Note: The history for PWWM 1 - 4 is missing.

Darth Caedus vs ToXiCiTy
If Darth Caedus wins, TroXiCiTy must wear a Jar Jar Binks banner for 1 month.
If ToXiCiTy wins, Darth Caedus must wear a Zack Efron banner for 1 month.

Handicap Over-the-Top-Rope Elimination Match
The Gent vs Off-Topic

Yanni Blitz vs RandomQ

Annual N00b Battle Royal
Dark Passenger, Cash Almighty, beas, nemie, kingoftheforum, Bellmer, Beffy, Alpha

Kemis vs. HilaryFan
Loser leaves The Beautiful Game for 1 month

5-on-1 Handicap Match
Tenks vs Team Video Games & Technology (CIG, HilaryFan, Heteroflexible, Ζєяơ◊ﮎσųζяєą√єя, Ness)
If Tenks wins, Team VG&T must wear a banner proclaiming Super Smash Bros. Brawl won GOTY for 6 months.
If Team VG&T wins, Tenks must wear a banner claiming he cheated in the GOTY Tournament for 6 months.

Ms. PW Contest
Nemesis, Beffy, Shev, iron maiden, Rogue, LitaDiva

Annual Name-Change Triple Threat
Loser Changes Their Name to "The Queef" for 6 months
The Champ vs. RaVeN* vs. Fayo
RaVeN* lost

First-Ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Winning Forum Becomes "2009 King of the Forums"
The Champ (WWE), Ed (TNA), [R] (General Wrestling), SheltonMysterio (History), jTj (Fan Fiction), Roo (Off-Topic), Vontroll (Entertainment), CIG (Video Games & Technology), TA1 (The Sports Empire), Michinokudriver (The Nerdery), y2drumma (Arts & Graphics), MayoPan (Suggestion Box)

Money in the Bank Lumberjack Match
The Champ vs. TA1 (The Sports Empire)

shane_man vs gycax
If shane_man wins, he owns Brezzy's soul.
If gycax wins, he earns a blowjob from Brezzy and becomes moderator of THE PIT.

THE PIT Match (Canadian Rules)
Yanni Blitz vs kingoftheworld
-If KOTW wins, Blitz loses thread and poll making privileges.
-If Blitz wins, he can get a sticked thread of his choice, in the forum of his choice, every week for 3 months.
Slice of Pizza will also be forced to retire, thus ending Blitz's run of bad luck against said Pizza.

Dildo-on-a-Pole Match
Stone Cold vs. Tri
(Special Referee: amanda)

Broad Street Brawl
Matt vs Ozone
If Ozone wins, he is guarenteed a Singles Match against amanda at PW WrestleMania VI.
If Ozone loses, he retires from PW WrestleMania.

Aaron vs Foos
(Special Referee: Lazer)
If Aaron wins, Foos must wear a Ben Affleck banner/avatar for 1 month.
If Foos wins, Aaron becomes the person who sends PMs for closed/deleted threads and posts.

12-on-12 Big Team Match
Team Nerdery [the spot, Foos, Voxtz, Michinokudriver, Ozymandias, Havok, iron maiden, KingoftheLosers, Murphy, Kara, Maul, Rogue] vs.Team Prem [.sen, Blaze, Bullet, Fayo, BoJ (w/ Beard), Goo (w/ Penis), Kemis, WMS, Tenks, Froggy, Brezzy, gycax]

USA vs. UK
MachoWarrior vs Brezzy
Loser wears their opponent's national flag as a banner for 1 month

"Sexy Mod" Froggy vs "2008 King of the Forum" TGO
Loser is stripped of their extra User Title and smiley.

SheltonMysterio Vs CIGarfield!

Tag Team Contest
RiJ & Nightwolf Vs +Sandra+ & HilaryFan

Rights to the name 'C'
C to the C Vs C.

Money in the Bank
Champ (WWE), Zero Soulreaver (TNA), SheltonMysterio (History of Wrestling), System (Fan Fiction), RawisJericho (Off-Topic), Jason (Entertainment), CIG (VG and Tech), ORaider27 (Sports Empire), Voxtz(The Nerdery), Heteroflexible (A&G), TA1 (The Admin/Moderators Room)

Matt Vs jTj (draw)

doseljugo Vs El GeneriCoco

PW Battle Royal (70 participants)
Winner: New Lynx Bullet

Wedding Gown Match
The Hindusault Vs Falcone

Bird Kid Vs Bitch

Arm-Wrestling Contest
Johnny Blitz Vs Foos

Elimination Chamber Match
BigRed Vs Benson Vs The Champ Vs Darth Caedus Vs Ice Vs The Main Event

3 on 5 Handicap Match
Team SSP [kingoftheworld / hr / LS] Vs Team WoW [David*Dream / VF / Ice / Tripsi / Mr [W] ]

Team Fan Fiction [WMS(c) / PB / Canadian Mike / Joey / WP / Wrestling MVP] Vs Team Prem [sen.(c) / Bullet / Froggy / Blaze / F.E.A.R / jXtreme]

amanda Vs Ozone

Money in the Bank Cash-In
Voxtz Vs Foos

Brezzy Vs Tenks

Gender Dominance
Nightwolf vs HilaryFan

Challenge to The Throne
Iron Maiden vs JohnyPresley21

The PW Battle Royale
Heteroflexible, Milopo, Nightwolf, The Lonewolf, Peepshow, The Champ, Mr X, Benson Almighty, Summerfest, Darth Caedus, Falcone, Emperor, Ocir, Ness, Solid Mike, Roo, JWriter, Havok, Kara, Murphy, Monkey, Bitch, CM Punk'd, HilaryFan, CIG, Pyro18

The Marvel Meets the Mayhem
Ghoast Nappa vs Pete

Makeover; The Rulers Back
Summerfest! vs CIG

From the Vault
Bryan Miller vs Engel

Fortune Favours the Bold
Sen vs Voxtz

There Will Be Blood
Oncall vs Doseljugo

Call of Duty: Moderator Warfare
WMS vs Matt

Money in the Bank
Matt (WWE), Raven* (TNA), PeepShow (General Wrestling), SheltonMysterio (History of Wrestling), RT (Fan Fiction), Oncall (Off Topic), Rogue (The Nerdery), Tenks (The Sports Empire), BigRed (Entertainment & World Issues), Beffy (VG and Tech), Kustom (Arts and Graphics)

Who Better than a Veteran?
Foos vs Easyrider

From the Circle Jerk to the Mass Debate
Benson Almighty vs Falcone

Survival of the Fittest
The Main Event vs Mr X

Rivals Collide: [Loser Leaves Home]
Blindsided vs Oraider27

Leathal Combination
Champ [w/ The Industry] vs Darth Caedus [w/ Bigred]
TGO as Special Guest Referee

spear vs Ezekial

Heteroflexible vs HilaryFan

Dose vs Emperor

The Main Event vs Oncall

Falcone, TGO, D.j.m, Ezekial, Summerfest, Darth Caedus

CIG Vs The Hindusault

Nightwolf Vs The Lonewolf

Summerfest [w/Shev] / Big Pete Vs Mal / MachoWarrior

The Show Vs milopo

SheltonMysterio Vs Matt

BigRed Vs Darth Caedus Vs Falcone
(match contested in the WWE Forum)

Benson Vs Blindy

WMS Vs sen.

Kara's Invitational
The Lonewolf, milopo, Monkey, Aaron, David*Dream*

Todd Vs Tenks

Money in the Bank
Champ (WWE), whocares (TNA), Djm (Indy), Ezekial (WoW), Ness (Fan Fiction), y2jman (Off Topic), Havok (The Nerdery), Todd (The Sports Empire), Jason (Entertainment), Engel (World Issues), CIG (VG & Tech), Heteroflexible (Arts and Graphics) and Stone Cold (Suggestion Box)

Champ Vs TGO

EasyRider Vs iNCY

Brezzy Vs Froggy (draw)

Rogue (M) / Iron Maiden (Q) / Princess Kara (I) Vs the spot (KN) / Voxtz (KF) / Foos (C)
(KF) = King of the Forum, (KN) = King of the Nerds, (Q) = Queen of the Forum, (M) = Money in the Bank champ, (I) = Invitational Hostess, (C) = Creator of The Nerdery.

N00b Battle Royal
Jake, JeriKane1998, GetReady2Fly, Hussein_Oda

JeriKane1998 vs Celticsfan89

Jake vs Spear

Dose vs y2jman
Stipulation: Match contested inside a steel cage

Summerfest vs Mal

TME vs Mistress

WP vs Kemis
Stipulation: Loser leaves town for Wales for two months.

Benson vs Jason

Pose-Off Match
Falcone vs TGO

CIG vs Rogue
Stipulation: If CIG loses, he is ineligible to participate in the VG&T best poster award this year.
If Rogue loses; CIG gets to change Rogue's sig and av for a year.

Ice vs BigRed
Stipulation: Loser has to take a picture of himself and post it on PW wearing a dress or tight shirt/pant combination with full makeup on and a sign that reads, "Marry me, Bieber! I love you!"*
*The picture may turn into a video instead in the form of the Harlem Shake, if technological capabilities allow.

MITB Briefcase on the line
Voxtz vs Champ

Djm vs Ness
Stipulation: The European (Ness' Indy belt) Championship on the line.

Lony/Falcone vs Murphy/Kara

Aaron vs The PW Mods

KOTF Final Rematch
RT vs Foos
Stipulation: If RT wins, Foos must write a Fan Fic on a topic of RT's choosing
If Foos wins, RT must purchase a comic book of Foos' choosing and post a lengthy review in The Nerdery.

Team WWE [ Matt || PB || Champ || Oncall || SheltonMysterio || Todd ] vs Rest of the PWorld [ WMS || BigRed || Shinobi Musashi || Heteroflexible || Nightwolf || mikec ]

DC vs Brezzy
Stipulation: The loser must record a video and sincerely say the following in reference to the winner: "I was wrong about you. You are the better man. I am sorry." Key being sincerely, and those exact thirteen words.

Money in the Bank
The Show (WWE), SheltonMysterio (General Wrestling), Ness (Indy), Lony (WoW), RINGKING (History), WMS (Fan Fiction), TGO (Off Topic), Murphy (The Nerdery), Blindy (The Sports Empire), CIG (Entertainment), BigRed (World Issues), Emperor (VG & Tech), Thread Killer (Arts and Graphics), Engel (Suggestion Box)

MITB Cash-In
Champ vs DC

EasyRider vs Aaron

Money in the Bank
Oncall (WWE), DeathKnot (TNA), Ness (General Wrestling), Champ (WoW), AM (Fan Fiction), Mr Perfect (History), MexicanMike (Off Topic), Lony (The Nerdery), Untouchable (The Sports Empire), Engel (World Issues), CIG (VG & Tech) and DC (Arts and Graphics)

Cereal Killer vs Dazz

The Kid vs Dose

MITB Cash-In
WMS vs Lony

BigRed vs Matt w/Ice

Mod Battle Royal
BigRed, Brezzy, Froggy, iron maiden, Rouge, RT, SM Rhodes, TGO, Voxtz

The Show vs Untouchable

Voxtz vs Brezzy

WWE Forums Hometown Heroes Match
Brad (BvD), Dazz, David*Dream*, Jake, Oncall El Maestro, Ice, Jason

RT & WMS vs Easy & Macho

DC vs The Champ

KOTF Final Redux
Winner is crowned undisputed King of the Forum
BigRed vs Lony


WWE Forum's Hometown Heroes III to determine first ever PW Hero Champion
Ambrose Mark vs. Brad vs. Dazz Hands vs. Jake vs. Jason vs. Lionheart vs. MexicanMike vs. TheRassler

Unsanctioned Match
Aaron vs. Jake

Lony vs. Ness

PW Superpowers Collide!
Voxtz vs. Rogue

Battle of the Forums - Ladder Match
New PW Heavyweight Championship and PW Tag Team Championships On The Line!

WWE: The Main Event
TNA: Spear
General Wrestling: Ness
Women of Wrestling: LS
History of Wrestling: SM
Mixed Martial Arts: Joshdionio
Fan Fiction: RT
Off-Topic: WMS
The Nerdery: Rogue
Sports Empire: HR
Entertainment: VonTroll
World Issues: Engel
VG&T: Big Pete
Suggestion Box: Jake
The Mod Room: The Mod Room...

Winner and first ever Heavyweight Champion: SM
Tied runner-ups and first ever Tag Team Champions: LS, HR, and RT

Clash of the Titan Tandems
The Show & Untouchable vs. Oncall & The Main Event

The First Ever Official Fantastical Ferociously (Good) Fun Fan Fiction Lumberjack Match - A Fic'er In Every Corner!
RT vs. WMS

-- PW SUMMERSLAM 2015 --

Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Winner earns a shot at Heavyweight Champion SM

Round 1
Raven d. The Main Event
Oncall d. Jason
RT d. Voxtz
Untouchable d. milopo
Ness d. CIG
WMS d. Mistress
Aaron d. The Rassler
Dazz Hands d. OG Kid (retirement match)

Oncall d. RT
Raven* d. Aaron
Ness d. WMS
Dazz Hands d. Untouchable

Ness d. Dazz Hands
Raven d. Oncall*

Raven* d. Ness to become the number one contender to SM's Heavyweight Championship

Tag Team Championship Tournament
Winners earn a shot at Tag Team Champions LS, HR, and RT (champions under freebird rules - LS and HR will defend as RT has opted to also enter the tournament)

Round 1
iron maiden and Rogue d. The Main Event and Oncall
Foos and RT d. The Show and Untouchable
WMS and Josh Dionio d. Emperor and ShinobiMusashi

iron maiden/Rogue d. WMS/Josh Dionio + Untouchable/The Show to become number one contenders to LS/HR/RT's Tag Team Championship


Special Attraction - OT Forum Poster Draft Tournament Final Tiebreaker: Emperor d. CIG

Hall of Fame Battle Royal: iron maiden d. mikec, Foos, Rogue, EasyRider, MachoWarrior

Jake d. AmbroseMark, The Rassler, and Jason in a Four Corners Deathmatch to become the number one contender to Brad's PW Hero Championship

PW Hero Champion Brad d. Jake to retain the title

iron maiden & Rogue d. Tag Team Champions LS & HR to win the titles

Raven* d. Heavyweight Champion SM to win the title

This was a winner takes all tournament for Raven*'s Heavyweight Championship, Rogue and iron maiden's Tag Team Championship, and the new Intercontinental Championship.

Key: Heavyweight division, Tag Team division, Tag Team division, Intercontinental division

Team Fearsome Fourhorsemen - Big Pete, Untouchable, Baker, SM
MMAfia - JoshDionio, ShinobiMusashi, Emperor, SensesFailed
Team PW Stars - Raven* (Heavyweight Champion), LS, PB, Blindy.
Team Manspreading - Ness, Dazz Kid, Milopo, CIG
Legion of Doom - Voxtz, Rogue and iron maiden (Tag Team Champions), Foos
MadDog World Order - The Lonewolf, RT, WMS, Mad Dog Smith
Dark Knights, Bitch - KashDinero, Jake, Jason, The Main Event
Paige's Mammary Glands - The Rassler, StunVKMcmahon, Sea Slug, Brad

Round 1:
PW Stars d. Team Manspreading
Team Fearsome Fourhorsemen d. MMAfia
Legion of Doom d. Dark Knights, Bitch
MadDog World Order d. Paige's Mammary Glands

Round 2:
Team Fearsome Fourhorsemen d. PW Stars
MadDog World Order d. Legion of Doom

Round 3 (The team that wins the most matches, wins the tournament):
Mad Dog Smith (mWo) d. SM (TFF)
Big Pete (TFF) d. Lonewolf (mWo)
WMS & RT d. Untouchable & Baker (TFF)
mWo d. TFF in a 4 on 4 match

Final score:
MadDog World Order - 3
Team Fearsome Fourhorsemen - 1

NEW Heavyweight Champion: Lonewolf
NEW Tag Team Champions: WMS & RT
NEW (first ever) Intercontinental Champion: Mad Dog Smith

-- PW ROYAL RUMBLE 2016 --

No. 1 Contendership to the Tag Team Championship
Tornado Tag Team Match
Stipulation: Royal Rumble Qualifier
Special Guest Commentators: Tag Team Champions WMS & RT of the mWo

StarTouch (Untouchable & SM) vs. The Eliminators (Emperor & ShinobiMusashi)

PW Hero Championship
'Last Chance' Match
Stipulation: The Main Event unsuccessfully competed for the HW, Tag, and IC titles in 2015.
If he loses this PW Hero title match, he is barred from title opportunities until 2017

The Main Event vs. Brad (c)

'Preacher versus Poet'
Pick Your Poison Match
Stipulation: Winner selects the loser's entry # (2 through 29) in the Royal Rumble match

The New Dazz vs. Slam Master Jake

Intercontinental Championship
'Loser Enters First' Ladder Match
Stipulation: Loser enters as the #1 entry in the Royal Rumble match

Ness vs. Mad Dog Smith (c)

Tag Team Championship
'Tame Your (Mad) Dog' Tag Team Match
Stipulation: Mad Dog Smith is locked in a dog cage at ringside to prevent interference,
AKA Mad Dog is not allowed to vote

StarTouch (Untouchable & SM) vs. The Eliminators (Emperor & ShinobiMusashi) vs. mWo (WMS & RT) (c)

Heavyweight Championship
No Disqualification Match / Special Guest Referee - Ness
Stipulation: Ness is a 'triple threat' (translation: Ness' vote is worth 3 votes)
(Ness has been named the referee of this match to compensate him for Lonewolf breaking
the no-compete contract that was mandated when Ness defeated Lonewolf at PW WM 2015)

Raven* vs. The Lonewolf (c)

First Ever 30-Poster PW Royal Rumble match
No. 1 Contendership to the Heavyweight Championship
Format: Gauntlet designed to mimic a Royal Rumble match (i.e. more difficult for earlier entrants to win)
Stipulation: Winner earns a Heavyweight Championship match at PW WrestleMania
Winner: Ness


Oncall d. Mad Dog Smith

Six Poster Tag Team Match
Lawrence, SM, HR d. Triple J Security [Jake/Jason/Josh Dionio]

Money in the Bank Qualifier - Pool A
5-way Match
Aaron and Rad [tie] d. The Main Event, Rad, iron maiden

Money in the Bank Qualifier - Pool B
5-way Match
The Dazz d. Voxtz, Untouchable, Lawrence, Lony

PW Hero Championship
LS d. The Main Event (c)

Tag Team Championship
Triple Threat Tag Team Match
StarTouch [SM/Untouchable] d. The Eliminators [Emperor/ShinobiMusashi] (c) and World's Drunkest Tag Team [WMS/RT]

People's Champion versus The Senator - Who will PW endorse?
Senator Blindy d. The Dazz

Intercontinental Championship
Extreme Rules five-way match
Ness (c) d. Lony, RT, Mad Dog Smith, WMS

Money in the Bank Finals
Ladder match - Triple Threat
(Heavyweight Championship briefcase valid until PW WM 2017)
Aaron d. Rad and The Dazz (in overtime with The Dazz)

Heavyweight Championship
Ness d. Raven* (c)


Tournament to determine the number one contender to Heavyweight Champion Ness.

Wildcard Qualifier - Open Invitational
Rad d. The Dazz, Mistress, Lawrence, & ajleeguy to earn a spot in the tournament

Round 1
Mad Dog Smith d. Aaron
Untouchable d. HR
Emperor d. Raven*
LS d. Rogue
iron maiden d. RT
Oncall d. WMS
ShinobiMusashi d. The Main Event
Rad d. SM
Lony d. Voxtz

Heavyweight Champion Ness chose to use his veto on ShinobiMusashi, eliminating him from the tournament and rounding out Round 2 to eight competitors.

LS d. Untouchable
Emperor d. Mad Dog Smith
Rad d. Lony
iron maiden d. Oncall

LS d. Rad
iron maiden d. Emperor

iron maiden d. LS to become the number one contender to Ness' Heavyweight Championship

Falcone d. Dukezilla in a Reddit Post on a Pole Match to keep author's rights to his post

Senator Blindy won the battle royal gauntlet by defeating Rogue in the final 2 to become no. 1 contender to the IC title. Other partipants were RT, Emperor, Voxtz, milopo, Lony, Raven*, The Main Event, Lawrence, Jake.

Oncall & Jr. HW Champion LS d. Voxtz & The Main Event, earning Oncall a Jr. HW title shot

Lawrence d. RT

EasyRider & Aaron d. Rogue & iron maiden

Rad & The Dazz d. Untouchable & SM (c) to win the Tag Team Championship

LS (c) d. Oncall to retain the Junior Heavyweight Championship

Senator Blindy d. Ness (c) to win the Intercontinental Championship

Emperor d. Untouchable in a street fight

WMS d. Raven* and Lony in a triple threat Ultimate X match to earn a future title shot.

EasyRider d. iron maiden to win the vacated Heavyweight Championship with The Main Event as the referee.

Aaron d. EasyRider (c) by cashing in MITB to win the Heavyweight Championship

Title History

Heavyweight Championship

Poster Event Successful defenses
8. The Dazz WrestleMania 2017
7. Aaron SummerSlam 2016 2
6. EasyRider SummerSlam 2016 0
5. Ness WrestleMania 2016 0
4. Raven* (2x) Royal Rumble 2016 0
3. Lony Survivor Series 2015 0
2. Raven* SummerSlam 2015 0
1. SM WrestleMania 2015 0

Tag Team Championship

Posters Event Successful defenses
7. Ness and President Blindy
Royal Rumble 2017 1
6. Rad and The Dazz
SummerSlam 2016 1
5. SM and Untouchable
WrestleMania 2016 0
4. Emperor and ShinobiMusashi
The Eliminators
Royal Rumble 2016 0
3. RT (2x) and WMS
mWo aka World's Drunkest Tag Team
Survivor Series 2015 0
2. iron maiden and Rogue
Divas of Destruction
SummerSlam 2015 0
1. LS, HR, and RT
(freebird rules)
WrestleMania 2015 0

Intercontinental Championship

Poster Event Successful defenses
3. President Blindy SummerSlam 2016 3
2. Ness Royal Rumble 2016 1
1. Mad Dog Smith Survivor Series 2015 0

Junior Heavyweight Championship
(formerly the PW Hero Championship)

Poster Event Successful defenses
3. LS WrestleMania 2016 4
2. The Main Event Royal Rumble 2016 0
1. Brad WrestleMania 2015 1

Other accomplishments - Past 12 months

2016 Gold Rush Tournament --- iron maiden

2017 Royal Rumble ~ Royal Rumble winner --- The Dazz

2017 WrestleMania ~ Money in the Bank ladder match briefcase --- Oncall