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Thread: RAW to Start Airing LIVE in Australia

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    Default RAW to Start Airing LIVE in Australia

    On today's airing of RAW in Australia it was announced that starting Tuesday February 4, RAW will begin to air live in Australia. This will obviously be the Monday February 3 episode in the U.S. Usually RAW airs just over 24 hours later in Australia from the live USA Network broadcast on Wednesdays at 2:30pm on FOX8. SmackDown in the other hand airs before the U.S. in Australia, on Friday's at 3:30pm on FOX8.

    My guess for this change is that the WWE Network will probably replay episodes of RAW the day after they air on USA, similar to how they do now in a condensed version on Hulu and this move in Australia will be to try and prevent people in Australia from cancelling their satellite and cable subscriptions in favor for the WWE Network where they could watch the RAW replay at the same time as it airs for the first time in Australia. It could also mean that the WWE Network may launch in Australia sooner rather than later. Here's the annpuncement on the FOX8 website.

    Good news is that until the WWE Network launches in Australia I won't have to watch RAW the day before I usually can on a crappy live stream online.

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    Default Re: RAW to Start Airing LIVE in Australia

    I put this in the comments thread in GW but yeah, this is spectacular news. I had so many issues with a crappy stream yesterday.

    That's a good point about the WWE network. Any sort of speculation that could potentially get us access to that sooner gets a big thumbs up from me.

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    Default Re: RAW to Start Airing LIVE in Australia

    If they're setting the stage for their Australian Network launch already, then that makes me a slightly optimistic Canadian.

    Thanks for sharing!

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