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    Hi all.

    I have noticed FOX covering WWE stories. Last week there was a spot with JR, and this week a recap of RAW.

    What if this could be a precursor to the WWE moving RAW and Smackdown to FOX. FOX Sports is the only mainstream sports network/site covering WWE lately.

    I like it because there was a time when ESPN covered/talked about Professional Wrestling. I think it brings the WWE back into the mainstream media, and does not treat the product as just entertainment.

    I would like to see WWE programming aired on a network that focuses on Sports; especially when we have people like Brock Lesner who fought in MMA. MMA receives allot of exposure from FOX. Just think of the added exposure WWE could get if it aired their Flagship programs on FOX, and treated them more like sporting events than theater. Plus FOX Sports caters to both domestic and international audiences.

    Just my thoughts.

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    Two things

    1) ESPN does cover professional wrestling as a part of (the Bill Simmons site) - most of ESPNs best writers IMO work for Grantland

    2) JR signed a deal with FOX Sports, so it makes sense that they started looking into wrestling. Do not be surprised if FOX Sports makes a huge bid for WWE programming to compete with ESPN.
    You understand the point is for faces to be cool, and heels to be jackasses we hate, right? Because I feel like a large portion of the IWC doesn't actually ever understand that.

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    Fox already has the WWE programming in Australia

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