So I was just watching raw and it got me thinking of all the returns that haves been happening over the years. And out of all of thoughs only two of them have won some type of title and that is the rock and now gold dust. When Albert of should I say when tensia first showed up he was looking good he was undefeated and he had a won over cena. but now look at him same for Chris Jericho or RVD or Brock. RVD had two chances to become whc and Jericho could have been the wwe champ and the only reason the rock won the title was so he could lose it to cena at wm29 so I don't know if his title win even counts. Brock haven't even got a title shot yet and gold dust with his brother cody are now the new tag champs. what is the wwe plans for the rhode brothers I don't know other then to set up a match between the two. So do you think that these returning stars should win a title and put over a younger star later I think a RVD vs Cody would be nice for the whc or even the ic title.