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    Be glad when writers find a new story line. Whats good for business is what puts buts in the seat. Went to a Raw live and was notified 3 days before that my seat had been changed as there was not enough tickets sold and we would all have to set faceing the camera. The back side was all covered. Never seen a shot of that side. Just seen a shot of the first 10 rows.
    The "Giant" line was played out with HBK years ago. I'm 7' and 450lbs, You can bet I would find away to survive.
    Writers! Get more believeable.

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    I believe in you, I know you'll survive.

    "Did you hear the one about the man, who can't be destroyed?"

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    Everyone is sick to death of your threads. If WWE is so bad then go do something else with your time.

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