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Thread: TNA London tappings

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    Default TNA London tappings

    my friend is going and whats to start cm punk chart when bully gets in the ring, to see if reacts and say anything bout his tweet,

    is there any charts you wanna here

    p.s the chart usa was because he was in usa army

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    Default Re: TNA London tappings

    It's showtime, folks!

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    Default Re: TNA London tappings

    TNA is tapping peoples' phones in London? Just because the government can do it in our country doesn't mean you can do it in other countries, TNA.

    I am interested in hearing about the charts though. I wouldn't mind seeing one actually.

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    Default Re: TNA London tappings

    Could you have your friend NOT start a CM Punk chant?

    And tell him "Don't be that guy."
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    Default Re: TNA London tappings

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