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    Default Quick TNA question...

    I'm about 5 or 6 shows behind on my Impact viewing, last show I watched was Sting v Magnus and Angle vs Roode in the cage.
    The question is can I skip those shows and start again with Lockdown this Sunday, or were the shows unbelievably amazing and I need to watch all of them and not miss anything?
    I don't read spoilers so I really don't know what happened since the last show I watched.
    I know if I missed the last 5 weeks of Raw I wouldn't have any issues with that booking wise and it wouldn't be difficult to catch up.
    What say you?

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    Default Re: Quick TNA question...

    The MVP/Dixie stuff has been fun TV.

    Also, you might wanna catch up on the stuff with Bobby Roode.
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    Default Re: Quick TNA question...

    dude you gotta watch all those episodes so you could catch up im like you brotha im like 3 episodes behind and its very interesting

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    Default Re: Quick TNA question...

    Oh wow, did not expect people to tell I should actually watch the shows. OK, I'll try my best to fast forward through them.

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    Default Re: Quick TNA question...

    The MVP/Dixie stuff is not the most thrilling storyline in the world, but it's helpful to have the background knowledge leading into LockDown. The ECIII/Angle stuff is actually pretty well done too. The rest...ehhh but check out those shows for the reasons listed.

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