can the Rattlesnake be trusted?
    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    MWF Biographies 6:

    Jeff Hardy

    Jeff Hardy came into the MWF a very depressed man. He was depressed mainly because he and his brother Matt had disbanded in WWE, and he hadn't been able to get over it.

    He seemed like he lost the will to live, until Sting came and decided to take the young man under his wing into the Dark Souls group. Sting saw a lot of the same attributes in Jeff that he had in him when he was Jeff's age, and didn't want Jeff to waste away. Jeff immediately took a liking to Sting and pretty much considered the Stinger to be not only his mentor, but also his hero. Jeff looked up to Sting so much that he decided to forget about the wild way he dressed and looked and started wearing black and white make up and a trenchcoat, essentially looking like a carbon copy of Sting. Jeff started to really believe that he was this second coming of Sting, and this made him a splice.

    Jeff went on to fight the good fight that Undertaker preached about, but his mindset started to change when his brother Matt was burned in a casket by The Kanes. Jeff started resenting splices a bit, but didn't let that out to the public, since he still considered himself a splice. Triple H's victory over the Rock for the MWF Championship later that night restored some of his faith to continue fighting the good fight, and believe in The Psychotic Game's ability to be the savior of the Splices.

    Matt would go on to get in Jeff's ear though. Because the Kanes betrayed him and burned him, Matt hates the splices so much and couldn't believe that his brother considered himself one of them. He continued to tell his brother that the splices were no good, and he needed to reunite with him. This coming from a guy who, when Jeff asked him to reunite (around when MWF first started) gave Jeff a Twist of Fate and a big fat "no" for an answer.

    Jeff was faced with the toughest decision of his life when Matt told him to join him and leave behind the splices. Jeff has such a weakness in his heart for his flesh and blood (coupled with his falling sense of faith that the Splices could prosper in MWF), that he left his hero, Sting, crawling at his feet, in order to reunite with his brother. Now it must be asked, is Jeff going to leave the Splices behind for good? Does he not consider Sting to be his hero anymore?
    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    MWF Biographies 7

    The Kanes

    When the MWF was first formed, Vince McMahon hired 3 splices: The Rock, Stone Cold, and Kane (Triple H was not a splice quite yet). Vince hired the Rock and Austin to align with them, but only hired Kane (with Paul Bearer) so that he could be made into the whipping boy of the MWF.

    Eventually, as MWF expanded, more splices were hired by people above Vince (much to Vince's dismay) and Kane ended up aligning with Jeff Hardy and Sting to create the Dark Souls (even before Undertaker came to MWF). However, at the MWF's second PPV, Revenge, Kane would suffer the beatdown of his life at the hands of the Apocalypse, and he ended up disappearing from sight.

    A few weeks later, Matt Hardy started to declare that he was brining Kane back as his bodyguard. Lo and behold, Kane did come back as Matt's bodyguard, much to the everyone's surprise. Even though Matt claimed this was the real Kane (and named him Kane Version 1), Paul Bearer attested that this Kane was a fraud,and that the real Kane would indeed come to MWF at Superslam and beat Kane Version 1 in a Loser Leaves Town Casket match.

    In this crazy match, a Kane looking like the original Kane (full bodysuit and all) appeared and went on to unmask Matt Hardy's Kane, revealing Kane Version 1 to be none other than Glen Jacobs, the guy who used to be the dentist and the fake Diesel. Shortly after this revelation, Kane put Glen in a casket to win the match, but then Glen got out, and the two monsters beatdown Matt Hardy, put him in the casket, and lit it on fire (starting the anti-normal revolution that is currently going on).

    The Kanes attest that they have been victims of mass discrimination from Vince McMahon ever since the days of WWF. The real Kane was fired by Vince early in his career because Vince was actually scared of him. Glen took over the role of Kane shortly afterwards (which explains why Kane in WWF ran around with no burns or anything). Glen eventually really felt that he was Kane, becoming the ultimate splice. And Vince never let him live it down, by burying him in any way possible in WWF.

    Due to this discrimination, the Kanes have now set out on an agenda to wipe out the normals. They have the one person more powerful than Vince - Linda McMahon - on their side, and also now have formed Damnation along with other splices: The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, and Ultimo Dragon. With these two monsters on the prowl, and with such a supergroup having been formed, do the normals actually stand a chance?
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    Default Re: Phenom's MWF

    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    Anarchia: the latin word for Anarchy:
    n. pl. an·ar·chies
    1.Absence of any form of political authority.
    2. Political disorder and confusion.
    3. Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.

    4. The state of a wrestling company that is in complete and utter chaos; see MWF


    Before the opening theme, we go backstage and we see STONE COLD pacing back and forth, dragging his U.S Title in his hand. The camera zooms out and we see Batista, Scott Steiner, RVD (with Bill Alfonso), Goldberg, and a returning BROCK LESNAR standing side by side in a line. Austin starts barking

    Austin: WHAT?!

    The Unholy Apocalypse looks at each other confused, because no one said anything…

    Austin: Now you all saw the damn show last week…Stone Cold Steve Austin declared war on the Splices! Those freaks make me sick, and it’s time for us to whip some ass - starting tonight!

    Suddenly, Brock Lesnar speaks out

    Lesnar: Dammit, Austin! Who says you make all the decisions around here?!

    Austin stops pacing and gets in Lesnar’s face. The two stare at each other for a minute before Austin finally speaks.

    Austin: Why… STONE COLD said so…

    RVD starts snickering and Austin shoots a stare at him. RVD quickly stops laughing. Austin then looks back at Lesnar.

    Austin: You need to quit your bitchin’ about leading the UA! Now, I know you got a lot of pent up anger in ya…that’s why I booked a match…the MAIN EVENT…tonight it’s gonna be Brock Lesnar…vs. The Undertaker…Nooooo disqualification!!

    Brock smiles and the crowd can be heard cheering this decision.

    Austin slowly backs away from Lesnar and starts pacing again before he starts barking some more:

    Austin: So Stone Cold Steve Austin says…why wait? I say we go down to that ring right now…call them sonbitches out…wait for them to come down…and then whip ONE splice…TWO splices…THREE splices-

    RVD: WHAT?!

    Austin snaps a stare at RVD again. RVD quickly shuts his mouth.

    Suddenly, Batista growls “How the hell do we know we can trust you?! You’re a splice! You’re one of them! Tell me how we’re supposed to trust you, Austin!

    Austin gets in Batista’s face and these two have a stare down. Everyone else in the UA crowd around Austin and the tension is thick. Austin acts like he doesn’t see it and just keeps his eyes locked on Batista. Stone Cold’s head starts to shake like that rumble pak in his head is going off again. Finally, Austin speaks.

    Austin: You can’t.

    And Austin just turns around and starts heading towards the ring. The rest of the UA look at each other, and they come to a silent consensus to follow Austin to the ring!

    MWF: Wrestleblast Anarchia, Chapter 1

    Opening Theme: Til I Collapse by Eminem

    The pyros go off and we are LIVE in Chicago, Illinois for MWF Wrestleblast, Chapter 1 of the Chronicles of Anarchia!

    JR: Thank you for joining us and what a show –


    Oh goodness! Herrrrrrre’s Austin!

    And behind Austin, the Unholy Apocalypse come down with him! The crowd is in a frenzy as Austin walks to the ring with purpose. He and the other members get in the ring, and Austin grabs a mic. He looks INTENSE.

    Austin: Cut the damn music!

    The music stops. A small “Austin” chant starts in the arena…

    Austin: Stone Cold and the UA came out here to whip a splice’s ass…Stone Cold and the UA came out here to start a WAR, and dammit, that’s what we’re gonna do! So Undertaker, I know you’re back there…bring your freaks out… and face us like men….right here…RIGHT NAAOOWWW!!

    The crowd is going apeshit and everyone wants to see carnage! Everyone waits and then suddenly



    The crowd is going BANANAS!


    The lights come back on! But nothing’s happened! Austin and the UA look around

    Damn false alarm!

    Voice: AUSTIN!

    Austin and the UA look at the Titantron. It’s the Undertaker! And behind him are the Kanes, Ultimo Dragon and Rey Mysterio – DAMNATION!

    Austin: Bring your dead ass out here ya lil’ yelleh bellied piece of crap!

    Taker just looks from the Titantron, smiling evilly.

    Taker: Austin…it is USELESS. Give up this war before it even starts! Damnation has already fallen on MWF, and starting TONIGHT, all of the Normals that are left will go down one by one!

    Austin: You can take your little cheap threats and SHOVE IT! Bring it down to the ring ya son of a bitch!

    Taker just shakes his head at Austin.

    Taker: Austin…you cannot stop us. You normals couldn’t stop Triple H last year, and now you think you will stop Damnation?! You pathetic fools sicken me! Speaking of Triple H…with the MWF Title now vacant and on the line at Lord of the Ring, myself and the Kanes are entering the tournament, and once the title is truly ours, nothing will stand in our way of taking over this company!

    Stone Cold is pissed!

    Austin: Shut the hell up! You’ve been bitchin’ about how the MWF Title is the main thing the Splices need to prosper ever since you came into the fed! You cost me the damn Lord of the Ring tournament last year! And I think I owe you, cheech and chong, and the Big Red Jackasses a reciept! Olllll’ Stone Cold and the Unholy Apocalypse are ALL officially entering the Lord of the Ring Tournament in MY home town, San Antooooonioooo, Texas! And by hell or high water, at the least, I ain’t letting you freaks win the title!


    The crowd was cheering but Taker quickly interrupted everything.

    Taker: The Overlord has told me that the U.S Champion is not allowed to enter the Tournament, because that is the rule of MWF.

    Tazz: It’s true, JR! Last year, Edge couldn’t enter the tournament because he was U.S Champion
    JR: But he got an MWF title shot at the actual event, Tazz…this reasoning sounds kinda faulty…

    Taker: So Austin, if you truly want to stop us from getting what’s rightfully ours…you’ll have to FORFEIT THE U.S TITLE….TONIGHT!

    The crowd gasps and Stone Cold looks at his belt, and then looks at the UA. Then he looks back at the titantron, stunned.

    Taker starts laughing on the Titantron.

    Taker: You have until the end of the show to decide…The Overlord will be here later on to confront Shane, so you better think quickly, Austin. But here’s something to help clear your mind.

    The camera zooms out and there’s a blood carcass on the ground. Good g*d! It’s Billy Kidman! He’s been DISMANTLED by Damnation!

    Taker: The boy came at us, swearing that he was going to make a name for himself…saying that he would impress YOU Austin. Let us just say…he failed.

    Taker then smiles evilly…

    Taker: The war…has begun.

    And he laughs along with the rest of the group, as the screen fades to black!

    Austin stands in the ring and absolutely can’t believe what he just saw. He looks at the UA, who are all just as stunned as him. Austin looks at his U.S Title again, and then slowly leaves the ring. He heads to the back, and the UA follows him.

    JR: These Splices are getting on my damn nerves!
    Tazz: They do as they please, JR!

    JR: I…I just hope that Austin and the Normals can stop these monsters!
    Tazz: What about that match tonight: Lesnar/Taker, the rematch, NO DISQUALIFICATION!

    JR: Yes and also Shane McMahon is going to confront his mother tonight! Oh what a night it will be! But coming up after this, Chris Jericho vs. Matt Hardy!


    We come back from break and we see Austin and the UA looking at Billy Kidman on the ground. Austin looks down at Kidman and looks a little disturbed…

    Austin: Damn splices…

    It seems that Austin feels a little guilty for Kidman getting beat down.

    Austin then looks at RVD. RVD looks around him to see if Austin is really looking at him, which he is.

    Austin: You!

    RVD listens up.

    Austin: I want you to find the dark lair and destroy it!
    RVD: What?!
    Austin: Shut up!
    RVD: Nooee, really…I don’t understand, bro!

    Austin: I said, I want you to find out where the dark lair is tonight, take some kind of weapon with you, and destroy the sonbitch! Take out their territory!
    RVD: Well – can’t Batista or Steiner come with me –
    Austin: NO!
    RVD: What if they’re in there –
    Austin: You wanna stay in the UA or what?!

    RVD looks confused. After a few seconds, he nods.

    Austin: Then go do what I tell ya! You can take the rat-face with ya

    Everyone looks at Bill Alfonso. Bill takes offense to that and blows the whistle hard, making everyone cover their ears. Then he and RVD reluctantly leave. Austin and the rest stay and are tending to Kidman until medical help arrives. Goldberg walks up to Austin’s side.

    Goldberg: So what you gonna do about the title?

    Austin looks at Goldberg

    Austin: That’s Stone Cold Steve Austin’s business!

    Goldberg nods. Then he speaks again.

    Goldberg: Why didn’t I get a match tonight? I want some damn retribution from SuperSlam!

    Austin: Well tonight’s booked…but next week, I’ll have something for you, Batista and Steiner

    Goldberg, Batista and Steiner all smile and nod.


    In the arena:

    The countdown goes off!


    Break the Walls DOOOOOOOWNNN!

    Here comes Chris Jericho! He’s pumped and primed to go as he makes his way to the ring with the approval of the crowd. During his entrance, a pre-taped interview is shown (Y2J is just standing backstage, talking to the camera):

    Y2J: It’s time for Jericho to take his rightful place in the MWF, baby! And what better way to do it than to win the Lord of the Ring Tournament and become the new MWF Champion! So I’m throwing my hat in the tourney, jerkeys…and I’m going to say this….I GUARANTEE that I will win the tournament and become the MWF Champion. And then, this fed will NEVER, EEEEEVVVVEERRRR be the same, again!

    We cut back to the arena and Jericho is standing in the ring waiting for his opponent.


    It’s Matt Hardy! This will be his first match in a long time! He comes out alone.

    JR: Will we get an explanation for Jeff’s actions last week?
    Tazz: Will we get an explanation for your stupidity?

    Chris Jericho vs. Matt Hardy

    SYNOPSIS: During the match, JR announces that Matt Hardy is also in the Lord of the Ring Tournament for the MWF Title. This is a very fast paced match.

    Finish: Matt Hardy goes for a twist of fate…but Jericho quickly turns it into a small package! 1………2………3! Jericho’s winning streak continues!

    Winner: Chris Jericho

    Jericho quickly gets out of the ring and smiles as he backtracks to the back. Matt Hardy absolutely can’t believe he just lost, so he gets a mic

    Matt: That’s not fair *breathes heavy* Jericho cheated! *huffs and puffs* I’m still rusty, man! *huff and puff*

    Matt quickly stops throwing a tantrum and starts smiling

    Matt: It’s okay…I know why I lost. Because my loving brother wasn’t by my side. I told you to come out with me Jeff! Oh well, come on out now, so that the world can see what a great person you’ve become once again. Come on (Matt starts beckoning for Jeff to come from the back, like he’s a puppy or something)…come on…

    After a while…

    The old Hardy Boys music plays…

    And here comes


    Looking like

    The OLD, Jeff Hardy

    And as he makes his way to the ring, he looks depressed and confused

    The crowd gives him a mixed reaction as he gets in the ring and Matt is clapping for him

    Matt: Isn’t it great to get rid of that stupid trenchcoat…that dumb black and white face paint? Isn’t it great to be a normal once again?

    Matt puts the mic to Jeff’s mouth.

    Jeff: ………..Yes.

    Jeff didn’t sound so happy.

    Matt: That’s wonderful! And now, Team Extreme will fly high again! And we’re joining in on the Anti-Splice movement, right Jeff?

    He puts the mic to Jeff’s mouth.


    Matt: Awesome! We will BOTH be entering the Lord of the Ring Tournament! And we ain’t gonna let any Splices win the damn thing, ain’t that right, Jeff!

    Matt puts the mic to Jeff’s mouth again.




    They look mad as hell and out for blood and they’re slowly headed to the ring! Matt looks like he’s seen a ghost and he runs out of the ring! But Jeff just stands there and looks as the Kanes come closer to the ring! Matt is in the crowd by now, and he’s yelling at Jeff with the mic.

    Matt: Jeff! Get your ass outta there! COME ON!

    Jeff just stands there with no expression…the Kanes are almost in the ring!

    Matt scrambles out of the crowd back to the ring, and pulls Jeff’s foot from underneath the ropes…Jeff falls, and Matt slides him out of the ring, JUST AS the Kanes get in! Matt then puts Jeff on his shoulder and carries the emotion-less Hardy into the crowd, and moves as fast as he can.

    The Kanes, meanwhile just stand in the ring. They look very mad, but they decide not to chase after them. They stare at each other in the middle of the ring…lift their arms and thrust them down, making the fiery pyros explode!

    We go backstage to see Tajiri! He’s walking down a hall and suddenly ULTIMO DRAGON and REY MYSTERIO jump into the picture! Tajiri quickly gets in a fighting stance, ready to kick and punch his way out of trouble, but Mysterio puts his hands up as if he means no harm.

    Rey: Tajiri, Tajiri! Calm down! I don’t wanna hurt you!

    Tajiri looks at Mysterio, confused, but he stays in the fighting position.

    Rey: Fact is Tajiri, I didn’t want to turn on you in the first place.


    Rey: I’m on this side because it represents what I believe in. But we can still be friends, Tajiri.

    Double Huh?

    Rey: You can tell I'm not your and Ultimo could've beaten you down after our great match at Reloaded, but I said no. That's because I'm your friend. But you wanna know who’s REALLY your enemy, Tajiri?

    Tajiri looks on.


    Tajiri continues listening.

    Rey: He never gave a damn about you…remember when he turned on you and suplexed you into his car in WWE? What happened after that? He left you behind, became the WWE Champion, and you became a jobber. He ruined your career, Tajiri!

    Tajiri starts nodding in agreement.

    Rey: Listen man (Rey gets closer to Tajiri) the war is on. The splices and the normals can no longer co-exist. But I can get you a pass, Tajiri. There’s no way in the world the Normals can win this war, and right now, you don’t have any friends on your side. Help me out against the Guerreros, and I’ll make sure no one harms you.

    Tajiri doesn’t answer. Rey pats him on the back and says, “Think about it, buddy,” and he and Ultimo head to the ring.



    The crowd gets on their feet as Chavo Guerrero makes his way down to the ring, accompanied by his uncle Eddie! Chavo gets in the ring and poses in the corner to the crowd, and then he waits.

    We hear the record scratching and the darker version of “619” comes on and here comes Ultimo Dragon with Rey Mysterio by his side! Dragon rushes to the ring and he and Chavo immediately start beating the crap out of each other while Eddie and Chavo watch on the outside

    Ultimo Dragon vs. Chavo Guerrero

    SYNOPSIS: This match is very fast paced, but short –

    FINISH: Chavo picks up Ultimo for a powerbomb…Ultimo reverses it into a hurricanrana and a pin, and gets the 3 count while holding the ropes!

    Winner: Ultimo Dragon

    IMMEDIATELY after the match Rey gets in the ring…runs across it…and FLIES OVER THE TOP ROPE, hitting a splash on the unsuspecting Eddie Guerrero! Rey then punches Guerrero a few times on the ground, and Ultimo punches Chavo on the ground in the ring. Eventually, Rey tosses Eddie in the ring, and pulls out HANDCUFFS from his pants pocket (he’s wearing very baggy khaki pants). Rey gets in the ring and Ultimo continues beating down Chavo.

    Eddie is crawling in the ring and Rey drags him over to the ropes, and then handcuffs his wrists onto the ropes! Then Rey pulls something else out of his baggy pocket…HIS NIGHTSTICK!

    JR: Who is this guy, some kind of damn cop or something?!

    Rey holds it in the air for the world to see as the crowd boos him…he then looks like he is going to clobber Eddie with it, and Eddie can only helplessly look on…instead, Rey turns around and CRACKS the already crawling Chavo in the back of the head with it! Chavo falls completely to the ground, and Eddie struggles to try to get out of the cuffs as Rey Mysterio continues beating down Chavo with the nightstick. Ultimo dragon has gone to the outside to get a mic and he gives it to Rey while Mysterio keeps hitting Chavo in the head with the nightstick. Rey finally stops and then he stands over Eddie, just out of reach of his legs (which he’s furiously trying to kick Rey with)

    Rey: EDDIE! You said you can’t go through with a tag title match because you don’t want to hurt me…HA! HURT ME, EDDIE GUERRERO! I DARE YOU!

    Eddie continues to try to fight out of the cuffs.

    Rey: I ask you…once again…FACE US! Tag Titles on the line…at Lord of the Ring!

    Eddie just looks angry…

    Rey: Do you accept?!

    Eddie looks like he is about to explode…but he stops squirming….and he looks down…and shakes his head no…

    Rey is shocked.

    Rey: Dammit, Eddie! That is the wrong decision! Maybe this will help you make the right one!

    Rey turns around and starts wailing away at Chavo again while Ultimo chips in with kicks of his own…Chavo is starting to bleed from his face and the crowd is booing CRAZY loud when suddenly –

    The drums go off…oh my goodness HERE COMES GOLDBERG charging down to the ring!

    The crowd actually pops for the guy as he hits the ring and Ultimo and Dragon try to get out of there…Rey gets out…Ultimo gets to the apron…and Goldberg spears him OFF THE APRON to the floor! Rey quickly picks up Ultimo and drags him to the back, as Goldberg snarls in the ring and yells “Next week...YOU’RE BOTH, NEXT!” at them.

    Even though the guy’s a heel, a “Goooooldberrrrrgg” chant starts in the arena.

    JR: I can’t believe this beast just came to save the day for the Guerreros!
    Tazz: Hey man, this is a war, and every normal is an ally of Goldberg's!

    The angry bear known as Goldberg looks down at Chavo with concern and then tells Eddie to calm down. Goldberg then angrily yells at the back for some help to come to get Eddie out of the cuffs, and tend to Chavo.

    We go backstage and we see RVD with Bill Alfonso. Somehow, RVD has gotten hold of a tool hammer…a small tool hammer…and he’s walking to the darkest, dimmest part of the backstage area. He reaches a locker room door that has been battered a bit…RVD looks at Bill, and Bill nods. Rob starts to hack away at the door with the hammer, and once he weakens it enough, he kicks it down all the way. The inside is pretty dim and it indeed has the setup of the usual Dark Lair. Rob goes in warily and looks around for someone to hit with the hammer. Then his eyes widen as he sees someone who is off camera

    RVD: EWWW what the hell are you doing?!

    The camera zooms in and we see STING sitting in the corner of the room. He has a rock in his hand and he’s scratching himself in the face and his arms with it (he has his trenchcoat sleeves pulled up), and thus he has cuts all over his body, and some blood trickling. His bat is lying next to him.

    Sting doesn’t look up, he just looks at his arm as he scratches it some more with the small rock.

    Sting: Don’t you get it? (low, dark tone) It’s over. Our savior is gone. Our mentor has changed. My protégé has left me. It’s all over. It’s over, it’s over, it’s over!

    Sting starts getting mad and starts punching his arm hard with the rock repeatedly and hard.

    RVD: Hey hey, dude! Stop it, man!

    Rob runs over and grabs the rock out of Sting’s hand. Sting just sorta lets him do it…

    Bill: HIT HIS ASS!

    RVD is standing over Sting and he has the hammer in his hand…he could whack Sting (who’s just sitting there looking depressed) if he wanted to…RVD is thinking about it…but he doesn’t do it! He drops the hammer on the ground.

    RVD: Deewwd…snap out of it, man!

    Sting quickly stands up

    Sting: What do YOU care! You don’t know how it feels! To have no hope; to be discriminated against every day just for what you believe in. To have everyone else who shared your beliefs turn their back on you…to have the person you treated like a son leave you crawling at his feet…

    At this point, Sting is almost sobbing; he’s in the most miserable state anyone has ever seen him, and he’s actually leaning on RVD’s shoulder! Rob looks confused as hell

    Rob: Well uh…dewd…just uh…hang in there…yea…

    Sting gets off of Rob’s shoulder’s and looks at him with an angry face.

    Sting: Hang in there?! I would expect such stupidity from a Normal! You’ll NEVER know how it feels. How much the pain hurts. How hard it is to live this life in MWF. I can’t be bothered with you…either do your deed against me now, or leave my sight!

    Rob looks so confused…he then looks at Bill, who makes a swinging motion as if hammering a nail…Rob picks up the hammer…Sting just stands there…Rob gets ready to hit him…

    But then Rob turns around! And he starts leaving! Bill can’t believe it, but he just follows. They leave the Dark Lair, and the camera zooms in on Sting, who just stands there with an emotionless stare.



    Ohhhh my the crowd pops HUGE as Shane McMahon comes down and starts hopping his way to the ring.

    They’re not cheering for him necessarily ( he is a heel, ya know), they’re more cheering for the eventual confrontation that may happen between he and his MOTHER!

    Shane gets a mic from ringside and looks at the crowd for a minute. He then speaks in a very focused voice.

    Shane: First of all, let me say that my sister called me the other day, and she said that she’s happy to be back in the MWF, but she can’t be here tonight

    Crowd boos

    Shane: But she says that she will have a special announcement next week, right here on Wrestleblast!

    Crowd pops

    Shane: But enough about her…let’s get down to brass tacks!

    Crowd starts getting antsy…

    Shane: Ya see…the past couple of days have been crazy for Shane o Mac…I’ve been visiting my father in the hospital, and watching my mother try to destroy his creation. I’ve seen my mother align with the Splices to form Damnation, and I’ve seen Damnation destroy way too many wrestlers already. Well ma’, ya might have taken pops out…but your good ol’ sonny boy is right…here.

    Crowd pops.

    Shane: What I’m saying is basically I want you to come out here and confront your son, because I got something to tell ya… You owe me this, mom, so get out here... ALONE....right. Now.

    The crowd waits in anticipation…

    And here she is! Linda McMahon starts walking from the back…no theme music or anything. The crowd starts booing her as she arrogantly smiles the whole way to the ring. A HUGE “Linda Sucks” chant start as she gets in to the ring and gets a mic from ringside. Then she gets in her son’s face. She speaks:

    Linda: What the hell do you want?

    She asks this in an annoyed tone and the crowd boos her. Shane is unphased.

    Shane: Ya know ma, you go around here acting like you’re the innocent victim all the time. Always blaming everything on Dad. What about all the things you used to do?!

    Linda is taken aback by this.

    Shane: That’s right! I know all about it. The stuff you never let out to the public! Like how you used to bribe the wrestlers to work “stiff” with dad every time they were booked to fight him or hit him!

    Crowd ooooh’s

    Linda: That is a lie and you know it!

    Shane: Oh but that’s not all! How about before all of that…after dad cheated on you…YOU actually HIRED investigators to try to find out if WWF was using Steriods?

    Crowd ooooh’s

    Linda: Why- I’d never!

    Shane: Oh you were rotten to dad even before he became his normal self on-screen! Yea… yea…tell the world who you really are! Tell the world that you’re CRAZY! Tell them they haven’t ever seen the real Linda McMahon! Tell them how you’re really a conniving, crazy woman who’ll do anything to spite dad because you’re JEALOUS of the attention he gets! Yea, you’ll do anything – like when you SLEPT with Eric Bischoff that night they taped the angle where your neck was broke on Raw!

    Crowd gasps! Did he just say what I think I typed?!

    Linda: That’s- That’s not true!

    The crowd quickly breaks into a “slut” chant, started by a ten year old girl…

    Shane: Yea ma! Stop hiding; tell them the truth! Tell them! Tell –


    The crowd is in awe and an even harder slut chant starts.

    Linda’s face turns to a menacing stare and she speaks in a low tone

    Linda: It’s allll true Shane. Ya happy? Ya aired out alll the dirty laundry. But none of it matters. You’re fighting a hopeless fight. The Normals – you – Vince – your damn sister- all of you are going to faaaade away into nothing! This coorporation is going to be mine – ALL mine. And then I won’t have to see YOUR face ever again.

    Crowd boos and Shane looks very mad.

    Linda: Oh and you wanna know one more thing that’s true?

    The tension is thick as Linda gets in Shane’s face

    Linda: You were an ACCIDENT.


    The crowd boos BIG TIME and Shane looks pissed and hurt at the same time. Linda just smirks at Shane as they continue staring at each other. Shane slowly puts his mic to his mouth and slowly speaks.

    Shane: You know what, LINDA? The Normals WILL win this war. And as for you…you wanna know the REAL truth? What dad told me at the hospital was right… ARE a BITCH!


    The crowd is hype as hell and Shane just looks menacingly at his mother who looks back at him with the most stone-cold stare that could ever be made. They just look at each other and MAN is the tension thick.

    Suddenly, Linda backs up a step from Shane –


    Shane immediately buckles down to the ground in pain, and the crowd boos heavily as Linda smiles at her fallen son. She then slowly leaves the ring and heads to the back, smiling, as Shane rolls around in the ring in pain.

    JR: This...this damn WITCH has no shame! How can she do that to her own son?!
    Tazz: You heard Shane...she's crazy! I'm starting to think there's NOTHING she won't do!


    We come back from break and we go backstage to see that Chris Jericho is SURROUNDED by The Kanes! Jericho is backing up as the Kanes close in on him…then the Kanes pounce and they start attacking Jericho! Jericho tries to fight them off, but they get the upper hand


    BATISTA and STEINER come from out of NOWHERE with 2X4’s in hand and start CRACKING the Kanes with them! The Kane’s quickly get out of the area and away from the weapon-toting behemoths…Steiner and Batista just look at them leave and then they tend to Jericho to see if he’s alright…

    ************************************************** ***

    In another area backstage, we see Linda McMahon walking with several bodyguards and she’s headed to the parking lot it seems, when suddenly Stone Cold Steve Austin pops up in her view!

    Linda: You can’t touch me! I’ll have you arrested! (she says hurriedly and in a scared manner)

    Austin just smiles at her as the bodyguards close in on him

    Austin: You think you’re big and bad cuz you kicked your son in the balls…maybe I should kick you in yours…

    Linda: To HELL with you Austin!

    Austin: Heyyy…calm down…

    Linda: Touch me and you’ll go to jail! I have it written up and everything –

    Austin: Shut up!

    Austin lifts his U.S Title to his chest

    Austin: I thought long and hard…and…as much as it pains me to do this... I have to take the chance. I can’t let any of your freaks win the Lord of the Ring tournament and the MWF Title, so I’m giving up the U.S title.

    Austin hands it over to Linda, who smiles.

    Linda: Gooood choice Austin. Hey, I even know who will fight for this gold at Lord of the Ring. Edge and Kurt Angle! They deserve it, right?

    Austin thinks about it, then he nods in agreement.

    Linda: Alright, Austin. You know what else. We’re at war…but there’s still a business to be run here. So during matches, mass attacks and whatnot are NOT allowed to happen.

    Austin thinks about it.

    Austin: Whatever…well how about this. After the Angle/Benoit match, everyone but Undertaker and Lesnar goes home. Let the kid whip Taker’s ass without anyone else getting involved, and then we’ll all continue whipping your asses next week!

    Linda thinks about this

    Linda: Well, it seems to me that WE’RE winning the war thus far…but I’ll go with your deal. Every wrestler will go home after the Angle/Benoit match except for Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. Now get the hell outta my way!

    Austin puts his hand up to stop Linda.

    Austin: And we also agree on one more thing…

    Linda: What?

    Austin gives Linda the middle finger! Linda is fuming as Austin walks away with a laugh…

    We switch to another area backstage and we see Kurt Angle making his way to the arena. Intensity, integrity, and all that junk comes with him! His match with Chris Benoit, is NEXT!


    Whatever Hits

    Here comes the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit, looking intense as usual as the crowd gives him heat.

    JR: Benoit has been on a losing streak as of late, but I understand that he is entering the Lord of the Ring tournament
    Tazz: He’s as big a threat as any of the other men in the tourney, in my opinion, JR
    JR: You're right. He's one of the toughest son of a guns in this fed

    The Olympic Theme!

    Here comes Kurt Angle to a good pop and he gets in the ring. Once in, he and Benoit square each other up from opposite corners, and then lock horns in the middle of the ring

    Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

    SYNOPSIS: A good, even match. Halfway through, EDGE of all people comes down and seems to be giving Kurt Angle some support from ringside. Midway through the match Edge merrily tells Angle that they will be fighting at LOR for the U.S Title (interrupting Angle's flow and all). When told this, Angle gets happy for a quick second, then tells Edge to get out of the way, and then Angle refocuses on Benoit and Benoit/Angle picks up with more good wrestling

    FINISH: Benoit throws Angle into the ropes, but Angle reverses it, only for it to be reversed again by Benoit and Angle goes flying into the referee! The ref goes flying out of the ring to the outside…he is not hurt too bad, but he’s a bit groggy… Angle looks over the ropes outside at the ring in shock at what just happened

    Meanwhile, Benoit is going over and trying to take off the padding from a turnbuckle…Edge gets on the apron and yells at him to stop…Benoit, quick like a cat, runs over and knocks Edge off the apron…

    Benoit then goes over to Angle and the two start punching each other…Edge gets back in the ring…and goes after Benoit with a spear!

    BUT Benoit moves out of the way, and Edge CLOCKS Angle with the spear!

    Edge looks down at Angle and can’t believe it, and then Benoit comes over, grabs Edge, and tosses him out of the ring hard to the floor…

    The referee is back in the ring now, and Benoit covers Angle! 1…………2…………..3!

    Winner: Chris Benoit

    Benoit quickly gets out of the ring as Edge gets back in…Edge angrily looks at Benoit as Chris backpeddals up the ramp, smiling.

    Edge then turns around and helps up the dizzy Kurt Angle…when Angle gets up, he shoves Edge! Angle yells “I thought we had respect for each other!”

    Edge gets mad and pushes Angle back!

    Angle said, “You’re just betraying me cuz of the U.S Title match, aren’t ya?!”

    Angle pushes Edge again…Edge gathers himself and clocks Angle in the head, knocking Angle to the mat! Edge then angrily leaves the ring, as Angle feels on his face to make sure he isn’t bleeding or anything...

    Tazz: Wow just last week these two were shaking hands…now that they’re going to face each other at Lord of the Ring for the U.S title, all that respect jazz has been thrown out the window!
    JR: This was the intention of that damn witch, Linda all along! She basically has two normals fighting each other now instead of fighting splices!
    Tazz: And since they will be fighting for the U.S Title, they won't be in the Lord of the Ring Tournament, so they pose no threat to the splices right now! Smart move, Linda!

    JR: Well folks, it is the REMATCH from Reloaded, and our main event tonight!

    The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

    JR: It's live
    Tazz: And it's NEXT!


    JR: Well folks, what a Wrestleblast it has been, and next week, it all continues
    Tazz: Two rocketbuster matches for next week have been signed!

    JR: It will be Batista and Steiner vs. The Kanes
    Tazz: And how about this: Goldberg in a handicap match against Ultimo and Rey Mysterio!

    JR: That's HUGE!
    Tazz: And don’t forget that Stephanie McMahon returns to MWF and has a big announcement!

    JR: And hopefully we’ll get an update on the condition of some of these guys that Damnation keeps destroying
    Tazz: We’ll also have all of the names of the participants for the Lord of the Ring tournament, which is for the MWF Title!

    JR: Next week’s Wrestleblast is the last one before the PPV. But folks, we still have a match left for tonight. I understand that all of the wrestlers have been sent out of the building, and it will only leave Undertaker and Brock Lesnar here to DESTROY each other, in a NO DQ match!

    The Lights go out.


    Crowd boos


    Here he comes…the Undertaker!

    He is alone, and he slowly waltzes his way to the ring. He walks up the steps, lifts his arms to make the lights come on, and we see that he has his eyes rolled back in his head. He gets in the ring and he looks as devilish as can be. My oh my what has happened to the Undertaker…

    He waits and then…

    Tazz: Well, here come’s the pain!

    Lesnar’s music hits but he doesn’t come out. Taker just waits in the ring, and after a few seconds, Lesnar still doesn’t come out

    JR: Where the hell is Brock-

    OH MAN Brock has come from out of the crowd and he attacks the Undertaker from behind!

    Main Event: Reloaded Rematch: Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar, No Disqualification

    Brock Lesnar is wailing away with clubbing punches on the Undertaker…he keeps clubbing away as Taker goes over to the ropes and use them to keep his balance…Lesnar is punching away on Taker until Taker just suddenly backdrops Brock out of the ring to the floor! (near the announce table and ringside announcer)

    Lesnar lands on his back and Taker slowly goes out there after him…Once Taker is out on the floor, Lesnar immediately grabs him and throws him into the steel steps, and Taker goes flipping over them with brutal impact! Lesnar goes around to the ringside announcer, pushes him out of the chair, and takes the steel chair! He closes it and raises high over his head and prepare to hit Taker with it…

    But Taker counters with a kick to the gut of Lesnar, causing Lesnar to drop the chair. Lesnar buckles over…Taker picks up the chair and raises it


    He hits Lesnar in the back with a mean chair shot! Lesnar growls in pain and Taker throws the chair down…he then goes over to the announcers table and starts taking the monitors off…JR and Tazz scramble out of the way while keeping their headsets on…Taker grabs Lesnar and bodyslams him on the table… he then looks at the crowd, who boo him, and he smiles evilly...

    Taker gets on the table and picks Lesnar up…he grabs Lesnar by the throat and he’s gonna’ CHOKESLAM him through the table! He raise Lesnar in the air –

    And Lesnar COUNTERS by grabbing Taker’s head for a ddt as Taker drives him through the table! The table crushes into pieces and BOTH MEN ARE OUT! The crowd is going nuts!

    JR: By gawd! They’re both broken in half!
    Tazz: Won’t you get some new catchphrases!
    JR: Shut the hell up Tazz!

    The referee is outside and he looks at both men…he then looks at everyone else at ringside – the timekeeper, the ring announcer, JR and Tazz – and basically asks what the hell he’s supposed to do. Everyone shrugs.

    Finally, after a while, Lesnar is up to his feet…and Taker has rolled over to his back, and his face is bleeding…Lesnar stumbles over to a set of steel steps, and picks up the big set over his head…he goes over and THROWS the steps on top of the Undertaker! The steps land on Taker with a thud, and the crowd moans at the carnage of this match…

    Lesnar is stumbling all over the place and can barely stand…he goes over to Taker, and looks at him with much contempt

    Lesnar then kicks the steel steps off of him, and picks Taker up. The Undertaker can barely stand, and he’s bleeding pretty badly. Lesnar tosses Taker in the ring. Lesnar stays out for a second to gather his senses and recover a little bit…

    Taker is down on the mat in the ring, and Lesnar finally comes in, and he crawls over to Taker and makes a cover!



    2 ½ ……………

    NO! Somehow, Taker BARELY gets his shoulder up! Lesnar is frustrated and he slowly gets to his feet and looks at the crowd. Some boo him, some cheer him, and he MOCKS Taker by doing a cut-throat signal of his own!

    Tazz: He must be ready to go for an F5, JR!

    Lesnar looks like he’s about to pick Taker up from the ground, when something up the ramp catches his eye:

    IT’S PAUL BEARER! And he has Triple H’s sledgehammer!

    JR: What the hell is he doing here?! Everyone was supposed leave!
    Tazz: Oh man! Linda said all the WRESTLERS would leave!
    JR: She's a conniving she-devil!
    Tazz: All’s fair in the art of war, JR!

    Paul Bearer is smiling that fat little smile of his, and Lesnar just waits…

    Bearer gets on the apron and Lesnar quickly runs over and flips Bearer in to the ring! The sledgehammer goes flying out of Bearer's hands into the ring, near the Undertaker…

    Lesnar stomps on Bearer a couple of times, then he picks Paul up for an F5!


    He hits it on Bearer!

    But right after this, Taker SITS UP, Deadman style, with blood pouring down his face!

    Lesnar gets up and turns around to find that Taker is ON HIS FEET! Taker quickly grabs Lesnar by the neck…hoists him up in the air...


    He chokeslams Lesnar on the SLEDGEHAMMER! Lesnar howls in pain and grabs his back, as the Undertaker stumbles around in the ring…Taker then looks at the crowd again and everyone boos him…Taker does it one more time…the cut throat signal…and it is truly a scary sight seeing him do it with blood pouring down his face…

    He picks up Brock Lesnar and hoists him up for a tombstone! And…

    He hits it! He folds Brock’s arms over his chest, and looks up with his eyes in the back of his head as the referee counts!



    2 ½………….


    Winner: The Undertaker

    JR: That match was nothing but…but…
    Tazz: A war!

    Taker’s music starts playing and he gets up and groggily walks over to Paul Bearer to check up on him. Bearer is moving around a bit, but Taker is PISSED. He looks over at the sledgehammer on the mat, and he gets a very evil look on his face.

    He walks over to the sledgehammer and slowly picks it up. By now, Lesnar has rolled over to his back and is conscious, but writhing in pain…Taker walks over to the fallen Lesnar. Taker raises the sledgehammer over his head….HE’S GONNA WHACK HIM…


    GOOD G*D the arena explodes…it can’t be…yes it is! HERE COMES…. THE ROCK!!!!

    The Rock briskly walks down to the ring!

    JR: My gawd! Last time we saw the Rock, he was beaten down by the Unholy Apocalypse!

    The Rock gets in the ring, and a LOUD “Rocky” chants starts, as everyone forgets that he’s a heel and are just happy to see him. He is FOCUSED and intense

    The Undertaker drops his hands and looks at The Rock. There is a small staredown, and the crowd is going NUTS

    The Rock then motions for Taker to go ahead and whack Lesnar with the sledgehammer! Taker nods and smiles!

    JR: The Rock just gave Taker the ok to hit Lesnar!
    Tazz: Hey don’t forget, Rock is a splice, and Lesnar was one of the main reasons the UA turned on Rocky!

    Taker, now with the approval of the Rock, holds the hammer with both hands….he raises it high above his head ….

    AND THE ROCK DASHES IN and grabs Taker for a ROCK BOTTOM!


    Rock hits Taker with the Rock Bottom! The crowd EXPLODES!!!

    JR and Tazz: BY GAWD!

    The Rock is on fire as he wails around the ring all pumped up and whatnot…then he sees Lesnar on his knees, struggling to get to his feet…The Rock goes over and helps Lesnar up!

    Tazz: I guess he’s letting bygones be bygones…


    The Rock hits Brock Lesnar with a Rock Bottom as well!!! The crowd is loving it! The Rock is hype all over the place and points repeatedly at both Taker and Lesnar on the ground…he then gets out of the ring, and starts backpeddaling up the ramp…the referee has pulled Brock out of the ring in an effort to get him to the back (favoritism for the Normal).

    The Rock continues backpeddaling as his music plays…suddenly Undertaker SITS UP, and while still sitting, he looks dead at the Rock with the most evil FACE EVER SEEN, and blood pouring down! The camera switches back and forth from the Rock saying just bring it, to the Undertaker sitting and staring a menacing hole at the Rock, with blood pouring down his face!

    FINALLY, the Great One, has RETURNED TO THE MWF!

    Fade to Black.
    End of Show.


    The questions continue for MWF, and with one more show left until the Lord of the Ring PPV, things could get downright disastrious.

    Chapter 1 of the Chronicles of Anarchia saw:

    *Austin call out Damnation
    *Damnation destroy Billy Kidman
    *RVD confronting Sting and possibly feeling compassion for him
    *Rey Mysterio telling Tajiri to be on his side
    *Jeff Hardy revealing that he’s gone back to his old ways as a normal and left his splice days behind (doesn’t look like he really wanted to, though)
    *Jericho being saved by Batista and Steiner from an attack by the Kanes
    *Mysterio and Dragon beating down Chavo Guerrero in an attempt to make Eddie G. accept their challenge for a tag title match at LOR (which Eddie still rejected)
    *Goldberg saving the Guerreros
    *Shane McMahon confronting his mother and exposing her for the crazy woman she really is…Linda stooping to a new low by kicking her son in the groin
    *Linda revealing that Stone Cold can’t touch her or he’ll be arrested…Austin giving up the U.S Title in order to participate in LOR so that he can stop the Splices from winning the MWF title
    *Austin and Linda agreeing that no mass attacks can happen while matches are in effect, and also that Angle and Edge will fight for the U.S Title at LOR, and also that everyone would leave the building before the Taker/Lesnar match
    *Edge and Angle, two normals, go at each other because of their rekindled rivalry thanks to the U.S Title
    *Paul Bearer showing up during the Taker/Lesnar match with Triple H’s sledgehammer, revealing that Linda did not keep her word.
    *The Rock coming out and rock bottoming a splice AND a normal (Taker and Lesnar)

    So the questions remain:

    Whose side is the Rock on? Why did he rock bottom both Taker and Lesnar?

    What does Austin have to say about Linda betraying the trust?

    What announcement does Stephanie McMahon have for next week?

    Will Eddie Guerrero finally accept Mysterio and Dragon’s challenge, after what they did to Chavo?

    Will Tajiri side with Rey Mysterio? Is Mysterio really interested in Tajiri’s friendship again?

    What will become of the Sting/Jeff/Matt situation?

    Has the mutual respect between Edge and Angle been lost due to their newly announced U.S Title match at LOR? Is Linda's plan for the two normals to take each other out going to work this easily?

    Two matches have been announced for next week: the Kanes vs. Batista and Steiner, and in the main event, Goldberg vs. Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon.

    The war continues next week, in Anarchia, Chapter 2, right here on MWF: Wrestleblast!
    Man of the world.

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    Default Re: Phenom's MWF

    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    Two seperate 8 man Royal Rumbles
    Starts with 2 men, then a new entrant comes in every 90 seconds
    The winner of the first Rumble meets the winner of the Second Rumble in the final match of the night

    The winner of this match becomes Lord of the Ring, and this year, recepient of the vacant
    MWF World Title!

    Lord of the Ring
    One MWF Wrestleblast show left until the PPV
    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomenal 1
    MWF: Wrestleblast
    Anarchia, Chapter 2

    Opening Theme: Til I Collapse by Eminem

    The pyros go off and we are LIVE in Manhatton, New York for MWF Wrestleblast, Chapter 2 of the Chronicles of Anarchia!

    JR: What a night we have – wait…hold on...we’re getting word from our producers... that something is going on...back-backstage and –

    Before JR can finish, the production team switches the shot over to something that everyone should see.

    Damnation is beating down on someone…they’re beating this person down really bad, with Rey using his nightstick, Ultimo using a chair, and the Kanes and Undertaker just kicking and stomping away. We cannot see who it is…

    Finally the beatdown ceases. Taker goes away laughing…Kane and Glen walk away, apparently towards the arena. Ultimo throws his chair down to the ground. Rey gives one last kick, and they both walk away. Once they are away, the camera zooms in on what is a BLOOD-E carcass that is holding his right knee and howling in pain…


    Jericho just rolls around, covered in blood, and holding his right knee, screaming bloody murder for help…


    We switch back to the arena and switch to a shot of JR and Tazz, and they are both stunned.

    JR: I…I can’t…I just can’t believe what I just saw…
    Tazz: My goodness…Jericho…he was screaming like…like-
    JR: They must have broken his damn leg, Tazz! These normals get on my damn-


    Good G*d! IT’s the KANES!!!

    The two make their way down to the ring and the crowd is booing the crap out of them, and throwing all types of trash at the two! They enter the ring, stare at each other, raise their arms in the air, and thrust them down, giving us the fiery pyros yet again! They then stand in the ring together and wait…


    Scott Steiner’s music hits, and he and Batista come BLAZING to the ring! They get in, and all four men start brawling!

    Opening Bout: The Kanes vs. Batista and Scott Steiner

    Match: A BRAWL where the referees can’t seem to get things in order

    Finish: After a few minutes, Batista and Glen are on the outside going at it, and Kane and Steiner are on the inside going at it, and the bell has never rung. Steiner is behind Kane and going for a German suplex, but Kane kicks his leg back and this hits Steiner with a low blow. Steiner stumbles around, and walks right into Kane’s grasp. Kane hoists Steiner up for a tombstone…and HITS it! He then stands up, points at the ref, and does a cuthroat signal. The ref gets the message and tells the time keeper to ring the bell. Once this is done, Kane covers Steiner! 1…………2………..3!

    Winners?! (ugh) The Kanes

    After this, Batista quickly forgets about Glen and comes in the ring to pound away on Kane…Glen then hits the ring and starts wailing away on Batista, and pretty soon, it’s a two on one advantage, as Steiner is still out from the tombstone, and Kane and Glen start wailing away on Batista!

    JR: Someone help him, dammit!


    OH MY GOODNESS the crowd pops huge as BOOKER T has returned and he starts charging his way down to the ring! He has a steel chair, and he enters the ring…

    The Kanes stare at Booker and can’t believe that he’s standing there! The crowd is going nuts as Booker T stands there with the chair in hand, and starts yelling all kind of curses at the Kanes! He charges at them with the chair –

    AND CRACKS BATISTA in the back with it!


    The crowd is STUNNED as Booker T keeps whacking Batista in the back with the chair, and then he starts whacking Steiner with it as well! The Kanes then join in on the beating again-


    Here comes Brock Lesnar and Rob Van Dam to a mixed reaction from the crowd! They are coming down to the ring and they BOTH have steel chairs in their hands! As they storm down the ramp, Glen starts laughing and he and Kane leave the ring, while Booker T stays in there, not even knowing that his backup, or whatever it may be called, just left him in the ring alone.

    JR: Where the hell are the Kanes going?! Get your asses back in there!
    Tazz: JR you fool…haven’t you noticed that Damnation CHOOSES their spots?! They’re outsmarting the Normals, and that’s why they’re winning this war so far!

    Brock and RVD get in the ring and charge after Booker, who looks around and notice that the Kanes left him. Book quickly dodges out of the ring before RVD and Brock can get to him. The Kanes and Booker quickly start leaving through the crowd and the fans are throwing trash at all of them…

    Meanwhile, in the ring, Brock and RVD check on Batista and Steiner.

    JR: Thank goodness they came to make the save, because this could have gotten ugly! But what the hell?! Booker T?! Damnation beat his ass a couple of weeks ago! Why is he joining them??

    Tazz: Calm the hell down, JR!

    JR: This is just a damn autrocity…Damnation is doing anything they want! They’ve brutally beat down Chris Jericho!

    Tazz: Calm down man! Your chins are flapping uncontrollably!
    JR: Shut the hell up!

    JR: (Breathing heavy) whatever…folks, tonight, on the last Wrestleblast before Lord of the Ring, we are going to name all of the participants of the Lord of the Ring Tournament
    Tazz: I guess we’re short one more now that Jericho is out, ha!

    JR: Shut up!
    Tazz: You shut up!
    JR: SHUT THE HELL UP! Also tonight folks, Stephanie McMahon, who couldn’t be here, promises to phone in with her special announcement

    Tazz: After seeing this mess, I wouldn’t wanna be here either.
    JR: And a crazy main event…Goldberg vs. Ultimo Dragon and Rey Mysterio in a handicap match!

    Tazz: And I’ll be hosting a face to face interview with the two men who will fight each other for the U.S Title at Lord of the Ring, Edge and Kurt Angle!

    JR: And I’m also pretty sure that the Rock is here tonight, and he will tell us why he came back last week and rock bottomed a splice and a normal!

    We go backstage and we see Jericho getting medical attention. He is being put on a stretcher and told to calm down, as he is still screaming from the pain in his right knee. Suddenly a figure rushes into the picture – it’s Stone Cold!

    Austin: I just got here…tell me what the hell happened!
    Medic 1: Damnation…they beat down Jericho…I think his leg is broken…

    Bill Alfonso comes running into the picture now…

    Bill: Austin! Austin! *blows whistle*
    Austin: What the hell you want?!
    Bill: Booker T! Booker T! I think he just joined Damnation!
    Austin: Booker T?!
    Bill: Yea, he came back and he helped the Kanes beat down Batista and Steiner – but Brock and my man Rob ….Van…
    Austin: SHUTTUP!

    Austin looks at Jericho and wipes some of the blood out of Jericho’s eyes, and Jericho has stopped howling in pain, but he is grimacing big time.

    Austin: Sons of bitches!!

    Austin looks up at the medics, who all back away from him. Austin’s head is shaking so much he looks like he is going to explode. Then suddenly, Austin stops shaking.

    Austin: You!

    He points to Bill.

    Austin: Go get the rest of the UA and tell them to come here!

    Bill runs off. As Austin watches him walk away, he says to himself, but loud enough for everyone else to hear:

    Austin: We can’t win this war…

    That’s all he says as solemnly walks away.

    WHAT THE HELL does he mean by that?!


    We come back from commercial…

    JR: What the hell is Stone Cold talking about?!
    Tazz: Is he giving up?! He’s giving up Jr! White flag and everything! Damnation is too brutal and too smart!
    JR: But…he can’t –


    Here comes Matt Hardy, and by his side is Jeff Hardy, who is looking a bit happier than he did last week. This sucks…

    As the two get to the ring, Matt gets on the apron and points to the ropes...Jeff, almost excitedly, holds the ropes for his brother, and Matt gets into the ring. The crowd is kinda silent, because they don't know how to react to this

    Once Matt is in the ring, he tells Jeff to get him a mic, and Jeff runs over and asks the ring announcer for a mic. The ring announcer gives him one, and Jeff runs over and gives it to Matt. The crowd boos as Matt prepares to speak.

    Matt: Did I just hear right? Is Stone Cold thinking about quitting? What kind of a war leader is he? The war just started! I knew he was too bald to be our leader. But you know what, the first rule of Mattitude is to NEVER quit! So me and my brother here will continue to be anti-splices, and at Lord of the Ring, we are going to make sure that no splices win, and one of us will come out as the new MWF World Champion!

    Matt looks at his brother and smiles. Jeff smiles back. This happiness is just too unreal to be true

    Matt: But I didn’t come out here to babble. I promised my brother here that I had a surprise for him. (turns to look at Jeff) Do you wanna know what it is, bro?

    Jeff starts nodding excitedly.

    Matt then looks ahead at the entrance…


    Jeff’s jaw drops and the crowd gasps, and then starts getting rowdy. Jeff spreads his arms out and asks Matt why is he doing this.

    Matt: Trust me, Jeff! This is all apart of the plan to make you a true MF’er like you should be! Sting, get your sad ass out here so I can give you a lethal dose of Mattitude!

    Jeff is now yelling “no,” and trying to grab the mic from Matt so he can tell Sting not to come out. But Matt keeps the mic away and several times yells, “COME OUT STING so I can whip your ass!”

    The crowd is anxious…Jeff is still struggling for the mic…

    WAKE ME UP!!

    Ooooh man…here comes


    Just ignore that Starcade WCW thingy

    He stands at the top of the ramp…his stare as cold as the himalayas…he looks like a man who does not care anymore…he takes off his trenchcoat and throws it to the ground, and he starts making his way to the ring as the crowd is cheering him on.

    Matt drops his mic and tells Jeff to calm down and not to worry…Jeff finally settles down and he just goes and stands at a corner

    Confrontation: Matt Hardy vs. Sting

    Sting gets in the ring and immediately tries to get to Jeff with his arms outstretched – seemingly trying to hug him – and Matt stands in the way. Sting tries to get around Matt and Matt just gets in his way again…then Sting CLOCKS Matt in the face!

    Matt answers back with a right of his own, and then the two start trading punches, and the crowd is loving it! Jeff, meanwhile, looks VERY unhappy that this is going on…

    Sting and Matt continue trading punches until Sting gets the upperhand and irish whips Matt into the ropes…Matt ducks a clothesline attempt by Sting and bounces off the ropes…Sting hoists him in the air and hits a BIIIIG back body drop! Sting “woos” for the crowd and he’s PUMPED! Matt gets up groggily and Sting starts wailing away with punches until he gets Matt in the corner…he then throws Matt into the other corner, and looks like he wants to go for a Stinger Splash! He runs at Matt, but Matt gets his boot up and kicks Sting in the face, stopping Sting dead in his tracks...

    Matt then hops backwards onto the top rope, and screams out loud and spreads his arms out…he jumps off, and hits a double ax handle on Sting, knocking him down to the ground! Matt then looks at the crowd and starts smiling up a storm, and the entire arena boos him…he looks at Jeff, who still looks disturbed by everything, and then Matt holds up a V1 sign, and gets ready to try a Twist of Fate on Sting

    Sting is struggling to his feet, and once he’s fully up, Matt kicks him in the gut, and sets him up for the move, but Sting quickly reverses by grabbing hold of Matt’s legs and pulling them out from under him, and then Sting tries to lock on the Scorpion Death Lock! Matt is fighting desperately to stay out of the move but…but…

    Sting locks it in! The crowd is going bananas! Sting has the move locked in and he’s screaming war cries galore...Matt…Matt is TAPPING! He’s tapping furiously! But there is no referee…this is not a match - it's a confrontation! Matt is tapping wildly and desperately wants out of the move, but Sting isn’t letting go! Jeff is watching in horror from the corner…he doesn’t know what to do…

    Suddenly, Jeff rushes over and CLOCKS Sting in the back of the head with a vicious forearm! This knocks Sting off of Matt and down to…well, the mat. Jeff then quickly picks up Matt and drags him out of the ring, as the crowd starts booing. Sting lays on the mat and holds the back of his head as he looks on in shock as Jeff carries his brother to the back.

    JR: I can't believe Jeff has been drinking Matt's kool-aid!
    Tazz: Kool aid is pretty good though, JR

    JR lets out a moan of frustration.

    We go the back and the Coach is running back there and it seems that he has caught up with BOOKER T! Book is just standing around in an area backstage, by himself.

    Coach: Book! Book!

    Booker T looks at Coach like he’s crazy.

    Coach: Booker T –
    Book: What the hell you want?!
    Coach: Why? Why have you…uh-

    Book: Joined Damnation? It’s simple. All that time I was wondering if I should be on the Splices side or the Normals side…and all that time I didn’t even realize that I am a damn splice! It took Damnation beating me down for me to realize this!

    Coach: How are you a splice…that’s kinda crazy Booker T-

    Booker T: Shut up! Don’t you see?! This isn’t who I once was! I once was Bobby Huffman, a criminal…a thug…a gangsta…I was no good, man! I went to jail! I tried to become something so I could forget about my demons…G.I Bro didn’t do it…but Booker T did. I became something the fans liked. I wasn’t a hated ex-con anymore, I was a spinaroonie-doing, dreadlock wearing, fun type of guy that everyone could love. I had to change myself to be accepted in society. I’ve become Booker T so much that I FORGOT who I once was…I forgot I was even a splice…until Damnation gave me the calls...and they made me realize.

    Coach: So you became a splice to better your life and make people accept you...forget about your demons?
    Book: Ain’t that what I said, sucka?!
    Coach: So why are you joining Damnation? They think Splices aren’t accepted in the MWF! They beat up people! They make the people very unhappy... the fans hate them now! It's almost like you're a gangster again!

    Book: Shut the hell up! (Booker T looks down and looks disturbed…like there’s something he’s not telling us) Hey, man. You’ve seen it…the normals can’t win this fight…even Austin said so…I’m…I’m…
    Coach: You’re bailing out on us, huh?

    And suddenly, the Kanes enter the picture! Glen grabs the microphone

    Glen: This interview’s…OVER

    And Glen PUNCHES Coach, knocking him to the ground! Then Glen points at Coach and looks at Booker T. Book doesn’t do anything. Glen points again, and looks mad this time, and Booker T, although he doesn't look like he wants to do it, starts stomping on the Coach! After a few stomps, he stops, and the three wrestlers walk away. Coach is knocked out on the ground, woozy and in a bit of pain.


    We come back from break and we go to an area backstage to see Tajiri walking around. Suddenly, Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon come up to him. Tajiri gets in a fighting stance again, but Rey puts his arms up to tell him to calm down

    Rey: Hey hey…Tajiri…didn’t we go through this already? Everything’s okay. We’re not going to hurt you.

    Tajiri slowly lets his hands down.

    Rey: I just wanted to tell you that I don’t know if that chump Eddie Guerrero is going to accept me and Dragon’s tag title match challenge, but one day he will…he’ll have no choice. But this isn’t about us, let’s talk about you. Always remember that YOU are the key here. Remember that MWF is all about YOU. And as your friend

    Rey puts his arm on Tajiri’s shoulder

    Rey: Remember that you always need to have my back. Especially if its against your ENEMY Eddie Guerrero

    Tajiri starts nodding

    Rey: But one thing you need is a bit of a mean streak, man. You gotta show Damnation and the rest of the Splices that you mean business. So at some point, you gotta make your mark. Help us take out the other Normals…they don’t care about you anyway. And you can start…tonight.

    Rey pats Tajiri on the back and leaves. Dragon follows and pats Tajiri on the back as well. Tajiri stands there, contemplating.

    Back in the arena:

    JR: My goodness, Damnation is just going around manipulating and lying to everyone and everything!

    Tazz: Whaddya mean? Rey wants to be Tajiri's friend. Is that a crime?
    JR: Rey wants to be Tajiri's friend...did you NOT see how Rey betrayed Tajiri about a month ago?
    Tazz: Ahh he was going through some mental issues backthen

    JR just shakes his head.


    The lights in the arena go out


    Crowd boos


    The Undertaker’s music comes on, but he only can be seen on the Titantron. First, there is a close up of his face, or at least, what we can see of it.

    Voice: OHHHHH Yessssss!

    The camera zooms out and now we can see that Paul Bearer is with him. They are in some pretty dark area backstage...they must be in The Pit (dark locker room where Damnation stays)

    Paul: Oh yes! The time has come. The waaarrr is upon us. And thus far, Damnation is winning. Wee're winning so much, that Austin is about to quit!

    Crowd boos.

    Paul: But that doesn't mean that WE'RE stopping! Ohhhh no! There will still be more bloodshed! More brutalityyyy! We have already taken out 3 normals. We have helped another splice, Booker T, find his true place in the world. But one thing that really bothers us...a splice that beckons to find his true place. The Rock.

    Crowd pops. Taker sneers as Paul looks at him with an alarmed face. Taker then speaks.

    Taker: Rock... I can understand that you don’t know quite what to do with yourself right now, but know this: you ARE a SPLICE. You owe it to us to join us in our fight for prosperity. That Rock Bottom you gave me last week can be forgiven, because you were confused. But now I’m telling you…you are NOT confused anymore. You are on our side, and you have no choice. Defy us, and we will collect the blood from your veins in gallons...

    The Crowd is pretty grossed out by that one...

    Taker: Now onto bigger things. The ultimate day is near. The ultimate prize is almost in its rightful place. The MWF Title. The belt that will put Splices on top of the mountain in the rightful way. The strap that will make Splices indispensible to the company, and make normals fade away into mere uselessness. The catalyst to Damnation...

    It was a shame that Chris Jericho guaranteed a victory at the tournament only to get brutally eliminated tonight. But I'll pick up the slack for him. I GUARANTEE that I will walk out of Lord of the Ring as the MWF Champion. I will win the tournament, with the help of my minions and all of the other splices who know that we are the superior ones, and I will carry the gold. It is I who will lead the Splices to glory, the way it should have been all along. And that will be the climax of this war, because from that point on, it will only be a matter of time, Normals. A matter... of... time.

    Rest. In. Peeeeaaaccceee.

    And the image on the Titantron fades to black

    Tazz: Man, that Undertaker is scary! I wouldn't bet against his guarantee to win the tournament!
    JR: I just can't believe this is the same man who wanted peace in this federation not too long ago

    Tazz: Yea matter of fact, Taker debut in the MWF at the last Lord of the Ring tourney, so I guess this is some kind of anniversary or something
    JR: Anniversary my ass! I hope he gets his ass kicked!

    We go backstage and we see Stone Cold looking at the UA- Goldberg, Batista, Steiner, Brock Lesnar, Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso- who are all lined up and staring straight at him. Austin looks at the camera man for some reason, and then starts speaking.

    Austin: Guys…I know that I started this war…but…

    Brock angrily speaks out: But what?!

    Austin: We…we just can’t win.

    Goldberg: Bullshit!
    RVD: That’s bull, bro!

    Austin: They’re just beating us down week after week…every week we lose another normal…they took out Jericho earlier, AND they’ve added Booker T. What the hell are we supposed to do?

    Brock: Keep fighting!
    Goldberg: Whoop their asses!
    RVD: Kick em in the teeth!

    Batista and Steiner just stands there silent, still hurting from their pains from earlier

    Austin: No…it’s hopeless. I’m not leading this war anymore. I’m outta here

    Austin starts walking away and Batista gets in his way. The two stare at each other.

    Batista: I knew we couldn’t trust you, you weak SPLICE.

    Austin just looks at Batista and walks away.

    The UA look stunned. They all start looking at each other, and suddenly Brock - looking for someone to vent out anger on - says to RVD, “What the hell you looking at?”

    RVD: What, bro?
    Brock: Don’t “bro” me! Last week, didn't you show compassion to one of those freaks? Yea ya did, to Sting!
    RVD: It was just ONE splice…I mean, Sting was tripped out deewwd –

    Batista: DAMN Sting! DAMN all Splices!

    RVD: They're really not all that bad, bro-
    Steiner: Shut up! (teasing voice)You wanna be supportive of them... then won’t you join their side? Huh?

    RVD: Hey- hey…Rob Van Dam is as hardcore as it gets, and these Splices, or anyone who supports splices, can get it
    Brock: Oh yea?

    RVD: Yea!
    Brock: Then won’t you go out to that ring and call one of them freaks out, right NOW!

    Rob thinks about it and then nods.

    RVD: Don’t mind if I dew, bro

    And Rob starts walking towards the arena, and Bill Alfonso follows



    The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Rob Van Dam (with Bill Alfonso) comes out and makes his way down the ramp to call out a splice. He walks halfway down the ramp and point to himself with his thumbs –

    And from out of nowhere Tajiri comes from the back and attacks RVD! He hits him hard to the ground as Bill Alfonso gets out of the way…Tajiri beats up RVD on the outside with vicious kicks. He finally throws Rob in the ring and then he slides in as well. Once he gets in, he motions for the time keeper to ring the bell. A referee comes down to the ring and the time keeper does indeed ring the bell, and THIS is our match?

    Rob Van Dam vs. Tajiri

    Match: Tajiri handles the early part easily thanks to his sneak attack…during the match, JR assumes that Tajiri is wrestling on behalf of the splices to show his friendship for Rey Mysterio. We see a meaner and more aggressive side to Tajiri, but Rob is able to make some comebacks at times in the match

    Finish: Rob is down and struggling to his knees, and Tajiri is setting up for his lethal finishing kick…Tajiri winds up…and goes for it, but Rob ducks it at the last second, and Tajiri spins all the way around…Rob, quick as a cat, gets up and grabs Tajiri from behind for a school boy pin! 1……..2………..3!

    Winner: Rob Van Dam

    After the match, Tajiri bounces up to his feet immediately and starts kicking Rob with lightning fast kicks while he’s down…Bill Alfonso gets into the ring to try to tell Tajiri to stop, but as soon as Alfonso gets in, Tajiri turns around to face him and spits GREEN MIST in his face! Alfonso flops to the mat, and Tajiri sets up for his lethal kick on Rob, who is trying to get to his knees again…Tajiri winds up…but stops.

    JR: Maybe he’s had a change of heart!

    Tajiri then looks at Bill Alfonso, who is struggling to get to his knees. Tajiri winds up…


    He kicks Bill right in the head with that lethal kick! Bill falls flat to the mat. The crowd gives Tajiri major heat as he smiles. Rob notices what happened and crawls over to Bill Alfonso to see if he’s alright. Tajiri then looks at the situation, and how concerned RVD is for Bill, and starts looking like he regretted kicking Bill. Tajiri just quickly leaves the ring and runs up the ramp towards the back, as RVD tends to Alfonso and wipes the mist off of his face.


    We return from break and we go backstage to see that Stone Cold is walking (seemingly to the parking lot) and he has his gym bag with him…suddenly, Linda McMahon pops into the picture and we can hear the crowd giving her major heat.

    Linda: So, it looks like olll’ Stone Cold is taking his ball and going home. Again.

    Austin just looks at Linda as she smiles.

    Linda: Well Austin…I don’t blame ya. You’re fighting a hopeless fight. Now that we have Booker T on our side, and we keep eliminating your guys, it’s just a matter of time before everything crumbles for the Normals. Shoot, even Sting is against Normals now I’m guessin’, and the Rock will join us in due time!

    Austin just looks at Linda, and starts walking off.

    Linda: Well Austin, before you quit on the war, I’ll give you one more courtesy favor.

    Austin stops walking and looks at Linda

    Linda: Now last week, I admit that I tricked ya when I said all wrestlers had to go home, just for Paul Bearer to help out the Undertaker. But this time, for real, for our main event, all wrestlers AND managers have to go home except for Goldberg, Ultimo Dragon, and Rey Mysterio. Deal?

    Linda puts out her hand, offering a shake. Austin just keeps on lookin’ at Linda.

    Linda: Come on, you have nothing left to lose here, Austin. I’m trying to make this a fair fight.

    Austin looks at Linda’s hand…and then…shakes it!

    The crowd boos tremendously as Austin heads back towards the locker rooms and such, to tell everyone to go home before the main event. Linda smiles. When she turns around she bumps into-

    SHANE MCMAHON, and the crowd pops!

    Linda: What…what do you want?!

    Shane just makes a smug face.

    Shane: Oh, ma. I just wanted to say how you’re such a crafty individual. So smart…and you’re just the best mom in the whole world.

    Linda: Get the hell outta my face, Shane!

    Shane: No, cause I got something to say. You know how you took out Jericho tonight? Well that left a spot open for the Lord of the Ring tournament. And you know who’s going to fill that spot?


    Shane: Shane…O…Mac.

    Crowd pops! Linda’s eyes widen

    Shane: My pops couldn’t win the tournament last year…but I’m going to enter it this time, and I’m dedicating it to him. I’m going to dedicate as much blood, sweat, and tears as it takes to make sure that NO splices make it to the Lord of the Ring Final…make sure NO splices walk out as MWF Champion. I don’t care what I have to do…I’ll sacrifice my body to extreme levels to keep this company alive, dammit!

    And Shane smiles smugly again as he says, “Aren’t you proud of your baby boy?”

    Linda gets VERY angry as Shane starts to walk away. Then Shane stops, turns back around and looks at his mom again.

    Shane: Oh, and Steph's announcement tonight...I just KNOW you’ll like it!

    And Shane walks away, as Linda stands there, fuming.

    We head to the ring, and Tazz is standing in there with a microphone in hand. The crowd breaks into an ECW chant before he finally speaks.

    Tazz: Ladies and gentlemen, we currently have no U.S Champion, but at Lord of the Ring, we will crown a new one. One man has been there before. The other is trying to get his first taste of gold in the MWF. So let me stop yapping and introduce these two great competitors. First, he is a former U.S Champion here in MWF. A young up and coming superstar who hails from Toronto, Canada: EDGE!

    You think you know me

    The crowd gets on their feet and Edge pops out from the back, hype as hell and pumping the crowd up. He makes his way to the ring, and Tazz speaks again.

    Tazz: And introducing…a man who has done so much in his wrestling career…and will look for Lord of the Ring to be marked as the event where he wins his first piece of MWF gold…hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania…Kurt, ANGLE!

    "Medals" hits

    The Olympic theme blares over the arena and Kurt Angle comes out. He’s sure enough wearing those Olympic medals of his. He walks straights to the ring, no pyros or anything, and gets right in Edge’s face!

    The two have a mean staredown and Tazz tries to talk to them.

    Tazz: Uh, fellas…you two look like you wanna rip each other apart… and for the U.S Championship, I can respect that. But…but don’t you think that this is all just one big scheme by Linda McMahon for two normals to take each other out –

    Edge quickly rips the mic away from Tazz. He’s still in Angle’s face, and he puts the mic to his mouth.

    Edge: It doesn’t matter if this is a scheme or not…this war that Austin declared couldn’t mean less to me…all that matters is that there is ONE person standing in the way between me and once again becoming U.S Champion. There’s ONE person keeping me away from once again holding my baby…my gold…the belt that means too damn much to me. The World Title is above all - no question, but my title…the U.S title… I grew too damn attached to it before. It was my first pinnacle of success in MWF, I lost it unfairly…and I WANT IT BACK.

    Edge just stares at Angle who doesn’t say anthing.

    Edge: And NO ONE… (Edge leans closer to Angle) I mean, NO ONE, is going to stop –

    Angle grabs the mic away! The crowd pops. He looks unphased as he raises the mic to his mouth.

    Angle: You know what, Edge. You want to talk about unfair?! How about having to wrestle in the Olympics with a BROKEN FREAKIN’ NECK? Huh? How about being SCREWED out of the MWF Title? Screwed out of the tag titles? Never given a one on one shot at the U.S Title? THAT’S unfair. You prance around here talking about unfair, with your long jacket, and your greasy hair – if that is your real hair – and expect SYMPATHY? No way! At Lord of the Ring, I’m going to take it to you, I’m going to prove I am the better man, and I’m going to fulfill my goal of getting MWF gold!

    Edge pulls the mic back to his mouth while it’s still in Angle’s hand

    Edge: Ha…funny how you mention, hair. Because if I remember correctly

    Edge points at Angle’s head…

    Edge: Your dome up here is a reminder of how I’M the better man.

    Crowd: Oooooooh

    Angle looks a bit angry at that remark, and he puts the mic to his mouth again.

    Angle: Well it would seem to me, that I accomplished more in one night –

    Angle holds up his medals

    Angle: Than you have in your WHOLE. CAREER.

    Crowd: Ooooooohhh!

    Tazz pulls the mic to his mouth

    Tazz: Well it seems that –

    Angle and Edge (after Angle pulled it back towards them): SHUT UP, Tazz!

    Tazz flags them and says “Forget this s*t” to himself as he leaves the ring and goes back to his announce position

    Angle and Edge stare at each other again…Edge pulls the mic to his mouth.

    Edge: Angle, I don’t care what you’ve done. We’re no longer living in the 90’s, Kurt. This is 2004. This is the MWF. This is for the U.S Championship. And at Lord of the Ring…whatever it takes…I’m going to win back MY title.

    The tension is at a fevered pitch as Angle puts the mic back to his mouth

    Angle: We’ll just have to see. But I promise you this…your dreams of becoming U.S Champ again? It’s going to be just like how your career has been thus far. They’re going to come up… (Angle holds his fingers in the air about an inch apart)…just…short.

    Angle then drops the mic, and he and Edge stare at each other like they’re going to kill one another, until-

    Female Voice: Fellas, fellas!

    It’s a voice from the Titantron. Edge and Angle look, and they see Linda McMahon! She’s standing somewhere backstage, and she has a smile on her face.

    Linda: Fellas, after that unpleasant encounter I just had with my horrible son, let me just say that I love to see the competition between you two guys! You guys want to TEAR each other apart for that U.S Title! That’s what MWF is all about!

    The crowd boos Linda’s bullshit…

    Linda: But…I don’t know, for some reason, I feel like something’s missing. I mean, you two have gone at it one on one before and those matches were quite thrilling. But look at the hate between you two right now…something needs to be added to your match to allow you guys to let out all your hatred and see who really is the better man!

    The crowd grows silent and Edge and Angle look on, waiting for Linda’s words…

    Linda: That is why, I have taken the liberty of changing your match at Lord of the Ring, from a regular one on one match…to a


    Crowd: OOOOOHHHH

    The crowd goes crazy and Edge starts smiling and laughing while Angle looks a bit concerned…

    Linda: Have an AWESOME day, fellas! (she says cheerily)

    The picture fades and we are left with Edge and Angle in the ring…they turn their gaze from the Titantron to each other again, and stare each other down as the crowd starts cheering for blood. Suddenly, Angle tries to punch Edge! Edge blocks, and he tries to clock Angle, but Angle ducks and quickly grabs Edge’s leg from under him and tries to put him in an ankle lock! The crowd goes nuts as Angle tries to lock it in…but Edge squirms too much and manages to kick Angle away from him, sending Angle tumbling backwards. Angle is in the corner now and he gets up to one knee, ready to pounce…Edge is in the diagonally opposite corner on one knee, ready to pounce as well. They stare at each other from a distance, and the tension is still thick. Finally, both men start nodding, and then at the same time, they decide to leave the ring from where they are, and this ends the confrontation. Half of the crowd is cheering for Edge, and the other half are cheering for Angle.

    JR: Oh my! A ladder match at Lord of the Ring!
    Tazz: I can't believe these two have let Linda come between them! They've fallen for her scheme!

    JR: Yes that manipulative witch has these two hating each other over the gold
    Tazz: And a ladder match at that! That's going to be painful! That kind of match is more of Edge's forte JR... Angle's at a disadvantage!

    JR: But oh what a match it will be to crown the new U.S Champion. But speaking of crowning new champions, when we come back, we'll have the rundown of who's in the Lord of the Ring tournament and what Rumble each wrestler is in.

    Tazz: But even before that, JR, Stephanie McMahon is on the phone on hold as we speak…we have her on conference call and our technicians have hooked it up so everyone in this arena can hear her…what is her announcement?

    JR: We’ll find out, NEXT!


    *cue dramatic music*

    16 Men

    JR: Who

    will come out

    on top?!

    2 Rumbles

    Tazz: It's going to be crazy, JR!

    One night

    JR: It all

    comes down

    to this!

    *music stops*

    Lord of the Ring


    We come back from break and we switch to a shot of JR and Tazz

    JR: Welcome back, folks. We’re on the phone now with Stephanie McMahon and everyone in the arena can hear us.
    Tazz: What's up, Manhattan!!!!

    Crowd pops, and an ECW chant starts again. What a cheap pop! Jr shakes his head...

    JR: Anyway, Stephanie, are you there?
    Steph (on the phone): Yes…yes I am

    The crowd pops

    JR: We’ll it seems these people are happy to hear from ya
    Steph: Yes. I am so happy to be back in the MWF and the fans are part of that reason

    JR: Before your announcement, tell us how its been to be gone from MWF?
    Steph: I was just sitting at home, knowing that I’d be back one day, because Triple H promised me he’d get me back in the MWF

    Tazz: So you basically had full faith in the Game?
    Steph: Yes. And that leads me into my announcement

    The crowd hushes as they prepare for what she has to say

    Steph: Lord of the Ring is taking place in San Antonio, Texas. Now I know for a fact that Triple H, while he lives in Hartford, CT., has a condo there in San Anotonio that he used to stay in at times when he hung out with Shawn Michaels

    The crowd pops for the name of Shawn Michaels.

    Steph: No, Shawn is not coming to MWF

    Crowd boos

    Steph: But I believe, dearly in my heart, that there is only one man who can end this war between the Splices and the Normals. One man who was destined to do so from the very beginning. His name is Triple H.

    The crowd pops a bit

    Steph: And at Lord of the Ring, if I mean anything to the Game…if he loves me as much as he said he did before I had to leave this company…he’ll come BACK to the MWF!

    The crowd pops HUGE!

    Tazz: So are you saying that Triple H is coming back to the MWF at Lord of the Ring?
    Steph: No, I’m asking Triple H to come back. I’m going to go out there in that ring at the Pay Per View, and I am going to call him out. I want him to return. The fans want him to return

    Crowd pops

    Steph: We NEED him to return. Triple H…Paul…we haven’t seen each other since Superslam. Our love is undying. All I ask of you is one thing. Come to Lord of the Ring – the pay per view where all of this first started - come to the pay per view next week, and get into the ring, and look me in the eyes. Look me in the eyes as I ask you to please come back to the MWF to stay. Please. Do it... for me.

    JR: Well there you have it folks…Stephanie we want to thank you for the call and we’ll see you at Lord of the Ring
    Steph: Thanks, JR

    They hang up.


    Tazz: Woa! Triple H, Stephanie McMahon has called for you to come back to the MWF at Lord of the Ring! JR, do you think he’ll be there?
    JR: I certainly hope so…we need as many people against Damnation as possible
    Tazz: Yea because if we aren’t careful, one of them may be the World Champ!

    JR: It’s true folks, Lord of the Ring is next week, and oh what a PPV it’s going to be. We do not know the order each wrestler will enter their respective Rumble, but we know which Rumble each wrestler will be in. In the first Rumble, we have:

    Brock Lesnar, Booker T, Matt Hardy, The Undertaker, Kane, Goldberg, Scott Steiner, and Shane McMahon!

    Tazz: Wow, that's gonna be good. I can’t believe Shane is in there, and he’s dedicating it to Vince! That’s going to be wild. But how about the second Rumble, it’s going to be:

    Rob Van Dam, The Rock, Glen Jacobs, Sting, Stone Cold, Chris Benoit, Jeff Hardy, and Batista!

    JR: Remember, 2 men start off, and another man comes in every 90 seconds. The winner of the first Rumble goes against the winner of the second Rumble, and the winner of that match becomes our NEW MWF World Champion

    Tazz: And the winner of the first rumble has more time to recover than the winner of the second rumble. But that didn't matter last year, as Triple H won the second rumble, and went on to win the Lord of the Ring final!

    JR: So many subplots in these rumbles,and one overlying war that is sure to come to a fevered pitch. But what about this bigtime match made:

    For the vacant U.S Title, it will be

    Edge vs. Kurt Angle
    In a Ladder Match!

    Tazz: Kurt Angle has been screwed from holding a title his whole MWF career, while Edge is FEIGNING for the U.S Title belt to be back around his waist. What a match this will be, and Linda is just too smart, taking out two normals with this brutal match

    JR: All of this plus Stephanie McMahon will call out for Triple H. Will the Game be there?
    Tazz: We’ll see next week!

    We go backstage and we see Stone Cold, along with all the normals (including Jeff Hardy) except for Goldberg. Austin is leading the pack to the parking lot, and all of the normals behind him are making angry faces and cursing at Austin, who is paying them no mind, and just walking on with his head down

    We switch to another area backstage and we see Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon headed towards the ring. Their match with Goldberg, the main event, is NEXT!

    Final Commercial Break

    JR: Well folks, what a Wrestleblast it has been, and we’re on our way to Lord of the ring.
    Tazz: Who will be the new World Champion?
    JR: Who will be the new U.S Champion?
    Tazz: And will Triple H be there?
    JR: So many questions… we understand that all of the wrestlers and managers have left the building, leaving only the three men who will be involved in our main event

    Who’s that Jumpin’ out the Sky (a cappela) hits on the sound system, and the darker version of “619” plays as Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon slowly walk from the back and make their way towards the ring. The fans are booing the crap out of them and the two act like they don’t hear them. Once they get in the ring, they wait for their opponent, Goldberg.


    Oh my! Look at this! It’s EDDIE GUERRERO!

    Tazz: What the hell is he doing?! The normals were supposed to leave!
    JR: I…I don’t know, Tazz!

    Eddie has a microphone in his hand, and the crowd erupts into an “Eddie” chant. Once it’s done, he speaks…angrily.

    Eddie: Ya know something, Rey? You know something batos locos? (Eddie walks closer to the ring) I said I didn’t want to hurt you, maaaan. I said we couldn’t have a tag title match because I’d have to hurt you, holmes…

    Eddie sounds so intense and so serious as he walks closer to the ring. He’s now on the ring apron, and Ultimo and Rey are just in the ring, waiting for him.

    Eddie: But you know, there comes a time in everyone’s life, when they have to FIGHT, esse!

    Crowd pops

    Eddie: Last week… you beat down my nephew…

    Eddie now steps IN the ring

    Eddie: You made him bleed

    Eddie walks closer to Rey, who by now has walked away from Ultimo and is walking closer to Eddie.

    Eddie: And while I was with him at the hospital, and he was getting treated for his woondsss…he laid on that hospital bed, and he asked me, “Why won’t you fight, Uncle?”

    Eddie is now almost in Rey’s face

    Eddie: He said, “Why are you backing down?” And I said to him

    Eddie is in Rey’s face

    Eddie: Not any more, Chavito.

    The crowd cheers and Eddie and Rey are face to face. Eddie’s anger starts coming out in bundles now as he starts shouting:

    Eddie: NOT ANY MORE, HOLMES! You don’t beat on familee with me in handcuffs…you DON’T make my nephew bleed…you DON’T mess with the Guerreros (calmer, serious voice) and get away with it, holmes.

    Crowd pops

    Eddie: At Lord of the Ring, Chavito’s going to be ready. I’m going to be ready. And we WILL put the tag titles on the line against you and Ultimo, esse!

    Crowd pops again

    Eddie: (low serious tone) Because now Rey…I don’t look at you as someone who used to be my compadre…I look at you as someone who I’m going…to have…to HURT

    And with that, Eddie drops the mic and starts WAILING away on Rey Mysterio with vicious punches! Ultimo comes over and Eddie starts wailing away on him, too! Eddie is so angry that the adrenaline is carrying him to pound both of these guys! He drops Ultimo and goes back to beating up Rey on the mat, when –

    Female Voice: Get him! Get him dammit!

    It’s Linda McMahon! She has come from the back with a mic in her hand and a load of SECURITY GUARDS by her sides! The guards rush to the ring and they grab Eddie, who desperately tries to fight out of their grasps so he can continue beating Ultimo and Rey up.

    Linda: Take his ass out of here! Throw his ass out the damn building! No other wrestlers are supposed to be here!

    The guards somehow get Eddie (still fighting to get out of their hold) out of the ring. He spits out all kinds of curses in Spanish towards the ring as the guards drag him up the ramp and to the back. Linda follows.

    In the ring, Mysterio and Dragon are trying to recover. The crowd is chanting “Assholes” at them. They finally get to their feet

    And the Drums Blare.

    And the crowd, surprisingly, goes NUTS

    Here he comes…


    Once the pyros are done, Goldberg makes a look that looks as dangerous as it gets, and Mysterio and Dragon look a bit nervous! Goldberg doesn’t do any of the kicks or anything…he just breathes out the smoke, and marches down to the ring, ready to whoop some ass!

    Main Event: Handicap Match: Goldberg vs. Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon

    Goldberg hits the ring and the two cruiserweights immediately start pounding on him…Goldberg shakes it all of and pushes both men off of him, and the two go flying across the ring…Ultimo immediately gets up and runs after Goldberg, who counters this by hiptossing Dragon FAR out of the ring!

    The crowd is bananas at this point and it seems that Goldberg is feeding off of them…he goes over and grabs Rey Mysterio and throws him into the ropes…he goes for a clothesline but Rey ducks, stops, turns around and dropkicks Goldie in the back, sending him stumbling a bit…Rey then quickly runs off the ropes at Goldberg but Goldie turns around in time and ends up clothesline Rey so hard that Rey flips around a couple of times before landing. Ouch.

    Goldberg then covers Rey…1……….2……..


    Rey kicks out. Goldberg picks Rey up to his feet and throws him into the corner. Goldberg then runs at him for a splash clothesline, but Rey gets his boot up and is able to kick Goldie in the face…Goldberg stumbles with his back to Rey…Rey hops backwards on to the second rope, jumps off…and hits a BULLDOG on Goldberg, driving his face into the mat! Rey with the cover! 1…………..2……….


    Goldberg tosses Rey off of him…Goldberg is groggy and is starting to get up…but Rey quickly runs at Goldberg and dropkicks him in the face! Cover again! 1……………2……….


    Goldberg kicks out again by tossing Rey off of him…Rey decides to go out to the ring apron to go to the top rope…he gets up there and he waits for Goldberg to get up…once Goldberg is on his feet, Rey jumps off for a body splash – and Goldie catches him! Goldberg lifts Rey up in the air over his head! He’s gonna toss the guy to who knows where!

    But Ultimo comes back in the ring and chopblocks Goldberg in the left leg! Goldberg falls and drop Mysterio…Dragon quickly capitalizes by kicking Goldberg furiously in his left knee many times

    Then he and Mysterio drag Goldberg, by the leg, to the ropes…and they prop his leg up on the second rope, and take turns jumping up and crashing down on the leg! Goldberg starts snarling in pain as the strategy now seems clear…

    They drag Goldberg again to the middle of the ring and Ultimo turns Goldberg on to his back, and puts him in an STF!

    Goldberg snarls in pain at first, but then he muscles out of the move and throws Ultimo off of him to the side…Rey quickly comes over and kicks Goldberg in the leg, and then HE puts Goldberg in the STF….Goldberg screams in pain again, but he manages to toss Rey off of him…Goldberg is crawling to the corner now to buy some time, but Ultimo comes over and he's getting ready to pounce

    He then keeps kicking Goldberg in the left leg as Bill crawls…Goldberg manages to get to his feet with his back to the corner, while Ultimo keeps kicking him…Goldberg pushes Ultimo away from him, but Dragon comes running back to him –

    And Goldberg catches him and picks him up in the air by his waist, and SLAMS him to the ground for a vicious spinebuster!

    The crowd pops as Goldberg hobbles around like a wounded bear…he sees Rey coming at him now and Goldberg sucks up the pain and runs at Rey –



    Goldberg spears the bejesus out of Rey Mysterio! But Goldberg hurt his leg even more by running on it, and he’s rolling around in pain, holding that leg. The crowd is steadily clapping, trying to will Goldberg to pin Mysterio…Goldberg starts crawling over to Mysterio…he’s in pain, but he makes the cover!! 1……………2………….

    2 ½………….

    BROKEN UP by Dragon who was able to hit a diving ax-handle on Goldberg! Dragon mustered that move from out of nowhere…Goldberg just rolls over to the ropes and uses them to lift himself up…Dragon goes running after him, but Goldberg backbody drops him over the ropes! But wait – Dragon lands on the apron!

    Goldberg limps over to Rey – who was starting to get up…and he is setting up for a jackhammer! Ultimo is still on the apron, waiting…Goldberg lifts Mysterio up (struggles to keep his balance on that bad leg)

    Ultimo hops on the top rope, and flies off with a dropkick to the back of Goldberg’s left leg, knocking Goldie down, and Rey falls right on top of him! Ultimo jumps on top of both of them! This is a cover! 1……………2………..


    Goldberg muscled out of both of their grasps like some kind of superhero breaking free from a gang of villians! Wow! Ultimo and Rey go flying to opposite sides of the ring, and Goldberg crawls over to a corner…

    Ultimo and Rey slowly get up and Ultimo is stumbling over to Mysterio

    And oh my goodness Goldberg is struggling – but he’s in the corner…and he’s setting up…for another SPEAR!

    The crowd is going nuts

    Ultimo and Rey are now right next to each other…

    Goldberg punches his left knee three times to try to dull the pain…

    and Ultimo , who is standing in front of Rey, starts to turn around…

    And Goldberg starts running…

    Ultimo is fully turned around


    A spear on BOTH Mysterio and Dragon at the same time! The crowd is going WILD!

    Goldberg falls to the mat and holds his knee…he trying to crawl over to Ultimo Dragon…he’s crawling…he makes it for the cover! 1………………..2…………..

    2 ½ ………………


    Winner: Goldberg

    The crowd explodes and Goldberg rolls over to his back as he has won the match! What a triumph!

    JR: My goodness Tazz! Goldberg has got to be a favorite going into the tournament!
    Tazz: What a heroic effort from Goldberg! I can’t believe these fans are cheering for this guy like this!

    Goldberg uses the ropes to struggle to his feet and the crowd is in a “Goldberg” chant, and are really showing respect for the normal. What an effort!





    OH NO.

    JR: No…no this can’t be!

    Yes it is! My G*d! It’s…it’s the UNDERTAKER!!

    He stands at the top of the ramp…and look who comes out from behind him…

    THE KANES and Booker T!!

    JR: What the hell is going on! They were supposed to leave the building!
    Tazz: Why do we even trust anything Linda says anymore?!

    Goldberg is standing in the ring, hobbling around, and SCREAMING for the rest of Damnation to come down and try him!

    And they do indeed start walking to the ring, and the crowd is chanting “Goldberg, Goldberg!”

    They make it to the ring and get on the apron, and by this time, Goldberg has backed up to the center of the ring…he turns around…and he sees that Mysterio and Dragon are now back up…Goldberg’s surrounded!

    JR: Get the hell out of there, Goldberg!

    Then, Mysterio and Dragon attack Goldberg, and the rest of Damnation jump in as well, and they all gang up on Goldberg! Goldberg is fighting back as much as he can, but the numbers are too much! He’s in BIG trouble!


    The crowd pops the LOUDEST EVER for MWF as Stone Cold’s music plays! And…and what’s this?!

    A MONSTER TRUCK!! A monster truck has driven literally THROUGH the entrance -knocking down most of the stage props - and is driving down the ramp! There are two people on the roof of the truck…Jeff and Matt Hardy! With Goldberg on the mat, Damnation stops to see what’s going on. Look who’s driving the truck…STONE COLD!!!

    Austin drives the truck to ringside and gets out of the truck…he stands on the hood of the truck and the fans are going insanely wild for this! And OH MY

    From inside the truck, Scott Steiner, Brock Lesnar, and Batista come out and go to ringside! Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy climb down from the top of the truck, and they go to ringside! From the BACK of the truck, Shane McMahon, Rob Van Dam, and Chris Benoit come down and THEY go to ringside as well

    The crowd is balistic at this point, and Austin gives Damnation the middle fingers…and he DIVES into the ring at Undertaker, TAKING HIM DOWN, and all the other normals hit the ring as well, and a HUGE BRAWL ensues in the ring!

    The normals have the advantage thanks to the numbers, and start taking it to Damnation! All of the wrestlers end up spilling out of the ring except for Undertaker and Stone Cold…Austin gets the advantage by getting Taker in the corner and he starts stomping a mudhole in him as the crowd chants “WHAT” to each stomp! Things are going haywire when suddenly –


    The crowd pops loud again as THE ROCK starts making his way down to the ring! He goes around the monster truck…Scott Steiner tries to get in the Rock’s face but Rock punches him to the ground…Batista tries but Rock clotheslines him to the ground as well! The Rock finally makes it to the ring amidst all of the chaos, and Austin gets RIGHT IN HIS FACE! The Rock doesn’t back down! The crowd is going nuts! And then – the Rock throws a punch at Austin! Austin fires back! The two start trading punches, and Rock gets the upper hand, as Austin starts stumbling a bit! Oh man here comes the Undertaker-

    Rock quickly turns around and grabs Taker, and hits him with a ROCK BOTTOM!!!

    The crowd EXPLODES!

    The Rock gets up and points emphatically at Taker, then he looks at Austin…Austin just stands there and the Rock points at him too and starts talking trash….The Rock then slowly leaves the ring and heads to the back again…

    Meanwhile, the brawling around the ring is becoming too much for Damnation to handle…Glen Jacobs manages to pull the fallen Undertaker out of the ring, and he carries Taker and starts heading to the back. The rest of Damnation sees this, and they start retreating as well! All of the normals get into the ring, as RVD and Shane help Goldberg (who during the whole brawl managed to get out of the ring and kneel on the outside) stand and re-enter the ring as well...the crowd is applauding and going wild for the normals, as they all beckon for Damnation to get back in the ring… Damnation just keeps on backpedalling…

    Stone Cold calls for a beer from the ring, and some random person throws it to him… he calls for another one and gets that as well…Austin then gets on the top rope and looks at Damnation…then points to his head a couple of times, showing that the normals can use smarts as well.

    JR: It was all a set up, Tazz!
    Tazz: I can’t believe it…the normals played the game as dirty as Damnation has been playing!

    Austin opens up the cans and toast them together and guzzles down the beers.

    His music plays again as the normals stand in the ring, triumphant and ready for this war after all, as Damnation can do nothing but look on in contempt.

    Fade to Black.

    End of show.


    The final Wrestleblast before the Lord of the Ring PPV has concluded.

    Who will win the tournament and be crowned the new MWF World Champion?

    Who will win the ladder match and be crowned the new U.S Champion? Will Edge and Angle tear each other in the Ladder match, just as Linda seems to have planned?

    What will happen in the tag title match between Los Guerreros and Mysterio/Dragon? Will the bad blood in this one result in a brutal match? Is Tajiri siding with Damnation and the Splices?

    Will the Undertaker make good on his guarantee to win the tournament?

    Jeff Hardy and Sting are in the SAME RUMBLE. What will happen between these two?

    Can Shane McMahon make good on his promise to sacrifice himself to make sure no splice wins the tournament?

    Stephanie McMahon will call out Triple H. Will the Psychotic Game return to MWF at the PPV?

    What has become of Booker T? Why is he joining a group that represents the kind of life he wanted to get away from?

    Whose side is the Rock on, for goodness sakes?

    To find out, tune in next week for the second rendition of this annual tournament. Tune into Anarchia, Chaper 3, on:
    Lord of the Ring
    Man of the world.

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