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Thread: Lebell/Yes/No Lock Used in MMA

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    Default Lebell/Yes/No Lock Used in MMA

    As you can tell from my user name I am an avid MMA fan and really enjoy the crossover between the two worlds, which is why CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Chael Sonnen are some of my favorite athletes. Obviously some of the moves in pro wrestling are derived from legitimate fighting techniques, but I have to say I didn't expect this one. I knew it was possible, but unlikely. The omoplata shoulder lock (the way Bryan traps the arm using his legs) is mainly used as a sweep/reversal in MMA as it is difficult to finish. It would be very awkward to apply a crossface from that position and should be fairly easy to defend.

    Due to the unexpected nature of the move though, the opponent (Borden) was focused on defended his arm and allowed Coty Shannon to lock his hands around his neck. Borden's free (right) hand was caught while trying to protect his (left) shoulder and by the time he was able to free it he had already slipped into unconsciousness. Unfortunately the referee seemed to be just as confused by the position and failed to stop the fight for several seconds after Borden had clearly gone limp.

    (Submission begins at 4:30)

    Speaking of rare MMA submissions, what do you guys think of somebody using the Peruvian Necktie (see below) as a finisher?

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    The Lebell Lock/No/Yes...whatever is an omoplata cross face, but it's not a choke. So the move that Shannon uses is similar, but not the same, because an omoplata is simply a shoulder lock...the gogoplata is the choke...which is the Hell's Gate Undertaker finisher.

    I rewatched the video a couple of times...he just gets straight out choked...the omoplata was just used to take away his arm. Still trying to figure out how he got caught in that position?

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    You can see him start to tap before he blacks out.

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