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Thread: New position for Flair?

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    Default New position for Flair?

    Before Ric Flair got heat from WWE officials for SummerSlam weekend, they were working on creating a new position in the company, just for Flair. We’ve noted how WWE wants Flair to be an ambassador to the company but along with that, Triple H wanted to use Flair to “polish” developmental talents before they come to the main roster.

    WWE wanted Flair to work with NXT stars on main event psychology and promos. The idea was for talents who officials are high up on or talents who are ready for TV, would have some one-on-one time with Flair.

    Flair’s heat will likely blow over, if it hasn’t already, and they are expected to go forward with the new role for him.
    Got the news form

    Don't know if this is true or not, but it would great for the developmental talents to learn from Flair.

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    Default Re: New position for Flair?

    What heat?

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    Default Re: New position for Flair?

    jim ross got fired beciase f flair

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    Default Re: New position for Flair?

    Yep Flair can still deliver promo's better than most people so he would be an excellent asset for WWE development.

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