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Thread: The Judgment-Free Questions Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oncall View Post
    Why given everything we now know about college athletes, in particular how poor they're treated by NCAA, why are college basketball and football still so popular?
    Yep, when so many people are drowning in debt from student loans they really get the short end of the stick with full scholarships and world class training facilities.

    But who should I like? I have no connection to any professional team, but I went to LSU. When the Tigers win, I win. Some of my best friends went to Southeastern Louisiana University, so I have no problem going there for my entertainment; it is closer and cheaper than watching almost anything in Baton Rouge and a hell of a lot cheaper than driving to New Orleans to watch the Saints get their asses kicked. It's also a lot more entertaining to watch sports and not contract negotiations, which is generally the main story I get from professional football. In general, the more I hear of an athlete, the less I care- and I hear a lot more about professional athletes than amateurs.

    I watch the NFL, but I don't have any reason to care about a specific team. The closest team geographically is constantly threatening to move to another state. They would have in 2006 had the league not seen the PR disaster of leaving a city right after the 2 costliest national disasters hit here better than the owner. As far as basketball goes, the same guy owns the nearest NBA team. Why in the world, should I care about these two?
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